Aleksi (2018) Movie Script

[No audio]
[Boat honks]
[People talking]
Pardon me -
- Hello!
Four donuts, please.
- Here you go.
- You're welcome.
We're leaving!
You can swim if you want!
Wait, I'm coming!
- C'mon, c'mon!
I'm so sorry.
[Upbeat music]
I've missed you, daddy!
- My little chicken!
Help me with this.
Did you find a place in Berlin?
I'm still waiting to find out
when my internship will start.
I can't wait to leave this country.
My little mouse!
[Moving car]
Vati, watch where you're putting
those dirty backpacks!
We have mice traps everywhere.
- Okay.
What's up, mom?
- Everything is fine.
Did you see my email about
the wine event on Tuesday?
I didn't.
Are we gonna sell part of
the vineyard?
Of course not.
Dad said we may have to.
- I didn't tell her that!
Yes you did!
You said mom got crazy
and the renovation got out of control
and we can't keep up with our loans.
You got out of control!
You shouldn't have said anything.
We'll pay the loans.
I'm worried about you.
I'm going to Berlin.
Who will pay for you being in Berlin?
They'll hire me after the internship.
You did two internships already,
and nobody hired you.
That French dude tricked me.
French men are not reliable.
- You're not reliable.
You could've finished one of the many
colleges we paid for.
That was only 800 Euros a year.
Do you know how much other children cost?
And who was paying your rent for 9 years?
She wasn't that big of an expense.
She's our little birdie.
She's 28.
28 years old.
She's not a child anymore.
You have a very westernized
approach to raising children.
I was helping my parents since I was 7.
Carrying barrels, picking grapes, kneeling
in the vineyard for 12 hours a day...
So you're punishing me
because they were exploiting you?!
They didn't exploit me,
they taught me to develop work ethics.
Why is it so hard for you to do the
only thing we are asking from you?
Because in the long term
its best for me to put my energy
into creative pursuits.
[Seagulls squawk]
[No audio]
[Upbeat music]
Let's go, Aleksi.
Everybody's waiting.
Our grandfather bought this
land 70 years ago,
to start a horse ranch.
But, our grandma thought
it'd be better to grow grapes.
As you may see,
women rule this family.
To be unique, the wine
needs to have its own character.
Let them taste it.
This is our new "Plavac Mali".
You can tell by its color.
- Hello.
Aleksi, you devil, you're here!
Will you give us a hand
with the harvest?
No, I'm going to Berlin.
Forget Berlin!
You'll never make a living as an artist.
Look at this.
Who are you kidding?
You know what art is? Art is -
Look at that French dude over there.
Art is selling wine to a Frenchman
who is living next to 3 vineyards.
You're so wise.
Whoever listens to me,
can't do wrong.
Your dad was an artist
and what good did that do?
There are a few eligible men here.
2 winers, 1 sailor...
Why don't you catch
one to help us with the winery?
I'm not much of a hunter.
- I'm coming!
You're crazy as a loon!
Okay, then grab your camera and
take some photos -
- I'm coming!
So we can send it to the papers.
[Liquid falling]
What the fuck?!
- Oh, shit!
Are you insane?
I'm sorry, miss.
I could pour some water on you,
it will wash out.
What an idiot.
I'm just kidding.
I'm here with a motorbike,
I'll take you home to change.
I'm willing to help out
a young lady in trouble.
your mom is looking for you.
May I have your attention, please?
Raise your glasses!
Be careful not to spill the wine.
We have live music coming up.
Alright, kid. Hit it!
[Guitar music]
Aleksi, don't sit here like a snail.
Slice some prosciutto for the singer.
He can slice it himself.
What kind of a hostess are you?
- What kind of a cripple are you
if you can't slice it yourself?
But a woman's hand is more precise.
You need to practice precision.
It will come in handy with the guitar.
What's that,
did you spill something?
[Phone ringing]
- Hello?
- Hi, is it Aleksi Bergando?
Yes, it's her.
I'm calling you because your application,
your portfolio is missing.
Yes, I thought about upload it
but then I forgot.
I'll send it to you know, ok?
Right now.
Ok, that's all, bye.
What's up?
- Send me the scan of
your photo "The two girls".
What for?
- Just send it to me!
Why do you need it for?
- Forget it, I don't need it!
Hi Supek, are you up?
Are we going hunting on Sunday?
Yes, yes, whatever it takes.
[Camera shutter]
[No audio]
Why did you disappear yesterday?
- I had pee on my shirt.
Antunovic's children all helped
host his wine tasting.
Are you ever going to help me?
Who's calling you?
[No audio]
That's her.
- Aleksi Bergando?
- You've been accused
of the theft of a motorbike
with registration plates: DU 921 EK.
- What motorbike?
The one you parked two blocks away.
Oh, his motorbike? He was drunk...
- She's lying!
He was not in a state to drive.
- She's a liar and a thief!
I'm not lying!
- Considering the evidence,
I have to take you to the station.
You have the right to a lawyer -
You peed on me, you moron!
Fucking peasants!
I'll take a shit on your head!
- Take it easy!
Where are my keys?
Under the seat!
[Upbeat music]
[No audio]
What do you think is the etymology
of the phrase 'Go haywire'?
You went haywire.
Do you want to warm me up?
I'm playing ping pong
with Supek for 300 Euros.
Don't let that asshole screw you.
He pretends he can't play,
until you play for money.
Then suddenly his forehand starts
working like a charm.
Don't fall for it.
I heard today
there's a new photography contest:
"Vineyards of Europe".
You could do some photos for it.
And for our website.
Jadran said our photos
are outdated.
Jadran doesn't comprehend
the quality of an analog camera.
Like landscape photography?
- I would go for the abstracts.
We could do it later today?
Abstracts don't work
for the web, you artists.
You're here!
I'm stuck between stations.
- I know what it's like to get stuck.
What do you want, Jacob?
Don't eat that before lunch.
Go to the house.
Watch your step!
Wanna go to the beach later?
I made a plan with my
dad to do some photos.
I'll leave the kids with my dickass
husband. It'll be a nice break.
We could take photos of me
for Instagram.
I lost my baby weight.
- C'mon.
- Wait.
Watch out!
- Don't run on the boat!
Slow down!
- Fuck!
What's up?
Where's your worse half?
Fucker screwed me over.
This is Aleksi.
Toni, friend of the family.
- Aleksi, family.
Nice to meet you.
[Upbeat music]
[Children talking]
Don't be so boring with that phone.
I need to tell dickass to go fuck himself.
Be in the moment.
What was I going to write?
Be in the moment!
You'll send the wrong message!
Jacob, catch!
- I'm gonna kill you!
Are you mental?
Don't play with that!
Give it back!
You're a jerk! You're an idiot!
- Good job, Jacob.
[Children playing]
Here you go.
Done swimming already?
I'm already dry
and if I go into the sea now
my suit may not get dry again,
so there's a chance of getting
a bladder infection.
- Bunch of problems.
You need a boyfriend.
What makes you think
I don't have one?
You're here with an old man,
four kids and a boring cousin...
Who's not in the fuckin' moment.
Who took the sandwiches?
- Aleksi ate them.
Toni said you're boring.
Like he's so much fun.
No more sandwiches, we have grapes.
- No! We want sandwiches!
Your kids are spoiled.
Where's their mom?
It's a private matter.
You asked me if I had a boyfriend.
- I didn't.
Not in these words,
but that was your point.
I'm in the process of getting one,
but it's not official yet.
Fuckin' sandwiches.
"Sandwiches, sandwiches!"
Why did your wife leave you?
We separated consensually.
- I get the kids during
the weekend and holidays.
That's just fucking fantastic.
That seems to favour women,
but actually...
You get to dedicate yourself
to your work,
you don't have to worry
about getting the kids to school
and then you get them
when you're free
and have nothing better to do.
Fuckin' assholes.
They're gonna ruin me.
I need a break.
I'll kill myself.
I need to help you girls relax.
[Electronic music]
Where's your man?
- At home.
How is he? - He's okay.
He's gotten boring.
I'm not sure if I'm still in love.
Blow him. If you're into it,
it means you are.
Thank God! Did you walk
to the river to get that water?
A double Jager for me.
- I'll have two Mojitos.
Don't put ice into the second one.
[Electronic music]
You're too old for this place.
- So are you.
Are you and Lea's husband friends
in life or just here
because there're no other options?
- We are thick as thieves. Why?
Would he be your emergency call
if you accidentally kill somebody?
To help you hide the body?
I think I'd call my mom.
She's a badass.
Who would be your call?
- Maybe Lea.
I couldn't call my mom.
She'd kill me if I killed somebody.
And my dad would tell my mom.
Although, Lea may panic and
we wouldn't get far with the body.
- I said that we wouldn't
get far with the body.
Could you please remove your hand?
It's a gayish gesture.
I think it's very straight.
Let's go.
There was a drought for an hour
and now it's pouring!
You got it?
- Of course.
Did you get it?
- No.
- No. - Oh, c'mon!
Give it back.
Jana used to carry me home
when I got fucked up.
Stop! Stop!
Fuck! Get away!
- Easy. No panic.
We're just walking.
Police! Stop!
[Man singing in background]
Stop provoking me.
Wait. Easy, easy.
[Fence screeching]
Is this okay?
- It's fine.
Are you okay?
What is it?
Where are you going?
Can I walk you home?
[Live romantic music]
Are you okay?
Is everything alright?
I don't want that!
You're pulling my hair!
Too bad.
Now hug me and don't let go.
If you let go, we're both screwed.
Do we have a deal?
- Your ear is so small.
Really small. Like a little clam.
[Upbeat music]
You can't wake up people
like that!
What about: dear Goran,
thank you for carrying me,
saving my life...
Now you owe me.
You have to make me breakfast.
Slice me some prosciutto.
If you behave nicely,
you can come to my concert.
I think I peed the bed.
Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.
- Thank you.
[No audio]
How are the things in the winery?
How are your guitar lessons going?
We have a concert next weekend.
- Great.
Do you have a boyfriend?
No. Do you have a girlfriend?
- No. Why?
I asked you because you asked me.
- I just wondered.
[No audio]
Are you coming to my concert?
I have to see
what else is happening that night.
Well, see you.
[Upbeat music]
You still haven't gone to Berlin?
Did you get that job?
They could be calling me any day now.
[Birds chirping]
Hi, daddy!
- Hi.
Look at my new mouflon!
My adorable new golden mouflon.
Just look at him!
I caught him the other day.
I waited for 7 hours to catch him...
How much did you pay to catch it?
- 7000 euros.
If your mother asks,
I got it from the bet with Supek.
It's so beautiful.
Look at him.
Where have you been?
- Nowhere.
What's that on you?
- Well, I got kinda wasted
so some guy carried me to his place
and then I peed in his bed...
So he lent me these clothes.
At least you didn't shit the bed.
Daddy's little embarrassment.
[Water falling]
Aleksi, are you in there?
- I'm in the shower.
Will you be ready soon?
- Relatively soon.
Some Germans are coming
to get wines for their restaurant.
Aleksi, did you hear me?
I thought that Germans love beer.
You need to go
and show them the winery!
I'll be ready... in 25-40 minutes.
- Aleksi, NOW!
I need you now!
Did you get it?
She doesn't care about it.
Who will take over the winery?
Don't bury us just yet.
American boy!
Wait, wait, wait!
Hi! Hello!
It's you!
The girl from the ferry.
Hello, what's up? What are you doing?
I'm just exploring.
Can you drive?
[Upbeat music]
What do you know about wines?
They're made from grapes.
- Hi!
- I'm sorry I'm late, I'm Aleksi.
Nice to meet you.
Just a second.
Impressive cellar.
I'm told you make very, very
good Grenache.
Yes, that's true
It's very good.
Why don't you describe it to us?
Well, our grapes are very special...
Because we have this
grape sniffing cats
who find the right grapes
to harvest.
But maybe Christian can tell you
more about this.
Because he's a very famous sommelier
from Napa Valley.
Well, yes, I breed the cats right here,
it's a special technique.
It really adds to the flavor.
You can pour them some wine.
Yes, please.
You know awfully little about wine
for the daughter of a vinter.
I'm a photographer.
Oh, a photographer, ok, ok...
That's quite coincidence, I'm a
photographer as well.
- Really?
- What sort of things you shooting in here?
Well I just got a job in Berlin.
- Oh, Berlin.
- I'll be moving there soon.
What are you doing here?
I was supposed to meet my girlfriend at
Dubrovnik, but she didn't show up.
- What did you do?
- What did I do?
Well, I got a job offer to go to
Egypt for six months
but she didn't want me to go.
But I decided that
I have to, I couldn't
pass it up, and I don't
think she like that.
Well that sounds like a break up
Maybe, maybe...
[No audio]
Open your mouth.
- No.
- Please!
- No.
- Please, for me?
A little closer, a little closer.
Is it ok? Is that good?
It's definitely good.
I'd love some more.
You're a weird girl.
My ferry is going to be leaving in
just a couple hours.
Thanks for wasting time with me.
- You owe me now.
- Oh I do, oh ok.
If you go to New York I'll take you there
and mess with some tourist there.
Hope I see you again.
If it's meant to be, it will.
Bon voyage.
[No audio]
[Upbeat music]
[Seagulls squawk]
[No audio]
Don't forget to go
to the winery later.
Buyers from Italy are
scheduled to come.
I promised a friend
to go to his concert.
Nobody else is free to go.
Fuck it.
Everything is more important
to you than your family.
[People chattering]
[Live party music]
Didn't I tell you to
take out the bullets?! I'm sorry.
Sit over there!
Sit and be quiet!
[Live party music]
Great night, everybody!
And now, Goran and the Satellites.
We love you, Lidija!
[Singing live]
It wasn't so bad!
You stupid egomaniac!
- Do you honestly think it was good?
Your audience was
a bunch of peasants and their kids.
What did you expect?!
They don't dig singers
like Leonard Cohen.
Yeah, they wouldn't dig Cohen.
[No audio]
What did you take that time?
I got fucked up because I drank.
Usually drugs don't do it.
Once I tried ecstasy and
almost fell asleep.
I tried mushrooms too -
it was similar to weed.
- That was the only drug
that had an effect on me.
Although it ended badly.
You had to go to rehab?
I didn't get addicted.
I was just crazy promiscuous.
I don't need to know about it.
- Yeah. Better not.
How many guys did you sleep with?
That's not crazy promiscuous.
Crazy is maybe
too strong of a word.
But, I've slept with just one guy
before my ex-boyfriend
and then another one
while I was with that boyfriend.
It's not like I've slept with
hundreds of guys.
When you said it, I thought there
must be at least ten.
It's not such a disaster.
- Yeah.
But the problem is that this guy
was my ex's friend.
I mean, I was really horny
and he was there.
We just fucked a few times and...
Is it weird for you to listen to this?
- No.
It is.
- Oh well, it is. But continue.
So, Matej, that friend,
couldn't keep the secret
and he told everything
to my boyfriend,
who then beat him up
with a baseball bat.
Broke his jaw.
Your father is sad because you
don't play ping pong with him anymore.
It will be worse
if I kick his ass.
You could play one game.
You should spend
some time with us.
You're never at home.
- Okay, mom.
Will you?
- Fine!
What's going on
with the internship in Berlin?
I don't know yet.
- You haven't mentioned it for a while.
Are you trying to
mindfuck me so I lose?
Maybe this is a sign
you should reconsider staying here.
What can I do here?
- It's not so bad here as it may seem.
I know what's it like to live abroad.
The jobs foreigners can get
are usually physical labor
or waiting tables.
It's beneath your dignity to
harvest grapes in your own vineyard
or pour wine for guests
in your own winery.
Look at the house you're living in.
Look at the stone it's made of.
You'd need to have ten roommates
to live in a house like this abroad.
I'm not going to Hong Kong.
Brilliant people start things first in
a place where there's nobody.
[No audio]
Let's play for points.
- The left hand.
[Traffic noise]
[Bicycle sound]
- Hi.
I can't do anything right now.
I need to do this.
Look at these small balls.
[No audio]
We could walk airly,
if you split a cake fairly...
[Drums playing]
I'm good.
I could be
a new drummer in your band.
And vocalist.
I could be a vocalist and a drummer.
We could name the band
Aleksi and Goran's Satellites.
If I stop doing this,
it's going to be hard to resume.
It's going to be hard to resume
taping the Styrofoam?
Neighbors complained about
our rehearsals. I have to finish this.
[No audio]
Let me know when you're available.
Okay. Yeah. Bye.
[No audio]
You're judging me.
- What?
You wanted to know about me.
You were asking questions.
But now you're judging me.
- I'm not judging you!
I'm the only one hanging out with you,
no matter what other people are saying.
What are they saying?
What are they saying, Goran?
I wouldn't hang out
with you if I was judging you.
[No audio]
Thank you so much
for hanging out with me.
[Upbeat music]
[Bell ringing]
[Bicycle sound]
What happened?
- Hi.
What's going on?
Lea, are you okay?
It's nothing.
Dickass was here.
- And?
I threatened to leave him.
He got crazy,
he took the kids to live with him.
Like that fucker can take care of them.
Stupid jerk.
He'll give them back soon.
[Upbeat music]
Hello, hello, American boy!
Hello, hello, Croatian girl.
Where shall we go?
Let's go for a swim.
I didn't get a shower today.
Sounds good, let's get you clean.
How long are you staying here?
Well, it kind of depends.
So you came just for me?
I have some meeting in Korula...
Yeah, meetings with me.
Meetings with you? Shut up!
[No audio]
Come on!
You pussy!
I'm just taking my time.
Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!
I got a cramp!
You got what?
I'm coming...
Where is it?
This. Here.
[No audio]
[Dryer sound]
What are you doing? Hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
You're going to stink us all!
Hey, hey!
Come on! No!
I'm sorry!
It smells lovely!
Thanks a lot.
And cheers!
Wanna sit here?
Can we do "Salt in the wounds"?
The next song is a new one.
For the girl who stole my motorbike.
[Rock music playing]
Tell me we still exist,
just hiding somewhere
Tell me I'm still in your dreamy mind
What are you thinking about?
Important things have washed out
I'm thinking, why is this place called
three palms and there're only two?
And now we're here where we are
We hate that we love each other
I put the blame on the words
Yesterday we rubbed it in, today it hurts
He's a cute boy.
Silence won't wash the salt in the wounds
I put the blame on the words
Yesterday we rubbed it in, today it hurts
Silence won't wash...
...the salt in the wounds.
Don't give her that shit!
Don't you see she's fucked up?
Mind your own business.
She doesn't take that stuff well.
And what in the hell are you doing
with such a young girl?
Stop laughing.
Are you fuckin' this girl?
And what do you give a shit?
If you're not fuckin' her, back off.
What are you doing?!
- Let him go!
Hit him! Hit him!
[No audio]
I think that you're fucked up too!
Fucked up and a mute!
I'm not gonna be your girlfriend!
I don't care what you think about me!
Do you hear me?! Fuck you!
[Acoustic guitar playing]
[Joyful music]
Here, here, here.
[Joyful music]
I'm falling!
[Joyful music]
Do you want a sandwich?
- Sure.
How old do you think this is?
- 100 years.
I heard that two mouflons
got in a fight over you.
What two?
- Any good out of these two?
And I heard that dad didn't win
the golden mouflon on a bet,
but he caught it himself for 7000 euros.
- She's lying!
I'm not lying!
Go to Supek's and check it yourself.
You'd take the last penny
from my sock!
When I'm hunting,
my blood is rushing like...
I feel like I'm young again...
You're old, you fool.
I'll never tell you anything again!
[No audio]
- Hi!
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Christian. Goran.
Hi, Goran.
How are you Goran?
Christian is a sommelier
from Napa Valley.
A friend.
- Do you want to sit with us?
- Yes...
I should probably get going.
No, no, no, sit.
If you insist.
[No audio]
And, what are you having?
Coke and a mixed pizza.
- Okay.
Do you want something else?
I'll have a lemonade.
- You?
- Do you have? Actually, hm.
This pasta with prawns, how many
prawns are actually in there?
There are as many as usual.
What's usual, two or fifty?
- There are definitely not fifty.
Okay, then, I'll have
this sea bass pie.
I wouldn't recommend
getting a sea bass here.
Get a pizza and move on!
- Don't put pressure on me!
Okay, pizza!
What do you think about the
wines here?
[Sin audio]
I feel like I'm intruding.
No. No, you're not.
No, you're not.
I just said it already...
I'll let you guys be alone.
I'll see you later.
You just order your drink.
Dad's friend.
[No audio]
Should I just go to Berlin
and see what happens?
I didn't plan on being here this long.
How long would you stay there?
I mean, what can I do here?
I have no friends here.
Okay, you and me are hanging out,
but there's nobody else my age...
Of course.
- What?
You're having a strange reaction.
- Well, I'm not mad.
Why would you be mad?
- I'm not mad! Marin!
This is too much money, Goran.
- It's okay.
Take it!
Why are you upset?
Goran, I can't live
with my mom and dad!
I love hanging out with you,
but that's such
a small percentage of my time.
Do you care about me?
I can't live in a place without
a critical mass of intellectuals...
- Do you care about me?
I care about you.
But I care about myself too.
Why were you so persistent
if you don't care about me?!?
You've no idea what you want,
you're selfish and you use people
to feed your ego and
solve your stupid problems!
Go! Go to fuckin' Berlin and
find some other fool to
help you live with yourself!
We could continue our sexual relationship
while I'm still here.
Fuck you!
[No audio]
[Dialing tone]
[People chattering]
Can I take a picture of you?
You look cinematic.
[People chattering]
[Joyful music]
[Dramatic music]
[No audio]
Colors of dancing crinolines,
Fireflies in my hands,
- Hi.
Play it.
Play it until the end.
[No audio]
Violin, burn the bridges
Oh Messiah, break with sound
Hands play on painful strings
Burn the bridges, tear them down
Violin, scream and cry!
Bring the day to the firefly
May it slay with your hand
Burn the wood, blow the sand...
Good job.
It is really...
It's going to be a hit, I bet.
Did you change your mind?
Did you change your mind?
- We still have time.
If you haven't, please leave.
You're making me feel guilty.
- Go away!
What have I done?
- Go away!
[No audio]
[No audio]
[Bicycle sound]
Hi! Come in.
You have a great place.
Do you want to drink something?
Coffee, tea..., grappa?
What's going on?
Did something happen?
What's going on?
[No audio]
Toni, life is short and
I have to ask you something.
When are you going back to Paris?
I guess in a week or two.
Can I come?
- To Paris?
Like, live with me in Paris?
Until I get on my feet. Temporarily.
We are fucked up, Aleksi.
You're fucked up, I'm fucked up.
Divorced, with two kids.
A bunch of people are relying on me.
My life is already messed up as it is.
- No, it's okay.
Do you want some sugar?
- Sure.
[Melancholic music]
Don't drag like a slowpoke.
Speed up a tad!
What the hell is this?
Did you have religious education
in school?
You could pick
between that and ethics.
I didn't want to listen to
preaching about morals,
so I thought - I'd rather pray.
You should've prayed more.
Did you see how we redid
the degustation room?
Like you're trying to gather
the Knights of the Round Table.
And here - kid!
Here is where you pour
them the wine. We have...
Yes! You'll need that.
We adapt the price list
to the purchasing power.
Art is knowing how to sell
men's shoes to a widow.
Let's go!
[Melancholic music]
You'll fall, you little monkey!
[Melancholic music]
You're finished!
My great grandfather
bought this land 70 years ago,
with the intention of making
a horse farm.
But, our grandma thought it would be
better to grow grapes.
[Melancholic music]
[No audio]
[Shutter clicking]
[Melancholic music]