Albatross (2022) Movie Script

[light music playing]
[waves lapping]
[gentle music playing]
[woman sings opera]
[sounds echo]
[man] a journey...
to work my mind my body's work...
[opera volume increases] expired.
From then my thoughts,
from far where I abide,
intend a zealous pilgrimage
to thee...
And keeping my drooping eyelids
open wide.
Hey, look.
Do you think it's a sign?
He's been following us.
Isn't it mesmerizing?
He's just... waiting to die.
Who would kill
such a beautiful thing?
[man laughs]
Please, don't hang the albatross
around my neck.
[orchestral music playing]
[engine backfires]
[engine sputtering]
[sighs] Come on,
don't do this now!
Don't do this.
Come on, come on!
[grunts] Not now!
[woman] Did you forget
to see the mechanic?
I told you last week.
There's been a lot on my mind.
The house isn't finished yet
The plumber's coming on Monday,
Not much we can do before then.
Hey. We will
get used to this town.
The last chapter's
isn't even finished yet,
I still need time to wo-
I don't know why
you keep fiddling with it,
I love your book.
-The publisher...
-[door slams]
[trunk opens]
Don't listen to them,
your ideas, they're good.
You know it!
Well, the ending... isn't good.
I've got to come up
with something better.
It's a family story,
you know it better than anybody.
Let's go,
it doesn't look very far.
[birds caw]
We're not going anywhere
in that.
Just give me a minute!
You don't always
have to fix things.
It's only
a couple of streets over.
You can't just walk away
from your problems, Thomas.
Maybe I'll solve them.
Who knows, the walk
might be good for my book.
It's been five years,
a night off won't hurt.
Your uncle insisted
on this dinner,
and you're tinkering
with that pile of junk.
Uncle Bertram was kind enough
to introduce us to the Burkes,
I'm sure they'll wait.
Now, can I just have
five minutes?
[train whistle blows]
[clock ticking]
[man] Will you
describe it to me again?
[younger man] I can't find
the words, Dr. Burke.
[inhaling] Try, Kenny.
Keep sketching.
Look at your drawing
from earlier.
You see any difference?
Mine isn't finished.
You know that's not
what I'm asking.
Take a look again,
the acid should have kicked in.
Has the image
in your mind changed?
[Kenny gulps]
No. Not really.
Those shoulders
are more or less the same.
There's a delicacy.
Also a power.
Focus on him.
The conflict is within you.
[scoffs] Me?
Who am I?
Let yourself go
and it will resolve.
Don't you want to fit in,
What is that?
I don't know.
[Kenny scoffs]
[Thomas] Are you sure
I can't help you with something?
I've got it, Thomas.
Um, there's something
we should talk about.
That I need to tell you--
I know, I know.
Be on my best behavior.
-'Cause they're high society.
[stammers] It's not that,
it's just--
Have you tried that pipe?
I know what I'm doing, Thomas.
It's the radiator.
Okay, go.
-[car starts]
We should be okay for tonight.
You never cease to amaze me.
[car engine revs]
[light music playing]
[man] Your art will take off
at some point, Carol.
Your work has improved
since you've started
listening to me.
[Carol] Did they,
Did they like... them?
Carol! They loved them.
-Bought the pair, both of 'em.
And the largest one?
Uh, not yet.
But, uh, give it time.
Your art is so unique.
Oh, yes.
Nothing like
those silly doodles
from the old days,
I do miss college.
And Lloyd?
Busy as always?
Are you sure tonight's
not an imposition?
Don't be silly, Bertie.
Well, I appreciate it,
your welcoming my niece.
they've had a difficult
go of it, acclimating.
If she's anything like you,
we'll get along just fine.
[laughs] You do love
to exaggerate.
they'll even join the Club?
A little premature.
Oh, well, wishful thinking.
[laughs] You haven't changed.
But look,
just enjoy tonight
and let me know how it goes.
-Talk soon.
-[line disconnects]
[Lloyd] Try not to think,
just to be.
Let the music flow through you.
[gentle music starts]
[wind blows]
Do you feel it?
It's pulsing. [laughs]
Succumb to it.
It's suffocating.
[Kenny exhales and laughs]
[ominous music playing]
[Lloyd] It's time,
don't be afraid.
We need to go back there again,
I can help.
You know what to do.
You're not alone.
Describe it to me.
An exquisite negative.
Don't talk like a pansy.
Don't call me that.
College was long ago,
but I know it felt good.
Isn't it
the most beautiful feeling,
to be a
pretty little pansy?
I know it feels good.
Kenny, what do you see?
[Kenny murmurs]
I don't...
I don't know where I am,
but boy, am I afraid.
-Look at the fear...
-[unzips pants]
...and tell me how it feels.
[both breathe heavily]
[Kenny laughs]
[ominous music playing]
[car approaches]
[bird caws]
[engine putters off]
You said you were worried
about being late.
Let's go.
-[car door closes]
-This place is pretty swanky,
He's just a doctor, Thomas.
Not my father.
Right, at least she's an artist.
See, we'll have a good time.
[exhales] Deep breath
before the plunge.
Yeah. Happy faces.
You must be the Mill... ers.
Come in.
It must be cold out, isn't it?
[Thomas laughs]
This street is picturesque.
And your home is lovely.
You're too kind.
Please, your coats.
[Carol clears throat]
This fur is divine.
-[both women] Hmm.
-Awfully nice indeed.
Bertie tells me
that you've just moved.
Yes, it's so thoughtful of you
to have us over.
Oh, not at all,
anything for the...
Where have you settled?
Oh, just an old place,
over on Clarence.
The Walker estate.
That is a charming...
-[door thuds]
-[Elizabeth] Ah!
-Everything all right?
-[Carol] Yes.
-[Thomas] Hmm.
[Elizabeth] I wouldn't
quite call it an estate.
[Carol] Lloyd won't be long,
he's just finishing,
treating a patient.
Let me go see if he's ready,
won't be a minute.
[light music playing]
[Thomas] Hmm.
What was your uncle thinking?
[Elizabeth] We need to know
more people in this town.
She reminds me of your mother.
She's pleasant enough.
They're not all like my parents.
You have to get out more,
build a community.
we'll be eating dinner
at the corner diner forever.
I don't know why
you've become so melancholic,
but sometimes it can be
so hard to talk to you.
He's not even hung.
At least give them a fair shot,
Uncle likes them,
so... we should like them.
I'm tired of living
hand-to-mouth because
my parents are angry with me,
I mean us.
Don't start this again.
It's not as though
we'll struggle for much longer,
once your book is published
Like it or not, we can be
a part of this world.
I bet you
they are into some weird shit.
Just... try to be nice, for me.
You want me to put on a show?
-Be that charming...
...literature student
who swept you off your feet?
Bring him back.
[both laugh]
[dramatic music playing]
They could come back
any second.
-Well, that's all right.
[knocking continues]
[Lloyd grunts]
I'm in session, Carol.
-They're here.
[Kenny laughs]
The Millers.
Dinner, remember?
Please, I don't want
to keep them waiting.
We-- We haven't finished.
Carry on without me.
It's important,
Bertie's niece.
I don't want to upset him.
[Lloyd sighs]
[Kenny laughs]
Oh, that's so good. [sighs]
[Lloyd] Hey.
Session's over.
Wake up.
[finger snapping]
But I'm floating.
You'll come down soon.
Time to go.
But you didn't get to finish.
Next week.
My wife's got company.
Pull up your pants.
He'll be right out, he is just
finishing work with a patient.
You know how busy
the medical profession is.
Or maybe you don't...
do you know?
Are they yours?
Oh, goodness no.
How different you are
than your uncle.
They're Dutch.
17th century,
if I'm not mistaken.
That's right, they are.
Passed down
through Lloyd's family.
[faint clattering]
Oh, speak of the devil.
I assumed an artist
would display their own work.
Oh, I couldn't possibly,
could I?
You'll see them in the studio,
I'll give a tour later.
Maybe we can get
a few more pieces
into her uncle's gallery.
What a great idea.
-I don't have much say
over his collection.
-He has...
the most exquisite taste.
Now, last month,
there was a charity auction.
And my pieces sold.
[Thomas] Bertram would be
impressed, no doubt.
[Carol] It's so important
to have an advocate,
when your career is in the arts.
[Thomas] Uh-huh. He's been
very encouraging of my work.
what are you working on now?
-A most wonderful series...
-Same time next week.
[Carol] in-depth depiction
of China.
[Thomas] Oh!
We were just-- Elizabeth,
remember that museum?
They have this, uh, exhibit...
Elizabeth... Elizabeth?
-The museum? Ming Dynasty?
Lloyd, dear.
I swear!
You could be a mad scientist.
Ah, I got distracted.
You really must
take care of yourself.
I laid a tie out.
-I'm wearing one.
-[jazzy music playing]
It's dinner.
[Carol] Well,
Bertie's always been a planner,
but he didn't say much
about you.
Tom, dear, tell us what you do.
Oh, Elizabeth's job is much more
interesting than mine.
She's a wife,
I know what she does.
I'm an engineer.
How can you work
and raise a family?
We don't have children.
Oh, how avant-garde.
[Carol] Probably
a blessing in disguise.
It'd be very difficult
to raise a child like that.
It's tough enough as it is.
And how did the engineer
end up with a--
Thomas is an exceptional writer.
I knew you must be interesting.
We met at Harvard.
[Lloyd coughs]
Times sure have changed.
But what do you write about?
Oh, you know, this and that.
[taps fingers]
Try the chutney.
You must have an inkling?
He doesn't like to share ideas,
but that's how
we artists create.
How will he know
his ideas are good
if people don't tell him?
I'll know!
Well, there's no need to fuss.
Tell me, please.
It's a very moving novel,
an opus, really.
He's been
working on it for years.
Well, it's a family story.
It's much more than that.
It's a multi-generational saga,
based on Thomas' father,
his grandfather.
It delves into
our greatest fears,
our greatest hopes.
[Carol] Oh, family.
Oh, I never cared
for heavy reading.
It's with my publisher.
So, what's the hold up?
They want to alter
the manuscript,
make it more palatable
for mainstream readers.
Well, they're right,
no reason to write a book
if no one will buy it.
That's what my publisher says.
[Carol] What do people
want to read, anyway?
Something less colored.
The publisher wants you
to compromise your ideas.
His integrity as an artist.
Well, there's little of that
in this house.
Oh, well. Don't mind him.
[laughs] He's awful.
Actually, I have been
working on something new.
You have?
Yes. A love story of sorts.
Oh, I love love stories.
Are they star-crossed lovers?
A tortured man,
who's fallen in love.
He's torn between the demands
society's placed on him,
and his secret lover,
and his ambitions in work.
And do they live
happily ever after?
Unsure, I haven't decided yet.
[Carol] Oh, they must!
-It all culminates
on the cliffs of California.
-[waves crash]
The couple is followed
by an albatross,
a large bird,
you see, a good omen.
Sounds right up my alley.
I know what it is
to be an outsider.
[Carol] And then what?
What happens next?
You'll just have to read it
to find out.
[gasps, laughs]
I do like this much more.
Everyone likes a good fairytale.
Oh, if you'd like to smoke...
They're fine, Carol.
You may be a doctor,
but only of the mind.
-Could you go outside?
-Of course.
Excuse us.
That book,
that's quite the imagination.
Can you imagine a world
where a couple like that
is normal?
I can't.
Not having one?
[Thomas sighs]
When I told you to be nice,
I didn't want you to kiss ass.
[Thomas chuckles]
I'm curious,
it's what makes a good writer.
What's with the new book?
It's a little fluffy.
I should be published by now.
At least I know
Carol will read it.
But that woman is so vapid.
Target audience.
You're smarter than this.
Can't have it both ways.
Maybe you were right.
Should we leave?
They'd never invite us back.
It's too late to jump ship,
she's already served
hors d'oeuvres.
Come on.
-[clock ticks]
-[swing music plays]
What's he talking about,
"tradition rests upon fear"?
The fear of change.
Look at these moldings,
they're traditional
and ever so beautiful.
This furniture.
And I'm not scared.
Well, you should be.
It's the illusion of tradition.
This isn't even old.
[taps table]
But it's Chippendale.
What, um, do you suggest?
A paradigm shift.
That sounds scary.
Scarier than tradition.
Things change,
but not that much.
-[Carol] But earlier
we agreed that times ch...
-Oh... [stammers] No.
[Lloyd sighs] You of all people
would appreciate just how
quickly things can change.
I mean, a scholarship
to Harvard, and now--
Dinner here.
Oh, yes, and how lucky we are.
I meant it in a different way.
You see, change occurs
at two rates.
We've had major waves
of civilization, you know,
the Stone Age, Bronze Age,
Iron and so on.
But it also occurs
on a smaller scale,
through rapid,
successive events.
Which seems like a large amount
of progress from yesterday,
really isn't all that different
than what happened last year,
when we compare it
to 500 years ago.
It takes a paradigm shift,
one of these pivot events
in the large arcs,
to really create change.
Whoosh. This is going
straight over my head.
Thomas is a big thinker.
Uh, okay, we're in the age
of science, right?
And before that, religion...
Be a dear, top me up.
The wine.
Well, we relied on blind faith,
a ruling class to tell us
what we should do,
defining what's possible.
And what has science done?
Empowered man
to decide for himself,
not what he should do
but what he can do.
But now... [chuckles]
Now I'm looking forward.
You see, there's a shift
towards using technology
to empower our own philosophy,
what we can and should do,
as defined by...
[Lloyd] Society.
I was hoping a man in psychology
would say self.
Have you used
lysergic acid before?
It's rather freeing.
[Thomas] What is that?
Oh, just something I use
in treatments.
No, I haven't.
Good for you, Tom.
I just say "no" to drugs too.
But you're an artiste.
[house creaks]
Carol? Lloyd?
You're not
being burgled, are you?
I saw you outside,
you riff-raff.
Casing the joint.
Your ratty car's still
in the drive.
What does she want?
[woman mutters]
[woman] I am not scared of you!
[muttering continues]
We should've taken your car.
[Carol] We have guests.
Don't be ridiculous, he was--
I know,
but they're in
the Walker estate,
you know, the old colonial
over on Clarence.
You could stay,
get to know them.
[woman] No, no.
I have a key-lime in the oven.
Shouldn't help
burn the house down.
Carol's mother, she makes
the most delicious pies.
No, I've made--
[Thomas] She adores key-lime.
-[Carol] She does?
[Barbara sighs]
[Carol] Mother!
[Barbara] This isn't something
the Club stands for.
How can I trust you
to finish the seating chart
when this
is who you invite to dinner?!
Carol, this is beneath you!
Her uncle owns--
Don't you value your membership?
Of course, it's just...
This is not just any club,
This is our Club.
I know, I'm sorry.
But please, she wants key lime.
So, now you've met Barb,
our private security.
She lives next door.
I hope she didn't startle you.
Not at all.
Armed, but not dangerous.
She's coming back with dessert,
you'll love her.
She dictates
the social calendar,
she can get you
into the Club like that.
Carol, they won't have
to worry about that.
Oh, yes, that's right.
You know, these things
are out of our hands, really.
Well, time for that tour?
Why don't you girls go ahead,
I thought
it might be a good idea
to show Thomas my office.
That's private, dear.
I know,
but thinking about his book,
he might get some good
reference material.
Ground the philosophy
with some psychology.
But tonight
was supposed to be...
That would add so much depth.
Shouldn't we see my art?
I'm looking forward to it.
Oh, goodie.
Oh, you'll love my studio,
and Tom, we'll show after.
We'll swap.
Now, it's important
that you tell your uncle about
the source of my inspiration.
You'll see behind the curtain.
No judgment, okay?
Art is a process,
I understand.
What's your office like?
How do you treat your patients?
I was working with
a challenging case today.
Social normalcy.
What about patient
Well, I won't tell,
if you won't.
And you prefer working here?
Well, some of my patients
require specific treatments
that are easier exercised
at home.
Why's that?
[Thomas grunts]
You're welcome to them,
the books.
Thank you.
is that Carol's work?
[laughs] Oh, God, no.
A patient's.
[laughs] May I?
Of course.
You use art in treatment?
And in diagnosis.
It's very effective in isolating
traumatic experience.
And comparing drawings
helps in understanding
our subconscious expression
towards those events.
Do you see the difference
between this one and that?
she must have hated that man.
Why do you say that?
The lines are so aggressive.
Not what I was asking.
I find it interesting that
you think these were drawn
by a woman.
[laughs] Weren't they?
But, um, good observation.
Aggressive lines
indicate power and passion.
A certain degree of excitement.
Events and memories
are all about perception.
Is that why you were
so intrigued at dinner?
My story.
So much so, I wonder
where it came from.
You know. Here and there.
[glass clinks]
Um... Water rings
damage the stone. It's porous.
Why don't you take a seat?
Aw, that would be weird.
Nothing weird about it.
We might even find some answers.
About your book.
I'd rather not.
-[Lloyd] Sit.
-[pours drink]
So, you really have
no idea how it ends?
I'm tapped out.
That's a shame.
Perhaps you just need
to loosen up a little.
[Lloyd laughs]
I'm curious,
the birds in your book
represent freedom.
Is that something
you've struggled with?
Tell me more
about what you see.
So, this is China.
[Carol] There are so many
things to think about.
Light, color, tone, shading.
And the texture!
Oh, I do love
creating the textures.
See here,
how the light folds
behind the petal.
It's very challenging
to get that part just right.
I never quite considered art
this way.
You must.
Your uncle
has a remarkable
knack for curating.
So much of our life is waiting
for flowers to bloom.
If I can make them bloom
forever, why shouldn't I?
When you mentioned China,
I imagined something
a bit more cultured.
[laughs] You are a funny girl.
Do you think any of this
is easy?
Just be thankful
you don't have kids,
because the men never help.
Even when they say they will,
they'd rather go off
and talk about...
...only the Lord knows what.
My Thomas isn't like that.
They all are,
corporate homosexuals.
Look, I'm sorry to startle you,
but they truly are.
Getting off
on stroking each other's ego.
And so you paint
tulips and teacups.
What else should I paint?
Something real?
What could be more real
than tulips?
[phone rings]
Ah... It's my son,
I won't be a minute.
Excuse me.
Hello? Is everything all right?
I knew it.
This house, your wife,
a son... the ideal.
He's the reason
I've not retired.
Do you know how much it costs
to raise a kid these days?
We've been trying for years,
haven't been able to.
I know it upsets her.
Are you writing this down?
fertility is very difficult.
Do you think this is why
you've decided to write
about men?
[dog barks]
[taps window]
I just need to step out
for a moment,
but I want you to, um...
think about this connection.
There might be something
buried deep down.
You want me to stay here?
[door opens and closes]
[Lloyd shushes]
Kenny, you can't be here.
But my teddy!
I have guests.
Then we need to finish
what we started.
Yeah, well,
session's over until next week.
But I'll miss you.
We can't do this, not now.
I'll find your damn bear
and give it to you later.
I... uh, I told you to wait.
[laughs] Needed a refill.
She, uh,
she never lets me have one.
She's pretty tough on you?
Mmm. She has her reasons.
He's, uh... He's not
just your patient, is he?
Does she know?
She doesn't mind?
Of course not,
we compromise.
So, what are you doing
married to a girl like Liz?
She's not just a girl.
She's pampered.
No matter how much
she renounces it,
she'll never understand
your struggle, Thomas.
She does.
I can empathize,
I mean, why fight alone
if you don't have to?
It's tough being on the outside,
looking in.
-It's, uh, getting late.
I better go find Liz.
-[Lloyd coughs]
What's wrong with you, anyway?
Let's get you back
on that sofa.
No, I think I'm good.
I'll be the one
to determine that.
You and Liz, you,
you have more proble-- [coughs]
You better get that
taken care of.
More problems
than you can think, huh?
But suit yourself,
go find your wife.
[scoffs] That's just a hobby.
You'll finish school
and you'll be a doctor
like your father.
I don't care
who said you've got talent.
-[Barbara] Carol, Carol.
-[son] You should care!
Look, uh, I've got to go.
Mom's downstairs .
Coming, Mom!
We'll finish this later.
-We're trying to talk!
-[phone hangs up]
His future
is very important to me.
I'll just need a minute
to change.
Tell my mom I'll be right down.
[jazzy music playing]
[phone rings]
Hello? Hello?
[Bertram grunts]
We're cutting the evening
What happened?
I wanted you to hear it from me,
not her.
There's no neighborly love.
This entire night feels off.
You and Thomas can't live
in a bubble forever.
What will you do
when the baby comes?
I thought if you could
meet some people...
But these aren't our people.
Well they're mine,
and this is the real world.
And that's the other thing,
Thomas isn't even working
on his book.
He's got something new, a...
a love story, a harlequin novel.
Well, he needs to get published
before he can write
what he wants.
You haven't told him yet,
have you?
What are you so afraid of?
That one, the tulip?
Yes, it's for sale.
it's time to grow up.
-[Bertram hangs up]
-[dial tone]
Burglary, really?
That's a little extreme.
[Barbara laughs]
It's just such an eye sore.
Barb, it has character.
-Suits the driver.
-[both laugh]
[Lloyd] She thinks
you'll get them into the club.
[Barbara] Never!
Don't blame me, she's chosen
her seat at our table.
Play nice.
[Barbara laughs]
I'll try.
Excuse me,
have you seen my husband?
What do you think?
It's a...
I'm not sure how to...
Zip me, dear. Please.
[Thomas sighs]
You can put your hands on me.
I shouldn't.
Because of Lloyd?
Because of Elizabeth.
[Carol] Hmm.
Now you see what Bertram sees.
Don't you?
I didn't say that.
By the end of the night,
you will.
Bertie says that
"Tulips and Teacups"
will be in every house.
Well, every house that matters.
He says that I'm brilliant.
[Barbara] Lloyd,
you really invite
the most interesting people.
[Lloyd] Her uncle
represents Carol's art.
Your uncle...
your uncle is Bertram?
Oh, Lloyd, shame on you.
You never told me Elizabeth
was a Fontaine.
From California, right?
Must have slipped my mind.
[Barbara] We've been trying
to get your uncle
to accept an invitation
to the Club for years.
And we don't ask just anyone,
you know, it's very exclusive.
Does any of this really matter?
Of course it does.
The Club is the foundation
of our community.
It's who we are.
I prefer a more solid
What's she... No, no.
There is nothing wrong
with our homes.
No. Not a thing.
How did you land
the Walker estate?
We're renting, the carriage...
Exploring our options
before we make a commitment.
Well, how's your portfolio?
[Elizabeth] We get by.
It's too risky
to get in the market right now.
[Lloyd] It's too risky not to.
You better get that book
He's doing what he can, dear.
[Lloyd] Sounds like
he's making excuses.
I'm not talking about
buying Wall Street,
just enough to keep
Lizzie happy.
I am happy.
Don't let him know that.
We're never happy. [laughs]
Well, it doesn't take much
to get started.
Just a little nepotism,
or a windfall.
Is that all?
Or hard work, of course.
True, very true.
As an artiste, hard work
is absolutely mandatory.
-[Elizabeth chuckles]
-Flinging paint against
a canvas is hardly laborious.
In 200 years, do you think
people will really care about
"Teacups and Tulips"?
[laughs] I like that,
such an apt description
of your little paintings.
[men laugh]
"Teacups and Tulips."
[Carol] Tom, dear,
won't you play me a song?
You do know how to play,
don't you?
[piano playing]
[Carol sighs]
I knew this was a good idea.
You're rather good.
Well, I studied under...
Mom! Come here.
The seating chart.
Oh, this configuration
is rather radical, Carol.
That's just the point,
what if we seat
Liz and Tom here.
-Or here.
Always stirring the pot.
It is for charity after all.
Wouldn't it look good
in the press?
Show these programs work.
What programs are those?
We're fundraising
for African orphanages.
[piano stops]
But I'm from Chicago.
[Carol] They wouldn't need
to know that.
Don't get carried away, Carol.
You'd be there.
We'd all be there.
Mmm. Oh, I do love
integrating new members.
We could even seat them
with Victor and Helena.
Oh, not Victor,
you know he's--
[Carol] But he's interesting,
Mother, isn't he?
[Barbara laughs]
[Carol] Hmm, friends with Father
and all.
[Barbara] Ever since that legal
fiasco, he's been wretched.
[Carol] Oh, yes,
I almost forgot about...
[Barbara, slowed]
You never remember.
[Carol, distorted] But he
is in the club, and if he's
in the club, he's in the group,
and if he's in the group, well,
he's practically family.
And if he's almost family, well,
then how could we be mad?
Oh, Carol, you're a silly girl.
You need to remember where...
Where is he going?
[Carol] I have no idea.
But yes. Forget about Victor.
Do you think the Greens?
The Greens might like them.
[Barbara] Mmm. Stop it, Carol,
this won't happen.
-[Thomas sighs]
-[Barbara] Carol...
Isn't that funny,
I've never noticed them before.
[laughs] They're unexpected.
Oh, those.
[swing music plays]
And the statue in the foyer,
adds a new dimension to you.
That's Lloyd's doing.
Is it Greek?
Oh, now they were
a weird bunch.
Did you know they actually
encouraged the army
to sleep together?
Protecting your lover,
not your colleague.
Speaking from experience?
No, just a point
of understanding.
I guess fags are good
for some things.
Like decorating.
[Barbara] Yes, well, yes,
I guess we don't appreciate
the little queers
nearly as much as we should.
And it worked,
they defeated the Spartans.
That's absolutely frightening.
Don't worry,
you'll get your turn.
[jazzy music playing]
[Thomas sighs]
He's making a fool of himself.
You like to be in control,
don't you?
We're equal in that, you and I.
Impossible, there's
a natural order to things.
So, that's what you learned
in medical school?
In life.
what you've chosen...
I admire you for it.
It must be difficult.
That's private.
Oh, come on.
[laughs] It's not as though
we're at the Club.
If you can't
open up to a psychiatrist,
who can you trust?
I don't know you.
Mmm. Through affiliation.
Thank God for Uncle Bertram.
I take it
you're close with him?
He's been supportive of us.
Mmm. More than you know.
I'm starting to understand
the attraction.
I can see his potential.
I hate that word.
Oh. It's a beautiful word.
He's enough as he is.
Hmm. No one's ever enough.
[eerie voices whisper]
[Carol laughs]
[normal music returns]
Oh! Got a wild side.
Well, it's not all
"Teacups and Tulips".
Stop being awful!
Oh, pish.
-You know, Tom,
if I was a painter...
...I'd paint something
strong and bold. Fiery, even.
-You know what that means?
Nobody likes a know-it-all, Tom.
Don't be jealous.
[laughs] You should save
the heavy stuff for Lloyd,
I'm tired of thinking tonight.
I'm just a painter.
Well, I am an artist too.
No, you are an author.
Same thing.
[Barbara shudders]
I speak both
our languages.
What about mine?
-[Barbara] Which is?
[Barbara laughs]
I'm, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
We haven't had this much fun
in quite some time.
[Carol] It's the drink.
-[Barbara ] I might have been
wrong about you...
-Thomas. do belong.
we should get going.
But we're dancing.
Only child.
I knew it! Universe. Lizzie.
[Barbara] Does anyone want
some more sherry?
Oh, Liz, stay.
You're right, okay?
This evening's a waste
of our time.
She's moved.
I have work.
[Thomas] Liz?
We have a life to plan.
Oh, jeez.
[music ends]
[crickets chirp]
-[Thomas groans]
-[Lloyd] Does this hurt?
-[Thomas] Yes!
-[Lloyd] Ah, it's rather
Oh! He is burning up.
Mom? The ice?
[Thomas grunts]
Oh. There, there.
Oh. Relax. Hmm?
The... The...
The floor is moving.
-[man] Teddy!
-[Elizabeth screams]
Do you feel it?
What's he talking about?
He's lightheaded,
from the shock.
The room is pulsing,
do you see the violet?
Lloyd, you shouldn't have kept
refilling his glass.
-[Kenny] Teddy!
-Get away!
-Stay away!
-[Kenny laughs] Teddy!
Don't come any closer,
I'll scream.
He won't come for you.
Of course they will.
They never leave the house.
[owl hoots]
They only bring others
into their world,
he gets scared
when he comes into mine.
What are you still doing here?
He has my teddy.
Get up.
[owl hoots]
What do you see Dr. Burke for?
I mean, you're young.
Well... when the religion
didn't work,
my parents thought
therapy might. [laughs]
You're queer.
I'm not disgusting.
[owl hoots]
Have you taken it?
That... lysergic acid?
What's it feel like?
Can't you see it?
See what?
[Thomas] Do you see it?
You're going to show me.
[phone rings]
Barb, we'll be fine.
[Carol] I am not having
this conversation again.
If he doesn't want to finish,
he can figure it out
on his own, Carol.
Did you hear your father?
He has a good point,
doesn't he?
[Barbara stammers]
Should we call for help?
Don't be ridiculous,
it's just a sprained ankle.
I've got some pain killers.
There you go, there you go.
-[Thomas grunts]
-[Barbara] What's wrong
with you?
I've got him now.
He needs a doctor.
Not a psychiatrist.
[owl hoots]
We can't go inside,
he has company.
I... I'm not going back there.
It'll be fun, I promise.
Come on.
I know. Sweetie,
I... I am, I'm present.
Are you sure there
isn't something I can do?
I'm on the phone, Mom.
-[indistinct caller]
Relax, sweetie.
[stammers] Surely,
shouldn't I be looking...
Please, Mom.
[son] ...and you're
not even listening!
You're never present,
I don't even think
Lunch. At the Club, tomorrow.
- you know what
I look like anymore.
- Can I just talk to Dad?
-We'll finalize it then.
[laughs] No, he's busy.
I hope he'll be all right.
[quietly] Oh, he'll be fine.
[normal] Lloyd's a doctor.
[Kenny laughs]
It's here, and around.
They'll see you!
This is paradise.
You're insane.
I'm free.
Come on, come on.
You've got to go home.
Don't you want to know
what it feels like?
You can't have it both ways.
[water splashes]
Just lay yourself down.
[Thomas groans, laughs]
It's all around us.
[sighs] Right here.
I knew I'd get you
back on the sofa. [laughs]
Do you see?
It's here, isn't it?
Do you think
something's wrong with me?
Nothing we can't fix.
He doesn't love her.
He said he'd choose me.
I'm sorry,
but he's hedging his bet.
He's married.
[laughs] So what?
He told me I was just like him,
the big ol' shadow
of birdie mountain.
Hey, what did you say?
-A little birdie.
Hmm, a little birdie
told a story.
Are you saying Bertram?
He said that
it may have been long ago,
but that it felt good.
A tortured man.
A secret lover.
It's been no fairy tale.
Why would you write this?
They made me change my book.
I had no choice, I had to
come up with something new.
You're not making this
easy for me.
I don't know why,
you know... don't you?
I know it's not your story.
Now tell me.
He talked about love,
their good omen, an albatross.
I didn't know
it was about you.
Tell me Bertram's version.
Put it on.
I didn't want to steal it.
Now, tell it to me
the way Bertram told it to you.
[period music plays]
Tell me what you see.
[woman sings opera]
[young Bertram]
Let me not to the marriage
of true minds admit impediments.
Love is not love which alters
when it alteration finds,
or bends with the remover
to remove.
Oh, no! It is an ever-fixed mark
that looks on tempests
and is never shaken.
[albatross shrieks]
Isn't it mesmerizing?
[young Lloyd]
He's just waiting to die.
Who would kill
such a beautiful thing?
Are you happy now?
Not yet. Keep going.
I was so worried
you wouldn't come.
Are you sure?
[albatross shrieks]
That's not how it happened.
What do you want me to say?
We weren't alone.
He should have told you that.
[albatross shrieking]
It's mesmerizing.
He's just waiting to die.
Who would kill
such a beautiful thing?
-Go deeper.
-I don't know
what you want to hear.
The truth.
Well, tell me your version.
It's not how I remember it.
-Then what hap--
I'm trying...
I'm trying to remember.
It felt good.
It feels...
so good.
[record plays faintly]
[record plays normally]
Not now.
You've got class.
[young Bertram]
These really are very beautiful,
expressive lines and form.
She's got talent.
Yeah, she's all right.
When will you talk with her?
It's not the right time.
After exams.
[record scratches]
[new song begins]
[man vocalizes]
I want you to let it carry you.
Spoiled brat!
You will ruin your life, Ethan!
[Ethan] ...time.
And for the hundredth time,
I'm dropping out.
I don't want to do it.
This is what's best for me,
and if you can't
understand that then,
Are you even there?
Are you even listening to me
any more?
Trust me?
Of course.
[woman] Dear?
-Stay here.
Everything okay?
-[door locks]
-[door rattles]
-[Lloyd] We're in session.
Open the door, Lloyd.
[door rattles harder]
Do you hear the music?
It's distant.
Let's go back.
[young Lloyd] Weary with toil,
I haste me to my bed.
The dear repose for limbs
with travel tired;
but then begins a journey
in my head,
to work my mind,
when body's work's expired:
for then my thoughts,
from far where I abide,
intend a zealous pilgrimage
to thee,
and keep my drooping eyelids
open wide,
looking on darkness
which the blind do see:
save that my soul's
imaginary sight.
Presents thy shadow
to my sightless view,
which, like a jewel
hung in ghastly night...
[woman, muffled] Lloyd? Dear?
[young Lloyd]
Just a minute.
-Time to hide.
-Not again.
-I'll tell her, I promise.
-Don't do this,
don't hang the albatross
around my neck.
I can't watch you
being with her.
Just get in the fucking closet.
[young Carol] You look a mess,
what will
your professors think?
[young Lloyd] Sorry.
Some brain power.
[young Lloyd clears throat]
[young Carol]
Was he here again?
He says your art
is rather expressive.
You've got talent.
[young Carol]
Why are we waiting,
all of my friends are married.
Because we are avant-garde.
Trust me?
Of course.
[albatross shrieks]
[waves laps]
-What was that?
I shouldn't have stayed, my--
-No, no, no don't leave.
-My husband's in there.
I can't be taking care of you.
Just stay.
What if he needs me?
I don't think
you need a therapist,
I think you need a friend.
Lloyd, dear. Can I come in?
[tense music playing]
Dr. Burke?
Is everyone all right?
[Carol] Uh...
Please don't be angry.
I know I shouldn't have,
I don't know what
came over me.
It's just
you have no self control.
What's going on, I heard a gun?
-You're soaked!
We're going home.
Do you feel it? Do you feel it?
What did you do to him?
Just a little therapy.
My husband isn't your patient.
He is now. Sprained ankle.
You're sick.
Now, Thomas. We need to go home.
We should never have come here.
I'm right on the cusp,
don't you see it?
You're high.
That's why he's so close,
why we're so close.
I know the ending,
I see the ending.
Hmm. He's been holding it in.
But he wants to let it out.
Enough of your psychiatric
I know who killed the albatross.
She didn't take away
your good omen.
Lloyd, what's he talking about?
She didn't.
It wasn't Carol.
We're going home.
Shut up, Liz.
Don't tell her to shut-- aw!
[Thomas groans]
What's he going on about, Lloyd?
Taking a good omen?
Everything's fine, isn't it,
Bertram. Bertram
was the love of your life.
Your book is about Bertram?
Get out of here!
Lloyd, what did you tell him?
Get out of here.
They don't have to leave.
Out of here!
They're just friends.
Boys will be boys.
It doesn't matter.
It's monkey business,
that's all.
-[Lloyd] Get out of my house.
None of this matters.
You don't have to go.
Why did you have to?
It was just a little fun.
I've given you everything.
Yes. [laughs]
Yes, you have.
But this isn't charity.
Hey, hey. Hey!
I love you.
How am I going to get you home?
Don't you feel it?
It's there,
coming towards us.
It's passing through me.
It's in me.
Thomas, hey, hey!
It's not in this house,
it's not in this house,
it's out there.
It's-- It's... It's here.
There you are.
Here we are.
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm telling you now.
A baby?
-We're having a baby?
-[crying] Yeah.
You scared them away.
Bertie is never
going to forgive me.
Tonight was a disaster.
I thought it
was rather successful.
I wanted so badly
to impress her.
Then you better go talk to her.
Invite her to the Club,
or whatever it is you do.
How can I?
You've practically
traumatized my mother.
[phone rings]
I'm sure that Bertie will never
take another one.
-Calm down,
before you have a stroke.
-[phone rings]
Not after
what you did to Thomas.
Couldn't help.
[phone rings]
I'll deal with our boy
once and for all.
Liz, wait.
Listen to me, you little shit.
Uh, Bertram. Uh...
Um... yeah.
Liz, Liz. Liz! Liz!
[stammering] I'm sorry!
Don't let Tom write about this.
[Thomas grunts]
-You can't drive my car.
-Should have taken yours.
Shut up, Thomas.
Give me the damn keys.
I love us.
Please, wait! Please! Wait.
We've had enough.
[stammers] I'm sure
I can get you into the Club!
Wait, please...
Liz, Liz, Liz! I'm sorry.
-[engine starts]
Mom liked you, I'm sure.
Aren't you?
You won't write about us,
will you?
[Carol mutters]
[tense music playing]
[Kenny] I'm sorry.
Oh, my boy.
Where are your clothes?
[footsteps thud]
[footsteps thud faintly]
Have you seen my teddy?
[deep breath]
Please, Bertram,
why are you doing this?
You shouldn't ask that.
You were there.
[choir harmonizes]
This is how
you chose to have me.
I was young,
I didn't have a choice.
We were happy,
could've been happy.
You had fallen down a well,
-and when I threw you a rope,
you chose to struggle.
-[albatross shrieks]
[Bertram laughs]
You chose her.
What did you think
would happen?
He was mesmerizing,
but you were too scared.
[young Bertram] No, no!
You don't have to do this!
-Please! Don't shoot it!
[young Lloyd breathes]
-[albatross screams]
[Lloyd coughs]
I had almost forgotten
what I'd done.
I'll make sure you never do.
I couldn't fall in there
with you.
Let you drag me
away from myself to drown.
[Bertram sighs]
It didn't have to be like this.
Operator, I'd like
to place a call to Boston.
My son, Ethan Burke.
Please hold
while I put you through.
[line rings]
Her art no longer has a voice.
-[line continues ringing]
-[phone hangs up]
I've made sure of that.
Never floral.
When we finish,
I want you to make her
a warm pot of tea
and tell her
I'll buy a few more.
[phone rings]
Oh, Mom. I'm sor--
Oh, dear, no, no, no. Stop,
no apologies. We must finish.
So, lunch, tomorrow.
Yes, yes.
But I want to run this by you.
What do you think of seating
the Greens with the Bakers?
You and I, we-- we torture
each other from afar.
[Elizabeth sighs]
What a night.
Tell me about it.
My head is still spinning.
[Thomas sighs]
[car door closes]
[wind blows]
[Thomas sighs]
[Thomas grunts]
[car door closes]
[mellow music playing]
Who would kill
such a beautiful thing?
[Thomas] We're going to be
all right, Liz.
Are you sure?
[albatross shrieks]
[crows caw]
I know how it ends.
[woman sings opera]
[music continues]
[swing music plays]