Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) Movie Script

Valmiki! Is your wife admitted here?
Yes... First floor, General ward.
Where is Mr. Ramachandras wife?
Shes on the second floor Special ward.
Its a baby boy.
Thats great news.
I dont have change
I cant afford to tip you a note.
Thank god.
Sister, clean the baby
and put her to bed.
We must inform Mr. Ramachandra
about this.
Its very big news for them, okay?
Okay, doctor.
Note down the exact time.
I dont want the horoscope
to be messed up.
Its 12...
Sir, I need the phone.
Cant you see that Im talking here?
Its an emergency, sir.
Mr. Ramachandras baby boy
So what?
He was stable when the doctor
saw him last.
But hes not moving now.
Maam is under sedation.
Ill call you back.
Doctor informed the family that
its a baby boy.
Im really worried
They are influential people.
Im afraid they will pin this on me.
Im blessed with a boy
Lets switch Mr. Ramachandras son
with mine.
I working in their company.
Its their generosity that
I lead a decent life.
This is the least I can do for them.
Ill give them my baby boy.
How will you explain this to your wife?
Only my family will prosper
if he is with us.
But a whole community will prosper
If he is with them.
I will sacrifice my child.
By Gods grace, hopefully Ill have
another kid in a year or so.
Sir, listen to me.
Dont say a word Just come with me.
Come on.
Pick him up.
Pick him up.
We are switching dead baby
with a baby.
Whats wrong?
Pick him up.
Make it fast.
Lets get out, Come on.
Lets go!
He's alive.
Give him to me.
- Give him to me!
- Sir, no!
- Sir! Sir!
- Shut up!
No, sir.
You did sacrifice your kid
But now you are betraying them.
Ramachandra and I joined this company
at the same time.
Wed go to the office together
on my scooter.
He got lucky and married ARKs daughter
and drives car now.
What about me?
And Im still driving the same old scooter.
He just got lucky.
This baby though...
He couldve cried when we switched him
with my son.
He started crying when
we got downstairs. Why?
He is unlucky.
My son is destined to lead a superior life.
While his son leads an ordinary life.
Its Gods play...
Theres nothing I can do about it.
- Go away!
- No, sir. Dont do it.
This is not betrayal... Its a sin.
You were plotting it this whole time.
- I cant let you do this.
- Shut up!
- Don't separate baby from his mother.
- I said shut up!
I wont let you do this.
Give the baby to me.
I said let go!
Dont make a scene now.
Its over!
Forget it and go away.
- Give the baby back to me.
- I said go away!
Hey, Valmiki!
It's a baby boy.
How about you?
Baby boy or baby girl?
- Baby boy!
- Congrats! Congrats!
Whats wrong?
Nothing. I got a leg cramp.
Actually, you got lucky, man.
Ala Vaikuntapuramlo
Whats his name?
Raj! Raj Manohar!
Raj Steels!
Raj Infra!
Did you like it?
Its a royal name, sir.
The name a King deserves.
This is all good.
But have you thought of any names
for your son?
Tell me.
Is that a name?
Is this The name?
What kind of name is this?
Ive performed several
naming-ceremonies till date.
But I have never and will never approve of
such a name.
Ill be putting my image at stakes
with this name.
- Priest...
- What? What? What?
How can you call your son Bantu
(Servant)? Its disgusting!
Why? Lord Hanuman is called Rama Bantu.
Hes still worshipped.
Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama
are an exception.
Whose servant is your son going to be?
Im asking you.
What is this?
- You scored 9 in Math?
- Hmm.
Its okay if your teacher didnt
give you a higher score. Well add it.
- What are you doing, Valmiki?
- Maam...
Rajs progress report.
Oh. His score in Math?
Umm... 97.
Well done!
Dear! He scored 98 in Math.
Why did you leave those 2 marks?
You shouldve scored a 100.
How can you say that, dear?
He got such a good score.
His score wont change anything.
Few people are born that way.
Very bad!
After 20 years
Hey, stop it!
Hold it properly.
Thank god! hes here and
my son is in the palace.
Hes happy even while sleeping.
Even though you lost everything,
How do you manage to stay happy?
Grandma has sent pickles.
you need to go get it.
Go to the bus stand.
Do I have an option?
Here you go, dear
Coconut and camphor.
Wheres the pumpkin?
- We dont have it.
Did you add it to the lentils broth?
- I did, sir.
He is coming home from America
after 2 years.
We need pumpkin to ward off evil.
Damn it!
He isnt coming home after
a great achievement.
He dropped out in the
final semester of MBA.
Please calm down, sir.
Third semester!
- Only three?
- Hmm.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Are you at the bus stand?
Yes, you told me to collect pickles.
Dump them, buy a pumpkin
and come to Mr. ARKs residence.
Yes! Pumpkin!
How will I get pumpkin here?
- Pumpkin?
- Dont be late. Its urgent.
Wait here.
Hey! Hey! Where are you rushing?
- Relax!
You cant carry it.
Im carrying your burden. This is nothing.
Give it to me.
Ive been noticing since I was a kid.
You never let me cross the gate,
Whats your problem?
Its Vaikunthapuram (Divine Abode), son.
No entry for losers like you.
Few lives dont get any better.
Very bad!
Go back home.
Raj is here! Raj is here!
He has affection towards
everyone except me.
Sir, should I drop the luggage inside?
Why would I hire an auto,
If I had such a big house.
Let's go...
Lets drive through the bumpy lanes
of Ameerpet.
Thats our range.
Have you been drinking a lot in America?
You are shining.
Well, hes back
You both can drink together now.
What did you get me?
Hes already feeling low, dad.
Dont hurt him more. Please!
But we are hurt not him.
Dad, I have to do some shopping
Take me with you while going to office
Im busy He will take you.
What is she saying?
She says hes got an interview.
Its 8o clock now.
His interview is at 10.
Ask him to take her,
buy medicines for his mom...
And then attend the interview.
Plenty of time on his hands.
Ugh! Not again.
What is she saying now?
How can he manage
in such short span of time?
Like I manage this family with my salary.
Ask him to do the same.
- Hey!
- Huh?
We are from a middle class family.
We have tons of things to worry about.
We have to move on.
- Okay.
Buy medicines for mom.
Im running late for my interview.
- They snatched my scarf?
- I know, right?
If girls like the color,
they will snatch it
What will men do with a scarf?
They must be out of their minds.
Buy chocolates with the change.
Usually, brothers get very angry and fight
When men misbehave with their sisters.
Hey... Relax!
You have way too many expectations
from me, sweetheart.
Im late for my interview.
Would you react like this
if it were your girlfriend?
Get lost!
Damn!! That was provoking.
I feel like doing something now.
Brother, did you see a gang pass by
with a scarf in their hands?
The guys on the red bike?
How does that matter?
Where did they go?
That scarf... Belongs to my sister.
Your sister looks smoking hot, man.
Thank you.
Can I get the scarf back?
Get your sister here in exchange
for the scarf.
Give me the scarf!
When he said my sister looks hot,
I didnt feel bad.
Shes a beautiful girl.
I was happy that shed save
some money on the dowry.
Thats how we middle class people think.
But that guy intervened
like some 80s villain...
And said sister in exchange for the scarf.
How could he say that?
No, listen...
He ripped my heart apart.
Looking up and to the sides when
Im sad is my mannerism.
But you dont have the basic sense
of thinking twice before hitting someone.
- Sorry brother I got angry.
Thats fine. I got you scarf back.
- They gave it back?
- Yes, they cleaned it too.
That move?
Stylish, right?
- I like it too.
- How?
I dont know It just worked out.
Why do you want to join
our tourism company?
With the help of your company
I can visit countries.
He's energetic.
Give me your file.
- Im Ravinder Reddy.
- Hello, sir.
- I deal with sales in this company.
- Okay.
But the HR met with a small accident.
Hell be joining us later.
So lets proceed.
- Sure.
All the best.
Hey! I like your sense of humor, man.
- Thank you, sir.
Bantu. Interesting name!
Okay, lets go down.
People usually about visit
Bangkok or buy Bentley car.
But yours reads, I want to buy a bike.
First Hand in brackets.
- Have you got time to spare, sir?
- Lots of it.
- Dear...
- Hmm?
His college is starting tomorrow.
Did you bring him any new clothes?
Of course, I did.
I said Mr. Ramachandras son that
Bantu was starting college.
He gave me all his old clothes right away.
Thats not it... I was looking
at the perfume in his hand.
Was he gracious enough to give
his used perfume as well?
Kidding me, huh?
Do you want it or not?
Do you have something to say?
I was forced to.
Youre always so blunt and honest, huh?
I get headache whenever I lie.
And when I started speaking the truth
The other person started having a headache.
I feel so relaxed now, sir.
So you mustve started telling the truth
about the little things first.
Not at all, sir.
I had gone straight for the big fish.
Hey! I guess its the loan shark.
Tell him Im not home.
Hey... Is your father home?
He asked me to tell you
he isnt home.
So shameless!
How could you make
your kid lie for you?
Youve already lost one of your legs.
Betray a good man like and me
youll lose the other one as well.
That leg is going to hurt badly.
What did you just tell him?
Better, you shouldve led him to me
Youre just supposed to say
Dads not home. Thats it!
Hey, can I see your dad?
Hes not home...
Why do we care if hes behind the wall
or under the table?
Hes not home and thats final.
Your wife is not home, right?
Shameless fellow.
We are middle class family.
How will you deal with life
if you cant say few lies?
Hey, youre always busy cooking.
Get some sense into him.
Besides, youre not Ramachandras son.
You cant afford to speak the truth always.
Moreover, arent you afraid?
If I tell the truth,
Ill be afraid only for that moment.
But if I lie, Ill be afraid all the time.
That was a great punch! You rocked!
A mother is in pain only
when shes giving birth.
But a fathers in pain throughout
the kids life.
Hey! Why are you not clapping?
He has fans and they clapped for him.
You have none and
so you get nothing.
Sit down and eat.
- You got a seat in MBA.
- It was a prestigious college, sir.
Why did you give it up?
Hey! The job is done.
I sorted everything out.
How could you cancel his scholarship
to get her a seat?
Hes a man.
Hell figure something out.
What are you looking at, huh?
Shall I tell you something?
You might have scored 90+ runs
a zillion times.
But your number of centuries
still stands at zero.
That explains your life to the dot.
You almost get what you want
but never quite have it.
Like I told you,
few lives dont get any better.
Very bad!
This tragedy calls for more
than a century, Bantu.
- Too heavy, sir?
- Yeah!
Shall we try something musical?
Something light-hearted.
Hey! Give the table lamp and
desk to your sister, She has to study.
My son is always a King.
I cant begin to tell you my story.
My pain has no ending
Why are these dads torturing us?
They dont listen to us or understand us
Thinking of dad gives me chills all over
I ask for 100 bucks and he reminds me
were not rich
I cry to myself thinking
hes out of his mind"
Its the same scene in every household.
What do you say, bro?
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Dont be so hard on me
That will make me sad
My name is Bantu and I hate my name
I fight with my cunning dad day and night
My mothers husband...
Turned out to be my dad
You cant lock rain in a bottle
You cant capture joy in a snap
There are no shortcuts to freedom
You can deny me or join hands with me
You cant fit the woods in your backyard
You cant make a pigeon your paperweight
You cant start bonfire using volcano
Im a blank cheque thats not cashed
He ain't always right
Spy daddy!
He ain't always right
Spy daddy!
Spy daddy!
Spy daddy!
Spy daddy!
Spy daddy!
Being the son of Valmiki means
being the epitome of problems
Only Thanos can make people
in this house smile with a snap
My mothers husband...
Hes one big dummy
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Dont be so hard on me
That will make me so sad
He wants a new bike.
He can use my scooter.
Thats enough, son.
He gets emotional for small things
Enough let me go.
No, you are safe here.
I might hit you if you are far from me.
Bantu, after listening to your story,
I feel like killing your dad.
But its a huge risk.
It also makes me want to adopt you
and send you abroad.
But its a costly affair.
Because I cant do either of it
Let me offer you this job.
- Thank you, sir.
- Come on, dear. Sign here.
This should end all your miseries.
Sekhar is here.
Great timing!
Hes our HR. Meet him and
make a good first impression.
Ill impress him, sir.
What happened?
I was happy you got the job.
but Im shocked you hit the HR.
What to do, sir?
This is the time to put your character,
integrity and individuality aside...
and say sorry.
Mr. Reddy...
Hey! What are you doing here?
Get out!
- Hey! Get out!
- Im begging you.
Please sir... Im begging you.
I really need this job sir
Please sir, please sir...
Ill give you the job... I feel like
Im going to puke. Stop it right now.
You will stand by your word, right?
Yes, let go of me!
Thank you sir
Sign here Right here...
Right here, sir... That's it!
Hey, he signed it! But how?
I touched his feet like you said.
- What did he do?
- He signed my papers.
I will catch him red handed.
You go downstairs. Ill come join you.
- See you, sir.
Did he hit you hard?
He hit me with a scarf but
it was...
I wont say the word.
But he broke my heart, Reddy.
No matter what you say,
I believe he has no ego.
That is why he touched your feet.
- What about me?
You have no common sense.
That is why you snatched
his sisters scarf.
I didnt snatch it, Reddy.
It got stuck on my hand.
Good morning, sir!
I didnt mean to do it.
It was an accident.
You couldve returned the scarf.
- I didnt want to create a scene.
- Well, you already did.
- Why is the production on hold?
- No stock, sir.
Then order it.
Distribution has been halted because
we didnt pay the bills, sir.
Call the bank and clear the due.
The OD is already too high.
- Oh. Ill speak to them.
- Okay, sir.
- I said morning.
- Good morning.
- Which floor?
- Where are you going?
- Floor 9.
- Me too.
Pack your bags.
Yeah. Yeah.
Ive never seen you around.
I joined yesterday.
- Yesterday?
- Hmm. Yesterday.
Have you met your boss?
He didnt come to office yesterday.
All the best.
Yeah. Yeah. Thank you.
This looks good too.
I saw a girl in the elevator earlier.
She blew my mind.
Is she the receptionist, Mr. Reddy?
Id be with her right now
if she was so beautiful.
Go and greet our boss first.
We can relax for the day.
Relax and chill!
Ill impress her and be right back.
Good morning, sir
Now what did you do?
Hey! I thought you were just
in the elevator with maam.
But you were trying to get on her.
- Sir!
- I wont say the word.
You were trying to flirt with her, huh?
What do we do, Mr. Reddy?
Bantu... Bantu... Bantu...
You had a problem yesterday as well.
I gave you a solution and it worked out.
You want me to touch her feet?
Any other alternatives?
Best option, sir.
So get going, my man!
- Okay, sir.
- Hey, Reddy.
He doesnt just hold legs He twists them
according to his convenience.
Come in.
You think the name Bantu is cute?
Its disgusting, maam.
In the elevator earlier...
Look up.
My eyes are up here.
Its hard for me, maam.
Youre working under me.
And Im really happy about it, maam.
Im your boss!
- Only the cabin has changed.
- I still have to touch peoples feet.
Telling the truth is my first
nature, maam.
Sadism is my mannerism, Bantu.
People come here for holiday?
Maybe they can eat without cooking.
- I love you, baby.
- I love you too, baby.
I love you to death.
I love you more.
Why don't you change the topic?
I'm bored.
What? Why are you guys just leaving?
Thats the only thing on your mind, huh?
- Hello.
- Maam...
- Whos this?
- Its me, maam.
Who are you?
You got upset with me for staring
at your legs in the lift...
And so you sent me to Kutch.
Its me. Bantu
I havent seen a fellow human being
in 3 days.
And this couple is lost in love.
Oh my god!
This guy is pulling out the camping tents.
The temperature here is blazing, maam.
Please do something.
Something, huh?
Okay, Ill do it.
Wow! What a beautiful place.
Nice pictures.
This is nice.
Ill stab you!
Stop crushing her.
See that? Let's go there.
Maam! Maam! Maam! Stop!
Its very steep You will fall down.
Ill setup a rope and you can grab it
and go down.
Dont grab him. Grab the rope.
Okay, lets go.
Wow! He is dancing so nice.
Yes. Its recorded.
- Wow! He is a good dancer.
- Yeah Really nice.
- His dance moves are so nice. Wow!
- Very nice.
Hey! Dont stop! Dont stop!
Keep dancing that is such a nice move.
Who is it?
Its me, maam.
These people think I am dancing
but I am actually shivering
They uploading the
videos on internet maam.
Just give me a corner seat in our office.
Ill be at your feet.
I don't understand your fantasy with legs.
I didnt mean it like that, maam.
Im begging you. Please!
Are you sleeping?
Good... Sleep.
I bought you 24 apples per year,
2 per month.
So that makes 600 apples
in the last 25 years.
You are not conscious... You dont eat.
I have diabetes... I cant eat.
On top of that, this leg keeps
bothering me.
When we fought for the baby
in the hospital that day...
I had a leg cramp, remember?
It just got worse with time and now
Im limping.
You actually got lucky...
You are in coma for so long.
Because it happened on the day
my son was born...
Mr. Ramachandra is continuing
your treatment against all odds.
So dont feel guilty about it.
How long will you...?
- You speak Telugu?
- What?
Malayalam, huh?
How long will you cling on to this body?
Just let go.
Take my advice and die in peace.
Did you check her Blood pressure?
Where is the nurse?
I want her reports.
Fast! Put oxygen mask on.
Is she going to live?
Probably for 2 years if shes in coma.
She has 2 more months.
- Can she see?
- Its complicated.
- Can she hear us?
- Im not sure.
- Can she talk?
- Impossible!
Thank you.
You act cranky under the sun.
And you shiver in the snow.
You call me off the hook and say Maam...
Youre good for nothing.
Few lives dont get any better, do they?
Dont belittle my life, maam.
Ive heard enough from my dad.
I would get really angry
when he says it.
But now that youre also saying it...
Im afraid it might be true.
Over all these years,
Ive never had a single phenomenal
day in my life.
Is bad luck riding my dad,
me or my life?
I don't know.
Ma'am, this is a request.
Please wear pants and longer skirts.
I cant look away.
So beautiful, maam.
Get up.
When theres weight on your head,
you cant look down.
- Maam?
- You can observe it, Bantu.
More the weight, further you look up.
More the hard work,
further your succeed
Work on the Paris tour.
Thank you, maam.
Book the return flight for the 5th.
- Okay. Okay.
Maam is...
Maam, sir...
Shes maam!
We know shes our maam.
What next?
Actually, maam...
Sekhar sir, we have to handle few things
with love.
Then do it.
- Dear...
- Yes, dear.
For the first time...
I saw madams eyes instead of her legs.
Maam is...
- Bantu!
- Ma'am.
Maam, huh?
Maam, my foot!
Sekhar sir, handle with love.
Hes already in love with her.
My eyes are hooked on to your legs
Dont step on my gaze, show some mercy
My eyes are hooked on to your legs
Dont step on my gaze, show some mercy
My dreams will guard your eyes like kohl
You set me on fire when you rub
your rosy cheeks
Your tresses fly as my breath whistles
in the air
Dont get all cranky and push me away
Sweetheart! I cant help but fall for you
You know how the heart sways
to the youths beat
Sweetheart! I cant help but fall for you
You know how the heart sways
to the youths beat
My eyes are hooked on to your legs
Dont step on my gaze, show some mercy
Youre like the cool breeze spilling
fragrances of jasmine
Youre like the land
shimmering with moonlight
Youre like a peacock dancing
in a garden of flowers
I cant begin to describe your elegance
in words
I caress you like the shadow
that chases you
Yet, you dont react the slightest, girl
I realize youre not the girl
who falls for trickery
Pay heed to this sweet plea
that makes my heart pound
Sweetheart! I cant help
but fall for you
You know how the heart sways
to the youths beat
Sweetheart! I cant help but fall for you
You know how the heart sways
to the youths beat
My eyes are hooked on to your legs
Dont step on my gaze, show some mercy
My dreams will guard your eyes like kohl
You set me on fire when you rub
your rosy cheeks
There is a man Appal Naidu
It might be taxes or fee
You must ask with respect.
You are not meeting him.
You will meet his son.
ARK Infra.
They are planning to expand their company.
Ramachandran... The CEO of this company
is getting old.
His son Raj manohar...
Is very slow.
They need money and
I want a part of his company.
His son wants our company...
So, his father is sending him to deal...
To stop him, your father is sending you.
- Sir.
- No.
It's easy to say 'No' to a waiter...
But its difficult to reject
an influenced person.
So, when you reject a influential person,
You will earn respect.
Son, it's okay even if you don't get power.
Be honest. That's enough.
This is the truth.
Hello... I am almost there ma'am...
Don't worry, your father is in
the hotel right behind us
Hotel behind us?
Thank you.
Your load is exported to Korea from
our port every month.
That port is not your
father's establishment.
Tell him it belongs to the Government.
But if we shut the gates,
your company will be in dire loss.
There are many ports in this country.
Tell him, Raj.
We will invest in your company.
Welcome us with open arms.
We will be a part of your company.
Tell him, Raj.
Sudarshanam. My financier.
The one in the Grey coat?
- Bantu!! Respect!
- Maam.
We can cut down on diesel cost
if 4 people take the same car.
Similarly, you can cut down on holiday
expenses if 4 families travel together.
It was her concept.
It's a great idea.
I believed the same and invested 5 crores.
Youve got a big heart.
She had a turnover of 50 crores
in just 2 years.
Shes got a big brain.
Im offering 100 crores
I want the company.
Thats a huge amount.
What's your answer?
Say no!
Why don't you talk?
Say yes!
Say yes, dear.
Say no.
Just say no!
This isnt a temple where
everyone is welcome.
Besides, its loan when we ask for money.
When we dont accept the offer.
It's rejection.
Its a no!
Get out of my office!
Maam will not sell her company...
You speak.
Sir, we floated the company
...affordable travel packages
for the middle class.
If you buy the company with such a huge
amount, youll increase the rates.
It will increasing their travel fare.
So what maam is trying to say is...
This generation has lost
the courage to say 'No'.
Hey, Das!
They can tussle with us and
still do business in the market?
Shes a girl after all.
Well crush you.
Thats a big warning.
Mr. Sudarshan....
Im not so good at this pep talk.
It will not match with
my personality either.
But the situation is demanding it.
Only two people have the power
to create something.
This planet and women.
Why do you want to mess with them?
We just have to surrender.
- Amulya, whats happening?
- Hush!
If youre still not convinced,
I have three options.
First... Beat your men and control you.
Second, hit you and control you.
Third, predicting that I will beat you
and control yourself.
If you think controlling you is common
in all three options... Youre mistaken.
Whats common is I will be
smacking your men down.
For better or worse...
When someone says no
to your offer, it means...
Most importantly, when a woman
says 'No', it means...
It's a 'No.'
Maam, we cant be here after that
speech I just gave.
Lets get out of here when
our energy levels are high. Come on...
When I saw that guy in the morning...
It felt like I was looking
at my own reflection.
But when I see my own son
on the computer screen...
He was struggling to say no...
His weakness felt like my own.
Is this my failure?
Ramu, you were a clerk.
You had to impress my dad to marry me.
You had to work hard for it.
But my son has nothing to prove.
He was born a Prince.
Dont compare him with others.
- I didnt mean it, Yasu
I just meant that guy spoke well.
Suppose were on our honeymoon.
How would you feel if I say
some guy hot in front of you?
Can you handle that?
Thats how I feel when you praise
someone elses son in front of me.
Dont ever do that.
A mother's love is blind.
That guy caught your attention.
But for me, it was the girl.
She made a lot of progress with
the company in just 3 years.
If shes with us, she can do wonders.
How about we get your son married to her?
She will bring the perfect balance.
- Daddy...
- Yes, dear?
Why do I have to wear a saree for dinner?
Because its a dinner invite from Mr. ARK.
I wouldnt have cared
if it were someone else.
Dont be so dumb.
The saree and the bouquet
are to impress them.
Otherwise a box of sweets would do it.
Let's go.
In case they ask if you can cook...
Casually lie that youre almost good at it.
Why would they ask me if I could cook?
Is this an alliance?
Just a casual meeting, dear.
Besides, even if they were proposing
marriage... Its no big deal for them.
Whats this?
Give it to her if you like her.
Grandpa said it would be a casual meeting.
You should tell him you wont meet anyone
else because there your angel is at home.
Hello. Why are you laughing?
Am I not your angel?
Get lost!
The box...
- Get lost!
- Okay. Okay.
Hi. Welcome. Welcome.
Im Ramachandra.
Im Anjaneya Prasad.
Even my name suggests
Im at your service.
- Hey! No! No!
- Dad!
Dear, isnt it true?
This old man has a knack for
inviting embarrassing guests.
Hi. Hi. Hi.
Please come.
Welcome. Welcome.
What would you like to have?
Were blessed to be sitting next to you.
What more could we ask for?
Well eat whatever you serve.
As long as its edible.
- You have good sense of humor.
- Thank you. Thank you.
You guys arent talking much.
Because you are.
My daughter is soft spoken.
Yeah, right. She doesnt even bargain
when she goes shopping.
Your son is soft spoken as well.
He expressed it with a box.
Oh my god!
Dear, youre so lucky!
Fortune is calling.
My miserable days are over.
Feels like the Lords of Wealth
are paying me a visit.
What are you looking at?
Get up!
Give it a second thought.
I think its too fast.
This whole time, you were worried
about him being slow.
Now youre worried that hes going fast.
What are you waiting for?
Lets get them engaged.
Why are you crying?
Tears of joy.
What are you doing here?
Maam called me...
I thought she had some work...
You don't have any work here.
I bought that ring so that
he will marry my daughter.
Hes doing it.
You turned this lunch into an engagement.
My daughter had a lot of expectations
on her wedding.
Then lets make sure we dont fall short.
My daughter will commit suicide
if she cant marry him.
She aspired to become Collector
when she was a kid.
Did that happen?
She will not do everything she says.
Dont worry.
Come on.
- Ma'am.
- This is all your fault.
What did I do?
Because you hit Sudarshanams men
and Mr. Ramachandra noticed you.
Because he noticed you,
he spoke to my father.
Because he spoke to my father,
I had to get engaged.
Did Sudarshanam get scared and back off?
He called us to the police station
for a meeting.
- Don't worry, ma'am.
- Hey... Hey...
- Sit.
- Ma'am.
No, you are angry.
Is she your wife?
No way.
She's my boss.
But her body language says something else.
Shes scolding you with
so much confidence.
You can judge by body language? My foot!
She already got engaged yesterday.
I don't think so.
It'll work out soon.
What's gonna happen?
You are not Ramachandra's son.
She's very practical.
Reddy influenced him
Hey, stop it... Stop it.
It will work out, trust me.
- What are you saying?
- Really?
Morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
- What's the issue?
- Sir, I gave her five crores.
We asked for our money
and he got physical.
He didn't just ask for money.
He wants the whole company.
On top of that, he was being
insensitive to girls.
That is when I hit him, sir.
- Did he cuss women?
- Yes, sir.
Then you have to file a case on him.
Hey... Call the writer.
Hes not some fighter that
youd call the writer.
Look at him...
Look at my bodyguard, above six feet.
How can we believe this guy hit him?
- You have a point.
Thats a lie, sir. I hit him.
Ill hit him again if I have to.
- Can you notice any difference?
- What difference?
He was standing till now,
but now he is sitting there.
Maybe he is tired standing,
so he sat down
I hit him and he fell there.
- Give me a break.
- Sir.
I hit him when you bent down.
He was in the air when you stood up.
He was sitting by the time you saw him.
Why don't you take him to a good doctor?
Yes, sir... I'll do that.
Whats wrong? What happened?
It's a stylish fight scene sir...
Things like these dont happen often.
All of you together made it a big lie.
I'm hurt.
You are hurt?
- What's your problem?
- I just hit him again, sir.
But I didn't see it.
- Call him back. I can hit him again.
- That's wrong.
You cant say things like that
to the police.
You dont believe me when I say I hit him.
You dont look when I actually hit him.
You dont agree when offer
to hit him again.
Youre impossible, sir.
- Bantu!
Why do you want to get locked up?
- You have a bright future.
- I know, sir.
Don't interrupt me while I talk!
I'll kill you!
- Dear, what does he do for you?
- Annoy me.
So nobody believes I hit him.
Hey! This is your final chance.
Ill ask her.
Whatever she says is final.
- You should stand by that.
- Yes.
- Did he beat that guy?
- No, sir! Not at all!
- Hes so sweet!
- Discussion over!
Maam, you are also lying.
Why are you so keen on getting arrested?
But I had to tell the truth.
I dont want the engagement.
Did I say it out?
- We cant tell the truth all the time.
- Exactly.
Nothing will go wrong
if you tell the truth, maam.
You should do the same with your dad.
I told him. He said hell commit suicide.
Then tell Rajs father.
Mr. Ramachandra? No ways!
Maam Maam
Listen to me please
Try telling Mr. Ramachandra once.
- Trust me and tell the truth.
- Okay, I will.
Give me that.
Telling the truth solves
all problems, maam.
It really feels light.
Because I took the bag from you?
No, you idiot!
I meant I feel lighter.
I feel lighter! Bantu!!
Its obvious to be scared
when you hit someone suddenly.
Hes an idiot, man.
Why do you care if hes scared?
- I dont mean him. Im scared! Me!
- Youre scared. I get it.
I have full clarity now.
Sorry, Bantu. Are you hurt?
Yes, but it feels good, maam.
You are beating me.
Dont call me maam.
It'll take time ma'am
Call me Amulya.
I know your name, ma'am.
Actually, I like Ammu.
It'll take time, ma'am
It'll take lot of time.
Did she fall for you?
I already told you.
Get out!
Who can be a better match to me?
Why didnt I realize this before, Ammu?
Love is like chewing gum
It sticks with you and doesnt let go
People have said this before
But let me say it again
I cant hold it in
You cant restrain from love
You are everything Ive been looking for
You became a part of me before I knew it
"Hey, pretty doll"
Youve surrounded my thoughts
Youve held my hand in togetherness
"Hey, pretty doll"
Youve surrounded my thoughts
Youve held my hand in togetherness
"I might have been quiet
like multiplex audience"
"But there are drums playing in my heart"
"I might have just had a brain freeze"
This isnt the Kings times,
no chariot or horses
I fight a battle against myself
in front of the mirror
You put forward your hands filled
with bangles and come close
You caress my cheeks and make me
feel like a King
I asked for pitter patter raindrops
Youve given me a cyclone
I asked for a little jasmine
You showered me with flowers
"Hey, pretty doll"
Youve surrounded my thoughts
Youve held my hand in togetherness
Youve made me an eternal part of you
Youve given me a special
place in your heart
Who can be a better match to me?
Why didnt I realize this before, Ammu?
Love is like chewing gum
It sticks with you and doesnt let go
People have said this before
But let me say it again
I cant hold it in
You cant restrain from love
Hell be seeing you now.
Im Appala Naidu.
I control everything in the port.
I got my son into college
so that he has a different lifestyle.
I sent him to you with money
because your company needed it.
My son made it clear that
we dont need your money.
Your son might listen to whatever you say.
But I'll give my son whatever her asks for.
If you try to stop it.
People from Kolkata love
to eat fish brains.
People from Andhra love its tail.
But the fish loves to live.
To do so, it must stay farther away
from the net.
Once it falls into the net,
theres no going back.
Lets tell him later Not now.
We've have come very far...
Let's tell the truth.
Where is he?
Maybe he is in the restroom.
- Sit down.
- Its okay.
- Shall I call the ambulance?
- No Call the car driver.
Hey! Hey!
Wheres the staircase?
What happened?
- Any chances of making it?
- Only God can save him now.
God doesnt exist anymore.
Move... Let him breathe.
- Shall I call his family?
- Not now... Later.
Sir. Sir.
- Thats our car.
- We only stabbed him.
Let it go.
- You said he had no chance.
- You said God didnt exist.
Sir. Sir.
I'll inform his family.
Calm down, maam.
One moment.
Ra... Ra...
Do you know him?
- What
- What happened?
He met with a small accident.
Dont worry. Hes fine.
Is he your father?
My father?
Sadly, no.
He's my father.
He's there.
Tell me.
Thats not your father.
Your father is... Ra... Ra... Rama...
It doesnt change the fact
that hes my father.
You need to relax.
Please sit, sir.
Ill check if ma'am is here.
Hes... Hes not your father.
Ah! Hes not your father.
I dont think youre feeling well.
Let me call the doctor.
Wait a minute... Stop talking.
Hes... not your father.
Hes Valmiki.
You know my father?
Valmiki is not your father.
Valmiki is not your father.
Ramachandra... is your father.
What do you mean?
I dont get it.
Yes... Ramachandra is your father.
I only switched you.
You didnt move when you were born.
Before I could tell the doctor about it...
Your... Your name?
You were born as Raj (King).
You are the real Raj (King).
I picked you up from the rich side...
And put you into a poor family.
That guilt is killing me.
Only the God and I know that.
I have to tell this to your father
before I die.
I should only tell him.
Call him...
Raj... Call your father.
Call him!
Get Ramachandra here.
Call him.
Raj... Raj... Call your father.
Get Ramachandra.
Call him.
He's inside.
What is the patient doing here?
- Sister, what are you doing?
- Sir...
Youre supposed to be alert.
What is this patient doing here?
- Is Dr. Bhaskar Reddy available?
- Yes, sir.
- Lets shift her to critical care.
- Okay, sir.
My daughter
- On the way, sir.
I spoke with the doctors.
His heart is totally fine.
Just some blood loss.
He should recover soon.
No issues so far...
I have it all sorted.
I dont think so, Kasi.
What about security?
Hello, maam.
- Wheres father?
- Hes sitting in the back.
- Call him.
- Okay, maam.
Who is he?
Bantu. He works in my office.
So its you brother-in-law was
bragging about.
Actually, he saved uncle.
He was also at the hotel last time.
I didnt notice.
Ask him to wait downstairs.
Ill talk to him later.
Its okay. Dont feel bad, Bantu.
Father, DCP wants to talk to you.
Thank you.
Come dear.
Just one second.
Lets go.
This is how the rich people are...
They never fail to remind us our place.
We can never be one of them.
Ive been working for them since 25 years.
But they never let me in.
We should get used to this.
Thats the way it is.
Were strangers
We must behave like strangers.
You know what they say.
A Kings Palace hosts the prosperous alone.
Just because hes gotten close with us...
We shouldnt think like that.
Shes no more.
Poor lady.
Take her away.
You know her?
Must be an orphan.
You know I am very sensitive.
I cant take it.
She mustve done something really bad.
She had a remorseful death.
Gods watching over all of us.
You have something to say?
Hey! How dare you!
Im annoyed listening to your lies
from childhood.
But you never stop it.
Actually, why dont you take a break?
Sit properly... You are leaning on me.
As soon as you do something good...
You cant resist doing something worse.
You can directly ask why I hit you.
Why are you beating around the bush?
Get off
You just hit your dad and youre passing
statements about it?
Bah! Were in the middle of the road.
You have something to say?
Youre not real father.
That is why I hit you.
Im not your father?
Im not your father?
How do you think you were born then?
Did you pop out of thin air?
No, I didnt.
You got me down.
That nurse was in coma for 25 years.
How can you believe whatever she mumbles?
I dont remember mentioning anything
about a nurse.
Tell me.
Is Ramachandra my father?
Yes or no?
You couldnt shut up ever since I was born.
Now speak up!
Tell me!
I just wanted my son to be happy.
I get that part.
But why did you torture me?
You are jealous of my father.
He started along with you and became
a millionaire in no time.
You couldnt take it.
But theres nothing you can do to him.
So you picture Ramachandra in me.
Exactly why youve been troubling me
since 25 years.
You drove me crazy.
What have I done to you, huh?
Drink it... You look like
youre going to die.
Will you reveal everything and
expose me in front of everyone?
Will you ruin my sons life?
I'm begging you.
Please dont tell anyone.
If I reveal the truth...
They will abandon your son right away.
His mother will become his madam.
His father will become his boss.
A clerk like you will be his real father.
He will commit suicide out of depression
and die.
I considered all this and chose
to be silent back there.
Besides, its my mother whos going to weep
if I expose you.
I cant call her auntie after she
nurtured me for all these years.
I cant call her my mom
just for the sake of wealth.
I dont want your wealth or their stature.
You only keep it. I dont need it.
When you dont want any of it...
What do you get from knowing the truth?
The freedom of knowing that
I dont have to impress you.
Ever since I was a kid,
Ive been looking for ways to impress you.
Now I realized youre not going
to like me after all.
Ive found my answer.
Im free.
I always get irritated when I see you.
But for the first time,
I feel sorry for you.
Because... You cant
claim him as your son.
I wont accept you as my father.
Few lives dont get any better. Very bad!
My vehicle has insurance.
I have assurance he wont tell anyone.
Oh God!
Arent you feeling well?
Sister told me you didn't eat anything.
Ive been having temperature
since evening.
Your boiling.
Wait. Ill get you some medicine.
You cant stay like this...
Get medicines, go.
No need.
I just want my kids to comfort me.
I will get better.
- Valmiki
- Sir?
I want to meet your son.
I'll give him a hug and thank him.
- Get him once.
- Excuse me.
Im the doctor that
treated your son-in-law.
Shes the nurse that assisted me.
You need to hug the both of us
and thank us.
That will make some sense.
How could you think someone else
is more important?
- Who is he!?
- Hey!
Hey! Im the doctor.
This room is for stitching.
Not for stretching, okay?
- What the hell are you talking?
- What are you talking, oldie?
Come with me for a moment.
We shouldnt upset doctors and drivers.
The syringes and steering wheels
are in their control.
- Lets get out of here.
- Please leave!
Whats the matter, dad?
You were supposed to be here yesterday.
But no one told me about it.
A son is supposed to check on
his father and mother...
Also on whats going on around the house.
Nobody will tell you.
I cant believe you brought a bouquet
like some stranger.
- How much is the bill?
- 1.2 lakhs, sir.
Make it round figure. 10 lakhs.
Round figure for 1.2 lakhs would be 1 lakh.
Not 10 lakhs.
Oh. Youre not Subrahmanyam.
- No.
- Whats up, sir?
He knows nothing about round figures.
Explain it to him.
- If we charge the medicines at 10 lakhs...
- This bill is going to top Jayalalithas.
Luckily she didnt have a brother like him
Otherwise, her bill would have crossed
the state budget.
Her husband is in a critical condition.
And yet, she hasnt shed a single tear.
Unlike we middle class people,
she didnt sob for him.
Pin drop silence.
Theyre of a different class.
Different class?
Are you crazy?
Husband and wife dont have
a proper conversation.
His son gets him a bouquet like
hes an stranger.
Dont even get me started
on his brother-in-law.
Hes looting all their money in
the name of hospital bills.
Why do we care about them?
I dont get it.
How come father and son
are having a conversation
without turning it into a fight?
Its nothing.
I was telling him that
house is like a temple.
And the couple is like
Lord Shiva and Parvathi.
That's it.
You call that a temple?
Who are you then?
The priests sidekick?
Not a single member in that family
has values.
If they keep this going...
My father will die soon.
Stop bragging that he is your father.
Im your father.
If you ever say that again,
Ill kill your mom and kill myself next.
I swear on God!
Why are you getting my mom into this?
Because you wouldnt care if I died alone.
You have something to say now?
I want to go to that house.
What happened?
- Dad choked.
- Give him some water.
Im at it.
Drink it.
Youve been checking on your son
since the last 25 years.
Now its my turn to check on my dad.
Relax! Relax!
You can check on your Prince.
But I cant check on my King, huh?
Even if youre in the same room
with Ramachandra...
Hes going to take you in right away.
Youre his blood after all.
That is what kept me from taking you
to that house.
Besides, would you stay away
once you got in?
Youre like a chewing gum stuck
on the shoe.
Ill never let you go there.
Who can get me in other than you?
Youre going to take me there.
- Me?
- Yeah. Tomorrow.
You better lose the T-shirts
for a while, sir.
Shirts will be comfortable.
- Why?
- Ugh, not again!
My son-in-law is not too
old to wear a t-shirt.
Hey! What does a T-shirt
have to do with it?
Wearing a dhoti doesnt make you
any better.
Calm down, doctor.
Your shirt.
Strain! Thats the reason.
But you dont understand.
You can wear shorts if you want.
Your calves will get some fresh air.
What about you?
- Not again !
- Hey! Hey! Hey! Hello...
Are you okay?
Im okay, sir.
He needs pleasant people around.
Especially people unlike us.
That guy who brought him to the hospital.
Why dont you just call the same guy?
Come here!
Your son-in-laws BP came back to normal
as soon as I mentioned that guy.
How is his presence going to help
medically, doctor?
You will see for yourself.
In the movies, a child gets better
when his mom or dad visits him.
You believe in that stuff.
But you dont believe in an over qualified
doctor like me.
You question my credibility.
- Sir...
Dont touch me!
But you didnt want him here last time.
Answer him.
I will.
Didnt you say that?
I did, sir.
But people change.
Give me a chance, will you?
Even doctors and drivers have kids.
The doctors BP might rise from
all the yelling.
Go get him.
Hell be at work now.
Ask him to take permission for a few hours.
- Its not a Government office.
- Ask him to take the rest of the day off.
What reason would he give?
Just ask him to quit the job.
- Thats his bread and butter, doctor.
- Send him to my house.
Ill feed him bread and butter.
Its no big deal. Lets hire him.
- Yes!
Youre always giving some excuse
whenever I want to see him.
You dont want him here, huh?
- Whats your problem?
- Whats your problem?
- I dont have any problem.
- Then call him.
Battery is low. I will...
- Give me his number. Ill call him.
- I will only call him.
Hello... Why are you stepping out?
Because the signals are better there.
Make the call quickly and my life
will be better.
You must be really lucky.
Yesterday you told me.
Today they are only inviting you.
Every fool has his day.
Today is your day.
Just because they invited you,
doesnt mean Ill let you come.
Ill give them some lame excuse
to keep you away.
The doctor will call me as soon as
you hang up.
How do you know theres a doctor inside?
Where are you?
Stop limping and look up.
Hey! Whats with the doctor?
He hated you last time.
But now, hes acting like some
die-hard fan of yours.
Its an obvious reaction for someone
who had his son kidnapped.
You kidnapped his son?!
It's him.
This fatso?!
Is he coming?
Yes, sir.
Bah! This doctor is killing me.
Please come.
In a far off city named Vaikunthapuram
Further away from the humongous palace
At the shore of a sea filled with nectar
There was a dais shining like the moon
Lord Vishnu was seated with Goddess Laxmi
on a throne adorned with black lotuses"
Being the holy saviour, he rushes to
the rescue of the helpless Gajendra"
Here sets foot a new relationship
in the abode of Vaikunthapuram
Here comes the epitome of joy
to a place weeping with sadness
Here forms a new acquaintance
in the abode of Vaikunthapuram
Here he brings happiness to
people flooding with tears
Here holds an umbrella the
sky for the cloud arriving
Here sighs with relief the world
for he will be a pillar of support
Here welcomes the ravishing
sun as the holy vermillion
In the abode of Vaikunthapuram...
In the abode of Vaikunthapuram...
In the abode of Vaikunthapuram...
In the abode of Vaikunthapuram...
Hey! Why did you give her money?
My son.
And my son?
- Relax.
I can't.
- Hes at tea bunk.
Ill be there in a second.
- I didnt pay for the tea.
- I will.
He has my headphones.
Ill get you new headphones.
You guys are criminals for kidnapping kids.
Your father has been hiding you
like a bride.
I never got to take a good look at you.
Come forward.
Hes good.
Youre a tough man.
You didnt just carry my son-in-law
the other day.
You carried the prestige of this house,
ARK Company and our hopes.
You work for my granddaughter, right?
Yes, sir.
- Is she paying you well?
- Yes, sir.
How much?
I was promised 25K
I get 20K after all the exclusions.
- Ill pay you 50K. Come work for me.
- Sir!
Sir! Hell be spoiled if you promise him
so much money.
What are you talking?
Youll be spoiling him
if you gave him money.
But we will be encouraging him.
No, sir...
- Work for me.
- Sure, sir.
Choose any room you like
and find a desk and a computer.
Okay, sir.
- But what would I do?
- Exactly my question.
He will watch pictures of girls
on the Internet.
We can think about that later.
Sure, sir.
I have a lot of people to meet
and loads of work to do.
Time for you to leave.
You need to be straightforward
in everything you do.
I hate people who lie.
You just proved that you could insist
on something you dont do.
Youre an inspiration
to set of people, sir.
Inspiration to others like me?
Hey, maam! How are you doing?
Didnt you recognize me?
Come. Sit. Sit.
I was at the hotel for madams engagement,
Hi! How are you?
All okay?
Never mind, maam.
I know you dont remember me.
- Sorry. Bad memory.
- I dont mind.
Hero Chiranjeevi waves at his fans.
Doesnt mean he knows all their names.
Same goes for you.
Youre like a star.
And Im like your biggest fan.
See? Even I have a good following.
Oh... Hello.
Of course.
To be honest... You might look
above average but youre super sexy.
- Really?
- Promise.
- Such a naughty boy you are!
- Dont hit your fans.
Bro, come here.
Tell me, bro.
Just look at her Shes super hot.
I can't make those comments.
Tell me what this is about.
Let me know who her
close relatives are here.
I want to be friends with them.
- Not possible.
- Why?
Im her uncle.
Sorry, sir.
Going by your clothes,
I thought you were the maid.
What do you mean?
You want me to suit up at home as well?
How do you like the house?
Its wonderful, sir.
But I dont like that fact that he was
attacked despite having all of you around.
Why didnt you file a police complaint?
We did, man.
- We did file a complaint.
- You can be informal with me.
Youre elder to me.
The guy were dealing with is quite
powerful as well.
We dont have enough evidence
to support the case.
So the police are afraid to arrest him.
Why is that stopping us?
We'll go and talk to him.
- Shall we?
- Yeah!
Who are you?
This is too much, Paidithalli.
You want shares in his company.
You want be the director of his company...
You also want his position
if you can have it.
But you dont know him.
Hes the Founder! ARK!
Who let you in?
It was very hard to come here...
We took flight till Rajahmundry
and in a car till Kakinada.
After reaching this place
It was uncomfortable.
Sir, you cant go in.
Lets go. Start the vehicle.
No, sir. We travelled so far.
Same feeling.
That hand print
Who pushed him?
My nephew visited your office and
you asked him to get out in a video call.
But you expect grand welcome from us?
My load is in there.
- So what?
I giving you 25 to 30 crores business
every year.
So what?
Hey! I need to go inside.
Dont you get it, old man?
Lift the load. Come on.
Who pushed him?
Who the hell do you think you are,
barging into our port?
Who pushed him?
Who raised his hand on him?
Was it you?
You pushed him?
- Tell me.
- No
I didnt push him.
Did you push him?
Tell me!
How dare you guys push him.
Pick up the stuff that old man dropped.
Elaichi tea, sir. Especially for you.
Towel sprayed with cologne, sir.
It will cool you down.
Who was it?
Who pushed him?
Bah! Youve been asking the same
question since you came.
You seriously dont think a bunch
of people pushed him, do you?
Only one guy pushed him and
you hit him long back.
Hes there.
Wheres your boss?
We need to yell his name out and call him.
If you spare us the time that is.
It cant get any clearer than this.
What sir is trying to say is
Your father stabbed his son-in-law.
But there was no evidence.
Case is hanging by a weak link now.
I came and hit you guys.
And theres no evidence here as well.
This case will also be weak.
Lets not play this game of tit for tat.
Lets sit down and talk it out.
Sir strongly feels we shouldnt
resort to violence.
What do you think?
What are you looking at?
Get up!
You were quick on your feet a while ago.
Now youre looking sloppy.
Well be late for our flight. Lets go.
Brother, you have anything else to ask?
This is sad!
Our Prince won't talk...
This Prince has nothing to say.
Both of you are unique.
Silent movie superstars.
What is that?
Isnt this boat supposed to be on water?
- Its a car, man.
- I know that.
I was wondering what its name is.
RR?! Sounds like a Rajamouli film title.
Rolls Royce.
Wow! Amazing contrast, boss!
The cars classy look doesnt go
with your appeal at all.
Lets take a selfie.
Nice umbrella.
Ive seen people use it
when its sunny or raining.
But this is the first time,
I saw someone use it to stab.
I cant stab artistically like you.
Im rough like that.
You just got down the car.
I just got into my character.
Dont be shy.
Ill see you around.
Nice meeting you.
Come. Well be late for our flight.
But I have to admit, boss
Its a great car.
Hey, wait!
He warned you in our port...
I'll kill him.
They will give us their company shares
very soon.
Where will they go?
Dont ask silly questions like where
and how he got stabbed.
Theyre not middle class like us.
They belong to the elite.
Youre wearing a cute skirt after so long.
- Who is he?
- Bantu! My Secretary.
Then why is he getting all touchy?
Key Car
You didnt tell him?
What does she have to tell me?
Your daughter is not so interested
in the groom. - Bantu!
So, we took things a little too far.
Oh, that was pretty shocking.
Dont tell them anything now.
That is why we didn't tell you, pops.
Why is he calling me pops?
Ammus pops is my pops. Right, pops?
Ammu! Come fast!
- For now?
- If possible, forever.
- Come on!
- Relax.
Hello, sir How are you?
- This is Jubilee Hills Road no. 36, right?
- Yes, sir.
- What are you doing here then?
- I work here.
Whats the job?
They still didn't give me any designation.
For now Im browsing pictures of girls
on the internet.
What brings you here?
Im here to meet Mr. Ramachandra.
Whatever it is, you can tell me, sir.
I cant discuss it with a kid.
Commissioner wanted me to ask
if Mr. Ramachandra needs security.
He doesnt need security
while Im around, sir.
Listen Im like a one-man army.
Who the hell are you to make decisions
about his security?
Come close.
I am Mr. Ramachandras real son.
Its true, sir. Im Mr. Ramachandras son.
I swear on you!
- Hello, officer.
- Hello.
What about him?
Theyve been assuming hes their son
for 25 years.
- Since 25 years?
- Hmm.
- When did you find out?
- Recently.
- Who told you?
- A nurse told me.
Nurse and that guy
hiding behind the pillar
They replaced him with me,
putting me into a middle class family.
And replaced me with him,
making him heir to a rich family.
- Who told you?
- No, Nurse told me.
- When did she tell you?
- Recently.
- Why didnt she tell you 25 years ago?
- Because she was in a coma.
- Why did she tell you now?
- Because she came out of the coma.
- Did she tell you and you only?
- Why would she tell everyone in the world?
She should have told
Mr. Ramachandra at least.
- She was about to tell him.
- Then why didnt she tell him?
Because she died before
she could tell him.
Do you want some tea?
No... I need whiskey.
I'll drink in the evening
after my working hours.
Does anyone else know about this
apart from you?
No one knows, sir.
I wont tell anyone either.
Ill sacrifice.
If youre so sacrificing,
why did you come to this house?
Who else will look after my house, sir?
Bantu Keys.
Reddy will kill me.
I need to go to the office urgently.
Ill see you in the evening.
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
What is she doing here?
His fianc.
Why is she kissing you then?
Because we are in love.
- Does he know?
- Come on, sir!
Why would he marry her if he knew?
Does Ramachandra know this at least?
We were going to tell him
and something terrible happened.
Naughty boy, huh!
Who is she?
His nephew.
- Why is she spanking you?
- I don't know...
Shes been flirting with me
ever since I joined here.
Now she is spanking me.
You flirt with all the girls in this house.
And he doesn't care about it.
I cant see this anymore.
Ill leave.
Morning officer.
- Bantu
- Sir
Sir, do you run a background check
on the employees you are hiring?
We do check.
Then why did you hire him?
What are you talking about?
If theres anyone in this house with
the common sense and intelligence I do
Its him.
Very nice!
- Oh man! Im done with you.
- See you again.
How did it go, sir?
It was horrifying.
We assume all rich people are intelligent.
But theyre just lucky.
Good morning, sir.
Hi, morning Come.
After you joined here
we didn't speak properly.
They said you went out.
I was talking to the SP, sir.
Its about the attack. He was asking
if you need security.
I told them you dont need any security.
We close our doors
when there is heavy breeze.
But what can we do
if the storm is in our home.
We have to accept it.
When we are tough situations,
we look to our family for strength.
But when that family is your weakness...
who do you look to?
Bantu, even God needs an offering.
Even a King needs protection.
I don't want to tell him my problems
and worry him.
My son wont understand even if I told him.
Theres no point in telling them.
And if I want to say something to my
All the greatest battles are with
the closest people.
The greatest battles are fought
with the closest people.
What did my son-in-law say?
He said a lot.
Is he upset about the differences
with my daughter?
Of course he would be.
Its been 7 years since they had
a proper conversation.
Did he tell you anything else?
He didnt tell me anything, sir.
But you just did.
- Oh no!
You cant hold anything in even
after all these years, huh?
I wont live for another 100 years
to be patient.
I need to know everything immediately.
- Okay.
- So what did he say?
- He said something about his son.
- Is he feeling bad?
He is a strange guy.
Sit, sit.
No one knows whats in his heart.
I want see him burst out in anger,
Ill die a happy man.
I'll help you!
You dont need to die for it.
Just because they are close with you...
You don't work at home.
You don't go to office.
Just sitting outside and smoking.
They are very innocent.
This is wrong.
I am the owner! My wish!
- Get out! Get out!
- Rowdy.
Hes got something, man.
Grandpa is giving him way
too much lenience.
Ramachandra treats him
like a family member.
We should be friends with him.
Why do you want to mess things up?
1.5 lakhs expenditure everyday?
Were discussing accounts here and
why are you hitting them?
Because they hit me.
- Why did they hit you?
- Because they stole one lakh.
Why did they hit you only?
Because they gave me share.
Give me that stick.
For what?
Because I have to hit them.
Uncle! Uncle! No!
You dont worry.
Ill go get sister.
Whats going on, Sita?
What happened?
Stop running and let him hit you...
he will be satisfied.
Yasu, uncle is beating me
just because he said.
Whats wrong, dad?
Why are you hitting him?
After finding out how much money
hes looting every day
What did you expect from me?
Who told you?
He told me.
How do you know if its true?
He will tell me only if its true.
Oh, really?
You speak only the truth, huh?
Tell me.
Why will he loot our money?
We are paying him 10 lakhs salary
every month.
He bets a million rupees on a poker table.
Hes a big player.
Dad, you gamble?
Only on the weekends.
Thats it. Yeah.
He talks to Priya on the weekdays.
- Whos Priya?
- How would I know?
Not everything you say is true.
You have a message from Priya in the mobile
you threw on the floor.
It read Call me when free.
Whats the big deal?
She just asked me to call back.
There is no controversy here.
- Actually, she called you baby in the end.
She also sent a heart emoticon. In red.
Dont look, sir. Her pictures are on it.
- Really?
- Private.
This is quite common nowadays.
I dont get why these people
are over reacting.
Why are you hitting me
when its his fault?
Where were you when all this
was happening?
What do you expect me to do?
Find a girl for myself?
- Please!
- Hey! When will you women change?
You hit your brothers just because
you can't slap your husbands.
Theyre outdated.
They will never change.
Why is he running away
if Bantu wasnt telling the truth?
Alright then. Ill hear you out.
Tell about me.
Isnt that be too much for the day?
You come with me.
You tell me.
You dont get along with your husband.
Bantu! Come with me.
How do you know?
You shut your room door the first time
I was here.
I knew it right away.
Wife and husband go through
a lot of stuff.
They will shut and open doors
as they please.
If a newlywed couple close the door
It means they have something
personal to talk about.
But if they still shut the door
after 25 years
It means they dont want the world
to know theyre not on talking terms.
He comes home at 6 pm dot,
no matter how busy he is.
So hes implying that his life revolves
around family and work only.
And when a man is trying so hard, it means
He definitely did something wrong
in the past.
What do you think that is?
She was his Secretary 7 years ago.
She resigned only after a months duty.
Back then
The sad part is everyone knew about this.
But everyone pretends like its nothing.
Including your father.
You think telling the
truth makes you great?
When kids don't eat food...
Their mother will tell them a scary story.
Is that wrong on her part?
Try and love someone.
You will know what a lie is worth.
That mother also tells her grown up kid
that hell fall sick if he doesnt eat.
She won't lie to him.
Youll know what a lie is worth
when you love someone. I get it.
But youll know how strong you love is,
only when you tell the truth.
It might be tough.
But a relationship built on truth
stays solid as a rock, sir.
Its 5o clock.
Time for me to go off duty.
Does this mark the end of this episode?
Or is it To be continued tomorrow?
See you tomorrow.
See you, madam.
She is not educated like you...
Or beautiful like you.
Or superior to you in any aspect.
Maybe that is why I liked her.
Because of my inferiority complex.
Is it my fault that I try to be my best?
Is that why you are hurting me?
Have I ever compared myself to her?
But dont I deserve a sorry?
After all these years.
Earlier, you would try to prove
that you are the perfect match for me.
Now you are just trying to prove
youre not doing anything wrong.
Why, Ramu?
Why do you have to prove
anything to me?
Be yourself.
Just be your true self.
Theres nothing Id want more.
I was scared, Yasu.
To look into your eyes and talk to you.
I was scared.
For the things I've done...
How do I make it up to you?
Im sorry.
Sorry, Yasu.
Im sorry.
- Hello
- Why isnt my daughter reacting?
Dont ruin the moment with your curiosity.
Give them some time.
Im sorry.
They are hugging each other.
Then close your eyes
and let me eat my dosa.
Shall I tell you something mind blowing?
ARK brought Ramachandra into this house.
He made him the clerk and soon the CEO.
Finally made him his son-in-law,
only for him to torture us ever since.
He brought home this new guy now.
And this guy has only doubled the torture.
That old man brings someone home and
that guy gets us into trouble every time.
What if we brought someone home?
That guy will be on our side then.
We can loot a huge sum of amount.
But who do we call?
She can handle him easily.
He's a pilot...
Actually another guy planned this meeting.
He is Paidithalli.
He alone can handle all of them easily.
Paidithalli... But he is from Berkley.
Mr. Ramachandra already said
we dont want this deal, right?
His son was looking hesitant.
So he had to do it out of courtesy.
But he didnt completely want to reject
the deal.
So I called him back to discuss it.
Lets see what theyve got to offer.
Besides, if he goes on rejecting everyone
We mean
Did they send you to say 'No'?
No matter what, I will make sure
they say 'Yes'.
She cant do it alone. I have to go.
Ramu To hell with the company.
You sit down.
- Yasu, I have to go.
- I dont care.
You are important to me. Okay? Sit down.
Wives often push their husbands
to earn more, son-in-law.
A wife who asks her husband to relax
is a rare sight.
I know who can deal with them.
Good sign! Hold this, sister.
I didn't zip up.
Put it on me.
Suit looks good.
- Valmiki
- Hey! Hey! Where are you going?
Why are you all decked up?
Permission granted by Mr. ARK?
Im wanted, Valmiki!
Thank you.
We have made all the arrangements
to buy shares.
Who are you?
"The saviour is here"
"He brought showers to the barren land"
"The saviour does what he does best"
"He has given us the
hope of new beginnings"
"The saviour is here"
"He brought showers to the barren land"
Hes at the port, the Board meeting
and basically everywhere.
"I want to follow you"
"I want to follow you"
"I want to follow you"
Madam is like your sirs speaker.
Is he like her mic?
This is way too many people for a meeting.
I want to hear from only one of you.
Fine then. Ill leave.
"Why don't you stay?"
"This heart belongs to you"
"Why don't you hug me tight?"
"Hold me closer to your heart"
Is he playing the song for my nephew?
Or is he making the most of this situation?
"I wonder if the word beauty
was coined after you"
"I'm too shy to ask you for a hug"
"Why don't you stay?"
Now that she has left
Well have to see what he can do.
I will show you what Im made of.
"I'll make you go crazy"
"I'll make you cheer for every moment"
"I'll make you go crazy"
"I'll make you cheer for every moment"
Its time for you to play
a Pawan Kalyan number.
Situation doesnt demand it, Mr. Sitaram.
His songs dont need a situation.
Were demanding it, right?
Welcome to Vividha Bharathis
special telecast.
Upon the request of Sitaram,
brother-in-law of Kasiram from Kakinada
Heres a song from Gabbar Singh.
"What are you guys looking at me for?"
"Start playing the drums"
"That's right!"
"Hey, girl... A life without you is
like a spinning top without a thread"
"Hey, girl... A life without you is
like a cracker slipped into water"
What was that?
Get down. Idiot!
Is this a Board room or a Ball room?
Are you being an angry bird?
You want to buy the shares Paidithalli?
[speaking gibberish]
I'm gonna tear these shares.
Hey! Do you know who signed that?
Do you know who he is? Do you?
(Abbanee Thiyyanee Debba song playing)
Your song?
Its you? You?
It's mine.
We covered megastars song too.
His timing is amazing.
When will they change?
Why is everyone running away
when he hit one person?
Shall we go?
I feel something is missing, Bantu.
But Ive played such a
versatile compilation.
Did you miss the dialogue?
Father is unwell.
Mother cant go to work.
Grandpa is getting older...
Grandson is young.
Just because you have cars
and roads are empty
Dont come here whenever you want.
They have a brother.
He will stand in your way.
How did that sound?
- I feel like whistling.
A whistle isnt enough.
We need blasting background music.
Slow motion Things flying in the air
We need lot of special effects to it.
Ill plan it... Let's go.
- Yes!
- What happened?
Son-in-law, Bantu hit this one
out of the park.
Its a sixer!
Dear, Im throwing a party tonight.
And Im going to drink. Thats all.
Brother, stop it.
Do you have any desi music
instead of this English music?
Wow! That sounds great.
Whom do we talk about?
Reddy? His life is boring.
Sekhar? No ways...
I'll tell about myself.
Bantu was a well known dude in his area
He had a bunch of guys
follow him everywhere
They got on their bikes
one night for alcohol
They crashed every
possible store for alcohol
There she was, shining like a beer
in silk a saree
Tempting me like a packet of hot biryani
Standing on the terrace,
oh she was like the moon
Her beauty got me high,
without having to booze
While she was hopping around like a deer
Her earring fell down
and it stuck my heart
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
Every time I eat betel
leaf, I think of your scent
Your red blushing
cheeks take over my mind
Every time I wear a floral shirt,
you bloom like a button
You barge into my heart
and create chaos inside
When the bulb in front
of my house flickers
It seems like youre
winking at me naughtily
When my drapes are
stuck in the door hinge
It seems like youre pulling them
and gives me goosebumps
Like a snake swaying to
the snake charmers tune
I follow your track as your anklets
begin to clink
You go around like you dont
care, sweetie
You hide and peep from a corner
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
Oh boy! She blew my mind
Oh boy! She stole my heart
This house provided us a living.
It fed us through all these years.
And when they welcomed you
to this house with open arms
What did you do?
You got into a brawl with a rowdy.
You kidnapped a little kid.
You blackmailed a millionaire.
You also started flirting with
their future daughter-in-law.
Someone like you dont deserve
a place in any house.
Get out.
- Valmiki.
Stop calling me Valmiki.
Havent I taught you better?
Im your dad! So call me that.
Get out.
You must be tired of telling the truth
ever since you were a kid.
Take a break.
When you were born, it only took me
25 minutes to bring you downstairs.
But it took you 25 years to climb
back to the top.
This time I am pushing you
Theres no way you can climb back up.
Yes, maam I am coming.
Thank god its over.
Why are you sad, Bantu?
This is what weve been
trying to tell them.
Even Ive been trying to tell
you something.
Did you tell your real parents the truth?
Ill never tell them.
Then there is no point in going
to that house.
I don't get it.
Did I leave all my problems?
It feels like I left an blank answer sheet
in examination hall.
Those papers state that half of your
company shares belong to me.
I want you both to sign on the papers
and send them to my farmhouse
with your son.
If you dont, Ill send your
nieces dead body in an hour.
If you dont seek the police,
it will just be a kidnap.
But if you do...
It will end up being a murder.
Get up.
It was thrilling to loot someones
money without their notice.
But I didnt know itd be so burdening
if they gave up the money willingly.
I cant carry it around.
I dont know how to repay you.
I cant believe you gave up your wealth
for my daughter.
She grew up right in
front of my eyes, Kasi.
Isnt she my daughter too?
Calm down, Kasi.
Raj Raj I dont want you to go.
Your family has already done a lot for us.
I cant forgive myself if anything
happened to you.
- I will only go Give it to me.
- Uncle, he asked me to get it.
Come on. Give me the money.
Its okay. I will convince them.
Hes right, sir.
Let him fight for his daughter.
You cant do it.
Come here.
Sir, tell him.
Raj is innocent...
Paidithalli is a monster.
He doesnt know anything
about the outside world.
I know how the world works.
You guys dont know me at all...
None of you do.
I smoke a cigarette and throw it
in uncles balcony.
Every day!
I have a few drinks and grow
money plants in those bottles.
Did you know that? No, you dont!
I like her
I like Nandu... You dont know that.
I dont want to get married to Amulya.
You dont know that.
None of you even bothered to ask.
And no ones ready to listen.
You always complained about me
not expressing myself, right?
Here I am, expressing myself.
Hear me out.
Its my mothers wealth.
And shes my girl.
I only have to go.
Youd be humiliated if I hit you, uncle.
Bantu... Kasiram's daughter is kidnapped...
They are demanding company shares.
They are asking for Raju...
They'll kill him...
- Please do something.
- I've no connection with that house.
- Bantu! listen to me..
- Relax.
I thought youre my savior.
But youre also hitting me.
Ive had a bad day so far.
What happened?
When my brother-in-law heard the good news
about Bantu getting kicked out
He decided to settle 2 things.
Mr. Chalapathi Rao didn't agree
to sell his farm.
He decided to threaten him.
Second, he wanted to kidnap your girl
and manipulate you for the shares.
My nephew was drinking.
Few goons were playing the game
Tiger and Goat.
We were going to receive 500 crores
worth shares in 15 minutes.
Our men were looking at the road,
hoping this would change their lives.
Brother-in-law was preparing barbecue.
Everything was going to plan till then.
But at the same time
A tiger has arrived.
The goat died.
He's a miracle worker
He is strong willed
He sorts things around the city
He doesn't give up no matter what
He pulled the bull's horns and
played a tune with them
He pulled the bull's horns and
played a tune with them
When everyone was terrified of the demon
like banyan's benches
He challenged the devil
itself for a face off
When there was a monster at the carnival
teasing girls
He set his ways straight for a lifetime.
There were no knives in it.
None of our men either.
When a bunch of boys were
drowning in the flood
He swam against the stream
and pulled them ashore
He will show up wherever you dare him to be
He will make sure you
don't return in one piece
What about your brother-in-law?
Even if it's a hundred pound fish...
He will drag it to the
shore single handedly
His glance speaks volumes of his valor
He makes the ground beneath you
tremble with fear
Its actually a good song, Naidu.
He's a miracle worker
A man of wonders from the North
He poked me with his mischievous gaze
When he makes her feel safe
from a bunch of rogues..
You can see a sparkle in her eyes.
Its okay. Ill take you to the hospital.
When you had the intention to go
Whyd you tell your father you had
nothing to do with us?
Only during war
Everyone in the country unites despite
their religion, caste and region.
Similarly, only during tough times
Everyone in the
family comes together
despite their selfishness,
hatred and revenge.
That is why I left this family
during a tough time.
If he asked why they should sacrifice
their wealth for her nephew
Or if she said its her wealth and
that he is compelled to sign
These papers wouldnt have been signed.
They signed them because they
agreed on something.
After knowing, he gave up half
of his company for his daughter?
How can Kasiram hate his brother-in-law?
You wanted to see Raj get furious
and die a happy man.
I made it happen and you
didnt have to die either.
It was really hard for me to say
I have nothing to do with this family.
But it was more important for you
guys to be a family.
My King is happy just like I hoped.
You can continue to visit
your Prince every day.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
Do you have anything else to say, Valmiki?
Nothing much, sir.
If my son said anything to hurt you
Kindly forgive him... Thats it.
Thats it?
Thats it, sir.
Thats it?
Thats it, huh, Valmiki?
Thats it, huh?
Hes my grandson.
My blood.
My heir.
How can you take him away
and say thats it?
I heard the nurse talk to him
in the hospital.
Son-in-law, hes your son.
The heir to my fortune.
I provoked the doctor because
I knew the truth.
I let him into the house.
This house, wealth, his mother and father
I was wondering if hed say
the truth to claim any of it.
But he didnt.
My bloods boiling ever since I found out
what hes done.
How come youre not furious?
No reason to be, sir.
God has punished him already.
The cramp in his leg soon
turned into a limp.
The joy of exchanging kids soon
turned into fear.
He hasnt had a peaceful night
in the past 25 years.
Let him go, sir.
Youre not angry with any of us.
Youre not greedy for this wealth.
Why did you come to this house then?
Its not only the parents that wish
for their kids happiness.
Kids wish for their parents
happiness too.
When I found out they were
my parents after 25 long years
When I realized they were going
through tough times
How can I just stand there
and do nothing?
I would never do that, sir.
Everyone who cursed my dad
behind his back
Should touch his feet when
everyone is watching.
My mom should be his best friend
in the world.
He shouldnt blame himself
for failing his son.
Ramachandra is an epitome of success.
He can never lose and I wont let him.
That is why I came back
and did what I had to.
I dont need anything more than this, sir.
Didnt I tell you, father-in-law?
Didnt I?
Didnt I tell you how my son would be?
He would be just like him.
Just like him!
Just like him.
Just like him!
Sir, calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down, dad.
Once more.
Please calm down, father.
Lets meet Yasu.
Come on.
we should tell her the truth.
We should tell her right away.
She will be really happy.
- No, sir.
No Listen to me.
25 years ago, he made the mistake of taking
two kids away from their mothers.
After nurturing Raj for 25 years...
You cant take him away from her
and make the same mistake.
No, sir.
Lets not correct this mistake.
Lets leave it here.
God will look after the rest.
You are the truth that I don't like.
Because you are better than my son.
I can't leave you...
But today you saved him.
Everything went good...
Otherwise, I would have lost him.
Women accept complete strangers
as their husbands.
But they dont accept a son
they havent given birth to.
I considered you my son the moment
you went there in his place.
Do I still have to accept you?
I can never repay you for everything
you have done.
Im returning what you just brought to us.
Take it.
I didnt do it expecting something
in return, maam.
No please.
Take it.
Hey, Bantu. Please.
A son should accept everything
his mother gives him.
- Did I do the right thing, dad?
- Yes, dear.
Whatever you do is the right thing.
Did anyone ever ridicule Ramu
for staying with his in-laws?
Do you know why?
Because your grandpa requested him
to come home.
Similarly, no one should call
you Ramachandras son.
I take back what I said the other day.
That he was born a Prince.
Let him climb his way up to the top.
Get him a job and a
quarters tomorrow itself.
Why do you look dull, Valmiki?
Half of the assets arent enough
for your son?
Shall I give him everything?
Coach Raj just like you did with Bantu.
He should become the CEO in 5 years.
Do you like it?
- Hi. We got it, bro.
- Super.
What are they doing here?
Bantu introduced us.
So he rubbed his bad luck onto you.
What are those?
Quarters... Assigned by the company, uncle.
That is why we bought these
quarters to drink.
Dear, you belong in the Palace.
It hurts me to see you here.
Work hard for 5-6 months
and prove your worth.
You should become the next CEO.
You should go back to that house.
What are you talking about, uncle?
Im just beginning to relax.
Auntie made me an omelet.
Im drinking and smoking without
having to worry about it.
And this atmosphere...
Feels just like home.
Dear, I cant catch up.
Can you repeat it with better grammar?
That is why I wrote this down.
25 years ago, when we were born
We wouldnt have minded the crime.
Put me in aunties ward and
Bantu in my moms ward.
It wouldve been perfect.
Its a sin, dear.
We cant take peoples fate
into our hands.
It wouldnt work out even if we did.
Tear that paper.
Sir! What are you doing here?
Someone stabbed Appala Naidu
and thrashed his son.
So they got scared and withdrew
all their cases.
I wanted to give the good news to Mr. ARK.
Im the one who stabbed
and thrashed his son, sir.
Hey! Hey!
Dont claim youve stabbed everyone
in the world.
Give some credit to the other criminals.
Its definitely telling the truth, sir.
I know it.
What do you do for a living?
God, I hate this.
No one believes me unless I wear this.
Im a doctor. Cardiologist.
Show me your card.
No matter how critical the emergency is
I swear I will never visit your hospital.
Sir Sir Sir My card
Youve given the helicopter
to my son-in-law anyway.
It would be great if you give me
your old Rolls Royce.
Dont revert the petrol bill to
them, please.
Why are you crying?
I didnt know its so hard to see
your dreams come true.
You mean him? Then youre right.
They give him a suit to wear...
A girl to marry.
And a helicopter to fly in.
How can they be so happy after handing
over such a huge company to him?
Ive been blabbering.
Dont you have something to say?
I was forced to.
Give me my card, sir. Ill leave.
- Wait... Go!
- Thank you.
I just realized why people need break
in a moment of haze.
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Oh my god, daddy!
Just dont be my baddie
Dont be so hard on me
That will make me sad