Algrafi (2024) Movie Script

Stir up the ingredients
until it smells good.
The food is ready.
Algra, you have to try this.
It tastes great.
Nayanika Zaqueena Dya,
will you accept Algrafi Rayyan Danadyaksa
as your husband?
Algra, stop kidding around.
I'm not kidding. I'm serious.
Just answer yes or no.
I'm a prince, you see.
Like a movie I watched yesterday.
If I'll be your wife,
- You should never forget about me.
- I won't.
We always see each other, don't we?
Remember to not forget.
Remember to not forget.
Now that we're married, let's eat!
Hello, Dad.
Go straight home.
Don't go anywhere else.
Where else would I go, Dad?
Where to hang out?
I don't know anyone here.
I don't even have friends here.
Honey, I just read the news
that Mr. Daksa's company is falling apart.
I've joined his company for years.
This has never happened before.
I heard they'll be at loss this year.
If so, then it'll be the first time
since I joined his company.
Let's hope
that it won't be so.
That everything would be well.
And that you wouldn't lose your job.
You get it.
Ever since our company collapsed,
I've looked everywhere.
I've struggled looking for a job.
I never got one!
They all rejected me.
Perhaps because of my age.
I have fewer job opportunities.
They'd rather hire younger generations.
Honey, today is Naya's 17th birthday.
And we can't celebrate her sweet seventeen
like the other kids.
What about her education?
We're getting old!
Our income keeps decreasing.
You should've known better.
Her needs are expanding.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you, too.
Mr. Daksa!
Sir, please come in!
- Sir.
- Hey.
What a surprise.
What brought you here?
- May I sit here?
- Absolutely, Sir.
Sir, you came here with your chauffeur?
No, I drove here.
I thought it would be relaxing.
But after going in circles,
I thought,
"Why am I heading this way?"
Mr. Daksa.
How are you doing?
Thank God, I'm doing fine, Sir.
But well, you know, same old same old.
- Excuse me, Sir. I'm going back in.
- Sure.
What is it, Sir?
Look, San.
You've worked for me for years and years.
All this time, you never knew
that business isn't going well.
Can you imagine?
Our subsidiaries closed up for good.
Our main business is gasping for air.
A different era
when Rayyan and Rahayu got married.
Business was gleaming.
May peace be upon you.
- Naya?
- Yes.
Hello, Sir.
When you were little, you were so cute.
You look so different now.
How old are you?
As it happens, she's having
her 17th birthday tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
- Yeah.
Are you sure you're turning 17?
Well, of course, Sir.
A hundred percent.
Dear me.
- Oh my.
- What's wrong, Sir?
I forgot something I couldn't leave.
It's something minor.
This is important, truly.
I should leave.
- But...
- A tiny matter, but important.
- Your drink is here, Sir.
- I'm good.
What's the rush, Sir?
- Your drink, Sir.
- It's okay. I need to go.
- Are you sure?
- I know the way.
- Take care, Sir.
- Okay, okay.
You have it easy.
You have everything.
That's the reason you're like this.
Underestimating everything.
Don't tell me you have no aspirations.
I do have one, Dad.
To be a professional gamer.
Oh my God, Algra.
You want to start a career in gaming?
What are you going to be?
You have no idea
how mortified I am that you were expelled
from your school in the US.
You shouldn't be wasting your youth.
There are people out there
that aren't lucky enough.
They had to fight for education.
Unlike you who have everything
within your grasp.
Just do well at school.
Instead, you wasted that chance.
Time doesn't stop for anybody.
Your dad and I just want you
to have no regrets in the future.
You should be here.
What's this?
A queen!
Thank you.
God, this is it.
Oh my God.
- Here, Honey.
- Thanks.
Happy birthday, Honey.
Happy birthday.
My beautiful daughter.
I'm sorry.
That you have to spend
your sweet seventeen like this.
This is more than enough, Dad.
As long as we're all here, I'm happy.
That's true.
- I'll make a wish now.
- Go ahead.
- Ready?
- All set?
What on earth did you wish for
that the power went out?
No, Mom, I don't...
Why is the power out?
I forgot to top up the electricity, Honey.
How could you forget, Honey?
You ruined the whole mood.
Sorry. I forgot to ask you the money.
You still have to find a way
to earn money while unemployed.
That way,
you'd at least have some spare money.
I thought of being an online driver.
Then you said it'd be embarrassing.
Mom, Dad.
Can I ask for a present?
It's something so simple.
I just want you both
to not have any quarrel.
I want my family to always be at peace.
Possible, right? Of course it is.
Okay. Let's not get sad.
- This is my sweet seventeen.
- Alright.
- What?
- What are you asking us to be here for?
It's Algra's birth date.
Alongside Naya's birth date.
I've made the calculations.
If they become one,
dear God,
they'd have abundant luck.
this is your duty.
Starting today,
you have to arrange a marriage
between Algra and Naya.
Remember her?
Since they were little,
they're just meant to be together.
But we can't just do that, Dad.
He would never agree.
It's true, Dad.
Why would you force a marriage
in this day and age?
You two have forgotten.
When you got married,
who did the calculations? Me.
It was me, wasn't it?
- But, Dad...
- Alright then.
Rayyan and I will think it over.
It's a must.
Go have a discussion.
Just keep in mind
that every single decision in this family,
as long as I'm alive,
is in my hands.
You hear me?
Go and discuss.
Happy birthday, Nay!
Don't forget to treat us!
- Thanks!
- Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Happy birthday, Naya
Happy birthday, Naya
Happy birthday, happy birthday,
happy birthday Naya
Nay, why didn't you make a wish?
Who cares? It's my birthday.
- Thanks for the muffin.
- You should've...
Good morning, Class.
What is going on here?
Hold on.
Arranged marriage?
No chance.
Grandpa made the decision.
It's inevitable.
You knew the girl
you'll be married to already.
When you were little,
you called her your wife.
Oh my God. Really, Dad?
I was a kid and a fool.
It's been more than ten years
since I last saw her.
I forgot how her face is like.
This doesn't make any sense.
Hey, Al, where are you going?
Going out. To Bali.
I'll just live in Bali.
Let alone Bali,
you can't even go to the shop next door
if Grandpa won't let you.
you're going
to a new school tomorrow.
Naya's school.
Talk to her there, okay?
Mr. Daksa.
Good afternoon, Sir.
Good afternoon.
- Please, have a seat.
- Alright.
What is this actually about, Sir?
I didn't expect
this meeting outside the office.
I brought you here
because I need to tell you something.
An important matter.
Are you firing me?
Okay, I'll cut to the chase.
would like to arrange a marriage
between your daughter, Naya
and my grandson, Algra.
Did I hear that right, Sir?
Yes, you did.
But why Naya?
Come on.
I'm aware
of your family's financial situation.
That husband of yours, Syafii.
He's yet to get employed, isn't he?
So, if you accept this arranged marriage,
it'd be a win-win solution.
I'll have a granddaughter-in-law
and you'll have
your financial crisis averted.
I approve, Sir,
but I don't know about Naya.
It's your duty.
To convince her to approve it.
Isn't this the sushi
from that now viral restaurant?
- It sure is.
- You wouldn't buy it if I asked you to.
What's the occasion?
You said it's expensive.
Just so you'll have a taste.
Then you can make your own.
You said you wanted to be
a famous Japanese food chef, right?
Take a sit. Go on.
Go ahead, try some.
I want this one.
- Nay.
- Thanks.
Mr. Daksa spoke to me this afternoon.
He said
that he'd like to marry you off
to his grandson.
Remember him?
Marry off?
Not a chance, Mom.
- But, Honey...
- I refuse, Mom.
Are you kidding me?
Just because he's rich
doesn't mean he can do that to us.
I agree with that sentiment.
I'm with you.
This is a one in a million chance.
Our chance to be a part
of a wealthy family.
Are you serious?
We got married without any pressure.
You're seriously
marrying off our daughter?
Shut up.
This is for your future's sake.
Mr. Daksa promised
you'll study abroad for college.
- On a same level with Algra!
- Mom!
It's my decision.
Mom, it's my life!
It won't happen. I'm way too young.
I refuse and it's final.
So, you don't agree?
If you won't agree with my decisions
for your future,
then tonight
shall be the last time I'll ever eat.
- What's going on?
- Nay.
Let it go.
Nay, we can't let this happen
for too long.
It's been several days since she last ate.
She refused to eat.
What if she got sick?
But not an arranged marriage, Dad!
You're letting your mom be sick?
You see that, Nay?
I don't want this either.
if none of you are going to back down,
this won't budge.
One of you has to give in.
Is that supposed to be me, Dad?
How could you
let me be married off
to a boy I don't like?
It doesn't mean
you'll have to be actually married.
Try to do it for now.
Just meet him.
What matters now
is that your mom is okay.
Good morning, Class.
We have a new student today.
Introduce yourself.
I'm Algrafi.
You can call me Al.
I was transferred from Boston, US.
Nay. Nay!
That guy's so handsome.
Move and give your seat.
But, Nay. Algrafi rang a bell with me.
I wonder who.
Yes, Khaliza? Any questions?
No, Sir. I have no question.
I just want to introduce myself.
Settle down.
What? I was just kidding.
Please take a seat.
You know him?
I need to talk to you.
What the heck?
I need to talk to you. Come here.
What is there to talk about? Let go!
Let go!
You must've known
about the marriage by now.
I'm telling you.
By no means would I marry you.
That's what you want, right?
You're obsessed with my family, right?
Obsessed? Wow.
By no means would I be married to you.
And don't put the blame on me.
Blame your grandpa.
This whole idea was his, wasn't it?
He even planned to arrange a meeting
with our families.
I'm not coming to that event.
I'd be very pleased if you do.
You'll be forced to come.
No one's forcing me.
Let me tell you a thing.
No one ever could not come
to any event my grandpa has arranged.
Including you.
Do you hear me?
Algra, wait for me!
I just wanted to say
that we'll have a math exam in two days.
If you ever need notes to catch up,
you can borrow mine.
Hold on a second.
I want to ask you something.
Are you Algra2011?
Have you been playing Freak Squad?
I knew it. Saying you're from Boston
was a dead giveaway.
I got reminded instantly
that Algra2011 is from Boston too.
So I made that connection that it's you.
Right. Sorry.
I'm Khal0923.
So it's you.
That's right.
The person who stayed up all night
to play online games the last five years.
And the one to have beaten you
on a three win streak.
And I got you right back five times
and you never got any win since.
I know.
I was pretty bent on beating you, but...
come to think of it,
losing to you is worth it.
We finally met in real life.
I'm glad
you're going to this school.
Unfortunately, I'm not glad to be here.
Sorry, it's not that
I don't like meeting you.
Anyway, catch you later virtually.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Stir up the ingredients
until it smells good.
The food is ready.
Algra, you have to try this.
It tastes great.
This is it.
This is all too perfect.
I found this video,
and so it turns out
I'm just realigning your fates.
Nayanika Zaqueena Dya,
will you accept Algrafi Rayyan Danadyaksa
as your husband?
Algra, stop kidding around.
I'm not kidding.
And according to my calculations,
if you two become one,
the numbers are astronomical.
Everyone will see this arrangement
as something they're jealous of.
A magnificent arrangement. Charismatic.
All that you'll ever done,
you know what it'll result in?
A success.
Now, Naya.
Do you
approve of this arrangement?
Smiling while nodding.
So, we're able
to carry on with this, right?
What matters the most
is that this isn't forced.
Clap your hands for me, will you?
What is it, Nay?
Are you crying? What happened?
I hate him so much, Khal.
Do you mean Algra?
What did he do?
You do know him then.
Algra and I...
They made us get engaged, Khal.
Hold on.
Now you tell me the whole thing
in meticulous detail.
How did it happen?
My head feels like it's about to explode.
I don't think I'm ready
to tell you about this for now, Khal.
I'll tell you tomorrow, okay?
It's fine.
Now you have to calm yourself down,
drink water and stop crying, okay?
You're a strong girl, okay?
You can tell me about it
tomorrow at school, okay?
Isn't Mr. Daksa that notorious businessman
that owns hotels, malls, resorts?
But if he's a conglomerate,
why did he choose you?
Sorry, I don't mean to look down on you.
I mean, what was the reason he chose you?
I have no clue...
We'll meet this evening.
I've got your number.
I'll send you the location.
You have to come.
Otherwise you'll regret it.
No way. I'm not coming.
If you don't come,
then it means you just like
being betrothed.
See you, Naya.
Ice cream!
Ice cream! Thank you.
You're the one who asked to meet
yet you're running late.
Won't you apologize?
When we were kids,
we would come here every so often.
Ice cream!
Two ice cream please.
One chocolate and one strawberry.
- Okay, please wait.
- Sure.
Here. I still remember your favorite.
I'm not here to eat ice cream.
Neither do I.
Just take it before it melts.
I don't want it.
I'm here to tell you
a plan to ruin our arrangement.
Ice cream will cool you down.
Your brain would be glad too.
Feel less stressed.
- Hurry before it melts!
- Fine!
Go on then.
Tell me your plan.
I'll tell Grandpa,
that we'll go on a date every weekend.
Gra, while you're still
in your teenage years,
you need to read this.
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
It's about a love story
with spills of blood.
There will always be blood
in Shakespeare's works.
Why isn't blood terrifying?
Because blood is meant to be
a sacred sacrifice.
Why are you dressed so sharply?
Which girlfriend?
I'm going on a date with...
- You're going to a party?
- Yes, with the girl of your pick.
- What?
- Naya.
That's great. It's the starting point
of that beautiful sacrifice.
I won't be drinking any poison tonight.
That's a relief. I'll drink it then.
- Please don't.
- Kidding.
Shakespeare was the king
of all things beauty.
- He is, Grandpa. I'll get going.
- Okay.
Tell your girlfriend I said hi.
- You got it.
- Okay.
So you're Naya's classmate?
Yeah, Grandpa had everything planned.
So I had no idea about all that.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
But she's worth the wait, isn't she?
Look at her. She's stunning.
Yeah. Yes, Ma'am.
- Peace be upon you, Susan.
- Peace be upon you.
What's the occasion?
I'm delivering you this Nasi Kuning.
We've just celebrated
Aska's first birthday.
- Thanks. Hi.
- Sure.
While I'm here, can I use Naya's room?
He just won't stop crying.
I think he's thirsty.
I'll tell Grandpa,
that we'll go on a date every weekend.
Then I'll do things that would put
your parents off.
Like what?
The more chaotic, the merrier.
Algra's at it again, Mom.
I want milk.
He has split personality.
He can turn into a baby at times.
Algra! Algra, no!
- Algra!
- I want milk!
- Stop it!
- Don't do that!
Honey, this kid is nuts!
He said he wants my milk!
What's your deal, Gra?
- I want milk!
- Hey!
You should've told your uncle
to not hit me.
- Hey!
- Ow!
Why blame me?
This was your idea!
- But...
- Listen.
Don't take another step.
Let me do this.
I know how to make your family repulsed
and cancel our engagement.
Is it true
that Algra has split personality?
Oh, Susan.
I swear on my late wife.
All that was just Algra's attempt
to ruin his arrangement with Naya.
Algra's actually been counting on it.
I have one request.
Please keep on convincing Naya
that this arranged marriage
should happen, okay?
What's the matter?
Who is this, Nay?
What is this?
It's my ultrasound scan, Ma'am.
I'd like to ask you.
Since when did you date her?
It's been a year, Sir.
So it didn't occur to you
that her parents wouldn't stand it
that you got her pregnant?
You little jerk
could be thrown in jail.
Excuse me.
May I go to the toilet?
- Toilet?
- Yes, toilet.
That's the right place for you.
Flush the filth in your head.
The filth in your heart.
Go on, go back there!
Sure, Sir. Excuse me.
I know you're disappointed in me.
You must be furious with me.
But I don't want to start off
this engagement
with a lie.
I'll tell my parents tonight.
But I want you guys to know first.
I'm sorry.
Enough. I'm going to get him.
I'm going to the toilet.
Don't eat it.
How much did Naya give you?
How much?
She didn't give me anything, Sir.
Now I'll give you five million.
You just need to tell me everything.
Thank you for telling us.
We think you should
go tell your parents soon.
Considering we need
to think about this arrangement
with your current circumstances.
Yes, Ma'am.
I'm sorry once again.
We're going upstairs.
Splendid. How splendid.
You're pretty good at acting.
Your winning prize
for your acting performance.
What the heck?
Fine. I'm sure they're repulsed by you.
You were so cool.
Teach me, will you?
That's how it's done. Unlike what you did.
Too absurd.
Okay, I admit
you're a better deceiver than me.
- Sure you don't want this?
- Hold on.
Dendi's taking long enough.
Where's the toilet?
Go after him.
Who knows you'll get married.
So annoying.
So I've known her for a long time.
I've known her since middle school.
I see.
Now that we're in high school,
we stick together always.
We're not classmates, though.
We would confide in each other often.
There was this one time
where she told me about...
This friend of yours told me everything.
I paid him your amount tenfold.
How dare you betray me?
You sold out our friendship
for a cheap price!
I was threatened by a knife, Nay!
- Forgive me.
- Enough.
What are you thinking about, Al?
Naya told me,
that she told you
about our arranged marriage.
Yes, she did.
We've used so many tricks
to cancel that plan.
everything didn't work.
If only you had a girlfriend before then.
She'd be your get out of jail free card.
Could you help me out?
What can't I do for you?
Ready to meet Algrafi!
Why are you bringing Khaliza here?
Here's the thing, Ma'am.
Truth be told,
Khaliza is...
She's my girlfriend, Ma'am.
Naya, I'm sorry I've been lying to you.
Algra and I have been dating
for six months.
We met on an online game
and talked every day.
He came back from the US
just to meet me.
That's also the reason
why he's going to our school.
But if you two are still going to be
what can I do about it, Nay?
No, Khal.
You're my best friend.
I won't break your heart.
I don't trust you both.
You're trying to trick us, aren't you?
No, Ma'am.
You can see the proof if you'd like.
I apologize.
We apologize.
That's impossible.
He's been here for mere two months.
But they've been talking
through an online game chat, Sir.
They've known each other for years.
And Naya
would never want
to take him away from Khaliza.
We'll see about that.
Algra's Grandpa is calling?
Hello, Sir.
How are you doing, Dendi?
Well, I'd like to check something.
Is there a girl called...
It starts with a K. Kha...
I know her.
Naya is friends with her.
Here's the thing, Ndi.
Is it true that Khaliza
and Algra have been dating
for about six months?
To my knowledge,
she just knew him recently.
Let me have a check.
for 20 million.
Deal. 20 million.
What do you say?
You got it.
It's a lie.
A lie.
Dear me.
My gut's always right.
It's a lie.
Gra, are you serious?
Your plans never worked.
Why are you blaming me?
Blame your friend.
Money-grubber. So easily bribed.
Your acting wasn't convincing.
I don't care.
You must find a way to cancel
our arrangement.
Your turn to think.
Aren't you one of the smartest kid
in school?
In school, not deceit.
That's your forte so you do it.
I don't care.
Hey, Naya!
I don't care, you find the way!
What the heck? You should too!
You're glad you're betrothed, aren't you?
Naya, help me out! Nay!
Miss, where's Grandpa?
He's seeing a play.
If you excuse me,
I shall clean the other room.
ROMEO & JULIEWhere's Grandpa, Gra?
He's seeing a play.
Please prepare everything
for the audit tomorrow.
This transaction is suspicious, Sir.
Apparently, it's unclear what it was for.
And the account number appeared
only in this transaction.
Your husband's name
is Ahmad Syafii, correct?
Yes, Sir.
According to the company financial data,
we had an outgoing transaction
in the amount of one billion.
And the money
went into your husband's account.
Did you know about this?
I just heard it from you, Sir.
Here's the proof.
Only my father and I could access
company financial data.
However, you're the secretary.
The one who's most likely
to access it other than us
is you.
Perhaps you never noticed.
I audited every month this year.
I can't possibly do any transaction
that is out of my domain.
Mr. Daksa.
You don't believe this, do you?
only trust the numbers.
You must return this money.
we will have to file a police report.
But, Sir.
How can I take responsibility
for something I've never done?
Have you ever accepted one billion
from my office?
Please check once again.
If I had one billion,
I'd use it as capital, Honey.
So, this is how they treat us,
to assert dominance over our lives...
I don't support your arrangement
with Algra anymore.
You must break up with him.
Your family is way out of line.
Accusing my mom of corruption?
My mom was loyal to your grandpa.
I don't get it.
Tell your family.
Even though we're not as rich as you,
we would never use illicit money.
You hear me?
I said I don't get it.
You both.
Why are you worked up this early?
So, is your arrangement canceled now?
What to smile about?
Sorry, Nay. I don't mean to be delighted
over your misfortune. Not at all.
But I do want to admit something.
Actually, I like Algra.
I'm head over heels with him.
Now that you have nothing to do with him,
I can chase after him freely.
Chase after my love.
Well, who am I to stop you?
Thank you so much, Naya.
Well, I have to go.
CAR PURCHASE AGREEMENThis is the registration certificate
and proof of ownership.
I'll get going then, Sir.
- Sure. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
This was my first car.
- From the start.
- No wonder it's good as new.
- Drive safe. Thank you.
- You're welcome, Sir.
Dad? Why did you sell the car?
Your mom got fired, Nay.
And soon enough
I'll have to pay rent.
They asked me to pay two years in advance.
They also raised the rent by 20%.
I don't know what to do.
If only,
I could help Mom and you.
I've been a burden all this time.
It's not your fault, Nay. Not your fault.
It's mine.
It's my fault, Nay.
This should've been my responsibility.
But these couple of years,
it was your mom
who took care of everything.
Mom? Mom!
- Adi Setiawan.
- Here, Ma'am!
Algrafi Rayyan Danadyaksa.
- Yeah.
- Alvina.
Here, Ma'am.
- Kasran Derimuka.
- Here, Ma'am.
Nayanika Zaqueena Dya.
She can't go to school today, Ma'am.
Here's her letter.
Oh. Thank you.
- Khaliza.
- In the toilet, Ma'am.
Nesya Aulia Antara.
Here, Ma'am.
- Syifa Azzahra.
- Here, Ma'am.
Here's your water, Honey.
Look what I made.
Aren't you glad
you bought me sushi the other day?
I made this myself.
Try some.
Is it good?
Not bad.
Why do you look so sad?
You'll make it.
Don't feel down, okay?
As long as we're together,
there's nothing to be worried about.
The whole time,
I've never felt satisfied
with our circumstances.
I've been very quick to anger.
Even though
my prized possessions
are all here.
This family.
Come in.
Good afternoon, Sir.
Hi, Sir.
Please take a seat.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Naya's father, Sir.
Oh. What is it, Sir?
So, I'd like to ask for remission.
What remission?
My family is now
in a financial jam.
Naya is working these days.
In a restaurant near my house.
I'm asking you.
Excuse me. Here's your order.
I've waited long enough.
- Yes, Miss. Here it is.
- That's not my order!
- Miss, I can't order from my phone, help!
- Sure, Sir.
Help me with this.
Sorry, come again?
- This stuff.
- Oh, it's actually easy.
Miss, where's my order?
- Just a moment, Sir.
- What now?
What are you doing here? Go!
Can I help you?
- Come here.
- What did you order?
To see the menu,
scan this code with your camera...
Coming right up.
Miss, how about my order?
One moment, please.
I'll get your order right away.
- Great.
- Apologies once again.
Are you alright?
Sir, leave it. I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, everyone.
- What are you doing?
Come to my office.
Yes, Sir.
- Here, let me help you.
- No need!
- Nay, I'm just...
- Who told you I work here?
You want to know who told me?
Let me help you first.
Naya, I'll help. I'll help!
You want to know who told me, right?
- I heard...
- Lower your voice.
I heard you're working at a restaurant
near your house.
There are six restaurants
I can find near your house.
This is the first one I came to.
I didn't expect I'd see you right away.
Are we meant to be?
- Okay.
- I don't have time!
Nay, wait. Nay!
Took you long enough.
Where have you been?
Nay, you're new here
and you're causing trouble already.
Did you realize
that customers were complaining?
They might not want to return here.
We're at big loss.
You must be punished.
Sir, I truly apologize.
I don't think I can make up for the loss.
I need the money for the next month.
You think you're the only one
with problems here?
I do have them too!
Mine are bigger than yours.
Now imagine.
My wife left me, Nay.
When I get home, no one's around.
No one's taking care of the house.
No one's preparing me food.
I sleep by myself. I feel alone, Nay.
Are you tricking me into confiding in you?
So you can get off scot-free?
You still have to pay, Nay.
Then if it's possible,
don't make me pay in full.
Could you just cut
my salary for the next 12 months?
For one year?
What business do you think I'm running?
Sir, please, I really need the money.
My family is
- in a lot of trouble.
- No, you still need to pay.
Take the responsibility.
What's the matter with you, barging in?
I'm sorry to interrupt and barge in.
From what I could gather,
I think you're in need of more workers.
I can help, Sir.
You don't need to pay me.
Think of this gesture as a damage control.
I need someone committed.
Never cause troubles and is unbreakable.
Are you up for it?
I'm the right person, Sir.
Brace yourself for my rigor.
When can you start?
- There you go.
- Excuse me.
Okay. Your order.
Don't think I owe you for covering for me.
You're at fault here. Not me.
Where's the other one?
Yes, coming.
- Right, sorry.
- No problem.
Let me do it, okay?
I'll handle this.
Now sit down.
I got this.
You should have some break.
Let me handle this.
I'm sorry
for what happened to our families.
For what it's worth,
we're no longer betrothed.
You're right.
Are you good at making Japanese food?
I am, Sir.
Niko, our chef,
can't go to work today.
We have so many reservations, Nay.
I can take over, Sir.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, Sir.
If she turned out to be disappointing,
you can fire her.
Right, Nay?
However, let's say,
our guests like her cooking,
she's hoping you'd give her a chance
to be the chef, Sir.
In place of Niko.
Is that so, Naya?
I got this.
- I'm trying to help.
- No need.
Just a bit.
Can you move there a bit?
One day, I would love
to own a sushi restaurant like Jiro Ono.
It's a tiny restaurant
near the Ginza subway station.
I want to be like that.
Exclusive but globally known.
What about you?
While you're dealing with cooking,
I'll deal with gaming.
You mean you want to be a gamer?
Not the ordinary gamer,
the professional one.
Do your parents know?
What did they say?
They said it's not a real dream.
You want my opinion?
What is it?
They made a point.
I don't mean to tell you
it's not a real dream.
I just think it's a bit small of a dream.
To me, our dream
is a reflection of ourselves.
Whether we're going to be big or small.
So dream to be someone impactful for many.
Since you wish to be a "gamer",
and you only get to keep
that joy to yourself,
imagine if you own
a video game development company.
You could release video games
for so many people to enjoy.
They'll all be happy.
That'd be cool.
What's this?
Mind your health.
For you.
What's this?
Take a look.
Special for you. Hand-crafted.
Wait a sec.
I'll try it.
What is it? Is it bad?
Here, in case you want to spit it out.
I swear. This sushi is so good.
This is the best sushi I've ever had.
Wow. It's definitely a must-try.
- God.
- What do you mean?
If you don't mind,
can I suggest this sushi as our new menu?
No. What if no one likes it?
No person in their right mind
would find this sushi bad.
- It's simply good.
- Gra, no! The recipe is incomplete.
Dream to be someone impactful for many.
Naya, I'm sure that this sushi
will make so many people happy.
What would you name this menu
if Boss asked you?
Name it Sushi Algrafi.
I made them!
Why are you taking the credit?
- I came up with the idea.
- No.
What about Nayagra?
Must you ask?
It's Naya and Algra.
That's cute.
Yes, Sir?
Who told you to make a new sushi
in our restaurant?
Algra said you approved the menu.
No. Algra did come up to me,
but I rejected his proposal!
You said the proposal was approved.
It doesn't seem it's true.
One second.
Here's the thing, Boss...
We have eight
customers that ordered Sushi Nayagra.
Can you handle the risk
of disappointing
and losing your customers?
Take a look.
The way I see it,
Sushi Nayagra is worth considering
as a mainstay.
Am I right?
Don't let me down.
Remember that if you did,
even in your sleep,
you'll hear me scolding in your dream!
Yes, Sir.
"Hear me scolding in you dream!"
You shouldn't have doubted yourself.
I don't doubt what you're capable of.
You should too.
Even though there will be people
who don't find your food good,
I'm sure
most would love them.
You make good food, Nay.
So be confident, okay?
Things like that, right?
One second.
Al, you got plans for later?
To the restaurant. What else?
I have to ask.
Do you like Naya?
I mean, that's fine.
But after what you've done
to Naya's family,
I don't think
it'd be pleasant if she knows.
I can't imagine how she'd feel about that.
If I can't have you, no one else can.
So it was all my doing.
Mrs. Susan didn't do anything.
I've manipulated everything
so it would paint her as corrupt.
I made it as if she was a liability.
Soon enough, this will pit
Juliet's family against Romeo's.
What's wrong with you, Gra?
Do you realize the consequences
of what you've done?
I know I'm wrong.
I know because of me,
she had a heart attack.
Because of me,
Naya almost had to quit school
and had to work in a restaurant
as a waiter.
That was all my fault.
They had nothing to do with anything.
I know I made a mistake
and I deeply regret it.
You were way too cruel for that.
I know it's my fault,
and I'm trying to fix it.
That's why I told you it was me,
not Mrs. Susan.
I even felt...
I felt something
I never expected to feel.
You're beginning
to catch feelings for Naya.
I fell in love with Naya, Grandpa.
Well, she is aggravating.
she made my life so much more colorful.
And I...
I can't imagine
what my life would be like
if she wasn't around.
Okay, Al.
you must take responsibility.
Admit all of your mistakes to her.
Yes, Mom.
What are you doing here?
My family is still angry with yours!
I need to tell you something, Nay.
What is it?
What happened to your family,
was all because of me.
I manipulated the financial data
and made your mom accused of embezzlement.
It was all my doing, Nay.
I regret it, Nay. I really do.
And I'm here
to apologize.
I'd do anything to make you
and your family forgive me.
I apologize.
This was the only solution
I could come up with
so that they'd cancel our arrangement.
Bringing our families into conflict.
I apologize.
I know I made a grave mistake.
And I didn't expect that...
How could you do this, Gra?
There's another thing
I've got to tell you.
it took me by surprise.
I didn't expect to have feelings for you.
I like you, Nay.
I love you, Naya.
Don't you bother my daughter
and my family ever again.
Honey, enough.
You'll put your heart in danger. Enough.
Al, I want you to leave. Go!
- Sir, I'm here to...
- Algrafi!
Go away, you vile!
You accused me of stealing!
Then what are you here for?
- Go!
- Enough, Honey.
Enough, Honey.
Ma'am, I'm truly sorry!
Nay, I apologize.
After all you've done.
You think apologizing is enough?
You said you love me, right?
This is not love, Gra!
- Naya, I love you.
- You jerk!
- Nay, I love you, I...
- I'm asking you to leave, Gra!
If you truly are sorry,
you'd be leaving already!
- Naya, please.
- Go!
- Naya, please.
- Go!
- Leave. Leave!
- Naya, I'll...
I'll do anything to fix everything, Nay!
- Don't be like this. I'm just...
- Just go!
We came here
to apologize to you all
for Algra's mistakes.
to you, Susan.
Algra's mistakes are ours too
to bear as his parents.
It's true. I also felt really guilty.
Because I feel like I didn't raise him
the right way as his mom.
Please forgive us.
I promise
to punish Algra
and restore Susan's rights
to be reemployed.
In hopes
that we could
mend our relationship
as it was before.
Now if you're done,
you all may leave.
Excuse me. I'm still ill.
I need to rest.
Ahmad Permadi. How are you doing?
We'll hang out some time,
but I need your help now.
I have friends
looking for a job.
They're smart, careful, diligent.
They're loyal.
They're just the best. Okay?
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Thank you so much.
May we always be in good health.
Alright. Thanks. Yeah.
Let's go, Dad.
Wash it then! I'll do the other thing.
- Nope.
- That's just not fair!
Don't do it.
Hey, Guys! Are you busy?
Need a hand?
- No, thanks.
- We...
Algra, don't! Algra!
Hey, mind that lane.
Just kill them already.
Now go!
Help me out here.
Khal, where are you? Class is starting.
I'm skipping school today.
Tell the homeroom teacher, would you?
I'm feeling under the weather.
I see. Get well soon, okay?
Just say the word if you need anything.
Perhaps you'll need food or medicine.
Okay, Girl?
I wanted to come over,
but I'll just wait until I feel better.
Sorry that I didn't have the time.
How's your mom?
Thank God, she's all well now.
She also got a new job.
My dad as well.
I barely met them since they got so busy.
But I'm so glad
that everything came back to normal.
Gra, what's up with you?
Right. Sorry.
Glad to hear
that you're out of trouble now.
But, Nay...
Did you realize all your problems
appeared when Algra came along?
Come on, don't bring that up.
It's all good now
and that's all that matters.
Get well soon.
Don't get sick for too long.
School is not the same without you.
I know. Thank you.
This is the result
of the e-sports tournament I entered.
I won big bucks.
I want you all
to not worry about me anymore.
I have higher aspirations
than being a gamer.
I want to learn coding.
Learn business.
So not only playing games,
I also want
to own a company that makes them.
I'll be responsible and make people happy.
Mom, Dad.
I'm not a loser.
I have dreams to achieve.
Please allow me
to go back to the US.
I've ruined everything.
I've made a huge mess being here.
And I promise
not to let this family down ever again.
Here's the deal.
You need to promise me
you're willing to do
what I expect you to do, okay?
What is it, Grandpa?
I have a new girl for you.
Oh my God.
Dad, can't you get over this arrangement?
Obviously not.
We must fight for our business
to keep it perennial and thriving.
He's always going against me.
I only ask one thing.
Could you not ruin my plans? Could you?
You have a guest, Sir.
Hey, Susan.
Please take a seat.
I'm elated
that you're willing to come back here.
I'm here
because I know that the person
who got me and my husband a job
was you.
I did that
because I felt regret
after what had happened to you
and your family.
Sir, I already forgave you
and your family.
I wouldn't want to hold grudges.
I want to lead a tranquil life.
I'll be on my way now.
Wait a minute.
There's something
I need to tell you.
It's about Algra...
Nay, do you have any plans
for the weekend?
No plans.
Will you come with me?
Dad can't come. He said he's busy.
To Algra's engagement party.
Who's he engaged with?
I don't know either.
All I know
is that he gave in to his grandpa.
About the whole arrangement thing.
Accompany me, will you?
I don't want to go by myself.
Do you think you'll get jealous?
Not a chance.
Who's jealous?
If you don't come, people will think
you have feelings for him.
What's the matter? Looking for Algra?
I'm not, Mom.
It's his event.
He'll show up eventually.
I'm really curious about his fiance.
Is she prettier than you?
Alright then. Let's go see his family.
Sorry that we're late.
No problem at all.
I can't seem to find Algra.
There he is.
He's waiting for his girl.
How's it going, Naya?
- All good?
- All good, Sir.
All good? Okay.
- There you are.
- Wow.
I'm really glad you came.
I didn't expect Naya to come either.
Of course she'd come.
Boys, am I right?
He's got the rebel in him.
Fortunately, he yielded
and did as we told him.
Now, let's enjoy the party.
- Come on.
- Let's get to Algra.
Sorry that we're late.
Yeah, I'm glad you can come.
The event is nice.
So you love me too.
You can't see me be with any other girl.
Algra, what are you doing here?
You should've been there
with the woman you're engaged with.
Go back in there, Gra.
Naya, I love you!
I love you, Nay.
And I don't want to be
with anybody but you.
What do you mean?
Will you forgive me?
- Will you accept my love?
- No.
Gra, are you out of your mind?
Today is your engagement day.
Why would you
profess your love to me?
Because this is not my event, Naya!
I made up this whole event
because I knew you'd come.
I have a new girl for you.
Oh my God.
Dad, can't you get over this arrangement?
Obviously not.
We must fight for our business
to keep it perennial and thriving.
He's always going against me.
I only ask one thing.
Could you not ruin my plans? Could you?
No, Grandpa.
I've had enough of this matchmaking thing.
Could you not fight me back for a change?
I've proved it already.
I've calculated everything.
The way we must keep our business alive.
Do you wish it to go bankrupt?
I don't want to be the one
doing the sacrifice, Grandpa.
You can blame your dad right here.
Why did he give me only one grandchild?
Look at your parents' marriage.
A success story.
All thanks to my calculations.
Am I right?
The truth is,
Rayyan told me to change my birth date
so that he and I would be aligned
according to Weton.
I'm sorry, Dad.
It's true, Dad.
I already loved her too much at the time.
And if our dates didn't match
the calculations,
you wouldn't approve us.
So all this time
you two lied to me?
The company you thought
was successful because...
That's not the problem.
It's no other
than the main problem.
That is that you have lied.
I'm sorry, Grandpa. Really sorry.
Regarding the arrangement,
I don't want you to force me.
I don't want any arranged marriage!
I just love Naya.
And if only
this mess never happened,
I would perhaps be in a relationship
with her.
if the relationship between our family
and Naya's are restored,
will you marry her?
is far ahead of me.
It's far too ahead.
And to be honest, to me,
that should've been
me and my partner's decision.
Not anyone else.
Sorry, but it's not the family's decision.
It's me and my partner's to decide.
Keep it in your mind.
So you arranged all this?
That's what really happened, Nay.
I've wronged you.
I've wronged your family.
Once again, I apologize.
I apologize.
I promise I'll make it up to you, Nay.
And I'll do anything.
Anything to make you happy.
So, Naya,
will you accept my love now?
I love you so much, Naya.
For real.
can accept your apology, Gra.
But what, Nay?
But what?
I can't...
accept your love.
Nay, wait a second. Nay!
Naya! Nay!
Why did you call me here, Sir?
You think just because you resigned
and is about to go back to the US,
you can do as you please?
I don't get what you mean.
You are one rude person.
Just because you came from a rich family,
doesn't mean you can vandalize my uniform.
I never did that.
Here's your uniform.
I ACCEP"I accept"?
Sir, this isn't...
Sir, oh my God. I'm returning to Boston.
So now if you want me
to work for you again, I can't.
Wow, how cocky.
If you really came from a rich family,
then why would you work here as a waiter?
Sir, that's not what I meant!
I wrote that.
What do you mean?
Couldn't it be more obvious?
"I accept".
You rejected me in front of everyone.
You professed in front of my family.
- Ow!
- You embarrassed me!
I want
to keep this moment between us two.
The ones who could understand our feelings
are you and me only.
You're not leaving for the US, are you?
About that...
My grandpa might insist.
Because everything's all set.
What does that mean?
Will I lose you?
Just relax.
What are you getting at?
Stop it, I'll fall! I'm dizzy!
Strawberry. Your favorite.
I just found out
they have so many exciting stories here.
You read them often?
Just so you know,
I got the whole idea
of split personality from there.
I initially didn't want to use it,
then your aunt came.
I took advantage of the situation.
Now I know
what I'm going to say to Grandpa.
Grandpa, to be honest with you,
I can't go back to the US because...
Why? What is it now?
I never told you this.
And I don't want to make you worried.
Come on.
Just say it!
Okay, listen.
During the time I was in the US,
I got involved with the mafia.
Mafia? Really? Mafia?
Yes, mafia. Real mafias.
That's why I needed to get expelled
to return to Indonesia.
So that I wouldn't have
to deal with them anymore.
I thought if I stayed here
for a long time,
they'd forget about me.
This is the worst part.
My friends said they still targeted me.
They're coming to kidnap you?
That's the thing.
If I made a return there,
they would beat me up!
I'm terrified, Grandpa.
Oh, no.
Oh my goodness. Should I?
Should I send you
to somewhere far away, like Papua?
No, Grandpa.
I don't think that'd be necessary.
Don't worry.
They don't have power over here.
So this country is safe.
What if they came over and kidnapped you?
I don't want to lose my only grandchild!
You're my only grandchild.
I don't want to lose you.
- Okay?
- Of course.
You're not lying, are you?
- Are you?
- No, I'm not lying.
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
He didn't buy it?
He bought the whole story.
I'm baffled.
What are you looking at, Dad?
You know.
He made up
some of the most unbelievable story.
Chased by the mafia.
He was terrified.
Hunted by the mafia, he said.
He forgot I watch films and plays.
Trying to deceive me? Not going to happen.
Oh, Algra. Good heavens.