Alienoid: The Return to the Future (2024) Movie Script

When I was young, I came
to this place from the future.
From ages past
Aliens had locked up their
prisoners in human bodies.
It was Guard and Thunder's
job to oversee the prisoners.
One day the leader of the
prisoners, the Controller, escaped.
He released the alien
atmosphere "Haava" over the city
And many people died.
Inside that cloud, alien
prisoners were awakened.
The Controller's goal was to
explode the remaining Haava
and replace Earth's atmosphere.
All people would die, and
Earth would become theirs.
Forty-eight minutes till
the Haava explosions...
Let's go to another time.
We need to trap the aliens in
another time and come back
To stop the Haava explosions.
What is that?
Lee Ahn, come back and find me!
We have to stop the Haava from exploding!
In this place, Guard was destroyed
and Thunder stopped working.
To return to the future,
I need the Divine Blade.
After 10 years, I found the Blade.
So beautiful!
But have we met before?
That wicked girl is shooting thunder!
Everyone was trying
to find the Divine Blade.
A monk hack.
Two sorcerers.
And the alien prisoners.
And then
I finally got the Blade.
Right Paw, Left Paw! Follow her!
Something inside you...
What's inside me?
The girl who shoots thunder
vanished with the Blade. What now?
We need the Divine Blade.
Search for the girl.
Now I must find the spacecraft
and Thunder, and return to the future.
To stop the Haava from exploding.
A bowl of soup, and a
dried fish for the road!
Long time no see.
What rumors do you hear about me?
"The girl is headed to Big Rahn Inn,
so take the Divine Blade
from her for a huge reward."
Why the mustache?
Belongs to a guy I met once.
Perfect disguise?
Perfect or not, what will you do?
It's four days to Big Rahn Inn
and you can't let down your guard.
How long since you've slept?
Two days. No big deal.
-Did you find what I asked for?
-Of course!
I asked fishermen all along that
river where the Blade was found
And I found someone
who saw this iron thing.
You said it was this small?
Long time no see, Thunder.
He's still alive, then.
Alive? You said it's iron.
He's an adorable, mysterious being.
Who saw him?
Two woodcutter brothers
who live near Yellow Mountain.
But the problem is...
Watch out for them.
Let's go.
If I find it, where should I go?
The river by Big Rahn Inn.
Where the Iron Wagon is stuck.
The Iron Wagon!
We are the fabulous shaman monks!
And you are...
So it is you!
Fixing a mustache to that pretty face.
It won't be so pretty after
we smash it into the ground.
What are you doing with that?
Trying to decide whether to
ram it down your throats or not.
But bluster and lies are part of
human nature, so I'll show mercy.
Life is precious, why not just go?
Keep your heads on your necks.
Is that the best you can do?
What an amateur!
This bitch needs to be taught a lesson!
I'll skin you alive and
grind your bones to powder!
That's hot!
-Stop chasing me.
If I see you again, I'll use the thunder.
Look at you two.
Stop following me!
Ten years ago, that night!
What did Master Hyun say
after finding him in the forest?
A monster inside him.
I said to kill him, you said no.
We just had to block his energy.
By giving him that fan
with two swords inside.
Remember? In Master Hyun's room.
What did he meet by the river?
There's something scary inside him.
That's why we should kill him.
Or it'll be trouble later.
No, we can just stop training him.
Let the boy live his life.
We'll give him this fan.
It has two swords too heavy to lift.
That will block his energy.
What if he pulls them out?
Then he'll be unstoppable.
No one besides us can do that.
And if he does, we'll kill him then.
But he pulled them out, so
he must've learned magic.
Should we kill him, then?
But he was that disciple?
Looks like a thief to me.
If I touch him, I'll know for sure.
Where am I?
You don't remember?
You pulled a sword out of
that fan and killed a monster.
Jajang... Jajang!
Where's Jajang?
Why ask her, she's deaf and dumb!
Let me ask you something, ma'am.
Where did Jajang come from?
A brush!
Ten years ago...
Yellow Mountain?
-Check if he's alive!
-Yes, sir!
Where am I?
This is the Secret Temple.
We train as monks in this place.
I'm lost.
Trapped in time!
We all are trapped in time.
I do not know your story,
but will you wear this?
The mask's name is Jajang.
Such an amusing human.
It's a monster!
My eyes!
From now on
I'm going to rule this place.
Why does Jajang seek the Divine Blade?
We're trapped in time.
Whose body did the Controller enter?
On the day the Controller
entered a new body
Four humans were present.
Only he can handle the divine blade.
We must find the Controller and go back.
Why stay in that diseased body?
Find a healthy body to occupy.
Then I lose my memory.
The Controller is in someone's body?
How does it come out?
We must pierce three
humans with the Divine Blade.
The Divine Blade...
if it cuts you, the Controller comes out?
Ma'am! Jajang killed Master Hyun, right?
And he tried to pierce us, too?
The disciple was there that day too.
Jajang doesn't know.
Let's grab the disciple first.
Where did he go?
Need to kill him before
the monster comes out!
Chase him, he can't be far off.
What's this, you ask?
Ginseng from Mt. Guwol, ground
and boiled with ox bezoar and musk!
I call this medicine
The Elixir of Eternal Vigor!
The man here can't see, but
three years ago he couldn't walk!
He's none other than the
famous warrior Nong-pa!
Let's see his swordsmanship.
I almost met my maker.
-Now I'd like to offer you all...
I'm not convinced!
I feel no power in your sword.
Show me your swordplay, then!
What can I show a blind man?
A 200-year old sword.
Listen to it sing.
Having drawn this sword, only
one of us can leave here alive!
This is the kingdom's greatest saber,
made by the Sorcerers of Twin Peaks.
Hello, great warrior Nong-pa.
Do you remember us?
Your voice sounds like
you've taken a beating.
Please sell us that saber.
You bought it from
the Sorcerers, after all.
Even if I sold it to
you, could you wield it?
I was good with the sword today.
Did you sell much elixir?
It's not your sword that sells it.
It's the way you humiliate the rich man.
How was my acting today?
I got properly beaten, right?
Who are you? New team members?
What's with the silver?
Nothing in life is free!
We need the saber to take
the Divine Blade from that girl.
Before Secret Temple gets it.
Secret Temple seeks the Blade? Jajang?
My eyes! My eyes!
Let's see if the blade heals my eyes.
The bitch who shoots thunder is dead now!
We'll show you the way.
So yesterday, two cats tumbled here
and jumped up there? Is that right?
Who cares about cats?
Yesterday the girl who shoots thunder
wrecked the place with her brawling.
Brawling? She is a tough one.
So they came this way and ran off there.
A bowl of soup for me. And rice wine!
So I need the Divine Blade
to find out what's inside me.
Where could Mureuk have gone?
I feel he's nearby.
There he is!
Look at him pigging out there.
He eats like that because of
the monster inside. Let's kill him.
Or we can kill him after
identifying the monster.
Trick him into being your
disciple, and then check his pulse.
Then I'll know for sure!
But make him your disciple, not mine.
Ma'am, two bowls of soup. Oh my!
Can this be a coincidence?
Imagine meeting you here!
No such thing as coincidence, only fate.
We didn't introduce ourselves.
We are the Sorcerers of Twin Peaks.
In the West, they refer to
people like us as alchemists.
So, let me check your pulse points.
-Your name is...
How is it?
So soft.
Not like that! I've gone soft for him.
No, no! How can that be,
I've been chaste for 150 years.
A fan is wide when
unfurled, narrow when folded.
Thus, that which does not exist
may also exist, and vice versa.
What a dunce. Let me demonstrate.
We made this fan.
We put in decent weapons and a winter wind.
What are these cats? I didn't draw them.
I drew them.
Don't fan it, or the cats turn human.
What? Who are you?
-Get them.
-They're coming! This way, Miss.
-But who are you?
Those men have chased you since yesterday.
-Where are we going?
This way...
Hurry! Up the wall!
I'm asking who are you?
He's Right Paw, I'm Left Paw. We're humans.
-And cats, too.
Where are the cats?
The cats are chasing the
girl, and I'm chasing the cats.
I'd better be going.
But you know, your energy is blocked here.
Which mean there's something in you!
There's a monster inside you!
I can't let go!
It's draining my energy!
Out of the way! I can't control my body!
Why's it doing this?
Everyone look out!
I said to block his
energy, did you release it?
Somebody stop me!
Oh no!
Where am I going?
I stopped!
Mureuk, you can't run from us.
Stop right there!
Mureuk, you shall move in tandem with me!
Shall I tell you something?
Master Hyun, your teacher,
gave up training you!
Why? Because he learned
there's a monster in you.
Wait for us!
Why are you following me?
Because our master told us to.
Your master?
What? You don't know our master?
-You're married to him!
-He'll come soon, to find us.
Wait, he's coming here?
Tell him we can meet
when the weather's nicer.
That's not right! You're married!
Married? Don't be ridiculous.
If you share a wedding
night, you're married.
A wedding night?
Why am I talking about this?
I knew it, they failed
on their wedding night.
You should try again when you're sober.
What's with you two?
You're cats who live in that man's fan?
But have we met somewhere before?
Don't hit on me like a dog!
I'm offended. We're cats.
Have a nice day.
Tell that man thank you, and
that I'll cherish our memories.
Bye, kitties.
Don't follow me!
Why not tell your husband yourself?
He's not my husband!
Oh my, we're going that way, too.
She'll misunderstand.
We'll just forge ahead.
But when will Mureuk arrive?
Let's kill him.
See if the monster comes out.
I'm against violence.
And I'm in favor?
Why change your mind?
I'm sure something's in him!
Ma'am, a pitcher of alcohol, please!
Two pitchers!
I can't do this sober. Let's drink first.
Ma'am! Just a minute.
Your knife... here.
What's this?
-Is the food for that room?
Entertain them in there.
-But they said no one...
-It's fine, they love culture.
-What's that?
What's that doing there?
Oh my, so much?
Don't let anyone in.
Very well.
What will you do with just one gun?
And this one?
That way!
Who are you?
Are you from Secret Temple?
The arrows sounded familiar.
Is Jajang here?
Nong-pa! The one who was expelled!
Nong-pa's the best!
The Divine Blade...
They say it heals people.
Who are you?
Is this part a faded gold color?
And here, a bright blue light.
I thought you were blind. Who are you?
I saw it once before.
A man wearing strange armor had it.
Then he disappeared into the light.
You saw that?
Who are you?
Why do you have this?
She deserves it, that's why!
She'll save people with it.
Who are you?
I'm that maiden's husband.
The bitch who shoots thunder!
Where did she go?
Look at this thief. Stealing my magic?
Thief? We're just learning from each other.
You're that hack! Do you have the Blade?
Miss! I'm fine, so run away! Hurry!
She left already?
Guess so.
Who's running?
Isn't this the Sorcerers' curtain?
I pinched it.
They vanished in the curtain!
How did you get the Sorcerers' curtain?
They're right here!
Damn it, why do you keep dropping things?
It's because you pushed me!
Pay no attention to us!
We're just passing by...
-He said, be quiet!
We'll wake up all the neighbors.
Sir, I'm terribly sorry!
Did you commit some big sin?
Just tell the whole world, will you?
I've got snapper bones stuck in my throat.
We ate it together, you
think you're the only one?
But I need to find that
Blade if it can heal my eyes.
2022, SEOUL
Hey, with you staring at me like that
I can't drink my tea.
Stop worrying.
The thing you're worried
about hasn't happened, not yet.
Anyway, I'm fine.
And the world is at peace.
Even if I wanted to use what's
in this bag, there's no need.
See you tomorrow, Ancestor.
Grab him! Catch him!
You bastard!
-What's with you?
Just going home after
getting some exercise.
Where are you going, dirty thief?
Go to hell.
You hit me first.
Did you catch him, Miss?
It seemed my fellow
officers could use some help.
What station are you from?
Me? I'm from... the service.
Gimme your phone.
The service?
National Intelligence Service?
The Customs Service.
I'm a customs officer, smuggling division.
-Call if you need a witness.
Is he a smuggler?
You can tell by the shape?
If it's for swallowing, they
make it into that poop shape.
Guess I'll need your number. Your name?
You have to request my name at...
-Officer Kang Choon-seop.
-Take my call.
Where am I?
This is Jisan Hospital.
No talking, except for treatment.
Does it hurt when I press here?
Oh my god!
-My neck's broken, right? Am I paralyzed?
-Be thankful it's not fractured.
Then I won't be here long.
When am I sent to the police?
Mr. Gu Sam-sik.
I told you, no talking allowed.
Wow, nice clouds.
The prisoner transport ship is here.
What is this?
Hey! Piss off!
What the...
What the hell?
Name, Gu Sam-sik.
Nine convictions. I'll pay him a visit.
Officer Kang Choon-seop!
You came in person?
We're just on a visit.
Not too many questions.
What is it?
I know that girl.
Let's do our visit.
Hold on, why's the door open?
-We came in through the front door.
The back door and the parking lot, quick!
Why was Lee Ahn here?
What did you say to her?
Maybe she overheard us talking?
Find her.
She recorded all this on her phone.
She went to her friend's house.
What was her friend's name?
She has just one friend.
Born July 17, 2011.
Searching for her address.
Name, Kim Min-sun.
Kim Min-sun? My niece?
Oh, my God! This video's from the hospital?
That's your dad? You shot it yourself?
Oh, you're here, Lee Ahn?
-Lee Ahn's sleeping over. She ran away.
-How are you?
I'm fine, as always.
But if you ran away, your dad...
But your dad's car...
Is it true?
Is it really a talking car made by NASA?
I think I heard your dad talking to it.
But how can a car talk?
-Why are you in my room?
Well, enjoy yourselves then.
Such cute kids!
What is this?
That red dot is the bike Sam-sik stole.
These days deliveries are tracked by GPS.
Three km away.
What's that?
Seems there was an accident.
Looks good.
Give me some peanut.
What's going on?
-What's with those cars?
What is it? This is no ordinary accident.
Run, quick!
Hurry up!
What is that thing?
Sam-sik must be in there.
It's not clear where this red gas was
released from, or what it's made of.
The polluted zone has stopped expanding,
and police have blocked off the area.
This drone footage shows two
survivors in the polluted zone.
In that cloud where so many people died,
how two people were able
to survive remains a mystery.
I saw that man in the video Lee Ahn shot!
The two men hijacked an ambulance
and their whereabouts are unknown.
Police have not determined if
there are any more survivors...
Min-sun, you stay at home. I'll be back.
The time you spoke of has come, Ancestor.
What's this?
I'm a public servant, too!
Hello, everyone.
Can you connect this video? It's urgent.
Who's in charge here?
-Who are you?
-First, look at this video.
This is at Jisan Hospital.
This man is the first
survivor in the polluted zone.
And the second survivor.
Both were at Jisan Hospital.
No way this is a coincidence.
There's one more.
Sam-sik was at the hospital too.
-He may become the third survivor.
-Who's Sam-sik?
He's a smuggler we're chasing,
and he's in the polluted zone.
Who are you two?
I'm Min Gaelin, Customs Officer.
But the key thing is, who shot this video.
Her name's Lee Ahn,
one of my niece's friends.
And her dad is... really strange.
Okay, okay.
Customs? Alright.
You know how many videos
like that are on the internet now?
They're all fake.
You let anyone in here?
Just a minute.
-This is Lee Ahn's dad.
MIN-SUN'S AUNYes, go ahead!
Can Lee Ahn stay at
your house for a few days?
Sure, yes... Min-sun would like that, too.
Should I pick her up? I'll be done soon.
No, I'll send her now.
Thanks for your kindness.
-Move this news van.
-Toss me the key!
I'll drive. Who was that?
The dad of the kid who shot the video.
Or, her stepfather.
Anyway, let me get my weapons.
-Let's go!
-Golf clubs are your weapons?
No, I suck at golf.
Let's go!
He lives here?
It's the right address.
Min-sun, Lee Ahn is coming over.
So stay at home, don't go out.
I'll be back soon.
Is that the stolen ambulance?
That way!
Okay, now detonate all the Haava inside it.
What's that?
Another car is coming.
That's hot!
-Min Gaelin?
-Lee Ahn's dad?
Hide, hide!
Ready to transport!
We can come back and stop
the Haava from exploding.
Let's go to another time.
What is that?
So ten years ago, that's how
you came from the future to here?
You came after me for this?
Why do you want it? For the money?
Why do I need that Blade?
How far back does the
wheel of fortune turn?
This isn't the first time I've saved you.
Your name is Lee Ahn, right?
Who are you? How do you know my name?
Remember when we were kids?
I saved you from drowning.
It won't be easy, but
imagine me as a child.
What's your name? I'm Mureuk.
Lee Ahn.
Lee Ahn.
Lee Ahn...
-You were that little kid?
-Little? You...
You lived.
What was your name? Murky, or something...
-Mureuk, not murky...
So shouldn't you repay
me for saving your life?
Thanks to you I found this.
I always wanted to see you again.
So you were that boy...
But what's the Controller?
How do you know that?
Where did you hear it?
The day I saved you and went up the hill
I saw something strange.
He came to me, looking for a human body.
I found it... a human.
That monster is inside me?
I can't remember what happened after.
If the Blade cuts me,
the monster comes out.
When it does, you kill it.
Whatever's inside you, just leave it alone.
And just live your life.
Just live my life?
Then what am I?
If a monster's inside me...
So, I need to die for the monster to die?
You're fated to kill me.
I could have been fated to die as a baby.
Why did I survive?
I was saved by Dad, Thunder
And by you.
So that I could save others.
Whatever's inside you
You are just you.
I'm just a hack.
That's good. Mureuk the hack.
That's you. Don't forget it.
I won't forget you either.
Come on, shake my hand.
I'll take the Blade now.
Did you find the Dog Turd
fellow from Yellow Mountain?
We're in pursuit.
Bring him to me.
And move that wagon to Big Rahn Inn.
And the girl who shoots thunder?
Wait. She'll come for this anyway.
Imagine, meeting as kids and then
joining up again, fate is so strange.
Like a pine tree by the courtyard.
What does that mean?
One person is a courtyard,
and the other is a pine tree.
All that time, it was just a
pine tree by the courtyard.
Nothing is a coincidence.
It's all fate. Us, too.
Wow, how do I know all that?
You're talking nonsense!
Then where did your pine tree go?
Did she go to find that thing?
It looks like a crooked pot.
That Thunder thing she asked Dog
Turd to find, it was painted on that wall.
There was something else in that hut, too.
Behind the hanging mat.
Shouldn't we tell her?
It's the caped monks!
They must be chasing the girl.
Jajang offered a huge reward.
-Shouldn't we grab her first?
-What should we do?
-Hurry up!
They say the girl is so pretty.
Before killing her, let's hold her hand!
I heard she's married. To a dimwitted oaf.
God, I'm drunk! Let's chase after her, too.
Oh my!
What are you looking at, you dimwitted oaf!
Who's calling me dimwitted?
There's a line in the Lotus Sutra.
"Hoe-ja-jeong-ri geo-ja-pil-ban."
You're a fount of learning tonight!
Does it mean, "Those who part meet again?"
"Who cares about saving face?"
-Left Paw!
-Her scent's this way.
Let's go.
She went that way.
He's got a good nose.
I thought she was dead. Should I wake her?
She'll be cold like that.
It's okay, it's us.
All the monks in the
kingdom are searching for you.
How many days since you slept?
Three days.
Why'd you come back? We agreed not to meet.
We did, that's true.
But some promises are better broken.
And we wanted to tell you
about that object you seek.
-What object?
You know where it is?
Where's Thunder?
It's a nice drawing.
You wanted to show me a drawing?
No, this.
Mureuk! Come out. Give her some time.
Thunder, you waited long, right?
Is Thunder alive?
he lost his energy, so he's not responding.
Then where did his energy go?
It's that guy! It's him!
Look over there.
It's me.
It's those men from long ago!
I'm looking at you.
You two! Come here, don't hide!
-Run away! Run!
Wait for me!
Stop there!
Let's go find the spacecraft, Thunder.
We need to go home.
Now are you going to that future?
So we're parting again?
Watch out for the cats.
They may chase after you.
No, I'll be firm with them.
Those rascals keep running after you.
Need to teach them a lesson.
I'll be firm with them.
Right Paw, Left Paw!
Where did you go?
They came back!
How did you two know I was here?
You know them? These are the woodcutters.
-You know us, too?
-Of course, Left Paw and Right Paw.
Who is Left Paw and Right Paw?
Those men we saw 10
years ago have re-appeared!
What's this about ten years ago?
-Who are you two?
-Stay away!
Tell me!
Save us. What did we do wrong?
Ten years ago it was just
a coincidence we met here.
Met here?
Ten years ago, here?
-Dog Turd!
-Right Paw!
What are you doing here?
Did you see Left Paw?
Yeah, I did.
I've got something to tell you.
Don't go, you mustn't go.
I heard something.
-The thing is...
-Are you Dog Turd?
Yes, why?
-Come with us.
-To Big Rahn Inn.
-Why there?
Let go, you!
Right Paw!
Left Paw!
Right Paw, something feels weird.
No, you're fine.
Mureuk is here.
Left Paw, what's wrong?
The caped monk snatched
away Dog Turd, and then...
Get up, Left Paw, let's go.
Left Paw, what's wrong? Left Paw!
Why am I disappearing? I must be dying.
Go back in the fan.
Left Paw.
Are you awake?
Left Paw!
Right Paw, did Left Paw die?
Dog Turd seems to know something.
Let's go to Big Rahn Inn.
I brought Dog Turd, so tell
Jajang to settle my reward!
Ten years ago, Master
Hyun had a young disciple?
Possessed by a monster and sent away.
After giving him a fan...
Say, did someone move the Iron Wagon?
Jajang moved it to Big Rahn Inn last night.
It's Big Rahn Inn.
Let's go in.
If Mureuk is chasing
Jajang, he must be here.
This feels odd. Why is no one here?
The caped monks. Why are they all dead?
Even the Secret Temple monk!
Nong-pa you scoundrel! Why are you here?
You sorcerers, call everyone "scoundrel".
Because you didn't pay
us for that saber, scoundrel!
Why are those scoundrels dead?
They were dead when I arrived.
There's a monster here.
You came for him too?
Where is he?
Hiding, surely.
I hear someone upstairs.
It's bait.
For whom?
-Mureuk, you scoundrel!
-Finally, we found you!
Jajang? Where is he?
Quiet down. Where's our sack?
Dog Turd?
Dog Turd!
I've been stabbed.
Who did it? Jajang?
He said I was at Yellow Mountain...
They took the bait.
Master Hyun had a young
disciple with a monster inside him.
His name was Mureuk.
It's not Dog Turd who Jajang is after.
Run away, quick!
Those woodcutters saw you, ten years ago.
Ten years ago, they saw me?
You came out of that thing.
What thing?
That thing the girl seeks.
Dog Turd! Dog Turd!
We're here, finally.
What do we do now, Thunder?
The thing the girl seeks?
What she was looking for...
It's here.
It's here!
Right Paw! Wake up!
Right Paw?
The thunder!
Why are you two here?
No! No!
I found one.
A human.
Why is it me?
Then what's inside you?
My functions stop.
Take my energy.
Thunder! Look after this boy.
What is that?
A pot?
Capturing life forms.
Two cats, two humans.
Start duplication.
Make sure to kill me.
With your hands.
The Controller has escaped.
Lee Ahn!
Let's go to the future.
We'll detonate the Haava
and free the prisoners.
Warning! Time energy is unstable.
What is that?
Forty-seven minutes
before the Haava explosion
The Controller has returned at last.
Prisoners in this zone, awaken!
Help the Controller.
Choon-seop, Sam-sik is a survivor!
They're sending in medics.
I'll stop them.
Wait! The medics are in danger!
Pull them back, and send
an armed SWAT team.
What the hell?
Customs, again?
Get rid of her.
A police officer was attacked by a monster!
-Medics, if you hear me.
You can begin the operation.
Medics! Fall back!
The operation is canceled!
What the hell are you doing? Get out!
Arrest her, quick.
Deploy medics behind special forces.
Do you have a line of sight?
Stand by! I see something ahead.
What is that?
The survivor is floating in the air.
What happened? Report!
Where are we?
Is this the future?
Has General Yi become king?
Where are we? How do we get back?
We must find horses!
The Divine Blade crossed into the present.
Where is the Divine Blade now?
12.4 North-Northwest.
Only the Blade can stop the explosion.
Take the Blade from them.
Eliminate all obstructions.
Eliminate all obstructions!
Over here! Quick!
-What are you two doing?
-Leave if you're not members.
-This is the wrong place.
No, this is right. There's a monster here.
Step aside!
You scoundrel!
You monster!
Where did it go?
It ran away!
But why doesn't this stop?
Stop, you!
Oh my!
Requesting a car to apprehend
two violent suspects. Please respond.
Car number three, heading in.
-Who's the manager here?
-I am.
-Help me out.
Turn off the machines.
Come down, now.
Put down the gun!
This guy has this too.
You know the girl who shoots thunder?
Put down the gun!
This feeling... I'm tingling...
Who are these people?
Who am I?
To learn that would take a lifetime.
And you?
Descendant of a noble family?
A strong pedigree, it seems.
How did you know that?
I'm a sorcerer.
-Someone's coming.
-Coming closer!
Mr. Blue!
Madam Black!
Come on!
More thunder!
Now what's this place?
Run away!
I can't see!
Why is Sam-sik chasing after us?
He's chasing us!
You two? Why?
Because of the Divine Blade.
Where did you two come from?
We were running away
from a girl named Lee Ahn.
Lee Ahn? Lee Ahn?
By any chance, is this
Lee Ahn you mentioned?
She looks similar.
This is really strange.
She's coming! That Lee Ahn bitch is coming!
Run. Run!
Run away!
Freight Train No. 270 departing.
Line workers, move aside.
The train is departing.
And what's this place?
-Aunt, I'm at Lee Ahn's house now.
-Why are you there?
She never showed up, so I came for her.
But something weird is behind the house.
And the man I saw on the
news is walking towards it.
I think he saw me! Hold on...
Get out of there, quick!
No, I'll go there.
Hide yourself well, okay?
Who are you?
I'm a program!
Pro... then, Mr. Pro?
We spent ten years together,
don't you recognize me?
I was Left Paw and Right Paw!
What are you talking about?
The girl?
Where did she go?
What is this?
Shall we start the attack program?
Start? Start what?
Don't just aim that anywhere!
Mureuk! Get up!
That's right. Breathe in. Breathe out.
I was cut by the Blade.
Don't move.
We'll need to go after them.
It's disappearing.
The energy is unstable.
That mean there's still
energy remaining here.
There it is.
Some energy still remains.
Should we use this to go back?
I can see. Amazing!
Ready to move. Mureuk, shall we go?
Won't you save the girl?
The girl? She asked me to kill her.
Don't take what she says too literally.
Where are you two going?
To the future. 2022.
Here we go!
The future?
I'm seeing it again!
This is the future she spoke of?
The time to come?
Congratulations. You're in the future.
What's a taxi?
Shout "taxi" and they
take you where you want.
Let's hurry.
Hold on!
Why does that thing keep following us?
Because the energy is unstable.
A link remains between
here and Big Rahn Inn.
But don't worry!
When we're done, I'll
take you back to your era.
Fourteen minutes to the explosion.
Shall we go?
Are you okay?
Customs Agent Min Gaelin! I need your car.
Let's go.
Look out!
Let's run!
Throw a charm!
A charm? Luckily I have two charms left!
Let's both of us die!
And the charms?
They died!
Wait, that train is headed
towards our house.
You ready, Mureuk?
Ready for what?
To stretch out your arm.
Right. You need to send that to Lee Ahn.
Send it? How?
Grab her hand.
Grab what?
Prisoner No. 8975.
Mureuk! Get up here!
Yes, Mr. Pro! I'll be right up!
See you soon.
It's working. It's working!
Any weapons left?
No, I left them all behind!
-Mr. Blue!
Don't you remember?
You wanted to save people with this.
You told me. Whatever's inside you...
You are just you. It's okay.
What are you doing?
It's not mine.
I was just looking after it.
Begin extracting the prisoner.
Help the Controller escape!
It can't go inside me!
Six minutes to the explosion.
Okay. Now connect to the
energy and stop the explosions.
Get up, Lee Ahn.
A weapon.
Who is that?
Nong-pa? What is he doing here?
What is Nong-pa's saber
doing here in the future?
It's getting up!
Min-sun, I'm here! Hide yourself!
What are you?
I am Nong-pa's descendant Min Gaelin.
Are you the owners of these weapons?
To my great descendants,
I pass along this message.
The two sorcerers and Mureuk have
gone to the future without weapons.
In 2022, when the monsters appear,
present these weapons to them.
How can I be of help?
We all must defeat that monster.
What are you doing, Monk Mureuk?
Monk? I'm just a hack.
Rise, my disciple!
Without that thing inside me, I'm nothing.
The fan? I'm sure I left it behind.
It's here.
What's the point of spells?
It's all inside my mind.
That's right, my disciple! Rise up!
He's my disciple!
Marvelous Mureuk is ready!
Chances of winning this
battle are nine percent.
Sixteen percent.
Why's it going up? I'm at my end.
I can see the future.
Lee Ahn will solve this.
Lee Ahn will solve this. With other humans.
Humans can't solve this.
They don't have the strength.
Not when they're alone.
But now they are united.
You're seeing that now?
I'm seeing it now. I'll transmit it to you.
Plunge that into the spacecraft's heart.
You're dead now!
Let's go!
-You scoundrel!
-Die an early death!
Look out, Lee Ahn!
Run, Lee Ahn!
Twenty seconds to Haava explosion.
Eliminate all obstacles!
Descendant of Nong-pa!
Throw the saber here!
Lift me up!
Did we do it?
Don't let it in your body!
Min-sun, are you okay?
Who are you? Do you know me?
The survivors
Will keep escaping.
What do we do now, Thunder?
I need to take it outside.
He'll come out again, we can't kill him.
Can't stop him then.
If you carry it outside,
and he comes out...
Then we'll blow it up there.
Then you'll die, too.
I told you.
I need to carry those into space.
That time has come.
It was Dad who told me that.
Guard's program is right here.
With all his memories of you.
Remember, Mureuk? I mean, Master?
Left Paw?
Right Paw?
Don't cry!
Right Paw?
You were alive?
Sure. Did you see? I'm master's right hand.
Only from the front. I'm on the right side.
Mureuk, don't tell
anyone I saved the world.
I'm too bashful.
We must go back now, master.
Go where?
Don't be sad.
We're all pine trees by the courtyard.
Thanks for being by my side.
Thank you too.
Go on back, that'll disappear soon.
Now you should go back to your own time.
Those cats were you?
See you next time, Lee Ahn.
Well then, catch you all later.
He smiled at me.
No, he was looking at me.
A candy-colored clown
they call the sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night
Just to sprinkle
stardust and to whisper
Go to sleep, everything is alright
I close my eyes...
...then I drift away
Into the magic night,
I softly say
A silent prayer...
like dreamers do
Then I fall asleep to dream
my dreams of you
In dreams I walk...
...with you.
In dreams...
I talk to you
In dreams you're mine...
...all of the time
We're together in dreams, dreams
But just before the dawn
-You've done all you need to do?
You got hurt so much because of me.
No, I'm fine.
I awake and find you gone
I can't help it
I can't help it
If I cry
I remember that you said...
Thank you, bridegroom.
It's too bad that all these things
Can only happen in my dreams

Only in dreams
In beautiful dreams

It's Big Rahn Inn!
We came back to the right place.
I feel so proud and excited. Why?
Because we saved the world!
-Mureuk played a small part, too.
Is Nong-pa still here? Did you see him?
-Are you really back from the future?
-We just saved the world.
-And met your descendant!
-But can you see us?
-I see very well!
-Then come up and tell me all about it.
-Of course, there's so much to tell.
What's this?
Hold on.
What did Mr. Pro say?
There it is.
Some energy still remains.
Hold on!
Why does that thing keep following us?
Because the energy is unstable.
A link remains between
here and Big Rahn Inn.
Still a link to Big Rahn Inn?
It's open again.
We need some alcohol.
Why don't you come up, Mureuk?
Pine tree by the courtyard
I must go back. Something I forgot to say.