Alien Expedition (2018) Movie Script

YEAR: 2037
Are you coming with me.
What I can not do all.
I have to work.
This was work.
- You may need a prosthesis?
For better endurance.
- I promised you seven minutes.
So it was only
five minutes too little.
You are moving forward.
Those things will still kill you.
That's what my father always said.
The last package, then I quit.
Do I see you later?
You will hear from me.
Uncle Fen.
- Damn, what is this?
The commander wants to talk to you - now.
Can I take a shower first?
- No.
Remember, my job is at stake.
Your answers must be short and
to be sincere. But especially short.
I will.
Thank you ... for this opportunity.
Thank me later.
By the way, we have one
new science officer.
Do not try to stare.
What's with Corrigan?
He shot himself.
Captain Fen, major Mason.
We want to go to the commander.
Rest on the place, gentlemen.
This is our new one science officer, Aurora Owon.
Let's keep it short.
Our scanners have one
unknown planet discovered ...
and navigating the ship within reach.
What does that mean?
- That someone has to lead an expedition ...
and find out
whether the planet is habitable.
I offer myself.
- You have never led an expedition.
No. No sir.
I know the father through my father
demands through and through.
The corps does not have much anymore
men like him. Scandalous.
Consolated with your loss.
Thank you, sir.
You were not my first choice, major.
But all leading
expedition leaders are already on mission.
You say, he's ready, Fen?
- It's him.
In officer Corrigan's log
is a violent incident ...
with a medical
Sir, the technique frustrates
us all once.
Apparently Corrigan was not
always a stable person.
Major Mason never has
unnecessary aggression ...
towards someone with
a living heart. You understand what management means?
In spite of everything, complete the mission.
I know the rules.
Keep him in line, Fen.
Aurora will be a preparatory
keep briefing.
Meeting about four hours in EOC.
I am further developing the team.
On courageous souls and new worlds!
Thank you, John.
She will miss me.
Never underestimate
the unknown, boy.
Certainly not the women.
Do not you want to say goodbye?
She is busy.
Who do you tell that.
This is probably your last chance.
Hey, Dez. Let everything stand and
lie down and come to my cabin.
I owe you five minutes.
- I can not.
But I will miss you.
I might come pick you up.
And if I do not come back?
I'm not talking to you.
Come on, Dez.
Hey, guys!
Do not worry, this old ...
Oh, this was a bit exaggerated.
What the hell !?
What? This is not a person.
It is broken, not dead.
You would say goodbye to her,
do not get a beating.
The advice was a bit vague.
As always.
Here. Thanks.
Did your father tell you
what happened to the pioneer camp?
It was closed.
Yes, you can hear that
during history lesson.
We received an emergency call.
Your father and I are there
voluntarily go to ...
to sort out the case.
What happened,
seem buried - as always.
Our expedition leader has
a pickaxe caught ...
and the bellies of his pilots
and science officer torn open.
Nobody knows why.
It came totally unexpected.
He nearly killed me.
This saved my life.
Why are you giving me this?
- Because you now have the responsibility.
Trust only your intuition.
And this.
Then you are prepared for everything.
And everyone.
But, my advice is always vague.
Now I have to clean up your mess.
Expedition Vanguard has, like
usual, three main goals.
Goal one: explore
or suitable for colonization.
Two: explore or raw materials
available for economic use.
Three: we accomplish the mission ...
which means everyone back home safely on the ship.
Vanguard will go out as usual
a scout team of six men exist.
My advice, Captain:
a cup of firm coffee before departure.
After the landing, the major takes the command
over for the rest of the stay.
How long does the stay last?
- Approximately 4,000 hours.
Until NOVA returns to the port.
- These rangers are under your authority.
If you are there
encounter problems ...
it will not be a problem for long.
And with that I give the floor
to your science officer.
Thanks, commander.
The planet has an E-type system.
The core ensures ideal
gravity and atmosphere.
An asteroid ring and a few moons:
One with reverse orbit.
One with a metal surface that the
Sun reflects and her rotation follows.
The planet is especially cold desert,
so we are going to wear isolation suits.
Also in frame?
- Yes.
Optimization through prostheses
remains your own choice.
The corps is asking for one
minimum standardization ... so you too without
upgrades can work.
Polar ice caps, snow in
higher areas.
We are going into a seemingly
fertile valley countries.
First scans allow vegetation
and see organic life.
- You are going to see it.
Your shuttle is waiting in the departure bay.
Complete the mission. Gritted.
The expedition team to
hangar B for further instruction.
Locking open.
I do not like this,
then I will sweat me to death.
Now it does not have to be done yet.
But on the planet it is mandatory.
You really need an upgrade.
My weapon is without a doubt
more powerful than that little thing.
I love my revolver. It is easy.
But it only has five bullets.
Can you see my baby?
There can be 200 in it.
Size is decisive.
She knows that.
Know what?
I am there when you need something.
- Good to know, thanks.
Come, Boka,
leave the lovebirds alone.
Can I help you?
Okay, let's warm up.
I have already been warmed up.
Coffee, right? We're all going to die.
OK. Pull it, John!
"Pull it," sir?
We have not yet landed.
Vanguard crew, sit down before departure.
We are prepared, Captain.
- Well, prepare for separation.
The countdown is running.
- EC pressure level?
Stable at 7,000 psi.
- Let us know if anything changes.
Deactivate the lock of
the lock and the central lock.
Eh, Captain. Pressure seal?
- 8, 7 ...
5 ...
- Deactivated.
4 ...
- And we are ...
Sluice opening initiated.
Now the fun is about to begin.
Come on, bring her down!
Yes, sir.
NOVA, check the connection.
How is the receipt?
- I hear you loud and clear.
From here everything is okay. About.
Achieve interspace.
What did we hit?
The high atmosphere.
Hold on, we're going down quickly.
14,000, 13,000.
10, 8 ...
6, 5 ...
Correct something, correct something.
Take some power away.
What was that?
- One engine has been drowned. Landing gear on stand-by.
NOVA, this is Vanguard.
This is going to be a hard landing.
Captain, your guide beacon is off.
- Landing gear! Landing gear!
Damn! The ventral motor and
the meerklampen are out of order.
Hold on, this gets rough!
Let me send you manually!
- Certainly?
Give me total control!
Here it is.
Okay, we're going to be as low as possible.
And then comes a belly landing.
I am just being honest.
Landing gear from and
reversed thrust.
In 3, 2, 1!
Something different.
- Do you want another time?
NOVA, here is Vanguard.
The landing was perfect.
Understood? About.
- Everyone in order?
Everything okay, honey?
- Do not you like flying?
Why would you think that?
- Amateur.
Is that wind?
Sounds ...
- strange.
Well, or we'll get used to it
or not. Hey, there she goes.
OK. Captain Fen,
look at the generator.
Has the tracker survived the landing?
Officer Owon.
Prepare the cameras for demarcation.
Go online with the lab.
Area secured. Rangers, we're going for a walk.
Here are roads everywhere.
- Yes really.
Why are there roads?
- No idea. Perhaps an earlier ...
A dead plant.
In fact, in a kind
from hibernation.
According to carbon content
three million hours.
That is three times longer
then you will live.
What do you know about me?
Not this attitude, Boka.
- What?
Is there a reason for this lesson?
It seems to be waiting for water.
Out of respect we should not ...
What the hell is that?
Nobody activates his weapon
without my order!
Is that clear?
Major, I suggest that we go further.
Boka, you're leading the way.
Yes, sir.
It was only a test.
Unbelievable, that there are 32
made of it.
The lab is online,
the base is running at full speed.
In connection with the landing I had to ...
- With your autopilot we were ...
now both are no longer alive.
Yes, sir.
I did not want you with the outage
of the damper. I apologize.
Listen, machines fail.
Again and again. These wheels should turn.
I can help.
- Quiet, honey, that's men's work.
If only I knew where the jack ...
Beware, machines fail again and again.
NOVA, all systems running. About.
Understood, Vanguard. The following
We are in action for 30 minutes.
There is power. Do we have water?
I would like a drink.
- Me too.
Boka, I need to talk to you.
Understood, we'll save us.
God bless NOVA. Vanguard out.
Give him a chance.
4,000 hours. From now.
Have you seen something special?
A number of ancient ruins.
Some rocks.
You get used to it.
- Yes or no.
Do you have something?
- Yes, major, listen ...
I'm sorry about it.
It was inappropriate and
will not happen again, sir.
Now I know what you mean by
'Never underestimate the unknown'.
4,000 hours.
Okay, I'll be right back.
I will keep an eye on things.
Okay, I'm on location 5.
All right, sir, everything according to schedule.
With this you can shave.
- Thanks.
Pretty sharp.
What have I just told you? You are an idiot.
A fight with you would be funny.
Can you see me?
- Better give it back.
Loud and clear, sir.
- I need a patch.
It goes, almost no blood anymore.
All five inside view.
- OK. I'm going back.
I shoot too low.
Is that because of my sight ...
or the weapon?
Your vision.
Let Aurora examine you.
Okay, done.
Will I agree with the Stryker
pack and test?
Something is not right with this planet.
How do you mean?
Would you like to live here?
We should adapt.
Or the planet to us.
you know she's synthetic, right?
You must keep your processor clean.
Hey, do I have to say that?
I'm a dirty guy.
It is the vitreous humor in your eye cavity.
The liquid
forms a blockade.
Do you help me?
do you help me
lose the fluid?
I want to keep looking.
- Me too.
This can hurt. - Oh, stop, stop, stop!
Not fun, boys.
Not funny at all.
You are far outside and
bounces on an asteroid belt.
Someone is going to
the mechanic and asks:
'As one of the oxygen tanks
tears through a rock ...
how long before we suffocate? "
The mechanic says:
'The rest of your life.'
Do not tell that joke anymore.
- Tomorrow, so.
Today is tomorrow, guests. Look!
Was that a quake?
There were a number
the last hours.
Is that serious?
Many small tremors ensure
less pressure. That is better for us.
They are birds.
Uncle Fen, we want the
view ruins.
Are you coming?
- These rocks move.
What? Oh, no, no, I like it here.
I am waiting for the birds to come back.
At home the birds eat the worms, sir.
Something has activated camera 4.
Do you want to see it?
What is it this time?
Another giant animal?
They respond to the earthquakes.
I do not see anything at all.
There it is.
Insert grid.
Expand field R8-C20.
Sharper. Nothing yet.
The rock?
Increase 200 percent.
At least they do it.
How did we miss this stream?
The quakes may have
a source laid free.
Hey, hey! Do not touch!
Do not worry.
I'm not going to cook you yet.
That was it.
Aurora now has enough test material.
Let's go.
Hey, Sato, are you coming?
Very strange.
It was here.
- I've seen it anyway.
We all have.
Perhaps Captain Fen is right.
- By which?
He said the rocks are moving.
- Just hold on...
For real?
Nature shocks? Or worse?
Another kind of giant worm?
Yes, the rocks move.
Officer Owon, do you hear me?
Yes, sir. There were two shocks.
Everything fine?
Everything good.
We come back to the base.
Okay, sir. We are expecting you
in 30 minutes.
Down here!
Goes well with me.
Hold on!
Get me out of here.
Watch out!
To hold!
- I've got it.
You can do this.
Oh, shit.
Everything will be fine, come!
Hold on to me.
It works!
Come ... come on!
And go! Major, we are online again.
What's with Sato?
No idea. He fell from a slope.
- Was he injured?
No I do not know,
I do not think so. He is outside of the west.
Damn, Aurora!
Help me!
Rondeau, ahead!
- I follow you closely.
The door does not open!
- Let me agree!
What the hell !?
Open the door, Aurora!
- He can not enter.
If he is infected,
everyone will become infected.
What the fuck?
- Aurora, open the door!
No, that goes against it
Discovery-Corps protocol.
Sato needs help!
- Open the damn door!
That is an order!
- You do not think clearly.
We can not take the risk!
Open that damn door!
Open the door, Aurora!
Open, immediately!
Aurora, open the door!
I'm fine, okay?
Fine, just a little headache.
It's my head, it, the ...
I hear a bell in my head.
His prostheses and the organic system
work as normal.
The blood test is coming.
- It's fine with me.
Sato ... - Fine! It is fine!
Leave me alone. It is fine.
- Watch him.
For real?
It's my head.
It's going fine ...
Calm down.
- Everything good.
That was against the protocol.
- I saved a life.
And put us in danger.
- It was the right decision.
A person would understand.
You have something
irresponsibly, sir.
We found water.
I get the samples.
Do not drink from the water.
If this is over you will be harder
to make decisions, sir.
There was no danger.
There's something wrong.
Apart from the giant worm,
the earthquakes and the weird weather?
What happened to Sato?
No idea.
- That's your job!
That's why Aurora is researching him.
We need a strong leader.
The men are also my responsibility.
Do your work. I'm doing mine.
Where is Fen?
Perhaps walking?
Uncle Fen?
Uncle Fen!
His blood is fine.
- Which is good.
Shall I give you something to eat, ranger?
So that it gets even worse?
Uncle Fen!
Uncle Fen!
He is gone. - We do not know that.
He is not here.
- Camera 3 is recording.
I do not see anything.
Repeat the clip.
There it is.
Nothing to see on the remaining channels.
It is within the area.
Okay, we're going.
I can stay better here.
Yes. Is probably better.
I ... I feel fine. Really.
Really, it's much better.
I know,
I do not look, but ...
I feel fine.
I can keep an eye on the monitors.
What does the blood test say?
- I have examined everything.
No idea, but his
bodily functions are normal again.
I am following you.
You stay and watch him.
And on the monitors.
Time to prove yourself.
I am doing fine.
I feel fine.
It is fine.
Captain Fen!
Here are a lot of traces.
Everything done.
Let's split up!
Uncle Fen!
Captain Fen!
Uncle Fen!
Captain Fen!
Captain Fen?
- Uncle Fen!
Boka? Everything fine?
Yes, everything is good. I was only a bit shocked.
Uncle Fen!
What do you think Sato has?
- I do not know.
He is certainly not healthy.
- He behaves strangely, so differently.
Fen must have left the area.
- Then it would be in the picture.
Wherever he is, we will find him.
Eat, sleep and when you come again
Being fit is what we are looking for.
What's with your hand?
It's in my head,
it burns in my head!
Go back, go back!
Go back.
Nobody is there, no, no, no, no.
- Back! Away!
Go back! Back!
It's in my head!
Sato ... Sato.
Ranger ...
- Everything will be fine.
Yes, now I feel better.
Much better.
This is much better.
- I can help you.
Ranger, knife away, this is an order!
Take him off that damn knife!
Do it yourself!
Nobody touches anything.
What happened outside?
I do not know.
- How can you not know?
We took samples at the stream.
One earthquake and he was gone.
Did he drink from the water? I do not know.
- I have to investigate it.
Now? We have to bury him.
- No?
We burn him.
- We're burying our dead!
And if he was infected?
- I will not take any risks.
Do it.
- Sato was a Discovery Corps Ranger!
You do not tell us how ...
- I'm in charge.
Burn the body.
This is an order.
Aurora, clean the entire cabin.
Everything must be clean.
I keep looking for Fen.
We have to form teams,
in shifts.
Good. Boka, come with me.
This expedition is fucked!
- I know. Boka?
Pay attention!
Exactly, go soon.
Sir, I can work the hours here
barely count outside.
We can go back better.
OK. In two minutes
I see you at the vehicle.
I'm already there, sir.
For how long?
A while.
I look around one last time.
Uncle Fen!
That was necessary.
Major, do you hear me?
- I hear you.
Here's something, sir.
Is it captain Fen?
- No.
It is something else.
Damn it, Boka, what is it?
It's disguised, sir. Fixed one of the creatures.
Is it hostile?
- Not yet.
Leave it alone.
- It seems to be eating.
And what then?
- Your own kind of fellow, sir.
Now it is staring at me.
Okay I am on my way.
- Boka, do not do stupid things!
What happened?
- Missed.
Were you attacked?
- No.
Why did you shoot?
I'm at the vehicle.
Damn you, do you hear me?
- Yes, I can hear you.
I hear you. I do not care.
Come, back, we're going away here!
I have got you.
Everything is fine, I am here.
I have got you.
Aurora is going to patch you up again.
Everything will be fine.
I have got you.
Aurora is going to patch you up.
She's going to take care of you.
What happened to Boka?
I already said, I do not know.
Something has attacked him.
That is nonsense! How can you
sit under the blood ...
and do not have a scratch?
- All right, Rondeau.
It was an accident.
- An accident?
I shot him.
Down with it, Rondeau! - All weapons down.
He has known a murder!
- I did not kill Boka!
Something has attacked him. Down now!
That will not happen!
- We have to figure this out!
Listen, Rondeau.
I'll take you to him.
I can not trust him, no more.
- I have the solution.
But lower your weapon.
I know how to know the truth.
It was not murder.
Something has attacked him.
It was a terrible accident.
We have to be
remove the memory card.
So that Discovery Corps
can read it out.
Major, can I borrow your knife?
- Now?
That's how it goes faster.
This is not pleasant to see.
Lieutenant Boka, the Discovery Corps
thank you for your loyal service.
Rondeau. Rondeau!
I am going to view the recordings myself.
I do my best, as far as possible.
Camera 3 is recording.
It is certainly ...
- It's Captain Fen!
That was 15 minutes ago.
Rondeau, come.
- Without medicine?
Rondeau will direct it. Come on!
There is the camera!
Uncle Fen!
- Captain!
Where are you?
- Captain Fen!
Uncle Fen!
- Sir, a lot of trouble.
We have seen him!
Uncle Fen!
Captain Fen!
Uncle Fen!
Uncle Fen!
No no.
You have to kill me and run away!
You have to be calm,
calm down.
Oh no, no!
- Uncle...
- My heaven.
You have to listen to me.
- Kill me!
Pick him up,
we take him to the base.
Good. Uncle Fen ...
- No, no, they are everywhere!
Oh no, no, no!
Kill me and run away!
They are everywhere. Kill me immediately!
Now, now!
Kill me, please. Do it!
No, we do not. We do not do that.
He wants to die.
- I need your help.
Weapon down.
- If you shoot him, you're dead.
Mason, everything okay?
Is Rondeau dead?
Walk, Mason! You have to get out of there!
Mason, did you understand me?
Mason, do you hear me?
Mason, what is it?
Mason! Mason, do you hear me?
What is happening?
Are you in danger? Mason!
They are there.
- Get out there, quickly!
Right from you! No no no no!
Mason, everything okay?
Mason, run away!
He is behind you.
Mason, hurry!
He comes from the left.
Go inside!
Almost, sir.
You keep well.
Okay, this can hurt.
Breathing. Quiet, deep breathing.
This is good.
You are very lucky.
I was responsible for them.
And now they are dead, by me.
I never had me
I will never lead an expedition again.
I can not do anything at all.
I'm sorry, Father.
Your father made difficult decisions.
You do not know anything about him.
I know his file.
It was probably an accident.
An accident...
An unmanned vehicle ...
avoided a group of children.
Only my father was killed.
And I stayed behind ...
- with post-traumatic disturbances.
I'm sorry, sir.
From a machine?
There is no one else.
It is true, ethics
programming is complicated.
Technology can be dangerous,
but that's why ...
you should not talk badly. Boka, Rondeau, Sato ...
they are dead by what is out there.
But you are still there ... and you
can still accomplish this mission.
You can trust me.
What are you?
1) Determine suitability for colonization
2) Exploring raw material extraction.
Presence of toxic Nano organisms.
Both in the water and in nature.
3) Complete mission.
Okay, the fourth marker.
I am now leaving. Everything safe?
Everything safe. Looks good.
I would feel safer than you
and your mini weapon down here.
This is an excellent lookout.
I have your right in my sights, sir.
That does not sound reassuring, Aurora.
Two still, and then we stay
on the basis until NOVA is back.
I am willing.
Everything safe. To start.
Good measurement results will be achieved.
There is an ocean under the ground.
It is unfortunately contaminated.
Gold, a gigantic gold vein.
The planet may not be habitable ...
but there are valuable ones
raw materials.
Sir, no movement. Can you see?
Just now. Shoot!
A moment.
What are you waiting for, Aurora?
- Soon.
What are you doing?
Do you trust me, no movement.
Touch. Out of danger.
- Yes. You trust me, do not you?
I have no choice.
The tablet is broken.
The last measurements
also succeed without it.
Or do you want to go straight back to the base?
Well ...
now we are already there,
let's fulfill the mission.
Yes, sir.
- By the way, thanks.
I only do my job, sir.
What I wanted to say ...
That was just in time.
Okay, I'm coming.
- Understood, sir.
Oh shit!
- Get out of here!
Mason, I'm here.
I turn around, okay?
One two Three.
Okay, slowly and carefully.
The right lung is collapsed.
I will take you to the base.
More first some extra pain,
so you can breathe.
Do you trust me?
Try to stay calm.
One two...
- Yes.
You must be back within 10 minutes, otherwise I will do this again. OK? Up. No... You drive. I give back cover this time. - Yeah, sir. How is it going in there? Dangerous. Can not this thing be a little faster? - Something is broken. Let's leave it behind. - Okay. How bad is it? Very. They block the entrance. Are we walking ... - Aurora. Complete the mission! - Mason! Run! Mason! Aurora! Down!