Alba Regia (1961) Movie Script

Alba Regia.
It sounds like a flower's name,
but it's the name of this city.
It means everything to me.
I was born here.
Spent my childhood here.
And something more. A person,
whom I met here some 15 years ago.
And whom I've never forgotten since.
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- Evening, doctor.
Thank you.
- Your name?
- Zsolt Szabo.
Who are you looking for?
It's Doctor Hajnal I want,.
That's me.
I feel sick.
Let me in.
I can't turn on the lights unfortunately.
This way.
There are twenty-six steps.
Where are you from?
I'm a refugee from Transylvania.
Here. Turn left
at the end of the corridor.
It's not locked.
Don't look around. I'm packing.
What's wrong with you?
My heart.
- It beats irregularly.
- Irregularly?
Well, that's no surprise
in times like these!
I'm not surprised by it.
It just hurts.
Please, take off your coat,
and lie down there!
Uncover your arms and legs!
I'll make some tea.
Unfortunately I can only
examine you.
I don't have a private practice
nor keep medicine here at home, either.
I haven't slept in 3 days.
I'll travel to Germany
with the hospital in the morning.
Are you asleep?
Doctor Hajnal!
Doctor Hajnal!
Doctor Hajnal! Doctor Hajnal,
where are you?
Take him!
- Doctor Hajnal! - Good day!
- Let's go! Come!
Yes, I'll tell Sister
to fetch more bandages!
Leave that for now!
I've kept you a place in the car!
Take care of the rest during
the journey! Come on! Take everything!
- Put a bandage on him!
- Hurry up!
Everything seems to go smoothly, Major!
I've never had such a pleasant
evacuation before! Move it!
Doctor in charge, please!
A new transport from the front!
Go to the front of the surgery!
Take a left at the end of the corridor!
Sister! Prepare for surgery!
Have you gone crazy?
The Russians might be here any minute!
Your humanity's worth nothing
if they shoot you down!
It doesn't really matter where one dies!
Have a good journey, Mr. Konrad!
It's done!
- Sister! The electricity is back!
- Yes!
Doctor! Your pack for the journey!
Eat something!
What is it with you, Sister?
My clothes were completely destroyed.
I'll soon fix it. So I just had to wear
civilian clothes.
So you ARE a woman after all!
This is the first time I've noticed!
May I invite you to dinner?
Here, Ma'am!
Pardon, Miss!
- Doctor!
- Yes?
Doctor, please!
What will happen to us now?
I've had no time to think about it yet.
Why are you asking?
I'm afraid!
It's a pity! Let's eat at least!
Don't be afraid!
I was told they execute everybody!
That they turn churches into
And that they send the priests
to the mines.
You see, this doesn't seem to
affect me too deeply.
I don't really go to cinemas
or churches.
The refugees say that they'll
introduce a dixy-system!
Everybody will be given a dixy, then
everything else must be handed in.
And everything will be shared.
Including women!
That doesn't sound too bad...
We spoke too soon!
- Are you really not afraid, Doctor?
- These are only minor things, Sister.
Are you familiar
with the history of Hungary?
I studied it.
Then tell me. When did we ever
win a war allied with the Germans?
- I don't know.
- Of course you don't!
Because such a thing never happened!
Now tell me! Which is the nation
that never wished to destroy us?
You should know at least this much!
Everybody wished to destroy us!
And for us, the best thing would
have been...
Shine a flashlight.
There's Doctor Hajnal.
Doctor Hajnal!
Doctor Hajnal!
It's me!
Please, automobile.
Quickly! Quickly!
It's cold outside.
Wear your coat.
Coat. Put it on.
Sister! Throw me my coat!
If I don't come back,
on the other hand...
Stop, stop!
Well, come in.
Good evening, Doctor!
Good evening, mayor!
No fire! Understand?
Hey, stop!
Anybody could verify me!
I was forced to bake bread
for the Germans!
I'm a baker! Bread! Tovarish!
I was forced! Please, I...
I didn't do anything!
I'm your humble servant, mayor!
- Please, I'm not!
- Shut up, Mr. Viniczay!
You must accept your lot!
Please, get out.
Please, get out, come on.
Hurry, hurry.
Stand by the wall!
Turn round!
None of them has any weapons!
Who are you?
- I'm a baker, but I didn't...
- And you?
- Mayor.
- You stay here. And you?
Manager of the electric station.
Back on the truck! You'll continue!
- And you?
- Surgeon.
- Did you come from a hospital?
- I was brought here.
- Go into the house!
- And you?
Chief Engineer of the city.
Follow the doctor!
- And you?
- Calvinist cleric.
Are there only wounded in the hospital?
- Germans as well?
- Yes.
Why were they left behind?
They arrived just before departure.
And why did you stay here?
I'm a Hungarian.
If I must die,
I'd rather die here at home.
Please, make yourself at home!
Big words, doctor.
Take a seat!
I didn't mean it like that.
Is the hospital well-equipped?
They took everything.
- Medicines, bandages?
- Hardly enough for those already there.
For how many wounded could
you give places to?
We have no bedlinen, no blankets,
or orderlies...
The machines are taken apart...
And what if you're given everything
you'd need?
Then... then I could probably place
200 people more!
I could use the corridors as well!
- Write down everything you need!
- Now?
Now, now! Here!
For you, peace has already arrived.
Just keep managing the hospital!
Are you the Chief Engineer of the city?
You'll give me a report on the condition
of the utilities! Come to the other room!
Think about life, doctor!
About those still alive!
- Sister!
- Doctor!
Doctor! I'm doctor Laszlo Koch.
I'm on labour service.
Humbly reporting for duty.
- Doctor! Your clean clothes are here!
- Did you eat?
Then take a bath, and sleep!
We'll be busy tomorrow! Sister!
We'll get everything! Blankets, medicines!
Even the corridors full of beds!
I'll help you!
Doctor Koch! I'm the head doctor of the
hospital, you're in charge of the wards.
And now, your bath!
Burn your clothes too!
And with them all your bad memories!
And you'll wear white clothes again!
Do you understand?
Yes, Doctor!
It only lasted for a month.
I feel like a guinea pig,
or a rat, a monkey
behind some unbreakable glass!
- Everything keeps changing!
- It's God's Will!
Don't you have those...
those earthly wishes in you
that at least once...
only once, things should happen
the way you want?
How do you want
things to happen, doctor?
Only God knows.
Man just waits... but
He doesn't even know for what...
By the way, your predictions
about the dixy, and free love
didn't come true!
I'll go home now.
The Germans will be here soon!
Are you afraid?
Then just put your nun's habit back on!
Come in.
Good day!
Good day!
Haven't seen you for a long time!
For a whole month.
- Come in!
- Thank you.
Here. Take a seat!
I'll bring some more firewood.
I thought you'd gone as well!
Why did you think that?
'cos it's not too smart to be alone
in a city that's on the front-line.
That's why I came to you.
Put me in your hospital
for a couple of days!
Why think about me?
You're the only one I know.
I can't take you in.
- We have no bedlinen, or fuel.
- No problem.
- We cannot feed you.
- No problem.
I'll have to send away
all the civilian patients in a week!
No problem. Just until then!
They'll ask us why you're here!
I'm sick. You know.
I don't know that.
You can find out.
All right.
Take your camisole off
and lie down!
How long has your
heart bothered you?
Ever since the war started.
- Did you do any demanding work?
- I did.
I cleared away the ruins,
and moved corpses.
Place your arms beside your body!
Are you worried now?
Deep breath!
You can dress now!
There is nothing wrong
with your heart!
You don't owe me anything
for the examination!
Don't think that I'm afraid!
I'm a doctor!
I don't participate
in this war!
Neither the Germans
nor the Russians harmed me!
- I think you understand, I only did
this out of principle... - I understand!
Can you get through to the Russians?
I could have done that already
if I wanted to.
Wait, I'll make some tea, before...
Please, don't!
I've already lost precious time.
They're here.
Heil Hitler! Sergeant-major Totke.
- Doctor Hajnal. - I was
ordered to search the entire building!
- Of course. Go ahead!
- Are there others in the building?
- There are some civilian patients
in two wards upstairs. - And here?
This here is my room.
- Allow us to take the Sister with us!
- I can come with you myself if you want!
You I must escort to
- May I lock my room?
- Of course.
You're in excellent shape, doctor!
- You don't seem to be tired at all!
- I'm glad you think so, Captain.
And I'm glad that I didn't find your name
on any party-membership lists!
I was never interested in politics.
Unfortunately this has
its disadvantages as well.
I don't know what you mean by that.
I was thinking about doctor Koch.
Doctor Koch is a doctor.
Who reported for work
at the hospital.
Doctor Koch is a Jew, who is hiding in
the city despite our strict instructions!
Could you tell me who hid him?
We never talked about that.
What did you talk about then?
Are you sweating?
Interesting. I feel a bit cold.
So, what did you talk about then?
About the situation of the hospital.
Medical procedures...
- Surgery. - You used
to work together before the war? - Yes.
And are you suggesting
that old work-mates
would only talk about trivial things
for a whole month? Hmm?
Well, we hardly met.
I was in the surgery,
he was in the wards.
- There are only a few doctors and we
worked a lot... - For the Russians...
Please, the hospital is a neutral zone,
I think...
Ten German soldiers were murdered
in this neutral zone!
- I didn't know about that!
- And the wounded who were left here?
- Please, are you saying...
- No questions, just answer, please!
Ten died of their injuries,
and the rest were sent to
prison-camps following their recovery.
These 10 soldiers died
under your hands, doctor!
No! The surgery was successful!
So you passed on live patients
from the operating room?
- Yes, but... - And where did
the patients go from there?
- To the wards.
- And doctor Koch oversaw the wards!
- Yes, but... - Then doctor Koch was
responsible for the ten soldiers!
- Please. - Thank you doctor
for verifying our assumptions!
This is why doctor Koch fled the city
after the Russians left!
Forgive me for acting rather rudely
a moment ago.
Would you like some?
This means that the verdict
was just.
Because doctor Koch was captured
this morning and hanged.
He is hanging on the main square,
with a sign to inform everyone,
This is what happens to murderers!
I think, it's about time to reconsider
your thoughts about neutrality!
Major! Thank you for your visit!
Thank you, doctor!
You can go now!
I'm glad you came through! Giving
the right answers, not taking the blame!
- Yes. Konrad!
- Yes!
You're a doctor first and foremost
and not a soldier!
Tell me, but honestly!
- How many Russian wounded have you
killed so far? - I don't understand.
- Can you believe that a doctor would...
- Do you want a Viennese cigarette?
My wife sent them.
I don't understand these things anymore.
I've been a soldier for 5 years now!
The longer I stay a soldier,
the less I become a doctor.
So, just go! Have a rest!
The hospital will be here tomorrow!
Good bye!
- Have they left? - They have.
They found everything in order.
- Just like that?
- Yes.
Do you love her?
Come in or you'll be frozen!
- How old are you?
- 24.
How long have you been a soldier?
- For 3 years.
- What did you do before?
Are you interrogating me?
Not at all.
I'd just like to know
what is necessary
to live under the same roof
with you for some time.
- What kind of doctor are you?
- Well?
You mean? I'm a surgeon.
- Why do you have an electrocardiograph?
- I was interested in it.
I didn't have to pay for it all at once.
I hardly ever use it. How long
do you want to stay here?
- Not for long.
- And where will you go from here?
- To Berlin.
- Do you have friends there as well?
Enemies only.
I won't stay at home too much.
I won't disturb you.
Whatever you find,
just use as you wish.
If you're tired, you can lie down.
You don't have to worry about me,
because I...
well, I mean...
I won't abuse the situation.
Do you understand?
I do.
You don't have to worry either,
as I won't abuse the situation either.
- What do you mean?
- The same as you.
- Diagnosis?
- Appendicitis.
- What?
- Appendicitis.
It's unbelievable!
What is this civilian tempo, my son?
In the fourth year of fighting?
A soldier armed to the teeth
in the middle of the war,
and he falls into bed
with appendicitis?
Put him to sleep!
Know what? I'll operate on you
with my eyes closed as punishment!
I can't bear to look on such
a horrid sight!
Amputation of the leg or a lung-shot!
That's something!
But appendicitis?
- Ready?
- Ready.
I wish we'd never have to perform
a more complicated surgery!
Of course in the very last moment...
Not this French spoon!
This is almost as bad as a stomach-shot!
But the bullet comes from inside,
not the outside.
Wipe down the blood, Sister!
This is a civilian operation!
That's it.
- Has Major Konrad arrived yet?
- Not yet.
Then we'll have a break after this.
You excite me
with your civilian clothes again!
Admit it!
You don't even want to put on
your Nun's clothes again!
This is not the right time
to sin, doctor!
- And there is a war going on!
- That's true!
But I won't take it on myself
if by the time the war is over
you've not returned to your order
and a good soul is lost!
Major Konrad has arrived!
Another reason to have
a break!
I'd love to not just sew this abdomen,
but to embroider it as well!
I've not had such a good operation
in a long time! Close it up.
Put sandbags over it! write down I
handed over the inspection! I'm off home!
- Did you collect my dinner?
- It's on your table. - Thank you!
- I'm sorry for being late!
- No problem!
Great news! We're to apply a new weapon!
Tell the Hungarian Personnel please!
I certainly will.
Work well!
- Major Konrad has checked the food!
- I know. I came for my dinner.
Didn't Sister take it upstairs?
Do you imply I'm trying
to take two portions, perhaps?
Damn this mess! Somebody just ate
the doctor's dinner!
Forgive me, doctor!
There's still such chaos here
as if we were on the front-line!
No problem!
- Good day!
- Don't come in yet! I'm taking a bath!
You were taking a bath
when I left!
I couldn't properly recover what I lost
even if I took a bath every day
for a whole month.
Hurry up! Dinner is ready!
Turn away!
- Do you mind if I ask something?
- It depends.
You either don't eat anything, or
you're stealing food for me!
I'm stealing it.
Well... Eat!
Don't look at me! I'm ashamed
of myself for being so hungry!
- I got some milk too!
- Milk?
- Where?
- From Saint Stephen street.
Do you know who Saint Stephen was?
The first king. The very first king.
- And do you know why he's a saint?
- There were some miracles..
Do you believe that?
It doesn't matter.
Saints don't get offended.
Tell me!
- Do you have flats like this back home?
- We do.
- With bathrooms?
- That too.
Is there anything here that
you don't have back home?
- There is.
- What?
Lords and their servants.
So, I'll just get some milk.
- No. You don't have to!
- No.
A bit of exercise will do me good!
When was the last time
you had a walk?
- A long time ago.
- And where?
- Far away from here.
- With whom?
- On my own.
- I like to have a walk on my own, too.
I didn't say I liked it.
Here is the milk.
Have a good day!
What happened?
- I needed a walk, too.
- Is that why you were running?
They followed me in the end.
I had to run.
I didn't expect you to do
a foolish thing like that!
If I'd have know this,
I'd have locked you in, or...
you must stop these things here, do you
understand? There's no war in this house!
Can you really believe
that it's enough to just say it
- and the war will be over? - You had
to run, because you were followed.
Tomorrow they might shoot at you!
The next day, get hit!
You're heading for disaster!
Why do you have to do all this?
Who needs it?
What's the point
in all this madness?
With two suitcases
right behind the enemy!
When war will unfold
by its own rules anyway!
Just be happy being alive?
Enjoy warm baths or fresh milk?
You hardly sleep! Or do you think
I haven't noticed
that you just sit at the
end of your bed all night long
grabbing your gun?
Why try to persuade me?
- Because there is no other way
I can finish your war! - Our war.
The war taking place in Hungary
is not for Hungary for quite some time!
But it is!
Except that the Volga people
in your Ancient Homeland see it
more clearly, than you people here!
Give me your coat!
You didn't just come from
another country,
but from an another world, too.
Your thoughts are different,
just like your truths,
probably your happiness
is entirely different too.
It isn't.
Open up!
It's us!
Forgive us for disturbing your
solitude but a lonesome man
can easily become overly sentimental,
and turn against the law!
I hope we won't disturb you too much.
You know these gentlemen.
Helmuth, Fritz, Karl, and the others
just introduce yourselves!
Unfortunately there's no electricity.
Twenty six stairs up.
Are you trying to tell me that
there's somebody else here too?
- Yes, a...
- A man...
- No. A woman.
- Well...
You can tell me, no problem.
- About this...
- No.
- One of my patients, who
- So, are we going or not?
Of course, please...
Miss, allow me to introduce my
Richard Holtzs.
Heil Hitler! von Hoffmann.
Von Schneider.
Doctor, please!
Introduce me to the lady!
Regimental doctor, Konrad,
commander of the hospital.
Congratulations, colleague!
In case you couldn't heal her
on your own,
I'll be ready to help you out.
May I take your coats?
Please, gentlemen!
Make yourselves at home!
I always think about Vienna whenever
I hear a waltz.
- Do you live there?
- Uhum.
Have you ever been to Vienna?
Not yet. But I would like to.
May I have the first dance,
young lady?
Gentlemen, in this friendly house,
in the company of this
splendid young lady,
among our allies, I would like
to empty my glass to the new weapon,
and to the victory
it will surely bring us!
We always drain the glass
when we drink to victory, Major!
Of course. To Victory!
Thank you very much.
No-no-no! I'm the one to
give you a light this evening!
With this.
- Nice, isn't it?
- Karl! Pour some more!
Helmuth is a collector.
But he's very decent. He only
asks for memorabilia from those
who end up in his hands.
- Do you have a big collection?
- From all around Europe! Cheers!
- This is quite unusual, though!
- Didn't I mention it?
She is a little refugee
from Transylvania.
Bit of humanity.
You understand?
That you're trying to keep secret?
Whoever takes a women
into his house in times of war
instead of getting involved in politics
is 100% trustworthy.
I didn't want to start a rumour.
A pity. It would have cast
a favourable light on you.
If you don't mind, I'd like to report this.
With utmost discretion of course.
Thank you for looking after me!
And I'll make sure they'll give you
an extra portion of food every day.
I know that these...
- Hungarian women...
- But, Major, please!
Congratulation, again, doctor!
Well, if one wishes to have a good time,
one must go to the Hungarians!
Oh, such fire! Such temperament!
It could explode any minute!
Explosions come with the war.
Ah, where's your sense of poetry!
You just envy a couple
of minutes of peace from us!
I don't even understand how you can
match up with this enchanting young girl!
Are you not drinking?
- Thank you.
- Well, if you allow me. - Of course.
- You look so pale, today, Karl!
- It's my heart!
I see you have an electrocardiograph!
- Should I examine you?
- Very nice of you, but it's really not...
Come on! Just lie down here!
What is it? An examination?
That's serious equipment!
Are you going to examine me as well?
Come, ladies and gentlemen!
One examination for one pengo!
Children pay half-price! Come! Come!
The entrance is at the front,
the exit is behind.
Did I step on you? I'm so sorry!
Come on, lieutenant! So...
Stepping on such a sweet little
foot with your boots!
I don't feel anything.
Of course, it must hurt very much.
Well, gentlemen, I think unfortunately
the dance is over.
Let's start the complete
heart examinations!
Excuse me, for a moment!
- There is a radio in the equipment.
- What?
Excuse me. I just came
for some water.
I have heartburn
whenever I drink wine. - Here.
- What's happening! Come on!
- The patient's getting impatient!
The patient! That's good!
- It might not work. I've not used it
in a long time. - I'll fix it then!
A good communications-officer
knows how to fix everything, right?
- Excellent!
- Excellent!
Well, doctor?
Alba Regia...
Is that the rhythm
of your heart, buddy?
No! No! Don't turn it off!
Perhaps it will tell us more!
This guy has a Morse heart beat!
I've never seen such a thing
Not now.
That was good!
What is it connected to?
- To the network.
- The network?
I'll try to triangulate it
with the car tomorrow.
I can take it apart now
if it disturbs your examinations.
- No. I hardly ever use it.
- I'd rather have a look at it!
- Come on, Koch!
- What happened?
Gentlemen! It's a heavenly sign
urging us to leave!
Don't go! Don't be disturbed
by this inconvenience!
I must go unfortunately,
I'm on duty.
- Let's go, gentlemen!
- We'd be happy to stay around, though!
- Good bye! - Well, I'll have
to come back to fix it later!
- Good night!
- I kiss your hand!
Good night!
Thank you for granting us peace for
a couple of hours! I kiss your hands!
You have a Morse heart beat, man!
Alba Regia.
Alba Regia. This is Alba Regia.
I'm waiting.
- Alba Regia. This is Alba Regia.
- Stop it!
- Please, stop it!
- Alba Regia.
I've had enough!
Do you think,
I haven't had enough as well?
Enough of the vulnerability?
Of the hiding?
Of being constantly on the run?
From being stripped naked?
Being yelled at?
Or being shot at?
I'd also prefer
listening to music instead of orders!
Wishing I wouldn't be startled
at each and every noise!
And I want finally to laugh out loud!
And no more fear!
No fear...
Where are you going?
If they catch me here
you'll be persecuted as well.
And you'll be shot
even if you tell everything
you know about me.
And you hardly know anything
about me.
But... but why are you
telling me this now?
You asked.
I won't let you go!
If I stay here, the fear will
continue, just like the shivering.
And I won't stop this war.
You can live in peace, sleep in peace,
and you won't have to steal
again either.
I am not a coward!
Words have no weight these days.
People say yes or no
with their own lives now.
- I won't let you go away!
- You're sentimental.
I love you!
There's a war.
Can't we love,
fear for one another during a war?
Must we do what War wants
during a war?
I didn't ask you who you are!
What you do! I was just...
... happy that you are here.
I won't let you go!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop, or else...
Alba Regia...
It sounds like a flower's name.
But it's the name of this city.
Alba Regia...
I kept whispering it when I was
a medical student,
every time we were getting
dressed for surgery.
And I even felt like that.
In Royal White.
It's so good for people,
to be able to have memories.
Every moment is the wonderful memory
of being alive.
Doctor Hajnal.
Everything reminds me
of your name, Alba!
War will be over soon.
I love you!
I love you, Alba!
Have you ever thought of
what will happen after the war?
Much more than just that.
There is peace already.
We wouldn't be here if there were
peace already.
Then I'm glad there's still a war!
A month ago I didn't even know
you existed.
Now you know!
- There is one thing I still
don't understand! - What?
What did you mean by saying
that people say yes or no
with their own lives?
But I was saying it in Hungarian.
Do you want to go home
after the war?
Everybody returns home
after the war.
And what if I would ask you
to stay?
You don't know if somebody
is waiting for me back home.
Is there?
No one.
Saint Stephen took
a foreign bride also!
- I don't understand.
- What?
- 'also'.
- But I said it in Hungarian!
You didn't answer my question, Alba!
Will you stay here with me?
I'm a soldier.
- I'm not my own lord and master.
- And what if the war was over?
- I don't know.
- You must know!
- Don't ask me!
- Are you keeping something from me?
I'm so afraid.
Seeing the two of you reminds
me of Napoli.
Where would you like to go? Please.
A walk for good health?
It's a must!
The body demands it!
But I must return to the hospital.
For the night shift.
Do you remember Alba Regia?
When the electrocardiograph...
and I thought it was Karl's heart.
Yes, I remember.
So, it turned out that it's a radio.
I've even heard it occasionally since,
from my car.
Can you still hear it back home?
Being honest, I don't use
that machine at all.
But we've just arrived at the hospital!
We'll get out now.
Thank you for your kindness!
I get out here too.
I'll escort the young lady home
if you'll allow me.
- Thank you.
- Good bye. This way.
I'll come up with you for a
moment, if you don't mind.
- I hope you don't think I'm intrusive!
- Not at all!
Good evening, regimental doctor!
Good evening!
You're right on time!
Helmuth gave me a ride... in his car.
Where is Helmuth now?
He escorted home...
my wife.
I hope you're not jealous.
- Helmuth isn't interested
in women at all. - Is that so?
- Can you hear it?
- I can.
Hey, by God! So much
for my peace and quiet!
Good night, doctor!
I'll be right on time in the morning!
- Sister! - Yes, doctor!
- I'll go home for an hour now.
If anything happens in the meantime,
look for me there.
I'll be back in the morning,
so I'll go now.
Enough! Enough! Enough!
I told Konrad that he came here.
Then he must be carried away.
I'll take him.
I'll take him to the hospital.
I'll be back in the morning.
You stay here!
Is he drunk?
No. He's still alive.
I'm a doctor. I'm going to the
hospital for an inspection.
Who are you?
- Will you operate? - Yes.
- I'd like to be present!
- As you wish!
- Will he survive?
I don't know yet. Sister, please!
Prepare the surgery!
You wash yourself!
I need no assistance! Infusion!
Please, follow the sister!
Why did you come?
I love you.
You must go away!
I'll stay here with you.
Go away! You must go!
- Pulse?
- Weak.
Report that the lieutenant
will survive.
Sister, you're so quiet as if you'd
put on your old clothes!
No, doctor, please!
Fetch some blood!
The lieutenant will stay in your room.
Keep the key with you!
Don't let anyone disturb the patient!
- And you, doctor?
- What about me?
Won't stay here too?
Yes. I'll stay here too.
Stay here!
I'll wake up the orderlies!
And they'll take away the patient!
Two of you go to the surgery,
and bring up a patient!
Place sandbags at the windows!
Not here! Put them in the wards!
- What happened?
- Ten trucks are arriving.
Sister! Ready both the surgeries!
- Major Konrad?
- He's not here. What's this?
I must position
3 machine-guns on the roof!
- It's not allowed to bring weapons to
a hospital! - I was only informing you.
- What happened?
- The Russians are attacking!
Sister! Give me an apron as well!
- The Russians are shooting at
the hospital! - Silence in the surgery!
- Close the door if you can!
- Regimental doctor!
- Don't disturb me! - The Russians are
shooting at the guns on the roof!
Finish it, please!
Major! Machine-guns on the roof!
Why didn't you report that there
was an attempt on an officer's life?
I didn't know about it.
- Where was Helmuth last last?
- The doctor said he went to his place.
- Where is doctor Hajnal now?
- In the surgery.
- Call him here!
- He's operating!
Tell him to stop it!
Yes, Sir!
Doctor! Stop!
They want to interrogate you!
- What happened to Helmuth?
- He's alive.
I'll go upstairs
after I'm finished here.
Stop it now!
Light some lamps!
I have never killed a man before!
And I don't intend to start now either!
Doctor Hajnal!
Stack them back!
Cover the patient!
Stop! Doctor!
Hurry up! We have only
a few minutes left!
Victory. This is Victory!
Interland, come in!
Victory. This is Victory!
Interland, come in!
- Over.
- You look for it too!
Victory. This is Victory!
Interland, come in!
Requesting further instructions.
Alba Regia.
This is Alba Regia.
Requesting further instructions.
I'll be back.
Alba Regia.
It sounds like a flower's name,
but it's the name of this city.
It means everything to me.
I was born here.
It means my childhood,
and Alba, who never came back.
She went to Berlin,
as she said.
She died there.
And yet,
I'm still waiting...
ypse, corvusalbus, Janatas