Alien Intervention (2023) Movie Script

[mellow guitar melody playing]

[thunder rumbling]
[electrical crackling]
[mysterious music playing]
MANN: Can you...
do something for me?

news, this past Friday,
the Senate approved
a $1.2 billion program
aimed at helping
affected communities
adjust to post-Desert Storm
military spending cuts.
The 91-2 vote ensures a major
conomic conversion in the wakee
of Desert Storm, which lasted
nly 42 days and is heralded aso
America's most successful war
in the 20th century.
Only conservative senators
Malcolm Wallop of Wyoming
and Steve Symms of Idaho
- voted against the platform--
- [switching stations]
[mellow country music
playing over radio]
Hey. Hey, Joe!
How's Carla? How are the kids?
That's good, good, good, good.
Cool, cool. Um...
I wanna talk to you
about a line of credit.
More credit. That'd be great.
Not a big deal.
Just need a little extra cash.
Whoa, let's slow down a tad.
Don't wanna get a ticket.
Can't afford that!
Um, yeah, business is good.
It's really good. It's so good.
Actually, it's not that great.
It's bad. It's really bad.
Everything's gonna be amazing!
It's gonna be--
I can't keep saying "amazing."
It doesn't sound good.
Let's shake on that deal,
because you will
not regret this.
You and me, Joe!
You, me, Mitch, and the motel.
you will not regret this, Joe!

JOE: It's past due.
Business has been slow.
The warm season.
So how's the art retreat
coming along up there?
That is a great segue into
what I'd like to talk about.
I wanna open
a new line of credit.
What? Another line? Clive!
I know I said that
I wouldn't need more credit,
but with more credit,
I can fix things.
- Like the roof.
- Clive,
you know I admire
what you're trying to do,
but you've been trying
to get this retreat
going for years now, and...
...I don't wanna see you
get any more underwater
than you already are.
I know you hate the idea,
especially with your mother
still alive, but...
- Don't say it.
- ...I can find you a buyer.
- No! [sighs]
- I can get you a good price.
Look, Joe, I get it.
From a business standpoint,
building an art retreat
on a nearly deserted highway,
it is crazy.
But so was Vegas,
and look how that ended up.
- Vegas?
- Now-- now, art retreats
don't offer gambling or casinos
or all-you-can-eat buffets,
but what they do offer
is a place
for people to come and create.
And we are so close,
and I just need a little help
to get over the finish line,
and then everything
will be great,
and you'll be like, "Wow,
I'm so glad I stuck by Clive,
because this is
amazing and wonderful."
What does Mitch think?
He's all in. Ride or die.
Ride or die.
[upbeat guitar melody playing]

[Clive grunting]
Ma, what are you doing out here?
Waitin' for the rain.
Did you get my ice cream?
We have ice cream.
It ain't the kind I like.
[Clive grunting]
[ethereal music playing]
[wheel clattering]
MITCH: Need a hand, miss?
While you were out, I got a call
from the gallery in Santa Fe.
Inferno sold.
Some guy in LA bought it!
- How much did it go for?
- Three grand.
As in a three
followed by three zeros?
Mm-hmm, yep, yep, yep!
[crickets chirping]
Everybody have a nice day?
Wasn't bad, yeah.
- How about you, Carlene?
- How about me what?
Why don't you
tell her the good news?
What news?
I sold a painting today.
- [clears throat]
- Yeah?
It's one of my fireball pieces.
As in, it is a painting
of a ball of fire?
It's more about
greenhouse effect.
- Oh, God.
- But yes.
Well, that is a bunch
of gobbledygook horsecrap
- if you ask me.
- Mom--
Mom, it's not horsecrap.
Mitch is trying to
do something important.
We both are.
Which is why we're
starting the artist retreat.
- Are we?
- CARLENE: Hmm, well.
Just 'cause you've got money
don't mean you've got taste.
Mom, that's not nice.
Why can't you be nice?
- I'll keep my mouth shut.
- Okay.
[Carlene chuckling]
How about some ice cream?
I got you some rocky road.
- What do you think about that?
- I like peach.
I like peach.
- [Mitch snickering]
- Mom.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't la-- don't laugh at her,
babe, you're just
gonna make it worse.
I'm sick of everybody
laughing at me!
- Mom, I'm sorry.
- I'm not sitting here
- if everybody laughing at me!
- Oh, gosh. Look what you did.
I was thinking
we could take a trip.
A trip?
Use some of the money
from the sale.
Get out of town for a bit,
stretch out.
I was thinking we could
use the money to fix the roof.
The roof?
The roof needs fixing.
[coyote howling in distance]
[howling continues]
[hammer thudding]
MITCH: You were up early.
Yeah, I wanted to get
a head start on fixing the roof.
You need anything from town?
Why are you going into town?
I need to get materials for
Death of a Billion Souls.
It's the title of my new piece.
Nice and bleak.
The gallery says "Provocation
amplifies marketability."
Oh, Mom wants ice cream.
What kind?
Whatever's not
already in the freezer.
[wind howling]
[eerie music playing]
[coyote panting]
[music fades]
[ominous music playing]
Hey. Help you, buddy?
[tires screech]
- CLIVE: So refreshing.
- MITCH: It's refreshing.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey.
What's up?
The touch-ups look good.
- Don't you think?
- MITCH: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I don't know. I think
they're kind of rough, but...
Don't be so modest.
You were a hero in Korea.
You earned the right to boast.
Dad served in Korea, not me.
I-- I know that.
You'll never guess
who I ran into today.
Lenny Johnson.
Ain't-- ain't he the one
who stood you up for prom?
No, not exactly. [clears throat]
Anyway, he and I got to talking.
He's a developer, and he's busy
with all sorts of projects,
and he mentioned that in--
in this economy, there's...
lots of potential
for new opportunities.
What the fuck does that mean?
Mom! It doesn't mean anything.
Mom, he's just making
polite conversation.
It's just-- just chitchat.
[melancholy music playing]
CLIVE: So, you, uh,
pals with Lenny now?
MITCH: [scoffs]
I was at the store, so was he.
He mentioned he's looking
for land along the highway
for a truck stop he's building.
I hope you told him to shove it.
Yeah. Well--
[spits toothpaste] I mean, yeah.
But maybe it's time to consider
the future and what comes next.
I have to be honest,
this renovation
is getting to me.
I mean, pretty soon
I might start talking to cacti
or taking dirt baths.
Dirt baths are
good for your pores.
I'm-- [chuckles]
I'm being serious.
CLIVE: Look, renovations
aren't easy. They take time.
Yeah, but taking time is
one thing. This is unending.
So, what? Do you not wanna
do the retreat anymore?
Of-- of course. Of course I do.
This is our dream together.
But right now,
the only money coming in
is from my art and your dad's
life insurance annuity,
and Carlene is getting
more agitated by the day--
Look. I get it.
But we can't lose faith.
Let me figure out the motel.
You just focus on
killing a billion souls.
It's Death of--
Death of a Billion Souls.
It is. My apologies, sir.
It's serious.
[coyote howling in distance]
[eerie music playing]
You're older.
[scoffs] Yeah.
And you're...
That's not totally true.
I'm sorry, can you--
can you just
excuse me-- excuse me?
MANN: Sure.
Great. Great, thanks. Uh--
Just don't--
don't go anywhere, please.
[ethereal music playing]
YOUNG CLIVE: Are you an alien?
You don't look like one.
When entering a new planet,
we take the form
of the first being we see.
Are you dangerous?
Do I look dangerous?
So, why are you here?
MANN: We are seeking a new home.
But what's wrong
with where you're from?
It is getting hot.
It's kind of hot here too.
It is very hot where I am from.
I saw the weird storm
and lightning.
Was that you?
I crashed.
MANN: Could you do
something for me?
Could you hold on to this?
I will be back for it soon.
- What do you call it?
- Failsafe.
It is very...
It cannot fall
into the wrong hands.
But don't you need it?
When I return home...
I will sense it.

[Clive sighs]
[door shuts]
Wasn't a dream.
It's you.
It's me.
You say that
like you're surprised.
Uh, well, yeah.
Well, I mean, it's been 25--
Where have you been?
I've been in what you call a...
military facility.
[eerie music building]

So, what are you doing here?
The failsafe, silly.
Oh, yeah. Sure.
But-- but I thought you could...
sense it?
I can.
I just don't know
its exact location.
Oh. Uh, well, it's buried.
Yeah, out in the desert.
But you do know where it is?
- Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. Definitely.
- [door creaks]
MITCH: What's up?
- Hi.
- Everything okay?
CLIVE: Doin' great.
All right.
[door shuts]
Who is that man?
That's my-- [chuckles]
That's my husband.
- You're married?
- Yeah.
Six years.
We live here with my mom.
You're all together then.
That's really dope.
MANN: So...
should we go for it?
- CLIVE: The failsafe?
- Yes.
Yeah. Uh-huh. Sure, we, uh--
we-- Or, you could...
you know...
[door creaks open]
We'll put you in room 4.
Best views in the entire place.
[key clinks]
What do I owe you?
- What do you mean?
- Money.
Oh, yeah. Right. Of course.
Um, sorry. N-- nothing.
Please. I have money.
I want to pay.
I'll give you
the artist's discount. Um...
We're renovating this place
to be an artist retreat.
So, like, uh-- like,
an artist's retreat and motel.
Totally tubular!
Yeah. Well, I am--
I'm doing what I can, so.
Anyway, with the discount,
it's just 40 bucks.
[quirky music playing]
That is way more than $40.
Take it. I have more.
Did you rob a bank?
A friend gave it to me.
Good enough for me. Uh, great.
So, uh, have a good night,
and tomorrow we will
go and get that stone.
Excellent seeing you, dude!

We have a guest.
We have a guest.
That's somethin'.
[both moaning]
CLIVE: Hurry, hurry up, hurry!
- [Clive moans]
- Take off this shirt.
Oh, God.
[both moaning]
MITCH: [shushing] It's okay.
[both moaning]
[crickets chirping]
[coyote howling in distance]
CLIVE: Please. Please...
Where is it?
[coyote panting]
[ethereal music playing]

[upbeat guitar music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
CLIVE: Whatcha doing?
MANN: I'm charting the storms.
It's how I get home.
I thought the failsafe's
how you get home?
It needs what you refer to as...
You have lightning
where you're from?
We do.
What do you call it?
Did you take this photo?
I did.
Do you like it?
Yeah, boy!
What's up with that?
You a rapper or something?
No. But I do enjoy Flavor Flav.
[Mann chuckles]
If you have any more
photos like that...
I would love to see them.
Of the sky?
Ones that are alive.
Oh. Uh...
well, I haven't taken
any like that in a while,
but I did shoot
some today, so...
we'll see.
Hmm. We'll see.
Now is the time that
we should get the failsafe.
Um, but I was hoping you could
answer some questions first.
What questions?
Oh, like, uh,
what's your planet like?
And how do you
travel through space?
Um, do you believe in God?
How long is a day
where you're from?
A year? How long--
How long is a lifetime?
- MITCH: Hey!
- Hey-- Ow!
Hi! Thought you were working.
I just felt like a break.
We haven't met.
I'm Mitch.
What brings you to the motel?
He's an artist.
Cool, cool. What's your--
What do you--
What's your medium?
He's a sculptor. He sculpts.
Tell him about your sculptures.
I sculpt.
I am a sculptor.
Okay, okay. Sure.
- This all checks out.
- [Carlene singing]
I once was lost
But now I'm...
Smell that? It's gon' rain soon.
Ma, how'd you get out of here
without your walker?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
I got you. I got you. Okay.
- Okay?
- Where--
Okay. Come on, let's go.
Let's go back to your room.
[ethereal music playing]
I don't get how
she got out there.
I mean, I've never seen your mom
take a step
without complaining
about knee or back pain,
and there she was,
almost dancing,
no walker in sight.
How do you explain it?
It's a wild thing that happened.
You know?
She was possessed by something.

- [ominous whirring]
- [thudding]
[low rumbling]
Darren, get in here.
Kitchen water pipe just
busted again, clean in half.
I don't know what's going on,
but we can't afford the repair.
How in the hell are we gonna
pay for a replacement?
Hey, that thing
with my mom yesterday.
You did that for me too, right?
What do you mean?
[sighs] When I first met you.
You-- you gave me
a feeling, like--
like I could see things in a way
that other people couldn't.
At first I thought
it was the failsafe,
but maybe it was you.
Is that why you buried it?
Uh, I-- I buried it
because it started glowing
and breaking things.
Locator pulses.
It sends it out when separated
from its owner too long.
It would've been
helpful to know that.
Well, I told you
it was powerful.
[sighs] You--
you also said you'd return soon.
- And I have.
- Dude.
It's been 25 years.
So, uh...
look, when I said I knew
where the failsafe was buried,
that wasn't completely accurate.
What do you mean?
I mean, this is
the-- the general area
where I buried it, but I don't
quite remember the exact spot.
- But you marked it, right?
- Yeah, I marked it.
I marked it with
a big gray stone,
but, uh,
that was a long time ago,
and as you can see,
there are, uh,
a lot of big gray stones.
- So you lied.
- I didn't-- I didn't lie.
I-- I bent the truth a little
because I was caught
off guard and processing--
You showing up out of the blue
is a lot to handle!
- This isn't good.
- Well, it's not ideal,
but you can still sense it,
Which means it's
still here somewhere.
And I just-- I just-- I just--
I just have to find it.
- Three days.
- Three days?
Three days, that's when
the next storm comes.
It will take me home.
Well, won't there
be other storms?
No! No, that is the storm,
and if I don't find
the failsafe by then--
Okay, okay, everything's good--
[overlapping shouting]
All right! Hey, hey, hey! Mann.
I'll find it by then.
I will find it.
All right?
- All right.
- All right.
Hey, where are you going?
To get another shovel.
[shovels scraping]
MITCH: What's going on?
I'm helping with a...
MITCH: Sculpture?
A sculpture.
Yeah. An environmental one.
MITCH: An environmental one?
Yeah, an environmental one.
- [water running]
- MITCH: Hey.
I was thinking we could--
I think it's time
for us to leave.
CLIVE: What?
MITCH: There is
a nice retirement home
over in West Alma
we can set your mom up in.
CLIVE: Where would we even go?
Santa Fe.
I mean, it's nice there.
We know people.
And I know we're
not exactly young,
but we still--
we have time to start a family.
[laughing] A family?
I know we said
we didn't want kids,
but we can afford it now.
So we can afford kids
but we can't afford a new roof?
why are you holding back?
- I'm not.
- You are.
Just like with everything.
You were a photographer.
You haven't
taken a photo in years.
Clive, you'd be hell-bent
on this art retreat,
all you do is paint door jambs.
And now instead
of dealing with reality,
you are out in the desert,
digging holes with our guests,
which is really f--
It's fricking weird!
I told you,
it's for a sculpture.
Of what? Of dirt?
Because-- because
how's that even gonna work?
And for your information,
I took some really
good photos yesterday.
They are fucking awesome.
[uptempo music playing]
Please be good.

- Hey.
- SAM: You the proprietor here?
Boy, this place really
is in the middle of nowhere.
Not to mention
it's hotter than Satan's nuts.
What can I do for you?
Before we get to that,
let me ask you a question.
Do you know the meaning
of why we're here?
Because I've been searching
for it my entire life,
and all that I can come up with
is some regurgitation spewed
on a page hundred years ago.
But if you can tell me
the true reason
right here, right now,
I will die a happy man.
Oh, uh...
[Sam laughing]
CLIVE: Uh, uh...
You should see your face.
It's a quote
from my favorite movie.
Questions and Answers,
French film.
Those frogs, man.
They are some twisted vines,
but damn,
they can make great art.
Anyway, do you think
we could step into your office
before my face melts off?
[door shuts]
Fine place this is.
Real authentic.
If there's two things
in this world I can't stand,
it's bullshit and gimmicks.
Didn't catch your name.
Is that with a C or a K?
You got a last name,
Clive with a C?
Clive Sonata.
I must admit, I'm jealous.
That's a great effing name.
Mine's Sam.
My friends call me Sammy.
Here's my card.
Sam Lastring of
the Department of Agriculture?
Yes, ma'am, and I'd really like
to talk to you about your guest.
My guest?
Well, you do have a guest,
don't you?
And before you answer,
make sure you're absolutely
positive what you tell me
is the God's honest truth
under penalty
of perjury and imprisonment.
I'm just having some fun.
But things are
about to get real serious,
hence why I'm here.
Now, you're probably wondering
what the hell's going on,
so here it is.
About a week ago,
your guest, Mann,
escaped from a secret facility.
Well, that's not entirely true.
What actually happened
is I broke him out.
Now, the government,
especially the branch
to which I am employed,
doesn't take kindly
to people like Mann
escaping secret facilities, so
they're trying to get him back.
But they haven't because
I'm running interference,
and doing
a pretty good job, too.
At any rate, Mann has a rock--
he calls it a failsafe--
and says you got it.
I am working on finding it.
Work faster. Another day or two,
half the army
will be out this way.
Anybody else come around
acting suspicious,
asking questions?
There were Suburbans yesterday,
and some guys
in suits and sunglasses.
Well, shoot.
The suits are closer
than I thought.
[mysterious music playing]
[car door slams]
That's a fancy camera.
You sure about that?
Situations like this,
people don't need
to know about it.
Anyone does find out,
and I mean anyone, well...
that'd be quite dangerous.
But you seem
like a smart girl, so...
How do I know
you're not one of the suits?
That is an excellent question,
Clive with a C.
One that I'm surprised
you didn't ask sooner.
And you don't.
But if I were one of them,
you and I would be
having this conversation
in the back of a windowless van
and you'd be
strapped to electrodes.
So, how many rooms
do you have vacant?
Uh, yeah, just 14.
Fantastic. I'll take them.
- You want all of them?
- Every single one.
Uh, well, that's 70 bucks
a night. Cash up front.
That's about five or six grand.
That do ya?
Let me get your keys.
- Thank you.
- [keys clattering]
[inquisitive music playing]

Hey, who is that guy?
His name's Sam. He's with
the Department of Agriculture.
Department of Agriculture?
- That's what he said.
- What's that?
He paid cash up front for
all the rooms.
And rounded up.
What's he doing paying
up front with all that cash?
I didn't ask.
- Where are you going?
- To greet him.
Mitch, the-- the guy's
a little off.
It's the desert, Clive.
Everyone's a little off.
[uptempo music playing]
I order a pizza?
That's what I say
when I don't know
the person standing at my door.
Hi, I'm Mitch.
I run the motel with my wife.
Well, how about that!
You got a hell of a wife there.
Real nice woman.
Can I do something
for you, Mitch?
[Mitch clicks tongue] Well...
since you bought
every free room,
I wanted to see if there was
anything I could do for you
to make your stay more pleasant.
I suppose if you're offering,
I could use a couple more cases.
Pabst if they got it.
You covered your car
with a tarp.
I'm not trying to get into
what you've got going on,
but, uh, you know,
we don't want any trouble.
Define trouble.
I'd like to know
who you are, sir,
and what you're doing here.
The missus didn't say?
Just that you're with
the Department of Agriculture.
That I am.
Speaking of...
Living out here in the desert,
I've heard it causes one to have
overbearing sex drive.
Have you found that
to be the case?
Here's money for the beer.
Keep the change.

Hey, uh, clearly
that guy is a drug dealer.
Why else would he cover
his car with a tarp
and pay for
the entire motel in cash?
I don't--
What do you want me to do?
I want you to
give him his money back
and I want you
to send him on his way.
No, no, you're the one
who's always saying
the motel doesn't make money.
Now it's making money,
you want me to give it back?
Look, all this will be over soon
and everything will go
back to normal, I promise.
Clive, I don't even know
what the hell that means.
- It means what it means.
- Okay, we don't know
where that money is coming from.
- We know where it's going.
- We don't know--
- Ooh, look at the money, Clive!
- Feel this money--
- Look at the money.
- Now I really lost count.
This guy's for sure working
for the-- for the cartels.
I need to get
out of the desert, man.
I gotta get away
from these people.
[suspenseful music playing]

CLIVE: Hmm, three amorphous
bodies were covered at site.
Apprehended being determined
to be sole survivor...

- JOE: Mitch!
- Hey, Joe.
I've been meaning to call you
seeing if, uh, you and Clive
given any more
thought to selling?
- She hasn't talked to you?
- No.
- Uh, let's take a walk.
- Sure.
She came by the other day
wanting to refinance again...
[pleasant music playing]
That's pretty.
[camera shutter clicks]
[snake rattling]
- Oh...
- [thud]
[solemn music playing]
[whispering indistinctly]
She'll be just fine.
Just expect her
to rest for a while.
She used to
walk around out there...
all the time
taking her pictures.
I would tell her
not to go out there alone,
that if something bad happened,
she would be food for buzzards.
Yeah, she didn't listen to me.
She don't listen to me now.
[Carlene sniffling]
[melancholy piano music playing]
I hope you don't
mind my inquiring,
but you are a long way
from home, aren't you?

Yes, I am.
Well, that can't be easy.
Lord knows I'd crumble.
I've always been
kind of a homebody.
Even before this, I just...
Either way... [chuckles]
...I want you to know
that wherever home is for you,
when you are here,
you are among friends.
Thank you.

I don't know what it is, but...
talking to you, I feel
like I could live forever.

Lazarus back from the dead.
Why are you eating carrots?
'Cause they're good for you.
- You know where Mitch went?
- To the store, I think.
Now, you need to go thank
that nice young Mexican fella
stayin' here.
He saved your behind,
young lady.
Hey, what did you do?
The bite on my leg. It's gone.
It's like it was never there.
I healed it.
- You healed it?
- Yeah.
So you can heal snake bites
and make my mom eat carrots,
but my pictures still suck?
I mean, what, are you waiting
until we find the failsafe?
Because I've got news for you,
it's not here.
What do you mean?
When I said I couldn't
remember where it was,
I was-- I was lying.
It was right here,
and I used to
come out here for years.
I'd-- I'd dig it up
and I'd check on it,
until one day I came out here
and it was just gone.
And I don't-- I have no idea
where it went or who--
who would have taken it
or moved it, even, because
no one knew that it was here.
Why didn't you
tell me this right away?
Because I figured
if you could sense it,
then you would find it anyway,
and everything
would be okay, but--
Are you okay?
I need to rest.
Keep digging. Please.

SAM: You didn't happen to go
into my room earlier, did you?
The reason
I'm asking is the folder
that was in my bag
is in a different position...
than I left it in.
If you, uh,
if you did, that's okay.
I left it there
in case you got snoopy.
Like a trap?
No, just a--
Are you testing me?
Or do you always talk like this?
No, I pretty much
always say what's on my mind.
You don't remember me, do you?
That's okay.
Until you said your last name,
I wasn't sure it was you either.
That was me.
[Clive scoffs]
You look different.
Time taking its toll.
Burden of mortality.
If that was you,
why'd you break Mann out?
Guess I've grown tired
of working for amoral shitbags.
Oh, is that why you're dressed
like a washed out surfer bum?
This little get up
happens to be a manifestation
of my liberated spirit.
How did you know
we were out there?
Watching everything.
They'd be watching us right now
if I hadn't jammed
the signal for this quadrant.
[shovel scraping]
Can I ask you something?
CLIVE: Sure.
The hell are you doing
living out here?
CLIVE: What do you mean?
Not that the desert doesn't
possess a certain charm,
but you could detonate
a bomb out here
and nobody
would know the difference.
So, what's the thing?
Waiting for Mann?
Failure to launch?
It's just where I'm meant to be.
The mister feel that way, too?
Why don't you go
ask him yourself?
[chuckles] Oh, I don't think
that's a good idea.
Matter of fact,
if I were walking down the road
and he were driving along,
there's a solid chance
I'd be roadkill,
but that's okay.
I have a talent
for bringing that out in people.
But speaking of the mister,
he strikes me as a talker...
and loose lips sink ships.
Also, that money
Mann and I gave you,
don't be flashing that around.
Did you steal it?
Of course not.
I just took it without asking.
The point is,
keep your side of the aisle,
buttoned up
and we won't have issues.
Got it?
- CLIVE: I got it, Ma.
- Thank you.
[Clive sighs]
- CLIVE: Joe.
- Hey.
I was in the vicinity
if it's a good time.
- Sure.
- Carlene.
How have you been?
- [lips smack]
- By 2022,
the two biggest threats
to humanity gonna be
ozone depletion
and mind control.
Well, all right.
CLIVE: Okay, Ma.
Let's go in the kitchen.
Ice cream?
[Joe chuckles]
I'm good, but thank you.
Just, uh, I see you're busy,
so I don't wanna take up
too much of your time.
Just need your signature
and we can button things up.
Happy to go through it,
but it's all there.
I don't understand
what this is.
It's the deal for the motel.
I ran into Mitch, talked about
the line of credit
versus you selling.
Lenny called saying you guys
chalked it all out.
I didn't chalk anything out
and there's no way
I'm signing that.
- Clive, come on.
- I'd like you to leave now.
[Joe sighs]
Lenny's offer stands
until the end of the week.
[vehicle approaching]
[door creaks open]
You're up-- Oh, you're up.
We just had a visit
from Joe at Rio.
Told me all
about your little plan.
Not happening.
Don't you ever pull
a stunt like that on me again.
You got me?
- Okay.
- [door slams shut]
Why didn't you tell me
about trying to check out
a new line of credit
or the fact that
you went through the old one?
it's none of your business!
It's none of my business?
Yes, I'm the one
who's working on the motel
and you're the one
who's making paintings.
Why would I?
Maybe because I'm your husband.
Maybe because half the motel
and the debt's mine.
Right, is that why you went
behind my back with Lenny?
You were going to sell out
my home from underneath me?
- Sell out your home?
- My family's business.
You know
how much it means to me.
You saw the offer.
We would be insane
to turn it down.
When's the last time
you saw that--
We're artists, some things
are worth more than money!
Like what?
Tell me. I'd love to know.
Like a falling apart motel?
Housing a bunch of
borderline psychotics?
Why are you being so judgmental?
You are so angry at everything.
You don't even see what's right
in front of your face.
[Mitch sighs]
When we moved out here,
I-- I believed
that we could do
something together
that would matter
and make a difference
and have an impact,
but all this place
has been for us is quicksand.
Mitch, do you think
I like living like this?
'Cause I don't. I don't.
In fact, I might hate it
more than you do.
Then why the hell
are we still here?
Oh, no. Come on.
- Don't stop now.
- [Clive grunting]
Do not stop now.
You wanna know. Okay.
Stop. Okay, okay.
Do you remember
when we were first together
and I told you
about that dream I had?
The dream where I was
a little girl and I met an alien
who gave me a stone,
told me to hold on to it,
and said he'd be back for it?
[Mitch sighs]
Vaguely. Mm-hmm. Why?
It wasn't a dream.
[Mitch chuckles]
What-- what-- what do you mean?
- It happened.
- [Mitch laughs]
And he's back.
Who? Who?
- Mann.
- [Mitch laughs]
we moved back out here
because you've been waiting
for the return of a space alien?
That's not what I'm saying.
That is literally
what you just said.
- He gave me a feeling.
- A feeling?
Yes, when we first met,
he raised an awareness in me
and look, that's why
I dove into photography
because I could see
things in a way that
other people couldn't and
it gave me purpose and drive.
And then I had to move
the stone out into the desert
because it started
wrecking things and that's when
that feeling and my ability
started to go away.
- [Clive sighs]
- When-- Okay.
When did this happen?
Before we met.
But you were still
taking photos when we first met.
Because the feeling
came back for a little bit,
but then it went away
and if I can just get it back,
everything will return
to normal.
Okay, okay.
Just stop it. Just stop it.
I-- I-- I know how it sounds.
But look at mom.
[Clive chuckles]
And yesterday when I got bit
by the-- by the rattlesnake,
Mann healed me.
You don't have a bite mark.
Yes, because he cured it!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Clive!
I can't-- I can't.
I can't do it. I can't do it.
I can't.
CLIVE: Wait, I'm sorry!
Where are you going?
You think I'm stupid, Clive?
You think I'm stupid?
Gave you a feeling?
What do you mean
he gave you a feeling?
[exhales sharply]
Oh, deep breaths, Mitch,
deep breaths,
you're gonna be okay.
You're okay...
because you...
are living in reality.
My God, I don't feel good.
I gotta get out of here.
I gotta get
out of this fucking place.
I can't do it anymore.
[mellow piano music playing]

[Mitch sighs]
The last few years have been
the loneliest of my life.
Being in a marriage of one,
waiting for you to see me.
And now I know why.
You've been focused on him.
All this time.
He's been out here between us.
I'm sorry...
but it's about the feeling.
A feeling.
[melancholic music playing]
I'm leaving...
but please know that I always
want the best for you.
You stuck it out longer
than I thought you would.
You have constitution.
Hang your hat on that.
[Mitch chuckles softly]
[exclaiming over TV]
[serene music playing]
[Clive grunts]

Calling for you
The orange juice's on the table.
I could make you breakfast.
I figured
with Mitch leaving and all,
you wouldn't have
much of an appetite.
How do you know that he left?
He told me so.
I noticed you've been going out
into the desert a lot, lately.
You wouldn't happen to be
looking for that stone,
would you?
What do you mean?
Well, I remember
when you were younger,
going out there a lot,
burying that thing,
it was so interesting
and then...
you'd go back out and dig it up.
So, one day I went out there,
I dug it up myself.
Wha-- what did you do with it?
- Well, I buried it again.
- Do you remember where?
Well, out there somewhere
where you were first digging.
You just didn't see it.
If you look, there it'll be.
Right in front of you.
I invited that young Mexican man
to dinner tonight.
Tell that other fella
he is invited, too.
Nothing like being social
to cure the blues.
Six o'clock sharp.
I'm making
double cut pork chops.
Ma. Ma.
Why didn't you tell me
all this time?
I don't know.
Maybe I--
Maybe I thought that...
if you didn't have it
and you wanted it,
you would come back for it...
and you did, didn't you?
And maybe I thought
that if you had it...
you would up and leave me again.
[bowl clattering]
[peeler gliding]
My mom told me to tell you
you're invited to dinner.
Saw you and the mister
had a row last night.
Hope that wasn't because of us.
Uh, there's just been
a lot going on.
At any rate, I wouldn't get
too bunched up about things.
Back when I was married,
when me and the missus fought,
let's just say
out of regard for safety,
mostly mine, we had to keep
the cutlery under lock and key.
Nothing better
than making up though.
Yeah, well...
he left.
You know where he went?
Santa Fe.
Oh, I'm sorry.
A nice guy.
Sensitive, but nice.
That's not a knock.
is a sign of intelligence.
An intelligent,
nice guy chose to spend
his most precious commodity,
time, with you.
I mean, I know
he did end up leaving
for which
I don't entirely fault him,
living out here
with your mother,
but before he left,
it was all you.
What? You didn't see that?
It was clear as day
if you ask me,
but then again, you didn't.
[coyote panting]
[eerie music playing]

[upbeat guitar music playing]

[Clive crying]
[serene music playing]

[calming music playing]

SAM: Should we say grace?
Do the honors.
thank you for this
lovely day,
this lovely meal,
and these lovely people.
In your name, we pray.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Pass them taters.
You got it, ma'am.
Oh, now ma'am was my mama.
You call me Carlene.
So, now what brings
you out this way?
I have business.
What kind of business?
My Darren sold insurance
summers during high school.
Matter of fact,
that is how we met.
One day,
came and knock at the door,
oh, knocking really loud,
came and knocked
at the door and I said,
"Well, Darren,
that is fine by me
so long as you
don't try to sell me none."
[Sam chuckles]
Thank you
for laughing at my joke.
[both laugh]
[exhales sharply]
[ball dribbling]
I was going to give it back,
I was just waiting
for the right time.
But if you found it,
why'd you stay?
Your mother
invited me to dinner.
Never thanked you for my leg.
You're welcome.
So, listen, before you go,
I was hoping you could help me
with something.
Hola, muchachos.
Time to boogie.
Where's your bag?
What do you mean?
You're coming with us.
You didn't tell her?
I was just about to.
Uh, look, no.
Even if I wanted to go, I can't.
I-- I have my mother
to look after and--
It's sweet,
you being a doting daughter,
but I don't doubt
she could eat a bowl of nails
and ask for seconds.
there's two ways to do this.
In the front or in the trunk,
your choice.
[melancholy piano
melody playing]
Hey, Mom.
- What time is it?
- It's before 8.
Oh, past my bedtime.
- Ma, I need to go--
- It's all right.
I want you to go
with those nice men,
so you can get on
with your life.
I know you blame yourself
for the motel's decline,
but it wasn't 'cause of you
and it wasn't 'cause of no rock.
I saw that stone.
You rushing off on your bicycle
and then you came back
with that rock,
and things started to happen
around here and then...
then you took it away
and then they stopped.
[Clive chuckles]
I put two and two together.
Now go.
Go on, go.
I'll be fine.
MAN ON TV: You don't have to
sit there looking for
the medication
like Elijah crossing the ice.
WOMAN ON TV: [indistinct]
[emotional piano melody playing]
Hey, Mann,
be a sport and grab me a Colt.

[Sam belches]
I don't mean to be crass,
but I have to micturate.
Excuse me.
[Sam groans]
CLIVE: Something's been
bothering me.
If you can heal things,
why don't you just heal
your planet?
We would if we could.
What went wrong
with your planet?
What Greek philosophers
would refer to as...
[coyote howling in distance]
So, before you arrived here,
how long had you been
on your mission?
In your metrics...
- 30 years.
- Oh, my God!
55 years away from home?
How many civilizations
have you seen?
MANN: Hundreds.
CLIVE: What are they all like?
MANN: Some are very basic.
Others are quite complex.
Where do we stand in comparison?
You are very much like us.
So, what's the verdict?
Earth and your mission?
Earth is not a good fit.
Because Earth is dying, too?
I saw the report.
Three bodies were recovered
from the mesa.
There was an accident.
And it was my fault.
And now it is my obligation
to repair it.
Is that what we're doing?
Aside from you returning home,
It is part of it.
Is helping me the other part?
I'm sorry.
Please excuse me.
[Clive sighs]

Well. [chuckles]
Government hybrid.
- [coughs]
- SAM: Good, right?
I feel like
my lungs are incinerated.
Definitely has a kick to it.
[Clive clears throat]
Doing what you do,
do you ever get lonely?
There's people I miss.
Like Kate?
I saw your letter.
Is she your wife?
I met her in Reno
at this shithole bar.
She shouldn't even
have been there,
but there she was.
I walked right up,
took her hand,
we danced all night.
A week later we were married.
What happened?
I wasn't around.
She got restless.
Then one day...
another fella's car
was in the driveway.
I didn't even stop,
just kept going.
I never stopped loving her,
You ever see her again?
I tried a couple of years back.
That's why I wrote the letter,
trying to say
all the things I wanted to say.
Why didn't you?
Because as it turns out...
she died.
- [coughs]
- Yeah.
- Yeah. [laughs]
- Shit. [laughs]
How, I don't know.
But that doesn't matter.
But that was the start.
The start?
Me waking up.
Seeing the bigger picture.
Life is about
living with your choices,
but it doesn't mean...
you can't try
to right the scales.
Yeah, but what does?
I mean,
what is going on with him?
The scabs, the bleeding?
Oh, that's what happens when...
those like him are here
for too long.
There have been others?
Oh, we get
a trickle of visitors.
The other day,
I heard you guys talking
about less risky options.
What was that about?
Oh, I meant options
that didn't involve him melting.
Does Mann know?
You betcha.
[Sam sighs]
Then what the hell are we doing?
That ain't for me to tell.
But you'll find out.
[ethereal music playing]
[Sam groans]
I'll see you in the morning.
[Clive grunting]
Morning, sunshine.
[Clive grunting]
- Coffee?
- Oh, please. Thanks.
[Clive coughs]
Only way to brew it.
Potato chip?
Where's Mann?
Top of the mesa.
When you're done
with your coffee,
you can head on up.
[Clive grunts]
[Clive sighs]
- You coming?
- No.
I'll just stay here. Keep watch.
Pretty, ain't it?
That's country, that's for sure.
[gravel crunching]
[coyote howls in distance]
This is the site
of the accident.
When a being passes through,
no fault of their own...
the one who is responsible
must release them.
In order to do this...
a ritual must be performed.
Will you join me?
[thunder rumbling]
[ethereal music builds]
[blue rock pulsing]
[thunder rumbling]
SAM: Good for you.
[ethereal music intensifying]

What was that?
The ritual.
What's the matter with me?
I can barely stand.
You have used
a great deal of energy.
[Clive panting]
So, what just happened?
My crew was honored.
And now they are released.
Did you take their place?
Did you release them from death?
There is no death.
But, then, why did Sam say
that you could melt?
And what are the scabs about?
Humans aren't the only ones
with a goddamn mortal coil.
So what about me?
And the feeling?
What about it?
[sobs] I need you
to give it back to me.
But I did not give you
that feeling.
Yeah, of course you did.
I'm afraid you are mistaken.
No. [sobs]
Wait, so all this time,
I've just been wasting my time?
I've just been waiting--
waiting for something that...
that wasn't real?
If you felt it...
it was real.
But the only reason
I felt it was because of you,
and you're saying
you didn't give it to me, so...
so why the hell am I here?
Because you needed to be.
[Clive sobs]
So you could witness.
The gift of witness
is your release.
I don't need release.
I need you to fix my life.
[Clive sobbing]
Everything's gone.
My talent...
the motel...
my husband.
[coyote howling in distance]
All I have left
is an alien encounter
and a fucking coyote
that won't leave me alone.
[tranquil music playing]
Where do I go from here?
I need you to give me something.
Everything that you need...
is inside of you.
[Clive laughing scornfully]
I just have to see it.
You can save that shit
for the Dalai Lama.
But he does not need to hear it.
Well, great. Thank you so much.
Now it all makes sense.
I understand everything.
I might as well go
live in a fucking yurt!

Things go okay?
She wants to live in a yurt.
Can't say I blame her.
Now that that's done...
I think it's time you and I have
an honest conversation
about what comes next.
The storm comes.
You know
what happened to the others.
You want that
to be your fate, too?
If I didn't want to
see this through,
I wouldn't have helped,
but at some point...
you gotta face the music.
I mean, even if by some
slim chance that rock does work,
the reason you came here
is because
your planet is failing.
How do you know
it's even there anyway?
Or-- or that the people
haven't already left
and gone somewhere else.
You'll be returning to nothing.
I sense
you're gonna suggest something.
Go on. Open it.
MANN: "Fred Rollins."
If I stay much longer...
I will fully decay.
I know, and that's terrible,
but you made your peace,
you-- you honored your friends.
The way I see it,
you live the rest of your days
the best you can,
and that's all you can do.
Doing what I do
for as long as I've done it,
you-- you develop a sixth sense
about these things,
and right now, it's telling me
the fellas are real close.
And if you're here
when they arrive,
they're taking you back
to that bunker,
only they ain't taking you
to RND,
they're gonna do things
to you unimaginable.
Make the reasonable call.
If I said I don't have doubts...
about what comes next,
I'd be lying.
But it's not about me.
Regardless of what happens,
I want you to know
how thankful I am for your help.
are a good friend.
How you can call me your friend
beats the hell out of me.
I'm the bastard
who locked you up.
But I knew you'd free me.
Shit, don't tell me
in addition to everything
you can see the future, too.
[chuckles] Just...
probabilities based on...
who people were...
and what they become.
Oh, and for the record,
the notion of future
is a construct.
SAM: I should go.
Whatever route you choose...
I'll buy as much time as I can.
Godspeed, amigo.
- [gravel crunching]
- [car door clicks open]
[upbeat country music playing]
SAM: Hey, assholes.
How's the pulled pork?
- [laughing]
- [tires screech]

[ethereal music playing]
[rock pulsating]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [static cracking]
[calm guitar music playing]
He's already up there
if you wanna say goodbye.
Sam said it could melt you.
It very well might.
So, why risk it?
Because there's no other option
but to try.
I wanted to tell you
I'm glad you returned.
I really needed it.
Don't be afraid to see.
And when you do...
accept it.
[thunder rumbling]
[ethereal music playing]
[rock pulsating]
[thunder rumbling]

[hopeful music building]

[door creaks open]
CLIVE: Mom, I'm home.
[indistinct speaking on TV]
[TV clicks off]
[soft piano music playing]
[upbeat guitar music playing]

[hopeful music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
[coyote panting]
[camera shutter clicks]
[lighthearted music playing]
Yin-yang, yeah, life,
it comes
Everybody tries
and everybody falls
Black and white
The color wheel
spinning around
It's never where you feel
And it's a long road
to paradise
As long as you pay the price
Take time to sing a song
Feelings start to rise
and feeling really strong
Yes, no, maybe so
Just see how you feel and,
You will know
And it's a long road
to paradise
As long as you pay the price
It's a long road to paradise
As long as you pay the price
Yin-yang, yeah, life,
it comes
Everybody tries
and everybody falls
And it's a long road
to paradise
As long as you pay the price
[mystical music playing]