Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1994) Movie Script

[P. A... Female Speaking
In Tenctonese]
[P. A... Male Speaking
In Tenctonese]
[P. A... Female Continues
In Tenctonese]
[Speaking Tenctonese]
- [Grunting]
- [Shouting]
[Female Reporter]
This is not a hoax.
[Reporters Voices
[Male Reporter]
We are live-
California's Mojave Desert, five years ago-
our historic first view
of the alien ship Gruza.
Theirs was a slave ship...
carrying a quarter-million Tenctonese bred
to adapt and labor in any environment.
Physically stronger than human beings,
with keener senses and two hearts...
these alien Newcomers have joined
the California workforce...
the L.A. Police Department.
They've been
welcomed by many...
- but feared and hated by so-called Purists.
- [Shouting]
With no way to leave Earth, the Tenctonese
Newcomers have become the latest edition...
to the population
of Los Angeles.
[Radio: Female
Speaking Tenctonese]
[Radio. Female Continues
In Tenctonese]
- I want something that smells good.
- How about these roses?
- No, no. It has to be alive.
- For a Newcomer?
Hey, what do you got?
These daffodils are nice.
And you can plant the bulbs.
- Fine.
- Excuse me.
Kermit, could you
put a bow around these?
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I don't want a slag touching my stuff.
Mom, they're so cool!
You didn't see them.
Everybody's got 'em.
I don't care, Em.
Jill's got a pair.
Forget it!
I'm not buying you those boots.
- [Cooing]
- I'm not paying $300 for a pair of boots.
I'll pay half!
[Engine Off]
- [Beeps]
- Hi, Meemoo. It's George.
It's 4:30.
I'll be leaving in about an hour.
I'll pick up some bladder
and ligaments for dinner.
- Bladder again?
- [Beeps]
Going to the gym.
Might be late. Bye.
- [Doorbell Rings]
- [Female Computer Voice] Visitor, front door.
For a, uh,
Detective Francisco?
That's my husband.
Please sign here.
Vessna's asleep.
I'm gonna watch TV.
There you go.
Thank you.
Who sent flowers to Dad?
Let your father
open that!
- [Inhales]
- [Inhales]
The police said
to stay back!
[Radio. Police Dispatcher,
Got it.
[Vessna Crying]
Detective, can you tell us
what caused the illness?
Detective Francisco, we understand
the flowers were sent to you.
- Do you have any idea who sent them?
- Leave us alone!
- Detectivel
- [Second Reporter] What's the prognosis?
do you have a comment?
Any comments?
- Detective Francisco!
- [Vessna Continues Crying]
Can you tell us
what exactly happened?
[Radio. Police Dispatcher,
What the hell happened here?
Two-seventeen, Captain.
Looks like Susan and Emily were poisoned.
When I got home,
Emily was still conscious.
She said a delivery man brought flowers
to the house, and when she smelled themm-
I'm so sorry.
- Was the delivery man Newcomer or human?
- Human.
A neighbor saw him leave.
He didn't seem to be suffering any ill effects.
Get away from there!
All right.
Until we know
what we are dealing with...
I want to keep all Newcomer personnel
away from the scene of the crime.
Put Emily and Susan
in full isolation.
- [Vessna Crying]
- Come on, George.
You and your son ride with me
to the hospital.
[Officer On Bullhorn]
Clear the areal Please stay backl
- [Slams]
- [Chuckles]
[Water Running]
[Water Off]
[Knocking On Door]
I'm late.
I just got home.
There was this anti-Malathion
the killer bee thing.
The steaks are frozenm-
Sorry, Lorraine. Come in. Come in.
They detailed George
to the mayor's office...
so I'm stuck out there
without my partner...
surrounded by a bunch of snarling
environmentalist wackos.
These people got no respect
for human life.
I like the look.
Oh, uh, I was just gonna
hop into the shower.
Look, have a seat.
I got some potato chips
There's beer in the fridge.
Give me two minutes.
You forgot
to say hello.
Oh. [Chuckles]
I, uhm- I'd better
get in the shower.
- [Knocking On Door]
- Mattl
- [Knocking Continues]
- Mattl
Where's Matt?
Who's that
at the door?
Uh, Lorraine and I were just
gonna have a little bite.
I got a call from the hospital. Susan and Emily
were just taken to Intensive Care.
- What?
- They were purposely infected
with some kind of virus.
I'll get my shirt.
- Ms. Bryant.
- Marc.
Miss Bryant.
Marc tells me you're the one who sent
the flowers to the Newcomer family.
You took
some of our virus...
and contaminated
the flowers?
You see, Miss Bryant,
it was that slag cop Francisco.
He busted Lonnie, my brother,
for working in a chop shop.
Lonnie pulled six years.
Six years!
I had to do somethin'. Right?
Tom, the police now know
the virus exists.
What if they're able to come up with some
kind of antidote before we're ready?
Don't you understand?
Everything we've
worked so hard for...
all our hopes of the Earth
restored to human beings...
of a future freed
of the alien parasite...
everything is jeopardized
because of your selfish act.
I'm really sorry.
I'm just heartsick
about this.
Oh, no.
[Body Falls]
When we landed here, we thought
this planet would be our salvation.
- Someone has developed this virus to kill us.
- You don't know that.
The human delivery man
wasn't affected.
In the five years
we have been on Earth...
there has never been a virus that was
exclusively harmful to Newcomers.
Suddenly this one appears
as part of a murder attempt.
It had to come
from a laboratory.
Emily and Susan
are gonna be all right. You'll see.
A falling star.
That's good luck, huh?
- [Overlapping Voices]
- [Man] Rookie Tenctonese sensationm-
- Manual transmissionm-
- [Woman Speaking Spanish]
[Woman, Man
Speaking Foreign Language]
[Overlapping Voices
They're in a secure area.
Show 'em your badge.
[Woman On P.A.]
Nurse Hughes, report to E.R.
Nurse Hughes, report to-
how are they?
The doctor's
in with them now.
Those flowers
were meant for me.
Mr. Francisco, we've got them both
on life support.
The intensive ultraviolet and nitrogen
are keeping your wife and daughter stable.
- But their condition is still critical.
- Can we go inside?
- If it's a virus, it must be contagious.
- We're not sure.
It seems through normal contact one doesn't
pick up enough of the virus to become ill.
Susan and Emily must have aspirated
a massive quantity.
You may go in if you observe
strict infectious procedure.
- But don't take the baby.
- Dad.
George, if there's
anything I can dom-
[Vessna Crying]
[Speaking Tenctonese]
We've set up a lab
to study the virus.
I've got to get to work.
##[Radio. Piano]
[Radio. Static,
Frequencies Tuning]
[Engine Off]
What are you doing here?
Who you got
back there?
Hey. Slag.
- [Inhales]
- I asked you a question.
Let go!
Put me down!
- [Blows Landing]
- [Man Groaning]
your prisoner's here.
Thanks, Zap.
- Sikes.
- Elliot. You lost weight.
What's the matter?
You don't like the food at Chino?
Where the hell's my lawyer?
What'd you bring me here for?
I'm waitin' transport on this yo-yo.
Can I leave him here?
More the merrier!
Tell me, Elliot, what's new
on the Purist grapevine?
Does that
have to be in here?
You're not ashamed
of being a Purist.
- Purist?
- Oh, yeah.
Elliot here once burned
a Newcomer family out of Glendale.
- Sikes.
- [Speaks Tenctonese]
Elliot'll kick your ass.
What do you know about a virus
that affects Newcomers?
I don't know a thing.
He says after he kicks your ass,
he's going after your mother.
Back off!
Back off!
Sorry, Sikes.
We'll ship him off to Chino.
Well, Elliot's going back.
Put 'em in the paddy wagon
You can't do that.
You can't do that!
- Oh, yeah.
- [Growling]
All right. All right!
Come on, Moe.
Let's go. Come on.
Word is, one of the Purist groups
created this virus.
- Which one? Where are they?
- I don't know.
But they're gonna make enough
to soak L.A.
##[Boom Box. Reggae]
I see that I've failed to reach most of you
with the lesson I was given to teach.
- I thought, when I was a young man...
- [Repeating Lines]
I would conquer the world
with the truth.
New Menu tonight.
New Menu tonight.
- [Man On TV] Only a few of them heard.
- [Sustained Beeping Tone]
##[Boom Box.
Reggae Continues]
[Squeaking, Squawking]
[Sustained Tone]
No. Give me that.
Give me that.
- [Speaking Tenctonese]
- I was only doing my job. I never hurt anyone.
Your Excellency.
Where are other Overseers?
I don't know.
You came to get the slaves?
They'll all be dead.
The Purists,
they have a virus.
- Purists?
- They hate us.
They're going to kill us
with that virus. All of us.
Only two are sick.
[Female Newcomer]
One liver shake with bone.
- You want spleen with that? It's only a dollar more.
- No.
No? All right.
Come on.
That's my car!
Get the hell out of my car.
What are you doing?
- [Groans]
- [Engine Starts]
Newcomer activists charge this virus...
was created
by radical Purists...
for use against
the Newcomer community.
In other local news, the Department
of Food and Agriculture said...
that despite protests
from environmental groups...
the agency will renew
Malathion spraying...
in an effort to stop
the latest wave ofkiller bees.
- Can you believe it?
- Don't worry. We'll get 'em.
- Who?
- The Purists.
I'm talking about
the Malathion.
It's hell
on the patio furniture.
Patio furniture.
[Door Unlocks]
You got a pass?
Uh, where's
Detective Francisco?
He's in with his wife.
It'll be just a moment.
We're intubating
her droonal flanges.
Droonal flanges.
[Chicken Clucking]
what are you doing?
- These are for Susan and Emily.
- [Laughing]
- You can't bring a chicken in here.
- Why not?
You can't bring an animal
into a hospital.
But we're animals.
Al, we're animals,
but we're human.
I'm human, you're a Newcomer.
This is an animal animal.
Susan and Emily need it.
They need the life force of many nahooma-
many souls like these.
Oh, Albert,
look what you've brought.
I tried to tell him
he couldn'tm-
That's very therapeutic, Albert.
Thank you very much.
Oh, and Matt,
you broughtm- Oh.
What's the matter?
You don't like snapdragons?
They're cut off from the plant.
Their souls are gone.
Tenctonese believe dying flowers
aren't good for the sick.
But I'm sure Emily and Susan
would want to see you. Please.
- Oh, Albert, uh, get a mask.
- [Clucking Continues]
They're getting worse.
Is there anything you want?
- Visahooli.
- [Sikes] I'll get it.
Uh, what's
a visahooli?
- A song. She wants us to sing her a song.
- Sing.
I don't know
any Tenctonese songs.
No, her favorite is "San Jose."
She loves Dionne Warwick.
George, I-I can't
carry a tune.
- How about Albert?
- I'm sorry. I don't know that one.
George, I can't sing.
Oh. All right.
[Kitten Meows]
## [Singing]
## [Singing Along]
## [Ends]
What kind of a problem?
Is it the virus?
Like I said, it's technical.
They'll have to explain.
[All Shouting]
Happy birthday, Ms. Bryant!
- [All Laughing]
- Oh!
You had me so scared.
This is so sweet of you.
Thank you, all of you.
You know
what I'm wishing.
Oh! Here goes my diet.
Your wish is about to come true,
Ms. Bryant.
We have the best
birthday gift possible.
They found a way to replicate the virus
twice as quickly.
- We'll be ready to spray in two days.
- That is wonderful.
What about the Franciscos?
I understand they're still alive.
That's only because
they're still on life support.
- You can't put 250,000 slags on life support.
- [Scattered Laughter]
By Friday
they'll all be dead.
Who wants the flower?
- Me! I do!
- [Laughing, Chattering]
Can I help you?
Look, um, you've been
hanging around here all day.
Good night,
Dr. Frankel.
Good night.
- Just what do you want?
- Excuse me.
[Vessna Fusses]
Hi. Your dad call? He wanted me
to pick up a few things.
- There.
- Okay.
anything you need?
Did I
do something wrong?
You're human.
Not according
to my ex-wife.
- Okay. Anything else?
- Dad wanted those serdsos.
One's Emily's,
the other's Mom's.
Vessels of our souls.
We keep them
next to our bed at night.
We believe that our souls
wander while we sleep.
At dawn, our souls return to us
through the serdso.
Okay. Better get this stuff
to the hospital.
[Vessna Cooing]
Uh, May, do you have
any liver chips?
- Morning, May.
- Right here.
May, has anyone ever told you
you have beautiful knuckles?
Thanks. So do you.
May, if anything
should happen to usm-
- I mean, you know, this virusm-
- Nothing's going to happen.
But if it does,
I want you to know lm- Im-
I love you.
There's no toilet paper
in the men's room.
I knew I forgot something.
If you can't
do anything else right...
at least keep the john
properly stocked.
Captain Grazer's
under a lot of pressure.
He shouldn't speak to you
like that.
Yeah, I, uhm- I should probably
get back to work.
I love you too.
- Hey, Albert.
- Hi.
what are you doing here?
- I'm a police officer, aren't I?
- Yeah, butm-
I can't just sit around that hospital
with Moby Dick in my hand.
- Well, whatever.
- [Beeps]
Matt, I need to do something.
Sure, George.
It would take very expensive, sophisticated
equipment to synthesize a viral agent.
I'm tracing invoices from laboratory supply
houses over the last year and a half.
Sounds good. I was talking to Sgt. Tran
at the Purist unit.
He sent over
some surveillance photos.
All the usual suspects,
except this guy.
I've never seen him before.
Hey, Zap, you recognize this guy
with Bryant?
Run a make, will ya?
Cross-reference it with the F.B.I.
Photo library, D.M. V...
county, citym- any place that uses
picture I.D.
You got it.
Any luck?
I've tried
Zynomine, Plaetine...
a whole range
of antiviral drugs.
Nothing seems to work.
Cathy, uh, I know what you must have thought
when you saw me with Lorraine.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
I have to find
a monoclonal antibody.
I know we've been,
well, kinda seeing each other...
but still,
we keep having problems.
I just thought,
I don't know...
it might be better if I started going out
with a human woman.
does any of that
matter now?
- What'd he say?
- He was afraid I was an Overseer.
Ah, my English
is not good.
But I want
to help youm-
I am doctor.
He says he worked
in the ship's infirmary.
Thanks for the offer,
but this isn't the candy stripers.
- You don't just walk in here and volunteer, pal.
- Wait.
He knows
his physiology.
Well, then, he should know where his butt is,
which I'm kicking out of here.
- [Phone Rings]
- Dr. Frankel.
I'll be right there.
- Emily's condition has deteriorated.
- Let me see her.
- No!
- Doctorm-
You're not going onto that ward!
We don't know this guy.
- What is it?
- Her temperature's still rising.
I've given her holodka,
but it hasn't helped...
so I'm putting
an ice wrap on her.
Let's double it up.
Uh, George,
I don't know how to say this...
but if Emily
was my daughter...
I'd sorta want to
bring in a priest.
- So she can go to heaven?
- Wellm-
Matt, I appreciate
the thought...
but we don't believe priests have anything
to do with where we go after death.
Oh, uh, Mattm-
George. Matt.
I need to get a vase
for these.
I made the same mistake.
See, flowers are pretty,
but they're, uh, dying.
It's a Newcomer thing.
I'm afraid this isn't
a very good time for visitors.
- Why don't you two go get something to eat?
- Okay. Come with us.
No, I'm not hungry.
You go.
Julie, get me another ice wrap
for her feet.
[Woman On P.A.]
Nurse Hughes, report to E.R.
Nurse Hughes,
report to the E.R.
- Hey. You okay?
- Yeah.
Tried to get George
to bring in a priest.
Emily might die tonight.
You're Catholic.
You understand.
Are you worried
about her soul?
Matt, we don't even know
if they have souls.
What are you talking about?
There's nothing in the Bible
about Newcomers.
Christ came to us
as a man.
He died for human beings.
- What are you saying? They're not in the club?
- No, lm-
I'm sure God has a plan
for the Newcomers.
But it isn't
the same as ours.
Oh, man.
- [Sighs]
- Matt, whatm-
I gotta get back
to George.
- [Gasping]
- Emily! Emily!
- Cathy!
- Emily? George! George, what's wrong?
[Gasping Continues]
What is it?
What's happening?
- [Sikes] George?
- No.
Both hearts.
All normal.
I'm thirsty.
[Kitten Meowing]
If Emily's getting better,
why hasn't Susan?
I'm going back to the lab.
- [Repeats Word In Tenctonese]
- I brought you these.
- Where did you get all this?
- I keep it from the sh-ship since the crash.
I... stole it...
from the ship.
Will it help you?
Yes. Oh, yes.
Now we can
together work.
- Uhm-
- You do not trust me.
I am different.
- Yes.
- Because I am alone...
in the desert
since the crash.
Five years
you were in the desert?
I hide from Overseers.
I... am afraid.
All that time, you never knew
we were free.
What's this?
That's odd.
Many of us developed a rash like this
when we landed on Earth...
from the salt air.
Why would you get it
after five years?
I know. The air in Los Angeles is more saline
than the desert. We're closer to the ocean.
You must be
reacting to it.
I'll get you
some ointment.
Watch my finger.
Is there pain?
- Here?
- [Giggles] No. It tickles.
It tickles.
Ah. Tickles.
Your chest looks fine, Em.
Both hearts
are in phase.
- My back's sore.
- Mmm.
- Her mata gland.
- It is a little swollen.
It's probably
from the fever.
To your room
I'll take you.
I wanna see Mom.
I'm really worried about her.
Of your father
you must be very proud.
The police fight
the Overseers, yes?
No. They don't let them
do that here.
- But he must know who they are, where they are.
- A lot of'em, yeah.
- Hi, Matt.
- Hey, puddin'.
- Brought you something.
- Jelly vials!
- You brush your teeth now.
- I will. Thanks, Matt.
I'm going to see Mom.
Well, look who
joined the staff.
I am helping Cathy.
What a sport.
I think you and Cathy
are good friends.
I think that's
none of your business.
Plants, all the animals-
nothing helps.
Why aren't there more
Newcomer doctors on this staff?
George! George.
Cathy says you've been
a great deal of help. Thank you.
Anything on the case?
Medical supply company
outfitted a warehouse...
with the latest biological
engineering equipment.
Bogus corporation, but the vendor gave us
a positive I.D. On the buyerm-
a Phyllis Bryant.
- Ms. Purist.
- [Phone Rings]
- Sikes.
- We got a make on that guy with Bryant.
Marc Guerin.
He's clean.
- No arrest, no priors, no previous Purist activity.
- That's it?
He's a government employee.
Flies choppers for Food and Agriculture.
- Food and Agriculture?
- They're spraying Malathion tonight.
They can cover the city
with that virus.
Call the airport.
Ground those choppers.
- I'm just a few minutes from the airfield.
Meet me there.
- I'm going with you.
- I too.
- What?
- I am udara.
- Udara?
- He's what?
- LikeJapanese samurai.
Among the slaves they were the elitem-
a secret group of warriors.
Right. First, he's Albert Schweitzer,
now he's Steven Seagal.
- If he is udara, it can't hurt to take him with us.
- He's not a cop.
This is our battle.
We fight to save the Tenctonese.
- He has skills we could use.
- Are you nuts?
I'm not worried about regulations.
Our survival is at stake.
[George Speaks Tenctonese]
[Helicopter Passes Overhead]
Someday, Marc, when the world
comes to its senses...
humankind will honor
what you're about to do.
God be with you.
This oughta take care
of those slags.
Keep your voice down.
Hey, Marc.
What are they doing?
They're just adjusting
some canister fittings. What's up?
The flight's been scrubbed.
You and Hank aren't going up tonight.
- Why not?
- I don't know. It came from L.A.P.D.
Okay by me,
as long as we get paid.
- What say we get a drink?
- You read my mind.
Go over to Casey's and get us a table.
I'll just be a minute.
You got it.
Let's do it.
- [Sirens Wailing]
- We got trouble.
Get outta here, guysl Gol Come onl
Let's get outta herel
- [Sirens Continue Wailing]
- Come on! Go! Go! Go!
Police! Halt!
No! No!
[Grunting Continues]
- George!
- [Groans]
[Instruments Beeping]
- [Beeping Continues]
- [Instruments Continue Beeping]
- Get down!
- [Beeping Continues]
- We did it.
- It's gonna be okay, George.
We'll get you
to the hospital.
- [Doctor] He's failing faster than Susan.
- Why? What's different?
The only thing
I can think of is, he is a male.
Could that have
anything to do with it?
Something in
the female immune system.
Then how come Emily recovered
and Susan hasn't?
- Treatment was identical.
- Perhaps her age.
Emily is 13.
- Emily just turned 13.
- The swollen mata gland.
We need
female Newcomer blood.
Ten units at least.
- We can use your isolator.
- What? What is it?
We have to extract
female hormone.
Why? What for?
- The antibody must be what cured Emily.
- But Susan's a female.
Yes, but she's at the end of her cycle,
so she doesn't have enough.
- Emily's in neestas.
- She just released a tremendous
amount of this hormone.
- Neestas?
- Puberty, Matt. Emily's going through puberty.
Ten c.c.'s.
I brought his serdso.
- [Monitor Beeping]
- [Gasping]
Susan's responding.
[Gasping, Moaning]
[Vessna Fussing]
[George Yelling, Groaning]
[Vessna Crying]
- [Gasping, Groaning Continue]
- [Crying Intensifies]
[Groaning Slackens]
[Shallow, Calm Breathing]
[Crying Continues]
Mom? Mom!
- Mom?
- Yes! Oh!
- Mom? I'm so glad you're okay.
- Hi, Em.
I'm gonna see Dad.
You okay?
You were great tonight.
I'm so tired. I feel like I've been
on my feet for a week.
You know, Cathy...
I thought you and me
could never work out.
I thought the differences between us
just wouldn't let it.
I was wrong.
I realize that now.
Maybe we can
try it again.
[Frequencies Tuning]
[Speaking Tenctonese]
[Mutters In Tenctonese]
How did you survive
in the desert for five years?
I was a slave
on the mining colony in Yderon.
This Earth desert
didn't seem so bad.
Are those our leaders?
I see their picture everywhere.
- It's just an ad for spot cream.
- "Ad"?
To make you want something
so you'll go out and buy it.
But we know what we want,
what we need.
Well, it's part of human culture.
We've had to adapt.
Actually, advertising
is how I make my living.
George! Susan!
You should both be in wheelchairs.
- We're fine, really. Yes.
- Strong as a lox.
All right. I want you both
to eat a lot of cartilage and fresh lung...
- to get your strength back.
- Excuse me.
Tell me, why do you choose
to live among them? With the humans?
Well, we don't have much choice.
Not all humans are our enemies.
You'll see. This is a very good place to live.
Tell me, how many humans
are there on this planet?
- Six billion.
- Really? Hmm.
- [Horn Honks]
- [Sikes] Hey.
Buck and I got
the house all cleaned up.
There's tripe in the fridge
and a gallon of old milk in the oven.
Thank you, Matt.
- Maybe we could work together again.
- I'd like that.
everybody back to work!
- Will you teach me about this world?
- Of course.
Hey, where's he going?
Oh, Ahpossno is staying with us
until he gets settled.
Whoa. Whoa!
Trust me, George. He's not kosher.
He's notJewish.
What does that have to do with anything?
What I mean is there's something
not right about him.
He just needs a little socialization.
Let him go to the Bureau of Newcomer Affairs.
That's what they're there for.
Matt, Ahpossno's a friend.
He's proved that.
- George, Susan, thank God!
- Penny!
I was so worried.
Oh, we're fine, really.
If there's anything I can do,
anything at allm-
Thank you.
Um, I'll call you later.
- Nice, isn't it?
- Mmm.
[Door Opens]
This is yours?
Like they say, the bank owns most of it,
but, uh, yes.
- [Horn Honks]
- Matt's waiting. I have to get to work.
Show him the trash compactor.
I bet he's never seen anything like that.
Friend, our home
is your home.
- [Horn Honks]
- Oh.
You don't like it much,
do you?
I suppose it's very human.
Yes, I suppose it is.
Here, lady.
This way.
I wouldn't let Ahpossno
in my house, George.
Well, look who's checkin'
into Heartbreak Hotel.
Give her the Lizzie Borden suite.
A lovely view of the cinder block wall.
You know, Detective,
it's a finite world.
Whatever they takem-water, food, jobsm-
there's that much less for us.
Yeah, Phyllis,
sing me the blues.
It's your children
and your grandchildren...
who will pay
for what you've done!
- Say good night, Phyllis.
- George. Detective Sikes.
Congratulate me.
May just asked me
to marry her.
Congratulations, Albert!
He'll make you
a wonderful husband.
And he's a handsome fellow.
A hot tamale. A real creamboat.
Albert, my shirts!
You brought them
from the cleaners on a hanger.
I like them folded in a box.
What goes on up there?
I'll get right on it. Oh.
There's toilet paper
in the bathroom, Captain.
And I wrote your name on it
so that no one else can use it.
- Gonna be very hard for me to resist.
- Shut up, Sikes.
- You, back to the hospital.
- Captain, I feel fine.
- Top-tip. In the red.
- Pink.
- However.
- [Scoffs] It's not a checkup.
- You got a homicide.
- [George] Homicide?
"Newcomer victim found in his car...
in the hospital parking lot."
George, what about
that gizmo he had?
That thing he brought the chopper
down with? Where did he get that?
You're obsessing on Ahpossno.
Once you know him better, you'll like him.
- Come over tonight. Have dinner with us.
- Pass.
- Cathy's coming.
- I'll be there.
Lois! Whoo!
Take that one out of the oven.
It's done.
Sikes. George,
glad to see you up and about.
Thank you.
What do we have?
Newcomer, male.
His name's Kenny Bunkport, 35 years old.
He's been dead about three days.
Killed by a single axillary blow.
- To the armpit.
- I know what "axillary" is.
What was the murder weapon,
a can of Right Guard? [Laughs]
Somebody's fist,
and that somebody was strong.
Yeah, I know it hurts you guys like getting
whacked in the gooneys, but fatal?
The Tenctonese axilla is
comparable to the human temple.
Theoretically, a blow could be lethal.
- What?
- It would take uncommon precision.
- [Cooing]
- Oh, yeah. Uh-huh.
- I don't know why I didn't redecorate sooner.
- ##[Tenctonese]
We surround ourselves
with everything human...
and yet we have such
a rich culture of our own.
Oh, Buck, you'd better
give Vessna her bath.
- It's getting late.
- Let me.
- [Crying]
She's probably scared
from everything.
I'll take her.
[Crying Stops]
Maybe after dinner
you can tell me more about Yderon.
He killed four Overseers
with his bare hands.
Susan, look who's
joining us for dinner.
Oh, Matt, hi.
Susan, what have you done?
I'm making this a Tenctonese home, George.
Ahpossno inspired me.
Doctor, ninja
and interior decorator.
Excuse me.
What we've been throughm-
almost dyingm-
George, it's made me
reevaluate my life.
It's time for some changes
in my home, in my job.
- What?
- I gave notice.
You know, Ahpossno was right
about advertising.
- That Ahpossno.
- Susan, don't I have a say in all this?
You know,
that's another thing.
We've fallen into this human habit
of you making too many decisions...
when you know perfectly well
that in traditional Tenctonese society...
- women made all of them.
- [Chuckles]
- Susanm-
- Ahpossno said...
that in Tundash villages,
men did nothing...
but bear children
and gather roots, George.
Is there something in the kitchen I can do?
Rinse some membranes?
Susan, we've made plans
based on two incomes.
The U.V. Room, the trampoline,
the Winnebago.
we don't need things.
We need identity.
- [Doorbell Rings]
- I'll get it.
- [Computer Voice] Visitor at the front door.
- ##[Flute]
- Cathy, what a surprise.
- Hello, Matt.
- Susan, George.
- Cathy.
- Is Ahpossno here?
- That's him playing.
- Oh.
- ##[Continues]
I think she was
glad to see me.
- That was beautiful.
- [Tenctonese]
- How is it hanging?
- [Chuckles]
- It's hanging fine.
- I've been practicing my English.
- Thank you for these books.
- I brought you something else.
Your N.R.C. M-
Newcomer Registration Card.
They named you
Norman Conquest.
You now have all the rights
of a citizen.
You're free.
No one can ever enslave you again.
Thank you.
You are kind.
You are beautiful.
- [Grunts]
- Don't you look like what the cat-dragon ate.
You left in a hurry last night.
Shame you missed dinner.
We had some wonderful liver
filled with whipped cream.
- Nu-Twinks.
- [Grunts]
Was it something
anyone said?
Can we just
get to work here?
Or is that the kind of decision
Susan has to make?
Are you implying
I'm kitty-whipped?
No, George, I never
for a moment...
thought that you
were kitty-whipped.
We have a missing person.
A human.
A rancher
named Raymond Taylor.
Put a hold on that till
we finish the Bunkport case.
- Why?
- I think it might be of major significance.
Major significance?
Bunkport probably just stiffed a loan shark.
Whoever the murderer was
clearly has uncommon martial skills.
- Alsom-
- What?
- Well, I just have a feeling.
- A feeling?
You mean, like booga-booga,
sixth sense, E.S. P?
Humor me.
Fabric fibers were found under
Bunkport's fingernails.
It's possible they came from
the murderer's clothing.
S.I.D. Is
running an analysis.
- [Grunts]
- Hello.
- We missed you at dinner last night.
- I... suddenly took ill.
- I'm glad to see you're feeling better.
- What's going on?
Ahpossno wanted to know
where I worked.
I said I'd give him
a tour of the precinct.
Oh, sure! Why not?
We got nothing better to do today.
I'm going to the morgue...
to get some fresh air.
He doesn't like me.
No. No, i-it's just that
Matt's interpersonal skills...
are a little... weak.
I've gotta get to the lab.
- You have much work here.
- I'm afraid so.
- How do you remember everything?
- With computers. Like this.
I can bring up any case, review files
on any suspects, any former convicts.
It's linked to my computer at home
so I can access the files there too.
Now, uh, humans are identified
by markings on their, uh, fingertips.
[Both Chuckle]
- And, uh, Tenctonese?
- We were all tissue-typed in quarantine.
George, at the weddingm-
May wants me
to wear a blue gown.
- What color did you wear at yours?
- I was married aboard the ship.
- There were no gowns.
- Oh, forgot. Of course.
- You let them marry?
- What do you mean?
He is a Number Four, a Zabeet.
Albert is as smart
as any of us.
Those slave classifications
are meaningless.
You must forgive Ahpossno.
He's been alone in the desert since the crash.
Here, everyone
is allowed to marry.
Oh. Equality.
That'sm-That's good. Congratulations.
Excuse me.
We are truly free here.
[Computer Beeping]
- Ahpossno.
- Oh.
- What were you doing?
- Just studying history.
Abraham Lincoln.
What a great man.
Yes. But that computer
requires an access code.
Oh, I, uhm- I asked Susan.
I didn't want to bother you.
It also contains
classified information.
If you wish to use the encyclopedia,
use Buck's computer.
All right.
Well, I'm tired now.
- Good night, George.
- Good night.
- Jovan.
- Jovan.
I liked your note.
Well, I been workin'
on my Tenctonese.
You wrote, "Please join me
inside a pot of milk."
- But I got the idea.
- [Chuckling]
Well, here.
- What are you doing?
- Hmm?
The shirt, the music, this.
Cathy, lm-
I want us to be together.
Oh, Matt.
Give us a chance.
Look, you don't say yes,
you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna drink
this sour milk.
- Matt!
- I mean it.
I will. I'll drink it
down to the last curd.
- It will make you sick.
- You gonna say yes?
- Hmm? Okay.
- [Sighs]
Matt, lm- I appreciate
what you're trying to do.
But I think it's better
if we just stay good friends.
It's Ahpossno, isn't it?
I'm sorry.
I'm missing my backgammon club.
I tried to push this till next weekend,
but he insisted.
Your long wait is over. In a week's time,
you'll leave this planet.
- What?
- I've been sent to facilitate
the recovery of our slaves.
Recovery of the slaves?
It's been five years.
This is ridiculous.
I mean, the slaves would have
to be retrained, reconditioned.
Sir, I'm sure he didn't mean
to question your authority.
It's just that, well, we're all
just a little surprised.
I didn't save them from
the virus to leave them here.
The expense will be enormous!
Has anyone done a cost analysis?
It's not your place to worry
about the economics.
I also plan to take the humans.
Oh, my Gm-
Well, that's
an excellent idea, sir.
- Only-
- Only what?
they're not very strong.
- They could still do domestic work.
- But they're very ugly.
- Who would really want one in their house?
- [Chuckling]
- Penny!
- Hello, Susan.
- Oh, goodness.
- I've redecorated.
Yes, I can tell.
- It's nice. It'sm- It's very... nice.
- [Chuckling]
Oh, I brought you these.
Fresh, raw sweetbreads, gizzards.
Oh, thank you.
That's lovely.
- Oh, sit down.
- Oh, I really can't stay.
The house is for sale,
and we're showing it today.
- You're moving.
- I know. We'll miss you too.
We're just fed up with the city.
We were in Coeur d'Alene last summer.
You wouldn't believe
how beautiful Idaho is.
So clean.
Anyhow, Susanm- [Sighs]
This is really difficult for me.
You know, some people have
this stupid prejudice.
I think it's terrible.
But... we do have to sell our house.
- Yes?
- Please don't take this the wrong way.
But could you keep Buck and Emily
inside this afternoon?
- Inside?
- Oh, God, this is so hard for me.
You see, some people come into
a neighborhood, they see Newcomersm-
You understand?
Yes, I understand.
Get out of my house, Penny.
And take this.
You know this has nothing
to do with how I feel.
Just get out.
Get out!
- I'm starved.
- There's cookies for you.
- I'm gonna get some ivy.
- Okay.
- Hey, Mrs. Francisco.
- Emily.
- What?
- Take the ivy from the backyard.
I hate the ivy in the backyard.
There's no snails.
- Emily, please!
- God, Mom, what's your problem?
- Have you read Darwin?
- He's on my list.
Darwinian theory states
that Homo sapiens evolved...
from them.
I can see that.
I don't like zoos very much,
to tell you the truth.
Well, captivitym-
it's a little too close to home.
I still think about
being a slave every day.
But I suppose
that's not a bad thing.
It helps me appreciate
my freedom all the more.
There's so much I wanna do,
so much I wanna learn.
This new world is so full
of possibilities.
We can have
our dreams now.
I'm sure it's a healthy thing-
Susan reexamining her roots.
- It's just sometimes I feel
Ahpossno manipulates her.
- Aha!
- You still think he's the Second Coming?
- "Second"?
Matt, I have never
met him before in my life.
Albert, have you decided on
the color of your wedding gown?
- I called the wedding off.
- How come?
'Cause May deserves better
than a Number Four, an idiot.
- Oh, Albert.
- Heym-
It's Ahpossno's fault.
He reminded Albert
that he's different.
- Oh. It's your fault too!
- What?
- Albert called off his wedding.
- Why is that my fault?
"Albert, you call this a clean ashtray?
The doorknobs are sticky.
- Albert, brush my teeth."
- Hey, look.
I only expect him to perform
the basic duties of his job description.
Yeah, yeah.
I got your job description.
Matt, S.I.D.'s analysis of the fibers found
under Kenny Bunkport's fingernails...
contain a particular
quartz silicate.
Emily, I want to talk to you.
I heard that back on Tencton, a warrior
would have to fight for his serdso.
That was
the ultimate challenge, yes.
In a duel... to take another's life
and soul.
Did you ever do that?
I've killed,
but never so nobly.
Mom wants us to move away!
- What?
- She's in the kitchen.
I'm not leaving my friends,
my school, my mall!
- I'll go live with Jill!
- Susanm-
Penny came by today.
She asked if we could stay inside...
so we wouldn't scare off people
who might buy her house.
- Penny's a fool. She always has been.
- It's not just Penny, George.
They want to exterminate us.
We don't belong here.
We can paint the walls all we want,
but we're never gonna make this our home.
- Where do you suggest we go?
- There are communities in
the mountains just for Tenctonese.
You want us
to segregate ourselves?
We'd be safe, George.
- And we wouldn't have to depend on humans.
- The world is too small.
- Everyone on this planet
depends on everyone else!
- We tried living with Terts.
It just doesn't work.
We should live with our own, right?
He's been in the desert for five years.
What does he know?
He hasn't been polluted by them.
He is still Tenctonese.
I see.
When you were on Yderon mining oxmer,
didn't you depend on other species?
- That was Yderon.
- [Susan] What does that have to do with this?
There were no oxmer mines
on Yderon.
I don't know who you are
or where you came from...
but I want you out
of my house by tomorrow.
- [Buck] Dadl
- Tomorrow!
Throwing Ahpossno out
won't change anything.
Look, it'll be okay.
Every marriage has its ups and downs.
- You're divorced.
- Yeah, well, so I know about the downs.
- Here's your breakfast.
- Thank you, May.
- Here's yours.
- Thanks. Hey, I got something, George.
That silicate gaminite-
it's used in making ceramics.
Closest ceramics factory
is in the Mojave.
A small town called Cantil.
What is this?
Oh, uh, marmot entrail.
[Shouts In Tenctonese]
Scrambled eggs.
She's mixed up our orders again.
is this your pancreas?
Probably Sergeant Gosling's.
She always eats pancreas in the morning.
May has fallen apart ever since Albert
called off the wedding.
- You gotta do something about this.
- Me?
All right, all right.
I'll think of something.
- Matt, what was the name
of that town in the Mojave?
- Cantil.
A truck was found abandoned
in Little Tencton.
Registered to that
missing rancher, Raymond Taylor.
He lives in Cantil.
- [Birds Cawing]
- The last anyone saw Raymond was five days ago.
Fred Nader over at the filling station
sold him a tank of gas.
He remembers, 'cause just a few minutes later,
he saw that shootin' star.
You know ifTaylor knew
a Kenny Bunkport?
- Did he often go into L. A?
- Beats me.
- Matt, I wanna check that out.
- What?
- I don't see anything.
- Vultures.
[Vultures Cawing]
Tire marks.
Twelve inches.
Same as Taylor's.
Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah!
It's Taylor.
That's odd.
Look at the broken ribs.
- Taylor was hit repeatedly under the arm.
- In the axilla.
- What's that mean?
- He was attacked as if he were a Newcomer.
Why? Sure as hell don't look like one.
No offense, partner.
The murderer finally broke
Taylor's neck.
He could've used Taylor's truck to drive to L.A.,
where he killed Bunkport.
- I got a suspect for you, George.
- Ahpossno.
Comes out of the desert after five years,
the same day Taylor's murdered.
He would've needed clothing,
Tries to kill Taylor, but he doesn't know about
humans, so he finally breaks Taylor's neck.
- That's so circumstantial.
- Come on, Detective Two.
He's a whatchamacallitm-
am- a Tenctonese samurai.
He kills with his hands.
And where did we find
that dead Newcomer Bunkport?
At the hospital,
the first place we met Ahpossno.
I'm gettin' S.I.D. Out here.
In addition to that, human defenses
will be easy to overcome.
They have only primitive
nuclear weapons...
and chemical agents
that don't affect us.
While we're picking up the Tenctonese
in Southern California...
a second ship will begin
human deportation...
in these densely populated areas
in India.
This is a big mistake.
The Tenctonese will never
make good slaves again.
Your humansm- [Laughs]
Your humans are worthless.
- You've argued against this from the beginning.
- Because we're settled.
We have our families.
We have our businesses.
And I, for one, have no desire to climb
back aboard a slave ship.
You're an Overseer.
You have your duty.
As far as I'm concerned,
those days are over.
Excuse me.
None of us can escape our duty.
You all have your assignments.
Contact the others.
I'm leaving tomorrow to rendezvous with the
mother ship and coordinate the operation.
We'll return... in force.
is Ahpossno still here?
He left.
- Did he say where he was going?
- No.
Isn't it enough
that he's gone?
Our village.
I was very little when I was taken,
but still I remember.
The quality of lightm-
I just can't seem to get it.
Susan, we can't go back.
We're here now.
That's gone.
And you're not going to recreate it...
be segregating yourself
in a phony Tenctonese village.
That's death, Susan.
It's the loss of hope.
I can't stop you
if you decide to leave.
But I won't go with you.
It's against everything
I believe.
I have hope.
- Matt.
- Can I come in?
- Matt, nothing's changed.
- This is police business.
- Do you know where Ahpossno is?
- Isn't he at the Franciscos'?
Not anymore.
Do you have plans to see him?
He's coming here tomorrow.
I'm taking him to Edwards.
He wants to see where
the space shuttle lands.
- Did he leave any possessions here?
- Nol
I'm not gonna answer any more questions
until you tell me what this is all about.
- Ahpossno is a suspect in a murder investigation.
- What?
We think he's killed two peoplem-
a human and a Newcomer.
How can you stoop
so low?
What are you
talking about?
Finally, after all this time, you decide
that you want a relationship with me.
- Cathym-
- You're jealous of Ahpossno.
You know he has feelings
for me and that I have feelings for him.
- So you turn him into a murder suspect.
- You think I'd do that?
I don't know what you're capable of.
You're only human.
You look me in the eye
and tell me Ahpossno's on the square!
Tell me he's got nothing to hide!
Tell me you have no doubts about him!
Get your hands off me!
Everybody, may I have
your attention, please?
- [Chattering Stops]
- Thank you. Um, I have an announcement to make.
As you've probably heard, Chief Amburgey
has instituted a new awardm-
the M.V.P., Most Valuable Playerm-
uh, Personm-
to commend outstanding
performance in the line of duty...
particularly among
support personnel.
Deciding the first recipient
was a difficult task...
but the choice
was inescapable.
The first-ever All Precinct M.V.P. Award
goes to our own Albert Einstein.
- [Applause]
- [Whooping]
Come on up here, Albert.
Get your plaque.
Now, this shouldn't come
as a surprise to anyone.
We all know that our station
couldn't function without you.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- [Man] Nice job, Al.
[Man #2]
Way to go.
Everybody back to work.
Uh, listen, Al.
Sometimes I get
a little impatient...
but it doesn't
mean anything.
That's just
the way I am. Okay?
Matt, where Taylor's neck was broken,
they found Newcomer skin cells.
I ran a tissue-type.
It wasn't in the computer.
So whoever killed Taylor
never went through quarantine.
- Just like Ahpossno.
- Yeah.
What do you make of that?
S.I.D. Found it near Taylor's body.
- It's the symbol of the Chekkah.
- The what?
An elite Overseer
reconnaissance unit.
There were no members
of the Chekkah aboard our ship.
- How can that be?
- They're military personnel.
They're never stationed
aboard slave transport ships.
- Ahpossno must've just arrived.
- What are you talkin'-
They sent him.
He must've landed in the desert.
- That shooting star.
- They're coming to enslave us again!
The isolator
you brought to the hospitalm-
I never saw anything
that advanced on the ship.
The rash on your neck? Five years in the desert,
and you never saw a human?
You just landed here,
didn't you?
- Why are you here?
- It doesn't matter.
I'm going now,
and I want you to come with me.
[Car Approaching]
Put your hands up!
Move away from her!
This is 1 -William-152
requesting backup at 846 East Alameda.
- Get your hands up now!
- [Police Radio Chatter]
Stopl Stopl Don't kill himl
I'll go with you.
[Bird Cawing]
[Tenctonese] Ahpossnom-
[Tenctonese Continues]
- Don't do this.
- You'll be free. You'll be with me.
You've seen our life here,
our chance at happiness.
- Don't let them take that away.
- I'm a soldier. I have my orders.
- Tell them that we're dead. Tell them not to come!
- No!
Stay here.
Live with us.
I cannot change who I am.
Neither can I.
This is as far as I go.
Cathy, I care for you.
Come with me.
I cannot be free
if the others are slaves.
Ahpossnol Ahpossnol
You and I. For this.
Keep your life.
I don't want it.
Or does the Chekkah
have no honor?
Don't do this, George.
He'll kill you!
You owe me your life.
[Labored Breathing]
I will take your soul.
[Siren Wailing In Distance]
[Car Door Opens]
Get away from herl
[Officer Shouts]
- Policel Come backl
- I got a good shot!
[Shouts In Tenctonese]
Cathy! George!
[Beeping Continues]
- [Beeping Intensifies]
- No!
I had him!
I was gonna bring him down!
- Do you realize what you've done?
- Yes.
I had to fight him.
He had to take the serdso.
It's filled
with the virus.
By the time Ahpossno
reaches the mother ship, he'll be dead.
They'll think
it's this planet.
They won't come.
[Labored Breathing]
[Man Shouting In Tenctonese]
Don't... go.
[Labored Breathing]
[Sustained Exhale]
In every marriage we celebrate the union
of our spiritual ancestors...
Celine and Andarko...
and today, these four hearts
shall be two.
We celebrate the integration
of our male and our female selves.
Today we are reminded that we cannot
live one without the other.
This is not just the joining
of two lives.
It is a symbol
of our universal marriage.
For, in fact, all species
are created one.
We are one in essence.
We are one in destiny.
We must strive to see
the creator in each of us...
to recognize the creator
in all things.
Only thus can we have love
and hope.
Only thus will we survive.
As part of
the marriage ceremony...
the bride and groom
will place their serdsos-
the symbol of their soulsm-
into the karabla,
the eternal ship...
as they begin
their life voyage together.
- Glenza.
- ##[Man Singing In Tenctonese]
- Okiana.
- ##[Woman Singing In Tenctonese]
And with the blessing
of Celine and Andarko...
and the power vested in me
by the state of California...
I now pronounce you
wife and husband.
- [Applause]
- [Laughter]
- Hey, Albert!
- [Chattering In Tenctonese]
[Woman] Oh, Albert-