Albert Schweitzer (2009) Movie Script

World War Two
she conceded,
when they are in Hirochimo
Throw an atomic bomb.
At that time, a new,
Cold War
and a match-breaking game
two world powers.
In the heart of Africa, along the Ogowa River,
is a popular human being,
seemingly far from the world,
take care of lepers.
Some have argued,
to jeopardize peace in the world.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Morning, Doctor.
How many patients do we have today?
- 10.
This is a special case, Doctor.
What about her?
On, hold it.
Let me take a look.
Turn to the light.
Raise your head.
Look up.
Let's wait,
I'll be right there.
Ah, good morning, old friend !.
How are you?
Good looks.
- Good.
Say it, slowly!
Do it! We have it here
important mission,
which is said to him
respect for life.
This is true for you too.
No! Back! Up!
Up! Good.
Stay there! No!
Morning, Doctor.
- Morning.
This state of affairs
does not improve.
It's been weeks ago he got Melarsoprol.
Hm ... To whom did you give medication?
Sisters or wives?
Hm ...
Joseph, asked me,
Let us see the tablets.
It's not Melarsoprol.
He says these pills are better,
because they are bigger.
Oh my god.
And where did Melarsoprol stay?
Dear colleagues, a few things
we need to clarify.
The tablets can not walk.
I'm sorry, Doctor.
We have too little nurses.
When he did, I told him
immediately gave penicillin, but
knees probably
we will not tell.
Penicillin is running out of us.
Running out of penicillin?
Can you walk?
dr. Albert Schweitzer,
a renowned artist,
Humanity and theologian.
Listen to the horn
the cathedral in Kln.
Did I hear the doctor?
Doctor? Doctor?
Doctor! Quick!
You're on the radio!
Ugwu! Maybe you know,
Where's the big doctor?
I think he left
to you lepers.
Thank you.
Mink, where are they all?
You could help
set that hut.
Doctor. Doctor!
- !
What is?
Oh, no!
Look at them, well!
That way you will never
build new hi!
We can not do it, Doctor.
- He's too busy. Of course you can.
Is not it true, Mink?
When they're built
they will be so beautiful,
that everyone will want to
bite with leprosy.
Let's go now. Mink e.
Place this framework.
- Doctor!
You are here!
You know,
How much time will it be!
This is your pussy
It's almost an hour.
It's Joseph
luggage will be loaded.
I would like to help.
- Thank you, Quaby. I'm coming, Anna!
Back to Strassburg, Doctor?
- No. This time to America.
We'll gather
a lot of money.
The friendly Yankees will be
support the construction of your village.
We will not collect
money, the village will not.
There will be no hospital too.
They're there
cowboys and indians?
I do not know. However,
that they are there
a hundred times more
as the highest bamboo.
NEW YORK, 1949
How to Feel the US,
Ah, tell me what a doctor is.
Thank you thank you.
Allow me,
I rarely see you ...
Excuse me please.
Can I introduce myself?
I'm Therese Bourdin.
I'm photographing for a magazine.
I'm happy,
that I met you, Doctor.
Mrs Schweitzer, hello.
- Greetings. I would be in the heat, you would
can accompany one or two days.
I will try,
that I will not be disturbed.
Oh, well, yeah, but me.
I hope they are our faces
brought in some dollar already.
Dr. Schweitzer!
Journal Life
He named you for
the greatest man in the world.
How do you feel about this?
- This is news
She has not reached d ungle.
Oh, hello, lady.
Thank you very much.
What a surprise.
Thank you.
You are American
On behalf of all patients
from Lambarena,
I thank you.
I want you to see them.
Such a small paper
they often decide
about life and death.
You are a versatile man.
Theologian, musician
philosopher, doctor ...
You can tell us,
how are you doing all this?
Ah, there's everything going
one with another.
With a book about Jesus
I have been purging church scholars.
I'm a book about Bach
I've been pushing all the musicians.
That's how it stays
Only medicine.
How long will it be?
Do you work in the hospital, Doctor?
It's better to ask my question.
It has a better memory. Lene?
We are the first departed in 1913.
But she interrupted us
World War I.
Later we returned,
with your kind support.
We are working now
since 1924.
I'm going to visit,
I'll just be able to.
But I am afraid that it will be possible
stayed there forever.
Oh, look, who I see!
Big friend Albert!
Come on, come on!
That Communist?
Talk about big people ...
It's really the biggest here in the world.
Professor Albert Einstein.
A great thinker, a great humanist.
I am very happy,
that we are friends.
Doctor. Doctor!
Can I take a picture of you?
The two greatest people in the world?
You do not have anything against,
Professor Einstein?
I'm afraid it will hurt
my friend.
What do you mean?
Society with a dangerous communist
as they publicize me in public,
can affect
on the success of his work.
This is the greatest nonsense!
Is that true, Doctor?
- Ah, we both know,
what's happening in
heads of politicians.
Take pictures,
Mrs Bourdin.
Will he come to the hotel?
We will be glad you are.
I have unpleasant moments
all these events. They are.
They like to have a circus.
Do not think about it.
What do we have, Lene?
No meetings.
Just dinner with the committee.
Is that so.
No speeches.
Well yes. Something will happen
I had to tell you.
How nice she was
little girl, is not it?
It was not so small.
It seemed to me as developed.
Not the one!
I thought a little girl.
Even a bigger girl
she was friendly. Photographer.
By the way, we gotta go to the studio tomorrow
on official photography.
Officially photographed?
We'll get it all together
enough money?
We'll get it all together
enough money?
I mean an orphan Mink
and poor youth.
Much work is waiting for us.
You're coming with me
in Gwnsbach?
That's what I promised.
Your promises often
They do not, Albert.
Do not start again
with that, Lene.
Of course I would
he saw Rhene and his grandchildren.
It may seem like I have a skin
like a hippo,
and my heart is meek
like a dove.
Hm ...
You know,
I'm mistaken.
I did not say,
not to be mistaken.
Oh! Welcome!
I interrupted you, Helen? I'm ...
- Ah, no.
Albert! Albert!
Sit down.
I only shave shoes.
You do not bother.
You have something against,
Will I be seated?
It does not bother,
because you see that we are all trained.
- When you're right there,
I have reason,
to open this drink.
to change me with you?
Did you know?
No! Really?
Then I suggest
I'll sign your works
and I will be quick to everyone,
You take the campaign
against an atomic bomb.
I'm terrified to be
popular around the world.
No, I will not.
No ...
two Albert's.
Drink it.
Seriously, Albert,
your help
could be used.
Not again
Shut up with that one.
Do business ...
Good knowing how you are with
I'm studying Oppenheimer.
But this is not my area.
I'm not an expert.
Albert, it is clear,
I'm on your side.
I know we have to
be careful with politics.
Support from America is ...
- I understand. Believe me,
to do with these hypocrites
you never know.
Central Intelligence Agency
What does this have with intelligence?
Now they are very busy by opening your home
and listening
McCanthy ordered them.
They are very worried, as they say,
anti-amber activities.
I'm counting on Hiroshi
is one of the activities,
to which it is
America is proud.
I do not know if you can invest
the problems of the whole world.
But a bomb!
Also bomb tests!
Kat, what's your name?
Communion, respect ...
Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben, Albert!
Commitment to life.
That's what I thought,
I could only speak
Add these things to me.
They can not take you
You're a foreign citizen.
I'll think about it.
I will.
On the respect of life.
They are in Africa
No. In Alsace.
We met as a student.
All the girls looked after him.
For God's sake, Lene,
Leave my secrets, please.
I had the luck,
that I could help him.
When he wrote, I told him
corrected errors,
Translated ...
It was a real nightmare!
She scribbled the items,
with whom she disagreed.
Oh, Albert,
I always gave you the right one. What sort of things are they?
they almost certainly agreed.
I think that about this,
that books are not enough.
Was it, Albert?
I do not know very well.
We wanted to do something concrete.
Something different,
which would change the lives of people.
- But I must say,
I have always wondered,
If it is right to change this,
in which people believe.
Religious beliefs too
and philosophy.
I met my thoughts
important people,
Aristotle, John Stuart Milla,
Immanuel Kanta ...
- Helene Schweitzer. Yeah.
- I've been doing this for 40 years.
Has something changed?
Not much.
We may be a few
mitigate the suffering of lepers
and gave them something
The first hospital was
Similar balls.
Chinua! Eimer!
Come on quickly!
Gospodina Therese,
what have you done,
that it became so
Now you are in line,
dr. Schweitzer.
Goodbye tomorrow.
- With pleasure, if only you can.
You always welcome us.
We have Lambaren
small generator.
It's actually quite large,
and it produces
just so much electricity,
to power the barge,
similar to that in your car.
They're watching the disease
They're revolting.
They had healers,
which are the treatment of the soul and the body
so you master it,
that we flushed
in front of them.
They're your own
bili mote i.
Thus, there were conflicts,
which we did not always say well.
It will get better.
There's an attack.
Chloroform, Lene, chloroform.
They believed the disease
cause the kidneys in the body.
This is his wife,
We need these dead bodies
exterminate, Daba.
Do not cut! Do not cut!
Ogango will curse him!
Oganga means
home therapist.
We'll cut, Dab.
We need to remove the rve.
- Good.
N'Zeng. N'Zeng,
wake up!
Wake up!
The pain was over.
Joseph! Bring his wound up!
N'Zeng. N'Zeng!
PoZasi, N'Zeng!
He is not Ogang!
I'm Oganga!
Oganga drove Dabo out,
to punish her for
its incomprehensibility.
We were afraid,
that he would do us something, but he calmed down.
He just wanted to show.
Because of the inconvenience ...
will die!
Oganga is cursing you!
She will not die. Look at me!
This man can not stand over you!
Look at me! Daba. Daba!
The next day
they're a little away
called her dead body
and next to her
dead child.
Your thoughts,
that you will never succeed.
There are so many things,
which they can not understand.
But that's the way it is
Yeah. It's life.
Do you know that the Americans
do not you really know how to make coffee?
During the war, we lost that way
Our little hospital.
Because they declared us in Germany
the sovereign of the state,
the French drove us
to the internment in the Pyrenees,
where I got sick
for tuberculosis.
Nevertheless, it was good,
that we were together.
Then she came to the world
our little hhi Rhena,
who is now old
4 years.
Sorry, I'm breaking up,
Mrs Schweitzer,
I'm interested in why so few
Think about your family.
In what way?
I do not mean prison,
I read in the magazine,
that dr. Schweitzer connected with
communist youth
from the New Part of Germany.
It also writes,
to greet brotherly
with the people of the new word.
So ... it does not seem to you,
that this is dangerous?
It's mine
brotherly greeting
with people
from all over the world.
This does not mean,
to agree
with their thinking.
But he is really inclined to be an ancient one
the idea of fraternity.
I think that
it's not very dangerous.
What about you?
I'm rarely going
What it means
the name of Lambarena?
In the local language means:
It's worth a try.
Today, it's not you,
but a small town.
Thank you,
good people.
Dr. Schweitzer!
You will be late.
Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
It was on the river.
Beautiful morning.
We were in school together
and assistant Joseph.
I told Joseph,
that it was in the First World War
They've already died in one battle
30,000 people.
He said he was
I'm crazy from him,
because it's naive
No place in the world
he can not pay damages
for so many dead,
as is customary in Gabon.
for every devil!
He was right. How are you people?
They understand the war.
They know only the mysteries of life.
And its value.
And the fact that life is the only,
what we have.
Then we're on the river
watching crocodiles,
and the butterfly on it,
Nile horses, mosquitoes
and small animals in the grass,
which were before us.
woods ants ...
Yeah, that's what they were eating
from children's picture books.
It seemed to me,
that they are interconnected.
Eda drugi
takes life.
However, no creature takes more,
as a lifestyle.
The only man.
The only man.
I wrote on a paper
The four German words.
I'm still here
German, you understand.
These words were:
Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben.
In translation I would
respect for life.
This is the meaning of life.
Yeah. Commitment to life.
It also applies to
The life of the enemies.
It's curiously interesting,
dr. Schweitzer,
but whether this is not the case
your emphasis on brotherhood
only propaganda
for your communist ideas?
That's right!
- This is not the same thing,
as with your friend, Professor Einstein,
which is a member of many
suspicious organizations:
Friends of the Chinese people,
The US-Soviet Council
Committee to visit
Russian delegations,
The elimination committee
Commission for anti-amber action,
American Commission
for the freedom of Spain,
- Let's get out of here, please.
Friends of the Brigadier Abraham Lincoln.
Let me go!
Let's go, Dr. Schweitzer.
- What about my lecture?
Let's go. As you can see,
asi are restless.
You do not have to
maybe happen.
Such a failure
do not remember.
Excuse me.
I do not want to disturb you,
ho em re i, ...
That's terrible.
Maybe you can
what am I doing?
I do not understand.
In what way?
I can not stand this behavior.
I'm totally upset.
Oh, do not worry.
They'll take care of him.
Of course,
I think ...
It's all funny.
Can we say a few words?
You can.
The thing is ...
Oh, excuse me, Figgis, Phil Figgis.
Therese Bourdin.
Hm! Frenchman?
- Some species.
Well, anyway, Miss Bourdin. Even life ...
I'm a big observer
dr. Schweitzer.
I read all his works.
I'm not an academician
I'm not even bored,
I only know the piano on 4 fingers.
I'm sorry
his principles,
his commitment
and even as a personality.
I'm following the week
his lecture and ...
also you
I'm sort of pursuing.
I envy you
your work.
You are so close to him,
You can chat with him ...
and everything so discreet.
- But ...
I know, I know.
What's the matter with you?
- Clear.
It's about this.
I am the owner of a small one
advertising company.
I know many people in the city
and I think,
so I could get a lot
money. For the hospital.
- I would be happy to help.
You can do it
arranged a brief meeting with him?
You know, Mr. Figgis ...
- Gospodina Bourdin? Car pump!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Come in tomorrow morning
in the hotel.
People will follow him.
Could ...
Now I really have to go.
I'm coming.
Please ...
Excuse me please
- Oh ...
Hello, Mrs Schweitzer.
- Oh, it's Therese. Come in.
- I'll be right there.
Oh, Therese! Help me
Please find my socks!
What would we do?
without it?
Such are people
from Gnzbach
Oh, wonderful!
Have you breakfasted?
You should be a cup
de dared coffee?
No, no, dr. Schweitzer.
I'm fine, thank you.
I want to say ...
Outside there are young men,
which I met yesterday,
and it's your big one
Who is not, of course!
I do not know if I mentioned you,
to have some ideas,
how to get a lot of money.
Here, in New York.
I was thinking,
in these circumstances ...
... we must meet immediately.
Not so, cashier?
Invite him in.
Here you are!
My socks.
Good morning.
Just fast,
because I know it's in front of you
an important day.
Madam. Schweitzer,
Phil Figgis. Hello.
I'm ashamed of it
an event at the university.
This man is one of the best
the wicked Americans.
Yeah yeah. No
respect for life, right?
That's right.
It's very embarrassing for us.
Mr. Figgis throughout the week
is following our path.
After an unfortunate incident, I was
stopped in the corridor ... ... because ...
He is ...
What have you been?
Good question.
I'm some kind of ...
let's say,
Oh, God.
- You're collecting money, is not it?
I know a lot of people
who are in favor of your work.
All over town. Probably them
you were not able to meet.
I can get them for you.
If you could get ready
some materials,
Mrs Bourdins
perhaps from Europe or
visit your hospital.
I would bet out a leaflet,
by which means
here, in New York,
Collected completely
different way.
I'm not a cheater and
I will do everything for free.
What do you think?
Now that you're here
this sock,
but I go quickly,
before you leave me.
What do you think?
Ah, I mean ...
to miss the boat.
With the ship arrive, yes,
not by plane.
We need to be right
prepare a house.
Grandpa for a long time
He did not live here.
Now living in Africa.
You know.
He was in Africa,
before you were born?
Yeah. A grandmother too
she was with him.
Put those pillows on
on the sofa.
- Grandma!
Oh, dear!
- Greetings!
Good afternoon, Grandpa! I'll take it.
Ah, Rhena!
It's Catherine.
- How are you? Ohohoho!
Ah, Hilda!
Thank God, finally your coffee!
I'm very
I missed her!
Lene told you,
What kind of coffee is in America?
Oh, I do not hope so
talk to the kids!
Dear, tell us what we see
from Paris.
Look at you
nice regards
and he said to him,
because they will not see you.
It is generally updated
organ at Saint-Cloud.
He says they are a great pearl.
I would surely be glad,
If you could play them.
- Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah.
- Me?
When did this letter come to light?
Thank you.
Last week. I did not
she knew it was important.
Hals in Anne
pi eta.
Oh ...
What is?
The medicine ship has disappeared.
Maybe they were stolen.
No! Lene! Lene!
- What's happening?
A terrible government in Gabon
she stopped supporting
Especially ... Do it!
It's a tough government in Gabon
stopped supporting
our activity
and also construction
villages for lepers.
The hospital
they will be closed
from health and
safety reasons.
Or that at all
can they do it? Of course they can not!
No, except with the army.
It's illegal!
For health and safety reasons!
They have no idea.
A terrible government in Gabon
It does not exist at all.
It's been weaned.
They invented it to bend
uniforms in Libreville.
What will he do?
- What about?
Hals and Anna are desperate.
Since when is this?
Since Thursday?
- Yeah.
I should be there.
I'll have to edit things myself.
Ah ...
But, you just barely did.
I will again want to.
And Mom?
I can not.
New York has tired me.
I hope you are not
too long to wait.
I waited on the cards.
Now everything's fine.
I'm very happy.
I am very grateful to you.
what do you think
my idea?
Do you think,
that I wanted to give in?
I know, I'm talking too much.
- No.
At first I thought,
to conquer me.
I was afraid of that.
Excuse me,
I said ugly.
They both immediately noticed.
Thus, first in Strassburg,
then into the small village G nsbach.
Then in Lambarene,
I'll order a beer.
Would you?
Beer, please.
Where do I get this? She never insists,
to stay here
Although it is
I'm deciding.
That's why I broke up
because it did not comply with high targets
the great doctor.
You're not right.
He knows what's good
is a medical life.
Especially, if you are at home,
and especially for females.
Oh, those prejudices ...
What about you?
You're educated.
Yeah, but I know that
I could not stay long.
And when you were a child,
a small white bucket from Alsace,
Not even three weeks
survived in dungals.
About family matters
we often spoke.
again heated?
I know. He was in New York
so self-confident.
The greatest man in the world!
Applause, applause.
Answer the world, dr. Schweitzer.
Please, I want to
only say that it is a solution
for home.
How many times is it in 10 years
saw the kids?
Once in Knigigsfeld and
Mom. Mom!
I'm sorry.
I should not.
Ah, Rhena ...
Who is?
Good day.
What do you want?
Excuse me, that's it
Schweitzer's house?
- He may be a doctor
or Mrs Schweitzer at home?
- Who should I announce?
I am ... - Well, Rhena,
This is our friend,
a photographer from America.
- Therese!
It's nice to see you!
Enter the house.
Oh, there's my buddy too!
Keep going!
Rhena, our hie.
Therese Bourdin.
- Great photographer.
That is,
oh my memory ...
Figgis, Mrs Schweitzer, Phil Figgis.
You do not have to bother.
Of course.
- I am pleased. Rhena.
What's your motive?
- It's okay.
I hope you do not mind,
because Phil is with me.
No. I am pleased.
- We spoke on Wednesday,
but it does not matter.
We can get another day.
No, no, it's okay.
IM just ...
Please, sit down.
Is it coffee or coffee?
Maybe something else?
I'm sorry,
that she can not.
No problem.
Is it out there?
No, Mr Figgis.
He wanted to go to Africa.
Marcel! Hey!
Marcel, what is this?
These are my things.
How long are they here?
It looks like they are
send back.
These are your crates.
- That's right. My stuff.
I do not know what's going on,
But, wait.
Rene! - Yes sir!
Rene, come on!
Teach people,
to put it on my ship.
And not the afternoon.
- It'll be right away. Rene!
These are boxes for the doctor.
He will later say,
as I said.
Now, take care.
Clearly, fuck! Yeah.
- Quick!
... atomic weapons
a game between the US and the Soviet Union
can be all over the planet
causes radioactivity
Let's do it
it's okay to stop.
Atomic time
is the groan
for humanity.
Every policy
I should argue
efforts to
friendly coexistence
and working together for
human development.
None is perfect,
but I think,
that Rhena did not have
light childhood.
He thinks he's going to resist him now?
Like a little tyrant?
I thought ...
- Mr Figgis?
Somebody's calling you
on the phone.
Maybe an uncle from America.
You understand, do not you?
Is it really for me?
- Yeah, from America.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Hello? Phil Figgis.
Yes, there. Who is?
Oh. Yeah.
Honey, I did not say that
Do not call me?
Okay, that's what she was saying.
What's happening.
There is a full hour.
Who, Einstein? Oh, no, really?
In the Eleanor Roosevelt broadcast?
For God's sake!
Maybe tomorrow.
By the way, who is the FBI,
which I am seeing after New York?
The one at Columbia University
almost ruined it.
That has nothing to do with you?
It's clear he does not have.
And what is the program?
G-oh ... G ... no?
Ah, N-g-o-u ...
Ngouta. Ngouta.
Who is this?
Officially or
by the looks of it?
Yes, I have to know!
Jesus, I understand.
Thank you very much.
Yeah, you too.
Ah ...
Good news?
Somebody big
pharmaceutical corporations.
He did not know how much
It's a clock.
But, it's one news
very good.
You can use it.
Schweitzer is back
due to some hygienic problems.
Oh no, what is this?
There's one drink. Therese!
Finally back!
Ah, Anna!
It's nice to have you back!
Doctor! Cordially welcome!
- After months!
It was a long trip.
- I can think, Doctor.
I ...
How's Mink?
He has a hard time.
He could not come with us.
The buildings are also standing.
- I'll take immediate action.
In half an hour
we get in the hall. Before lunch. Me?
Ah, Mink, nice to you
to see. How are you?
I did not order you,
to complete the settlement?
Ah, Doctor,
how can we do it?
People clash,
who are working.
Some soldiers have spoken
and tore down the house.
They made a whip
and I cried.
That's not right, Mink.
I'm very angry.
I have to sort this out.
Where are there people?
They are good.
I'm ashamed of them in front of you.
Call them.
Come on!
Come here, everyone.
This time was hard for you.
Similar to all of us.
Let's do it now
they will do better.
I promise we will
they made this settlement.
Oh, I'm almost there
I have some gifts
brought you
from the places where they are
10 times more than bamboo.
You can eat.
These are sweets.
On, please.
This is nice. Statue,
higher than bamboo.
Take it, eat it!
It's tasty, it is.
There is something going on here,
something incomprehensible.
They sent the Zaboje back.
A terrible area,
which does not exist at all.
Soldiers pono i,
hygiene problems
and security.
But, Doctor,
the government has the right
to say something about it. This is their area.
- Do you think I did not ask?
Libreville is guilty
port of Port-Gentil.
They say they are
for health is responsible in Libreville.
The minister says:
No, doctor, we support you!
Go to
Foreign affairs.
Even in the morning
I telephoned.
They will not know.
And those excuses!
Health and safety!
Who would have thought.
Well yes...
- What is it, Erik?
We're not exactly in line
with clinical practice, right?
How not?
- Outside
is a hospital like
Angle African you.
Goats around doctors,
droppings every 10 steps,
And monkeys in the forest?
And dying everywhere?
How much, Erik, how much?
- That's it.
Compared to Libreville
We're good. I know that.
Why do you think it's white?
They come from Port Gentil
to us to the doctor,
If everything is here ...
What about rats on
a children's department?
Those networks are not
do not help!
Let's start using DDT ...
- It's a dangerous poison!
- I can talk like a doctor ...
Calm down.
- No, Anna. David, no.
No, no, thanks. I'm happy, to help me.
I know what you want to say,
and you are right.
Dr. Hals has an opinion,
and Susi has his own.
Any decision,
which you accept ...
I know, old-fashioned
I'm a doctor.
Every decision
it can also be abnormal.
And here it is
something else.
Maybe it's a bomb.
What do you mean?
with a bomb?
Perhaps your opposition is wrong
atomic bomb.
We're about to do this
many times talked.
You know well that I am defending you.
But not all of them are.
Dr. Hals for example,
with all the respect, Erik ...
Maybe it was
word too fast.
And what kind of relationship does this have?
by closing the hospital?
It may not be related
with a hospital.
They might spy
behind you.
Wait, you're too quick for me.
What kind of connection does this have?
with your work,
which we all love?
And I swear to you that I'm being taught
and I greatly appreciate it,
your cooperation.
I do not understand that!
I agree with the doctor.
I do not know,
what's his opinion about the bomb?
links to the future of the hospital.
whether I agree or not,
it did not happen
to the public.
There is nothing here in dungals
It sounds like that. That charming government ...
Who is this?
What is his name?
- He studied in England,
just ... His name is ...
Ngouta. Louis Ngouta.
Mink e!
No worries!
I bought for your hammer
How are you today?
- Never better, Doctor.
Doctor, come on
Look at something.
Look at these kids
and on the forehead.
Ah ...
Obviously these networks
do not work, do not Anna.
Take care of wounds and
bring her to me later.
Maybe it would be Mink
Made some kind of bags.
Why are these matters?
Would not you prefer to prevent it?
We could use it
rat poison.
Ah ... - Of course, with poison
It's too simple.
Dead rats
They attract mres.
And killing is not always
right decision.
Yeah, yeah, again yours
respect for life.
Crazy ideas
for a crazy old man. Yeah.
When will this end?
What are you suggesting?
Where is the limit?
8-day creatures?
Kill them.
What about 2-nights
and all others?
If we kill all the rats,
their predators will be laughing.
And, great people
Can I smoke less? It is permitted to kill all animals,
which can be eaten. Everything.
But, whether it's goose ever
Do not eat
rat poison?
They are smart,
but some do not know how to read it.
For all you have the answer,
but you're not always right.
You're exaggerating sometimes.
Gospodina, to bi mogla
They also said for you.
So do the doctor
You can not make up your mind.
- Wait a minute, let's ...
I just want to take proper care
for my patients with leprosy,
You're saying ...
- Your patients !? Excuse me,
I think that's it
our patients,
for which we all are
Dr. Schweitzer,
You have a visit.
Dr. Schweitzer.
Excuse me,
because we interrupt you.
Louis Ngouta.
This is my colleague,
Sergeant Achebe.
I understand that you are very much
take on this wildlife, Doctor,
but we need to know,
when are you traveling occasionally?
We have worrying reports
about the state of the hospital.
Of course it should be
quickly edit the situation.
Who reported it?
I fight for poor lepers
and their health.
There were some of my patients Complaints from your conduct, sergeant!
It's outrageous.
I'm sorry.
Something that gets out of hand.
I'm aware of that.
They may have been challenged.
They challenged?
Are you poor?
Look at what kind
living conditions.
Yes, pardon
worth it.
Something needs to be done.
We hope somebody will
built our hospital,
and they will be such a riot
become a past.
There will be a new hospital
she also had a department
for lepers, right?
You know, Eric?
- Mr Ngouta is the previous week
mentioned the working plan
and some funds
for a modern hospital.
What kind of assets?
I can not detail
speak, dr. Schweitzer.
I know you understand
business secrets.
Of course, this is true
on the whole project,
industry, infrastructure ...
- What kind of project?
We'll be worried
with carts after this mud?
Did you know about this,
I heard rumors
about the hospital.
We are not all enthusiastic
over the idea of a new hospital, ...
Mr Ngouta,
Excuse me, but
I have to talk about this with colleagues. Can we continue tomorrow?
You are very kind,
We can sleep
slightly higher by the river.
Simply, but practically.
If you agree,
I would meet again tomorrow,
and look at it
That way they would get both
better insight.
Let us,
to offer you lunch.
A simple but practical lunch.
I'm happy to accept it.
What will we do now?
I need to know,
on which side you are.
It's not about
question of the page, right?
For a long time I am working here,
and you all know, on the side of me.
Maybe it's right
to the problem.
It does not have to be ours
opponents speak,
that we need something,
and that something has to be changed.
I'm spraying you,
where should we get the money?
And more importantly,
what kind of work will they do?
If you knew,
where do those money come from,
and in a pocket pocket
is the majority ...
Believe that our patients
and their families know,
what will happen to them
They are like children!
Do not worry
for them, like us.
Ofcourse not! However
we can not wait ... Like children?
Or with these words
Do not you ponder?
Maybe you
people speak,
let them live
in their way.
I'm sorry, Doctor.
I do not understand this.
No, David, no. The question is,
Are they ready for this step?
I'd give them something
syringes and needles
and said,
should they treat themselves?
You're right.
Maybe I live in
For centuries.
You say,
what should I do.
You can not do as much as you can
Doctor, Doctor.
Do not be scared.
We are on your side.
No, doctor.
Anna? Mom, please.
Are you really right? Is this really just the case?
Angle of Africa?
We really are
did you manage to create it?
Why do you put it like that
stupid questions, Doctor?
You know,
It's not like that.
Maybe I'm going to draw,
as Susie says.
With all the anger over Ngouto and
rumors of a bomb ...
I have to be sure,
what's right.
I need friends,
I really became
old tyrant?
When I first
I said,
You said: You've signed up to Olympus.
And I'm here, Zevs.
It took a long time for me to be here understand your waist.
Why did you think,
to say sorry?
Ah, Anna ...
Tired of the stations.
I'm old.
I have to learn,
How to sleep ...
Ah ...
Thanks for being kind, Anna.
Thank you.
- No, doctor.
she arrived.
Come on!
The ship is here!
Welcome to Lambarena.
- Thank you.
Welcome. You are ...
- Therese Bourdin.
This is a colleague
Phil Figgis.
I do not know, you will
dr. Schweitzer said, ...
Of course, I am informed,
Mrs Bourdin.
He's his trainer.
Mr. Figgis, hello.
- Good day.
Can I help?
- Ah ...
I'm David Fuller,
one of the mazes.
Sorry about that
It is often so,
dr. Fuller?
Let's say it's not that bad,
as in Manchester.
It's Quabi.
- Hello.
It's Wambua.
- And this is Wambu's friend,
I forgot my name.
Three hearts.
Guys, will you help?
- I'm aphelly.
This helps with childhood.
We follow this path.
These are ours
temporary residence.
For some,
for others it is less time-consuming.
Most patients He is here with his family.
They stay here,
until the patient recovers.
You want to cook yourself,
we just
We provide food
and everything else.
Well, even for work.
Build, grow,
which is still needed.
Here we go.
Just like that
they can pay.
Druzine tako
they stay together.
When I mention food,
They're almost laughing.
The hard way is,
is not it?
It is.
We'll go with you.
Mr Ngout, no matter what
to your opinion, I will be direct.
It will be yours
for the good government
as she said her power, I can not
to imagine what will happen,
Who, you ... will be your country
became independent.
Ah! Therese and g. Figgis!
Get in! Most
the staff has already met.
I'm sorry, because
We did not wait for you.
No problem,
we missed you.
It's nice
be with you.
These two guests
They are not known.
Sergeant Achebe
and Mr Louis Ngouta.
They present it in a timely manner
the government of Gabon,
as they say.
- Hello.
It's Therese
talented photographer,
who will be taken care of
made for a movie star.
Her colleague, Mr. Figgis He devoted himself to everything
New York, collect money for us.
So, where are we staying?
Are you ready?
For what?
For independence.
That's what we think.
This is a question of trust.
You are some African
invited to lunch, dr. Schweitzer?
Ah, Joseph!
Moment. Joseph!
I can introduce you
which is from everything
starting with us.
There's his
friend N'Zeng.
He was one
the first patients.
It's a reward
I got a case with us.
Could be an invitation
some of your friends at that lunch?
Doctor, you know,
that they would not want to come.
They will
personally inviting?
- Um ...
As you can see, homeowners
Do not eat food,
which they do not prepare themselves.
They are afraid to make them
neighbors poisoned.
It's good,
Sergeant Achebe?
In Libreville
I worked as a cook,
Here it is
every cook.
I cooked this food,
Mr. Ngouta, Sergeant Achebe.
My wife
she cooked me.
What about doctors? Are there some Africans?
- Are you a volunteer?
I studied at Oxford
politics and economy, and not medicine.
As you see, we are dr. Fuller, dr. Hals,
Senior sister Anna and me
all volunteers.
There is no other possibility. No money.
None of us has Rolls Royce.
But I can say,
that I did not know any
an African volunteer doctor.
I'm very disappointed
- Did you get a good idea?
The Africans did not borrow so much,
as we are with them.
For some
debts go?
We took their land,
their oil and copper,
their diamonds
and people.
And what are we?
in exchange?
Suicide, alcohol
and diseases.
It sounds like an old story,
but it's about the truth.
Old colonial debts
can not be paid, doctor.
We live in the middle
20th Century.
May I please for a moment
Look here.
- Mom!
It says there is a government
Einstein seized
letters of support
and other things.
What happened? How is it?
Is that what happened at all?
Which one
The magazine is it?
Herald. A friend lent it to me,
because he saw the father's name in it.
He bought it on the railroad station in Strassburg.
What is your father actually?
told Einstein?
It's a bomb, is not it?
A great humanist turned out to be
as a concealed communist.
atomic distribution.
And here, among the kandali,
Drink, ... Wait ...
Not just rats, but
also red flags under the bed.
That probably means
to the hospital.
Lambarena saint
to the knees in the mud.
Close this litter litter.
My poor Albert.
I have to do it.
Mom, you can not!
You're sick! What about?
- Together we said,
and I will not allow,
that you are corrupted by us
they stop.
- I'm going with you.
You will not be alone.
We can shut it down.
I can not believe.
Not one!
- Since when?
September '48.
Maybe you can
find something ...
... I do not know, Dapson?
We could try it.
How much did we catch?
- Two. Poor.
What's wrong with her?
It's the second one
How old is he?
You think she's here
difficult for contraception.
There is no problem at all.
The hood has,
which is generally here
What have you done?
my patient?
Which one?
I did not do anything. You know well that I ...
- Stop we know, please.
Excuse us.
- Mhm.
Your patient
I did not do anything.
Who is this?
Hide your tongue!
I will not be quiet anymore.
Mink e le i
with heat,
because he had to
work hard.
Your sister is
called from the bed,
to make some popr ...
- Susi, respect, please.
Communion? To the great doctor,
which must be obeyed.
My patients ask me,
I should protect them
in front of you and your sisters.
It would be better,
If the sisters were more
devoted to patients,
as fulfillment
your wishes.
excuse me
for a moment.
I'm Phil Figgis.
Let me greet you.
I am with Theresa,
We are preparing a leaflet
about the doctor
and his
I watched a little,
and find out that you are
a little upset.
I'm quick anger.
I do not envy you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Also to my work
I sometimes get angry.
What are you doing here ...
- What is your case?
My case? I'm doing PR.
You know what this is? This is the work of the people
tells us,
how some people are brilliant,
they may not know them.
Then you'd like to see them.
For example,
where you live, and in the middle
African d ungle
you do it
noble work.
So do you make a commercial for a doctor?
- No no.
I want people
tell the truth.
interesting work.
He's a big man.
Hi, Wambua! Quabi!
How's it going, Kumpel?
You do not know what this is?
So we say goodbye
with friends in New York.
May I show you?
Raise your hand.
Oh, it will not happen.
Okay, let's try
midva, Wambua.
No. Wait ...
Here we are
Quabi, put the Wambui tray.
Now raise your hand,
stretch fingers,
like me.
Now we hit.
They have to go every day
to work in a hospital?
They will not force me.
I love to work and learn.
I understand.
What she may have heard
for that soldier and
his chef?
Excuse me, sir.
I have to take it fast.
Clear. I see it.
Where have you been?
Some wonderful shots
I'm from the hospital.
Since difficult cases, they will not be able to publish them.
Maybe only some.
We'll have to watch,
what we will use.
Of course.
Oh, horror!
Is this a hospital?
Ah, Phil,
Where are you living?
Have you ever been to
north of New York?
In Central Park
They have a bunch of manure.
Yes, they certainly do
lepers and grow cabbage?
My God, in my opinion,
that you are from the Middle Ages.
It's lepeness
Most of these patients, however
there are other diseases.
Leprosy attacks
immune system.
At least I think so.
Anyway, the painter
I'll be for the flyer.
You could prepare
text, Figgis!
Of course, ma'am,
One hundred times.
Hm ...
Oh my god.
- Where are you?
Phil, look at this.
What is it?
It seems to me,
It's an X-ray.
Certainly something is dear,
and therefore they do not end.
It must be for that
be some reason.
The doctor will be done
knew. Photo?
Hm. I do not know,
If this is a good advertisement.
You saw Ngouto today
and his soldier?
How? Why you
Is it interested?
I know. Because of the uniform.
- You guessed my secret.
No, I just want to know,
what they are planning. Maybe it's important.
I said yes
opravi it.
For what?
For all requests.
I do not know.
I'm sorry for
A riot in the hospital.
I was uncomfortable.
Especially because of these guests.
Ngouta and soldier?
Yeah, and the Americans.
Mr. Figgis?
A little crazy?
He talks too much.
I will not be
your enemy.
Is it yours?
I think I'm always
to you a little hard.
Perhaps too.
I have a lot of worries.
Doctor ...
I think people would be
They like to love,
Though everyone is
It's hard to have a job.
You see. I'm stupid.
Excuse me.
Who did Jesus love?
Do we even know?
Anybody at all? Maybe your own
Mom. Father Joeefa,
a carpenter who scampered his wood
and hardly understood what?
She's right, angry Susi.
Who were those people.
This should be asked.
Jesus is not yours
He did not help.
I have to do what it is
my Father, he said.
Poor Jo ef.
What's the answer, Anna?
Too many questions
You're asking, Doctor.
You got up early and
passed a visa.
Try it.
What can we do? Yes, you are right.
As always, Anna, as always.
I'm keeping you.
I want you
maybe no.
May the angels protect you,
and so on, somehow.
It's their song.
For Washington Post.
Dear Sirs,
From my heart I write to you,
because I'm deeply aware
powerful consequences,
not for me, but for others,
for which I am worried,
not ... over ... controlled
using atomic ...
It does not make much sense.
Let's be honored.
I understand what you think,
but I do not know why.
Where are you from?
Centuries of life
in the community,
prosperity and power.
Mali Gabon is in
9th month of pregnancy.
We'll be free soon.
We're upset.
You are denouncing us,
because we're breast milk?
Very nice metaphor,
Mr. Ngouta.
I do not know who you are
promised milk,
but ... the consequences are
can be unpredictable.
To people
you have to think.
It's with this
attacking Schweitzer,
do not count on name.
It can be happy,
to have you, Erik.
Thanks for Whiskey
No, no.
Mr Ngouta!
Mr Ngouta!
Mr Ngouta,
oh, finally! I'm going to test for a long time
Talk to you.
This space is not ideal.
- For what, Mr. Figgis?
Mr Ngouta,
I'll explain it immediately.
Pretty much
I know,
who would love to
I closed this hospital.
And maybe this one
can provide money
for your new one
Provided, of course, that ...
new Gabon ...
then him ...
help ...
I am right?
I just wonder,
whether this aid will be received,
You will close the hospital.
You have your work,
I am my own.
I wanted to
They will ask,
what will happen to people,
You will close it.
Schweitzer remains,
We cut our necks the rest.
Sister Anna, quick!
Quickly after the doctor!
Anna! Sister!
Madame is here!
Lene? Lene!
My God, what happened?
Is it boi?
I have you
a very nice gift.
Oh, that's mine
new birthday!
What about the little two?
That would be
You're going too far!
Hi, both of you!
Helen, look,
Who's here.
Ah, Joseph! Thank God!
The most hard-working man!
Oh, Doctor!
What are you doing?
Liver and my legs
they do not do well, but the heart
It's possible.
Rhena, she remembers
a great friend of Joseph?
She'll be 10 years old, but she is
I'll remember it well.
Ah, Therese!
You will work!
Where do we meet?
He has surrounded you,
when did you hear?
Mr Figgis,
- Are you me?
- Nice to see you again.
No, they are all like that
Oh, Doctor!
Doctor! What a pity!
You can be tomorrow
look at the new settlement?
- My pleasure. And Susi.
Hello and welcome.
He thinks it is
very serious?
You remember
people in New York.
Just how they can be
read my letters?
These are government secrets of the police.
They do what they want.
What are you all about?
wrote to Albert?
What I thought.
That atomic bomb
catastrophe for the world.
Loka and the puke man
he never forgot ...
No, Lene, that's it
Quite different.
Let me explain it to you.
It will not be late.
Politicians do not speak the truth.
Only scientists know it.
But Albert,
that is ...
Do not you see,
what did you do?
We want to break you.
They call you for racists
and laughter.
Are you aware?
Money will begin, and the hospital will be lost.
It's still better than losing the world.
- Oh, your apocalypse.
Oh, my dear!
We speak about the Apocalypse.
I'm from there.
And what this means
a safe area?
All journals
they're talking about her.
What is this little one?
Hospital compared
with the whole country?
- Did she tell you?
I know. It's serious.
I do not know why
we would not resist.
He has a real eye,
Also, if everyone would
patients died tomorrow,
CIA would not be with
with a finger of a mignil.
It's the same
David said.
- Dr. Fuller, good man.
I'm in trouble
always support.
So, being aware,
That's because of the bomb?
I feel it
guilty, because
Alberta and Oppenheimer
I can not publicly support.
What should I do?
In this case
not relevant,
is the support hidden
or public.
Against us
they do not choose the supplies.
Your private letters!
What kind of people are that?
They can not win!
I know well,
how hard it is.
I am very happy,
that they are with me.
Hey, guys!
Can I paint you?
We can
Poka e ogo?
Say, please.
It's good.
Please, boys, to get away from this.
Do you understand? It's ugly.
You will get sick.
Sister, sister!
Can you call a doctor?
- Yes, right away!
Obvious spy
behind us.
Who knows how
And how long can it be
We'll crack it.
What's with that fence?
Very strong
Guys would not do this.
- Mink e,
Can I do it before?
Yes, Doctor.
warns of your safety
to the danger of this sign.
The most terrible rv!
- Mhm.
That's not the dead
can be removed.
I am interested in,
for what is that device.
Just two weeks
we used it.
We have a lot here
the equipment they have
removed from the beautiful
a clinic in Zhrich.
rats and moisture.
There is a poor electricity
and no maintenance.
I feel awkward,
or do you also find it,
to give the doctor his damages
take care of yours
I know it must
nice to look.
The old man discovered it
between what we can do
and what we want.
We are communes.
I see, David,
that you are pretty emotional.
Is not in the commune First you need to take care
for good care
and clean water?
Clear. A code
get money?
He does not
Ngouta offered?
Then you take care of him.
I trusted you.
He'll really sell to pharmacists
Roche or Beecham
because of the case
in Libreville?
And then I copied it
only their medicines
in exchange for money?
- I prefer to have such business,
like you with a doctor,
who once again hunts fish,
that they do not need patients
steal or buy.
Come on, Eric.
It's lucky
We'll be through one
Summer will be here?
Only weapons for war!
You were right!
But that
He did not expect anything.
What happened?
I was drowning.
One bastard was cut
security fence!
What kind of a fence?
That around the X-ray.
Guys are in there
and played with a new one!
But that's the case
was radioactive!
Albert, just who
would you do that?
I think I know.
It's not about that.
Who knows what we do
they'll do it.
It was this dangerous thing that they used,
against which we fight!
These guys will be
They died for me.
It's funny. What are you blaming?
How to do it at all
can you connect?
If they are all capable,
even reading private letters,
then I'll tell
voice. I have enough!
... I agree with my friend
Albert Einstein
and I call my colleagues
to tell the world what kind of danger
is an atomic bomb.
I say this opinion
worried heart,
with the care you are bothering me
day and night.
I'm not here yet
able to send.
Now I will!
When do you think,
that they will open this?
That's it
once ends.
If I only knew before,
how dangerous this is ...
Albert ...
I know not
it sounds like, but,
I would be glad,
to return home.
Take it at least
What a free day,
maybe not every week,
as you are God,
but at least
once a month.
What does that letter mean?
Did you sink your ship?
Have you asked your mom something?
Did you think to ask me?
I'm nothing for you!
It's always the same!
Ah, Rhena, calm down!
This does not help.
It's okay
did not decide.
What should I do?
They say that they can not win.
And who are they? I will not do anything,
I betray my old friends.
Oh, old friends?
It's nice, what is betrayal
your old women?
And publishing young girls?
And hospitals, and patients,
and everything we've been trying for?
She says herself ...
- I know!
You. I do not know what I'm saying,
I do not know what to think.
These are your dreams!
This hospital.
People here.
This is the meaning of your life!
And not just yours!
What is this comparison?
with yellow print?
... which we turn to tomorrow.
- Mom is right.
Hospital against
old news!
Get off!
Rhena, I want to
He knew how.
Money is coming.
I'll tell you
First time in life
I feel tired.
They may be able to close
but they can not
close my mouth.
This is a solution for you.
What about us?
I can remind you,
that your wife is in years and years old
She lived without you,
that you can work
for these words.
As a child I lived
without father,
that you could work
for these words.
We were proud of you.
It was not easy,
but all the devil took it upon themselves.
Now, it will all rejected
because of some illnesses
Spies in Washington.
I can not believe.
He thinks he is
I do not know that?
He thinks I did not
noo for the night, year after year
in front of you mother
and their children,
who cried and cried,
and I mean it
on you?
If this is my job
whether selfish,
it would be even more selfish
try to get away.
for a very philosophical one
an apprentice.
I could also philosophize.
- Never mind, stop it.
I can not download this.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I let you go
I'll be alone.
Dear friends,
I have a bad news.
I think my presence
It hurts the hospital.
Obviously, I have serious opponents.
Well, I got it
also friends.
Some of you sit here.
They are also among people,
which we help.
But there are only a few of these,
with whom we can speak.
But some of us are in America
They do not like it.
These are the enemies of my friends.
And that's why your enemies.
These are impatient
From the weird fears
they make real fears.
With a doctor
and my daughter Rheno We have been long
how to solve the problem.
It's a solution
That's what I think.
I'll leave,
there is a possibility,
that they will be my adversaries
leave the hospital alone.
In fact, I am now rv,
which should be cut from the body.
I hope ...
I hope from the bottom of my heart,
that you will stay
and fought for conservation
You are my best colleagues
and friends.
In particular,
who remind me,
that in the 20th century,
and to us
it does not have to be permanent
look at Susi.
Dear friends,
A great doctor
Going home!
We'll be sick
Therese, come quickly!
The kids are in the rooms!
Calm down!
You can not get out!
There are fresh wounds.
Do it!
A man laughing!
This hospital
we will close.
Doctor tomorrow
he goes home.
Do not be afraid!
Strauchi vas! Do not leave!
There must be a Gabon hospital here!
We have foreign hospitals!
She can not take her away!
Segun, please.
He is a laughing stock!
We are here.
The patient will stand.
Doctors and nurses
If we care about you. Big Doctor goes!
Only he heals!
No big doctor
No hospital.
All home!
Get out!
There are no doctors, no sisters
No medicine!
Get away from home!
Already after a long time
after luggage
I'm back
Father, that
you have to see.
Mom? Come on!
The doctor did not leave.
The big doctor is here.
Who do we love?
Doctors male?
No, no, no,
but a great doctor!
And who likes us?
Small doctors?
No, no, no,
but a great doctor.
You would be
he had to listen.
Attention, beware!
A great doctor
it's home now.
We'll be sick
zap ...
Dr. Schweitzer!
Allow the word.
Today is your day.
He'd be a bad bastard
You would not be too complicated.
It would be stupid for the new Gabon
to overlook these people.
And not to mention
Given these reasons,
and there will be no other,
but I hope that,
I will be grateful,
You will be for these people
Continue taking care.
Building our new hospital
it's pretty far away.
I'm here
That's how it works.
Must be a possibility
grab it. Today,
dr. Schweitzer.
What are they going to do today?
instructions, doctor?
Work fluently
as always, dear Anna.
Mink e! Quabi!
Fanta, come on!
Mr. Ngout?
Mr Ngouta!
Only word,
before you go.
What's happening?
What happened?
I have all the notes
in this note.
Enough proof
for closure and kandal.
Discarded medicines,
exploitation of children,
you will give up because of
Dance of these savages?
- I thought ...
- Mr Figgis.
Talk about
my compatriots.
Excuse me for
rude behavior.
I forgot how you feel.
Among us,
because we are together with the United Nations
on the same page. Do not you?
And what's this site?
Oh. I understand now.
So it does not matter,
The hospital will be closed.
You have guaranteed money.
It's a turning point.
It seems to me,
that you are bothered.
Our assurances
are investments and development aid.
As for your organization,
this is not my business.
I think Schweitzer's
political activities
can be used in a more convenient way. - So you do not need us anymore?
On the contrary, Mr. Figgis.
We do not need you personally.
Just for memory.
You're sorry
because friends are leaving?
Are you lonely?
- Therese, just ...
Ngouta was ...
- Do not bother.
I know that I'm slow to remember,
but now I understand.
I do not care,
You shave fools from me.
But from these people!
I've been living my whole life ...
I have heard his orders ...
What are you doing here? Yes, the boy
threaten with radioactivity?
Painfully, Therese.
I'll sit down with you
tearful freedom.
Mar nih, except you,
Does not have any plans?
What would it be, the Russians
make a bomb, and we do not?
Mr Figgis,
You really think,
that you will be keeping it
laughing among people
did you say the world?
- Who is the world?
I do not have big plans.
I only care for individuals.
Just your work
I'm doing it.
You are almost proud of yourself.
Hello, guys!
Stop, Quaby, stop it!
Give me that.
Mink e.
It's best to get the first one
board for a new settlement.
What did he say?
What's the laugh? Just repeats for
you, doctor,
when you said they would
for such homes
all hotels get sick
for gobavostjo
Ah, Philip!
An unforgettable joy!
He can not knock?
Stop that, bastard.
I'm 100 miles away
plunged over the dirty river
and a week's ate food
and watching drowsiness.
All in vain.
- Philip. You forgot,
What is our job?
We are not scouts!
Not really, but
We are like them.
I have my legs on my feet
and diarrhea.
And now let me phone again
from Micks Bar?
Philip, you were
We knew that you
we'll need it.
Thank you.
Was this insurance?
also related to the FBI?
I said,
that I have nothing with them.
Hoover spy on Einstein
and perhaps for Schweitzer.
As far as I know, yeah
before the arrival of McCanthy.
What about that Ngout?
and his gangsters?
He hit me seriously.
You said it was a man.
I was bumping there
in the wall.
Just glassy
He was watching me.
I think they are
agreed with the French
for more attractive deals,
as we imagine.
Money? Diamante? Oil? Order?
Are you sure?
I bet it will be Mr. Ngouta
in an important position
in the new government.
Whatever my position will be,
What will happen to yours
loyal servant?
It's great to be
well insured.
I do not know why you are
so furious.
We would need you,
but it was not necessary.
Schweitzer is himself
he opposed himself.
Who is the Communist?
proposed a dismantlement?
Letters are here.
It's over with him.
You think so?
I'm not so sure,
wise men!
And if I tell you right, I'd rather see,
that he wins, and you lose.
Doctor! Telegram!
Doctor! Telegram! Doctor!
Doctor, Telegram!
In my room in Lambarena
I have it on the shelf
a small book
with the thoughts of LaoTse,
a great Chinese thinker
from the 6th century BC.
You have to remember his thoughts
about war and victory.
The weapon is a terrible evil
and can not be a tool
the honest man.
Only if there is no other choice,
we can use it.
Whoever looks forward to victory,
He was happy
for killing. Terrible massacres
many people
should be washed
with compassionate tears.
Every man is
and develop within it
Pray for humanity.
Both of them are in us,
We just have to scream.
Waiting for a spark
everyone can develop
his own Lambaren.
Schweitzer is with money
Nobel Prize
Completed settlement
for lepers.
Work by Schweitzer, Einstein
and other scientists
has affected the reduction
the fear of experiments with atomic weapons.
It's Rhena
after his father's death
assumed leadership
The hospital works
It's supported by America
Europe and Gabon.
It is the respect of life
motto of many movements,
for protection
nature and the environment.
"Bist du bei mir"
is a note from the note
Anne Magdalene Bach.
Stichlz melodie from
opera Diomedes
he arranged it
Johann Sebastian Bach.
"If you are with me"
it will round up
this film story.
You will be with me,
I'm leaving in joy
in the peace of his death. You will be with me,
I'm leaving in joy
in the peace of his death.
It would be wonderful,
He will
at the time of death
your hand
I closed mine
loyal eyes.
It would be wonderful,
He will
at the time of death
your hand
I closed mine
loyal eyes.
You will be with me,
I'm leaving in joy
in the peace of his death.
Translation at the 100th anniversary
Schweitzer's Lambaren.