Alien Apocalypse (2023) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
[chatter over radios]
Shuttle from Proxima B,
you are cleared for landing.
Landing gear down,
runway seven is open.
You called for security detail?
We need to get this sample
to Dr. Celeste
or Jeffery Daniels
on the 38th floor immediately.
I can do that.
Please, be careful.
This is an organic sample
from Proxima B.
We cannot risk any contamination
with Earth particulates.
Organic sample from Proxima B.
We won't know what they
are until they run the tests,
but you clearly
understand how serious this is
and how important it is
that these make it to
their destination
quickly, securely, and safely.
Of course.
Right away.
Dr. Daniels?
Your samples from
Proxima B, sir.
Is that what I think it is?
It is.
Direct from the
closest exoplanet,
a mere four light years away,
I bring you biosamples
from Proxima B.
What are you doing?
Hey, we should sequence
the genome first.
You're jumping ahead.
Ease up, sweetheart.
Not your sweetheart anymore.
Don't you want to see
what we got?
Jeffery, this
looks like...
Yeah, real funny.
No, seriously.
Actual life
from another planet.
Oh, that's unbelievable.
Instead of a cellular structure,
this looks like a mechanical
structural construct.
The spectrometer is showing
a carbon-based
biological signature.
It is organic.
Right, okay, but it's
acting like a machine.
Like nanobots.
Tiny machines working together
to create larger machines.
I know what nanobots are.
Of course you do.
You know everything.
All I'm saying is it's
exhibiting qualities of both.
Organics and nanobots.
Didn't Tufts develop
something like this?
But this is...
This is far more advanced.
Those were very basic.
The holy grail for ONBs is
to work off of organic material
to build more ONBs.
Like imagine feeding garbage
to a sample of ONBs
to build more
complex machines.
I wonder...
I'm going to take this sample
and test it in the CRISPR
where we should have started.
Well, that's your opinion.
I'm going to take my sample and
test it in the mass spectrometer
where I can check
its chemical identity.
The vial broke.
Biohazard protocol. Now!
Celeste, look.
The sample's grown to
ten times its size.
Activate clean room protocol.
[alarm blaring]
We need to let
this whole level down.
On it.
[alarm blares]
You activated
the clean room protocol?
-What happened?
We were examining samples
from Proxima B.
He shattered the vial
and cut his finger.
Does he need medical assistance?
Medical assistance.
He needs to be more careful,
-especially with untested--
-It was my fault.
I bumped into him.
I should have been more careful.
A cut and broken vial doesn't
lead to the activation
of a clean room protocol.
What led to that decision?
The sample, whatever it was,
seemed to ingest his blood
and just started expanding.
Ten times its size, at least.
Let's confirm
the clean room protocol.
Do what it was supposed to do.
We'll confirm the situation
is safe.
Lock the door behind us.
We'll signal when
to let us back out.
If we're green across the board,
we'll call on the medical team.
From there, they can extract
any organic material
that might have survived.
They'll perform an autopsy
and maybe we'll get to
the bottom of this thing.
Of course.
No sign of movement.
Looks good so far.
Got something here.
What is it?
Looks like
it's been contained.
You know, let's get
the meds team in here,
get this clean-- Ah!
Shoot it! Shoot it!
I can't!
It's all over you!
Shoot it already!
It can't get out!
I'm gonna get you out of there!
It's a contamination!
You open that door,
it'll spread all over the lab!
This is protocol!
Don't let it out.
Don't let it escape!
We need to tell the director.
Prepare evacuation.
We cannot let this escape.
[alarm blaring]
An Alpha Bio Level 1 lockdown
has been initiated on Level 30.
That's Celeste's Lab.
Confirm containment.
Lockdown successful.
Containment confirmed.
Celeste's Lab is on Level 30.
Find her for me, please, Diane.
That's the only
ONB sample, correct?
It's contained?
Okay, good.
Let's get a hold of my dad.
Go, go, go, go.
[phone rings]
Central command.
Director, I have Celeste
on the comm link.
Celeste, are you all right?
We have a Level 4 biosafety
concern at Lab 36.
Celeste, that's a
mandatory quarantine
until the alert group
can get there.
I know, Dad.
No choice.
What's the situation?
While studying a sample
from Proxima B,
we encountered an extremely
aggressive organism
of organic nanobots.
We lost two first responders.
They were completely
devoured by the ONBs.
You're saying you've
made first contact?
JEFFERY: However, after
ingesting organic material,
it transmuted itself into
a spores-like structure
that swarmed the lab,
ingesting all organics.
We're lucky we got out
before it expanded.
It could have been us.
For our safety,
we had to initiate
the clean room protocol.
I'm glad you're safe.
After quarantine
and decon the lab,
we'll see if we can
retrieve any remaining samples.
No, Dad, you don't understand.
Protocol locked down the lab,
but it didn't get rid
of what's in there.
They're still alive.
Celeste, that reaches
1,000 degrees Kelvin.
Proxima B has an orbit
very close to its star.
It encounters bouts of extreme
ultraviolet radiation,
hundreds of times greater
than Earth from the sun,
and perhaps giving this
life form
some inherent heat resistance.
CELESTE: So we're dealing with
an extremophile biology
that is tough to kill.
What's the total
amount of organic input
received by the ONB?
Rough estimate,
145 to 150 kilograms
of organic fluid
and solids combined.
Estimate growth?
From microscopic to about
3 kilos of mass
in a matter of minutes.
Considering the small amount
of organic material consumed
versus the instantaneous
and exponential growth,
if that's allowed free access
to the Earth's environment...
Celeste, I'm sending
an Alien Life Emergency
Response team
to you immediately.
Copy that.
Wait here until ALERT arrives.
No, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I don't like this at all.
If the organism is trapped
in the lab, just leave now.
I can't leave, Dad.
It's protocol.
Your protocol.
My protocol?
You're my daughter, Celeste.
I know.
It'll still be your daughter
when all of this is over.
Stay safe.
I'm sending
the ALERT team immediately.
For everything.
Director Storm, 11385EB.
Deploy alert extraction
on level 30
of Dr. Celeste and
Jeffery Daniels' ASAP.
Roger. Understood.
Talia, initiate
evacuation of X-Lab.
Get me Washington
on the line, please.
Yes, sir.
X-Lab-wide evacuation.
Copy that, Talia.
I'll stay on the floor,
do a sweep,
and ensure everyone's safety
until alert gets here.
[alarm sounding,
people clamoring]
-This way.
X-Lab-wide evacuation
is active,
and I have
General Bennett on the line.
Thank you.
General Bennett.
What can I do
for you, Edward?
Joe, we believe
we made first contact
with an alien life form.
We've initiated
an Alpha-1 bio-lockdown
to contain its
aggressive nature.
I want you looped in.
First contact?
From where?
Well, the sample was
returned from Proxima B.
It was being examined
by my daughter and her husband.
Well, it's her ex-husband now.
It is presently contained.
But it is aggressive,
and I wanted you to be aware.
I'll alert the Joint Chiefs
and the National Guard,
trusting you and your team
to keep it contained
down there at X-Lab.
You keep me posted.
Where is the evac team?
I'll keep them inside
the building now.
Okay, we're in the building,
heading to level 30.
What are they doing?
I don't know.
The way I see it,
as soon as we evac,
we have to kill these ONBs.
That's a pretty
black-and-white view, Jeffery.
It's the practical path.
It is, but this is first
contact with an alien life form.
It's more complicated than that.
Is it?
Celeste, we don't know
what it's capable of.
Exactly, and even if
we could kill them, how?
You're right.
I thought you said
they were in there.
They are.
Well, the swarm is gone.
How is that possible?
I don't know, did they escape
through the conduits
or the vents or
something like that?
No, no, no, no.
All ways out are closed
as soon as the clean room
protocol is activated.
They're trapped.
There's no way out.
Then where are they, Jeffery?
Maybe they returned
to their microscopic form
and are still in there,
but we can't see them.
Let's run a bio-scan of the lab
and see if they're
still in there.
The scan's clear.
And yet they survived.
The clean room protocol
didn't affect the ONBs,
but it did affect the lab.
I know where they are.
What are you talking about?
Come, come with me.
I'll show you.
All right, each lab is sealed
inside an outer housing,
creating an air gap.
During the clean room protocol,
a huge amount of
pressure is created
and blows through thousands
of tiny perforations
of the walls of the lab,
releasing the expanding air and
mitigating the explosion, right?
You think they use
these tiny perforations
to escape the air gap?
The labs are built
for containment,
but the ONBs might be able to
get through the outer shells.
-I don't know.
I'm just an exobiologist.
Well, how do we know for
sure if they're escaping?
Well, we can run
a bio-scan in the labs,
but there's no scan
for the hallways.
Jeffery, these are
nanometer tiny.
It would be like trying
to find a gas leak.
It's staring us in the face.
What are you going to do,
wash them?
No, no, you said it yourself.
We're looking for
a gas leak, right?
Okay, hold this.
Now, the labs are locked down,
so we don't have any equipment.
Wait a second.
All right, close it.
Give it a shake.
But, we can use a trick
my dad taught me.
You spray soapy water over
the area in question,
and you look for bubbles.
And wherever you get bubbles,
that's where your
gas is leaking.
Pretty elegant solution,
Dr. Daniels.
Now, the ALERT should be here
in a minute,
but if the ONBs can escape,
maybe we can know
where they are.
Okay. Bubbles mean the ONBs are
coming through in that location.
Got it. Bubbles equal
flesh-eating nanobots.
Yeah, keep your eyes open.
They're going to be small
and probably in one place.
Do you see anything?
Run. Run!
Come on! Come on!
We have to let my dad
know they escaped.
Is it safe?
They're gone.
Jeffery, they're in your suit!
Watch out!
Let's go! Let's go!
Come on, Jeffery!
Stay with me!
We need to override it.
Undo the lockdown, okay?
What's the code?
Oh, God!
Come on, come on, come on!
Celeste, hurry!
Let's do this!
Come on!
Come on, Jeffery.
Jeffery, we can't stay here.
Come on.
Come on, Jeffery.
Celeste, I'm so excited
that you're here.
I can't stay here.
We have to go.
They're right outside.
We have to go.
We have to run.
We can't stay here.
No, no, no.
Celeste, Celeste.
The lab is sealed.
You're okay.
See? Look.
Anyone out there?
Dr. Celeste?
Your father contacted
me when he realized
that I was locked on
the same level as you.
He sent me to help.
I'm here to help you.
Here to help Jeffery,
all right?
He appears unconscious.
Has a weak pulse.
His pupils...
His pupils are dilated.
So, it's true.
You've made first contact?
And the lacerations
and damage to his skin
are from the aliens?
Yeah, they're flesh eating.
If you're injured,
announce yourself.
I can help you.
If you can't talk,
make a sound.
Any sound.
He's having a reaction.
He needs some epinephrine,
Tell me everything
you know about the aliens.
They're hostile.
Is he infected?
Well, we don't know that yet.
His body is having
a reaction to the attack.
It's sending it into shock.
So, we need to counteract
before we can investigate and
find out if he's infected.
This should wake him up.
-Get it off!
-It's okay. It's okay.
Jeffery, it's okay.
You're safe. You're safe.
It's okay.
Oh, Celeste.
Oh, God.
Oh, God,
I thought I lost you.
I'm right here.
What about the ONBs?
Are we safe here?
[rustling, clanging]
Yeah, for the moment.
We're sealed in,
but make no mistake,
we have to get out of here
as fast as possible.
Okay, let's make sure
that there's no
alien pathogens in Jeffery.
Then we'll be able to make plans
for our next move, all right?
Right over here, Jeffery.
Come on.
-You okay?
-Can you move?
-Right over here.
-You okay?
-Yeah, I'm okay.
-Careful. Careful.
-Sit down.
How did you stop the ONBs
from attacking?
He used a fire extinguisher.
I'm not even sure
why it worked.
The floral protein
in the extinguisher,
it's supposed to create
a slick surface
between the surface of
the item and the fire,
and it's the slick properties
that probably caused
the ONBs to slide
right off of Jeffery's skin.
Here we go.
Now, everybody here at X-LAB
has a medical record
that's on file.
I'm taking some blood.
We will be comparing the
properties of Jeffery's blood
to what's on the X-LAB's files.
If there's any difference,
then we'll know if there's
any alien pathogens.
I'm going to use this probe
with an electric current.
It's going to send a
current through the blood
and make it boil
if there's an alien pathogen
in there
as though
they were being attacked.
Are you ready?
Okay, what if he is infected?
Well, if he's infected,
then we'll be put
on permanent quarantine
until we're cleared by
the NIH or WHO.
If we're not cleared, then...
No reaction.
Thank goodness.
One more test to see if
there's any lingering
ONBs on the surface
of your body.
Step back.
No lingering ONBs on
the surface of your body.
All right.
Let's see what kind of
damage has been done.
Looks like microscopic
piranha bites.
Why aren't you evacuated, Doc?
Well, I was trapped on
the same level as you were,
and then I got a call
from Director Storm,
letting me know and
briefing me on the ONBs.
After that, I said that I would
do anything I could to help.
To be honest, the idea of
seeing an actual alien life form
is very exciting.
There's nothing
exciting about this.
We have to figure out
how to kill them and fast.
Of course, of course.
I'm sorry.
Give me your hands.
-Shh, shh.
What's that noise?
It sounds like...
I'm gonna pull up the feed
in the hallway.
They're literally drilling
a hole through the door.
How much time do we have?
We have about five minutes until
they get through that door.
How do we fight them?
Do you have something in here?
This is not a weapons lab.
My work is not aggressive.
It's to contain things.
That's it.
If we can't kill them now,
we contain them
until we figure out
how to kill them.
Show us your field generator.
Yes, yes, yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
When it's fully operational,
it's designed to contain
highly charged particles
during a fusion reaction.
Well, that's handy.
We use the field
to contain the ONBs.
What do you think?
Yes, it's worth a try.
Now, we're going to need
to re-establish
the cryogenic fluids
that were turned off
during the lockdown,
and we're gonna need
massive amounts of power.
I'm on it.
So what do we need to do
to get this operational?
We need to prime each one
of the cryogenic pipes
prior to the pre-chill
sequence, but...
it needs to be exact.
I'll work on restoring the
cryogenic lines and the power.
The sooner we can get this up
and running, the better.
Okay, you need
to use this chart.
And be careful because of the
extremely cold temperatures
needed for
the superconducting magnets.
All of the plastics were
becoming too brittle,
and I had to come up with a new
insulator for all my wires.
And because of that, if
this isn't done precisely,
none of this will work.
Here we go.
[air hisses]
Okay, good.
Valve normal, next.
Nominal, next.
Oh, no, no, I'm getting
an abnormal reading.
The pressure's building.
Lock it down.
It's not responding.
I have no response here.
What are you doing?
It's going to blow.
I'm adjusting all values
to a neutral flow.
What's the code
for flow regulation?
I'll regulate the flow from
further down the supply line.
Release some pressure, and
we should be back on track.
You did it.
What in the world?
Celeste taught me that trick.
We had a similar issue back
in ExoB.
Dr. Kirby, I have a problem.
What's wrong?
I've got the cryo
and power lines up,
but the boot-up hangs every
time I try to initiate it.
Well, the boot-up system
and the subroutines
they're not supposed to work
at the same time,
but they're supposed
to work together.
Otherwise, they cancel
each other out.
Here, let me try this.
We're online.
Get it powered up.
Drilling's getting louder.
It's going to take
about five minutes.
We don't have that long.
What can we do in
the next two minutes?
Oh, maybe 60 percent?
We'll take it.
Initiating startup sequence.
Okay, Jeffery, make sure
that the mains are on
and locked for the
superconducting magnets.
We've got juice!
Let's go.
They're getting closer
to breaching the door.
No, we have a problem.
In full power, the magnets
had enough strength
to direct the ONBs into
the containment field
and hold them,
but at 60 percent,
they're only able
to contain them.
So the field will hold them,
but we need to lure them
into the containment area?
If maybe we could use some
sort of organic bait
to set the trap, if we all got
behind the containment area,
and our organic mass drew the
ONBs from the entrance to there,
and then when they were
in the containment field,
we turned on the generator
and we could trap them.
You two should hide.
I'll act as bait.
That's sweet, but stupid.
No, he's right.
We have to get together.
We cannot let
the alien split up.
It has to be all of us.
The safest place would be
behind the containment area,
and that's where we'll be.
All right, let's get
to our station.
Ready to activate
the containment field.
Come and get us.
Is everybody all right?
We did it.
We did.
I can't believe
I'm looking at aliens.
I'm going to make sure our power
levels are solid.
I'll check the cryogenic flow.
Power levels are stable.
Valves look good.
X-Lab evacuation, complete.
Now, where's that evac team?
Well, your dad ordered it.
I'm sure they're on their way.
Hey, Doc.
You said you had to
use a different insulator
for the wiring because the
plastic was too brittle.
Yes, the petroleum plastic
wasn't working, so...
I replaced them all with
plastics derived from soybeans.
The ONBs are eating
right through it.
They're going to short
out the force field.
Run! Run!
Design is so elegant.
[gasps, screams]
Come on.
Come on, hurry.
-Come on. Come on.
We're not going to make it!
Push 'em back, Troopers.
Get them out of here,
Sanchez, now!
General Bennett is on his
way from Washington
and should be arriving soon.
You're safe. Everything's
going to be all right now.
We lost Dr. Kirby.
What happened?
It was horrible.
We weren't able
to kill the ONBs.
We were able to push them back
and reactivate the bio lockdown.
Right now, they're
trapped on level 30.
Okay, you two go to sick bay.
Come on.
No, that can wait.
We need to kill them.
She's right.
They need to be stopped now.
We're in agreement on this.
They have to be destroyed,
but until we know how to kill
them, we have to contain them.
So where were they last?
By the North elevator shafts.
What are they doing?
They can't eat it.
Wait, there on the side.
The USB port, zoom in on that.
Are they trying to interface
with the computer system?
Talia, scan the network.
See if they've
breached the system.
Even if they can interface
with the hardware,
how could they speak to it?
I doubt they know C++.
No, but all code is binary,
not just on Earth, everywhere.
They can brute force
a mechanical software attack
and gain access.
Sir, the ONBs have gained
access to
the valve flow control subsystem
and the root directory.
Silo all systems now.
Siloing all systems.
The breach has been contained
in the HVAC control system.
The rest of our computer
system should be safe.
If they control the HVAC, that
means that they can gain access
to the entire facility
through the venting system.
Override, shut down all vents.
We've been locked out
of the HVAC system.
I can't shut them down.
All right, all right, we can't
shut them down from here,
but we can manually from
the subbasement under level 30.
Okay, look, we can
shut them down manually.
I get it, that's my job, but
what I don't understand is
why don't we just
evacuate everybody here
and nuke this place?
Because as I told you, we don't
understand their biology.
We don't understand the threat.
If we nuke them, it could create
an even bigger problem.
We have to contain them,
study them,
and find their weakness.
Copy that, okay.
We shut it down manually.
And retrieve a sample.
Wait, what?
You said it, Dad.
We need to study them.
They're going to be on level 30.
They can collect a sample
while they're there.
Then how?
With a decontamination
wand from the hangar.
Okay, copy that.
We shut it down manually.
Keep the ONBs from escaping
and get the sample.
I'll need to go too.
What? Why?
Even though we can shut
off the valve manually,
I'll need to gain access to
the terminal at the valve.
Write code so they
can regain control.
He's right.
Okay, well then,
I'm going to stay here
and help you avoid them.
Sounds like a plan.
I'll be able to see things
you guys can't.
So please, listen.
Jeffery, this is
life and death.
I will.
Don't worry.
It's going to be okay.
Wish you were a better liar.
You know, if this all works out,
maybe we could...
For good luck.
Celeste, I...
I know.
Food aggressions.
[chittering sounds]
Stay on me.
We're in.
The access to the subbasement
is down the main corridor.
Then turn right at
the intersection.
There you'll find an access
door to the subbasement.
Copy that.
CELESTE: Jeffery, do you have
the decontamination wand
for the sample?
I do.
CELESTE: Also, since we
don't know how the ONBs
perceive the surroundings,
stay out of sight and be
as quiet as possible.
Silent and invisible.
The door's open.
I can get the sample now.
No, we can't risk it.
We shut the HVAC
valve down first,
then we get the sample.
Sanchez, close this door,
I'll cover you.
What about that?
Don't worry about it.
What the hell?
Everybody, move! Get out!
On me!
All right, get the valve!
Secure this area.
CELESTE: There's the
access door on the left.
The ONBs are almost free.
Hurry up!
The valve's stuck.
We need a minute, Doc.
The computer's offline.
Booting it on now.
Ah, come on.
They've escaped.
Looks like they're
heading towards you.
Got it.
All right.
How are we doing?
Tick tock.
Yeah, almost there.
Come on, Jeffery.
They're there in 20 seconds.
Oh, no pressure.
Thanks, Celeste.
And... done.
I've closed the vents.
I've locked the back door
to the computer system.
The ONBs are approaching
from the south.
We head to the north elevators.
Good. Let's get out of
this rat hole.
Come on. Move!
Fall back! Now!
Move, Sanchez! Move!
Where are we going?
They've blocked off
the north elevators!
You're clear to head to
the south elevators,
and we'll open that bulkhead.
Bateman, secure the elevators.
Get ready to leave.
We're going to make
a stand here.
Locked and loaded and get ready.
Jeffery, get ready to
get your sample.
Stay frosty.
-[energy blasts]
The disruptors concussive force
is stunning them and
pushing them back.
Jeffery, get in and
get a sample.
I'll cover you.
Landon, get him to the elevator.
Move! Move!
Light it up!
[energy blasts]
Come on!
Fire! Light it up!
No! Fall back!
Exfil in the elevator! Now!
What the hell was that, huh?
I was told we were up
against possible alien life
on the nanometer scale.
That was the ripping
my team apart scale.
Captain Jensen, the biology
of these creatures
is rapidly developing.
Oh, yeah? Then why don't
we rapidly kill them, huh?
Hell, this place
is evacuated already.
Why don't we set
the self-destruct for X-Lab
and call it a day?
Captain, we still don't
know how to kill it.
It survived fire,
explosions, your disruptors.
We don't know how to kill it.
The only way to figure
that out is to study them.
That's right.
Well, we have the sample.
Let's study it.
Let's figure out
how to kill them.
How about this?
The Alpha-1 Biolockdown
is secure.
The ONBs are contained
on level 30.
Let's figure out a plan to
contain them permanently,
and if we can't,
we blow up X-Lab.
Two things.
One, we do it right here.
I don't want to chance
this thing escaping
or waste any time
going anyplace else.
And two, when it comes
time to make the call,
and it will come time,
I make it.
That's the deal.
They're sensitive to sound.
I don't know if that
means anything.
Maybe we can use that
to adjust the disruptors.
Oh, this is interesting.
Their molecular density
is fluid.
How so?
At their smallest form,
they're the most dense.
Meaning, when the
Xenobot warriors form,
it's less dense
than the swarm form.
Well, that would explain
their exponential growth
when they ingest organics.
They're puffing up
by replicating themselves
using organic material,
decreasing their density,
thereby expanding
their surface area.
Okay. Can we use this to figure
out how to kill them?
If their density decreases,
the bigger they get,
they weigh less by percentage.
Like a balloon.
When you blow it up, it floats.
Okay. All right.
How do we use this information
to our advantage?
You said sound
could hurt them?
Maybe at the right frequency,
but then it's going to take
a lot of trial and error.
What if we use sound
that didn't hurt it?
No, no, no.
Headed in the wrong direction
there, Doc.
Yeah, what are
you talking about?
Acoustic levitation.
By using opposing
high-frequency sound waves,
you create a standing wave.
And you suspend objects in
the pocket between the nodes.
It's essentially anti-gravity.
No. Mm-mm.
I've seen the research.
That's for small objects,
much smaller than
the Xenobot warriors.
But we do things on a much
bigger scale in the X-Lab.
Now, you said that
the molecular density
is less at
the larger scale, right?
Okay. So we use these standing
sound waves
to create a pocket of
and contain the ONBs.
Okay. But how do we get
them in these pockets?
Well, we don't.
We build it around them.
We have all the equipment
in the X-Lab.
And we control it
from the command center.
That's perfect.
We can target level 30
and send everything
down there into zero-G state.
Theoretically, it will
take a lot of work
to get it up and running.
We're going to have to reroute
all of the power in the place,
and that means starting
up the massive MFCs.
Microbial fuel cells.
Those are powered almost
entirely by organic materials.
It would be catastrophic if
the aliens consumed that much.
Yeah, but we need the power.
If it works, the ONBs will be
contained far from the MFCs.
It's a calculated risk.
I say we do it.
Any advantage we can get
right now
is going to be worth the risk.
I'm going to need both of
you to recalibrate
the acoustic sound towers
because it has to
happen simultaneously.
Now, they're located in the
three maintenance tubes,
and they're all at a safe
distance from the ONBs.
We'll get right on it.
Talia, this code will get
you past security
and enable you
to reroute the power.
Yes, sir.
Okay, listen up.
Once the xenomorphs
are floating,
we can put on mag boots
and check them out.
If they're contained, great.
If not, we take them out.
Hey, Doc, do you think
we can bump up
the power on these disruptors?
Yeah. Based on Celeste's
findings about
the sonic sensitivity,
I'll be able to make
the adjustments for you.
Okay. As I set the coordinates
for Beacon X,
I'll need you to adjust
the physical transmitter
to coincide.
Ready when you are.
Be careful.
These are high-frequency
acoustic horns.
While we can't hear
their output,
they can still temporarily
affect our hearing
if we make a mistake.
Just a moment.
Just remembering that night
we got stuck in a lab at MIT.
Remember that?
-Jeffery, focus.
Inputting X coordinates
in three, two,
one, now.
[loud noise, screaming]
What happened?
I can't hear you.
I think I misadjusted the horn.
Let's try again.
Inputting X coordinates.
-Three, two, one, now.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
You ready?
You still can't hear me?
What are you saying?
Of course I remember that night.
It's the night I fell
in love with you.
Inputting X coordinates
three, two,
one, now.
Good. Okay.
On to the next.
Let's go.
Okay. Good.
We have all three
acoustics on tower set.
Returning to base.
All right.
This adjustment will
max out the power
and should disable the Xenobots.
Thank you, sir.
However, that upgrade in power
means that you can burn through
your power cells quicker
and you'll have fewer rounds.
Got that?
Pick your shots.
Transducers and acoustic
horns calibrated.
Good work, you two.
It's getting better.
Talia, are we ready?
Yes, sir.
Main power has been rerouted
and aux power from
the fuel cells is online.
All right, Captain.
You head down.
We'll activate the
acoustic equipment
and generate
the anti-gravity pocket.
Yes, sir.
Let's move out, boys.
Sanchez, come here.
Listen to me. This goes south,
I need you to watch
their six, okay?
-Copy that, Captain.
-Let's go.
I'm going to need both of you
to make this work.
Celeste, you work with
Talia and you define
the 3D space parameters.
Got it.
Jeffery, you're going
to have to closely monitor
the power requirements.
On it.
Defining parameters as follows.
X is 12.4.
Y is 22.7.
Z is 11.7.
Ready, sir.
Do we have consistent power?
We're set.
Talia, pull up the cameras
on level 30.
Yes, sir.
Captain Jensen,
can you hear me on your comms?
I read you, sir.
We are ready.
On your mark.
Copy that.
Loud and clear.
Activating mag boots,
setting five.
Hey, Bateman, I'd ease up on
that setting if I were you.
We're heading into
a zero-G environment.
These mag boots will keep
us stuck to the floor.
The enemies can be
Anything above a five is
going to hurt your mobility.
I got it, Captain.
I like them snug to the floor,
so I don't float away.
Your call, Bateman.
Just realize,
you're making it real sticky.
We're on level 30.
Activate the anti-gravity.
Talia, activate transducers
and acoustic horns.
Yes, sir.
Director, massive power spike,
coordinating power management.
3D points holding.
Field beam generated.
[powering up]
We've got an active
anti-gravity matrix, sir.
Captain, anti-gravity is online.
Copy that.
All right.
Stay alert.
The enemy can be free-floating.
We're going to see
if it's contained,
head back to command center.
Do not, I repeat, do not
engage unless I order.
-Yes, sir.
-Copy that, Captain.
Stay frosty.
Move out.
Power is fluctuating.
Divert more power
from the fuel cell.
Hold your fire, Bateman.
Captain, what are you doing?
You were supposed to
confirm containment.
Just a little wildfire, Celeste.
It won't happen again, right?
Yes, sir.
On a lighter note,
the disruptors that you
have modified, director,
are working great.
I'm not sure if
it's killing them,
but it's definitely stunning
them and disabling them.
Hold your fire.
Copy that.
What did you do, Dad?
I maxed out the power
and indexed the resonance.
I wonder if
sympathetic resonance
is the way forward
with a weapon.
[alarm beeping]
Wild power fluctuations.
Losing stability.
Cross-patch the power matrix.
Reduce the field dimensions
to those that are active.
Sending new coordinates
to you, Talia.
Active matrix holding.
Power's stable.
Good work.
Hold, hold.
Command the ONBs
are floating and contained.
Excellent. Okay.
Reduce the anti-gravity pocket
until we can stabilize it.
Copy that.
Hold up, hold up.
Power loss in mains.
Diverting all power
from the fuel cells.
The anti-gravity is failing.
Matrix failing.
We're losing power!
We must have clipped a power
conduit in the blown wall.
Prepare for anti-gravity
matrix failure.
We lost anti-gravity.
Turn the boots off. Now!
Fall back!
I'm stuck!
-Turn the boots off!
-I set it too high, I'm stuck!
Damn it! Move!
Landon, move! Move!
Fall back!
Shut down level 30!
Now! Do it!
Returning to command.
Talia, where's the
remaining Xenobot?
It used the crawl
spaces below levels
and ended up in the...
Ended up in the massive MFC's
below level 30.
The Xenobots now have massive
amounts of fuel to replicate.
Wait, wait, wait.
They could replicate now?
Yes, and rapidly.
Director Storm, I'm showing
more life forms below.
Ideas, people?
Anybody? Ideas?
Stand down, director.
I was tasked
to save this facility
and all the
proprietary research,
but at this point
I have no choice
but to set the self-destruct.
Stop the ONBs and one last
chance to save the world.
We have 10 minutes
to leave here and get topside,
or we're all dead.
All right, you got me?
We got 10 minutes to get topside
before this place is a crater.
Landon, get me a path
to the elevator. Now!
Yes, sir!
Captain, you just
don't understand
the work that we do here.
Listen to me. I don't care
if the cure for cancer
was in this room.
We need to evacuate now.
I lost half my team today.
Does anybody else
want to die here? Huh?
All right, all right,
you're right.
Talia, download everything out
of the secure servers
and initiate burn protocol.
Okay, listen to me.
What part of the evacuate
don't you understand?
We don't have time for that.
I need you and her
in that elevator now.
Why do we have to leave first?
Do I have to tell him? Hmm?
-Thank you, sir.
Sanchez, I need you
to get them topside.
You take care of them, okay?
Copy that, Cap.
Here, I downloaded X-Labs motion
sensors to that tracker pad
so you can monitor the
Xenobot warrior's movements.
Thank you very much, Talia.
I can't lose you, Celeste.
Don't worry, Dad.
It's gonna be okay.
I wish you were
a better liar.
Jeffery, I'll secure
the sample you collected.
Can you download
any data we gathered?
-Yeah, will do.
Make it quick.
We made it. Time.
Eight minutes.
[tracker beeps]
Oh, hell.
We got company.
They're gaining on us
and moving quickly.
Yeah, they're gaining on us.
We're gonna have
to fight them.
If they reach us in the
elevator, we're screwed.
We have to pick the battlefield.
You two, you guys
gonna listen to me?
We're gonna make it
out of here safe, okay?
-Stop us at level 22.
-Copy that.
Landon, prepare for battle.
Yes, sir.
Okay, can you shoot?
I pull the trigger.
Good answer.
All right, we're gonna
create a kill zone.
-Landon, post up there.
-Yes, sir.
You two come with me.
One on either side.
You over here.
You over here.
We wait.
[tracker beeping]
[beeping stops]
Maybe the tracker's not--
Cease fire.
Cease fire.
Did we do it?
I don't know.
Let's not celebrate too soon.
Look, we just blew it apart.
This is some sort
of a drunk cloud.
How long will
it take to recover?
You know what? Let's not
stick around and find out.
We've got four minutes before
this place is a crater.
Let's move.
[tracker beeping]
Aw, shit.
Watch out!
You saved me.
You surprised?
Go! Get her to the topside.
Get her to the safety.
I'll hold them off.
Come on, you bastards!
-Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Come on.
Come on!
All right.
We've got one minute left
to get topside
before the self-destruct
blows everything to hell.
You're hurt.
I'll live.
Freaked out.
Watch out!
Come on!
Not today!
Here. Here.
You okay?
You saved me.
You surprised?
T-minus two minutes.
Lock it. Lock it.
Lock it. Lock it.
What's taking so long.
Stay here.
Go that way.
Go that way.
-Help! Help us!
-Jeffery! Come on!
All right. Let's go.
Move! Move! Move!
It's gonna blow!
-Let's go!
-Come on. Come on.
It's about to blow!
Come on! Come on!
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Looks good.
-Thank God.
So much lost.
How could anything survive that?
I can't believe
it came to this.
You all right?
Let me look at that.
Sergeant, get them to safety.
Yes, sir.
What happened to Captain Jensen?
Didn't make it.
He saved us.
He was very brave.
All right.
Let's get you some
medical treatment.
They're on your disruptor!
-Get rid of it!
Shoot them!
Topside! Come in! Now!
Go! Go! Go!
Come on! Come on!
Go, go!
Sergeant, I'll get them inside.
Get out there and help them!
Get them to safety!
-We'll be right there!
-Follow me! Go! Go!
Come on!
Follow me!
Come on! Let's go!
Go, go!
Come on! Come on!
Yes, sir.
Not yet.
Yes, sir.
Where's my dad?
The general ordered him to get
him checked out in sick bay.
We need backup.
We need some serious firepower.
Stand down.
I'm on the phone with POTUS
and the Joint Chiefs now,
activating our response action.
At least they have
a response planned.
What's that?
What's happening?
What's happening?
They're eating the dead.
With that much organic material,
they can spawn an
insane amount of warriors.
You need to see this.
The Xenobots have wings now?
Didn't they always have wings?
No, no, no, no.
In ONB form,
they could swarm using
microscopic wings,
but this is different.
This looks like...
like ants growing wings
so they can colonize new
areas to feed and reproduce.
Well, that's a scary analogy.
What direction are
they headed?
Uh, west.
Why would they be heading west?
Food, water,
they can clearly sense
that something's out there.
Los Angeles.
How long till they
reach Los Angeles?
Los Angeles is 250 miles away.
I clocked them at
80 miles per hour, so...
three hours?
Three hours to prepare
for a full
Xenobot warrior invasion.
Who were the scientists
that first made contact?
Myself and my wife.
Dr. Celeste Storm Daniels, sir.
Okay, I'm gonna need
you to load into
an alert air transport
with everything you know
about the Xenobiology.
Also, the tech on
your energy disruptors,
I hear that's quite capable,
am I right?
We're not trained for
that kind of mission, sir.
Let me ask you this,
are you humans?
Of course, sir, but...
Good, then you're on our team.
Now, we have
a plane standing by,
wheels up for AFB.
Edward's Air Force Base?
Yes, we're gonna cut them off
before they reach Los Angeles.
CIC will stay here
and will deploy forces
from AFB within the hour.
Yes, sir.
-Edward's Air Force Base it is.
-Let's go.
Dad, do you read me?
Loud and clear, Celeste.
Where are you now?
Edward's Air Force Base.
The plan is to stop
the Xenobot warriors
here in the desert before
they reach Los Angeles.
The Air Force has launched
a full squadron
of F-16E strike
Eagle fighters.
We were able to have the cannon
on the alert transport
with a maxed out disruptor.
Wish we could do the
same for the F-15s.
However, we outfitted the troops
with maxed out
handheld disruptors.
Load up!
That means you too, Docs.
Gotta go.
Let's go.
All right, here we go.
Celeste, be safe.
I mean it.
I will, Dad.
I'm so proud of you, sweetie.
I love you, Celeste.
I love you too, Dad.
I want a full status report
on the evacuation of Los Angeles
and the NATO response
readiness report. ASAP.
Evacuate. Evacuate.
We have radar contact.
Bogie's 25 miles out.
Maintain angles five.
Flight commander,
have red, blue, green,
and gold flights go live
with WEPS.
Blue, green, and gold
flights copy, squadron leader.
Roger that.
Clear to engage target.
Bogie's 10 miles out.
Blue, flank left.
Green, flank right.
Gold, ascend angles 10
and fall back to cleanup.
Blue, flank left.
Green, flank right.
Gold to Angeles 10.
Good hunting, squadron leader.
Five miles out.
Tally a huge amount of bogies.
Four o'clock low.
Target rich.
Unleash hell.
[rockets firing]
Squadron leader, do you copy?
Squadron leader.
Squadron leader, do you copy?
Gold flight,
descend to Angeles 5 and--
What happened?
Sounds like...
They're gone.
Celeste, come in.
What happened?
The entire squadron was
devastated within seconds.
We're on course
to intercept their path
and engage in...
One minute.
Charge the disruptor cannon.
I'll be modifying troop
deployment and placement.
That's easy.
All troops everywhere.
Director Storm,
while we're in pursuit,
can you and Talia work
up an analysis
on the Xenobot swarm using
fluid dynamics?
Maybe if we can figure out
if there are any patterns to
how they interact collectively,
then we can target them
as a swarm.
Good job, you two.
I'll get that analysis
back to your ASAP.
Get me close.
[energy blasts]
Everybody out!
-[high pitched noise]
-Ugh! What was that?
Get me an audio spectrograph.
On it.
It's a signal in
the gigahertz frequency.
It repeats.
Why hasn't that happened before?
The ONBs are evolving
at such a fast pace.
Maybe this is something
new to them as well.
That's good.
Maybe we can use this against
them before they know it.
Is this some type
of echolocation?
I'm not sure.
I'll separate the waveforms.
We're losing, damn it!
They're going to tear
Los Angeles apart.
Director, what do we have?
Give me anything.
Give me something!
We're working on
the fluid dynamics model.
Give me the field scientist now.
You're on with the general.
What have you got for me?
We believe they're using
some sort of echolocation
to help guide them.
Anything with
the fluid dynamic model?
The model indicates that
the external input
is null while
massive determination
is being
generated autogenously.
What does that mean?
It means they're
deciding where to go.
They're not being affected
by an outside influence.
They're intelligent.
Well, I've killed
a lot of smart enemies.
What do I got to do to kill
these Xenobot warriors?
Director, if they're nanobots,
albeit organic,
then they have a rudimentary
electrical system.
That means there must
be some way
to disrupt their
electromagnetic field.
An EMP, general.
Scramble their
electrical systems.
Yes, we have electrically
hardened aircraft
that can deliver tactical EMPs.
Also, the ALERT transports
are hardened as well,
so you won't be affected.
I'll find an easier way
to upgrade the disruptors
and implement it forces wide.
We'll see if we can
decode the echolocation
while General Bennett
calls the strike.
Gotta go.
[energy blasts]
The disruptors have no effect!
Get back inside now!
What about Sergeant Sanchez?
They're all dead.
We're surrounded by
Xenobot warriors.
Keep firing!
At least it stuns them and
maybe we can get some help.
According to General Bennett,
the EMP is inbound.
Be prepared.
Prepare how?
[loud pulse]
It worked!
I can't believe it worked!
Celeste, are you all right?
We're alive.
It didn't.
They just keep adapting.
Nothing we're doing is working!
We just sped up their
destructive evolution.
The EMP just made it worse.
I'm getting reports
of alien spaceships
forming all up and down the
California coast,
even where
there was no EMP.
That makes no sense.
We've been hit!
The ONBs are weaponized!
They're eating their way through
the armor of the transport!
Eating through the metal?
Get us out of here!
Damn it!
They got into the engine!
Move over!
Move over!
I can't drive us
away from the ONBs
that are eating through
our transport, Celeste.
No, not drive us out!
Get us out of this transport!
Why didn't you just say that?
You should know what I mean!
We don't share
the same mind, Celeste.
Wait... That's it.
All nanobots
share the same mind.
They have a hive mind.
That's why all the ships
appeared at the same time.
They're communicating together.
Maybe if we could disrupt
their communications,
we can stop them.
With the right frequency,
we can affect all the Xenobots
at the same time.
Okay, I have one sample left.
Let's test out your theory.
If it works, we can test
it out on the hive minds.
Hurry up!
Come on, hurry!
When you have the frequency,
we can transmit it from here
using the emergency broadcast
system around the globe.
Hit them everywhere at once.
This is taking too long.
Hey, you can do it.
You're one of a kind.
Yeah, and I'm looking for
a one-of-a-kind frequency.
I only need one frequency.
I can't test every one,
but I can isolate the frequency
that they're using
for echo location
and use it as a carrier wave.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on!
They've gotten through.
I don't see anything.
That's because
they're too small.
They're eating me alive!
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, come on, come on!
I got the frequency.
Sending to you, Dad.
Got it.
Receive and transmitting
across the globe, Celeste.
Jeffery! Jeffery!
-Stay back!
You did it!
You two saved the world.
Jeffery, you okay?
It's gonna be okay.