Alex in Wonderland (2019) Movie Script

O Lord Ganesha, the uprooter of all evil deeds.
O Lord Ganesha, the remover of all desires.
O Lord Ganesha, the hero of the entire universe.
Humbled I am, that tears now roll down my eyes!
Come one and all! To our Lord
Lets sing together a whole new song!
God is the greatest!
O dear with the brightest eyes,
Come O Come!
Hard and mighty hearted you are,
Come O Come!
Sweet and happy words you bear,
Come O Come!
Strong and sturdy shouldered you are,
Come O Come!
O dear with the brightest eyes,
Come O Come!
Hard and mighty hearted you are,
Come O Come!
Dont forget the beetal wafers!
Whats up little boy?
Did you miss the bus?
Why don't you get in?
I'll drop you at the bus terminus.
Where are you heading to?
What do you want to do?
So what if you miss that one bus?
Just get onto whatever that comes!
Go on and flow like a river.
You can change the route a bit later.
If you do not get what you want...
...keep holding on to whatever you got.
If you do not get what you want...
...keep holding on to whatever you got.
If this door closes now, don't bother. So what?
Another will soon open if you can wait a bit.
If this door closes now, don't bother. So what?
Another will soon open if you can wait a bit.
Good morning Mr. Alexander Babu.
Your mission if you choose to accept it... to be here for the rest of your life.
This is the path WE have chosen for YOUR destiny.
There is no other alternative.
Resistance is futile.
I repeat, resistance is futile.
You will deliver all the projects...
...either on time or ahead of time.
Your benefits will include...
...pick up and drop...
...chips and biscuits...
...soft drinks and all other junk food in the cafeteria.
If you work harder... will end up having a nice three bedroom flat... downtown Oragadam at some point.
If you get lucky, you get to retire here...
...and enjoy the retirement benefits...
...which are subject to market risks.
Continued high performance through all the appraisals...
...demonetisation and election results.
Conditions apply.
You did let them come and get you... yourself locked up in here.
Comfort zone is nothing but a cage. Isn't?
Captivity is the one thing you did seem to want it badly.
If you want the freedom,
you know where to get it.
Set you free.
Who is going to set you free?
You need to let it go
so can you fly.
Drop all what you have
that will come by.
Happy birthday dear Alex.
Happy birthday to you!
Chase your dreams!
Chase your dreams!
Chase your dreams!
Hit the road! Its time to go.
Chase your dreams!
Dont wait and you do it now you.
Chase your dreams!
Chase your dreams!
Life is short follow your heart!
Find your space and set your pace.
Rat race not to do... find what to do.
Chase your dreams!
O Lord King Jesus!
Come down...
Ladies and Gentlemen...
...this is the buildup song everybody!
Welcome to Wonderland.
My lovely folks all over the world...
...make some noise for the night!
Come on! Make some noise everybody!
Thank you so much! God bless! Thank you!
What an honor! Thank you!
Thank you so much.
Are yall able to see me ok? Hear me ok?
Cannot change much.
Just asking for formality.
So, Ladies and gentlemen...
...Welcome to Wonderland!
Oh! Thank you all very much for coming out tonight.
Will you all join now and sing with me, right?
(Hums NALLAI ALLAI - by A R Rahman)
How many of you know this song? Make some noise!
Except the front three rows, all these expensive tickets
everybody knows.
All the senior citizens are like what is happen?
We are filming this show for Amazon Prime,
kindly show some excitement!
Just a little bit more.
I dont blame you guys.
All the senior citizens here.
My neighbors are also here.
Welcome to the show.
I don't blame you guys.
This NALLAI ALLAI is such a beautiful song, right?
Such a beautiful song.
It won the national award and all, you guys.
All the 3 seats, just quiet.
But those who dont know this song...
...this is such a good song.
This is from this movie Kaatru Veliyidai.
All the senior citizens FYI.
Kaatru Veliyidai one Mr. A R Rahman composed.
Its been one and a half years only.
But those who dont know this song... is the punishment for not knowing such a good song.
You have to go watch this movie called Kaatru Veliyidai.
Go watch!
Yes! Welcome to the show yeah!
Nallai Allai is such a beautiful song, dont you think?
But the problem is every two lines they will sing...
..not very good.
It is good only Sir!
Not very good.
It is good only Sir! Really!
We cannot start the show by saying it is not good.
We will do this.
We will change the lyrics.
We will put some Gods names in there.
We will make it into a prayer song.
Why is it funny you dont like the plan?
Aunty, you like the plan?
(Checks with the front row audience whether they like the
Welcome to the show!
Is this your first standup comedy show?
Okay! This is standup comedy thank you.
What is your name aunty?
(Audience gets up from the seat to answer)
Please sit sorry please sit and answer.
Jayanthi aunty! and uncle?
Elango and Jayanthy, thank you and welcome to the show uncle and aunty!
So, we are gonna sing a prayer song.
So, isnt this very unique no?
This is not how standup comedy shows are generally.
But this is the worlds first standup comedy show
that starts with a prayer song guys!
An invocation!
Jayanthy aunty, who is your favorite God?
God, Lord, Deity.
Audience: Lord Ganesha.
Lord Ganesha is always a good start.
I love your suggestion.
Thank you so much!
Uncle who is your favorite God?
Audience: Ganesha!
Okay. Same. Whatever she says eh!
She has said it. Didn't she?
I'll go with the same.
(Mocks the uncle for giving the same answer as his wife)
Any other suggestions from this side?
(Tongue rolls)
Audience: Balaji. Oh okay!
Thank you! Balaji amazing suggestions.
I love all of them!
However on popular request...
...I think we will go with JESUS guys!
Dont look at me like that!
Dont judge me like that.
I will accommodate one more God.
How about that?
How about ALLAH?
(Checks for audience acknowledging)
Both Jesus and Allah.
Both the minority Gods of India well go with?
You happy? You are with me?
So here is the plan for the invocation song guys.
All of us are gonna sing together.
Here is the plan.
When I show 1 we sing for JESUS!
When I show 2- we sing for?
Audience: ALLAH!
Thats right!
So, God number 1 is JESUS!
I mean, in the order of singing Im saying.
Please dont judge me.
I know my name is Alex.
I know today is Sunday.
I know its all coming together.
But yeah yeah.
I promise there is no hidden agenda. Okay?
Im not trying to convert or anything.
Aunty, relax okay.
Just relax. No plan to convert or anything.
just a prayer song.
Sing with full conviction.
So here is the tune.
Nallai allai
But we will sing:
One two all of us together..
(Asks the audience to join)
One thousand two hundred people
converted in one go! I got you!
I got all of you!
Baby Jesus loves you everybody! Hallelujah!
Jayanthy and Elango we got you.
You fell into the trap.
Henceforth youll be called..
Joseph Elango
you happy with that?
Very lucky name.
Jayanthy Aunty, how about Jayanthy Mary?
Is that okay?
Okay. For ALLAH, here is what we do.
Same tune, lyrics will be Masha Allah.
Same tune. So lets go for the take?
One two all of us together:
Masha Allah...
Now lets mix it up ok?
Number 1 Hallelujah...
Number 2 Masha Allah...
Number 3.. Oh!
Hare Rama...
Hare Krishna...
Welcome to the show CHENNAI!
Welcome to the show!
What an honor to be here!
What an honor! Thank you!
Will sing together one two all of us together.
Masha Allah...
Hare Rama...
Hare Krishna...
Now, lets do some classical modulations. Yeah?
You know what is Sangathi?
We are in Chennai!
The capital of Carnatic music.
The home of Ranjani & Gayathri (popular Carnatic duo).
We gotta do Sangathi.
Jayanthi aunty, you know what is Sangathi, right?
In the tamil month of Margazhi (December)...
...Ranjani and Gayathri when performing at
the Partha Sarathy Swami Sabha yeah...
...they do that.
They always do that.
They put their hands out. They move their heads
nice and free.
THAT glorious thing is called Sangathi.
We gotta do that.
Masha Allah...
Hare ramaaaa...
Hare Krishna...
Welcome to the show everybody!
What an honor thank you!
Rivers are many but they end up as one.
Rivers are many but they end up as one
Like everything under the sun
Gods are many but the truth is ONE...
You agree, aunty?
Gods are many but the truth is ONE...
But this religion you cant make fun...
Point of this evening is to...
...laugh at our lives and...
...have some fun. So we will sing...
Masha Allah...
Hare Rama...
Hare Krishna...
Put some sangathi now.
Not enough to shake the head alone. Please sing along.
(Imitates an audience member shaking her head to the song)
Masha Allah...
Hare Rama... Hare Krishna... Krishna...
Give yourselves a round of applause guys!
Good singing.
This can happen only here in Chennai.
All smart audience always! Excellent.
So welcome to the show everybody.
This is a musically humorous show.
So, not only laugh. Yall have to sing along Okay?
Now dont ask me: "We bought the tickets and
we need to sing also?"
That is the format of the show!
We all have to sing together.
So I know some of you didnt know the previous song.
Jayanthy and Elango..
This song you will know. Okay?
Looking at the age group and all that...
...this section will be very happy with the next song.
Hopefully, you know the next song.
Its really tough if you dont know this song as well.
So, Im gonna musically ask you guys "how youre doing?"
You need to musically respond. Yeah?
You ready?
(plays the tune of Nalamdhana from Tamil film: Thillana
How are you doing?
How are you doing?
Make some noise and tell me how are you doing?
Make some more noise and tell me how are you doing?
Now are yall ready for the Tavil beat the Tamil beat?
The feelings of Chennai and the rhythm of the Tamils and
all that good stuff?
Are you all ready for this?
Lets take care of this big little baby yeah?
Then itll roar yeah!
Put your hands together everybody!
Lets do it pals!
How are you doing?
Make some noise and tell me how are you doing?
Make some more noise and tell me... are you doing?
Did it finish on the beat correctly?
Some people are counting classical 8-beat rhythm cycle on
the hands in the first row.
Now your response.
Here is your response.
It doesnt matter how you guys are doing
here is your response.
We are all in Wonderland.
When you are in Wonderland...
...the most important thing if you ask me... optimism.
(Checks is audience is up for some optimism)
The answer is yes.
We are talking about Optimism.
The power of Positive Thinking yeah.
So this is what you ll sing.
Everything is fine.
Each and everything is going very fine.
Every morning, it is going very very fine.
One two all of us together!
Everything is fine.
Each and everything is going very fine.
Every morning, it is going very very fine.
Very very fine.
Keep it going we have stanzas and all!
We know the world has become so crazyyy.
We know the world has become so crazyyy.
Remember to slow down and breathe easyyyy!
We know the world has become so crazyyy.
Remember to slow down and breathe easyyyy!
Life has become such a running race...
...treat it like fallen hair stands with a smiling face!
That is all Im saying!
Everything is all of us together!
Everything is fine.
Each and everything is going very fine.
Every morning, it is going very very fine.
Very very fine.
Good singing along. Give yourselves a round of applause.
Thank you so much guys!
Well take care of this big little baby here.
So, Ladies and Gentlemen... is no normal day.
Thats for sure.
Today is a very special day and...
...this show is a very very very special show!
You might be thinking I say this in every show.
But the difference is today I mean it.
We are filming this show for Amazon Prime everybody!
Thank you for bringing me this far!
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
And I know for sure...
...some of you are watching this show for the second time...
...or even the third time.
Quick show of hands repeat audience!
Thank you so much!
Im honored.
Im overwhelmed.
Im also scared.
I hope none of you are surprised by the fact that
it is the same show.
Hes singing the same song dude. What is happening?
Baadsha (a popular Rajini movie in Tamil) is the same
every time you watch it no?
Our new show will have a different title.
So look out for that.
Thank you so much.
Here is my humble request for all the repeat audience.
Forget the fact that you watched already.
Just take it off your mind!
That way, its good for you.
Definitely good for me.
And is definitely definitely good for your neighbors.
Because there will be this urge to prompt.
Now see one old song will come!
Don't do that.
This segment will be nice to watch!
It may not be worth it after this we can leave!
NO. Dont do that!
Dont do that today!
Sometimes I will pause just to build that momentum and all.
Dont think I forgot.
If I need help Ill ask.
Ill reach out to you guys.
Yeah? Thank you so much guys!
Very nice.
So, this is a standup comedy show in Tanglish
(Tamil + English)!
So, all the Tamilians will feel...
...why so much English. Whats the point?
All the non-Tamilians will feel...
...why so much Tamil whats the point?
So, thats how it works.
Anybody here who cannot follow Tamil?
(Checks for audience who cannot understand Tamil)
Nice forever you may hold your peace.
In case you are there just a disclaimer.
There will be 20% of Tamil in the first half...
...and the second half, maybe 30, 40, 50, 60, 70% Tamil.
Thats all!
My humble request is stick around dont give up. OK?
Just stick around till the end youll get the hang of it.
Second half will be a little difficult I acknowledge.
I totally agree.
But as we say in Tamil as time goes
everything will be fine.
For any big problem we Tamilians have this one solution.
Over time everything will be alright.
How much time is that overtime we dont know.
It maybe seconds.
It maybe minutes.
It maybe hours.
It maybe days weeks months years!
It maybe multiple births also!
But all of us know for sure
Over time everything will be alright.
So stick around.
In case you can't follow tamil...
...I can potentially do the whole show in English also,
thats possible.
But as you would have gathered by now... English also sounds like Tamil only?
So, it wont make much of a difference.
Even if I do complete English... might still say... could have done some more in English.
Its been very special guys!
Those who are seeing me for the first time
My name is Alexander Babu.
Im a standup comedian.
Im also a Yoga teacher by the way.
Doing these things full time Gods grace
for the past four years now!
It is amazing!
Thank you!
And before that I used to be a Software Engineer.
You might not have heard about Software Engineer no?
One of those rare species, one earth...
...especially in South India!
I used to be a Software Engineer.
But from childhood from school days
I always wanted this man.
Always wanted to be on stage.
I wanted to be an entertainer.
I wanted to be like CRAZY MOHAN.
I wanted to be like VIVEK.
I wanted to be a singer.
I wanted to be a musician.
I wanted all those crazy things in the world.
Thats why promptly after my school days...
...I joined engineering college.
Because early 90s everybody joined an engineering college
All my friends said if you get engineering
no second thoughts.
All of us joined engineering college.
After Bachelors in engineering college here in Chennai
I went to the US to do Masters in Engineering.
I had no clue why I did Bachelors in Engineering!
Because mid 90s there were so many opportunities
in the USA.
My friends said You get a call from the US. Are you crazy?
Get going man!
All of us went to the US.
So I became a Software Engineer with Masters degree.
Then I went to the Bay Area California...
...and joined a start-up company.
Because late 90s, if youre a Software Engineer... HAVE to go to the Bay Area...
...and join one start-up company and become a millionaire.
That was the only option available.
I was there for a good five six years man.
But before I could become a millionaire and all that...
...thats when this urge to become an artist...
...this art madness got to me.
It became very intense.
I couldnt take it anymore.
Also, all my friends said...
"Bro you should not be here."
"You should go back home."
"You should go back to Chennai."
Follow your heart and pursue your passion.
They all stayed back.
I moved to Chennai.
I joined Amazon.
Just continued as a Software Engineer for another 10 years!
Nothing happened.
Then this thing happened man.
One fine morning, about 4 years ago...
...3 and a half 4 years ago...
I woke up and I realized,
I turned 40!
Now, dont do the math and all.
People are like 40 + 4 = 44.
Oh! this guy is 44!
40 + 4 is 44. I know ya!
I turned 40 that day.
Thats when I realized it is either now or never.
The later and all might never come who knows right?
So that day I went to work...
...I quit my job...
...started doing standup comedy.
I went for my Yoga teacher certification.
The next three and a half to four years Ive no idea.
I just went with the flow and trusted life.
You guys got me here!
Thank you so much!
Wonderland belongs to all of you!
Its been an amazing three hand a half four years man...
...away from the corporate life.
That did not work for me.
Interestingly on day one I knew...
...first day, first job I joined.
That day I knew.
Something told me this is not for me.
Corporate life is not for me.
I even called my father that day.
"Dad I dont like this job and all."
He was like...
"What do you mean you dont like the job?"
Over time, it will be all be okay.
I believed him for fifteen years man!
Every year Ill think...
..."Maybe next year. Maybe next year."
Ill be honest man.
I dont think I enjoyed work even for a single day.
For fifteen years I dont think I enjoyed even a single day
at work.
But I can confidently say...
...I have generally been very happy in life.
Gods grace.
I can confidently say Ive generally been very happy
in life.
And I very often try to reflect.
What is that one thing that gives me happiness?
Because when youre forty three four little bit
There are so many things that come and go.
Some will come give you happiness.
Next moment something else will come
take away the happiness.
But this ONE thing Ill tell you what that is.
This ONE thing has always stayed with me from childhood
until today.
Even before coming on stage...
...this is the only thing that stays with me stayed with me... me happiness every single moment man.
That one thing that beautiful thing has always been MUSIC!
Always been MUSIC!
Gods gift man. Gods gift.
how many of you read that story?
Alice in Wonderland story?
So we are connecting with the title.
Kindly make a note eh.
Because when we debuted this show here in Chennai only... uncle at the end of the show was very upset.
The title was never mentioned in the show! What is this?
There was no coherence to the whole story.
What was the point?
You could have just called it Jokes!
So, here we go!
In Alice in Wonderland story...
...the girl falls into a rabbit hole.
Alice falls into a rabbit hole
she finds her Wonderland right there.
I firmly believe for me
Im sure for most of you.
Maybe for all of us or...
...I very often tend to think for mankind itself...
...for mankind, the God given rabbit hole is MUSIC man.
God given rabbit hole I think is music only.
Nothing else.
You go into music, you fall into music.
You find your Wonderland.
Youll find your Wonderland.
And when I say music!
I grew up in this small village called ANDAVOORANI in
Anybody from Ramnad district?
At least for moral support you should say yes what is this?
Ok.. Thank you very much!
I grew up in a small village.
When I say music...
...I am talking about whatever music I heard in
...CEYLON RADIO at that time.
Or the TUBE RADIOs (loud speakers) well have in all the
village functions temples and everywhere.
PathSarathSwamSabha and all happened much later in life.
Tamil film music dont you think... filled with wonders and wonders and wonders and
endless wonders!
Dont you think?
And when we talk about wonders in music...
...dont you think we have to start with
wonders of all wonders called...
You know during those fifteen years of corporate life,
every day after I go home...
...You know the first thing I do?
I switch on an Ilayaraja song.
(hums Naan Thedum from Dharma Pathini by Ilayaraja)
Not even ten seconds would have finished.
Just the humming has finished.
Ill be at peace man!
Ill be so happy!
Ill find my inner happiness that inner silence
that inner calmness.
Amazing right?
That is the power and beauty of Ilayaraja. Dont you think?
He helps you to find your inner peace that inner silence
that inner calmness.
His songs themselves will have a lot of pause silence and
calmness and all that
inside the song itself.
Have you observed that?
Sometimes the pause will be a little too long.
But hey thats where the beauty is man.
Who else but Maestro made a song about silence?
He did a song about silence...
...the song of silence!
You know which one Im talking about?
(Hums the prelude of MOUNAMAANA by ILAYARAJA
This time of silence is golden!
(Enjoys the pause in the song)
This time of silence is golden!
Whyd young heart feel the burden?
Chiming tunes in the heart!
But the lips are so quiet?
Chiming tunes in the heart!
But the lips are so quiet?
The reasons who will find?
(Enacts the flute music in the song)
This time of silence is golden!
Whyd young heart feel the burden?
Such a beauty right?
Such a beautiful song dont you think?
Such beauties dont come anymore ya!
Such beauties dont come anymore.
Even this beautiful song we cant listen like this anymore.
When they play this on the FM radio here...
...the moment this song comes on the FM radio...
...if Im driving, Ill slow down.
In fact, Ill pullover.
Ill stop the vehicle. Ill want to listen to the full song
then proceed.
But on the FM radio they speed up the song ya
The songs gets faster at least twenty to thirty percent.
And theyve removed all the silence, pause everything!
For whatever reason.
The song will sound like this.
This time of silence is golden!
(plays the song faster)
Whyd young heart feel the burden?
(plays the song faster)
Dei. Dei. Dei.
What are you even doing ?
What is happening?
The song hasnt even started yet.
Thats all. Over already.
What is there to hurry now?
Theres so much to hurry while announcing the song itself.
(rolls fast) Next song is by Ilayaraja from Salangai Oli
movie..blah blah
What is your problem dude?
Why do you need such loud fast beats while you are talking?
Are you speaking while youre on a treadmill?
Life has gotten faster.
We dont have time for the slow paced songs anymore.
And VIDYASAGAR made wonderful amazing masterpieces like
that. Dont you think?
Vidyasagar fans! Go for it yeah!
Of course man
Amazing beautiful songs.
One of those masterpieces is this one.
What an awesome piece!
Theres a 4 beat gap between the first word and the next.
Nobody has patience for that.
Nobody has patience.
I sang this on stage once, okay?
I started the song.
People thought I got stuck.
From one side my friends are prompting me.
Dude! Why so silent? Why so silent?
I know dudes!
I am waiting for the right beat.
You be silent!
Why so silent?
Now Oh this silence! Oh this Silence!
Oh this Silence!
Sageness! Swiftness Please! Sageness!
is sageness!
After that I didnt have a choice.
The moment I paused everybody is trying to fill in
from all over.
So, I had to do fill-in-the-blanks myself.
I was like...
...O Flowers... you have a voice?
If you do you won't ever pause!
I had to sing the background music and all.
(sings the strings arrangement in the song)
Why so silent?
We need to bring that silence back into our lives
dont you think?
To enjoy life to experience Wonderland and all.
And another amazing aspect we should celebrate in Maestros
Of course every aspect of Maestros music is
I mean if there is a word like that.
We should celebrate.
This one chorus section.
Dont you think?
Every composition every song will have this amazing
chorus section.
Even if youre listening to that song for the 1000th time...
...when that portion comes, it will feel so fresh man.
Have you experienced that?
It will feel so fresh.
It will feel like something is coming from somewhere... is just filling your heart filled with joy.
It is just lifting your soul somewhere.
Have you experienced that?
You listen carefully.
The composition is just out of the world.
Of course It is Maestro!
But listen carefully. You can hear the chorus singers
singing with a lot of frustration there.
Their voice will clearly have anger and frustration to it!
That is because they all joined Ilayarajas chorus team
40-50 years ago!
During Annakili (70s tamil movie) times they joined.
From Annakili to presently if youve been singing only
wont you be frustrated?
Because times have now changed.
They are humans at the end of the day.
And times have now changed?
Rahman is ruling the industry for the past 25 years!
Applause for RAHMAN? Yeah go for it yeah!
Times have changed.
You join Rahmans chorus team.
One fine day you will get a break.
Out of nowhere, hell tell you...
"I think I like your voice for this song."
Yeah! You in the back.
I just heard you. Yeah.
I just heard your voice.
Lets try it out for this song.
Youve been here for 5 years eh?
Im so sorry. Ive been engrossed with work.
Lets try it out.
Out of nowhere you get a break like that. You get a song.
Not even one song.
One humming in one song.
Oh ye oh ye oh!
Thats all youve to sing.
He will still put your name in the CD label.
Everybody will know who you are.
He will do that.
And he will take you on a world tour.
Just to sing that one part
Oh yeah oh yeah oh!
Good job you are done for the day thank you!
And when you come back from your first world tour...
...even if you dont get to sing another song... can become Airtel Super Singer judge or something.
Your life is set ya!
Your life is set!
Life is set!
Your life is set!
That is the power of A R Rahman!
But with Maestro, you join as a chorus singer.
Thats it man!
You remember PUTHU PUTHU ARTHANGAL (80s Tamil movie)
opening song?
You remember?
(Hums the prelude of KALYANA MAALAI by ILAYARAJA)
The camera will just move all over the recording theatre.
Finally, it will stop near the glass door.
You remember?
Behind the glass door...
...bunch of young girls were standing and singing chorus,
you recall?
They are still there man!
Still there.
That frustration is understandable?
They are humans at the end of the day?
Unfortunately that comes out so obviously in so many songs.
For example this masterpiece sung by Mano.
At the hill-top temples door
Karthigai (spring month of Tamil calendar) lamp twinkles in
The place is so lit and bright!
The song of joy so fills the night!
Now chorus.
(sings the chorus section)
Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut.
Maestro is like what is happening in the chorus booth?
I gave you the music sheet at 9O clock this morning.
The notes are correct!
There is no life no feelings to it.
Why are you guys biting and spitting the notes?
This is a romantic melody song.
I want some life to it. Some feelings.
What sir life feelings?
Our state is so sad, Sir.
Today marks 25 years of me joining the chorus team Sir.
I came to Madras with dreams of becoming a singer Sir.
Madras has become Chennai.
I have not become anything Sir!
Give me one chance Sir.
Please give me one song Ill sing it with all feelings and
prove it Sir.
Come on! How can you feel bad for these things?
Everything will be ok overtime.
First sing this properly cmon!
Sing properly cmon!
One, two, three, four.
(Chorus singing happens)
Hmm alright. it is okay!
Add a slight reverb boy.
Take ok. You can go for lunch.
That has happened to so many songs man.
And this one sung by the one and only SPB!
The budding stem is dancing!
Aaah. (Chorus)
They are almost mocking the song.
SPB is in the zone he is trying to melt you down.
What to do bud?
We are humans at the end of the day that is what it means.
I think that is all it means.
And another amazing song man.
I will never forgive anyone for messing up this song.
How many of you like Malaysia Vasudevan?
You are my people dears!
During the 90s the golden period of Maestro...
...of course every other song was sung by SPB and Yesudas
But I have always been a big admirer of Malaysia Vasudevan.
The feelings.
The emotion.
The tone he will bring in every song will feel.
You cant even describe it.
It will feel so real.
So natural.
So organic.
I dont know how to call it.
Something is very pure about it.
But isnt it so sad?
Isnt it so sad we never celebrated Malaysia Vasudevan
enough during his lifetime?
Its been 10 years since hes gone.
He was always under appreciated man.
Always under appreciated.
Under celebrated.
For what he did for all of us.
For what he did for Tamil film music.
Of course, he was overshadowed by these two big legends.
SPB and Yesudas.
Yeah? Happens.
People even called him poor mans SPB.
Later on the title went to Mano but its not there.
People write things like that.
Ive read things like that.
Malaysia Vasudevan has become exactly like Malaysia.
When Singapore is expensive you go to Malaysia.
When producers dont have enough funds for BALU sir
they recommend Malaysia.
But the beauty is...
...we are all so blessed somehow.
The beauty is in Tamil alone.
Malaysia Vasudevan has sung 8000 songs man.
8000 beautiful songs hes sung for us!
He has sung 8000 beautiful songs.
Still people call him unsung hero.
What do you mean unsung?
He has sung the song dude!
8000 songs!
What will he do if we call him unsung even after singing
8000 songs!
I think that sadness would have definitely gotten to him.
I think that has definitely gotten to him.
He would have felt bad.
I give so much of my soul in every song.
After each recording Ilayaraja seems to appreciate me
so much.
Why dont people celebrate my songs as much as
they celebrate the other ones?
That sadness you can feel in his voice man.
You can feel in his voice.
This masterpiece in MUDHAL MARIYADHAI (80s Tamil movie)
O Breeze! Will you ever return?
Will my song be of your delight?
All you young folks are wondering,
Who is this Malaysia? What is it?
Malaysia WASudevan (Vasudevan)! old times.
No no no.
Hes evergreen.
He will live forever.
Those who dont know Malaysia Vasudevan...
Yes, applause for Malaysia Vasudevan.
Yes, go for it dont hold back go for it yeah!
Those who dont know Malaysia Vasudevan
Go to YouTube tonight.
Before you do anything else with YouTube do this.
Search for Mudhal Mariyathai.
Mudhal Mariyathai means First Respect.
Dont search for First Respect.
I said so that youll remember.
Mudhal Mariyathai.
He has sung ALL the 5 beautiful songs in that movie.
You listen to those songs once... will pay your first respect right there to him.
I bet my life. Youll become his fan forever man.
And that has a beautiful story.
Apparently Maestro called Malaysia Vasudevan at 5:30
in the morning for the recording for that movie.
Vasu! This is Raja speaking!
(Yawning) Tell me Raja sir!
This Bharathi Rajas movie! I have finished two songs!
Can you come and sing?
What happened? Isnt Balu in town?
What Vasu? Do you also talk like this?
Yeah he is not in town!
Sorry! I woke you up too early in the day.
We have to record a song by eleven thirty and send it for shoot.
When can you come?
Ive already boarded the autorickshaw Raja!
Im on the way.
Ill come bathe and dress up there.
Yes, there is sadness every time Malaysia sings.
But this song is an exception.
This song.
Everytime I listen to this one I jump in joy
Tender Flower!
You are boon giving!
Beautiful spring!
Sweet honey my lap is holding!
O you sweety!
you are forever mine!
Oh sweet honey... are forever mine!
Lalala Lalalala Lalalalala
Malaysia is like
Why? Really why?
Do I come over here that often?
Once in a blue moon I come to sing.
Do I keep coming often? I rarely get a song.
If you finish off things in Chorus like this
How will people listen?
Vasu you can at least get your solo once in a while.
Weve been sitting in the chorus booth for 27 years now.
La la la
Even after this Malaysia Vasudevan will start the song
so happily.
Hair grew long to form the waves,
Becoming the strands of the nights
That is Malaysia vasudevan everybody.
That is Malaysia Vasudevan.
We all have to take a big inspiration from the legend Malaysia Vasudevan
Because very often youll be under appreciated...
...under celebrated in what you are doing,
where you are working.
Youll be very often over shadowed by other big people
in where you are there.
Sometimes people will call you
only if someone else is not there.
Im telling you dont take it to your heart.
Dont even think about it.
Dont take it to your heart.
The only thing to remember if you ask me
The most important thing to remember is,
When you get that call
when you get the opportunity
get on that autorickshaw immediately!
Get on immediately!
You can bathe and dress up once you get there.
Then overtime you will have your body of work.
God is there. Life will happen.
Im telling you youll be a hero man.
You will be a hero.
Little bit unsung but hey!
At least, one comedian will talk about you at some point.
There is a chance for that.
But the real unsung hero in Tamil film music
if you ask me is...
...Kamal Hasan.
Kamal Hasan.
Kamal as a singer, Im talking about.
You dont think of him as a singer at all.
Yes, that way hes unsung.
And he is universal hero means always a hero for us?
Bring that together - unsung hero!
Did I not tell you?
And Kamal has done some amazing songs.
Amazing songs man.
O Minds you lovely birds!
Your pretty wing is stretching out
For being with your consort you are flying out.
Oh. My. God.
Kamal will emote so beautifully.
So soulfully, so deeply... can feel a tinge of melancholy there.
There is this soft melancholy in his voice.
Kamal said this by himself...
"My voice, when I sing..."
"...when I sing, there is soft melancholy in it Im sure."
You know A tinge of melancholy is an integral part of
postmodern art forms
These is what you call in English!
When I was in the United States of America Los Angeles...
...we were doing this postmodern workshop for
musical performing arts.
What are you even saying Sir?
What are you even trying to say?
This is a romance song only no?
This is a romance song.
Your song. Your movie.
In the picturization.
Youre going to freak out and have all the fun!
Why all this melancholy drama while singing?
Why do you even have melancholy induced?
Every single movie dont you have two?
Minimum Sir.
Minimum two heroines.
With all of them
With all of them you need to kiss them so deep... much so the Hollywood feels like nothing.
Like how you eat ice cream... kiss them so nice so deep.
With all that going nicely
why all the melancholy in singing Sir?
Sing joyfully Sir.
The song will be an even bigger hit!
But the universal hero cannot sing without that melancholy!
If this is the case of a happy song...
...imagine the plight of a sad song.
He will squeeze the juice out of it!
In the farmland filled with Punnai (native tree of Tamil)
A Cuckoo had the sound of deep cry
That is when your agony hit me so very high!
Ilayaraja is like cut cut cut.
Kamal this is a sad song yes.
But not so very much.
Why are you even crying so much now?
Huh? What happened?
Election just got over.
The result isnt even out yet.
Huh what?
Things have just started.
Things havent even got to the centre of it yet.
Devar Magan story still has so much more coming.
Just hold back.
Devar Magan story needs so much more variations to cover.
Sivaji will die shortly
how will you emote for that?
Just tone it down Kamal.
Tone it down.
No no no no
Even half is too much.
Just tone it down completely.
You know Kamal could have become a legendary singer like
SPB and Yesudas.
Hes still a good singer.
Dont get me wrong.
Hes still a good singer.
But the legend state like SPB and Yesudas
is something else right?
Thats what Im referring to.
He had the potential for being a legend.
But all that did not happen because of this one accident in
Kamals career.
This one accident called Nayagan.
Nayagan movie.
After that Kamals everything changed.
Kamals approach towards acting, singing,
everything changed.
The whole Kamals career can be split into two parts.
Before Nayagan.
Post Nayagan.
Thank you.
Before Nayagan.
Post Nayagan.
And that also this one scene in Nayagan
that changed everything.
That one iconic scene everyone keeps talking about
all the time.
That one.
(Mimics Kamal crying in Nayagan)
Noone in this world cries like that.
What I mean is it was so unique that is what Im saying.
It was so unique. It got everybodys attention.
Each one of us would have thought about, talked about it
at least once.
Even from Hollywood people called apparently.
That Marlon Brando and all called.
Oh! Is this how a Don needs to cry?
If you had hinted me a bit I would have tried this in
The Godfather guys.
Why didnt you?
That crying act got so much attention...
...everybody talked about it.
That crying act got so much attention...
...I think Kamal got stuck in that format.
Of course being an intellectual he reverse engineered.
He analyzed everything.
He found out you know...
...I have done so much body of work...
...everybody is talking about this one movie and one scene!
What is happening in that?
Kamal got that.
All this while it was just a tinge of melancholy in
my voice.
Now theres anger mixing to it.
Melancholy on one side, anger on the other side...
...that leads to this intense format!
Our universal hero completely settled for that format.
Even in acting, its the same case.
Sir, simple scene today. It is a shoulder shot.
The camera is behind.
You just have to walk to the front. Theres an auto coming.
You need to stop it.
The whole set vibrates.
Sir, Im the one driving.
Why are you shaking Sir?
Got too scared Sir.
And singing also got that intensity man.
O Master of Raghu clan!
The absolver of our sin!
Ilayaraja is like...
Kamal! This need not be this high dear!
Why dont we bring down by two notes and
make it comfortable?
(Kamal tries to speak with the Post Nayagan tone)
What are you trying to say now?
Well, Raja Sir just
...just give me one more you know.
I want to hit that high note.
They say the intense hitting of the high note in the
postmodern art forms
Oh God you sing sing..
Why do you have to complicate everything?
You sing you sing.
Simply complicating things.
Even a simple song Kamal can walk into the studio
Just knock it off in a few minutes.
That intensity will be brought in.
Blue.. sky!
You grab some tea and come DSP!
Let me figure a few things out!
But the good thing is...
...there is always a good thing in everything man.
The good thing is...
...if you ever have...
...constipation issue... play one Post Nayagan song...
I mean youve to play and sing along.
Simply dont play the song alone and come to me...
"...what man Alex? I played the full song
my constipation is still not cleared?"
Play the song and sing along with the same intensity.
By the time the song is over... will be cleared. Confirmed.
It will be clear.
For example this one:
My Love aint Cauvery (South Indian river)
To Block off from flowing...
...I am longing!
Now is the time for the love song to rhyme and chime!
Come O Come!
(Constipated sound) Still not come guys!
The world hasnt seen such Honeymoon.
Come join. Lets croon as one!
Come O Come!
Fear you let go!
(Feeling relieved)
Fear you let go!
Fear you let go!
Let us rise repel revolt!
Oh this Masterminded bathroom plan is OK my dear!
The universal hero Kamal Haasan everybody.
The universal hero Kamal Haasan! What a legend!
Sorry I didnt mean to equate Kamal with constipation.
Err.. complication.
Complication times are gone man.
After Mayyam (Kamals political party)
have you been observing?
Kamal is keeping things simple.
Gone are those days where...
...for two lines of Twitter, he will go all over.
Those things are gone. Dont you think?
Hes keeping things simple man.
I wish him good luck on the political career!
Round of applause for Kamal Haasan.
Lets do that.
Hes keeping things simple.
I think Ulaga Nayagan got it man.
Beauty lies in simplicity.
Thats what I firmly believe.
Beauty lies in simplicity I think man.
Think about this simple instrument.
You know the name of the instrument?
It is called the Double Bongos right?
One of the simplest percussion rhythm instruments.
And you can buy this for 700 bucks in Chennai even today.
And will you believe if I say this simple instrument...
...ruled Tamil Film Music for half a century man?
Im not exaggerating.
For 50 years every other super hit song that came in
Tamil film music...
...had only this instrument as the core rhythm instrument.
This sound Im sure you can all recall.
(plays the opening rhythm of Paartha Nyabagam song)
This sound ruled Tamil film music for half a century.
This music director we all adore...
...he will live forever.
Hes living forever.
He made amazing wonderful soulful songs.
The melodies will be out of the world.
The percussion: just bongos and nothing else.
Of course Im talking about the King of Melodies...
M S Viswanathan!
People even teased him.
"What Sir! For 50 years you lazed around with
just the bongos."
I think MSV wants to tell us one thing very clearly.
Beauty lies in simplicity man.
Wonderland lies in simplicity.
Even on Bongos he wouldnt complicate.
He would not go into the complex rhythm patterns and all.
Just the 4-beat rhythm for every song ya.
This 4 beat
One two there four thats all.
Whatever maybe the situation...
...whatever maybe the emotion that he has to show...
...anything that ever happens in any story...
...for anybodys life...
...MSV has captured anything and everything in this
4-beat rhythm.
One two three four.
I went to get some fresh air.
A poem fell into my hand!
She snatched it away from me
Now where did you go away baby?
I just...
...went to get some fresh air.
A poem fell into my hand!
So romance is building up.
He goes to the girl with the poem and proposes.
She reads it.
Here it goes!
O O Walk slowly walk slowly.
Dont hurt your tender body!
Your jasmine feet will hurt and become achy!
Wont it disturb your decked up beauty?
Ahaaaa. Ririiii rariiiii. Tharararira.
O O Walk slowly walk slowly.
Dont hurt your tender body!
So the romance is working out slowly
they are starting to meet very often.
They are going on a date night followed by pubbing and
There she goes!
What a pretty face!
Here he comes!
He is so nice!
Its getting dark!
Its time for the moon!
Next is wedding knot!
Such a sweet bond!
What else do we want?
This is going to go for ever and ever!
So everything worked out ok they get married.
First night. First night is happening.
Milk and fruits have made it to your hands.
Smile with those pearl like lips.
Walking like this pretty pleasant peahen!
May, you be in blissful serene!
Then life takes a turn.
That is what is life, right?
Sometimes it will take a turn, it is not pleasant,
breakup happens.
She goes away.
She walks away from the relationship.
What to do right?
Youve to move on.
Life goes on.
And when life goes on beat goes on too.
There she went flying!
Leaving me behind!
She snatched and walked away my two eyes
making me so blind!
Sometimes life will take a very harsh turn.
You wouldnt even be ready for it but itll happen.
Youve to take it right?
What to do? That is life.
Death happens.
She passes away.
Can you believe it?
She passes away.
What to do?
Death is part of life.
Weve to face it.
Because the show must go on right?
When the show goes on the beat goes on too.
O O O!
Gone is gone you let it go!
Noones around forever you gotta let them go!
Gone is gone you let it go!
But this is Tamil Cinema guys!
She will come back as a ghost!
The girl is back.
Yes baby the babe is back the same girl
so same beat continues.
Dont you remember seeing me?
The drama of tender age is what I blame!
Together we had such a passing time!
Will my heart pass over this lovely hymn!
Dont you remember seeing me?
The drama of tender age is what I blame!
MSV everybody!
MSV will live forever. Dont you think?
MSV will live forever ya.
It has been only four years since he left us.
Till the end he had that love for music.
Even the last interview he gave to the media
was 2 weeks before his demise.
was filled with his love for music.
Love for life and
You'll always see that.
And above all that if you ask me that MSV energy.
That buzzing energy was there till the end man.
Such an inspiring legend.
Such an inspiring legend.
Till the end the energy was fully there.
Sir, in this legendary career of yours
what do you consider as your first turning point?
If you ask me
the first turning point not just for me
even for the King of Poets Kannadasan also
This is the song that showed us the way.
New Bird (Puthiya Paravai) is the film that showed us
to the world.
We all started flying higher after the New Bird film.
Especially this song.
O O Walk slowly walk slowly.
Dont hurt your tender body!
She will be ok.
You dont please hurt yourself sir!
Your jasmine feet will hurt and become achy!
No sir. She will be fine. You relax no sir!
Your waist is dancing away to glory!
Wont it disturb your decked up beauty?
Ahaaaa. Ririiii rariiiii. ThararariraDoi Doi
Doi doi doi doi doi doi.
All right?
That Doi doi will be there in every MSV song.
It is not dei dei it is always dei doi only.
Oh son in law doi!
King of this land doi!
Even when he had to act he had to say that.
We are all Dei Doi family!
Sir, youve given us all super hits with
the legendary director K Balachandar.
Please tell us about that?
I can never forget the experience with KB sir.
Weve done multiple songs with King of Poets Kannadasan.
So many good songs so many good movies have done it all.
Especially, I can never forget Aval Oru Thodar Kathai
(She the endless story)
That one situation in the movie where the hero lands up
in the street
Ive composed more than thirty tunes for that one situation.
I almost landed on the street myself that day.
Thirty tunes for one song!
Composing was planned for 8:30 in the morning.
And I got there by 8 because the king of poets Kannadasan
is coming!
KB Sir came.
We then got a call from the poets place...
...saying hell be late and he had asked us to start.
KB asked me to start and I start to play one tune after the
He kept saying give me something else
give me something else!
That in itself was an endless story!
It was around 4:30 PM and we were at this tune...
...the king of poets walked in.
Everything fell in place by Gods grace.
tha ra ra ra ro.. Ra di da di doi!
(sings the tune)
I hadnt even finished singing the line.
The poet gave out the lines as he was walking in...
...O you God-sent sweet home!
Street is thy name!
I added a flute piece in there.
Toti Doi Doi Doi Doi Doi!
After listening to that even Balachandar cried right there!
Right there!
MSV is such a legend man.
Such a gift for all of us.
Of course he didnt compose for the past couple of decades only.
And if he had composed in the last two decades... bet is he would have done it with the same simplicity
This (Harmonium) and this (Bongos) and nothing else.
I will bet my life on it.
The magic would have worked ya.
The magic would have definitely worked.
I bet man.
The magic would have definitely worked.
So this context this song is a possibility.
Sir, please tell us your experience about working with
Oh that was a peculiar experience altogether.
I was excited to work with the younger generation.
One day, Dhanush and who was the other person?
Ha! Anirudh!
Dhanush and Anirudh both walked into my office.
They walked in like two pencils.
Dhanush gave me the lyrics sheet and asked me
Sir! You compose base tune.
Anirudh can do the orchestration.
We want to do this experiment.
I was very happy that with Gods grace...
(MSVs energetic mumbling)
I was so happy to see the lyrics.
Why this murderous, murderous rage, di?
Bros, the meter is very nice.
Only the matter needs some fixing.
Meter is great.
This is will sit in perfectly in my four beat pattern!
No problem.
Why murder rage and all that in the beginning of the song
Already theres a lot of violence and shooting in the world.
Murderous Rage wont suit me. Im a melody king no?
Lets replace it with artistic rage?
We all believe that Art will heal the world no?
I asked, "If Art rage is okay and we immediately changed to it...
"...and di is so disrespectful of women. Lets change to Doi."
Lets stick to Doi.
Thats when we did this base tune.
Why this art rage doi?
Art rage doi?
Art rage art rage art rage
From vocal we roll into the flute!
Art rage art rage art rage doi.
Toti Doi Doi Doi Doi Doi.
Ah ha why this art rage art rage art rage doi?
Doi Doi Doi Doi
Ah ha why this art rage art rage art rage doi?
Doi doi doi doi Doi doi doi doi doi doi doi.
Ah ha why this art rage art rage art rage doi?
Doi doi doi oi doi doi
And the melody raises up and up from there!
MSV will live forever man.
MSV will live forever.
When we talk about the good old times the MSV times!
Lets celebrate this singer from that era.
Such a God sent singer.
We are talking about 1940s 50s and early 60s.
Microphone technology was just coming into South India.
So many singers had to do this open throat singing.
If you go for a musical concert then people will be sitting
all over the ground.
But there are no mics.
No technology nothing.
You have to reach until the last row.
So many singers had this open throat singing then.
High volume!
High energy!
You have to throw the high energy and everything.
Like KB Sundarambal Madurai Somu TR Mahalingam.
That sort of amazing singers.
In that line up I believe Sirkazhi Govindarajan was top in
the chart.
Yeah Amazing!
High Volume High Energy High Pitch.
High pitch in the sense - tearing everything into pieces!
Listening to Sirkazhis songs, I will try finding the notes
in my harmonium
those notes are not even here.
They all come after the harmonium.
High energy!
High volume!
High everything!
When I was in my village we all will be sleeping in the
At early morning around 4:30...
...Sirkazhi will come online... the tube like loudspeakers at the Goddess temple.
O Lord Ganesha absolver of our sins!
Everybody will wake up.
One alarm clock for the entire village.
O Lord Ganesha liberate us from desires!
We are up now sir. Thank you.
Sleep runs when Sirkazhi comes!
Because he cannot tone down or soften down his voice and
The most tone down song he has ever sung is...
...Jasmine flower has blossomed full.
Guardian man is watching out well.
Just for a Jasmines blossom are you hitting this hard?
Jasmine has softly blossomed. Thats all no sir!
If you look at his collection you go to soft romantic
melody section
it is almost empty.
The only soft romantic melody number he has ever done is...
...there is no time for romance.
No ones even giving me a glance.
Obviously Sir. What do you expect?
The age is here to love and elope!
My horoscope doesnt have any scope!
Its not the horoscope problem sir! Your volume problem.
Hasnt anyone told you this yet?
Earlier it was all live recording right?
The hero will be the singer also.
And singers will be the heroes.
Sound had also been recorded live only.
Within one line of singing the heroine would have come
told Sirkazhi
Let us not meet here after dear Gopal!
Why dear?
When you came near me and sang the first line of the song...
...I lost hearing in one ear dear Gopal!
I lost hearing in one ear.
You know me very well. Dont you?
You know I have only two ears!
Let me go somewhere and live off with my other ear!
Please let me go pal dear Gopal!
That would have definitely happened.
With that monumental voice...
...Sirkazhi has done a lot of national integration songs.
National Integration Songs!?
That makes sense.
When he sings the whole country can listen.
O horn! Blow hard!
Sirkazhi has played a strong role in
ending the British rule!
British colonialists would have definitely said...
"...Man, these are all loud buggars. Lets get out of here...
Lets get out of here.
They would have told the queen...
"Her Majesty! We cant manage Madam.
We are coming back Madam."
He is shouting every morning Madam. Couldnt sleep Madam.
What can we do with this Holy Morning Hour (4:30 AM) Madam?
No idea where he shouts from Madam!
He can shout from anywhere and everywhere Madam.
Lets get out of here buddy!
Said the Britishers and gave independence.
Otherwise, if you look at Sirkazhis collections,
it is filled with devotional numbers.
The number of devotional numbers he has done is so many...
...if you do the math during his lifetime...
...everyday he should have sung at least one song.
I think during his career everyday he would have woken up
gone to the studio
To which God am I singing today pal?
Oh Lord Ganesha? Okay.
Everyday he would have sung at least one song.
Only then he can cover so many.
And he is THE right guy to sing to God no?
With THAT voice
there is a good chance he can reach God also man.
Thirupathi hill resident O VENKATESA!
It will definitely reach Thirupathi! Confirmed!
Even Lord Muruga will find his swag only through this song!
Oh my God this is my kingdom right?
Where is it?
Dear Sirkazhi Uncle I loved listening to your song.
Please proceed up!
He is already up so high dude!
Sirkazhis voice is called as Bronze Voice.
Because you can find the bell sound in there.
The mighty sound of Lords church bell!
In this song Sirkazhi sings in one end
Bell will be ringing from the other end.
We cant segregate Sirkazhis voice and the ringing bell.
Its a complete merge. Complete merge!
Because the Sirkazhis voice has that vibrato!
That shivering.
I think the highest of vibrato in the history of mankind is
Sirkazhi Govindarajan.
Every line will ring like a bell.
O Almighty!
My only deity!
If you are doing Pooja/Aarathi and all, you dont need a
For whatever God it is he would have sung at least one
You play that song money is covered.
Since you are dwelling
My heart is swelling!
O Almighty!
My only deity!
He will ring bell in all the ranges!
Such a God sent singer man.
Then this epic song happened.
One Epic Song.
An epic song and all has to happen. You cant make it.
I think, once in a while God decides...
"...Okay. Its been a while you guys take one song and
enjoy for sometime."
Such an epic song was given to Sirkazhi man.
Not just for Sirkazhi, for Tamil film music itself...
...if there are a few epic songs, this surely is one of them!
Even after our times when they
talk about the history of Tamil film music...
...I dont think anybody can ever anybody will ever miss this
one song.
Composed by MSV. Sang by Sirkazhi.
Appeared in KARNAN.
Ullathil Nalla Ullam..
For the first time even the situation was epic.
Everything was epic about the song folks.
For the first time even the situation was different.
Everyday Sirkazhi will wake up, go to the studio...
...sing to one God.
And the lyrics is always the same:
God save all of us. We humans are hopeless.
He would have represented all of us.
He has been praying for all of us.
God! Please at least for today put on us just the corner
of your eyes...
and make this day a little better.
He was doing that. That day he went to the work.
That day he went to work. He asked which God they said?
You yourself is the God today Sir!
For the first time even the situation was
the other way around!
Lord Krishna has come down.
God has come down he is going to sing to one human called
And God is going to be begging for forgiveness to a human.
Karna you are a good soul.
I did all the mistakes?
You forgive me. Will you forgive me?
God is asking for forgiveness to a human being.
Such an epic situation.
So God Krishna has to come down and sing to a human being.
Which means we need a voice representing the whole universe.
Doesnt it?
Without even thinking for a second they would have said
Of course Sirkazhi only man.
Everything is epic man.
And who is Krishna?
Somebody has to come from out of the world right?
So all the way from Andhra NT Rama Rao.
And you look at the art work in that song.
Even for our times it is amazing.
Despite all these epic things happening in that scene
you know who will score in the scene!
Because who is Karnan?
Our man only. SIVAJI.
The briefing given to Sivaji would have been very simple!
Sir we are in the battlefield and this is the last scene of
the movie!
You have already removed your armour!
Arjunan shoots the arrows at you.
Then there is this huge fall.
You are falling down from the chariot.
You are on the ground.
And now Lord Krishna arrives.
Krishna arrives at the battleground.
MSV has composed an outstanding melody Sir.
It has come out so well in Sirkazhis voice.
Lord Krishna is walking through the battleground singing the
We are covering the entire artwork.
By the end of the song he will come and stand near you.
There we end the story.
But how can Sivaji not act for one whole song?
How is that even possible?
See how the star of stars had found a way to get in and act.
Not just act.
Epic acting and epic scoring.
See how he has done that.
Hey dear director!
Please come here for a minute.
I am here. Yes me only. Look back.
It wont be nice to be on the ground through the song
doing nothing
What I can do is this.
Bearing the pair of arrows, the wounds and all the distress...
...I will gently walk around the battleground.
I will walk down.
You keep the cameras in the low angle.
Take all the close ups and everything.
I am walking down.
Ask that Krishna to follow me.
Once he finishes the song...
...let me get ready with one huge act.
I will make a big twist and turn...
...and fall down with a huge crash and we will end.
That will work better I think. What do you think?
Oh No Sir! That may not be possible Sir!
You had removed the armour and you are shot by arrows!
You are now on the ground.
In another two minutes, the whole story is going to end.
It may not be wise to get up and walk around now.
With such deep distress the character will not be able to
walk for sure Sir.
Oh! I cant walk?
Fine then.
Then this. Once Krishna finishes the song...
...let me have a word with him.
You already had plenty of words no Sir?
In the sense page after page
it is all your dialogs in Karnan.
Now if we close soon after the song it will be good.
In another ten seconds it is all going to be over Sir!
It wont be wise to keep talking at this juncture.
With all the wounds and pain, it cant happen Sir!
Damn..I cant even speak?
Can I at least breathe? Or you want to skip that also?
Just breathing brother!
Do you have to ask this Sir!
Of course breathing is on Sir!
I told you already no Sir? Breathing is on
But we need to end the breathing once the song ends.
Alright. I can breathe right?
Now I will figure my way.
Go for the take.
I will see him there.
Oh in this epic song of Tamil film music...
...the star of stars has done some epic acting
just with breathing.
Because that was the only thing that was possible.
He was not even allowed to open his eyes
to show any expression.
Only breathing.
See the arrows are here right pointing here.
Sivaji is doing that deep abdominal Pranayama (yogic)
Kapala Bhathi (skull cleanser) breathing.
He is doing that so intense and deep...
...the arrows will just move all over the screen.
NT Rama Rao walking around...
...amazing art work in the background.
MSVs outstanding melody...
...Sirkazhis booming voice..
...Nothing will grab your attention...
...because Sivaji is sitting in the foreground breathing.
You cant take your eyes off him because...
...he is sitting there in the foreground telling you...
Look at me baby.
Thats when this epic song of Tamil film music rolls
on the screen man.
Heart! O this is noble good heart!
You will never cease to exist.
Thats the rule of God of all might!
Now face up to this forthcoming feat!
(Pathos music playing)
They have blown the horn of ending also.
But that is for Karnan.
Sivaji is not giving up.
Between the reprise and the stanza the interlude is there,
Sivaji has pushed his way in:
"Hey, Director wait a minute."
I am okay not to have my dialogues in between... myself has told you before.
But in between the song...
...let me make some sounds of sorrow.
Oh! That will be okay Sir.
We can always add sounds in between.
Between Pallavi and Saranam...
...on top of the interlude...
...even in the original song track itself...
...Sivaji has pushed his way in.
His voice is there.
(Sounds of suffering by Sivaji)
Sivajis mind voice.
Dear brother Sirkazhi...
...cant you just lower your voice a bit?
Me your elder brother is in deep distress with
these deathly arrows... are simply screaming around.
Dont you see that I am trying to breathe in here?
Please reduce your volume.
Can you go out and sing?
Reduce the volume.
Thats when promptly Sirkazhi responds:
Not were you born to your mother...
...hence not even a brother.
Not were you born to your mother...
...nence not even a brother,
Now will you let me hold that labor?
Now face up to this forthcoming feat!
(Horn of end plays again)
The second horn is blown now.
But Sivaji is not giving up.
(Sound of sorrow by Sivaji)
Hey Sirkazhi bloody rascal!
I have been crying for help.
You didnt stop singing even a bit.
To get rid of my old baggage of actions...
...I myself dismantled my armour and...
...accepted these arrows on me!
Even now it is not over!
Even if God does not will...
...toil with your heart and soul...
...there will happen your will...
...said the great great grandfather of this soil
I still believe through this Kapalabhati breathing...
...I can eventually push these arrows out of my body.
I am not asking for your assistance.
But will you please not be a hindrance?
It looks like you wont ever stop singing.
You wont even reduce your volume a bit.
Well I know you are not capable of (reducing the volume).
I just have this one request my dear!
Please please dont go into the high pitch!
Your low itself hitting into the highs.
If the pitch gets high, I know even glasses will break... little science knowledge says.
My heart already has cracked into two... dont break it into pieces!
I plead you. Please dont get into the high range!
That's when Sirkazhi promptly responds...
"You had to repay them."
So landed in the wrong team.
Trapped by the insidious scheme.
Lord Krishna is the one to blame!
Now face up to this forthcoming feat!
(Horn of end blows again)
Only then finally Sivaji gives up.
Such an inspiring lesson the star of stars is teaching us.
He is telling us one thing very clearly.
Because in our lives we all have dreams.
We all want to achieve so many things.
But very often we are filled with limitations.
You cant go there. You cant do this.
You cant even touch it.
You cant even think about this.
You are filled with limitations.
At that time think about Sivaji man.
The star of stars is telling us one thing very clearly.
If you can breathe you can do it. Period.
Lets talk about legend of our times.
Yeah. Yes..
I think we live in a unique time man.
I think even after our times,
when they talk about legends in male singing
I think the top two will be from our times.
Because of the number of songs they have done.
The quality the body of work the unique work and all that.
Legends of our times SPB and Yesudas. Dont you think?
And how do you even start to describe these legends?
One simple way to talk about SPB is he is a variety singer.
I mean, I am not saying he has sung a variety of songs.
Every song will have all the variety you need.
Incase if you dont listen to the next song
this song will have it everything right!
One soft little melodic song will have this one
Reba raba Riba baba... that power element.
One power packed song will have this soft little line of
Aaahaan haan haan that thing.
And he will cry in any song and any place.
And he will invariably laugh in every song.
That kind of variety we are talking about.
One soft little melodic song for example
O Breeze! You reached my courtyard!
But would you not enter my heart-yard?
Beloved My beloved!
The situation is a couple just got married.
But the girl is saying that she wants to break up.
So it is a very sad little moment.
SPB will go into the zone he will melt you down.
When Boopalam (morning melody) dawns
Would blue sky refuse?
Why would you not disclose?
O Breeze! You reached my courtyard!
But would you not enter my heart-yard?
Beloved My beloved!
From here SPB will shift gears.
He will go into the power mode.
And he will find a genuine reason for it.
Because I think he goes into the mind of
Mic Mohan err Mouna Ragam Mohan.
Mouna Ragam Mohan.
You, can feel his frustration right?
What dear?
You have not even stepped into the house after the wedding.
Now you are asking for a breakup?
That agony that pain that insult needs all the power in
the world right?
Thats why SPB gets into that zone.
(Hums the high pitch interlude before the stanza)
Droplet on a lotus...
...wouldnt find a place.
A boy and girl in dissonance...
...wouldnt ever embrace!
To carry on like friends...
Seriously? You are friend zoning me? Post wedding?
To be acquaintance...
...why do we need the garlands and the wedding rituals?
Without any relatives...
...avoiding all the loved ones... have made me yell like a dog
in the middle of the street you girl!
Oh dear! What is you purpose?
Tell me. What did I do to you? Tell me.
Sorry baby. I didnt mean to shout.
Let me keep it soft.
O Breeze! You reached my courtyard!
But would you not enter my heart-yard?
Beloved I still love you baby My beloved!
That variety only SPB has done. Dont you think?
And SPB has done the other way around too.
In the middle of a power-packed song
he will drop in like a baby for a couple of lines.
It will still work for whatever reason. Somehow
SPB will hold it.
We are talking about a power packed song.
We are talking about Thalaivar introduction kind of power.
SUPER STAR introduction needs all the power in the world.
Thats why you will think SPB has invariably sung pretty
much all the Thalaivar intro songs.
If you ask me it is the other way around.
SPB will pump in so much power you can clearly see...
...Thalaivar is struggling to match that power.
Thats why every time SPB sings Thalaivar will be like...
"Ha ha ha."
The song has come out so beautiful.
Balu Sir has done a very good job.
I am very happy.
But I think song has come out a little bit more powerful
than required.
Dancing is going to be difficult for this song!
I will walk!
Every time SPB sings you can see Thalaivar is mostly
walking around.
Because through dance one cant match the power.
Junior dancers will be lined up all over the ground.
How many ever junior dancers all over the world they will
all be there.
Lined up all over the ground. The trolleys will be there all
over the ground.
They will be doing some simple step.
One. Two..One Two..One Two.
It has been a while since action was called.
Thalaivar is nowhere to be seen.
What is happening dude?
Dude it is quite a long line right?
Thalaivar must be on his way walking through.
We need to wait.
How long should one be doing this one boring step dude?
Hey! Dont complain dude.
See the trolley is so near.
Thalaivar will cross so close to us.
When that happens...
...if you turn around and take a direct look at the camera...
...we get registered and our life will change forever.
Oops! Thalaivar crossed dude!
I told you not to talk to me while working.
Because Thalaivar will do the swift walk. Really fast.
Hey! if you die still body...
...dead fish is still handy...
...Kannadasan said it correctly!
Amazing Sir! We covered it all.
Powerful walk Sir!
What can we do for the next line Sir?
I will walk back.
But a cow lives to give out milk...
...after life, gives out skin...
I just found recently!
Overtime SPB has only made this more difficult.
You watched Sivaji?
Opening song.
Ballelakka Ballelakka...
...To Salem or Madurai...
...Thalaivar tried walking.
But the song itself clearly said...
...if you are going to walk for this song... are going to walk all over Tamil Nadu...
...To Salem or Madurai...
...Madras or Tiruchi...
...or to Thiruthani.
Hey Ballelakka Ballelakka!
Thalaivar managed up to this point.
Then came this killer line.
Sadu Kudu Sadu Kudu Sadu Kudu Sadu K udu
Sadu Kudu Sadu Kudu played under this tree
Padu Padu Padu Padu grass filled green ground...
Thoda Thoda Thoda Thoda
Chuda Chuda Chuda Chuda
Staying in my heart always right right right right right
Right! All Right!
Apple juice!
Re Re Re
O God. I am coming guys! Hold on!
Le Le Le La la la la
Apple Juice!
Remember, some years ago...
...Thalaivar was in the hospital due to physical exhaustion?
That one only.
For six months the only treatment was just unwind.
Nothing. Just unwind Sir.
Just unwind from all these SPB energy and all.
That was the only treatment.
Thats why it took time.
And the first three months he was here only in Porur
Ramachandra Hospital.
The treatment didnt work.
Because suddenly somebody will play an SPB song somewhere.
Thalaivar will get up and ask: Should I be walking now?
No. No Sir!
Some wedding is going on nearby.
Its the loudspeaker that is playing
Close the door.
Thalaivar said No. Too much of noise pollution here
in Chennai
Lets go to Singapore!
At Singapore Thalaivar went to Mount Elizabeth Hospital.
Thirtieth floor.
No SPB song will reach the 30th floor of Mount Elizabeth
hospital in Singapore.
That was the only treatment.
Thalaivar unwound from all that SPB energy and all.
Tapped into that spiritual energy deep inside.
Got that power. Came back.
For that song lets go for dance only.
Because doctors have asked me not to go for long walks.
We will go with dance only
but without movements.
Like how we are in politics now
but not going for elections.
Keep it simple.
Let there be dance but remove the movements alone.
We too have planned the same way only Sir.
We can proceed in the same way Sir.
Just graceful just aesthetics..
You , can focus like that Sir!
Power song only but
we can take care of it in camera work Sir.
Through camera work, technical work and angles...
...we can bring on that power Sir.
So. Thalaivar is doing all that graceful moves... hanging the clothes for drying...
...bulb fixing and so on.
All these cute adorable moves Thalaivar is doing.
Ballelakka Ballelaka...
...Salem or Madurai...
...Madras or Thiruchi...
...hanging clothes at one city after another!
or to Thiruthani!
While thalaivar is doing all these adorable and
aesthetically beautiful moves
somebody has to bring in that power right?
The camera is doing all the work.
Ballelakka Ballelaka....
To Salem or Madurai
Madras or Thiruchi
or to Thiruthani!
This and all is happening.
The dance master was mainly working with
the camera man only.
One, Two, three, four, five, six down...
...close close up down and jump and drop.
Can you do it?
Yes Sir. I can do this for sure.
You have to hold the camera? Can you do it?
Give me one more chance Sir.
I will pull it off Sir!
And Oruvan Oruvan Muthalaali in MUTHU.
Such a killer song for Thalaivar only.
SPB is pumping in just outstanding energy there.
You can clearly see thalaivar is pushing himself so hard.
Because he cannot walk, he cannot dance...
...because thalaivar is sitting on a horse cart.
How can you show power while sitting on a horse cart?
You can see Thalaivar is pushing his limits.
Man desires for the soil...
...soil desires for man in the meanwhile!
Soil prevails overall!
Man never comes to terms at all!
Aah! Apple Juice please.
And SPB being the legend he knows.
Okay. These two lines would have been so hard on Rajini... show power sitting on a horse cart.
He drops in...
...he figures out.
Okay. Lets give him a breather for a couple of lines.
Birds all look at me happy and caring...
...asks me how well I am doing?
When the tender buds open for blossoming...
...Muthu Muthu they come calling.
Thalaivar goes into the little naughty little mode.
And SPB holds the song for him and it is still a power song.
Such a variety singer SPB is.
And SPB can laugh into any song.
He can laugh in any place in any song.
Especially in a sad song.
I was thinking about you.. Aahaa
Sir! They said it is a love-failure song
and you are laughing!?
Hey, man leave it that way.
Balu Sirs laughter takes the song to the next level.
Sir, you did your laugh in the song on Sivajis demise...
...right in the middle of the stanza.
Song itself took off from there only Sir.
He has reached the skies now with dignity and pride!
People never got it they still have divide!
Suffering is still on the poor and deprived.
Sing the praise of great men!
Dear girls Sivaji himself is dead now.
Cant you cooperate just for this one day?
Such men walked on this land!
So what?
Even through the difficult times SPB can just laugh.
Sometimes he will just be laughing.
Instead of singing he will generally be laughing.
Because it is SPB it will still feel so melodic.
On your eyes! pretty beautiful eyes!
You do speak in silence!
Crores of lightning came together made these cutie pupils!
Crores of lightning came together made this cutie pupil!
Whenever SPB sings, thats what always happens.
Theres someone out there tickling him somewhere.
On you eyes! pretty beautiful eyes!
She does speak in silence!
SPB the legend everybody. SPB the legend.
SPB is a variety singer.
Yesudas on the other hand
One variety for everything..
Whatever may be the situation the feel of the song...
...the mood of the character the story.
That and all is your problem.
He will go into the serious the spiritual the soothing
that musical melodious one kind of voice for everything.
One kind of voice for everything still works.
Because he is one of a kind.
All living things on earth say O Mother!
Adoring motherhood would take you higher!
Morning through the evening I am looking!
I am praying to the Almighty for this one thing!
My sweet and gold shining moon.
Memories are comforting.
All sorts of memories and dreams and thoughts burgeon
in my heart!
Raja Raja Cholan is me the King!
You, are the queen of love who is ruling!
O dear! Love is an evil thing!
Aiyappa! I surrender Aiyappa!
Aiyappa! My God Aiyappa!
And then this song,
Month of Masi started and my girl came of age... shes mine.
One of the horniest songs ever written.
In the super deluxe lingo Gaaji to the max.
Children are here.
Let us not go deep into the details.
By reading the lyrics itself you will go sleepless for
two weeks.
But Yesudas has sung it with full devotion.
Full complete devotion.
Especially, when it comes to the stanza... will sound like a song in praise of
Goddess Kanchi Kamatchi.
The art of desire is so strange.
The poem is filled with this love rage!
We read and read through each and every page
Imagine for a second what would have happened
if SPB had sung it.
I dont know whether it is a good thing or bad thing.
I dont know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate.
SPB had sung it in Telugu...
"You, know baby nights are so regular
moon is rather so rare!"
Wow! You know everything will happen in the song itself.
And SPB will take you through the whole process.
Step by step.
Oh..oh..oh...Oho oho!
And if you watch the picturization...
...which I highly highly recommend not to watch.
Because once you watch it you can never ever unwatch it.
Because in Telugu there is one Mr. Bala Krishna.
He is not just Bala (Baby) Krishna rather Adult Krishna.
He is just going for it man.
You know baby nights are so regular.
Oh my God!
All these midnight masala late-night heroine moves and all
he is doing...
...the Girl is like shocked!
Master hasnt given these steps at all.
He is just doing on his own when we roll.
Adult Krishna err Bala Krishna going like this and all.
SPB has done an outstanding work.
I want to do justice for this.
That girl is like running away.
I am telling you we are all so lucky.
We are all so blessed man.
In Tamil we are all so lucky.
Its all because of Gods grace and divine blessings...
...that Yesudas has sung it for us.
Because what is the point of all this lust and
small pleasure.
It is all Maya (Illusion) right?
We all know its all Maya.
They say the whole life itself is a maya.
And we are all going through this big Maya,
this big illusion.
Our paths may be different.
But where are we headed after that?
All of us. To divinity only!?
To God only!?
Yesudas will directly take us there I am telling you.
Directly take us there.
He is Gods own singer from Gods own country man.
Absolutely man.
Thats why Yesudas and Gods are so inseparable.
Especially Lord Aiyappa you know.
Everyday only after listening to Yesudas Harivarasanam...
...Lord Aiyappa at Sabarimala goes to sleep.
Such a close association.
Every Tamil month of Margazhi is Aiyappan season.
And invariably every other year in my village...
...we will have Yesudas Aiyappan concert.
They will put up huge posters with Yesudas image in it
"Yesudas Aiyappan Concert."
Yesudas himself wont come to my place to perform.
From a nearby town one troupe will come.
In that one guy will sing almost like Yesudas.
They will sing exclusively Yesudas songs that year.
That is called Yesudas Aiyappan concert.
First few hours they will sing
Yesudas Aiyappan songs from the cassettes.
At some point they will run out of songs.
But in villages only if you sing till early morning
they will pay you.
They will clearly tell you... need to perform until the Sirkazhis song plays in the
temple early in the morning.
These guys after a few hours they will run out of songs.
Do you know what they do?
They will take any and every Yesudas film song...
...just make some small changes.
Swamy Saranam Aiyappa thats all.
You put these there the format and the feel will match
so perfectly.
No other film songs will work that way.
Only Yesudas.
Because the divine vibration is already set by Yesudas.
It is already there. You just have to fix the lyrics.
You will feel like Oh this feels much better.
This feels correct.
And this is one of the songs that I heard when I was very
See me Lord my God O thee Aiyappa!
I surrender unto thy feet!
See me Lord my God O thee Aiyappa!
I surrender unto thy feet!
We climbed all steps excited that we made it.
Two knots on head we hold till seeing thy feet!
See me Lord my God O thee Aiyappa!
I surrender unto thy feet!
We surrender to Aiyappa God!
Chorus happening.
We surrender to Aiyappa God!
Sabari foothills we reached first.
Pamba river quench our thirst...
...Sabari foothills we reached first.
Pamba river quenched our thirst.
She (Pamba river) cleansed our body...
...soul and the mind, the joy filled heart!
She (Pamba river) cleansed our body...
...soul and the mind the joy filled heart!
This eighteen steps so hallowed!
They take us unto your golden feet!
O! O! O! O!
See me Lord my God O thee Aiyappa!
I surrender unto thy feet!
Next day morning, the singer doesnt get paid.
I was sitting right there how can you sing so randomly?
Oh How can it slip?
How can it slip?
Such a legend Yesudas. Dont you think?
Hes been singing for a forty years and still going on.
close to 50 years.
Throughout this forty - fifty years, dont you think
many a times...
...people would have approached Yesudas...
...and given some ideas and all.
Sir In this song
why dont you show some variety like Balu Sir?
Start the song with a laugh.
When you get to the stanza, add that raw RI-BA-RA-BA.
And end it with a cry...
...and go back to laugh again.
If you do these the song will take off to another level
He never did any of this?
He never did any of this...
...and we still adore him. We still love him.
He is still a legend.
That is when this strikes me, man.
There is no point in imitating or copying other people man.
No point.
We should just focus on our strength.
You focus on your strength, life will happen.
God is there life will happen.
Overtime, whether we improve or not...
...the audience will be set and Okay with our format.
Life will happen man.
Life will happen.
I finished all my schooling in my village.
And for college I came to Chennai.
I saw Chennai for the first time.
I came to Chennai.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Tamil Film Music had a revolution.
I mean I came to Chennai on my own
the revolution happened on its own.
Im just saying.
It just happened exactly at the same time.
Such a coincidence.
Exactly at the same time.
And that revolution is called...
What a revolution right?
What a revolution.
The first year, I clearly remember.
I was in the first year everybody was talking about ROJA.
Have you listened to Roja songs?
You have not listened to Roja songs?
You have to listen to Roja songs!
It is like Roja betelnut Radio advertisement.
Have you tasted Roja betel nut?
You, have not tasted Roja betel nut?
You, have to taste Roja beta nut?
Everybody in Tamil Nadu were doing radio advertisement for
Roja movie songs.
I got the Roja cassette.
During semester holidays I went back home.
In my village our place was the only one
which had the old National Panasonic tape recorder.
I dont know if any of you have seen that.
The flat one you have to keep it in a stool and listen.
It is called the sleeping model.
I dropped in the cassette.
Oh God!
I will never ever forget the first sound that came from the
cassette man.
Tiny tiny wishes.
WOW! You know everything will happen in the song itself.
The sound was so crystal clear.
I could not believe it.
Is this our tape recorder?
The sound is crystal clear. Did you give it a wash?
Such crystal clear sound,
Ive never heard from our tape recorder.
I could not believe it.
The sound itself was so different.
The songs were so different.
I look at the cassette label.
Even that had surprises.
It had all the songs listed singer names listed.
Underneath it said
All the chorus singers names were written in there man.
All the chorus singers name were written there.
Maestro could have at least done this no?
Everybodys name was there.
SIVAMANIs name I saw for the first time.
Sound Engineer SRIDHAR.
Studio Watchman PONNAMBALAM.
Everybodys name was there.
The housekeeper who cleans the studio LAKSHMI AMMA
Another lady who substituted for Lakshmi during holidays -
Everybodys name was there.
Underneath it said
Music by A R RAHMAN.
Man who is this man creating magic
giving credits to everybody in the world?
Next day, he was on Doordarshan.
Rahmans first interview on Doordarshan.
Everybody was so curious to see.
Who is this man?
He came to the interview.
All glory be to God.
Thats all. He was done.
First ten seconds he was done.
Rest of the interview only the interviewer was talking.
And he was so young. Twenty six or something.
He looked short and the way he spoke the way he looked.
For whatever reason
he looked and sounded exactly like Sachin Tendulkar to me.
Exactly like Sachin Tendulkar.
The music was coming on to my piano.
And boys did a great job on the harmony.
I would like to thank Sivamani for the excellent drums.
Sridhar is an amazing sound engineer.
Its a complete team work.
He doesnt talk this much and all.
That All glory to God. That was it.
And I was in the second year
Next magic came
I got the cassette.
Im at the cassette shop looking at the cassette label.
There itself. I have not even opened the label.
There itself Im shocked.
Song number 3 Along the Arabian coast.
I was shocked and I was worried.
All glory to.. How can one sing with that Sachin Tendulkars
I got some kind of anxiety attack.
Man I love you so much but why how can you sing?
If somebody tells you
the next song is sung by Sachin Tendulkar...
...youll be like, "OMG I mean he is God only."
But why who asked him to sing?
Who gave this idea?
Youll be worried. Dont you think?
I had the worry.
I was worried.
How why how can he sing?
So I fast forwarded and listened to that song first.
And that song started with a big bang.
(Hums the prelude of HUMMA HUMMA from BOMBAY)
Such a power packed song he is going to sing?
I was even more worried now.
Such a big transformation within one year?
But we look around we ask and they say
Oh this is sung by one chorus singer
Remo Fernandes or somebody.
And he is teasing.
He is teasing you.
Oh you want to listen to Rahmans voice?
Youve to listen to me first.
Im doing the opening act yeah?
Hes playing with you.
Hey let him sing dude.
After 30 seconds Rahman finally starts.
Along the Arabian sea
(Sings with less audible voice)
Our man didnt commit (the voice) at all
Not even a little.
Not a tiny bit of commitment also.
Are you getting an idea? That is the song.
Go now.
That Kapalabhati (yogic) breathing
complete breathing only he has done.
Humma Humma Humma Humma Hummaa
It is a complete Kapalabhati song man.
That song has so much energy
because of that pranayama breathing only.
Yoga works. Im telling you.
Yoga works.
And I was in the third year.
Of course every album is magic only.
I was in the 3rd year.
This big magic happened.
(Lover boy).
Oh My God.
By this time every time I go for semester holidays... village friends theyll come home immediately.
Bro did you get Rahmans new cassette or not?
Of course man.
We all gather up.
We all sit around.
We all listen together.
We dropped in the cassette.
And the magic of course started.
You remember SIDE A?
First song?
Opening song in Kadhalan.
Maru ha baa
(How are you?)
We were all shocked and surprised.
Why is the opening song itself all this sad?
Because it had some pathos tone to it.
(sings the Sarangi music from the song)
They are playing the Sarangi also now.
During those times if Sarangi is playing...
...that means the Chief Minister has died.
Most probably.
If Sarangi is on someone big is gone.
Thats for sure.
Maruhabaa Maruhabaa
That Shahul Hameeds voice and the sound of Sarangi mixed.
For me it sounded like this.
what the old women in my village sing at someones death.
Im telling you it is a compliment for Rahman.
It was that real, that intense...
...that piercing that deep man.
For me it sounded like this.
My dear king!
Your mighty land you leave behind!
What will we do without you?
(Mumbles like the grieving old women from his village)
O lamp of this clan!
My beloved son!
is down on the dirty sand!
Suddenly the grandma music has become gala party music.
That tum tum never stopped ya.
The tum tum was so intense
that the tape recorder was jumping from the stool.
Luckily we saw it.
Dude hold the tape recorder hold it!
Luckily we got hold of it.
Otherwise the only tape recorder
would have fallen off the stool and broken.
One guy had to hold the tape recorder
for the whole duration.
Finally the song was starting.
Urvasi.. (words not clear)
What dude? Loose contact?
Hold it tight bro!
Im holding it tight only bro.
The tum tum was so intense
Urvasi could not get out of the tape recorder at all.
Urvasi is giving up.
That tape recorder is also giving up.
That tape recorder is the old grandma.
I cant do this anymore.
My times are over.
Please dont play Rahman cassettes in me anymore.
I cant handle these beats.
Oh God protect me.
All my parts are falling apart. Please leave me.
My time is over. Please leave me. (words not clear)
Are they talking about hunger?
I dont know bro.
Then hold it tightly.
Im holding it tight only dude.
Listen to me baby baby
But where to listen?
Tamil has got some 3 lakhs words!
Sure it has. How can we listen?
The guy holding the tape recorder his hands are shaking.
Our body has got some 6 lakhs nerves!
Yes dude I can see all of them.
Throughout the album
the intensity only kept increasing man.
By the time SIDE B last song happened
The roofs were coming down.
The whole room was on fire!
Everybody in the room was dancing.
You remember the last song?
Muqala Muqabla
O Laila
Muqabla So Cute you la O Laila
So Cute you la
O Laila
Everybody was dancing
Especially the last part!
Everybody was losing it!
My God
You know what happened?
Everybody in the room was dancing
The guy who was supposed to be holding the tape recorder
Stupid fellow.
He put it on the stool and he started dancing.
By the time (ending music of Muqabla) happened...
...the only tape recorder fell down and broke folks.
We connected the wires and all...
...The last sound that came from the tape recorder was this.
"Gone O gone!"
The tape recorder is gone O gone!
Gone man.
The only tape recorder.
Across the country
thousands of tape recorders got broken like that man.
All because of Rahman only.
That is why he was given the title
'the record breaking music director.
What a journey right?
For 25 years.
He only changed technology.
I dont think he follows technology.
Hes changing everything.
The sleeping model was broken.
So we go to buy a tape recorder.
They say There is no sleeping model these days.
Tape recorder is now standing.
Standing model. It had two speakers.
That also Rahman broke after two years.
We go buy another one.
There is no standing now
tape recorder is now walking Walkman.
Youve to walk with it.
That walked off and it never came back.
Then CD MP3 piracy.
So many changes in these 25 years.
Dont you think?
Lets fast forward life.
Well finish with this story.
Fast forward life twenty years.
Two decades later...
...come this magic.
Of course throughout the 20 years magic after magic...
...magic after magic...
Twenty years later came this magic...
I dont speak or undertstand a word of Hindi even today.
But I still go buy the CD
because it is A R RAHMAN.
I got the CD. Im at the CD shop.
Im looking at the CD label.
I was shocked again.
Song number three it said...
Singer - A.R.Rahman
I was thinking to myself OH MY GOD.
The same song number 3 man.
The same song number 3!
Twenty years ago I was thinking why does he wanna sing?
How can he possibly sing?
Twenty years later Im now thinking...
"Oh! I wanna listen to this song first."
I want to see how RAHMAN has sung this song.
I want to listen to this one first.
Over these two decades...
...Ive become a big fan of not just RAHMANs music...
...Ive become a big big fan of RAHMANs soulful singing also.
Thats when this strikes me hard man.
You believe in something...
...never ever worry about criticism.
Keep doing what you believe in.
Thats it man.
Never worry about criticism.
Keep doing what you believe in.
Overtime whether we improve or not
audience will get used to our format.
Life will happen.
Well finish with Khwajaji
When we do Khwajaji
we have to do it the Rahman way
dont you think?
And weve to do Rahman way all the way.
Khwaja Lord! Khwaja Lord!
O savior of the poor!
O keeper of the creed!
O Khwaja Lord!
O keeper of the creed!
O Khwaja Lord!
I was sitting in my room and I was crying man.
I was in tears.
I was telling myself...
...if God ever exists...
...if He exists ever...
...if He doesnt come down for this music...
...what else will he come down for?
Thats exactly what I was thinking.
Khwaja O my true Lord
May thy abode be my heart!
Khwaja O my true Lord!
May thy abode be my heart!
Khwaja Lord!
Yes Rahman tell me. Khwaja here!
Khwaja Lord!
This is Khwaja only speaking.
Tell me what you need dear!
Khwaja ji. Khwaja ji.
I am still here.
Tell me my dear!
You want couple of more Oscars?
I can totally arrange you deserve it.
Tell me?
Khwaja O my true Lord!
You have gone back to first line dear.
What should I do now?
I was so happy and I was so relieved...
...when this song came in Tamil.
I could understand the lyrics and all.
This one:
Lord O my true Lord!
Jesus O my true Lord!
Absolver of my misdeed!
Redeemer we trust indeed!
Jesus Lord!
Our Jesus Lord!
Jesus Lord! Our King Jesus Lord!
Dont look at me like that it came folks.
Dont judge me like that.
Okay, Jesus and all I slipped in here and there...
...just for promotional purposes only.
Today is Sunday. Isnt?
Every time I do these things...
...I feel this deeply man.
I just replaced one word there...
...I put Jesus in there.
The tune is so divine...
...that I put Jesus there.
I will feel the same divinity
I will feel with my favorite Jesus song.
Thats when this strikes me very clearly.
The words are many...
...but the tune is ONE.
Similarly Gods are many many.
But the TRUTH I am sure is ONE.
Im sure its ONE.
Truth Im sure is one.
We can replace just one word...
...this can become a beautiful Hindu devotional song also.
Instead of Khwajaji...
...Balaji (Lord Venkateshwara)
Thirupati Balaji
Balaji Seven hills Balaji
We came up through these sacred seven hills Balaji!
Come down and grant our wishes Balaji!
We came up through these sacred seven hills Balaji!
Come down and grant our wishes Balaji!
Balaji Balaji Balaji
We have now come to the end of the show
We have now come to the end of the show
May this laughter continue to grow
You all have been such a lovely audience
Absolutely zero maintenance
Thanks for coming out and
Laughing at our lives
Now lets go spread
Love and Peace
Masha Allah
Hare Rama Hare Krishna
Masha Allah
Hare Rama Hare Krishna
Gold bless.
Thank you!