Ali & Ava (2021) Movie Script

Alternate your hips
from side to side
and stretch your arms and hands
as if you are waking up
your limbs.
Callum, bring her down.
- That's it, let Karen sleep.
- Let's go see Nana.
Come on.
Oh, you little beauty.
Oh, that's enough noise.
Shush. Come on, we'll go
and have a little dance.
- Here we are.
- Seduce.
Here you go, look.
And over to the other side.
Eh, what about Mandy?
- Mandy?
- Mmm-hmm.
Are you fucking joking, Mum?
Twice more.
And one last time.
Give and take.
Other foot forward.
Oh, shurrup.
Right, Venice, go, school.
- I'm gonna turn it off.
- No.
- Go on.
- I don't wanna go.
I know you don't.
Get to it.
Right, are you stopping here
tonight or at Karen's?
- Um...
- Bye, I'm off.
- Probably Karen's.
- Right.
Get out after her,
take her that bag.
Well, I can't go
dressed like this, can I?
Oh, fucking hell.
Take the baby, I'll go.
- Venice!
- Hello, baby.
- It's okay.
- You've left your bag!
Yeah, yeah!
- Morning.
- Morning.
- You sleep all right?
- Yeah.
You all right with this?
It's like flatmates, in't it?
Come on, now. I'm just...
I'm just mucking about with you.
You're coming for dinner,
- It's got to be different...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right.
I'm all right.
Go on, you'll be late.
All right, Mum?
Here you are. Gi's a cuddle.
You got confused, didn't you?
How are you? You all right?
- You all right?
- I'm good, yeah.
Yeah, all right, see you later.
It's 66
And cloudy here this morning
I'll make a bet
those clouds'll turn to rain
The weather's rusted out
the sign
And I almost missed the turn
That'll take me down
to Saunders Ferry Lane
How you doin', brother?
You all right?
- Ali, you all right?
- Yeah, okay.
The creaking boards
of the empty dock
Are the only sounds I hear
The sign on the catfish
stand says: Closed till spring
Summer drowned
in the frozen lake
As winter came to life
And nothing moves
in Saunders Ferry Lane
Nothing moves
in Saunders Ferry Lane
All right, Barna, open up.
It's your favourite landlord.
- All right, mate.
- You all right?
- You okay?
- Good.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Good, good.
- Okay.
I finish plastering today
in the kitchen
and start hall today, for you.
- Thank you. Brilliant.
- Okay? No problem.
Yeah, be good. And, er,
see you at 43.
- All right, okay.
- Great, man,
- thank you so much.
- Thank you. See ya.
Barna, can you get us
that screwdriver
we used last time?
I'll open this up.
Kids off to school?
No, no, no, no.
That should fix it.
Should fix it.
All right, see you later, kids.
See you later. See you later.
What's up with this one?
- Crying no going for school.
- Not going to school?
I know, I saw that,
"No, no, no, no, no".
Oh. You don't wanna go
to school?
Yeah, I didn't like school
D'you wanna get on my shoulders?
Then you'll be the tallest
person in school there.
We can do a shoulder ride.
No? Are you joking?
I'm talking
about a shoulder ride!
- Yes!
- The best... Yes!
- Yes.
- Let's do it.
Come on, you, let's go.
Up on the chair.
Aw, that's nice.
And another leg, here.
Okay, all right... Nina, up...
- Higher, higher.
- Nina, open the door!
Mind your head.
I know.
- Hi, Miss!
- Morning, Miss!
Morning. Oh!
Hiya, love.
Look, new moon today.
Hey, Sofia, listen.
Come here.
Come here. Hey, Sofia.
Right, see you later, love.
Right, come on, then,
let's get in.
Come on, girls, in you go.
Go on. After you, go on, love.
- And that one?
- It's the sun.
And what's that one
above it? Mmm...
- Moll.
- Mool? Is that a "luh"?
- Moo...
- Mull.
What's that sound?
- You said moo... Mmm, mull.
- Mmm, moon. Moon.
Oh, there's so many of you!
Oh, not too loud.
Boys, line up there.
Turn round, that way.
Not again.
Come on, everyone's lined up
and gone in.
Right, listen, darling.
Can you go on your knees?
And turn round
and come down backwards.
Come on, come here, look.
Give us your hand.
Come on, darling.
It's all right. Good girl.
Come down backwards
like I showed you.
Turn around.
It's all right, darling.
It's all right.
Good girl, down you go.
That's it, like I showed ya.
Good girl,
and put one foot here.
Thank you, Miss.
And another one.
There she goes, buh-boom!
I know. Listen, if you're
brave enough to climb up,
you've gotta be brave enough
to climb back down.
We're gonna get soaked!
- We're gonna get wet.
- I know!
Oh, look, there he is.
Wait for him to say.
All right, you, get in.
Quick, quick, quick, quick!
Hurry up!
Quick! Well done!
Now put your seat-belt on.
Oh, my God!
All right, Miss,
you want a lift?
No, I'm fine, thanks.
I'm fine.
Oh, come on, you're gonna
get soaking wet, come on!
- No, I'm all right!
- Come on, get in.
That's it, come round.
Oh, lot of keys, a lot of keys
for my properties. Oh, my God.
Right, where to, Miss?
Er, the bus stop
at the Leeds road, please.
Ah, go on, you don't wanna be
in a bus stop in this.
I'll drop this one off,
then I'll take you home, yeah?
- Thanks, thanks.
- Yeah.
Seat-belt on.
Good girl.
Oh, another funeral.
Who's this now?
All right, who's this now?
Oh, it's Zubair's dad.
D'you know the grocer
from the back of my road?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's him? How you doing?
You alright?
All right, see you, see you.
Oh, yeah.
I heard he weren't well.
How d'you know Sofia's family?
They're my tenants
but we've become mates.
- Horses!
- Oh, yeah!
What a nice horsey.
I love you, horsey.
- Are you blowing kisses?
- Giving it a kiss?
Hey, hey, hey! Hey!
That man's driving
like a dickhead, in't he?
I'm sorry. Sorry, Sofia!
- Did you see him?
- He was, yeah.
Well, he was driving
like a bad man.
You're not allowed to say that.
No, but he is. He's silly.
Bit of a dickhead, though.
- Bye.
- All right, make sure
you slam that door, all right?
Slam it really hard.
- No.
- Sofia.
- Here she is.
- Hiya.
She's got a picture with her
as well, I think.
Yeah, slam it.
See you, bye!
- She reminds me of me, man.
- Mmm.
- Ugh. Right, where to?
- Er, Holme Wood.
- Oh, fucking hell.
- Don't, it's not as bad as...
No, it's not as bad
as people make out!
Shit, I'm gonna get pelted
with stones there, ain't I?
- Probably, yeah.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, you can't get a taxi
up there
for love nor money, these days.
Just drop us on t'main road.
Oh, don't be daft. Come on.
- Thanks for this.
- Yeah, no, it's fine.
It's fine, yeah.
Yeah, are you warm enough?
I am. It's much,
much nicer than the bus.
Oh, you're fucking joking me.
- Can I bang it up?
- Yeah, whack it on.
- You know it?
- Yeah, I do.
- Who is it, then?
- Buzzcocks, in't it?
Yeah, it's the Buzzcocks, yeah!
I say what I mean
Yeah. Oh, my God,
I love this song! Oh!
But you see I never get
around to things
I'm living in a straight,
straight line
You know me, I'm acting dumb
I used to be a DJ, me.
Yeah, yeah.
Bhangra during the day,
Electro at night.
- Oh, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
Are you into music?
Yeah, I like country music, me.
Well, that's it, then.
I'll pull up, shall I?
What the fuck?
That's it, that's it for me.
Country? You can't dance
to that, can you?
- You can. You can.
- Can you?
Yeah, you can dance to that.
Right, well,
you'll have to show me.
Well, you must like
something else?
I like folk.
Folk? Fucking hell,
it's getting worse.
You know, my dad used to sing
all t'rebel songs in the pubs.
- Wow.
- He were a good singer.
Irish Catholic immigrant.
You know, punk, yes.
Rock and roll, yes.
Jazz, no. Folk, you can
fuck off, that's it.
How long you been working
with kids?
Kids? I've worked with them
all my life.
But I'm getting paid for it now.
- Kids of your own?
- Yeah, I got four.
- Four?
- They're all grown up now.
- Wow.
- Mmm.
- Who's the eldest?
- Our Michelle.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- What's she like?
- What, Michelle?
She's never wrong.
Come on, you've gotta give me
more than that.
Er, she's a brilliant mum.
Fucking hell,
are you a grandmother?
- Yeah. Yeah, I am, yeah.
- Wow.
Five times over.
'Bout you?
- Me?
- Mmm-hmm.
No, no kids. Just...
I'm busy with properties
and that,
so I don't even have very...
Look at this.
Look at this.
That's Matty-Lee.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Matty-Lee!
Oi, you!
Put them down!
Don't say... Stop throwing stones!
What's wrong with ya?
Come on, you! Put them down.
You're in big trouble now, you!
Jade, Jade. Jade.
You should know better.
Oi, you lot, stop that now!
Venice, what are you doing here?
That's terrible behaviour,
I'm surprised at you!
MC Innes!
He's a Holme Wood lad, in't he?
- Ali. Ali.
- Who knows this one?
Age 16, I was breaking locks
Got to 20
and I'm robbing shops
Twenty-two saw me
start to rob crops
In secret plots and what
Who said
money don't grow on trees?
I've robbed weed in kees
Oh, please
And I'm certified
when I'm sat in a Jeep
Put the goods
inside the carrier, please
RS3s taking off at speed
I've got Rory
inside the driver's seat
- Who wants a lift?
- Me!
Till another day
when I raid your ken
Cos it's me, I-double-N-E-S
Money in my pocket
is my interest
I'm an entrepreneur...
Ali, what are you doing?
That's just the way I am
Paper chasing till I've got
a few grand in my hand
I am the new brand, I'm like
Versace to the grafting scene
When I go sick
I'm like the A- I'm lean, I'm mean,
I'm Lenny McLean
Put your hands up
if you get what I mean
Dance all night,
it's the party season
Let's get smashed without...
- Where do you live?
- Yeah, just here.
Shout it loud and proud
- Bye!
- Bye!
Thanks for the lift.
Yeah. You're welcome, Miss.
- Who's that?
- Er, Ali.
- Yeah, but who is he?
- Just a mate.
- Since when?
- Er, today.
- Today?
- Yeah.
Go to sleep, come on.
Go to sleep.
As we gathered
in the chapel here
In old Kilmainham Gaol
I think about
these past few weeks
Oh, will they say we failed?
From our school days
they have told us
We must yearn for liberty
Yet all I want
in this dark place
Is to have you here with me
Oh, Grace,
just hold me in your arms
And let this moment linger
They'll take me out at dawn
And I will die
With all my love
I place this wedding ring
upon your finger
There won't be time
to share our love
For we must say goodbye
- All right? Come on, then.
- Yeah.
- Mum?
- Hiya!
All right, go on.
Go and find your nanny.
- Oh...
- Hello!
Hello, darling!
Oh, I missed you!
Are you all right?
Go on.
All right, Mum?
Hello, munchkin!
Are you okay?
Oh, go and have a bounce, go on.
What are you doing with these?
Just like it.
They were all right
in the other house,
but you haven't got room
for 'em here.
Come here, you.
Oh, we like this, don't we?
Get one of them corner ones.
Got these with Paul, didn't you?
Time to move on, Mum.
And find yourself
a decent fella next time.
Right. Gonna make tea
for t'kids. Want some?
- Yeah, go on. I will.
- Right.
- What shall we have for tea?
- Pot Noodle.
- Pot Noodle.
- Pot Noodle?
Anybody sees you with him,
you'll be fucked.
Do not be seen in public
with him, all right?
What do you mean,
I'll be fucked?
There are eyes everywhere
in this fucking town.
What you talking about?
It's you that doesn't want
anyone to know.
Yeah. Yeah, so you have
somewhere to live
and something to live off
while you finish your studies!
Why don't we just tell everyone
- that we're separated?
- No!
I still love you, all right?
Oh, fucking hell.
Oh, look, there's your mum.
She's here.
- Hiya.
- Hello.
- She's a bit tired today.
- Yes.
All right, see you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
...they have told us
We must yearn for liberty
Yet all I want
in this dark place
Is to have you...
Oh, God.
I thought you didn't like
Holme Wood?
Yeah, it's not as bad
as people say.
What you listening to?
Ugh. Folk!
So, you gonna invite me in?
Yeah, just, er, find my keys.
Oh, my God, what are they?
Er, oh, they're from kids.
Yeah, they give 'em me
- when they leave.
- Right.
Come in.
What's this here?
What's happened here?
Er, it's just like...
It's like how the kids like it.
It's like a...
It's like a sofa boat.
- I know. What you doing?
- Look.
Make me a new baby
Making yourself at home?
It's like this, look.
That's why they got
all them toys.
It's probably why they've got
that on there, yeah.
Go on, put... stick a tune on
and come round.
- Ah.
- Come on.
Me a new single
Make me a new baby
Know all the words...
Come on, come up.
I'm not, no.
I'm not getting on it.
- Come on.
- No.
I'm not.
We're so happy
to be listening to our radio
While the world
rides on down
We're so happy to be our radio
Now break it on down slow
Slave to the radio
To the radio,
slave to...
Sing it, go on.
Slave to the radio
Didn't you know
To the radio. Come on.
You can't make it
Without ever even trying
And something's on your mind
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Three point three
Leaving all your dreams
too far behind
Didn't you see
You can't make it
without ever even trying?
And something's on your mind
Truth in a new pop song
Don't you wanna sing along
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Three point three, oh
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Three point three, oh
Three point three, oh
Slave to the radio
You haven't got a thing
to say
You feel you want
to run away
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Three point three, oh
And something's
on your mind, isn't it?
I'm not gonna listen to yours,
you listen to mine, all right?
- Yeah, go on.
- Okay, ready?
- Yeah. One, go.
- Three, two, one, go.
- You got it? Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, I got it.
- Yeah, you got it?
- Yeah.
All right, all right,
all right. Let's do this.
This is
the dawning of a new era
This is the dawning
of a new era
I met a girl from area three
She told me that she worked
in a chicken factory
This is the dawning...
...of a new era
This is the dawning
of a new era
I met a girl
from area three
She told me
that she worked
In a chicken factory
This is the dawning...
Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick...
Fuck's he doing in this house?
- Fucking hell!
- Callum?
Fucking hell, Callum.
Put the sword down!
What's wrong with ya?
What the fuck is this?
- Get the fuck out, now!
- All right, all right!
- All right, all right!
- Get out now!
All right, I'm gone!
I'm gone, all right?
I'm fucking going.
Put the sword down.
Fucking hell!
Like fucking Zorro
in here, in't it?
Think it's a fucking joke?
No, no, no, I don't.
I don't, all right?
- I'm fucking going.
- Callum, stay.
You stay there, right.
Stay there.
I'm not laughing.
I'll get my shoes on.
I'm fucking going.
Right, I'm off,
I'll see you later.
Fucking calm down.
Ali, don't...
- All right, I'm going.
- Ali!
All right, I'll see
you later. It's all right.
Silly little bastard.
Oh, fucking hell, you idiot!
What d'you think me dad
would have to say about it?
You don't even know him.
He's a friend.
Right, there's nowt going on.
And even if there were,
which there in't...
we were separated.
I miss him, too, I really do.
Take her.
He'd have been a very proud
granddad, wouldn't he?
And you know what?
He'd have made sure
you'd chosen her a name
by now and all, you dickhead.
It would've been easy
if she'd have been a he.
- What about Paula?
- Oh, yeah.
I don't know why I've never
thought of that one before.
I'll have to ask Karen.
She says no to all my ideas.
Oh, my darling.
I can see you doing it, Hakim.
- Please.
- Stop it.
Put it away.
Put it away, now.
Aisha, have you got
your boots ready?
- Yeah.
- Are you excited?
I'm excited.
- You all right, mate?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
How you doing, mate?
You all right? Put that away.
- What position you playing?
- I'm in goal.
Oh, same as your granddad,
hai na?
How many times?
Put it away now!
Did he really play in goal?
Put your phone away. How many
times has your mum told you?
- Give me a sec.
- No, now.
Coming to t'match?
I've got to study.
Yeah, at least she's stuck
with her education, unlike you.
- Yeah.
- Eh, eh, eh.
He were always clever.
Just couldn't sit still,
could ya?
Yeah, like that.
Just couldn't even...
Nothing's changed, has it?
That's funny, I'm wiggling.
It is funny.
It's a funny thing.
Funny, yeah?
Can I get a plate, please?
Mum, have you got a plate?
- Okay.
- I'm just gonna write...
- two more.
- Right, come on.
Hang on, let's put
that one in and, erm...
- Right, gonna do one more.
- Don't look!
I can't believe I'm picking
my daughter's name out of a jar.
Well, you know,
we waited for you
to do it the normal way.
- Yeah.
- Now, give it a go, yeah?
- Right, okay.
- Give it a shake.
Ready? Right.
Three, two, one.
- Go on. Come on.
- No, I can't get it.
Go on!
What have you got, Callum?
Fat hands.
Fuck off.
Go on, then.
That don't even make sense.
- You what?
- "Eimhear."
Eimhear, that's a pretty name.
- Eimhear?
- Where'd you get that from?
All right.
Okay, one more.
It's Aoife.
- Are these all Irish names?
- Yeah, they are.
Why did I get "Michelle", then?
- Huh? What?
- You're not Irish.
Well, excuse me.
What about a name
we can actually spell, Mum,
that's not "Eimhear"
or "IOU" or summat?
Hey, what about Grace?
Ladies and gentlemen,
please put your hands together
for tonight's next singers,
Callum and Ava.
Come on, Mum.
You gotta do this
properly, though.
Dirty old town
Dirty old town
I met my love
By the gas works wall
Dreamed a dream
by the old canal
I kissed my girl
By the factory wall
Dirty old town
Dirty old town
- Dawn, are you all right?
- Yeah.
Are you sure, mate?
I'm not great.
Well, listen, she could stop
at ours again tonight,
if you like.
Yeah, of course, it's no bother.
- You want to?
- Yeah.
Go on, love, go in and get warm.
- Bye, Mum.
- See ya.
Can I have pizza?
- Ava.
- Yeah?
- Cheers.
- All right, love. Ta-ta.
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
No, cheese.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Hello! I've got this
for you today.
Morning! Thank you!
You're welcome.
And could you give
- that to Ali, please?
- Huh?
- Oh, okay, I'm give.
- Thank you.
- Morning!
- Morning!
Let's go.
I've sent a note
and I've said sorry
on your behalf.
I'll probably
not hear from him again.
Mind out!
I'm gonna make tea.
- All right, Ali?
- Yeah, all right.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Good.
That's it.
Well done.
That's better.
That's better.
That was a big burp, innit?
Come on. Go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
- Hey.
- How's it going?
Been up all night?
Get some rest,
I'll read it for ya.
Gotta get it finished.
A friend from uni's got
a spare room coming up.
I think I'm gonna take it.
All right, but...
don't tell my family yet.
Are you okay?
Oh, what's the matter?
Oh, Sofia.
- I don't like school.
- I know.
I don't wanna leave
my sister and my brother.
- Hey, look at me.
- I want to stay with them.
Listen, Mummy and Daddy
are at home
and you'll see them
in a little bit, won't ya?
And they'll give you
a big cuddle, for Sofia.
Give me a little smile.
- What's this?
- House.
Oh, I love it.
Is it your home?
No, it's your house.
Oh, that's really nice.
That's nice. Can I have
a tree in my garden?
- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
See you later. Bye.
- This is for you.
- Oh, thank you.
He told me you got it
You got it
Mmm, mmm, mmm
And he said
You got it, I got it
All right.
One, two, three, four...
Where is it? Oh, you.
- Don't.
- Oh! Ow! You got me!
I were fucking terrified.
I'm sorry about Callum.
you should be. He's a nutter.
Well, he can just be
a bit funny about me
- and, you know...
- You and?
You know, he might've
got the wrong idea.
- Wrong idea?
- About you.
What about?
What, what do you mean?
- And me.
- You and...
- Just you and me, he might...
- You and me?
What, is that a...
that's a thing, is it?
No, it's not. No.
- It's not a thing.
- Yeah, I'm joking.
No, he's, er... He can just be
a bit overprotective,
that's what it is.
Overprotective? Bloody hell.
That's what you call it?
He lost his dad
just over a year ago,
so that might have something
to do with it.
But don't think badly of him.
No, no, I don't.
Must be hard for him.
And you?
Put a finger
in your mouth, into...
Come on, let's have some, then.
Oh! Why'd you do that?
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
Just put it in your mouth!
- All right?
- Yeah.
This is Aisha, my niece.
This is, er, Ava,
Sofia's teacher.
Well, classroom assistant.
Hiya, love.
- Hi.
- You all right?
- Yeah. You?
- Yeah, fine.
- That's nice, isn't it?
- Mmm-hmm.
You're making me
giggle. Giggle.
- Bye, love.
- See you later.
- Bye, miss, see you later.
- See ya.
Shouting her head off already.
I love this city.
What, even in t'pissing rain?
Yeah. Yeah.
- Where we going now?
- Come on.
Out of the way, you kids.
Oh, look at 'em, eh. Wow.
Hello, mate.
How you doing?
- You all right?
- Good to see ya.
Don't worry about him,
he thinks he's big time.
Come on. Right.
Are we going down here?
Mind your step,
mind these steps.
It's steep.
It's steep and wet, all right?
- Yeah.
- Careful.
Right, here we are.
- Look, kick them out the way.
- Oh, sorry.
Yeah, no, it's fine.
Right, this is, er,
the man cave,
and the rest of the house
is upstairs.
Look at this.
Er, see that? Look.
Tenant gave me that.
That's really nice,
a little guitar.
It's a ukulele.
- Tenant gave it me.
- Can't you afford a big one?
- No, I can if I wanted.
- All right.
- It's nice, though, in't it?
- Yeah.
Sit down. Come on.
Oh, no,
let me move that
out the way. Move them.
- All right.
- Sit down.
Erm... Right, so here it is.
The vinyl, the decks,
- and I got my books up here.
- Oh, yeah?
It's just libraries
and bookshops or...
whatever it is.
They just sort of...
They just sort of
calm me down. So...
I would have, er, put them
in alphabetical order,
but I've colour-coordinated 'em.
Have you read all of them, then?
Oh, yeah. Some of them.
You sure?
Yeah, well, I dip in
and out of 'em.
Shelf decoration.
No, I... Some of 'em,
I don't know. Look.
Sit back, sit back.
- Oh.
- All right?
- Sorry.
- Oh, chuck it on the floor.
- I've sat on your doodah.
- Don't worry.
I'm gonna do this for you now.
Just a little rap
I've been working on.
- Are you ready?
- I am ready.
- Okay. Here we go.
- What you gonna do?
I'm gonna change your life.
- Are you?
- Yeah.
They couldn't represent
Better than me
When I what?
Cruise down
Western bless
And complimented
like Heston Chefing
Condescending, man mention
sentence that I spray
Oh, it's fast, this.
Why? Cos
the vibe I'm on is all wrong
Yeah, the vibe is wrong
It's all mad
Yeah, the vibe I'm on
is all raw
Yeah, my vibe that I'm on is
Like I'm gonna meddle
With the ting
is like a ting in it
What you doing?
Well, I've been standing
here for, like, 30 seconds
and you've not even seen me.
I'm a bit of a rap geek.
She knows.
My sister, Usma.
- She, er, lives next door.
- Oh, right. Hiya.
This is Ava. She's a teacher.
- Well, classroom assistant.
- Right.
Yeah, erm, Sofia's one to one.
You know, the Slovakian tenants.
You know, Barna's daughter.
Mmm-hmm. Right.
Er, come on, I'll take you home.
Thought Runa got rid of that?
Can I have my hat back, please?
Took you...
Took you ages to make that.
Did you make that?
Restored it.
Present for his missus.
Come on, I'll take you home.
Yeah, right.
- Bye, love.
- Bye.
I restored t'chair
as soon as we found out
she were pregnant.
I turned the spare
room into a nursery,
I got overexcited.
It's what I'm like,
I get overexcited and...
saw the little plastic whatsit
with the blue line and...
got carried away.
It were too soon.
She always says
I'm nought to 70,
because there's no...
no slip road,
no gradual acceleration.
Just from stop and then
straight to 70 mile per hour.
Well, she must've lost the baby.
The poor fella.
You really like him, don't you?
Well, yeah, but...
feel like such a fucking twat
for thinking
he might've fancied me.
I'm gonna have to get drunk.
No, don't do that.
You'll end up stood
in your front garden
picking fights again. Eh?
You don't want
any more of that rib
being used
to fix your nose, do ya?
Get off!
... so happy to be
listening to our radio
Our saviour, oh
While the world melts
on down
We're so happy
to be listening to our radio
Now break it on down slow
Slave to the radio
Slave to the...
Come on, Ava.
Come on.
Oh, fuck. I look a mess.
Come on, open up.
Are you gonna keep talking
through this door?
Oh, my God. It's like
talking to me cousin.
She's dead religious.
Every time she sees me coming
she shuts the door.
I've gotta talk to her
like this an' all.
Yeah, yeah,
she finds it funny, too.
Come on. Open up.
Oh, shit.
Is Zorro there?
No, no, no. He's at...
He's at his girlfriend's.
So let me in, then!
D'you know what? That's it.
That's it now, I'm going.
- Are you?
- I've had enough.
- Right.
- Right. Goodbye.
- Bye.
- That's it.
See you.
I... I can still see ya.
- Where?
- There.
Where? Don't jab at me.
Oh, bloody hell,
I see what you mean.
You do look a mess, don't ya?
I just got out the bath.
Ooh, is it still hot?
Well, no. And you're not
getting in my bath.
Of course not. No.
Come on.
Here you are. For you.
- For me?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Why are you so surprised?
I don't know.
Thank you.
Yeah, yeah.
Shelf decorations.
I haven't got any shelves.
Yeah, well, don't expect me
to put 'em up for ya.
Right, d'you want a brew?
Yeah, yeah, go on.
Thanks for bringing me books.
No one ever brings me books.
Keyrings, yeah.
But books, no.
What's this?
Well, what you doing with that?
BSC Criminology Dissertation.
What d'you keep it there for?
So I can show it to people
when they come round.
Oh, a bit shy about
your achievements, are ya?
- No, it's just an essay. Mmm.
- Oh.
That I got a first for.
I'm just gonna brush me hair.
I were DJ-ing at the time.
Travelling all over
and I met Runa...
in a club in Manchester
and I couldn't take
my eyes off her
cos she were
a fucking great dancer.
Never thought she'd go
for someone like me,
you know, rough and ready.
Cos she's from quite
a well-to-do family.
She's seeing this fella.
Didn't get with him
till after we lost the baby.
You know, it's not his,
it's mine.
Don't think badly of her,
er, it's just...
- I don't.
- Yeah.
We're separated.
We live in the same house
for now,
but separate bedrooms.
My family don't know.
How can they not?
They live all around you.
It's not fucking easy.
Oh, fucking hell. Jesus!
Not too proud to walk away
from something when it's dead
Do, do, do your dirty words
Hi, love.
Can you get a glass
of water, please?
Hiya, love.
Come and join us.
Oh, no, don't turn it off!
Put your arm in there, darling.
- No, don't turn it off.
- Good, and the other one.
- This time, baby...
- That's it. Come here.
I'll be bulletproof
-, I'll be...
- Listen, Dawn.
Can you take this?
Oh, no, I don't wanna take 'em.
Remember the lows.
Come on.
Oh. Oh, so this is him?
- All right.
- Woo!
Yeah. Right, let's go.
- He looks nice.
- Yeah, come on.
There you go, good girl.
- This time...
- That's it. Up you go.
- I'll take you to t'doctor.
- Okay.
- I'm bipolar, me, so...
- Up you go. Right.
This time, baby...
Yeah, keep going.
I'll be bulletproof
Fucked in the head, man
Don't grow up in the ends
Show no love to the feds
Fuck your respect
No dough, hungry and vexed
But polo'd up to the neck
Young mothers in debt
Just blow dole money on sesh
No hope, pushed to the edge
Blaze up when I'm stressed
in my zone
Smoke buds of the best
by the boatload
These crossroads
that I'm standing at
Or maybe it's the weather
Or something like that
Give me a new single
Make me a new baby
Gonna eat all the candy
while you straddle and lay me
Gonna know all the words
before you come on top
And I sing them back at you
while you try to nap
While the world rides on
We're so happy
to be listening to our radio
Our saviour, oh
While the world melts
on down
We're so happy to be
listening to our radio
Now break it on down slow
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Three point three, oh
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Slave to the radio
Three point three, oh
- All right?
- Hi.
Didn't think you'd come.
Why here?
I come every month
for the new moon.
My dad used to bring me,
but, look,
waxing half-moon tonight.
Paul's buried here.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry, I didn't...
No, it's all right.
He used to beat me to fuck.
Put his boots on to do it.
When he started on our Michelle,
that's when I left him.
Callum don't know, though.
That he hurt our Michelle.
Her dad's Indian,
Paul were a skinhead.
A member of the National Front.
Do you know what I did?
One time, he came back drunk
and I knew he were gonna start.
So I went
and got his boots for him.
Cos I knew
if I didn't, then he would.
And I were scared he were
gonna hurt Michelle again.
And after he beat me
black and blue...
I looked at them boots
and I thought,
"How could someone
as strong as me do that?"
It was one of those moments
that changes you.
So I kicked him out.
I went back to college
and I did a degree.
And here I am.
Right, then, I'll see ya.
Oh, God.
I don't wanna go home.
I like being here with ya.
Plus, I...
It's not safe for me to drive
cos I've had a...
- You know.
- A what?
Well, that's
the universal sign for drink.
- I had a drink.
- All right. But, yeah,
you have only had one of them.
Yeah, but...
- Take a good look at me.
- Why?
My constitution.
- I'm not used to it, so...
- Oh.
Is that why you've had a drink?
Plus, you can't get a taxi
here for love nor money, so.
I could get you a local taxi.
- Can you?
- Very easily.
I wanna stay.
You can have Callum's room.
All right.
- What?
- Yeah.
Er, I'm gonna get you
something to wear.
That's nice.
Oh, yeah, that's, um, Callum,
when he was a baby with his dad.
- Oh, right.
- Yeah.
Michelle's dad's Kulvinder.
My dad were all right
with Kulvinder,
but he stopped talking to me
when I got with Paul.
My dad hated the British.
Callum blames me for him dying.
He says his drinking got worse
when I left him,
but I had to leave him.
- So, here you go.
- Yeah, right.
- Night.
- Yeah, night.
What's up?
- Can we talk?
- Yeah.
Sometimes I just can't
switch off.
What's up?
I shouldn't have let you stay.
Cos of Runa?
It's okay.
We're not doing anyone any harm.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
All right.
I did ask for scrambled, but...
Dirty stop out.
Where were you last night?
What's up?
Nothing now.
Let's go away somewhere.
- Away?
- Yeah.
These crossroads
I'm stand...
Or maybe it's the weather
or something like that
I do not walk this floor,
bow down and then
Cos, Mama,
you've been on my mind
Mama, you've been on my mind
- Nice song.
- Yeah, Dylan.
Since when have you been
into Dylan?
Oh, you know...
Andrea? Andrea?
Aren't you a dark horse?
Er, have to tell us
where you're going first.
- Just give it me, Michelle.
- No.
- Away.
- No shit, Sherlock.
- For t'weekend, then.
- Where? Who with?
A friend.
A friend? A fella?
Tell us everything,
then you get the case.
I mean no trouble
Please don't put me down
or get upset
I'm not pleading
You're so nave, Mum.
It's a thing.
What do you mean,
"It's a thing"?
Them lot, womanising.
Is your dad one of them lot?
No, he's Indian.
Lives in Clayton.
So your dad's better
than him cos of where
- he lives, is that it?
- No.
Cos I never had you down
as stuck-up, Michelle.
It's nowt to do with stuck-up.
He's married!
They'll just think
you're a slag!
You know that, don't you?
- See ya, then.
- See ya.
Fuck's sake.
What have you got that for?
I didn't think you'd show.
- I thought you'd stood me up.
- I wouldn't do that to you.
- Ali...
- What?
Maybe we shouldn't go.
Look, he's coming. Give me
your hand. Come on!
Maybe it's the colour
Maybe it's the colour
Of the sun cut flat
An' cov'rin'
These crossroads
that I'm standing at
Maybe it's the weather
or something like that
Mama, you've been on my mind
- I thought you hated folk?
- I do.
When you
wake up in the morning
Baby, look inside
your mirror
You know
I won't be next to you
You know I won't be near
I'll just be curious to know
If you can see yourself
as clear
As someone who had you
on his mind
- Warm these up.
- That's nice.
- Yeah?
- Feels nice.
Wait, listen. Don't move.
- Don't move. Wait.
- What? What?
- What?
- Feel how warm they are?
Just focus on that.
Nothing else.
You still scared?
What you scared of?
How much I like ya.
Oh, Ava.
Every time I look at your
face, it looks different.
I see something different
every time.
- Every time?
- Mmm-hmm.
I've never seen that before.
Your belly.
You mean my six pack.
Every part of ya.
I'm scared now.
Am I too much?
Nought to 70.
I'm the one that's
supposed to be too much.
It's all right.
Ah, come on. Come here.
- Where we going?
- Come here.
What about the eyes?
We're hidden here.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah. Just...
What? Because I was, like,
"Oh, God!"
- Michelle?
- It's Callum.
Stopping here for a few nights.
We're seeing each other.
Nah. No, you're not.
Not a fucking chance.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Hey, hey, hey.
She's telling you now.
Come, we'll go stay at mine.
Callum, babe.
What's up?
I'm... I'm just thinking.
You know, what's it mean,
me being here now?
And it's running
through me head, Ava, if...
If Paul were here,
would he kick me head in?
Why'd you let Callum
keep them boots?
Hey, shut up.
Listen, my dad would have
something to say about that
if he were here.
- So he would.
- So he would!
You know why she wants to call
that baby "Grace", don't ya?
It's her dad's favourite song.
- It is, yeah.
- Is it?
Sing it, Ava.
No, I'm not gonna sing it now.
- Go on.
- I'm not.
- Go on!
- Go on! Come on, do it.
- No, I'm not.
- Cookie Monster there.
Oh, Grace
Just hold me in your arms
And let this moment linger
They'll take me out at dawn
and I will die
With all my love
I place this wedding ring
upon your finger
There won't be time
to share our love
For we must say goodbye
Yes! Yes!
We got something to say
Don't know
It's you and me, baby
It's you and me, baby
You all right?
Oh, my God, what are those?
What the fuck...
Shut the fuck up.
They were my dad's.
It's you and me, baby
It's you and me, baby
You all right, love?
Yeah. Could you just grab her
while I get a drink?
Is that all right?
Oh, hey, fucking hell!
Should be my fucking dad
holding her!
All right! Callum!
Now, listen. Listen,
listen, listen. Listen.
I don't think
you should be wearing them.
Ali, sit down.
All right, darling,
Mummy's here.
Mummy's here.
- Give me my daughter now!
- Hey, hey, hey.
Calm down.
Come on.
- Fuck.
- Come here, sit down.
It's all right.
- It's all right.
- Okay, okay.
I'm in Callum's room.
He's taken everything.
Come here, come on.
Can I ask...
Can I ask a question?
Can I ask a question?
Has he taken the sword as well?
Thank God, eh?
Jesus, who the hell's
he think he is?
Some sort of samurai?
I daren't leave
me car in that car park
in case gypsy kids
have me wheels off.
Does me head in, working in BD4.
Why'd they have to move there?
Cheaper rent, innit?
Didn't you do uni research
up there?
- Where?
- Holme Wood.
- Yeah.
- Were it dead chavvy?
- Mixed. It's a big school.
- Huh.
Are you ready to lose
your football match?
I'm not going to lose.
- You are. You lost last time.
- No, I didn't.
I've got faith.
- You didn't score.
- I was in goal.
I forgot.
Can you just get 'em?
Yes, I will go and get them.
Thank you.
All right, help me.
I know.
About you and that Gori chav.
While she's studying 24/7.
- You don't understand.
- Don't I?
Go in there and sit with her.
What's that?
Oh, that's a camera
I bought him. He loved that.
I love that photo.
What's this about?
They formed a team
when t'mill closed.
Ali told everyone at school
he didn't have a dad
cos he was so ashamed
he lost his job.
Oh, look at you,
running away from home.
That's t'school panto.
What, Dick Whittington?
He's still a dick now...
- Hey!
- Hakim.
Look at that one.
Mum, you look like a right
geek there. What happened?
Hey! Cheeky git.
Saying I look thick now?
- No.
- Come look at this one.
- Looks cute, though.
- Oh, bless him.
This one's my favourite.
There we are.
Oh, I don't want it,
thanks, love.
Right, what's up? Hmm?
- Go see him, you daft cow.
- No.
- Go on.
- No, I'm not. I'm not.
Don't make me drag you
down there. Cos I will.
Perhaps it's the colour
of the sun cut flat
And cov'rin' the crossroads
I'm standing at
Or maybe it's the weather
or something like that
But, Mama,
you've been on my mind
I don't mean trouble, please
Don't put me down
or get upset
I am not pleadin'
Or sayin',
"I can't forget you"
I do not pace the floor
bowed down an' bent, but yet
Mama, you been on my mind
Even though my eyes are hazy
And my thoughts,
they might be narrow
Where you been don't
bother me
Or bring me down with sorrow
I don't even mind who you'll
be waking with tomorrow
Mama, you're just on my mind
I'm not asking you to say
words like "yes" or "no"
Please understand me
I have no place
I'm calling you to go
I'm just whisperin'
to myself
So I can't pretend
that I don't know
Mama, you are on my mind
It's an absolute shit tip
in here.
Is this cos of him?
Right, come on.
- Up.
- What you doing?
Look, you can't get in a state
like this
over some no-mark bloke.
Have you even been to work?
It's not just him, it's Callum.
It's everything.
- This is mental.
- I know it is.
You can't lose that job
cos of him, can ya?
- Mum?
- Give us them!
Right, get in the shower,
you look a fucking state.
I'll tidy up in here.
Let me just check...
You haven't got any of my vinyl.
All right, that's yours,
that's yours.
Are you okay?
Do you want a brew or summat?
Yeah, go on.
I spoke to our Michelle.
We talked about me dad.
She were only little.
But he were a good man,
though, weren't he?
There were good times. Yeah.
I got rid of them boots.
There you go.
You got a name yet?
Karen said no to "Paula".
She don't mind "Grace", though.
Hello, Grace.
Come on.
Okay, my last song this evening
dates back to 1916,
the Easter Rising.
One of the rebels fighting
to end British rule in Ireland
was a young man
called Joseph Mary Plunkett.
While he was awaiting execution,
he married his long-time
girlfriend Grace Gifford.
And this is a beautiful song
that you know very well.
It's a song called Grace.
As we gather in the chapel
Here in old Kilmainham Gaol
I think about
these past few weeks
Oh, will they say we failed?
From our school days
They have told us
we must yearn for liberty
Yet all I want
in this dark place
Is to have you here with me
Oh, Grace,
just hold me in your arms
And let this moment linger
They'll take me out at dawn
And I will die
With all my love,
I'll place this wedding ring
Upon your finger
There won't be time
to share our love
For we must say goodbye
Now I know it's hard
For you, my love,
to ever understand
The love I bear
for these brave men
My love of this dear land
But when Padraic
called me to his side
Down to the GPO
I had to leave my own
sick bed
To him I had to go
Oh, Grace,
just hold me in your arms
And let this moment linger
They'll take me out at dawn
And I will die
With all my love,
I'll place this wedding ring
Upon your finger
There won't be time
to share our love
For we must say goodbye