Alarmed (2023) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
Maybe maybe this time
We gonna get it right I'mma get it right
Maybe maybe this time
I'mma burn it down we will burn it down
Maybe maybe this time
We gonna get it right I'mma get it right
Maybe maybe this time
I'mma burn it down
-Babe, what's up? -Mm.
There he is.
Babe, aren't you, uh, meeting Angela?
We both know this won't take long. Mm.
-[door opens] -The router needs to... Whoa!
-[Janet] Billy. God! -Son.
God, son. Don't you knock? Come on. Go, go, go.
-Sorry. Sorry. -I taught you better than that.
[door shuts]
[Janet] I think he's having an affair.
What? You found panties or something?
No, but he's been withdrawn, and we don't talk much.
He's out two or three nights a week.
Says he's networking or with friends, but I don't know.
-Well, how's the sex? -Rare.
And since Billy moved back in, practically non-existent.
-Does he initiate, or is it you? -Always me.
I feel like I have to slip a roofie
in his drink or something.
Mm. I know that game.
-[music on laptop] -Hey, Bill.
Oh, my dad! Knock! Oh, my God!
Son, you know you're not supposed to be on the computer.
Your mom and I are nice enough to let you get on the phone,
man, if they find out that you're on this,
they're gonna throw your ass back in there. You know better.
You surfing porn?
What? No, dad. Gross.
Breakfast in ten minutes.
[instrumental music]
[Janet] I know I'm working a lot lately.
You're a big cheese. He doesn't even have a job.
I don't want him to feel insecure about that.
Ah, the male ego. We always have to hold it like a baby bird.
It's so fragile. Hi, baby bird.
-I love Billy. Believe me, I do. -Mm, children are a blessing.
But since he's under house arrest, he's just always there.
-[laughs] -Just there, girl.
[instrumental music]
Cheddar. Need to put the on-onion.
My basil. Oh.
[indistinct chatter]
-Have you seen my phone... Ah! -Huh?
-Oh, no! No, no, no! Son! -[door shuts]
[automated response] Back door closed.
-Damn it, son! -System armed.
[Janet] We started seeing a therapist.
Wait, wait, wait. Stop.
-Who recommended her? -Lucy from work.
Okay, the most important thing is that you gotta
get the therapist on your side ASAP.
Can this, uh, Lucy from work get you her private cell number?
I don't think that's how that's supposed to work, boo.
Oh, honey. You're so smart in so many ways, but sometimes...
Well, she gave us both a safeword to use
when we feel an argument coming on.
-Ooh. What's your word? -Margarine.
What if you actually want margarine?
Girl, are you crazy? That stuff will kill you.
-[Shawn] Now what? -[indistinct chatter]
Oh, wait. No, but my action figures.
Now, boy, get your ass in there!
[indistinct chatter]
-[groans] All right. -Let's go.
-[cell phone chimes] -Oh, yeah.
Billy, let's go! Turn that alarm off or I'll whup your ass!
[breathing heavily]
Oh, my God. I'm sweating tequila. You smell that?
This is my pattern. Always has been.
Even when things are going well, I don't believe it.
I just pick and pick until it unravels like a crappy sweater.
But not this time, I'm married to a great guy
who's sexy as hell, who loves me.
I have a great job with a great company.
And we're going away on a wonderful long weekend.
I'm blessed. I'm having a great life.
Everything is fine. Everything's gonna be just fine.
-No, no, no, no. Oh. -[beeping]
[alarm blaring]
[cell phone beeping]
What's going on?
Someone's breaking into my house.
Oh, come on.
Look, it's just, this is the fourth time is all.
-Yeah, I-I'm sorry. This is... -Yeah, well...
Hey, is it true he hacked the DOD to impress a girl?
-Yeah. Yeah. -Did-did it work?
-The kid's got a pretty big IQ. -[Janet] Hey!
-[Janet] Hey! Hey. -Why don't you guys, uh--
You don't have to tell them anything.
-I know. -Yeah. Uh, just...
Get your system under control, ma'am?
Citadel systems comply with all
local regulations and law enforcement.
This sign stands for integrity, honesty, security and strength.
-Thank you. -Come on. I was handling it.
[automated response] Front door closed.
I just went out there for a second just to cut the basil
for the omelet that just got ruined. But-but-but...
Babe, why do you always have to have
that alarm on all the damn time?
You know why. It makes me feel safe.
Yeah, well, sometimes it makes me feel like a prisoner.
I got a big day at work. I don't wanna argue.
-Babe, who's arguing? -You're yelling.
This sound like yelling? I'm trying to talk to you.
'Cause if I was yelling, if I was yelling, it would sound mo--
You need to lower your tone when you're talking to me.
-What are you talking... And... -Thanks.
-Margarine. -Shrimp and grits.
Thank you for trying to make me an omelet.
I'm sorry it got burned.
And I am sorry for setting off the alarm.
Um, I gotta go.
Are we still on this weekend?
Mm-hmm. Sugarland Getaway. Honeymoon suite.
-Three days? -Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I need, I need those days to be a little shorter.
No, no, they gonna be long. Mm-hmm.
-Love you. -Love you, too.
[instrumental music]
[car door shuts]
[door creaks]
[dramatic music]
[door unlocks]
-[door shuts] -[applauding]
There she is!
Your new CEO, everyone!
Hey, you deserve every bit of it, genius.
Thank you, thank you, everyone. But shouldn't you be working?
Because we have a product launch coming up.
Thank you. Thank you. Thanks.
Good work, everybody. Back to work.
Hey, uh, listen, Marketing has a few things to go over
before they enhance the, uh, CEO.
Oh, can't it wait? 'Cause I'm up to here.
Hey, you know I held them off as long as I could.
[instrumental music]
Baby boy. Hey, son. I'mma go for a run. You wanna come?
[Billy] Why?
Because to get outside. And, plus, you need the exercise.
You was huffing and puffing going up the stairs. Let's go.
Fine. Ah. Ow!
All I know is you can never know
I don't even know if you can handle it
All I know is you can never
[kids] Ten, nine, eight, seven...
-You want some water? -Nah, I'm good.
Ah. Hey, is it always this bright?
Ah, outside? Ah, yeah, son.
You gonna talk about your plan? You moving forward?
Are we, are we-we done exercising?
Now we are. Step off that thing. Get off that thing.
[Segway beeps]
You ain't even broken a sweat.
I'm talking about life.
Probably just go work for mom.
Work for mom, okay. I mean...
Is that what you want?
I guess.
I don't know. Why not?
I'm just saying, son, there's more to life
than just sitting in front of a computer, crunching numbers.
I mean, don't you wanna get out there, see the world?
Sow your royal oats?
Is that what you did at my age?
Well, we had you, uh,
you know, younger than we expected.
But, uh... Hey!
No, man. Don't make that face.
You're the best thing ever happened to us.
We got no regrets at all.
Well, it sounds like you regret some of it.
I don't. Seriously, I don't.
Like, I didn't realize it back then...
but your mom was, is...
she's the perfect woman for me, man.
Just trust me, son. Your dad had them lining up.
Okay? They was ready.
What, you-you were with other women before mom?
Yeah. I mean...
I mean, I was your mom's first, but, you know, she wasn't mine.
But that's the point of all of this.
You gotta get out there and meet women.
Have I ever told you
the five steps to perfect seduction?
No, I don't think so.
Now is the time. Come on.
Number one is cologne.
-Oh, like Old Spice? -Yes. No.
Two, constant physical touch. Step three...
[indistinct chatter]
[dramatic music]
And the press release is officially gonna go out
on the 5th, but we're gonna leak it to Maury Vane
at the Journal a day before.
He's a friend, and promised to give us a good--
All right. Great work. Great work, everybody.
-Oh, one more. -Ah, okay. Thanks.
-All right, guys, bye. -[Larry] All right. No...
[line ringing]
[Shawn on phone] You ready to get away, babe?
Mm, yes. So excited.
-Is it a non-refundable room? -[Shawn] Janet, come on.
I know, I know. I'm just swamped here.
-[Shawn] When are you not? -This is overwhelming.
Hey, listen. If anyone can do it, you can. You are boss.
That's a generic pep talk, babe.
[Shawn] Well, I'll tell you what, I'mma work on that
and blow your mind later. You understand? Yeah.
You better. Well, I gotta go. Love you.
[Shawn] Love you. It's gonna be a great trip, babe. I promise.
-Okay, okay. -Promise. Heh-heh.
-Bye. -[Shawn] Bye.
[beeping on video game]
[Shawn] Woman.
I, I thought you guys were leaving.
Yeah, so did I.
Socks, three pair. One, two, three.
All right, that's two bra.
-Baby! -I just need ten minutes. No.
Shawn, I have a system.
We have dinner reservations.
I have a system!
Sugarland Sugarland
We go, we go, we gone!
Are you sure he's gonna be okay?
Mm-hmm. Yeah, babe, he's gonna be fine.
The last time we left him home alone,
the FBI knocked on our door, so...
Yeah. Well, that was then. This is now. Boy grown up.
-We, ah, went jogging today. -Oh, okay.
Well, kinda. Listen, this weekend is about me and you.
-Making up for lost time. -Yes.
Honeymoons we couldn't afford and trips we couldn't take.
-That all starts today. -Mm-hmm.
You guys haven't left yet?
What, you trying to get rid of us?
Um, no.
But, I, I mean, you guys should go.
Do you remember how the alarm works?
Oh, my God, mom. Yes.
I want you keep it on all the time. You hear me?
-All the time. -All the time. Yes, I got you.
-All the time. -[Billy] All the time. I know.
-I got you. Bye. Love you. -Thank you. Love you, too.
-Oh! Thank God you're here! -Hey, girl.
I need lipstick because mine all melted
sitting next to my curling iron.
-Okay. -Again.
Hey, listen.
Okay, I went to bat for you. all right? Don't let me down.
What's happening? Why are you here?
-I thought you were leaving. -I am.
-I'm just worried about Billy. -Oh, right.
I mean, 'cause three whole days all by himself.
What could happen?
Dad, I got you. I'm a big boy now.
All right, that-that's not helping.
Are you trying to freak me out some more?
Hey, would you mind swinging on by later to check up on him?
Maybe tomorrow morning? Kinda late.
'Cause I have a date. I think it's gonna go pretty well.
Okay. Well, hear the date's going pretty well.
-Bye. -No FBI. Or CIA.
[Billy] All right. None of that. Have fun.
-Or DEA, or Internal Affairs. -[Billy] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All of that. All right. Love you.
[automated response] System armed.
[woman] I'm so sorry, sir, but there's
nothing under that name.
No, I made a reservation.
You call ahead?
That's why they call it a reservation.
-How long is the wait? -Twenty minutes.
Great. Two for Davidson. Thank you.
It's annoying, you know, 'cause I-I made the reservation.
-You know? -I believe you.
-Do you? -Of course, I believe you.
Just like I believe everyone working here
is stupider than lobotomized monkeys
who do nothing but watch Jerry Springer all day
and eat flaming-hot Cheetos.
Of course, they lost your reservation.
-That's all you had to say. -Mm-hmm.
[cell phone ringing]
Is that the doorbell?
Yeah. Who would be ringing now?
-[Shawn] Probably Angela. -No, she has a hot date.
Oh. Did he order food, maybe?
[Janet] Did he order a prostitute?
Oh, is that a girl?
How could he meet a girl? He's under house arrest.
[Shawn] I mean, in an app or online. It's not that hard.
Uh-uh. I'm calling him right now.
What? No, don't do that. This is great.
How is this great?
Babe, our son is 18 years old and never kissed a girl.
That's not that weird. I only kissed two guys before you.
Now, look how that turned out. Yeah!
Can I at least text him where the condoms are?
Babe, no, no, okay?
Getting a text like that from his mother, 18 years old or not,
that boy ain't gonna be able to get it up.
Well, I need a drink. Or two.
Anything my lady wants.
Do I detect a British accent, sir?
Indeed you do, milady.
Corner of my eye what you working with?
Curve the lip got you stunning
Got my focus now shades dropping just a bit
Closing the gap no more fronting
Language of the body can't match the drip
In your mind thoughts be naughty sly get a grip
And drink me in through your eyes ah
Thirst-quenching DMs with those replies
Ooh at mention
Lost in your orbit
You're all I see
Now's the time
For we
Just absorb it
Your skin's in need take it slow
It's you and me You're the reason...
Yes, boo. Let me get this chair for you.
Has anyone told you you look incredible tonight?
Barkeep. Oy.
I'll have one martini. Shaken, not stirred.
Three olives. And make it dirty.
I, too, like it dirty, my lord.
Close together
Uh, uh, I'm the British agent.
Right. Right. Sorry.
The name is, um, Barty Collaran.
-Hm. -I'm a professional thief.
Now, my usual partner,
she got pinched.
So I wanna ask you, are you interested?
Oh, my stars! What are you asking to me?
What you, what you... Are you from the South?
Uh... No, I'm just American.
Oh, okay. No, I mean, it's cool. Okay, you know?
-We could be in America. Okay? -Okay.
In that case, check it out. I'mma roll this joint. Okay?
And we gonna roll it good, okay?
I just wanna know right now, you want in or you out?
Oh, it sounds dangerous.
-You're not Britisher, are you? -Hell, no.
No. I'm from Brooklyn. You understand?
I ain't playing with them. Okay.
You see that bartender, right? So he tall, kind of stupid.
So when nobody looking, I'mma crack that cash register.
You dig?
-I mean, yeah. -Okay.
-Okay, so... What? -But...
Based off the brand and the position of those cameras,
there's a blind spot just off the corner of the bar,
which is unfortunate for them, since all four of those
registers feed electronically into that small server
that sits right below the bar right there.
-See that guy? -[Shawn] Who, him?
-[Janet] Mm-hmm. -Okay. What's up?
I'm gonna go over there, start a scene.
You grab my ass, pervert, something like that.
You put a data stick into that server,
download the whole damn thing, and we'll have a months' worth
of credit card numbers at our fingertips.
We'll charge half a mil before they cancel them all.
Sound good?
Goddamn right, it sounds good.
This whole time I thought I was the criminal in the marriage.
You'll always be my criminal.
-Yes, Lord. -Mm.
-[man] Cheers. -Thank you.
[cell phone beeping]
We need to figure out what Capone's gonna have,
'cause she came in and she's thirsty, she needs something.
Just one minute, it's work.
-I'll let you know. -[Janet sighs]
-Nice place. -System armed.
Your folks make money.
Yeah, m-my mom does, yeah.
What's your dad do?
Uh, nothing right now.
Boss-lady mama. I like it.
Ah. Ooh, let's pop this.
My mom would kill me.
I'm, uh, I'm really glad you came over.
Yeah, me, too.
Oh, wow! Ooh! Want some?
I never met a, a girl online before.
Yeah? Where do you usually meet girls?
I, actually, just got out of prison.
For what? Jay-walking?
No, I, uh, I hacked the Department of Defense.
I'm not even technically supposed to be online right now.
That's why I was so surprised that you messaged me.
I had that profile up for so long. No one ever did that.
What can I say? I'm a girl who knows what she wants.
Don't mind if I do.
[door creaks]
[automated response] Back door open.
-[Billy] Uh... -What's that about?
Oh, my, uh, my mom has this crazy security system.
-It's, like, nuts. -This place is like a prison.
Ah, well, it's not that bad.
Oh, you're smoking that now.
[eerie music]
-Now you are, too. -Oh.
-I've never done that before. -What?
Smoked weed or kissed a girl?
You're not what I expected.
[door creaks]
-[door thuds] -No, no, no, no!
-[Kat] What's the problem? -System armed.
[Janet] Come on, guys. We talked about this.
You never listen to me, honestly.
Go to...
[mumbling] my office.
The files will be...
at the corner.
Shawn? Hey!
-What's wrong? -[Shawn] Huh?
-Ah, nothing. I'm fine. -We were having fun.
There wasn't no "we" having anything, Janet.
Come on, I just had to return a few messages.
-It was five minutes. -Five minutes?
Oh, yeah, I-I forgot. Right. Right, right.
Everybody gets five minutes, even me.
What do you think pays for our house?
-Uh-uh, no, no. Don't do that. -Long weekends like this...
For Billy's college, if he ever goes.
Every time there's a situation, you always throw it in my face.
Okay, I get it, you're a big deal.
-You're making big moves. Okay? -Huh.
-Is this some sort of man thing? -Maybe it is. Hm? Maybe it is.
'Cause I guess I forgot that, you know, caring about feelings
was only a woman thing.
Uh, uh, yeah, I can't talk to you like this.
I mean, yeah, why not, why-why should it be
any different from any other times?
-What is that supposed to mean? -You know what it means.
[cell phone beeping]
What? Is that, is that the house alarm?
Were you gonna check it?
Billy tripped the alarm again.
Can you call the hotline and tell them to cancel it?
Hey, Angela, um, I hope you're enjoying your date...
Hi, this is, uh, Shawn Davidson on 1623 Ridgeview Drive...
Uh... Yes, again.
When you get a chance, can you stop by and check on Billy?
He tripped the alarm. He has a girl over.
-Nakatomi Tower. -That'll be great.
-Sorry to bother you. -At least we know it's working.
-Goodnight. -[indistinct chatter]
-Done. -Love you.
Well, everything okay?
Yeah. Um, Billy still has that girl over.
Okay, well, maybe we should stop watching
because technically it's an invasion of his privacy.
[Janet] Is she drinking our tequila?
[smirks] I don't even like tequila.
It's still our tequila.
Ew. What kind of girl did he bring over?
You know, maybe we should just go home.
[instrumental music]
What about our weekend?
-What? -I... No, no. I'll get the car.
Let me get the car.
[Shawn laughing]
[Shawn inhales sharply]
[dramatic music]
-Sh-Shawn? -What?
Let me see. Is that real?
[intense music]
Oh, shit!
[Shawn] Oh!
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, we-we gotta call the police.
-No, no, no. -No, babe!
-They're watching us. -I'm calling the police now!
[man on phone] 911. What's your emergency?
Hi, there's some men, uh, in my house.
-They just grabbed my son. -Are you in the house, sir?
No, I'm not in the house. I'm at dinner with my wife.
[music continues]
Uh, no, Shawn! Shawn, Shawn, look. Look, look.
[Janet screams]
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
-Sir, are you still there? -[sobbing]
Uh, yeah. Uh, I'm sorry, I, I made, I made a mistake.
[man] Are you saying you no longer require assistance?
Uh, everything's fine. Thank you.
Oh, my God!
[Janet mumbling]
[Janet] What the hell is going on?
I don't, I don't know, babe.
I don't know. I don't know. Babe, babe, babe, we gotta go.
We gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go, we gotta go.
[Janet] Oh, my God!
Okay, they're on the move.
[Billy sobbing]
-Let's go! -Okay, spread out.
[groans] You said that wouldn't hurt.
Oh, go wash yourself up. You, get up. Now!
-Come on, move it! -[panting]
Give me your hand. Just... Come here.
-Sit down! -[whimpering]
[intense music]
Okay, so now what?
We shouldn't have called the police.
[indistinct rap song]
Janet, don't you think I feel bad enough?
I-I'm sorry, I'm just, just... What if we can't fix this?
-Hey. Hey, hey, hey, uh-uh. -What if I can't see Billy?
-What if we can't.... -[shushing] No, girl.
Don't do that. Don't do that. Stay with me, okay?
-Okay? All right. -Yeah.
It's gonna work out somehow. We'll figure something out.
Excuse me? Are you the Davidsons?
Yeah. Who are you? You know where our son is?
-Are you in on this? -No, no, no, no.
-I-I'm not in on anything. -9 p.m. check-in, people.
This is Josh. I'm at Pershing and Vanderbilt.
9 p.m.. All quiet.
Sorry. Uh, listen.
All I know is I'm supposed to deliver a message to you.
-That-that's it. -What's the message?
Uh, park your car, walk two blocks east and wait
at the southwest corner. That's exactly what the man said.
"The man." Who-who's this man? Is this the man who has our son?
He-he said that this was part of a scavenger hunt.
A-a-are you all in some kind of trouble here?
I'm not saying nothing else to him.
We gotta figure out what's going on over here.
Wait. Can I buy your walkie-talkie?
M-ma'am, I-I'm part of the neighborhood watch crew.
-This is, this is my-- -Do you have cash?
Babe, why do you wanna buy his walkie-talkie for?
Give me cash.
I mean, I don't know what the walkie-talkie's gonna do.
-Uh, what is it gonna... -Here.
No, no, no. Just take it. I'll tell them I lost it, okay?
[Josh] Do-do you need me to call someone for you?
-No. Thank you. Thank you. -No problem.
-Yeah. -[siren wailing]
[Shawn] I don't like this. I don't like this.
What are you doing?
Well, they bugged our phones or us.
It's more than likely just a simple RF transmitter.
So if I can just switch this...
-Okay. -Okay, James Bond.
Give me your phone.
Is it... How are you gonna... Is it working?
Lift up your arms.
Babe, I-I really don't think
they managed to bug us personally.
Well, they managed to break into our house
with one of the most advanced security systems in the world.
I'm not taking any chances.
Or maybe...
it's just not that advanced.
-What? -I'm just saying, babe.
Trying to have perfect security is damn near impossible.
I mean, not if you wanna have a normal life.
-This is normal? -I don't know what this is.
Do you?
Well, what are you trying to say?
I don't know. I...
Are you involved in anything?
Wait a minute, wait a minute. So you think this is about me?
Is it?
-Wow! -I'm just asking a question.
-Is that too far off base? -Babe!
I-I told you I had a record! I never hid that from you!
[car door opens]
There. You have one hour.
-Hey, who the hell are you? -Ah, all-all right!
Far enough. One call.
[engine starts]
[tires screeching]
Why are you doing this?
-What are you doing? -Checking for booby traps. An--
They ain't booby-trapped. Give me that.
[dramatic music]
Need a registration check on Massechuttes, reg,
four, whiskey, echo, Nancy, 4-9.
Like, babe, it's one small key, so it's gotta be a lockbox.
Right? I mean...
Well, let me talk to him 'cause you know how you get.
How I get?
-Good evening, officer. -Hi.
-Is this your car? -Yes. Is, um, there a problem?
-You tell me. -I'm sorry?
You out for a stroll?
-Yeah, it's nice out. -It's a little strange.
Folks like you walking around in a place like this.
Folks like us? What does that mean?
-Nah, he's just talking about-- -I'm sorry, babe.
I'm sure the officer can tell me exactly what he means.
-Can I see some ID? -For what?
Uh, ma'am, I'm just trying to do my job.
By harassing innocent citizens?
It's fine. Here you go, officer.
Babe, you gotta chill out. All right? You need to calm down.
You need to stop laying down.
Babe, now is not the time. You know I got a situation.
He does not know that. He was profiling us.
Well, now is not the time to-to stage a sit-in.
Okay? We gotta think about Billy.
It's the last thing we need is this dude.
Thank you, folks. Stay out of trouble.
-Yeah. -No more joyriding.
-[laughs] -What does that mean?
His conviction.
Sorry. It's just a joke.
-Y'all have a good night. -Yeah, you, too. Thanks.
Have fun destroying the Fourth Amendment.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[man 1] This sucks. Come on. [man 2] Get anything, babe?
Everything these guys have is crap. Goddammit.
Hey, get upstairs and check for jewelry.
So, so are you guys just thieves?
Is that what this is? You-you-you, you're robbing us?
Why all the theatrics? Just take what you want and...
-[grunts] -[Billy groans]
-We'll do what we want. -You don't have to hit him.
I wouldn't get too close to this one.
Why are you doing this?
[dramatic music]
This is the address.
I mean, it's gotta be a post office box, right?
[Janet] Yeah. Hey, uh...
What did he mean about your conviction?
-What? -The officer.
When he said, "No more joyriding."
You said it was about a bar fight gone wrong and that
you stepped in the middle of it to help the smaller guy
and things went left, no?
Yeah. Some old time I stole a car.
I was... I don't know, I was stupid.
Why would you lie about that?
Babe, we just met, you know?
And, and I just, I panicked, I guess.
-So this whole time? -Ah, my bad, I'm sorry.
It, it's fine. I'm just, you know, surprised.
It's fine.
[dramatic music]
Baby, well, why don't you stand back, just in case?
-Right? -Yeah.
Oh, God.
[eerie music]
Hey, check this out. It's one of ours.
Oh, shit! That must mean they got cameras here somewhere.
Someone gotta be in there to see 'em. Is anyone in here?
-Hello? Hello? -Hello? Is anybody here?
-We need help, please. -Hey, hey! Sir, sir!
We're closed. Open at 7 a.m..
Yeah, no, no, no, sir, I understand that. But listen.
-This is an emergency. -Then call the police.
We can't. We need to see the footage on your cameras.
-Yeah. -What, are you crazy?
I know it's weird, but it's really important.
-I work for Citadel. -Yeah.
[man] You can't force me to show you the footage.
I'm not gonna force you, sir,
but Citadel prides itself on your privacy.
And it, and it just would really help us out.
It's extremely important. Please.
[man] Tomorrow morning. Goodnight.
No, no, no, sir, please. Wait, wait, wait.
-Is this gonna get ugly? -Huh?
-[gun cocks] -Whoa! No.
-Whoa! -'Cause I can do ugly.
Nah, man. Okay, uh, we-we're going. Come on, babe.
Citadel thanks you for your business.
-Shit! -Shit.
-Guy, the guy pulls a gun out. -I can't believe it.
-Dammit! -Shit.
[Janet] Why would anyone want us to kill Larry?
Why would they want you to do it? Huh?
Where are you going?
M-me? Well, where does it look like I'm going?
-I'm going to the office. -What are you planning on doing?
Babe, did you not see what they said?
We have to at least look like
we're following directions!
I'm not killing Larry.
What if we don't have a choice?
[cell phone ringing]
Oh, God. It's Angela. Oh, my God. Thank God that you called.
-[Angela] Are you okay? Hello? -Angela, can you hear me?
-Hello? I need better reception. -Hey, honey, I heard your m...
-Hello? Yes. -Angela? Angela. Okay.
Just listen. There are men at our house, and they have Billy.
And they're following us. They're watching us.
I need you to call the police, but tell them to be careful.
-[Angela] Hello? I can't... -Can you do that for me? Hello?
-Ange! -Shh! Angela!
-[Angela] Hello? -Shit.
I don't think she heard any of that.
[mumbles] Got it. Got it. Shh, shh.
-We gotta keep this moving. -Pick up the phone, baby.
She's not answering.
The fact that we're depending on Angela
to help us is scary, babe.
-What does that mean? -The girl is 37 years old!
She just now got a dolphin tattoo on her ankle!
-Oh, come on! -Yeah. Wait.
Someone's opening up the side door.
Uh, no, no, no, no! I told them not to go in there!
Damn it!
You never said anything about hurting anybody.
-[indistinct chatter] -Patrolman face the music.
-Screw you! -[men laughing]
-[door shuts] -[Andrew] Think this is funny?
Oh, this is a joke to you guys?
-[man 1] Relax, man. -We're just messing around.
[man 2] Everyone's on the same side here.
[Andrew] Other sides. I'm paying you.
Keep anything you take. It's a job, Lancel.
[man 2] What's your problem, girl?
-[indistinct chatter] -We need a knife.
[indistinct chatter]
[man 2] This whole thing's starting to get messed up, man.
I said a knife.
-[Andrew]What I've gone through. -God, you're sexy.
[Billy breathing heavily]
-[Janet laughing] -[Shawn] Yeah!
She gonna get him out.
-She gonna get him out. -Yeah. Let's go!
[indistinct chatter]
-[door opens] -[intense music]
-No, no, no. No! -Shh, shh, shh.
What are we supposed to do with her?
-I better get her out. -No, no, no.
She's not really with these guys.
I-I think they're forcing her to help.
-Let her go. -Dude, are you serious?
-Hey, help! Over here! -Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hurry up! What are you doing? Come on!
Hey! Let's go now!
-Get her on! -Okay, okay, okay. All right!
-[whimpering] -Move it! Let's go!
-[Janet] Baby, no! -Stay strong, son.
[sobbing] Ba... No!
-[Shawn] Fuck. -[indistinct mumbling]
Wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Wait... Please, please. No!
No! No, no, no, no.
Fuck. God!
Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Babe, babe, babe, babe. Hey!
That girl. That girl got shot. Right?
-Who are these people? -I don't, I don't know.
I don't know, babe. Babe, we gotta go.
We gotta get a charger. Let's just get your phone charged.
[Janet sobbing]
[dramatic music]
I never should have called her. It's my fault.
[Shawn] No, baby. Don't you dare say that.
Okay? It's not your fault.
[Janet sobbing]
Wait, babe.
H-how did they know we were stopped?
-What? -In the, in the...
In the video, he-he put a sign that says, "Get moving."
H-how-how did he know we were stopped?
I mean, maybe someone's following us. I don't...
-I don't know. -No, th-there's no cars.
There's no way that anyone can hide.
Hey, hey, babe, babe, get your security detector thing.
Get... Grab it, grab it. Yeah.
-[Shawn] Anything? -No! No.
-Ahh! Damn. -Uh, n-nothing.
-[walkie-talkie beeps] -Wait. Wait.
-No! -When did they put this here?
How long have they been planning this?
Obviously, long enough to stay two steps ahead of us.
[intense music]
-Oh, hello. -[Janet] What?
-I see. -What? What is it?
It's time for us to go on the offensive.
That's what this is.
[music continues]
I see.
-This, too. -[beeping]
-Keep the change. -[music continues]
-Are you okay? -Yeah. Look.
Is-is that...
What are you doing?
Okay. All right.
Listen up, remember that time
I got pulled over with a suspended license?
-You mean... -Yeah, yeah. It's that time.
Come on, babe. You got this.
I can't believe you would say that to me, you son of a bitch!
You stay in the car! Don't you try to follow me!
No, you know what? You don't get off that easy.
[Janet] I'm gonna tell you exactly what I think about you!
And you just gonna sit in that car and listen!
I have a masters from MIT, a bachelors from Yale,
and with honors, and then,
I'm PADI certified as a open-water diver!
But-but-but you, you treat me like I'm just
a weak little thing because I can't open up a jar!
Is it my fault that men naturally have
stronger wrists and arms,
'cause you're just jerking off 15 times a day?
You know, if women had dicks, we'd look like Popeye, too!
I am a strong, capable woman.
I'm about to be CEO of a company.
You, my dear, are an ex-con who can't even get a job!
And you lied about why you went to jail! Who does that?
Don't get me started on our sex life 'cause,
honey, it's just non-existent.
-Uh... -Oh! Oh!
-Get out the car! -No! What the hell, man?
Man, I will blow your head off. Who sent you?
Hey-hey-hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on! Come on!
Why do you want us to kill Larry Tench?
I don't know who that is!
I swear to God, I will blow your head off.
Is that gun even real?
-[gunshot] -You could have just said yes!
Mad at me one more time, and I swear to God,
I will fill you with hot lead.
Who has our son? Who?
[urine sloshing]
-Oh. -Bruh.
I'll tell you anything you want. I'm sorry!
I didn't know any of this was real! Da...
-I'm just a actor! -Wait, what? You're an actor?
Yeah, they paid me cash, they told me it was something like
super-extreme dinner theater!
So I was just supposed to follow you and give you stuff.
-They said you were in on it! -Who? Who said we were in on it?
I don't know! They booked me through my website!! I'm a, I'm a white Rick James impersonator.
I do parties and shit, man! I'm just like, you know...
She's a kinky sexy girl oh
No offense. Uh...
The-they never let you down
Man, shut your ass up!
-Janet, get his phone. -No, come on!
Give me your phone!
[Shawn] Toss it.
Get your ass out of here. Go!
I'm Rick James, bitches.
-What the hell was that? -I-I don't know.
Ain't nothing to see here.
Come on, come on. We gotta go.
Yo, you were just kind of going in on me back there.
-Huh? -That stuff you were saying.
Ah, well, you asked me to do...
No, no, babe. You was going in in.
I wasn't going in in.
-I was just talking. -Oh, you was just talking?
So that stuff you were saying had no truth to it?
-Uh, uh... Babe, I'm... -Yeah. That's what I thought.
-I'm sorry. -That's what I thought.
Get in the car.
[Petey groaning]
-[Angela sobbing] -[Petey groaning]
All right. Come get him.
-[Billy panting] -[Petey groans]
Oh, my God! Oh.
Oh, my God!
I didn't tell 'em anything, babe.
How are we gonna get out of here?
[intense music]
Step one.
-What is he doing? -What is he...
They gave you your own spot, that's what's up.
-Yeah. That's Larry. -This?
Hey, babe, maybe, maybe he is embezzling money.
Like-like, that's what this is about maybe.
-I wonder if they hacked these. -Yo, hack this!
What? Are you crazy? I work here. What's wrong with you?
Hey, I-I-I did not mean any of that.
-It's fine. -I mean, yes.
In the dark reaches of my brain,
those thoughts rattle around.
After 18 years of marriage, stuff builds up.
I squash them all with all the good things that you do.
Yeah. It's fine, I get it.
I'm sure there are things about me you don't like.
I don't know, babe. I-I never really thought about it.
-I, I guess. -Okay. Tell me.
-Tell you what? -What don't you like about me?
Janet, I'm not playing this game with you right now.
It's not a game. Tell me what you feel.
I'm-I'm not going to get upset. I promise.
Uh-uh. That's the oldest trap in the book.
You know, they got caveman paintings
of husbands who fell for that. Uh-uh.
How is it a trap if I'm asking you?
The idea of couples sharing every secret
is some construct out of Cosmo magazine and Lifetime Movies.
Okay, I just feel that there's some secrets
that just aren't meant to be shared.
[elevator door opens]
Are you having an affair?
Why would you say something like that?
You've been distant, angry.
You disappear a few nights out of the week and
you don't tell me where.
That's what you think?
I don't know.
Don't know what?
I don't know if I can trust you.
Like, why-why-why would you even say some shit like that to me?
Like, when, when have I ever lied to you?
Apparently, since I've met you.
Okay, fine, you wanna know where I go at night?
-Yeah. -Coding class.
-Why wouldn't you tell me that? -See, that's...
That's why I didn't wanna tell you. You think it's funny.
It's like being married to Brett Favre,
you saying I wanna go play football.
Well, apparently, nobody is hiring a convicted felon.
Not even for contracting.
So I thought maybe I could take some classes
and I could contribute.
You don't have to.
You can just stay home
and we have a kid we actually plan for this time.
Can we just finish this, please?
What do you mean by "Finish this?"
-Open the door. -We're not killing Larry.
Janet, we have to go in there and at least talk to him
and figure out what is going on!
What makes you think that Larry knows anything?
Because, Janet, I'm pretty sure, if anyone wants you dead,
you may know something about it.
We're not killing Larry.
Yeah. Yeah, well...
I really liked what you guys did with the place.
-You've been here. -No, honey, I haven't.
Okay, well, there is the kitchen.
Okay, Janet, now is not the time. Oh.
Hey, get off me. I wanna find out what's going on.
-I'm just gonna talk to him. -We talked--
No, don't grab me with the gun.
-I gotta figure-- -What the hell is...
-[gunshot] -Oh!
Are you out of your goddamn mind?
I am so sorry, Larry.
-That was an accident! -Was it?
Larry, do you know anybody who wants you dead?
I think I'm looking at him.
[intense music]
[sighs] I just want a glass of damn water!
[instrumental music]
Okay. Step two.
Constant physical contact.
[music continues]
Uh, everything okay?
Uh, no, actually. How does this thing even turn on?
I get it.
It can be frustrating.
You see?
Magic touch.
-What are you doing? -Just, uh...
Just trying to get to know the real you.
-Are you wearing cologne? -You like it?
Are you seriously trying to seduce me right now?
Is this what you want?
The real me?
Oh, my God!
But I'm right, aren't I?
Hey, have a drink, man.
[Shawn] I'm good.
Well, then put the gun away, 'cause you're making me nervous.
I, I'm making you nervous?
Larry, do you have any idea
what me and Janet have been through tonight?
What you've been through? You came here to kill me!
Because, Larry, all of this
has something to do with you!
What is that bullshit? How about if I call the cops right now?
-Larry... -Hey, hey, hey! Hey!
Stop it! Stop it, both of you two.
Can I talk to Larry by myself, please?
-What? -I just need a minute. Please.
-Yeah, okay. -Thank you.
Well, he wasn't that hostile at the Christmas party.
Uh, you, uh, you want one?
Thank you.
You have no idea why someone would do this?
I got no idea. Besides, they're blackmailing you to kill me.
Do we really know which one of us they're mad at?
I feel awful because I thought
Shawn was involved with someone or something.
[Larry] Well, you did say he did some time.
Yeah, but that was a lie.
So he lied about being in jail? Okay.
If we can't call the cops, then, uh,
let's get to work on what we can do, all right?
[instrumental music]
Not bad, Mrs. Davidson, not bad.
Can't even make the desk.
[music continues]
[ominous music]
Okay. Hey.
Some good news. Your friend and her date, they're still alive.
Oh, my God! That's great news.
Yeah. A little worse for the wear, but they're still kicking.
Hey, do you recognize anyone?
Nah, they're all wearing those masks.
Wait, check this out.
They're taking their smoke breaks where they know
we don't have view. It's a dead spot in our exterior cams.
They're deliberately hiding in it.
They know our camera layout.
Can you rewind to earlier in the night?
Maybe they slipped up somewhere.
[keyboard keys clacking]
Gonna take a while to load that.
What is going on with you two?
[Billy] Kat. Uh, ah. Okay. Okay.
[man] Martinez, come here.
-What happened? -I was right about Kat.
She's-she's not really with these guys.
[indistinct chatter]
She's actually really great.
-Dude, she knocked on us. -Okay.
But she didn't have a choice.
They have footage of her dad stealing a car on camera, stupid
thing to do, she knows it, but he's sorry now, so it's...
-It's not like a big deal. -He stole a car?
Don't make it sound all judgy-like.
My hands aren't clean. Are yours?
-I'm in the Chamber of Commerce. -Ah, whatever, man.
Listen, they sent the footage to the state police
on an online drive, it doesn't open till tomorrow.
So all we have to do is hack the state police
and delete the footage, and then she's on our side.
You want to hack the state police?
Didn't you just get out of jail for doing something like that?
You told him? You told him on the first date?
-I'm sorry. -[man] Shut up in there!
[gun cocking]
Something's going down.
[intense music]
I get it, it's intimidating. But what am I supposed to do?
Hold myself back so he doesn't feel uncomfortable?
Hell, no. You're an eagle. You fly as high as you want to.
I think he's having a hard time with it because of his record.
And he thinks I look down on him,
which isn't the case at all.
Ever since my mom was killed back in high school,
laying next to him has been the only time
I've been able to sleep soundly.
He makes me feel safe.
You let work come between you.
It's the oldest story in the book.
One I know all too well.
Oh, no. How long?
Uh, long enough that I should have figured it out.
-That's on me. -Is it over?
Ask the new guy sleeping on my side of the bed.
Larry, I'm so, so sorry.
Look, my-my point with that is that work is not everything.
Well, maybe I don't wanna become CEO.
Well, now, hey, now, let's not get crazy.
[computer beeping]
-[intense music] -All right.
All right.
[sighs] Okay.
You know, you guys have more storage than, uh, Netflix.
How come? What are you guys looking at?
We're trying to get a look at someone, anyone.
-See if we can recognize a face. -Yeah, no luck so far.
They know our layout. They're good.
I wonder if you guys can humor me.
How are you accessing that video?
What? How do you mean?
I thought all, uh, video recordings
were stored locally, so no one could see.
Um, yeah, he's right. How are we able to see this?
It-it, it's just a new feature.
So having our personal, uh, security footage
for anyone to see, is a, is a new feature, Larry?
No, anyone can't see it.
Are we storing video data here?
Well... Yeah.
Dammit, we state specifically in our service agreement
that we don't store video recordings,
that the only people able to see them are the homeowners!
Do you know how bad this makes us look? How wrong this is?
Hey, the security protocols on that footage, they're airtight!
You two, shut up! Damn!
Babe! The gun. Remember?
AAA Postal, in mid-city.
Oh, my God! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please pull that up.
-You just said-- All right. -I know what I said!
[keyboard keys clacking]
[Janet] It has to be him.
Come on, let us see your face, you son of a bitch.
[intense music]
[Shawn] I could kiss that old bastard.
-Wait a minute. -What?
Just wait. Wait a minute. Wait.
-Let me-- Wait a minute. -If you know something, Larry--
Wait a minute. Would you just be quiet, please?
[intense music]
Oh, shit.
[Shawn] What?
Okay, can-can somebody fill me in?
[music continues]
He deserves to know.
Four years ago we launched Citadel Ultimate Protection,
and... we had an incident.
We sold the system to a man named Andrew Tyler
from Moosup.
Full package, the works.
You guys got an office in Moosup?
No. We hired a subcontractor.
A, a subcontractor? That means...
That's, that's a little risky, right?
It was my call.
I thought I could walk him through it.
-What happened? -It's just...
The worst-case scenario.
He left on a business trip and
his wife stayed with the two-year-old.
It was just a malfunction, the, uh, alarm went off
inside the house, but it never made it to the police station.
And, uh, it locked down the doors,
so she was trapped inside with these, uh, two criminals
and no help coming.
They shot at her four times.
We don't know if they intended to kill the kid,
but that's what happened.
Worst moment of my life when I got that call.
-How do you think he felt? -I know exactly how he felt.
'Cause he screamed it in my face during a 12-hour deposition.
[Larry] Judge had to haul him out of the room.
Ultimately, we weren't found liable, the subcontractor was.
What happened to them?
Chapter 11. He vanished into the night.
So-so they, they got nothing.
-No justice? -[Larry] No.
Now it looks like he wants to make his own.
[Larry] You kill me, he kills your son.
It's two birds with one stone.
J-Janet, I-I-I know this dude.
[Janet] You know him?
[Shawn] That guy is in my coding class.
He, like, talks my ear off every night.
You were talking about our family with a total stranger?
Babe, I ain't giving the guy PIN numbers.
We're just having conversation.
He always talks about his wife and kid.
Babe, I told him about our long weekend.
-[Janet] Shawn, you didn't. -Don't blame him.
It's my fault. We gotta call the police.
[Janet] No, no, no. They still have Billy.
I-I got contacts there I trust. They're not gonna tell.
This is my son's life on the line.
You really think they're gonna let him go, even if you kill me?
-I, I don't know. -It's either this.
Or you let him shoot me. And I may be having a rough month.
But I ain't ready to go there just yet.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, babe, babe, babe, look at, look at this.
Look at this.
[Shawn] Where are they? [Janet] What do you mean?
You know what I mean, babe, look, the men.
Where are they? They're gone! Where'd they go?
[elevator bell dings]
Did you lock the doors?
It's the middle of the night.
[Andrew] Everyone out here! Now!
-Where did they all go? -[Angela] I don't know.
-But it can't be good. -Shut up!
Why aren't they tied up?
Stand up! Hands behind you.
[cable tie squeaks]
[cable tie squeaks]
[intense music]
[Andrew] We know you're in there.
[Andrew] I said, everyone out! Hands up!
I'm not screwing around. I mean it.
I don't understand what you're trying to say to me, Larry.
Back stairwell. Other side of the office.
But we have to go out there to get to it.
Listen, I'll distract him, you two make a run for--
No, no. I'll do the distracting.
I'm the guy that got you into this.
Maybe we should just talk to him.
[Andrew] Gonna count to ten!
Then we're gonna come in shooting.
They don't wanna talk.
[Andrew] One, two...
We just can't sit here.
[Andrew] Three, four,
five, six, seven...
I'm not screwing around! Eight!
-[Larry] We're coming out! -[door opens]
[intense music]
Mr. Tench, you remember me?
I do.
-Okay, then. -No, stop!
-Babe! -No, please.
You don't have to do this.
I know I don't have to.
-I want to. -No, you don't!
Believe me, you don't.
You have every right to be upset.
When I found out what happened to you, it broke my heart.
Truly, it did.
The fact that we,
that I failed you so terribly, it...
[Janet] But this, this won't fix anything.
That violence, anger, revenge, it will just consume you.
It's not gonna bring back anyone.
It's not going to help the loss that you endured.
So I beg of you, I beg of you to choose good
because you have the power, sir,
you have the power to fix all of this
before there's anymore bloodshed,
before there's anymore pain or sorrow.
So choose good, sir. Please.
[instrumental music]
[tape ripping]
-[gunshot] -[groaning]
Come on! Go, go, go!
[Janet] Larry, please, stay with me.
[Larry coughs]
-[gunshot] -[groans] Damn!
Larry, please, Larry.
Larry, get up.
-[Janet whimpering] -[Shawn grunting]
You gonna point the gun at my wife?
Shawn, look out now!
-Hey! Look! -[grunting]
[Andrew] Get him off me. Let's go!
[Shawn groans]
-Get him up! -[Janet] Oh, Shawn.
I've got everything in the world that matters to you.
Better leave that video monitor on, I want you to see
what it feels like to lose everything at once.
[intense music]
I am so sorry, Larry.
[elevator bell dings]
[dramatic music]
[car lock beeps]
-Get in. Get in. -All right, all right!
-Ah! -Get down there!
-Dad! -Son!
-Hey, it's okay. -Give me a hand with this.
[indistinct chatter]
[Shawn] I'll be okay. You all right?
[man 2] I'm shot. [man 3] Jesus.
Both of you, you okay?
-Yeah. -Like, who are these guys?
-Long story. -[Andrew] Everybody shut up!
We need to get him to a hospital.
We're not going anywhere.
The stuff on those files is worth a fortune.
We can blackmail the company, the clients.
Hell, we can go back there tonight
and clean out the whole place.
We are talking millions. Let's bail.
I hired you for a job. We're gonna finish it.
[man groans]
[Shawn] Somebody might wanna get him some help, there's a,
a first-aid kit in the bathroom around the corner.
-Okay. -[man groaning]
-Hey. Call your wife. -[Shawn] What?
[Andrew] Call her!
-Dad! -It's okay.
It's okay, son.
[line ringing]
Hey, in ten minutes I'm gonna execute your family
and destroy your business.
I hope you're watching.
Leaving your confession on a voicemail? I mean...
Isn't that a rookie mistake?
I don't expect to get out of here alive.
And I don't think any of you should either.
Come on! Let's get those drives online.
Oh, Kat!
[man] What's up with this light?
Uh, uh...
Doesn't work. Been meaning to fix that.
Yeah. There is my baby. Okay.
Shit. I liked those.
Three minutes. Got it. Okay.
You was inside, huh?
-What? -That's a jailhouse tat.
I did 15 months in Cheshire.
We ain't gotta talk, man.
[Shawn] Promised I would never go back.
The worst 15 months of my life. Can still taste the food.
-What did I say to you? -I'm just saying.
Murder one, you want that? You think that mask is gonna help?
Y-your boy paying you guys this money, you don't think they'll
be able to trace that? Not to mention this asshole--
-Shut the hell up now! -Dad, seriously, stop.
[intense music]
[indistinct chatter on TV]
-What's goin' on? -Someone's messing with us.
[Shawn] Son!
Damn, no more bullets.
-Okay. It's all right. -Ah.
All right, listen, listen, listen.
Now you two go and hide.
-No! -No, no, no. We can help.
You guys help by hiding.
Please. All right? Be careful.
Go, go, go!
[intense music]
[man] I'll check upstairs.
Stay away from me.
But, Kat, we need to get out of here now.
-You know I can't. -I can help you.
Trust me. This is what I do.
[music continues]
Hey! Oh!
[groaning] Ow!
You punch like a girl. Hey!
-I think I broke my hand. -Oh, my God.
Ah! You're gonna have to type for me.
-What? No, I don't know how to-- -No, no, it's okay.
I'll tell you exactly what to do. Come on.
-Okay. -Type exactly what I say.
File dot kali,
python 2 dot 7.
[dramatic music]
-What happened? -They got away.
Three minutes. Here we go.
[alarm blaring]
We gotta get out of here!
No, it's her! She's screwing with us!
This place is gonna be crawling with firemen and cops! Come on!
[Andrew] No, you're gonna finish the job I hired you for.
-[man] Screw you, man! -[gunshots]
[alarm blaring]
Hey, what's going on?
You guys good in there?
[alarm blaring]
Shawn, he's coming! Move!
-Hey! -[gunshot]
[Janet] Stop this! Please!
[indistinct chatter]
-[whispers] Billy. -[indistinct yelling]
Now you want mercy?
Leave him alone, you psycho!
-Hey! -[Angela screams]
[Angela grunts]
File dot 4 dot 6 dot 1.
Delete. Execute.
See? It's gone, just like that.
You sure?
Like smoke in the wind.
Billy, get out of the house!
Oh! Oh, come on.
[Janet] Hurry, Billy!
[intense music]
Kat, come on.
-Hey! -Oh! Oh.
-[gunshot] -[Billy whimpering]
-[gunshot] -No, no! Son!
Billy! Janet, I can't get to him.
-[gunshot] -Ah!
A life for a life.
-[Janet] Hey! -[groans]
-[grunting] -Oh!
-Oh. Mom! -Billy!
-Oh, my God! Oh, my God! -Oh...
[Janet] Are you okay?
Oh! Oh, my God.
Oh, I'm so worried about you.
-Dad! -Okay.
-You all right? -Yeah.
-I hurt my hand. -Yeah?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
[siren wailing]
I'm sorry.
Take her home.
Billy, be back in the morning.
The keys are in the car.
-Love you guys. -I love you.
-Careful. -[Billy] I got you.
-Get in. Yeah. -Really?
-Good? -Yeah.
[engine starts]
[Petey] Nice. Dang.
-Angela. -Great work.
-Are you okay? -Yes, yes. Are you okay?
[indistinct chatter]
-Thank you. Thank you. -You did good in there.
Be sure to get that looked at tomorrow.
-Looks worse that it is. -[indistinct chatter]
Ah, babe, I think we're gonna bail. You hungry?
-I mean, I could eat. -We didn't eat.
-Get yourself home, girl. -I'll call you tomorrow.
-I love you. -Love you.
-Bye. -Bye.
Where's your car, babe?
-Well, Mrs. Davidson. -Hi.
-You okay? -Yeah. My heart is racing.
It's, like, going gangbusters. Do you feel that?
Yeah. You was out here beating up bad guys.
[Janet chuckles]
-Oh. -Feel me, feel me.
-Yeah. -Didn't even break a sweat.
Well, I didn't have to, 'cause you did.
-I love you, Janet. -I love you, too.
Oh, and guess what?
We have the house all to ourselves.
Once they clear the bodies out.
Yeah We gonna fight on
Yeah tell 'em why 'cause Ay ay ay ay
'Cause that's what we do Ooh ooh
Even when with our Backs against the wall
We got yeah we got
We got nothing to lose Yo
We gonna fight on we gonna fight on
We gonna fight on Yeah
Mama I'm on the billboard
They tried to clip my wings yet I still soar
That didn't work out yeah they still sore
Put your joy in the Lord don't let 'em steal yours
Yeah even when life gives you lemons
Undeserved heartbreak bitter feelings
Every time you were pushed to your limit
God showed you how to make the most
Of what you were given yup
And now I get it what you were teaching me
Showed me not what I wanted but what I need to see
For them times I ignored you I apologize
You did say a hard head makes a soft behind
Zero compromise always made the sacrifice for your kids
So we can live a better life
Praying for us through the night
I get my smile from you bring the hook in
This is what we gonna do yeah yeah yeah
Tell 'em why 'Cause that's what we do
Tell 'em with our backs against the wall
With our backs against the wall yeah
We got nothing to lose
Yo we gonna fight on we gonna fight on
We gonna fight on Go ahead
Cry if you must but you better not give up
I say that with love it's true
I've seen tough times too
Tough times don't last tough people do
So put up your dukes or chunk the deuce
Fight or flight Which pill? Red or blue?
Every life matters not a soul can change that
A hashtag on Twitter can't make or break that
Take that take that Take that
I'm on my diddies make 'em bend together
Who's comin' with me clever and witty
Instead of Tom and Jerry Bobby and Whitney
Let's fight together and unite the city
Even when they hate we gonna show 'em love
They won't understand that's how we overcome
They wanna knock us 'cause they not us
Let 'em poke and mock us man I promise God got us
[man] Bring it back one time.
We gonna fight on