Alien Domicile (2017) Movie Script

S1, over.
Maintenance in three.
Copy that, return to...
Mama, are you lonely?
What is this?
Security police put us here.
It's either a drill or they
moved some stuff around on base.
Kind of messed up the way they do us,
but it's procedure.
They pretty much own you.
It's been three hours.
2 1/2.
How long do we sit here?
What's that?
This means I'm the procedure captain.
What's your name?
It's Hanna.
Are you holding up, LT?
I'm fine.
That cough don't sound too good.
You asthmatic?
Just nauseous.
Oh yeah?
Hey, where do I know you from?
Gail Sullivan.
Ah, yeah!
Special projects.
We worked together a year ago.
They still got you here, huh?
I thought they sent you
off to Nellis or something.
Russell Turner, civilian services.
Nice to see you again.
So what's your story, Miss Hanna?
I'm an auditor.
Oh, shit.
What they got you auditing?
You shutting us down?
Not that kind, I'm a security auditor.
I brief Congress on national
security vulnerabilities,
cyber security,
it's really boring stuff.
Yeah, well I was about to say,
I have a year before I retire,
so don't go laying me off
before I get there, now.
That's somebody else's job.
Now, if you're a security risk...
No way.
I used to be with the
128th Airborne Command.
Almost landed a job with the
Defense Department, actually.
Buddy of mine...
Talking about our jobs?
Life stories?
I'm afraid it's against the protocol.
Oh yeah?
And what you know about that?
Where you from?
That accent, Russian?
Ah, there's your security risk.
What'd you do, comrade, jump ship?
Uncle Sam promise you something?
Oh well.
Shit, I can't blame you.
I've been to Russia.
That's amazing.
Is there anything you haven't done?
So what's the score, man?
Aw, come on, man, you know
something we should know?
Backup generators.
So what?
Who gives a damn?
We're not in the north side of the base.
Aw, man, you're over-thinking it.
We're underground.
Hold up, man.
Hold up.
Just trying to figure out where we are.
Wait a minute, man.
Dimitri is my name.
You open this door and
you expose the rest of us
and I ain't letting that happen.
Should be out there with my team.
Right now, you're with my team
and you're gonna follow protocol.
Get back!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
He's right.
We don't know what's out there.
It's better if we just sit
tight for a few more minutes.
That's okay, it's okay.
Grab her legs.
Relax, relax.
You're fine.
- Hey, you little fucker.
- Hey.
Get back.
It ain't gonna happen, not on my watch.
I need some help here.
Son of a, get the fuck back.
Calm the fuck down.
I'm okay.
What's up?
Generators shouldn't be running means...
There is no power on the base.
What do you remember from this morning?
I don't remember anybody
drugging me or bringing me here.
What day is today?
It's Monday.
This morning, I had a breakfast
with my younger brother.
He's been dead for five years.
This morning didn't happen
the way we remember it.
You're dismissing me.
LT, I'm not dismissing you.
Trust me, I wouldn't do that.
I was all by myself.
No one has left the room.
Will you look?
Is there a Mr. Sullivan
I should be worried about?
Will you just look please?
Oh, okay.
What am I looking for?
Something like right here.
- Do you see it?
- Ah, wait, wait, wait.
I think you're right.
You do have something there.
What is it?
Right here.
A hickey.
Relax, there's nothing there.
Forget it.
- Come on now.
- No, it's fine.
Come on, LT.
Forget it.
What the hell are you doing?
What does it look like I'm doing?
You got two ladies in here, man.
Oh, sorry, Mr. Boss Man.
Do you mind if I take a piss?
Or should I hold it
for another four hours?
You little bastard.
Okay, everybody just stay put.
Everyone shut up.
We just wait.
There goes the gennies.
They're coming back on.
Okay, okay.
All right.
Get off of me!
Hanna, don't!
We don't know what's out there!
We don't know shit.
Mother fucker.
Think about it!
- You're making a mistake!
- Go, it's your chance!
Is anyone down there?
SP, open up!
SP, identify yourself.
Master Sergeant Pierce.
Open the door!
This is serious shit, open the door.
This is not a fucking drill.
Open the door!
Come on, open up!
Open the door, god damn it!
Open the door!
SP, open the door.
Get the weapon, get the weapon.
Why were you running?
He asked you a question.
You were running from somebody, man.
There's a patrol about 15 minutes out.
What's your SC, Master Sergeant?
Level five under CCL.
Can you radio 'em?
Have at it.
They're blacked out.
Base command, Lieutenant Gail Sullivan.
Do you read? Over.
Base command, do you read?
- Over.
- They know where we are.
They'll get to us.
Can you at least tell
us the classification?
Classification for what?
Means the base has been evacuated.
But why?
Why were we sent here?
It doesn't matter.
We're safe here.
No, we're not.
- LT.
- Hey.
I'm fine.
I said I'm fine.
They'll come get us,
we just gotta stay put.
No one's coming.
We're in south secondary.
There are tunnels,
about five more stories
underground from where we are.
They go all the way to gate one.
That's the only way out.
I'm sure that's how they got us in.
You think it's a good idea to leave?
I mean, what if he's telling the truth?
We don't know what's out there.
Not sending a unit down here.
It's a one-way trip.
How long has she been like this?
No idea.
How far away from accessing the digs?
The elevator, how far is it?
You're in this shit with the rest of us.
You think it matters?
Court Martial's the last
thing you need to worry about,
that's for sure.
You don't wanna go
through those tunnels.
You go down there, you won't come back.
You came in that way.
Honestly, I have no idea.
All I know is I woke up and here I am.
Then help us find another way.
Go yourself.
Good luck.
You're hiding something.
Oh am I?
Tell me.
Then why were we brought here?
I don't have to answer to you.
You have to answer to me.
You're gonna lead us out.
With all due respect, Lieutenant,
I think I'll stay right here.
Or not.
You shouldn't have left
your team, Master Sergeant.
Base is on lock down.
What about the stairs?
No, those just lead to
the second level offices.
This is the only way
down to those tunnels.
Then I need to get inside that panel.
How much time do you need?
I don't know.
I'll be fine.
Do what you gotta do.
I ain't leaving you, LT.
I'll just lay down.
No, I'll stay with you.
They need you more than I do.
I'll be fine.
We'll be okay here.
Let's go.
Mama, where you going?
Haven't had to wear regs in years.
How long has this been going on?
A few hours.
Where did you say
you worked before this?
I didn't.
Special projects.
And how long have you
been stationed here?
18 months.
There's nothing you can do for them now.
We have to warn them.
We should go back to
the containment room.
Get out of my way.
Out and to the left.
Open the door.
What are you doing?
Open the door!
Hey, guys, I think we
need to be heading back.
Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
Open the damn door!
Where's Gail?
Where is she?
I tried.
She panicked.
You had one fucking job, man.
What the hell are you talking about?
What was I supposed to do?
You were supposed to stay together.
I couldn't control her.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Look, what do you want me to say?
She flipped out.
I couldn't keep her in the room
without hurting her and making it worse.
You should have done something!
She's sick.
Don't you get it?
She's a lost cause.
The fuck you say?
What the fuck...
Hey, hey, hey, whoa whoa.
Her name is Gail.
Yeah and she knows exactly
what she's up against.
She knows more than any of you.
Not necessarily.
I'm one of five groups.
Been here since the '50s.
We needed their technology,
you know, so...
What do they want?
To evolve.
Which is why they're becoming
faster, smarter, and a lot more hostile.
Jesus, that girl is
down there by herself.
Don't even think about it.
We can't do her like that, man.
You can hardly walk.
Stay here, I'll go get her.
No, we need you to get
that elevator working.
I'll find her.
Come on, I can do this.
- I'll go with you.
- No, it'll be all right.
Why are we wasting time?
It's on safety.
You better hope to god I find her.
Hurry up, you ass.
LT, it's Russell.
Can you hear me?
LT, you over there?
LT, you all right?
LT, come on, we gotta get out of here.
You all right, come on,
we gotta get going.
No, no, no, no, wait.
You'll just lead them back here.
He's right.
I can take care of myself.
You go, you're as good as dead.
Get out of the way.
Get off her.
You're bleeding.
Your neck.
It's nothing.
I just need a minute.
Why would you do that?
Why would you do that?
Dimitri, why would you do that?
Why what?
I had no choice.
There was this lake near
my house when I was young.
Frozen during the winter.
Went to that lake 100 times
with my brother.
This one day, we wanted to cross it.
I was so scared so...
He went.
I remember the sound
of the ice cracking.
He fell in.
Slipped underneath the ice and...
I couldn't...
Up and out of nowhere,
he dashed across the ice.
Pull him out, his lungs...
Filled with frozen water.
'Cause I did nothing, my brother
was sick the rest of his life.
He was never the same after that.
Neither was I.
My brother didn't die that day.
But I did.
Guess we all have that regret.
You know where I was this morning?
I was driving my daughter
Emily to her father's.
I'm lucky if I see her once a month.
I work all the time.
So I just think...
Someday it'll be worth it.
I just wish I had more time.
I don't think I'm gonna get that chance.
I'm close.
That elevator.
I can bypass the shut-down.
I need you to cover me.
I need help!
We've gotta run.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Dimitri, come on.
Come on, get up.
Come on.
Help me.
Help me.
Mama, where you going, Mama?
Mama, where are we going?
This morning didn't happen
the way we remember it.
You know where I was this morning?
I was driving my daughter,
Emily, to her father's.
I just wish I had more time.
I don't think I'm gonna get that chance.
Mama, where you going, Mama?
Mama, where are we going?
Excuse me, ma'am.
You've got a visitor.
Your daughter is here to see you.