Alabama Moon (2009) Movie Script

Just before Pap died
He told me that I'd be fine as long as
I never depended on anybody but myself
I made Pap's grave just like
he had done Mama's.
All I had to remember her face
was one picture Pap kept.
but I can remember in the bed at night
keeping me warm from the other side
Pap said people passed on
and came back as some kind of animal
that the old part of them would
float around like smoke
and a person could burn
letters and talk to them that way
He said my momma was a
yellow finch now.
I mostly thought of her that way
I was 11 years old and Pap said he taught me
everything I needed to know
about living in the forest
When it came to fightin', he said he figured
I could whip someone 3 times my size..
but he mostly talked about the government
said they were after us
said they'd always be after us
and one day a war would come
and I'd have to fight them and be ready
to die for what was right
Pap look!
What's that Pap?
- What are they doing Pap?
- Making a road.
Who are they, Pap?
I don't know.
Fill up the canteen. I'm going into town.
Yeah. Bring some vegetables
for us to sell?
We don't have time for that.
Fill up the canteen like I told you.
Pa, I did it!
- How are you, Ali? Moon?
- George
- What you two have for me today?
- Nothing.
What's going on with the dozers?
I hate to tell ya, Ali...
Heard that a lawyer from Birmingham bought
up a big track from the paper company.
12,000 acres
- They're going to build a big
huntin' lodge. - What else you know?
Oh, not much, just what I heard from a couple
fellows come in here to buy coats and such...
Do I get to buy anything? Pap!
You keep up, you hear me?
Nothing was ever the same after
the bulldozers came.
Even though I watched his face,
I didn't know what Pap was thinking anymore.
Sometimes it was like,
he didn't know I was there.
A couple weeks passed before the
bulldozers grew silent.
We started hearing the hammering.
which made Pap even more nervous.
He got upset over the
smallest mistakes.
We made one more trip to
Mr. Aberscotti's store
when the vegetables ripened in the fall
That was the last time
Pap left the forest alive.
Ahh, South America's Andes.
It and it's
...fringing islands...
- are basically a jagged...
- Stop reading out loud.
You're old enough to
read to yourself now.
Pa! Pa!
Help me!
Help me!
Tell me again why we live out here.
Because you never ask for anything.
Nobody ever give us anything either.
Go on.
Because of that...
We don't owe anything to anybody.
Who it that thinks we owe them something?
The government.
I'm not gonna get any better.
What are we gonna do?
I'm not gonna make it.
You're gonna to die?
- When? Tonight?
- No. But soon.
This leg is gonna get infected
What will I do?
The paper company that owned this land
was too big to notice us out here.
But that new owner is gonna find you.
and he'll send the law.
You need to leave here, Moon...
and go find other people like us.
Most of them are out west, in
Montana, Colorado, Wyoming.
Alaska's even better.
A man can still homestead in Alaska
Find a place where nobody can find him.
You gonna have to find your
way up there, son.
- But how...
- You'll figure it out.
You can't rely on me anymore.
You just remember what I taught you.
And don't you trust nobody.
If you get lonely, you
can write me smoke letters.
But how will I get answers from the smoke?
I want to burn that picture of your mom
and put me and her both out of your head.
You'll feel lonely for a while...
but it will go away if you ain't
carrying things to set it off.
How will I get answers from
the smoke Pap?
You just do what I tell you, son
- I don't want you to die!
- Shut up my boy, you don't cry.
You hear me?
You'll be alright.
I don't want to hear anymore about it.
After I buried Pap,
I felt the loneliness he told me about
crawlin' up my stomach
and up into my throat.
It didn't seem like anything
that would go away anytime soon.
Dear Pap, I'm gonna start
for Alaska tomorrow.
Maybe you can talk to me soon.
Pap! Wait, Pap!
Pap! Pap!
Easy now, easy.
I not gonna hurt you.
You're the boy the store owner
told me about, aren't ya?
Where's your father?
I buried him. He's dead.
When did that happen?
- I shouldn't be here.
- Hold on, where do you plan to go?
I gotta get away from the law.
How about some food?
I've got a sweet roll that's
sittin' on the counter in there.
You stay right here.
I'll be right back with it.
Take it easy.
We're just trying to help.
You should've grabbed that boy!
Pap was right. The
law was after me.
I'll have to make to Alaska.
Where you think you're going, boy?
Where'd you bury your daddy?
You know you cant just go off burring
people without the law involved.
I know a thing or two
about trackin'.
I'll find your stick hut.
Ahh, reach for it and
see what happens boy
I didn't do nothing to nobody!
Ahh, quit bowing up to me
Now get in the car before
I knock you sideways.
- Get in the car
- No
Settle down!
Come on boy, get in the car.
Get in there!
Where are we going?
Where are we going?!
When will I get my things back?
When ready to give them
Can't help but think I'll be seeing you
in and out of jail your whole life, boy.
Pure bread white trash.
Don't need that in my town.
People like your pap. Poachin'
and trespassin' for a livin'.
Don't you ever talk mean about Pap!
Well what ya goin' do about it?
That's what I thought.
Open the gate
Where is your daddy, kid?
Man, can you believe it's really him?
This way boy.
Alright, back on the line,
let's go.
Thank you Constable Sanders, the boy
will be safe in our care.
You best put restraints on this
boy before I leave.
- I don't think he's going anywhere.
- I telling you, this kid's an animal
He'll be on you like a wet cat
you do not tie him down.
This is our watchman, Mr. Carter.
He'll handle Moon from here.
A wet cat.
Mr. Carter, get this boy a
uniform and show him to his bunk.
Come on son.
The rest of the residents are in
the school trailers right now.
You got 16 boys in your bunk room.
Chances are,
you'll find a friend.
I'm not going to be here
long enough to need friends.
I'm busting out.
Soon as I find a way.
You better get that
out of your head.
You'll be fine and learn to like it.
Just follow the rules.
Come on.
What's this for?
You haven't started yet?
Turn that lever.
Let's go.
Find bunk 14.
That's you.
Those other boys will be comin'
out of class soon.
They come through here
to clean up for supper.
You hitch a ride with them
to the mess hall, alright?
You the one
all over the news?
Well, I don't know
about any of that.
- It said you fought a cop.
- I didn't want to go with him.
- He don't look so tough to me.
- I could whip you.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Everybody! To your bunks.
What do you do to him?
Well I hit in the balls
as hard as I could.
He curled up on the floor all on his own.
I guess you weren't
provoking him, were you Hal?
That's what I thought.
I'm tired of your mouth
and your trouble.
You be sleepin' outside again tonight,
without any supper.
The rest you...
go back to your business.
Miss Broomstead will ring the supper
bell in 10 minutes.
I can sit here?
My name is Kit
So ahh... How's your first day going?
- What's that?
- uhh... my pills.
- Are they any good?
- No, it's medicine.
I have to take them
my whole life.
Yeah... you're supposed to put
those on to sleep in.
- How come?
- that's just the rules.
You put your uniform in the locker
that says 14, like your bunk.
- Hey, where are you going?
- Outside.
- Why?
- To sleep.
No. Hal's out there.
He wants to kill you!
- Oh yeah, I know. He already told me.
- No Moon!
Mr. Carter is not here to save you.
- What are you doing here?
- I like it better outside.
Go to sleep in my bed.
Pretend to be me.
- You crazy?
- No. I just like it better outside.
Well... Mr. Carter is gonna
kick my ass if he catches me.
And maybe yours is too.
Well you just go snuggle up
nice in those covers.
Yeah. Alright.
OK, OK, slow down. I mean
you're going to make yourself sick.
I never had all I
can eat before.
Hey. I don't think Hal's
mad at you anymore.
Since he's almost 14. I
mean... they send you to
a place called
Hellenwilder when you're 14.
You know... not everybody's
mean like Hal.
- You can make some friends here
- I never had friends.
Well uh...
I could be your friend.
- Who's that?
- Oh, that's uh... that's Rachel.
- She's Mr. Gene's daughter.
- She lives here?
No no no no ummm. She lives out back
in Mr. Gene's house on the weekends...
...and lives with her mom during the week.
Okay... don't tell anyone...
I mean no one...
...she and Hal have been kissing
through the player in the fence.
I bet Mr. Gene hates that.
Yeah... ah, you know
he kinda doesn't know.
Need you to come with me after breakfast
Mr. Gene wants to see you.
There you are, Moon
That's mine.
Give it back.
We'll keep all your things in a safe
place for you.
What's on my hat?
You mean this?
This is not part of the Pinson uniform.
Those are your school books
for Monday morning.
Take them and have a seat.
I hear you have plans
to run away?
Let me tell you about Pinson.
First of all, we've never had
anyone escape,
or bust out as you put it.
And second of all, you are now
property of the state
and will remail so until you turn
18 years of age.
Look at me when I'm
speaking to you.
If, someone comes to claim you,
you will be released into their custody.
Do you understand?
If you behave, you
will have no problems here.
But any more talk of escape, then
your stay here will not be pleasant.
- Alight.
- Alright what?
- I won't talk about it anymore.
- Very well.
Go put your books away
and report to the kitchen
to see Mrs. Broomstead
to get that haircut.
Don't cut it short.
Me and Pap always wear it long
in the winter to keep warm.
You don't have to worry about that here.
I don't plan on
staying long.
We'll see about that.
Better not be any
bugs in here.
there's no bugs in here.
Better not be.
- Okay?
- Looks good.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I heard about you. You're that
boy that lived in the forest.
- Right?
- Ahhh, yeah.
What did I tell you?
I just said hey to him.
Get outside. Or go
watch TV the house.
Pitch it here. Over here.
- He's over there.
- Yeah, I see him. Let's go get him.
- Hey, did Mr. Gene get mad at you?
- No, he gave me some books.
Yeah, theyre for
school on Monday.
I won't need them. I'm going over
the fence tonight.
You wanna come?
- Hey, you can't make it over the fence.
- Sure I can, I figured out a way.
We'll find some woods to hide
in till spring.
then we'll head for Alaska.
Yeah. Will it just be us?
We need a big guy like
Hal to drive us out of here.
Moon, Hal hates both of us.
- I'll go talk to him.
- But Moon...
It was all stuck together.
- I ain't mad at you anymore.
- I'm not worried about that.
I need to talk to you.
Catch you guys later.
- You know how to drive.
- Sure
Dad taught me a lot about cars.
Because I'm busting out tonight.
- We need someone to drive us.
- I knew you were crazy
You ain't gettin' out of here.
Yes I am.
And I'm not crazy.
- What's your problem?
- Hey. I'm coming too.
You kiddin'? You can't go
a day without medicine.
You don't know about me Hal!
Moon says he can make medicine from
things he finds in the forest.
You sure you don't
need your pills?
Nah, I don't need them.
No, they don't do anything anyway.
Fine then. If he's coming,
I'm bringing Rachel.
You got a plan or something?
This big escape.
And we're out!
What about Rachel?
Yeah. We'll get her.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
We're good.
Come on.
Right there, right there.
Here, take my blanket!
Come on, hurry.
Here's the other one,
just saw it up there
- Hurry, Moon.
- Here, grab this.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
- Moon, what do we do?
- Come on, just help me lift this up.
Get it! Come on!
Alright, we're almost there.
Last screw.
Alright. Alright guys.
Come on, now we just gotta lift it.
Alright now.
Kit go.
Now Hal, follow him.
As soon as you get to the edge,
just jump off.
- Hal, come on, it's easy.
- Hal, jump.
Come on Hal, jump.
Alright. Come on Moon.
Let's go.
What about everybody else?
What about 'em?
- Well I figured they'd all wanna come.
- What?
- You can't be serious.
- Yeah. Go get the bus, Hal.
I'll be right back.
My butt is so caught.
Wake up everybody!
We're busting out of here!
Come on!
C'mon, guys.
Come on.
Come on.
This is so wild.
Daddy's going to be so mad.
You guys get them to shut the hell
up and just stop rockin' the bus.
They're going crazy back here, Hal.
- Yeah, I know!
- Where we going, Moon
- To the woods!
- Where will we live?
- We will make a giant shelter with traps.
- and catch food
- Yeah!
- And we won't have to
go to school everyday! - Yeah!
- And we'll whup up on anybody
who tries to catch us! - Yeah!
You guys stop screaming and
tell me where the hell I'm going?
To the woods, Hal.
Great plans,
I don't even know what road I'm on.
There's a sign. Talladega
National Forest.
Yeah yeah, go to
that one, Hal?
This is crazy
- How much further Moon
- Just right up here.
Wake up everybody.
We're as far as we can go.
The forest is all around us.
I don't wanna bust
out anymore.
Yeah, Mr. Gene is going
to be mad about this.
But I thought everybody wanted to come.
Let em stay, Moon. I don't want
to deal with a bunch of crybabies.
- You're coming, aren't you Kit?
- Of course I'm coming.
Alright. You can go on and
I'll stay with them
But I thought we were gonna
to go in the woods together.
I have cheerleading on Monday.
and I just wanted to come
along for the bus ride.
Everybody who wants
stay, Rachel going to be here.
The law's going to come around before long.
They'll take you back.
What makes you so sure, Moon?
The law's always after me.
- What you doing in there?
- Kissing her?
She wants to give you a good
luck kiss. One the cheek.
- How long is that going to take?
- It better not take long.
Come on guys.
Let's just go.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
They located the bus and
everyone is safe.
Yes, sir.
Well, all but three.
I know.
I know.
We're doing what we can sir.
Yes, sir.
I hope you can track him down like he
said. I'm about to lose my job.
My schedule is pretty busy
for the next couple days.
This means a lot to me.
- A lot.
- Well in that case...
I might be able to rearrange
my case load.
Just do what you gotta do.
I'll tell you what
you gotta do.
You gotta treat and
animal like an animal.
That boy needs dogs on him
and a leash to bring him back with and then
you've gotta put restraints on that boy
like I told you when I first brought him.
From this point forward,
we're gonna do things my way
on my terms.
- Goodbye
- Goodbye
Let's go Snapper,
find him.
Find him boy. Come on!
Let's go to work.
- How much further?
- We can not stop now
we gotta get to where
nobody can find us.
- All right, Kit?
- I'm fine, Moon.
Come on.
Let's go.
- When do we eat?
- Soon.
Quick, dogs! Come on guys,
quick. We gotta cover our steps.
There you go boy!
Come back here Snapper!
Didn't work,
it's heading up the creek.
Now what?
You two go hide in the bushes!
- What about you, Moon?
- I'm gonna fight it.
Fight it?
Hell, you can not fight a dog!
I ain't going back to Pinson
and neither are you.
Come on, Kit,
do what you whatever you want.
Watch your head.
Stay! Stay back!
Stay! Stay! Stay back!
You're a good dog,
come on.
Come here, boy.
- No, stop it!
- We gotta do something!
- That dog's killing Moon.
- Get off me!
Get away from me.
Help! Somebody help!
Ahhh... heel.
- Get him off of me!
- You're okay, he looks like a Nice dog.
Some bloodhound.
He wants to stay with us.
Yes he does.
That's a good boy.
Get back here,
you dumb blood!
Davy Sanders, Gainesville Alabama
Sanders is out there and his
dog doesn't like him either.
- Who's Sanders?
- The Law.
Great, now the law's
after us.
That is good, they'll have a hard time
finding us way out here.
- Look Hall, I did it!
- Great!
I'm just waiting for the food
part of all this.
- I can feel him, he's somewhere
around here. - Yeah.
Put it over there by the light,
I think he's moving.
- Oh gosh, that's so cool
- Told you I'd catch something.
- Yeah. What kind is it?
- A catfish
- You were hungry, weren't you boy?
- Hey, he sure does like you Hal.
Yeah, well, I ain't one to be
mean to dogs.
You feel better now that
you ate all that fish, don't ya?
- It was pretty good.
- I thought it was great.
Enjoy while you can. See how long
you can last out here without your medicine.
I don't need my medicine Hal. You'll find
that you're so... check book? what he'd say?
How'd you get to Alabama
anyway Kit?
I was sent from Boston to live with
my Aunt Montgomery.
by the time I got
there, she'd...
she died. Then I got sent
to a hospital again in Birmingham
well then they took me to
a place in Selma.
You know, I was in the hospital for so
long, they just never sent me back.
That's what they call real
property of the state, Moon.
So are you Hal...
From now on, you guys won't have
to worry about any of this
I'd been fine if they'd just
let me stay with my daddy.
I mean, he may have been drunk all the
time, but is the best dad there is.
You know, I just don't want to go back
to another hospital ever again.
I don't want more needles in my back.
And I don't want my hair falling out.
Do not worry, Kit.
Just figure another half day before we start
looking for places to make permanent camp.
We just gotta get
ahead of Sanders first.
Do you think he can
make it all this way, Moon?
- Not really, no.
- Good Night
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- What's that?
- It's a pig trap.
- For trappin' wild pigs.
- Pig trap?
Moon, does that mean they're
people around?
Nah, too over grown.
Hasn't been used in years.
But maybe we can clean
it out and use it again.
Wild pigs are awful
good eatin'.
- There look, puma tracks.
- Pumas? Moon, you gotta be kidding me.
First wild pigs and
and now pumas.
They won't hurt anything our size.
Pap said they need at
least 30 square miles of territory.
So... that means we're
far from any people?
We'll make permanent camp on
the south side of the ravine.
Then we'll start
our training for Alaska.
- Oh, thanks.
- Here you go Moon.
Ohh, thank you.
That better not be rain.
We'll finish making
the shelter tomorrow
then we'll make traps
to catch food.
- and then we'll...
- Shut up, Moon!
Ummm shoot!
- Hey Moon.
- Looks good.
Where's Hal?
He left.
Where'd he go?
He said he was going
home to live with his daddy.
How long has he been gone?
Think Hal's gonna make it?
Hal's gonna make it.
He's got that trackin' dog.
They'll find their way back.
I just wanted to see his daddy.
I know.
I want that too.
I'd stay here no matter what.
This is where I wanna be, Moon
This is called a 4 trap.
The animal is walking along,
goes for the food and...
But you have to cook it.
I'm still working on the fire.
Ahh. Well right now you gotta
help me get this up.
- Kit! He's out there, I saw him!
- Who?
Sanders. He's tiring out for
someone to come find him.
I think he's been lost out
her all this time.
What do we do?
We get his gun and
then we get rid of him.
- What?
- We can't kill him. He's a police man.
I ain't gonna kill him.
We're just gonna whip upon him some.
Now, you go get some really long
thin sticks while I go gather some leaves.
Whoa Hey!
Whoa whoa whoa!
Hold on there little buddy.
You best hand me that pistol
before you hurt yourself, ya hear?
You're causing me a
lot of trouble, boy!
That's a five hundred
dollar gun boy!
If I catch you boy,
you're done!
Get back here, boy!
Get back here, boy!
So... you finally
give up do ya?
Yep. You're just too darn smart
for me Constable Sanders.
Come on, arrest me.
Ahh. I'll get around to it.
First... you need a little ass whippin'.
Just wait till I
get out of this!
By then we'll be miles away
and you'll be too busy
itching and scratching
to chase anything.
That's poison oak.
Nearest way out of
these woods is
that way. A highway
about 6 miles away.
If you hurry, you can just about
make it before dark.
You come back here.
You come back here, boy!
Come on.
Kit was quick to learn
everything I taught him.
It got to where I had to
show him less and less.
With all the game we trapped,
we had plenty of food.
- This is so good
- I know
I reminded him,
that when spring came
and the cold winter moved on,
we'd head to Alaska.
The weather was warm
most days.
I'm figured the worst part
of winter was over
but I'm wrong.
Here, this will keep you warm.
I'm gonna go get you some
medicine. Hang in there, buddy.
Here Kit.
Eat this.
It will make you feel better.
Hey, Kit.
Thanks, Moon
I do not want
you to die.
- I'm okay
- Youre not.
I'm gettin' you out
of here... tonight.
We made it Kit.
We'll wait here for help.
They'll come and take you
to get more medicine.
I will be waiting out
here for you here, Kit.
I'll bust in under
the new way.
What's happened here, son?
Get him his medicine.
- Counts good. Mic check, 1,2,3,4.
- Sounds good.
Yesterday the boy they
call Alabama Moon
brought one of its two other escapees
from the Pinson Boy's Home
to this place
for medical attention.
The sick boy is now being treated
at a Tuscaloosa hospital.
It's believed that the third escapee,
Hal Mitchell, is still at large
with Alabama Moon in
the forest behind us.
Moon Blake was wanted for
evasion of the law and,
attempt of murder of a police officer.
This is Nancy Cynder,
Action 4 news.
We're good.
That was perfect, Nancy.
Sounded good.
- What are you doing in there?
- Waiting for Kit.
- Come to live with me again?
- No, I got my daddy with me.
I ain't never seen
such a critter.
Boy they're huntin' you all over.
Better get in here.
But I told Kit
I'd wait for him.
Hell, you're gonna
have a long wait
radio says they got em in the hospital
stuck full of all kinds of stuff.
It's okay, Moon, he's just
gotta get back on that medicine.
I mean we came out here
to warn you about Sanders.
He ain't lettin'
up on you.
You need to find someplace
else to hang out for a while.
I ain't afraid of Sanders.
He's been on the radio saying that
you shot at him and ate his dog, Moon.
- But I didn't do that.
- I know.
I've been drawin' down of
my savings trying to feed that bloodhound.
Come on.
Here it is Moon.
Home Sweet Home.
- Wow! This is great!
- Yeah, just like the Beverly Hillbillies.
- This is where you live?
- Yeah.
What do ya think of that Moon?
This is all yours?
Me and the bank.
Show him around, Hal.
Here it is.
It's really nice!
Let's get you cleaned up.
- Hey, Moon, come on.
- What do ya doing?
Get in. You ain't the
only one who knows about stuff.
- What do ya think of this?
- Most fun I ever had!
I gotta chain saw too.
Bet you've never used one of them.
Let's go get it!
Here you go, boy.
Yeah, it's a touch easier than killin'
your own food, ain't it Moon?
Yes, sir.
I can ride around in clay
pits and use chain saws,
and eat hamburgers, for a long
time before I get tired of 'em.
Don't hurt yourself
on that burger boy.
He always eats too much
when you give him regular food.
You got anything I can
write a letter to Pap with?
I thought he was dead.
He is
but I write a letter, then burn it
so he can read the smoke.
Moon, that's the dumbest thing
I ever heard of.
You don't mind do ya?
You can do what ever
you want around here?
There's writtin' stuff
in the kitchen drawer.
Dear Pap
I know it's been a long time
since I've written anything to you
and sometimes, I wonder if you really
get these words in the smoke
seeing has how I
don't ever hear from you.
and I've made some decisions that I
don't know that you'd really like.
I've decided not to go to Alaska
at all if I've gotta be alone.
I just don't think I can live up
there like you wanted me to live.
I'd be too lonely, Pap.
Why did we have to live up there
like we did Pap?
Why couldn't I
have any friends?
I just don't know what to do.
I'm not mad at you.
Love, Moon
Where's Snapper?
He likes to sleep with my dad.
What happened to Rachel?
She only lives about
10 miles from here.
When I drive over, she usually
sneaks out to meet me.
We can go over there and see
her tomorrow if you want.
That'd be nice.
But first I want to
stop off and see Kit.
I told you. We gotta
wait till he's better.
Probably won't let anybody
in with him right now anyway.
You know how he hates
those hospitals.
Sure he hates dead a lot more.
What Moon?
I think my Pap was wrong
about a lot of stuff.
Wanting to live out there
in that forest?
No, I like living in the forest.
I don't know where
else I'd be.
I just don't want
to be my myself.
Me and Pap were always
by ourselves.
- I'm a little tired.
- I'm not.
I wanna try and see Kit.
Can't it just wait
a couple of more days?
- I can't.
- I told you we gotta wait
He doesn't like to be alone.
- Please.
- Fine then.
Well... better not get
my ass in to hell though.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Thanks for getting me out of Pinson.
Don't stay there too long.
People start asking questions,
get the hell out of there.
I ain't stayin' around if
the cops start pouring in here.
- I don't want you to.
- Good, cause I ain't.
Be careful.
- Umm... where's Kit?
- Who?
The boy that was out in the forest.
Oh, him. He's in the
intensive care unit.
And, how do I get in with him?
That's not allowed here.
Just wait, right there.
Wait, wait!
Kit, it's me!
It's me.
I knew you'd
come for your little friend.
Just let me see him,
I just want to talk to him.
He doesn't like the hospitals.
Oh, it don't matter anyway.
He's still out like a light.
You seem to have
lost your spunk.
You can't do anything
to me that matters.
I don't get anywhere
to go anymore.
Oh, you've got
somewhere to go.
We're gonna have a whole
day of fun, you and me.
Get out.
This isn't Pinson.
No... you're going to be beggin'
for Pinson by the time I'm done with ya.
First, you're gonna show me
where you buried your daddy.
Then, I'm gonna kick that smart
ass attitude out of your hide.
What's going on here?
Police matters.
Requiring a dog leash?
Listen Slick, this is
none of your b...
This is your fault!
Get the hell off
of my property.
What's your plan now?
I've been thinking about it
and if Sanders can't get to me,
he'll go after Kit.
Did you do everything the
constable said you did?
- No!
- I believe you.
What I've seen of the constable,
he's a bully and a bigot.
And a liar.
Well you've damaged his pride, and he
doesn't take very well to that.
Moon, I feel responsible for a
lot of what happened to you.
I spent my whole life...
defending our legal system
sometimes it just doesn't
work out very well.
You needed... something else.
You could've let me stay, and
live out there in your woods.
All by yourself?
Moon... I'm gonna try
and help you.
I'm gonna get this map
and you're going to show
me where everything happened
right from the beginning.
Alright now,
we are...
Yeah, yeah. I remember
going up this trail.
- Do you remember this highway?
- Yeah, I passed that...
We're going to Tuscaloosa.
The judge there said he'd
be willing to hold you in his jail...
while I try and make a
a case for you.
And you'll be safe from Sanders.
What if...?
- What about Kit?
- Let's worry about you first
Kit's safe where he is.
What do you think you're doing?
That boy is supposed to
be in my custody.
We've already discussed that
over the phone Constable...
I don't care what we
discussed on the phone...
- Get your hands down.
- Hey, don't touch me.
Hey, get your hands
off me.
Did you talk with
Mr. Wellington yet?
- I'm not a news service, kid.
- But I've been here two days!
Hey, kid.
Come on.
Mr. Wellington sent
these over
you put them on,
and we'll go.
Moon, get out,
come talk to us.
How are you felling?
Do you have a lawyer?
Are you scared?
Go in there and sit
with your lawyer, son.
- I thought you'd left me.
- Quiet!
You don't speak unless you're
given permission, you hear?
Yes sir.
Now, we've got an unusual situation here.
and because of that,
I've closed this hearing to the public.
And I got a headache
and those people out there
are driving me crazy.
Moon Blake, you have stirred up
quite a commotion here...
and I don't like the commotion.
and I don't like people who shoot
at our law enforcement officers
and I don't like people who eat
other people's dogs.
Sanders is a liar!
Hey! Did I ask you a question?
Okay then, let's get started.
Come on up here, Constable Sanders.
- You're not gonna lie are ya?
- No Your Honor.
Alright. Go on then, let's
hear your side.
Well, I sent my trackin' dog
after the boy
He caught the dog and
must of ate it.
When I caught up to him,
he shot at me.
Shot at you with what?
A pistol.
Where'd he get it?
He stole it from me.
He stole it from you?
I took it. I threw
it in the lake
I never shot at you!
Well, the kid admits he
took your gun away from you.
How in the heck
did that happen?
- I dropped it.
- You're a liar!
I snuck up on you
and I took it.
Hey! You want me to gag you boy?
Okay. That all?
Ain't that enough?
Get up here, Wellington.
Good morning Constable.
Morning Slick.
Constable Sanders, how many
times did the boy fire at you?
Oh, at least 4 or 5 times.
I'm lucky to be alive.
I didn't shoot at him.
Constable Sanders, is this
your service revolver?
Well, it looks sort of similar.
The serial number matches
the county record.
This is your gun. I had it retrieved from
the pond where the boy said he through it.
Notice You Honor, the gun
still contains six rounds.
This gun has not been fired.
How do you explain
that Constable?
Yeah Constable.
How do you explain that?
Well, I...
Constable Sanders, how long have
you been a law enforcement officer?
Fifteen years.
And never had any employment or
part-time work outside the profession?
In fact, if a constable were to
accept money for favors
that would be considered
accepting a bribe, wouldnt it?
Hey, wha wha what are you
trying to pull here?
So you've never done any work,
or favors, for the Pinson Boys Home?
Not that I recall.
Then why, would the Pinson
Boys Home have any entry
to you in the cash log
for $500
on the very same day
of the escape?
Me and the director
are gamblin' buddies.
Constable, you better hope this
ain't going were I think it's going.
Your Honor, I would like to
introduce some witnesses.
Yeah. Bring em on in.
- Hal!
- Hey Moon.
Hey Rachel.
Your Honor, I would like to introduce
Mr. Mitchell, his son Hal,
Rachel Gene, and Snapper.
Constable Sander's dog.
That's a damn lie!
No, that's your dead dog.
Sit back down Constable.
What's wrong with you?
Why would a grown man
act like this over a kid?
Not only have you lied to me
it seems mighty suspicious
that you've accepted a payoff.
He did! He got Daddy to
pay him to go after Moon.
I got the cash log for Mr. Wellington
Bennet, put this red neck
hick in my jail?
And call the Livingston PD and
tell them he's been reassigned
- to the state penitentiary.
- You can't run a trial like this.
- I just did.
- Get your hands off me!
I told you he was a liar!
Hal Mitchell,
am I lookin' for you?
Yes sir.
I guess you realize this is your last stop
before Helen Wyler?
Sir, I know.
Kid, what am I'm gonna
to do with you?
Your Honor,
ironically, all the publicity
surrounding the case
has brought about an unexpected
bit of good fortune.
Relatives have heard of the boy's
flight and have come forward
I spoke to the boy's
uncle this morning.
and he is eager
to adopt Moon.
Well, where's the uncle been, while this
kid has been raising cane all over Alabama?
They live in Mobile Your Honor.
The family has been searching for
the boy and his father for years.
They are very thankful that
Moon has been found.
Seems like a nice man,
and a very nice family.
Behave yourself.
It's great, Moon.
I ought to woop you good
for doing what you did today
They were gonna find me anyway.
Well Moon,
I am proud of my boy.
- He done the right thing.
- Let's go, Hal.
- I love you, Dad.
- I love you, son.
- Bye, Hal.
- See ya, Moon
He's a damn good boy.
Well, Moon, you call if
you need anything.
um... I've gotta go too, Moon.
My mom's waiting outside.
Will call me on the telephone
when you get to Mobile?
- Bye Rachel.
- Bye.
Can we go see Kit now?
Can you help me with a patient?
A young boy about his age.
His name is Kit.
I was afraid you might have
gone back to your old ways again.
- Hey, I need some stuff to write with.
- Yeah.
- Will this do?
- Yeah.
Sure you don't want
to come inside?
- No, I'm okay.
- Okay. I understand.
I'll leave the light on
if you change your mind.
I started in telling Kit all the
things I had planned for us.
All those things we never
got the chance to do together.
Fish we never caught, traps
I never showed him how to make
the places we never saw.
And all the things we missed
out on doing together.
I guessed Kit would
want to know these things.
So I told him how
much I missed him.
and how I'd always
think of him.
as my best friend.
I'm sorry, Moon.
I'm so sorry.
Kit's all alone up there now.
I know.
And Moon...
it's not your fault.
The doctors told me.
Your friend was very sick.
He wasn't ever
going to get well.
The nurses told me, all
Kit could talk about
was his adventures
out there in the woods
the weeks he spent with you.
He had the best time in his
whole life, out there with you.
I miss him though.
- I miss him so much.
- I know.
And it's okay
that you do.
Hey Moon.
I'm your uncle Mike.
I don't remember you.
Well, we've been
lookin' for you.
And it's taken a long time,
and I'm sorry about that.
- You ain't mad about this?
- No, I'm not mad.
You got a whole bunch
of family down in Mobile
all excited to see you.
Thank you for all you've
done, Mr. Wellington.
Pap was wrong about you.
You are a good person.
Well there are a lot of
good people out there Moon.
I'm sure you'll find
that out for yourself.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Bye, Mr. Wellington.
Come and visit us.
Yeah, I get down
that way.
Well I guess you're
my new Pap, right?
I could never replace your Pap...
but... I would like for you to
think of me that way, yeah.
So you came and looked for us?
Yeah, we went lookin' for ya.
Your dad just...
he kinda disappeared.
He didn't leave a trace
of where he was going.
Why did I we live
out there like that?
Why couldn't I
have any friends?
maybe that was what
he was running from, huh?
Moon, your dad...
just kinda did his own thing
and went his own way
and he didn't trust most people.
I think when your mom died,
he took it pretty hard.
- I lost a good friend too.
- Yeah, I heard about that.
I'm Sorry.
You know, Moon?
The important thing...
is that, you don't have to
feel like he did.
Most people don't.
Moon, this is your Aunt Sarah.
- And this is Alice.
- Hi.
And this is David.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Alice, tell him about
your mean hot chocolate.
Come on.
- Hey buddy, you okay?
- Yeah.
I was just going to write
a smoke letter to Kit and Pap
telling them where I was, and
how nice things are here.
But... I don't believe that smoke
letters really work anymore.
I bet they know.
Don't you think?
I bet they know.
You know Moon. We don't expect you
to just slide into everything here.
It's a lot to get used to.
especially coming from a background
as different as yours.
We'll just take it slow. I just know
everything's gonna be fine.
- Right?
- OK.
- Can I make hot chocolate?
- You bet you can. It's cold out here.