Alien Abduction: Answers (2022) Movie Script

(eerie music)
- [John] I started lying
almost 50 years ago
about what they did to me.
The government
knows who they are.
It's time for both of
us to tell the truth.
(eerie music)
(tap water running)
(door creaks open)
- [Reporter] After
decades of public denial,
the Pentagon now admits
there's something out there.
- There's enough
obvious evidence here
that we need to
take this seriously
- There are a lot more sightings
than have been made public.
We're talking about objects
that engage in actions
that are difficult to explain.
- There's footage and
records of objects
that we don't know
exactly what they are.
- UAPs are real physical
objects and they're not ours.
- [Luis] It is real.
The question is, what is it?
And how does it work?
- [George] They're not clouds.
They're not birds.
These are physical objects.
- With no wings, no control
surfaces, no engines.
And yet somehow
they're able to fly.
- Pyramid shaped UFOs
and advanced trans
medium vehicles
descending into the water
while swarming our Navy ships.
- [Reporter] They outperform
some of the very best aircraft
that we have in our inventory.
- Doesn't seem to be
any of our adversaries
or near peer technology.
- Are we really
dealing with something
that's a paradigm
moment for our species.
- [Don] What was as once
considered a joke is now seen
by a lot of people as a genuine
national security issue.
- Who's operating
these machines.
Why are they here?
What do they want with us?
- I understood it was a UFO.
It's rotating, and it's
moving, and it's moving closer.
- And in that moment,
in that instance,
ships started to
pop up in the sky.
- The next thing I remember,
I was flying into a craft.
- The last time that
they came to my room,
I was in my 20's.
I had three beings
standing there.
- And the being was
right next to my face.
And all I could
see was it's face.
- He saw two shadow beings
walking through our hallway
and going down the stairs.
- And I knew I was dealing
with lots of different
types of beings.
- Oh my gosh, this
is not a dream.
- Who's crazy now?
Who's crazy now?
You all thought I was crazy.
Who's crazy now?
Who can explain it?
(eerie music)
- Well, this is
where it all began.
I haven't been back here
for almost 40 years.
I'll tell you, if
this house could talk.
(eerie music)
Something is happening,
it's undeniable.
There are too many people
from all around the world
saying the same things.
Abductions have been
recorded since the 1920's,
but there's really no
way to know for certain
how long this has been going on.
This subject has been
taboo for such a long time
and been researched by many,
many people behind the scenes.
In the '80s, there was a
man who was brave enough
to come out in public and
catalog his own experiences.
There's no one more prolific
in this area than
Whitley Strieber.
Many people know Whitley
Strieber as an author
and a speaker.
He's so much more than that.
He is a true philosopher and
thought leader in this field.
- What is actually there
and what you're seeing may be
two entirely different things.
The result of this
has been that we build
what amount to
kind of folklores.
And I don't mean things
that are dreamed up.
Folklore comes not from
imagination and dreams only.
It also comes from perceptions
that we can't understand.
"Fairy lore" of Northern Europe
is a perfect example of this.
This lore in the 17th, 18th
and early 19th centuries
was very ominous
and frightening.
And if you went with them,
you might not come back.
That was the way
that world saw this.
It had no idea of galaxies, no
idea of the actual immensity
of just the physical universe,
and certainly no concept
that there could be very
real parallel universes
that might be capable of
interacting with this.
Now, comes the 1940's.
We are aware of outer space.
We've thought about aliens
and suddenly they show up.
And what do we think now?
The fairy folk of the 19th
and 18th centuries become
the visitors and the aliens
of the 20th century.
- I am here to discuss the
so-called flying saucers.
The air force interest
in this problem has been due
to our feeling of an obligation
to identify and analyze to the
best of our ability anything
in the air that may have the
possibility of threat or menace
to the United States.
- The U.S. government has
been and studying UFOs
for a very long time.
As scientific advisor
to the U.S Air Force under
project Sign and Blue Book,
Professor Joseph Allen Hynek
applied the same discipline
that he used to achieve
his astrophysics PhD
to the study of this phenomena.
- The panel had
deliberately moved
to debunk the whole subject
and not to give it the
serious scientific attention
which it deserved.
- [John] Later, he would develop
the classification system
that has been adopted worldwide
to scientifically examine each
aspect of these encounters.
Close encounters of the first
kind involve a visual sighting
of a UFO.
Close encounters
of the second kind
leave physical trace
evidence of the experience,
a burn mark from the craft,
material left behind
after the craft departed,
radioactivity, or even an
unusual discomfort experienced
by an individual in the form
of a physiological effect.
Close encounters of
the third kind center
on the siting of actual entities
associated with the UFO.
These entities
usually seem ignorant
of the human beings
watching their activities.
On those occasions where the
UFO occupants do take notice
of their human observers,
that leads us to
consider close encounters
of the fourth kind,
which contain any
interaction between humans
and entities associated
with the UFO sighting.
These include actual
abductions of human beings.
Just like most people,
I had no idea that this subject
was being taken so seriously
by some of the most powerful
people in the world.
- [Reporter] Lawmakers from
both political parties say
it is time to determine whether
the objects pose a threat
to the U.S.
- There's stuff flying
in our airspace.
We don't know what it is.
We need to find out,
that's my position on it.
- [John] It was only
after I finally realized
and admitted to
everyone that I, in fact
had a close encounter
of the fourth kind
that I started to
study the subject
and was overwhelmed by
the amount of people
who had had a similar
experience to me.
Incredible as it seems,
these abductions of people
have been recorded
throughout history
and are documented as far
back as the Old Testament.
Most folks are familiar
with the fiery
chariots of the Bible,
but as far as I could tell,
the modern focus on
alien abduction started
in the late 1950's.
- [Announcer] Invaders from
Mars, capturing humans at will
for their own sinister purposes.
- There have been a certain
percentage of this volume
of reports that have been
made by credible observers
of relatively incredible things.
- [John] For example,
October, 1957,
a 23 year old Brazilian farmer
named Antonio Vilas Boaz
was ploughing his
fields at night
when he noticed a red
star growing rapidly
in the night sky.
The star approached him taking
the form of a spacecraft.
His escape was prevented
by three extraterrestrials
who pulled him into
that spacecraft.
In September, 1961,
one of the most famous
alien abductions occurred
in Lancaster, New Hampshire.
At about 10:30 that night,
Betty and Barney Hill observed
a bright light in the sky
while driving home
from vacation.
- [John] In October, 1973,
two fisherman, Charlie Hickson
and Calvin Parker reported
to local law enforcement
of being abducted by robot-like
aliens while night fishing
on the Pascagoula
river in Mississippi.
- It landed behind this
and we turned around,
stood up and turned
around and looked
and must have been
a door that opened
where all the bright
lights come out of it.
I seen three bulky looking
creatures coming toward us.
So two of 'em got
a hold of Charlie.
One of 'em got a hold of myself
and the old big, ugly
creature that brought me in,
he took me and laid me
on examination table.
- [John] January, 1976, three
women driving home one evening
encountered a craft that seemed
to be following their car
in Stanford, Kentucky.
They tried in vain to
get away from the craft,
but it centered in on them
and took control
of their vehicle.
- [John] The women
escaped the car,
but they all recount
that they were abducted
and taken up into the craft.
- [John] Terry Lovelace was on
a camping trip with a friend
in Devil's Den Sate Park
when both of them looked up
and noticed some unusual,
bright lights in the sky.
The lights formed into a craft
and hovered 30 feet over them.
They were taken too.
- [Terry] I don't think
these things really
intended hurt us.
They took us inside of this
craft incredibly brightly lit.
And I think that's
why I came out of this
with a severe sunburn.
I had burns everywhere.
Afterward, we calculated
that we had been out probably
about four hours.
There are a lot of
crazy things out there.
- This list is almost endless.
It goes on and on.
It gave me some comfort to
know that I was not alone.
Other people, lots of them
from all walks of life
have experienced being
helplessly removed
from their homes,
from their cars
and everything else
that they considered reality.
But it also pointed out
that I was no one special.
Funny, but that was the thing
that calmed me most of all.
This entire film is an attempt
to have the audience see the
phenomena through my eyes
as I grapple with the truth,
understand what it might mean
and then try to live it.
I wanted to ask the questions
that people are afraid to ask
and get meaningful answers
that would unify experiencers
and folks that had no
idea this was going on
so that we could all face
what is speeding toward us
as one people together.
I felt alone.
I was looking for some
encouragement, some solace.
I was amazed to find out how
many hundreds of thousands
of people have claimed contact.
And I'm not talking about
shiny lights in the sky.
I'm talking about an
entity right beside you
because that's a
different thing.
I found out that there were
people all around the country
that would get together and
share their experiences.
When I got to Big Arb,
I was blown away by
how beautiful it was,
but more so how beautiful
those people were
and how giving and
honest they were.
Each one of them had had a
different type of experience.
They were all otherworldly.
They were strange.
They were different.
They were different than mine.
I kind of thought that
everything would be the same,
but the truth
is they came in every
different shape and size.
- I'm Kimberly Marie, and I
am a lifelong experiencer.
I'm an Intuitive Empath.
I'm a Yogi of 30 years
and I'm a mother.
I have two daughters and
I'm a spiritual seeker.
The earliest experience
that I remember,
I was in grade school.
I had this feeling that
I was being watched.
I would get up in the
middle of the night
and I would look
out at the woods.
And I had a very acute awareness
that there was something
in those woods that
was watching me.
I also had experiences
having beings in my room.
There would be one being,
and it would be just sitting
there quietly watching me.
I would feel
impressions on my bed
as if somebody was coming
to sit on the end of my bed
or next to me.
I felt the presence of
somebody sitting in my car
or walking behind me.
I could feel their breath.
I was having experiences
that were unexplainable.
They don't just
come to everyone.
- I decided to
call these entities
that I was engaging
with visitors
because I thought that the
word aliens was a step too far.
Are they entities as they appear
or is it some kind
of a phenomenon
that projects itself into us?
Has it been here forever?
Maybe from the
beginning of time even?
One thing they certainly are,
are visitors in the lives
of those who encounter them.
- I'm Alanna, and I'm
just an average person,
but I've come to realize
that I'm also an experiencer.
I was living on my
grandparents' farm.
I was just a little girl when
I had my first experience.
I was in a completely
black space
and I was standing beside what
you would call a gray alien.
It's about my size, gray,
large almond shaped eyes.
I'm a bit alarmed
because it's nothing
I've ever seen before.
Suddenly, I realized I'm laying
back in my bed, motionless
and I'm looking up and the
being is just looking at me.
And as I'm lying there,
the being space is changing
into the photo of the white cat
on my wall.
It was nothing I'd
ever seen before.
I'd never seen a
being like that.
- I'm Melissa Cain.
I am a doting wife
and a mother of three
and three fur babies as well.
And I'm a business owner.
Unlike my friends, and
other people, and books
that I've read and movies
that I've seen about people
who have contact, they see
beings, they see giant craft,
I never had any of that.
At a very young age, I
would see in the middle
of the night are scenes flying
by me like movies, really fast.
I could never slow 'em down.
I could never see
what was happening.
I couldn't stop them to see
what I was supposed
to be looking at.
And it was terrifying because
I couldn't slow it down.
After the scenes
would be flying by me,
I would see a gray screen
and there would be a thin
line going through the middle
of it, kind of like a
heartbeat type line.
And when that cord was
straight, I was safe.
But when that cord kind
of crunched together
and would wave up and down,
that's when I felt like
I was losing my breath
and I was gonna die.
These kind of faded away
when I was kind of
reaching middle school,
but it did for many,
many years make me afraid
to go to sleep at night.
- Screen memories in
the contact experience
have two purposes.
One is to shield the
individual from a memory
that they can't bear.
Two is it's a test.
Are you gonna break
through the screen memory?
Can you bear it after all?
So the screen memory
has two purposes.
It is to let you off the hook
if your soul does not
want to engage in contact,
and it is there
to be broken down
if you do want to
make that step.
- I'm Stacy McArdle
and I'm from Illinois
and I'm an experiencer,
and a seeker,
and I'm just full of wonderment.
From a very young age,
I just had a knowing
that I came from another place.
I had been telepathically
communicating with beings
from other planets ever
since I could remember.
I had memories of being in a
room, getting ready to be born
before I came to this planet,
before I was in
my mom's stomach.
I was in this nondescript room
with everything from human
spirits, to elementals, to ETs.
We were called to this gentleman
that was manning a door
and we all lined up
and he opened the door
and all this sunlight flooded in
and we were on
top of a mountain.
There were two rivers with
a strip of land in between,
jumping into that river meant
you were gonna be born soon.
I was immersed in the water
and it was crystal clear
and there were colored fish.
And all the plant life
was very vibrantly colored
and all of a sudden
this human-size fish
shows up next to me
and he's telepathically
communicating with me.
He was telling me what to expect
and what was gonna happen.
I knew I was gonna
go to another planet.
I knew who my mother
was going to be.
And then all of a
sudden I was born.
Over the years,
more puzzle pieces
from that memory come
together and solidify it.
So I always knew that I
came from another planet.
- I'm Jan Jander.
I'm a Designer by trade,
and I'm also an experiencer.
My first experience that I
remember, I was seven years old
and we were on a flight
to the Philippines.
The sun was coming up and I
was just glued to the window.
When my gaze shifted
up to the horizon,
boom, out of thin air is a
classic UFO, like a saucer.
It was as if the whole
thing was made out of metal
that was highly reflective.
I could tell that it
had a slight rotation.
Shortly thereafter,
it just zipped.
It just instantaneous
acceleration, but just so fast.
It lit a fire in me
that continued through
elementary school.
Most people hadn't
had a UFO experience.
And so I was kind
of alone in that.
I believed it and
I knew it was true,
but my dad showed me
the "Condon Report".
And when they concluded that
there was nothing to it,
I knew with everything in me
that that report was wrong.
Right around when I
had the UFO experience,
I had gone to bed.
At some point, I woke up
in the middle of the night
and when I looked at the
corner, my room was illuminated.
I tilt outta bed, and there
he is, the popcorn man.
And he is on a bicycle.
There's this giant popcorn.
It's like two big
popcorn containers
hanging off the front wheel.
And everything is covered
in this thin vertical,
yellow and red stripes.
He had a straw hat and
on it was a ribbon.
He had a tie, a vest,
And his skin was white like
a clown, curly black hair.
He had weird blue eyes.
The whole, where
your eyeball would be
was this glowing
baby blue light.
He was very, very skinny.
I guessed, he was like seven,
seven and a half feet tall.
And I am completely stunned.
I freeze, and I'm
like this, what, no!
And eventually, he slowly,
his head started to turn.
He started to turn.
I knew he was coming
in my direction.
The last thing I remember
of the experience
is when he made eye contact
with me and then it was gone.
It was game over.
And I don't even
know what happened.
That was the end of the memory.
- In order to think clearly
about what we are seeing,
the place we have to go
is to the brain itself.
It organizes these
perceptions into forms
that the mind can then evaluate.
But if you have no way at all
from your past of relating it
to anything, you're
going to build it
out of your imagination.
And even though it's there,
what is actually there
and what you're seeing may
to entirely different things,
and you can't tell.
- My name is Ruth and I'm
from Wisconsin, West Central
to be more specific.
I live in a rural area.
My first experience, I
remember seeing stars,
beautiful stars in the ceiling.
The stars made me feel
full of wonder I guess.
I started to realize
that it wasn't what it
was appearing to be.
Then I started to
become more afraid.
I remember floating up above
my bed, up above the house.
I was kind of flying and I knew
that I was going someplace.
I couldn't see the craft.
I believe it must
have been cloaked,
but I knew it was above me.
And I knew I was going into it.
I must have gotten
some communication
because I knew what
I was supposed to do.
I mean, when I went from the
waiting room to the exam table,
I knew I was
supposed to do this.
Either I thought it, or I
actually said the words,
"Ruth, this is not a
dream, this is real."
Then I was back in my
bed and it was all done.
(eerie music)
- [John] I'm always
amazed when someone says
that they have
all of the answers
about who the ET visitors are
and the nature of their agendas.
I wonder, "How can
that possibly be?"
Take for example, Earthlings
quest to land on Mars.
Just suppose the crew was made
up of someone from Africa,
China, Germany, and Scandinavia.
If there were Martians
and they came out to
greet these visitors,
could they identify the
true, extraterrestrial?
Because of these visitors'
genetics and evolution,
they all look
drastically different.
In addition to that, they might
all have different agendas,
scientific advancement,
military conquest,
industrial development,
or peaceful exploration,
and all of that in one
spaceship from one planet!
If we accept that life is
prolific in the universe
and that we're being visited,
there is no way to
know everything about
every one of them.
They all cannot be evil
child-eating monsters.
And by the same token,
they cannot all be ultra
spiritual benevolent beings.
I mean hell, look at us,
we've got a lot of work
to do on our altruism
and we're traveling
to other planets!
To the Martians in our little
fable, we're the aliens.
- In October of 1985, things
began to change in our life.
There was an unusual
event that took place
at the little cabin
in upstate New York.
All of a sudden in the
middle of the night,
the whole place lit
up like daylight.
And I noted there
was a great bang.
I opened my eyes immediately
because of the cries
of my son downstairs.
The light was pouring
in the windows,
but by the time I'd gotten
downstairs, the light was gone,
but I got a shotgun
and I got a pistol.
I got an alarm system.
I could literally
not sleep a night
in that house without
that alarm system.
And I found myself patrolling
the area with the shotgun.
I became aware of
a presence near me.
And that was the beginning
of a real dissent,
almost into madness.
The fear that's connected
with this is the same fear
that a wild animal feels
when it's captured.
We will attack if cornered,
we will run if we can.
And when it does happen to
us, and it overwhelms us,
and devastates our egos,
and leaves us in a situation
of helplessness in the
hands of the unknown,
we will as often as not
simply bury that memory.
(door creaks open)
- It's taken me a long time
to be able to talk about this
because it's been so bizarre,
and strange and unbelievable.
And also because
I was told not to.
Some really big-hearted
friends who knew about this
and knew that something
just wasn't right.
And through many discussions,
I finally was able to
come to terms with it
and admit it in public.
And that was really hard.
I was seven years old
and I was in my bedroom
and it was in the
middle of the night.
And I awoke to hear this drone.
So I rolled outta bed
and I decided I would go
to the bathroom.
I walk into the bathroom
and I shut the door
and I turn on the water.
I was just looking at the water.
And I stood there
for a long time.
And then I turned off the
water and I moved to my right
and I opened up
the bathroom door.
And when I did,
I was face to face with to
what my mind said was Ultraman.
Ultraman was this character
in Japanese television.
And he was a silver guy
with these huge eyes.
To my seven year old mind, I
was looking at that character,
but we got very, very close.
So I was eye to eye with him.
He was no bigger than I was.
And as he drew closer to me,
I could feel myself being
pulled and I got afraid.
I was terrified.
And just then, there was
this huge flash of light,
and there was this speeding,
kaleidoscope of lights.
And I felt cold, but I
didn't know where I was
and what was going on.
It felt like I was
traveling, but I was unsure.
But then I was standing
again in that small hallway
with this entity.
But now this entity's
back was in the bathroom.
And my back was facing
the hardwood stairs
that were behind me.
I can see him raise
his right hand.
There is a brilliant
flash of light,
and I felt the impact on
my shoulder, and I fell.
And I landed at the
bottom of these stairs.
And I heard my father scream,
"What the hell is that?"
And my mother came out
and they came to see
their son sprawled.
And I am saying, "Ultraman is
in my room, he's upstairs!"
I'm screaming, and my father
looks at me, he's upset.
And he bounds up the stairs.
He went room to room
and opened doors.
And he came to the
top of the stairs.
He looked down.
And I'm crying and he
looked disappointed,
maybe even a little disgusted.
My father kind of
gives my mother a look
like don't make a baby out of
this kid, walked me upstairs.
And they did what parents do.
You look under the bed,
"See, there's nothing there."
My mom gives me a
kiss on my forehead,
tells me everything's
gonna be okay.
A day later, my mom is telling
me that it's time for a bath.
So she took my t-shirt off.
And she said, "Honey,
what's this?",
kinda like looking around to
make sure my dad wasn't around.
"Well, I told you mom that
Ultraman was in my bedroom."
A couple of days later,
my father was taking
me to the doctor.
And as we're pulling
in, he said to me,
"Hey, listen, I
don't wanna hear any
"of this Ultraman bullshit.
"You keep that to yourself."
Doctor gave me an exam,
asked me about my shoulder.
Man, I saw my father,
he was glaring at me.
So I said, "I don't know,
I was just out playin'."
And as I was walking
out in the hall,
I still remember him
talking to my father
in hush tones saying something
about some sort of a scar
brought on by intense heat.
So I never thought
about it again.
And my father said to me,
"Just keep that to yourself.
"Don't say anything.
"I don't want you
scaring your sisters."
That's the way it started.
I was angry and I was afraid.
And so I lied and I
lied so many times.
I lied to myself.
I've come to terms
with the event.
If you look at it,
it's very distinct.
And there is a shape to it.
There's physical evidence
that everything I say
is real and happened and no
one can take that away from me.
- Marks on the body
go back a long time.
In the middle ages,
if you were found to have an
unusual mark on your body,
that might be considered
a witches mark
and you might end
up being burned up.
Many contact witnesses
have marks on their bodies.
I have one on my body in fact.
We're in contact with something
that wants them there.
But what are they?
What are they there for?
What are they in our lives?
A mark has a specific
meaning to whoever it
and probably a meaning that
is communicated to others
that tells them something
about who you are
and who you are working
with or belong to.
Even, it could be that
these other entities
that so many of us regard as
aliens are actually members
of our families.
One of the things that they
mean that's very important
is it's a message that we
are not only here around you.
We are in you too.
This is not communication,
it's communion.
(mid tempo music)
- [John] I was seven years old.
What in God's name do they
want with me in particular?
- I think they go to
the children first
because the children are
too innocent not to be open
to the possibility
because they have to start
somewhere before the person
is closed to the unknown.
(mid tempo music)
- [John] You're probably
not gonna like this section
because it has a
lot to do with kids.
And nobody likes when their
children are subjected to things
that parents haven't signed
off on, let alone understand.
When someone interferes with
our children, it scares us.
They're the future.
They're our DNA, they're ours.
Those facts have not
stopped this phenomena
from interacting with kids.
A lot of people are aware of
the 1994 incident in Zimbabwe
when grade school
through middle school
children saw a craft land
just beyond their playground.
They all rushed out
there, saw a being,
and received
telepathic messages.
You may be surprised to discover
that this is not an
isolated incident.
1989, Voronezh, Soviet Union,
1978, Glasgow Scotland,
1977, Wales UK,
1977, Aberdeen Scotland.
It's the same basic scenario
over and over again.
Young children at recess,
walking to, or from school,
a bright light, a silver
disc, images, a being.
1967 Isle of Wight, UK,
1967, Crestview, Florida,
1966, Melbourne Australia,
1952, Glasgow, Scotland,
a different school this time.
And the conclusive proof
that our ET visitors believe
that real men wear kilts,
the earliest record
of a school sighting was
1948, Greenock, Scotland.
The places, names and
times of day change,
but the communication
is always the same.
The puzzling thing is
that the messages conveyed
or given to children that
would have absolutely no frame
of reference to receive them.
The earth is precious.
You're hurting your planet.
Cherish your home.
People are precious.
You're hurting each other.
Cherish one another.
We are all one.
As you realize, from the
dates of these events,
climate change wasn't really
on the tip of everyone's tongue
at the time.
It's as if ET were seeding
the children to be aware
of our universal connectiveness.
We are where we live
and what we consume
and they were preparing
them to engage this problem
when they reached adulthood.
- Is it still happening?
If it is, it
remains very secret.
This planet of ours is
changing now very rapidly
and not in ways that are
going to be conducive
to the continued safety of
anything on it, including us.
And it may be that the
experience is changing
with the planet.
And if that's the case,
there might not be any reason
anymore to educate children
in the way they were being
educated back in the '50s
and '60s, and probably the '70s.
- After I finally came to terms
with what had happened to me
as a seven year old boy,
I really started to
analyze the details.
I didn't wanna miss anything.
There was a part of this
memory that was totally blank
for me and that bothered me.
There was this huge
flash of light.
And then I remember coming
back and outta the light.
And I was standing opposite.
I didn't know what happened.
And that piece, that missing
piece, it gnawed at me.
It was this itch in
the back of my mind,
like what happened,
what happened?
And I had to know.
I just had to know.
And I found in that group
of people, direction,
and they directed me to a
woman named Debz Shakti.
She had over 40 years experience
as a quantum hypnotherapist
and her practice was
globally renowned.
Debz's entire
approach was positive
and she considered
it her life's purpose
to help others awaken,
heal, and grow.
Part of her practice was being
a lifelong yoga meditation
and martial arts
and fitness teacher,
as well as a
respected open channel
of a highly advanced E group known as The Teachers.
Frankly, I didn't know what
to make of that last part,
but who was I to talk?
At seven years old, I had been
visited by a small silver man
that looked like he stepped
out of a sci-fi TV show.
What I can tell you is that
when I first spoke to her,
it was just this
something about her,
a genuine kindness
that I resonated with
and her calm assurance
that she could help me not
only reclaim my memories,
but that with her guidance,
I could also find peace with
the events of that night.
(wind chimes chiming)
(gentle music)
- I'm Debz Shakti,
I've been a professional
Hypnotherapist for many decades.
I specialized a
type of hypnotherapy
that I call quantum
hypnotherapy about 40 years ago.
I do channeling because I'm able
to access the universal
stream of consciousness.
I have had ET and
inter-dimensional contacts
since I was first
able to remember.
I was born in California,
had a really cool little house.
My brother and I were literally
called out into the forest.
We thought there was a
forest fire in the middle
of the night and
saw a huge craft.
I know that we were put in
that craft and journeyed,
but for me, all I
remember were the lights.
The next day going
out in secret,
'cause we weren't supposed to
have left the house at night,
going back out in the forest
in the place where we saw it,
there was a burnt
circle on the ground
and it was very hot there.
I've been a Yogi most of
my life and a Yoga Teacher.
I have all the Claires,
Claire-sentience and all that,
all the psychic gifts,
which is very helpful
in counseling people
from a global perspective.
It used to be people coming
with simple human problems.
How do I lose weight?
How do I stop smoking?
When do I find my true love?
In the last couple of years,
a lot of it has surrounded
the ET or paranormal
if you wanna use that term,
contact aspect.
People who know they've
had an experience,
but they can't put
it into the context
of their own understanding,
they want more information
or they might even want more
and they don't know
how to do that.
It seems to have coalesced
over the last decade or so.
And certainly in the last
few years to who am I?
What am I here for?
Can help me figure this all out.
(eerie music)
- So I often wonder why me?
Why am I having
these experiences?
Why aren't people believing me?
I'm perfectly sound.
It's just a natural thing that
a lot of people don't accept.
- My family's
telling me I'm crazy.
I'm wondering maybe I am crazy
'cause if everybody
tells you you're crazy,
again, it's you
against the world
and it's a frustrating
place to be.
- I did not know
why they chose me.
I do know once I realized
that this was a real thing
that I wish that they hadn't.
- I didn't know it
until many years later,
but other family members
have had experiences.
So I went kind of
all my life thinking
that it was just a
dream and no more.
But then when I started
to share it with people,
they started sharing
their experiences with me.
So then I started to realize,
this has to be more
than just a dream.
- When I started researching,
what wasn't resonating
with me was this
abduction, scary torture.
It didn't logically
make sense to me.
It was more of the message
that the extraterrestrials
were delivering to us.
That started resonating with me.
- Why was I chosen?
I made an agreement with these
beings before I incarnated
into this physical form.
The purpose isn't realized
until you get older,
it will start to unfold.
- What I'm talking about
here is a series of choices.
Early on, I was chosen perhaps
at random to do something
that cracked the cosmic egg.
I went through a long experience
of noticing this presence
in my childhood and
I made another choice
to engage with it.
So I think it's a combination
of probably chance,
their interest in an
individual, and choice.
- I wondered all my life,
even while I was lying.
I meant, why me?
I mean, I'm an average guy.
I was an average kid.
It bothered me.
Was I being blamed for
something or blessed?
When I talked to Debz, I told
her that I desperately wanted
to find out these answers
because the bottom line
is that she promised me peace
and I really needed peace.
- I'm confident that you're
going to get the answers
that you came here for.
And that you'll be
able to put your life
in a different context after
today in a more positive light.
This process, as you know
has you go in as an observer
and when you are able to see
and perceive an experience
from that place, it's a
completely different story.
This tone will activate
your heart a little bit
and I think you'll
feel good with it.
So remember, you're
just breathing
as you're chanting the mantra.
You breathe at your own pace
and chant at your own pace.
So it'll be a wave
between us, all right?
So we'll begin.
(Debz chanting)
(mid tempo music)
(eerie music)
The key to falling
into the abyss
and when you go
into the on known,
you're not attached to the past,
you're not making up the future,
you're going into the unknown
and that's where all
the magic happens
because that's where
all potential exists.
You have unlimited capability.
- And don't ever let anyone
say that hypnosis doesn't work.
It does work in the
hands of a real pro.
If you can get past the
barrier of compliance,
you can sometimes evoke
memories that are buried.
Memories are buried by trauma.
How many people have you heard
who were in an auto accident
or a plane crash or something,
and they'll tell you,
"Well, I don't
remember a thing."
But they do.
Every instant of that
experience is locked in there.
- [John] Quantum hypnosis
is a therapeutic modality
conceived and developed
in the early 1980's
by Debz Shakti based on the
quantum physics fundamental
that everything is
intimately connected,
simultaneously forever.
An easier way to think of this
is that popularized
hypnosis allows one
to access experiences that
they personally have witnessed
in the flesh.
Whereas quantum
hypnosis allows one
to access experiences
anywhere from any perspective
in the universe.
- People have experiences,
but they're told lies
about those experiences
so they don't talk about 'em.
Debz has helped me a lot.
She's helped me overcome
some of my fears.
She's helped me at least to
get started on that right path
of discovering myself.
Finally, I can
breathe a sigh relief.
I don't have that pressure
built up inside of me anymore.
- No matter how
often people protest
that they can't be hypnotized.
I always laugh and
say, "We'll see."
- I realize maybe that'll take
me back to the fast dreams.
You're viewing consciousness
flashing before your eyes.
You can't slow yourself down.
And that silver cord
could be connected
to the silver cord that connects
our souls to our bodies.
And the message was I
have to learn to trust
that where I am right
now in this process
is the perfect
place for me to be.
And as soon as I
start to trust that,
amazing doors will open.
- [John] Sigmund Freud
coined the term screen memory
when he examined some
of the most vivid visual
memories deriving from childhood
in his patients.
He came to realize that
these distorted recollections
were constructs that
the mind would create
to insulate the person
from some childhood
psychological trauma.
Ultraman was my screen memory
that shielded me from something
that my terrified
seven year old mind
just could not process.
What happened to me as a boy
was not only frightening,
it was so unbelievable that
I lied to myself about it
for almost 45 years so I would
not have to face the event,
the sneering world,
or my darkest fears
that it actually did happen.
- Are you gonna break
through the screen memory?
Can you bear it after all?
Are you going to decide
instead, wait a minute,
something was going on.
What was it?
I wanna know.
That's when you start
to engage in contact.
(eerie music)
- When I started this hypnosis,
I have to tell you I was afraid.
I was nervous
about what I'd say.
I was nervous about how
it would be handled.
I trusted Debz
enough to go under.
- Let the body just rest there.
So be open and allow
everything to flow.
I wanted to be gentle with him
because he was a person
who had a lot of fear
and was already very vulnerable.
What I'd like for you to
do now is to take yourself
if you like to the
place where you were
that seven year old John.
You're in the bathroom,
you're standing in
front of the sink.
Can you go there
now for me please?
- [John] I can hear the water.
I see the light
underneath the door.
I turn the water off.
I don't wanna go out yet.
- Describe what
happens as you go.
The more he described,
the deeper he went and
the deeper he went,
the better he was
able to journey.
- I opened that door.
I had seen Ultraman
a thousand times.
I had seen him in my dreams.
I knew for sure that
that's what it was.
- And there were times
where it got very emotional.
(John sobs)
You're safe, John.
It's okay, it's safe.
- There's somebody there.
- [Debz] Someone's there,
remember, objective observation,
report to me.
- [John] There's a man there.
- [Debz] There's a man there.
- And he looks like an ant.
And this dark ant-like
creature, he came at me
and I fought for my life.
But he doesn't have
antenna like a normal ant.
He has like antlers and he
has them on top of his head
and he has them out of
the sides of his cheeks.
- And it was fascinating,
but it was so hard
because he was
absolutely uncomfortable.
That must look really different
from anything you've
ever seen before.
- [John] He's trying to
use those antlers on me.
- [Debz] How so?
- He's pushing things out
of his antlers like energy
or thoughts or something.
Yeah, he is trying to
push me out so I'll go
and I'm not going, no, no.
I recognize him and I thought,
"Oh, I know what
you're here for.
"You're gonna take me."
He doesn't care about me.
He doesn't care.
- [Debz] He's not
an empathic being
like you are, he's different.
- [John] He's not, he's not.
- He was so brave
because everything there
was terrifying to him.
- Oh, this has happened before.
And now I know that
I have no choice.
Everything came back to me.
I remembered previous occasions
when he had come for me
and I had fought him then.
- [Debz] Where does he
want you to go, John?
- I'm moving towards him
and I can feel the temperature
change in the hallway.
There was a flash.
And then we were gone.
It felt like heat that
came up from the floor
And it just kind of
pushed me back like this.
- He just tapped into different
scenes of his experience
and it disturbed him greatly.
- And the next thing I know,
I'm in this cavern
and I knew I'd been here before.
- [Debz] Let's move forward
to where you go then.
Go there now.
- [John] This place is immense.
- [Debz] Huge.
- [John] It's huge.
I mean, I could scream
and it would echo.
- [Debz] You're in a huge place.
Bring it into focus.
- There's a big
opening at the top.
It looks natural.
It looks like it's like a cave.
There are stalactites, things
hanging down from the edges
of that hole.
- All right.
- And there's a very
bright light up there.
- [Debz] Oh.
- [John] And it's dark.
It's very dark in here.
- Safety and peace.
What do you do here
when you're here John?
- I don't know where
they come from,
but there are these
screens, these big screens
and they show you
stuff very fast.
I tried to move, but they
had some sort of hold on me
when I would be forced to
see these three huge screens.
So you see the pictures.
They're the same picture
that make up a big picture.
And they move from
my right to my left.
- Are they speaking with you?
- They don't talk.
They use those little picture
in your head or something.
They're different though.
They're different
than the ant guy.
He's their bully.
He doesn't care.
- They're indifferent.
- Don't care, don't care.
- They just have a job to do.
When you were telling me
that story before you said
there were lots of lights
like a carousel
or a kaleidoscope,
is this what you were seeing?
These fast moving
pictures, making light?
- It was like I was looking out
of a train moving very fast.
But the message is
in between the lines,
is in between them, is
inside, is inside, is inside.
- And when we got
to where it felt like
it couldn't get any
more information,
I asked permission to
talk to his higher-self,
to that grand wisdom that is
so zoomed out from everything,
it can see all of the
experiences at once
and bring it into kind of a
more coherent explanation.
- But it was almost like
somebody was right behind me
and I could feel their presence.
It was like a force.
And my mouth opened up and I
didn't know what I was saying.
- May I address your
higher-self right now?
The one who knows everything.
Thank you so much.
And the voice that came out
was a whole different John
that I had ever seen before.
- The boy is prepared.
He must be strong.
There is a plan.
It will occur.
- It will occur.
- And he will be prepared.
- And he is prepared.
And I said, "Prepared for what?"
And they said, "For what's
to come next, the plan."
And then suddenly he
just set up his eyes open
and he had this laser
beam, eye contact with me.
You're back.
- Yeah.
- He said, "It's completed."
And then started
spewing forth all
of this incredible wisdom.
- And that is why they
can't take me anymore.
It's because it's
no longer necessary.
The point was to get
me strong enough.
It's interesting because to me
now, it makes perfect sense.
Oh my God, I can't tell you
how clear that is to me.
The pictures didn't matter.
The message was actually
in the smaller fragments
and the lines between,
but the message, the
information was coming through.
- He has a purpose.
There is a plan and he
needs to get to work.
- There is a war for our souls,
not in the conventional sense,
but service to self,
service to others.
- He described what
it's all about,
kind of a preparation
speech for what's to come,
not just for him,
but for humanity.
- No one will escape its touch.
I know and I know it's
within my lifetime.
This is what my purpose is.
When I went under,
everything clarified
and I experienced
something very real.
I was taken somewhere
and I found out
that I had experienced
it several times before.
There's something coming and
it's gonna affect every person
on the planet.
These encounters
that I had as a child
have been conditioning me.
I knew that there was a
conflict for the soul of man,
that we are at a crossroads
and it would be easy
to destroy ourselves.
It's going to be scary.
It's gonna be wonderful.
It's gonna be terrible.
It's going to be
all of these things.
The message I got was be ready.
The world is asleep, be ready.
- [Pilot] There's a
whole fleet of them,
look on my ASA, my Gosh!
- [Reporter] Tonight, the
highly anticipated report
on unexplained aerial
phenomena is here,
but the answers are not.
- 144 separate sightings of
UFOs by the U.S. military,
the other 143 remain a
complete and total mystery.
- [Reporter] Over a
dozen of those reports
include observations of
unusual movement patterns,
or flight, and they
can't explain those.
- So the most sophisticated
military in the world
has no idea what
these things are
or even how they move
from place to place.
- Yeah, ETs are coming here or
however they wanna define it.
The second question
is going to be,
how the hell did they get here?
- We have in the Pentagon a
whole lot more of those videos.
And if you think the quality
of the ones you've seen is good,
you ain't seen nothing yet.
- [John] The way
that the military
has covered up UFO
sightings is legend.
- The government had
an official policy
where they would deny
that what they people saw,
they would try to create
ridicule around this.
This is proven through
declassified documents.
- [John] Since Roswell,
they're never ending litany
of weak excuses like
weather balloons
that move over 600
miles per hour,
swamp gas that leave circular
burn marks and radioactivity
on the ground, and
atmospheric inversions
that can evade fighter jets
have sated skeptics and
frustrated genuine investigators
for the better part
of a century now.
Even with the latest disclosures
in the "New York Times"
of sightings of a
now famous TIC TAC,
we find that that information
has been hidden since 2004.
The bottom line is those
guys don't want us to know
what's going on.
And they've done
everything in their power
to sidestep, obfuscate,
and outright troll anybody
that has come forward
with the truth.
- And this newly released pile
of records like the
page you see now,
four words on the entire
page were readable
and not blacked-out.
And there are hundreds
and hundreds of
pages just like that.
- Regular people
on the other hand
have from the very
beginning matter-of-factly,
reported these occurrences.
And in general, they
were communicated
by the media by-and-large,
fairly throughout the
'40s, '50s, and '60s.
- I've been giving
you details on the UFO
that hung over Redmond, Oregon
for at least two hours early
this September morning.
- [John] Hell, in response
to the public's interest
and concern, the
House Minority Leader
at the time, Gerald
Ford demanded a
full-blown investigation
by the house armed
services committee in 1966.
And in 1969, the sitting
governor of Georgia,
Jimmy Carter felt
comfortable enough
to file a UFO report.
It all changed later
that year in December.
Armed with the dismissive
"Condon Report"
and the inconclusive end
to "Project Blue Book",
there was a sea change.
- But "Blue Book" is now closed,
but reports are
still being made.
So under whose command
and where are they
being forwarded to?
- [John] The ones that were
reported only showed up
on the cover of tabloids
or the punchlines
of late night hosts
- Did you know there
are UFOs out here,
flying around unidentified?
(audience cheer)
- This would be the place
for 'em, Southern California.
(audience laugh)
- [John] People wanted to keep
their jobs and their position
in society without the
uncomfortable snickers
and jibes behind their backs
about where their
tin foil hats were.
Here's a question to
those watching this film.
If the establishment has spent
all this money and effort
to hide and discredit
UFO sightings,
which are pretty
innocuous in themselves,
to what ends with the powers
that be go to hide something
as mind blowing as alien
interaction with their citizens?
The good news is that there are
more people asking questions
and demanding answers
now about this subject
than ever before.
- From the believers who
think the aliens are here
to the hardcore skeptics who
spend whole time debunking
that stuff, they think it's good
that we're finally
having this conversation.
- They're saying we need
to get on-board on this.
It's finally time
to figure it out.
That's a major
shift in attitude.
- There's a lot of pressure
by the global public
and the American
public for answers.
- Let's take this subject
out of the shadows
and put it where it
belongs in the spotlight.
- Well, at this point in John's
progression through the work
that we were doing,
I realized that he was
on a continual quest
for understanding and
meaning of the experiences
that he had gone through
and still undergoes.
And I realized it was time that
maybe he should meet someone
who had similar
experiences in his life
and who had been
documenting them.
And more than anybody on
the planet understands this
in the same way.
And that person is
Whitley Strieber.
(eerie music)
- Whitley has written more
on this subject
than anybody else.
And he has a way of sharing
first person, his reactions,
and also just being
completely, raw, truthful
with the facts.
He truly is the harbinger of
this information to the world.
- I've never thought of
myself as being on a mission.
I'm very interested
in understanding
the world around us
and I'm very interested
in the welfare of mankind.
And I think this is
a great big universe.
And I just sense that
what's here is very unique
and very beautiful
and extraordinary.
What is the destiny
of the human soul?
The visitors have taught
me that living out of love,
compassion and
humility are essential
to building a strong soul.
And my question is always,
what does love really mean?
Where is that feeling in myself
and how do I see it in others
and in the world around me?
Compassion, how do I
not forget to find it
when someone makes me angry?
Humility, without humility
we're not fully human.
We have to be humble,
but in the end,
every single one of us
is exactly the same.
We are all equal,
profoundly equal.
My love of mankind and of
this planet is my mission.
There is a peace beyond
this life that we will find
and we will taste.
And these people
who are on this mission
are all on the mission
for the same reason.
- If I could go back and
tell my 12 year old self
what I know now, I would
tell her it's gonna be okay,
that I'm not going crazy,
that these experiences are real.
You're not alone.
We're not alone.
- I floated up toward him.
He was no longer
the popcorn man.
He was just light and I was
just light and we merged.
I got a download, we are one.
It was the most intense
love I can describe.
I never felt love
like that before.
The answer is that we
need to grow spiritually.
We need to realize
that we really are one
because what we
do to the planet,
what we do to someone else
is actually we're
doing it to ourselves.
- This is the start of
an awakening for me.
These are genuine experiences
and they're nothing
to be afraid of.
It's opened up new
relationships for me.
It's made me closer
to people that I love.
They're here
primarily to help us.
- All my experiences
led me to the belief
that I was protected and that
these were loving experiences.
I volunteered to come
here for a mission.
And that was to use my
knowledge and ability
to try to raise awareness
and help heal the world.
- I'm starting to pay
attention to life, to nature.
There was this one
night I walked out
to a huge explosion of light.
It was almost like a dance
and I was just blown away.
It's changed me to
such a great degree
in terms of my
level of compassion,
compassion towards humans,
towards our planet.
- My relationship has
changed to this phenomena.
We're all one energy.
We're one source.
We're all aspects of God.
And that includes the
plant kingdom, the animals,
the humans, our
star being friends.
It's all from the
same spark of light.
When we all realize that
we have the capability
of working intuitively and
expanding our consciousness,
that's gonna change the world
and we can live a
very prosperous,
loving heart-centered
It makes me cry, it's
really beautiful.
- My biggest hope, my biggest
wish, my biggest prayer
is that the world
come into coherence,
that we end the separate,
dualistic nature of our species.
Everyone is connected
to everyone.
When we can see things from
that global zoomed out view
that our star friends see us,
there's no denying
what we have to do.
We have to become
peaceful, harmonious.
We need to learn
to work together.
We're all connected
on some level.
- When people watch television
or they see shiny lights
in the sky, that's one
thing and it's fascinating
and you can discuss
it over coffee,
but if you're met face-to-face
with something so alien
as an intelligence from
another planet or dimension,
that will change you.
It changed me.
I can look at those things
through the eyes of a man
and realize they're
not to be feared,
but they must be dealt with.
- We are all on a journey.
The edge of time is an ecstatic
union with the unknown.
It's the increase of ecstasy
that is the aim
of consciousness.
We've come to the end of an age.
Something is happening
on planet earth.
Look around you.
Everything is changing and
it's not changing in ways
that are going to be positive
for the human species.
It's gonna be getting
harder to live on earth
because earth is
is tired and old.
There is a peace
beyond this life
that we will find
and we will taste.
The visitors are here as
midwives to the birth of man.
That is the answer.
(gentle music)
Well, John, I think you are
ready to go through a new door.
I'm gonna open that door
and you are going out.
- I'm at peace with
the information,
but I am still struggling with
integrating that information.
That bright, shiny lights in
this sky can make you think
about who you are as a person.
How does that make sense?
These are the things
that I'm seeking.
These are the things that
I need to understand.
I need some more help and now
I need to take the next steps.
So I'm hoping I'll be
guided to the next person
who can gimme some direction
and help me finally
at long last move forward.
(uplifting music)
(mid tempo music)
Please do me a favor,
take the chance
We coming through
Let it do
Just let it out
You can keep your
Sigmund Freud
First place we thought
some radiating help
Frequencies that
Realities we talking help
Showing these people
Here to spreading the truth
Always making moves
Exposing all of
these imposters
All about the truth ain't
nothing but the truth
Poetry purpose and passion
We get out of our way
into the flow with passion
This formula in
a certain passion
Raising the vibration
which is the objective
of this passion
Poetry purpose and passion
We get out of our way
into the flow with passion
This formula in
a certain passion
Raising the vibration
which is the objective
of this passion
Whatever knowledge
you be stashing
Holding you back might
be breaking your neck
The opening of
the seventh sea
What goes around
comes around
That why we're sending out
This love and light and
knowledge and wisdom
Through this song
And frequency of the crystal
Utilizing the
earth's facility
In order to announce
the age of aquarius
In which (indistinct) appear
In which we have
opened conflict
That's honest and sincere
When the consciousness
will arrive here
And those days when the
children take the place
And join the human race
Meeting face to face
With our future selves
Creating the fifth reality
Casting powerful
spells and the bells
The time is here
The time is now
For your higher
self to come through
If you allow yourself
to be yourself
To be a authentic
Get into the flow
Let go and be represent
The walk that
is so that is so
Claiming our birth right
Keep your pedestal
Reaching out through
letting it within
With its powerful spin
Within to a whole
another level
And raise the frequency
for that something
That never settles
There's no time to hate
As we go accelerate hey
Falling through the cracks
Riding these waves
You think it's all we've got
We do not discriminate
Poetry purpose and passion
We get out of our way
into the flow with passion
This formula in
a certain passion
Raising the vibration
which is the objective
of this passion
Poetry purpose and passion
We get out of our way
into the flow with passion
This formula in
a certain passion
Raising the vibration
which is the objective
of this passion