Alien Siege (2018) Movie Script

[rock music playing]
[girl] Oh, God, I don't like
the crossfade.
You want a hit?
Maybe later.
You know, Independence Day
should actually be July 2nd.
That's the day
the Continental Congress
decided to break from England.
Well, yeah but didn't they
also formally adopt
the Declaration
on the 4th of July?
Okay. If you want
to go that way
then the Declaration wasn't
signed until August 2nd
so technically August 2nd
would be Independence Day.
So what you're telling
me is that tomorrow
is not the 4th of July.
Well, it is the 4th
but not "The 4th."
if you're down with
John Adams.
May the 4th be with you.
I am declaring my own
Independence Day.
Independence from parents
and teachers and school
and everything.
But-you ever feel like that?
Maybe when I was your age.
Okay, you are three months
older than me.
[rock music continues]
Look at that.
There's no way
that's a meteor.
It's moving to slow.
[music stops]
Hey! What are you doing?
That's my song!
There has to be something
about this online.
Well, yeah, everyone in
Cumberland has posted about it.
Must be like a missile test
or something.
No, that's D.C., there's no
way they're testing missiles
over there.
[music playing]
Are you getting that?
[dramatic music]
Did my family
land in Vermont yet?
They just landed, sir.
I want a report when they're
in a secure position.
Yes, Mr. President.
Have they
said anything new?
Same thing.
They want it back.
Are you sure your
translation's right?
Sir, this comes direct
from the asset.
We'll be in position
shortly, sir.
[tense music]
Sorry to keep you
in the dark, Smith.
But I need you focused
on deciphering that thing.
Is everything in order?
[man] It is, sir.
The rocket is ready to launch.
Waiting on your command.
Find anything?
I'm not getting anything from
any of the commercial sites.
The Pentagon has to know
what this is.
Good luck getting
any info from them.
I know a back way in.
[music playing]
It's encrypted
from within their site.
Let me see.
Just override
the digital certificate.
No, that's not gonna work.
I got this.
-Okay, and here we go.
Everybody's on high alert but
nobody's saying what it is.
[Paige] What's that!
They've launched a missile.
I've got the nose camera
on the screen, now.
I could tell you one thing,
Mr. President.
You're about to see the biggest
gosh-dang fireworks show
you've ever seen.
Next message we get
from those boogers--
if we get one at all...
will be a S.O.S.
If, of course, Colonel Smith
can translate that information.
I can handle it.
Are we at war?
We gotta get out of here.
[Paige] Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
[Paige] What?
-You getting that?
-[Ryan] Yeah.
Fifteen seconds
to impact, sir.
[tense music]
How's this for a hand shake!
Did you see that?
[Paige] Luke, come on.
Visual's lost with
the missiles, sir.
Sir, we have picked up the
signature of the object again.
-What do you mean?
-It's moving towards us.
Which direction is it headed?
Washington D.C.
And, sir, we've picked up
the transmission again...
-Same message as before.
-The one we decoded?
Yes. It's identical.
They want it back.
[sinister music]
We've mobilized the Air Force
and Air National Guard.
We grounded Air Force One.
It's too big a target.
So we'll go with Marine One.
Standing by, sir.
That's not what I think it is,
is it, Colonel Smith?
Sir, this is the device.
I thought it was on
the way to Lake Groom.
It was but we've had
a new development.
If that's what's been
bringing them here
maybe it isn't wise
to be toting it around.
The case shields it from all
spectrum interference.
Detection should be impossible.
If it is impossible to detect
then what was it that brought
them here in the first place?
Sir, it wasn't encased when we
first obtained the device.
We only did that
when we discovered it was
transmitting information.
-You were at that briefing, sir.
What is the new development?
In layman's terms, the arrival
today has caused a change
in the device's
operational status.
Spit it out, Colonel.
The device is now active.
[urgent music]
[Smith] Sir, I recommend an
alteration in flight plans.
We need to visit the asset.
It might be our only chance
to get on top of this.
Mr. President, it's a quick
diversion on the way
to Reagan Rock.
I agree with the Colonel.
[tense music]
[pilot] Destination,
Mr. President?
Bunker 25 on the outskirts.
[pilot] Copy that, Colonel.
We'll be there in 20 minutes.
Buckle up. We're waiting
for the all-clear command
from Air Control.
Mr. President.
We brought in the device
when we made contact.
Despite the full spectrum
shielding we did notice
some activity that coincided
with their arrival.
So what you're saying is,
not only do we have
a threat from above
but their doomsday device
could initiate its final
at any moment?
Sir, I wouldn't exactly
characterize it
as a doomsday device.
This device
that you're carrying, Colonel,
has the capability of ending
our world as we know it.
If it hasn't already...
by bringing a full-scale
extraterrestrial invasion.
So don't tell me it's not
a doomsday device, Colonel.
Yes, sir.
This is why we're going
to see the asset.
No one has more knowledge
of its workings, sir.
What are we waiting for then?
Let's go!
We're waiting
for the confirmation
on the clear
air space, Mr. President.
[President] Copy that, General.
Guys, we gotta go.
Come on, we gotta get
out of here.
Hey, Rachel!
Take a look at this.
Never seen anything like it.
Where's Luke?
I don't know.
He left with his friends.
Oh my God.
[intense music]
All right. Let's get
in the house. Now. Go! Go!
Oh, no.
Let's go!
We have to get out of here!
[pilot] The air space is not
clear, Mr. President.
Air Traffic Command has issued
a no-fly zone over D.C.
until it's all clear.
That's a direct order.
[pilot] Copy that,
Mr. President.
[engines revving]
Request air support.
Do you have some kind
of evasive maneuvers
up your sleeve?
I suggest you use it. Now!
Come on! Come on!
Wait wait wait! Guys!
I live this way.
I'll take you.
I gotta get back home too.
-Okay, well, we'll see you.
[frantic music]
[text message dings]
He has Paige with him.
Okay, we'll drop
her off at home.
Okay, here's what
we're gonna do.
We're gonna pick up Luke.
We'll go to the mountains
and stay at the cabin
by the lake.
I think we're being invaded.
Hey, you better
call your parents.
-What about you?
-It doesn't matter.
-Yes it does.
-No it doesn't.
They're not even in the country.
They're in France on some
holiday for like a month.
Wait, so you're alone?
Well I have the maid during
the day, but...
No, why don't you
come to my house?
Your parents don't
exactly like me.
Shut up. They like you.
[phone rings]
Better get that.
Mom. Yeah.
I'm sorry I didn't answer.
Yes. I saw it.
I'm... I'm coming home.
We'll be there in 20 minutes.
Okay. Okay. Love you.
They're coming to the church
to pick us up.
[intense music]
We got the First Lady
on the line, Mr. President.
Wanted you and the little one
to know...
We're out of harm's way.
We got out.
A convoy is on its way
to pick you up
and take you to Reagan Rock.
Yeah, I understand.
Of course I want to be with you,
but that can't happen right now.
We'll be there soon.
No, no. You have to stay
where you are.
-This doesn't make any sense.
They're saying...
the U.S. Capitol is gone.
I don't know.
Everyone is freaking out.
The whole military
is going into action.
[music playing]
What's wrong?
I just lost signal.
Me too.
Does anybody have service?
Let's go.
[intense music]
They're on us.
All right. You guys are always
bragging about what you can do
when you open this thing up.
Now is the time to go for it.
[pilot] You got it,
Mr. President.
Hang on! It's gonna be
a bumpy ride!
Where's the air support
you called for?
Air support is en route.
You stick to our flight plan.
Where's the V.P. now?
Can I get a line on her?
-I wanna check her status.
They can't get a clear shot
with that thing on our tail.
We have to do something.
[pilot] Hang on!
We're going low!
[music playing]
Arms over your head!
Mr. President!
Protect yourselves!
If I go down,
it'll be chin up.
[music playing]
They might need our help.
We need to move.
-We can't leave the--
-I got it.
Stop right there!
Don't shoot!
We're Americans!
Stay where you are!
They're kids.
[space ship whoosh]
[General] They're coming back!
Get down!
-Come on!
[music playing]
Let's move!
That means you too.
On your feet!
We have to get out of the open.
That's the president.
That's the president
of the United States.
Come on. Come on.
[music playing]
Phone's out.
It's a bad zone for service.
Luke is supposed to be here.
Where is he?
[Patrick] Don't worry.
We'll find him.
Let's, uh...
let's head towards the park.
[music playing]
[Rachel] I've never seen
Main Street so deserted.
[Patrick] The new arrival must
have scared a lot of people.
[man] Go go go go!
People acting crazy
cause they're scared.
All right.
We're not gonna let that happen.
Working together. That's how
we're gonna do this, okay?
[music playing]
Oh my God.
Patrick, stop.
Oh my God.
Wait! Rachel!
Who is that?
Oh my God.
[Patrick] It's Ryan.
Wasn't he with Luke?
We don't know that for sure.
Look, it's not safe.
I need you to stay at the truck.
No! I'm coming with you.
[music playing]
[sinister music]
Stay back.
Don't look.
It's not Luke.
[electronic blast]
[electronic blast]
Where do those things
come from?
[Patrick] Looks like
some kind of teleporter.
Beams those things from
the mother ship to Earth.
-Let's go.
-No no no. Wait. Stop.
We gotta break it.
Stop the invasion.
What about Luke?
Where is he?
We'll find him.
I promise. Okay?
But if I don't do something
this town's gonna be crawling
with these things.
No one will be safe.
It has to be done, okay?
So go back to the truck
and I'll be there in a minute.
If you wanna act like an idiot
someone has to
watch your back.
But if one of those things
come close you pump them
full of lead, all right?
There. There's seven rounds
in there.
And there's seven here.
Okay, if things go down,
you keep firing
and you get back to the truck.
[music playing]
[tense music]
[tense music]
[tense music]
[dry fires]
[dry firing]
Are you okay?
Come on.
Oh God.
What is this thing?
[music playing]
Hold on.
We can't stop, sir.
I need a break.
-What's the status on--
-I don't have an answer now.
Excuse me.
You're Ben Draper.
Our President.
Sure looks like him,
doesn't he?
He's a decoy.
We've got dozens of look-alikes
running around.
It's a tactic
to confuse enemies.
I'm not buying that.
It doesn't matter
if you buy it.
Oh, so you're then you're
just some fake decoy
military officer?
And the guy back there
that got killed,
he's a decoy as well?
I hope his pay is good.
I'm the president.
Is someone gonna tell us
what's going on?
Who is attacking us?
Is... are we at war?
They're aliens aren't they?
Thank you for your bravery.
Most people wouldn't
fault you for running
in the other direction.
When they see
a helicopter crash.
But you came to our aid.
And I want to thank you.
According to our last
position we aren't far
from our objective here.
Until we have an extraction
point we continue
moving forward.
We don't have a choice.
We'll need communication.
Do you guys have a phone?
[Luke] I-I have mine but none
of our phones are working.
We have to figure out
another way.
I--I do have a mesh network.
It's a--a network that's off
the cellular grid.
Electronics can work
in proximity.
But only with others
that are on the network
We use it to talk
to each other sometimes.
-I built it in 9th grade.
-I helped.
We built it together.
Rigged up all the transmitters.
This could help.
Tell me more about your setup.
[music playing]
Oh! Patrick!
Baby! Baby!
Come with me.
Up, up... come on.
Come on.
[car starts]
Let me look at you.
No, no, leave me!
Go find Luke!
-No, I'm--I'm not leaving you.
-I'm not leaving you!
[crying, screaming]
Sit down.
Sit down right here.
Right here.
All right, okay.
My phone! I left my phone!
Luke is gonna call us.
No. I know.
I need you to calm down.
Okay, we'll find him,
he'll be okay.
How are we gonna
do that from here?
Look, I need you to breathe.
Breathe, okay?
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna take care of your
leg, then we're gonna
figure out what we're gonna
do next, okay?
We need to find Luke.
[crying out]
By night.
Okay. Okay.
Luke's a smart kid.
He's a smart kid, right?
If he's out in this, he's
gonna--he's gonna find someplace
to lay down low.
-Under here!
-[spaceship whoosh]
Luke and Paige, how wide
of an area did you say
your mesh network covered?
Um, a good three miles.
Two and a half.
Mr. President, I think their
mesh network could be useful
in establishing a line
of communication.
Good idea.
You've both been very brave
here today...
braver than most.
[space ships]
People like you are
the reason I ran for office.
Get down!
Mr. President,
stay with the briefcase.
I'll catch up.
[music playing]
[weapons charging]
[gun shots]
[dry firing]
[electronic humming]
[electronic humming]
What's the status?
There's no change.
Wait, there is something.
Looks like it tried
to deactivate it.
Did it work?
No, something's
happening to it,
but it's not deactivated.
What is it?
We need to get
to the asset ASAP.
Come on, let's double-time.
[crying, exclaiming in pain]
This way.
[woman crying out]
Stay low!
Wait! They're human!
-Oh, Luke! Oh my God!
Mom! Mom!
happened to you?
-I'll be fine. I'll be fine.
-I knew you kids would be okay.
Oh my God.
Come on.
We've gotta get you
off the road.
[exclaiming in pain,
gasping, moaning]
You look like you need
some assistance, ma'am.
Oh! You--
You're the president.
Mr. President,
it's an honor
to serve you, sir.
[Colonel] Yeah,
let's get inside.
Take a seat over here.
I'm fine, sir, uh,
Mr. President.
[gasping, exclaiming in pain]
Stay quiet.
[electronic whirring]
So those--
those things out there,
Mr. President,
are they from, uh,
up there?
Six years ago,
during the term of
my predecessor--
Mr. President--
we received first contact
from a being
from another planet.
You mean aliens.
That's right.
Six years? You've been hiding
this for six years?
I wasn't given the intel
until I took office.
This being was a refugee
from a distant world.
It was injured,
but we brought it back.
This refugee told us
he was an engineer.
Wait, it spoke English?
It knew how
to communicate with us.
It seemed to know
everything about us.
The Engineer told us
its world had been taken
over by warmongers,
their leaders irrational,
full of hate.
What do they want with us?
The Engineer is part of a
program to build a device that
would dominate the universe.
That briefcase right there,
the one the aliens
were trying to steal--
it's part of this, isn't it?
What is in there?
That's classified.
[President] That's what the
alien refugee gave us--
alien technology--probably
the most powerful
in the universe--
and the only one in existence.
And they want it back.
I think that's enough
information, sir.
Mr. President, how did you end
up on the edge of the city?
We fell from above.
And thankfully your son
and his friend here found us.
How are you, ma'am?
How are you?
[gasping] I'm okay.
Didn't hit an artery.
It's stable for now,
but it's not
gonna be for long.
Can I take a look?
Luke, you don't need
to see this.
It's okay, he can see it.
you okay?
We have to remove it.
The leg?
No, son, that bit of metal.
We need to get you somewhere
with some first aid supplies.
You're a vet, right?
Marine Corps, 22 years.
What's your MLS?
Marine Raider,
reconnaissance corpsman.
Patrick, glad
to have you with us.
Right now, we're on our own.
Our land is hostile territory.
The president and I got
shot down on our way
to a top-secret
location nearby.
You need to get first aid
supplies and your family
to safe cover.
That syncs
with our current objective,
so we will accompany you there
and then be on our way.
Colonel and Mr. President,
it'd be my honor
to serve you,
but my duty
is towards my family first.
Son, I wouldn't have it
any other way.
And what, may I ask,
is your objective?
-Your house.
We need to access
your mesh network.
My what?
It's a network Luke--
It's-- it's a setup
for emergency times.
And this is at my house?
In the vicinity.
Luke here pointed us the way.
Now if it's still operational,
we'd like to put it to use.
Yeah, okay, whatever--
whatever you need.
Okay. Let's go.
[Rachel groaning]
We need to
stay off the road.
We can cut through
the woods.
It comes through
at Fairview gas station.
[crying, gasping,
exclaiming in pain]
[Patrick] I know.
Let's see if we can find you
some painkillers, okay?
You've been brave.
-Come on.
-I know, I know,
I know. Okay.
Okay. Here.
Get down! Get down!
There's more of them!
[weapons charging]
How much ammo
do you have in that thing?
Enough for this one.
Get in, in, in, in, get in,
in, in!
[President] Go, go!
Get in! Get--
get in! Get in there!
Get in!
-Keep down!
Smith! Smith, what are you
doing? Smith, get back!
Get back! Smith!
[weapon charging]
We're clear, let's go!
[crying, gasping,
exclaiming in pain]
That must be the weak spot.
I-- I tried stabbing one
back at the barn.
That was the only place
I could penetrate.
-Easy, easy, easy.
-I'm-- I'm fine.
No, you're not.
We've gotta get you home.
Colonel, we need to get her home
and take care of that leg.
Copy that.
You got whatever
meds you need?
We gotta get off
this road, guys.
We're too exposed.
[crying, gasping,
exclaiming in pain]
[music playing]
-[Rachel groaning]
-[Patrick] Sit on the couch.
Come on.
Power's out.
-What you need?
-We need towels.
The gas should
still be working.
Can you boil some water please?
-Oh my god.
-Don't look at it,
don't look at it, look at me.
We're gonna
get this out.
Okay. Okay.
This is gonna hurt,
but we need to do this, okay?
Can you show me
your mesh network?
Does it need power?
Okay. All right, just relax--
breathe, breathe breathe.
Lie back,
lie back, lie back.
Just breathe, relax. Okay.
Be strong, okay?
I'm gonna go upstairs and get
the rest of the ammo, okay?
Breathe for me, okay?
Breathe. Relax. Breathe.
gasping in pain]
It'll run for nearly
a week on this.
-How big is your network?
We have 10 spots up
on it now.
It goes nearly to the Point,
but people keep stealing
our setups over there,
so we've kept it close.
-Can you hook it up
to a laptop?
-Do you have one on you?
Do it. Let me know
when it's done.
[frantic music]
[kettle whistling]
-Now I told you to breathe.
Breathe. Just stay strong.
I'm gonna go upstairs
and get the rest of
the bullets, okay?
-All right.
[kiss] Breathe for me.
Okay? Breathe. All right?
Hey, Rachel,
how you feeling?
This'll be quick.
Patrick, you know
I don't drink.
It's for me.
[sets glass down]
[Patrick] Honey.
Network's good.
Your mom's gonna be fine.
How's everything on your end?
Um, the network's up.
Connections are shaky,
but they're good.
Let's get this set up.
The original Internet was
military, you know that?
We gave it away, but we kept
something for ourselves.
We maintain an alternate
internet over high-band
radio frequency.
Thanks to your mesh network,
we're accessing it right now.
Mr. President,
we need to figure out
an extraction point.
I'll tap into
two-way radio comms.
[electronic whirring, chatter]
This is Eagle One.
I repeat, this is Eagle One.
Please respond.
Mr. President, will you
keep an eye on that?
Patrick, let's go check
on your wife's wound.
[radio chatter]
This is Eagle One, over.
-Can I take a look?
Okay. If it starts bleeding
again, let me know,
but it looks good.
Painful, but we're lucky it
didn't hit an artery.
Thank you.
Your mom is one
tough cookie, Luke.
I see where
you got your moxie.
You should get something
to eat from the kitchen.
I know you're hungry.
Thank you.
We made quite a spread
for the 4th of July.
It would be a shame
for it to go to waste.
[indiscernible whisper]
You do tech for the Army?
My team decoded the
language with the help
of a-- classified source.
We were just starting to
understand the software
when they showed up.
Is it a linear binary code?
Who's the classified source?
It's classified.
[electronic whirring]
Let's check the artillery.
Son, you'll get a medal
for what you've done today.
Yes, I will.
You're kidding me.
The device is connecting
to a mesh network.
It looks like a duplicate
operating system--
like they made
an off-device copy.
But it's connecting.
Don't use Haskell.
Try something imperative.
No, we'll use Haskell,
it's too risky.
[typing, beeps]
[missile exhaust]
[President] They're
surface-to-air missiles.
They're close.
We can't stay here.
[missile exhaust]
No, not that.
Try this.
Wait, wait,
wait, slow down.
That looks like some kind
of an initiation code.
That's a trigger,
don't touch that!
It's not a trigger,
it is something else.
Do you see that?
It's an alphanumeric code.
We can disable this thing?
Let's do it together.
[laptop chirping]
[electronic beeping,
[radio chatter]
Stop! Get away from it!
What have you done?
When your team copied
the operating system,
they left a link open.
It was still connected,
and it let us back in.
And you thought it would be
a good idea to touch any of it?
What if that accidentally
triggers it?
We didn't trigger anything.
It's a manual trigger.
We didn't touch that.
But we did--
You are about to be
in a world of hurt.
You have no idea
what you've done.
[electronic creaking]
[beeping, crackling]
Oh my God.
Smith! Smith!
Okay, everybody out--
come on, out.
Come on, let's go, let's go,
let's go. Come on. Go, go, go.
Patrick-- Patrick--
[thumping, banging]
There's more coming.
[President] We need more ammo.
This won't stop them for long.
[pounding, thumping]
I need you to go upstairs,
the extra gun's in the lockbox
in the bedroom.
Okay? Go. Go, go, go.
[electrical hum]
God, get off me!
[Luke] Hey, let go of her!
[fizzing, popping]
-[weapon charging]
[exclaiming in pain]
-We need fireworks,
they ran through their armor.
[pounding, thumping]
[screams, grunting]
Go! Keep the device safe.
Keep my family safe,
too, please.
I will.
[rousing music]
Luke, it's under the bed.
[electrical hum]
Guys, there's more coming.
Do you know how to use
one of those things?
-[Luke] Here.
-[Paige] What?
[Paige] I don't know
how to use this.
[Luke] Hold it like this.
This is the safety.
When you're ready to shoot,
aim by lining up the sites.
Did your dad teach you this?
[fireworks whistling,
[gun shots]
[dry fire]
I'm still linked
to their device.
Don't do that.
They told you
not to mess with that!
-But we can fix this.
-Stop it.
If we don't stop this thing,
who will?
We don't have
a lot of time.
You need to tell me
what you did.
It's linear coding.
It's an off-unit sequence.
Tell us what it does,
and we'll tell you.
We don't have the time
for this.
You two made the situation
exponentially worse.
You need to tell me
what you did, now.
Colonel, ma'am, you
and the president haven't been
straight with us since we met.
You hid this
from the American people.
We need to know what this is
and what we're dealing with,
and then we can help.
Otherwise, you can
go on your own.
We don't have much time.
From what we've gathered,
it's an antimatter generator.
Antimatter and matter
destroy each other,
turning into pure energy.
It's many times more powerful
than even a hydrogen bomb.
Then what is this?
It's a countdown.
All clear for now,
but no guarantee
when they'll come back.
Luke, get me
that relay backup.
[water turns off]
[electronic pulsing]
Fireworks react
with their armor.
I think it's
the potassium nitrate.
Potassium nitrate
is an oxidizer,
and mixed with gunpowder,
it's highly reactive.
[via mesh network]
Copy you, Eagle One.
Are you in a secure location?
We're tied down out here.
I'll have to get back to you
with an ETA for extraction.
-You hang tight, over.
-Copy, Captain. Standing by.
And Captain, be advised--
their armor reacts
to potassium nitrate.
Potassium nitrate,
do you copy? Over.
Copy that.
We'll spread the word. Over.
What's that, Colonel?
Sir, I'm sorry to report
the device is now armed.
I can fix this.
Wait, Luke, you did this?
We did this together.
I leave you alone
for one minute--
-What do you mean, "armed?"
It's a-- a countdown.
A countdown to what?
It's a bomb.
How much time do we have?
Less than an hour.
An hour?
Less than one hour?
You have to stop this!
Calm down--that's what we're
working on right now.
Your son and his friend here
will have to come with us.
-Where are you going?
-To see the asset.
Patrick, is that
your truck outside?
We're gonna need it.
[indistinct whispering]
-[Rachel] Ohh!
-[Patrick] Here you go.
Smith. Is it safe?
Looks clear.
[TV show playing]
Oh, no, no, no!
Don't make any
sudden movements.
We don't wanna startle him.
It's a him?
We call him Al.
Okay, you guys,
you better stay back.
Does it speak?
Rudimentary, but we've rigged
a translator to its armor.
Al, this is the President
of the United States.
If you don't know already,
your kind are here now.
They're coming for
the device you gave us.
We need your help.
We need your help stopping them.
Can he even hear us?
[President] Got your
attention now.
Remember this?
This is what you gave us.
We need your help
in turning it against them.
[electronic translator]
It can only be used once.
We know that.
If we use it, it would
destroy everything.
[electronic translator]
By activating it now, you risk
destroying your planet.
We don't want to activate it.
[electronic translator]
It has been activated.
We know!
That's why
we brought it to you.
We wanna turn it off.
[electronic translator]
It cannot be done.
You're the expert
in this thing.
There must be some way
to turn it off.
[electronic translator]
You shouldn't have taken
the device from me.
I brought it here
to destroy it.
Al, that's why
we took it from you.
You-- you brought
a weapon to our planet.
What do you expect us to do?
[electronic translator]
Your people turned on
the device.
That's what sent out
the beacon.
That's what brought them here.
Maybe you should have given
us some type of warning.
[electronic translator]
I did warn you, Mr. President.
I communicated
with your scientists.
I communicated
with your Colonel Smith.
I told you everything
I know about the device
and what it was
designed to do.
I warned you that we must
all work together
to dismantle it, and most
of all that it should never
be turned on.
-Excuse me, Al--
-Hey, hey, whoa, hey--
We didn't mean to activate it.
It was connecting
to our network on its own.
We didn't mean to start it.
We were just trying
to take it out.
Can it be deactivated?
[electronic translator]
It cannot.
Once the countdown has begun,
there is no stopping it.
You're certain of this?
[electronic translator]
That is correct.
I designed the timer
that links to the trigger.
It's a complicated device.
Each of us designed a small
section of its development.
It was designed in such a way,
in small sections,
that no single individual could
create the whole device,
or deactivate it.
There must be something,
something you must
know to help us.
Something you may realize
that is important.
[President] We need your help.
[electronic translator]
It is too late.
It cannot be stopped.
Better for your planet
to be destroyed
than to give it to them.
Al, help us to stop this.
[electronic translator]
Better for your planet
to be destroyed
than to give it to them.
[TV show playing]
[electronic translator]
Colonel Smith, I am sorry.
[somber music]
So we can't stop it.
Is that what you're saying?
We need to get outta here.
[engine starts]
[Rachel] We can't go back
to the house now,
they know where it is.
[Patrick] I got an idea.
It doesn't matter
where we are.
When this thing goes off,
it'll take out everyone.
The only way to stop them
is to use it against them.
Can't you strap it
to a missile or something?
Shoot it at the mothership?
We tried that.
So that's it?
It didn't work?
Ma'am, we're not giving up.
Please, can we just focus
on figuring out how
to deactivate the device?
We don't have to
deactivate it.
We can use it against them.
We've tried that.
No, Mr. President,
listen, please.
Rachel and I saw a way
to get to the mothership.
All right, when
we first encountered them,
we-- we-- there--
we saw them using
some kind of device
that beamed them back
and forth to their ship.
I took part of it
off to disable it.
I thought it might
slow the invasion.
Maybe we can beat it back up
to them-- ugh.
Easy, easy.
You remember
how they worked it?
Yes, sir, absolutely.
I saw how they did it.
I saw their interface.
Had a bunch of symbols.
Maybe together,
we can make it work.
Yeah, but isn't it dangerous
that the bombs
would be exploding
that close to the Earth?
What other option
do we have?
A person takes on
the White House to make
a difference.
You hope for that defining
moment, when the world
is on the brink,
that you'll make
that right decision.
No president ever imagined
this problem.
No president could
ever want this trouble.
But here it is,
and it's not me
who's gonna save the world.
It's allof us.
It's up to us.
Maybe the last,
best hope humanity has.
No one can do it for us.
Let's make the world proud.
Let's go kill
these suckers.
[inspiring music]
-Jump in the back.
[President] Honored
to ride with you all.
Without fireworks, we're gonna
be in serious trouble
if we run into them.
We need to get more.
[Paige] Uh, I still have these.
I know bottle rockets
are kinda lame,
but better than nothing, right?
You'll be safer here
than out in the open.
-Look, we'll be back in a jiffy.
-I'm coming with you.
No, no, you've got
the weapons here.
I want you to stay here.
We'll be back, okay?
I want us to be together.
Listen, there's no point
in separating now.
I'm the commander-in-chief,
and I'm giving
an executive order--
we're all staying together,
and that's that.
Well, if that's an order--
It's a direct order, soldier.
You go up front
with the device.
Yes, sir.
For all mankind.
-For all mankind.
-[car starts]
[Paige] So how does
this thing work?
You just beam it up,
and that's it?
Wish it were that easy.
[Luke] Aaahhhh!
One of us needs
to be there to make sure
they don't deactivate it.
[whirring, gunfire]
The one part of this device
that we really understand
is the trigger.
I got him. Ugh!
We can't stop the countdown,
but we can trigger the device.
-[Rachel] Get him!
-[Patrick] I got him.
[Colonel] Nice.
[alien chirps]
We have to set it off manually,
it's the only way.
We don't have much time.
-[Patrick] It's up this way
-We have to hurry.
-How much time do we have?
Hold on.
[tense music]
[electrical hum]
Teleporter is back here.
[President] Great.
[President] What are
we waiting for?
When I disabled it, I didn't
actually take the part with me.
-But we can find it.
It's just-- it's in those
woods somewhere,
-I threw it down there.
-We're running out of time.
Okay, well, let's go.
You know how
to use this, right? Okay.
[electronic whirring]
[Patrick] Got it.
Cover me, Mr. President!
Luke, go long!
Okay, this way--
I got it from right here.
Okay, all clear.
You ready?
So we just grab on top,
and then push down.
[Colonel] That's it?
I think so.
--I wanna thank you for your
service to our country.
You will be remembered.
We really--
Mr. President.
Something's coming through.
It's no use--
the shot didn't
have an effect on it.
[shouting, groaning]
[President] The bomb?
[Patrick] Does anyone else
know how to use it?
I do--
it's an alphanumeric code.
We can set it to go off
once I'm inside.
No, you-- you won't be
able to get back.
Maybe not.
Okay, well, I'm going.
Show me how to do it.
We only get one shot at this.
I'll go--
it's my responsibility.
No, Mr. President, somebody
has to restart this country
when this is all over.
It has to be me.
Luke, show me how to do it.
There has to be another way.
Let me do this!
You are not going up there.
Mom, I need to fix this.
I am not letting you go!
I-- I can bring you back.
I can--
This is not happening!
We're running out of time.
I'll go!
Then I'll go with you.
Luke, show me how to set it off.
Luke, please--
no-- no-- [crying]
Hey, we're coming back. Okay?
Okay. Okay.
Couldn't let you have all
the fun now, could I, Luke?
How we doing, Luke?
How we doing?
I'm almost ready!
[gun shots]
Come on, Luke!
I'm ready!
Don't mess with humanity!
[electronic whirring, zapping]
I think they did it.
[somber music]
[electronic whirring]
Luke, Luke!
[sobbing, panting]
[triumphant music]
[distant explosions]
Now these are some fireworks.
Happy 4th of July,
Mr. President.
[distant explosions]
[theme music playing]