Alanis (2017) Movie Script

Sweetie, now you want to go with mommy.
You want to go with her.
Hi, baby.
Are you hungry, baby?
Are you hungry?
Lets go have some boobie.
- You didnt go to the bar?
- No, we didnt.
- I left the rent money on the table.
- OK. Ill get it.
- Here, take this.
- Put it here.
Hey, youre all bent, baby.
Mine? Is it my weenie?
And no other girls.
I dont want girls.
Only moms.
What a weenie!
Oh! Lets see, may I borrow it?
You dont want?
Okay, its okay, come on.
Come with me.
I could only feed him from one boob.
Im making him mashed potatoes.
There were lots of people
and they didnt want to cut them.
I liked the pink ones more...
Come here...
- Hello?
- Hello, its Oscar.
- Hello Oscar, Ill be right down.
- No, theyve already let me in.
- Oh, they let you in?
- Ill be right up.
Okay, come up.
- Love you, baby.
- Kiss for mommy.
No, no... Shh...
Hello sweetie, how are you?
I came accompanied.
- Hey, dont you have a friend?
- No, I was only expecting you.
You didnt tell me anything.
I can take one at a time,
if you want, and Ill call you
when you are finished.
No, come on, dont be mean.
Well both go, okay?
- A little bit each.
- Come on, well give you a present.
- No, no, I dont work like that.
- But come on...
No, no... No!
- Come on, come on...
- No! Get out! No!
Come on, sweetie, come on!
Oh, so your friend is here...
So now we have one for each...
- Whats going on?
- Calm down!
Its an inspection.
- The neighbors reported you.
- We live here!
- Were two friends who live here!
- Two friends? And those flyers?
What do you care?
Just leave! Get out!
- Wait! Dont get like that!
- Get out! Dont you see the baby?
Who named you Alanis?
They named you like that
because of the singer, right?
You know who Im talking about?
Okay then, doesnt matter.
Who pays the rent?
Give me the names and we leave.
- We do.
- We who?
We who?
Whose name is on the contract?
I dont know.
You have flyers on every corner.
Reports from neighbors.
Tell me.
Im here to help you.
I have the best intentions
and these guys, theyre pretty calm.
Theres no fire extinguisher?
Well put one.
Well enable it as a massage parlor.
Im a good massage therapist.
- And this?
- Its a pocket knife. What?
- This is a cutting weapon, Ill take it.
- That too?
What? Theyre condoms.
What, you dont use rubbers?
You guys give them to me.
They have logos.
Come, stay. We can share.
- Maam... You cant leave.
- No, Im not leaving.
How many girls are there?
Tell me, is someone under age?
She brought you, right?
How long ago did she bring you?
No one brought me.
I work because I want to.
- Oh, yeah? Are you sure?
- Wheres my son?
But you give her a cut of it,
how much do you give her?
What are you doing? Get out
of my house. Thats my money.
Just stop...
Look what a beautiful baby
you have...
Dont you want us
to help find another place for you?
What do you do when he cries?
You cant say to the clients...
Save yourself.
Thieves, motherfuckers!
Does he have his vaccines?
You know that he has to be vaccinated,
dont you?
Why are you taking her?
Were getting her statement
in relation to code 840.
She also works
and takes care of my baby.
I need your phone.
- No, please.
- Ive got to take it.
Ill give you the chip if you want,
but leave me the phone.
In 48 hours you can come pick it up.
Okay, sign here for me.
Here you have the penalty fee
and the reforms.
Theres lots of cardboard
near the water heater.
You dont have an emergency exit.
On the back you have
the address of where to pay.
- Youll need the rent contract.
- I havent got a contract.
Where do you want me to go?
Im with the baby.
Thats why Im saying,
do you want me to relocate you?
No, I dont want to go anywhere,
I want to stay here.
You can stay,
but you cant receive anyone.
If I find out youre receiving clients,
well come back, is that clear?
Im coming back, stay here.
Come, honey, were choking.
Hello, Jos, its Alanis.
No, Gisela isnt coming
to work today.
She has a family issue.
Can I help you?
Okay, its fine, call Gigi tomorrow.
Bye, sweetie. Bye.
Stop, what are you doing?
- Leave this... Youre marking the door.
- Oh, sorry.
Listen, its so good that you came,
I didnt know where to call you.
What did you do here?
What the hell happened?
They pretended to be clients
and let themselves in.
This is a huge mess.
It was probably the neighbors,
for sure.
No, its all fine with the neighbors.
Were all peaceful here.
Yeah, really peaceful.
But who sent the police?
What is this smoke?
It was me, I forgot the pacifiers
were boiling...
- They didnt cut anything off?
- No. Look, theres electricity.
Theres water. Everything.
Thankfully, because once they take
away the gas they wont give it back.
Shitty people, that think
they can enter someones house
- and do whatever they please.
- Yeah, obviously.
Theyre in the mood to annoy people,
you know. They want money.
They dont respect anything.
Fortunately we have you here...
The thing is this
doesnt work for me, okay?
I told your aunt.
Ill rent you the apartment.
But dont make a mess,
dont make a mess!
Okay, but it wasnt our fault.
Gisela left with the inspectors.
- What? They took her?
- No.
You guys are going to make me
lose the apartment.
- Stop, nothing is going on.
- I dont want to talk anymore with you.
Ive always worked with your aunt
and I want to keep working with her.
She isnt my aunt.
Listen to me, listen to me.
If you can make us a rent contract,
we can enable this
as a massage parlor.
If my grandmother ever saw this
she would die again.
No, theyre motherfuckers.
I totally understand, Santi.
To make it worse
it isnt going to end now.
Its just begun.
Its going to bring a bigger mess.
No, just wait.
Its only the door and the mirror.
Im going to take care of everything.
Weve always done what you asked.
- Did Gisela pay the rent?
- Yes, yes.
- But, dude...
- Stop, stop.
- Let me.
- But this cant be.
Let me. Dont worry.
If I cant, Ill call someone to help.
No, dont call anyone else. I dont want
anyone else to enter the apartment.
Listen. Im going to fix everything.
Until the authorization isnt ready,
no one else enters.
Stop, move.
Let me try something.
- Lets see, hold here.
- Okay.
- There we go.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Oh, great.
Lets see, careful. Move. Careful.
- Im going to try closing.
- Okay.
- It works.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Great.
Lets see, Ill try one more time.
Careful with your fingers.
Hey. Santi...
Hey! I dont have a key.
Come on, dude.
Dont fuck around.
Dude, open the door!
Let me pick up my stuff, Santiago!
Santiago! Asshole!
Come on, dude, open.
Let me take my things out.
Stop the banging!
Just stop, please!
Lets see, baby...
Im an asshole...
Im not taking it.
Why not? It fits you perfectly.
Lets do something, try this size.
Trust me, its going to fit.
What are you doing here?
What happened?
- Hey.
- Hi. Did something happen?
Yeah, I need to stay here
a few days because we got kicked out.
Yeah, I dont have a job
and I dont have enough for a room.
What happened? You didnt pay?
They kicked you out?
Gisela got in a fight with the owner and
they didnt let us take our things out.
- Im not going to buy it.
- No?
One more. Try one more.
Im sure this one is going
to look spectacular on you.
Try it on, trust me.
- Theres not place here.
- Its just for a few days.
Gisela is looking for a new place.
Come, wait for me in the back, please.
Ill be right there.
Lets see...
Spectacular. Spectacular.
I dont know.
It makes a crease here.
Dont cry.
Careful, its going to get wet.
Look, hold it.
Take care of it. Let me...
Theres pee in there.
Were going to change the diaper.
Let me see. Come.
You want me to give it to you?
Look, this is plastic.
Play with this. Here.
There you go.
Lets see, baby.
Dont cry.
Dont cry, look.
Done. Look. Hi!
Here, take my phone.
Call someone.
There we go.
Pardon me,
didnt know you were here.
Andrea told me I could come in.
Its okay, doesnt matter.
Lets see,
Im going to put on this diaper.
Like that, son. Lets see.
Okay, dont get angry.
Lets see, there. Done!
And this cutie pie?
Say Hi.
- Whats your name?
- Dante.
- Romn.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
How old? Year and a half?
Yeah, he turned
a year and a half yesterday.
- Does he eat chicken?
- Yeah, but only cutting it small.
Do you have a charger
that I can borrow? Because its dying.
- Let me see. What brand is it?
- I dont know.
- Leave him on the floor.
- Really?
- Its clean. I just cleaned it.
- Lets see. Come.
Look. Look at all the things
youve got there. In the kitchen.
Lets see, bring me something.
Bring me something.
Cake mold...
Very good.
What are we going to eat?
What are we going to eat?
What are you going to prepare?
- Lets see if mine works.
- Lets see.
- They all came with faults.
- Let me see...
Dont touch them,
your hands are dirty.
No, leave it. Ill give them
a few stitches and sell them cheaper.
Where can I plug in my phone?
There, next to the tube.
Its my friends, not mine. They didnt
even let me take out my phone.
Mara is going to stay with us
for a few days.
Yes, three or four days until
I get a job and enough for the rent.
- Come with me.
- Okay.
- Come on, Dante.
- Leave him, Ill take care of him.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
I'll make you the bed in the store.
You'll be more comfortable there.
Hello, baby. Hello, baby.
Lets go play?
Come. Well play here
for a while. Come.
Come with this,
with this and this.
Come here for a while.
Put this here, this there.
Well sit here. Lets see, and look.
Lets see, there we go.
And this? Whats this doing? Look.
There! Hello! Hi!
Leave him, hes asleep.
Ill take care of him.
You go take a shower
and change your clothes.
Sorry, hes missing his crib.
Im going to see the owner today.
I need my clothes and things.
Hi, baby.
Hi baby. Beautiful.
- Twenty one.
- Lets go.
- Did you bring your ID?
- Yes.
- Hello.
- Hello.
They gave me this paper so I could
come here to get my merchandise.
Yes, but that is a fee. You have
to go to Carlos Pellegrini 211.
To the Direction of Infringements.
Can you look for it?
Its some necklaces, watches...
No, no. Theyre not going
to give back your merchandise.
Here it says this is a fee
you have to pay.
I dont know if Im in the right place,
but they closed down my house
and I need to recover the things
that theyve taken.
No, its not here.
You need to ask for a controller
- at the Direction of Infringements.
- But stop, I need to recover my phone.
- I didnt come to pay the fee.
- Fine, wait a second.
Yes, its a fee, but you were
wrongly directed. You dont pay it here.
Youve got to go to this address,
450 Marcelo T.
Hey! Hey!
Assistant, assistant!
I need to recover my phone
and my money.
You told me
they were going to return it.
Im sorry but I cant right now.
I have an emergency.
But stop. You told me
they were going to return it.
Where do I have to go?
Your things are in court.
Your friend has a court case open.
So you need to have patience.
Okay, fine, but the phone is mine.
Its not my friends.
But the things arent here.
I cant help you anymore.
Where is Gisela?
Shes in the 14th. precinct, but I think
that today shes being moved to court.
What, arrested?
No, shes delayed,
but dont go to the Police Station.
Did you hear me? Come...
Come tomorrow
and well see what we can do.
I have a son, do you remember?
You guys left us on the street.
I asked you if you wanted us
to reinsert you, to relocate you.
Give me a few days, let me see
if I can put you in some program.
Come tomorrow at five.
I have an emergency now.
Hello, Jos.
Its Alanis, Gigis friend.
How are you?
No, Gigi is still with her family.
But dont you want us
to see each other?
And you cant right now?
Yes, now.
No, theyre fixing my house.
Do you want to meet up
at the station?
Come on, baby.
Yes, see you there. Bye.
Cant we go to the apartment?
Ive already told you
that theyre fixing it.
Lets see...
Let me.
Theyre going to...
I cant make it work...
The hotels are very expensive.
Let me. Relax.
Ill give you the money anyway,
but well stop now.
Its 400.
- Take 200.
- But it costs 400.
Girl, you didnt do anything.
Jos, Jos, I need 400.
No, no, no. Leave it, no.
Stop, get out.
- Ill go in, thank you.
- Okay.
Hello, Im calling about
an in-home service.
372 Pasteur.
Yes. How long will it take you to come?
But Im with a baby.
Can you come earlier?
And your baby?
Didnt you say
you had left your baby?
No baby.
Are those things yours?
Who lives here?
Are you fucking me?
Do you hear me, girl?
- Are you stealing?
- These are my things.
No, Im not stealing.
I have 200 pesos.
I already know its not enough.
Do you want to come in?
Go ahead, come in.
Oops! Stand up.
Come, baby.
We have to give the lad some candy.
He behaved very well.
Hes a very good baby.
Isnt that right?
Lets see, that, eat.
- And that outfit?
- Romn bought it for him.
He couldnt keep looking that bad,
you know?
- Lets see...
- I brought him a yogurt.
Oh, but... Give it to the lady.
He just drank some warm semolina.
There we go! Did you see
how his butt was, right?
I bathed him.
He really smelled like food...
Yeah, I couldnt come earlier
because they didnt let me enter.
Poor little one... Because he fell...
And the money?
No, they found it and took it.
- And where did you keep it?
- Inside some socks.
And... Oh, you dont know...
Put it on the lady...
You disappeared all day,
and this little monster...
He looked for my boobs.
He embarrassed me,
the clients were staring...
Look, I could take
all of our things out but...
I dont know, everythings wrong.
We wont be able to go back.
Oh, but I got you a job.
A client needs a girl
that works by the hour.
Its not far away,
take a bus and youre there.
- Cleaning?
- Yes, cleaning.
I told her you had references.
- Ill leave the things there, okay?
- Okay.
Where are you going?
800 San Jos.
I think its in San Telmo.
- Have you been waiting for long?
- Kind of, yes.
- Get on, Ill take you.
- Yes?
- Come on.
- Okay, fine.
- Im done.
- Okay.
- How much do you spend on transport?
- Twenty.
Come, help me get to the bathroom.
- Thank you.
- Youre welcome.
- OK...
- Yes.
On Tuesday can you come earlier?
Ill call you.
If it works out Ill put you
on my payroll, okay? I promise.
No, I didnt finish high school.
No, I dont have children.
Oh, okay. Ill send you a photo.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, very good!
Hello? Yes, Im calling about the ad.
Yes, I know what its about.
But Ive always worked on my own.
Yes, yes, tell me.
Oh, you keep fifty percent.
Let me see,
give me a minute, please.
Yes, yes, officer,
Ill answer, yes.
Hello, sorry, I have to hang up.
Ill go by tomorrow.
Okay, thank you.
Hello, Gi. Hello.
Good, good, were good,
here with Dante in my aunts house.
No. Everything went wrong
in the apartment. How are you?
Its mommy Gigi.
They didnt tell me where they were.
They didnt want to tell me.
When are you going to get out?
I have to go?
No, no, yes, Ill go, Ill go, okay.
What time?
Fine, okay.
Ill be there at nine.
Yeah, sure,
Ill get you some cigarettes.
Its fine.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Okay, calm, we love you.
Dante and I, whore. Bye.
- Mommy!
- What, my love? Come.
Show me, lets see...
Come. Lets take a photo.
Look. Selfie.
Look, Dante.
Okay, call someone.
Sorry, is office 101 that way?
Wait, stop.
Passing the elevator, that way?
Okay, thank you.
Gigi? Hello, Gi!
- Hi! Hi, petite...
- Hello, friend.
- What are you doing? How are you?
- Here.
Take it.
I brought everything you asked for.
- Did you bring cigarettes?
- Yeah, I brought cigarettes.
Its okay, leave her a moment.
They took everything, right?
Did they take all the money?
You have to testify.
You have to get me out of here.
Yes, Im going to testify now at 11.
Ive already told
the assistant that were friends.
- That you dont handle me.
- Yeah, but you still have to testify.
Look, Ive charged you
a hundred pesos.
Oh, look, hes so cute.
Look how gay the little man
turned out in the picture...
- Seems that he likes dressing up.
- So pretty...
You dont know how much I miss him.
Go ahead, Ill get you out now.
- Hello.
- Hey.
How are you? Mara, right?
Good. The idea is
to ask you a few questions.
For you to tell me a little bit
about yourself, okay?
If I dont understand something
Ill ask you to stop...
and Ill ask you again.
Is that okay for you?
- Okay. How old are you?
- Twenty five.
Ive got to see your I.D.
Mara Espsito. OK...
Okay, Mara.
Where were you born?
In Cipoletti.
- Is your family still there?
- Yes.
- How many are there?
- My mom and my brother.
- Is your dad alive?
- I dont know.
I havent seen him
since I was seven.
- Okay. You have a son, right?
- Dante.
- How old is he?
- Year and a half.
The dad?
When did you get to Buenos Aires?
As an adult. At 23.
And how did you get here?
- A client brought me.
- Did he only bring you?
Me and a friend.
Did you know where you were going?
What did he tell you?
Yes, I wanted to come.
I was pregnant but never told him.
What did you do in Cipoletti?
I stripped at a whiskey bar in Roca.
And then I went back to Cipoletti,
but with my family close,
its not nice, it isnt easy.
I didnt want my baby
to be the son of the whore.
How did you start
in that line of work?
I got kicked out of a house
where I worked as a live-in maid.
Do you know the clients name,
the one who brought you here?
His name is Esteban.
I cant recall his last name.
He was a friend of Gisela.
He got us the apartment.
Not this apartment,
the one that we had downtown
and shared with other girls.
- How old were the girls?
- All of age.
Either way we didnt last long there
because the place was awful.
We left. When Gisela got a place
I left with her.
All right.
And youd already had the baby?
No, but I was really skinny
and it wasnt noticeable.
Guys look at your boobs,
not your belly.
How was the birth?
I had him at home.
I was getting fucked
and my water broke.
Aha... And... Erm...
Were there any complications?
Sorry. I had him
at the Sard Maternity Hospital.
Sorry. Do you need anything else?
Sorry. I didnt...
Whats it like living with Gisela?
How do you manage?
Do you share the expenses,
the rent?
We both do our parts,
we both work.
Who lives in the apartment?
Dante and us.
While you work,
who do you leave the baby with?
Do you have children?
Do you pay for a nanny,
or does your wife take care of them?
You pay rent, right?
With your job.
Well, imagine. Me too.
I need my phone.
Who do I need to ask for it?
Fine, when we finish
Ill find out for you.
- Do you want to tell me anything else?
- No.
No, I really dont.
Gisela is my friend, she works just
like me, I need you to get her out.
Youll come back and know
that I am Jehovah the Lord.
As the Lord says,
there shouldnt be lies.
Because this is Gods truth,
Gods commandment.
He has to teach the entire world.
A good Christian has to teach
this commandment of Gods law.
Because God has put
the earthly law here on earth
for human kind to also obey, right?
God has put, also in Heaven,
theres Gods law.
Its perfect.
Glory to the Lord.
Eternal glory and obedience
is there, brothers,
for our souls salvation.
Glory to the Lord.
Were also going to read
Book of Psalms.
Chapter 56, verse 8.
In this afternoon we are learning
everything that was written
in the Bible.
Let me see, son.
Give it to me.
Wait, I want to...
Okay, dont get angry.
Come on. Here.
Youre welcome.
Im done.
Were going home?
Lets go.
Can I have the newspaper?
- Were going home!
- Were going home!
Were going home...
What did you take?
Oh, no. No, no...
This is a mess. It cant be.
- Look what you did.
- Do you have a brush or a thinner comb?
Where did you go?
You dont have any money
and you missed work.
I dont take care of the boy
so you can go motorcycle riding.
Romn took me to see an apartment.
Gisela couldnt go.
Did you take money
out of the register?
200 pesos, to charge my phone.
I was going to tell you
but you were asleep.
Dont ever take money out
of the register without permission.
Im not asking you to leave now,
because of the little one.
- This is the end.
- Im going to get a job.
Oh yeah... I already know
what kind of work you like to do.
No, baby, no. No, no.
And hurry, you dont live alone.
Come, lets see.
Give me your hands.
- Want to help me get dressed?
- Boobie.
- Do you help me get dressed?
- Boobie.
- No, not now.
- Boobie.
No, not now.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Get out, get out.
Get out.
Look at how she leaves.
I have 800, is it okay?
I dont have enough for a hotel.
- No, I dont like it on the street.
- Okay, you pay for it.
500 for the fuck,
300 for the room.
Fine, okay,
but lets go right now.
What are you doing?
Whats the matter?
Sit correctly.
Girl, what are you doing?
What are you doing? Youre going
to get yourself killed. Sit correctly.
- Do you know any place around here?
- Yeah.
If you turn on La Rioja theres one.
- Lets go to that one, okay?
- Okay.
What happened? Are you lost?
You need some tanning lotion
to be here...
This is not your usual spot.
- Sometimes.
- Youre lying, I never saw you, Whitie.
Can we do it the other way?
500 for the room and 300 for you?
So we can have a better room?
Dont fuck with me
because Ill get out of the car.
Eh! Eh! Whats the matter, girl?
Come on, try it.
Come on, dance a little.
Oh, yeah, like that.
Yeah, look at that...
Oh, God...
Lets see, sweetie.
Ill help you.
Lets see, honey...
There you go.
Lets see... Come...
- Stop.
- No, keep it on.
Go slowly, baby.
- No, baby, not like that, no.
- Come on, just a little.
- No, not the backdoor.
- Come on, help me.
No, slowly, come here, slowly.
Ill guide you.
- Come on, a little bit.
- Ill guide you.
- Come on, please, do it. Dont be mean.
- No! No!
- No, not from behind.
- A little bit.
- No, Ill put you in... Stop!
- Come on, a little bit.
- Come on, a little bit.
- No, not from behind.
- Im leaving.
- Come on, do it.
Come on, dont leave.
- Come on.
- Fine, Ill put you in place myself.
Oh, slowly.
There we go, sweetie.
Oh, baby, come on.
Come on, slut.
Come on, whore, come on.
- Come on, tell me something.
- Yeah, baby, yeah.
Fuck me!
Lets see, baby.
Let me, baby.
There it is. Come.
Slowly, baby.
- Here we go.
- Yeah, baby. Come on.
Fuck me, baby.
- There you go.
- Oh, yes, sweetie.
- Come on, slut, come on.
- Come on, sweetie, fuck me.
- Oh, yes, baby.
- There it is, come on, whore.
Come on, slut. Tell me, come on.
Come on, baby, fuck me.
Fuck me with that hard dick.
- Oh yeah, baby, fuck me.
- Come on, more.
Baby, stick it in me like that,
yeah, sweetie.
- Like that, baby.
- Come on, slut.
- Oh, like that, baby, fuck me.
- Whore.
- Come on, baby, fuck me.
- Come on, whore.
Yes, baby, yes, sweetie. Fuck me.
- Yeah...
- Like that. Stick it all in me, baby.
- Yeah...
- Come on, baby, fuck me.
- Say dirty things to me, come on, pig.
- Come on, asshole, fuck me.
Yeah, motherfucker.
Motherfucker, fucker, come on, fuck me.
- Come on, motherfucker, asshole.
- Come on, slut.
Asshole, motherfucker, fuck me.
- Asshole, dick.
- Come on, go on.
- Come on, asshole, son of a bitch.
- Yeah, like that, whore.
Whore, whore, whore. Yeah...
Son of a bitch!
Come on, asshole, fuck me!
- Yeah.
- Asshole.
- Come on, slut, like that, come on.
- Son of a bitch, turd, come on, fucker.
Asshole, turd, come on,
motherfucker, come on.
Yeah, finish once and for all,
son of a bitch.
- Motherfucker!
- Yeah, slut, go on!
- Asshole!
- Yeah, slut, tell me!
- Come on.
- Come on, asshole.
Come on, son of a bitch!
Come on, come on!
- Come on, turd.
- Come on, slut.
Come on, whore, come on.
- Tell me.
- Come on, fucker, son of a bitch.
- Tramp, whore.
- Fucker, fucker, fucker.
- You like fucking, right?
- Fucker, asshole, turd.
Son of a bitch!
Fucking son of a bitch...
Son of a bitch, fuck me!
Do you want to drink a little?
Did you like that, slut?
Do you want another round?
- Im kidding.
- Where are my things?
What do I know?
Catch her! Motherfucker!
Ill catch you, bitch!
I dont know,
she turned into a ghost.
I dont know...
I dont know...
Motherfucker, you slut!
You cheeky cunt!
Motherfucking bitch!
Muah, muah, muah...
Wheres my nose?
Heres my nose.
Theres your nose.
Oh, what a nice nose.
Oh, poor thing, he got in my bed.
He was crying, he was wet.
Oh, oh, oh, my nose.
No, no, no. I dont want the money
right now. Save it for a room.
Yes? Ill keep him
until you get settled in.
Were going.
No, dont be a bitch.
Where are you going to take him?
- Its my problem.
- But leave him here with me.
- Give me the boy.
- No, leave him with me.
Andrea, leave him, Andrea.
- Leave him with me.
- Give him to me!
Leave him with me.
- Give me the boy!
- Leave him here, whore.
- Its okay, baby...
- Whats going on?
Calm down!
- Tell her to give me the baby!
- I told you to calm down!
- Andrea, bitch!
- Shes going to give him to you.
- Give me my son!
- Andrea, give her the baby!
- Tell her! Give him to me!
- Its her son! Let her have him!
Give him to me!
Give my my baby!
Oh, baby, youre all agitated.
Calm down.
Calm down, baby, its okay.
Its okay, its okay, look at me.
Do you want boobie?
Yeah? Okay, wait.
I have to take off my clothes.
Wait, son.
There you go.
Here. Wait, wait.
- Here. Calm down.
- Dont touch me.
Its okay, its okay, baby.
Come, my love, sit.
Okay, so youre going
to take the night shift?
Its fine.
That way
you can take care of the baby.
You know theyre eight hour shifts,
the same for all?
Look here, people come
and go all the time.
So it has to be always right,
it has to be clean.
We have a cleaning lady that comes,
but each one
takes care of their own things.
Imagine, theres twelve of us,
we dont want the dirty ones.
You do everything?
Okay, there is a single cost.
Its 800. Fifty for the house.
If you think about staying here,
its 70/30.
And... thats it.
You handle the food on your own terms.
Do you want to ask me any questions?
- Do you have any doubts?
- No.
- Good, well start when you want.
- Thank you.
Good, great. Awesome, welcome.
Let me show you.
Shes horrible.
But didnt you see?
She hung up the photo.
The only thing
hanging are her boobs.
- Shes so ugly.
- What? She works here?
Yeah, and you have no idea
how much...
Dude, stop eating so many cookies.
Hey, doesnt that make you
nauseated when you are there...?
- Shes so disgusting...
- Youre a real brute...
And why Alanis,
because of the actress?
- No, shes a singer.
- She wasnt a model?
Okay, and whats your name?
- Alanis.
- No.
- Your name isnt Alanis.
- Whats your mommys name?
- Steffi...
- No...
You dont need to be called Alanis
with that name.
Really trampy.
He said tramp!
He already learned.
No, baby. Here, here!
Here, here, look.
No, I didnt buy water.
Do I give him tap water?
- Put some water in it.
- Tramp... He wants a cookie.
Calm down, hes not going to miss you
with so many boobs around.
Hi, sweetie.