Albela (1951) Movie Script

What a wonderful sight. Beauty sleeps
She's like a rose sleeping in the lap of nature
Who is this intruder in my room?
When the flame called out, the moth came flying
Look at this dagger before you dare to come closer
Look at this dagger, look at it
Ask me, instead, to look at the sharp arrows of your eyes
One look makes me want to die for you
Who is this intruder in my room?
When the flame called out, the moth came flying
Oh crazy one, aren't you afraid of death?
Those in love don't fear death, don't you know?
Beware Beauty, your crazy lover is here
Who is this intruder in my room?
When the flame called out, the moth came flying
What a life! What's the difference between him and me?
His nose is like mine, eyes are like mine, he's as fat as l am.
I'm as short as he is. Yet the world is running after him
and not a dog after me.
That's because he's an artist.
I see. An artist? Can't l become an artist?
Why not, if you try? You can be whatever you want to.
In that case, l'll begin right now.
Bimal's marriage date is fast approaching, but the money has
not yet been arranged.
What's the use of sitting at home and talking. Money doesn't
grow on trees. - Whom shall l go and ask?
Yes, father.
Why don't you ask your employer for some help?
L've saved a thousand and Pyare will bring some more.
Who has called my name?
Who has stirred the desires of my heart?
He's returning from the theater again today, mother.
Try and become human.
As it is you are a fool, and when you see a play you, are
not in your senses.
Mother, life is like that.
Whenever an artist plays his role
it's like a bright light falling.
I'm a king at one moment and a beggar at another.
Brother. - Yes, how did you think of me?
One thinks of one's own when one is in need.
You're around, and father's dhoti is torn. How come?
Don't worry about me. Tell me, why are you
dressed up like this today?
Today l've come to see you as a bandit.
You idiot! Your father is not a millionaire and you are
no bandit. Take off the mask.
Good God!
Don't be surprised, sister-in-law. An artist has to shave off
his moustache.
Shameless! Are we all dead that you've shaved off your moustache?
It is not necessary for parents to die nowadays.
Ninety nine point nine percent of times people shave off their
moustache as a fashion.
The last point left, is because of you and brother.
Shut up, shameless creature! Where are you going?
Listen! On the eighth, Bimla's marriage party is arriving.
I have arranged for a thousand rupees.
Your brother has promised another six or seven hundred.
If you can arrange another three or four hundred, it would be
a great relief.
You've made such a big issue of such a small thing.
- Lt will be arranged. - Ls that so?
Yes, and l'll do it. Is anyone here?
Yes, what do you wish for?
I'm hungry. Please arrange my dinner in my bedroom.
- As you desire your Lordship. - What is this you are saying?
Sir, l am saying Your Lordship.
I see. Lordship?
You mean, here l come and here l go!
Take care of him, else he'll turn it into a madhouse!
What have we got? Are we to keep the utensils here
cook here and also eat and sleep here?
Pay rent for one room, and take work worth four rooms?
Softly brother, if the landlord hears you the rent will go up.
- You sit and l will serve the food. - All right.
Tell me what you saw in the drama today.
Don't ask me, Bimla. It's a strange world.
Every beat of the drum stirs the heart.
When the drums play, all the worries of the world
are of no consequence.
Enough, now eat your food.
When l think of that world, l'm neither hungry nor sleepy.
Sing me that song which makes me
dream of the theater.
Come slowly into my eyes
Oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
lnto the garden of the small beautiful eyes
oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
Bringing along the buds of pleasant dreams
come and set them into the lanes of the eyelids
into the small lanes of the eyelids
Oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
Stealing it from the stars while hiding it from them
this night is singing a lullaby for the moon
The moon is also smiling from its nap
Oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
The great emperor Pyarelal is arriving.
Please sit. l have not sat down on my throne yet, so
there's no need for you to stand.
Everyone is here, but where is the villain?
- Who is the villain, your Lordship? - The person
you call the manager. Where is he?
So you are here? Stand up with respect, Mr. Manager.
The world was shouting slogans while you were cursing me.
Now l will curse you and you will shout slogans.
Very soon l am going to be a big man, a 'Kalakar' in Hindi
an 'Adakar' in Urdu, and an 'artist' in English.
When people ask for my
autograph in their notebooks
you will say, "Sir, at least employ me as your secretary!"
Do you know what l will say then?
- What will you say? - L will say "Get out!"
Who are you asking to get out?
I'm telling you Whose voice is that?
Pardon me, l was talking the way you talk to us.
Quiet! This is an office. Did you mail the letters yesterday?
No sir, l went to a drama yesterday.
You see a drama, and rehearse here.
I'm telling you for the last time to work properly, or get out.
- Do you follow me? - L do, Sir
- l'll mail the letters right now. - Nonsense!
My heart beats like a clock, tick, tick, tick
Oh, it's midnight, and l miss you to death
The world sleeps quietly. Only my heart weeps
An arrow pierces my heart
when a happy star twinkles
Oh, how l miss you to death
Speaking doesn't help, but the heart burns if l don't
l have to suffer quietly
Like a helpless soul, l miss you to death
All sleep has vanished
My eyes cry endlessly
Oh dear, come to me
My heart is full of suffering. I miss you to death
My heart beats like a clock, tick, tick, tick
Oh, it's midnight, and l miss you to death
Thank you so much!
I needed this more than the song.
Did you realize it when you heard me singing?
- Yes. - Perhaps you are
not aware that l need three, four hundred rupees.
My sister is getting married on the eighth and this is
only a hundred rupees.
This is your pay.
You liked my singing so much that you doubled my pay?
I hope l don't have to sing every day.
No, fifty rupees are for your pay and fifty for the notice.
You don't have to come back to work.
Then l can go home and practice singing every day.
What did you say?! I don't have to come back to work?
Does it mean you are firing me from my job?
You took long to understand.
Don't punish me like this. I'm fond of this hobby
but you are punishing me by sacking me.
I was in a mood for drama. I will never sing again.
The great celebrity is leaving.
How fortunate he is. What a name!
The whole world is singing his praises.
Are you returning from the theater again today?
No father, today l've seen the consequences of theater.
There was so much crowd around the artist that l can't describe it
Good thing you did not get lost in the crowd and returned home.
What have you got?
I forgot. l've bought you a pair of dhotis.
After all, you got me a dhoti.
You couldn't see me in a torn dhoti, could you?
Did you hear this Pyare's mother?
What is it? l'm coming.
Pyare has bought me dhoti.
Be happy if he's got you that, he hasn't got anything for me.
For you l've got cash. Here, ninety-five rupees.
Ninety-five? - Yes.
Five rupees for the dress and this is the balance.
Did you get only hundred from the company?
- Yes. - What'll we do with 100 rupees?
You need not have bought the dhoti.
I had told you to arrange at least four hundred rupees, son.
This is not what you asked me to arrange. This is my pay.
Your pay? Did you get a raise?
God, please take care of my son
Forgive us God, it wasn't like that.
Don't say those prayers else all God's plans will get upset.
- This is not towards my pay. - Then?
This l've got to get out. - What? Have they relieved you?
Yes. l got 50 rupees for the pay, and 50 for the notice.
- But they gave it to me in advance. - Why did the company turn you out?
I began thinking of the theater and started to sing.
There wasn't anything wrong with the song, so l don't know why
the manager didn't like it.
No sooner had the song finished, so did my service.
- You ass! - Yes.
Was this any time to quit service?
I always keep singing and no one seemed to mind.
I don't know what happened today. We can see what has happened.
Here we are struggling for every penny.
And you go and lose a job and come back home casually.
But l did not leave the job on my own, father.
I agree, but your foolishness cost you the job you had.
I cannot help this, father. This is my heart's desire.
I can give up my job, but l cannot give up this obsession.
Even after seeing our condition you say that you will not give
up this stupid dream?
Yes. Even after l die, my soul will long for this art.
What are you doing? Slapping a grown up son?
- You keep quiet! - Lf you don't
give up this silly thing, then get out of my house.
I have no place for a foolish and mad man like you.
Very well, father.
If that is your decision then l'm prepared to leave your house
for my heart's desire.
Good bye. - Listen, son
Are you really going to leave me?
Yes, mother. L've made up my mind.
When one's destiny is not one's own, then how can a son be?
No one belongs to anyone in this world.
Don't say that, mother.
I swear that when the world bows to me
then l will surely come to bow at your feet.
Give me your blessings so that l may become a big artist.
If you don't become a big artist, will l die without seeing you?
That is why l want your blessings. God always grants a mother's wish.
If you have made up your mind, then go on.
My blessings are with you. May God help you.
The songs are good. How many are there?
There are a full seventeen.
If you want to increase that, then do so.
I can sing up to twenty one songs on my own, not just seventeen.
Where have you come from?
You mean l? - Yes.
You are in this business and don't recognize an artist?
Are you an artist?
Do l look like a fisherman?
Who else but an artist could have this handsome face?
These eyes, this nose
- Pardon me - What is it that you want?
I want a chance
in which l can show my talent.
How a line is to be delivered, l can tell.
Tell us how a line should be delivered.
Listen. A tragedy.
"A mother's love, a father's worry"
"a child's end'
Now listen to a comedy.
'Are you a man or an ass?'
'Both eat peanuts, but only an ass eats grass.
Now listen to a drama.
'This sword of mine'
Very pleased to meet you. Note down your address
and l'll get back to you.
My address? lf l had an address, l would not be an artist.
When l settle down l will trouble you once more.
You are welcome. L'll wait for you.
Thank you. Good bye.
Seems a very brave man. He said it all in one go.
And he looks just like Prem Kumar.
What am l to tell you Asha? There are hundreds of Prem Kumar's like
this all through the day.
What a world! They ask a homeless man, to give his address.
The best of people cannot be traced in the world.
Don't you feel ashamed following me?
What is there to get upset?
If you follow me again, l'll hand you over to the police.
Romance with a beautiful girl
leads to an unhappy outcome.
Very good! Excellent!
Why all this praise? What do you want?
What we want is clear. - What?
Master, if you can show courage, there's a lot of money to be made.
So that's it? My friend, l had shown such courage once
and earned two months' pay.
Does it mean you are without work?
Not really, l just don't get work. Or else, at times
l don't even have the time to eat!
Why don't we do something? - What?
You can sing well - Who? l?
What are you saying?
And we can play well. Why don't we get together
and start a business?
In a day we two will get ten annas.
You will get six annas alone. How do you like that?
What an idea! The two of you get ten annas
all together, while l alone will get six annas?
It should not happen that you take away ten annas
and you six and there is nothing for me.
You just didn't understand. If you don't believe us
let's try it right here.
- Here? - Yes, here.
I swear on my father! It'll start raining money.
If you fall in love with a pretty girl
you will fall upon bad times
My dear, you will lose your home and hearth
lf you fall in love with a pretty girl, you will fall upon bad times
She wants kohl for her eyes
and powder for her pretty face
She wants to be taken to the circus and sometimes to the theater
You are left bankrupt fulfilling your darling's requests
Your name becomes famous in courts and police stations
My dear, you will lose your home and hearth
Fall in love with a pretty girl and you will fall upon bad times
When you have coins in your pocket
pretty girls give you their hearts
They put their arms around you
and show you love
But if the lover is poor
they'll give him a wide berth
Those with bank accounts are known as Romeos
My dear, you will lose your home and hearth
Fall in love with a pretty girl and you will fall upon bad times
lf you agree, l will give you some good advice
Leave the pretty girl alone and befriend a bedbug instead
The bug will bite you when you are asleep
but the pretty girl won't let you rest day or night
My dear, you will lose your home and hearth
Fall in love with a pretty girl, and you will fall upon bad times
What's going on here? Go away!
Stop there. Who was that singing?
If you create this crowd, l'll put you in the lockup.
I understand.
- L was singing. - He was singing
and l was playing.
You were playing? You play very well.
The two of you must meet me at the theater tomorrow.
L'll give you both a
- What? - Work.
Mother, you were right. There's no one for
who can belong to anyone.
The world has no time for your problems.
By beating this poor girl, will the thieves return the money?
If the money has gone then why should she live? l'll kill her!
Her life is already over. God knows what's her destiny?
What destiny? Here we are trying to get her settled
and she has lost it.
What has happened, father?
What is left in this house except ruin and misfortune.
What was left is also gone today. We've been robbed.
- A burglary? - Yes. l went out this morning
in search of money.
The mother and daughter-in-law had gone to Govind's house
for the marriage.
This fool Bimla was in the house. All that l had put together
in small bits, has been lost.
This is terrible! What evil has befallen this house?
We just don't hear any good news.
What did your employer say?
What can an employer say? He said he can give nothing.
It's over!
Only God knows what will happen now.
In this turmoil, there is no one holding out any hope.
In this sorrow l wish he was here, the one who could
make us laugh.
You've mentioned him again? L've told you not to do so
in my presence.
He left the house in defiance. Let me see how long he can
last out his hunger.
A dance has started here. It's really great!
It's started again.
I understand. There must be a magician's grave here.
What a place l have come to.
She wants to reach my neck. Let go! Leave me alone!
Ghost! Help!
He's catching my nose.
Help me, save me.
- Why are you shouting? - Constable, there's a ghost here.
- Are you mad? - L'm telling the truth.
There's a dancer's grave here who was strangled to death.
How do you know? - She was twisting my neck.
You fool, see that house there.
There's a dancer living there from a dance troupe.
A dancer?
She rehearses every day. Her shadow falls here.
You are really wonderful!
You! Who are you, sir?
I am not a big man. I am trying to become one.
But how did you get into the house?
Don't be upset. l came to compliment you on your dance.
The fact is that l too am eager to become an artist.
But you cannot find your answer here.
Please go to some theater group.
Please listen to me. When l go to the theater company
they ask for my address.
When l come here you tell me to go to the theater company.
Where else can l send you? You are being impertinent.
It's not that. It's my helplessness.
I cannot understand what you want.
- What work can you do over here? - L'll do anything you say.
I can wash the car, wash the dishes, swab the floors
do the laundry.
I can do anything you say, no matter how dangerous it is.
If l don't, l'll shave off this moustache.
I shaved it off two days ago.
Madam, our washer man has quarreled and left.
- That's another problem. - That's no problem, madam.
If he has left l will do your dishes.
You will do the dishes?
What's wrong with that? One has to do it to become an artist.
Then go and do the dishes.
- Where is your chicken? - What?
- Chicken place. - The cooking place?
- Yes. - That way.
- Thank you. - He's a strange fellow.
Please enter.
You bake bread and utter dialogue?
Yes, because of my fondness for dialogue, l've started cooking.
- How about you? - Because of my
fondness for singing l've offered to wash dishes.
The two of us can do great things together.
If it was a larger house, it would have been great!
- How long have you been here? - L've been cooking for two years.
Two years, and no one has asked for your address?
They praise my cooking, but that is all.
In that case, no one will ever write a chit to me here.
- Where are the dishes? - Take these.
L've finished washing. Where should l put them?
- Put them there. - There?
Sometimes it's a dark night, sometimes a glorious day
Destiny alone knows what it holds
Oh dear son, oh mister
the winds of fortune blow mild, blow harsh
Blow mild mild, blow harsh harsh
Mild-harsh, mild-harsh
Sonny left home all puffed up, to become an actor
Oh my bad luck, washing dishes was my destiny
l was destined to do dishes
Oh dear son, life is sometimes fun, sometimes not
ln this zoo of life, there are all kinds of situations
One gets dry bread, another gets rich food
Oh brother, some get rich food
Oh dear son, the joys of simple food are sometimes more, sometimes less
l've got a few troubles, a few joys
Great is God! He created a perfect mix of happiness and of sorrow
A perfect mix!
Oh dear son, the winds of fortune blow mild, blow harsh
Blow mild mild, blow harsh harsh
Mild-harsh, mild-harsh
Very good!
Forgive me, it's my fault. L'll never sing again, or dance.
Not at all, you are an artist.
I implore you, don't throw me out of work!
L'll never repeat this mistake.
It's not a mistake. l'm glad l've discovered your talent.
- Madam, l was just singing. - Why are you worried?
I'm worried because once earlier l sang like this, and lost my job.
When l reached home l was thrown out of there.
If you turn me out, l have nowhere to go.
- L beg of you - What is this?
I honestly liked your song and dance.
Believe me, you can make a very good artist.
Can l make an artist!
Certainly. You have all the qualities of an artist.
- Where do you come from? - From this very town.
I see. Who do you have in your family?
Everyone, except me.
L've taken a vow that l will not go home
till l've become a big artist.
Actually, at home there's mother, father, brother and sister-in-law
and my younger sister, who is to be married in eight days.
This marriage cannot take place.
What are you saying? The marriage date has been fixed.
Everyone knows about it and you are refusing it?
On what basis are you arranging a marriage?
You should know that you are getting a girl married.
When you did not have the means, why did you go ahead?
Everyone faces difficulties. We too had the means and
the determination.
But when your luck runs out, whom can one complain to?
Please do not refuse, sir.
What should l do? Have l taken the responsibility
of sorting out your destiny and having my son marry your daughter.
He can get thousands of marriage proposals.
You are right,
But the respect we lose will never be restored.
If you were worried about your respect, l wouldn't have to refuse.
At least you should have thought about the word you gave.
God alone knows how badly we tried to adhere to it.
Now it's a question of your respect and ours.
Our daughter is like a daughter to you too.
Consider this a debt on me and please bear the marriage expenses.
Believe me, l will somehow repay each and every penny.
Why, of course! This is how marriages take place nowadays!
Everything is possible in the world. Fortunes can be made and ruined too.
If you give shelter to this unfortunate girl, then not only
will you be doing her a favor, but helping our family from ruin.
I have told you l cannot do this. Please do not force me.
Today you are telling me to bear the expenses for the wedding.
Tomorrow, you'll ask me to feed you too.
Please listen to us. Do not disappoint us.
Suppose your daughter's marriage was broken after a promise
then would you be able to face the world.
If l have to ever face this, l'll give poison to the girl.
What will the world say? What would you do?
L'll drown myself. You too should do the same.
Please listen.
- Now what will happen? - Do not worry.
Great. Today you've started to sing.
I am just practicing.
Since when have you got a heart break?
From the time Mr. Premkumar has written this letter.
I see. Mr. Premkumar has started writing letters too.
Yes. He's wants his salary to be Rs. 2000.
He should be given permission to work elsewhere too
and l should go to his house with an agreement.
I see. He has become a big man.
But why are you worried?
Because l hope l don't have to become a hero.
L'll have to refund to the public, the money of their tickets.
After that, in place of this office, there'll be a room
with a broken bed to sit on!
Do not worry, this won't happen.
I have chosen a hero. He'll be here soon.
I won't let you go in.
Why won't you? Madam has called me.
- So he's the hero, is he? - Yes.
What have you worn?
You asked me to come well dressed.
I went to over 50 shops but there were no clothes in my size.
A shopkeeper told me that this hat, this coat
these slacks, and with this thing around my neck, l look very nice.
I think l have met him before too.
Yes, of course, you have.
He dances and sings so well, that l just can't tell you.
- Why not take a rehearsal? - His rehearsal? Okay, come on.
- Good day. - Come on in.
- Good day. - Please come in.
- Good day! - Good day!
Salutations to you, sir.
Good day. How are you? I hope you're well.
What nonsense!
Please come in. Sit down.
- Master - Yes sir?
You! Who is he? - He's my music director.
He plays the tabla and is also the dance master.
You are the dance master?
Master, just give him a test.
He will dance?
Mother, l can never be an artist.
I don't think it's possible to ever see you now, mother.
If you keep her at home, her treatment cannot be done properly.
Which means that we have to send her to the hospital.
Why are you worried? She will get very good treatment there.
She will get proper medication and the expensive injections
which you cannot afford, will be given for free.
You're right. lt'll be dangerous to keep her at home.
Send her to the hospital; she'll be absolutely fine.
There is nothing to worry about. L'll take your leave now.
What was the doctor saying?
He was saying that you'll be all right very soon.
It's time for me to get well now.
If l die, l'll be sad only because of one thing.
You all are here with me. But my artist son
will not be able to meet me.
Give these clothes to madam.
You are dejected over such a small thing.
It's just in hope that l've been cooking for the last two years.
I have not lost hope.
What you say is right. You can't progress if you lose heart
- That's why l'm going back home. - Going home?
But, you vowed not to go back until you became a great artist
That's the problem.
I cannot get rid of my shackles
Listen, do not lose courage. You must keep trying
and God will grant you success
The day after tomorrow, on the eighth, is my sister's wedding.
You are feeling sad that you won't be able to attend
your sister's wedding?
I'm not sad because of that. I am sad, because father had
asked me for 400 rupees, but l had given only 100 rupees.
If l had given him the full amount
l wouldn't have felt bad that l was a failure.
May God give her a happy marriage.
If l gave 300 rupees for your sister's marriage
l hope you won't feel bad.
You will give me the money? L'll be forever grateful to you.
L'll return your money by washing your dishes.
There's no need for that. Take this.
- L'll be right back. - Listen
But you had taken an oath not to go home.
I know, but how do l give them this money?
Give me your address, l'll have it sent.
- Who is Pyarelal's mother? - What is it?
It's a Money Order. Pyarelal has sent it.
She has just been taken to the hospital.
I am her daughter-in-law. Give the money to me.
Only she will get it. Send her to the post office.
Listen, how will she go to the post office?
She is very ill. Pyarelal is my brother-in-law.
Sister-in-law is right.
He had a fight and left. She is the elder daughter-in-law.
All right, l'll give it to you.
But you will have to give your thumb impression, as a witness.
Sign here, on behalf of your mother-in-law.
Brother? What is it?
A tragedy has befallen me. The landlord has seized everything.
And mother and father are out on the streets.
Malati, can you help?
If we had the money, why would mother-in-law be taken to
the hospital. Your troubles have added to my anxiety.
Pyarelal has just sent this money. We are in great need of money.
We didn't have any money and so we had to send
mother-in-law to the hospital.
I am taking this to the hospital.
Give this money to me.
L'll return it by this evening or tomorrow morning.
How can this be, brother? My mother-in-law is very ill.
If the injections that are needed do not reach on time
there is a danger to her life.
And l face the dilemma of supporting my family.
Can you bear to see your parents and sister on the road?
Malati, please do not disappoint me.
But, brother - l promise
that either by today evening or tomorrow, l'll return your money.
This is a question of our dignity. lf you tell
this to anyone, then something will happen to your husband.
- Here is your 100 rupees. - You are a great guy!
Listen, l can have the courage to lose, only when l hope to win.
- Come, let's gamble! - Let's go.
One two, three four, five six seven, eight, nine!
Come on stand here. Now begin.
The lovelorn moth brings his heart as a gift for the pretty flame
ln burning he finds solace. His pleasure lies in burning
These curious ways of dying no one understands
Love is your story
The flame is sorry to have burned the wings of the moth
Her own heart burned thinking of the moth till daybreak
Love is not a game
The story of love is all about burning and dying
Love lives because lovers die for each other
Dying for love is a reason for living
The heart is a gift for the pretty flame
The lovelorn moth brings his heart as a gift for the pretty flame
We really enjoyed your performance.
That man standing at the center is Pyarelal.
Premkumar, in all his life, had never done
the kind of work you have shown. It was very good. Very good.
Mother! Mother, where are you?
L've become an artist, Mother!
There he is.
What are you doing?
I have brought a lot of things for everyone.
A lot of things. For father, a sari and a blouse
For father
A shirt and dhoti.
For mother, a sari. For brother a coat piece.
For sister-in-law, a sari and a blouse piece.
For my sister, a rich expensive sari!
You've bought for everyone but what about yourself!
- Will you go home like this? - Why not?
L've bought clothes for you. Wear them and go.
No, let me go like this. If l go in a suit
my folks won't even let me enter, taking me for a mad man.
I don't know all that. But the clothes l have got
you will wear and go home. Come on now, put them on.
All right. lf you insist, l'll wear them.
He has a large family at home. If anyone of them don't
like him working at the theater, then we are going to be finished.
Listen, somehow stop him from going home.
Hello! Who is it?
I see, make him sit.
No make him sit there. L'll be right back.
That party has arrived. L'll meet them and be back soon.
So what was l telling you? Stop him, and take care.
Do not forget. L'll just be back.
- What's the matter with you? - Nothing. l am all right.
Then why are you looking like this?
You've understood, that l seem to be perplexed!
Forget me. Anyone who takes a look at you
will think that you are perplexed!
What is the matter?
Before this, l had never seen you in such clothes.
I am not in my senses today.
Never mind that.
- Will you listen to me. - What is it?
After my mother, l respect you the most in the world.
Go on, tell me.
- Don't go home. - What are you saying?
You have taken an oath that you will not go there
unless you have become a big artist.
Haven't l become an artist?
An artist. Your employer hasn't even signed a contract with you.
If you go home and your family does not allow you to work
for the theater company, then the fame you've earned will end!
That means my goal is still far away.
Even after l have become an artist!
Artist! You'll be a real artist when your name
is on every lip and your photo is
in every home, and every person desires to see you.
That day l will call
parents myself and show them your act.
Don't ever bring father to the show.
He won't see my act. Instead, he'll go on the stage
and give me a real thrashing.
That day the hands that beat you will not be able to
contain their happiness and instead will begin to clap.
- Have you understood? - Yes madam.
- Do not call me madam. - Then how should l address you?
Call me by my name.
By your name? You have done me so many favors
and you want me to call you by your name. How can that be?
- L'm telling you to. - But
l do not want to hear anything. From today you will call me Asha
and l'll call you Pyare.
Father used to call me Pyare. Mother used to call me Lal.
Though my name is Pyarelal.
I will call you Pyare, and you will call me Asha.
- Come on, say it. - Miss Asha.
Not Miss Asha. Only Asha.
Come on, say it.
When the heart beats and the eyes lower
you are in love
When you can't sleep nights
you are in love
When your eyes daydream
and your heart dances
you feel a sweet pain
in your heart
And when you remember someone, your eyes well up
you are in love
Slowly your mind fills up with a string of desires
One sits alone, lost in thinking of someone
lf you can picture him, but can't see him
you are in love
When the heart beats and the eyes lower
you are in love
lt's you. - Yes.
What's the matter?
Nothing. But today l am very happy.
Why not! Why not! I understand everything.
I have run this company for 12 years.
As soon as l see people, l know what they really are.
- More good news. - What is it?
- No, he won't go home. - That's a nice thing you've done.
On occasions like this, they talk more and work less.
Whatever you've decided is absolutely right.
I have not decided, she has.
Whether she has decided or
you have, it's the same thing.
But the good thing is that you are not going home.
I am not going home but what about the clothes?
Do not worry. L'll have that organized.
I have closed the piano. It won't play now.
You did a good thing.
Chameli, send Mr. Pyare's clothes to his home.
- But, the address - l'll write it down for you.
If Mr. Pyare's people want to know his whereabouts
do not tell them that he is here.
She has come to meet you.
- Yes what is it? - L have brought these clothes.
- Mr. Pyare Lal has sent them. - Really! Come in.
But tell us where he is.
- That l do not know. - You have bought the clothes
and you do not know where he is? For God's sake tell me.
Listen l was passing by, he called me, gave me a rupee
and the address, that's all. I just brought the clothes.
- He doesn't stay here. - Why should he stay here?
- Lf you meet him then tell him - What should l tell him?
What's the use of telling him? He cannot restore a life.
- Okay, you go now. - Take this. Good bye.
- Who is it? - Come in.
- What's the matter, father? - Nothing, my dear.
Old age is a curse. I was getting off the tram
it was very crowded and l fell down.
I am not sorry that l fell down.
I feel bad that the dhoti Pyare had bought for me has torn.
May be this is what God wants.
Malati, even if you tell anyone by even mistake
your husband may be hurt.
God! What am l to do?!
You must stop coming and whistling beneath my window every sunset
But you shouldn't stand there and cast those piercing glances at me
Day after day, why do you prowl outside my house?
Shall l tell you the truth?
I do it just for you
Come to your senses and don't call here again
Why do you come here? Why don't you make it clear?
The trifling matter is that l want you to be mine
Sir, l think you had better cast such ideas from your mind
For four whole months l have tried. When will my ship come home?
Go away! You'll never see that day here
You have a heart and compassion, too. Don't be so hard on a lover so true
You must stop coming and whistling beneath my window every sunset
Don't cast those piercing glances at me
l'd have been happy if you had died as soon as you were born.
Because of you l've had to see such bad days.
People ask forgiveness even from beggars
but you spurned an open offer made by the bank.
How long can l support the family's entire burden all alone?
If all the misfortunes befall a single person
he is bound to go mad.
So now we've become a burden?
You look upon us as a burden?
No father. He didn't mean that.
No, my dear. l follow his meaning now.
When a man's fortunes slide
even his children start talking like this.
What wrong have l said? I still say that
whatever l earn l spend openly.
I don't gamble or drink.
With my meager salary, l have to support four persons.
I wasn't very rich either. With my small means, l brought you up.
But l never considered you a burden.
It were the old days. The entire family could manage in ten rupees.
Today one has to pay for even the air one breathes.
You've seen only this period.
But do you have any idea what that period was like?
To keep you all fed, l had only one meal for years.
I survived on water.
Forget it. You should not take offense at what he says.
He's talking like this only because of his worries.
But he has nothing in his heart.
You are right.
But l never said such things even when l was worried.
A father is like God. How can he say such things?
Just come here.
If Mohanlal has become worried because of us
then even in this old age l will earn my own living.
Why are you saying this, father?
What l'm saying is true.
Today l remember that fool Pyare very much.
Whatever it was
he did feel for all of us.
- What are you writing? - L'm sending a money order home.
I thought that an artist has no time even for himself
apart from his art.
But you think of your home even in your dreams.
What use is that lamp which does not light up other lives?
To give light one has to burn. How good this light is.
I am bright because of your favors.
A man makes his own brightness. But he does not know if he
will get light or get burned.
Who can guess what destiny holds?
You are right. lf the person who is entrusted with the destiny
does not know it, then who else can?
My beloved is so naive
He does not understand love
l hold his arm, press his hand
yet he refuses to understand
l used a million wiles, but lost
and feel sick to my heart
l have set my heart on a heartless one
My love is destined to wilt
l request of you, touch your feet
say yes to my love
My beloved is so naive
He does not understand love
My beloved is so naive
That was excellent! Which play is it from?
The one l'm playing.
Where are you going?
To try my luck. L've become too much of
- a burden on my son. - L beg of you not to go anywhere.
Please forgive me father. All this is my fault.
It is not your fault. It's my destiny.
Though the bread earner is being magnanimous
the dependent must have self respect.
Pyarelal left the house in the same way.
If Bimla and you leave too, then what will people say about me?
Let them talk. They are not going to feed you.
I'm going. lf l find work, l'll return.
I'm leaving, Bimla. - l'm coming, father.
God knows what will happen to this house.
Listen to me, Bimla.
- Lt's you, uncle? - Please sign this.
All right, uncle.
- You are very disturbed today. - Yes, uncle.
- L'm in need of money today. - L see. Take this.
Why trouble him in his old age? I'm here now.
You've come to ruin my life.
For the last four months you've made my life miserable.
Are you a brother or a snake?
An elder brother and a snake are to be worshiped.
Aren't you ashamed! For your own comforts
you have destroyed your sister's home.
L'll tell the whole world
it was my own brother who ruined my home.
In fact, l'll tell the world that for the last four months
you have been paying me on the quiet to pay for your dowry.
And her father-in-law is starving.
If you want me to keep quiet, then give me this money.
Thank you very much.
God, l'm the cause of all the misery in this house.
How can l face Pyarelal now? Forgive me, Pyarelal.
I pardon you, but don't make the same mistake again.
Yes sir.
What happened? You are still not ready.
Do you want to go to the party or not?
What can l do? The washer man burned my coat
said sorry and left.
So what? Wear another suit.
It's time for the party. L'll change and come.
All right. Once you earn a name, it doesn't matter how many
parties you go to.
If it was a poor chap in my place, then the manager would
have told him to go away.
But l need the job.
What work can you do at this age?
Whatever you want, l will do.
L'll polish your shoes.
Have enough mercy to let me feed myself and my daughter.
Don't you have a son?
I have two sons, not one.
Two sons! Shame on them.
You have to work at this age, in spite of them.
Don't think badly of my younger son.
I had turned him out of the house
in the hope that the older son would support me.
But after turning him away from the house, l had to leave too.
I'm terribly sorry, but l have no work at present.
- Ls there no hope? - No.
- All right, good day. - Good day.
What happened father?
The world has a place only for the young.
The trembling hands of the old can't handle this fast moving world.
Does it mean that you won't find work?
Perhaps! Why is God troubling us like this?
This is a test for us.
Today people don't allow us at their doorstep.
But don't worry, one day they will also wait for us.
They've come.
Please come in.
It's very kind of you to have taken the trouble to come.
We were thinking that you won't come.
You thought so far ahead! What made you think we
- would not come? - Lmportant people are unpredictable.
Just as there is a zoo in every large city
so too there has to be a famous person in every party.
It's another matter that while you consider us to be big persons
we consider you to be the big persons.
If there are sweet songs to go with these sweet words
it would be perfect.
Pardon me, l'm not in the mood today.
Don't do this. It'll break their hearts.
Forgive me, l have a headache today.
Beautiful people turn more beautiful when unwell.
If you sing in this condition, it would be heavenly.
L've just told you that l'm unwell.
Innocent faces have false hearts
People with big names are not worth it
These are the new age dandies
Their bright clothes hide a dirty heart
Their ties are colorful but their homes are bankrupt
They give up everything for fashion
This is the new age, lady
with high heels and fancy sarees
the eyes kohl lined, the lips painted red
bangles on the hands and rings in the ears
With kohl lined eyes and lips painted red
they are just coquettes
Beauties and Lovers are old rivals
since the beginning of time
There are no winners or losers
Why shouldn't we be amicable?
We are both equals
lnnocent faces have false hearts
People with big names are not worth it
You've really changed it into a beautiful evening.
Your song has made us your fans even more.
Miss Asha really made us plead.
One has to beg beautiful persons.
Every gesture of a beautiful person is beautiful.
Why are you pulling my leg?
Believe me, l'm serious.
Will someone pay attention to us too?
Go ahead.
I waited in the hope that you will find the time.
But moths don't leave you.
Don't talk about the ones who burn.
It is their work to do so.
Why should you bother about anyone burning?
They die knowingly. - You talk, so l should crave.
What do l know about all that?
Perhaps you haven't noticed your eyes.
Let it be.
Take this. lt's very good and has been especially ordered.
- Special order? - Yes.
This bread seems two days stale.
Take it, or go away. Give me the money.
All right. Don't be upset. Take this.
Let's manage with this today.
Does it mean we'll have to eat this kind of bread?
There are people in this world
who don't even get this stale bread.
This dry bread cannot be softened with your tears, my child.
- Why are you crying? - What else can l do but cry?
But what is it that has made you cry?
Was there nothing?
Why were you eating that cake with such affection?
Why were you staring at that girl?
Her eyes were saying something.
I see. ln half an hour that girl's eyes even say something to you.
While my eyes speak volumes, it means nothing to you!
- My father was right. - What did he say?
- 'Pyare, you are a fool.' - He was right.
What do you mean?
Let alone looking at another girl, l won't work with anyone else.
Give me your word.
Here, l have given it. What about you?
Neither will l work with anyone but you.
Let us go.
- What is it? - L'm sleepy.
Have you heard the song
which my sister used to sing to put me to sleep?
Come slowly, creeping into the eyes
oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
lnto the garden of the small cute eyes
oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
Bringing along the buds of pleasant dreams
come and set them in the lanes of the eyelids
lnto the lonely lanes of the eyelids
oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
The eyes stay awake and sleep is the destiny
This destiny is the enemy of the poor
Just for awhile in the cottage of the poor
oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
The eyes of everyone are the same
The poor have the same eyes as the wealthy
Come slowly, creeping into the eyes
oh sleep, come slowly, slowly
Father, people are giving us money.
They take us to be beggars perhaps.
What is wrong if we can get some money from singing?
- Lt's better than starving. - Lt's better to starve.
It's better to die from hunger. Begging kills one's self respect.
But we are not begging. We will earn by singing.
All right. But people begin to pity us when they hear us sing.
We don't want people to make fun of our poverty.
We won't waste our tears to make others laugh.
Without tears there is no sympathy.
We will sing for our living, but not by crying.
But people will still consider it as begging.
The world always misunderstands.
But we will show the world what helplessness can make a person do!
- Forgive me sir. - What if you had died?
It would have been good.
Why are you tired of life?
Today my elder brother had a fight with my mother.
She got angry and left the house. She hasn't returned till now.
She hasn't returned! Go and bring her back.
I have already walked for six miles, and from here
my aunt's house is still six miles more.
Then go somehow by a vehicle.
- A vehicle! - L understand.
Take this, find any mode of travel, but bring your mother back.
What are you looking at?
I am looking at that son who for the sake of his mother
doesn't bother about his own life.
Here am l, who is so lost in own life and comforts
that l have forgotten my mother. Forgotten my whole family.
Asha, l want to go home.
Please come. I was waiting for you.
L'll give you such news that you'll be thrilled to hear.
An artist like you who has risen so high, has to prove
your excellence in the world.
We will leave from here and go abroad to different countries!
What's happened to him?
I think Pyare has no interest in theater.
He has no interest. That means you want to leave me stranded
like this, and ditch me.
- You cannot force anyone. - L am not forcing anyone.
You have always very sweetly stopped him from going home.
- Can't you stop him now? - Today he is not going to listen.
Stop him somehow from going home.
Unfortunately, l have already announced the show.
Take this suit too. Are you not planning to come back?
- L'll see. - What do you mean?
You have earned so much fame and respect.
You will have think about your image.
You do your work. l don't want anything for myself.
When he doesn't want anything, then how can you or l stop him?
You too are taking his side.
It's not a question of taking sides, it's a question of respect.
Mr. Pyarelal, why are you going?
He is coming to see the show.
If you are not there, then what respect will l have left.
- L am helpless. - Think of me too.
My program will finish this way.
My program is already over.
L've been reborn today. Don't kill me again.
Why not do this show and then go home?
Asha, you have always stopped me from going home
and l have listened to you.
But today l will speak, and you will listen to me.
- Or else you do what you want. - What are you saying?
Asha, if you do not listen to me, then the way l came
into your life, l will leave you and go away alone.
If he doesn't listen to you, explain to him.
You help me. lf you say l will give him partnership too.
Wait. You cannot go like this from here.
I am not stealing, but l am going after winning.
If you are going to bully me, then try and stop me.
- L see, so this is it. - Yes, this is it.
Wait Deepak, you will have to play.
Go away! Show your strength to someone else.
- So, that's it? - Yes.
You cannot go from here after winning.
- Pyare - You've come.
Yes brother, it's me. My obsession had made me blind.
It had separated me from you.
But l have become a very big artist and have come
to pay respects to my mother. Where is mother?
Why don't you tell me where is mother?
Tell me brother. Why are you quiet?
Mother is no more, Pyare.
So those eyes have closed?
To whom l had come to show my fame and name?
What one thinks, does not always happen.
I had achieved a lot, brother.
Today, l feel, l have lost everything.
- Where is father? - What should l tell you Pyare?
Death has taken away mother and life has separated father from us.
- What do you mean? - Father got angry.
- He left the house with Bimla. - But why?
My poverty could not make him stay with me.
- Your poverty? - Yes.
But l used to send money for the household expenses.
- Money? - Yes brother, money!
For which l got the receipts regularly.
- What is this you are saying Pyare? - L am telling the truth.
You have been sending money? Then where has the money gone?
- Malati, how is this possible? - What should l tell you?
If you don't, then who will? I'm out the whole day.
Then who else is there at home except you?
When the money was received then where have they gone?
Sister-in-law, why are you quiet? Tell me, how was the money spent.
Why aren't you telling me?
My father and sister left the house because l couldn't
give them food, and you didn't tell me that money had come.
Come on, speak up.
Save me. Save me. Malati! Please save me.
The police are after me.
Ask him, he is the one who stopped me from saying anything.
He is the one?
There's no use repeating what's happened.
Right now l have come to ask you for shelter.
I have killed a man.
So now you have come here to hide after killing.
You have already destroyed this family.
Malati, forget the past. Somehow save me from going to the gallows.
Why should l save you? You insulted me and didn't save
my father-in-law from the world.
You placed me under an oath. Did you not think that some day
l would have to show my face to Pyare.
I see. So you are the villain.
Right now l have come to ask you for shelter.
How did you have the courage to do this?
Having taken birth in a decent family, you've become a bandit!
I see. So this is your answer.
Never mind; l have already killed once
and since l've to go the gallows, l might as well kill again.
- Go and call the police. - L'll just get them.
He is not a brother, but a butcher. He has ruined this family.
Move out. Move out.
Brother, where can l find father?
What you wanted you have got. What need have you of your father?
- Whether you find him or not! - Do not say this.
Do you know where he is?
Go and look in the market where you will find plenty of
fathers begging in the names of wealthy sons.
A beggar! My father!
Please forgive me.
He is Pyarelal.
He has gone to the market.
I see. When he returns, ask him to wait.
- Ask him to wait here. - We'll be right back.
- Listen - You are calling me!
Do whatever l've told you. L'll come back again.
They've come to look for Pyare here
and l don't know where he is roaming about.
Father! - Brother!
He is Pyarelal.
- Brother. - What's happened to my son?
Move out. He is a big man. He is not your son, nor your brother.
As soon as a person earns name and fame
relatives appear from nowhere.
Look carefully, He is Pyarelal, and that's his father.
Go on now. Go and beg for alms.
Come on. Take him to the hospital.
Let me go to him.
What will you gain? His servants must be
in a better condition than you!
Listen, if you don't believe that l am the father, then
as a servant, let me look at my son at least.
Why are you arguing? Get on with your work.
What sort of a world is this?
They don't believe what the truth is.
Have you seen father? The world has taken him away from us.
What has the world given us? They have taken my son.
Pyarelal has met with an accident.
Yes, they have taken him to the hospital.
Madam, even we want to see our Pyare.
- Lf possible, take us to him. - But who are you?
I am a beggar. The father of that famous Pyarelal.
- Father? - You are Bimla Devi.
Yes, l am Bimla.
You were going to get married.
- You used to sing a lullaby to him. - Yes.
Earlier she used to sing that lullaby to put him to sleep
and now the same lullaby she sings to earn money.
Let this be for now.
- Now where will you go? - L will not go anywhere.
I can go anywhere. l'm all right now. Why do you force me?
Mr. Pyarelal, you don't understand. l am helpless.
Dr. Mirza, l have got two tickets.
But instead of Pyarelal, another person is going to perform.
Someone else! Who is that?
- Mr. Pyarelal, you are here! - Tell me who is that person.
It's Miss Asha and Vimal Kumar.
I too will not work with anyone else except you.
Doctor, let me go.
Mr. Pyare, let's see the test results. Then you can go. Relax till then.
Where is Mr. Pyare?
Miss Asha, he's in this room. Please come.
- Doctor, Mr. Pyare is not here. - He was here just now.
He was here! Father, l think he has gone to look for you.
You go where the accident took place.
L'll go to the theater. We'll find him somewhere.
- Did Pyarelal come here? - Why would he come here?
Till he doesn't destroy me, he won't leave me.
As you said, l had printed someone else's name
so that he will feel embarrassed and come here.
I feel, he'll come only when l am dead.
I am sure he'll come.
If he doesn't, the public will send me to the hospital.
- Now there's no need. - Pyare, you've come.
I had to come to teach you a lesson.
A lesson? What kind of lesson?
You are an artist, and even l am one.
What you are doing, l can understand.
Do not try to cheat me!
Do you think, l am going to cheat you. What's happened to you?
A cobra wants to know what it has done, after biting someone.
What happened to that false love, false promises
false oaths. You promised you wouldn't work with anyone else
and this is the result of that?
- Pyare! - Get out of my way.
I am going to make an artist out of you.
I will disfigure you, so that leave alone with someone else
you won't even step on the stage on your own.
- L will spoil your face. - You are making a mistake.
In order to have you, l have forsaken everything.
You liar. Cheat!
- Pyare, what are you doing? - Father!
You are spoiling the face of a person who is responsible for
bringing us to you. Will you never change, Pyare?
Brother, if it wasn't for her, we would never have met again.
She is searching for you so desperately all over and
you want to lose her? What sort of a person are you?
The blazing fire makes my heart beat
My young heart aches for love
The perfumed air makes my feet falter
Come and hold me, my dear
Even the rustling of leaves electrifies me
My young heart aches for love
Who has called out to my love?
Whose love has entered my heart?
Thoughts of whom have seized me?
My young heart aches for love
One look at you has eased my pain
l won't ever part from you
l won't ever live without you
My young heart aches for love
The blazing fire makes my heart beat
My young heart aches for love
Can you see the hands that once beat you, are today clapping?