Alcatraz (2018) Movie Script

Even if hard
You love someone
When that someone
Don't love you
I'm so destructive
I broke anew
I've got those
Downhearted blues
Once I was crazy
'Bout a man
He mistreated me
All the time
The next man I get
Has got to promise me
To be mine
All mine
Trouble, trouble
I've had it all
My dear
Trouble, trouble
I've had it all
My dear
You'll see less trouble
Once you follow me
To my grave
My name is James A. Johnston,
and I am the warden
of this institution.
When you break
the laws of society,
they send you to prison.
When you break
the laws of prison,
they send you here.
Now this is a fortress
over a mile from dry land,
surrounded by freezing water,
and home to this country's
most dangerous criminals.
And it is meant to be hard
because we are not primarily
seeking to rehabilitate,
we are seeking to punish.
So let's get
something straight.
Your life is no longer defined
by the outside world.
Your reputation as a criminal
and as a human being
counts for nothing in here.
Here, you are just
a spoke on my wheel.
Now, it's my hand
that turns this wheel.
You do your time
quietly and peacefully,
my wheel keeps spinning
round and round.
And happily,
we can move forward.
You do anything
to slow my wheel down,
or bring it to a halt,
and I will rain down
so much fire
and brimstone on you
it will make the good lord
himself jealous.
Week in the hole, that'll
seem like a summer vacation.
And for those of you
who haven't bothered to listen,
because perhaps you're harboring
some hopes of escape,
I suggest you listen to this.
This prison
has the highest level
of security
on God's green earth.
No one has ever
escaped from here.
And as long as I've got breath
in my body, gentlemen...
no one ever will.
Welcome to Alcatraz.
JOE: Backs against the wall.
Backs against the wall!
SAM: You heard him. Backs
to the fucking wall.
- JOE: The wall.
- SAM: You heard him!
- JOE: Backs to the wall.
- SAM: Don't move a muscle.
Why no keys?
Backs against the wall!
Where's the fucking key?
SAM: Guess the shoe's on
the other foot now, huh?
Bern, find their keys!
Fuckin' keys in here everyday.
Where's the fuckin' keys!
Get off me,
you fucking psycho.
What's wrong, Miller?
You worried we might wanna
have some fun with you?
Or you worried
you might enjoy it?
You sick bastard.
- Fuck it.
- Lageson.
You think you're one real bad
motherfucker, don't ya, huh?
I don't take orders
from convicts.
Hear that, boys?
He doesn't take orders
from convicts, huh?
Mister upstanding guard of the
United States Of Incarceration.
Let me tell you somethin',
I've been to the puppet show,
and now I hold the strings.
We're standing here
ready to play a little game,
and you don't know
what I'm capable of.
So let's dispense
with the pregame,
and go straight
to the fourth quarter.
On your fuckin' knees.
On your fuckin' knees, boy.
I'm gonna count to three,
Lageson, then it's good night.
You can't kill me, Joe.
You need me.
I got these two other
little bulls for that.
Good night, Lageson.
Okay, Joe.
Okay, you... You win.
Where are the fuckin' keys,
Come on!
They're on my belt.
Bern. Take them.
- Find the one we need.
Pull anymore shit like that,
and I will fuckin' send you
to kingdom come,
you hear me, Lageson?
Come on, Bern!
Joe, I can't find it.
What the fuck you mean,
you can't find it?
I didn't touch
any of these three.
Have you tried them all?
All right,
which of you assholes
has got the key to the yard?
Not all of us have
the keys to every door.
Just the sections
we're assigned.
So which of you assholes
has got the key to the yard!
Have you got the key,
I don't have that key.
Come on!
All the keys I've got
are on the ring, Joe.
You've got all the keys.
Try em' all again, Bern.
I've tried them, Joe.
Well, try them all again,
Come on!
If he can't find that key,
I'm gonna tear you inside out
lookin' for it.
Hey, you're the new guy,
There's lots of new guys.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm Nags.
Man of few words, huh?
What's your name?
Well, you know, Clarence,
I'm a man who knows
how to get things.
Oh, yeah?
What kind of things?
Whatever you want.
I'm good, thanks.
If you don't have any money,
that's okay.
There's other ways
we can get things around here.
Oh, yeah?
All right, stop, kid.
On your feet, boy.
Hey, sis.
Doin' okay?
Yeah, yeah.
As well as could be
Uh, where's Mom and Dad?
You gettin' enough
to eat in here?
Yeah, yeah, I guess.
I can't say I think much
of the food, though.
Where's Mom and Dad?
I'm here, that's what matters.
Where's Mom and Dad?
They're not coming.
They, uh...
They say you brought shame
on the family.
Well, so that's it?
They just gonna cut me loose?
I'll still come visit you.
Aren't they supposed to be
What about all that
forgiveness stuff?
I pray every night
that they'll find it
in their hearts to forgive.
"Find it in their hearts"?
I'm their son, Alice.
They shouldn't
have to find anything.
Don't they love me?
In their own way.
They're just upset.
Oh, they're upset?
Look where I am.
That's the thing
with Mom and Dad,
they only care about themselves,
selfish pricks.
- Come on, Clarence.
- No, fuck them!
Clarence, please.
Look, let's...
Let's just forget
this whole thing, shall we?
What do you mean?
Don't come and see me again.
I'm on my own in here anyway.
No, Clarence, please!
Hey, kid.
I saw what you did to Nags
in the mess hall.
You got balls, kid,
I'll give you that.
You see that guy over there?
He's a good friend of mine.
Joe Christopher.
Ever heard of him?
Used to run a connect group
on the outside.
Christa Calla gang.
Two bank jobs
up and down the West Coast.
Ended up in Chicago.
Wanna come meet him?
It's okay,
nothin' to worry about.
Joe's a straight up guy,
and I told him what you did.
And eh,
he'd like to help you out.
That's it, fuck.
I'm gonna take him
fuckin' down.
Joe, this is the kid
I was telling you about.
What's your name, kid?
Clarence Carns.
Clarence, Joe Chris.
How you doin'?
Could be better,
I guess.
This is Marvin.
And Sam.
Good to meet you.
Come here, Clarence.
Business to discuss.
JOE: That, uh,
buchiach you tuned up.
Nags Richmond.
He's gonna be
out of hospital tomorrow.
Word around the campfire is
you got a target on your back.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, no shit,
that's why I hit him.
Yeah, well,
when he gets out,
he's not gonna be lookin'
for a plaything or...
askin' you out
for a candlelit dinner.
That piece of shit
wants you dead.
Problem is,
he's a connected guy.
when Nags comes after you,
you could
get the better of him.
Hell, you could even kill him.
But then they'd kill you.
Unless I take care of it.
You want me
to take care of it?
You don't think
I can handle it myself?
Fuckin' balls on this kid.
I told you.
No, you can't.
So if you help me
out with this,
what do you want in return?
Smart kid.
All right,
nothing in life is for free.
So what's the price?
Your loyalty.
It's important to have friends,
especially in here.
Get out of here, kid.
Come on, hurry the fuck up.
BERGEN: What are you
looking at up there?
Thought I saw
your wife changin'.
You wanna talk about family?
How's that useless,
junkie son of yours doing?
Oh, that's right,
he's not doing so good.
Got his head blown off
stickin' up a liquor store
for drug money.
You fuckin' piece of shit.
Go on, give me an excuse.
Come on, Phil.
We got better things to do.
You missed a spot.
Shoulda seen the kid's face
when Nags hit the deck.
He goddamn shit a brick.
So what are you
in here for anyway?
Buddy of mine,
he held up this gas station
in Oklahoma, and my friend,
he was real nervous.
He held the gun on a guy
while I was cleaning out
the register.
All of a sudden,
I heard this bang.
When I turned around,
clerk was lying on the floor
in a pool of his own blood.
My buddy took off,
let me carry the can.
Still ain't found
that son of a bitch.
Don't sound like enough
to end up in here.
What else you do?
Me and couple guys...
We busted out of Leavenworth.
Guess you didn't get very far.
Seven days on the run
before they captured us.
Not bad.
Six years back
me and Ernie Crout
busted out of McNeil by stowin'
away in a garbage truck.
Got picked up
after three days.
Well, I guess we've all got
our hard-luck stories.
What's yours?
Robbed a bank
in New Haven, Kentucky.
Did some time
in Atlanta for that.
I didn't like it much.
I busted out.
Yeah, old gramps here
didn't even get a mile
from the place, did you Bern?
- Fuck you, Joe.
You made a real good impression
with Joe and the guys.
He thinks you're
a real straight shooter.
Yeah, well, I guess I got you
to thank for that.
Listen, son.
What I'm gonna tell ya,
goes no further.
You understand?
Okay, then.
We bustin' out.
Me, Joe, Sam and Marvin.
Yeah, but no one's ever escaped
from this place, right?
Well, some have tried.
No one succeeded.
First time for everything.
- Where do I fit in in this?
- A plan like this?
We could do with a guy
like you on the team.
And you ain't gonna shoot your
shorts when the heat comes down.
How long they give you,
Ninety-nine years.
Eligible for parole after 30.
Seems the right risk
to take then, huh?
Take a seat, Clarence.
I don't know if you know
or not but, uh...
you're the youngest prisoner
we've ever had here at Alcatraz.
Yes, sir.
Now, you should also be aware
that that's nothing
to be proud of.
Of course, sir.
Most of the prisoners
we have here
will never
taste freedom again.
They will die
within these walls
or within the walls
of another prison.
You, however, have the chance
to be particularly unique.
Given your age
and with an exemplary record
of good behavior, parole is
still possible in your future.
So with that in mind...
do you really think
it's in your best interest
to keep company with a murderer
and his associates?
A man needs friends to survive
in a place like this, Warden.
Rather naive of you
to consider
a group of incurable
reprobates friends.
But make no mistake,
these criminals' loyalty
is based entirely
upon personal gain.
The moment
you cease to be useful,
they will cast you aside
without another thought.
With all do respect, Warden,
why the sudden interest
in my well-being?
You made it very clear
we're here to be punished,
not rehabilitated.
Yes, normally that is true.
But as I said,
your case is unique.
You see, Clarence,
obedience to authority
is a biblical principle.
As it says in Romans 13:2,
"Whosoever resists
the authorities,
resists what God has appointed.
And those who do so will
bring judgment upon themself."
Now, by the grace of God,
I have been given
the task of punishing
the prisoners of Alcatraz.
like most human beings,
I like to keep
a sliver of hope
that some of them
can be reformed.
hope to lead a civil life
died for most of these men
many years ago.
The question you need
to ask yourself, Clarence...
is: What direction
do you wanna take?
My hope is you will choose
a better life.
And within these pages,
you can find a new direction
that will lead you
to that life.
By absorbing the wisdom
within these pages,
you can find salvation
and repentance.
But that is your choice,
I suggest you begin with John,
24 to 26.
That is all.
Yes, sir.
CLARENCE: "So for the
second time, the Pharisees
"summoned the man
who had been blind and said:
"'Speak the truth before God,
we know this man is a sinner.'
"'Whether or not he is
a sinner, I do not know.'
"The man replied.
"'All I know is this:
once I was blind
and now I can see.'"
See what he's trying to do?
Turn you into a snitch.
Look, I'm not a rat.
Glad to hear that.
Let me tell you a couple
of things, Clarence.
Everything the guys
on the top do
is designed to keep
the little guy down.
Now, the warden,
he's at the top.
He sees us
as the little guys.
He's trying to plant those seeds
of fear and paranoia.
Make us turn against
each other.
Can you give me and Clarence
a couple of minutes?
Come here, kid.
So Bern tells me he told you
about the thing.
He mentioned it, yeah.
Well, if you want in,
I gotta make sure
you're a stand-up guy.
I can't have a kid
bricking his pants
and slowing us down.
Look, that won't happen.
That's good to hear but seeing
is believing, my friend.
You know what I'm saying?
So, what do you
want me to do?
There's a guy in cell block A,
Micky Dallesandro.
He owes me some money.
You want me to collect?
No, that ship has sailed.
Final notice time.
Final notice?
How would I, uh...
How would I do it?
Sam will take care of
the weapon.
Well, why doesn't Sam just
take care of the whole thing?
Look, kid.
In my line of work, if you wanna
be part of the crew,
you gotta make your bones.
If you do this
little job for me,
then I can relax,
knowing you have the stones
for the bigger job.
So when do you want it done?
Sam will get the weapon
to you tomorrow.
Point the guy out.
Then it's up to you.
Let me give you
a piece of advice.
Do it quietly,
watch the guy,
pick your moment.
In and out quickly
before anyone knows
what the fuck happened.
You make a song
and dance of this,
you won't see daylight
for years.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Bones and stones, kid.
Bones and stones.
What's this?
Pass it on to the kid,
he's fitting Dallesandro
for a suit.
Says who?
Joe gave the order,
Clarence agreed.
Why the fuck
ain't you doin' it?
Kid's gotta
make his bones, Bern.
You know how it is.
Go on, that's enough.
Can I have a word?
What is it?
You told the kid to put
the button on Dallesandro?
You got a problem with that?
Sam or Marvin couldn't do it?
You don't think the kid's
got stones for it?
Not sayin' that,
he's just so young.
You brought him
into this, Bern.
If he's old enough
to do the other thing,
he's old enough to do this.
He hasn't done this before.
I don't know, what if it
doesn't go his way?
Don't you think
you're taking the same risk
by making him
part of the other thing?
It's not the same,
it's different.
He could get out,
start living his life again
without wasting
30 fuckin' years.
Why you pushin' this?
I just don't think
he should do it.
He's the least experienced.
Give me the job,
and I'll take care of it,
no problem.
Look, Bern,
I offered the job to the kid,
he accepted it,
so let's just drop it, okay?
- But Joe...
You disobey an order
of mine again,
and I will slit
your fuckin' throat.
- Fuck.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm supposed to
give you something.
Something from Sam.
This sittin' well with you?
It is what it is.
You can be honest with me,
you know?
What do you want me to say?
Okay, then.
I'm gonna level with you.
Never told anyone
this before.
I killed a few people
in my time.
Business related.
Nothing personal.
Not that that's any excuse.
Thing is, every time
I pulled the trigger
it's like a flame
inside of me flickered.
It even went out once.
It took me years
to get that relit again.
Look, I know
this ain't gonna be easy...
but this is the life.
It doesn't have to be
your life, kid.
This plan, if it works,
you'll get out of here.
Go somewhere, start afresh.
Forget about this
miserable fucking place
and everything in it.
It's a lot harder
to do that
with a stain on your soul.
That's what it feels like,
you know?
Some guys can put a button
on a guy and feel nothing.
But this...
it stays with you.
You don't know which one
you gonna be until you do it.
I feel like...
I feel like everywhere I go,
I carry those ghosts with me.
You don't wanna be haunted
like I am, trust me.
If I don't do this
for Joe...
what becomes then of me?
my chances of survival
in this place fuckin' plummet.
Go, now.
- But...
- Just go.
Joe asked you
to do this, not me.
You understand? Go!
How's it goin', Bern?
Not bad.
Taking a bit of laundry,
Weird habit.
You know, the rumor mill
of this place
is an interesting thing.
Most of the time I don't
pay attention to it, but...
sometimes it brews up something
that just catches your ear.
Like what?
A friend with the laundry.
Word around the campfire is
the kid didn't close the deal.
I heard he couldn't do it.
You know, you're becoming
a very strange man
in your old age, Bern.
What do you mean?
You don't know
what I'm talkin' about?
I'm sorry.
All right, Bern.
Let's get our head
in the game, shall we?
Big day tomorrow.
Alcatraz, "The Rock,"
the mighty escape-proof jail
in San Francisco Bay,
dreaded by every
American lawbreaker.
It is dusk
and within the prison,
a mutiny
of hardened life-term killers
has become war to the death.
Armed with weapons
from the prison armory,
the prisoners boast
they will shoot their way out.
Nobody has yet escaped
from Alcatraz... alive.
I tried each one
at least three times.
It ain't here.
All right, get in here,
on your knees!
On your fuckin' knees!
On your fuckin' knees!
You need
to call this thing off.
Listen to me, even if you did
have the keys to the yard,
chances are
you'd get gunned down
the moment
you stepped outside.
Fuck that, Joe.
We come too far to go back.
LAGESON: That ain't true,
no one's died yet.
SAM: Don't buy that
horseshit, Joe.
Don't listen to him Joe,
come on,
you can change all this.
No one needs to die today.
Fuck him, Joe.
If we can't get out,
let's burn
this motherfucker
to the ground.
Take as many bulls
with us as we can.
Starkly, boys, you
start killing people now,
and it will be a gas chamber
for all of you.
- Joe, listen to me.
We can get the warden
down here right now.
All right,
shut the fuck up, all of you!
I need to think!
I can't think
with you prairie dogs
hollering in my fucking ear!
How many guards
do they have hostage?
Lageson, Miller,
and Weinhold.
Well, considering
the strategic disadvantage
because of
the hostage situation,
I don't think we have
sufficient custodial
strength to move in again.
But sir, w-we have
to rescue those men.
For all we know,
they could be dead already.
There are too many variables
to consider right now.
So, what are we gonna do?
Sit here and twiddle our thumbs
while those bastards run riot?
We have never allowed a prisoner
to escape from this jail.
Do you really think
I'm gonna allow
these prisoners
to change that reputation?
No, sir.
So as it says
in Romans 13:4,
"But if you do wrong,
be afraid,
for he does not
bear the sword in vain.
For he is a servant
of the Lord,
an avenger who carries out
God's wrath on the wrongdoer."
So, what's our next move,
Call General Stillwell.
It's time to bring in
the military.
This is your final chance.
All of you.
Where is the key?
I told you, we didn't have it
in the first place.
God's truth, Joe.
All the keys I had
were on that belt.
Shoot this piece of shit.
Whoa, let's not make
any rash moves here,
he could still
be useful to us.
Shoot him, Clarence.
Shoot him dead.
Put one between his eyes,
right here, now!
Come on, Clarence!
Come on, Clarence, huh?
That's it, that's it.
Come on, Clarence.
Do it.
Clarence, don't do it.
What are you,
the fuckin' boss?
This is my fuckin' idea.
Yeah, it was your idea,
this totally...
Let the kid fight it out.
Come on!
Come on, Clarence.
Wanna go, kid?
You will not...
Mr. Clarence.
- Yeah!
Oh, that's the kid.
Choke him.
Choke that motherfucker.
- Choke him. Choke him. Choke him.
Come on, Clarence!
Come on, come on, that's my boy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
That's my fucking boy.
That's my fucking boy.
Put him out of his misery.
Put him out of his misery,
or I'll put you out of yours.
- Joe!
- Shut the fuck up, Bern.
This got nothin'
to do with you.
Now do it, kid.
That's my boy.
That's my boy.
Well, that's just great.
- Now what?
- "Now what"?
Joe! What the fuck?
No, no.
- Joe...
- It's all right, Weinhold.
Joe, you don't
have to do this.
It's all right.
I'm gonna let you go.
It's all right.
It's all right. Come on.
Yeah, yeah, come on.
Give me a hug.
I'm sorry, shush.
Shush, shush, that's it.
That's my boy.
That's it, it's okay,
it's okay.
It's all right,
yeah, it's all right.
It's all right.
Why the long faces?
Motherfuckers deserved it.
You think they'd a shown us
any mercy
if roles were reversed?
Fuck, no.
Nice one, Joe.
There are five prisoners we know
of involved in the disturbance.
Their leader appears to be
Joseph Christopher.
His background...
Let me stop you
right there, Warden.
I don't need to know
where these men came from,
I only need to know
where they're going.
And that's straight to hell.
The eyes of a nation
are upon us.
The hopes and prayers
of liberty-loving people
march with us in this moment.
I haven't come here to issue
an order to hold our position.
I'm not holding
a goddamn thing.
Except the enemy...
by the balls.
Our ultimate goal here
is to regain control
of this institution and send
a big clear message
that you fuck with Alcatraz,
Alcatraz will fuck with you.
JOE: You know, there's something
I can't get out of my head.
Oh, yeah?
What's that?
JOE: I've always been proud
of my ability to spot a liar.
My mother,
may she rest in peace,
would say,
"Takes one to know one."
And I know my instinct
has never betrayed me.
When Weinhold and Miller
said they didn't have the keys,
they were telling the truth.
They never had the keys.
The real kicker is
That motherfucker was convinced
those keys were on his belt.
So what are you sayin', Joe?
We got a traitor in our midst.
Oh, come on,
you're just being paranoid.
Am I, Bern?
someone's fucked me over,
and I ain't never
been fucked over.
And I'm gonna figure out
who the fuck it is.
Be quiet.
Be quiet.
Be quiet.
You have to be quiet.
Can you lift your hands?
You keep the pressure on that,
you keep it tight.
Okay, okay, okay.
You two will advance
on the west side
exterior of cell block B,
there's a window position there.
I want you to drop
two grenades in.
You two, same process,
but the west side
exterior in cell block A.
Two more grenades
in that section.
Now, they'll have a choice.
When they see those
grenades come in,
they can either remain there
and be blown to kingdom come,
or they can run back
into the corridor
that leads to cell block C.
You two will be positioned
in cell block C.
Soon as those
sons of bitches enter,
I want you to fill
them so full of holes,
they'll whistle as they fall.
Bergen, I want you
to take up a sniper's position
in the warden's office.
That window has a commanding
view of the whole yard.
And if by some miracle
those bastards make it that far,
shoot. And shoot to kill.
Got it.
Okay, let's go!
You know, they say it's
the quiet ones you gotta watch.
What do you say, Marv?
You havin' yourself a little
silent rebellion over here?
I don't know nothin'
about that key, Joe.
I wanna get out of here,
same as you.
Gonna shine a spotlight
on me now, Joe?
Just givin' you
a day in court, Sam.
I think you deserve that.
So, what do you gotta say
about this here?
I'm not a fucking traitor.
So we agree there is one?
Look, I don't know
about that, Joe.
You want my two cents?
I thought we all came along
on this thing
'cause we wanted
the fuck out of this place.
Makes no sense to hide a key
and grind this shit to a halt.
Why would anyone do that?
Well, hell, Sam,
I don't know.
Maybe someone's not happy
with the current leadership!
Someone's disgruntled,
Somebody wants to stay here
and make a play
for the leadership!
Better to reign in hell
than serve in heaven.
You think I wanna
be the leader, Joe?
Well, if you do, Sam,
you remember this,
heavy lies the head
that wears the crown.
How many people have I clipped
on your say-so, Joe?
Shit, I'd take my own mother out
if you gave me the nod.
And you're gonna stand there
and question my loyalty?
I wasn't disgruntled before,
but I fucking am now,
you crazy fuck!
All right, Sam.
All right, Sam.
Take it easy.
So, what do you gotta
say about this, Bern?
Not a lot, Joe.
We haven't been seeing
eye to eye recently, have we?
Planning this shit
ain't been easy,
it's a lot of tension
flying around.
You wanna get
out of here, Bern?
Of course I fucking do,
this whole thing's my idea.
But maybe you got cold feet.
Maybe your eyes are bigger
than your balls.
Maybe an institutionalized
old fuck like you
realized life on the outside
was pretty fucking daunting.
You know, Joe,
if you're on a mission
to piss off every member
of your crew,
well, you fuckin' succeeded.
You're a clever man, Bern.
You've given me
a lot of words,
but you haven't given me
the right answer.
No, Joe, I didn't take
the fucking key.
Happy now?
What do you gotta say,
You've been the source
of some of the shit
between me and Bern recently.
Look, Joe,
that was never my intention.
It ain't your fault.
Old Bern here
has a good heart.
Took you under his wing,
took care of you.
Real nice of him,
don't you think?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
He's a real stand-up guy.
But here's the thing. He's been
in a criminal life for decades,
and he's never risen above
your standard foot soldier.
Why do you think that is?
I don't know, Joe,
maybe he didn't want it.
Oh, I think he did.
The reason why he'd never been
a contender
for the top seat is...
his judgment
is fuckin' suspect.
What am I supposed to do?
Just stand there
while you talk about me
like I'm not even here?
Back against the wall,
Get back!
- GENERAL: Received, over.
Await my command.
Let's get down
to brass tacks, kid.
I've known these guys
for years.
When you do real time
with someone,
you really get to know them.
You've only been here
a month or two.
And I'm just wondering
if you can let a broken down
old fuck like that
get in your ear,
who else could get in there?
I don't know
what you're talking about, Joe.
Your meetin' you had
with the warden.
First thing I fucking did was
come and tell you guys about it.
That don't mean nothin'!
Could be just
covering your tracks.
Covering my tracks on what?
Being the warden's snitch.
What the fuck?
Well, somethin'
don't smell right!
Somethin' don't
fuckin' smell right!
The way we fuckin'
planned this
we had a 10-minute gap
before that siren went off!
When we grabbed those guns,
that armed response
was right there!
What you think
I'm the fuckin' rat, Joe?
Well, it makes fuckin' sense,
don't it?
What'd the warden tell ya,
Put skids on the operation,
you get a reduced sentence?
- You lost your goddamn mind.
- Yeah!
That's the old way
down for you.
You know what, I shoulda smashed
your fucking ears
the moment
this shit started.
You fucking rat!
What the fuck?
You're making
a big fucking mistake, Joe.
Whoa, come on, guys.
Bern, how many fucking years
have we known each other?
It doesn't have to be
this way, man.
Well, you shoulda
thought of that
before you pulled
a gun on the kid.
Come on, Bern,
the kid's a fuckin' rat.
He's a fuckin' rat, Bern!
You're wrong, Joe.
The kid may be many things,
but he ain't no rat.
JOE: Kid's a fuckin'
rat, he's 'bout to go
down with the dirt now.
Shoot him, I'll put a bullet
in the back of your skull.
And I'll put a bullet
in the back of yours.
Put the gun down, Bernie,
and back the fuck off.
Fuck you.
Back the fuck off, Bern!
This kid's gonna get
a bullet in the head.
- You back off!
- You first, Bernie.
Grenades go in
on the count of three.
Back the fuck off, Bern!
This kid's 'bout to go down!
- Back the fuck off.
- Fuck you.
Oh, fuck!
Oh, come on, Bernie.
Bar's closing, kid.
Last orders.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on, Bernie.
Hang in there, man.
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
What about you?
Go on, get outta here.
It's over, Bernie.
It's fuckin' over.
Not quite.
The key to the yard.
Go. Take it.
Get... Get out of here.
You can still make it.
You had it this whole time?
I'm tired.
Leave me in peace.
There's things we regret
in this life.
Chances you...
Chances you didn't take.
- GENERAL: One of the convicts?
- That's Clarence.
- Take him down.
- No!
- Sir?
- GENERAL: Take him down, Bergen.
No, this is my prison,
I am still giving
the orders around here.
- I have a clean shot.
- GENERAL: Take it!
- WARDEN: Don't!
- Take it!
No, I said no!
I need clarification.
- Take it!
- Don't!
Don't you dare take
that shot, Bergen.
NARRATOR: The spoon proves
mightier than the bars
at supposedly escape-proof
Alcatraz Prison.
Three bank robbers
serving long terms
scratched their way
through grills covering
an air vent,
climbed the drainage pipe,
and disappeared
from the forbidding rock
in San Francisco Bay.
It appears to be
the first successful escape
in the history
of the maximum security prison.
And the flight
is attributed
by Warden Olin Blackwell
to the deteriorating
condition of the prison.
Crumbling concrete
and eroding metals
with five million
needed for repairs.
The men
the walls couldn't hold
are Frank Morris
and John and Clarence Anglin.
Authorities believe
that Morris,
who has a superior IQ,
masterminded the escape.
Ironically, the
wanted posters
offer only the nominal reward
of $50 each
for information leading
to the arrest of the prisoners.
They painstakingly
fashioned dummies
of plaster with hair
of paint brush bristles
to stand in for them
during cell check.
While they covered
an escape hole
with a cardboard grill.
All of this
was within easy visual range
of the guards
in the gun galleries.
They climbed drain pipes
to the top of the cell block
and then slid down fence
to the ground.
Again, all of this
within sight of guards.
The escape triggered
the greatest manhunt
in San Francisco's history,
as agents of the FBI,
Coast Guardsman,
Highway Patrol,
Sheriff Deputies, and local
police join in the search.
Whatever their fate,
the three convicts
have apparently
accomplished a feat
that many have tried
with no success.
When did you get out?
This morning.
What do you want?
Just to talk
for five minutes.
Haven't seen this photo
of us in years.
I always liked that one.
That's the last picture
of us together
before you went to prison.
You know, I...
tried to visit you
so many times
in those first few years
of your sentence.
They told me
you refused visitors.
Yeah, I was
a foolish kid back then.
Full of anger and confusion.
I figured you wanted
to cut off all contact,
so I just stopped trying.
I understand.
Why are you here?
I was hoping
that maybe one day
I could earn
your forgiveness.
You know what Mom and Dad
would've said about forgiveness?
Only God forgives.
I'm guessin' you need somethin'
a little closer to home.
You know, Alice, I...
I have so many regrets.
I never should have
cut myself off from you.
Family always meant
the world to me.
So when Mom and Dad
hurt me,
I spent years resenting
everyone for it.
I couldn't deal
with my feelings.
I was just a stupid,
young punk,
who was scared and desperate.
I see the truth now.
You were all that I cared about
most in this world.
And I lost you.
And now I know
it was all for nothin'.
You have to know that I had
a whole different future
Wasn't easy growing up
with our parents.
We all make mistakes,
especially when we're young.
I want you to know,
I don't hold anything
against you.
I never did.
You've always been my brother,
and you always will be.
I just wanna be
in your life again.
Be a brother to you,
I'd like that.
CLARENCE: "So for the
second time, the Pharisees
summoned the man
who had been blind and said:
'Speak the truth before God.
We know this man
is a sinner.'
'Whether or not he is a sinner,
I do not know.'
The man replied.
'All I know is this:
Once I was blind,
and now I can see.'"
Well, I surely mama
Tryin' to carry
Your daddy by
Well, I surely mama
Tryin' to carry
Your daddy by
Said I want
To let you know
I grown most too high
Then when you see your rider
In and out the road
When you see your rider
Out and in the road
Said she turnin' on a fan
Like a 1930 Ford
Ah, she doin' things
That you don't ever know
Said now she doin' things
You don't ever knew
Ah, stop and listen
At the one note
How she blow
Said now stop and listen
At one note
How she blow
When it stab anyone's heart
Made them wan'ta go
With my girl
In the daytime
I walk wit' her at night
Walkin' my good girl
In the daytime
Walk wit' her at night
Said I'm tryin' to teach
And tell her
How to treat
A good man right
Way you doing me, mama
Says it's outta sight
Way you doin' me, mama
Says it's outta sight
Said anything a kid may do
Well, it be's all right
I'm gonna jack me
A paling
From my yard's back fence
I'm gonna jack me
A paling
From my yard's back fence
I'm gonna put a whuppin'
Learn the good girl
Some sense
Well, I do an' I do
Double do love you
Well, I do an' I do
Do an' I do love you
Say, there ain't nothin'
About me
Ain't the same 'bout you