Alien Strain (2014) Movie Script

Let's go back to that night
again, okay?
You said the two of you
were fighting
is not what I said.
I said we were having an argument.
How many times do I have
to tell you this?
As many times as necessary to
solve it, Matthew.
You know it.
As many times as necessary to find
the truth about that night.
They do not want to hear the truth.
They want to hear what you want to hear
and what do I want to hear?
That I had something to do with
his disappearance.
And is that so?
Sure, I did it.
I chose a place.
I drove up there
but do not take it
then who did it?
You know, doc.
I think the question that should be
asked is not who took it
but what did they want from Ella?
And with The rest of us
now, after Rachel's
disappearance, you moved
And that why?
Because I needed to be close to Her.
Where it was taken.
But if it disappeared
as you said
what were you looking for, exactly?
Anything. Any sign of
Ella or the ship.
Look, I knew I was not dead.
I did not ask why.
I just knew.
Unfortunately, I seem to
be the only one.
Yes, let's talk about
Sheriff Espinosa.
From what I've read, he seemed particularly
interested in his case.
Do you know why that is?
Besides the fact he was a pendejo?
I just know he was always there.
Wherever it was, wherever it looked.
He was there.
Found something today?
How much has it been?
Almost a year.
Are you ready?
Sure you do not have to go to the
bathroom or something?
It's the last stop before
entering The Wild.
I'm fine.
Thanks for asking.
You know, Matthew.
I do not know if this
is a kind of
sick game you're playing.
Or if some kind of elaborate plan.
And, frankly, I do not care what it is
I've heard your story, they should be a hundred times already
and I have to say, you're a
credible son of a bitch.
Except that I do not believe it
not a minute of it
people just do not disappear
in The Air
there is always an unpleasant
reason for it
and you?
I bet you have the ugliest
and dirtiest,
reason you've seen
but do not worry
one of these days sooner or later,
you're going to slide
and when you do I'll be there.
He returned now
was even there,
that night with Alicia.
And what was that night?
Matthew, you can do this
I do not want to do this.
I do not want to talk about this anymore.
I want to go to my room!
Good. We can end the session here.
Let's do it again later.
It's open.
What's up?
It's so quiet here.
Really, what is it?
Do not answer anything.
Because nothing is usually something
has been, what, five,
almost six years.
And I was thinking when we're going
to take The Next Step.
Do you want to have a family with me?
Peques running around?
Look, I love you.
I will always do it and nothing will change that
but you have to figure out what you want
because I can wait for so long
came back now
I have to go pee.
I have some wood The truck
if you need it
of course, you have it
came back now
Mateo? Are you?
Honey, are you okay?
You're all sweaty.
Having a nightmare again?
go back to bed
it's cold without you.
This is not real.
Okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
Honey, are you okay?
It's okay.
It's fine.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I'm not doing anything.
Calm down.
It's okay, it's okay.
What are you doing? Take off!
What are you doing?
A nightmare
your doctor is on your way
just relax. Relax!
- Let go!
- Relax!
Let go!
Matthew, it's Dr. vans.
Everything will be fine.
We're going to put you up
like the last time.
Last time?
What are you saying?
Take that thing away from me!
Attach it!
Look, clean my calendar next weekend.
Let's go for field day.
Let's leave Los Angeles
away from everything.
Only you, I
and The desert sky.
What do you say?
Come here.
Will I take that as a yes?
We do not have much time.
Listen to me.
Remember this place.
They're going to bring me back.
What? Who will bring you back?
Rachel, talk to me!
Who brings you back?
Good morning.
I heard that last night was something interesting
you want to tell me about it?
You have to talk to someone, Matthew.
This is how this works.
You speak I hear
we find answers.
And maybe you stop having
these episodes.
What, is this 1927?
Do you want to get out of here?
I do not like being locked in
this office all day.
Oh, I'll take care
I'm going to tell you what I tell all my patients
being up here is a privilege.
Now you can try to escape
if you wish,
but the jump will kill you and the stairs is very slow
will be waiting for you down there
Either way, you lose your privileges
see where you walk
get out of there.
Here we are.
Air in the lungs.
What do you think if
try to break through the static a bit.
Have you always had trouble
sleeping, Matthew?
When did it start?
I guess when she started visiting me.
What do you mean, visit you?
Where are you going so soon?
I will verify the area
in the desert
there has been a lot of
activity lately.
Where is it?
Near the place...
Where I last saw you
tell me.
That's how I knew She was still there.
Spend days looking for Her...
I come back now
come back now
I was just coming home to
find her there.
Just in time.
Dinner is ready.
Mmm, I've made your favorite:
Mm, it smells really good.
But not as delicious
as you
mmm, be careful there.
We could skip dinner
and go straight to the dessert.
I'll bring the chantilly cream
dirty boy
go wash, I'll set the table
you do not guess what I found today.
There was this mountain lion shattered.
Almost unrecognizable.
It made me think what kind
of animal was here
could do something for style.
You know?
Rachel, can you hear me?
Ever wake up from a dream, doc?
Such a good dream, that you get mad at having woken up?
It turns
and try to go back to sleep
to return to sleep?
It's all I did fight to go back there.
Until you get to the point where you could
not sleep in the first place.
Then they sent me to a madhouse
worse than you.
Are you afraid of these nightmares?
They are just dreams.
Is this how you explain it?
With Rachel?
Are you trying to get a
confession from me?
No, I'm not here for that.
That's why I do not speak
to people like you.
You want to turn everything I
say to fit your story.
So why do not you tell me
what happened?
I told you Step.
Why do not you tell me again?
Why? Do you think my story
is going to change?
I realized that it is a difficult
situation for you
so I'm going to skip the trash
and get to the point.
In four weeks, you will appear
in front of a judge
who will determine your destiny.
Partially based on Psychoanalysis
that leaves you
I did not kill Rachel.
Then She disappeared?
Then tell me about that night.
You can read the report.
I have read the reports.
I want you to tell me
or do you just want to sit
in this room alone?
I prefer to be alone.
It's the only thing that's real.
It seems that someone put you in the tip pens
what do you want?
I have a question for you
I woke up this morning.
Checked my calendar.
It's something I do.
I noticed The day is October 12
planning on going out again
to the crime scene?
The only crime is that you give up the search
and come behind me.
Well, now it sounds like resentment.
And I thought you were on our little getaway
does it mean, arrest me for murder?
Well, now look at it the way I see it
everything points to a single person
to you
I'm sure you can understand
my point of view.
People do crazy things sometimes
yes. Of course we do, right?
And just before I thought I
was going crazy,
I met Alicia
I did not expect to see you tonight.
The usual.
Some progress?
Keep it open
- you have it.
- Thanks.
Does it matter if I sit here?
Be my guest.
I'm Alicia.
I know
do not worry.
I'm not a government or police agency.
Just making conversation.
Also, it seems like you need a friend
you are not from around here, right?
What are you doing here?
They moved me here nine months ago.
I'm a communication analyst
for a private contractor named gemini.
Deep space, area 246.
Black base near death valley?
Yes. How do i know?
The desert hides many
secrets in sight
you just have to know how to look
okay, I heard that you sold everything
you moved here,
and you spend your days driving
through the desert
looking for your dead girlfriend.
It's not dead.
Then it's alive?
What exactly do you analyze?
you've heard that noise before, right?
What do you know about him?
It's a communication signal from e.T.
These files come back
for years,
but I was hired to analyze
the most recent one.
From October 12 to
- Same day as Rachel-
- Yes, it is.
I do not know any detail.
What I do know is
you were not alone that night.
So I have to confess something.
Curiosity is not the only thing that
made me want to find you
you know, the same thing
happened to my sister?
What happened to your sister?
She disappeared.
Just in the same area as Rachel.
Her name is Rachel, right?
For the rainbow basin?
It seems like a lot of
weird things
have been happening up there lately.
So, what do you want from me?
I want your help.
Look, I'm not trying to
put this in you
but I've driven back and forth
from the angels
for as long as I can
and I can not find anything.
And you're the only person who was with
someone when he disappeared.
So I was hoping you had,
I do not know,
have seen or heard something
I'm sorry, but I can not help you
Well, look, here's my card.
If you can think of something, just call me
I guess I'll leave you alone now.
Nice to meet you.
93 this.
One, two, three, four,
five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Ten miles?
You're out there somewhere.
I just, uh,
I wanted to apologize for last night.
It's just that you're the first
person I've talked to
in a year that has not treated me
like crazy or a killer.
I guess I'm out of practice.
Sorry for the mess.
I'm going through a bit of a nomad
phase in my life right now.
I know the feeling.
What can you tell me about 246?
Why is it special?
Well, in fact excess
that is not really.
I mean it's a hot spot for these e.T signals.
But there are hundreds of them
all over the world
all of them distributed in different
locations, apparently randomly.
That's why, the government
contracted gemini
to start tracking in the late 70s.
And what have you found?
Not much.
The frequency of the signals
changes in force,
but I can tell you, in the last two years it has become particularly strong
have other people disappeared?
Oh, absolutely.
And all the stories that
one has read
lights in The sky, lack of time phenomenon
people like my sister and Rachel
just disappearing
why not The government or
gemini get involved
and do something about it?
I do not think they want to
do anything about it.
Now, it's all about research.
Observe and report.
They do not want people going crazy for extraterrestrial life
when we can not even maintain our
own life on our own planet.
Meanwhile, groups of
campers disappear
or people say they saw
mysterious lights
outside your room window.
That they can only describe those people as lunatics
or murderers.
I was just trying to get us out of the
City for a couple of days.
If I could go back, I'd take
it somewhere else.
Anywhere else.
Look, I know we just met each other
and you do not know me
but I really think I could
help you, Matthew.
And maybe we will not
find the answers,
but I do not know.
Maybe we can start asking the
right questions.
And it turned out that we did not have to look much
because She came back to me.
When he came back from the hospital,
could you sleep, then?
What are you talking about, hospital?
Do you mean the 50 miles of
nothing in the desert?
But when she came back, did She change?
Was she different?
When did he come back?
Remember this place.
They are going to return me
Is it really...
Yes, you're at home.
Am I really home?
Yes, you are
am I at home?
Yes, you're at home.
Rachel! Rach
you expected me
I was not going to stop until I found you
Did you use it?
How did you know where to
find her out there?
She told me.
She told you.
And how did he do it?
- He called you to tell you where he was?
- Do not do that.
- What things?
- Make fun of me.
- I'm not making fun of you - Look,
I'm not crazy, okay?
No one has said that you are
you are, you say I'm crazy
and I'm not, okay?
I know what I saw there!
I saw what I saw!
Matthew, I know you believe that.
I know you do it.
No, no, no!
You said hospital!
What are you talking about?
In what hospital?
Mateo! The hospital is not important.
I want you to forget The hospital.
Now just take a breather.
Let's focus on Rachel.
Let's focus on Rachel.
Now, you went out there
and you brought her back.
What happened next?
What are you doing here?
How do you know where I live?
I just want to see
how you are
I'm fine.
'Because you look a little nervous.
- I appreciate you going, but I think...
- It's okay, it's okay.
Do you remember that telecommunication signal that I told you about?
Yes, so what?
Well, I heard it again.
You heard it, right?
No. I did not hear anything
you're lying.
I do not lie.
- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.
You must go now
Call me if you want to talk.
Why is it so dark here?
Light pity my eyes.
They are pretty
you're so Bella.
What's up?
Nothing is wrong.
Now at this moment,
everything is fine
could not be better
do you remember?
Some things.
Most is like seeing for the first time
see you...
Things went well, I think.
Things were going well
things were fine
everything was fine
is fine, that's good.
That's good, Matthew.
Why do not we stay there for today?
I think it's a good place.
Come on. Come on.
Let's go for something to eat
are you okay?
Something that's happening to me.
What do you mean?
Please do not hate me.
I love you
I'll take care of you
hey! Let me get out of here!
I have to get out of here!
Matthew, calm down!
And now what happens there?
Carl! Carl, let me get out of here.
Something is wrong!
Go for Stewart!
Dr. Stewart is in The group.
You know it.
Now calm down!
What the hell is going on there?
Arianna, could you...
What the hell did you do to me, Stewart?
Matthew, what are you doing
outside of your room?
What did you plant in my head?
Why do you put it away from me?
I want you to calm down now
or I'll have you grabbed
do you understand me?
Matthew, do you understand me?
Why am I seeing these things?
I was sick.
I was sick, but She did
not have cancer.
They took her
Carl, doctor mai.
I need the room
Matthew, you can stay
okay, get out of the room, please?
Now Today, you told me that Rachel
came back and everything was fine.
So, when did that change?
When they started calling her
What's up?
Unfortunately those are common results
I did not have cancer! What part of that did you not understand?
She never had cancer.
Disappeared for months.
I went out every day in your search
I had Espinosa behind my
There was a mountain lion shattered.
Almost unrecognizable.
It made me wonder
what kind of animal could do that
is there someone at home?
- Well, Matthew.
- What are you doing here?
Track multiple calls
that we apparently had last night
of some kind of disturbance.
Terrible noises like dogs or
coyotes being tortured
tortured coyotes?
Do you know any of that?
No. Why would there be?
Did you know what last night?
Nothing was asleep.
Well, that's weird.
Because all those reports, each one of them
they said they came from your property.
I do not know what to say to you, sheriff.
You know, something smells
like shit back there.
Well, that's exactly.
- Say it again?
- Manure.
I'm going to plant some grass in front of
- really? Do you mind if I take a look?
- I do care.
It's not your business
I would appreciate it if you
could leave me alone
I'm just a normal guy trying to
get back on my feet.
Fuck you
you did not leave that comfortable place in Los Angeles
to come here and return on your feet
you're lying, and you're hiding something
I can taste it.
Any other time you want to come with a registration order
you are more than welcome.
As far as I'm concerned,
this is my property.
And you are trespassing
well, you have a fight.
I'll give you that
ask, ask Espinosa!
- It's okay.
-Ask Alicia. She knows.
I mean I guess you did not call me here
for a beer and a talk about life.
I needed to talk to someone.
You have no one else, I know.
What's going on?
I found Rachel.
Alicia and Espinosa are not important.
I want you to focus
I want you to focus only on Rachel.
And then it started to change,
why did not you bring him to the hospital?
No, no.
She would not let me
what is this?
Where did those bruises come from?
Could you please leave?
Something is happening to you.
Nothing happens.
Could you just leave?
What are you doing?
I'll take you to the hospital.
You need it
Matthew, listen to me.
I said I'm not going.
Neither hospitals nor doctors.
You need to go
Matthew, promise me
say it
I promise
no hospital.
Matthew, have you ever heard of the
repressive memory syndrome?
I'm going to take your silence like a yes.
Then you say that your relationships are created
for a memory a traumatic
that is objectively false,
but in which you think it's true
that's why we're here, Matthew.
Rachel sick
was not kidnapped there were
no extraterrestrials
- you are lying.
- I would not lie to you, Matthew.
No, you're lying!
You're putting trash in my head
you're testing me
they changed it, they did this to Ella
there is no them.
There is only one that.
And it's invisible.
And it's insidious.
And it makes you feel powerless.
Rachel talks to me, what's going on?
No, no, no.
It can not be
I'm changing.
Everything will be fine.
It can not be both
I know I said I would
love you forever
you have to kill me.
- What?
- It's the only way.
- I have to go now - no.
- Do you love me?
- Of course I love you.
- Then kill me no!
I have to go now.
Nothing is going to happen to you, or to me, or anyone, okay?
I'm already passing
She dies in that bed.
Rachel, come back to me.
Rachel, look at me!
I should have told you every day how I felt
I should have told you that night in the desert
She dies in that bed.
I never lost it in the desert
I should never have told you those things
already come
everyone I know, everyone you meet will die
I remember you.
I will not hurt you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
This does not exist.
Instructions are in your email.
Fear has turned us into you
you're strong.
You have accepted your future
I accepted nothing.
I'm in it.
You have changed. You have it
you're strong.
Matthew, they are in my mind
my thoughts are not
mine anymore
everyone will die at the end
why are you doing this?
And what is your plan?
Kill us all?
Son of a bitch.
I told you it was only a
matter of time.
What the fuck?
Come on!
Mateo! Get up!
Come on!
I can not go any further.
Stand up
okay, wait here.
Matthew, can you hear me?
Come on, stay with me.
Where am I?
You're safe.
What's going on?
Just rest
reserve your strength.
You've been playing with
me all this time
you are one of them!
Where is she?
- Charlie!
- Take me to Rachel! I want to see Rachel!
Oh, Jesus!
In the end, The plan simply would not hold
subversive memory continues
to break
in The point of your death.
I'm afraid he's not a candidate
for reintroduction.
I understand.
What happens next?
And we have protocols for this kind of thing, they will take care of it
probably sent to the mines.
But it's important that
you understand
when it is time for us to descend
will be people like you that will take us to Victoria
of course
remind me, Matthew.
Do not leave me.
I will always be with you.
You can not leave me again!
I do not know if I can do it this time!
Yes, you can.
You're strong.
No, not without you.
You have to be
Fate is inside you now
- you must survive.
- do not! No!
No! No!
I love you.
I'm sorry for Matthew.
I know
I do not know anything!
Please let me go!
Please, where do you take me?
Mateo! Matthew, wake up!
Matthew, wake up, please!
Do not let them take me, please!