Aleksa Dundic (1958) Movie Script

Yugoslavian and Soviet army were
involved in the making of this move.
In a small town in Ukraine there was a
Serbian corps formed from war prisoners.
Temporary government had intentions
to use it for their own causes.
Let's go Oleko, why do we care about all
this? - I think it's important for us too.
We're writing about a country of
the educated. Please, read.
I've heard it. I was standing
beneath that balcony.
He talked about how life's supposed
to be. I'm telling you that now.
Stand on this barrel and tell me everything
- No...
Tell me everything as it is.
He said that there will be no war.
We all must focus on one point.
If we listen, we can get
to work immediately.
- And there will be no war.
- Get off that barrel!
As far as we're concerned,
we're sick of the army.
And Lenin...
Lenin is a good and just a
man, apparently.
We don't have to worry for our lives.
- Let us all rest and catch our breaths.
- Come, you'll tell us everything there.
Attention. Attention!
To the barrack! To the barrack at once!
I, Milija Palic, private of the first line
of the third squad of the second battalion
with my comrades I declare:
Soldiers are hungry,
Inspect the kitchen at once. Continue.
- Lieutenant Miladinovic beats the soldiers.
- Lieutenant Miladinovic to report me.
Call the...
Call the headquarters guards.
Carry on. - We don't want to fight
against Russian revolution.
- We demand to recognize Soviet as a soldier!
- Imprison them!
To the left!
To the left!
Forward, march!
Sir lieutenant, what is the verdict?
I don't know.
Sir lieutenant, tell us the truth.
How dare you talk to an
officer like that? Enough!
Sorry, I couldn't make it.
- What's going on?
- So far, nothing.
You seem upset?
Something happened?
In our army corps, 4 soldiers
are sentenced to death.
I'll have to do it.
I'm an officer. An order is an order.
What's wrong with you?
Father got arrested today.
Along with some revolutionaries.
They won't execute him, will they?
What's wrong with you?
It's early to be desperate.
Look at me.
You've decided to say goodbye.
I'm all alone in the world now.
Don't go, Oleko.
- Will you take care of me?
- Of course.
You're my closest sibling.
Dismiss! On the left! Forward, march!
- No.
Who are you? You have pretty
hands for a worker.
Are you a student?
Who are you?
- I'm nobody now, just like you.
- I'm a Bolshevist.
I've heard of them.
I can hear that you're not a Russian.
I'm a Serb. Have you heard about us?
The same way you heard about Bolshevists.
My people have a saying: "When you're well
fed, all the cares go away."
Come on, eat.
- Why?
- Come, dig in!
Commendable and touching...
Good afternoon, Galja.
Allow me to help you.
You despise me? I envy Olek
- You should.
On what? He's a prisoner.
And me, as you see...
New star...
In exchange for a friend.
Get out the yard quickly.
All of you!
Get out!
- Wait. You must listen to me.
- Let go of me.
- I'll hold you.
- On what cause?
Galja, I love you.
Even more than your Olek.
- Yes, mine.
- And he...
- Officer...
- Just a moment.
He wants to be a hero.
He'll forget about you.
Don't try and denigrate him.
He's submitted to the court-martial.
It's all the same for everyone.
So be it. At least he's not like you.
That's foul to even say it.
- If someone tries something, shoot him!
- What is it? An overturn?
If the officer denied to execute,
is he a political prisoner?
What? He is.
I won't let anyone go.
I'm waiting for an edict from city hall.
Don't it seem that. Quite, comrades!
All the power lies within the
workers and villagers.
The dominion is no longer yours.
I don't want to know anything.
What are you trying to prove to him?
I opened the prison.
Sir lieutenant...
- And you?
- We'll go later.
No, it's alright, just talk.
- We founded revolutionary squad.
- And we want you to be our commandant.
We'll discus it later, let's go.
- Later about that.
- Stop!
Thank you. Thank you.
A train without steam is not a train.
Just like a kettle without steam...
- They'll attack us here.
- Around is nothing but sand...
There are six hills before first water.
Look for yourselves...
Commander, look!
Get down!
Take your positions!
They have weird uniforms.
Who are you?
- Who are you?
- Serbs!
The Serbian squad!
- Serbs... who are they?
- God knows.
- Are they ours or not?
- Maybe they're Cossacks.
- Nonsense!
- Maybe they changed their clothes.
- They switched their clothes.
- They're Serbs, alright.
Galja, go explain to them.
- Look at this beauty!
- She's a proletarian now.
Wait, where are you going?
Don't shoot!
Listen to my orders, they might be of use.
He's waiting for you. - Of course. That
is a part of the tactic too.
- Come with me.
- Me? - No, your mother.
Even if that plays, keep form. Look...
- We're listening.
- We're with you.
That's the Serbian squad. Take them
Dundic. We seek for reds to join them.
We don't have those here.
Right? We don't...
How dare you?
We got here with a lot of trouble.
We've been through many fights.
And you don't trust us.
Do you have any more beauties like this?
We'll take you all.
Enough with this provincial discipline!
Tell the commander to surrender his weapon.
We have a saying: "Believe, but don't
lose your eyes and ears."
- They want us to surrender our weapons.
- No.
We're the reds!
You came to us!
What justice is this?
You're scared to turn your weapons in.
How will you prove that?
Here! We have stars!
That's no proof.
Better tell us who's your commander.
- Voroilov!
- You fool...
- Are you lying?
- No, cross my heart and hope to die!
Religious reds...
The constitution doesn't forbid it.
You can't stop talking.
Have them surrender their weapons.
Correct! To battle!
You don't take your constitution
to a foreign monastery!
Since you came here, you subside!
We will...
- Subside to no one but Voroilovu.
- Just a moment...
Could we borrow a horse?
Mirko, give them a horse.
You can't see it from here, but you
will be there in 20 minutes.
You'll see it all there.
The water is very cold.
We met them there too.
Be careful, it might be a set up.
I'm careful only when it's not cowardly.
- Do you want me to replace you?
- Maybe once.
Follow him!
Stay there!
- Yours horse?
- Yes. - Thank you.
I'm listening...
Who are you? - We are a part of the
Serbian voluntary corpus.
We started a mutiny against the general
and joined the revolution.
I can't see, colonel.
Is that a problem?
- Take the epaulettes off.
- They served their purpose!
That's how we passed by our enemy,
in unknown uniforms.
We don't even know who you people are.
Put down your weapons!
- They warned me about you...
- What? That we're always opposing?
No. That you're good,
brave, revolutionaries...
Only, revolutionaries don't surrender
their weapons. And you...
You surrendered to them immediately.
Believe us, that's was
our first and last time.
- You didn't trust us.
- It doesn't show on my forehead who am I.
In autumn in 1919. the whites, supported
by foreigners tried to reach Moscow.
- Who is that?- Skura.
- Skuro? - Never mind.
I believe that was offensive
from Mamuntova.
- Of course, that how fools think.
- That's how I understood it.
How do you say that in Russian?
Bells are songs for the parade.
That's how we welcome
most respected guests.
Wasn't it pleasant to see
the famous Kazakh army?
What's that force like when it's
retreating in front of the reds?
Kutuzov retreated too,
and he beat Napoleon.
Kutuzov had partizans,
and they are now reds.
Yes. But Soviets don't have the
support from the Alliance.
- Let's look.
- Come on, my friend.
- You see that path?
- I do.
Take a good look.
- At the end of the road is white?
- Further.
- A bridge? A river?
- No.
- How?
- Like this.
Take your time to master it.
You need to know it like your own pocket.
Daka! Pour some more.
- Great task lies ahead of us on that road.
- It's done!
Wait. For this job you need to be careful.
Let me warn you...
Keep your mouth shut.
If the plan fails, it will be embarrassing.
Don't talk in front of him.
Drink your tea and be quiet.
Tea? With pleasure...
Look who's here...
What's with all the fuss?
Nothing, just talking about life.
Here you go...
We're not talking about that.
I understand.
You ponder how to take down
general of the allied forces.
- And where is he?
- You should be an actor.
No, he's not informed.
But I'm thinking about it.
- And you wish to imprison him?
- And why would we do that?
That's right, commander.
- Here...
- Go.
The French are here, so they say...
The order is not to be long.
- You want this bag?
- Why?
I've made it for my fiance.
The letter came back.
- Girl!
- Yes?
- Go on, no delay.
- I want to se the French.
- They need do go soon?
- It is not allowed.
I can't believe it!
Disappearing, appearing.
Maybe Dundic is nearby?
- Do you know something about him?
- Are you here for a long time?
- Unfortunately, yes.
- Are you attracted to the reds?
- You know I'm telling the truth.
- And then what? - I'm dying here.
- That's life.
- I want to be with you.
But the general of the allied forces
is here. - You'll manage to see him.
- Are you gonna be here for a while?
- Dundic wants to know that?
If you don't believe me, we'll go
our separate paths - Galja...
Let's go for a walk.
Come to me.
- No.
- Let's grab some lunch then.
We should celebrate this get
together and reconcile.
Look at her... All corrupted.
You're selling! - What's with the
screaming? - I'm selling milk. Milk!
- Where are you taking me?
- To the office, briefly.
And to lunch, afterward. Please.
- She's good.
- Blindfold her!
She's mine!
I saw her first.
- Ivan Kozirev...
- Let her choose on her own.
- Let her tell who she likes.
- I need to see the Frenchman.
The night is young.
Just a moment...
Take her to the cell.
- What can I get you?
- The best. Vodka.
Now I shall drunk you,
feed you, sing to you.
- Go on, drink. I'm taking you home.
- Tonight.
- I told you I have to go.
- Well, don't.
- I need to go with the Frenchman.
- He'll find his way.
- You don't have the right to think.
- I already drank. - Take more.
- Why don't you stay?
- I'm taking care of the accommodation.
- Only I know who lives where.
- You're leaving for a long time? - What?
- I mean, you're not coming back soon?
- Wait...
- Are you from CK?
- Let go of me!
- I don't know what that means.
- Don't act foolish.
Let's talk...
You'll head to the counter intelligence,
or drink and then we'll head to my place.
I can't.. - Then you'll go
to the counter intelligence.
What? It burns?
Hey, "personality"!
Where's your "service"?
Quick, look at her!
Do you want me to escort you?
She's in the yard, down the stairs.
You'll see her.
What would you do without me?
- And you are?
- Come on...
- Was that Hodzic?
- I don't know.
She went hand to hand with him.
She acted like she doesn't know me.
They entered the building.
There was a guard in front.
A guard?
- She's arrested?
- Didn't seem like it.
If so, I'll be her judge.
- Where am I to find that Kazakh?
- I know where he lives.
That's very important.
The following people are going
with me to the city: Vanja
and Dragic.
How many times have I told you? And this?
- Palic! - Here!
- Come here.
You go back, and bring the battalion here.
- Thank you and I apologize.
- No worries...
He still hasn't returned.
Maybe it's the wrong address.
Maybe Dasa made a mistake.
Hello, fellow countryman!
I'm your fellow countryman.
You walk while your wife
is in bed with Tomancovim.
And they murdered your father.
I'm the sole survivor in the family.
Get lost before I...
It's all gone.
You can bury him.
He's still breathing.
You feel sorry for your life?
Tell me your last name, tier,
personal sings of the soldier
that go with the French.
Why don't you ask me first
instead of beating me?
Last name, tier, personal sings...
- Petrove?
- What?
- Gentleman, what's your say on this?
- I know her.
- State of the art thing.
- A Fatty.
Well, we're missing the third pole.
How dare you, Sergeant major?
A shame to talk about a woman like that!
Like a red bandit!
- You are volunteers!
- I will not take this insult.
- I seek for...
- Officer court.
What's wrong with you?
Don't be upset with him.
- I am the count Petar Galicki.
- Pleased to meet you.
That's the men we need.
Come here for a moment...
I hide nothing from them.
I'll be glad to join you.
I am duke Sakadze...
Who was on Kavkaz,
heard about my ancestors.
For starters, a bottle for truce.
Sargent major, will you open
it for a complete truce?
Nalanjev showed up.
He took down the Kazakh flag.
- Now the Chechens are after him.
- What's that? - Might come in handy...
First boredom, and now such encounter...
Singing, playing...
- Seventeen...
- I'll risk it. Another.
That's how a night full of
excitement would breath, but...
But there is one "but"...
You have to help me, count.
Don't you feel found of me
or passionate towards me?
I'll have to disappoint you.
If I feel passion,
- it's not towards you.
- In that case, I envy you.
My success depends on you.
Say your price.
Tzar's jewels, russian Robles...
How much for the entire night?
Are you mad?
What are you suggesting?
Gentleman, you misunderstood..
Didn't the count tell you that
I need to follow "Bonaparte"?
Congrats. - Sincerely, I wish
not to leave this place.
Is that so? Neither would I for that
amount of money turn my as...
Let's put it politely, would not prefer
to turn my back on luck.
Sorry, I didn't realize you
believe in gossip.
- What do you mean?
- That Dundic is going around town.
- And looks for "Napoleone"...
- That's not cheap.
A tzar golden florin?
I value my life more over florins.
Let's dance...
Especially because we'll
sleep soundly after you leave.
You don't say"fanton",
but "featon", you fool.
- Second, that's an order.
- Correct.
Who are you? - I have that honor to
escort you to the headquarters.
All right.
They are leaving!
Turn right!
Your excellency...
Let the escort ride down.
Damn Russian roads!
Sea waves are flat compared to your roads.
- Did you understood anything?
- All of it.
Everything is ready for your
rest in the village excellency.
- Hand up! Be quiet!
- We're on your side! - Hands up!
You have a chance to meet with Dundic.
from the international squadron.
You! Hands up! - Do as he says.
Don't be scared, Kazakhs.
Our sole interest is you weapons.
- Help me!
- Only weapons.
- Yes, come in...
- How do we interpret this masquerade?
- Are the reds near?
- Yes, they're in this room.
Allow me to introduce myself.
Commander of the first international
brigade, Aleksa Dundic.
The Russians call me Ivan,
The French Jean. Vanja...
I do not fancy jokes.
I'm presenting the 14 countries.
This proves that our job
needs a lot of effort..
Sit. - You do not know
what I'm presenting. - I do.
Alliance general is bringing death and
hunger. And now you're a hostage.
- Are the maps in that bag?
- That can't be!
- I am a soldier!
- Sit down!
Take that bag from him.
Give me that! I'm not good at diplomacy.
- Are you the Russians?
- Reds...
Write down how many weapons are there,
the basic details of the plan.
Write it!
Even this idiot called in
immediately, and you...
I was in the forrest, far from the city.
Don't put me equal with this... bastard.
Count, he showed as the smarter one.
He was forced, and you were
tricked like a fool.
You are stupid, count.
Look at what you are.
With all due respect,
don't talk to me like that in
the presence of a lower civil rank.
You are no longer an officer, count.
For all of Russia and the world.
Some Dundic will take into custody
the general of the alliance.
And you helped him.
I stood up and got wounded.
It wouldn't be enough to shoot you.
I beg of you in the name of God and tzar,
and in the name of my father who was
under your command to forgive me
and give me the opportunity
to catch that bandit.
Very well, count.
Because of your father,
I order you to catch your assistant Dundic.
Your excellency...
Send the punitive detachments on all roads.
- Find and destroy.
- Understood.
Officers, to your duties.
Liver attacked me like a red's calvary.
Nothing, nothing.
Don't cry, Dasha.
When you leave.
Give this to Voroilovu
or Bugonom.
You're not acting smart,
you're not involved.
- Insult me all you want!
- No, no, I didn't mean it, Dasha.
What would you do if you were me?
How long will it take until they
find out where we are?
You are a fool if you don't look
after yourself. - You're a fool too.
Good day, sir!
Do you remember me?
Or is that a distant past?
- We heard you were murdered!
- I'll set my score with them!
A riffle!
A horse!
There he is!
How are you?
- Horse!
- Let it go!
Damn you!
It's ours again! They're not strangers!
Dundic is in trouble!
Come! Let's surround them!
What is it?
Aleksa, I'm not afraid, Aleksa.
And who's afraid here?
- It's too early to be thinking on that.
- I wasn't telling you, Aleksa.
I'm from Raca. In case that we...
Mirko, I don't know you like this.
- I've heard about the battle!
- What's wrong with you?
Pull yourselves together!
You are surrounded.
Any resistance is useless.
- Save your lives and give back the maps.
- You changed, mister Hodzic.
- The uniform is the only difference.
- You changed your boss too!
I deny any negotiations.
Do you surrender?
Are you in a hurry? I was hoping
that we can chat.
I'll repeat...
Tell your bosses that the
Bugonovci are not surrendering.
And you, bastard
, I'll hunt you back to Serbia.
And I'll throw your head to the dogs.
In front of your family and friends.
I'll repeat it in Serbian so you understand me
better. I'll hunt your kind until you're gone!
Get lost!
Lead your alliance!
We won't feed them!
I wont forget it.
Tell your colleagues too.
They could have it worse.
If only you'd know how far I've got.
Did I allow it?
You have no right! I was brave!
- Parent do have that right!
- Not my legs...
That's so your head can be smarter.
- And don't cry!
- I'm not.
Dundic could be dead.
- Look who's there.
- Who? Where?
You don't speak? Don't you have questions?
Your friend knows that you are my prisoner.
You didn't arrest me, you hid me. I don't
know what are you trying to get with that.
- Confession.
- No one has asked my anything.
I'm taking a lot of risk with
your secret arrest.
- So, my doubts...
- Are true.
Such confession.
You are a beast.
- On the contrary.
Your loved one is sending
you to a sure death,
and I'm saving you and bringing
my life in danger.
Who's a beast? Him or me?
Here, take a better look.
My God.
Do you recognize him?
You see, people live, have fun. And you?
Yes. People turn their heads
in front of terrible things.
Coffee with liquor is better
that a tee from a can.
I couldn't even imagine that
we would sit together.
- So, you didn't like it?
- On the contrary.
How am I not to like it?
There is no sense in wasting
your youth over Marcus.
It's better to live nicely.
In harmony, as the Russians say.
In that cases, they also say:
"The hell you will!"
Russian smart ass!
Smart ass! Back to your cell!
Now no one will save you
, not even your Dundic!
If only he knew, he would come, even if you
have the city in the palm of your hands.
- Splendid, then he's about to find out.
- I didn't want that.
And that is why I thank you.
Stop it, now!
What did you say, miss?
How is it possible to let yourself...
Say it again!
- What did you say?
- Shoot you son of a bitch!
I'm am a colonel's daughter. Shoot.
Calm down, gentlemen! - Shut up or you're
going to end up on the chandelier.
We are listening.
I'm the chief of the counter intelligence.
I believe that we've already
settled our score.
Attention! Break!
- You want them gone too?
- Why? Why is that shocking to you?
We are bigger gipsies that them.
And we rock,
but only call it different.
Performance, show...
You think you're not better than them.
You learn about feelings from her.
She, if she desires, can leave
for Moscow tomorrow.
How can she go to Moscow tomorrow?
They don't need any passports,
regardless of their color.
Nothing but songs, dancing and lies.
That's a good idea!
- Nasja?
- Nasja...
Sit down, Nasja.
- Can you tell fortune?
- Like all other gypsies.
Do you want me to tell you the real name?
Your name is Sergej.
- No, it's Pavle Hodzic.
- That's Sergej to us.
- Don't lie to me.
- You will have luck in love.
But be careful, you mustn't
look at other women.
Solve that issue and happiness
will come along.
You will be a great man, you won't
recognize yourself.
Let me tell your future...
Give me your hand, beautiful
Strange... A gypsy being fortuned.
Your life line is coming to a close.
You stand next to a grave.
How? This is the line of life.
- Why is he standing behind me?
- Your life depends on you.
Not true. That doesn't depend on a man.
I can see that you are smart.
We'll talk about that.
- Aleksa, Galja is alive!
- You lie!
No. There, the gypsies are singing.
One says that she saw Galja.
I'll call her so she can
tell us everything.
Let's go to Dundic!
Where are you taking her?
Believe it or not, she asked
me to tell hi to you.
She said that she loves you.
Swear to god.
Tell me.
I told them everything. She needs
to go to the hospital.
- There are fewer guards there.
- Yes. But how will you reach the city?
- Just like you. I'll come along.
- No, I don't want to get in the way!
Let her go.
- You are headed to jail.
- There is no easier way.
We're going to the condo of the
chief of the counter intelligence.
Do that operation without a permit
can lead us to the court martial.
That's a personal thing.
She went to scouting without a permission?
Whoever sent her can help her now.
Get out, one by one!
Stop the game!
- Who is Nasta?
- Me. - Come here.
Show me who Dundic is or
you'll all get hurt!
Who is Dundic?
Riska, son!
I'll avenge you now!
What is it?
Cossack! Cossacks are comming!
You're great, my son!
- Do you have a cigarette?
- Yes. - Give me one.
You've justified my hopes.
Like me, when I was younger.
You inflicted eagle's tail,
he has his wings left
I'll personally hang him on a
telephone post.
So everyone can see him, General
Zober in particularly!
It's not smart to send someone
to his ancestors.
He has to pay, you taught me that.
That's why's everything going wrong.
Moscow is almost ours!
Don't lose your head, general Skuro.
Situation is hard, we have
deserters on the front.
There's only 200 soldiers left
in some units.
Villagers are hostile.
It would be nice if soldiers
would think that Dundic
went on our side, just for a week.
Every minute on the front is important.
It seems that only one half
of the job is done.
Commandants are not satisfied
with your promotion
That I put colonel's shoulder
straps on you.
Get to work!
What is it?
Look me in the eyes. Who are you with?
You won't reply?
I didn't think that you'll ask me that.
- How did you come?
- I'm in the same.
They sent me to convince you to
go on their side.
- And you agreed?
- Just so I can see you.
They'll shoot you if you don't accept.
Nothing, nothing.
That's the case when Hodzic is right.
What are you saying? They're
just trying to scare us.
Yes, it will be hard.
How will I go in front of
Vorosilov and Budjov?
- Even harder in front of Dasa's father.
- No...
Visit is over! Get out, woman!
God help me! Unholy force!
Stay with them.
Unholy force!
What's wrong? No one is hurting you
- You're not baptized, Kazakhs!
We're not Kazakhs, we're Budjanovces.
We're neutral.
I don't know, but we can easily
kill you if you're not neutral.
- What is neutral?
- It has to be like that.
We'll sit and drink tea so
it doesn't get cold.
Get up, this is not a dream!
- What is it?
- You didn't understand?
You overslept, sir.
- You took the whole town?
- No, just this house.
- You're familiar. A serb?
- Orthodox. Get dressed.
He wanted to shoot us.
Do you remember? Come on, get dressed.
Tell me what do I have to do to save
my life. What do you want?
First thing: Telephone to your car
Come on!
Get me the officer on duty.
If I miss you once, the others
will surely hit you!
This is Hodzic. Sent the car to
my apartment.
Of course you need a certificate for Dundic
liberation. - And Galja too.
What's there? Forms? Look at this.
Write it.
- You're very careful.
- He probably resisted.
Yes, a fool.
If anything's wrong with that certificate,
you'll end up with your driver.
- Did you understand?
- Just be calm.
I won't give my life for Dundic.
Let's go.
We'll wait for a call.
- You're familiar too, countryman.
- I know you very well, countryman.
When will they kill him?
It's better that we sit in peace..
It's better when a man
is busy with some work.
Why's there no phone call? You want
to put us in jail too?
Confirm it.
Yes, it's my order.
Comrade commandant, we're bringing
Dundic by your orders.
Alright, you're dismissed.
Come on, talk.
What do you say to defend yourself?
You have no excuse?
- Not before you, but before me I do.
- What?
- You have higher goals then us?
- No.
I'm feeling guilty for sending that
man to patrol.
And for sending people in action,
- and for Dasha's death, will you pay?
- Yes.
As an officer, you should've bring
a discipline here.
And instead of that it's licentiousness.
You think that Dasha doesn't have parents?
You think that my heart is made of stone?
That others don't have their dears?
Where would our army be if everyone
behaved like that
At girls?
- Do you know your punishment?
- The strictest.
I don't want to die embarrassing.
- And what should we do with you?
- To give him something to eat
- Are you hungry?
- I am. - I doubt it.
Sit down.
Should I refill it? - That's cunning,
he's waiting for us to cool off.
Stand up when I'm talking to you!
What is this? A bounder.
If we forgive him, everyone will
behave like that.
First deserter in the cavalry. First
deserter overall.
Regular soldiers, chefs, they don't desert!
We should shoot him in front
of the whole battalion.
You're cunning, you know we'll be sorry.
That's why he's not scared..
- Are you scared?
- No.
Cunning, sneaky.
If we had a jail I'd lock you there!
- We don't have it.
- Exactly.
No penalties either. He has to go to
military court. - What?
- To military court? - After the war.
- Ah, yes.
It was hard to watch how she's torturing
himself by watching you.
- Where is she?
- She was there, and she left.
Thank you!
What happened? Talk!
I was worrying, my hands are shaking.
What will it happen?
Don't be scared, I want to hear the truth.
Not to be afraid? To tell you the truth?
- A man could be killed because of that.
- You fool.
Like every other in love..
- Bastards!
- What happened?
"Our position is so strong..."
- So what?
- "Russian word".
- What about that?
- Look what are they allowing themselves.
"Our position is so hard that
the commandant
of the volunteer army can allow himself
to organize a ball under the
nose of Budjonov."
- I will be there.
- How?
- Your mustache are famous.
- I'll be there in secrecy.
- How?
- Here, read it.
"To his Excellency, General Skurov..."
- Exactly.
It's smart, but it's not the time for
circus performances.
Destroying Mamontov's and Skurov's groups
will open up a road to Moscow, Ukraine
and coal from Donetsk.
There's a frost in Moscow.
Electrical switchboards aren't working.
Workers are getting one eight part of
the bread. Lenin...
That is the goal. Beside their military
capacities, we have to know
their mental set. To find out who are they.
Are they attached to the Party or not.
And we should refuse Triple Entente
once and for all.
It's hard to strike directly,
across two rivers.
- There's 6 or 8 divisions there.
- Who will be a messenger?
It's important that messaging is effective.
- I was thinking about one actor.
- Dundic?
He was their prisoner..
No one knows him, except that Hodzic.
- They think that Dundic is dead.
- That's the right choice.
Dundic will do that the best.
What do you know about route of
General Renoir's train?
Who are you? - Let me introduce myself,
Captain Sakadze.
- The train is on the third track.
- Thank you.
Send a telegraph, you dumb.
Composition of the General Renoir is
to be held, until further orders from me.
Further movement is dangerous.
Budjono's squads are roaming around tow.
Why are you coming in without a permit?
- Surrender.
- That's an order.
A suicide.
Commandant of the station.
Confirmation. Captain Arhangelski.
What's the meaning of this? - I need a
French Captain uniform,
- You won't need it anymore.
- Your French is bad. - Mine?
- Why are they playing La Marseillaise?
- It's a French anthem.
That's a death march for us..
Allow me to inform Generals
Mamontov and Skurov
that the General Renoir is very sorry
- I don't understand anything.
He's telling that he has a messages
for the Generals.
Excuse me, it will be better
if I speak Russian.
You can go now.
General Renoir is very sorry because the
Partisans are in front of the city,
and for damaging the road. He's even
more sorry for not being informed about it.
Call Hodzic.
General is asking you nicely to visit
him tomorrow morning.
Please, tell General Renoir
that all responsible for his delay
will be punished.
General skuro is a great rider and poet.
I'm sorry because General Renoir
will not be present at the ball.
I hope that the captain will be our guest.
General Skuro, introduce the officers/
Gentlemen, I order you to
welcome the Captain
- What's his name?
- Vervie.
Welcome him as our dearest guest.
Commandant of the 4th Kuban division,
General Fjorov.
Commandant of the 5th Don river,
General Rimaljov.
Commandant of the Wolf brigade,
Colonel Suslik.
Commandant of the officers volunteer
squad, General Aleksejev.
Commandant of the Chechen squad,
General Chechevidze.
- Checheidze.
- Chechejdize...
Commandant of the wild division,
General Zajecik.
- And where are famous Russian artillery?
- They are here!
Commandant of the armored division,
Colonel Zilinski.
Commandant of the special cavalry
artillery, Colonel Nikolajev.
Commandant of the artillery brigade,
Colonel Tumanov.
My wife, Nadezda lvanovna.
Our daughter, Irina Sergejevna.
Can I trouble her for a dance?
Gentlemen, we may go to the table.
Pavle, let me introduce you.
Aide of General Renoir, captain Vervie.
Colonel Hodzic, my fiancee.
Please, leave us alone.
I have exigent and very important
conversation with the Captain.
Hello. - We haven't spoke
in a long time, my friend.
- You though you killed me.
- It's never late to fix your error.
I heard a shot.
Who would say that Russians kill
because they're jealous.
- What happened?
- Hodzic stayed alone
with the Captain, and then I heard a shot.
I found him with a farewell letter.
It's not a farewell letter,
it's on his chest.
You idiot.
- For who is that letter?
- For you, Excellency. - Read it.
On November 24th at 6 AM,
I'll enter the city.
It can't be, it's already 6:45.
Keep reading.
I order you, General Skuro,
to line up all the
counterrevolutionary forces.
Don't be scared, read it.
On the square, where you
hanged the workers.
I order you to command the parade yourself.
Who signed it?
Who signed it?
There are fights on the streets. Reds
have entered in the city.
- Why are you giving me that? Call the car!
- Yes sir!
I remembered! That's Dundic!
Sakadze, Vervie...
That's all Dundic.
I'm sorry Galja, but what can you do.
It's funny, a bride in teared boots,
military blouse, and borrowed coat.
That's nothing, but how
will we get married?
We're not going to call
a priest, aren't we?
And if we ask him to sign us in the
books alone?
- Without ceremony.
- He won't, without church ceremony.
He won't act against God.
What are we going to do?
Should we postpone it, until better times?
Tell me if you changed your mind.
- Can this bride sit at the wedding table?
- No way!
Our brides aren't worse than others!
Vanja, show it!
Don't worry it's all honest. I gave three
barrels of wine for this,
- and three packs of cigarettes.
- I gave bread for three days.
One conscientious granny gave this to me.
Voluntary, I swear. I explained
her everything,
and she gave it by herself.
And I congratulate you.
Thank you.
I just wanted everything to be like
I imagined.
Excuse me.
Sit down at the table.
You can get married without a wedding book.
I suggest that we make a record, and
we all sign it.
And if we ask the commissioner, he'll
put a division stamp on it.
Long live the newlyweds!
The whites are attacking.
I'm going.
You were a faithful revolution soldier,
with a soul of flame, and honest heart.
You're flying on the wings of legend
trough time, storms and smoke.