Alien Planet (2023) Movie Script

For centuries, my people, the Lokkein,
were oppressed by the Kameen.
Fed up, we fought back in a war between our species.
We failed.
The battles were brutal,
and too many of our kind were slaughtered.
The Lokkein who survived were exiled
to a new planet called Rockachie.
Water is scarce here, and life on Rockachie
is supported by a liquid we have named Zahd.
However, Zahd does not contain enough nutrients
to sustain us without the
use of the Rejuvenation Vial.
Once a year, the prefect of each village
is tasked with putting the smallest drop of liquid
from the Rejuvenation Vial into the soil.
But we must be careful.
If we put more than just a drop,
it will rejuvenate the entire planet with water,
and this could be dangerous
to all living things native to Rockachie.
Meanwhile, our enemies, the
Kameen, have abused their planet
and used up all of their natural resources.
Fearing that the Kameen will come to Rockachie
and take our Rejuvenation Vial,
we have hidden it outside our village,
where dangerous beasts roam free,
in the hopes that this will deter them
from destroying our lives once again.
Brocheet, glad to see
you're reaching your destination.
After a minor course correction,
I should be landing on the Rockachie surface
within the hour.
- Good.
- You are our most skilled warrior.
Our civilization is depending on you to find
the water of Rockachie.
I don't have to remind you of how many days
of water we have left.
No, sir.
- If we can find this vial,
it will bring life back to our dying planet,
and all of the Kameen will have
sustainable drinking water again,
so we cannot underestimate
the importance of this mission.
- Of course, General.
Now, this is my first mission
to the Lokkein scum world.
The scriptures say that
there are horrific creatures
that will kill even the most skilled warriors
if they venture outside the Lokkein settlement.
- We have found a few beasts that cause some trouble.
We call them Dwellers.
On our first mission, they seized control
of one of our ships and quickly made it their home.
After that mistake, we realized they like to make
any location they find their newest domicile.
- I hope that you have some better intel for me,
or am I supposed to wander
the waste looking for this vial?
- We recently discovered that the Lokkein have a map
that will lead us directly to the vial.
Last week, we set our top agent, K'veen,
to retrieve it, but lost communication
with him this morning.
- Well, that was your first mistake.
- Huh?
- K'veen isn't your top agent.
Glad to have you back, Brocheet.
Make us all proud.
- It's a good thing you're coming along, Giree.
I have a feeling I'm going to need
your Peesh-healing abilities
if we run into this Dweller creature.
Good morning, Lock.
Good morning.
How much dew did we collect?
- It's not much, but it's better than drinking
just the Zahd we dig up.
- I know. We'll save it for a special night.
At least our Zahd site is full.
I know it tastes bad, but its
nutrients have kept us alive.
- We should ask the prefect for more water.
- You know, we can't.
He's in charge of the distribution,
and we have no say in it.
- Water shouldn't just be a
treat for special occasions.
- And what are you going to do, go find the vial yourself?
- We can use just a little bit.
We don't have to rejuvenate the entire planet.
If we just use enough to get our rivers full-
- The prefect is never going to let you do this.
- I know, I know, the ecosystem.
- Here, help me take this to the digging site
so we can meet our Zahd quota for the week.
Zahd just tastes so bad.
- I know, I know.
We'll have a nice dinner tomorrow
with the water we collected.
Oh my Chokk!
Prefect Lukon?
- Are you okay, sir?
- Lock, Kaak.
- Yes, what happened?
- This Kameen here.
What is he doing here?
- That ugly bastard destroyed the site
and tried to steal all our scrolls.
I took him down, but only after he shot me.
- He was looking for this.
The Scroll of Rockachie?
- Yes. I heard him say Kameen is running out of water.
They're looking for the vial.
Take the scroll.
You must get the Water of
Rockachie before the Kameen do.
- Uh-huh. - You must keep it safe.
Promise me you'll find the vial.
- Uh-huh.
- We can't allow the Kameen
to take anything more from us.
We promise!
- One thing
the Kameen don't know.
The Kameen
don't know that
you can't
use too...
- Love live
Kaak, look out!
Stay with me.
I love you, Kaak.
If the vial can help
save an entire planet,
there's a chance it could help you too.
I've got to try.
Boolock. More Kameen.
- Come on up here, my hairless Peesh friend.
Mission log: I'm entering the atmosphere now.
Okay, Giree. Be careful when we land.
We have no idea if that Dweller will be nearby.
Ah, that's a perfect landing spot.
Come eye.
Come on out, it's safe.
- Oh, is it? - Huh?
Why are you here, Kameen?
Better him than me.
Just hold on a second!
Get off me, you beast!
Get in there!
And you'll stay in there till
you die, you Kameen parasite!
How do you live
with yourself smelling like that?
Shut up!
I said quiet!
Where am I?
Chokk dammit, where am I?
Let me out of here!
Delitch was right.
This is one of our ships.
Where's Giree?
If you hurt her, I swear I'll rip these chains off
and kill you before the thing does.
Can you hear me, Lokkein,
through that thick skull of yours?
- Giree?
Is that its name?
- I swear I'll kill you if you hurt her!
- That ugly thing is locked
away in a cage where it belongs!
Probably about to be that
beast's appetizer as we speak.
I swear I'll kill you!
- I have a feeling you'd kill me
whether that Peesh was alive or not.
- Is... Is that Giree?
Hey, Lokkein!
Is that Giree?
- I'm sorry. I can't hear you.
Is that Giree?
- You should learn to say please
when something is so important to you!
- Thank Chokk.
Thank you.
I can't do this.
Any ideas, Kameen?
- Yeah.
Go piss off.
- Good morning, Kameen.
And I thought you smelled
like Peesh piss yesterday.
You are extra rotten.
- You always were the worst species.
That's why we shipped you all off Kameen.
I will find the vial to rejuvenate Kameen,
and the rest of you will be stuck drinking Zahd
till the end of your miserable lives!
- Just one more advantage above us, right?
Oh, woe is me!
We gave you your own planet, plenty of rations,
and even a start on building
your own self-sustaining community!
If there's any failure, it's on your kind.
When the Kameen shipped us
here, you starved us and beat us,
and killed off nearly half our kind!
- Maybe if your kind was stronger,
you wouldn't have lost the war.
Maybe if you had accepted your defeat,
we wouldn't have had to kill so many of you.
- It's hard to win against someone who has control
over an animal that can heal any wound.
The Peesh make you practically immortal,
and you have captured every single one!
- We did not capture the Peesh!
They choose to stay with us. They are family!
- They stay with you because you feed them.
They're not family, they're pets.
And you outlawed any Lokkein from adopting one,
giving you the upper hand.
- You act like I made that law.
It's been in place for generations,
put there by the founders
- And all the founders just happened to be Kameen!
- Well, I'm sorry, but that's not my problem.
- Well you know what is your problem?
and look who has the map.
- How do you have that?
There's no way that's real!
Okay, Peesh Boolock.
- You better learn to keep that down,
or else you'll starve to death before he eats you.
- Why don't you mind your business, Peesh lover?
Does yours taste like piss too?
- Yes.
- I can't do this anymore.
- Is that your way of asking for help?
- Yes.
- Why should I trust you?
- I shouldn't trust you, but I'm going out on a limb here!
I have a dead husband who I'm trying to save!
I will do anything for him,
even if it means having to trust you
for a few seconds today.
- You have a husband?
- What, you don't think Lokkein can be monogamous?
- Enough!
How did he die?
- One of you killed him!
- My wife is dead too.
You Lokkein killed her in the war 20 years ago.
- Where was Giree then?
- Peesh can't save everybody!
Sometimes, it's too late.
Sometimes, they're too far gone.
I'm sorry about your husband.
I know how strong the bond of a mate can be.
- Real touching, Kameen.
Listen, I don't trust you,
but let's get out of here and go our separate ways, okay?
- I'd love to and when I do, I'll be taking that map.
- What if we get the vial together?
I just need a drop to bring my husband back to life.
- That vial is meant to rejuvenate the planet.
Scriptures say nothing
about bringing back the dead.
- Well, if it can heal your planet,
there's a chance it can bring him back to life.
That's my only option.
You can have the rest after.
I will gladly drink Zahd for the rest of my life
if it means I can have him by my side again.
- Fine, but I'm in charge.
A Kameen will never follow a Lokkein!
Chokk dammit, Kameen!
- I'm ready to put all of our history aside
so that we both can live.
Do you want to get out of here, Kameen?
- I don't have a choice. I must.
- My name's Lock.
Locke is a Kameen name.
Did your parents name you that
in some feeble attempt to elevate you?
- I was named after my adoptive mother.
- You were adopted by Kameens?
- They were killed in the war
for being Lokkein sympathizers!
- My wife's name was Lock.
It's Brocheet.
My name is Brocheet.
So how do you propose we get out of here?
- Well, this thing has us chained up for a reason.
I'm assuming by the pile of bones,
it's planning to eat us.
I think it wants to fatten us up.
- No Boolock!
I could have told you that.
- Well, at some point, he's going to unchain these.
If we work together, we can overpower him.
- That's your plan, to wait until he takes these off?
I don't have the time!
Kameen will perish within
the week if I don't get that vial!
- Well, let's give him a reason to eat us sooner.
- I can't believe I'm going to do this.
Wake him up.
- Okay, let's do this.
- You have to use something bigger than a bone.
Wake up, ugly!
Boolock, nice shot!
My arm!
Brocheet, hold him there!
Take your time!
- Wake up!
Are you in there?
Really? All that talk and you died that easy.
Ah, this arm is never gonna heal. Brocheet!
Rest well, Kameen.
Boolock! Those things don't stay down.
Well, that's unique.
I need that damn med kit.
That is a big rasteniya.
I've got be close.
I'm on the right path. The vial is that way.
But I'm so close to the ship.
The detour is needed.
Ah, this is gonna hurt.
Is that you?
Whoa, wait!
Wait. I know where Brocheet is.
He's dead.
I tried to help him.
No, I did. He helped me escape.
But the creature was too strong.
I can take you
to Brocheet's body.
I need some of that
Peesh healing you do.
This isn't a trick.
I know you can heal wounds.
You fixed my arm.
Yes, to Brocheet's body.
But first, will you please help me with my husband?
If you can heal my arm,
you can bring him back to life, right?
A Kameen killed him.
He was everything to me.
Okay, to Brocheet first,
but then will you please help me save Kaak?
Yeah, I know where we're going.
Over here, Giree!
Stay here and rest.
I'm going to go find some Jolek for us to eat.
I'll be back.
Hey, Lokkein.
Are you still...
She stabbed me in the back!
Never trust a Lokkein.
I can't die here.
You gotta get that vial!
Come on!
- Well, I'll be damned.
This damn plant!
The Water of Rockachie.
It's hard to believe that this
little bottle can do so much.
I like you guys this size better.
I know, I know! Okay, you caught me.
I went to get the vial, but it was only a small detour.
We were so close to it.
I still plan to take you to Brocheet.
- Brocheet.
- Listen, I know Kameens and Lokkeins never got along,
but Brocheet was honorable-ish
at his end.
I truly believe he wanted
to put everything behind us
to work together.
You can stay here and live with us.
We have nothing against the Peesh.
I'm sorry, Giree.
I know you loved Brocheet.
He was good to you.
Let's get some rest.
We need it.
And then I'll take you to Brocheet.
We can give him a proper burial.
- Brocheet.
- That's definitely Giree.
She's healed someone recently.
She'll be the last Lokkein to ever take a Kameen name!
Oh, Giree.
I missed you.
Thank Chokk I found you.
I'm gonna need your healing soon,
but not yet.
Has she found the vial?
Good, let's get it.
Rise and shine, Lock!
- Brocheet!
You're alive!
- I want the vial!
- Giree, I thought he was dead.
Please, I checked his heartbeat, I swear to you!
- Back off! Give me the vial now!
- You can't have it yet!
- Give me one good reason
why I shouldn't kill you right now!
I thought you were dead!
I checked your heartbeat
and heard nothing,
so I went and got the vial.
We were on our way to bury you.
- Kameen don't have hearts, you ignorant Zahd digger!
Our blood replicates itself and our veins expand
and contract to pump blood through our bodies.
- Spare the anatomy lesson, Brocheet.
- Give me the vial.
- I'm on your team.
- Show it to me now!
Seems Giree's taken a liking to you.
She rescued me back there.
If I give you the vial, promise
she'll heal my husband too.
It's either her or the vial,
but I need one of them to help him.
- Giree says she will try to heal your husband,
but give me the vial first.
That's it?
- Now it's your turn to hold up your end of the bargain.
- You only get one Peesh healing.
- Generous.
- Lead the way.
- I'll see you soon, my love.
Thank you.
It's working!
Wake up, Kaak!
Come back to me, Kaak. You can do this.
You can do this, Kaak.
- I'm sorry.
As I said, sometimes they are too far gone.
Did you see that? He just moved.
Kaak, Kaak, can you hear me?
Kaak! Lock?
- Kaak, you're alive.
Giree brought you back to life.
- Giree?
A Peesh?
What are we, on Kameen?
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no. That's Brocheet and Giree.
They're not a threat.
We're still on Rockachie. We have the vial.
they have the vial.
No! You will not do this to my people again!
Give me that vial! - Kaak!
Wait! I traded the vial for your life.
- You did?
- She did.
You owe me, Lokkein.
- Enjoy your water, Kameen.
I will
Lock, you are stronger than
I give your species credit for.
Perhaps in another life, we could have been friends.
- Friends wouldn't treat each other this way, Brocheet.
- Come on, Giree, let's get off this planet,
go save Kameen.
- Goodbye, friend.
- Still have enough energy to take care of my arm
when we get back to the ship?
He's back! Look out, Kaak!
No, no, no! No!
- Chokk dammit.
- Hey, ugly!
- You're welcome.
- I will not let the Kameens
take what little water we have.
You take everything from us, but not anymore!
No! No!
- No! No!
- Wait! - Wait for what?
Were you really gonna give this to the Kameens,
the same Kameens that killed me nonetheless?
No, but the fire will rejuvenate
everything on the planet,
not just the water!
- The very little life on this planet will adjust,
and it's better than drinking nothing but Zahd,
and letting all the...
letting all the Kameens have all the water!
- Kaak, what have you done?
Huh? - No!
- Stay back!
- Giree, run!
- Brocheet, are you there?
If you can hear us, we need the vial now.
Kameen's completely out of water.
Our people are dying rapidly.
Please, Brocheet,
in a few days,
we'll all be gone.
Please, Brocheet,
come home now!
This civilization
is depending on you.