Alien Overlords (2018) Movie Script

- My name is Tom
Keating and I want
to give the world
a wake up call.
We are in grave grave danger.
There is a looming
threat to every woman,
man, and child on Earth today.
And if we don't acknowledge
and confront this menace
our civilization may be doomed.
The source of this information
comes from the memoirs
of a Man in Black.
The memoir names names,
important people.
A lot of them in
high level positions.
If they find out about this
and my crusade to warn mankind
they're going to do
everything they can
to stop me from
making them public.
If the information doesn't
get out for the world to see
and take seriously it's
going to be too late.
All I can say is I'm
scared to death about it.
I love my country.
This is my patriotic
duty I've got to do this.
And besides at my age I've
lived most of my life.
I can take this chance,
the hell with it.
My name's Tom Keating and I'm
originally from New York City.
I went to Pace University
and after that I
spent four years in the Marine
Corps, I'm a Vietnam vet.
And here I'm in North
Hollywood and now I'm retired.
Joe and I had a lot in common.
He was retired, I was retired.
We didn't have kids,
no close relatives.
Joe was a recluse but
even so he started
to open up and confide in me.
I got to think of him
more as a brother than
anything else and we
became kindred spirits
Joe was diagnosed with
brain cancer in 2013.
And after he was
diagnosed with that
he invites me up to his
room, wants to talk to me.
I go up there and he
starts talking about
how he worked for
the super secret
government agency back 1970's
or something like that.
He referred to himself
as a Man in Black.
Now I've heard of that.
But I didn't know
they really existed
but that's what
he called himself.
And then it hits me.
You know what?
He's got brain cancer, he's
taking all this medication.
That's what's doing it.
Okay he can't be
in his right mind.
He's delusional
about this stuff.
So next thing I know he
pulls out this drawer.
He sets all these documents
and letters and
paperwork in there.
I'm looking at this and I know
this is the real deal
it's not fabricated.
I dealt with this stuff
when I was in the military.
That's what I did.
He's not making this up.
I need to get more information.
I need to find out what's
going on with this.
Because this it was unbelievable
what he was telling me.
As a result of the cancer Joe
decided to write a memoir.
As he said it because he was
having a crisis of conscious.
He felt it was his duty
and obligation to expose
the fact that the human
race was in great peril
and danger because of what
the government is doing.
He had decided that he was gonna
write the memoirs on
the old hand model--
Manual typewriter.
- Manual typewriters
remember those?
Well that's what he used.
He wouldn't us emails,
phone, no correspondence,
no electronic, didn't
trust that at all.
Otherwise, because he
knew he was being watched.
The memoirs are not here.
He's got them stashed
in a separate place and
he didn't want to keep him
anywhere near where he was
because he knew that they
would be looking for them.
So he made arrangements and he
has them in a
different location.
Which is all I can say
about it right now.
Joe has a storage facility.
But his memoirs are
not in his storage.
It's been searched
thoroughly it has not.
When Joe died I came down
and here you see
nothing here, gone.
But I know the
memoirs weren't there.
- Where
are the memoirs now?
- I'm not gonna be able,
I can't tell you that
until I get time to know
you a little bit better
make sure you're alright
and then we can talk about
that a little more but in
the meantime, and that' also
for your protection by
the way as well as mine.
If you know where
they are guess what?
They're gonna be after
you even if you're not.
And they know Joe
and I were tight.
They know we talked a lot.
So they're gonna put two
and two together I think.
I don't have the training and
the knowledge like Joe had.
I'm just a regular civilian.
I don't know I walk
down the street and
everybody looks the
same to me I don't know.
Well I was supposed
to meet Joe for lunch.
He didn't show up.
I called him, text
him, no answer.
That's not like Joe okay
he's always on time prompt.
So right away I'm concerned.
So I decide to go
up to his apartment.
So I come up here, ring the
doorbell and bang on the door.
No answer.
So finally I said I really
know there's something wrong.
So I get the manager
and we go inside and
that's when we found him
just laying dead on the couch.
And then on top of it all
his apartment's a total mess,
everything all over it looked
like it had been ransacked.
And I can't get that because
I don't understand that
because it's locked
from the inside.
So here it is he's
dead, it's old ransacked
locked from the inside
and Joe couldn't do it.
He's too frail he couldn't
move all that stuff around.
I say it's those guys.
They knew what he was doing.
They were looking
for the memoirs
and they went in,
they ransacked.
And the coroner
says natural causes.
But you know what?
I don't believe that.
I think they killed him.
I don't feel safe anymore.
I get the feeling that
I'm always being watched.
So I travel to populated areas.
It's the only way I can
focus on my strategy
to release the memoirs
in the right way.
Every day I'm reaching
out to publishers,
bloggers, conspiracy
sites trying to find
someone, anyone who will
take this seriously.
Trouble is the second I mention
Man in Black the
door closes on me.
I don't think most people think
they ever existed
only in the movies.
I'm getting desperate.
I feel the walls
closing in on me.
If I'm gonna do this
I got to do it fast
because if anything
happens to me
nobody will know
what lies ahead.
Okay I gotta get this place
cleaned up she's coming over.
Anne's the one I told you about.
She doesn't approve
of this whole thing.
She doesn't like it at all.
I met Joe through her.
She knew Joe before she knew me.
He needed a place to stay so.
And she lives in an
apartment in this building.
So she's the reason this
whole thing happened.
She hadn't brought Joe over
here I never would have met him
and never would have
had this situation.
Hi sweety how you doing?
Anne this is Robert Colson.
He's the documentarian
that's doing them film so--
- Nice to meet you.
- He's gonna be asking
us all the questions.
- So if it weren't for me
Joe and Tom never
would have met.
Yeah there was
something about him.
He seemed to have this dark
side which frightened me.
And I always been taught that
I should follow my intuition
and this just didn't seem right.
He could release
them anonymously
if it weren't for
this documentary.
Now I know that's your job
and I respect you for that.
Why does Tom have to be in it?
- As long as it's
out in the open
it doesn't make any sense for
them to do anything to me.
So that's the reason why
we've got to do it this way.
It's actually protecting me.
- I don't see it that way.
- As long as you have them.
- Then you have them please?
- Yes hon everything's good.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I have to go.
- Can't explain it to her.
I had this dream
the other night.
I can't forget it.
I was on this
table, white table.
The room was completely
white all the way around me.
I couldn't move my
hands, my arms, my legs.
I couldn't, I felt paralyzed.
I just couldn't move I'm just
lying there, this white room.
All of a sudden this
figure appears a man.
He was in a dark suit.
He was speaking at
me but I couldn't
understand what he was saying.
It sounded like he
was like when you hear
people talking under water and
it just felt like I was drugged.
I felt drugged is what it was.
He takes his glasses
off he had these
sunglasses on and his
eyes were all black.
I can't help but feel like it
was some kind of a message.
The dream was trying
to tell me something.
That's just haunting me.
Well here's the bad news.
Anne puts my name
in a search engine
every day 'cause she's
worried about me.
So today this link pops
up, look at this thing.
This is from that documentarian
that I hired before you.
It says I owe him
money which I do not.
And so he posts this thing.
And this is a big
big problem for me.
Burbank, California
man named Tom Keating
who befriended an
ex Man in Black
in the last years of his life.
Oh yeah great just what I need
my name out there for
everybody to know.
Burbank, California
man to unveil
memoirs of an
actual Man in Black.
Documentarian Eric
Hayes, that's the idiot
reached out to us with
a story that could
blow the lid off the lies
and secrets the government
has been concealing
from us all these years.
Hayes claims I've
worked on a documentary
about a Burbank, California
man named Tom Keating.
He befriended an ex Man in Black
in the last years of his life.
Following his 20 years
of service as a silencer
the retired operative
changes identity
and became known
as Joseph Spencer.
Keating, the subject
of the documentary
inherited Spencer's memoirs
following his death.
The explosive journal not only
details his professional life
as a Man in Black but also
names high ranking individuals
within our government
and military.
They also reveal
accounts of the murders
of noted ufologists,
UFO witnesses,
whistle blowers,
abductees, and more.
Hayes claims that the
most shocking aspect
of the memoirs is the
revelation of the genocidal
global cleansing that has
already gone into effect
courtesy of the United
States government
and an elite secret
society that rules
every aspect of human existence.
Hayes saw the memoirs firsthand
and is convinced they are real.
The real question
to be asked is not
when Keating will
release this holy grail
of conspiracy
disclosure but rather
why he hasn't done so already?
I mean why don't they just
sign my death warrant?
I mean now everybody's
gonna know who I am and
these Men in Black pals of Joe's
are gonna come
after me I bet you.
So I just don't
know what to do now.
I think I should
just send the memoirs
to these guys and let
them just go ahead
and publish them and
just be done with it.
And once they're out
I'm good, I'm fine.
I don't have to worry about it.
Say who are these guys?
Top Secret Exposed.
Okay it's sent,
see what happens.
I'm gonna make two
copies of the memoirs.
And I'm gonna send one to my
friend in Colorado Springs.
And I'm doing that
because I want
somebody else to have
a set besides me.
Just a little bit of insurance
and back up if
something happens.
And besides nobody
knows I'm sending it
so it'll just be
between me and him.
And this plan should work.
And another reason why
I'm doing this is because
that site that posted
that article about me
well I sent them
memoirs and I thought
for sure that they
would publish them.
I haven't heard
a word from them.
So I don't know what's
going on with them.
And not only that I sent
them to two other sites.
Another site I haven't heard
anything from them either.
Another site sent me a
one word answer, fake.
Happy birthday to you
- Okay now thank you, here I go.
- Happy birthday honey.
- Brother he just
came for my birthday.
He's going back to
Vermont tomorrow.
- Hello brother.
- His name is Michael.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi I'm Claire.
Hi nice to meet you.
- And Ben, Ben is--
- One of my favorite holidays,
occasions is Anne's birthday.
Not only does she get
younger, but she gets better.
I appreciate how much
you care about me,
and putting up with
some of my crazy things
which I hope will soon be over.
- I hope so too.
- One smart man
right there, very smart man.
Thank you very much.
- I better stick with
coffee because I think--
- Happy birthday.
- You're an inspiration.
- Cake?
- Always a big fan.
- Always cut the cake.
- Not today.
- Oh Tom what
My own special glass.
He's leaving tomorrow.
And I wanted him to stay
but no he has to get back.
- She's another wonderful woman.
Very very nice, very pleasant.
Say hi Claire.
- Hi.
- Maybe she's a little bit
camera shy I don't know.
And I always liked your
advice and everything.
She's very very good, very
helpful, very good friend.
- So I
I think I found someone,
he's a psychiatrist.
I think it would be really good
for him to see him
because he's great.
That would be the next step.
And I think it's very important.
We should get him there
as soon as possible
so it doesn't get any
worse and we could--
- But how are we
going to approach this
without him being offended?
- Have you suggested
anything like that?
Him seeing anybody before?
- I've tried but it's like
beating around the bush.
I don't, I haven't come right on
and said I think you need this.
In our relationship I'm
not a medical professional.
I'm an English
professor you know.
He thinks he's going
to save the world.
I just don't know what to do.
He seems to be getting worse.
- Anne I know this
psychiatrist would be great
if you could take him there
because he really needs to go.
- But how do I approach it?
- Have you suggested
anything like this before?
- Oh no I can't do that.
- Does he
get defensive or what?
- He just would think
that I think he's crazy.
And I don't think he's
crazy I just I think--
- I know, I understand.
Would you mind if
I talked to him?
- Oh that would be wonderful.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Well it's when a
person sometimes
due to an injury or
trauma believes that
someone is following
them or it could be even
that they think that someone
is in love with them or
that someone is
there to harm someone
who they love or care about.
And usually it's
either exaggerated
like seriously
exaggerated or untrue.
It worries me a little
bit this documentary that
you following him around
and he's a delusional man.
And personally I'm
worried about him
and I wouldn't
want to use someone
who's ill for anybody's
- Each of my students and I
know what they need to do.
And if a child is really
working and struggling
then I accept that
they're doing their best.
- Give a
little more leeway.
- Yes but if they're
extremely gifted
and just sliding through
then I push them.
- Beautiful beautiful,
great, wonderful.
- Yeah and you saw the latest
recidivism report right
on CNN and the bombings
going on over there right?
I'm okay a little nuts
but if you think about it
if they're out there and the
drone strikes are going on
and we know we're
3000 miles away.
We don't know what's happening.
Who knows what's happening here?
But we don't care over here.
But you don't know what's
going on right above the house.
It's 100 miles above
it could be microphones
picking up what
we're talking about.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I
didn't mean anything by it.
It was the Dom, it
really was the Dom.
Who knows who he's
reporting to right.
I mean it could be anybody.
- Hey listen it's not funny.
The government really
does stuff like this.
You guys just don't
really understand.
No I mean it.
If you only really
knew what's going on.
You don't really know okay.
And we're all in
very grave danger.
This is not a joke.
You don't understand what
this government is doing.
If you only knew.
- It's okay it's
okay he's just tired.
It's been a really long
day and he's had some wine.
Some people get
cranky some times.
- He's alright though I mean.
- Yeah yeah he's fine he's fine.
- Last week I sent the
package with the memoirs
to my friend in
Colorado Springs.
He never got them.
So this is what happened.
Your parcel has arrived at the
post office at January 29th.
Our courier was unable to
deliver the parcel to you.
Like I said I don't know
how that's possible.
He's retired, he's
there all the time.
To receive your
parcel please go to
the nearest office
and show this receipt.
Which is exactly what he did.
He goes down there and the
clerk behind the counter says
that somebody
already picked it up.
I don't know how that's possible
because it's in his name.
Now my friend's home all
the time he's retired.
- Okay.
- So there's no way
he can not be there.
Well I think it got intercepted.
I'll bet anything on it.
I'm sure that those
guys are onto me.
There's just been too
much stuff happening.
This is just another,
another thing.
And not only that.
That website that publish
the article about me
I sent the memoirs to,
can't find it here.
That's the site,
see what happens.
It's not there anymore.
I sent them the memoirs.
Now I can't find them.
I don't know it's just another
sign of what's going on.
There's somebody hanging
out on the corner
over here watching
me all the time.
Knocking on my door,
I get phone calls,
strange noises you name it.
Nothing I do seems to work.
And they seem like they know
exactly what I'm gonna do
when I'm gonna do it and
they stop it somehow.
Like Joe told me these
guys can do anything.
They got all sorts of money
they got all sorts of equipment,
sophisticated technology
that we don't have any
we don't know anything about.
And some of the stuff I've read
in them memoirs is
entirely possible.
I don't know maybe Anne's right.
Maybe I'm just batting
my head against the wall.
But I can't quit
now I'm too far in.
So I'm gonna send
it to you again but
I'm just kind of betting the
same thing is gonna happen.
But this time let's
just be right on it.
Just be there before
they have a chance
to give it to anybody
else, let's try that.
Alright thanks, alright
Jim, alright see you later.
Now I got to worry about him.
Because if they know
he's gonna get it
I don't know if that's the
right thing to do or not.
I don't even know if I should,
I could be putting his life
in danger if I send it.
Except I don't know
what else to do.
Okay so I'm typing in
the tracking number
to see if I can find
out any more information
on what happened
to this package.
Okay 639, okay 639, enter.
The tracking number
you entered is invalid.
Please correct it and retry.
639, 639.
Nope invalid.
No good.
- So the reason I'm
here right now is because
your friend Claire stopped
by my studio yesterday.
The gal I met at
the birthday party
and she wanted to be on
camera talking about you
and her concerns and
a few other things
which I think you need to see.
- Yeah well she wants
me to go to a doctor.
She thinks I need
a psychiatrist.
Which I am not gonna do.
- Right.
- She's got Anne
involved in this too.
- Yeah well let
me play the video for you.
Here we go.
- It's apparent that
he's become increasingly
more unstable and paranoid.
- Is she talking about me?
- And you I'm sure you know.
I suggested he go to
this doctor I know
who is happy to help him who
would really be useful for him.
He doesn't want any help,
he's in total denial about--
- I don't need it Claire.
- And I mean I'm just,
both me and Anne are
just very worried
that what if he has
a mental collapse?
He could be in
danger for himself.
So what I'm asking
you is that if I could
be part of this documentary--
- No no no don't let
her be part of this.
- Project you're doing.
This would help me
assess his mental state
so much better to be
close to him 'cause he
doesn't really
want to talk to me
so if I could be part
of this project it would
be so much easier for
me to monitor him.
- No there's nothing
wrong with me.
- You don't want to be complicit
to a person's mental
collapse do you?
- Of course not.
- Good.
I need you to give me all
the footage so I can watch it
as soon as possible
within the next two days.
It's very important
so I can assess
where he is mentally
at this point.
- Where in God's name
is she getting this?
- Okay well let me
speak to him about that first
before I give you the footage.
- Don't just speak to him.
You must convince
him you understand?
This is important.
Now the second reason I'm
here I just wanted to ask you
throughout this whole
process you've been
working with Tom has
there been ever any
concrete evidence that
any of this is true?
- Oh this is getting
better all the time.
- Not exactly.
- That's what I thought.
I've been talking to
a guy a friend of mine
who knows a guy who
works for the Department
of Justice and I asked him to do
a background check on
Mr. Joseph Spencer.
This is what he basically found.
So Joseph Spencer's real name
is John Alexander Layton.
He was born in Jefferson
City, Missouri 1939.
He had no formal education
and spent most of his years
working at a lumber mill
in Warren County, Georgia.
From there he worked as
an independent contractor
in Cleveland, Ohio until 2005
at which time he retired.
He was never married
or had any children.
Following his retirement he
became a conspiracy theory
activist with claims that the
moon landings were a hoax,
that the government is engaged
in a human cleansing plot,
that space aliens
are living among us
and working with our military
to devise super
advanced technology.
- That's right.
- Mr. Layton moved to North
Hollywood, California 2008
and for reasons unknown changed
his name to Joseph Spencer.
At no time in his
life, at no time
did Mr. Layton serve
in the US military
or in any branch of government.
He was not an
intelligence operative,
a spy, an agent,
or a Man in Black.
Which means that the
memoirs are a complete
fabrication written by
a deluded individual.
I'm giving you this
paperwork to show to Tom.
He'll probably dismiss it.
But at least I wanted
you to know the truth.
All of this, everything
you're doing is based on lies.
- So this is
the background report
she gave me to give you
and I think you need
to look at that and
tell me what you think.
- I want you to know
this is all bullshit.
I mean does she really think
the Department of Justice
is going to release
classified information
on one of their covert
agents to a common civilian?
One thing Joe said was
that all the Men in Black
had their past histories completely
wiped out a clean slate.
This bogus report proves that.
I mean Claire is so naive.
I was in the military.
I saw classified documents,
reports, communications.
Joe had all of those
in his possession.
I mean this guy could describe
the innermost workings
of above top secret operations.
He drew underground bases,
secret departments within NASA,
sub basements at the Pentagon.
And I'm supposed to believe
some common everyday schmuck
working at the lumber mill
or an independent contractor
working for a cement
company could know all this?
Come on that's the bullshit.
Yeah I saw your little
interview and I'm very upset.
There's nothing wrong with me.
I'm as sane now
as I've ever been
and I resent the accusation.
And I don't like you
feeding that crap to Anne.
I don't care what
you think Claire.
I want you to leave me alone
and I want you to
stay away from Anne.
You know she hasn't returned
any of my calls lately
and I'm guessing
it's because of you.
And no more speaking to
Robert he works for me got it.
That's all I have
to say goodbye.
I'm sorry Robert.
I think you should go out.
I want to be alone
for right now okay.
- Yeah no that's fine.
- I'll give you a call tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Alright I'm ready to
show you the memoirs.
Now we're gonna go to
an undisclosed location.
We're gonna take my
vehicle and you're not
gonna know where we're gonna go.
Look at this.
- That's weird.
- That's the second
time that's happened.
No one.
Nobody here.
How could they knock that
fist and disappear like that?
You tell me.
Alright let's go, let's go.
So I've selected
portions to read off.
We'll do the vital stuff
today and more tomorrow.
Okay here it is.
My name is Joseph Spencer.
From May, 1970 to
October, 1997 I served
the United States Government
as a top secret operative
but not in a category that is
commonly known or understood.
I was known as a Man in Black.
Following seven years acting
as a counterintelligence agent
for the CIA I was recruited
for a new assignment
that entailed working within
above top secret operations.
I was aware of the
black budget projects
but never knew the
context of them
due to their high
level of secrecy.
Even the President was denied
access to their inner workings
Annually billions of dollars
are poured into black projects
which operate without any
supervision or intrusion.
They have full autonomy.
The operations deal
primarily with advancing
military technologies
most of which have been
reversed engineered from
recovered alien spacecrafts
that had either crashed or
were shot down by our military.
The public sadly will never ever
have knowledge of
these operations.
This transition in my
life happened in 1970.
The senior Black
Project Director was
William T. Latham
who had worked under
CIA Executive Director
Richard Schlesinger.
Latham stated that I was
the perfect candidate
for my new position.
I was a foster child and I had
no connections to
existing relatives.
I had no friends or social life.
It was easy for them
to erase my past
and provide me with
a new identity.
I gave myself to them as
a priest would to his God.
But first my mind
had to be erased.
I was injected with various
forms of mind altering drugs,
LSD, heroin, mescaline, morphine,
sodium pentothal and more.
Drug induced hypnosis
followed with
antegrade and
retrograde amnesia.
The goal was to program
me to do two things,
kill and forget.
After nine months of programming
I had become a Man in Black.
What I later discovered was that
not all the Men in
Black were human.
About a third were
alien hybrids.
The distinctive feature
was the absence of whites
in their eyes giving the
impression of empty eye sockets.
This unsettled me and
it took months to adjust
to the reality of
alien integration.
My assignments
largely dealt with
UFO sightings and crash sites.
In August of 1971 I witnessed
my first UFO crash site
just north of Edwards Air
Force Base in California.
Inside the craft were
three gray humanoids,
two dead, one still alive.
Also in the craft was a
human female abductee.
The alien humanoids were
transported to the base
but two witnesses
had arrived before us
and took several photographs.
The first surrendered his
camera but the second fled.
When we apprehended
him he resisted
and I was ordered to
silence him, which I did.
The killing of witnesses
was executed with a wand
that acted very much
like today's taser
but the voltage from
the wand would cause
immediate cardiac arrest
and the victim's death
would be attributed
to natural causes.
We silenced countless
victims not only men
but woman of all ages
and even teenagers.
The following day after each
kill our memories were reset
so we would have no
recollection of the murders.
A good majority of
the victims were
ufologists and whistle blowers.
Among the ufologists I
personally silenced were
Paul William Cooper,
Milton Vigay,
Claude Monroe,
Anthony Vargas,
and noted documentarian
Samantha Willis.
When my wand malfunctioned
with Samantha
I resorted to strangulation.
She fought for a life
for almost two minutes.
In recalling this act I
stared into her pleading eyes
for the entire duration
with absolutely
no remorse, guilt, or feelings.
That was how effective
the mind conditioning was.
And it's her face
that haunts my dreams
more than anyone's to this day.
- So they snuffed
out a documentarian?
- Yep.
- Well that's
not good to hear.
- Yeah yeah alright
we're gonna move along.
In 1954 Dwight Eisenhower signed
what's known as the Grenada
Treaty with the alien gray race.
In exchange for shared
alien technologies
the Grays were allowed
to abduct a number
of humans annually for
medical examination.
The Grays also demanded
anonymity from the public.
A short time later human
technology took a giant leap
forward with circuit chips,
fiber optics, and lasers.
The Grenada Treaty
is still active today
but the number of human
abductions has increased
despite objections from
the world governments.
Now the really interesting part.
Every year at least
8 million children
go missing in the world.
I can attest that
one third of them
are abducted by
government operatives
and transported to
any one of the 1477
underground military
installations on the planet
then imprisoned for the
remainder of their lives.
The children are
subjected to biological
and genetic experiments,
dissections and mutilations
performed not by human scientists
but an alien gray species.
During my stay at the
Vanguard Underground Base
north of Phoenix, Arizona
I witnessed many of
these procedures.
Because there was no
form of anesthesia
administered to
the young patients
the halls reverberated
with the screams
of tortured children from
morning through night.
The ones that perished
were incinerated
in the installations
My point of contact at this base
was Lieutenant Colonel
Charles T, Lenninger
and he was a human alien hybrid.
And get ready for this.
In 1994 the world population
summit in Cairo, Egypt
had 160 nations participate
where they all agreed that
the human population was out
of control and must be stopped
because the world is
running out of resources.
An agreement was formed
that would mandate
the reduction of
humans from six billion
to 800 million by the year 2030.
This meant finding
a method or methods
to wipe out nearly
95% of the population.
Solutions were discovered,
investigated, tested
then created and have
been in full force since.
The procedures
have been inflicted
onto the human race as follows.
One, toxic levels of
chemically enhanced fluoride
have been secretly added
to our drinking water
over the last 20
years in every city
and community on the planet.
I personally oversaw the
delivery of fluoride barrels to
Denver, Chicago, Tampa, and
Minneapolis water departments.
The adverse effects
of fluoride poisoning
to the human body are
numerous and debilitating.
The effects on
children is damage
to their neurological
among other serious ailments.
Two, man made
viruses and diseases.
The AIDS virus which
was a designer byproduct
of the American Disease
Institute was distributed
through vaccines to
the public in 1980.
Instituted as a preliminary
population control tactic
the results were
successful and led to more
lab produced viruses
that have since
been unleashed on to the public.
Among those is the development
of a mutated version
of the common flu to replicate
the 1918 influenza pandemic
that killed 40 million people.
The first strain in
this new flu virus
will be released to the
public in late 2017.
So if we see a flu outbreak
in the late 2017 or early 2018
that's killing people
we'll know this is true.
Three, killing us from
the air with neurotoxins,
barium chloride,
cancer microbes,
and viruses by way
of chem trails.
Released into the
skies daily over all
inhabited regions by
military aircraft.
the effects of these toxins
are severe and over time lethal
causing respiratory
ailments, cancer,
damage to the immune systems,
and sterilization in men.
Since the chem trail
plan was implemented
sperm count in men has
dropped nearly 50%.
If this isn't reversed soon
the human race will
face early extinction.
Now the grand finale.
This is some scary shit.
In March 1997 an event
known as the Phoenix Lights
became the most infamous
UFO sighting in history.
A mile wide vessel
clearly not man made
flew slowly and silently
over the state of Arizona
and was witnessed
by 10,000 people
including the
governor of Arizona.
To date there has been
no reasonable explanation
but for every
witness interviewed
the craft was as real as
anything they'd ever seen.
Their lives were transformed.
They now believe that
we truly are not alone.
However, there is another truth
for I know what they really saw.
1986 while stationed at an
underground installation
near Boulder, Colorado
I was introduced
to Project Sky Beam by Lieutenant
General Andrew Garros.
I was then led down a corridor
and into a large hangar
where a stealth bomber
hovered only 20 feet above me.
I stood there confused and
Garros looked over me and smiled
then asked if I was certain
of what I was seeing.
I replied of course
what else could it be?
I was then shocked to
find out that this wasn't
a real craft it was
a projected hologram.
Since the early 1950's
scientists have been
developing holographic
technology and over the years
improved it to a state
that we can only imagine.
As I stood there
staring at the bomber
which looked so
absolutely real and solid
that I could reach
up and touch it
I contemplated
the possibilities.
What if this projection was
1000 feet up in the sky?
How would anyone know
that that was an illusion.
The Phoenix Lights craft
witnessed by 10,000 people
was the first grand scale Sky
Beam test upon the public.
It succeeded beyond
In October 1938 Orson
Welles unleashed his
War of the Worlds radio broadcast
to the American public.
It was so
realistically portrayed
vast portions of the
population went into panic.
Terrified citizens scrambled
to evacuate their
cities in droves.
America had been easily
tricked by very simple means.
To amplify this response
those who are truly in power
in not only our country but
all the countries on the planet
and who are the true purveyors
of the depopulation process
have formulated the final
stage of their sinister plan.
In the year 2024 a
global event will alter
the course of mankind's future.
The world will stand witness
to a massive alien invasion.
Thousands of projected
holographic alien warships
will blanket the skies sending
people into a global panic.
Real military crafts within
the holograms will inflict
actual damage to the surrounding
areas to sell the gimmick.
And as result of the
ensuing human chaos
a one world government
will immediately form
without any resistance
from the people.
They will be the
new world order.
Once this happens we as
a people will be doomed
to enslavement and
accelerated depopulation.
With that said, the only
hope for human salvation
is to acquire and
spread the knowledge
of these activities and agendas.
Resist, retaliate, and
conquer this imposing enemy.
the time is now as humanity
is rapidly approaching
its final days.
The knowledge of what's coming
is taking its toll on me.
I see all these people
living their lives,
enjoying themselves,
planning their futures
oblivious to the fact that
it's all going to end soon.
Here I am at a park.
The children are playing
and in the skies above
I can see the chem
trails poisoning the air
and slowly killing us
all in plain sight.
I've never felt so helpless.
I want to scream
out to the world but
I'd only be laughed
at, ridiculed.
When Claire said the
memoirs were a fabrication
I secretly wished she was right
then I could sleep at night.
But I know beyond a reasonable
doubt that it's all true
that Joe was being
completely forthwith.
I saw it in his eyes.
I heard the tremor in his
voice when he spoke about it.
Didn't come off as an admission.
It's more of a deeply
concerned confession.
He was scared for us
all and that says a lot
coming from a man who was
a government assassin.
Well I can't get ahold of Anne.
She's not answering her phone.
None of my texts, emails
nothing's being answered.
Even her sister
lives in Utah though
but she's been
trying to reach her.
No calls, no nothing.
I'm gonna have to go over there
and find out what's
going on because
something's wrong,
something's really wrong.
Her car is here.
Hey Charlie what you
doing buddy come here.
Where's Mommy huh?
The bed hasn't been slept in.
- That's weird.
- Anne.
Charlie where's Anne?
- The phone
is ringing from the,
sounds like it ringing
from the bedroom.
- This is her phone.
- Oh wow.
- What the heck is
this doing here?
Okay so there's something
really wrong okay.
I'm gonna, I'm
calling the police.
I'm calling the police.
- And file a
missing persons report.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Alright I called the
police they're on their way.
This poor dog hasn't eaten
in days have you Charlie?
Come on there come on.
They're on their way,
police are on their way.
I hope they don't take forever.
I'm having trouble
right now I'm sorry.
I know I hope to God
nothing's happened to her
over this stuff, these guys.
If something happened
to her it's my fault,
it's gonna be my fault I mean
stupid I shoulda never,
shoulda never let
Joe talk me into this.
Something's happened to her.
And it's not good I can
tell you that right now.
Well we just left
Anne's and the police
took their missing
persons report
but refused to go on
camera for some reason.
Go ahead tell them
what they did.
- Well as
soon as they got there
they saw me with the
camera and they walked over
and told me to stop
filming and then
they made me erase the
shots I did of them
and watched me do
it on the spot.
Well I don't know about you but
I got a weird vibe from them
and did you notice when
they first got there
the officer referred
to me as Mr. Keating.
How did he know my last name?
I only gave my first
name to the 911 operator.
That's very very
suspicious if you ask me.
- And I'm
wondering about the guy
in the backseat
of the police car.
Because he didn't have
a police uniform on.
- Yeah that's right.
I didn't get a
clear look at it him
but he was not in
a police uniform
and he was definitely
watching us.
- So what
are you seeing?
I think we're being followed.
- Really?
- Wasn't quite
sure but now I am.
- Alright let's
see if he's following.
Yep he's following us.
- See there he is.
I think he's been following
us since we left Anne's.
- Why?
- See?
- Yep there he is.
- You know what?
Get out, get out.
- Stop.
- Hey.
Why are you following me?
Come on.
Hey come here.
Son of a.
I bet anything he knows
what happened to Anne.
Pisses me off the
son of a bitch.
I'm fed up with this crap.
- Hey.
- You're not gonna believe this.
I got something to show you.
- What happened?
- Let's go this way.
I want to show you something.
I just want you to see
okay I'm sorry I just.
Well it ain't good.
Look at that.
This is what I walked in to.
Could you imagine?
- Wow.
Your place got ransacked.
It looks like they took
apart your bedroom.
So you were gone
and what happened I mean?
- Okay I was out doing
errands like I normally do.
I come in here,
boom I see all this.
- Are you
gonna call the police?
- I thought about it but
what good is it going do?
I know who did
this and by the way
I don't even trust the police.
She lives next door right.
She's saying yeah two guys
walking around back here,
back down around here.
Went inside for awhile she said
and then came back out
and they were gone.
I don't know if anybody
else saw them or not.
I don't know but I'll bet
anything it's our friends.
I can't stay here
another minute.
I gotta get out of here.
- No I would too
I'd be getting out of here.
- I know my life's in
danger, just I know.
I'm gonna throw my phone away,
find a place to go where
no one else knows but me.
- Just
go into hiding or?
- Yeah I'm just
gonna go underground.
And I'll get in touch with you.
- Okay.
- I don't know how
they got in here.
Neighbor saw the two men in
the dark suits that's it.
She don't know what they
were doing, anything.
Obviously it was them.
And Anne's still missing.
God only knows what
happened to her.
There's no sense
in taking a chance.
There's no sense
in staying here.
I don't know, I don't
know what to do.
- I think you're
doing the right thing.
I think just going into
hiding and just laying low.
- You know that
Anne's been missing right?
- Yes.
- And now
Tom has left town
and you don't know where he is.
- I've had no
correspondence with him no.
- When's the
last time you saw him?
- About two weeks ago.
His place had been ransacked.
- Oh come on
he did that themself.
Either out of his own
delusion or a stupid ploy
to convince everyone
why he had to leave
because his life
was in danger right?
- That's
how I understood it.
- Well just so you know
I have to tell the police
about Tom's mental condition
and now it's very
likely that he'll be
the primary suspect in
Anne's disappearance.
So it's very important that
we find out where Tom is.
- So who do I
contact if I hear from him?
- Just call
me as soon as you do.
I happen to be in communication
with the lead investigator.
- Okay.
- Robert
you do understand
that if you're concealing
his whereabouts
and not telling me
what else you know
that you're an accomplice
to very serious crime.
I wouldn't want to see
you go to prison over this
because that is what will
happen if you're lying.
I'll be expecting
your call, good bye.
- This is Hal
Camillo speaking to you
from the Jackson County
Sheriff's Department
here in downtown Pascagoula
where this morning
we had an interrogation
or interview
with two of these
gentlemen that reportedly
sighted and were
taken aboard a UFO
late last night in
the Gautier area.
- It landed
approximately two feet
off the ground it never
touched the ground
and two creatures came out
and carried the men aboard.
- Regarding the
truthfulness of his statement
that he saw a space ship,
three space creatures,
and was taken into the
spaceship on October 11, 1973.
It is my opinion that
Charles Hickson told
the truth when he
stated number one
that he believed he
saw a space ship.
Number two he believed
he was taken into
this spaceship and
number three that
he believed he saw
three space creatures.
- It hovered about
three feet off the ground.
three creatures who were described
as about five feet tall
with big eyes, pointed
ears, wrinkled skin,
a pale colored skin, they
had claw like arms and feet
came out and they
hovered or floated.
they didn't walk they
kind of floated out
and suspended him in midair
with nothing to hold him up
except that he was
weightless and they took
this big eye looking
object and went over him.
I guess you'd say
like an X-ray like you
take an X-ray or take
a picture of it him.
- And it seemed
something like a big eye.
I keep referring to it is an eye
because it was about
side of a small baseball.
And the end that was
focused toward me
was a different color
or a different light.
- So once
the craft deposited
you and Calvin back on the bank
without any further
ado it just departed.
- It departed
that's right, it departed.
The Air Force won't
talk about those things.
They didn't even want to talk,
you know they didn't want
to talk with us about it.
- Were you afraid
during this entire thing?
- I certainly
was and I can explain that.
Just normal fear is
something that you expect
if you're on this Earth
but this was something that
wasn't supposed to even exist.
And it's fear that you
can't even explain.
- Were you followed?
- No I don't think
so I didn't see anybody.
I brought your groceries.
- Oh thank God I
haven't for two days.
- Wow.
So there's no electricity here?
- No they're renovating.
- Oh okay
whose house is this?
- Anne's brother's.
You haven't met him yet.
- Oh the guy
that was at the party.
- Needed a place
to hide out so I
come up here a couple days ago.
I had to break into the place.
He doesn't even
know I'm up here.
- Yeah I just
grabbed whatever I could.
- I was
up in Colorado Springs,
stayed with a friend of mine.
- The guy you
set the memoirs to.
- Yeah right I give him a call.
He doesn't answer,
some guy answers.
Won't give me his name, wants
my name wants my phone number.
- Did you
call him and then
some other person answered?
- Yeah right I didn't
like it I hung up.
- Holy--
- Yeah so.
Do you know what?
They got rid of my
buddy, wanted me to call,
traced that call, and
I said you know what?
I'm high tailing it out of here.
I think something
bad happened to Anne.
Everybody else that's been
involved in this fiasco
they're either
disappeared or dead.
Listen if I were you okay I get
this documentary
done and completed.
And I'd get it released free
and never see the past again.
Get your face and name out
there and then you'll be safe.
You know what I mean?
This is what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna head up north to
Canada and I'm gonna disappear
in those big woods that
they have up there.
It that's possible.
But I hope I can
find someone that'll
release the memoirs up there.
- Right.
So why don't you just turn
yourself into the police
or commit some
kind of petty crime
and just sit in a police
cell I mean or a jail cell.
You'd be much safer.
- Police, police?
I wouldn't last 10
minutes before they
whisked me out of
there and who knows
where I'd wind up some not
seen base or even worse.
That's the worst
thing I could do.
I need to protect myself now.
Don't freak out when
I show you this okay.
- Oh wow.
- Yeah I bought it at
the local gun store today.
And I'm not afraid to use it.
I can defend my life.
- Do you think you
could actually shoot somebody?
- I'm a Vietnam vet.
Like I said I don't
mind protecting myself.
And these guys wanna have
it out before I go out
I'll go out guns a blazing.
- Well hopefully
it doesn't come to that.
What the hell is?
- Who could that be?
- I don't know.
- Why don't you go upstairs?
Go upstairs and keep filming.
- Tom hi.
I need to talk to you.
- What are you doing here?
- I need to talk
to you about Anne.
So where's Anne?
- That's a good question.
I have no idea.
I been looking for
her for forever.
- Listen you have
to come with me.
- Are you crazy?
There are guys out
there trying to kill me.
- You don't know that.
We both know you're
gonna be in trouble.
Don't you understand coming
here just makes you look guilty?
What about Anne?
- Anne, I didn't do
anything to Anne.
I'm trying to save her--
- Listen it's very important
that you talk to me now.
So we can go together, be safe,
and I have a great
doctor for you.
I talked to him already.
- Claire listen, I am not
crazy do you understand?
I'm not imagining this.
- No one's saying
that you're crazy.
- I'm not going anywhere, not
that and I want you to leave.
I want to get out of here.
- What's that?
- What's it to you?
- Oh shit.
- Robert?
Come on down.
I know you're there.
Are you gonna make me come up?
- Oh shit, shit.
- Robert.
Come on.
There's no sense hiding from me.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Come out.
Yeah I have it.
I'll come down
and open the door.
- Yes I'd
like to report a fire.
There's a fire at
421 South Oak Street.
And there's two men inside
the house starting a fire.
I need you to get the fire
trucks here immediately.
The whole house is
gonna go up in flames.
Please hurry.
- Very smart
to call the Fire Department.
We were at your place today.
We confiscated your computer,
your external drives.
We have everything.
There's nowhere you can
run, nowhere you can hide.
We will find you.
I'll take that.