Alien Crash at Roswell: The UFO Truth Lost in Time (2013) Movie Script

Narrator: For many the Roswell
UFO Crash is simply a story.
For others it is a belief in
something larger than our
selves, however for one
family it is a fact.
A legacy headed down through 3
generations told with verity
and certitude
the story of Jesse Marcel Sr.
Philip Coppens historian and
author of the ancient alien
question set out on a quest
to discover the reality behind
by visiting the one true
source, the family of Jesse
Philip Coppens: UFO phenomenon
began on June 24th, 1947 when
Kenneth Arnold
saw 9 flying objects over Mt.
Rainer in Washington State.
Ever since we have known the
term UFO unidentified flying
objects, but what if
a few days later early July of
1947 an object crashed in
Roswell New Mexico
and the answer as to what the
unidentified stood for became
a reality.
What if in Roswell in 1947
extraterrestrial beings crash
landed on planet earth and the
government has known
about it ever since.
The story of Roswell only
began to get international
recognition from the 1980's
What had happened was that in
the late 1970's the UFO
researchers specifically
Stanton Friedman and Bill
Moore also known as William
Moore began to look into the
William Moore together with
Charles Bowlus had just done a
international bestselling book
called The Bermuda Triangle
and riding on that
success they were looking for
a follow up.
That follow up became known as
the Roswell Incident.
It is a book about the
possibility whether or not the
story of Roswell happened.
The story hinges on the
testimony of one single
person, Jesse Marcel.
What had happened was that in
their travels as UFO
researchers, they had heard
this rumor about this one guy
who allegedly had handheld
some of the
material which had happened at
a crash site of an
extraterrestrial disc near
Roswell New Mexico in 1947 and
both Stanton Friedman and Bill
Moore went out
in search of this man who at
that moment in time was still
His name is Jesse Marcel.
The story of Jesse Marcel is
the core of this documentary.
It is the story of 3
generations of the Marcel
family and 3 Jesse Marcel's as
at that who all have been
intrigued with whether or not
the truth of Roswell should
become known.
And it is an interesting story
because here we have two
generations who have
handled this material with
their own hands.
The first person is Major
Jesse Marcel.
He went to the crash site and
brought some of the material
back home before he has to
take it into the base.
He showed it to his wife. He
showed it to his 11-year old
Now we have a third
generation. Jesse Marcel the
III, the grandson of
Major Jesse Marcel and he is
talking about a life long
quest to find out what Roswell
really is.
Jesse Marcel III: Back in
this, that idea of the thought
that you know was there
actually more to this first
site that has been told.
My grandfather always almost
to the wake of his eye was
always said there was so
much more in the story than I
can tell you
so much more than the media or
he is told of the newspapers
in time that kind of
thing that really show you
but I really believe there is
a lot more to that first crash
site than we know about
passed the items, passed the
metal, passed those materials.
The date we have narrowed this
out was something around July
2nd, late to even in
July 2nd. It was in a few days
before that.
There was, people were saying
these things everywhere
describing them blue
lights, describing them as
saucers, looking saucer, like
saucer plates put
together flying across the
Everyone from priest to
politicians to the police,
everyone seen these things fly
to the valley and it was
backed up radar was many
targets that would come in
and out of range, and it was
like it must have been a very
fast at the same time to be in
the desert to think that all
this going on around you.
And again I think by this time
UFO's were talked about you
know it is nothing,
I mean it was like a
fascinating oddity,
but it was nothing, no reality
to it.
And here was a whole town of
literally seeing these things
and think there is something
strange going on now.
Narrator: The legacy of
Roswell has been handed down
through three generations not
as an event that may have
happened, but as a truth that
cannot be denied
and therefore the evidence of
Roswell is contained in the
experiences of those who
were actually there.
Philip: For the Marcel family
Roswell is not a question
It is not a controversy. There
are no unknowns as to whether
not something happened. The
question is just a matter of
as to where they came from and
what has happened to the
material whether we have
somehow benefited as a species
from the material which the
governments secluded
from 1947 onwards, but
everything else, the truth
that something landed in
is a family legacy which the
Marcel's have cherished for
several decades and continue
to do so. They have spoken out
before, but now Jesse
Marcel is ready to tell.
Jesse Marcel III: He knew what
it was. He knew how big it was
and he knew that
this kind of story, this kind
of information could cost you
your life.
This technology was very
important right now. It was
very, very important that the
government kept the
information tight to their
They did not want it getting
out. It was their property, no
one else's.
Philip: So what happened?
For families like the
Marcel's, the Blanchard's
there was never any doubt this
was true. This has happened
and of course there was
the evidence at the I-Beam in
the kitchen a few years or a
few months afterwards.
When they were holding it and
looking at it and seeing this
is evidence of what happened.
So what for the rest of the
world has been speculation and
for very large sections of
the world population today
continues to be a question
mark, for them it is an
absolute truth. They know and
Marcel family, are so
adamant in getting this out
because for them it is a truth
which needs to come out
into the open.
Jesse Marcel III: There was a
lot of people thought about
[inaudible 00:08:51]
why did they tell people about
this you know they felt we
couldn't handle it,
that people are going to
handle it. I have always
thought that doesn't really
make a lot of sense. I think
people would have loved to be
able to been part of that
first that the UFO that life
does exist out there the
wonderment, the fantastic idea
that we are not alone.
I think it was more of our
knowing that they had a piece
of technology that no one else
had and for us
to stay on top and just like
any other top secret program
it was going to be kept
and kept the very type of like
when you think about the MOGUL
Bloom and there are top
secret programs.
When in history have you ever
seen they released a top
secret program with all
newspapers or also black and
white. They bring it out.
It is in every newspaper on
every radio disclosing all
these details about the top
secret program.
The decided that obviously
there this MOGUL all over
important had nothing
compared to some what did on
the first of that day so it
was easy for them to give
up a little bit to hold a
Narrator: In 1947, if the
government told you to keep a
secret, it was considered
your patriotic duty to hold
that information.
Jesse Marcel Sr. was loyal to
his country and above all else
he was a patriot.
During the press conference
Marcel was told to pose with
materials from a MOGUL
balloon that we knew it was
not the materials he had
brought back from Corona.
He complied with his orders.
Jesse Marcel III: You know
that says some things, one, he
can be trusted with
information that was obviously
very valuable to the more that
they didn't
trust and 99.9% of the people
with and he was world's
It tells a little bit about
themselves as ability to, you
know you can imagine I am
about to work with a team. I
am going to tell them where to
a bomb that kill thousands and
thousands of people. To take
that responsibility and to be
able to put yourself aside and
follow your orders and that
seems like the way to do it.
He really paved that later in
Philip: At the end of the
1980's it was clear that the
government had to do
There was massive interest and
people were beginning to ask
Even people close to American
presidents were intrigued to
find out what Roswell
was really all about.
And so in 1994 the American
government said that something
had indeed happened in
Roswell which they couldn't
speak about.
That it was a secret project
called Project MOGUL which
involved special air
balloons which was somehow
floated the top parts of the
sky to find out whether or
not atomic explosions had
occurred somewhere.
And so they couldn't explain
this in 1947 which is why
there was a cover up.
Now I didn't really answered
really why there were bodies
and so a few years later
in 1997 the government came
back and said, "Oh yes we
forgot about that and the
bodies you saw were not human
bodies at all.
They are test dummies which we
somehow put up in the sky and
then dropped it to
the ground and this is what
people saw."
The problem is that this test
dummies didn't exist in 1947
and the government
was saying that this somehow
happened somewhere in the
And so what the American
government is trying to tell
you is this, that you have
to believe that somehow in
1947 the lied
and that it was a special air
balloon, which they couldn't
talk about and that
somehow later on near Roswell
crashed dummies landed on the
ground and that
somehow the lights of Marcel,
Blanchard and everybody else
involved with the
Roswell story is mistaken that
somehow they have put together
two stories which
happened several years ago,
several yeas apart and that
they can't tell what really
happened at Roswell, but that
the American government goes
knows perfectly well
and you just have to trust
them that they know perfectly
Jesse Marcel III: Not only had
they performed this service
for our military
and done it perfectly, but
then he was rejected and
basically scapegoated, put in
the center for controversy
which he would have loved to
have talked to people about
It is something that he
believed in. I mean he
believed on the soul that this
was something from another
place and it was also the
wonderment that how he could
add to the value of our own
human existence to realize
there is something
else out there that actually
came to visit us or reason to
believe that this
technology did not exist. That
what I found out there was not
in the
service or built by human
He was very - he left no room
to conclude there was anything
but - he wasn't one to
say the government covered
this up and it wasn't the
weather balloon, but he kept
the high road and he said,
"What I saw wasn't from here."
Philip: And so what we have
here is once again what for
some people might be
a detail, but which for those
who know and those who like to
find out makes a very
different story.
Roswell is one of those things
whereby really there is a
question of belief.
On the one hand you have
family, the Marcel family, the
Blanchards who never
spoken out.
All of these families know and
they know details about the
story which is where the
beauty of the story lies.
You have to believe that they
remember what happened and
what they know is very simple.
It is very basic. It is a
story about that [inaudible
and a husband who one evening
comes home and says to his
family this is something
you have to see because from
tomorrow onwards I have no
idea what is going to happen.
The American government might
order a cover up or we might
have an announcement
to the world that something
truly extraordinary has
happened, but either
way, I want you my wife and my
son to be the first to know.
Narrator: Every historical
event can be traced back to a
pivotal moment, a moment
in time when everything
For the Marcel family that
moment was the evening when
Jessie Marcel Sr.
brought home a box of debris
from the crash site.
It is this moment when the
event became real for them and
would be handed down
through each generation.
Jesse Marcel III: My father
looked on one of the Spherical
I-Beams and it was 12
inches 18 inches and there is
a box that might have had a
several pieces of
[inaudible 00:16:35] and they
said you look on there was
aluminum beam, I-Beam cross
section and it look like it is
kind of the same material
as the foil parts he also
brought back
and I just had structure to
them right in the bright light
foil and if you look at them
dead on there wasn't anything
at depreciable, but if you all
do an angle
then the symbols will appear
in between the shoulders.
And especially we help to
light a certain way you could
become very perceptible,
they were like a light in a
violet color
and that quite remarked that
you guys are probably the
first ones to ever see this
alien language in history and
no one has ever seen this
before and they, that has
always been interesting part
of the story
and you couldn't see how much
straight on so whatever almost
like a - it hasn't been
said but from what it is
almost like a hologram that
they had to mention only
once you have angled at a
certain degree.
Crescent moons, dashes, dots,
that sort of thing and it like
it took on really
strange appearance.
Jesse Marcel Jr.: There was a
lot of thick foil like
material like shiny
aluminum but very [inaudible
00:18:01] sleep rates have
There is a black plastic type
degree like big light shine at
the room and in there
were fragments that were
behind me,
unfortunately small but the
typical lighting type
Philip: so 1947 could have
been the dawn of a new age.
To some extent it was. It was
the age when UFO phenomena
but UFO phenomenon is a
question mark
and 1947 could have been an
Just out to the Second World
War, we could have been told
that after all the
horrors of the Second World
War the millions of people who
died that actually
we were not alone in the
universe that this past which
we walked on isn't just
ours but one which is walked
by various sorts of species.
And some of these species come
to planet earth that there is
definitive proof we
are not alone.
Imagine for a brief moment in
time what that world would
look like, but instead
what we have had is 60 more
years of question marks of
cover ups of the miles
and crazy stories told
sometimes by the government
and sometimes by people who
just want to become part of
the Roswell story, but so far
we still have the
question and what Jesse Marcel
and his entire family have
always known is that it
is not about questions.
They know that there are
answers. They have seen it.
They are absolutely convinced
because they know and so when
they tell you that
they know we should take it
for value.
We should take it as is to
choose what Roswell is that
something happened in 1947
in the early days of July.
Something crashed just North
of Roswell and broke into two
Jesse Marcel found one piece
and took it home with him and
showed it to his family.
A few days later when that
material was all cleared off
they found the second
crash site containing victims
of the wreck
and at that moment in time our
world changed, because rather
than a public
formation or public awareness
of UFO phenomenon a government
cover up was put
in place.
Roswell remains a question
mark but only if you do not
want to believe that there
is an answer.
Narrator: Under orders from
Col. Blanchard, Jesse Marcel
and a man in plain
clothes took the crash debris
back to the Roswell Airbase.
There it was flown to
Wright-Patterson and
sequestered a way to be
The broken pieces of the craft
were kept in a secure location
code named the blue
room and the legend of Roswell
was born.
Philip: What is a blue room?
That is question mark success
to whether
or not there is a facility at
Wright-Patterson Airfield
which really is the container
of everything which your
government doesn't want you to
They said within the blue room
the secrets of UFOs can be
found and some
even suggest that the name
blue room has to do with the
fact that in 1950's there
was a government inquiry
called Project Blue Book which
allegedly went in search
of the truth as to what UFO's
were all about, but in reality
it was just another
cover up.
It is probably no coincidence
that one of the people who was
involved in Project
Blue Book was Roger Ramey, the
guy who in 1947 a few years
later told Jesse Marcel
to deny the truth as to what
happened in Roswell.
He was the one who pushed the
weather balloon into Jesse
Marcel's hands
and basically told him to go
on the record and say that he
had misidentified a weather
balloon as a flying saucer.
Jesse Marcel III: It went in
the hangar team that that was
pretty much the end of
my grandmother's direct
contact material.
You know at that point he was
able to handle it that sort of
On the side story while all of
this happening there was if
you are called the
debris field was approximately
- the span shape 3-1/4 a mile
long littered fairly
evenly with material. Most
more - the more perceptible
the foil
exceed from the sunshine, but
in a debris field soon after
there was a call.
There was actually a crash
hull of a UFO about 25 miles
Now my grandfather was not
involved in that whatsoever,
he did not see it,
he wasn't part of it, but he
also stood by the people who
saw it.
He said I didn't see it but
people will talk about this.
I believe them. I mean there
is no reason not to believe
his coworkers and the people
in intelligence. He said when
they want to investigate it
you know say why did my
grandfather investigate that
site the biggest became
the military. That was like
compartmentalize things.
They would not want to have
one individual having all of
the information.
So it goes hand-in-hand as to
why he would not have been
part of the second site.
The second site was
There is reports of alien
bodies of an alien that
actually lived and through the
crash injured what was alive
and that became a lot of -
there is a lot of the
story that came to it where on
the base that there is medical
work done on
cadavers of aliens and that
sort of thing.
Philip: Major Jesse Marcel
never saw the bodies, but it
is clear that a few days
later bodies were recovered
and so what we have here is a
story of house.
The story of somebody who has
handled material which
absolutely knew was not of
this earth and a few days
later he probably got
confirmation when they found
the bodies that indeed this
material came not from this
In the 3 weeks following
Roswell, Jesse Marcel was
getting leave and we don't
what happened whether he was
put somewhere and questioned
or whether he became part
of the people who was allowed
to investigate the Roswell
crash any further.
But that it is clear that once
he returned to Roswell either
immediately or the
coming weeks that he began to
speak to other people and even
though he probably
didn't get definitive proof as
in another I-Beam in his hands
he probably knew more
than anybody else that what
really happened at Roswell was
precisely what we
are piecing together, the
story of an extraterrestrial
craft, which crash landed
in the desert just north of
Roswell, New Mexico.
Narrator: As researchers began
to delve into the Roswell
story specific facts
started to emerge.
More eye witnesses were
willing to come forward.
The route and locations where
the debris had been taken and
stored was identified
and a clear picture of the
incident slowly formed from
the available information.
Even the man in plain clothes
who travelled with Jesse to
the crash site was identified.
Philip: The man who went with
Jesse Marcel to the crash site
was Sheridan
Cavitt. For a number of years,
he was only known
as Cav and then his name was
identified as man from the
Counterintelligence Crops at
Only in the 1980's that
Sheridan Cavitt began to
relate his side of the story
and he wasn't willing to say
much. Basically, he says early
on that he
wasn't there, that he wasn't
even in Roswell when the
alleged Roswell crash
He says that Jesse Marcel
wasn't ever there and then
when some inquiries began
to push further. He really
began to open with it and in
1994 he was asked to make an
official comment, the signed
affidavit in which he
said that indeed he had been
there, but that what he had
seem was a weather balloon.
Cavitt was a man of
Counterintelligence, which
basically means she was paid
to lie
and it seems he took this into
the grave.
Brig. General Roger Ramey was
the Head of the 8th Army
Division in Fort Worth.
A few days before Roswell he
actually said that there was
no such thing as UFO's that
what kind of Arnold had seen
over Mt. Rainier in Washington
State were just
misidentifications of
something else.
In 1952 when there was a big
UFO swept over Washington he
would once again say
that there is no truth
whatsoever to UFO phenomenon.
However, it seems that remain
the truth that there was
something to the UFO
In a press conference of 1947,
he clearly held something in
his hands which the
first two victims of the
He is probably principally
responsible or was acting on
orders coming from the
Pentagon that the truth about
UFO's should be covered up and
it seems he was just
a man for the job and in 1952
when Washington gets one of
the biggest waves
of UFO sighting ever seen he
is once again the man on the
He says that the American
people have nothing to fear
about that all of this
is perfectly normal is just
business as usual E.T. doesn't
Why was Roswell covered up?
Many people have said that it
because the American
government wanted to benefit
somehow from the technology it
covered at the crash site, but
I think really what pushed it
home was the fact
that they had to announce that
alien life existed and I think
in 1947 the people
and especially the American
government was simply not
ready to do so.
Various people have to try to
get access to the blue room.
One of them was Senator Barry
He wrote to the likes of
Curtis Lemay asking for
information and or access to
the blue room.
There were various foundations
as to the reply which Curtis
Lemay gave him.
They differ on the amount
[inaudible 00:29:18] used, but
basically go to what was told
that in no circumstances was
he ever going to see the
inside of the blue room.
Goldwater wasn't acting on his
own, it is a little known fact
that Goldwater was
very good friends with Col.
Blanchard and probably for
many years the two of them
tried to get to the truth as
to what had happened after
Roswell with the debris
which was recovered from the
crash site.
There is a reason why
Goldwater became interested in
It is a little known fact that
Goldwater and Blanchard were
very close friends
and so Goldwater was trying to
use a political angle to get
the American Military to
reveal to him what the truth
about Roswell was and what the
secret of the blue room was.
And so what we have here is a
story which expands decades.
We have our core group once
We know that Blanchard and
Marcel officially never said
E.T or UFO crashed
at Roswell, but we also know
that they knew and behind the
scenes they sometimes
focused to certain people who
they knew or thought they
might help and who they knew
had an interest in the story
as well.
Narrator: The Roswell story
continued to spread behind the
scenes and within the
confines of top secret
However within the Marcel
family itself, questions ran
deep as well.
Not about the existence of
extraterrestrial life, but the
meaning of
it all. By bringing home
materials from the crash
site Jesse Marcel had set into
motion a quest for
understanding that would
through three generations
beginning with his son Jesse
Marcel Jr.
Jesse Marcel Jr.: Because that
they already know that flying
saucers really
rage knowing realities,
reports and papers, magazines
to a great stories.
I never discussed this with
anybody really.
I had a lot of rules about in
the [inaudible 00:31:28]
of Roswell and I think
[inaudible 00:31:33] that this
was a probe that happen to
on our planet or some place
You know we probably got very
unique experience and you know
we just have to be
at the right place at the
right time.
Philip: In those early days,
it never was a question.
It was just the truth. It had
the evidence in that hand and
could stare at it. They saw
alien inscriptions and alien
language and then probably
wonder what really had
happened in Roswell whether it
was an accident or whether it
was something more where these
people came from.
And so imagine you have this
evidence in your hand, but you
still have questions.
Jesse Marcel Jr.: Well my
initial reaction is we mostly
support this and the
misidentification of things
that I do know one that was
not all terms of application.
They were again look like the
same type of material at the
foil like material
metallic dull gray aluminum to
very light again.
It is not trying to manage our
stress in many way are all the
in case remembered
what it was about 12 to 18
inches in length and ends
deeper shattered or
working off was a complete
And the material thickness
appeared about 16th of an
Now the most unusual part of
this whole thing is what was
going to be driving the
inner surface of an IV.
Once you actually look at it
head on that they appear to be
a type of writing in the
main branch of this writing
was definitely a purplish
violet hue.
It did have an enforced
[inaudible 00:33:31]
because you could [inaudible
the texture.
I don't recall seeing any
lines or letters in time, but
it was more like geometric
shapes or it is hard to
describe it.
It was curved geometric shape
triangles and circles solid.
Well, I don't recall something
a piece that was greater than
4 to 6 inches instrument.
I don't recall where I try to
test for any material or vivid
or anything like
that and it is very like the
[inaudible 00:34:20] and there
was a lot of that.
Philip: Despite the fact that
Jesse Marcel was forced into a
lie personally
with his family he was always
because it was undeniable that
what he saw and had in his
kitchen that one night in
July 1947 was evidence of
extraterrestrial visitation
and so he raised a family up
with the knowledge that we
were not alone.
His family are probably unique
or at least almost unique on
this planet because
they are the ones who were
raised in an environment where
their parents and their
grandparents knew that what
happened in 1947 was the
existence of extraterrestrial
And so the likes of Jesse
Marcel the III
is spectacular because here we
have a man in his 40's who is
absolutely aware since
birth that we are not alone
and everything is done in his
life, his explorations into
physics, his look upon life
when he looks up to the sky,
he realizes certain things
which none of us can really
grasp because he has been
raised with the absolute
knowledge that we are not
Jesse Marcel III: It didn't
change. My grandfather didn't
change in any
respect the next 20 something
He didn't really see a change
in his personality at all.
One introspection about that
is that there is a lot of
things about was - he
was scared of the intelligence
that he came in contact with
and that was never
the case. He was more scared
of his own government
than he was of this
intelligence that he come
Narrator: Despite the fear of
any ramifications Jesse Marcel
Sr. may have endured.
He did talk with his family
about the incident.
This usually consisted of
brief conversations over the
years sparked by
some hint line or media event
in the news.
However, Jesse Jr. often
talked with his son about the
pieces he handled and the
infamous I-Beam with alien
text embossed on it.
Later the family would
commission a replica of the
I-Beam so future
generations could see the
detail it contained while in
Roswell Jesse
and Philip discussed the
I-Beam's construction. Jesse
Marcel III: Now, this is the
that we created. It is
basically it is a similar size
the width of thickness that
sort of thing that my father
described and the placement
of the symbols along it. The
colors of the symbols are
a violet colors that they
talked about and we are not
quite sure.
We don't have the order and
that kind thing. So this is
representative of what would
it look like. What it would
have felt like as far as
the size goes.
It would have been her
description my much lighter
than this and much stronger
this, but it is pretty much.
Philip: And how many did your
grandfather see that were
amongst the wreckage?
Jesse Marcel III: Well my
father had mentioned. He said
that there are about 30
symbols to the best of his
recollection. My grandfather
didn't give a precise number.
He talked more about crescents
that faced each other and that
sort of thing.
He did scribble some ideas.
What he remembered along with
my father
of course so about 30 knots
are in order with the sides
cracked up and you know the
kind of the outline is totally
and how it assembles lie
between the shoulders and the
In past treatment in talking,
it looks like beyond
speculation, but it might have
been some kind of map.
Narrator: During this
interview, Jesse the third
makes a startling revelation
regarding the I-Beam in that
Col. Blanchard visited Jesse
Sr. a few weeks
after the event and brought
the I-Beam back to the Marcel
Jesse Marcel III: When he
returned. He returned every
piece to the [inaudible
base. He did exactly as he was
Well some time after that Col.
Blanchard probably to be a
good friend of Blanchard
at his way came over and they
like to play cards with my
grandparents and they played
bridge last week in the
evenings and after everything
was gone the story had died
down Col. Blanchard had
brought over a piece of an
And my father talking about
it, you remember him standing
in - you remember
standing in over the sink in
the kitchen and the light
coming through the window
and taking a look at it.
There is a big question where
that I-Beam appears to stay
with my grandfather
knowing the importance of it.
I am not quite sure if it is
Blanchard had more of it than
maybe somewhere there is more,
but on that side
to, but there is a good
possibility that my
grandfather retained that
Philip: And so this is pretty
much it looked like should I
go back to the Marcel
Jesse Marcel III: Exactly.
This is what he would have
brought and sat
over the kitchen sink with my
grandfather looking into the
light coming into the
kitchen window. Philip: And
you can imagine why he
specifically wanted to keep
this one because it shows that
first of all it
is not human and nobody would
do this. It looks the
There are 33 symbols on there
which suggest that they knew
what they were up
to necessarily we knew what
they were up
to and it is really the
perfect testament that
whatever happened in Roswell.
It is what everybody knows it
is which is not of this earth.
Jesse Marcel III: Yeah, it
really is fascinating. I like
obviously the silver foil will
probably only some interesting
after awhile to actually see
the symbols
and also be able to like you
know in a real one were you
would have to look at on
another angle to we will see
it than there was no
indication of the symbols
being there.
In fact, I didn't see them
eventually just happen to hold
it and the light
is bright even they are there
so definitely very
Philip: So when did it happen.
How long after Roswell did it
happen that
you can think was graced with
Jesse Marcel III: I can't be
exact other than I know it was
more than a month after
the original crash as far
after that I could tell you,
but it was definitely
after the return from their 3
weeks of where they went to.
Philip: So basically this
little incident in the kitchen
is very interesting because
they allow you to have two men
who have been involved into
They don't become involved
into the cover up of this
something to realize that for
the rest of their lives they
really can't talk about this
anymore, but they have to
snuggle close to get together.
Jesse Marcel III: Yeah.
Philip: In the kitchen
somewhere and I think. Hey
Jesse Marcel III: This is
real. This happened.
Philip: This is real and to an
extent this being kept by
Blanchard and being
passed down into the family
tradition or whatever happens
to this you know the fact
that something escaped they
always say that like no mater
how much there has been
a massacre. There is always
one person who survives
and gets out and this is like
the thing which got away from
the grass to the government.
Jesse Marcel III: That is
exactly right. Philip: Which
can still be out there
somewhere, which definitely
survives like the initial
swing back in 1947 and again
for those 2 men after having
realized that the indicative
part of the largest story
ever, they became probably the
largest conspiracy ever for
them to kind of like
sit down and kind of like
probably they said something
in the lines we didn't
Jesse Marcel III: You think
that conversation would have
almost had taken
place like this - yeah, it is
like we didn't imagine this,
this is something
that happened and this is part
of it,
pretty incredible.
He was a hand radio operator
just loved to communicate with
people he never seen,
never talked here from all
over the world and again it
was a good part of his life.
He didn't change much during
those years. I actually think
he had changed more in
the early 70's than he did in
the previous 20 to 25 years
after the event.
The man that I remembered in
my youngest, my youngest
memories was someone who had
a great deal of weight in his
shoulders you know on a
personal level.
I have [inaudible 00:44:08]
him in tears on his couch head
in hands
talking about all the people
he had killed in the Second
World War although the hit
drop in the bomb, word was
dropped that it was his fault
that there haven't been
a better way to do it. You
know he really suffered deeply
that and he had also pressure
from way down and then when
you add Roswell on top
of that s here is - he was
questioning his very you know
that was moral fiber but
worker's actions, where his
actions something he is gong
to pay for with his
very soul.
After everything he had done
for our military he decided he
wanted to separate
himself and he actually
destroyed his medals. That he
gets at wondering the war was
perceiving the war.
And I don't remember him
talking much about his
military career after that.
He just had had enough.
And the likes of that is where
he had taken off all weight of
the second world
war in Roswell by himself to
see that he was never wanting
to say well he was part
of a team. He was a cog.
He almost put himself in that
position to take all the heat,
all the weight and what
had happened.
Narrator: Over the years
various metals have surfaced
and were proclaimed to be
debris from Roswell.
None of it has never been
So is it possible that Col.
Blanchard sequestered a way
some of the artifacts
from the Roswell crash?
If Col. Blanchard retained one
of the I-Beams where is it
Did he leave an I-Beam with
Jessie Marcel
perhaps as a token memorial or
could Blanchard have kept a
piece for himself.
Jesse Marcel III: I believe
that there is still a piece of
it out there.
That there as the story goes
is late at night wrap our -
all the material put in
the box and leaves my
grandmother opens up the
backdoor and sweeps out a
pieces that are left. They go
on the ground and eventually
concrete pad or support and
they might still be there
today or might not be
and that sort of thing.
That piece that Blanchard has
had looked at my grandfather
with Blanchard have more
than one piece that he keeps
behind himself was that one
way of him giving
a piece back to my grandfather
because he is very well aware
I mean he was and it works.
It all comes back you know. I
would speculate that he still
has that
piece and that okay what my
grandfather have done with it.
Where it might be somewhere
where I won't buy in
Who else can you trust to
bring over a piece of the
debris that he should have
had because obviously the same
with Blanchard should have
been able to keep
a piece of it, but yeah, he
did and by him will it be
willing to go with my
grandfather and still
obviously was a trust there to
look at it and go through it.
There was a very slim - and I
would have no doubt that they
became closer after that.
Philip: So the story of
Roswell is really basic and it
is the story of a family,
a few families and what they
knew that a question can we
accept it.
The American government has
since put so many more layers
to the story simply
because they know that at
heart it is a very basic story
and we you want people to
doubt it. They want people to
question and if they
succeed in putting questions
to the story then they have
Jesse Marcel III: And the idea
that the blue room was created
to contain and guard
this information, a place that
was obviously of to be
admitted the blue room
to be able to see the debris
with you had to be of certain
level of government there
with the blue room created to
hide the debris the alien
debris, the alien
technology was perhaps the
most guarded secret in all of
the world.
It matching it [inaudible
00:48:28] program, it is
always interesting that
think back that why would the
blue room
and this is just a little bit
of research that the blue room
is an hanger 18.
The number 18 is the atomic
symbol for Argon which burns
Argon is also used to
eliminate oxygen if you want
to protect something from
you would bathe it in Argon.
And it is interesting how all
it later
came up project bluebook
always makes it is interesting
how it in a way how this
all pieces together had maybe
saw a coincidence and maybe
not, but it was -
the blue room was the site
that was born out of Roswell
of this crash site.
Narrator: No one knows if the
Roswell debris is still hidden
in the blue room at
Wright-Patterson or if it has
been moved to Area 51 or any
number of secret vaults
the government controls nor do
we know if it is still being
studied though that
would seem logical.
We do know the legacy of
Roswell will be with us for
some time to come and in time
more revelations about that
faithful day may still be
gleamed from sources close to
the story such as the Marcel
and Blanchard family.
Jesse Marcel III: We have some
documents that were his
private personal and there
is an aberration in them in
this writing style right by
the time this happened
and we are going to seek out
some ourselves we are not
going to be too.
We are not professionals to
look at and tell us that it
might be the craziest
thought or is there actually
some here and my premises that
he left bread crumbs.
There is, there is a lot of
story left.
Philip: Imagine a world to
which our parents told us that
in 1947 beings from
another world crashed landed
that ever since we live with
the knowledge that we
are not alone.
That is a vastly different
world and in my opinion the
vastly more beautiful world
than the ones we live in right
now where we are trying to
peel back layers of an
onion trying to catch the
The truth of the Marcel family
is that it happened.
The Marcel family is primary
primary eye witness people who
held this material in their
One of their endearing moments
is Maj. Jesse Marcel and
Blanchard one evening in
the kitchen over the kitchen
sink holding an I-Beam in
their hands and saying,
do you remember this.
This is what is real and this
5 millions of people who will
never know and the
government who is trying to
deny that this ever happened.
What I am holding in my hand
and what I am showing to you
is definitive proof of
what happened?
We did not know what happened
to the I-Beam.
Maybe Jesse Marcel bright in
it somewhere or maybe it is in
the possession of
I am pretty sure he never gave
it back to the government
unless he was really
instructed to give it back and
as far as we can tell the
government never knew
about it until old people
involved had died and decades
had passed.
So the chances of evidence of
Roswell having happened out
there with people or
an environment where we can
get to it is good.
Narrator: The Marcel family
has continued to search for
their grandfather's diary
and records. Recently, after
shooting the interviews
for this documentary Jesse the
III located Marcel's Senior's
lost journals from his
time at the 509th Airbase.
The journal reveals that
Marcel Senior knew much more
about the incident
and there is evidence that
Jessie Marcel Sr. did in fact
hide some of the wreckage from
the crash and it has been
hidden away for decades.
Jesse Marcel III: If there is
still information began in all
four drops
and government documents, that
sort of thing but I just want
to think about being at
the center because we do have
some of those 5 documents.
He actually wrote part of a
book to start out with.
He kept a diary.
It is more a big journal's
entry of different. It works
like a history book entries.
Whatever who is interested it
is not only what you thought
about and you know there
might be some information
there might have buried
something in there and I want
see where that goes.
Philip: I became interested in
Roswell in the early 1990's
and still many others
and for many years, decades
now I had various questions.
Certain things about Roswell
just didn't make sense.
It is clear that the American
government is lying, but about
For the answer, we need to go
back to the Marcel family
because they since 1947 are
the primary people involved
and the primary holders of
this Holy Grail of equality.
The other ones who know that
what happened in 1947 in
Roswell, New Mexico
is real, that an ETBA was
that something out of this
world crash lend then.
They know because they handled
the material themselves.
For 30 years they kept quiet
for the last 30 years they
have done their best to tell
the world that they are unique
to one of the most unique
advance ever in human history
the existence of
extraterrestrial beings the
fact that we are alone in the
The key message of Roswell is
that we are not alone and this
is a message which
lives in our hearts and which
is cherished by so many.
That for so many more it
requires validation and that
validation will never
come from the scientific
community because by the very
nature of the beast Roswell
can only be validated by
officialdom, by the U.S
And so to put that final stamp
of approval that something
happened in 1947 will truly
change mankind forever and at
that moment in time we will no
longer become global
citizens which universal
I personally cannot wait for
that moment to happen.
Jesse Marcel III: In the end I
have no doubt that we or
somebody else will find
a piece of it some way, that
it just in the information
atrium that there is somebody
will come forward, a piece of
evidence will be found.
If it is there one of two
things will happen.
A civilian will find it or the
government will find it either
way, and I can't
imagine that there isn't a
piece that is still out there