Albion: The Enchanted Stallion (2016) Movie Script

Good morning, Vermont.
It's the day before Christmas,
and the big guy's right around
the corner. We're looking at
some of your favorite Christmas hits
all day long, so keep it locked.
Morning, pops.
The doctor said that if you
get out and about more,
you'd get your strength back.
You probably wouldn't get sick as much.
I know.
Never mind. Hey, pops, we can
always try again tomorrow.
Oh, my gosh, last night I had
a dream about this stallion.
He was so gorgeous, dad,
you wouldn't believe it.
Hmm. I don't know.
- Sounds like a Kelpie to me.
- What's a Kelpie?
Uh, you don't wanna know about Kelpies.
Yes, I do. I just asked.
- Oh, they're scary, and not for...
- Dad.
All right, but I warned you.
Kelpies were once dark,
shape-shifting spirits
that would take the secret
shape of beautiful horses.
They lived near the water,
and they were known
to be able to take the form
of both human and horse.
But the thing about Kelpies
was they had the ability
to see straight through
into your heart of hearts.
If they saw wickedness, they
would entice these strangers,
especially wicked children,
to ride upon their backs,
and then they would dive into the lakes,
and their riders were
never heard from again.
- Drowned?
- Nobody knows.
- Eaten?
- Nobody knows.
Hush now, don't be scared
through this time of darkness
shadows may march, thunders may roar
but peace will soon prevail
Like that one, snakes?
Okay, okay.
It stinks in here!
How do you even stand it?
White linens?
Seriously, this is not a Vegas parade.
Honey, you know I hate it
when you call me that.
It makes me sound so old.
Now don't be too much trouble,
you hear me?
You gotta make a good first impression.
You got the new one ready?
He's nervous.
Come on.
Merry Christmas, honey.
Up there, sweetheart.
He's beautiful.
I'm gonna ride him every day.
You look wonderful.
Honey, just...
Stay calm, okay?
Push your hands forward.
Keep your hands forward, sweetheart.
- I wanna get off.
- Don't pull on the rein.
The horse is just getting
used to the barn.
Would you get off that horse now?
- It'll be fine, I promise.
- No, I don't want him.
- Just give him some time.
- I said I don't want him!
Please, if you'll
just take the time, okay?
He'll be fine, I promise. Just...
This isn't what I paid for.
This is not what we talked about.
This is not the horse.
Don't worry about what any
of those stuffed shirts think.
You're special.
My dad always says that being special
doesn't usually mean
you're better than anyone else,
it's just normally something
that's on the inside
that no one can really see.
So maybe we're both special, huh?
You think you're special?
- No.
- Good.
Because I heard your dad's a cripple,
so what would he know
about being special?
You're just a stable girl.
Now get away from my horse.
Well, that couldn't go any worse.
I gotta get a new instructor in here.
Evie, I'm gonna have to have you come
in tomorrow to feed and clean stalls.
- It's Christmas, Mr. McCarron.
- I know.
My dad's caretaker is off for the
day and he's going to need me.
Evie, I'm taking a big risk
having you here.
You're underage, you can't
give me the hours I want,
but I like you,
and I know you need the money,
but if you can't come in, I'm going
to have to get somebody full-time.
No, I... I get it.
I will be here tomorrow.
- Merry Christmas, Evie.
- Merry Christmas.
That horse today...
Why can some people just be, and do,
and have whatever they want,
but the rest of us just
have to sit back and watch?
Pops, I'm home.
You just have to get out there,
go after it.
You know, a rich life,
it isn't about material wealth.
It's from inside, from your spirit.
It takes a very special person
to be able to achieve
the proper balance.
Is that a super obscure way of
saying you think it's better
that I don't have a horse?
'Cause I gotta tell you,
I'm having a little trouble
following that logic, pop.
No, what I'm saying is,
is that whatever you think
is an advantage
isn't always what it seems.
The most prosperous people
I've ever known
don't have half your goodness.
And you are special.
I'd be lost without you.
Let's get you to bed, pop.
- Give him some time.
- I said I don't want him.
Evie, would you mind showing
everybody how it's done?
Oh, Evie, that's amazing.
- Will you teach me?
- Sure.
I don't mind the parties
or the mistletoe
but save me the cliche
'cause by Christmas day
the streets are filled
with dirty snow
snow, oh
isn't it funny, wasting money
on things nobody needs
Christmas is never what it seems
saved all year
spent it all on Christmas cheer
got none at all
gifts on layaway
overrated holiday
I can't wait for the new year
Thanks for the horses, dad.
Set up the tree
and all the lights
all of the children are wondering
were they naughty or nice
but it doesn't apply
we're selling them dreams
and telling white lies
Morning, guys!
It's Christmas.
How about a treat?
How about some warm bran mash?
Which one of you did this?
Whoa! Whoa!
Hey there, boy.
What are you doing out here?
You're a pretty boy.
Where's your rider?
No rider?
Is anybody out there?
I have your horse.
And he looks kinda familiar to me.
Come on, buddy.
Let's get you back to the barn
before you freeze out here.
Come on.
Come on, buddy. Come on.
I don't know what you want me to do.
No. Absolutely not.
No getting on strange horses.
Fine, you win.
No warm barn for you.
I can see you.
I can see you moving.
I know you don't want me
to leave you out here.
No, no, wait.
No, no.
What are you doing?
I'm telling you right now,
if you throw me,
I'm going to be so mad at you.
Do you hear me, mister?
Whoa! Whoa!
Hey, slow down!
What on earth?
Where are we?
I am going to be in so much trouble.
Did global warming just,
like, happen or something?
Did we time travel?
Don't look at me like that.
I am not happy about this.
This is crazy.
Okay, there's no way this is Vermont.
It was just really annoying, you know?
I mean, she looked right at me
and was just like,
"you think you're special?"
And I just kinda froze
and I was like, "uh..."
The whole thing caught me
off guard, you know?
Are you sure this is the right way?
Good, because my dad will freak out
if I'm not home soon.
Wait, what's that?
What is that?
Is that her?
It must be.
She's here.
She's here.
Tell the others.
She doesn't look like much.
Places everyone!
Hello, Evelyn Flynn.
Who are you?
How do you know my name?
I've been waiting for you
for a very long time.
Where am I?
You're inside the cave of revelation.
Everything is seen as it truly is.
Stones from this cave
were used to forge the Scepter of Truth.
You are here for a reason, Evelyn Flynn.
What's happening?
The cave is showing you something.
This is the World of Albion.
Albion was home to the Danaan,
a peaceful and selfless race.
The Danaan possessed
four ancient treasures
that maintained harmony
amongst their people.
The scepter of truth,
no one can lie in its presence.
The cauldron of plenty,
to never know hunger.
The flame of knowledge,
the answer to all questions.
And the Book of Healing,
to heal all wounds.
One day, the Milesians arrived,
carried on dark clouds
from the Northern Worlds,
led by the evil and greedy
General Eeder.
They came to take the four treasures
and destroy the Danaan people.
Desperate for peace,
the Queen of the Danaans
sought out the Abbess, a magical being
who lives separate from either race.
She brokered a treaty bound by magic,
and it was agreed that Albion
would be divided in half.
But in a wicked piece of trickery,
the Milesian General
chose the top half of Albion,
subjugating the Danaan
to the world underground.
But the General's obsession
with the day he would finally
rid his world of the Danaan
has grown with every passing year.
Some believe that day
to finally be at hand.
Ah, this oughta be good.
Did she like it?
She hasn't said anything.
I'm in another world?
"I'm in another world?"
There are portals between our two worlds
that are ever-changing.
Dear Evie,
the Danaan people need your help.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I have absolutely no idea.
Where did you come from?
What land is this Vermont?
I don't really understand the question.
Why did you steal my horse?
I know you're not my horse,
I was just...
Can you please allow me to continue
questioning the prisoner?
Why did you steal my horse?
Your horse?
No, I swear,
I didn't know.
You don't need to swear.
You couldn't tell a lie
if you wanted to.
The scepter won't allow it.
You are not in charge of this quest.
She could be a Milesian spy.
What do you mean you brought her here?
Are you insane?
We're on a perilous mission
that could include death and torture.
The last thing we need is
a frightened little girl.
- Hey!
- Would you please be quiet a moment?
No, I won't!
Who are you?
Where are you from?
Who is this crazy horse?
And why are you acting like
you're having a conversation?
You're not a little girl, Evie.
How does everyone know my name?
- Dag Dia told me.
- Who's Dag Dia?
The Kelpie.
The horse.
No, she is not going with us.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Exactly. Kindly hand me back the Scepter
and we'll be on our way.
This is the Scepter of Truth?
A powerful priceless artifact,
and you go around announcing
that we have it to the world!
No, he didn't tell me.
The cave of revelation did.
The strange man.
I've heard legends of magic in there.
Men who could turn into
horses or vice-versa.
Something like that.
Kelpies, they called them.
I never believed that, though.
Just blarney from halfwits.
Thank you.
Look, please help me.
I need to go home.
My father's not well.
- It's Christmas!
- What's Christmas?
You know, Santa?
Has these elves that help him
fly around the world
in one night delivering
presents on a sleigh
pulled by magical reindeer?
Sorry, can't help you.
I'm incredibly busy
trying to save my people
from certain annihilation.
And unfortunately, it's a bit
time sensitive, so...
No! She's not coming with us.
She's obviously mad.
Would you like to join us on our quest
that has absolutely
nothing to do with you
and bears no consequence
on your future whatsoever,
upon which you,
as a small helpless child,
will almost certainly perish?
- No.
- Well, I tried.
- Let's go.
- Wait! How do I get home?
Our first mission is to find
the Flame of Knowledge,
which Dag Dia believes
will show you your path,
if you would like to join us.
- I would.
- Perfect.
Just to the flame, then I go home.
Hold this.
We need to get going.
The Milesians use
the weather to track us.
Looks like rain.
We're not gonna outrun the rain.
Put this on.
It'll protect you.
Oh, that's better.
What is this?
What is this?
Is someone trying to assassinate me?
Show me your hands.
All of you! Now!
Show me your hands!
Now! All of you!
Oh, terribly sorry, my lord.
It just is a flesh wound, sire.
You see I was giving you
your daily mutton
mutton! Mutton!
Oh, I love mutton.
Well, of course you do.
Where's that bloody thing?
As I was feeding you,
I let my stupid hand
linger too long, like a fool.
- Wretched...
- And if you'd be so kind
as to return my brainless little digit,
I'll take a quick jaunt
down to the seamstress
and see if she can't sew the half-witted
little nubbin back on! Ah-ha!
- Hang him.
- Oh, no!
My lord, no!
No, no, no! No! Um...
Oh, thank you, my lord.
I knew you'd never...
Skin him.
Aah! Lord, no!
No, wait! Wait! Wait!
I may want his skin on.
Um, throw him in a dungeon
that's really horrible.
I'll make my mind up later on.
Eremon, what are you doing here?
You sent for me, my lord.
I... ahh...
I saw something
flash through the rain
and then it was gone.
It felt like...
It felt like, uh...
Something I've not sensed
for a long time.
A long time.
I can't put my finger on it.
But there was a strange magic...
In the form of a girl.
Now, Eremon, I want you
to seek out this child,
find her, and destroy her.
I don't chase little girls.
Besides, what possible
threat could she hold?
Do you insult me, Eremon?
Nay, my lord.
I am too close for any complications.
Fail me now,
and I shall drink the marrow
from within thy bones.
You shall have
her little heart, my lord.
Thank you.
So, off to the Wicklen Mountain, hmm?
My lord.
Who are those people?
Those are the Kukeri.
Don't worry about them.
They must have a camp nearby.
Okay, now I seriously need food.
We don't have time.
If I'm not back five days from now...
What, you'll be grounded?
Well, yes, I'll become the ground.
The treaty allows five Danaan
a five-day window
each harvest moon
to forage for provisions
so we don't starve.
Once the moon completes the cycle,
if you're a Danaan
and you're above ground,
you become the Earth.
Well, on the bright side,
at least I'll starve to death by then.
You're an odd little girl, Evie.
Can I ask you something?
If I said no, would it stop you?
Good point.
I don't mean any offense by this,
but why wouldn't the Danaan
have sent, like,
an army or something to get provisions?
It's in the fine print.
No army nor leader may cross the barrier
as long as the treaty stands.
Warriors have tried and failed.
So now it's just you?
It's not just me.
They chose me for this mission.
I was the strongest, the most resilient,
the most skillful of all the Danaan.
Wow, that's amazing.
It is.
How do you know where we're going?
Dag Dia knows the way to the Abbess,
and the torch will show us
the rest from there.
The Abbess.
Is she good?
I don't know.
Never met her.
But she was a great friend to the Danaan
in the early years after the fall.
Some believe she's dead.
Dag Dia doesn't, though.
Can others understand him, too?
It's following us.
I know, I know!
We're going!
No, not the hair!
Not the hair!
What are you doing here?
I'm rescuing you.
What does it look like?
I don't need rescuing.
Go home, Lir.
You two know each other?
Lir's family are the protectors
of the Scepter of Truth.
Such close proximity for so long
has made Lir unable to lie,
which mixed with a staggering vanity,
makes for a rough conversation.
I'm not vain.
I'm simply aware that I'm usually
the most striking individual
in any sort of company,
and the present is not excluded.
Holy wow.
Is he for real?
Yeah, of course I'm real.
What do you expect me to be?
Some sort of ghost?
Is she a halfwit?
I really don't like him.
Go home, Lir.
You can't just steal the Scepter
and go gallivanting
around Albion with it.
The elders are furious.
The elders won't listen.
What are we supposed to do,
sit around doing nothing?
Something's going on, Lir, I know it.
Where are the Foragers?
Some simply got lost.
Foragers don't get lost.
What are you saying?
I don't know.
We're going to find the Abbess.
The Abbess?
You two seek out the Sorceress?
- Are you scared?
- No.
Wait, yes.
Why the change?
I suddenly realized
I can't let you go alone.
- No.
- Yes.
- No!
- Yes, I'm afraid so.
No, I can see you're upset,
but I'm coming with you.
I'd like you both to think
about how awful I feel
about being so inappropriately
dressed for such a quest.
Stay out of my way.
Don't you say anything.
How's the view back there,
my brave knight?
This has always been your best angle.
You totally like him.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
It's obvious.
He's really cute,
though I'm starting to think
honesty is seriously overrated.
You're out of your depth here, Evie.
I no more fancy him than a baby bird
fancies a disease-ridden
tick on its neck.
Did you just call yourself a baby bird?
Enough on the subject!
That's why you're mean to him.
You're trying to flirt.
You're completely...
The foragers.
They're turning!
It's only been three days
and they're turning!
Now do you believe me?
Does this look like they just got lost?
What could have done this?
They're killing our foragers
to starve us out.
The Milesians will answer for this.
We have to leave.
We cannot be exposed at night.
Two fled on horseback.
Both female.
Shallow hoof-prints.
That is no place for our kind.
Men whose deeds should
remain in the shadow.
Another cave?
Dag Dia says the passage to
the lair of the Abbess lies within,
just beneath the eyes of judgment.
The eyes of judgment?
I think we'll camp inside
the mouth of the cave,
move forward in the morning.
Oh, thank the gods.
What if a bat flew into my hair, huh?
Think about that for the moment.
So you used to be in charge
of protecting the Scepter?
I was. I am.
I protected it from scratches,
from water marks, sun damage.
Sun damage?
You live underground.
There was a spider once.
If you knew all that I was capable of.
What are you doing?
Any eyes, painted or carved.
Not the slightest sign
of any sort of doorway
or anything man-made.
I'm going to tear out my hair.
Please don't.
You would look hideous bald.
You have a very strange shaped head.
She's correct.
If this indeed was the hiding
place of the Abbess,
seems like she's moved on.
She's left us behind.
I'm telling you, there were
no eyes painted or carved,
judging or otherwise.
Um, guys...
I am Eriu of the Danaan.
I wish to pass through the portal.
Move back.
It won't work with you here.
There's no way
those were the magic words.
Maybe it needs to be
a riddle or something.
Open sesame?
What? Those are really
powerful words in my world.
As I was saying, only Danaan
can pass through the portal.
Any ideas?
He's never been inside.
He doesn't know the ritual
or the ceremony it takes.
Give me the Scepter.
Give me your hand.
Come on.
Oh, you...
Oh, look.
Maybe it needs to be a love scene.
Maybe the wall needs proven Danaan love.
Come on here.
Maybe that's what the dream was saying.
What dream?
What are you talking about?
Come on, Lir.
Come on! Wake up!
I'm fine. It's just that...
- Now take his other hand in yours.
- No.
- Take his other hand in yours.
- No.
Look, whatever notion you have
of me and this featherbrain...
Scared of the truth?
I'm not afraid of anything.
Ooh, wow!
True love.
I'll cut out your tongue.
Thank you, Evie.
Couldn't have done this
without you, Evie.
You're so clever.
I can hear you.
We have to have
weapons ready when they come.
No wedding, no king!
There's not going to be a wedding,
because we're going to destroy
every last one of them.
We have to have weapons
ready when they come.
Do we just knock?
I wouldn't.
- Who are you?
- Hi, Dag Dia.
How do you know Dag Dia?
Everyone knows Dag Dia, stupid.
No wedding, no king!
We're trying to find the Abbess.
Yeah, we're trying to find the Abbess.
Can you help us?
They can never agree on anything.
No more yelling!
I can't concentrate!
I have to understand this
before they come
or I won't understand it when they come.
Do you not understand this?
Listen to me!
We have to have weapons ready
when they come.
For the last time, how many are coming?
We only have so many saucers and spoons.
Saucers and spoons.
Saucers and spoons.
These roguish kings
had better be handsome,
for I do not intend to wed a goblin.
There's not going to be a wedding
because we're going to destroy
every last one of them.
A wedding? No one said
anything about a wedding.
We only have so many saucers and spoons!
I think I'll have you
be the priest at my wedding.
You look priest-ish.
No wedding, no king!
No saucers, no spoons!
They've come.
Where is my king?
Will he not come for me?
Where is your hidden army, girl?
We're just looking for the Abbess.
What do you think?
It's nearly done.
- Do not try and fool me.
- Nope, not yet!
I'll send him a box of your fingers
- as proof of our might.
- Disgusting.
I can't figure this out.
The book says there is a truth
beyond what our eyes see.
The truth is that one must often
surrender before one can win.
I'm sorry, I don't know either.
This book is nonsense!
Surrender in order to win?
If we followed that,
we'd all be living in dungeons.
Now from which way will they attack?
Tell me.
Tell me now!
I don't know.
By the gods, unhand those ladies,
you multifarious hags!
- The enemy!
- Multifarious?
- Another mouth.
- He must be a scholar.
You came for me.
The milesians are coming.
We need to go now.
Please, help us!
They're going to get us!
- Please.
- It's okay.
Hush now, don't be scared
through this time of darkness
shadows may march, thunders may roar
but peace will soon prevail
through our land, this sacred land
nightmares spread confusion
but stand your ground
until you've found
the strength to light your way
the Abbess.
Dag Dia was right.
She didn't leave us.
You saved me, Evie.
I've been in that state,
split and lost to myself,
for a great many years.
The treasures of the Danaan
are very powerful.
Possessing one of them for too long
will throw the power of
the others out of balance.
The legend says that taking back
the Danaan treasures
is the only way to reverse
the Magic of the Treaty
and break the barrier.
That is half of it.
The four treasures
must be brought together
and the two bloodlines must
agree to reverse the spell.
That will never happen.
Positivity, Lir.
I'm positive.
That will never happen.
If they don't, we will take it by force.
I believe this is what you came for.
Hush now
don't be scared
through this time of darkness
I'm seeing so many strange things, I...
Unless you focus, the flame
will show you what it wants.
Focus on your pathway home.
I see a lakeside.
It's wonderful.
That must be your passage home.
Look for the book.
You look.
I see a...
A tower?
No, wait.
A monastery.
At the edge of the Dorillian Crag,
a day's journey from here.
Your grace, how did you know
that song that I sang to you?
They're trying to break down the wall.
I need to find that book.
I thought you were going home.
You guys couldn't make it
three feet without me.
I could get three feet without you.
Is anyone else following her logic?
One of my strides is like three of hers,
- so in the end...
- Quick! You must go!
The milesians are nearly through.
- Go!
- What about you?
I'll be fine. Please go,
and may the gods be with you.
You were a fool for harboring
these rebels, Norvina.
Those children will surely die,
and you, you will have
led them on such a fate.
Or they may just save this world
from a fate worse than death.
One morning
I heard you, songbird
crying out loud
so I came to see
what you were crying about
your broken wing
the dirge you were warbling...
it's too steep.
You'll have to stay here
and keep a lookout.
No one's going to get hurt.
You have my word.
Unless he won't give us the book.
All right, no killing.
Don't worry.
We'll be careful.
Still I'd hoped you'd stay
Honestly, I could make it
three feet without you.
I could make it 300 feet without you.
All right.
This is it.
Show you what's inside?
The book's inside.
Um, if there's a skeleton inside,
I'm gonna scream.
- Lir, a little help here.
- Sorry.
- Oh, God.
- Uh!
That smells so bad.
I think it's Gallgaidheal,
one of the Brothers Dunn.
- Oh, my gosh.
- What in the...
What are you doing?
This is mental.
Why in the gods?
What was he thinking?
Perhaps he was having one
of those flying dreams.
I have those a lot.
What the?
Stop, you undead knave!
We're not gonna hurt you.
- Aah!
- Oh, my goodness.
Get away, I said.
No, I don't care if they're nice,
they're trying to steal
something from me,
and I won't have it.
Of course, it belongs to me.
I bought it at...
I found it in...
I traded it for...
Oh, God, I can't think.
I mean, it must be this "idjit" branch.
- Now I can think.
- Where was I?
You were talking about how
you got the Book of Healing.
Oh, thank you.
So I got the Book of Healing...
How do you know about that?
Did you come to steal it away?
Come to steal my power, huh?
A Minion of General Eeder, eh?
I can smell the stench
of a dirty stinking...
Milesian anywhere.
Gallgaidheal, please.
Don't call me that.
I hate being called that.
Okay, what should we call you?
My friends call me Gally.
- Okay, Gally.
- But you are not my friends!
No, they're not.
They're book thieves.
Especially the red-headed one.
Wait, you can understand Dag Dia?
Of course, I can.
How can I understand you?
Because you're my brother.
Because he's my brother.
- Your brother?
- His brother?
That's what I said.
He's a... are you deaf?
He's my...
My brother.
Oh, brother.
All of these years,
I thought you were dead.
Why is he hugging that horse?
Why didn't you come for me
sooner, brother?
I've been so horribly lonely.
And how did you get so tall?
Oh, I must have missed
that part during all
of the running away and all that.
Dag Dia said he was mortally wounded
by the Milesians in the fortress.
The Abbess saved him
by turning him into a Kelpie.
Well, fear not, brother,
much has transpired
in your absence.
Look around.
I own everything...
All the kingdoms above
and below... Mine.
So feel free to trot where you like.
What are you talking about?
Well, if you must know,
little red-headed book thief,
I am a God.
- A God?
- A God.
- You are not a God.
- Yes, I am.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
Look, it's not
that we don't believe you.
Yes, it is.
I don't believe him.
You are not helping.
I have been burned to death, frozen,
I've been torn apart by wolves,
I have fallen from a 500-foot
cliff into really pointy rocks.
I've been drowned, struck NY lightning,
squashed by an extremely fat cow,
my eyes plucked out, my ears sawed off,
I cut out my own heart,
split it in three
then juggled it for a little while.
Cut myself directly in half
trying to find a friend,
and nothing, nothing.
I am invincible.
I am inextinguishable.
I am a God!
It could have a tiny bit to do
with you having the Book of Healing.
Wait, is that why you came?
We need the book to save the Danaan
from the milesians once and for all.
We only have two days left,
or else the Danaan will surely perish.
Oh, so why didn't you
say so in the first place?
There you are. To be honest,
I was getting tired
of the dirty old manuscript anyway.
Tedious reading material, if you ask me.
Well, it was nice meeting you all.
Gotta do this again soon.
Catch up, fun times.
Best of luck to you, then.
Lir, can you see
the Monastery from here?
No. No, I can honestly say
that I can't see
the Monastery from here.
- It's...
- Look.
Gods, you call yourself a man!
It's still bleeding.
It's the wrong book.
Miss you too, friend.
Where did he go?
Gally, I know you're out there.
I know you're listening.
We didn't come to steal from you.
Your people are in great danger
and they need your help.
We don't have time.
That crazed loony bird
could be getting further away
by the second.
We have to split up
to find him, catch him.
Gally, I know
what it's like to be alone,
to feel like you have only
yourself to rely on,
and as much as your family
wants to help, they can't.
I felt like that most of my life.
But these people are good.
They don't want to hurt you.
And your brother must care
very deeply for you,
because he brought us
all this way just hoping
that he could find you.
You don't have to be
alone anymore, Gally!
You don't have to be alone.
Who wants to be invincible anyway?
It sounds pretty boring to me.
The flame will show us where he is.
It is boring!
It's terribly boring.
You can't imagine.
Have you ever been swallowed by a whale?
I had to wait for it to poop me out.
Spent weeks in there.
It was uncomfortable, to say the least.
For you and the whale, I'm sure.
I'll make you a trade, little girl.
You can call me Evie.
Well, I'll make you a trade, then, Evie.
One book of healing for one friend.
How does that sound?
Would you be my friend?
How about three for the price of one?
I'll even throw in a brother.
A brother.
Should we heal the skinny
cowardly one then?
What's up?
The book might cure him
of his honesty problem.
Isn't that a good thing?
I can't lie, he has
somewhat grown on me.
- Like a boyfriend?
- Like a fungus.
But like a fungus I'm not quite sure
I want to be cured of just yet.
And now we will cure you, my brother.
Don't mind us.
We were just enjoying
your delightful little scene.
The milesians!
Run, Eriu! Now!
Let her go.
We have all we came for.
These relics share the Danaan symbol.
This day has proved far more
fruitful than possibly imagined.
And who are you, little girl?
My name's Evelyn.
People call me Evie.
And what mission are you on, Evelyn?
I'm just trying to go home, sir.
Are you indeed?
And where is home, sweetheart?
Cedar creek, Vermont.
I know of no such land.
I didn't think you would.
Bind them.
Tell me, Evelyn, why help the Danaan
when their fight is not yours?
The Danaan are forced by a tyrant
to leave everything they love behind
and go live underground.
They only want their homes back
and to live in peace.
To me, that sounds like a
cause worth fighting for.
That's only their side of the story.
Is their another side?
Why do you help the Milesians?
- I am Milesian.
- So?
I've never been asked that before.
No wonder General Eeder
finds you so interesting.
I thought you were
supposed to kill the girl.
What happened to bringing
the general her little heart?
Do not involve yourself in my affairs
if you wish to survive the night.
I had a daughter once.
Would have been about your age.
Your spirit reminds me of hers.
The great war took her from me.
Her and her mother.
They were killed by Danaan?
They were killed by men.
The type doesn't matter.
Men destroy everything, Evie.
I've never seen an exception.
That is why I give no man my love
or my hatred.
And in my indifference,
they give me their gold.
I believe you're a better man
than you pretend to be.
Is that right?
And what possibly makes you think that?
You act bad, but...
I know there's good in you.
Which side do you think your daughter
would have fought for if she were me?
There was nothing good about me ever.
I've done things that
your innocent little mind
couldn't even imagine.
I am the reason children
are afraid of the dark.
I am a jackal that preys
upon the wounded.
I love not. I feel not.
I care not.
If you're looking for a savior,
be prepared to be
very disappointed in me.
Now, I know that
you can hear my thoughts,
and I do not know why,
but I promise you, I will root it out,
make no mistake, little girl,
even if it costs you your life.
I don't believe you.
Eriu, I knew you'd come.
I knew it!
Dag Dia is waiting for you
in the forest.
Go. Run.
Come on!
I told you.
I told you, Evelyn...
- No.
- Nothing.
Dag Dia?
Seems it's just us left.
Sorry you woke up alone.
I just... I needed a moment to think.
Dag Dia?
Damian is my birth name,
but I do prefer Dag Dia.
I don't know how to tell you this,
but back at the camp, Eriu...
She was not harmed.
She was carrying the Book of Healing.
I'm afraid her plan was quite reckless.
I'm so sorry for all
you've had to endure
since I brought you here, Evie.
Why did you bring me here?
There are so many
other people from my world
who could have helped you so much more.
It had to be you.
But that's ridiculous, why?
I'm in enough trouble as it is
for bringing you here.
I should let her explain.
Her who?
Who are you talking about?
The Queen.
Eriu sent her a message.
The Queen? I'm supposed
to meet a Queen?
Okay, this has got to stop.
Eriu is most likely on her way
to a Milesian dungeon because of me.
Eriu sacrificed herself
so you could be here.
Bad move!
Stupid move!
I am not the person you stand by.
I'm the one you walk past
without noticing.
I'm a nobody from nowhere.
Why can't you understand that?
He doesn't understand that
because he carried you
from this world as an infant,
and he knows exactly where you're from.
Your majesty.
We'll deal with you later, Damian.
Why are you mad at Dag Dia?
You shouldn't be here, Evelyn.
I know.
You've grown into such a lovely girl.
I have to admit,
I'm a bit nervous seeing you.
Why would you be nervous
about meeting me?
Mothers always wish their daughters
to think kindly of them.
I thought, perhaps,
I might never see you again.
You must have a lot of questions.
In the heart of a great war,
a Milesian warrior fell in love
with a Danaan Princess.
They were married in secret
by the Abbess,
and soon the Princess was with child.
The Warrior and the Princess
intended to expose their love,
but then the war took a terrible turn,
separating the two.
After the tragic loss of her father...
The Princess suddenly became Queen.
And the welfare of an
entire race now fell to her.
The Queen knew that the infant
held had a powerful secret,
and many would seek to destroy her,
so she called upon the Abbess
to send her far away from harm,
safe in the arms of her father.
My father is a Milesian?
Your father was wounded and had to flee
from the vengeance of his own people.
I miss him very much.
That child has finally
returned to Albion,
and sadly,
she has not been met with the welcome
her mother dreamed
she would one day receive.
Do you ever miss me?
A day has not passed
that I have not yearned for you.
Giving you up was
the worst moment of my life.
You chose to leave me.
That's even worse than
thinking you were dead.
I do not blame you for your anger.
Good, because it was really hard
not having a mom.
I mean, dad tried, but...
Evie, I'm truly sorry.
Why does Dag Dia think I can help you?
In order to lift the spell
of the barrier,
all four Danaan treasures
must be reunited,
and then both bloodlines
must agree to end the treaty.
That's me, isn't it?
I have those bloodlines.
I can do this without
the Milesians agreeing.
Even if I am who you say I am,
that doesn't mean I have
what it takes to storm
the Milesian fortress.
You will do no such thing.
That's right, I am just a stable girl.
Evie, Eriu and the others
speak of a girl
who is as generous as she is brave,
as clever as she is honest.
It takes a very special person
to achieve that kind of balance.
My father said that to me.
Can I try something?
I just wanted to see
what this would feel like.
Mom, I'm scared.
Hush now
don't be scared
through this time of darkness
it was you.
I remember.
It's an ancient Albion song.
My mother sang it to me
when I was frightened.
Stop it! Stop it!
Well, well.
Which of these Danaan morsels
am I going to eat first, hmm?
My journey proved
quite successful, my lord.
Eremon, for this,
you shall have your own kingdom.
Not as big as mine, of course.
Probably a lot smaller, but even so.
I can feel their energy
pulsing through the roof
as their spirits are reunited together.
I shall crush them!
I fear nothing.
Nothing! Not even
the tiny little mice
who come to me at night
with their nasty little sharp claws
trying to touch my...
This is the truth-telling thing, huh?
The scepter of truth, yes.
Right. Mount the treasures!
Not the cauldron!
You want me to starve to death?
Mount them up there on the wall
where I can gaze on them
as their makers are swept aside
like brownie insects.
The Danaan are a peaceful
people, you disgusting toad.
Have you no honor?
I would like her beaten,
please, and then killed.
Of course, my lord.
And when she's quite dead,
beat her again.
We will be merciless, my lord.
I volunteer to be beaten in her place.
- Be quiet, Lir.
- I will not.
Look at this beautiful face.
That's not the face of a man
who deserves to be beaten.
I can't imagine looking at your face.
The least you can do
is have a few good swings
at this masterpiece
that stands before you.
Why waste your time beating this imp?
Do you really think I look like them?
No, I just lied.
It felt exhilarating.
Kill him.
Kill him. Kill. Kill.
How dare you talk about
our General like that?
- Are you mad?
- Yes, I am mad.
Madly in love with
my all powerful master.
I curse the day I was born Danaan.
I used to dream at night
that I was Milesian.
I have to admit, I used to draw
the Milesian symbol on my chest
and pretend I was one of you.
I like the way you look.
I like the way you smell.
I even like the way you eat.
I humble myself before you,
most gracious lord.
Use your great powers to strip
away this Danaan husk
and I'll serve you till the day I die.
I like this one.
Give him a nice new tunic.
He dared to call me merciless.
Now the other two,
throw them in the Dungeon,
a public beating in the morning,
followed by disembowelment.
I want a nice crowd.
And a band.
A brass band.
Let's have some fun, shall we?
Yes, my lord?
Did you dispose
of my little premonition?
Not yet, my lord, but soon.
A little girl can escape
my greatest warrior?
She has not escaped me.
I do not like riddles, Eremon.
We have her friends upon the knife.
She will come to us, my lord.
Oh! So she's a fool.
- Far worse.
- Suicidal?
Worse still.
She's brave, selfless,
with a disastrous faith,
and tonight it shall be her undoing.
So be it.
My lord.
In our darkest hour,
we are truly blessed
to have you as our champion.
The tunnel.
Can you look in on my dad
every once in a while?
Make sure he's not too sad?
There's a secret underground passageway,
the same that Damian and gallgaidheal
used all those years ago.
We're turning.
We only have a few hours left.
If we are to perish here tonight,
I think I must share
my feelings with you openly.
I don't know that even now is...
Hush, my Scarlet beauty.
Though you are not as fair as I.
Just being honest here.
Can we pass this part swiftly?
Of course. Where was I?
"Though you are not as fair as I."
Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
Though you're not as fair as...
- You know that part.
- Yeah.
You have always possessed
a singularity that I have found
quite intoxicating.
You're not like any woman that I know.
You do not Fawn after me
or send me gifts
or write me poems describing my...
In short, you make me want to be
different than I am...
So that you might favor me.
You don't have to be different, Lir.
You might want to talk
about 95% less, though.
- I can try.
- Good.
- You guys are so cute.
- Evie! You came!
I am excited, but Eriu was seconds away
- from kissing me.
- Kiss you?
He would like to kiss me.
You were gonna kiss me.
Definitely leaning in...
Okay, guys, let's go.
How did you even get in here?
She got your message.
I'll explain everything later.
We must be quiet, like mice.
Much smaller mice.
Much smaller.
Can we get some help in here?
I can't believe I just did that.
Where do you think you're going?
The General demanded
we bring this prisoner
to him immediately.
- I'll have to confirm.
- No, don't confirm.
No confirming.
We suggest you don't confirm.
And why exactly would I not?
Well, tell him.
You shouldn't confirm because...
The General doesn't like you.
Ah-ha. I'll have you know
he spared my life just days ago.
Did he? Or did he just
forget to kill you?
He... he just hates me.
I don't know what I did.
Well, perhaps he'll feel better
once he's had a bite to eat.
He's gonna eat this one
in a whole mouthful.
Okay, off we go.
Hot soup.
You know what few people realize
is that once you've lived
in the rectum of a whale
for a few weeks,
almost anything else seems interesting.
Look at that slug.
What's he doing?
What's he thinking?
What are his hobbies?
My mother used to call me a little slug.
Oh! That's a cute nickname.
I poisoned her.
I was only 10.
I don't like nicknames either.
So, you came.
Eremon was right about you.
Like a moth to a huge flame.
Tell me, little grub, what are you?
Rain water.
How strange.
Your essence is as familiar
to me as my own.
Yet you are an alien,
so I'll ask you again,
what are you, succulent little lamb?
I'm your granddaughter.
That's absurd.
Why do you tell these lies
when you know I could kill you for them?
Because they're not lies.
Your son is my father.
- My son is dead.
- He's not. He's alive.
We've been living in Vermont.
I knew there was a reason
you could hear our thoughts,
little girl.
Seize them.
Have you had your fill of
the deeds of men, little girl?
You were right, actually.
About our tragic race?
About me being disappointed in you.
Hey, Jabba?
What did you call me?
He doesn't like nicknames.
You didn't ask who my mother was.
I don't care what urchin
my son conspired with
to create you,
but I know she was Danaan,
because otherwise your blood
wouldn't feel so muddled.
Yes, but not just any Danaan.
My mother is the Queen.
That's right, both bloodlines.
On behalf of the Milesians
and the Danaan,
I end the treaty.
Your reign ends right now.
Did you really...
Is that it?
Was that your best...
That is...
That is sweet.
Do you see your little world
crumbling before you?
Hmm? Did you not remember
that you have to have
possession of the treasures?
Did you think, little girly,
you could really walk in here
and take over and destroy me?
I am a General!
You demented mad man!
The Danaan shall be free!
- Eriu!
- No!
No! No! You keep your dirty
Danaan hands off my lord.
He's good!
He's benevolent!
What are you doing?
Get off me, you fool.
Now, little girl,
I want you to feel what it's like
to be torn in half.
The cauldron!
Where's the cauldron?
What's happened to my cauldron?
I think it's time to go, Evie.
Gally, you're amazing!
There he is! Catch him!
Did you see that coming?
- No.
- Aah!
There! He's got it!
Get him!
He's got the cauldron!
Run, Evie!
- Hot soup.
- Aah!
Get him, you...
Very hot soup.
Damn you!
Double crossing rat!
Extremely hot soup!
Oh! My God!
Now that's a rescue.
- Evie!
- Eremon!
Kill her, you useless rat of a man.
As I said, I give no man my love.
No! No! No!
No! No!
My daughter was kind,
and I believe she would
have fought gladly
alongside you, Evie.
- Now save your people.
- No! No!
- No! No!
- Save us all.
You are a horrible man,
and an even worse ruler.
You will no longer imprison the Danaan.
I end this treaty
and release the barrier.
Releasing the barrier will only lead
to another great war,
one for which you will be
entirely responsible.
Not if people don't want to fight.
That's what men do.
They fight and die.
That's it!
And we'll start with your tribe.
Kill them!
Kill them now!
Kill them!
The first person who lays a
hand on her loses that hand.
You will answer for this
with your bones, Eremon.
Perhaps, but not today.
What are you doing here?
What are you...
Oh, give me...
Guards! Come back!
Go away! Go!
Go away!
This is my palace!
You're not supposed to be here!
We cannot begin to thank you
for what you have achieved.
We stand in the sun
for the first time in so long,
our treasures is reunited
and balanced once again.
And a strong chance for peace,
now that Eremon has taken Eeder's place
on the Milesian throne.
We are safe.
For now.
When will I see you again?
Very soon.
Will I be able to find
my way back on my own?
Keep your eyes open.
When you happen upon
a strikingly beautiful
place in nature,
a place that almost stops your breath,
that is our two worlds touching,
and in that place is the way to Albion.
You are everything
I could have ever dreamed
you would become, my Evie.
Please send my love to your father.
I will always be here waiting for you.
Come on.
Evie, can you hear me, sweetheart?
Am I dead?
Is this Heaven?
Does this smell like heaven to you?
You gave us quite a scare, Evie.
We were worried sick about you.
Where you been?
I ran into the woods.
There was a horse...
I mean, a Kelpie.
A what?
Oh, Evie.
Thought I'd lost you.
I'm so sorry I worried you.
It's okay.
You're safe.
In the end, that's all that matters.
Mother sends her love.
Well, we have a lot
to talk about, don't we?
We do. You're walking.
Can't have courage without
a little fear, right?
Is she going to be all right?
Evie, I'd like you to meet
our new riding instructor.
Pleasure to meet you, Evie.
And how about this stallion, huh?
Isn't he a beauty?
One morning
I heard you, songbird
Crying out loud
so I came to see
what you were crying about
your broken wing
Once again.
The dirge you were warbling
was it your own?
Who's gonna take care of you?
Who's gonna care for you?
Were you blinded by the stars?
Is that how you hurt yourself?
Did you lose a lover?
Maybe that's why we found each other
I offered you my home
your songs would start to end
I wanted to remember them
who's gonna find you?
Who's gonna fall for you?
Who's gonna take care of you?
Who's gonna care for you?
The days and nights, they passed
I knew you would waste away
stuck inside a cage
and still I hoped you'd stay
now are you flying high
soaring above the sea
or in the tallest tree?
And do you remember me?
What do you tell about this story?
When the bells ring
I long to hear
all the songs you'd sing
who's gonna find you?
Who's gonna fall for you?
Who's gonna take care of you?
Who's gonna care for you?