Alien Dawn (2012) Movie Script

It's November 28th, it's about
6 o'clock in the morning.
Uh, my name is
Marissa Jean McCallum...
- What the hell was that?
- I was on my way to work,
I was driving and then all of a sudden
some things just started happening!
Meteors contained
alien intelligence...
Their shiny and moving and...
don't why we would be attacked!
The safety for the people
around the world is at stake.
If anyone finds this...
please give it to my parents
Ellen and David McCallum...
they live in Colorado.
Mom Dad I love you...
I have to go... I have to go.
Theres no way as to...
it appears to be the key military
and government facilities
are the target of the attacks!
I would like to speak clearly
and candidly to the American people,
the situation is increasingly perilous.
Come on... we gotta go!
Come on... Come on!
We gotta move!
- Hurry! Come on! Go! Run!
- We saw the troops
handing out heavy weapons.
Come this way... come on!
The military bases have been
completely emptied.
Their now taking all the weapons
including rocket launchers...
and they say now that the pepople
and the military are together.
Holy shit...
Get down! Get down...
What are you talking about?
- How do you know the city routes...
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Do you see those god damn explosions?
- The city routes are blocked!
We'll go to the desert, I've got guns!
If we leave they will block the routes...
- if we leave the city.
- It doesn't matter, if we stay here...
we're fucking sitting ducks,
we're suicides.
What is that noise?
Come on! Come on lets go!
Shut up! Shut up!
I can't! Stop it! Don't say that to me!
I got it! I got it!
- Do you know what your doing?
- Stay out of it!
- Your doing it wrong!
- Shut up!
I got it... I got it.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- The radios on! The radios on...
Get the god damn car started!
Hurry up!
Fucking muslims are attacking us!
Don't say that stuff,
we don't know any of that!
If you can't do it! I will!
Get the hell out of the way!
I'm trying! Give me a fucking second!
- Your talking about weapons...
- Yes! 3O miles South
- out of this town!
- Thats in the desert!
- That's the safest place!
- Start the fucking car!
- It's the safest place!
- Will you stop yelling in my ear?!
Just use the blue wire
I used the yellow wire
- with the blue wire...
- Okay then try the other yellow wire!
I know its the blue
and the yellow I know it is.
- We have to evacuate the area now!
- We're trying!
Wait here!
Go now!
We've gotta get out of here right now!
What the hell is that?!
It ain't fucking terrorists!
Come on... come on.
We gotta get to Paradise city
- it's a military stronghold.
- I don't know.
It's our best bet!
We gotta move! Come on!
Hey... come on!
We're gonna get through this
but we gotta stick together.
I got something for them...
they won't be expecting it.
Come on... I'm with you...
come on muah!
This is it! I can see it! Come on!
Come on, just keep going!
We're almost there!
Okay, hang on! Inside!
We lost the others...
It's okay we don't need them.
It's a little quieter outside but...
still there is something
in the distance.
But Jonie...
she needs some bandages...
I think I can help
but I'll have to go outside...
I don't really want to go alone...
I hate to say it but I think I need help.
I can do this...
I have to do this.
Oh my god...
- What is that?
- It's an animal.
Is it a dog?
It may be too late.
You guys shouldn't be out here
right now, it's not safe.
Yeah, we know.
We're looking for some food.
- Do you know where we can find any?
- Do you?
I mean... we're unarmed
we're just tired and hungry.
What do you mean, we?
There is a couple of us.
Okay, come on. Hurry.
Thank you.
You okay?
- That's a nasty gash...
- Um, this is Jonie. I'm Marissa.
- I'm Anders.
- Nice to meet you.
Listen, I need to get medical supplies
for her head. I have some training but
I don't have anything here to treat her.
- Where is the food?
- That is all that's left.
- Is she family? A friend?
- No we just met.
I'm a Reporter at the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Yeah, yeah.
So there is a store
a few blocks from here
but I didn't want to leave her alone and
I thought maybe
you could stay with her?
Yeah, I'll stay with her. Anders.
You gonna be okay.
Your head and we'll be back soon.
- It's bad... be careful.
- Okay.
- I'll take care of you.
- Thank you.
- You hungry?
- No, no, no.
You sure?
You know what
I could use is some water.
- We're not going far, it's just up here.
- You sure?
Yeah, I used to work around here.
So much for the military
they just swatted us like
insects or something.
We're smarter than insects.
I hope so.
All citizens are urged to arm
themselves anyway they can.
Vice President Clinton says
we should resist at every turn.
Any other family? Other than Roger?
No no, Roger's it half brother
he's sorta family.
More than my Ex-Wife.
What about you? Sister?
You don't have kids do you?
- No... god no.
- Husband?
Parents and a horse. Don't judge me.
- What's his name?
- Baby.
Can't tell me not to judge you...
listen to that name.
- Do you know these people?
- No.
Hey, hows it going man?
- Is this your store?
- It's a military run facility.
Whats your regiman?
What do you mean?
Does this AK-47 say something
about military to you?
- Calm down man calm down!
- There are just two of us.
Your not welcome here! Get out!
The nest store is too far
we just need a moment and...
I've been doing this all fucking day!
People like you
keep coming to me huh?
It's a big store,
there is enough food for all of us.
Then you can find
a fucking Taco Bell.
Your not helping anyone
but yourselves...
- I don't need to talk to you get out!
- Your not moving yet!
- Get the fuck out of here!
- Alright! Alright!
- Thanks a lot.
- What the fuck?
What were you thinking...
what are you doing
shooting guns at them?
- Look I've been doing this all fucking day.
- We need bullets!
My head is pounding...
can you get the lights,
it's just throbbing.
Yeah, absolutely. Hang on a second.
Your proud of that? Fuck you?
Fuck you!
Get out of here!
Wake up...
- Fuck!
- Need a blanket?
- I could use some water.
- Sure.
There is some over there.
Here you go.
- Here, I'll help you up.
- Yeah, thanks.
Okay, here you go.
What's wrong?
Let me turn the lights on,
hang on a second.
I don't know what to do...
What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- What's wrong with her?
She just started gagging,
I don't know what's wrong with her!
I just gave her some water!
And then she started gagging!
What's wrong?
- Jonie Can you breathe for me?
- Water? This is bleach!
I didn't know!
I thought I was giving her water!
Roger! Roger! Roger!
Give me the milk!
The milk from the bag right now!
Okay Jonie,
I need you to try not and get sick.
I need you to drink this
and try to keep it down.
- Come on, come on Jonie...
- Roger give them some space.
I'm holding her!
Jonie, stay on your left side
and keep it down.
- It's going to make you better.
- What should I do?
She's a Nurse!
She knows whats going on!
I'm trying to help her!
What are you doing?
No no no don't get sick Jonie,
stay with me...
Jonie, look at me,
it's gonna be fine. Okay?
What do you want me to do?
What should I do?
I don't know get some water!
Keep her cool.
I don't know, lets keep her calm.
Jonie, look at me it's gonna be fine.
I'm going to give you some more milk.
Try to breathe. You can't get sick Jonie.
Lay down Jonie.
Just lay down, just lay down.
- What did you give her?
- I don't know.
I've never done this before,
I don't know.
Wheres the Army?
Just give her some space.
I am giving her space.
Fucking calm down!
- Stupid! This is your fault!
- Stop calling me fucking stupid asshole!
Come on!
- Lets talk about it right here!
- Stop fighting!
Oh my god! Theres blood...
Jonie? Just lay down!
I need the towel give me the towel.
Oh my god, she's still bleeding...
Will you just talk to her?
Talk to her and keep her calm.
Jonie, you are safe,
you need to try to stay calm.
Take deep breaths Jonie,
Take deep breaths.
What do we do?
- Just give her some space.
- She's dying!
- Stop it! Help me! Can you help me?
- You have one enough!
Jonie is dying.
I wish we could get her
to a hospital or...
anywhere we could pump her
stomach and give her medicine.
I might be able to help her, but here,
there is nothing I can do.
When I was a little girl,
I had a horse named Pumpkin.
And he fell and broke his leg.
And they said he probably
didn't have a chance.
Its the probably
that kills you though, you know?
I didn't want to do it.
I didn't know want to do it now.
Ah, I can't think about this.
They can probably do it
better than I could.
I hate to say it, but I need them.
There is something else I can do.
There has to be something else
we can do.
Listen there is nothing else
we can do.
- Please...
- She's going to die.
So what are we supposed to do then?
It's going to get more
and more people,
I think I think we have to end it.
To kill her?
Okay. How do we kill her?
- I don't know.
- I won't shoot her.
- Okay.
- I won't do it.
what if we snapped her neck?
It would be quick, right?
You don't feel that pain, right?
Tell me she won't feel that pain.
Alright. I'll do this. I will do this.
I will do this it's okay.
I don't know how I can't do this.
Just figure it out.
- I'm sorry...
- Get away from me!
Stop Jonie stop!
Jonie you need to
let him do this, okay?
There is nothing else we can do.
It's just going to get worse.
Get away! Get away! Get away!
I can't do this! I need you...
Hey Jonie, look up here Jonie?
It's alright.
Can you see me? Look at me...
Okay. Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
We are trying to keep all water,
electricity and
communication services active.
Please go to our government
and news outlets for more information.
How you doing?
I can't get clean.
Yeah, I know.
- Do you wanna talk about it?
- No! No!
Well other people might need
to talk about it you know,
we're only human.
Yeah, go talk.
But you don't need anything
your just fine, your cool?
No its cool,
just shut yourself out you know.
But what are we supposed to do? Huh?
- What are we supposed to do?
- I don't know!
- We can't stay here anymore.
- We can't...
- There is nothing here!
- We gotta do something!
What? What do you want to do?
We need to leave,
we need to go now.
We need to do something, but...
Hey man don't do that.
- Don't do what? Console her?
- Thats enough.
After she see just watched someone
get their neck snapped?
It was your fault.
It was no ones fault.
Fuck you! My fault?
You would have done the same thing.
How the hell was I supposed know
it was pitch black in here?
- Your stupid man.
- Why don't you start worrying about
what the fuck we need to do? Huh?
- Why don't you think about that shit!
- Hey! Stop it! Both of you!
It's not making anything better.
Do you understand?
We need to get out of here.
Your not thinking straight.
And that's all good but you need to listen.
- We're gonna listen to your plan?
- Yeah...
Is that what we're supposed to do?
And your plan is what?
To go in attack mode?
- Three against a hundred?
- Yeah... no!
- With our one machine gun?
- Some kind of action!
Better than being couped up!
What? Not to going some place
with more weapons and people?
So we can fight back as a group?
- No! Your the Lone Ranger I forgot!
- Stop fighting!
Please! Both of you!
- Don't fucking touch her!
- Stop!
What the fuck are you to her? Huh?
- Oh God this isn't the answer.
- I will touch her
- if I want to fucking touch her.
- Oh come on Brother...
- What Brother?
- You know better than that?
Do I? And what are you gonna do?
- That's what I thought.
- I got a plan man...
- okay.
- Lets hear the plan.
- Your stupid you could do it anyway.
- I'm stupid? I'm stupid?
Well I'm the stupid ass that's
going to take her with me and protect her.
Go on and take a shot at me,
if that's what you want.
- Take a shot at me.
- You would like that wouldn't you?
You want to be a super hero?
Go be a fucking super hero
on your own.
The Department of Defense
has issued protocon instructions
for the building of explosives.
Check with your news outlets,
internet sites,
local libraries and schools
for important information.
Take care and follow
the instructions very carefully.
Our continued survivval
on how effective we are
on fighting the terrorists invaders.
You here Paulo?
Oh, oh my fucking god.
These machines have been systemarcily
picking up people,
for what reasons we can't.
Washington DC has taken a huge hit.
The White House has been leveled.
Hold on... Go again go again
Oh my god!
The President of the United States
is dead.
Hey Man! Buddy!
Come on! Faster! Buddy! Faster, faster!
Walk man come on, come on!
We find a car,
we just drive
and we don't stop
untiI we hit Paradise City.
What if no ones there?
We figure something else out.
Drive some place else
to no matter where we have to go...
we need to move...
- no more sitting ducks.
- Okay.
We're gonna leave at dawn.
- And I want you to come with us.
- No... no.
One word answers. He sits alone
in his mind in a dark room
and deals with things.
They are gonna waste us
if we stay here!
What? We are gonna get wasted
if we stay here! We have to go!
- Tell me when.
- Okay hold on.
Come on guys... come on.
Go man...
It's not working.
It's gonna blow man! Ditch it!
It's gonna blow man,
dude its gonna blow!
We have no plan. We are stuck in here.
We barely have any food...
we're running out of water...
I mean... things are not getting
any better outside...
what if they never get better?
What are we supposed to do?
We can't just stay here
we have have to go.
We have to go.
But they can never agree upon
when or why or how.
And he's building these bombs
and we don't know if any
of these bombs are going to work.
I don't think he knows what he's doing.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I don't like it here.
I feel...
restless. I feel caught.
I'm shocked...
but I didn't get enough stuff.
Yeah, well there is nothing
up there either.
Not that I could tell
I don't know its really dark.
Aw, come on.
No... oh great!
Marissa? Where are you?
you alright?
Are you alright?
Am I alright?
No... no, I'm not alright.
- Hey... hey, hey.
- People are dying!
And we're stuck here
and we can't leave
and we don't even know
what we're doing! I just want to go!
- I just wanna run away and hide!
- I'm right here...
- I just wanna go...
- I know. I know.
I just wanna go.
Look at me.
Okay? I'm here...
we're gonna take all this...
bad stuff and channel it,
redirect us, yeah channel it...
we're gonna take it into
what we're doing, Okay?
Look at me it's me...
- I'm not going anywhere alright?
- Okay.
- I'm not going anywhere...
- Okay?
I promise.
Hey, the power is out.
That's no good.
What the hell are they doing
out there?
- I have no idea.
- Why won't they leave?
Just go away just leave?
There are like 2O out there?
What are you doing?
- Close the door!
- You asked me what they are doing?
Come on!
Oh my fucking god!
God dammit motherfucker.
Hey! Stop playing with that thing,
it's not a toy.
I'm not playing... I'm practicing.
What are you doing?
Homemade bombs.
How do you know
how to make a homemade bomb?
What's in a homemade bomb?
I know lots of things little bit of this
little bit of that and some of this.
What do we do with the bombs
after they are done?
Just looking for a detonator.
Here we go.
Get out of there...
get out of there
come on, come on, come on.
- Give me the gun.
- I got the shot.
Good shot! Good shot!
Run... run!
Gun looks okay.
Yeah, you dropped the gun
what are you doing?
Yeah, I was trying not to get hit
by a fucking branch.
- Is it okay or not?
- Thanks for your concern.
Guys... really love our new skylight.
I think it is officially time
for us to leave.
Yeah, she's right.
Yeah, but first
we should survey the area.
Up here... come on.
Your going on the roof?
Up here we're gonna
get ourselves killed.
What do you see?
I don't know...
Iooks like they are building
They're not building anything.
What the fuck is that?
I can see the truck.
About 5 more minutes,
I know I can start it this time.
- We shouldn't be out in the open.
- Dude, it's the only way out of here.
We can't be seen up here
on this roof this entire time.
Alright is this everything?
- Yeah, I think so.
- I got the gun and the food.
And the food.
Grab the its not water.
So we don't suffer from anything.
What else do we need?
Any extra food in the back?
Hear that?
- What?
- What?
What is that?
Oh my god.
Hey, look up there.
I don't think that's good.
That is some nasty shit.
- Look at those people.
- We need to get inside. Get inside!
Grab everything... lets go!
- Get the lights... find it faster.
- I can't fucking find it any faster!
I need the extra towels from the store.
Unwrap that stuff, we don't need
any of that shit getting in here.
- Here! Here!
- Thank you.
Your a little bit out of control.
I think there is little bit
of that in my lungs now.
Hear that? Great! Your paranoid.
No. We should have fucking left
two hours ago. I knew it!
- Well, we didn't.
- Why don't you ever fucking listen to me?
You want to get into that?
We are sitting in a fucking bathroom
with no place to go!
Why would I listen to you anyway
with all your stupid ideas?
Stupid? Your stupid idea
was to fucking stay here!
Now look at us
we're in a fucking bathroom!
If we had left,
we would be dead already!
We would be in this state
if we had left two hours ago!
Do you guys ever get along?
It's not gonna matter anyway.
Why don't you turn off the fucking lights
to save our fucking batteries?
Yeah, right. Why don't you say fuck
a couple of more times?
- I don't do well in small spaces.
- You should calm down...
plenty of food and water
and everyone's fine.
Plenty of food and water?
All we have is 3 bottles of fucking water
and a couple bags of chips.
Yeah, we're gonna be fucking great.
The Department of Defense instructs
for everyone to stay indoors.
Tape up your doors and window sills.
If you have a gas mask...
we urge you to use it.
If you don't have one use a towel
to cover up your mouth and nose.
The black smoke has only has
a life for a few hours.
No. We're going to do Countries,
starting with the letter A.
- Right? A country.
- That works.
Um. England. Yeah, I need help.
France... Jesus it's hot.
- Haiti
- Yoy know what?
What is that sound right now?
Are you kidding?
Are you fucking eating?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?
We got the same supply here.
This isn't part of our supply.
This is my food from earlier.
There wasn't any food from earlier
when we came in here.
It's to be equal share
for everybody, Roger!
- This isn't part of our share.
- This is my food from earlier!
The bag was already open!
But we agreed we have so little and
whatever we have is cut evenly.
I don't believe
that's what we did at all.
I said these bags right here
are what we all split.
This, is what I found in my
own pocket.
This is why you're not in a relationship,
because your fucking selfish.
Right here...
learn something about yourself.
Yeah, did I hit a little too
close to home?
You hide food in here
and don't tell us about it,
we're supposed to eat at the same time
and divide it evenly.
- Hold on a second.
- What? If I had a breath mint,
would you want me to break
that into three too?
Yes I do!
That is the stupidest fucking thing...
How about the water?
Did you drink the water too?
No! Did I drink the water too?
No! It wasn't in my pocket from earlier!
Why don't you just bathe in it?
I don't give a shit!
Something stinks in here!
- Dude, you got your shoes off!
- It's probably you.
Wow! You guys are unbelievable.
You know what? I'm gonna go see
how things are outside
since things in here
can't get any worse.
I don't think you should go outside.
Well... I would rather be out there
than in here.
So, do you think while I'm gone,
while I'm gone, can you guys
resolve whatever this is,
so from now on
we can move on and stop fighting.
Because this is not getting us anywhere.
And frankly, I'm tired of listening to it.
Grow up!
You shouldn't go. It hasn't been
two hours yet. How long has it been?
Do we have any idea
how long its been?
I gotta pee.
- Well, can't you hold it?
- No.
Give me a second
untiI I find some place.
I need help!
Toilet paper?
Sorry kid, I'm fresh out.
Well find something.
Ah, Jesus...
- It's a receipt!
- Exactly!
- No!
- Hey! At least it's not used.
Beggars can't be choosers kid.
- Want it back?
- No! It's all yours!
Well... I guess it now or never, right?
I wonder if their gonna nuke the City?
They will not nuke the City. Trust me.
Holy shit! I fucking knew it!
Look, I told you! Didn't I?
I called it! I knew it!
You can have all the credit Roger!
What if they do this to all the Cities?
No, No, no... one or two Cities
would be a good deterrent,
if they do anymore than that
then we'll have to start from
the beginning and be like cavemen.
Well, maybe we'll have to
and that is the only way
we can get ride of these things.
Holy shit! Look at that! Look at That!
2 million people still living over there,
oh great their gone,
now we can write them off.
Where the hell is the Military?
I mean, shouldn't they be here,
shouldn't they be fighting?
Is there anyone doing anything,
We've barely seen
any Military presence,
they probably hit them first,
that was their strategy.
So it was like their plan.
It had to be their plan.
Look if we get to Paradise City,
it's a Military town, we can get guns,
ammunition, we can start
doing something right now!
- Whatever is left of the town.
- You think there is anyone left?
Paradise City and Little Haven
are both cleared as radiation free zones.
On this side of Paradise City has been
bombarded with dozens more sunders.
The invaders have constructed
a base camp that is suspected.
I think it's the alternator, I can't...
- Hey!
- Hey! Hey!
I still can't believe
that my home is gone.
You never think that something like
is going to happen to you.
But at least the planes are back.
Maybe they are going to
where the Military is.
Hopefully, that place
is where we're going too.
What are you thinking?
They are all going the same way.
I tell you what... there are going
to people banding together,
we'll see who's left. Alright?
If I had a guess, I would say
it's probably what 2OO, OOO of them
and there are 2 billion people
assuming, so that is 2O, OOO
to every one invader.
Those are our odds.
- That is pretty good.
- Thanks!
That's assuming that there are
that many people left.
Hey... you finally
got this piece of crap running.
Couple tried to get it...
good to see you.
- Yeah, happy to see you too.
- Wait you guys know each other?
- We met earlier.
- Do you have any food?
We've got some chips in the car.
I'll get you some alright?
Good to see your still walking around.
You know it.
Paradise City?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Got room for two?
- Yeah we do. Lets go.
- Alright,
Hang on, gotta grab my gun!
Yeah, first thing we're gonna do
is get a hot meal
and some fresh and a shower.
What the hell is that?
I don't know.
No don't touch it.
It's got thorns...
I've never seen anything
like this around here.
Hey! Come check this out!
Maybe its from one of those
tripod things.
That's black smoke coming down,
maybe it was seeding or something.
I saw this movie once
where the human race
had to escape Earth
and they ended up on another Planet
and in order to survive on that Planet
they had to adapt to their environment.
So they started to planting things,
so they could live there.
I think that's
what they are doing here.
- It's called terraforming.
- Yes,
To make it inhabitable,
changing the biological systems.
We need to know what's down there.
Someone to scout it out?
I'll do it. Go down there,
listen, watch, observe them,
figure out what their doing,
what their weaknesses are.
Maybe get some supplies.
- You can't go down there by yourself.
- I can get down there. I'll go down there.
- No one of us... No, I'll go.
- We should all go.
Why just by yourself?
Because I'm faster
and I can take care of myself
and worrying about to other people
is just gonna slow it down.
And there is more of a chance
for us to get caught.
You stay here, you take care of her.
I'll be back. I guarantee it.
Well, I don't like it either way man.
It will be good.
I will.
Be safe.
How you doing?
Hm, good.
- Cold. Tired.
- Yeah right. Cold I know, I know.
I'm cold.
You know your funny.
I think if this hadn't happened,
you know you and me,
wouldn't have happened either?
In the real world?
The normal world at the bar,
when things were.
I don't know, maybe you're different.
Your different too,
not different.
You may be right,
this would not have happened.
Now everything is different,
everything is changing.
Hey you okay?
Water... water, I need water.
What happened?
The invaders have all these people
in this fenced area and their just
- sucking all their blood out!
- How many are down there?
Thousands and thousands!
Any Military?
Any aggressive presence?
- Any good sign at all?
- There is no hope! We lost!
We're done! It's over! Goodbye!
There is nobody else!
This war is over!
Guys come here.
Come in here.
I've got something in mind,
there is a move we can make.
I hope its better than your last plan.
We have a plan,
and bombs.
And anders has been teaching me
how to make bombs.
That's very strange.
It's actually very interesting
and we have a little arsenal going,
which is cool.
I guess you could say
that I am a terrorists.
Maybe that is not such
a bad thing always?
I kind a like it.
I am waiting for the tripod,
the others are setting up
the bombs at the car.
And I volunteered to be the bait.
I ran a little track in high school,
hopefully, I can still run
fast enough to get away
from this thing.
And hopefully, our bombs work.
Anders made them, I don't know
how he knows so much about bombs.
He said it was from
the Military information
they sent out when the whole thing
started, but...
it's almost like he knew before that.
I don't know who this guy is,
but if he saves us all, I guess...
who cares?
Anyway, I don't know why
we are doing this.
The Military, we keep asking.
I keep asking...
It's coming.
It's too close.
God, I can't do this.
This is never gonna work,
it's too close. This is crazy.
I was there, I was gonna do it.
I don't know, I was just...
I'm Never gonna get away
from that thing. It's too fast.
I'm not that good of a runner.
We don't even know
if those things are gonna go off.
We need a better plan.
I can do this,
I know I can do this.
It's time.
Here goes nothing.
You've got to apply some pressure
to the middle switch,
that is the trigger.
This is not gonna work.
It's gonna work.
- Anything it's not gonna work!
- That was one grenade.
You gotta have faith.
Yes, that is the trigger.
Right, pump it up.
It better fucking work!
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!
Come on guys!
These sons of bitches!
I told you!
I knew it was going to work!
Good job!
Yeah baby! Yeah!
Fuck you, yeah!
We got you!
- We got you!
- Guys, hold on a second.
There is something in the distance!
Guys! Guys!
We gotta get out of here!
Run baby run!
Wait! Wait...
They could die!
We need to help them!
So we have guards everywhere
and a fence that goes
all the way around,
this looks like it's not going
to be real easy.
There are ways through the fence.
Big enough for a person?
Yeah, big enough for sure.
I'll show you.
Are they safe?
The guards too
I don't see it being a problem.
There are flyers
that are going above the line.
It's looks like they are
on a random system, but they are not.
Look, see the first one going by?
- Right there?
- Yeah.
It's going to our advantage right now.
The second one that goes by,
start counting after that,
there is a break in between.
We can time it so there is not
any activity, we can get through there.
It's almost time to go.
I just don't want to forget something.
this is going to sound crazy, but.
When I was standing
to face face with that thing.
It looked at me.
And it's like I heard a voice,
like not a voice. More like a feeling.
And it looked at me
like a person would look at a cow
or something.
Just as food, but...
not angry more I like thought, more
like regret almost
and shame.
It's not what I expected.
It's lonely without the others
and I'm really scared for them.
The United States Government is urging
every citizen to protect themselves.
Every man, woman and child is
now responsible for their own safety.
If you have a firearm,
you need to use it.
- Our Military has...
- We almost set?
What do we have left on that one?
Looks good, but not much
for this other one.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Never enough is it?
And these things,
are they actually gonna work?
They better.
Jesus, it dark out here
without the lights.
What is that?
Looks like an oiI refinery.
It's not pretty,
- I don't like it.
- Is there gonna be anything left?
We have to think positive.
Under the circumstances,
we'll have to see won't we?
I guess so.
You got this?
I used to like driving at night.
When you were younger?
- Yeah.
- Me too.
Anders should be back any second.
He said this would only take 2O minutes
but he's been gone a lot longer.
- I'm hopes he didn't...
- What the hell are you doing here?
My god... I'm waiting for a friend.
What company are you with?
This is Bravo company's territory.
I'm not with a company!
We heard the emergency broadcast,
we brought some bombs.
Then we better go get them.
Because its gonna go...
No! I have people down there!
You can't blow it yet!
What are you doing with that?
I'm just filming some stuff, you know,
I thought it might come in handy later.
For my family and stuff.
You okay?
Look, my friend Anders is down there.
He needs to know what is going on.
Let's go.
Just wait here,
I'm gonna go check things out.
Oh shit!
This is a really bad idea!
I should have just waited for Anders.
God, those things just
scoop you up and that's it.
This isn't gonna work.
Hey! Thanks god your back!
Come on!
See him?
- No Roger.
- Me either.
Okay, lets keep going
there is more up ahead.
Come on.
- Roger!
- Roger!
Don't touch the fence,
its all electric over here.
Fuck it's good to see you!
- How you doing? How you doing man?
- I'm doing good man.
- What's up brother?
- Are you okay? Are you hurt?
Okay sweetie,
we're gonna get you out of here.
We don't have time for this,
we gotta blow the fence.
There is a whole bunch
of weapons right over there.
- Right over where?
- Right over there. / We got it.
Everyone back away from the fence,
we're gonna blow it!
Come on!
We gotta go! Come on!
Okay listen... where is Sera?
They take everybody to that
black temple right over there.
- Right over there?
- No, honey, you have to stay.
What is your name? I'm Rennick.
- I'm Anders.
- It's not safe there!
- Tell her we she has to stay!
- We'll come back for you! Let's go!
- This is Tiffany.
- You got her? I got her.
I want to come!
I know! But you can't!
You've got to stay! This is Rennick.
He's going to take care of you!
All right! You got to stay with him.
What is this place?
I've no idea.
- It fucking reeked in here.
- Yeah it does.
Do we know what we're doing in here?
What the fuck was that!?
It's my handy work, it's mine.
- Your handy work?
- Done.
How did the fuck did you learn
how to make a bomb with timer?
Reading books?
- You? Read? Bullshit.
- Guys...
Hey there is something up there.
Catch the light.
Anders, seriously I know Dr. Suess
does not teach you
how to make a bomb with a timer.
You son of a bitch! Let go!
You son of a bitch! Let go!
I don't know what I was expecting,
but definitely, this is not it.
Come on Roger, I've seen what
you brought home when your drunk.
So I guess this is where
I'm supposed to ask you
where your from and what you want.
But honestly, I don't care.
Come on guys, let's kill this bitch!
Yeah, come on, get her out of here.
Come on! Get up!
Get up! We gotta get out of here!
- Does this belong to you?
- Yeah she does.
Don't fucking leave me again!
- Damn...
- Good job by the way.
Hey thanks. Just getting started.
I'm going to get
these people out of the cages.
- Keep your heads down! ...Y ou too!
- Good luck!
- How are you doing? You making it?
- Fucking yeah.
- You want get down?
- Put me down.
This is by no means
an admission to inferiority.
So where do we go from here?
Well, we could keep running and hiding
or we can find another nest
of those brain blobs
and fry the living daylights
out of them.
I think I used too many explosives.
No, where.
It's never enough.
Come on. Let's move.
The United States Government is urging
every Citizen to protect themselves.
Every man, woman and child
is responsible for their safety.
If you have a firearm,
you need to use it.
We did it.
We won.
But it doesn't really feel like a victory,
Just feels like a starting point.
Cause we still have to fight.
We have to fight untiI we kill
every one of these fucking creatures
and take back what is ours.
Because I refuse to run,
and I refuse to be scared
and I refuse to hide
for the rest of my life
waiting for something
to come around a corner!
Well that's not
going to happen anymore!
I won't do it.
So they can leave
or they can die.
Because we are the resistance.
And that's all there is.