Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) Movie Script

Attack simulation is now completed.
Cut Power to 3 and 5.
Shutting down Complex 7 and 9.
- Engaging emergency generators.
- Nine? There's nothing down there.
All the sections
are back online?
Except for Complex 9.
It's everything
we hoped it would be.
The power drains will be fixed.
My compliments.
Our clients will be thrilled.
This technology has provided us...
with the biggest bat
in the old ball game.
Complex 9! Hurry!
Secondary failure in 9.
Nine... coming back.
No. No. It's Complex 9.
- Complex 9, get over there. Quick. Cover it.
- I'll hit the perimeter.
No breaches, yet.
I'm heading south.
Roger that.
We're getting out the dogs.
I'm turnin' in from the west now.
A breach? Where?
Get a chopper up now.
Begin a ground search.
What the hell
was in Complex 9?
Mojave Desert, seven years ago.
Our historic first view
of the Newcomer ship.
Theirs was a slave ship
carrying a quarter-million beings...
bred to adapt and labor
in any environment.
Physically stronger than human beings,
with keener senses and two hearts...
these alien Newcomers have
joined the American society.
The Tenctonese have been accepted
by many, but hated by human purists...
who fear the inevitable
cohabitation of the two species.
With no way to leave Earth,
the Tenctonese Newcomers...
have become the latest
edition to the population of Los Angeles.
Look how well
their lips align.
All it takes is practice.
I know you like
Matt! Matt!
- Matt, we're going too far.
- We're consenting adults.
But you don't understand.
This could be physically... dangerous.
If a Tenctonese woman
is not in sync with her mate...
she could cause him serious...
Hey, we got nothin'
but sync.
But you need to learn
how to approach me.
You need to learn
how to hum.
You need training.
Hey! One thing I don't need
is training.
This is not a good idea.
Hey, we're running on fumes here!
The ping is strong. I have the vector.
He's slowing down.
Penn, if we don't refuel,
we're gonna fall down!
It's better to fall down
than come back without those two.
- Break right, 2-0-0.
- Right, 2-0-0.
I've lost the ping. Set down quickly.
They must be below us.
Watch the right.
Keep clear of the building.
All right. Stay close. He can't be more
than a few blocks that way.
Emergency operator.
Take him down.
This one's dead.
Hey! Hi, Matt.
Hey, Zapeda.
- Hey, George.
- Matt.
Oh, my. Did you and Cathy
try to copulate last night?
No, no!
There was a bar of soap on the floor
of the shower and I stepped on it-
Well, your injury is consistent with that of
humans who rush into sex without proper-
George. George.
What is that disgusting
thing you're eating?
Well, it's weasel pressed
into a ring.
They're new. You have your doughnuts,
now I have mine.
They're excellent for dunking.
They make a jelly weasel too.
Detective Sikes, your neck.
- Did you try to copulate with a Newcomer?
- Says he slipped in the shower.
Hey! That's what happened, damn it! You
don't wanna believe it, that's your fault!
- Hey! No! Albert!
- Just... relax.
- How's that?
- Better.
It's still sore,
but better.
Sexual ignorance
is a very dangerous thing.
Francisco, Sikes, you got a homicide-
And good morning.
It's about six blocks
away from here.
Bizarre-looking Newcomer child was found
at the scene. I had her sent to day care.
And you're supposed to be
where, exactly, Albert?
The victim was a Newcomer,
John PaulJones.
The perp might also
be a Newcomer.
There was a witness who said
they saw a giant fighting two guys.
The witness was a wino,
so who knows?
Says the victim worked security
for Dextra Pharmaceuticals.
Security guy?
No, but Dextra is owned
by Adrian Tivoli.
Dr. Adrian Tivoli? Nobel prize,
genetic cure for diabetes, 1997.
Talk about giants. Perhaps
the most illustrious Newcomer of all.
- Oh, that Adrian Tivoli.
- Forget the caseload. Let's put this on the fast track.
There might be some
press interest.
I want you to refer that to me,
uh, if Dr. "Tripoli" has any questions.
- Talk about a giant. That
man is one giant a- - Perhaps-
Uh, with, uh, some
chocolate sauce.
Okay, Marla, you want
some of these?
All right.
What did you say?
Don't understand.
You came from where?
- She's not bizarre-looking. She's-
- Almost angelic.
- Still, she's-
- She sh-showed me strange things.
- What kind of things, Albert?
- I'm not sure.
Like a hospital,
but different.
She's- She's feeling
and pain and loneliness.
What is this- a sance, public access?
What are you talking about?
- Well, you know, Albert's a binnaum?
- Yeah...
and he gets to go around popping
Newcomer's wives so they can get pregnant.
I just catalyze them.
Their husbands...
- pop them.
- Binnaums are also sensitives.
Albert has the capacity to connect on
what you would call a "psychic plane. "
Oh, great. Next time the Dodgers are
blacked out on TV, I'll give you a call.
Albert, I want you to call
Cathy and tell her about all this.
I'd like her to see this child
as soon as possible.
Dr. Tivoli built herself quite a place.
And helped thousands of your people.
Just try not to kiss
Tivoli's ring, will ya, George?
- Dr. Tivoli!
- Oh, Detectives.
It's a great, great honor.
We'll try to be
as brief as possible.
Just let me say how much
I admire your work.
Oh, thank you,
Well, I-
I know you're here about Mr. Jones...
but I'm afraid I'm not
acquainted with everybody.
Oh, that's perfectly
Do you have any idea what he was doing
the night he was murdered?
He was not on duty, so, then,
of course, his time was his own.
- How are you?
- Fine, Dr. Tivoli.
And his record with Dextra?
Not a blemish.
I'll have my secretary get you a copy.
Did they tell you
about the child we found?
- I hear she's unusual.
- Yes.
Her head is disproportionately large,
but with no spots.
She appears intelligent,
but she doesn't move or make any sounds.
- Has she been examined?
- I've requested it.
And do you have any
suspects in the killing?
Oh, just your average,
everyday giant Newcomer.
We have one witness who thinks
thatJones and another human...
were in a struggle with a very large
- And this relates to the child?
- Well, we have no idea.
- But-
- It's very curious. You know, a great deal...
of our research
is focused on genetic defects...
in both humans
and Newcomers.
Perhaps we could
help this child.
That is so generous of you, Doctor.
I'll, uh,
pass that along.
I'm surprised you didn't go all the way
in that hard-hitting interview, George:
Get an autographed glossy,
maybe a fingernail clipping.
That woman is
an inspiration, Matthew.
- I feel so proud.
- Good. Then you get to buy lunch.
Well, of course I should've
told you before this.
I know I disobeyed you. I was wrong.
I just couldn't abandon all of my research.
I've come so close.
L- I'm sorry. I know
it was foolish...
and now I'm worried about the child-
what an examination will reveal.
Yes. Whatever you say.
Please. I have as much
at stake as you do-
No, I just meant if they find out
about OPSI L, sir, not about you.
Yes, I'll-
Yes, I'll see to it.
Hey, yo, slag!
How's the air down there?
Hey, man! We're
talking to you!
- Yeah! Come on, drumhead!
- Come back!
You see the size
of that slag, man?
- That was one large spongehead.
- Yo.
A definite improvement
over Albert's technique.
- You got the healing touch.
- I'm a doctor.
Then you know if you kiss it,
you'll make it better.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- Matt!
- Why don't you take this off and I'll give you a massage?
Do you remember what happened the last
time you touched the spots on my back?
How about if I massage
your front?
Well, I suppose
there's no harm in that.
Still your proximity
could get me aroused.
So I'm never gonna
be able to touch ya?
Not if you don't listen
to your body.
Believe me,
I'm answerin' its call.
You're listening with the wrong part.
You need to be trained.
- On the job.
- No, no, no. I mean by professionals.
Whoa! Yo! I have never paid
for it in my life.
I'm talking about a class. Interspecies
Project L.A. Has one.
A human-Newcomer
sex class.
- They're gonna teach me how to have sex?
- Yes.
Cathy, between you and me,
there's nothing I haven't-
Hell, I lost my virginity
at 14.
- Really?
- Okay. 16.
You're still a virgin when it comes
to Tenctonese women.
You know I don't wanna have
a platonic relationship with you...
but if we don't go to this class,
that's all we're ever gonna have.
Did you know that I fantasize
about ripping your clothes off...
and making love to you
up one side of this apartment...
and down the other?
- Hey, Socrates.
- I'm reading Schopenhauer, not Socrates.
You know, he reads like a child
compared to our Tenctonese elders.
Oh. Well, don't forget
the service on my car.
Uh, Matt's picking me up.
Buck will take the car in.
George, we're gonna
have to talk to him.
Uh, Buck? What about?
Don't tell me
you haven't noticed.
- All this studying.
- Developing a keen intellect. I don't see what the problem is.
He's 20 years old, George,
and he's not even dating.
All his friends are males.
- You know what I mean.
- There's nothing wrong with dating males.
You're not falling into that human
hydrophobia thing, are you?
Homophobia, George-
No, that's not what I'm talking about.
Buck's got no outlet,
you know?
Well, I was kind of a
You did talk to him about not letting
his aklafluid build up, didn't you?
Oh, yes. Years ago.
Well, maybe we should remind him.
Make sure he's releasing it regular.
Well, if you think
it's necessary.
You don't have a problem talking about
fluid release, do you, George?
Isn't it odd that humans do. Imagine,
they once fired a surgeon general...
for suggesting it be
taught in school.
Good-bye, Nemo.
Hey, Buck.
Oh, don't. Believe me,
I've heard all the jokes.
One of the hazards
of night work, huh?
Believe me,
it's not funny.
- What'd I do?
- I ask myself that all the time.
George is in the kitchen.
Oh, this is about
as bad as I've ever seen.
Oh, don't worry, Suze. I know
a guy who can get rid of anything-
freeze termites,
blowtorch, bat infestations.
No, no, no.
Vesna's in there.
Your baby's in there?
Yes, it's a cherboucha-
Uh, like, hibernating.
She's at that age, you know. Surrounded by
loved ones, but isolated and protected.
It's only for 11 months,
but it really helps harmonize the senses.
- That must've hurt.
- L- Oh, yeah.
Uh, yeah. Uh, listen,
I know you haven't had
any involvements with human males...
- but-
- Well, not that kind of involvement. No.
Um, see, Cathy thinks
that we should go...
to classes.
- You know, isn't that-
- A great idea!
Otherwise, you could end up
with some permanent damage...
you know, in-
in, well, really, uh...
painful places.
I gotta go.
So, uh, how'd it go
with Cathy last night?
- Ooh.
- Well, no bruises.
- I see you exercised some restraint.
- Hey! We were, uh-
- You know?
- Did you make a field goal?
No, George, more like
a grand slam.
- You did not.
- I did to.
- You did not.
- Did to.
- Matt!
- Cathy.
George! Did he tell you?
We're taking a sex class.
- Cathy-
- Oh, I thought you two had already copulated.
Whatever gave you
that idea?
You should really
come and see this child.
- Matt, what did you-
- George. Hey, George.
Here's some of the canvassing
reports on theJones homicide.
You know, the neighbors,
they reported hearing a helicopter.
Could have landed and taken off.
The time frame fits.
- Why don't you see if you can-
- Airports, F.A. A...
- charter flights.
- Yeah. Right.
- What's the verdict?
- She's not finished.
What is it?
She has only one
cardiovascular system.
She doesn't have
two hearts?
That's impossible.
She's a Newcomer.
Maybe she's not-
no spots, one heart.
Her motor skills are more consistent
with human development.
This is not a human child.
Well, I'm not ready
tojump to that conclusion.
The ear configuration and cranial shape
are definitely Newcomer.
What are you saying?
Half human, half Newcomer?
- A hybrid?
- I thought that was impossible.
Tenctonese have been known
to genetically adapt...
in a single generation.
Interbreeding may be
just a matter of time.
And that time has
obviously come.
I've got the first human Newcomer
right here in my precinct.
I don't know that.
I need time for extensive tests.
Do them! As for you,
I want you to find "Mom" and "Dad. "
This is now part
of your official investigation.
Work fast. This could be big.
Please, Captain...
even if a hybrid birth
is possible-
Human-Newcomer relationships
are already controversial.
It would be worse if it was thought
they could procreate.
I'm not interested in
sociology, just biology.
Find the parents.
Uh, Matt, you won't forget
about our appointment later?
No. No.
Matt, I think the classes
are a good idea.
I mean, this little thing on your neck
is nothing compared-
I warned you guys about hitting on Zapeda.
Nice collar, George-
- You okay?
- Yes, I'm all right.
Looks like I'm gonna have to
blow off that appointment with Cathy.
No, no. You go on ahead. This fellow's
gonna have a nice, long nap.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- I promise you...
you won't miss
Good job.
- Did you have a nice swim?
- Yes, I did.
- Dr. Tivoli!
- Penn, what took you so long?
- I shouldn't be in here.
- It's just therapeutic U.V. And nitrogen.
A hood will keep
any human safe.
All right. We're still looking.
I'm covering the whole town.
- It's a matter of time.
- I don't have time! Do you understand?
- Benson is furious.
- A snack, Dr. Tivoli?
- No, thank you.
- It's fresh kill.
Have you had
any contagious diseases?
Uh, just the usual kid's stuff.
Uh, mumps, measles.
- Okay. Any allergies?
- Uh, penicillin.
- And what's your blood type?
- O-positive.
And how large is your penis
when fully erect?
- I don't really think that's your business.
- Matt, it's important.
- Matt.
- More or less.
Matt, this is
a medical clinic.
And are you currently
taking any medications?
You're very sad.
I'm nowhere on the chopper.
- It was probably somebody playing the TV too loud.
- No, no, no, no, Matt.
One of our birds saw the takeoff,
but no one wants to claim this flight-
not the feds, not E.M.S.,
not charter.
- Military? What about one
of the radio or TV stations?
- They're all accounted for.
- Thanks, Zap.
Detective Francisco.
- What?
- George.
Dr. Tivoli's been murdered.
Small caliber.
We've got a weapon.
She took one
through the head.
- Human took one through the heart.
- Any signs of a struggle?
Quick and clean,
so to speak.
It was a pro hit. There's no
fingerprints on the throat.
- I know. I know.
- Human's name was Penn.
Whoa! Chief of security
for Dextra.
And Jones's boss.
Please. She was a great
benefactor to your race.
I'm done. We're ready
to bag it and drag it.
- You guys wanna have lunch?
- Yeah.
Well, thanks a lot.
That's been very helpful.
Hey, Tivoli's next of kin, a daughter,
she lives up north...
but the company
located her.
The late Mr. Penn had a pilot's license-
fixed-wing and helicopters.
- See if Dextra-
- Dextra has their own chopper.
I'll get the flight logs. Ooh! Albert.
I'm sorry. I'm- George. I'm getting
pictures from the giant from the ship.
- The ship?
- Terrible things.
Francisco, Sikes,
my office, now.
I've got what is probably the first
human-Newcomer downstairs.
I've got a Nobel Prize-winning
Newcomer in the morgue.
Captain Steroid's
in my holding cell...
and the press is all
over me like a rash.
What I don't have
are any answers.
Where are the parents? Where is
the evidence to charge this prisoner?
What the hell is going on at Dextra
Pharmaceuticals? Sikes, are you listening?
Oh, yeah. I was just wondering
what time the fashion show starts.
Lt. Smithford,
our public information officer.
- We have a P.I. O?
- Where do you hang out, Lieutenant?
Well, my work keeps me busy in
the community with the press corps.
Ah, to protect
and serve what? Cocktails?
- Sikes.
- Look, we can control the flow of information...
on Tivoli and Dextra- ongoing investigation,
full resources of the department...
one suspect in custody-
the usual stuff.
We can hold 'em-
for a while.
But if you can confirm
the child is a half-and-half...
we can put quite
a spin on that.
I'm talkin' national exposure
for this department.
Schedule a press conference.
And, Sikes...
you tell your girlfriend
I want confirmation in 24 hours.
Then the kid goes to Gingrich House
till you find the parents.
Now get back to work.
A day isn't enough time!
I can't verify a hybrid
with insufficient data.
- I know that.
- And the child is disabled.
She doesn't belong in an orphanage and
I'm not certain there aren't other problems.
You can always petition
juvy court.
I will as soon as I get custody.
Get out! Go home!
You should've never
come in the first place!
Slag lover!
Looks like a meeting
of folks that aren't gettin' any.
It's not funny. Just imagine
if the child is a hybrid.
If humans and Newcomers
reproduce offspring-
The basis of Newcomer
foreplay is humming.
Now I like to start these sessions
with a little exercise.
Could we all stand, please?
Come on, Matt. Relax.
- Get into it.
- Only reason I'm here.
The process oflearning
how to make love...
requires letting go
of all those inhibitions.
Now I know many of you are
feeling very self-conscious right now...
so I wanna start
breaking down those barriers.
Let's everybody
hold hands.
Good. And say, "Hi," to that new friend
standing next to you.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Hi, I'm Phil Dirt.
- L-
- Close your eyes.
And let's all hum.
Man, oh, man.
Oh, these guys on the day shift,
they're doin' it to us again.
You better get a uniform
and tranq gun up here.
Well, she's much better off
here for the night than juvenile hall.
I just wish she would eat.
Come on, honey.
She's cute,
but sad, I think.
Something more
than just sadness.
Albert's connection
to her and the giant is very strong.
He told me of
some frightening images.
The giant may be from-
Oh, Celine, I hope not.
Do you think her parents
are Newcomer and human, Dad?
I'm not sure.
Cathy's not sure.
Making love to a human.
That could be somethin'.
Oh, is that why most
of your male friends are human?
You know, if you're considering having sex,
you should make sure they're properly educated.
- Otherwise you could hurt them.
- She ought to just stick to her own kind.
I think Matt should keep
his hands off of Cathy too.
Well, Buck, sometimes
I think you're jealous of Matt and Cathy.
No. L-I-It's just not right.
No, I think that class
they're taking is disgusting!
Love is a very powerful thing, Buck.
It can overcome all kinds of differences-
Even "specie-al. "
What happens to our species?
- That's a reasonable question.
- What do you mean?
Well, in the extreme-
I mean, if...
intermixing is projected
over several generations...
both humans and Newcomers could
evolve into a whole new species.
Yes! Tenctonese evolution
could be set back a thousand years.
There would be a whole new breed,
somewhere closer to the human race.
- Well, that's not necessarily true.
- It is!
You know the lowest form
always seeks its own kind.
That's mean! You know,
you're turning into a bigot.
- Better than a human wannabe.
- I am not!
That's Kevin...
who just happens to be human.
- Mm-hmm.
- You better not embarrass me, Buck.
- I'd watch her, if I were you.
- They're studying together.
- They're just friends.
- Today.
Oh, no, not at all. Come on in.
Oh, great.
You brought the Shakespeare.
I think you owe
your sister an apology.
Unlike some people, I'm not
gonna forget where I came from.
You mustn't.
There's a fine line between
pride and intolerance, Buck.
- I hope you won't ever cross it.
- I'm sure you'll let me know.
Well, as a matter of fact-
Your mother said you were very short
with Matt this morning.
- So?
- He's my good friend.
- He's our good friend.
- I'm allowed to have an opinion.
Of course. As long
as it isn't hurtful.
I'm sorry. He just
thinks he's such a stallion!
No freaks! No freaks!
No freaks! No freaks!
Stick to your own kind!
No freaks! No freaks!
No freaks! No freaks!
No freaks! No freaks!
George, I don't like the way she's looking
this morning. Her condition is deteriorating.
Yes, I know. Even Susan
couldn't get her to eat.
- I'm taking her to the hospital, out the back.
- No wonder they're out there.
Hey! You seen this?
Oh, hi, Cathy.
The kid and the giant
made the papers.
- But there's been no press conference.
- Gee, I wonder who told them?
This is unbelievable.
George! George!
You were right.
Dextra has a chopper. The logs don't show
anything, but I talked to the ground crew...
and the bird went up in the middle of the night
with Penn and Jones and came back at dawn.
What about the background
check on Tivoli?
- Classified. Highest security.
- That's odd.
- Try Bureau of Newcomer Affairs.
They have clearance. - Uh-uh.
They refused flat-out-
No reason.
- She should be with the giant.
- Talk about the odd couple.
They belong together.
I can feel it.
- What do you mean?
- I can't explain. It's- It's-
It's so strong,
their connection.
We'll give you an escort,
Doctor, some security at the hospital.
Captain, you shouldn't
have done this!
- Me? When I find out who leaked this-
- I'm wasting my time.
I'll need those findings
as soon as possible.
- If she's a hybrid.
- Of course she is.
Yes, sir. Um,
I'll find out who leaked it.
I'll put out a reward.
Albert, what's wrong?
Yes, sir.
It's been decided
that, uh, perhaps...
now is not the right time
for a press conference.
I guess not.
- There'll be plenty of time after my tests-
- Forget the tests.
The giant and the child
are going into federal custody.
But social services
gave me custody.
- Uh- Uh, the child needs medical attention.
- Well, that'll be changed.
And under no circumstances are we to allow
the child and giant to be brought together.
Now is she still in-
Oh, no!
What the hell
is going on here? Let go!
- Let go! - Captain!
- Don't shoot!
Let go! Let go!
He's gonna break loose!
We gotta tranq him!
It's just a dart.
Another dart, just in case.
We don't know. Get the chains on him.
Put more chains on him.
George? George,
what's the matter?
Who's Chorboke?
The dark one.
Keeper of hell.
Chorboke, the Special Section-
Albert told me a little.
The worst instincts
of your race and mine.
From the basest of compulsions
sometimes comes the monster- Chorboke.
On the ship,
slaves just disappeared.
There were stories
of unspeakable experiments.
- You said Chorboke's dead.
- We were told he died in the crash.
- Could the giant have been part of the experiments?
- It's possible.
George, what I don't understand...
is how the giant is connected
to the little girl.
If he's the... father,
who the hell's the mother?
She's failing, George. Cardiac and respiratory
rates are up, blood pressure's down.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Her physiological status is unknown.
She's very difficult to evaluate.
Her arterial oxygen saturation is normal for
a Newcomer, but it would be fatal to a human.
Well, the giant is still out. I had blood
tissue and culture samples taken.
They're on the way over now.
What about Grazer?
- The hospital's gotten a court order. I've told them that they can't move her.
- Good.
Is it possible the giant
is the child's father?
Of course. I've already started
some D.N.A. Testing.
It's also possible the giant
was a patient of Chorboke.
Yes- particularly after the images
that Albert described.
And if he is the father, perhaps further
testing can help identify the mother.
It could.
Matt, are you still there?
- Uh, yeah.
- Could you pick me up at the hospital tonight for our class?
- I'm covered for a couple of hours.
- Uh, listen, Cathy.
You're gonna have to go on without me.
Um, it's the neck again. My- My back.
Um, you know, we had that tussle
with the big guy today?
I gotta go see
a chiropractor.
- Oh, Matt, I'm sorry.
- Yeah, uh, I'm- I'm- I'm disappointed too.
- You'll take notes, huh?
- Sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- You lied.
- My neck hurts.
You don't even have
a chiropractor.
Oh, George, I can't go back
to that class again.
All that touchy-feely
personal stuff.
They made me hold hands and hum.
Matt, you can't always
count on a cheap meal...
and intoxicating beverages
to substitute for foreplay.
Look. We're on company time here.
We've got murders to solve.
Tivoli's daughter came into town.
She said she'd meet us at Tivoli's estate.
- L.A.P.D. We're here to see Miss Tivoli.
- This way, please.
- Welcome.
- Miss Tivoli.
- You wear the robes of a penitent.
- Yes.
My mother's house is not my home.
I belong to a group in the north.
We try to help Newcomers who are having
difficulty assimilating into your society.
My mother overcame so much.
She accomplished so much.
- Were you close with her?
- Not particularly.
You've, uh,
given up a lot.
Miss Tivoli, do you know
what your mother did on the ship?
- Is this related to her death?
- We think her murder may involve a-
a survivor
from Special Section.
My mother's disease, her good work
here on Earth-
She tried
to give penance.
For what?
My mother should be remembered
for what she did here.
If you can forget what she was,
I may be able to help you.
Aboard the ship
she was Kleezantsun.
An Overseer?
She worked
in Special Section.
- Her name was Vesant.
- Chorboke's second-in-command.
She believed that Chorboke's work
would advance our species-
would save us
from suffering and disease.
Later she wanted to create
a purely mental being-
a being free from the baser needs
of the body-
a mind and a soul free to learn,
to create, to explore.
Well, if the giant is an example of her
handiwork, I'd say she fell a little short.
Unfortunately she did.
You should investigate
a man named Roger Benson.
"Benson. "
I can't believe
I stood next to Vesant-
- Come on. Lighten up.
- Talked with her-
- You didn't know.
- I would have killed her myself.
- Would've, could've, should've. Someone
did, and it's our job to catch him.
Why am I not surprised?
George, how the hell else could Vesant
have gotten a new identity, a good job-
Hey, Sikes, that was Zapeda.
She thought you'd like to know...
that some demonstrators are down at
the sex clinic, and they're getting nasty?
- We don't want you
mixing with our kind!
Come on!
No lowlife morons!
We wanna keep our race pure!
- Why are you bringing 'em out?
- Bomb threat. We have to.
Hey! Hey!
We wanna keep our race pure!
- Cathy, you all right?
- We didn't expect this.
- Come on.
- Wait a minute.
- Your neck. Your back!
- Cathy-
You're fine. You lied to me.
- Later.
- Come on. Tell me why you lied to me.
- No mixed couples!
- Come on, Cathy! Let's get out!
We wanna keep our race pure!
No half-breeds!
Look. Cathy, look.
Sex is something you do.
It isn't something you sit around and talk
about in front of a bunch of strangers.
Sex is the most natural form of expression
there is. Why are you so embarrassed by it?
Look, let's just try it my way.
Just one more time:
A little wine, a little sour milk,
some music.
We'll take it slow and easy.
All right, a lot of wine, a lot of sour milk.
- We don't need these other guys- - We need
to understand each other's bodies, Matt.
- Ignorance is not bliss!
- Well-
You better decide if you're willing
to make the same commitment to me...
that I am to you.
"Overseer war criminals
interrogated. "
- Francisco.
- Captain.
- We talked with Tivoli's daughter.
- Forget about Tivoli.
- You don't understand.
- No, you don't understand.
We're off the case. There is no case-
national security.
I've just been with the chief.
The feds are coming in the morning...
and you are to turn over all-
and I mean all- the paperwork.
They're gonna take Godzilla and the kid
as soon as they overturn that hospital order.
But it's our jurisdiction. I think
they're trying to cover up something.
Listen to me. They're not trying
to do anything. They're doing it.
Do you wanna be
a crossing guard, George?
Have the stuff ready
in the morning.
- You talked to Buck about his aklafluid release?
- Yes!
- And?
- He told me to mind my own business.
- You know, he's still grumbling
about that strange hybrid child.
- Think he's focused all his
resentment on Matt and Cathy.
- Where's the damn mustard?
- George-
I have one cup of coffee, and when
I need a little mustard for it, it's not-
Who does the shopping
around here anyway?
- Oh.
- You wanna talk about it?
Ah, I thought it was behind us-
Chorboke, the unthinkable.
Grazer won't let me pursue it. He's caving
in to somebody or- or something.
- Buck, when's your father's car due back?
- Your master cylinder's shot.
They're waitin' for the part.
Sorry. Look, I'm late for class.
I'll see you.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
- They can'tjust drop the case.
- Well, of course they can. They are.
- "National security," my ass. It's
file-and-forget time. - I suspect so.
I found Benson in an old newspaper-
probably before they put the pot on.
"Lid on," George.
Benson was C.I.A., in charge of Overseer
scientists. No further references to him.
The government issued a report
about six months later.
All known surviving
Overseer war criminals...
charged and convicted by
human-Newcomer tribunal- life sentences.
No mention of Chorboke and his butchers
in, uh, Special Section?
Officially, I guess
we haven't much choice. Unofficially-
Hey, guys. Seems to be a lot of streets
in this town called Prairie.
- Lookin' for the 9400 block.
- Yeah, uh-
- My partner- - What happens
to him- and to you eventually-
depends upon how well
you listen... and understand.
A good beginning.
You want to pay strict heed
to the orders of your superiors, Detective.
Despite your overwhelming urge
to investigate the Dextra homicides...
you should do...
nothing further.
The child
and her large companion...
will soon be the responsibility
of another authority.
You will get on
with your life, your work...
your wonderful family.
Your anger, your frustration
will, in time, pass.
You're a fine officer and, I suspect,
an excellent card player.
Surely you have an appreciation
of odds, probabilities-
"when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em,"
as we say around the poker table?
Susan's eighth-floor
corner office-
a bit small for her
growing responsibilities, by the way-
is a particularly
vulnerable location.
Buck- a passionate, lad-
is random, impulsive...
out... every day.
Emily-her routine is so predictable-
So full oflife and hope.
And little Vesna-
Who knows what wonders await
one so well nurtured?
It can be as simple to execute
as your appearance here...
as crude as a rocket launcher...
as insidious
as a master cylinder...
which is programmed
to detonate upon command.
You've made your point,
Mr. Benson.
"A man with sensibilities,
once his heart is touched...
"loses all traces of habit
to guide his actions...
and how can he follow a path
he's forgotten all about?"
Sensible and well read.
I know you'll make
the right decision, Detective.
Come on, now.
Talk to me, man. George? Huh?
You okay, man?
- Matt.
- We're all right.
You're all right, George.
We're both all right.
Oh, man.
Last thing I remember I was-
I was playing Mr. Auto Club,
then the lights went out.
We still got our guns.
The car isn't stripped.
I was taken away. L-
I- I don't know where.
A private home,
very expensive, I think.
No, there was a man-
Benson, I think. He... told me
to drop case, forget everything I know.
Did he hurt you, George?
No. No.
But he made me afraid-
as afraid as I've ever been in my life...
as helpless
as I've ever felt.
He knows everything:
Susan and Buck and-
and Vesna and- and Emily,
where they go, what they do.
He told me that if I didn't do what he said,
that they would be killed.
But Matt, if-
if I do what they want...
I might as well
give up my badge.
All this muscle from people
who know how to use it.
The other side, they're playin'
for big stakes, but George...
my guess is,
they're as scared as you are.
Matt, that won't keep
my family alive.
I assure you, Mr. Turner, the generals
will not be disappointed.
But OPSI L has been compromised.
Some of our people are very nervous.
Forgive me. I can sell this weapon
to anyone.
Look, we're-we're holding up our end.
Justice is picking up the giant.
There'll be no more police investigation,
believe me. No more press.
Then relax.
I've eliminated my problems.
The implosion weapon will surpass all
the other toys we've developed for you.
Francisco, this is Agent Felker,
Justice Department.
Here's the case files on Jones, Tivoli and Penn:
Lab reports, forensics...
- photographs, canvassing witnesses-
- Yeah, that's fine, Detective.
- We don't need an inventory.
- Trace evidence, personal property.
- And the weapon is in the- - Look,
I've already been to the evidence locker.
And I need your field notebook,
Sikes's too.
That's right, Rene, Code Five.
It's gotta be off the books.
Hell, I know
you hate retirement.
What about a snitch list,
- Any police informants involved?
- No, sir.
That's right, Harry. I said, my partner. Good.
I knew I could count on you.
Hey, give Bernie a call at the sheriff's office,
will ya? The more the merrier.
You've been online
for some of this stuff.
These are the only copies.
The hard drive has been erased.
- I'll verify that.
- Thank you, Captain.
- Hey, Tina.
- Hmm. What's this?
Uh, Narcotics is shorthanded.
We got some crack house bust tonight.
Whew. Place must be
a damn fortress.
- Grenade launchers? Sniper scopes? Oh, man.
- Armor-piercing.
You're lucky.
I just got some in.
- Hard drive's clean.
- We'll take the giant into custody now, Captain.
- An armored car is on its way. - I think he
should be checked by Dr. Frankel. He seems-
That's all, Detective.
You can go.
Agnes? Matt Sikes. Isn't it about time
for another graduation? I thought so.
Listen, I was hoping you'd be up
for a little tactical exercise...
before you send 'em
into the field.
Great. I'll call back in an hour with details.
And believe me, I appreciate your help.
This looks like a very dangerous
assignment, Sergeant.
Only for
the wrong people, Albert.
The armored car is here.
- You guys don't want to carry these down?
- Certainly. Albert?
- Zapeda! Where's the damn giant?
- I don't know. I thought he was transferred to federal custody.
We were pulled from the case. The government
was coming for him, trying to get the child.
- Matt and I thought that-
- Matt doesn't think at all.
Listening to him could cost you your job
and put you in a jail cell.
Don't give up on him, Cathy.
I put everyone I hold dear in his hands.
- He has only one heart, George.
- Like the child.
She's not a child.
Her D.N.A. Was very peculiar,
so I ran a femur X-ray.
- She's a 30-year-old woman.
- What?
The girl is 30 years old.
Then she would have
been on the ship.
But what about
her development?
I ran a cell comp on both the child
and the giant.
- L-I reran the test. I couldn't believe it myself.
- What? Believe what?
They're twins, George-
identical twins.
- Well, they can't be twins, let alone identical.
- Look, genetically identical.
They are two halves
of the same organism.
Albert's visions. They must both be
from Special Section.
Chorboke's... work.
Tivoli's daughter said that they were
trying to create pure intellect.
Tivoli must have been
carrying on Chorboke's experiments...
trying to separate
one being into two.
The child must be the other half
ofTivoli's experiment.
The ultimate brain
and the ultimate slave.
He didn't speak until
he was holding her hand yesterday.
She thinks for him, he moves for her-
each incomplete without the other.
And the tragedy is,
they're both failing.
They're dying, George.
I think it's because they're apart.
It's like Albert said.
They need each other.
They are each other.
They share the same soul.
I'm going to get him stabilized,
and then I am going to bring her here.
- I have got to get them together.
- Yes.
I've got to make sure
my family is safe.
Halt! Get-
It's okay. It's okay.
He's Detective Francisco.
Welcome home,
Go around the back
and move the light back there.
- Hey, Dave, check the east window, huh?
- You got it.
Hey, Buck.
Thank you
for all this, Matt.
Ah, no big deal.
Everybody likes your dad.
You set it up. Any Tenctonese
can't count on a human that way.
He'd be there for them too. George is
a hell of a cop. That's all they see.
Buck, the other day-what'd I do wrong...
other than being human?
Well, that was it actually.
- Bein' a human?
- And hitting on Cathy.
- Ready to bag a Newcomer, huh?
- Hey, I care about Cathy. Isn't just about sex. Honest.
- She's better than that.
- Yes, she is.
Do you understand
the consequences?
What do you mean?
If there is such thing
as a hybrid...
it could mean the extinction
of my species.
That would be a great tragedy.
I would offer you some sour milk,
but I know you're on duty.
Cherboucha, huh?
Ah, if it 86'ed the terrible twos
and potty training, I'd go for it.
- In fact, I'd like to see my ex-husband in one-
- Dad!
- Hello, sweetheart.
- Where's your mother?
- In the kitchen.
- Susan.
- Nemo.
I put you
and the children at such terrible risk.
Not so terrible, George.
Look around.
- I would die before I would let anyone hurt this family.
- George, we're all right.
But this man- this man
who made the threats- he's evil.
He protects Overseers.
We might be two people,
but we share our souls.
Matt and I have to leave.
I know.
- E.R. Stat. He's unconscious.
- What happened?
- What happened?
- I don't know.
The child is missing.
What? Bomb squad? It says-
Fourth floor, first bomb threat. Better activate
the elevator. Looks like we beat the truck.
- I didn't get a call.
- What's a good bomb threat without a victim?
- We've got five minutes for search and deactivation.
- Dang.
Take the second car
on the left.
Nice office. Wood paneling.
If this exec isn't online, I don't know who is.
"Vesant. Assistant medical
supervisor, Special Section.
- Status: Deceased. "
- When the ship crashed.
Yeah. Positive identification.
"Tivoli Adrian. Slave, 'L' Section.
Interrogated by C.I.A.
Status: Released
into general population 1993."
"Benson, Roger. C.I.A. Covert
operations, agent in charge.
"Newcomer investigation unit
for Overseer prosecution.
Status: Retired from agency 1993.
Reference OPSI L."
Our little bomb is due
to go off any minute now.
George, what about Dextra? Maybe they
haven't had enough time to bury it all.
Ah, that's it. We'll never find
Benson and the child.
E- mail, George.
Check the e-mail.
"B.N.A., Los Angeles
to Washington.
Requesting authorization for disposal
of documentation referencing Tivoli. "
Sent the day after
she was murdered.
Maybe they haven't
shredded 'em yet.
Over here, George.
"Tivoli. "
Ah, just a small device.
- You probably didn't even hear it.
- It went off?
Minor damage,
a few file cabinets.
It means "Operation Silence"
and for good reason.
Your government wanted first call on
all Newcomer scientists, Overseers or not.
- Special Section or not.
- Overseers who should have gone to prison-
They were given death certificates,
new identities, backgrounds...
courtesy of Benson
and the C.I.A.
Then he drops out of sight for a while,
comes back, quits the C.I. A...
starts up his own private
management company...
and places Overseer scientists
in important jobs.
Well, why didn't the C.I.A.
Blow the whistle on him?
And admit they let these
war criminals get away?
Not to mention the fact that some of them
are probably still working for the government.
It's a hell of a conspiracy, George,
but with those files, we can put 'em all away.
Yes. But that won't help
the giant and the child.
Agnes, bring your girls
over here, please.
Can you turn those lights around so
they're facing the street not the house?
Okay, can we get the dogs
over here, please?
Cathy called. The child's been kidnapped,
George, and you and Sikes are in big trouble.
Grazer's on his way over here.
You've both been suspended.
- What about the house?
- Nobody's budgin' from here.
- Do you still have the flight logs on the, uh, Dextra chopper?
- Sure.
All right. Well, go back a year, um,
anytime Tivoli was a passenger.
Look for a place, probably,
um, out-of-the-way-
work it against F.A.A. Air traffic control
tapes covering those flights.
Zap, I need a location.
All right. Come on back.
Lookin' good.
Mr. Turner, generals, this tank will serve
as our simulated target.
What we're going to demonstrate tonight
is a multirange delivery system...
more powerful than
a neutron ballistics missile.
We have the patents
and the technology to offer...
a wide range of advanced, first-strike
or quick-response systems...
far superior to the current Minotaur
and '80s programs.
But we're not here to sell slogans, just power.
Activate the systems, please.
Power up on quadrant four.
I'm very disappointed in Francisco.
Him, his family- do it now.
Do you think Tivoli kept
the giant and the child a secret?
Yes. And when they got away,
she was forced to tell.
Tivoli must have been
in a panic.
And Benson had her killed
to protect OPSI L.
And the rest of the Overseer scientists
he's got under contract somewhere.
But how many and where?
And what are they up to?
- Any better?
- No. Any word where the child might be?
Zapeda's working on it.
- Uh, Cathy? Cathy-
- Not now, Matt.
Please. I was wrong. Y-You gotta
give me a second chance.
- This is not the time to discuss this.
- I know. I know...
but I had to say it before I chickened out.
Yeah. Sikes.
Yeah, go, Zap.
Tivoli used the Dextra chopper
at least once a month.
She cleared the local
air force base each time.
- Landed once at Victorville for a repair.
- Okay. Western Mojave.
- Not much between Victorville and Twentynine Palms.
- They'd have to have power.
- Legitimate or a tap-in?
- Benson wouldn't risk a tap.
There are lines out of Barstow, um, running
clear up to, uh, Granite Mountains.
- Go for it.
- You got it.
Yeah, check this one rollin'up.
Hold it right there.
Hold it.
Are we lost?
- Zapeda, are you
listening to this man?
We want Francisco
and the giant.
They're not here. This is a private party.
You're gonna have to leave.
Call off that dog! Zapeda, you're gonna
be so fired it isn't funny.
Captain, I'm here
on my own time. We all are.
- Fine. I can get a search warrant.
- Get it. I'll give you a tour.
Oh, hey, listen.
You wanna take a pizza order?
Good dog. Good dog.
- I don't see a thing.
- There.
This is
a surprise party.
- There's the palace guard.
- We just gotta get through this fence.
Like that?
- Hey, wonder if I could take this
for a little test drive?
I love my job.
He seems to know
where he's going.
He's getting weaker.
He's got her.
George? George,
what's the matter?
- This air lock.
- It can't be.
I've got an unauthorized
entry into Complex 9.
I never thought I'd see this again.
- What are you talking about?
- This is a section of the slave ship.
They told us none of this survived.
This is Special Section.
Oh, no.
Is she dead?
Now what?
Surround and search Complex 9.
There's not anything
I can do for her.
Come on. Let's get outta here.
Matt, they're coming.
- George, quick, the other way!
- Hurry!
I don't know where this leads.
No time to be choosy,
George. Go!
Keep moving.
You there, halt!
Get that door open!
Hurry up!
Come on!
- The commander ship's shuttle.
- I don't know where this will take us.
Still not fussy.
This is crazy, George. It's like we're
still on the ship. Those awful battles.
Space cannons- on Earth they'd be a hundred
times more dangerous than nuclear warheads.
- It's a firing order. Find a way out!
- George, wait!
- No, you don't!
- George, please!
Thousands of our people disappeared in
Special Section. You must save those two.
Come on!
Come on.
- Who is that?
- Can you believe that?
What happened here?
What's going on?
Systems report a malfunction.
- We have firing chamber disintegration.
- Everyone stay calm.
- Systems report irreversible
chain reaction in weapons core.
Evacuate immediately.
- Evacuate immediately.
- There seems to be some sort of sabotaging.
We'll have to do this another day.
Find out what went wrong.
I said find out what went wrong!
Come back here!
You, come back!
I want this weapon saved!
Systems report the core
is fully corrupted.
- Two minutes to failure and uncontrolled implosion.
- Benson!
You did this.
Ninety seconds to failure.
You can't have two hearts.
Not if I was human.
Seventy-five seconds to failure.
Sixty seconds to failure.
It's too bad Vesant disobeyed orders
and didn't destroy her work.
She was my best surgeon-
as you've doubtless noticed...
by seeing my new face!
- Benson served his purpose.
His likeness serves mine!
Thirty seconds to failure.
Matt, hurry!
- George, you all right?
- I'm all right. Go. Run!
Come on, George!
My neck! I can't move.
Twenty seconds to failure.
- Hurry up!
- Let's get out ofhere!
- Go!
- Come on. Hurry.
Ten, nine-
Eight, seven, six...
five, four, three,
two, one.
It's completely gone. There-
There's nothin' left standing.
- You can't take them back.
- We can clear him of theJones murder.
But after we blow the whistle on OPSI L,
who's gonna decide what to do with them?
The same people that allowed this
to happen in the first place.
There's nothin'out there
but wilderness.
See ya.
I don't give them
much of a chance.
The spirits of those who perished-
they give them a chance.
Debbie Degner
and Philip Dirt.
Debbie, there you go. Just great.
Oh, Debbie, wonderful.
Joseph Graham
and Walt Whitman!
Hey, thank you.
Cathy Frankel and Matthew Sikes.
Cathy, Matthew,
Oh, I'm so happy for you.
You are so beautiful.
Cathy, I love you.