Alien Domicile 2: Lot 24 (2019) Movie Script

Let's take a ride
Baby, if you drive
I'd go anywhere
As long as you are there
No coverage.
You have to be kidding.
No coverage?
Guys, we don't need
modern technology.
We came out here for
nature, peace, and quiet.
Rach, it actually
is kinda cool
that we get to stay at
your uncle's campground.
Complete with an RV.
Ooh, yeah.
Two days of peaceful bliss.
No noisy city...
No pollution, no
smog, no processed food.
I've never heard of anyone
owning their own campground.
Usually, those are
owned by the state.
- Right?
- Yeah.
I wonder how he bought it.
Or why he bought it.
Maybe he's a serial killer
who takes his victims' bodies,
buries them in the woods
underneath the campground.
No, no, no, no.
He is mad scientist who
dissects alien body parts
and works for the government.
Come on, guys.
Stop talking like that,
you're giving me the creeps.
Actually, I haven't
seen him in years.
I guess he lived up here
because he was some
sort of naturalist,
and he obsessed with trees.
Trees, huh?
As in aspens?
Aspen trees, oak trees,
sycamore, pine, I don't know.
You know, I haven't seen him
since I was, like,
maybe eight years old.
My mom really never
let us visit him
and he never came around.
This area is super creepy.
I wonder why he can
live up here all alone.
Found it.
Well, my mom said the key would
be under one of these tires.
I was a key, under
which tire would I hide?
Hey, I'll yell for y'all
when I find it, all right?
T: Not if I find it first!
DJ: Oh, you're on!
It's almost like there's
something out there.
I'm with Jordan, this
place gives me the creeps.
Oh, my God!
Guys, that wasn't funny.
That was so mean.
Hey, I found the key.
RACHEL: Oh, nice!
Thank God.
You guys, look at that tree.
never seen a tree
grow back into the
ground like that.
I'm gonna head in.
I'm right behind you, yeah.
Me too.
- Nice.
- Ah, there we go.
- Oh, they're on the ceiling?
- Wait, how'd you do that?
- That's weird, perfect.
- Got it.
Yo, check it out.
He's got a stove?
A shower?
A little bathroom.
Look at this.
Even comes fully
stocked with water.
That's weird.
What do you mean?
I mean why would
there be water?
My uncle's been missing
for over two years now.
Nobody's seen him.
We got access to the RV
because my mom paid
the lot dues back,
but I thought it was
completely empty.
So you mean to tell me
we're staying on the lot
of your dead uncle?
I never said he
was dead, you guys.
We just don't know
what happened to him.
Guys, we're here now,
we got this whole
place for the weekend.
Let's make the best of it.
I agree.
Anybody out here?!
No, I've just never seen
trees look like this.
This whole place is creepy.
It is a little bit different,
but hey, like T said,
let's make the best of it.
What do you think really
happened to Rachel's uncle?
You know, I don't know.
The whole story is
really creepy to me.
The sky is so gloomy.
It's almost creepy and romantic
at the same time, you know?
Guess so.
RACHEL: Jordan.
Guys doing?
Oh, we weren't doing anything.
Nothing happened, we
were just talking.
well, come inside,
or you're sleeping
out there all night.
T: Do you think
they know about us?
Yeah, they know about us.
Why are you being so secretive?
'Cause I want to keep
what we have between us.
You know how everyone
gets when they find out,
start being nosy.
Hey, guys.
Heather and I are gonna work
on tomorrow's hiking route.
Sure you are.
JORDAN: Uh-huh.
Of course we know
about you and Heather.
Staying in the same room, bro.
Lots of friends
sleep in the same room.
All right, to be honest,
we're not trying to
rush into anything.
We even brought two
separate sleeping bags.
What do you mean you brought
two separate sleeping bags?
I mean, sex
complicates things,
and we don't want to ruin
the good friendship we have.
All right.
I can respect that.
So, let's get back to
this love triangle of yours.
Rachel or Jordan?
You know, Rach
is more of my type.
You don't have a type.
That may be so, but if
I did, it would be her.
What would be her?
Um, nobody.
We're just, you know,
getting this luggage in.
Oh, well, I came to help.
Ah, we're good.
You sure?
Oh, yeah. We're good.
DJ: All right,
man, let's go ahead,
get this stuff in, all right?
T: Yeah.
Now, Rach, this
uncle of yours,
he just disappeared and
nobody has seen him since?
From what I know, he was
really into preserving nature.
And he was really into the
existence of other life.
I don't know what
happened to him.
Wait, you mean alien life?
Let me get this straight.
You brought us out
on a camping trip
to an RV site
owned by your dead,
oh, I'm sorry, missing uncle,
who's some freaking tree
nut and alien lover?
You know what,
no, this is crazy.
I say we go home.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
We are not going home.
I'm sorry, guys.
I guess I should have told you.
I just didn't think it'd
be that big of a deal.
Oh, Rach, it's not a big deal.
You guys, we're gonna
have a great trip.
We're gonna be fine.
I think we're gonna
go to bed, guys.
We've got a big day
ahead of us tomorrow.
If we all survive.
You guys, we need to make sure
all these windows are locked
and these blinds are closed
so some weirdo can't just
come up in here and look in.
We are out in the
middle of nowhere.
We're fine.
No, I heard that bears can
unlock windows and unlock door.
Jordan, the door
locks from the inside.
How about this?
Let's turn these lights
off and go to sleep.
What do you think
of this place?
It's pretty creepy, huh?
Yeah, it is pretty creepy.
Nothing a little
kiss wouldn't fix.
Now you want to kiss me?
What is our next step?
Next step?
What do you mean?
Like, where is this
relationship going?
Not now, Heather.
I just want to relax
and enjoy this trip.
Let's just take things slow,
minute by minute, day by day.
What's going on?
I don't know, I...
I thought I saw something.
RACHEL: Like what?
What are you doing up?
I'm sorry, guys.
It was nothing.
Go back to sleep, please.
Are you sure you're okay?
All right.
Can I help you?
Good morning, ma'am.
My name is Sheriff Po.
Sheriff, huh?
Yes, ma'am.
Don't get a lot of travelers
around these parts,
and I noticed that
all of the doors
on your vehicle's wide open.
T and DJ must have
left those open.
Left what door open?
This is Sheriff Po.
He said you guys left the
SUV doors open all night.
I don't remember
leaving any doors open.
JORDAN: I don't know,
we were all super tired,
maybe you didn't notice.
DJ: Guess so.
Well, like I say, we
don't get a lot of visitors
around these parts, and kind
of stuck out like a sore thumb,
if you know what I mean.
Well, we just came up here
for the weekend to go hiking.
So, you guys are hikers, huh?
Not really officially, but
we all need the nice clean air,
and what better place to get it?
Wouldn't it be a shame if
there wasn't any clean air?
Then where would you go?
It's all good, son.
Clean air, that is.
Sheriff Po came by to
make sure we were all safe?
Yes, ma'am, how long you
guys planning on staying?
Just the weekend.
It's a good weekend.
Why's that?
Just 'cause, any time
surrounded by nature
beats anything
surrounded by crime,
obsession, ignorance,
You know, the normal stuff.
So, you're a park ranger
and a nature freak, I presume?
T, stop it.
Ah, it's okay.
Not many people would
sign up for this job.
Hell, I have seen more
non-people than I have people.
You said you see
more non-people?
Yeah, you know,
tree, plant, animal.
What do you know
about Rachel's uncle?
I'm so sorry, I told all my
friends my uncle disappeared,
and now everybody's
super curious.
Well, do you mind
if I take a sit down?
I've been standing all day.
- Have a seat, Sheriff.
- Spot right there for you.
SHERIFF PO: Thank you.
Well, what do you
think happened to him?
You mean Dr. Moss?
I had no idea that
he was a doctor.
Around these parts, he was
known to be a doctor of sorts.
The rumor is the person
that seen him last
was a videographer that he hired
that night your uncle
disappeared, as in vanished.
No traces of foul play, just
here one day and gone the next.
He loved nature and
appreciated her beauty.
He also was interested
in communicating
with life beyond the stars.
Yeah, and I understand that
he picked this very location
'cause all of the
energy in the trees,
a way to connect
to the other world.
Wait, why have I never heard
about any of this before?
I knew he liked trees and I
knew that he believed in aliens,
but nothing about
his disappearance.
Well, maybe they
didn't want you to know.
Wait, wait, what are
we talking about here?
Are you really
talking about aliens?
Well, yes, we're
talking about connecting
with the other world.
What does that even mean?
I think you mean
voluntary abduction.
Yeah, sure, I've heard of those.
Well, I can
neither confirm or...
Yeah, yeah, we get it.
Confirm or deny.
You seem to know a
lot about Rach's uncle.
Ma'am, I'm the local sheriff.
It's my job to know what's
going on around here.
Heather, move over real quick.
This is creepy.
Look, y'all, we came
up here for fresh air,
not to be a part of
a Stephen King story.
Yeah, I'm with DJ.
I mean, this little
fairytale is nice and all,
but it's a bit much.
Well, that's what I heard.
Who knows what really happened?
Nice meeting you.
thank you, Sheriff.
Guys have a good day.
RACHEL: Weird.
This is just
too freaky for me.
Look, I know Po is weird,
but at least he's
here to protect us.
That story about
your uncle though.
I don't get it.
Some Yogi Bear, Po,
shows up and tells the
story about your uncle
and his serious work
in alien communication?
I mean, really?
You guys actually
believe this crap?
It's like a bull just took
a dump all over this place.
RACHEL: Well, what do
you think happened, T?
I don't know, but it
ain't the great adventures
of Dr. Moss and his
incredible alien tree talkies.
What's funny is he told the
story like it was the truth.
I just don't get why my mom
never told me any of this.
You know, Rach,
maybe that's why
your family never let
you visit out here.
I don't know.
HEATHER: So, yeah,
still no service.
This is pointless.
All right, everyone,
give up your phone.
I'm not giving you my phone.
Heather, we came out here
for nature, peace, and quiet.
We don't need phones for that.
T: Give 'em up.
DJ: Take it.
All right, now, everyone
promise, no phones.
- Fine.
- No phones.
Hey, y'all, want to make sure
everybody's hydrated
on this hike.
Everybody good on water?
- Yeah.
- Don't forget
the first aid kit.
- Oh, right.
- And the compass.
- Perfect.
- What do you need
a compass for when you got me?
Four years, Navy comms.
I can find anything.
JORDAN: Oh, well,
lead the way, sir.
Just saying.
- Do this!
- Here we go.
RACHEL: Let's do it.
It's what we came here for.
DJ: Y'all bring enough water?
Guys, look at those trees!
Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my God.
- On, that's amazing.
T: Very cool.
You guys, I have never
seen trees like this.
It's almost magical.
This tree, this tree is
like matriarch of all trees.
Like, the mother of all trees.
HEATHER: Oh, my God,
what are you talking about?
Here she goes.
- Lost it.
- Oh, wait, no.
This tree is like kids
playing in a yard.
- You see, like, here...
- I don't.
I like your imagination.
I don't see it though.
Yeah, she's lost it.
- Yeah.
- What about this tree?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey, I like it.
- Please.
- Mm, that's just a tree.
Can't do that, I like that.
RACHEL: You guys,
what about this tree?
Do you hear that?
Yeah, I think I
do hear something.
Yeah, what is that?
I can hear it, but
I can't make it out.
Yo, this tree's got life.
You know, you guys,
this tree is creepy.
- Yeah.
- Time to find a happy tree.
Yeah? Okay.
I agree with Jordan.
Let's hit the path.
DJ: That is no good.
What did you think about it?
JORDAN: Oh, it's okay.
I mean, like, I'm so tired.
I don't know.
And yours, they're
like little ice cubes.
So, anyway, guys,
that was great.
RACHEL: Yeah, it was,
- I really felt it.
- Gotta admit,
it was a cool experience
being so close to nature.
- Yeah.
- I really felt
the connection.
I felt the connection,
all right, in these boots.
Ugh, my feet need relief.
- I second that.
- I can't believe you wore...
DJ: Hey, T, what do you
think about the hike, man?
HEATHER: Where's T?
Yo, T.
- T!
- T?
- T!
- T!
- T!
- T, where are you?
T: Taking a piss!
DJ: What?
I'm taking a piss!
Taking a piss!
Hey, he's taking a piss.
- All righty, then.
- Oh, okay.
Hey, guys, wait up!
Wait up, guys!
I'm coming!
Think we're almost there.
Oh, we can kinda
hang out right here.
T: Hey, guys, hold up!
- T, we're over here.
- There you are.
DJ: Come on, man.
- Hey, hold up.
- T.
Took you long enough.
All right, all
right, all right.
The dark scary woods.
Did you wash your hands?
Yeah, in the stream.
So, Rach, tell me again
why you think your uncle
lived way out here.
Beats me.
We were just talking about that
before you disappeared on us.
Yeah, jeez, T.
Can't take a pee around here.
I don't know who
in their right mind
would want to live up here.
I'd go crazy.
Got to be a reason though.
Well, maybe all this
peace and quiet got to him.
I don't know.
You hear that?
Hear what?
T: Listen.
I hear it.
I hear it, but I
don't know what it is
or where it's coming from.
Hey, this is wild.
T: What was that?
RACHEL: Probably
just the wind.
Let's get out of here.
Yeah, let's get out of here.
This is weird.
What happened?!
Did you hear that?
What are you talking about?
You didn't hear
that screaming?
Rachel, are you okay?
I don't know.
Maybe I'm losing it.
Let's get you
out of this place.
Let's get out of here.
T: A little intense.
Well, I'll be, made it back.
DJ: Thank God we did.
RACHEL: Oh, no, no, I'm good.
JORDAN: Rachel, are
you sure you're okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I don't know.
I'm fine.
Well, I know it's late, guys,
but do you want to
get a fire going?
- No.
- It's so creepy out here.
I just want to get inside.
Yeah, I agree with Heather.
Maybe we should just
go inside and turn up.
- Sounds good.
- Okay.
Let's get out of the cold.
- What makes that noise?
We should probably
get out of here.
DJ: Come on.
Come on, girls.
T: Right behind you.
DJ: Whatever
that was in here.
That was crazy.
T: This was
supposed to be fun.
HEATHER: It was insane.
So, please, class, tell me.
If there is another
life form, say, aliens,
then why would they let us
destroy this beautiful world,
and each other, through war?
Well, Professor, maybe
these aliens want to coexist
and share our resources.
So, do you believe in aliens?
- Ugh.
- I do.
Oh, DJ, please, explain.
Why, sure.
See, we're all just energy.
Different forms of energy.
But it would be
naive to think that
in this world that
we're living in,
that there would only
one source of energy.
If I ever came across
another life form,
I wouldn't be afraid.
- Mm-hm.
- Nope.
Energy is just energy.
If a spaceship came
down right now,
you'd be squirting
from both ends.
- Ugh!
- No, no, no.
I'd be like, what's
happening, man?
- Really?
- Take his hand.
Say, I come in peace.
JORDAN: And that's
when they probe you.
DJ: Think you
got jokes, Jordan.
Wait, Rach, what
do you believe?
I don't know anymore.
But I guess
our whole world, our whole
galaxy, is created from energy,
so I can't believe that life
neither starts nor
ends with just us.
That's what I think.
T: Fair enough.
You know what?
We need to stop all this
discussion about aliens.
Come on, can't we just relax?
Probably a good idea.
Class dismissed.
Yeah, I can't believe we
went as long as we did.
I say it's time to
take a load off.
Off with the shoe.
Thanks for that anyway.
Well, everything seems to work.
What do you think?
Cooking utensils.
Wine opener.
do that in the RV.
They were brand new.
Glad you noticed.
Like old newspaper clippings.
Guys, look what I found.
DJ: What is that?
Man, your uncle was really
into this stuff, like, heavy.
Local Doctor Searches
for Link Between Worlds?
I guess he was a doctor.
Local Doctor Ron
Moss Furthers His Study
of the Connection
Between Alien Life
and Their Existence
Through Trees?
There you go.
But I wonder why
he thought that trees
had anything to do
with alien life.
He must have found
something out here.
Yeah, but what?
Hey, T.
Can I talk to you over
here for a second?
What do you think
is really going on?
I don't know.
This place, Po-Po's story,
something doesn't seem right.
Yeah, I'm with you on that.
I don't know, but Sheriff
Po is not everything
he's pretending to be.
I know that.
But his story
is so convincing.
Yeah, I got to give him that.
For some reason, he feels fake,
but this story seems real.
Yeah, I know.
Time will tell
what's going on here.
DJ: I hope so.
You and me both, man.
So, what happened
in here last night?
Yeah, 'cause nothing
happened out there.
Nothing happened
in here either.
We're taking things slow.
He won't commit, will he?
I knew it.
But enough about me,
did you tell him yet?
Tell him what?
You are never gonna
get what you want
unless you go for it.
I know.
I know, I almost
told him earlier.
Okay, well, then
pretend I'm DJ.
What are you gonna say to me?
I'm not doing this.
Why not?
You better get your
practice in now.
All right, okay,
fine, all right.
So, DJ, I've been meaning
to tell you something.
Tell me about what?
Yeah, we'll give
you two a minute.
You're not gonna tell me?
I was wondering if you and
me could hang out some time.
Um, I mean, that's
what we're doing
right now though, right?
Yeah, yeah, but
I mean hang out
like just you and
me, one on one.
Yeah, sure.
Anytime, yeah.
You just let me know
when, all right?
Why am I wasting my time?
You know what?
You guys are a
bunch of dead heads.
It's time to liven
this party up.
I just want to party all
night with you, with you
We could do this thing all
night with you, with you
I just want to
Tonight's our night
We can do what we like
We can do what feels right
Run away, take flight
Tonight's our night
We can do what we like
We can do what feels right
Look, I thought I
saw something outside.
Jordan, there's nothing
out here to be afraid of.
Nobody in their right
mind would be out here
in the middle of the night.
You know what, T,
why don't you go look?
All right.
Holy crap, man, what are
you doing standing out here?
Sorry about that.
Just wanted to make sure you
guys were good for the night,
there being horrible cellphone
service out here and all.
Out of the way.
Don't let a hardworking man
just stand out here in the cold.
Come on in, Sheriff.
- Thank you.
- Oh, hey, Sheriff,
you're welcome.
Hey, how's it going?
- Here, Rachel.
- Good.
RACHEL: Oh, thanks.
Po, what are you doing
all the way out here?
I was in the neighborhood,
just thought I'd stop
by, check in on you.
T: Let's get him
somewhere to sit.
- Oh, my, it's...
- Sit down, come on,
right here.
You want something to drink?
All right, what you got?
I think I'm okay on that.
T: Okay.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay, thank you.
I thought this was a party.
What happened to the music?
- I know.
- Right?
- Turn it up.
- Get the beats going.
So, Sheriff, I don't know
if I've ever met or seen
a black forest ranger.
You're like a black
version of Andy Griffith.
There's a first
time for everything.
Yeah, I guess so.
But wait, tell me this.
How is it that you
can stay out here?
I mean, there's no
fun, there's no clubs.
You don't even have
cellphone service.
No nothing, I mean,
no girlfriend?
Actually, there is
nothing but life up here.
Nature is my girlfriend.
are you guys doing?
Oh. Hey.
I never got a chance to tell you
how sorry I was
about your uncle.
That's okay, I
really didn't know him.
He was a good man.
He respected nature
and he respected the
life that nature breeds.
But I thought you said
you didn't know him.
Well, I heard
he was a good man.
And what do you
mean respected nature?
It is estimated that
rainforests are being cut down
at the rate of 100
trees per minute.
The rates for
rainforest destruction
are 2.4 acres per second,
179 acres per minute,
214,000 acres per day,
and 78 million acres per year.
Your Dr. Moss committed his life
to expanding the minds
of you simple people.
I'm sorry.
I guess you can say that
your uncle was sort
of a hero to me.
What he stood for is more
than what people can imagine.
JORDAN: Hey, is
everything okay?
Oh, yes, everything's great.
- Save you?
- Mm-hm.
JORDAN: You okay?
I'm fine, but
something really strange
is going on with Po.
Well, I mean, I guess
he's kinda creepy,
cute all in the same breath.
Are you kidding?
Wait, what did he say?
Nothing worth repeating.
Okay, are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- All right.
T: Enough is enough.
JORDAN: T, what
are you doing?
All right, Po,
what do you think
really happened to Dr. Moss?
What do you mean
what do I think?
Well, DJ thinks
you're the videographer
and you actually
killed Dr. Moss.
Well, actually,
that was T's idea.
To be honest, I just
think you know more
than what you're telling us.
You guys, stop it.
No, no, actually,
did leave out a few
details of the story.
Well, what happened?
There's a reason that
your uncle lived up here
around all these trees.
He believed that trees
were the life source
to the other world.
He just hated the way
that man cut down trees
and destroyed nature.
The rumor is he preferred
being around trees
because he found a
way to communicate.
He began reaching out, till
one day they reached back.
Man, this is like the setup
for the ultimate scary movie.
Some crazy doctor
uses his tree talkies
to communicate with aliens?
Please, tell me
what happened next?!
Really, T, stop.
Look, man, tell us
what the hell happened!
He became one
with the universe.
He became what he
sought to protect.
He felt robbed in his physical
body and he became a tree.
To the dust we return.
He is now the eye
of the outer world.
He became a tree?
He knew that nature's fury
was at its boiling point,
so he sacrificed his life.
So, he dies,
crosses over, and
becomes a tree?
Not just a tree,
but the eyes of the outer world.
So what happened
to the videographer?
So what happened to
the videographer?
He committed suicide.
By the time they
discovered the footage,
the film had been destroyed
by beautiful Mother Nature.
Of course, no footage.
Funny how everybody who's
had a talk with an alien
never has any proof.
Actually, I don't have the
video, but I do have the audio.
No way, you have
the actual audio?
Yes, ma'am.
Right out there in my vehicle.
I have the audio file
saved on my work cell.
And how did you get that?
Ma'am, I'm the police.
Sorry, Po, but I'll
believe it when I see it.
DJ: Well, let's hear it.
I want to hear it.
Wait, come on, guys.
Let's not go digging up stuff.
I want to know what
happened, for me and my mother.
He was her brother after all.
I'll go out to the
car and get it.
I'll be right back.
We got to watch this guy.
Something is not right.
RON: I'm ready.
I'm ready.
Must have been the wind.
This is crazy.
Po, earlier you said
that he turned into a tree?
He turned into a tree.
We found these.
And you know where he is!
Not for sure,
but some people say he's
right out here somewhere.
Like, around here?
In this area?
You can go out there,
put your ear to certain
trees and hear him.
I knew something was
odd when we were hiking.
Well, guys, I didn't
want to say it outside
and scare everybody,
but when we out there,
one of the trees kind
of pulled me into it.
It was like a force or something,
like it was talking to me.
Well, I say we go
outside and find this tree.
This is crazy.
I'm not going back out there.
DJ, bro, get your jacket.
I know you're not spooked.
We're going tree hunting.
And I know you're
not scared, cowboy.
I'd rather settle
a bit before I leave,
if it's all the same to you.
I'll go.
Heather, hand me my jacket.
Also, you guys got to
find the right tree.
T: All right.
Come on, guys, don't do this.
Oh, we're doing it.
Let's go.
Come on, guys.
You guys have a good time.
God, I can't believe
they're just...
Great, another flashlight.
'Cause y'all don't want
to get caught in the dark.
You and T, I assume?
Me and T, yeah,
we're together,
but he doesn't want to
commit, which I think is bull.
And Rachel and DJ?
Yeah, and I'm the lame duck.
Not all ducks are lame to me.
Oh, I wonder which tree it is.
I don't know, maybe that one?
Rachel, you all right?
T: Yeah, what are you doing?
RACHEL: Where am I?
Where did you come from?
It's beautiful.
Do you know what
happened to my uncle?
DJ: Rachel.
Oh, Rach, what happened?!
I was in.
DJ: Wait, what?
I spoke to, I don't know
who, I couldn't see his face!
T: This is crazy!
What did he say,
did he say anything?
He said that we're
destroying the Earth.
He said that trees are the
eyes to the other world.
He said we're gonna have
to pay for what we've done!
I've got to see this!
- Where did he go?!
- T!
- T!
- Where did he go?!
Come on, Rachel,
let's get out of here.
Let's go get some help.
Whoa, where am I?
Am I there?
So, are you, like, invisible
to us in the real world?
Who are they?
Oh, the other world?
Born again?
So, what are you painting?
Whoa, what's going on here?
Help, guys!
Get me out of this place!
There is something
freaky in here!
Please, help!
Where's T?
Heather, we have
something to say.
Oh, my God, where is he?
We don't know.
What do you mean
you don't know?
Look, I got in.
Wait, so you guys
found the tree?
What do you mean "got in"?
I got in and I made contact.
Where is my boyfriend?!
Heather, you got to calm down
so we can tell you exactly
what happened, all right?
Three of us went out there,
found the tree
that I saw earlier.
Then what happened?
Went to go put my hand
on it and I was sucked in,
where I saw this man
painting a picture.
Wait, Rach, tell
them what you told me.
He told me that mankind
was gonna have to pay
for the destruction of nature,
and that Mother Nature
was gonna somehow
undo all of our wrongs.
So I got close, and I went
to just touch the man,
and before he could
turn around, I was out.
You don't tell me where is, I'm going to go find him.
Heather, look,
T was just excited
that Rachel connected
and then he just...
Don't tell me he
tried to touch the tree.
And he was just gone.
What do you mean "gone"?
He was just gone!
We turned around
for maybe a second,
and then he was just gone!
No, no, no, no, no.
Wait, did you guys
go look for him?
You know, T's always
playing jokes.
No, this isn't a joke.
T is actually gone.
Can't just be gone!
We have to go back
out and find him!
Hold on, hold on.
Hold your horses.
Now, I'm gonna head
back to the station
and gather a few volunteers
to walk the back
area of the trees.
Maybe he just got
disoriented and wondered off.
Don't you worry,
we're gonna find him.
You guys just hold out
and hang out for a minute.
Don't you go back out there.
Wait, Sheriff.
Thank you for helping us find T.
Whatever I can do, ma'am.
Look, Po will find him.
I'm sure he just ran off.
This is all too creepy.
I just want to go home.
Seriously, I've been
wanting to go home.
Look, they're gonna find T,
we'll get a good night's rest,
and first thing in the
morning, we're leaving.
Can't just stand here
while he's out there.
Heather, it is way too dark
for us to go outside right now.
Let's just let
Sheriff Po find him.
I mean, he's a sheriff, and
he's got all the resources.
RACHEL: Yeah, as much I
want to go back out there,
DJ's right.
Yeah, I mean, at least
until we figure out
what we're dealing with.
What do you mean?
I mean, what if there's aliens
outside right now
trying to kill us,
all because of the way
society degrades nature?
Then what?
Let's stay positive,
and know that T will be
found and he'll be back.
What if we're too late?
Too late for what?
Yeah, in lot 24, think I
hear my name in the wind
Am I sleeping in, it depends
In lot 24, I got
goosebumps on my skin
Got to stay on
point like a pin
In lot 24
HEATHER: Where is
that damn officer?
JORDAN: Heather, calm down!
He just left.
I'm gonna go find him.
- No, wait.
- Wait.
- No.
- That's not a good idea.
No, you're not.
It's too late, it's too dark,
and it's obviously dangerous.
We have to wait for
them to come back.
Heather, I just don't
think that's a good idea.
You didn't need help,
he'd still be here.
So now it's my fault?!
Yeah, kind of!
Wait, wait, wait,
it's nobody's fault.
Come on, let's just
be reasonable here.
And reasonable is leaving
your friend in the woods?
Heather, I am just
as scared as you are.
We have to wait,
make the best decision.
The best decision is
going out and finding him.
Heather, no.
Look, I'm gonna go after
her before she gets too far.
Heather, wait!
Heather, wait!
Heather, please
don't go out there.
I have to find him!
Look, Heather, just
don't go running out there.
Listen, Po will get a
team, he's gonna find T.
- Trust me.
- You trust him?!
Do we have a choice, Heather?
Think he has
something to hide.
Look, I don't know that
we're gonna find him,
just don't go running out there.
- No, I have to find him!
- Heather, please!
- I have to find him!
- Heather, Heather!
No, I have to find him!
- Heather, come on, no!
- T!
T, where are you?
Heather, wait!
Stop that tapping!
Heather, wait!
Come back!
What did you do to him?!
SHERIFF PO: Hey, Rachel.
Hey, are you okay?
What happened?
Well, we looked all night
for T and we couldn't him.
Matter of fact, we
couldn't find anyone.
We got to head back
to the station.
File a missing person report.
Here, drink some water.
Better get going.
There's nothing
left to see here.
And until this day,
no one knows what happened
to Rachel and her
friends on lot 24.
I'm just trying to
make it out alive
I'm just trying to
make it to the end
I'm just trying
not get killed
What happened to
all my friends
I'm just trying to
make it out alive
I'm just trying to
make it to the end
I'm just trying
not get killed
What happened to
all my friends
Have you ever had a dream
A dream of what could be
Restoration, a dream
that you could see
Piece it together and
the puzzle was complete
That dream you have when
you ain't even sleep
Have you ever had a dream
Praying, then you wait
And to be honest, you won't
care how long it takes
You just want to shoot and
shoot the arrow straight
That type of dream that
make you stay awake
Have you ever had a dream
A dream of what could be
From your heart, a
dream that's so unique
Oh, you had a vision, well,
what you saw, was it complete
'Cause it can come to life
We'll watch it grow
just like a tree
We'll make it manifest
This fate and what
you never seen
You got to know it's true
It's only traveled by a few
Do you believe it's real
Or do you still
think it's a dream
Caught them by surprise 'cause
he didn't peep the scene
Got to build, little builder
All jewels, no
gold, no silver
One ruby
Decisions set in
stone don't move me
The shape I'm in, ain't
no telling how you view me
No telling
Though what you
see will fade away
And what we live
is day to day
It makes you want to
fight a different fight
The type of dream that
keeps you up at night
Have you ever had a dream
A dream of what could be
Restoration, a dream
that you could see
Piece it together and
the puzzle was complete
That dream you had when
you ain't even sleep
Have you ever had a dream
Praying, then you wait
And to be honest, you won't
care how long it takes
You just want to shoot and
shoot the arrow straight
The type of dream that
make you stay awake
Have you ever had a dream
Since the young
And I've been writing
Scribbling my trouble
Brother ran away, older
sister in her bubble
Spent a lot of time with
my auntie and my uncle
That kept me leveled out
You see my thoughts run
amok, keep the devil out
And if it outweighs your
dream, that's some heavy doubt
One foot in front of the
other on this ready route
Stay persistent 'cause nothing
worth having comes easy
I just been greedy
Through the disobedience,
we've been just sleeping
Higher power by
my higher power
Keep your courage
in the mighty hour
Soprano on the way up,
be he come with sour
We must remember a
new covenant was made
It's so not enough
We are the seeds
It makes you want to
fight a different fight
The type of dream that
keeps you up at night
Have you ever had a dream
A dream of what could be
Restoration, a dream
that you could see
Piece it together and
the puzzle was complete
That dream you have when
you ain't even sleep
Have you ever had a dream
Praying, then you wait
And to be honest, you won't
care how long it takes
You just want to shoot and
shoot the arrow straight
The type of dream that
make you stay awake
Have you ever had a dream