Alamo Bay (1985) Movie Script

You're luckier than a pig
I picked you up.
Some of these old boys
around here...
would drive right over top of you, son.
Vietnamese, ain't you?
It's all right.
Had a good time over there myself.
Good-looking women.
Dynamite drugs.
You work for Mr. Wally Scheer?
Thought all of you
in these parts did.
Well, hell, son,
what'd you do, just get to Texas?
I think so.
I don't know what to tell you.
How about a beer?
Lone Star?
All right.
Now, that there,
that is a Texas shrimp.
That's what this
whole town lives on.
Up ahead is Wally Seafood.
I might be able to
get you a job there.
I'll talk to his daughter
for you.
No, I think-I think it's just
gonna work out real great.
Listen, you have... You gonna have a
big weekend, something's coming up.
All you gotta do is call.
We can make the delivery.
- So we got ourselves a deal?
- Hey, hey, Glory.
Oh, great.
Hey, Luis, how you doing?
Yesterday you told me
you was gonna quit.
I'm gonna quit, okay.
Well, move it.
Don't stand around here.
But the boss don't believe me.
Careful how you load.
God damn it, Luis, watch 'em.
Come on, move it.
This number five here is
slower than a strawberry.
Come on, number five, get them shrimp!
Get them shrimp!
Hey, Leon,
I just got off the phone...
with that new Shrimpy Wimpy
in Corpus.
Switching their account
to us chickens.
Hey. Hey, stop giving me
new business.
I tell you, Wally, I don't want
no more nails in my tires.
Oh, the bunch of
yellow-bellied buzzards!
Listen, Cap, speaking of yellow,
on the road from Corpus,
I picked up another one for you.
Got him right up...
Well, he was right there.
Where'd he go?
You kids hush up that crying now.
Your daddy's coming home.
Should we tell him
you was bad?
Hey, darling.
What's everybody crying for?
What's the problem around here?
What you been doing to them?
There you go.
You're gonna kill them owers,
watering them
when the sun's still up.
Did you see Wendell
about the boat loan?
I've been working today. I just got
off the boat. Get in that pool.
You kids behave now.
You got 200 pounds.
Marge says Percy says he saw you down
at the docks talking to Glory Scheer.
Marge says Percy says.
I ain't even talked to her.
There's another one of 'em
cutting through the yard again.
Hey, you! Get out of here!
Huh? What'd you say?
Howdy. I'm looking for
the Vietnamese people.
You're standing
on my damn lawn.
I ought to shoot you.
They live over there.
Slop City.
Thank you, folks.
Have a nice day.
Jesus H. Christ.
I'm gonna get me another dog,
that's all there is to it.
I'm not having the kids bitten
by one of them dogs again.
Shang, why can't we just
move away from here?
Because my boat is
about to be repossessed,
that's why we can't just
move away from here.
Because you spend
all the money I make.
Because you got yourself
knocked up so I'd marry you,
and you knocked
yourself up again,
that's why we can't just
move away from here!
Come on, Shang. Be nice.
Thank you.
So, are you gonna stay
with us in Texas?
Saigon fancy boy.
Stay here, be millionaire!
Dinh. Dinh.
Hope you guys
have a good day.
Got a lot of big
orders to fill.
Bye. See you later!
Hey, gook! Learn to drive!
Hey, you piss-complected
slant-eyed bastard!
Hey, Luis. You know, that ain't
much shrimp for 10 hours' work.
These gooks been raping the bay.
That's a fact.
It's like a range.
There's only so many fish.
You overgraze it,
and everybody goes belly up.
You can smell 'em 20 feet away.
It's that damn stink sauce
they eat.
Hey, listen, Daddy, I
got Henry Gummer on the line,
and he needs some more shrimp tonight.
What do you say?
Yeah, do that. Okay.
Talk to you later.
They're 40-50s, Shang,
$2 a pound.
Hey, man, don't go jewin' me down.
Them 36-40s.
At least why don't you put some
of them big ones on your scale?
You said you was gonna take your
business to Crankshaw, so do it.
I'm telling you what, you're gonna
lose every white man you've got.
Keep an eye on him, Skinner.
Henry, we've been
through all this before.
I can accommodate any kind of
expansion that you're gonna make.
Okay, great. You need five
more crates of 40-50s.
I can do it. It's a cinch.
Look, you have any problems,
you call me up.
I'll handle it personally,
all right?
Henry, we don't miss deliveries.
I don't know where
you're hearing that.
Sure, there's always gonna be
labor trouble, you know that.
You can count on us.
You, too, Henry. Bye.
You wore your shorts for me.
You were away all this time, you come
back still wearing your shorts for me?
That was Henry Gummer
on the phone.
He owns one of those high-class
restaurants in Corpus, you know?
Gets all the convention trade.
When I worked
at the Ramada Inn,
I mean, we used to send
parties to him all the time.
Now he's calling up telling me that
people from this dumb-ass town...
are telling him not to trade with
us 'cause we use Vietnamese.
So, how are you, Shang?
I've been worse.
You still stuck-up, ain't you?
Hey, don't do that. Don't let
Daddy catch you doing that.
He says you and your friends are
trying to wreck our business.
Our business?
Yeah, I'm helping him out for
a while since he's got sick.
That's why I came back.
I'm the new fish-house mama.
Seen my new boat,
American Dream Girl?
I saw her out there.
I saw you driving down
the street the other day.
I seen you
a couple other places, too.
Excuse me. You got
injector for a 671?
Just a second.
I'm real busy. Ls there
anything else I can do for you?
You know what I want.
Look, don't come
busting in here...
while I'm trying to talk
to somebody else.
Now, what do you need, an N-65?
No, I want a N-55.
Them gooks are out there
with binoculars.
Every time they see an
American boat catching shrimp,
they come running
right back up on him.
That's a crime.
You all give me a pain in the tail-butt.
Get on my nerves.
He's talking about his nerves,
when I got me
a boat out there...
I'm about to lose
to the loan sharks...
on account of some people doing
business with Vietnamese.
What do you think, Luis?
I think I'm a Mexican.
You do what you want, Wally, but the
fact is we're gonna quit selling to you.
Well, you just do that!
I'm gonna get other white
men to do the same thing.
You're gonna end up
a stranger in your own town.
If I was your age,
I'd wipe the dock with you!
Sons of bitches...
Drugstore fishermen!
Take one of your pills.
Daddy, are you crazy
all the time?
What the hell's he doing
back there after you?
Come on, Daddy!
Come on.
When he was sparking you
in high school,
that's when I should've
shot him.
Saigon city boy!
I'm dancing with my baby...
like a brand new pair
of cheap shoes...
The kind that don't last...
As long as they should...
You wear 'em out fast...
When it starts feeling good...
To be close...
Almost too close...
Two shots, Buddy.
Howdy, Ab.
Get a load of Shang
and Glory dancing?
What are we, big ones or little ones?
Little ones.
Looks like a razor...
Won't fit in between...
I'm dancing
50 close to my baby...
And the whole world
just turned upside down...
A cold second chance...
Is still worth a try...
To kiss my long-term
Make no mistake...
It's a cold cheating game...
Your heart starts to break. ..
You know who's to blame...
When we're close...
Almost too close...
I'm not gonna fall...
I'm just trying to leave...
Looks like a razor...
Won't fit in between
I see your boat.
It's right there.
No. I want you
to get on board.
I gotta go home.
Didn't you say you want
to go swimming? No!
Put me down!
Oh, no!
Please stop!
Put me down.
Just shut up and get on board.
Put me down! Come on.
No, no, nothing's gonna happen to you.
Please. I gotta go home.
Put me down!
What are you
laughing at?
...smashing my head in.
Now, last night,
y'all broke the law.
While you're on
the coast of Texas,
you don't shrimp after the sun
goes down, or before it comes up.
Thank you, sir.
Look, it's not a present.
You're-You're gonna have to
go to court and pay a fine.
I told you the other day about the
identification on your boats.
Yours don't show up at all.
Now, you ought to name 'em,
like after a-a TV character,
something American.
Now, I know some of you understand
better than you're letting on.
You're supposed to have otation
cushions and life jackets.
Yes, sir.
If you're as smart as you think
you are, you could help me out.
Can't expect to stay up all
night and pump gas, right?
Look, Daddy,
I'm free, white and over 21.
Now, for instance,
one other thing.
A gizmo breaks on your boats,
don't throw it in the water,
because it's gonna rip the nets of
native fishermen and make 'em mad.
Yes, sir. Never mind polluting.
I wish I could convince you to
go into this shark fishing.
There's money in it
and a load less conict.
Shark fishing!
Wally, get them to pay a little
more attention to regulations.
They don't even have
identification numbers.
Poor boogers come
across the China Sea,
didn't have
identification numbers.
Oh, he just likes 'em 'cause
they're so polite to older people.
Well, I don't know
what to tell you, Wally.
The situation's heating up out
there, and I'm just one guy.
Well, what do you
want me to do?
Immigration run off
all my good Mexicans.
Klan is coming in, Wally.
Pete, I didn't
sponsor these people,
but they're good workers,
that's all I can say.
Mr. Game Warden,
can I get the book of rules?
The book of rules?
I surely don't have
a copy on me.
I'm gonna get my own boat.
I want to know the rules.
Well, no, not really.
But, you know,
on something like this, we've
got a lot of flexibility.
There won't be any problems.
Well, I hope you'll be able to get the
paperwork done as soon as possible,
because we're really looking forward
to getting into our new building.
Excuse me, Reverend Disney.
Hi, Shang. How are you?
Good. Wendell,
you got a minute?
Let's see. Yeah, sure.
Go ahead and step on over.
All right.
Hey, Tammy.
Hello, Shang. How are you?
Good. How you been?
Just fine. You're looking good.
Well, thank you.
Wendell. Sit down, Shang.
Speak of the devil, I was just
telling Reverend Disney...
we ought to get you
out coaching ball.
What about the extension
on the loan, Wendell?
Uh, well,
I'll tell you what, Shang.
Why don't you have a seat?
Here, let me get out
your folder.
You know, because the time I lose
coming in here dinking around,
I could be out shrimping,
making money to pay you back.
We've been having a lot of
problems with our fishing loans.
Let's see. Here it is.
You have to admit that the industry
is not producing like it used to.
Hey, Wendell, I got
a picture of my boat here.
I want you to see it.
Shang, you-you haven't been able
to reduce your loan in months.
I told you, I busted my crankshaft.
Cost me 15 grand.
Here, take a look at my boat.
I'd-I'd love to help you, Shang.
I-l dearly would.
I ain't gonna lose her.
I'm gonna have to advise you right
here to explore other avenues.
Give me back my picture,
Damn, if you ain't
turning me down.
Don't personalize it, Shang.
You know, the trouble with the
fishing industry in this town...
is the trouble with
the goddamn government.
We defend everybody
all over the world,
but there's no protection
for any American.
And that ain't right.
Don't let the cable
backlash on the way.
Watch out for the man-of-war
tentacles on that lazy line.
Watch out for hard head.
You should crew for me
all the time.
Luis, I want to get
my own boat.
Why? I worked
20 years for Wally.
I don't even own this boat.
In America,
everybody want to get rich.
Ah, America.
They go too fast and miss life.
You've got a girlfriend?
I'm working on it. Good.
Listen, you do what you want,
but remember,
this is a gringo bay.
Come on, I said...
Ow! Don't do that.
You always have been
one of God's great pieces.
Oh, God, say
something else but that.
What do you want?
Say something nice.
Okay, uh, you got a fat ass
for a thin woman.
I'm gonna kill you!
Come on, cut it out, will you?
Come on, stop!
Say it! Say, I love you.
Say, I love you, Glory.
Say, I can't live
without you...
and I'm gonna
run off with you.
Yeah, that's all I need.
Alimony and child support.
Hey, I didn't mean nothing.
I'm sorry. I've been
thinking about my boat.
The bank turned me down.
I'm gonna lose her.
Oh, honey,
you're gonna get that loan.
There's lots of banks.
I got one for my condo.
Nobody's gonna
give me 30 grand.
Would you?
Oh, honey.
You know I'd give you
that money if I had it,
except the money
I made from the condo...
I already gave to Wally
for the business.
Please don't go yet.
Some of us still gotta get up
and work tomorrow, sugar pie.
Look, hey, I'll talk
to Wally about it.
What'd you give it to
him for, anyway? Hmm?
I'm the one who loves you.
You know?
Well, he is my daddy.
You fucker,
you just get out!
I don't wanna see you again!
Shut up!
I'm taking the kids.
Shut up already!
You're never gonna
see them again!
Get back in the house.
You fucker!
Oh, Shang! Get off!
Get off of me!
Shang, don't go!
Shang, don't leave me now.
Get off me. No.
You make me sick.
Get to work. You're late.
You fucker!
I hate you.
You! I'm gonna kill you!
One barrel
of five-sixteenths chain.
Two-inch pillar box.
Four-inch pillar box.
Quarter-inch shackles.
Five-sixteenths shackles.
Half-inch nylon rope.
Eight rolls number nine twine.
Six rolls number eight twine.
hooks, we're low on them.
Daddy? J hooks, we
need more of them.
Well, I've been thinkin',
if it's all right with you,
I'd just as soon like to have
my money back for a while.
I mean, it's been way over
a year and everything and...
Didn't you say you needed it
just for six months?
Well, I ain't done
needing it yet.
You know how many people are
looking for me to go under...
'cause I can't pay my bills?
Crankshaw sits over there
like a vulture.
I thought you paid those bills.
Well, that's pretty unchristian.
I had a lot of pain
with that accident.
You shouldn't have loaned me your money
if you had to get it right back.
Well, at least
you could've told me.
Well, sir, I'm telling you now.
Well, let's get on.
Two boxes of sewing needles,
one barrel
of five-sixteenths chain,
two barrel of half-inch chain,
43 grommets.
Shang never hit me
that hard before.
The way he's been
running around and drinking,
he's gonna wreck
the truck for sure.
Ooh, that burns me. Speaking
of car wrecks and drinking,
the church is having one of
them encounter groups again.
You really ought to go.
You'd enjoy it.
You try getting
my husband to go to church.
Well, Shang's a piece of
work, I'll give you that.
- I want one.
- I've got one.
They all come in on Sundays when
there's less of us to watch them.
Tex is back there, isn't he?
Something I can do for you?
Yeah. Does it look nice?
Well, you got to
turn it around there, son.
You got it back to front.
This way?
Yeah. Well, I guess.
You stay away
from that candy, you hear?
You got to weigh that fruit.
I said you got to weigh that.
You're gonna pay for that!
Excuse me. She don't
understand English.
Don't give me that.
Tex, to the checkout, please.
Tex, I need you at
the front of the store right away.
Right away.
What's the matter?
I'm sick and tired of these people
trying to steal from under my nose.
She's not stealing.
Okeydokey, you gotta go.
Now, just a minute, Tex.
There's just been a little bit
of a misunderstanding here.
Like hell. Whose side are you on?
Oh, now, Honey,
I can see your side of it,
but I don't quite believe that little lady
knew she was supposed to weigh that fruit.
That's what I said.
You calling me a liar?
'Cause if that's what you're
doing, I'm just about...
Honey! Honey.
Why don't you go take
a little coffee break?
L-I'll take over your
register for a while.
How's the take, y'all?
How's the shrimping?
Have a good one.
And then he says
to the farmer now,
What in the world are you doing
with a pig with a wooden leg?
So the farmer says, Now, last
week, that pig saved my life.
My house was burning down...
You boys
getting an idea...
how long this situation is
gonna exist in this community?
Another 10 or 18 months.
Too long.
These Indochinese are creating all
the danger in this community.
Well, I never used to lock my
doors, but, boy, I sure do now.
Ain't that the truth? You know what
I was just thinking about, y'all?
Those gooks could hide
dynamite in the bay.
They could blow y'all up,
and we could never prove it.
There are no laws
for them, anyhow.
You see,
these wimp politicians...
that pull the wool over the
eyes of the average citizen.
The Communists and the Catholic
religion planned it that way.
They're no dummies.
They sure ain't.
They're everywhere.
I'd sure like to get you old boys
organized and working with us.
It's my own time I use
to travel with, my own gas.
That's how much importance
I attach to the issue.
How about Shang Pierce? He's
kind of a leader, isn't he?
He, uh, ain't no joiner.
Shang's on his own.
Fishermen are
a tough bunch to organize.
What you need here?
Lone Star beer, please.
Hey, Leroy, you got a dog in the bar.
You better kick him out.
Look, this is an American bar.
We're plumb out of brew.
I want to speak
to Skinner Atkins...
about outboard motor.
Who said you could say my name?
Skinner, somebody say
you got motor for sale.
Is that right?
Hey. Hey, Skinner.
I don't want no gook coming in here
saying the name Skinner Atkins.
Hey, I'll cut him up for you
and feed him to the sharks.
Yeah, he's a nice
little yellowtail.
Why don't we filet him, huh?
Hey, Skinner,
you want my knife?
Big men picking on a kid?
A gook kid.
You know, Glory, I don't think
you belong in this town anymore.
Diane, if your jaw should ever
break, I'd love to wire it shut.
Okay, but, people, this
isn't the way to organize.
Now, do you want these
Indochinese out of your area,
or do you want
a bunch of bar fights?
What, are you crazy,
going in there?
That was Mac McWilliams.
Do you even know
what the Klan is?
See, I tried to get
a cheap motor for my boat.
Jesus. You really
got a case, don't you?
Get in here.
You all right?
Where you been?
I've been waiting on you.
I talked to Wally today.
And, uh...
Well, he tells me that all the
money's tied up in the business.
But we're gonna come up
with something.
I know we will.
There's lots of ways.
Want to go to the Sailfish?
I ain't got money
for the Sailfish.
Well, I'll pay.
You got money
for what you want, huh?
Come on. You don't mean that.
I had some time to think
about some things today.
And, yeah, I do mean it.
Who were you
talking to back there?
Nobody. What do
you mean, nobody?
You're getting jealous about
some kid that works for me?
What's wrong with you?
You go down on him, too?
Why don't you just go back to your
gooks and your gook business?
And I suppose
if I'd had the money,
you were gonna leave
your wife and kids for me.
God, who kept these books,
a mental case?
Gory, where' d you put
them out nets?
Daddy, I can't do
everything around here.
What is it now?
Damn, it's just a question.
What's eating on you?
Glory! Dinh say you come now.
Mr. Pierce.
What's going on?
Jumpin' Shang's boat.
Damn shame.
I'm real sorry about
this, Mr. Pierce.
They say you're
90 days overdue.
You know, it's a damn shame. The Russians
can borrow money for their wheat,
an American veteran can't
borrow money for his boat.
Hey, Mr. Crankshaw,
I'm just doing my job.
Some job.
We could take 'em, Shang.
Hey, Glory,
whose name is there?
Not now, Dinh. Please.
Woman on a boat.
The worst damn luck there is.
Bound to happen.
Nobody in this country
wants to work anymore.
Daddy, can't you get off my back?
I broke up with him.
Can't you quit pushing at me?
I don't know how
Mama stood you.
Da-Daddy, I'm sorry.
I'm real sorry about your boat.
Hi, Skinner.
Hell, you heard Crankshaw.
Let's go out on the Gulf
and rake it in.
I don't wanna work
for nobody else.
Looks like you're
on your own, Skinner.
I'm going back to crabbing
like my daddy did.
And if anybody
gets in my way...
What's going on?
What are they saying?
They say they go out tomorrow,
but they want more money.
What are you talking about?
They say maybe
they get shot again.
They should get more money.
I don't believe this. I'm
supposed to tell Wally that?
All right! Brandon, what are
you doing on that gook's boat?
Huh? What are you doing?
Ride 'em, cowboy!
That's my boat!
Get off my boat.
Hey! Whoa!
Yeah, I think
I've seen this one before.
Hey, grab a leg, Buddy!
One, two and three!
Go on back to Vietnam.
Let's go.
That's probably the
first bath he's had in weeks.
Shove these up the ass
of the Pope of Rome,
but keep your goddamn gooks out
of my family's fishing grounds.
There's a war
going on out there,
and the law's
looking the other way.
Hell, my fishermen
are getting shot at.
When asked for help,
I'm getting the old runaround.
Parks and Wildlife tells me
to go to Coast Guard.
Coast Guard tells me
to go to the police.
Police tells me to go to
the sheriffs department.
Buzz, where the hell
have you been?
Wally, the bay is not in my
jurisdiction, so I don't go in it.
Well, it's in
somebody's jurisdiction.
Okay, Wally, we heard you,
but we're trying to iron this
thing out in a Christian way.
The federal government abandoned
these people here in our town...
without educating them
on how we do things.
Now, there lies
half of your problem.
I got something to say.
These Vietnamese,
they work cheaper...
than regular Americans can afford
to work, or ought to work.
And then they got
the welfare paying 'em to do it.
They give 'em $700 a month and a
book of food stamps yea thick.
Yea thick!
Well, there's the one that's
getting the profit right there...
while he's exploiting them.
Don't start with me, Crankshaw.
Daddy, come on. Or one of these
days you're gonna finish with me!
Daddy, sit down, now. Come on.
I don't have to sit here and take this.
Shut up, ma'am.
Brothers and sisters.
Brothers and sisters.
We are here to
do the Lord's work.
Now let's not give in
to the Devil.
My boy fought
the VC over there!
Now they're
right here in Texas...
taking the bread
out of our mouths.
I think we'd all like
to hear from their pastor.
Reverend Ky, you go ahead.
Thank you, Reverend Disney.
Here, in Port Alamo, we got
nothing from the government.
No food stamps, no welfare.
Who finances your boats?
The Communists?
The Moonies?
We finance our own boats.
We just want to have
a chance to make our living.
never gonna be American.
Mrs. Ranney?
I'm just worried about how all this
is going to affect...
what we're trying
to accomplish at the school.
The kids are getting along,
but the adults have
got to set the example.
I was just thinking that,
you know,
more than anything, what's making
our-our population nervous, uh...
I-I mean, it's admirable,
but if your people just
wouldn't fish so hard...
What probably nobody
was that your people wanted
to own the boats, Reverend.
I want to say something.
Yes, go ahead.
Excuse me. These people,
Skinner Atkins and Buddy,
they broke the law.
Hey, I told you
not to say my name.
They did this to my boat
and bent my motor.
Mr. Sheriff, you arrest them.
People, please. Please,
order in the Lord's annex.
Order, order!
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Here, kitty.
How about a little poontang?
Sure, come on in the truck.
Don't you trust us?
Let's go. Come on, just...
You two quit staring
at the boys,
and get your little butts home.
Christ, hasn't anybody
got any sense anymore?
I'm gonna blow your head off!
Get away from here,
you little shit.
Somebody help...
Daddy, are you all right?
No, stay down.
Hey, Buzz. Some kid dumped this
on our lawn last night,
and Wally's in the
hospital in Corpus.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but
what the hell's wrong with you?
You're the sheriff, damn it. You're
supposed to be protecting us.
I'm doin' the best I can. Oh!
Look, some of these
teenagers are hearing...
that you're driving their
daddies out of business,
and they're just trying to protect
their way of life. That's all.
That's an excuse 'cause
you ain't doing your job.
Your trouble starts with running
around with a married man.
Well, how about you
and Beezy Grayson?
Look, you can do business with these
Indochinese any way you see fit,
but just don't put me in charge of
telling people they gotta like it.
Wally's in the hospital.
Is that all you can say?
He asked for it.
That's funny.
That's really funny.
Wally said the same thing about
you the day you lost your boat.
Only I stood up for you.
Hey, listen! Quit this.
You threatening me?
I don't want you hurt.
I still care about you.
Shut down for a while.
Why are you sticking up
for these people?
I gotta go see Wally in Corpus.
You're gonna ride down Main
Street with that gook?
He's not a gook. And, yeah,
I am gonna ride with him.
Communist cunt!
Treasury officials...
Take 35 south.
Here in Texas,
tensions continue to mount...
between Anglo fishermen and Vietnamese
refugees along the Gulf Coast.
In Kemah, 200 white shrimpers
met last night to protest...
increased Vietnamese fishing
activity in Galveston Bay.
Hey, Roscoe.
How you doing?
Sure am glad you're all
coming down here this morning.
We knew we could count
on you Port Alamo boys.
Darling, these biscuits
are old enough to vote.
Y'all remember, history
is with the white race.
If you keep up this pressure,
little by little, you are
going to win your battle.
We're gonna be organizing a demonstration
next week down the coast at St. Mary's.
This fight
is just beginning.
But I think what we need is
a little search and destroy.
You got that right.
Let's get ourselves
orientated here.
You see, Skinner, you got to
understand public relations.
That's what you gotta learn from
strategists like Martin Luther King.
Martin Luther King?
You're pissing in the wind,
Gonna take a lot more than public
relations to loosen up these gooks.
You got that right.
I've got quite a bit of
experience in organizing, Shang.
I get barnacles on my boat, I
don't take a nail file to 'em.
You guys want the gooks out
of Alamo Bay, or don't you?
Let's take things
in order.
You come along if you want to,
but I'm tired of this bullshit.
We gotta make a move here.
What you got in mind, Shang?
Well, I've been thinking
about something.
Oh, hi, Bergee.
How are you today?
Just fine.
Sorry, folks, we're closing.
Closing for the holiday.
Close? Si. Closing.
Not open. Closed. Cerrado.
We're closing up for
the holiday now. Bye-bye.
We're closing now.
It's going to be
a holiday here for a while.
What's going on?
Can't come through.
The road isn't safe.
How am I supposed to
pick up my shrimp?
You ain't.
Who says? You?
And Shang Pierce.
Move on out.
You're through in this harbor.
I repeat, move it, move it,
move it, move it!
Move on out.
This harbor's closed.
I repeat,
get your asses out of here!
You're through in this harbor.
Come on, move it. I repeat,
get your asses out of here.
This harbor's closed.
Come on, now. Move it.
Move it. Come on, now. G it, git,
git, git, git, git, git, git, git.
Dr. Chambers,
please report to radiology.
Dr. Chambers,
please report to radiology.
You look good, Daddy,
you really do.
Don't bullshit me.
No, you do look good.
Doesn't he look good, Dinh?
Guess what? We were visiting
our customers today,
and they're all real happy
with the produce.
Dr. O'Malley, Dr. O'Malley...
You hurt? No. No, no.
Well, you're a tough old thing.
You'll be up on your feet
in no time.
Pain in the ass.
Yeah, I bet it is.
But the nurses here
are real pretty.
I bet you're giving them a fit.
Dr. Frankheisen to admitting.
Dr. Frankheisen to admitting.
How are you?
Fine. Fine. Everything's fine.
I told him to go straight to hell.
You old devil, you're smiling.
You see him smiling?
You're gonna be fine.
Would you believe Port
Alamo's only 40 miles from here?
There is
a world of difference.
You know, these people aren't rednecks, Dinh.
They work in offices.
They just like to dress up
like cowboys to go dancing.
You should've
stayed here.
Well, Daddy needed me back there
helping with the business.
He's all the family I got left.
That nurse thinks
he's gonna make it,
and he will,
'cause he's a fighter.
I know it.
You know, the funny thing is I never
realized how much I cared about him.
You didn't? Everybody should
care for their father.
That's the way it is
where you come from, huh?
You know, I've been crazy about Shang
Pierce ever since I was 15 years old.
Even when I was working
down here in Corpus,
living in the condo
with a swimming pool,
going out with
guys with educations,
he was always on my mind.
And you know what?
I wasted a lot of time,
'cause he is nobody.
But he's still on my mind.
Oh, no, don't touch me...
If you don't love me...
No, it's my turn to pay.
SINGER.' Thank you all very much.
Thank you.
We sure do appreciate that.
We're gonna do
a little tune here...
you can really kick your
heels up and dance to.
Take it away, johnny.
Take it away.
Here I am always
talking about me.
What's the worst thing that ever
happened to you in your whole life?
The worst?
I was scared one time.
Our village was burned
by the Communists.
At the time, I was a small kid.
I got lost from my mother.
Soldiers were killing people.
I stayed in the jungle
one week by myself.
I was eating grass
to stay alive.
You were eating grass?
God, Dinh.
I lived through it.
O Lord, watch
over us as we do your work.
Long live the Klan!
Long live the Klan!
Long live the Klan!
Long live the Klan!
White power!
White power!
Hey. Hey, hey
Death to the gooks!
Death to the gooks.
Death to the gooks.
Death to the gooks.
Death to the gooks.
Death to the gooks.
Death to the gooks.
The Bible teaches
us separation of the races.
Long live the Klan!
Long live the Klan!
Long live the Klan!
Long live the Klan!
America for Americans!
America for Americans!
America for Americans!
America for Americans!
America for Americans!
Death to the gooks.
Death to the gooks.
Death to the Cong. Death to the Cong.
Death to the Cong.
Goodbye, Mrs. Ranney.
Oh, bye. Bye.
Goodbye. Goodbye, sweetie.
Oh, my.
Maybe you'll write me some postcards
if you don't come right back.
Tim. Good job, Mac.
Y'all remember now,
nobody from the Third World
can hold a candle to us...
unless we tie our hands
behind our backs.
We're all set, Mac.
History is with us.
How we doing over there?
Morning, James.
The earth and the sea
shall give up the dead,
and under God Almighty we command
the soul of our brother departed.
Earth to earth, ashes to
ashes, and dust to dust.
It was
a very nice funeral.
You know, Wally always
liked me in this dress.
Thanks for sticking around,
Do you want me to
follow you back home?
No. No.
Hey, you say hi
to Mexico for me.
I left the keys and the paper
in the office for you.
You ask plenty of money for her.
She's a good boat.
You always did worry about me.
What the hell
are you doing here?
You're supposed to be
in Houston with the priest.
And what are you doing with
your damn boots up on my desk?
I'm thinking.
I'm broke now.
But I have a plan.
You have a plan?
Me and Ben, we rent
Luis's boat from you.
You're gonna rent Luis's boat?
Well, you must be crazy.
There's nobody with us.
Those are some
rough old boys out there.
You'll go get yourself killed if you try...
You must think positive.
Give me a sip of that beer.
You know, I can't believe
you came back here.
You should've stayed with the rest of them.
Why didn't you?
I don't like people
who try to scare me.
Okay, you got yourself
a damn deal.
I'm gonna call up
the Coast Guard,
and I'm gonna tell 'em we're going
out on that water tomorrow.
I don't know
what to tell you, Dinh.
You gotta be one
of the last cowboys left in Texas.
Dad, gooks.
Yeah, that's Luis's boat,
all right.
Amateur to Sea Lorraine. Amateur
to Sea Lorraine. Gooks.
Amateur to Sea Lorraine. Amateur
to Sea Lorraine. Come back.
Gooks are coming
out on Luis's boat. Come back.
Gooks are coming out on Luis's boat.
Come back.
Got you, Crankshaw.
They're coming right at us.
What's the matter?
Coast Guard.
No, that's a military
helicopter from Old Island.
They don't see us.
Guard Move along.
Aboard the Sea Lorraine.
Yeah, they do.
Skipper on the Sea Lorraine.
Move along.
They would've been out of here
if it hadn't been for Glory.
Shang, don't worry about it.
Only one boat got through.
Why don't you just
give me a beer?
What do I care
what you heard on the radio?
Like I told you, I'm coming
with the shrimp tonight.
Henry, I am a woman of my word.
No, there's not gonna be any trouble.
Don't worry about it.
Okay, I'll see you later.
Okay, I'm on my way.
I'm going with you.
You have to stay here
and watch the fish house.
Look, if anything comes up,
I'll give you a call, okay?
Get the hell out of my road!
Where you think you're heading?
To Corpus with my shrimp.
You don't take advice
very good, do you?
Okay, go on through.
Okay, let her through.
Are you serious?
I said, let her through.
Go on home, Brandon.
Your war is over now. Go on.
Glory? Awry?
Are you all right?
- Messed up.
Mmm-hmm. I told you.
Okay. Side pocket.
Get to work. Go.
Watch out.
Okay, fellas,
we're gonna be closing now.
Give me a double shot
of whiskey, Leroy.
You got any matches?
Give me that thing.
Here, use this.
Listen, you guys, don't do
nothing till I tell you to.
Light that thing up.
Light it up.
Take it easy. They ain't going nowhere.
Take it easy.
I'm going. I'm going in.
Buddy, wait!
Buddy, wait, man!
Buddy, get down!
Get down!
Man, I'm going in.
Get down.
I'm coming. You wait
there for me, all right?
All right.
Shang, stop it!