Alien Encounters in Ancient Times (2021) Movie Script

[soft mysterious music]
- [Announcer] Reality Films.
- [John] According to
one Harvard Professor,
the recent massive
interstellar visitor
we call Oumuamua is, in
fact, an alien vessel
that flies by our planet
to observe us regularly
over thousands of years.
In fact, there is
more evidence for this
than the good
Professor realizes.
Sightings of UFOs and alien
encounters are not actually new.
In fact, they go back
thousands of years
and amazingly they resemble
contemporary accounts.
[soft ethereal music]
There are eyewitnesses
from ancient times
that actually recorded them
and there is even historical
evidence in archeology,
landscapes, and symbols.
Why do we believe
ancient accounts
about battles and politics,
and yet ignore records
about UFO sightings?
This is selective
history at play,
a fear to appear stupid.
From Egypt to Rome,
from Africa to Europe,
from South America to Australia,
sightings have been recorded
across vast periods of time.
Sometimes it just needs
a shift in perspective
to see them for what
they really are,
records or alien
visitation to planet Earth.
Get ready to change
your perspective
and discover aliens
in ancient times.
[soft ethereal music continues]
[air whooshing]
Ancient Mesopotamia is the
birth place of modern humanity
on so many levels.
And it reveals to us amazing
evidence of ancient aliens
having descended to Earth,
dealing with humans,
and becoming our gods.
There are carvings and artworks
depicting the glorious
angels and even their craft.
This is the home of what
were called the Watchers,
strange beings who
were subservient
to a shining angelic species
that came down to Earth
and guided mankind.
These are depictions and tales
of ancient travelers
to our planet.
All of this was written down
by their historians and scribes
for us to decipher today.
Our present historians
pick and choose
what they wish to
believe based upon
our present cultural denial
of life coming from elsewhere
and so they call these
elements myths and mysteries.
Ancient Egypt is a land
of myth and mystery.
So much of its history,
mythology, and religion
is yet to be deciphered.
In the second millennium
before Christ,
scribes of the
Pharaoh Thutmose III
actually left us a
record of ancient aliens.
He saw what they
described as fiery disks,
floating unnaturally
in the sky above them.
These records have
been used by historians
to fill in their gaps
and yet this particular report
is condemned and
even called fake.
This is a pattern of cover-up
we shall see again and again.
Historians use the writer Livy
to build their history
of ancient Rome,
and yet when it comes to UFO
sightings they ignore him.
In the year 218 BC, Livy
stated that there had been
"A portent of winter,"
which he wrote,
"Was in the shape of phantom
ships that had been seen
"gleaming in the sky."
A remarkably similar ancient
account of the Egyptian one
and yet 1,200 years apart.
[relaxing flute music]
In 76 BC, the Roman
writer Pliny the Elder
saw something very similar.
Again, Pliny is used as a
reliable source of information
for our ancient Roman ancestors,
and yet when he speaks of
UFO sightings he is ignored.
He said that, "A spark
appeared in the sky
"and then grew in size
as it descended to Earth
"until it was the
size of the Moon.
"The object then ascended
back into the sky
"and was transformed
into pure light."
What on Earth
could it have been?
Nothing on Earth at all.
There is nothing in
the natural world
that can explain this,
so the historians answer is
to, once again, ignore it.
Two years later, another
historically reliable source
gives us even more.
Plutarch recorded
the tale of a battle
commanded by Lucullus.
But before battle could
commence, he states,
"All of a sudden,
the sky burst asunder
"and a huge flame-like
body was seen to fall
"between the two armies.
"In shape, it was
most like a wine jar
"and in color, like
molten silver."
This is not just a reliable
record of a UFO sighting,
this is a record of
alien intervention
between two warring factions.
[soft flute music continues]
Zoom forward in time to
the second century AD
and we find another
reliable historical source
writing about UFOs again.
The Roman historian,
Cassius Dio, tells us
about a fine rain
resembling silver
descended from a clear sky
upon the form of Augustus.
It is stated that, "This fine
silver rain was collected
"and used to coat bronze coins.
"But by the fourth day,
the silver had vanished."
There is no substance known
with these properties,
unless this were the
remains of some alien ship.
[soft ethereal music]
In the seventh century,
we find the remarkable
sarcophagus lid
of the Mayan King Pakal.
It is now infamous in
the world of ufology
because it depicts
an ancient astronaut.
The central figure in the
middle of the sarcophagus
is an extraterrestrial alien
riding what appears to be
a rocket or some sort of
spaceship control center.
As Erich von Daniken stated,
"In the center of the frame
"is a man sitting,
bending forward.
"He has a mask on his nose.
"He uses his two hands to
manipulate some controls
"and the heel of his left
foot is on a kind of pedal
"with different adjustments.
"The rear portion is
separated from him.
"He is sitting on a
complicated chair,
"and outside of
this whole frame,
"you see a little
flame like an exhaust."
[soft ethereal music continues]
In 1492, the explorers,
Christopher Columbus
and Pedro Gutierrez,
observed something very strange
while on the deck
of the Santa Maria.
They reported a light
glimmering at a great distance.
It vanished and reappeared
several times during the night,
moving up and down in
sudden and passing gleams.
[soft ethereal music continues]
We move forward again
now to the 16th century
and to Nuremberg in
the Holy Roman Empire.
Reliable historical records
tell us of an amazing event
witnessed by the
people of the town.
They saw an aerial battle in
the sky of an alien craft.
This was followed
by the appearance
of massive black
triangular objects
and a large crash
outside of the city.
This is not a minor sighting.
Residents saw hundreds
of spheres, cylinders,
and other strangely shaped craft
moving erratically in the sky.
This was not just
one eyewitness,
this is the record of the
whole town of Nuremberg
and yet history ignores it.
Are we so scared of the truth?
Just five years later
in Basel, Switzerland,
numerous spherical objects
appeared in the skies
which seem to the citizens
to have emerged from the Sun.
[soft relaxing music]
A 16th century woodcutting
depicts this scene
in which dark spheres
were witnessed
hovering over the town.
The spheres appeared at sunrise.
"Many became red and fiery,
"ending by being
consumed and vanishing,"
wrote Samuel Coccius in the
local newspaper on this date.
A hundred years later, the first
mention of UFOs in Slovakia
is described in the
"Lavotia Towns Chronicles."
The alien vessel
is described as,
"Appearing like a silver
lizard in the sky."
[soft ethereal music]
In the 18th century,
the English had their
own remarkable sighting
above Windsor Castle.
There is an illustration
depicting a sighting
that occurred at 9:45 p.m.,
on the evening of
August 18th, 1783,
when four witnesses on the
terrace of Windsor Castle
observed a luminous
object in the skies
of the home counties of England.
An oblong cloud moving more or
less parallel to the horizon
under this cloud could have
seen a luminous object,
which soon became
spherical, brilliantly lit.
It is incredible that over
this vast period of time
these vessels reported
by eyewitnesses
all appear to be silver
out of all the colors that
could have been chosen.
[victorious orchestral music]
But what about the possibility
of actual alien encounters
we hear so much of these days?
Well, in the early 19th century,
fishermen in Japan
left us a report
of a strange drifting vessel.
When they went to investigate,
a beautiful woman
appeared, holding a box,
and speaking in a
strange language.
Historians tell us
this is mere folklore,
even though it is very
modern to be folklore.
Ufologists believe this to be
one of the earliest records
of an alien encounter.
[cheerful orchestral music]
Moving forward in time
and across the USA,
we discover a wave of sightings
that have become legendary.
The mystery airship encounters
began in California in
1896 and rapidly spread.
Soon reports of strange
ships in the skies
merged further east.
There are many eyewitness
accounts and some of these
describe being able to see
occupants through the windows.
There are even reports
of physical encounters
with the pilots themselves.
[cheerful orchestral
music continues]
They appear to be human and
yet, like the Japanese woman,
their behavior is strange
along with their
mannerisms and clothing.
It is said some of them claim
to be from the planet Mars.
These ships were fast, robust,
and could travel over
enormous distances
unlike anything human
technology had at the time.
It was witnessed by
hundreds of ordinary people
and senators alike.
And yet again,
historians discount
this massive amount
of eyewitness data
as a hoax of some kind.
Who had the technology
in the late 19th century
to do such a thing?
And why do we not
have evidence of it?
This is no hoax and should
be taken very seriously.
Because it has been
happening for generations
across the world.
Every time these accounts
are hushed up or ridiculed.
UFO Investigator,
Jerome Clark, stated,
"Once curious feature of
the post-1887 airship waves
"was the failure of each to
stick to historical memory.
"Although 1909, for example,
"brought a flood of
sightings worldwide
"and attended discussion
and speculation,
accounts do not allude
"to the hugely publicized events
"of little more than
a decade earlier."
Any attempt to uncover the truth
about the late 19th
century airship scare
comes up against some
unhappy realities.
Newspaper coverage
was unreliable,
no independent
investigators spoke directly
with alleged witnesses
or attempted to verify
or debunk their testimony.
And with a single
unsatisfactory exception,
no eyewitness was
ever interviewed,
even in the 1950s when some
were presumably still living.
[dramatic orchestral music]
Some kind of cover-up was afoot.
Some did state that these
were alien visitors though,
including the
"Washington Times,"
which speculated
that the airships
were a reconnoitering
party from Mars.
And the "St. Louis
Post Dispatch,"
which suggested of
the airships that,
"These may be
visitors from Mars,
"fearful at the last
of invading the planet
"they have been seeking."
In 1909, a letter printed
on the "Otago Daily
Times" in New Zealand
suggested that the
mystery airship sightings
then being reported
in that country
were due to Martian
atomic-powered spaceships.
[cheerful orchestral music]
At the same time
in Aurora, Texas,
we discover an article in
the "Dallas Morning News"
describing an actual
UFO hitting a windmill
and crashing down to Earth.
It was reported that the
pilot was not of this world
and as a Martian by the
Army Signal Service Officer
at the scene.
The alien did not survive
and was actually buried
near Fort Worth in
the Aurora Cemetery.
And what happened
to the crashed UFO?
It was dumped into
a nearby well.
[cheerful orchestral
music continues]
Years later, Mr. Brawley
Oates bought the property
and cleaned out the
debris from the well
because he needed it
as a source of water.
He then went on to
develop severe arthritis,
which he claimed to
have been the result
of the contaminated water.
He sealed the well
with a concrete slab
and put an outbuilding
on top of it.
[cheerful orchestral
music continues]
Soon more mystery
aircraft were spotted,
and not just in the USA.
Moving lights and solid craft
were spotted in the skies
above Otago and elsewhere
in New Zealand in 1909.
All of these were reported
to the newspapers,
leaving behind a reliable
eyewitness trail.
In 1917, at the height
of the First World War,
witnesses saw something amazing.
In Portugal, thousands of people
saw the Sun suddenly gyrate
and then descend.
Such a sight was
religiously interpreted,
but reality tells us that a
large, shining, moving object
in the sky, descending to Earth,
is in all likelihood a UFO.
[soft pulsing music]
We move now to
Saskatchewan in Canada
and the year is 1933.
Witnesses saw a large
oval-shaped object
that was domed at the top
and slightly rounded
on the bottom.
It was supported by legs
and from a center
doorway or hatch,
about a dozen figures could
be seen going up and down
a ladder-like stairway.
The occupants appeared
to be slightly shorter
than the average man
and were all dressed
in what appeared to
be silver-colored
suits or uniforms.
All appeared to be wearing
helmets or ski caps,
and all were busy running
around, repairing the craft.
[soft upbeat music]
Time moved on and soon mankind
was hell-bent on
killing each other again
in yet another World War.
This time, our own flying
is a little more advanced
and yet the aliens were
still way ahead of us.
Pilots across the
world started to report
strange, glowing orbs
flying in and around
their own formations.
They became known
as Foo Fighters
and no satisfactory explanation
other than they were UFOs
has ever come forward.
[upbeat electronic music]
But the 1940s is pretty
much the entrance
into our modern world
and so we shall now embark
on another journey
into the past.
There is, in fact, huge evidence
that aliens not
only came to Earth,
but invaded and
manipulated mankind.
This is the untold
story of a very real
and ancient alien invasion.
[relaxing orchestral music]
In Africa today,
there are the remains
of the oldest form of worship
anywhere on the planet.
It is a cave in the
shape of a huge serpent.
All around there
are pieces of stone
fashioned into thousands
of small scales.
This is the place of
worship for the serpent.
We know from thousands
of eyewitness accounts,
past and present, that aliens
have a striking resemblance
to reptiles and snakes.
This then is where man
first came into contact
with the aliens.
The discovery of this one
location surprised the world.
Nobody expected original
worship to be that of a serpent,
and yet it is within
every single religion.
It is in all the
myths of the world,
and they all tell
the same story.
In the beginning, the
serpent was the wise one,
the only animal in the
Bible to speak freely
with his own mind and voice.
The tempter, and yet also
the holder of ultimate wisdom
and the elixir of life.
Mankind, in comparison to
this remarkable animal,
appeared foolish.
From that day forward, the
serpent would control man.
[soft upbeat music]
This is all written down,
recorded by man over centuries.
No questions asked about
how a serpent-like figure
coming down to Earth could talk.
The very genetic makeup
of mankind altered
from this moment.
We cannot say exactly when,
we cannot pinpoint the so-called
Garden of Eden in time,
but we can piece together
the remarkable story
of the moment the serpent
aliens came from the skies.
We can uncover the story
of what happened next
and how it has
affected our own time.
The truth is aliens do, in fact,
still walk among us right now.
[soft relaxing music]
The historical truth
is that the serpent
is embedded in the origins
of all major religions
and it is, in fact,
the root of them all.
This has been proven
again and again,
both from scriptures
and archeology.
According to Ferguson,
the 19th century
historian and writer,
we first meet with
serpent worship
either in the
wilderness of Sinai,
the groves of Epidaurus,
or in the summation huts.
the serpent is always
the Agathodaemon,
which in ancient Egypt presided
over the affairs of men
as the guardian spirit
of their houses.
[soft brooding music]
That the idea of health
was intimately associated
with the serpent
is shown by the crown
formed of the asp,
or sacred thermothus, having
been given particularly
to Isis, a goddess
of life and healing.
And according to Hargrave
Jennings in "Ophiolatreia,"
"They were no doubt intended
to symbolize eternal life."
This is revealing, for one thing
that is definitely associated
with these original serpents
is eternal life.
To mankind, these serpents
appear to live forever.
They outlived man.
They also were great
healers and were said
to be able to cure
man of his ills.
In the "Serpent
and Siva Worship,"
C. Staniland Wake remarks about
the serpent as God, sacred,
powerful, and almighty,
who kills and makes alive,
who heals the sick, and prevents
diseases and pestilence,
who can cause thunder
and lightning to
strike their victims,
or prevent their fatality,
can cause rain and
abundance when wanted,
or can withhold it so as
to ruin the crops of rice.
He is also celebrated
for his knowledge
of the past and future
and for his capacity
of discovering
whatever is healed or conceived.
These serpent gods have
basically all the elements
of the Agathodaemon, which is
the sacred serpent in one God.
He is like many
other serpent deities
in charge of the weather.
He has knowledge and
wisdom, and above all,
he can heal, resurrect,
and disperse disease.
These are all elements
that thousands of people
across the world have said are
within the power of aliens.
Ancient serpent deities
that basically mirror
modern witness tales of
sightings and even abductions.
[relaxing piano music]
They came thousands of
years ago, we are told,
and they genetically
created a species, man.
You see, according to the Bible,
Adam and Eve were the
progenitors of the human race
and they spent time
in the Garden of Eden
with a talking serpent.
The whole human race is
derived from these two people.
A story of two people created
by the God of ancient times
to populate the Earth,
a hybrid species, part God
and part of the Earth itself.
[soft relaxing music]
Remarkably, the origin
is found to be related
to serpent worship from
the Sumerian origin.
The word Heviah
is the root of Eve
and means female serpent.
It is connected to
the same Arabic root,
which means both
life and serpent.
The Persians even called
the constellation serpent,
the Little Ava or Eve.
In old Akkadian,
ad signifies father
and Adam was closely
associated in legend
with Seth, Sati, and Thoth,
who were all associated
strongly as serpents.
Abel, the son of Adam and
Eve, means serpent shining.
And Cain was thought to
be of serpent descent
simply because he was.
[soft relaxing music continues]
The other and
important point to note
is that Adam and Eve
were initially immortal
and Eve gained her
wisdom via the serpent
on the Tree of
Knowledge and Life.
According to
rabbinical tradition,
Cain was not the
son of Adam at all,
but rather the son of
Asmodeus, the serpent spirit.
[soft dramatic music]
In conclusion, Adam and Eve
and even their
sons are serpents.
The very so-called origin
of humanity is, in fact,
based upon these
Sumerian shining ones
that came from the sky
in the form of serpents.
[soft brooding music]
The origin of humanity is
from the line of serpents,
or as we know them
today, aliens.
There is no denying
that in all the records
we have of these Shining Ones
as having descended
from the heavens
to be incredibly
wise and powerful,
to have set up a
special guardian race
called the Watchers,
who then went on to
mate with humanity
and create a hybrid race.
That hybrid race is known
across the world in folklore
as the giants.
[soft brooding music continues]
History tells us quite
simply that this was a crime
and the original aliens,
the Shining Ones,
did battle with the giants
and brought about
the great cataclysm.
[soft relaxing music]
This is not science fiction.
This is the recorded history
ignored by historians
because it does not conform
to their own belief systems.
According to Babylonian legend,
in the beginning, there was
neither land, gods, nor men.
There were only aliens
known as Tiamat and Apsu.
Tiamat was the female of
the spirit of saltwater
and primal chaos.
And Apsu the male, the spirit
of freshwater and void.
Tiamat is depicted with scales
and a serpentine body and
legs with horns on her head.
The union of these two gods
produced all other gods,
including the greatest
among them, Quinju.
This later became the Quinotaur,
the progenitor of the
French Merovingians.
Their bloodline stretched back
to the end of the Age of Taurus.
This, for the first time,
gives us actual dates
for the ancient alien invasion
and amazingly it fits perfectly
with all that we have
discovered in their origin,
in the dawn of
Mesopotamian civilization.
5000 to 4000 BC.
Over thousands of years and
across hundreds of cultures,
the history of this
ancient invasion
by the great Shining
Ones from the heavens
altered and became
legend and myth,
much of it turned into great
religions of the planet.
But hidden in these stories
is the real literal truth of
an invasion of planet Earth
by beings so strange that
we called them serpents.
[soft ethereal music]
Ancient man left cave paintings
and tales of their coming
across the world.
The Great Guardians
of the Shining Ones,
known as the Watchers,
mated with human females
and a hybrid bloodline was born.
It became the bloodline
of the rulers of our globe
and was protected
and kept secret.
Every now and then the
secret would emerge
into popular mythology with
people such as the Merovingians
and tales of superhuman powers.
Up until around 5000 BC,
we know that mankind had
no great civilizations.
It had been this
way for millennia.
Then suddenly, at the very time
we know as the Age of Taurus
at the very period that our
remaining texts tell us,
the Shining Ones came
and taught humanity,
it all changed.
Suddenly civilization erupted.
The Sumerians migrated
to Mesopotamia
towards something that
seemed to attract them.
This is the period of
tales of a great cataclysm,
what we know as The Flood.
Judgment from above.
The gods were angry and
dealt humanity a cruel blow.
These tales are worldwide.
Civilization erupted and great
learning spread far and wide.
Serpent rock art appears
all over the world,
a great and powerful
image of a horned god
now begins to find
itself everywhere.
This is the lord of the animals,
the image of the one
who had all knowledge.
In the Bible, he would become
the one we know as Moses,
the wielder of the
serpent staff, the
teacher of his people,
the one who would raise
up the brazen serpent
in the wilderness to
protect his special people
from other serpents.
[soft dramatic music]
This is the period that Enoch
tells us was the time of war
between those who had
come down from the skies,
the angels, the Nephilim,
the Shining Ones.
These were the great
shining serpents
who had magical flaming
swords and wheel-like
or disk-like ships that
flew around in the sky.
[soft dramatic music continues]
As the scribe of
the Shining Ones,
Enoch himself was
shielded from death
and taken away by the aliens
to live out his days in Heaven.
[soft dramatic music continues]
Christians today know him as
the man who walked with God.
And the reason is simple.
God came down to Earth
and walked on our soil,
spoke with Enoch,
and then returned.
Whatever this means,
it does reveal
that ancient man witnessed
something remarkable.
Simply replace the
word God with alien
and we are getting somewhere.
In truth, this was the period
of the ancient invasion
of planet Earth
by the shining race of
serpents who came from the sky.
Our ancestors worshiped them
for their amazing power.
And yet in our modern
scientific age,
we can now see
things more clearly.
These were not angels
or messengers of light,
these were not great
Greek deities sat on high
and issuing command.
They were not the mini-faced
Hindu or Egyptian gods.
These were beings
from another planet
who came here with
superior technology.
They helped mankind
start civilization.
They bred with us and they
fought with each other.
Most, we are told, left,
but the hybrid race remained
among us as special people.
[soft rock music]
And now with every passing day,
NASA tells us that
they have discovered
yet another Earth-like planet
that could sustain life.
They find ancient
rivers and lakes on Mars
and even fatty acids
within the Martian soil.
They alter their equations on
the existence of alien life
on a weekly basis.
Even they are growing
more and more aware
that soon they will
discover something special.
[soft relaxing music]
The question is will we
awaken the ancient invaders
and will they return, if
they're not already here?
But there is even more
evidence of ancient aliens.
In the mythology of
the Hindu religions,
there are a great many
tales of aliens or avatars
traveling in flying machines.
These machines are called Vimana
and they are revealed in the
work known as "The Ramayana"
from about the fifth century BC.
Here's what one canto states:
"Is not the wondrous
chariot mine named Pushpaka
"wrought by hands divine?
"This chariot kept
with utmost care
"will waft thee through
the fields of air
"and thou shalt
light unweary down
"in fair Ayodhya's royal town."
And another canto states:
"Swift through the
air, as Rama chose,
"the wondrous car
from Earth arose.
"And decked with
swans and silver wings
"bore through the clouds
its freight of kings."
[soft ethereal music]
What are these cars spoken
of over 2,000 years ago
that can ascend and
descend from the sky,
if not alien craft?
No human technology existed
like this at the time.
And unless our ancestors
could see into the future,
than what were they describing?
These craft were said to
be brilliant as the Sun
and made noises like thunder.
This is amazing
imagination for the period,
especially when we
consider that these tales
match those of
thousands and thousands
of eye-UFO witnesses today.
[soft mysterious music]
From the earliest
texts, we have proof
that mankind was concerned
with the precise invasion
and control of our own species
by extraterrestrial beings.
Over the millennia,
these beings have stepped in
and out of what we call reality
and manipulated our lives.
If we actually took a look
at the very first text
from all religions,
we actually discover
that our ancestors
were talking about beings
that came from another place.
They reveal that beings
descended, often with craft.
They then took
control of humanity,
formed the first civilizations,
taught us how to grow crops,
science, languages, and more.
They placed super
human Watchers over us
to keep us in our place.
We, in turn, worship them
and turn them into our gods.
The stories tell us how
they had superhuman powers.
They could fly and change shape.
They had incredible
weapons of light,
chariots, and flew
through the sky,
and they lived for very
long periods of time.
Why is it that we modern,
scientific, practical humans
believe in a so-called
living and jealous God?
Because that is what they
wanted us to believe.
[soft ethereal music]
Archeology and history reveals
that the times before
these beings arrived,
humans lived in a
peaceful existence.
We lived off the land.
We ate berries and root crops.
We followed the herds and
were in tune with nature
and its rhythms.
Then suddenly, we
found broken bones,
burnings, and other
signs of warfare.
What changed?
The beings arrived and
a divided mankind fought
an ancient civil
war across the world
between those who
followed the invaders
and those who wanted freedom.
One unique element we see
in historical texts and art
is the ability of those
special beings to shape-shift.
Many texts even tell us
of how abhorrent they were
to look upon.
Snake-like reptilian elements
are at the forefront
of descriptions.
Today, many call them
Reptiloids, Saurians,
or even Draconians.
It is nothing new.
In fact, it has been known
for a very long time.
The earliest forms of
worship are all serpentine.
In every country across the
globe, in every single religion,
in every myth, no matter
how separated by time,
the worship of the serpent
is of paramount importance.
The fact that mankind actually
did battle against them
is clear from the myths
seen all over the world,
such as the casting out of
serpents from Ireland and Malta,
the stories of George
slaying the dragon,
and the Archangel Michael
fighting the beast are just too.
They were given titles
over time by mankind.
Elohim, Shining Ones, Watchers,
titles of those who held strict
control over civilization.
Much of this myth of
the Watchers is found
to be within the tales of wars
and merging of peoples
across the Middle East
between Canaanites,
Egyptians, Sumerians,
and even Asian civilization.
But the underlying current
is a belief in the
Shining Ones as leaders,
with Watchers doing
their bidding,
evolving eventually
into our myths of God
with His angelic beings.
The terms Anunnaki,
Anakim, and even Nephilim
mean those who came down
to Earth from Heaven.
These ancient beings looked down
on the people below and watched.
Something that would
sound very familiar
to thousands of people
around the world today
who have experienced
alien visitations.
The truth of the story
of the Shining Ones
and their Watchers has been
the subject of a purging
by many authorities who were
understandably concerned
that the myths of these
angels and their worship
would distract people from
the worship of the one God.
[soft brooding music]
To this end, the Book of
Enoch and the Book of Jubilees
were stricken from
the accepted list
and are now known as Apocrypha.
What we do know though
is that these Watchers
continued in what
has been described
as the underground stream
and were called Egregores.
They bred with humanity
and melted away.
Very soon, massive
secret societies emerged
that fostered the original
teachings of the Shining Ones.
Derived from the
Greek word egregorois,
it means Watcher or Guardian.
The office of a Watcher
is to protect from
outside pressures,
a region or ethnic group
assigned to its care.
The battles between
men are all part
of the bigger control of mankind
and are preordained
by the Watchers.
Egregore is Greek and
means to rouse from sleep,
be excited by passion,
to be awake, or to watch.
etymologically linked
to the enlightenment
experience or awakening
or a place between
awake and sleep.
It is this very place
between awake and sleep
that the vast majority of
alien abductions occur.
It is this part of our mind,
this midpoint, that we suddenly
become aware of reality
of the beings all around
us, controlling us.
This is the moment many awake
and become strange to
the rest of society
because they have seen.
Eliphas Levi, a 19th
century magician and mystic
whose eyes were opened,
speaks of these Egregores
on numerous occasions
and even links them to
the giants or Watchers
spoken of in the Book of Enoch,
saying that, "They take shape
"and have appeared in
the guise of giants."
These are the Egregores
of the Book of Enoch
termed the Celestial
Watchers, or Egregores,
by the ancients.
Levi also calls these Egregores
the Anakim, Shining Ones,
Men of Renown, the
giants of the Bible,
and that they are
expressed in the myths
of various cultures, just
as we have been finding.
It, therefore, appears that Levi
knew of these
Egregores or Watchers
from the recently translated
and widely available
Book of Enoch.
Levi was well known to have
Rosicrucian tendencies.
And this movement too was aware
of the meaning of the word.
In fact, they believed
that the Egregores
were still in existence and
were working in the background.
Amazingly, the infamous
book, "The Necronomicon,"
tells us about a fabulous
city of every Irem.
Irem of the Pillars is part
of Arabian magical lore
and was built by
the gin or angels,
and were also watch towers,
the towers of the Watchers.
The "Thesaurus Temporum,"
translated into Latin
in the mid-17th century
gives us a chronology of events
surrounding the Egregores.
They descended from the
skies and by 1487 BC,
they had taken Enoch to Paradise
due to the descent of
the fallen Watchers.
A text from the 17th century
quite clearly states that,
"The Watchers descended,
remained on Earth,
"and even took
Enoch away again."
It seems that the
extremely ancient concept
and story of the ancient aliens
was still very much alive
and being propagated secretly
by the mystics of the
last few hundred years.
These were part and parcel
of their hidden secrets.
Today we have Watchers.
Thousands of people
have witnessed them.
Hundreds come into
direct contact with them.
There are comic books, games,
and even movies all about them.
Their origin in modern times
can be found in the 1940s
as UFO sightings
were on the increase.
People who reported
having witnessed a UFO
started to be contacted
and threatened
by sinister men in plain
cars and black suits.
Over the years, very few
facts have emerged about them.
They are thought to work for
secret government departments
and yet they are seen
across the world.
They have strange
superhuman powers.
They come and go as they please,
appearing and
disappearing like ghosts.
They were referred to by
some as demonic beings.
They have strange
features and dark skin.
They shape-shift.
In fact, there are
hundreds of reports
of reptilian shape-shifters
all over the world.
Eyewitnesses have described
humans turning into reptilians
and back again
before their eyes.
These reptilians simply
take the form of humans
to merge into
society, we are told.
Their history is the mythology
of each and every
society and civilization.
The stories across the
world of serpent gods,
dragons, and beings of light
are the stories of the mass
invasion on a worldwide scale.
The creation of civilizations
everywhere comes hand in hand
with the stories of
the arrival of beings
from another world.
Before they came, we were
simple, peaceful people.
Afterwards, well, we know the
stories of war across time.
It is said that in ancient
times we called aliens angels
because we did not
know what they were.
Today, it is said,
we call them aliens
because we know better.
There is, in fact, no
difference between them.
Aliens and angels
are the same thing.
Angels came, taught us,
manipulated us with their
words from the gods,
and even abducted us.
Today, aliens do the same.
In fact, just like in ancient
times, abductees claim
that they were taken by
reptilian-like beings.
One of the earliest
modern reports
is from Nebraska in 1967
of a police officer who claimed
he was taken on board a
UFO by reptilian humanoids
wearing a winged serpent motif.
It is claimed by some that
aliens would not be humanoid,
but they would, if they had,
as the ancient texts state,
"Created a hybrid species."
The fact is humans have been
abducted for thousands of years
ever since the arrival
of the reptilians.
There are copious texts
reporting these events
and some of the most famous
are the actual characters
from our religions.
Moses, Abraham, Muhammad, Jesus,
all of these and more have
all had close encounters
with what we today
would call aliens.
Even Mary meets the angels of
light at the tomb of Jesus.
There are also thousands
of artifacts left behind
by our ancestors.
These depict the actual
aliens themselves
and their shape-shifting nature.
From rock paintings that are
10s of thousands of years old
to carvings and statues
of later civilizations.
There are even numerous
craft seen around the world
and left for us as works of art.
Strange faces, strange craft,
humanoids with elongated
serpent-like eyes,
space suits, space ships,
depictions of planets with rings
that could not have
been known, weapons.
These are huge
gaps in our history
that simply cannot be
explained in any other way.
How suddenly an agrarian
society discovers the knowledge
to become a world-leading
with the ability to build
massive superstructures
that point to specific
locations in the sky.
This is just one example.
There are more and they
are all over the world.
If mankind was creating some
kind of lie about his origins,
then he was doing
so on a grand scale.
And our modern
historians are ignoring
their ancestor's explanations
that aliens came,
took control, and
took over our minds.
The fact is ancient
artifacts across the world
reveal non-human
intelligent creatures
at the hands of
machines and weapons
and superior to the ordinary
human being below them.
Historians know this,
and yet they themselves
create fanciful explanations
that simply do not
explain the whole story.
[soft relaxing music]
The whole picture is not
taken into account at all.
There is absolutely
no explanation
why cultures separated
by thousands of miles
and thousands of years
come up with the same
cultural origins of
extraterrestrial human beings
that all look and act the same.
Beings from another reality,
super weapons, super powers,
the ability to change shape,
the serpentine
reptilian appearance,
the creation of civilization,
the teaching of humanity,
the erection of huge structures,
the sudden knowledge of mankind,
the forming of religions with
deities and divine beings,
and the forming of a
line of special hybrid
kings and queens.
All of this is
factual and worldwide.
It is in every single
culture and country
and it all supposedly
happened separately.
The truth is in the recorded
history of each place.
The truth is that
these early historians
were recording history,
not creating myths.
Ever wondered why
the God of the Bible
sometimes appears too human?
Why is He a jealous God?
Why is He lonely?
Why He wipes out entire
armies with His super weapons?
The answer is simple.
The gods of ancient times
were all those things.
They too have jealousy,
hatred, love, compassion,
because they too evolved
in the universe like us.
But they are the fittest of
the species and we are not.
We are the prisoners
and they are the guards.
Now you know the
answer to that question
of why God does
the things He does
if He truly is a loving God.
The Shining Ones came down,
they set up Watchers
to control humans
and foster civilization.
But some of these Watchers
didn't like the way
they were doing and actually
fell in love with humans
and mated with them.
The Shining Ones declared
war on those Watchers
and tried to wipe out
the bad hybrid species
by causing a global flood.
Ever since then,
the angels have done
battle with the demons,
the bad with the good,
and we have often
witnessed these things,
painted them, drawn them,
and written down records.
These are records left behind
by people such as Enoch,
and remarkably, the
same things spoken of
thousands of years ago are
still being witnessed today.
Benevolent beings saving
humans from disaster,
battles in the sky,
a war between those
that would control us
and those that
would set us free.
The reason we don't
all see these things
and find crashed craft or dead
bodies everywhere is simple.
Your mobile phone
signal is yours.
The person next to you can
also talk on their phone
at the same time.
The conversations do not
cross or get mixed up.
One does not hear the
other, they co-exist.
The same is true here.
What mystics are seeing are
beings of different light
in a different dimension.
What people who are in
the hypnagogic state
or between waking and
sleeping are seeing
is another world existing
in the same place
in space and time as their own.
One is attempting
to control the other
and very often steps
across that boundary.
Beings from that other place
actually crossed
over to our dimension
thousands of years
ago and took control.
They have been
manipulating us ever since
through their hybrid children.
The jealousy of the God
was that He wanted control
and would never relinquish it.
But there are angels of
light that fight back
and the whole myth
has become so mixed up
that it is now confusing.
The Freemasons are accused
of worshiping the devil
because they actually hold
Lucifer in high esteem.
Lucifer means
light not darkness.
"Things," as Salvador
Dali once said,
"are not always what they seem."
[soft dramatic music]
Salvador Dali was
a unique artist.
He saw reality in a different
way to the rest of us
and mocked the system.
He bent reality and to
us, it appeared strange.
But to him it was reality.
My reality is
different to yours.
Even further away is the
reality of my dog to my own,
and even further still
is the reality of an aunt
or a bee or a fish.
And yet we all co-exist.
It seems, therefore,
from the thousands
and thousands of eyewitnesses
across thousands of years,
that there is another reality
the rest of us cannot see.
[soft dramatic music continues]
It is a reality
where beings of light
descended to Earth
in great craft
and interact with humanity.
You never know, one day you
might meet a Shining Watcher
and have your reality altered.
[soft dramatic music continues]