Alienoid (2022) Movie Script

For a long, long time,
aliens have kept their criminals locked up in human bodies.
But humans were unaware.
The aliens that could enter and exit humans at will
were called Paro.
Up there!
Kill it!
Over there!
The heavens have opened...
Case number 78247 - 268 trillion years have elapsed since awakening.
There have been human casualties.
We have to catch the prisoner before they escape into another body.
Track its location.
Prisoner is on the move. 35 meters.
30 meters.
Prisoner is approaching.
Don't worry.
I am unharmed.
I wasn't asking.
It's returning to its body!
Commencing extraction.
We'll keep coming.
I'm not the last one.
You guard bastards-
You're done for.
Mission complete.
Return to base.
My baby... please save her...
A baby!
We don't get involved in human affairs.
I've heard that. 'I'm sorry, but we don't get involved.'
Hang on.
I have to shoot it!
Did you say shoot? A baby?
This human bastard...
Criminal contained.
Wait, we're not taking the baby? It could die!
No interference. Can't you understand that?
No, c'mon.
Don't we want a baby?
Why do you do this every time?
Scared it'll take after me?
Wait a minute.
The baby... in the future...
Don't tell me she's in one of your visions.
Let's go. The door is closing.
Then I guess we've got to get back.
What can you do?
Why are you sitting back there?
Ah, I'm too tall like this, right?
Now departing!
These alien prisoners have existed across time and across space,
and it was Guard and Thunder's job to manage them.
So far, there have been seven escaped Paro,
and seven successful recontainments.
But that day was a little different.
What is this?
Right? Why would there be a baby here?
I said, what is this?
The most important thing is that- That-
See, the thing is- Is-
Where do you think you're going?
No, I'm not-
Why would I be going anywhere?
Why did you bring it here?
Looks like we'll have to put it back.
Or... should we kill it?
Kill it? Why didn't you just leave it?
Ah, why have I done this?
I propose an experiment!
Wouldn't it be so wild if we examined its brain...
and learned more about humans?
So then...
First, we should...
First? What?
... bring it into the house?
What do these things eat?
Infant humans drink milk produced by their mothers.
Primary ingredient is lactose lipoprotein. Substitute formulas are sold in shops.
Well, shall we examine the baby's brain?
Why not? We can just discard it when we're done.
Right. Of course.
Prepare for transmission.
Case number 7847, the seventh prison breakout, successfully resolved.
Analysis of the Earth society in progress.
There are cases where human minds can reject our implanted memories.
There is a high possibility that humans are more complicated than we anticipated.
How much longer do we have to stay here?
That information is not provided.
The next prisoner convoy is expected to arrive in ten years and eight months.
End of transmission.
End of transmission.
Ten years and eight months.
Have you ever put your hand into the mist rising from a waterfall?
Ah, so it's like... you can smell the water?
That's nonsense.
As I was saying, when you put your hand in the mist,
where does the air end and the water begin? The mist and your hand become one entity.
Let's have a demonstration.
It's not something that one can really demonstrate but...
With the ancient art of Dosa,
Mureuk can even summon the wind! With one motion, he-
I don't want to disappoint the people who came out to see the cherry blossoms...
but I can't disappoint my customers either.
And when you are as advanced as I, you are immune to injury of any kind.
Of any kind?
Here. Take that, and right here-
So I can do this, then?
A knife??
You didn't even hesitate, you just-
Handkerchief. Han- Han-
I'll take it out!
No, dont-
I said, don't!
It's fine.
Emergency! Thieves in the village!
Hey! Did you say there were bounty hunters in town?
Over here! Over here!
He'll catch them for you!
Are these the men?
Oh, yes!
Let's get to work. Shall we catch some thieves?
Three men are running.
There's a bell.
Are there shrines nearby?
That way!
What are you running from?
Goodness. Just because it's there, doesn't mean you can steal it.
Think of your next life. Do you want to live like this then, too?
I hope you can learn from this and become a productive member of society.
What was that?
Well then. Looks like we're about to fill a bounty.
Oh look, it's that Mureuk guy with the cats.
Lay down your goods!
We will be enacting justice on this beautiful day.
Who's enacting justice?
What are you saying about filling bounties when I'm already here and-
No, come on now, whoever gets their sights on a bounty first has dibs right?
Isn't that so?
I have a claim to thi-
Tie yourselves up properly. Now.
That is, if you want your eardrums intact.
Where did you guys come from, anyway?
Aw, again?
I'm telling you, this bounty is mine.
In the wind, of the wind.
Out you come.
Was it like this?
You presume to imitate Gangwon's ancient traditions? If you studied for a hundred years, you couldn't-
Bounty for three thieves, successfully filled.
Hey Mureuk!
Take a look at the new listings!
Let's see...
What kind of bastard should we catch next?
Definitely someone going for a high price.
What a bunch of louts.
Look at this one here.
That's the face of a woman born to be a criminal.
50 pil?
No, two hundred- Wait no-
Two thousand pil?
Wait, I've seen this somewhere b-
Are you okay?
Do you have another headache?
This description is just so vivid, it really makes me feel like I've seen it myself.
Ah, that one.
And you know who's in for public intoxication right now, right?
Here we go~
Gotta go see Dogturd.
Do you know where Dogturd is, Master?
Might be worth talking to.
Don't you worry.
I know Dogturd well.
Aigoo, my lord.
This poor bastard has come to see his beloved father, Dogturd.
Greet the man.
His poor father is going to drink himself to death.
Ah, what's this?
A gift of our esteem.
Have just a sip, sir.
Oh, it looks like very fine stuff...
So sweet!
Hits the spot!
Since you brought this here, you can take a cup in to your father before you go.
Can I?
Your kindness will surely be rewarded.
Your son is here to see you!
He's crying and everything.
I have a son?
Your son Mureuk is here to see you.
Mureuk, you bastard -
You should be ashamed to show your face around me, you thieving bastard!
If you say another word, I'll -
That's how happy he is to see him! Such a welcome!
That's a lot of hurtful words, Father.
What can you tell me about this?
Do you think I'd tell you?
Even if I trusted you, you couldn't offer me enough to get me to talk.
Get out of here before I kill you!
Then I guess my Father doesn't want this key.
Oh, my beloved son!
Come to his ailing father...
Tell me about the knife.
I'll tell you what I know.
On August fifth, a strange knife came up in a net near Mount Hwangnyeong.
It had a strange jewel for a blade.
At first, they had thoughts of selling the jewel...
But even the blacksmith couldn't separate it from the hilt.
When the knife ricocheted into the crowd, it struck a man and should have killed him...
But he got up as if he was unharmed!
Surely this is a precious artifact that must be protected!
Don't you think?
Then who has the knife now?
Well, that's -
It was bought by a man who was a Hwangneung magistrate a long time ago.
But nowadays, it belongs to a man in Gyeseong.
He runs a place called Byeoknanjung.
Ah, this is all very exciting.
Your son will see himself out now.
Be careful.
That man is the best Dosa in the country.
How good a Dosa could an ex-magistrate be, honestly?
Oh, my father, if only you could change your ways...
It's been a long time since you've gone up against another Dosa.
I wonder if you'll be a match for him.
I may lack in formal training,
but I've got on-the-job experience. Every day!
Practical knowledge beats book learning. Everyone knows that.
Don't I look like a man at the top of the game?
The top- Do you really think that?
After all, you're the rightful owner of that fan!
Aren't you? Why didn't you say anything?
We're only following you because you said you were the owner of the fan.
Come to think of it, you've still never drawn the great sword.
You think I can't draw the sword? Huh?
Is that what you think?
I'm gonna draw the sword and then you're all gonna be sorry!
I'm really doing it!
Here we go!
He's really doing it!
Today's the day!
In the wind, of the wind.
You see this? You see it?
Seems heavy.
Next time.
Too many people around.
That's right. Don't wanna startle anyone.
I'm becoming more and more suspicious that you aren't actually our rightful owner.
If you're going to talk back this much, I'll just turn you back into a cat.
Don't be like that. Leave us human.
Who's human?
Sit down.
Let's have a quick drink.
We'd like to order, ma'am!
The way I see it, you'll get the upper hand on the magistrate no matter what!
Ma'am, where is Byeoknanjung from here?
Go that way and it's straight ahead.
Who's that?
I've never seen clothes like that before.
I'm good for anything!
He got it!
Can I speak with you gents for a moment?
I heard there was a man here who used to be a magistrate.
Do you know him?
I've heard of that fan. You can name your price for it.
Ah this?
It's an heirloom. It's priceless to me.
Lot of people eating here...
How can something be an heirloom if you stole it?
Like a coward.
You're lucky I have to be nice to my elders.
You can't just go around accusing people of stealing things!
Hey, you bastard!
We don't allow your kind in here!
The magistrate...
None of that indoors, thank you.
This isn't about physical strength, this is about force of will.
You can't think it, so you can't do it.
What nonsense is -
Do you know me?
I know men like you.
Stop chasing after bounties and live honestly.
You can get back to your meals, gentlemen.
Help me...
Has our guest arrived?
Yes. And the information you asked for.
Why is this so difficult?
His name isn't listed.
You said you know what this is.
Of course I know.
How did you learn of it?
Because it's ours.
And who is that?
Where did the magistrate go?
The magistrate? He's upstairs.
It seemed like he knew you.
Me? I've never seen the man in my life.
Do you see him? That looks like Dogturd.
You're right. Ugh, I can smell him.
He must be after the knife.
In the wind, of the wind.
In the wind, of the wind.
In. The. Wind. Of. The. Wind!
Are you hurt?
The knife... Don't awaken...
Don't -
What do you m-
I think Dogturd's stolen it!
I see you eat well here.
You showed him!
You good?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
You stole that knife again, didn't you?
It's not like that!
Go! Run!
Where is he?
He's here, he's here!
Master, master!
Wake up!
Where did he go?
We've got to find that knife.
Well this is interesting. How did he do this to you?
Dogturd made a run for it again.
Are you alright?
I think I threw my back out.
Why does my cheek hurt?
Did you hit me?
Noooo. Why would I do that?
Hey, wow! Would you look at that?
What is this?
Is it a stone?
What kind of stone shines like that?
Whatever it is, it looks like money.
It must have surfaced because of the the drought.
- It's making a noise.
- Hey there's someone over there.
We called you because there's a problem with Yian.
She recently went to a police station and tried to report you.
When the police asked why she'd come,
She said that you had kidnapped her,
and that you had been messing with her memory since then, and so on.
Well, let's just play the tape.
We got it straight from the station.
Why does your father play with your brain?
Is he a doctor?
No, ma'am.
Honestly, he's not my father.
He's a robot.
Like a cyborg.
Well, that's exciting.
And how can you tell your father is a robot?
That's a good question. You see, I took a video yesterday-
Because sometimes he's not my dad, he's Thunder.
So I doubted-
Who's Thunder?
He's the car my father drives,
but sometimes he changes into my father.
I remember from when they took me.
Oh, they've already erased the video.
I should have been more careful.
I'll get another video and come back.
And she left the station and came to school. What are your thoughts?
Wipe the video from the station.
It's already done.
That woman's been watching you. Be careful.
Which one?
Straight ahead.
You must be waiting for Yian!
I'm Minsun's aunt.
I see.
Minsun and Yian are such good friends!
Probably because they're both so bad at soccer.
I bet they'll be lifelong friends! Don't you think so?
Would you like some coffee?
I've seen you around the school a few times,
so I figured I should introduce myself!
How old are you? Do you own any real estate?
My aunt thinks your dad is handsome.
He is.
That's where I got my good looks.
But what can we do?
My dad doesn't like her.
He looks like he's playing dodgeball.
She'll be fine. Look at her.
She's a woman who never gives up.
Hey Minsun!
Ah, so you're Yian! You're so pretty!
Did you get your good looks from your dad?
These are a little something I baked up myself.
These are for you and Yian!
They're shockingly good.
Drive safe.
Let's go!
What did the principal say?
Aren't you curious what I did with my friends today?
No, I'm not.
Ah. I see.
Thanks for the ride, Thunder.
Who are you talking to?
To him.
Cars can't talk.
Thunder used to. When I was little.
I remember.
Your days are numbered...
Have you been talking to her?
Not a word.
I mean, I did when she was younger.
Does she remember that far back?
But what's Thunder?
Is that my name?
Quit it.
Something's weird.
You talk too much.
Why would that have been erased? My name?
Just give me the report.
Report: Nineteenth prisoner convoy. High-ranking Paros.
Will arrive on earth for implantation. 107 subjects needed.
Implantation? What's that?
I'm still searching.
We'll need 107 human hosts. Convoy estimated to arrive in eighteen hours.
Eighteen hours. That's tomorrow.
Every night at 9 o'clock, my father disappears,
and all the lights go out.
There it is.
Too good for me?
I see how it is.
Guess I gotta get all my answers myself.
What is that?
Don't touch that!
From when I was little.
But... Why is my name Thunder?
You don't like it?
I'm getting used to it.
It's good.
So, what exactly are you?
Where did you come from?
For your first question, I am a program,
that processes data and can vary its physical form.
What would you like?
Your dad?
But... you're not...
Are you a hologram?
No, I'm real. I'm really here.
I even used to hold you.
You asked where I'm from!
You came all the way from there?
Does that mean you and Dad are aliens?
To me, you're the alien.
Is my Dad your boss?
Boss? No.
We're comrades. Equals.
I just leave the combat to him because I'm against violence.
Is your home far away?
Well, it's far, but it doesn't take us very long beca-
You're fast.
You grew up so smart!
You even found my name for me.
Really? Hey! You're the one who changes the snacks in the vending machine!
I do! How do you eat so much fish jerky?
- Right? And corn snacks! - Right!
Oh and what and where is the implantation tomorrow?
Ah at the hospital? They'll find bodies for the prisoners.
You heard the message.
I'm not a traitor. I just wanted to kn-
Your dad's coming. Get out! Quickly!
Where did I come from?
I'll tell you next time! You gotta go!
Tell me, please!
Where did I come from?
The past! 646 years ago!
And forget what I told you about the hospital!
You have to!
Who were you just talking to?
Just now?
There's a new message.
implantation will take place 8 km from here, at Jisang Hospital.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
What are you filming?
I just like making records of people.
You never know when you'll lose your memory.
You're a little morbid.
What kinds of things do you forget?
Nothing yet, but... you never know.
Hang on.
If anything happens, call me, okay? I'm a cop.
Do you see that? It's pretty!
Preparation for prisoner extraction is complete.
What is-
What are you doing here?
What did I come in here for?
Poor man.
Oh, what a devastating loss...
We had so much left to talk about.
This is the first time I've seen you like this.
I told you he was the one with the knife, didn't I?
You did.
And that other man stole it!
A criminal!
What kind of Dosa could he be?
First of all,
I feel certain he isn't a Dosa.
The thief was here. Something sharp went through the wall and and smashed the door.
Maybe the stolen item?
Somehow, I don't think so.
A tentacle?
Here, of all places?
My heart races.
Is it like that thing we saw-?
I think so.
Do you remember?
That man who's been living in Milbon.
Yes, I think we should pay him a visit.
I think we should.
Are you... the mages of Samgak mountain?
And you sell the trinkets?
Trinkets? Are you hearing this guy?
The people in town said this guy has lived here for ten years!
He is extremely dan-
Are you actually going in?
Not gonna check it out or-
Locate the Divine Sword in the temple and bring it to the agreed-upon location.
Locate what?
The what?
Do you think it's the temple at Milbon?
Are they the ones ordering this?
Why would they be looking for the same knife?
Whoa. This picture is strange.
What is that?
Why do I feel like I've seen this square thing before?
So the guy who lived here was actually just crazy, then.
Where could someone see all these weird things?
That was an awfully long way to come, just to be able to knock on this fine door.
I sure hope he hasn't gone anywhere.
From what you told me, that doesn't seem to be his style.
I heard he hasn't stepped foot outside these gates since he arrived here ten years ago.
What kind of person do you suppose he is?
Let's sell our little trinkets as hard as we can and see if we can figure that out.
The mages of Samgak mountain have arrived, my lord.
Goodness gracious, the man himself.
He's overjoyed to see us. I can feel it even through his mask.
You're so right.
So you're the incredible mages I've heard so much about.
Thank you for gracing me with your presence.
If we hear that Milbon has interest in our wares, of course we must come right away.
Let us show you what we can offer.
The products that we have offered Milbon so far pale in comparison to the wares we bring you today.
For example, this talisman...
can allow me to be in two places at once.
Watch closely.
Ah, I see this is not what you're looking for.
Let's try something else.
Don't go anywhere.
I have caught you fast.
If you are so kind to purchase one from us, I will add a second one in gratitude.
I see.
And here! We have this magnificent bronze mirror!
Other mirrors can simply not compare.
A dishonest man can look into this mirror and see his dishonesty magnified tenfold.
And I can see my own beauty and purity.
Would you like to have a look?
In Milbon, our own appearances are of no importance.
How wise of you.
But the mirror's magnifying powers can be of other uses as well.
With its help, small things don't have to be small.
Just one drink can become enough for an entire gathering.
And in a fight, just one small fist can become an entire army.
Keep your eyes on my hand.
Alright, here we go.
Oh, there's going to be big trouble as soon as I do this.
I think we've shown him enough.
I'm amazed to hear that mere humans could make such extraordinary products like this.
Yes, aren't we quite remarkable.
And this.
A priceless Arabian whetstone.
Even if thousands of soldiers used this stone every day, it would take 15 years to begin to wear away.
The blade's edge will hold for three years.
It's priceless when you think about it.
But if you had to put a price on it...
70 pil, at least.
Ah, there's no reason to bring that up if you're not interested.
Did you find something?
If you are not charmed by our wares on first glance, there is no point in selling them to you.
Let's see if that bar is still around here.
It's been so long, I really wonder...
Waste of a meeting.
Do the two of you really know where the Divine Knife is?
Of course.
Bukchon, in the hands of a business owner.
Or it was, at least.
Unfortunately, a man named Dogturd stole it.
Is there any way that Milbon can assist you in finding it?
Ho ho.
An excellent question.
What do these bastards think they're doing?
Oh, the groom is a very fine man indeed.
And sporting a fine mustache. Did you see that mustache?
What? Dismount.
Lend me your mustache.
My- My mustache?
He's here. He's here!
The groom has arrived!
The groom is a real man!
Everyone gather 'round quickly!
Is it over there, do you think?
I'm not sure.
The bride and groom are gathered! Let the ceremony begin!
Let's share our first drink together!
Um. What comes off first?
My bride... beautiful.
Haven't we met somewhere before?
That's impossible.
What if we just-
Get rid of-
What is this?
It's nothing that you need to concern yourself with.
Shall we start with a drink?
Sure. Let's do that.
Shouldn't we let our master enjoy himself?
We have work to do! We can't be playing dress-up!
Oh look, they steamed fish!
It's not even in season!
This precious stuff...
A little snack.
Yes, just a little.
It's not spring, no...
But this fish is even better in the fall!
I think you're right.
Ah, just one second. I need to take care of something.
I can't seem to believe it.
That I've married someone like you.
He's cute.
Why are you being so insistent?
I had to make sure it wasn't in there!
Master, we heard it's in the family storehouse, over that wall.
I get it, I get it.
Were you drinking?
I just had a little one.
What's happening to me?
We are the dual mages of Mount Samgak.
No one leaves this house.
Bring us the contents of your storehouse and don't cause any trouble.
We are aided by the Dosa of Milbon...
So don't cross that line if you want to see morning.
Stop them immediately!
What do you think you're doing?
I don't know what the hell you're doing here
But you get out of my house bef-
Your will is mine.
Your will is mine.
Bring me what you've hidden.
Your will is mine.
Bring me your hidden treasures.
Anything you say.
My lady! What are you doing here?
What happened to you?
Eunnie, eunnie!
They tied me up like this!
But if you're here... then who got married?
Sorry to have kept you waiting-
Bring the Divine Knife to me immediately!
Wait, are you- Are you not the real bride?
Seems like you're not the real groom, either.
Did you drug me?
You won't die. Don't worry.
There must be an antidote.
There isn't.
There isn't?
Just sleep it off. You'll be fine.
I'll take care of those bastards.
I'm the only one who can.
You've got this.
You can do it.
You are...
Out of your mind!
I know I'm not the real bride,
but I'll remember today very fondly.
Stay where you are!
Ah, so that's a gun.
It doesn't matter.
Give that to me.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't move.
By the way... how are you at solving puzzles?
That's very sharp.
Ow, that stings!
I've got her!
Bring the girl with us.
Yes, sir.
He's coming to.
Massage him, massage him.
Where did that woman come from?
I tried to ask her that, but -
The groom is inside.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, that thing.
The bang-bang! Grab it!
The bang-bang? This -
What? What is this?
What's a bang-bang?
Hey, Yian.
Why weren't you at school?
I ran away from home.
Can I stay over tonight?
Oh my God! Is this really our hospital?
And you filmed this yourself?
What are those things going into their heads?
Is your dad one of those things?
I'm- I'm not doing anything.
I'm just passing by. Naturally.
I'm going away...
We've arrived in from of Minsun's house.
I never know what to say to humans.
You go instead.
What appearance should I use?
Me! I'll do it! Pick me!
I've always wanted to persuade a human!
Have you ever spoken to a human?
You haven't, have you?
I'm just waiting for the right opportunity.
I know a little bit about humans.
I'll go.
Hold your horses.
Do you know how to seduce a woman?
Have either of you ever talked to one?
Speak deeply, make eye contact, ask questions, hold her waist.
Do you have any experience in these things?
Should we all three go then?
No. Just one of you. Just one.
You do it.
Just keep it short.
and get Yian.
That's the spirit.
Shall we?
Let's steal some hearts.
Oh, hello...
There you are.
Ah, did you come to get Yian?
Isn't it obvious?
I know that you're interested in me.
I am?
You are.
Ah, I had wondered if I could call you up sometime.
Is that alright then?
You should definitely do that.
Should I get Yian, then? She's upstairs.
I'd rather keep talking to you.
What's your name?
Ah, I'm Min Gye-in. (sounds like 'alien')
I already know.
Why would my mom call me that, right?
I've picked up a lot of nicknames. Well. Mostly just 'Alien, Alien.'
Miss Min Gye-in.
The thing about you...
Is you're so lucky...
You're no alien.
Very kind of you.
Welp. Let's head out.
What went into those people at the hospital?
I'm asking you a question!
Ooh, she's mad.
Do you still not understand humans?
There's no point in trying to hide things from them.
Yian. Sit, sit.
What went into those people?
So then. We will answer exactly three of your questions.
Okay? So!
What went into those people?
Ah, that.
So the thing is...
for a really long time we've been locking up our planet's prisoners in human bodies.
No, I've got this.
Every planet is the same, right? There's civilization, there's war, there's a decline in population...
But everybody wants peace.
We have criminals like anybody else, sure.
But then a whole new problem appears.
Our population starts mutating.
Life and peace turned upside down!
Mututions so powerful they can destroy and kill.
Then what?
So then you need a prison.
You have to take them so far away that they can never come back.
The most impenetrable place there is.
A prison that even the wardens won't remember.
The human mind.
Put a criminal in there,
And they're trapped, until the human dies and destroys them both.
That's how we do it.
But we haven't agreed to this.
Going into our brains without permission?
Why would we need permission?
You shouldn't treat people like that.
Humans matter.
You grew up so smart!
It's your best trait.
Shut up.
Next question.
Can these criminals leave their human bodies?
For a little bit, but the atmosphere is different here.
About what, five minutes?
Yeah. They can stay out for about that long.
If they awaken, I trap and store them.
There's a room back there?
If they awaken...
People get hurt?
That's what I'm here to prevent.
So you're protecting us.
I'm a Guard who manages prisoners.
Humans are not my concern.
Question time is over.
Then why did you raise me?
Question time is over.
I can sleep here tonight, right?
How long have you been on Earth, Thunder?
Have you always been here?
Why did you bring me with you?
If we didn't, you would have died.
Sleep tight, Yian.
Good night, Thunder.
Suspect is heading toward you.
Operation commencing.
What are you doing? Hold the line!
Stop right there!
This is police harassment, you know.
Ah, what a waste.
Don't shoot me! Don't shoot!
Thank you for everything.
Hey, Moon Doseok.
What do you think you're doing, shooting at a civilian?
Just a little warning shot at a criminal.
Next time, you should hit me.
Detectives never get the job done.
Excuse us.
Where's the rest of it?
I hid it in the bike in the loft.
The bike in the loft?
Wanna go have a fun night?
What's going on?
Go check it out.
Mr. Cho?
New message incoming.
Escaped prisoners headed for Earth.
Armed and dangerous.
Capture with care.
Did you say armed?
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
Emergency message!
Urgent recovery of a prisoner required!
Who exactly are we supposed to catch?
This bastard! He was among the prisoners from the hospital!
Got him! Found the bastard!
He's here.
Name: Moon Doseok.
The bodies were found in the stairwell, and we're trying to obtain the CCTV.
We've sent samples from this hatchet off to forensics.
The detective isn't answering his phone.
Yian, get out.
I'm going to see what you and Thunder are doing.
Get out.
I'm not getting out.
I'm your family. It's my business too.
Urgent message!
The ship- The ship is approaching the planet!
Then hold tight.
There's no way to drive there in time.
Then we'll fly.
Dad, what is this?
Moon DoSeok.
Where are youu?
Stay out of this.
What is Moon Doseok's location?
Twenty-first floor. By the elevator.
That thing is catching up to him.
Moon DoSeok.
Our controller has been locked inside you.
Who -
I must free the controller from your human body.
I will use the Guard's energy to do so.
Are you ready?
Who's the Paro in Moon Doseok?
Prisoner #197A: The controller.
The controller?
The same agent of the destruction on our planet.
The leader of the rebellion.
Do you think they're planning to escape?
Or do they want something else?
The hell is that?
Controller, can you hear me?
Are you ready to be set free?
The earth's atmosphere has changed.
It is time to free them all.
And we will begin with you.
The time... is now.
What is this bastard saying?
Yian, we're starting.
Thunder, get ready.
Yian, hold on tight!
Divert energy to weapons.
Levels up!
We've got him!
Not yet. We've just winged him.
Weapons up!
Weapons to their highest level!
Careful! He's right on our tail!
Analyze weak points!
There's only one point of access to the interior systems.
That bright red part is like its heart!
Hit it directly, and you can disrupt their power!
It opens every time it shoots!
We're catching humans in the crossfire...
Let's get somewhere clear!
Its heart moved!
Shield depleted.
We've been hit!
Crash is imminent.
More energy!
I need more time! I need more time!
Mission complete.
The controller is awakened.
The controller is free.
And now I will self-destruct...
And take you with me.
Warning: Guard's life support activated.
Energy depleted!
Wait in the car!
Energy levels at 17%.
16%. 14%.
Reaching critical levels.
Beginning emergency recharge.
Emergency recharge, in progress.
My reserves are depleted.
The controller is awakened.
We need a status update.
Try not to move!
The controller has access to the ship.
It's Haava.
They brought it to this planet!
Haava? All the way from our world?
Earth's atmosphere is too different!
If they can deploy the Haava,
They'll be able to change Earth's atmosphere permanently!
They won't need human bodies anymore.
They could all be awakened!
If this is released,
all the humans will die in the new atmosphere.
This is truly... the end.
We have to stop the controller!
Use the energy knife to disrupt the deployment!
Energy levels falling again!
Stopping the Haava is the important thing.
Go out and catch the controller
before he can jump into another body!
Yian, are you okay?
What is that thing?
That's what we're here for.
I don't see the controller.
Get in the car.
Status report.
Two doses of Haava have left the ship.
I'll try to contain them.
Find the controller first. He can't be allowed to set them off.
Detonate the Haava.
Calling all Paro within range.
Open your eyes! Wake up!
The belt- I can't-
They've deployed one dose of Haava!
Save the humans first!
I'm going!
Yian, let's go.
I'm sending you home.
I have to save your world.
Let's go.
I have to find the controller.
The people who died...
That bright cloud of Haava...
That day I couldn't forget, even ten years later...
Who are you?
You've grown up. Did you forget me?
We came here together, you know. Ten years ago.
I'll keep trying to get that knife.
You need that thing we rode here, too.
Where is it?
Really? I know.
That's why I need that knife.
Where is it?
It's time you learned what it's like to be in a prison.
We've got time. Think about how you're going to survive the mess you're in.
Why don't you have dinner before you go?
Like you said. We've got time.
We've been trapped in time.
We have to find the controller before we go back.
He must have changed bodies,
but the magistrate wasn't awakened. He just died.
So whose body could the controller be in?
Four humans saw us that day.
The magistrate died. The dual mages were both cut by the knife, but they were not awakened either.
Now we must only locate the last one.
It's fine.
She can neither hear nor speak our secrets.
Why are you staying in such a weak body?
Wouldn't it be better to switch?
I'll love my memories.
And if I don't want to be imprisoned again, I'll need-
Are you alright?
Isn't it going to be too difficult to get into Milbon?
For us?
Look at this. If we can just fill this one bounty, then...
This will solve all our problems.
What do you think it is, anyway?
It's obviously something important.
Is it possible to be as handsome and smart as you are?
Just the very smartest! Very most handsome!
Don't you know me?
They're coming.
Shall we get to work?
In the wind, of the wind.
Why are you so late?
Did you find it?
They're waiting on you. Let's go.
Are you going to move any faster than that?
We're hurrying.
Where do you think you're going?
Right, right.
Oh, the medicine is here.
We have found the medicine, great mages.
It must have been elusive.
Yes, sir.
Give it here.
You heard him.
That deadly mushroom...
Chew it thoroughly.
Which one of you is the antidote expert?
Our antidote expert...
Is this man here.
Hurry. Chew it.
Don't stop chewing.
Mash it up.
Get some saliva in there.
That's it, that's it.
And now, what you have brought for me.
Here, spit.
You chewed it very effectively.
The ship has surfaced in the valley near Byeoknanjung.
We've got it.
Why is the knife reacting now?
It's lighting up all on its own!
All on its own? It must be special!
It's stopped.
Why are so many people looking for this little thing?
Even after getting injured so many times today,
you still can't keep your hands to yourself.
She was just wondering.
Right. Just thinking aloud.
I will not be requiring your services any further today.
Have some dinner before you go.
What are you three doing?
I'd be very interested to know
what else is going on around here.
Did you see the knife?
Let's come back at night.
The money is as good as ours.
Take this.
Give it to the girl out back and return immediately.
Don't speak to her.
You two. Wash the dishes.
Out back?
Where is that?
Such a beautiful day. Even the birds think so.
Let's see, let's see.
Oh, I see.
And a little gap here.
How did they make this thing?
Does the fire cause it?
Well then.
Oh, that didn't do anything.
Are you that thief?
Thief? That's harsh.
And after I brought you dinner.
Am I supposed to eat the flower too?
Why would you do that?
So you'll even eat flowers to survive.
How did such a brave girl wind up locked up out here?
Same reason as you.
Aren't you here for the knife?
Of course not. I live right over there.
Did you steal it yet?
No, not yet.
But just before I came out here,
I saw it start glowing
With this beautiful, soft blue light.
It lit up? In front of you?
I was just there when it happened, but -
But wait.
I really feel like I met you when I was younger.
But it's foggy.
If you're about to tell me you like me, please don't.
We're not really married.
No, listen. I really feel like if I could just remember that day...
Help me remember.
Where are you from?
How did you get here?
Do you really need my life story?
Mr. Thief, just live your life far away from me.
Earn an honest living.
I knew you'd say that.
Now, what is the significance of this?
Where did this come from?
How does the thunder come out?
Don't pull that!
Give it to me, carefully.
First, tell me where the knife came from.
From the future. (mirae)
Wait, I've been there. That neighborhood by Wolcheongni -
No, that's not right.
That was Miorae.
I haven't visited, then.
I came here from over 600 years in the future.
What do you think of that?
So I'm not getting
any answers from you today, either.
Wow. "What do you think of that?" with such a straight face.
You'll need a better lie than that to get rid of me.
So you're saying you live there. In the future.
Does that make sense?
Wait. Wait, let go, there's fire -
Give me my gun.
Fire! I'm on fire!
Where is that man?
I'll give it back,
but I think I'll get the knife first.
Who were you talking to?
Let's go.
The girl?
She ate the food.
She's dying now.
Bury her.
Bury them both together.
Bring the knife.
Yes, sir.
Do you know how long it's been
since we ate Milbon's food?
Ten years, I think.
Let's eat first and -
Poison... in the food?
Could it be?
Let's move quickly.
Before the petrification sets in.
The antidote, quickly.
The petrification
Is. Here.
Hurry, hurry.
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Pull, pull.
Food. Poison.
An. Ti. Dote.
Coffins are coming
What. Coffins?
Our! Coffins!
And who are you?
Poison in the food.
Poison in the food?
Poison in the food.
But I gave her some of that food.
The antidote.
That rat bastard.
In the wind, of the wind!
If you'll excuse me...
Get him.
To the forest!
Catch them!
It's hot!
It's so hot.
Did you just wipe your mouth?
Sure. I'll let that slide.
Let's go find out why that bastard wants us dead.
I'll lead them away.
There he is! Get him!
Catch him!
I have to go back.
Stay here.
No, you can't go.
That woman...
She could die.
Mureuk, you could also die.
It's okay.
I'll be right back.
In the wind, of the wind.
The antidote.
I brought the antidote.
I'm sorry.
I'm the one who brought you the poison.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're doing great.
You'll be fine.
Bury the girl. Dump the boy in the river.
Prepare the kiln.
It's time to go back.
[It is not known where the mysterious cloud came from...]
[But we are urging people to stay out of the affected areas of Seoul.]
[Officials are trying to evaluate the threat, but there is no word yet on what can be done.]
What's that?
This is the source of our energy.
With the power in this knife,
we can catch escaped criminals...
We can even shift time, and see across it.
It isn't linear, for us.
It all exists at the same time.
When we brought you back...
This is what we used to do it.
Then, if I went back, I could save people?
That's not what I mean.
In some sense, those people have already died.
And this energy has become increasingly unstable.
You have no idea.
The future I see... Is fractured. Unclear.
Find the collector. Give him this weapon.
There are people here but- they're floating.
I said, they're floating!
Don't touch-
I think I saw myself...
It's been too long.
It seems you are not restored to your full strength.
No, I will need to stay in this form for a little while longer.
I am not yet myself, I fear.
At least 3 ambulance workers have been lost inside the fog.
As you can see, it remains quite thick, so it is best to plan alternate routes for the time being.
In addition, drones have filmed some mysterious footage-
That's the red stuff from earlier, right?
People died.
That was only one dose of Haava.
They have a lot more.
In that ship?
Dad, are you hurt?
I'm fine.
I have to go take care of that ship.
It's dangerous and I might not come back, so...
I'll tell you something important.
About your mom.
My mom?
I was the one that killed her.
I needed to kill the thing that was locked in her.
And I brought you here because I needed you.
If I had a child...
I could live among humans without notice.
But now you're getting in the way.
So I'll ask you to leave.
You're lying.
Robots don't lie.
I'll go.
I knew you weren't human, but...
Then send me back to where I came from.
Your emergency reserves are down to 9%.
If I leave, your survival rate-
I'm aware. Stop talking.
Yian, wait outside for a moment.
Take her to Minsung's house. I know.
What did you write on the picture?
[Run away, dummy.]
Deliver my final message for me.
We were wrong. To use humans like this.
But Guards can never run away.
So even if I don't have the reserves to win this fight...
I must follow my program.
Reserves? What does that mean?
It's how much life he has left.
He's running out, little by little.
Right now... reserves are at 8%.
Odds of survival...
Thunder, we have to go back.
I can't.
I have to take you to safety.
Dad needs you.
Turn the car around.
There's no way you can help him.
Maybe, but my heart says we have to try.
Let's go back to Dad.
So where is this bastard?
The alarm has been turned on.
We should finish this and go.
Your heart?
Human hearts are really amazing.
Odds of battle success...
Now 4%.
Prepare deployment.
Calibrations complete.
We're almost there.
Why are you coming back?
That ship has a weakness...
The connection between the inner and outer systems...
That red heart, remember?
Who are you talking to?
I'll get the knife to you.
Get it into the heart.
Moving now.
Got it!
So you're the one who's been chasing us.
Living here all this time..
Even raising one of their children.
Let's get out of here, Dad.
Why did you come back?
Thunder, are you listening?
Where is it?
They're coming!
We can't stop them.
They're just going to keep chasing us.
He's on the car!
We have to stop them before they can release the rest of the Haava!
Let's switch times.
Ready, set...
So this was his room...
And his clothes?
Does this... look like a record of time to you?
If it's a calendar, it must be about 3600 days.
What's he been doing?
Is he waiting for something?
Jungmoon, Heuksol... That's us.
That's the magistrate, and that's Dogshit...
Look here. He destroyed something.
Goryeo Year Six, Hwangnyon Province.
This is a record from ten years ago.
The heavens opened. A strange carriage, pulling humans behind it, fell from the sky.
I saw it with the magistrate, who was hunting nearby...
And the dual mages of Mount Samgak.
We're in the book.
What is that?
They've come through some sort of portal.
Investigate it.
Wait here.
I'll report back.
My lord, my lord!
What on earth is happening?
It's dangerous! Stay back!
But it's right by our house!
We lost them. Let's get back, Thunder.
Gotta... get back...
Stay in the car.
Thunder, take her back!
Do it now!
Odds of victory: 10%...
Why is it increasing?
I'm dying...
Yian will do it.
With another human. I can see it now.
The door has closed.
You have to find me again!
We can fix this!
I need another body...
I must find a human!
You're awake!
Where are you from?
Your clothes are strange!
Energy - I can't lose the -
Did you see a thing that looks like a knife?
A knife?
Is it something important?
I'll go look for it.
Stay here.
It can't be... me...
Why am I there?
Is this a dream?
I remember this.
I found a girl on the riverbank.
She asked me to find a knife.
How am I still alive?
Have you ever put your hand...
into the mist rising from a waterfall?
She's not-
Where are they?
Our turn.
You are sleepy.
Don't you want to lay down?
Your body is heavy... Your eyes are closing...
Should have bought it when we offered it, you bastard.
Rub your eyes if you want to go blind.
And next...
We are pleased to introduce...
Something else you should have bought.
Our newest product!
Soorisoori-ma, soorisoori-ma.
Soorisoori-ma-ha, soorisoori-ma-ha.
Is that -
It's the magistrate's sword.
Well, how about that. The antidote worked.
You're not dead! Are you okay?
Seems you don't know Dosa.
I'll finish this one off.
Be careful.
These bastards can even enter your body.
Just buy some time.
Hmm. I can do that.
Ah. I remembered where we met befo-
This is an excellent new product. We did well.
She's still alive.
That's great.
Why am I -
I'm feeling her pain like it was my own.
Because that's Suyang's daughter.
Hey, kid.
Put this medicine on your injuries.
I'm sharing because
it seems like we're on the same side.
I'm sorry about before.
I'm sure you are.
I'm Heuksol, of the Mount Samgak mages.
I'm Yian.
What an unusual name.
In the wind, of the wind.
Help her!
I'll hold him here!
This looks like a job for me!
Very hot.
How did he get that sword?
Shoot, shoot!
Into that mirror, there!
He's breaking free!
Hold him!
Hey. I'm the one you're looking for.
Right Paw, Left Paw! Go with the girl!
Done. Your five minutes are up.
There's something...
Got it... Inside you...
What did you say?
In you... there's something...
What's inside me?
In you...
That... That... That thing...
In you...
What are you sayi-
I didn't find any knives...
But is this yours?
What's your name? I'm Mureuk.
What is it?
There might be something dangerous out there.
I'll go take a look.
Don't worry.
I'm very sturdy.
Found one...
A human...
Heuk-seul... Earlier...
There were four names hanging up.
But it wasn't all of us.
Not four.
Five of us saw them.
So the last one they needed to find...
He has the powers of a Dosa...
And one of those monsters inside him.
Do we have to kill him, then?
We have to stop them before they can release the rest of the Haava!
We have to act fast!
Let's switch times.
What is that?
48 minutes left until detonation.
The controller is awakened.
Freedom is coming.
The time...
is now.