Alien Predator (2018) Movie Script

- SEAL team 2, five clicks out
approaching perimeter, over.
- Sweep the area
and proceed with caution.
- Sat Com to Two Actual. Tread
lightly and check six. Over.
- All right guys,
clear perimeter.
- Clear.
- Move!
- SATCOM, this is 2 Actual.
We have visual on impact site.
Any time we'll be back
and forth with the intel.
- Roger that, 2 actual. Over.
- Keep your heads on a swivel.
- Things are gonna get hairy.
- Ah don't soil you diaper,
I got your six.
- Copy that.
Let's move on.
- Let's go.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
moving in on visual.
We're going silent. Copy?
- Roger that, 2 actual.
- Over and out.
- All right. Let's go.
Incoming fire! Take cover!
- Unit 2, this is SATCOM.
I--I read you.
What the hell is going on?
- Watch your back,
watch your back!
- What do you see?
- Unit 2, this is SATCOM--
what's happening? Over.
We're under fire!
- Man down! Man down!
- Firing!
- Unit 2, this is SATCOM.
What are you seeing? Over.
- Ahhhh!
- SATCOM, this is unit 2--
we're taking heavy fire
from unseen insurgents.
We need backup ASAP!
Do you copy?
- Unit 2, do you read me?
What's your 20? Over.
- SATCOM, do you copy?
We need to retreat!
- This is SATCOM-- I read you.
Do you hear me? Over.
Unit 2--again,
this is SATCOM. Over.
- Lieutenant Colonel Adrian.
- Brooks. What's going on?
- I was working SATCOM
support for unit 2, and--
- The recon mission
on the crashed bird?
- Yes, sir.
They moved in radio silent,
and about one minute later
I received communication
that they were under fire.
SATCOM went dead about 30,
40 seconds ago.
I wasn't able to hail anyone.
- What? What, what,
what, what, what?
- The body scan
is a negative, sir.
They're all down.
- Come on. Show me.
- All their body monitors
are dead, except for Hobbs.
- This was the last message
that came through?
Yes, sir, at 10:17.
- It's gonna be a long day.
Long day...
- Sir.
- Adrian, what can
I help you with?
- Unit 2 is now down.
They're offline.
- Oh, jeez.
I was worried this
was gonna go sideways.
Well, that's unfortunate,
but we're just gonna
have to sit it out
until our second unit SEAL team
goes in for its scheduled recon.
- Sir, with all due respect,
they're not gonna
be there for five hours.
- Look, I am aware of that,
Lieutenant Colonel.
- Sir, intel tells us insurgents
regularly patrol that area.
- What do you propose we do?
- I propose that we
send a chopper, sir,
to scan for survivors.
It'll only take about--
- Look, Lieutenant
Colonel Adrian,
you know that that area
is a strict no-fly zone.
I mean, we're as close
to enemy lines
as we could legally be
at this second.
- We can arrange for a fly-by.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa--
I'm sorry, soldier.
We can't risk it politically.
- Permission requested--
- Now let me tell you something,
I am not gonna explain
how we managed to get a chopper
shot down behind enemy lines.
- Permission to request
to put together a team.
I just need five
or seven good men--
I've got men out there
that I trust with my life.
- All right, listen to me.
- Just give me--
- Lieutenant Colonel, listen.
Unit 2 is an elite
black-ops SEAL team.
It's the best we have
Now, I--I understand
you're no stranger
to black-ops missions, okay?
But the men in this company
are enlisted.
- Sir, there's men in the--
- No, no--enlisted.
- Sir, there's men--
- Rank and file.
Now you are gonna wait,
like the rest of us,
for that recon team
in five hours.
Is there anything else you need,
Lieutenant Colonel?
- Carter.
If I was to ask you to go AWOL
to go get unit 2--
- You give the word, Cap,
I'm there.
I'm not about to let those men
die out there alone.
- We need to go ASAP.
- Got it.
- Be sure that you make Brooks
part of the team.
- Paul Brooks?
- Yes, we need a tech.
- But he was moved to SATCOM--
- We don't have a choice.
I know the story, okay?
I get it. I understand.
But I also know he's ready
to go back inside.
Any other guys you want?
- No, sir.
- No? All right.
- Of course, Cap.
To hell and back.
- First off,
thank y'all for being here.
What I'm about to tell you
does not leave this tent.
Now of course,
I trust you all,
but what I'm gonna say
is highly unsanctioned,
with court martial potential.
This morning, unit 2
went out on recon.
They are now dark.
The colonel's made
it crystal clear
he's not gonna authorize any
backup for any rescue mission.
You all know those SEALs.
And Hobbs' life support monitor
is still reading a heartbeat.
Which is why I'll be damned
if I leave them out there
high and dry.
- Exactly what are you
proposing, sir?
- I'm proposing that we
hump it to them--right now.
Right now.
They need help, like, yesterday
and no ones gonna help in time.
Now, I--I--I realize
what I'm asking you.
I get it.
Most of you have ran with me
on these missions before,
so you know I expect you all
to come back with me.
But you might not.
- These guys are aren't
a special op team.
We're not even a unit.
- We're not, but we're the best
damn chance they got right now.
I hope that's enough.
- There's no option.
It's the right thing
to do, guys.
I'm with you, Cap.
- I'm in.
- You all in?
- Sir, yes, sir.
- All right. Grab your gear.
We're gonna push in 30 minutes.
- Yeah, yeah,
I don't wanna hear it.
- All the ladies always
gotta stick together.
- You broads
on the same cycle yet?
- We've heard it all
a million times.
- I don't know why y'all being
so defensive about it.
Carter and I have been on the
same cycle for three years now.
- Because y'all got low T.
- Yeah, that's right, sugar--
I got the lowest T around.
Might as well put me in Guinness
Book of World Records
for testosterone deficiency.
- Don't worry, Pete.
One day, a girl
will actually like you despite
your personality.
- Oh, thanks, Mom.
- Will you all quit
yammering back there?
- Oh, Carter, don't even get me
started on that guy.
That guy's got so much T,
might as well call him Mr. T.
- Damn right they do.
- Let them know, Carter.
How you doing back there,
- I'm good, Plante,
I'm doing fine.
- Well, you look like crap.
You nervous about
being on duty again?
- Nope. Why, are you?
- Psh, no, man.
I was born for this.
- Look, we all
been stuck in SATCOM,
spent some time
out of action.
But you?
You belong there.
We all know about
your little problem.
- Plante, why--why are you
still talking to this spaz?
- Just killing time, baby.
- You that hard up
for entertainment,
you gotta go
and pester Brooks?
- Oh, yeah.
- Sklaroff, you heard about
what Brooks did at the PX?
- Yeah, man.
I heard he was
wigging the hell out
just trying to buy
a candy bar or something.
- It's bad enough
that the man spazzes up
every time he throws
a fit in combat.
But when we're chilling?
What's that about, huh?
- You've had PTSD
training, right?
- Yeah.
- I--I get anxiety attacks.
I can't control
when they happen, man.
Sneak up on you sometimes.
- But you know what else
is sneaking up on you?
It's troops--
enemy troops, insurgents.
- Damn right.
- So what--what are--what are
you gonna do about that?
- Yeah.
I'm aware, Mulloy.
- We're about five minutes
from the site,
so we'll be out
of treeline soon.
The good news is
we'll be out of sightline
of any damn sniper,
unless of course
one of those fuckers
pops up from a banana tree.
Right, Carter?
- Goddamn right, sir.
- I realize that none
of you enlisted
for any black ops,
in which case you sure
as hell didn't think
you were gonna wake up
going AWOL this morning,
so thank you.
When shit starts to go sideways
out there,
just remember
why we're out there.
One--figure out what the hell
happened to unit 2.
Two--get eyes on whatever
aircraft crashed,
get photos of it.
The little intel that we have
suggests that it's
highly experimental,
in which case we need
as much info as we can.
So we need to figure out
what it's capabilities are
and what they
plan to do with it,
and why the damn thing crashed
in the first place.
And if all else fails,
we at least have to get
photos back to HQ.
It's very important
for you to keep your eyes up
and watch your six.
Carter, you good back there?
- All clear.
- All righty.
Do not touch that.
- Gotcha.
- Move out.
- All good, Brooks?
- Yeah, I'm good, Commander.
- You get anything?
- Everything's 5 by 5, sir.
- Hey, uh...
I've been meaning
to talk to you about--
- I know.
- But I--
It's--I wanna tell you--
- I'm fine, Commander.
I-I'm here to be your tech
expert and lead technician,
and that's exactly
what I'm gonna be.
- Well, if the guys give
you shit, just tell me, okay?
- There won't be
any reasons, sir.
Let's kick the tires.
You heard the man--
let's keep moving.
Eyes up,
be ready for anything.
- Faulk, Alvarez.
False alarm,
it's just a snake.
- You shit yourself?
- Yeah--twice.
How about you?
- One and a half, maybe.
- Take cover, take cover!
- Anybody got eyes
on the hostile? Over.
- Nothing to the west. Over.
- I got nothing south. Over.
- No movement here.
- Everybody stay calm,
keep cover.
I wanna make sure--shit!
Where the hell
is this coming from?
- I've got bupkis. Over.
- I'm not seeing squat
over here.
- Hang in there, hang in there.
Brooks, get over here!
Hang in there.
- Shit!
Listen to me...
- Save your strength.
I gotcha, all right?
Hey, Buckner's still with us!
- All right,
everybody stay tight.
- Save your strength, come on.
- Relax, buddy.
- That's where--that's where
the fire came from?
Relax, relax, relax.
- Buckner says the fire
came from up north, ahead.
We need an end-around.
- Alvarez, Faulk--fall in.
- Sir, what about Buckner?
- Brooks, how's he looking?
- I-I think he's
on his way out, Commander.
I-- He'd only slow us down.
- Brooks, you piece
of fucking garbage.
There's no way we're
leaving a soldier behind.
- Enough! Brooks is right.
We can't afford to drag him
and dodge fire at the same time,
not with the mission
still at hand.
Move to the southeast,
hug the treeline.
Over. Let's go.
That's an order!
- Nothing.
- No movement anywhere.
- Well, at least we know we're
not the only ones out here.
Stay frosty, everybody, not
that I need to tell you that.
Just stay on a high alert.
Copy that?
- Copy that.
- Copy.
- Permission to go back
for Buckner, sir.
- Permission denied.
We need able bodies,
and only able bodies,
focused on the task at hand.
- Sir, he's right here.
- Permission denied, Plante.
This is not a rescue mission.
Not for the squad
that had a distress call,
and certainly not for us.
- Fuck.
- Buckner's dead.
I just got his pulse.
- Bring it in.
Bring it in,
bring it in, Plante.
Plante, bring it in.
You push that shit
out of your mind right now.
The only thing that you need
to keep in your mind
is staying alive. Copy?
- Copy.
- All right, fall
back in line. Fuck.
All right.
- Way too quiet.
- Cap, what the hell
are we doing here?
- All right,
there's our target.
Whatever the hell made impact
is definitely
in that building now.
Gonna have to infiltrate.
Oh...12 o'clock.
Plante, you seeing this?
- Yes, sir, 12 o'clock,
I see it.
- Brooks, what do you think?
- Looks like some
type of foreign tech, sir.
All right,
Plante, Brooks,
Malloy, Faulk,
I want you to head
down to that area,
scout it out, but be fast.
Keep your eyes open
for any movement.
We need to find any traces
at all of unit 2.
Keep your radios open
at all times.
I wanna hear what you're hearing
in case you get out of earshot.
- Does that copy?
- Copy.
- All right.
Keep your eyes up.
- Captain, we're not seeing anything at all yet.
- Yeah. All clear.
Yeah, we got up in our end.
Just stay frost, loose,
and give me the intel.
- Yeah, I'm getting a lot
of background radiation
in this entire area.
- What's that mean--
- Maybe they've got WMDs
in there.
- No, I just--I see a lot
of traces of blood and...
- What?
- Gunpowder residue.
there was a firefight
here recently--
least that's
what it looks like.
- It means nothing.
Our positions
are still the same.
Keep our eyes on the prize,
and keep our head up.
- Copy.
- The hell is that?
- I dunno,
but that shit stink.
- Shit.
- That guy's
from the other side.
- I mean, you think
one of our guys
did that before he got got?
- I don't know.
- No kinda way his body could
even do something like that.
Brooks, got a guess?
- Ah! Aydame
Aydame me, por favor!
Ayudame por favor,
bajame de aqui-
- Shut this guy up,
he's giving away our position.
- Los extraterestres estan aqui.
- What? What is he saying?
- Keeps saying
something about aliens.
- Aliens?
- Alien soldiers,
that they're near
the building,
I-It's not making any sense.
- Soldados! Soldados!
- Shut him up!
- I'll be more than glad
to shut his ass up.
- Stand down! Malloy!
- What? What'd he say?
- He told him he doesn't want
him to give our position away,
but he said they already
know we're here.
- I mean, is he really
one of the deserters?
- He just keeps saying "aliens,"
that they angered them,
and how they're
gonna destroy us.
- Maybe he means aliens like
foreigners, like a third party.
Ask him, are there
Russian contractors
that are busting in here
or something?
- You guys getting this?
- Ah, yeah, I'm hearing it
loud and clear.
Just try to get some more intel
on who the aggressor was.
We've gotta figure out what
the hell we're dealing with.
- Whoa, what are you talking
about? What did he say?
- He said that
we're gonna find our death here,
and we can't hope
to fight this evil.
- Have him shut the hell up
and stop giving away
our position
or I'm gonna put
a bullet in his ass.
- Hey!
- Shut him up! Shut up!
- Easy, easy, easy.
- I can't believe--
- It had to--
- It had to be done.
- Because he needed to. He was
giving our position away.
Right, Faulk?
- No, not really.
- Had to be done.
- We gotta keep moving.
- Come on.
- Commander?
- Well--
- What are we looking at, squad?
- Some sort of tech ball--
an oversized marble.
Back up.
- Yo, pick it up.
- Yo, what are you doing?
- I'm just seeing--
- Be careful, now,
be careful.
Could be attached to a bomb.
- That ain't no damn mine.
Do it, Malloy!
- Malloy,
you're a fucking maniac.
- Yeah, well, your mama wasn't
complaining last night.
- Real nice, Malloy.
- Fuck you.
- Hold it up, if you would,
just so I can get a reading.
- Put that shit down.
- I mean, are you sure this
thing ain't radioactive?
- No, I don't think--
- Malloy, Malloy, Malloy.
Hey, Malloy!
- It's going up my arm!
- We need to get him back--
- Drop it!
- I can't! It's in my arm!
- It's in my arm!
It's in my arm!
- Don't move.
Brooks! Brooks!
- No!
- Get back.
Back, back, back, back.
- Keep it together.
Keep it together, goddammit.
- Brooks, get your ass in gear!
Commander, I don't see
where the fire is coming from.
Do you have eyes
on the hostiles?
- Negative, Faulk.
I can't see over here.
- You good? Good?
- Yeah.
- What's the status?
- We found residue--
traces of the SEAL team.
And that ball Malloy found,
it wasn't connected to a mine,
but it was dangerous
all the same.
It-It went inside him, somehow.
- Inside him?
- I-- it just sank into him.
It just permeated
right through his skin.
I--I know how it sounds, but--
- No, it's just like he said.
It just, bloop, right
into his skin, and then--
- Kablooey.
- From the inside out.
Whatever that shit was, man,
it just went into his skin.
It just fucking
blew him apart, man.
- I--I think it might
have been some sort of mine
or a perimeter device.
Anyway, but when that
thing blew Malloy apart,
we started catching fire.
I don't know where from, though.
- Maybe--
Maybe from the building.
- Yeah, most likely.
There's not a lot
of vantage points,
so maybe on the other side
of the jungle.
- Doubtful. Bad angle.
Way too far.
- Tech that went
inside his skin?
- Yes.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- That's exactly what happened.
- What's the plan, Cap?
- The plan's still the plan.
We need to find out what
happened to that plane,
and we need to find out
what the hell happened
to the SEAL team.
- I say we call an air strike,
so they can bomb the fuck
out of this jungle.
- Yeah, me too, Plante,
but unfortunately,
this is all we got.
- What?
- We shouldn't even be
out here, all right?
What we're gonna get-- We'll
be out of here in two hours,
and that's for extraction.
This is all we're gonna got.
- Damn it, how are we
supposed to approach
if they can hit us
with something that heavy--
hit from that far away?
- Yeah, perhaps
there's a blind side
on the other side
of the building,
maybe where
the aircraft crashed?
- It may have blocked
their line of sight.
- Yeah.
Here's our approach.
We're gonna move to that side
of the treeline.
We'll stay as tight
as possible through the jungle
for as long as we can,
till we get to what we hope
is the blind side
of that building.
And no more tripping
any damn alarms.
We can't afford
any more of that.
I'm gonna keep as many of you
alive as possible, all right?
But you gotta do the same.
You gotta be smart.
You gotta keep watching
each other's backs.
And you shoot to kill
anything that is not us.
Let's kill these
sons of bitches.
- Yes, sir?
- That explosive that
you saw down there--
Was it compact, and
it permeated in his skin?
- Mm-hmm.
- Who do you think
would be supplying that?
- Oh, you mean like
an unknown ally or something?
- Or maybe even
someone on the side?
A contractor, mercenary?
And you never seen nothing
like this before?
In development?
- If they are, I haven't
heard a peep about it, sir.
I mean, but there's
very few countries
that are even close
to something like that.
- A few countries like who?
- Well, us, Russia, Israel,
South Korea, Japan, India.
Maybe China or Germany,
but I'm telling you, sir,
any one of those would
be a long shot, just--
- Well, just humor me.
If you had to take a guess?
- Well, Israel doesn't
really make any sense,
both politically
and technologically.
- Right, right.
- They're researching
ballistics, not nanotechnology.
- Mm-hmm.
- If I had to take a guess,
I'd say Russia.
I mean,
they're the farthest along
when it comes
to compound explosives.
- So you're saying there might
be an alliance between Russia
we know nothing about, with
technology that shouldn't exist,
way out here in the jungle?
- I mean, I guess it's possible.
It's not likely, sir, but--
- That's what we got
to go on right now, right?
- Sure.
- Carter. Take point.
- Copy that.
- How you holding up?
- I'm okay, sir.
A little better
now I've had a second
to focus on anything else.
- Look, you are an important
part of this mission.
You know that, right?
Just keep your mind right.
You block all that shit out,
it doesn't matter.
- Yeah, I'll do my best, sir.
- What you got in
the goodie bag over there?
- Perks of working at
advanced tech division, I guess.
- Anything I haven't
seen before?
- I thought you've seen
- Well, yeah.
- I got these babies
right here--
built-in spectrum analyzer,
infrared, night vision,
all in this
one pair of goggles.
I got stuff
more your speed, too--
flash bombs,
handheld rocket launcher,
compound explosives.
I mean, if you need to make
noise today, sir, I got you.
- Good. Let's move out.
- Yes, sir.
- Brooks. Eyes.
What do you see?
- It seems clear,
as best as I can tell, sir.
- If they've got high ground,
this is our best possible angle.
They won't get a clear shot
from the roof.
- I'm just checking--yeah.
This is almost exactly where
the distress call came from.
Four body monitors went dead
about 100 yards
around the perimeter,
and the last body monitor
went dead
around there a minute later.
- All right.
- No bodies.
Not just no bodies--
no anything.
Does it look like a firefight
took place to anyone else here?
- Not even a little.
- What the hell does it mean
if they take the bodies?
Why would they take the bodies
and clean it all up?
- Someone who doesn't
wanna be found, maybe.
- No, it's somebody who knew
we would fucking be here.
It's freaking me out.
- Yeah, same here.
- Let's take it slow.
Do not bunch up.
Keep fanned out at all times,
and do not pick up anything
that you did not bring with you.
- Copy that?
- Copy.
- Copy.
- All right, let's move.
- I do not
like this at all.
- Ho, ho, ho,
hold up, hold up.
- It's just some weird
insurgent graffiti.
- No, that's not
the local language, Plante.
- So they're creative
with their tags, so what?
- Just consider for a second
it might be a warning.
- Yeah, so was
blowing up Malloy.
- Hey, Cap. Brooks here
wants to call this mission
on the account of some weird
insurgent hieroglyphic shit.
- Brooks.
You getting something?
- I-I mean, I think so.
There's just these weird green
energy signatures everywhere.
- What do you mean?
- It's this weird distortion.
It's not on any visual spectrum
that I know, I--
- What do you mean?
- Hold on a second. Fuck.
- What are you seeing?
- There's blood--
there's lots of blood.
It's everywhere.
They've wiped it clean,
but there's traces
under this UVA light.
- How do you wipe dirt
to clean of blood?
- Well, that's not just it--
there's these green
energy signatures here,
but they're not on any visual
spectrum that I've seen before.
I don't know what it is,
that's what I'm telling you.
- Radiation, right?
- No, radiation doesn't
make the fine tracks like this.
There's this shit--
There's this.
- What the hell is that?
- I don't know,
but it's the same shit that
I saw blow Malloy apart.
It's the same stuff I saw
when Buckner was cut down.
When I look at it
through this UVA light,
it's lit up
like a Christmas tree,
and this is those
same green energy distortions.
- It looks like
the same sort of rock
that impaled
the enemy soldier.
- Right.
- Rocks? Y'all talking
about rocks?
This whole goddamn jungle's
full of rocks.
You wanna see
more rock fields?
My collection's here.
- Everybody just
keep an eye open.
We're still on the clock,
all right?
All right, that's it.
- Ready to light
this bitch up, boss?
- Absolutely,
let's lock and load.
We're gonna make our ingress
through that entry right there.
Sklaroff, you need
a post up right here.
Hold six down.
If you get any fire at all,
you light that ass up fast.
- With pleasure, sir.
- If we're not back in two hours
for the extraction,
I want you to go ahead
and push south,
meet up with the chopper.
- But, Commander--
- Meet. That's a direct order.
- Sir, yes, sir.
- All right.
Time to mount up.
Let's lock and load.
- Clear!
- Clear!
- Clear!
- Clear!
- Get it back open,
we need an escape route.
- Radio Sklaroff,
we need a back door.
- Sklaroff.
Sklaroff, can you hear me?
We're sealed in
all of a sudden. Over.
- I have no earthly idea.
I heard those thuds,
and then the--
the entrance
just wasn't there anymore.
I'm under attack!
They're everywhere!
- Calm down. Hold your water,
now, hold your water.
- Sklaroff. SIT REP. Over.
- Ahhhh!
- I say again,
what's your 20? Over.
- What's he say?
- I got nothing.
- Hell with it--get back.
- Stand down, Plante,
stand back, goddammit!
- Carter, you okay?
- I'll live.
- Easy, easy, easy.
- Dammit.
- What do we got here,
what do we got?
All right, it went straight
through, you'll be okay.
Can you move your arm?
- Yeah. Doesn't feel like
a party, but I can use it.
- All right.
- Brooks, give me your bandana
for a tourniquet.
- Brooks!
- Not smart, at all.
- I was just trying
to shoot down the door.
You just got your own
goddamn man shot.
You're making a bunch of--
you're making a bunch of noise.
That fucking thing's
not gonna make a dent anyways.
Less ruckus, okay?
Less ruckus.
- Got it.
- Okay.
- Cap, can we hurry this up?
- I got you, I got you.
I know you hate
being sealed in, right?
We still got one way out--
the big-ass hole in the side
of the building.
We are good, we are good.
- And that big-ass
mystery bird that caused it.
- Exactly, you're damn right.
Look, the plan has not changed.
It hasn't changed at all, okay?
Keep your eyes peeled
for any traps. Copy?
- Copy.
- Copy that.
- All right, stay frosty.
- Faulk, Brooks,
you're with Carter.
Head that way.
Plante and Alvarez,
we're gonna shoot to the right.
If you hear anything at all,
radio, radio, radio,
we will be there.
- Copy that?
- Copy.
- All right.
- This shit ain't adding up.
- Eyes up, watch your six.
- This place is bigger
than it should be.
Think about it, Sarge.
- He's not wrong.
- That room should be
on the outside.
- Uh-huh.
- This is not good, boss.
- Just try to keep it
out of your mind.
- This place is creeping me
the hell out.
The sooner we get outta here,
the better.
- Agreed.
- Look, I hate cramped spaces,
I hate the dark,
I hate being sealed in.
This place has the trifecta.
So believe me when I say
nobody wants to get outta here
as bad as I do.
But for now, let's just
focus on the task at hand.
- Room's clear. Over.
- Copy that. Proceed ahead
with caution. Over.
- Let's move out.
- From cave to green-ass
This is not normal.
- Cap--I don't like this at all.
- Hey, you know that...
that feeling in your chest
right before shit
is about to get real?
- Copy.
- Yeah, me too.
- How's our six looking?
- It's clear, sir.
- Nothing?
Ah, we'll figure it
out here then
- Shit! What the fuck is this?
- Carter? We found it.
What the fuck?
I've never seen anything
like this before
All hands on deck,
all hands on deck.
Do an upstairs sweep
of the area and head our way.
If you got anything,
radio quick. Over.
- Check. That hole.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
looked that way
yesterday, but--
We ain't getting
through that way.
- I was afraid of that.
- Fuck.
- All right, just keep your eyes
open for another way out.
This is a no-go.
- I think
we found the reason
why the lights
are all still on, sir.
- What you got?
- Well, I'm not--
I'm not sure just yet.
- All right, well,
keep searching, then.
- Yes, sir.
- Faulk, you okay?
- Yes, sir.
Just tense, I guess.
- All hands on deck,
all hands on deck. Over.
- All right,
you heard Adrien.
Let's clear this last room
and head back.
- Just allow us a minute,
You remember those
green energy signatures?
- Yeah, you got more of them?
- Yep. But it's not just that.
These are vibrant.
These look like
they were just made
or perhaps maybe
they're still being made.
What does that mean?
Faulk? Faulk!
Take it back, take it back,
take it back.
- Just take a seat.
Whoa, Faulk, Faulk!
Take a seat!
- Faulk!
What is wrong with you?
Faulk, take a seat!
- Faulk, Faulk Faulk!
- Ready for entry.
- Cap, do you copy? Over!
- Faulk! Faulk, take a seat.
- Faulk--Faulk!
- Brooks, she's gone!
- Fuck, she's dead!
She's dead!
- She's dead.
- Aw, fuck!
- All right, eyes up,
circle up.
- Sarge, you can't
just leave her here.
She's dead--
you can't just--
- Brooks, she's gone.
We gotta go.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Okay. Okay.
- Cap. Faulk is down.
We're preparing to engage. Over.
Adrian: Carter hold on.
- Cap!
- I think it's Hobbs.
- Thank god! We've come
a long way to find you.
- Hobbs, hang in there buddy.
- Cap.
- Shit.
All right, all right.
- This guy's barely got a pulse.
- No--
- Shh, you all right?
You still with us?
- No--no, no, no.
- Stay up, Plante, stay up.
- No, you gotta get outta here.
They're not--
No, they're not--
- Shh--
- They're not human.
- You're not listening to me.
Save yourselves. Run!
- Easy, easy now...
- No.
- What did he mean?
- Fuck!
- What did he mean by that?
- I don't know.
- They're not human?
- Let's go. Let's go.
- Steady, Brooks, steady.
- Okay.
- Okay?
We gotta keep moving,
come on.
You see anything?
- No sir, nothing.
- We'll reverse back down.
- Copy.
- Regroup with the others.
Stay close.
- Copy.
- I don't want--
Sarge? Sarge?
- I don't want anything--
- Sarge!
- To happen.
- Carter! Carter!
- Ship appears to be
about 40 to 50 feet tall,
twice as wide in the wingspan,
hull as thick as hell--
couple of feet, probably.
How does this thing fly?
- Cap! Cap!
- Brooks!
- We're under attack!
Sergeant Carter
and Faulk are down.
I tried to reach you guys,
but the radios were scrambled.
- Where is Faulk?
Where is Faulk?
- Yeah, the--the--
I'm sorry, Alvarez,
there's nothing we could do.
I tried to help her.
- Who engaged?
Who engaged, buddy?
- Enemy troops,
all black armor,
in bulletproof vests.
I tried--I tried to hit them
from point-blank range,
they wouldn't even nudge.
- Oh! It's them!
- Identify yourself!
- Take cover! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Take cover, take cover!
- They're surrounding us!
- All right...
- Brooks...
- You shook, Brooks?
- Hell, yeah.
- Is this--
is this what you saw?
- This is them, yes, sir.
This is them.
- Okay.
Follow the ship!
Follow the ship!
- We might be headed
into an ambush!
- Follow the ship!
- Cap, you can't be serious!
- Fall in, fall in, fall in!
- You wouldn't go for Buckner
but you wanna take
this damn thing?
- Move your ass!
- Clear! Clear!
- Ready? On three,
on three--
one, two, three.
- All right
- We actually got
a couple minutes
but let's be quick in here.
We got no idea what they're
planning outside.
- Or in here.
- You bet your ass.
Let's go ahead
and check for hostile
before we get overrun.
- Whatever armor
these guys have,
I've never heard or seen
anything like it before.
What about you, Brooks?
You're the tech guy.
- No. Body armor that doesn't
leave traces of being hit?
It doesn't exist.
I saw you hit this thing from
yards away with .50 cal,
Lieutenant Colonel.
Cloth-covered body armor,
you can maybe pretend
like there isn't a scratch,
but this is--I mean--
- Cap.
- Do you have any intel,
any reports whatsoever,
about the prisoners--
- None.
- having any type
of technology like this?
Anything--anything at all?
- Sir, none whatsoever.
- We gotta figure out what
the hell we're dealing with.
Alvarez, I need a hand.
- Shit!
- That's--that's--
- It's not human.
- Neither is the rest
of the ship.
And the armor and the
weapons--none of this is...
Team, we've had no idea
how important
this mission really is.
Brooks, document this.
- Okay.
- What's that shit on its face,
like the metal stuff?
- It's cybernetic components.
You see the wires going
down into the armor?
Cap, it looks like these things
augmented themselves,
or they've been augmented,
- They did it to themselves.
- It augments their--
it augments their senses, maybe.
At this point, your guess
is as good as mine.
- Your guess? Guess?
That's not what you were saying
when you said that we should get
in this goddamn spaceship.
- Plante--
- No, no, I'm sick of this shit,
Why does this spaz get to call
the shots, huh?
Why do you trust him more than
you trust me or Alvarez?
- If he hadn't taken the most
lucky shot of all time,
that thing would still
be firing at us.
- How do we even know
this damn thing is dead?
- Yep, dead.
- Thanks, Mom.
- All right,
we need to hustle up
and scout the rest of the ship.
Front of the ship
turns into a ramp,
allowing us to make ingress.
Hull is dimly lit.
Appears to be a warship
of some kind,
which contained hostiles.
Hostile is wearing black armor,
possibly the same material
ship is made out of.
Bullets are completely
useless against it.
Hostiles appear to be
extraterrestrial in origin,
as does the rest of the ship.
Their weapons system is far
beyond anything we've ever seen.
Small, marble-sized explosives,
weapons system capable
of firing energy bullets
and projectile blades.
And I got a feeling that's just
the tip of the iceberg.
- I gotta be honest with you,
Cap--I'm freaking out.
I mean, maybe we shouldn't
have come at all.
All we've done is
get more men killed.
- Commander?
- Yep?
- I'm checking out the heat
and energy spectrum
aboard this ship.
Those--those green
energy signatures?
I'm seeing the same thing
on board the ship
that we saw upstairs
inside this building.
It's--it's everywhere.
I can't--it's so dense,
I can't see anything--
- So you're saying
that the energy
or the radiation--what--
whatever it is,
it's coming from this thing?
- Yeah, that--I mean,
that's what it seems like.
Maybe aboard this ship,
that spectrum is a way to tell
where these things are, but--
- This dude got
some big-ass eyes, man.
Shit, I'd probably wear a helmet
and a face mask too
if I was this damn ugly.
- Oh, and the tentacles
don't bother you?
- Nah. I've been
on some weird dates.
- So we found the ship,
and we're on the ship.
Please tell me
you got a plan, Cap.
- The only plan right now
is to go ahead
with scouting the rest
of the ship out
and find something
we can use.
- Cap, I see something
we can use.
- Come on, Plante.
- No--
- Remember the last time
we tried something?
- No, no, no--
- Remember what happened?
- I'm just going through all the
options that we have right now.
Frankly, they're pretty goddamn
limited, from what I can see.
- I hate to admit it,
but Plante is right.
- No, absolutely not.
- Even if we had
them outnumbered,
they clearly have
the upper hand,
because they have
the more advanced weaponry.
And oh, yeah--we're stuck on
their goddamn spaceship,
where lord knows how
many of them out there
or even in here.
- And there--there's
no way of knowing
if we can find the front door
and get out.
- See? Alvarez gets it--
again, thanks, Brooksie.
- Plante, enough.
Just everybody, calm down,
be cool.
Listen, we need to scout out
the rest of the ship, all right?
We're gonna stay together
the whole time.
Keep your eyes peeled for
anything and everything
that could be of use to get us
out of here in one piece.
- Cap, we need that weapon.
- No, absolutely not.
- Anything to get
the advantage, right?
- Yes, normally, absolutely--
yes, you're right.
But given the circumstances,
the last time one of us picked
up one of those alien weapons,
he blew up.
- Desperate measures, Cap--
you taught us that.
- Alvarez, I've also
taught you to be smart.
- Cap, it's smart
to at least try.
- We don't touch anything
unless absolutely necessary.
- Alvarez, you with me?
- Shoot these motherfuckers
with their own BFGs?
I think that's a great idea.
- Absolutely not.
Alvarez, do not touch--
Jesus. This thing weighs a ton.
- Alvarez, put it down.
- I'm just gonna shoot a round
into the ground--simple.
- Alvarez, put that
thing down right now
until we figure out what
the hell we're doing with this--
- Alvarez, I got your back.
- Plante, you don't have--
- Screw that, Alvarez,
fire that shit up.
- What--put it--
- Ahhh!
- Alvarez--Alvarez,
put it down!
- Alvarez!
- Ahhh!
- Drop it, put it down!
Drop it!
- Ahhhh!
- Shit!
- Oh, fuck!
- Shit.
- You did this!
You did this!
You piece of shit!
- Cap, it's okay...
We got Plante, we gotta go.
Go, go.
- Move, move.
Stay close,
the hallway's breaking!
- Clear!
- Clear!
- Captain?
Captain! Captain! Plante!
- Brooks--where the fuck
is Brooks at?
- Shit, I swear I just
saw him right behind me
in the corridor a second ago.
- Brooks?
- I mean, I didn't see any
movement in between us--
I swear I would have saw
if there was movement.
Fucking idiot must have
taken the wrong turn.
- Brooks, if you hear us,
say something.
- It's just us two
against these things now.
- Brooks. Three
if we can count Brooks.
Brooks, do you copy? Over.
Fuck! Shit!
- That's why they crashed.
- Footsteps.
Be quiet, 13th opposition.
It's coming!
- Oh! Oh, it's me!
Plante, it's me, stand down.
It's me! Jesus.
- Oh, Christ, you almost
got your face blown
in three different
- Cap, you gotta see this.
- Quickly. Plante,
hold the door.
- I don't think
that's one of the troopers
we were trading with.
He looks like an engineer or--
someone who was working
on the ship.
Everything indicates that
they crash-landed here, right?
And there was something wrong
with those panels
he was working on.
Look at this--there's a white
bracket, red bracket.
I-I don't know what
this white bracket is;
maybe that's their destination,
where they're headed.
But this red bracket--
I'm almost positive
that's the Milky Way.
Th-That looks
like the Milky Way,
and that's where
they crash-landed.
- You sure?
- Way, way off-course.
- Positive?
- If I'm right, yes.
- Maybe they didn't
come here to wage war
or do anything
sinister like that.
- What about all those American
soldiers that they slaughtered?
I call that pretty damn
sinister, wouldn't you?
- Well, there's something else
I gotta show you, Commander.
- Brooks, we ain't got all day.
- I lit off a flash bomb
upstairs, in the building--
that's the only time I've seen
one of these things give pause.
Which had me thinking,
what's the one constant
in this entire ship and
in the surrounding building?
It's dark. It's low light.
They have compound eyes.
They can't see anything.
I took a flash pic of the thing
without the helmet,
he reeled back like it was
almost hurt or something.
- So then we can use these
to disorient them.
- Yeah, well, what I'm hoping
is we can maybe surround them
and keep letting off
these flash bombs,
and let off another one
every time it starts
getting its bearings again.
- All right.
- Well, and that's the--
that's the problem, Plante.
Obviously, we-we're gonna
have to get up close,
try to find seams
in their armor,
which means we have
to engage up close.
- Flash bombs.
We need real explosives,
not some flash bombs.
- Well, on that last point,
I picked up their explosive--
those marble things
that blew Malloy apart.
- Now that's what the fuck
I'm talking about.
- All right, chances are we're
only gonna get one shot at this,
so we gotta make it count.
It was an honor and a privilege
serving alongside both of you.
- I don't like it.
- That's the plan, Plante.
- Why? Because
this jerkoff says so?
I'm not coming along
with that plan.
All-out assault
is how we're doing this.
That chopper will be here
in 15 minutes.
We gotta move.
- Plante!
- Ahhh!
- Plante!
Fuck! Eyes!
- Eyes!
- Those are working, Cap.
- What are you doing?
Brooks! Brooks!
Brooks, get out of there!
Get out of there! Brooks!
- Shit.
- Ahhhhh!
Let's go--move your ass.
Come on, let's go!
Move your ass, let's go!
- Cap!
Cap, no, no, no, come on.
Cap, what's wrong?
Are you hit?
Goddammit--damn it, damn it,
damn it, fuck.
- I need you to be calm. Damn.
- Sir, you--
- I know.
- You're--
- It's bad.
- Okay. Okay. I'll find...
maybe I can bandage you up.
- I think I'm well past
first aid at this point.
- Huh?
- I think I'm first aid
at this point.
When those fuckers...
pop out again...
I'll throw myself at them,
give you time.
If anyone's got a good enough
chance of getting out of here,
it's gotta be you,
I figure, right?
- I think I-I might
have one plan, sir,
but it's--
but it's a long shot.
- Sometimes they're
the best ones, Brooks.
- Sir, just let me
fight with you.
My nerves are gone,
I promise.
You know how long I've been
training hand-to-hand--
- You know that's not gonna get
you outta here, Brooks.
It's not gonna get
your ass outta here.
Look, you're getting
outta here, okay?
And I wanna give you
enough time to do so.
When you get back to HQ--
- Yes, sir.
- I want you to give them this.
When you get back to HQ--
- Uh-huh?
- You give that to them,
along with your photos
Get everything in it, okay?
Just like it's supposed to be.
- You make a big bang yourself,
Lieutenant Colonel.
- Go!
You bet your ass.
You bet your ass.
- Come on, motherfucker!
Come on, bitch!
- Fuck, fuck.
Fuck, you don't breathe,
do you?
Just like you said, Commander.
Full force.
You crash-landed here.
I knew you did.
We just fired on you first,
but you were just
trying to fix your ship.
And the warnings outside,
I saw them.
I--I--I knew--
I ignored them.
You killed all those men,
You killed my commander.
And with our first unit
and then us,
obviously you thought
we just wanted war.
Which means that it's
the two of us, then.
So we're either gonna
fight or call a truce,
and I got nothing
left to fight you with.
I couldn't even fight you
if I could.
Good luck.
Hey! Hey! I'm here!
I'm here! I'm here--
I'm here, I'm here!
I'm here.