Alice T. (2018) Movie Script

Table 4.
Did Horatiu leave anything? It's Alice.
- 400?
- They're 350 online.
- Thanks for checking!
- What the fuck did you think?
Forget it.
Hey, Alice!
- No funny games!
- Relax!
- Let me know when youve done it.
- Done what?
You little bitch!
Its my phone, give it back.
- Yours?
- Yes, dad got it.
Then you can call him
and say I took it away.
- Give it to me then, so I can call.
- Use the landline.
Tell him you havent been
to school for two weeks.
I have!
You should at least have gone in
for the test on Monday.
- Its like youre retarded!
- Charming! Thanks!
Give me that phone! Give it me!
- Stop it Alice! Youre not a baby!
- She called me a retard!
That's the deal?
- Its a bit expensive.
- We can keep looking.
Mom, give me my phone.
Let's think about it.
Don't push your luck!
Leave her alone, Zoli.
Go to your room!
- Don't fuck around with me.
- Now, Alice!
- Ill never forget this!
- Go to your room!
Go fuck yourself, you shit!
Fucking piece of shit!
Fucking connection!
Are you pregnant?
Whats that?
Cesonia sent you a stork carrying a baby.
So what? Why are you going
through my messages?
- Are you pregnant, Alice?
- No!
- Why are you lying?
- Im not.
Give me the password!
Ill unlock it for you.
- So youre not pregnant?
- No.
We'll see.
- Im going to the drugstore.
- What do you need? Ill go.
- Get a pregnancy test.
- Seriously?
Whos Horatiu?
Forget it.
You've made your mind up anyway.
Cesonia is asking if Horatiu cried.
I bet he's top of the class!
"Bummer, bitch!"
You have to put your slippers on,
she smashed her phone.
- What?
- Alice.
Hold it there for 5-6 seconds.
Thats enough.
Thats enough, what are you doing?
Don't fuck with me. Take it out!
We'll stay here untill
we find out the truth.
She threw the test down the toilet.
She thinks Im one of her idiot friends
from school.
Like Cesonia, or some other monkey.
Go get another test, please.
Youre not going anywhere.
Fill this glass, we'll do another test.
Im pregnant, OK?
Congratulations, Alice.
"Mom, I know about safe-sex,
its the 21st century."
So I get pregnant, what's the big deal?
- I'm sorry?
- Now, you care!
- Of course I care. Im your mother!
- Oh, please!
How can you talk to me like this?
Why don't you take care of that little
boyfriend of yours?
Honestly, if you're feeling maternal,
give him a tit to suck on.
You evil bitch!
Ive raised a fucking whore!
Thats what I am to you,
a whore.
I'm losing my mind
dealing with your bullshit.
I want to keep the baby.
Are you insane?
You don't shower without me telling you.
How will you look after a baby?
That's how I feel.
You wouldnt understand.
You don't say.
How would you know what it feels like?
Anyway you cant stop me, so.
Right. Like you're all grown up, now!
Youre a minor!
Look into it.
At 16, you get to choose to keep the baby.
You can bitch as much as you like,
Im having this baby!
I dont understand what you're after.
Tell me the truth.
Are you pregnant or not?
You want me to pee in a jar
so you believe me?
See what you're like?
You always think Im lying
or that I'm after something.
It's too much.
- Look at me, Alice!
- Leave me alone.
Please, this is no way to talk.
That's how I am now.
You have to understand.
That's how I feel, I'm so divided.
I tried for years to have my own baby,
but you, right now...
Please look at me!
Fucking look at me,
and stop this nonsense,
youre driving me crazy!
You cant take care of yourself.
How will you take care of a baby?
It makes no sense!
I dont want to have an abortion.
Can you understand that?
- I believe you.
- You never do!
I'm fucking leaving this place.
Lets try and calm down.
Ill call Mihaela.
Well ask her to look at you.
- And then well see.
- Im not going to Mihaelas.
I know what youre up to.
Tell me what Im up to.
You're not making me have an abortion.
Ill go and see a doctor on my own.
You know Mihaela! What will we do?
Tie you to the bed?
Ive made my decision. Don't insist.
Enough. Calm down.
Who did you this favor?
- It was this Horatiu, wasnt it?
- The baby's mine, only mine.
This is nonsense, Alice!
Was it someone at school?
- Wait.
- What happened?
I said, be on time for once.
Im not used to this new phone yet.
- It's rude to Mihaela.
- I only saw you called an hour ago.
A little higher, please.
Legs too.
Shes ready, doctor.
Lets have a look.
When did you have your last period?
I should have had it maybe
two weeks ago.
Have you noticed any changes
in how you feel?
Did you feel nauseous?
- Do your breasts feel firm?
- I feel sick almost every day.
Her breasts are swollen.
This won't hurt.
If I dont speak,
it doesnt mean anything's wrong.
It's moving and it's hard to measure.
Hey, you! Dont move!
Its a bit big.
What do you mean?
Its about 9 weeks old,
not 6, like you said.
- It cant be.
- It'd have been bad if it was small,
a sign of abnormality.
Lets see the heartbeat.
- You see?
- Yes.
Lets try one more time.
This time, Im going to ask you
to hold your breath.
Like when you go scuba-diving.
Its hiding from us. Lets try again.
Look, you can see the hands.
Let's zoom in closer.
- Wow! The heart's really beating.
- We've got it.
160 beats per minute.
- Is that good?
- Perfect. Lets get a picture.
- Its moving!
- It's waving at us.
Lets zoom in again.
Here we have:
the head,
Lets show Alice:
The other hand.
A little leg.
The limbs are in bud, see?
Lets get another picture.
Here you see both legs.
Another picture.
Another crown-rump length.
9 weeks and a day. 2,4 cm.
To the happy couple!
You can clean up.
I'll get the pictures printed.
So, what happens next?
Normally, we'd meet in 4 weeks,
with the lab results.
Give me a sec.
Let's say in 3 weeks,
my daughter's holidays start,
it'll get hectic.
On the 22nd?
Fine, on the 22nd.
Good. We'll do that.
Ill put it in the diary.
Next time your father calls,
answer your phone.
I will.
- He wants you to go over and have a chat.
- Im not going there.
Then call and tell him that.
- Yeah.
- Don't say "yeah".
Call him and tell him.
- What does he know?
- I gave him the big picture.
- All right, Ill call him.
- Good.
He hit on me last week.
He said my skirt looked great.
You were right! They were sitting
there like two love birds.
- What did I tell you?
- I saw they were hanging back.
Maybe she needed help with her Physics.
Her Anatomy more like.
Please sir, help me with my anatomy!
How old is he, anyway?
42, 43, fuck knows.
- A granddaddy.
- Or a sugar-daddy, right!
Cris says its the wrong ones.
- What ones?
- The pills I got.
She got Prosta - fucking - gland...
They're not the same.
I was with Nico when she took them.
It went fine.
- Tell Alice, not me!
- We binged out at the mall.
- They come out top in the Google search.
- What did I say?
Take one now and four, in two days.
I can ask Nico what she took.
Listen to this.
"If youve been through this too,
just be supportive."
"Please don't fudge me."
- Bunch of losers!
- Judge me, fudge me.
Who are these people?
- Whatd you want?
- Just looking.
- How about getting us Cokes?
- What do I get?
- Give him 5 lei.
- You get 5 lei. Cool?
- Say pretty please and Ill go.
- Pretty please and Ill go.
- Weirdos!
- Jerk!
"My hair stands on end
"when I think of those tiny angels
with broken wings."
She should get herself waxed.
It says here if you take ketamine
you feel nothing.
Then youre as good as new.
This one paid 670 lei
for the ones you got.
We could sell yours for profit.
Stop smoking! Get inside!
Yes sir!
Yes sir, sugar-daddy sir!
Give me my phone.
- Here it says, "Vitalie can help."
- Who?
"If you dont want the baby,
"its better to have it,
"then give it away
but at least let it live."
- Who says that?
- Vitalie!
"If you need help, please write
- How many Cokes?
- 3 or 4, one for you!
"0726 210 210. My name is Vitalie,
"Im here to help any woman
who decides to keep her baby."
Crazy, no?
You took the pill?
- Sir.
- One second.
Is Lenciu there?
- Isnt he on duty?
- Today is Modalcas turn.
May I go home? I dont feel well.
What's wrong?
I told my French teacher too.
She let me go, I was really sick.
Have you seen Nurse?
I feel nauseous. Ive got a bad stomach.
Thats not good at all.
I also feel dizzy.
What did Nurse say?
I just got out of class. I thought
Id ask you to let me go home.
Lets see what Nurse says.
I dont think thatll help.
I called my mother.
She told me to come home.
If you're unwell, we should see Nurse.
That's useless! You know
what it's like.
What do you mean?
I'll get given an aspirin, thats all.
Sometimes an aspirin does the trick.
Please! At the gate they said to see you.
Miss Tarpan,
weve had this discussion before.
Many medical cases are cured
on the way to the nurses office.
I dont understand.
What dont you understand?
You know better than me if Im sick?
- Please come to the nurses office.
- Is that an order?
You can leave school premises
in three ways:
with a note from Nurse, from a counselor,
or at the day's end.
What if I get sicker by the day's end?
What if I faint, whos fault will it be?
- Well take you to Nurse.
- What if its too serious for Nurse?
How about you go to your class,
where you ought to be?
Youll be sorry!
- What class are you in?
- What does it matter?
- Who is your counselor?
- Forget it.
Its not as if I cant find out
what class you are in.
Preposterous! Young lady!
Mom. No, no cramps.
Can you come and pick me up?
They wont let me go.
There's some stupid...
I told them, it doesnt seem to matter.
Dont stand in the hall. Go to your class
or it's the staffroom.
Go fuck yourself!
Come and pick me up.
Im not moving until my Mom arrives.
Get your hands off me!
- Go to your class immediately!
- Dont touch me.
What is going on? What is it, Alice?
Im not going to see any nurse!
- Mr. Sceanu, what's happening?
- This is too much!
I won't move till Mom comes.
Then we'll see if you manhandle me again.
Come to my office,
dont yell in the hallway.
Who manhandled you?
- Mr.Saceanu, didnt you see!
- Youre exaggerating!
Well see whos exaggerating when
my Mom comes.
Welcome to jail!
They have no right to keep people
against their will!
Not so loud! Tell me how you feel.
Better. When I called you, it was worse.
But no cramps.
Tell that stupid headmistress that
if a parent agrees,
- theres nothing she can do.
- Dont put words in my mouth.
She cant stand me. Nor Sceanu.
- He yanked my arm.
- He yanked your arm?
- What does this Sceanu teach?
- Math. Hes an idiot.
I told him you allowed me to go,
he tugged my arm.
Ive had the procedures
for access to the building printed.
They're in conformity with the law
on access to educational premises.
Access includes exit.
Will Mr. Sceanu be joining us?
How dare he manhandle my daughter
and not let her leave?
Nobody manhandled anybody.
- He laid hands on me.
- She said he yanked her.
I don't think so.
Read the document.
Its not the first time Ive
given permission by phone.
I know the rules.
I allowed her home because
she wasnt feeling well.
- I was sick, I wanted to leave.
- Be quiet, let me speak!
Ive left work, come half way
across Bucharest,
because this Mr. Sceanu refused
to accept that I, as a parent,
gave her my permission to leave.
The teacher thought she was lying.
- He could have asked to speak to me.
- She does lie.
That's probably not news to you.
She could have put anyone
on the end of the phone.
"Hello, Im Alice Tarpans mother,
she can come home."
The teacher did what he thought
appropriate and I concur.
She felt unwell; we have a Nurse.
What would Nurse have done?
Put a Bandaid on my nose?
Alice, quiet!
Or you can deal with this on your own.
That's precisely the issue.
Alice is a problem student,
I'm sorry to say it.
- Should I pass by later?
- Yes.
Thats the truth.
You'll be surprised to hear she is close
to being expelled for poor attendance.
Im not surprised.
Im sorry I cant do anything.
Her grades arent brilliant either.
She is in danger of failing three subjects
for the second year in a row.
Ive never denied she has problems.
It's just her.
Her class counselor, Mrs. Gaiu,
who cannot be with us,
has collected a series of complaints.
One moment.
Thats not true! Shes lying!
Please, could I have Alice Tarpans file?
Mr. Tomescu.
"The student travels
from desk to desk during classes."
Velniceru Nicoleta, Tourisme and Commerce.
Confiscated her phone and put it
on the teachers desk.
Alice took it back. Threatened her.
And swore at her.
On December 18th.
Mrs Ciobanu told me that if we dont
do something about Alice,
she will stop teaching that class.
- We all have a job to do.
- All right.
Mr. Gogoloi.
Yes, my dear, that is his name.
The one he was born with.
Complains of indecent behavior.
They all have complaints.
Weve reached a limit.
I have statements from those involved
in the incident with Badea Calin.
In the end, you came to an agreement
with the boys parents
for them not to file a complaint.
See for yourself.
In effect, what I am saying
is that, quite frankly,
we should consider a transfer
to another school.
Perhaps one closer to home,
to allow you to fulfill your role
as a parent more effectively.
No offense meant.
No, Madam.
I see that you have prepared
a list of charges
and that youve decided
Alice should change schools.
I didnt come to discuss this.
I came to pick her up,
because she is unwell.
I should have thought you'd agree.
Alice wont change schools.
Ill take it to the Ministry if I have to.
In primary school, in secondary
school and now here,
the fact that she is adopted
has always come up.
- I didnt mention it!
- You did.
More or less subtly.
Every time, its the same thing:
move her to another school.
And what do you mean
my "role" as a parent?
Am I playing a role?
Im her mother and I behave accordingly.
- I didnt mean...
- You said it. I repeat:
Alice is not changing schools.
We can continue
this discussion in private.
Why? You dont think she knows?
I didn't mean that.
Youre not helping her taking her side
in front of me.
I apologize if I touched a nerve.
Is anybody going to ask me
if I want to move?
I'll tell you how I see it.
We'll apply for her to have a year off.
Shes pregnant, just so you know.
Shell be at home till the birth
and probably after.
Then, shell finish her high school.
Shell be 18 and an adult,
so you can talk to her directly.
Perhaps shell become
more responsible, more understanding.
Thats for the future.
Now, we can agree if I give her
permission to come home,
you must let her go home.
Without manhandling her, if possible.
In that case,
her counselor, during their next class,
will need to inform the students
about the situation.
Please announce it officially,
so that her colleagues
and your colleagues know the situation.
So they can act accordingly.
- Its a delicate situation.
- Theres nothing delicate about it.
Its the most natural thing in the world.
Very well.
Alice should write down a statement
of her version of events.
Mr Sceanu will give his statement,
to clear the misunderstanding.
I, the undersigned, what happened,
in your own words.
Then, separately, well examine what
the regulations say
about taking a year off from school.
- Do I put the date?
- Yes, todays date.
Thats it, Im going on a diet.
Nonsense. You need to eat well now.
Ill be a cow for the rest of my life.
Why cant I be like you?
Why does weight go on my hips?
Never mind what weight you put on.
We'll worry about your looks next year.
Thats nice!
- You think?
- Try it on!
- I was going to put it back.
- Come on, try it!
Great. You look cool.
- Really?
- It looks great from behind.
Come here.
- 350 lei, not bad.
- It's expensive.
Get it, it looks good on you.
Just out of curiosity, you try it.
Ill mop the floor with it.
Its long but it fits really well.
Even the sleeves.
How is that possible?
How can the sleeves fit, if its too long?
Youve got long arms.
And a torso like a baboon.
That's depressing.
- Well get it.
- For you, I hope.
Well buy it.
Youll wear for as long as it fits,
then Ill wear it,
then youll wear it
when it fits you again, then me.
Well wear it together.
The folder doesn't show on screen, why?
It says "no content".
Maybe there's an exclamation mark
in the name.
Bring the laptop.
And get me my pills.
Where did I put them?
- Youre not serious!
- Let me think.
They were in my pocket
with the keys.
- I'll kill you.
- I dont function under stress.
They are not in the backpack.
I must have taken them out.
I dont fucking care. Find them!
- You almost gave me a heart attack.
- You were ready to kill me.
The folder is called "The Dwarf"?
Whats this?
Let me see.
We could watch my cousins birthday.
At McDonalds.
Why are you shpeaking like shat?
Dont make me laugh!
I have to suck them!
So what else is new!
I'll throw these away.
- I thought you said, Im throwing up.
- I am kind of dizzy.
Shit! It's happening!
Fucking shit!
- Why did you shut the door?
- What was I meant to do?
Its on the sofa too.
It seeped through the cover.
Well wash it.
It's on the wall!
If my mother sees that...
They're only tiles.
Bring me some underpants
and tampons.
- You didnt bring any?
- Thats why Im asking!
It looks like we killed a pig in here.
A few spots on tiles, big deal!
Clean the sofa with a wet sponge.
- Youre getting everything filthy.
- Get me some underwear!
Jesus! There's water everywhere!
Put them in the washing machine.
Youre hysterical! I feel like throwing
them at your head.
Youre getting me wet!
Get me those pants!
We're out of toilet paper,
you didnt bring me any tampons.
- Is it coming off?
- Like hell it is.
Youre so overdramatic!
Look, Ive grown a dick!
Youre such an asshole. Stop!
- Pants?
- I got you some leggings!
You think my pants will dry?
- Hi, Dad!
- How come youre home?
Well, how come youre home?
I came to pick something up.
Hello! How are you, Alice?
Good. Were watching a movie.
What are you watching?
- Its Russian.
- Really?
Are there any good Russian movies?
- Have you been in my study?
- No, why?
I left a folder on my desk
this morning.
- I cant find it.
- Wasnt me.
- So what class are we skipping today?
- History was cancelled.
Cancelled? Or you skipped it?
- Alice is laughing.
- Really, it was cancelled.
Can we please watch the movie?
- Maybe I should watch it with you?
- Dad, seriously?
I'll sit on the sofa. Is that OK?
- OK?
- Sure.
Whens Mom coming home?
I haven't heard. Why?
Just asking.
- Are you guys sticking around?
- Yes, why?
Ill tell Cerchez to drop by
and pick up the folder.
- I dont want him coming for nothing.
- Well be here.
Thats filmed from, what do you call it...
A shooter's angle.
The whole movie is like this?
Pretty much.
He'll be here in about an hour.
The folder is on my desk.
- Dads caught on.
- Dont be stupid.
I hope you didnt leave anything
in the bathroom.
Your underwear!
I threw it away.
Tell him youre having your period.
You tell him youre having your period.
My mom will be home soon.
Yeah sure. And your grandma I bet.
I dont want problems.
What about me?
- It really hurts.
- Where?
The cramps are worse than
period cramps.
Don't get blood everywhere again.
- How long till it gets flushed out?
- I dont know.
Maybe it already is.
Lets see what the forums say.
Look here!
"48 hours..."
Im off, girls.
Tell me how it ends!
OK, bye.
Behave yourselves!
"48 hours after I took the second one,
my belly hurt,
like two days before my period,
my legs went wobbly,
blah-blah-blah, clots of blood."
So thats it.
Hey. Can I come over?
Otherwise I wouldnt ask.
You can go, I just need to hide
for a bit.
How do you know?
Fuck Simona!
Im at Cesonias right now,
so in about an hour.
Fucking stupid cow!
What? Simona?
I told you about that idiot!
She went and told everyone
I took the pills.
Im sorry, I didnt know my dad
would come home.
Did you turn the washing-machine on?
It's on a short cycle.
Take everything out. Give me a plastic bag.
Is Horatiu letting you stay at his place?
I cant stay at Horatius,
hes with that bitch of his.
Listen, Cesonia: if my mother calls...
Ill tell her you were here
and you left.
- When did I leave?
- When did you leave?
"She left just ten minutes ago, Ma'am."
It's not funny!
If my mother finds out because of you, Ill
stab you in the throat with nail scissors.
Did Roxana leave?
She took the money off the counter,
she said youre out of
dishwashing sponges.
Did you manage?
- Just fine. I helped myself.
- I can see that.
Is that lady always outside the building,
sitting on that bench?
Mrs. Sandi? Yes.
Ive passed her three times,
she didnt move once.
- Youd think she was dead.
- She lives on the second floor.
What are your plans?
I have to get home before my mom,
so she doesnt get pissed.
Im gonna jump in the shower.
I wont be leaving till 7.
Synapse is coming by.
And what?
What's on your mind?
You just said you have free time
and you'll grab a shower.
I'm sorry, I'm just too messy down there.
- Fuck me!
- What's wrong? Are you OK?
Just great!
we need to do something about
this shitty phone,
Either it doesnt get a signal,
or it turns itself off.
I only just got your messages.
Shut the door, please.
Are you OK?
I didnt want you to worry.
I just had stuff to deal with.
I was too embarrassed to
pick up the phone.
I had a fight with Horatiu.
We broke up.
Then I went for a walk.
I wanted to send you a message,
but I needed to be with myself.
Get out. Shut the door behind you.
And leave me alone!
I'm sorry.
You don't have to get mad.
Well, good night.
Go see why the hells shes not
coming out!
- You sent her a message?
- Are you going or not?
It wasn't me, I swear!
You fucking bitch!
What I do is none of your
fucking business!
If I catch you saying stuff again,
Ill smash your ugly bitch face!
- What did she do to you?
- She knows.
Next time, Ill knock
your fucking teeth out!
"Are you serious, John Know-Nothing?,
asked The Lens with a laugh.
"If a chunk of the Sun came loose
and fell on you, you'd die crushed
"because the Sun is huge,
"bigger than the entire Earth."
Ive never heard this crap before.
- Oh, come on! With Screwdriver and Mr Bolt?
- Never!
"You only think that,
"because the Sun is so
very, very far away."
The Sun!
Do you even know how often
I read it to you?
"If only a little chunk did come loose..."
- Maybe this bit about the little chunk.
- Seriously?
Im pulling your leg.
Oh, stop it. Leave me alone.
Sabina will love it.
"How big is the sun?
Bigger than the entire Earth."
You have so many!
5! Look, this one glows in the dark.
Whats the flashlight for?
You shine it on the playdoh,
till it glows.
Let me see!
- Does it glow?
- It's so cool!
Sabinas playdoh. Try it.
That's great!
- Does it last?
- You flash the light on it, it recharges.
You want Mom to get you playdoh?
I have a magnetic one that attracts metal.
Really? Let me see.
- Hey, good to see you!
- Happy birthday, youngster!
What have we here?
Stefana, where are my glasses?
This is for drinking, not for reading!
- You really did break it!
- Come on, I'm hungry.
Somebody give me a pen
so I can sign his cast.
Hows my little brother?
- We could have picked you up.
- Grandma!
Heres our fallen woman. You look great!
A good Cabernet Sauvignon
gives you an instant hard-on.
What about Zoli, where is he?
- He couldnt get the day off.
- He's not worthy to be here.
He's in his testing period.
Go kiss your uncle Nelu!
Dont kiss him Sabina, hes a bad man!
Ive given up.
Good girl!
Does your Dad know you smoke?
Im only allowed to smoke when
hes not around.
- Isnt that the dumbest thing ever?
- I've seen dumber.
- How come you started?
- At a tragic time.
- Meaning?
- I had a fight with my girlfriend.
So I took up smoking to annoy her.
What a rebel!
Is it kicking?
How can it, stupid?
- Its as big as a meatball.
- So what? Can't it kick?
Right, sure!
- Bugsy!
- Im having a smoke!
Come here!
- Oh man...
- It would be a pity to waste it.
- You stopped, huh?
- Cut it out!
A while ago.
How should I know?
Granpa... It's Dad.
- Who?
- Dad!
Its Sorin, he wants to wish you
a happy birthday.
Good to hear from you, Sorin!
He says you dont answer your phone.
He asked if youd let me go
to the seaside with them.
- Do you want to go?
- Not really.
Well then.
Hey, Sorin,
When it comes to drinking,
I wouldnt trade me for two of you.
Come again?
The party is tomorrow.
Today were just warming up.
You owe us a round of drinks,
youre going to be a grandfather!
Its good news!
Hugs from us too!
Is this me?
You were a little older when we got you.
That's cousin Angelas daughter.
That is quite a hairdo.
- It's like Nena.
- Who?
Nena, she was a singer.
You look a lot younger.
You guys grow up quicker.
- Did you have the lizard yet?
- No, not yet.
- I had it done in college.
- What lizard?
A toy. I've had for ages.
She doesnt know.
Hold this for a sec!
Close to your face!
Im posting you on Instagram.
- So your friends can have a laugh.
- Shut up and smile!
Whats up, honeybuns, not sleepy?
Grandma, how did you find out
Mom wasnt a virgin?
- Did she tell you?
- Stop it.
They dont have to tell you,
because you just know.
Oh come on, tell me!
You get this sixth sense.
Youll soon see.
Please, Ill give you 10 lei.
Enough already!
How did she tell you I found out?
Your grandma caught me in bed with him.
Him who?
His name was Tudor,
my high school boyfriend.
He was so embarrassed,
his ears turned bright red.
He was terrified, poor guy.
And what did you do?
I sat him down for a chat.
She asked what his intentions were.
How old were you?
Maybe 18.
Quite a spring chicken.
Youve got some nerve.
"Mrs. Chirilescu, please dont tell Dad!"
It was my sister I was afraid
of running into.
I came home early, there was a strike.
You didn't hear her come in?
She was as sneaky as a cat.
I only heard her at the door.
- It was in this very bed?
- Where else?
Alice in Wonderland!
Hello Alice.
- Do I know you?
- You checked in here.
- I did?
- Yes.
Will you come and join us?
My mom wont let me.
I know she lets you on Tinder!
What else do you know about me?
Youre from Bucharest.
And I have a boyfriend.
Hes not here now, is he?
I don't know, maybe hes checked in.
How about I buy a girl from
Bucharest a drink?
Your pizzas ready.
If he's not checked in, will you come over?
Im too scared. He could catch us.
What would he do if he did?
Cut your head off,
stick it in the freezer.
So you dont want to come over.
You upset me.
Then you stirred it like this,
making sure that it didnt spill,
then you turned upside down on the plate.
You left it to dry, 5 minutes.
See how interested she is?
- So how does that tell you the future?
- She read it the boiling coffee foam.
And in the patterns formed
by the grounds on the cup.
- Do you see a hill there?
- No.
Seeing a hill meant money,
Seeing a valley meant losing money.
Can I have a look?
I dont see a hill or a valley.
If it was important, like a special
family situation,
she would prepare the coffee herself.
Didnt she always make you drink
from just one side of the cup?
Of course. Then shed say,
"Sabina, I see a wavy line and a flower:
"youll be going to summer camp,
"and you're going to have a great time."
I dont like summer camp.
"Alice, I see a circle with a dot in it:
youre going to have a baby."
She was able to foretell my ulcer.
She told me my husband
was cheating on me.
Easy to guess. Shed see me
all puffy-eyed from crying.
The truth is you were always,
like, how shall I put it,
in a bad mood.
That's his gift, putting us in a bad mood.
But you're getting along better now?
Sure, except when he
calls us total retards.
- How so?
- Just like that.
Or was it idiots?
- Both idiots, thats what he said!
- How rude.
Because we dont obey him.
"Youre both irresponsible idiots!
I'm out of here.
"Dont come crying, because
you cant afford to raise the baby.
"Dont say I didnt warn you.
"Get real, Alice!
You got shit for a brain."
- Didn't you have anything to say back?
- Of course, I did!
We were both going to end up
sponging off him, like parasites.
- It wasnt quite like that.
- Yes, it was!
He was sarcastic from the start.
"Be so kind as to tell me
who the lucky winner is."
- I told him to piss off.
- Enough already!
I told him, its her decision.
We have to respect that.
What winner?
He meant, "who's the father?"
Funny, right?
Why are you arguing on my birthday?
- Do I have to stay like this much longer?
- Yes, as you are.
Roll it to the right
then back to the middle.
Oops, sorry!
Thats right, smash it!
Red on the left.
This one has a bigger delay,
be gentle.
You have to anticipate a little.
Easy does it.
- If you panic and tug, itll drag you.
- Im not the panicking type.
Youre strong enough,
but dont let your arms cross over.
Try to keep steady.
I know, Dad told me.
Hold it there.
- Why are you whistling?
- Whistling?
I'm not.
Stop it!
Why? Maybe it helps, lets see.
- See, it obeys you.
- It knows its master.
Elbows down, relax.
Keep at it for another 15 minutes,
then Ill show you other stuff.
Put some sun screen on
or youll burn.
- You put it on for me.
- Eyes up!
I won't burn, Im a gypsy.
Seriously. They found me on the street.
For fucks sake! Did you hurt yourself?
- My knee.
- Ill get a Bandaid.
Does it hurt anywhere else?
- Is she hurt?
- See for yourself.
Its just a scrape. Dodo, find some
First thing I said this morning,
let go the damned handle!
- I did.
- You almost crashed into there.
Don't bug her. Cant you see she's hurt?
No more kites: the season is over.
It's only a scare.
The whole beach is full of crap.
- They cut down the bushes over there.
- Right, and dumped them over here!
Fuck them and their dirty beach!
Keep falling over, youll get rid
of that other problem too.
- Still bleeding?
- Blood!
- Pack her up and send her home!
- Get out of here, tough guy!
Always let go the handle
when you lose control.
- Youve been doing this for a long time!
- I have. Hold this!
Youre better than dad.
Your dad is pretty good, too.
Dodo! Look!
Amazing! Youll have to teach me.
Come on in!
Come in the water!
I have a customer, I cant right now.
Are you coming tonight? Dads having
a barbecue.
- Where?
- At the apartment.
I might have other plans.
Then take me with you. Dont be
an asshole.
Yeah sure. Mr Tarpan will skin me alive!
Where you going?
Princess club.
Maybe I can come too. Can you take me?
Dodo, can you launch my kite?
Nadia, I can help you!
When your eyes
are lost
in the night,
Ill be out of your sight.
Its in A Minor, Mita.
Or something like:I gave you a ring.
As big as my heart.
As big as my heart
She sings almost as badly as Mom.
- Mita is worse.
- Debatable.
Remember when Mom
used to sing Ribbit the Frog?
It used to make my ears bleed.
- I can sing it.
- Don't be shy.
What a loud party by the pond
for all the little frogs!
Theyre eating cake and lots of hotdogs.
Poor Alexis.
Thats why you cant get him off
to sleep before midnight.
I can hear the tune in my head.
Leave it in your head.
Thats my beer!
Mines warm.
Yours is alcohol free, love,
because you fooled around.
- Give it a rest!
- I was bringing you your glass.
Come to papa!
She's so well-raised!
- That's how well-raised she is.
- You pig!
Leave her alone! Want me to
resume singing?
Have mercy. She can have the beer.
Watch me jump off the balcony!
15 knots, over 15 minutes, Sir!
Don't send me anymore messages, OK?
- Why?
- I was with my girlfriend last night.
It was only a joke.
I didn't mean to cause trouble.
I wanted to show you I did get sunburnt.
Never send me messages.
No jokes, nothing.
From now on, ask Platon for lessons.
Hell be here soon.
God, it was funny.
I pretended I was packing up my kite,
so he wouldnt see me laugh.
You dont do kite stunts when
you weigh 100 kilos.
My uncle got into downhill biking,
he broke his arm in two places.
The coffees cold and the waters warm.
"The fridge cant cope."
Want something colder?
So thats how you keep fit.
I really dont feel like it.
Do you have a personal trainer?
I go with a girlfriend whos
a fitness fanatic.
Youll meet her, she comes round often.
Sorin said to order
so you dont get hungry!
I'll finish my beer first.
When he comes, tell him its yours,
or hell get annoyed.
He knows I dont like beer.
Tell him it's a craving.
He'll think your pregnant.
No chance! He knows thats not possible.
Have you ever been pregnant?
I didnt want kids.
I mean, accidentally.
Ive been very careful.
- Oops, sorry.
- Its fine!
I've been pregnant before.
I took some pills to get rid of it.
I thought I was going to die.
Neither of my parents know this.
I got the pills off the Internet.
I took them at a friend's house.
The bleeding was bad.
My friend threw a fit, I got blood on
her couch.
So how did you sort it out?
I went round to a boy's,
who lives on his own.
Then it started again.
I thought I was going to faint.
The dude was scared shitless!
I didnt want to take a taxi,
in case it started again,
the driver would have taken me
straight to hospital.
It sucked.
Its good you were able
to tell them this time.
- What do you mean?
- Tell your parents.
That you wanted to keep the baby.
Im going to the bathroom.
What are you making?
- Cookies.
- Yummy.
- Want to help?
- Sure.
Excellent. Keep it up.
Which do you prefer,
raisins or cranberries?
Your back cracked.
Its loosening up.
- How many do you do?
- 60 of these.
Knees together!
All the way down!
It cracked!
- This ones hard.
- Higher!
Hold it for 3 seconds.
Keep your body straight, cant you see
youre going to collapse?
- Youre tickling!
- Are you going to do it, or not?
Are you out of your mind?
Leave me alone!
- What happened?
- She attacked me.
I was just playing, he started shouting
like I was murdering him.
- Find someone else to play with, OK?
- Youre overreacting.
She put me in a leg lock!
So what's the big deal?
Kick her in the belly while youre at it!
Can you hear what I say?
- I didnt do anything!
- OK, Im sorry!
Youre not treating her nicely,
I dont like it.
- She said she was sorry!
- Unbelievable.
You put raisins in, after all.
I couldnt find the cranberries.
Drama queen!
You bring out the big guns.
I like it when you tickle my forehead.
That how you used to massage me
when you were little.
It was ticklish.
It was lovely.
Like this?
If the menopause starts, I hope
I wont lose my mind like...
- What was that teacher of yours called?
- Try and remember.
Her nickname was Veranda,
so her name was Bereanda.
I hope I wont start wearing mini skirts
and dyeing my hair purple.
Her voice changed too. She sounded like
a plucked chicken.
No laughing.
Its like my brain is rattling inside
my head.
Its not the menopause!
Its the last bell
before the menopause.
The menopause is welcome,
as long as my periods stop.
They were torture for nothing.
Youll save on tampons and youll wear
jeans without underwear.
Im curious,
do you think of me as young?
No idea.
Youre Mom.
When where you supposed to go out?
Not now, later.
Simona invited Cesonia and me
to her grandmothers.
- When?
- Saturday, for a couple of days.
Saturday we have our appointment
with Mihaela.
Not this Saturday, next.
That's OK then.
Know what else shes called?
Vanessa. Nadia-Vanessa, with a hyphen!
Sounds like a porn star.
And your dad, does he call her Vanessa?
Actually, I dont know, in private.
That, we will never know.
But shes nice, this
Nadia hyphen Vanessa?
Shes very nice.
Except maybe a bit...
superficial, I guess.
- How do you mean?
- I cant think of an example.
For example, whenever we were
on the beach,
she'd eye up the instructors,
Have you seen what those boys look like?
Id give them the eye too.
She went surfing topless a few times too.
I think her boobs are fake.
Very nice job, you can hardly tell,
still fake.
She seems like your Dads kind of girl.
I think he told her to get them done.
- How are you feeling?
- Good.
A little too good!
Shes put on almost 3 kilos already.
Its hungry, the little thing.
Lets find the lab-tests.
I know you sent them right away.
Well check the results
then have a look at it.
- Im nervous!
- Don't you worry!
You can get ready.
Im on my own today. Iulia asked for
the day off.
Thats not necessary.
Well do it directly on the belly,
its bigger now.
- Is this good?
- Yes, just undo your shorts.
You did the tests immediately?
Yes, 3 weeks ago.
What was that sound?
Its my app. Reminding me
to drink some water.
- Really.
- Yes, I forget to drink water.
Here they are.
HCG levels are okay.
Her calcium is a little low,
but thats normal.
All good!
Lets see.
- What's wrong?
- Im so nervous.
Whats the matter, honey?
Who would have thought it?
Well see it right away.
Don't worry.
Calm down.
You want it to hear you crying?
- Where is it?
- Gone.
How is that possible?
Alice, did you do anything?
Wait here. Calm down.
Ill have a word with your mother.
Mom, dont leave!
I just dont understand!
How can it be?
- You saw it last time.
- Lets leave the room.
Should we try the other probe?
It's no use.
If there was something to see,
we would see it with this one.
Its very clear.
I dont understand.
Ill explain. Lets go outside.
Come on.