Alice (2022) Movie Script

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Do you, Alice,
take Joseph...
to be your husband
in sickness and in health...
until distance do you part?
I do.
And do you, Joseph,
take Alice to be your wife...
in sickness
and in health
until distance do you part?
I do.
I now pronounce you...
man and wife.
The Lord has decided
that he needed to test us.
-Mr. Paul?
-The deed has been done.
It wasn't a rabbit.
You arrogance blinded you,
We'll note it for Sunday.
Now grab one end.
He said,
"If you will diligently listen
to the voice of the Lord,
your God,
and do that
which is right in His eyes...
...give ears to His commands
and keep all His statutes,
I will put none
of the diseases on you
that I put on the Egyptians...
...for I am the Lord,
your healer."
Mr. Paul.
Mr. Paul!
Mr. Paul!
I caught a rat!
Don't even think
about helping him up.
He did this on his own.
He can get up on his own.
Y'all heard him.
Get back to work!
Back to work.
Back to work, boy.
-Hold still.
You can't be sneaking over here
and playing like this.
As the oldest woman
in this bunch,
I think I can do just about
anything I want to do.
And right now,
I want to see my son.
Best not to hear
those stories tonight, Alice.
Her reading's
the only thing we got.
We can't keep doing this.
We thank keep letting Mr. Paul
do what he wants.
It's a choice
we don't have to make.
If any one of us
start acting up,
you know what would happen?
We'd all die.
There's 12 of us.
There's one of him.
Three if you count
Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Aaron.
Not all of us had the teaching
from Mr. Paul you had.
The men that hunt runaways
work at night.
We've all heard the stories.
I ain't never heard of them
hunting in the day.
It won't work, Alice.
She ain't wrong
for thinking about it.
None of us are.
There's got to be
something else.
A bunch of white men
out there waiting...
to kill us, keep us, or sell us.
I need to speak to my wife.
-Joseph, this place --
-Paul knows.
About us.
About everything.
No, my brothers and sisters!
This was no messenger from God.
This was a warning
from the devil himself.
Even in our gracious state
of Georgia...
on God-given land,
the devil has ways
of sending an emissary.
He said, "You must continue
to be fruitful.
Not only for yourselves,
but for your domestic livestock,
for they, too, must be bathed
in the bounty of birth.
Or I will...
take it all away."
I need to have
a word with you.
How long has it been
since we lost your beloved?
Long time ago.
I've always tried my best
to take care of you.
Haven't I?
You want to be inside.
Is that it?
No, sir.
A home life.
This is what you're longing for,
isn't it?
When your wife passed...
I should've married you off.
Could have had sons
working by your side.
Mr. Paul, I --
Our neighbor, Brother Levi,
has offered one of his domestics
to be your bride.
I'm happy, Mr. Paul.
I-I work hard.
I-I don't need --
The message was clear.
You need to be fruitful.
Along with
the other domestics.
This -- This is a big thing
Brother Levi is doing for us.
He hasn't been as blessed
with his domestics.
We've agreed
that the first child
will rightfully go to him.
You'll leave this week to... procreate.
And then, when the pregnancy
is confirmed,
you can return.
This is so much bigger
than -- than us.
Daniel's coming home tomorrow.
And Rachel.
She's been gone a long time now.
Your mind's not
what it used to be, Mother.
It's Sunday.
I said it's Sunday.
I know.
You go on ahead of me.
What about Mrs. Bennett?
Ruth can put her to bed.
Nobody said you could sit there.
You think you look like this?
I just looked at the picture.
I didn't...
You don't read good enough
to understand...
the meaning, Alice.
I-I only taught you
so you could read to me
as a domestic.
On the bed.
Have you ever thought
about running away?
Pondering is only
gonna make you feel worse.
Have you ever thought about it?
We don't --
We don't talk about that.
I didn't ask
if we talked about it.
I asked you
if you thought about it.
Used to.
But I just chose
not to see things
out of my control.
That kind of thinking
will get you killed.
You ever hear stories
about anyone making it out?
Your granddaddy...
...once said he -- he saw a man.
One of us.
As if...
As if he just fell from the sky.
Could start a fire
with his hands.
He's still out there.
My daddy...
buried him over in that --
in that corral.
Strangest-looking man
he'd ever seen.
-Did you see him?
-Oh, no, I wasn't --
I wasn't trying to.
What are you doing?
What are you doing, son?
What are you --
We can fix those.
You like your schoolin'?
Well, I'll bet you have
a lot of friends.
Not really.
Well, you know what that means.
You're a smarter person.
They don't understand you.
A man is rich
not by what he owns,
but by what he can do without.
Mrs. Bennett awake?
She's in the sitting room.
Well, get her.
Her grandson's home.
Hi, Mr. Daniel.
You hungry?
Make something
for me and my boy.
Can't you see?
Mrs. Bennett.
Mrs. --
I was a dancer, you know.
In Chicago.
Mrs. Bennett...
what's out there?
The whole world.
Don't you see it?
I found this.
What is it?
Something from somewhere.
Someone from someplace.
Someone like us.
There's more than we know...
more than we can see.
We have to go.
-I don't know.
-We'll go.
If we make it out,
we come back for everyone
and burn this place
to the ground.
Aaron's got a gun.
You let me worry about that.
What if...
What if there's nothing
out there?
I'll take my chances.
Will you?
Wait for my signal.
"There's a strange land yonder,
a land of witchcraft
and beautiful things,
a land of brave people."
-I got this, Daddy.
"What is the good of..."
"What is the good of talking?
It grows dark.
Those who live to see will see.
'You need not fear me,
he said, interpreting my look."
Mr. Aaron!
"I dig no holes
for you to fall in,
I make no plots."
You're crazy!
-What you want, boy?
-I caught a rabbit.
Oh. me.
-"I-If we..."
"If ever we are..."
Get inside.
Keep reading.
Go! Go!
Go! Run!
Go! Run! Go!
Don't stop!
Don't stop!
-Go! Go!
Run! Go!
Mr. Paul!
I got him, Mr. Paul!
Mr. Paul!
Mr. Paul, I got him!
I got him!
I got him!
Mr. Paul.
Mr. Paul!
I got him!
I got him! I got him!
I think he's gone.
All I ever tried to do...
was protect you.
Now, you go look.
You go look...
and you see
what betrayal looks like.
You go look!
What do you say I have Moses
make you some new toys?
I want to go home.
Alice, I want you
to sit with us.
Looks good.
Don't you think, Daniel?
Alice is a good cook.
Be a shame to lose her.
Shut your mouth!
-Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Help me!
Use the scold's bridle.
No! No! No! No!
You stop!
What did I do to deserve this?!
What did I do?!
I really liked you, Alice.
I really liked you!
I want to move past this, Alice.
The greatest gift
God gave to man
was forgiveness.
Miss, can you hear me?
Miss? Miss, you got --
Miss --
Be cool, man!
Don't give him no peace sign
If you don't mean it
from your heart
-United we can get over
-United we can get over
-But yet were still apart
-But yet were still apart
'Cause each man demands respect
and to get an equal share
And until
you're givin' him that
There'll be no peace
Brother's gonna work it out
Brother's gonna work it out
Brother's gonna work it out
Brother's gonna work it out
Oh, we must all join hands
We can march across
this land in peace...
Be cool!
Be cool.
Be cool.
Be cool.
-Be cool.
Be cool. Hey.
Hey, relax.
Do you remember?
You fainted.
I couldn't leave you out there.
How did you get free?
When reality's all gone?
What is this?!
Hey, hey.
Don't -- Don't touch that.
No, don't -- don't --
Hold up, now.
Don't touch that door.
You must've hit your head
real hard.
Eyes to the facts
Of what's truly
holding you back
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Do you --
Do you know you in George?
You do?
Do you know it's 1973.
Oh, right on
As far as I'm concerned,
we went back 10 years
with that jive ass
Nixon in office.
You can go back?
Oh, nah.
that would be slick.
Air Force?
that's an old Zippo.
You know
what this is?
Yeah, it's a lighter.
Let me see it.
Yet you stay locked
behind defeat
Yet the key is
in your mind
That your family?
Uh, I have to get
out of this --
Miss, there's napkins
in that glove compartment.
There's napkins there.
Get the napkin--
I'm sorry.
I didn't m-mean to.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
I'm gonna let you
off up the ways.
There's a hospital
right up there.
They can
take care of you.
Come on.
I can't leave
this truck here.
The people inside,
they're gonna help you.
Excuse me.
I picked up this woman
on the highway.
-She fell.
She might have amnesia. I
don't know.
So, she must've hit her head
or something.
-When she fainted?
Where is she?
You can't be wondering off.
I'm trying to help you.
Is she sick?
Is she free?
Free from what?
Her owner.
W-We -- We need to go
to the front desk.
Dr. Forest,
dial 118 please.
Dr. Forest,
please dial 1-1-8.
Rolling stone?
You're saying
she has no recollection of time?
That's right.
And what's
your relationship to her?
No relation.
I picked her up on the highway.
You can go now, sir.
That lady's
gonna help you.
What's your name?
What's yours?
Okay, Alice.
I heard you had a fall.
-Yes, ma'am.
-You have a headache?
Any pain?
Well, I'm gonna need you
to fill this out for me,
and we'll be able to get you in
as soon as we can.
I don't write.
Oh, OK.
I see.
-What's your name?
Last name?
I don't have one.
Current address?
Where do you live?
I don't know yet.
What does that mean?
It means
you're going someplace nice.
The Alice without
the last name.
Southern Georgia Memorial
Ma'am, hey.
I was just here
a little while ago.
-I remember.
-Alice, this is she okay?
Has anybody --
Did anybody see her?
If you're not of kin,
I can't give you any information
on that patient.
Southern Georgia Memorial.
did the doctor see you?
They're helping me.
Taking me
someplace nice.
There ain't
no place nice.
There's no place nice?
Not where
they taking you.
H-How do you know
there's no place nice?
'Cause I know.
Now, let's go.
Come on. We got a break.
Come on.
how do you know?
'Cause I know.
I just know, okay?
Come on.
How do I know
you're not the bad one?
Look, I know what they do
to people in the sanatorium.
It where they take you
and drill your brain out.
Was you in one?
Somebody close
to me was.
And they died there.
I'm sorry.
My husband died.
You ain't kill him,
did you?
Maria! Mateo!
What's happenin'?
Whose domestics
are those?
Those people work
for my brother.
It was the family business.
What the hell
have you been?
You realize
you three hours late, right?
Everything is not about you,
Who's that?
Look, if you're trying
to get another one
of your friends a job,
the answer's no.
-Be cool, man.
-Never again.
You understand?
finish the reports
and be on time, okay?
Is that your brother?
You embarrassed by me?
I'm embarrassed by him.
It's not much.
It was my mom's
old place.
I'll get you something
to sleep in,
and we can figure out
everything in the morning.
You're hungry?
Is that
your cold closet?
My what?
You like bologna?
Little mustard, too.
It's good.
Try it.
It's salty.
It's mustard.
You can eat
as much as you want.
Do you have some milk?
Blackberry juice okay?
We were told that only
white people were beautiful,
only straight hair,
light eyes, light skin.
Their own appearance
is beautiful.
They're proud of it.
And white people
are aware of it, too,
because white people
now want natural wigs.
They want wigs like this.
Dig it?
Isn't it beautiful?
-All right.
They say Superwoman.
I think they get me
confused with --
They think I've been
in "Cleopatra Jones"
and some of these
super woman films...
That's Pam Grier.
She the baddest
chick around.
I'm always
getting beaten up.
It's a young woman who's able
to get out of a situation
on her own,
use her instincts.
She has to survive.
Now back
to "Sanford and Son."
Are they small people?
They're not inside.
Yes? Oh, I'm sorry.
Deliveries are
in the rear.
They big people like us.
Sanford and Son!
I'm Sanford, and this is son!
You want some
Here's some
identification for you!
Credit cards!
Sears Roebuck.
Montgomery Ward.
Right here, exalted ruler
of the Wild Moose.
the smallest shirts I had.
Um, and I got a toothbrush
for you right in the...
It's right in the bathroom
right there.
Morning. I made you
some breakfast.
And I put together
some things.
I hope
they might jog your memory.
Does this look familiar?
I know you
know this, man.
I bet you
if you hear it.
You know that?
I know you know that.
I know you know that.
Keep on learnin'
You know that one?
What about this?
I know you and your lady friends
love to talk on this.
This what you do.
You use the numbers.
Just dial.
Cool it, mama.
You remember
any names, anybody?
'Cause you can find anybody
in this book.
I mean, well,
anybody within reason.
You can't find the president
or Miles Davis or nobody,
but, I mean,
anybody within reason.
And you start with --
with the last name first.
You remember anybody?
What's in this?
This is knowledge.
I got to go to work,
A-All right. Uh...
Eat your breakfast.
Nobody knows
All of the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows
All of the problems
Glory hallelujah
Say it again
Say it to the Lord
Glory hallelujah
I've been abused
And I've been scorned
I've been talked about
Yes, I have
Just as sure as you're born
Nobody knows
Oh, no, no
All of the troubles I've seen
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
All my sorrows
All of my sorrows
Glory hallelujah
Glory hallelujah
Nobody, nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody, nobody
Hello? Hello?!
Is this R-Rachel Bennett?
no Rachel Bennett here.
Who is this?
Were you married
to a man named Paul?
Uh, no.
Wrong number.
- Hello.
-Is this is Rachel Bennett?
- No.
Wrong number.
Person who is
the legal property of another
and is forced to obey them.
slavery, civil rights."
"Emancipation Proclamation.
The Emancipation Proclamation
was a presidential proclamation
and executive order issued
by the United States President
Abraham Lincoln
on January 1, 1863.
It changed
the federal legal status
of more than three million
enslaved Blacks
in the designated areas
of the South
from slave...
to free."
This is American justice.
This is American democracy.
And those of you
who are familiar with it
know that in America,
democracy is hypocrisy.
Now, if I'm wrong,
put me in jail.
If democracy means justice,
why don't we have justice?
If democracy means equality,
why don't we have equality?
And we're gonna say it
after this,
and after I'm locked up
and after everybody's
locked up,
that you can jail
a revolutionary,
but you can't jail
a revolution.
...are administrating
this movement now
to eradicate those
We will not stop
until we have won.
No, no, I will never
that progress is being made.
If you stick a knife
in my back 9 inches
and pull it out 6 inches,
there's no progress.
If you pull it all the way out,
that's not progress.
The progress is healing
the wound that the blow made.
And they haven't even begun
to pull the knife out,
much less try
and heal the wound.
They won't even admit
the knife is there.
I'm free.
I'm free.
Civil rights.
Emancipation Proclamation.
I'm free.
I've been free.
Is this Rachel?
Were you married
to a man...
named Paul?
I was.
It's Alice.
I'm sorry, who?
The woman...
you used to own.
how are you calling me?
Are you out?
I'm free.
I want to see you.
I'm picking Daniel up
We can meet tomorrow.
Bobby's Diner.00.
After you file
the inventory reports,
I need you to have
a talk with Mateo.
About what?
He was stealing
Can you believe that?
We gave him that one shot.
Damn immigrants.
Man, I'll tell you.
What you --
What you want me to tell him?
Get rid of him.
And his wife, too.
-What did she do?
-Oh, come on, man.
You know she had to know.
I don't think
neither one of them
would have anything
to do with that.
Oh, come on.
That's how they do.
"That's how they do"?
You didn't have
to make me nothing.
I wanted to.
It's good.
We got to figure out
what you have to do.
Maybe some woman's home
or some place
they can help you
get your memory back.
I haven't lost
my memory.
-You may think --
-I haven't lost my memory.
I know exactly who I am
and where I came from.
These books told me.
Who are you then?
I'm me.
I know, Alice.
I know you Alice.
But who are you?
My whole life's
been a lie, Frank.
Not just part.
Not the kind of lies
people tell themselves
to get by.
The whole thing.
So, who are you?
I was a slave, Frank.
Do you...
Do you know what
you're saying?
Do you?
I know exactly
what I'm saying.
No, do you? Do you really know
what you're saying right now?
Alice, I need you
to tell me who you really are
-or whoever it is --
-I just told you who I was.
You need to get somebody
that can help you.
Why can't you help me?
Because I'm nobody.
I'm meeting somebody
I knew.
That's -- That's good.
That's great.
You want me to take you?
I'd like that.
Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time
I see reflections
of you and me
Reflections of
The love you took from me
Oh, I'm all alone now
No love to shield me
Trapped in a world that's
A distorted reality
Through the mirror of my mind
Through these tears
that I'm crying
Reflects a hurt I can't control
'Cause although you're gone
I keep holding on
To the happy times
Ooh, when you were mine
As I peer through the window
Of lost time
Looking over my yesterdays
And all the love
I gave all in vain
All the love
All the love that I've wasted
All the tears
All the tears that I've tasted
All in vain
Through the hollow of my tears
I see a dream that's lost
From the hurt
That you have caused
Everywhere I turn
Seems like everything I see
Reflects the love
that used to be
In you I put
All my faith and trust
Right before my eyes
It's Rolling Stone.
How do I look?
Like you.
Just a handful of promises
Are all that's left
of loving you
All the love
All the love that I've wasted
All the tears
All the tears that I've tasted
All in vain
You gonna be okay
going to see your friend?
She was never my friend.
She ain't your friend?
That's right.
How does that work?
Just does.
You need me to come with you?
Sit anywhere you want.
Just you?
I'm waiting on somebody.
I-I'm looking for someone,
a woman.
a lot of women here.
A Negro woman.
-Take it easy.
-Take care.
You look so different.
You don't.
Sweetie, turn that down.
He's obsessed with that thing.
I hid it in his suitcase
when he went to see Paul.
Any coffee?
I'm shocked he didn't find it.
I heard it.
I'm hungry, Alice.
I'm not here to serve you.
Why don't you go
check out that machine
while mommy talks, okay?
Alice --
I'm not afraid of you anymore.
You should never
have been afraid.
We always wanted
to provide a safe place
for our domestics.
That includes discipline.
But every home
needs structure.
Life before people got confused
about their place,
and it was
a lot less hard --
I was never confused.
I was lied to.
You blame me?
I always thought of you
as family.
Stop with the lies,
My family died
so yours could leave.
I am not the devil,
No, the devil got to you
long before you left.
-I am learning every --
Why'd you ask me here
if I can't talk?
Because this whole thing,
me sitting
across from you,
this ain't about you.
This is about me
seeing you
for exactly what you are.
Outside of that backwards world
I was born into to believe
-you were actually somebody.
-Alice --
I thought if I could see you
out in the open,
It might stop me
from thinking about hunting down
and doing something to make sure
you never forget my name.
-Watch it, Alice.
-But Daniel
needs at least one parent.
I'm not scared.
And that should
scare you --
-Shut the hell up!
It's my turn now.
You left us there to die.
You watched us
get tormented.
And you thought
I wanted to meet up with you
just to hear you talk.
I don't give a damn
about your life.
is something you will never
understand in a million years.
I am freedom.
Daniel! Daniel!
Daniel, come.
-Y'all need to leave.
-Alice, wait. Wait, Alice.
Hey, hey, hey.
You got a bill.
-What about Alice?
-Get in the car right now!
You let them get away!
Go to hell!
I have to go back.
Nah, you can't go back.
What you talking about?
You know what will happen
to you?
Everybody that's ever
cared about me is still there.
I got to get them out.
I'm'a need some more books.
What would you do?
Kill all of them?
Well, why not? Nothing
else seems to do any good.
You know who they are.
Everybody knows who they are.
And the law is in
for a piece of the action.
So, you want to play
with knives?
You want to spit on me and make
me crawl, white motherfucker?
Well, you picked
the wrong player.
It seems like I'm in a dream.
And I'm still in this dream,
and it wouldn't take much
for me to kill you now.
Shit. Look.
I ain't gonna shoot you.
I'm gonna piss on your grave
What'd you think?
She wasn't real.
Was she?
What she believed in,
what she stood for was.
Right on.
You said you was going back.
I am.
What's going on, Alice?
I'm going back.
You can't go back by yourself.
-The police ain't gonna help --
Them folk that's supposed
to help people.
Well, they help
some people sometimes.
You can't help me?
You still do what
your brother tells you.
So you no different
than me.
But you used to stand
for something --
the marches, the sit-ins.
I saw them
in your memory box.
What happened to you?
What happened...
was I spent
a decade of my life
trying to help the cause.
and make a change
for the people.
That's what
happened to me.
You know what changed.
My mother died,
and I got older,
and the leaders got killed,
and everybody
just stopped trying.
That's what happened.
But you can
make a change.
You can make a change now.
Something that's bigger
than yourself.
Like Coffy.
Oh, Alice.
Oh, no. Just --
A Black man trying
to do something for hisself.
Where is that gonna happen
in America?
That's a death certificate.
You understand me?
I'm asking myself
to get killed doing that.
That's what that is.
Where is that gonna happen?
You tell me that.
But you can do something.
You ain't got
no birth certificate
or no Social Security, no I.D.
You -- You can do
what you want.
I didn't expect you
to say yes,
but just so you know,
doing the right thing
is never wrong.
I'm wrong because
I can't help you.
You're wrong...
'cause you don't believe.
Not any more.
What's your plan?
We might need these.
You came out
right about here.
That's the service road
right there.
You want
to take the road?
For what we want to do,
we better.
Yeah, then everybody
can see the truth.
What's public transit?
It's a bus, Alice.
It pick people up and
take them where they need to go.
-You sure you want to do this?
-I'm sure.
Well, tomorrow night,
if you change your mind
at any time,
they don't
make you weaker.
We can figure out
how to get everybody out.
Like what?
Well, everything
don't work out as planned.
I used to dream of breaking
my mom out of that hospital.
Why didn't you?
I didn't believe I could.
I'm not backing out.
I can't do it.
I can't.
I just --
I can't do it.
And, Alice, I don't think
you should do it either.
I really don't --
You all right?
Nodding's not
an answer, Frank.
You okay?
Nodding is an answer,
Be cool.
Nah. You be cool.
I've been cool for a long time.
What's this?
What this is, is I'm telling you
to get out my face.
I'm my own man.
I think for myself.
And you know what
a motherfucking nod is.
Get in.
It's better than the bus.
10-8, there's a wildfire
on the I-55 highway.
Copy that.
What's your 20?
A service road right off
the Hitchcocks exit, 34A.
Fire truck en route.
Thought I knew better.
I'm proud of you.
Your mama...
would be proud of you.
Hurry your asses up!
Hurry your asses up!
All right!
Gather up!
Get everyone
behind the house!
Who'd you think
it was gonna be?
You ain't gonna
win this fight.
Get your ass back.
You're not gonna
leave here again.
At least not in one piece.
Get inside.
On the bed.
What do you want, Alice?
I want...
everyone to see the truth.
Well, all they're gonna see
is fire,
and thanks to you,
they're gonna work
through the night,
putting it out.
No, they're not.
My family's done working
for you.
It's over.
Everything you hid from us,
all the lies you told
to make yourself
feel important...
it's all coming down
right before your eyes.
Some things...
you can't hide forever.
I'm smarter than you.
I'm better than you.
And I know
that scares you.
How does it feel?
I gave you all
a meaningful life!
This tradition was born
long before you.
Alice, you j--
You don't make sense.
I never told anyone
that they had to stay.
I just never told them
that they could go.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna kill me?
I'm gonna make sure
your last few breaths
feel like hell.
Well, Hell, Alice...
-Is where you're going! where you're going!
Oh, oh
You better think
That's the thing
I never will forget
Now baby, I got a life to live
and a whole lotta lovin'
That I want to give you
But before I give it up,
I got to think, think
Do you know Alice?
Yeah. I know Alice.
I don't need no heartache
-I can't stand no misery
Let me think
All right
Don't say it's easy,
know it can be rough
Just plain living,
sometimes it's kinda tough
Oh, no! No!
You bad
You bad, you bad
I'm sorry!
What are you doing?!
What are you doing?!
I'm sorry!
You bad
I'm sorry.
You bad, you bad
You bad, you bad
I'm sorry.
You bad, you bad
It take two to make
a thing go right
I can't believe you made it out.
I can't believe we made it out.
All right
Excuse me, ma'am.
Let me get the name.
You bad, you bad
I'm Alice.
She bad, ain't she?
You bad, you bad
If it's not in your vision
Don't make no decision
All right
Come on, baby
Oh! Oh!
Don't say it's easy
Just plain living,
sometimes it's kinda tough
You bad, you bad
She bad, ain't she?
You bad, you bad
If it's not in your vision
Don't make no decision
You bad, sister
Hey, yeah
All right
All right
So I'm laying the cards
on the table
When it comes
to taking care of me
I know I'm able
You may not call it true
But I won't do nothing
that you won't do
Said I won't do nothing
that you won't do
So think
About the good things
Come on and think
I'm happy just to have
this moment
I love the way
my life's unfolding
I know exactly
where I'm going
Take a look around
Things are changing now
I turned the page
and wrote my story
It begins with faith,
but don't you worry
I only want
what God has for me
Take a look around
I'm stronger now
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be just fine
We are gonna be all right
From empty to overflowing
Yeah, that's the type of cup
I'm holdin'
It's the kind a girl
can't help but notice
The sun is out
Things are clearer now
Every path you take,
it feels so hard at times
Got to get lost
to find who you are at times
It brought me joy
It brought me patience
It's a better day
And say, say
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be just fine
We are gonna be all right
In my heart
In my mind
I believe
Through the rain
I'll be fine
I believe, yeah
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be all right
We are gonna be just fine
We are gonna be all right
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mm, mm, mm