Alien Outbreak (2020) Movie Script

- Fuck. Get off of me!
Fucking pigs, get off of me!
- What's happening?
- Found him walking in
the middle of the street.
Then he just starts
going ape shit.
- Put your hands behind
your back, cuffs!
- I've got it.
- Get the fuck off!
- For fuck sake!
Calm down, sir, calm down.
- Get the fuck off of me!
You're not taking
me, you're with them!
- You okay, Sarge?
- Yeah, I got this.
- Back off, fuck off!
- Sir, please calm
down, we just wanna help.
- Why don't you
just leave me alone?
- Just stay calm and we
can sort all of this out
and get you whatever
help you need, okay?
What's your name?
- Freddie.
- Okay, Freddie, PC
Mathews is gonna take you
to an interview room
and get you a coffee.
Just stay calm, I promise
you everything will be okay.
- You sure you're okay?
Look, just ignore Mathews,
he can be a bit of a dick.
- I'm fine, it's not that
he just doesn't like a woman
outranking him, he's
an old sweat, I get it.
I'm just pissed off that
I fucked up in there.
I should've secured that cuff.
- We all fuck up.
You put it right,
that's all that matters.
- Is there a unit free
that can deal with a suicide?
- I'll take this one, I need
to get outta here for a bit.
- Whiskey Zulu
Two Zero to comms.
I'll take this one, go ahead.
- Thanks, Sarge.
We have a report of a
suicide at Lifton Path.
Caller is a Mrs. Peters,
the deceased's wife.
Are you okay to check this
out in the first instant?
- ARVs?
- Are there any
ARVs able to assist?
- Let me check, Sarge.
No, they're all committed, but
I'll get one to the station
to collect the shotgun as
soon as one becomes available.
Best I can do.
- It's gonna take 'em hours
to get here from the city.
- Can you give me
an ETA on the ARV?
- Negative,
we're unable to--
- Whiskey Zulu Two Zero
to comms, come in, please?
Whiskey Zulu Two Zero to
comms, can you hear me?
- It's fine, happens
a lot out here.
- Whiskey Zulu Eight
Six, can you read me?
We can still use the channel.
It's just comms that've
got the problem.
I'm sure they'll
be back on soon.
- Well, I will keep
trying comms en route.
Just make sure you
keep monitoring.
- Will do.
- Catch you later.
- Sarge.
- Shit.
- On 106.8 FM.
- We've had a few questions
come in during the break.
Here's one from Neil in Exeter.
He says he's managed to
see the shower last night,
with his two boys,
Jacob and Samuel.
- Please, let
me do that for you.
- Thank you.
Maybe your hands are
a little steadier.
Is that an American accent?
- No, Canadian, I transferred
to England from Toronto.
- Oh, I see, dear.
- I know it's hard,
but would you mind
if I took a few more
details from you?
- Of course,
dear, you carry on.
- So, what time did
Mr. Peters return home?
- Oh, please, he would've
preferred you called him John.
It was about quarter to
six, and he seemed fine.
He had a nice time down the pub.
He was looking
forward to his tea.
- And you can't think of any
reason John would've taken
his life, any health problems,
financial difficulties?
- No, John was as fit as a
fiddle, he walked everywhere.
He still looked after that
farm, it's just not like him.
- I'm so sorry.
- I'll be okay, dear.
Would you like a biscuit?
- Was John
a keen gardener
as well as working the farm?
- Not really.
John only did what he had to
when it came to the garden.
- Did you manage to get
a hold of your sister?
- No, no, that phone's
still not working.
- Oh.
Let me try and get a message
to her, what's her number?
- Oh, that
would be wonderful, dear.
It's Exbourne.
Two one three, nine five nine.
- Okay.
Whiskey Zulu Two
Zero to front office.
Mathews, are you receiving?
- Mathews
here, go ahead.
- I'm trying to get a hold
of Mrs. Peters' sister.
Can you try to
reach her your end?
- Sorry, Sarge,
the phones are down
across the whole area,
including the station.
- It was my fault!
- Mrs. Peters, please.
- It was my fault!
My god damn fault!
- Please, just put the gun down.
- My god damn fault!
- Mrs. Peters, please, just--
- My god damn fault!
- Amanda from
Thornton on line four.
Amanda, can you tell us what's
happening where you are?
Amanda, you're live on Phonic
FM, you're live on air.
Have we lost, we've lost Amanda?
We've lost Amanda, okay.
- Whiskey Zulu Two
Zero to Whiskey Zulu Eight Six.
- Go ahead.
- Hey, Patrick, I've
had another suicide.
I've had to lock the
scene down until I can get
a hold of someone to
put the balloon up.
It's not ideal, but hey, I
can't sit there all night.
Heading back to the station now.
- Zoe, we've had word
of a disturbance at the tavern.
Not sure what's going on, but
I'm making my way there now.
Zoe, are you still there?
- Yeah, I'll get back to you.
Where'd he go?
Sir, are you okay?
This is the police,
can I come in?
Sir, please let me in!
- It's trying
to get in the house.
- What is?
Are you alone in the house?
- It's come back for me.
And it wants me, it wants me!
- Sir, there is a lady on
the road outside your house.
Do you know what
happened to her?
- He did that to her.
- Who did?
Please let me in!
- It's in the house.
It's got in the house.
I'm scared.
I know you're there!
Shadows where I can see you!
You bloody coward!
- Whiskey Zulu Two Zero to
Whiskey Zulu Eight Six, urgent.
Can anybody hear me?
I need another unit.
Oh, shit.
Patrick, can you hear me?
- Hey, Zoe, go ahead.
- Patrick, I saw it again, I
mean this time I really saw it.
There is something out here
attacking people, I've got
an unconscious man with severe
injuries and a dead female.
- What did you see?
What do you mean, "something?"
- I don't know, I don't
know how to explain it.
- Okay,
well, keep calm.
How bad is the male?
- I don't know, I
think he's alive.
- All right.
I'll try comms again
and get back to you.
- Whiskey Zulu Two Zero to
Whiskey Zulu Eight Three.
Mathews, are you receiving?
Whiskey Zulu Two Zero to
Whiskey Zulu Eight Six.
Patrick, are you receiving?
Whiskey Zulu Two Zero to
Whiskey Zulu Eight Six.
Patrick, are you receiving?
Oh, come on, Patrick.
- Zoe?
- Yes!
Patrick, I'm heading straight
to the city now to get help.
- Zoe,
there are things here,
and they are killing people.
We managed to escape and are
safe for the moment, but,
they can
find us any minute.
I'm in the back of the
tavern with a few others,
but those things,
they're in the bar and
they're attacking everyone.
They just appeared from nowhere.
I couldn't stop them, I tried,
but if you get
too close, they...
Hang on.
One's coming.
We need to be quiet.
It's scratching at the door.
It's moved on.
God, they can move fast.
I don't know what
these things are,
but I think they might have
something to do about comms.
Fuck, what're they doing?
Keep him quiet.
- Patrick, what's happening?
- It's Fernod.
He's putting something
into his eye, oh, shit.
It just came out.
Zoe, his fucking
eye just come out.
Zoe, you need to get help.
You need to get to
the city and get help.
- What the hell?
- We need backup.
We can't manage
this by ourselves.
Zoe, you've got to get
help, you've got to get--
- Patrick?
- Grab his arms.
- What the fuck happened to him?
- It's the landlord, he
just started going nuts.
We had to do this to him to
stop from killing himself.
- You're gonna have
to choke him again.
- On three, one, two, three.
- Okay.
- Is he okay?
- I don't know.
I'll stay here and
check him over.
- It's okay, he's a vet.
Come through here and
keep as quiet as you can.
You're okay?
- Think so.
Fuck, Patrick, what is goin' on?
What're those things out here?
Have you seen the ships?
- Yeah, we've seen 'em.
- It's fucking aliens.
They're fucking with our
brains and killing us,
and now you've brought
them back here.
- Robbie, will
you calm the fuck down?
- Look, they must've followed
me here from the roadblock,
but I don't think
they saw me come in.
- Roadblock?
- Yeah, the main city road
and the old back road.
- Great.
- I can't see anything.
Happen they've moved off.
- How many shells
have you got left?
- I got three left.
- What about the news,
anybody seen any TV or radio?
- Yeah, it's as
if nothing's happening.
Just another day.
- Do you think it's just
this area they're attacking?
- Why?
What do they want?
We live in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
What can they possibly have
to gain from attacking us?
- They want to
experiment with us,
and it ain't the
first time, either.
Three years ago,
I had one of them circles
in the middle of my club.
Got up in the morning
and there it was!
And then I found they had
butchered two of my prize bulls.
Mutilated them.
And you lot didn't
want to do nothing.
- They're trying to control us.
- He's right.
They want our land.
If it isn't the immigrants,
it's the bleeding aliens.
- Oh, for fuck sake.
- Oh, Dale, I don't think
they'd have come all this way
for a bit of your
hay and British beef.
- Who cares what it
is or what it wants?
How are we gonna
get out of here?
- Okay, everybody, we need
to calm down, she's right.
We just need to focus on
getting ourselves to safety.
How's he doing in there?
- Oh, he's still out cold,
I'm just gonna finish
cleaning up his wounds, try and
stop any further infections.
About all I can do.
- Okay.
Is there any other way we
can make contact with comms?
Try to get some help?
- No, the phones are down,
and there's been nothing
from them on the radios.
- Perhaps they
blocked the frequency?
- Patrick, what
channel does the city use?
- One four nine.
- What good is that,
that thing won't reach the city.
- Doesn't have to, there
should be an ARV unit
from the city in
the area by now.
Whiskey Zulu Two Zero to
any units, come in, please.
- ARV?
- Armed Response Vehicle.
- Fuck yeah.
Now you're talking.
- Whiskey Zulu Two Zero to
any units, come in, please.
- No, wait, the ARVs
use a different channel.
It's four six seven, I think.
- Whiskey Zulu Two Zero to
any units, come in, please.
- Hello,
Whiskey Zulu Two Zero.
This is Delta Tanga Four Six.
We are en route on the station.
- Delta Tango, we are in
urgent need of assistance.
Can you get through to comms?
We've lost contact.
- No, we lost
contact about 10 minutes ago.
What's your situation?
- We're with
members of the public,
and they're under siege.
What's your ETA at the station?
- We're
about 12 miles from--
- It's that lightning again.
- Damn it.
Delta Tango, come in, please.
- They've blocked
all the frequencies.
- Delta Tango, come in, please.
- We're all fucked.
- Look, we know they're
gonna be at the station.
We just need to get
ourselves there.
- There are more shells for
the shotgun at the station.
- What's back there?
- It's where they attacked.
Zoe, they killed
everyone in there.
We only managed to escape by
hiding in the skittle alley.
- No, don't.
They might be in there
again, you'll let them in!
- There might still be
somebody alive in there.
Nice and slow.
- There was nothing we could do.
Over there.
- What?
- Move!
- Now it's in here, I told
you not to go out there.
Now it's in here, I told
you not to go out there.
- What happened?
- He bit my fucking fingers off.
- Robbie, no!
It's got Sarah.
- I'll help.
- We've got to go, Zoe.
Come on, Zoe, we've got to go.
Come on!
- My Land Rover's right outside.
- The keys.
- Drive!
Can you see anything?
- No, nothing.
They're not following us.
- Fuck, Patrick, see the
size of those things.
Have you seen any
of those already?
- No.
They're new.
- That's a lot of blood.
- In that bag's some
bandages and vodka.
- Why aren't they
coming after us?
- Maybe they don't need to.
- Okay,
what's the plan?
- Get to the station
and wait for the ARV.
- What if they're
watching the roads?
- Maybe they're not
watching all of them.
We need to at least try.
What about Claire and Isaac?
- I hope they're all right.
They've gone to Cornwall for
the weekend, visiting Gran.
Is Jason in the city?
- Yeah.
How are you holding up?
- He got an artery.
I just can't seem to get
enough pressure on it.
- The landlord did that?
- He woke up and just started
chomping down on my hand.
- Is he still back there?
- No, he went out the
back, I couldn't stop him.
- What the fuck is
happening to people?
What are those
things doing to them?
- Like the kid said,
it's mind control.
- Controlling our minds so
that we murder ourselves?
- So we kill ourselves.
- But why?
- Stop the car.
- So that they can take over!
- Seriously.
- Stop the car.
- I don't think they need
mind control to take over.
- Stop the fucking car!
I think it's an infection.
I think they're infecting us
with something, maybe a virus.
confusion, self-harm.
They're all symptoms
in brain infection.
- Why kill us with a virus?
- Why not?
Maybe we're just an experiment.
- Lab rats?
- So, now do you
think you're infected?
Well, Robbie and Sarah hadn't
been attacked by anyone or
a thing, like, you don't know
that's how it's transmitted.
- True, but there's a
good chance I am now,
and you'll be safer if
you get me out of the car.
- I think he's right, I
think we should let him out.
- Keep driving.
We keep moving.
I have dealt with
four suicides today,
and not one of them
had been attacked.
If this is a virus, then it
seems to be affecting everybody,
and if anyone of us starts
showing symptoms, I would rather
you were around than lying on
a roadside bleeding to death.
Let's just get to the station.
- Do you think your
mates are here yet?
- Don't think so,
can't see their car.
- Get them in.
I'm gonna go and check
the side door is locked.
I'll see you back
at the front desk.
- Sounds
good, see you in five.
- Mathews!
Mathews, no!
- Zoe.
Is that...
He's gone.
- How are we supposed
to fight these things?
All those people
and now Mathews.
I tried to stop him, but
I couldn't get to him.
- Hey, hey.
I know.
It's okay.
You can't save everyone, Zoe.
Just concentrate on getting the
rest of us out of here okay?
Come on, Zoe, we need you.
- Okay.
Let's get to the property
store and get to that ammo.
We just have to hold out
until the ARV arrives.
- Yes, Sarge.
- How's the hand?
- Probably not gonna be writing
prescriptions for a while.
- Can I take a look?
- Probably best not to.
Not until I can
change the dressing.
So what's a Canadian doing in
our sleepy rural police force?
- I transferred
here with my fiance
to be closer to his parents.
- They live round here?
- Oh, in the city, thank god.
This was the closest
posting I could get.
- Not what you're used to?
- No, not really.
Actually, I was disappointed
I couldn't get a more
exciting post in the city.
- What time did all
this start today?
- Um, Mr. Peters was the
first, I guess, about six PM?
God, he shot himself just
after he got home from the pub.
- What time did
he get to the pub?
- Oh, I don't know, why?
Is that important?
- Could be.
- Shh!
- Look at
the size of them.
- They're just standing
there, watching.
Do you think they
know we're in here?
- I'd say that's a safe bet.
- What happens if
they get in here?
- Maybe they already are.
Okay, we need to search
the rest of the building,
and make sure it's secure.
We could be here a while.
- That's all we've got.
- Okay.
- Look, it's gonna take forever
to search this place
with those two.
- Okay, well, let's get
them somewhere safe,
and you and I can search.
- The cells.
They're cut off from
the main corridors.
- That's good, there's
medical supplies there, too.
Can you carry him?
- Sure.
Dale, grab the other arm.
- Can't you take that one?
- Oh, for fuck sake.
- Right, up.
Where's everybody else?
- We're pretty much it.
Station isn't used much anymore.
Everything goes
through the city.
- Why's it so big?
- Used to be an old
MOD training post.
Guess now they just don't
know what to do with it.
- Oh.
- They you go.
- Sit him down
in the interview room.
I'll grab the kit.
- Slowly, keep
the pressure on.
- How's that?
- Good.
- How are you doing?
- I'll live.
Hold it there.
- Right there?
Need one of those, tape and--
- What else?
- The base of the thumb,
as tight as you can.
- What, like that?
- Hey.
Dale, are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Don't worry about me.
- Okay, look, you
try and get some rest,
while Patrick and I
secure the station, okay?
- Yeah, I will.
- Ready?
- Yep.
- Dale, you're gonna have
to lock the door behind us.
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay, first we'll
check down here,
and then we'll start
a sweep upstairs.
The east corridor was secure.
How were things when
you came round the back?
- All good, most of those
rooms are locked anyway.
- Okay, that just leaves that
corridor and the west side.
And that'll lead us
to the stairwell.
What do they want?
What do they have to
gain from infecting us?
- Dale could be right.
Maybe they do want
what we've got.
- They're gonna get that
by experimenting on us?
- Maybe they're
trying to find our weaknesses.
- Mm, yeah, I guess.
Don't you think
that's a little odd?
In here.
- Get away from me,
you bitch, get away!
Get away from me, you fucks!
- Freddie, please calm down.
Look, we're trying
to help you here.
- You think you're
so fucking special!
- Freddie, drop the knife.
Put the knife down, now.
- Who else have you got in here?
I'll kill every
one of you fuckers!
- Shit!
- Back this way.
- It's coming.
- I know.
- There, quick.
- Can you carry on?
- Yeah.
I'll be fine.
Dale, open the fucking door!
Dale, open the fucking door now!
- Patrick!
- Open the...
Come on, come on!
- Let's take
a look at that arm.
- What
took you so long?
Where's Dale?
- It's not good.
I had to wrestle him
into one of the cells.
Could hear voices and the
banging, I just wasn't sure.
- Wasn't sure about
- My head is killing me.
What happened?
- He got stabbed by a prisoner.
- Bastard!
- How many of them
are out there?
- Too many.
- Any sign of the ARV guys?
- No.
Looks like we're on our own.
- It's okay, I can
walk from here.
- Are you okay?
- It's just a headache,
I can take it from here.
- Okay, good.
I'm gonna go check on Dale.
- I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking I'm
gonna get you all killed.
Just 'cause my legs aren't
what they used to be,
doesn't mean that
I'm bloody useless!
Don't leave me here.
- I'm not gonna leave you.
We're all gonna get outta
here and get you to some help.
- I don't need any help!
Get yourselves some bloody help!
I'm sorry.
I'm just feeling a little
stressed at the moment.
I'm not feeling myself.
I'm fine.
- Zoe.
We need to find a way
out of the station.
The closer those things get the
crazier people start acting.
- That I know, Mitchell's
not looking too good, either.
- And if the ARV
unit doesn't arrive--
- I know, I know, look.
We'll think of something, okay?
I mean, as long as
these doors hold,
then we're safe in here, right?
- I guess.
- Zoe?
Better get over here.
- Oh, god, Dale,
what is going on?
Dale, what are you doing?
Patrick, get this door open now.
- Shit.
- Come on!
- Okay, okay.
- Dale!
Can you hear me?
Come on!
Come on, Dale, wake up!
No, try again, try again!
- One, two, three!
- He's gone.
- No, try again!
- Zoe?
He's gone.
- No.
- Where's Zoe?
Hey, Mitchell.
You okay?
- Yeah, fine.
- Where's Zoe?
- She's down the other end.
- What're you up to?
- I haven't seen any of
them out there for a while.
If we could get
to the other side,
we could get to the rear
exit in the Land Rover.
- It could work.
- How's that arm?
You think you can
get through there?
- Yeah, not a problem.
What about Mitchell?
He's getting worse.
- Yeah, I know.
He's not great, but we don't
have many options here.
- Okay.
Let's do it.
- Hey, Mitchell.
How are you feeling?
- What time is it?
- Look, we think we've
found a way out of here.
Do you think you're
okay to move?
- A way out?
Why, why do we want to get out?
- Okay, buddy, come
on, time to move.
- Are they coming back yet?
- Shh.
- Mitchell, you have to
be quiet, can you do that?
Let's go.
- I'm next.
I'm next.
- Try to stay calm and breathe.
- What time is it?
- He's making too much noise.
- It's gonna come
soon, I know who's next.
- Mitchell, you
have to be quiet.
- What time is it?
What time is it!
We need more time.
- Come on.
- You don't know
what you're doing!
- Mitchell, we have to go.
- Get off me.
We're here.
- Get back.
Come on, you fuckers.
- That's the last two.
- That's it, I'm out.
- Stay down!
- Clear!
- Is anybody else
in the building?
- Look out!
- Get the guns!
Get him to the Land Lover.
- Come on, get up!
Come on!
Here, I managed to
grab an extra mag.
You must be almost out.
- Thanks.
So, what now, where do we go?
- More people will
have to come soon.
Those things can't keep
us cut off forever.
Until then, we just need to
find somewhere safe to lay low.
- Hey, we should
stay off the main roads.
- Zoe?
I figured it out.
- What is it, Mitchell,
what have you figured out?
- The farm.
- What farm?
- You got the farm before
Patrick got to the pub.
- So, what does that mean?
- You're next.
- I don't even remember leaving
the fucking handgun in there!
This ain't over yet.
- I know.
- We keep fighting.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Zoe.
- What is it?
- Someone's coming.
- Let's see what he knows.
- Are you okay?
I heard the gunshots.
- We're fine.
- Any of those things out here?
- No, don't think so.
- I haven't seen any for
a couple of hours, but,
I wouldn't go any further
that way, if I was you.
They've got the road blocked.
- Ah, shit.
Look, we can't stay out
in the open like this.
- Is your house close by?
- Yeah, just a little
up the road there.
Come on, this way,
before we're spotted.
I thought you buggers were
meant to be rescuing me.
When's the cavalry coming?
- Our comms have been down.
We haven't been able
to get word out.
- Figures.
- Check the back.
- No.
I think we're good.
- Is there
anybody else here?
- No.
Bastards got to my Kathy at
the beginning of all this.
- I'm sorry.
- I'll get more of them,
though, before it's over.
That cut out about an hour ago.
So, did you get any of 'em?
We shot some of
those machines, but,
it doesn't make a difference.
- What about those big buggers?
Have you noticed how
they keep their distance?
Bloody cowards.
It's their drones, they're the
ones that do the dirty work.
- What happened here?
- Me and the wife were
having a row about something.
All of a sudden, she
starts to go nuts.
She's shaking, like
she's having a fit.
But her feet, her feet are
barely touching the ground.
And that's when I saw it.
By the time I'd grabbed
my shotgun, she was
already lying on
the floor and that thing was
stood there in all its glory.
Bam, I shot it, point blank.
And that
was when I noticed
one of the big ones looking
in through the window.
And I missed him,
but I went outside,
and I corned him by the barn.
He knew exactly what
I had in my hand.
He backed into that
barn like a little girl.
I bet he's in there now,
wishing he never
came to this house.
- Are you saying that you've got
one of those things
locked in your barn?
- Oh, don't worry, love,
he's not going anywhere.
Do you wanna see it?
Oh, you're gonna love this.
You're gonna bloody love this.
- Zoe, this doesn't feel--
- I know.
I know, let's just take a look.
- How bad is it?
- I'm okay.
It's fine.
- If there's any reward,
it's my find, okay?
- Fine.
- Hope you're not squeamish.
- Holy fuck.
- What do you think?
Can you believe it?
It's still alive, even
after I cut it in two.
They're resilient buggers.
You want a go?
- This is wrong.
- No?
I'll show you how to do it.
- What the hell have
you been doing here?
- What have I been doing here?
I've been waging war, son.
Fighting the fight!
What've you been doing?
- This...
This is not fighting.
- We need to show these bastards
who they're messing with.
I'll give you
something to moan at.
Think you can come here,
take over our bloody planet.
Well, it's our fucking planet.
And you?
You can fuck off home.
Let's see what these
bastards are made of.
- Come on, Zoe.
We've gotta get out of here now.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
- They're not attacking.
- Where are you going?
- Patrick!
Can't get through!
- Come on, this way!
- I think they're coming.
- Keep running!
- Which way?
- Zoe.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on!
- Don't they have
any other weapons?
Why are they not just
killing us on sight?
- I don't know.
- I'm so cold.
- Shit.
There's more of them.
Come on, Zoe, come on.
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Go, I've got this.
- Get in!
- Get down!
- My god, look at these people.
My fucking head is killing me.
- Hey, hey.
You're okay.
Hang in there.
Keep going, you'll be fine.
Come on, Zoe, we need to move.
- Look.
- Shit.
- What do we do?
We've got nowhere else to go.
- Zoe, come on.
- We're trapped, Patrick,
what's the point in running?
- Look, we don't give
up, we keep going.
- No, wait.
Ma'am, are you okay?
Do you feel okay?
- I think I've been asleep.
- Please, take a seat.
What happened to you?
- I can't remember.
I don't know.
- Sir, do you feel okay?
He's okay, he's fine.
- What's going on,
what're you doing here?
- It's okay, sir,
please stay calm.
It's okay, take it easy.
It's okay, remain calm.
- My god, everybody's
fine, everybody's okay.
What have I done?
- Zoe, keep it together,
you didn't do anything.
- No, think about it, Mitchell.
Back at the station, he
had it all figured out.
- No, no, Mitchell was crazy.
He was trying to
kill himself, and us.
- Oh, no, no, no,
he was going crazy,
but he wasn't there yet.
He was trying to save
himself and I didn't let him.
What if, what if they've been
trying to help all night,
and I have been stopping them?
- Zoe, come on,
you're losing it.
Stay with me.
We can get through this.
- Did I kill all those people?
- Zoe, come on.
I need your help.
- Wait, wait!
Look at it!
What if it's not a soldier?
What if it's a fucking medic?
- Zoe, come on.
Snap out of it.
- God, he was right.
It started at the farm.
Something happened to
that farmer and it spread!
- Just stop.
What're you doing?
- It's okay, Patrick.
I know what I'm doing now.
- Zoe, don't!
Zoe, no!
Fight it!
Zoe, no!
Out of my way!
Get out of my way!
You bastards!