Alien Sniperess (2022) Movie Script

If you've
been watching the news,
you know there's a
meteor shower tonight.
Great chance for you
to spend some time
with your loved ones.
So turn off your cell phones,
turn off the damn lights and
go enjoy this meteor shower.
I'll be here playing the hits.
Make sure you call in
with your requests.
Hey, babe.
If we leave right now, we
can make it to Lookout Point.
I have this whole
night planned out,
and you're set in
stone on staying here.
Yeah, I mean,
look at the view.
Come on, I just want
to stay home with you.
Yeah, but...
I know you've been saying
that I don't try too hard,
but I've outdone myself.
Come on, babe,
let's just relax.
The view's nice, isn't it?
Yeah, I guess, but
Lookout Point's better.
What was that?
I don't know.
I'll go check it out.
No, let me call the police.
No, I got this.
What, no.
Look, if anything,
I'll bring my gun.
No, what?
What the?
We should go.
Just a second.
I want to see what caused this.
No babe, really,
we shouldn't be here.
Look, I'm just
gonna take a peak,
and then we can go home, okay?
Damn, check this out, what the?
This is incredible.
Let me see my phone.
What the?
What is it?
This is incredible.
What is that?
Get it off me!
Oh my God, what's
happening, what's happening?
It said kill me!
What's happening?
I don't know what
to do.
Half a mile away
West, 800 meters.
Solid shot.
Girl, it's all good.
You know, you're gonna have
to teach me that someday.
Girl, you know, it's all
about just like meditation.
Hitting a target from
at least 800 meters
is more than meditation.
It's probably that voodoo.
What I do with
nature is not voodoo.
is everything okay?
Davis telephone, please.
Dr. Davis telephone, please.
I'm Dr. Sanders.
Both of his parents
died immediately, okay?
I'm sorry.
He's in critical condition,
but his younger brother's
gonna be just fine.
He only suffered
some minor injuries.
He was the lucky one.
You okay?
Can I see him?
Yeah, but I want you
to prepare yourself.
I mean, he's pretty beat up.
IV, oxygen, lots of bandages,
you prepared for that?
Right this way.
Dr. Blair, Dr. Blair.
Dr. Jane Hamilton,
Dr. Jane Hamilton.
I know you don't like
but, I...
I couldn't resist.
It was my idea
to come see you.
And my parents said
they wanted to see me
so they...
So they came along.
Will you marry me?
Yes, Jason, I will marry you.
Well, go on, put it on then.
The doctor
says I don't have much time.
But I'm happy.
Aaron is safe.
He has you now.
My, uh...
My grandparents live up north.
Take Aaron to them.
help you take care of him.
I love you.
I love you too.
Excuse me, Ma'am, if you
could give me some room.
- Give me some room, please.
- Jason.
I haven't seen you in a while.
So who's the kid?
My cousin.
Yeah, okay.
I can't wait until you
have kids of your own.
It's a blessing.
Hey girl, how you holding up?
I'm doing okay.
I'm so sorry.
Jason was a great guy.
Is there anything we can do?
No, I'm fine.
We haven't seen
each other in years.
I think it's about time we
get together and do something.
That's a great idea.
I'll book plane tickets.
I actually have to
take Jason's brother
to his grandparents,
so I can't but...
We'll make it
a road trip then.
Great, I'll get on
the plane tickets.
We'll see you soon, okay?
Dan, it's been a while.
Too long.
Get over here, man.
All right.
Look at you, man, you look good.
You know I try, man.
You haven't changed a bit.
Yeah, you know.
Come on.
So how are things going?
Working me like a dog, man.
Haven't even been
back a full day.
How are things with the shop?
You know, same as always.
But how can I help?
Drug bust near the border.
It involves cars.
I was hoping maybe
you got a spot for me
to store them a
couple of days or so?
I think we can make it
work, you know I got you.
I appreciate that, man.
Seen all this crazy shit
going on on social media?
Yeah, it's kind of
hard to ignore people
chopping each other's heads off.
Yeah, crazy time we live in.
So how's your trip back home?
It's been a pain trying
to bring my wife over.
I hear you.
I heard about
your pops though.
How you holding up?
You know, he used
to beat us every day,
and every day I would wish
he wouldn't come home.
So he got what he deserved.
And now when I
look in the mirror,
I make sure it's not
him staring back at me.
Is that why
you're still single?
You are not your father, Lucas.
You can't let your father's sins
prevent you from
living your life.
That's just another
way of letting him win.
Oh, that's a
scary-looking gun.
Yeah, I never leave
home without it.
I see.
Yo, I am digging this
new KG cell service.
It's like lightning
speed compared to 5G.
You should get it.
Oh, no thanks.
That's like cancer
waiting to happen.
Oh my God, Kelly.
Seeing all this
violence makes me
wonder about our existence.
Why are we always fighting?
It's human nature, Liz.
Well, yeah, but you'd
think we would have
evolved past this by now.
We just can't.
Human nature is a
nature of conflict.
I think it takes
effort to change,
but things are getting better.
Not in my world.
People don't change.
They may do something
different for a period of time,
but people don't change.
They end up doing
the same thing.
- Excuse me.
- Oh, yes, Ma'am.
- I'm ready to order.
- Oh yes, I'm terribly sorry.
We are shorthanded this weekend.
Oh my gosh.
I knew something
weird was going on.
Look, we popped all
four of our tires.
We ran over some
stick or something.
We only have one spare.
How are we supposed
to get four new tires?
Yeah, that's weird.
When I say go, get
to the back of the car.
Call 911!
It's okay.
- Okay.
- Put pressure on it.
- Put pressure on it!
- Okay, okay.
what's your emergency?
Can you hear me?
My sister, she's been shot!
Hope you like it black.
That's all we have around here.
How's Aaron?
The boy you've
been traveling with?
- Mm-hmm.
- He's in good hands.
You know,
all of your friends keep
saying that you're a hero.
So I'm hoping you can help
explain to me what
exactly happened here.
That boy has
been through a lot.
He lost his whole
family in one day so.
My condolences.
the man you shot
is a key suspect
in an ongoing investigation.
Any information you can
share would be helpful.
Officer, am I being detained?
I need to get him
to his grandparents.
As per my superiors, no,
but you have to stay in town
until the military
police arrive.
They've agreed to cooperate.
But if you just help me,
I'll get you on the
road in no time.
I promise.
This is on.
This is on?
Yes, hello.
Hello, Dr. Clark here,
coming to you from the
mountains out here in
God's country.
And today I am testing out
the new KG cell phone service.
Doesn't cause cancer, they say.
Better than 5G, they say.
Well, today I will give
you my honest opinion.
As always, please
like this, share this,
repost this, and let's
keep the truth out there.
Dr. Clark.
Well, I'd say who's asking,
but I think I already know.
My name's Marks.
I'm with a special
branch of the FBI
tasked with investigating
the extraterrestrial.
It's our understanding
you're somewhat
of an expert in this field.
We need your help.
There you go.
I gotta stay in town until
the military police show up
and sort everything out.
Not like we can go anywhere.
Not with Liz like this.
I thought my life was heading
in one direction and then...
I cannot imagine what
he's going through.
Losing a parent
isn't easy.
My aunt saved us
when we lost Mom.
She raised us like
one of her own.
- She was amazing.
- Yeah.
I think you should do
the same for Aaron.
No, there is no way.
I don't even know
how to be a mom.
And I never wanted to have kids.
That is the one thing that Jason
and I could never agree on.
You know, you've
never met my parents.
Did you ever know why?
I figured you
had your reasons.
Did you know that
I was an only child?
Well, my dad was MIA and my mom,
if she wasn't getting
beat up by her boyfriends,
was so strung out on dope that
she never even noticed me.
So I raised myself.
I'm the product of
a broken home, Kell.
I have nothing to
offer this kid.
- I understand.
- It's okay.
More than, you know.
And you'd be surprised
what you're capable of
if you just try.
Ah, so what's going on?
I mean, unusual
place for a meeting.
It's not the best
of accommodations.
It's no World War II bunker.
It's the closest
location to your area,
which we believe might've been
ground zero for this epidemic.
What do you mean?
Where'd you find this?
Not too far from here.
It's my understanding
you have one
very similar to it, correct?
Yeah, yeah.
You published
a paper years ago
warning people
about this creature.
Yeah, yeah, the world
called me a nut job.
I lost the respect of the
science community because of it.
Well, doctor, your
theories have been confirmed.
These creatures came down
during the recent meteor shower
and began inhabiting people.
Per your studies, what
we experienced years ago
was just the first phase.
We believe this time
it's the real deal.
Full-scale invasion.
Thank you for taking
care of one of our own.
We're glad you guys
were willing to cooperate.
Good day, sir.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
it's Smart Man Radio.
Keeping you up to date
on current events.
We're still taking calls,
so give us a shout.
We want to hear from you.
Okay, so I need
to make arrangements
for your car to be
towed back to base.
- I won't be long.
- Okay, thank you.
What you doin'?
Playing a game.
What's it called?
Among Us.
All right, so
we should have someone there
- later today to pick it up.
- Okay, thank you.
No problem, thank you.
- Have a good one.
- Have a good one.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
How you doin', sir?
How are you?
It's okay, you're safe.
Come on, come on.
Follow me.
All right, we gotta
call the cops.
We left our phone in the car.
I got a cell phone.
Stay right here,
we'll be right back!
Get down here now.
We got two people down.
We're at the Mountain Method.
Just hang tight.
Do you have a gun?
- Cool.
- Whoa, let's not be hasty.
The police are on their way,
and if anything should happen,
I'll protect you.
I appreciate what
you did out there,
but I can take care of myself.
I need you to get his attention.
- You want me to get shot.
- Go, I'll cover you.
- Your boss...
- Go!
Body, body.
Hands up, hands up!
To the wall!
To the wall!
Got any weapons on you?
Got any weapons on you?
No, sir.
The guy who did
this is in there.
Yeah, we'll get to
the guy who did this.
- You got 'em?
- Yeah.
Is the kid all right?
It's clear.
Turn around.
Start talking.
Even better, I've got
security footage to show you.
Death follows you.
I didn't ask for this.
Yeah, I've been seeing some
crazy stuff on social media.
Social media?
So we have two dead bodies.
You're talking about social...
available units respond.
Show officers King
and Marshall responding.
257 in
progress at Trail of Pines.
What did you
bring into my town?
We have an active shooter.
Just don't go anywhere.
Just don't move.
Something's going on
and I'm not gonna wait
to see to find out.
Can you help me with something?
I need my guns and
they're in my car.
Yeah, I'll help you.
Is that everything?
- Yeah.
- Where to?
The hospital.
Blue, Room 305.
All doctors to the ER.
Security to ER!
You're still here.
Yeah, it's been crazy.
Who's he?
He helped us out
of a tough spot.
Hey, I'm Lucas.
What's going on out there?
Some nut job shot up a bar.
That's not the end of it.
Haven't you guys
been watching the news?
No, why?
Well, let's see.
The whole world has gone mad.
Liz was right, something's up.
People all over the world
are killing each other
without provocation.
That's what happened to us.
With over 3000
confirmed deaths,
no one is sure what
to make of this.
Scientists believe it's some
sort of virus variation.
We now go live to
Downtown Phoenix
where our very own EMD
reporter, Sylvia Smith...
We've gotta get out of here.
She's right.
If a virus is causing
people to kill,
then we aren't safe here.
I'm not leaving without Liz.
- Dr. Clark, Dr. Clark!
- Yeah.
How are you today, sir?
Justin from the EMD news.
- Big fan of your work.
- Thank you.
I've been following you
since you published the paper
about an alien invasion.
I was hoping I could
get some exclusive.
KG cell service.
You're welcome.
Gotta go, real press.
Nice suit.
Come on, come on,
get out of here.
Come here, clear!
Get out of here,
get out of here!
It looks like the
whole town's got mad.
One thing after another,
man, we can't catch a break.
Here, this way.
Looks like they're picking off
their neighbors one by one.
Best we get the drop on
'em before they notice us.
Shots, shots, shots, shots!
Oh shit.
Looks like they're splittin' up.
Stack on me.
- We got a rabbit.
- I'll follow.
I got him, I got him!
This is Officer
Marshall responding.
Shots fired, we are
under heavy fire.
King, you good?
Yeah, back here.
Oh, that's gross.
Where the hell did
that come from?
Crawled out of his mouth.
I think it's dead.
Hey, there's another one.
Hey, careful.
King, King, King!
What, what is going on?
King, King!
I need an aid car.
I need an aid car right away.
King, King, stay with me, buddy.
Stay with me, man.
Goddamn it!
Come on, King, come on.
I need an aid car, I need
an aid car, right away!
Oh fuck.
It is the top
of the hour here on WKGP.
Here's a quick look at the news.
The madness around
the globe continues.
And here's what a
few of our listeners
are experiencing locally.
My boyfriend
and I were hanging out,
and our roommate attacked
us out of nowhere.
My boyfriend's in a hospital
with multiple stab wounds.
Yo, my Mom
just shot my Pops.
I don't know what's
going on, man.
- Thing's are crazy out here.
- Can you turn it off?
I'll put some music on.
Get out of the car!
Get into the bush!
Wait, wait, wait.
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
Lucas, I'm gonna go ahead
and get a clear shot.
- Okay, go on.
- Okay.
We gotta move!
Come on.
Keep moving.
- You got him?
- Yup.
That a girl.
- I need a minute.
- Come on.
Put her here.
I got her.
Hey, are you gonna
talk to Aaron?
About what?
About what?
Chioma, he's not like you.
Tell him what you
would want to hear.
Hey, Aaron.
Let's go take a walk.
Come on.
Come on.
Where are we going?
I want to show
you something cool.
It's beautiful.
I love nature.
Have you been here before?
When I was a kid, I didn't have
any friends or siblings so.
I would come out here.
One time, I actually
fell asleep.
I had a dream that
nature spoke to me.
That's weird.
I know.
And it happened so many times
that I started to realize
that nature had
some kind of voice.
And I really think
it's the one thing
that connects all of us.
And if you just listen.
It speaks to you.
Oh my God, Liz.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Liz!
- Stay back!
Stay back.
You shot my friend.
- Stand down.
- Or what?
- Stand down, Chioma!
- Or what, or what?
Let's cool our heads.
What are you even doing here?
Yeah, what are
you even doing here?
I'm off the grid!
And my partner's dead.
This is everywhere.
And she's infected.
- You don't know that.
- Oh, I don't know that?
Look, I don't know that?
Come on, back up, look!
Liz, no.
No, this is too much.
Afternoon, everybody.
We're here to shed some
light on recent events.
I am Dr. Clark, and I
will get into the details.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
While their origins
remain unknown to us,
we have concluded
based on our findings,
and in cooperation with the FBI,
that these acts of aggression
are carried out due to toxins
injected into the brain
by these creatures.
These toxins affect or rather
take over the amygdala,
the prefrontal cortex,
increasing the propensity
for impulsive aggression.
You know, I gotta be honest
when I tell you people,
I published a paper on
these creatures years ago,
and I said then that
our first encounter
with these creatures,
that was a test,
a feeling out, if you will.
Now, what we're experiencing
is the real deal.
A mass genocide
of the human race.
Are you okay?
Not really.
Look, I'm sorry
about your sister.
I can't explain it.
I've seen it.
It was her or us.
I've always been somebody
who tries to see
the bigger picture
and that everything
happens for a reason.
But I don't know why
it had to be her.
Just go.
I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to wrap
my head around this mess.
Don't worry, man.
Nobody blames you.
Look, it's all over the globe.
If you're watching this, my
whole family was slaughtered.
I barely made it out alive.
This is crazy.
I don't want to die.
No place is safe.
I really gotta get
Aaron to his grandparents.
No, it's best
we stick together.
Yeah, he's right.
If we're attacked, we can
defend ourselves better
as a group.
Sucks that we have
to leave Liz behind.
There's nothing we can
do about it right now.
We'll come back for her.
Heading this way, we
run into a small town so.
Well, that's not good.
Doesn't that defeat
the whole purpose?
Any alternative will
cost us seven hours
or runs to the freeway.
There's danger on both sides.
At least in town we'll have
covered when night falls.
It's a good point.
And this town is
significantly smaller than ours,
so it's less trouble.
I hope.
All right, let's head in.
It's too quiet.
You guys, keep your guard up.
Down, down, shooter, shooter!
They're bating.
Any suggestions?
Wait here, I'll be back.
What are you doing?
It's all clear.
Come on, give me a hand!
Okay sweetie,
rollover for me, okay?
Is she gonna be okay?
I don't know,
let's get her up.
Oh, come on, come on, okay.
We gotta get her inside.
We gotta get her to cover.
You're gonna be fine, sweetie.
Hang in there.
Keep pressure on it.
Breathe regular, man.
Kell, are you okay?
Any chance they've got
medical supplies in here?
Not here, probably
in town though.
- I'll go take a look.
- I'll come with you.
- No, please.
- I'll go with him.
There's a pharmacy about a
mile up the road from here.
Thanks to all of your calls,
we've managed to
keep people informed
about what's going on out there.
So to show our appreciation
to all of our listeners
that have been supporting
us over the years,
keeping in mind that many of
you feel unsafe out there,
we want to offer you a free
sanctuary here at the studio.
So if you're in trouble,
and you can run to us,
we offer you a safe
place to lay low.
Now, back to the hits.
Sorry, this is
all we could find.
Find any alcohol?
Place was pretty picked
through, but we found a bottle.
You ready?
Now, to answer your question,
initially we did believe
that an infected person
acted on impulse alone, but
new findings show clear,
thoughtful, concise action.
Yeah, you know, it's
like driving a car
or riding a bike
for the first time.
You just eventually
become better over time.
Well, they are becoming better
pilots of the human mind.
May I talk to you real quick?
I know we've been
through a lot, you know,
I need to see my grandparents.
They're the only
family I have left.
We'll go.
Hey, Kell.
Kell, I'll be back, okay?
I'm gonna take him to
his grandparents, okay?
What's going on?
The kid wants to go
to his grandparents.
And I feel obligated
to take him.
All right, well,
I'll go with you.
I think you should
stay here with Kell.
I understand.
Greetings, all.
I bring new information.
Before the arrival
of our comrades,
the humans possessed limited
communication capabilities,
but a more sophisticated
way of communication
called the KG was
recently developed
for their mobile communicators.
Beware if you interact
with this mobile device
containing this technology.
As an unintended side effect,
the KG frequencies causes us
to lose control of our host
and effectively go
into a deep sleep.
Grandpa, we're here!
It's good to see you, son.
It's good to see you too.
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, stay with me.
Stay with me.
- Stay with me.
- Get him.
Get Aaron, get Aaron.
Okay, all right.
Turn over.
Okay, come on, come on.
Can you still remember me?
Come on.
Thank you all
for being patient.
I know it's not easy being
cooped up in here all day.
But it is crucial that we
keep the public up to date
on findings as they
become available to us.
So with that, we'll get into it.
It's clear to us now
that these creatures
are evolving at a rapid rate.
Based on those calculations,
we predict the death
toll could rise into the
hundreds of millions.
Hey, Dr. Clark.
- Sorry, awkward place.
- Yeah.
- Quick question.
- Yeah.
What you spoke about
during the press conference,
would you like to elaborate?
I can't get into specifics.
You know that I could
just tell you this.
We are working on a solution.
It involves KG technology,
that's all I can say, okay?
Thank you.
Easy, easy, easy.
You should stay down.
Where is everyone?
Chioma and Aaron left.
Lucas followed
pretty close after.
They're probably at
their destination by now.
- I should call them.
- No, stop moving.
You're gonna reopen the wound.
Hey, okay, lay down, lay down.
Hey, there's no
service anyway, okay?
They'll call in the morning
after the rain breaks.
No, no, Kelly.
Come on!
Easy, easy.
I know I told you this before,
but I'm amazed by your strength.
Even in pain and going in
and out of consciousness,
you still managed to talk me
through cauterizing your wound.
Did you?
I had to, but I put
your clothes back on.
Where's Aaron?
Over there.
Please don't.
Stay and eat.
Help me up.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I feel like I've lost so much.
I can't even pretend to know
what you're going through.
But just know I'm here with you.
I didn't have the
best relationship
with my parents growing up.
So I never wanted to have kids.
Then I met Aaron and,
I don't know, something changed.
But it's like all
that was for nothing
because clearly I failed him.
Aaron, stop!
Stop, stop!
You sure about this?
People might not understand.
I'm not letting him
out of my sight.
We'll figure it out.
All right.
Scattered across
the globe are meteors
from which these creatures came.
Upon further examination,
we discovered that these
meteors act as information hubs.
So disruption to
their communication
should cripple their efforts.
Now, these...
These creatures were captured
near a crashed meteor.
And as you know how aggressive
these creatures can be,
but once the meteor was
destroyed, they became inactive.
But each meteor is guarded
by infected humans.
So our countermeasure
is going to require
global cooperation.
Now we've developed a jamming
signal based on KG technology,
which should render
the creatures
inactive long enough
to destroy the meteors.
What happened to you guys?
Long story.
We'll be fine though.
How's Kell?
I'm sorry.
So what happened out there?
You and Aaron?
Well, I got shot.
And he got infected.
But I've been giving him
these shots every four hours
to keep him asleep.
I'm gonna save him.
You might just be in luck.
They think they've come up
with a way to do just that.
Mobilizing people all around
the world, as many as possible,
trying to execute some plan.
We've devised a way to
jam the effects of the KG.
If you happen to fall
under its effects,
here's what you must do.
At this point,
we must assume the creatures
are aware of our plans,
but this is our best
shot, and we must take it.
At 1200 hours, we begin
broadcasting the jamming signal.
All cell phones across the
globe will receive this signal.
Instructions on how to
create timed explosives
with common items have
also been distributed.
Good luck to us all.
It's locked.
Cover up.
Fire in the hole.
Hey, you think there's anything
that we can use in here?
I don't know, man.
All of this stuff's pretty old.
Doubtful we'll find
what we need here.
I think I have some
grenades in my car.
Yeah, and I can rig
them to a can of gasoline.
Okay, and if you can
light it up, I can shoot it.
All right.
- I'll provide backup.
- Okay.
I have three shots left,
so let's make 'em count.
- Sounds good.
- Copy that.
I know these last few days
have been a little rough,
but I promise you I'm
gonna do what I can
to get things back
to normal, okay?
According to the
satellite map they gave us,
this is the closest crash site
to where Aaron was infected.
Okay, so everyone
knows the plan?
All right, be careful.
Well, assuming they
don't know what's coming,
I've planned a second
wave of attack.
One that is ethically
but if successful, we win.
And it's, this stays between you
and I if it's to work, okay?
You ever hear of the
fourth phase of water?
It's a phase of water in which
water is both a
liquid and a solid.
It's a very reactive stage,
reactive to frequencies,
vibrations, things like that.
Within the human cell, you'll
find this fourth phase.
So the first blast is a decoy.
Whereas the second silent
blast is aimed at the cells.
The theory being the cells
will magnify the blast millions
of times over, making it
stronger than the first blast.
And because it's silent, the
enemy won't hear it coming.
There is one
possible side effect.
Targeting cells
could prove to be
I see.
Don't stop, get it done!
Come on!
Goddamn it!
Get up, turn around!
You gotta be kidding me!
You shoot me and
I drop the hammer!
Come down!
Hello, officer.
Get over here!
Drop the gun.
And the gun belt.
Over here.
On your knees, on your knees!
Hands on your head.
You so much as breathe,
and I'll put a hole in him.
You've got five
seconds, your choice!
Wait, wait!
There you are.
There you are.
Drop the gun.
And the other one
and the other one.
There you go.
Now, come here.
That's it, come here.
It's nice to finally meet you.
You know, your skills,
they're gonna be
extremely valuable to us,
but if you resist, you die.
Do you understand?
However, you join
us, and you all live.
So put out your arm.
Put out your arm.
The bug came out, but
he's still breathing.
that mean it worked?
I think so.
What do you wanna do with him?
Arrest him?
How you holding up?
I've been better.
I'm just glad it's over.
Okay, big boy.
Hey, we're gonna get
your home, I see you.
We're gonna get you help.
Nice shot.
You're welcome.
Gonna put these on you, okay?
We're gonna get you help.
We're gonna get you help.
We're gonna get you home, okay?
Stay with me here, okay?
Come on, you're
okay, you're okay.
We're gonna get you help.
All right, come on, man.
It's you and me,
let's get you up.
It's you and me.
All right, all right, come on.
Don't look away, look this way.
Come on.
Thanks to the combined efforts
of people across the globe,
we have taken our home
back from these invaders.
Hopefully, we've grown a
great deal in the process.
We're better equipped to face
any extraterrestrial threat
we may face in the future.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
So are you sure I can't
convince you to stay
just a little bit longer?
I have to go back to base.
Well, I guess this is it then.
You can always come visit.
You can count on it.
You ready?
Put on your seatbelt.