Aliens: Zone of Silence (2017) Movie Script

[Music playing]
hi, my name
is Morgan Taylor.
About four months ago,
my brother hal
and his best friend Alex,
they went missing
in the Mexican desert
Nobody knows
where they went,
why they went there,
or how they knew
about this place.
They just never
came home one day.
I've been trying
to research the area
to see if I can
figure it out.
All I can come up with was
"zona del silencio".
Things go missing there.
Planes, rockets,
radio signal.
Apparently people, too.
And the authorities,
they just joke that
they were irresponsible
tourists doing god knows
what in the desert.
[Morgan sniffles]
he was my best friend.
So I'm determined
to find them.
I need to know what happened.
-[Wind howling]
We're good?
Okay, I'm rolling.
hey, look!
Look, I found a spot.
Hey, check this out, look.
You heard about
"the hills have eyes"?
Well, this place has
fucking ears, too, man.
really, really?
Could you keep it clean?
All right, this is just
for you two. It's an intro.
That's it.
Nothing more, okay?
-Yeah, you wanna be part of it?
-I didn't know we were shooting.
That's fine, all right,
we can do this.
Real quickly, okay?
Goose, you ready?
Goose? okay, yes.
All right.
Hi, I'm hal. This is...
Hi, I'm Alex.
And we are the alien hunters.
Sound stupid to you?
Well, not to the aliens,
it doesn't.
That was terrible.
All right, all right,
fine, leave.
I'll do it.
Hi, I'm--
you are dead!
No! You are dead!
[Hal snoring]
As you can hear
from the carbon monoxide
explosion going on over here,
and the lack
of visual connectivity,
rain man over here...
Is trying to figure out
a math problem
with something I call
intellectual subconscious
Yes, and clearly,
using this process,
anything is possible.
And it looks like
he's gonna be at this
for a long time.
As for me, I think I found
a website that's pretty cool
and that actually could be
the point of our next
Zona del silencio.
It's located right here
in the mapim reservation
in Mexico.
Right there, where otherworldly
stuff happens--
ufos, that type of thing.
But it is actually
located on the same axis
as the Bermuda triangle.
But my very,
very favorite part is
is that has a biosphere
that's a visitors' center.
[Hal] fuck!
Fuck, it was
on the tip of my tongue.
What's up?
Dude, do you have it?
Like where'd it go, man?
Uh, your scrap piece of paper
with a scribble written
down on it?
-Yeah, it needs to be
in the in position...
-In position.
...or the whole
thing doesn't work.
-bring it over here.
Here you go.
What are you guys doing?
You're shooting a porno?
Uh, no, actually we're
getting some work done.
We're shooting
"zona del silencio."
-"Zone of silence."
-"Zone of silence."
-Yeah, you know it?
-Yeah, fuck, yeah.
They have a biosphere.
I've been trying to tell
you about it all day.
You tell 'em about
the mutated animals
or the fact that it gobbles up
radio and TV signals
or planes go missing,
or that ufo activity abounds?
Well, we were getting there.
What else you been doing?
Well, you know,
i been doing work.
what have I been doing?
What have you been doing?
You been doing nothing.
I've been doing research.
This is not research.
It takes a lot out of you,
I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna have to take
a nap after this.
-here, shut up,
look here, look here.
Come here, look at this.
It says here,
"the zone of silence
gobbles up radio
and TV signals.
And in the 19th century,"
which, I don't know,
that's like decades ago,
"farmers reported seeing
hot pebbles fall from the sky."
Ooh, I like hot pebbles.
Those are kind of cool.
Fucking find
some of those, huh?
Okay, oh, look,
check this out.
So, "travelers
going through the zone
report seeing strange
fucking lights
and burning bushes."
Burning bushes? That's, like,
fucking biblical, man.
Dude, and check this.
Shut up, shut up,
check this out.
"Two ranchers on their way
back from festivities
reported seeing a glowing light
come down from the sky
and spitting out glowy
humanoid creatures."
-well, that sounds
a little weird.
Maybe even a little...
Okay, scary, maybe, yeah.
Yeah, I don't know
about that last bit.
It's a bit, like...
What are you doing?
Please, someone help us.
We've been stuck out here
in the zone for--
we shouldn't have done this.
This was a little too much.
-This was a horrible idea.
-We are so hungry and thirsty.
If anyone gets this tape,
it's hal and Alex.
-We need help.
-Please send help.
We need food
and water right now.
So badly.
We're gonna get it right now,
as a matter of fact.
-We just need provisions.
-Just kidding.
Pork and beans, my friends.
This is all you need
for a camping trip.
Hey, hal.
Couldn't remember
what size you wear.
[Fake laughs]
-Get the water.
-You're a cruiser, right?
-all right,
I'm getting the water.
See what I have
to deal with?
-Water, water, water.
-Can you just put it together
and let's go?
My leg is killing me.
[Hal] it's right here.
It's right-- it's right here.
That's not water.
You know, I heard,
like, in the 1970s
that a missile got knocked
off course
and landed out here.
Something to do
with the magnetic fields
or something.
-Where'd you read that?
-The Internet.
I mean, that's why all
the meteorites, you know,
they land out here.
Same principle, you know.
Just like-- the magnetism
of the place
just, like, sucks in
metal particles, you know?
Be cool if we could find
something like that, you know?
Is that because
of the triangle?
It's like the Bermuda triangle
gets sucked into things?
-The magnetic pull?
-I don't know, maybe it's
the same principle.
Be cool if we figured
that out, though, right?
I don't know about that.
I got an idea
let's pull over and get
an establishing shot
-of the truck for goose.
-Oh, yeah.
Actually, yeah,
that's a good idea,
'cause then it's just us
driving the entire time.
All right.
I'm gonna get out.
Just go back,
so you double back--
-and just drive
straight through, okay?
-Sure, yeah.
Goose duct-taped this thing down
way too much.
Why's he called "goose,"
You know what?
I don't know.
That's enough.
[Alex chuckling]
Don't say a word.
So what about
your sister, Morgan?
Don't talk about
my sister, Morgan.
Dude, she's hot.
Yeah, well, the one thing
about that is
that she's my sister, okay?
Doesn't make her
any less hot.
Well, to me it does, yeah.
She's not my sister.
-Whoa, there's a sign.
Right there.
Yes, that's for the sign,
-oh, shit, we're at the zone.
-The zone del silencio.
Zona del silencio...
right here, easy, easy, easy.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Got it.
Okay, good.
All right.
-Let's do this.
-Get the stuff.
Let's go.
I wish...
Okay, I wish goose was here.
He's got an eye for this.
Yeah, but only
one good leg, right?
Yes, because it got
blown off in fallujah.
He was there as a comms guy
on the front lines, okay?
Come on,
let's do this already.
All right, do you know
that I got medevac-ed
the first day out of there,
Did they ever find his leg?
-All right, all right.
-Maybe there's like, an Iraqi
playing field hockey--
Hi, I'm hal.
This is Alex.
Together we are
the alien hunters.
-Come on, man,
that's just shit.
-We traveled 500 miles south
to the chihuahua desert here
for the zona del silencio.
the zone of silence.
And this is where a lot
of ufo activity happens,
and there's a lot of weird
creatures out here as well.
-Like the glowy humanoids.
-We're not down with
the glowy humanoids.
Yeah, they're a little...
Join us on our adventures,
where anything can happen.
That was good, man.
-yeah. think you nailed it.
-[Siren wailing]
-[Dog barks]
[Cell phone ringing]
Yes, good.
Who else knows
besides me?
Okay, hold up, I'm going
to put you on speaker.
I'm gonna run some diagnostics
while I have you up.
I got this wireless
going on.
-Goose, can you hear me?
-Yes, really good.
-As you were saying?
-I haven't told anybody else
about this.
I kind of wanted
to tell Christine,
but I didn't think it'd be fair
to drag her into all this.
And she can kind of be
a drama queen sometimes.
you have the GPS on?
Turn it on, please.
This'll help me keep a good eye
on you when the cameras fail.
And when they do,
they're going to keep rolling
until we get you connected
to the cloud again.
-The GPS, too.
-[Morgan] Got it.
Just like we practiced.
If I lose signal,
i just keep walking
until it picks up again.
Hey, goose?
I know I said it
a million times already,
but, thank you.
I really couldn't have
done this without you.
well, I am a marine.
No man left behind.
-Or woman?
-Especially women.
-Now, I'm gonna let you go...
-All right.
...give you some alone time
and let you focus on the road.
I'll call you later.
oh, my god, oh, my god!
Border, finally.
I need to practice
my Spanish,
which sucks, by the way.
Okay, so after I get across,
i still have a few hours
to drive to durango.
I've got a hotel booked there.
It's actually the same one
that hal and Alex stayed at.
I'm hoping to pick up
some leads while I'm there.
There's a few bars close by.
Maybe someone
will remember something
useful this time.
I need to get out
and stretch my legs.
My butt's gone to sleep.
[Speaking Spanish]
what do you mean?
[Speaking Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
It's almost 10:30 am.
I've called three--
no, five of my referrals
since my last contact
proved to be a bust.
The lead that I had
on hal and Alex
was a waiter
that they met at the bar.
I went and had dinner
there last night,
and he had very little
to contribute
aside from hitting on me.
And then this morning,
his brother Gerardo
decided last minute
to not be my guide.
[Music playing on tablet]
Announcer on tablet:
This area near
the town of ceballos
is known to the locals
as the "zona del silencio."
It's one of the many
places around the world
that have baffled scientists
and scholars for decades.
Nothing seems
to work there properly.
Forget radios and cell phones.
Even compasses--
the needles will just keep
spinning and spinning.
Have aliens been visiting
these sites over the centuries,
and did they help shape
the world we live in today?
And if so, did they concentrate
on specific locations?
There are a number of reports of
ufos at the zone of silence.
It's basically
Mexico's Bermuda triangle,
located pretty much
on the same parallel.
I know that, like,
15 miles off in that direction
is where
they found hal's car.
But this-- this is
the last time anybody had
any real records of them.
Wish me luck.
-Is this even a road?
-[Goose] Marginal.
I'm not sure
when it officially ends.
Five miles ago?
I'm getting
some drop out in signal.
-Can you hear me okay?
-It's patchy.
Try your local radio.
Yeah, I'm losing
some visual signal now.
Can you still hear me?
[Engine stalling]
Come on. Shit.
Goose, I don't know
if you're getting this,
but the fucking car
just died.
Oh, shit.
[Car door opens]
Okay, well, the car is
completely done.
I'm not gonna be able
to go anywhere else with it,
so I think I'm just gonna
sleep here tonight.
I really wanted
to set up a camp,
but I'm just too tired.
I wonder if this is the same
thing that happened to hal.
But I will set up
some perimeter cameras
just in case.
Keep an eye on things,
you know?
It is way too early
to be awake.
so you got about 20 miles
until you get to where
the guys last were.
all right.
On foot from here on out.
oh, don't worry
about the car.
I'll make sure someone gets out
to fix it before you get back.
Alternator or something,
who knows?
-All right, catch you later.
-Bye, car.
Well, it's about 7:45 am.
Probably 60 degrees
Probably in about
an hour or so
it'll get up
to maybe 75, 80.
Another hour after that,
up to 90.
I'll probably need to cover
about 10 miles today
and I'll have to set up camp
and let the sun cool down,
and then set out again.
Just kinda hard
to believe that I'm walking in
the same footsteps as hal.
I'm so hot.
Oh, what's that?
Looks like a burnt tree.
Bush looks
kind of petrified.
Am I really that scary?
no comment.
Could be what's left
of Alex's burning bush.
and look at these things.
What the hell are these?
hot pebbles.
Glowy humanoid creatures
would be next on the list
then, huh?
I'm gonna take
some of them with me.
I think I might have
to stop soon, goose.
do what you gotta do.
it's getting pretty hot.
Fuck, there's not
much cover out here.
looks like it might get
pretty windy out there.
[Distorted voice]
Walking through the woods,
me and my friend,
we were hunting for, um...
You know, hunting stuff.
We searched miles up ahead.
[Recording continues, garbled]
...not supposed to be there
kind of thing, you know.
And all of a sudden,
there was, like,
lights came from everywhere,
like, from above, mostly.
And I woke up the next day
and I was, like, fucking,
like, back at the car.
[Recording continues, garbled]
...What happened.
I've never been able
to recall.
I wrote shit down.
I wrote shit down.
[Recording continues, garbled]
...being abducted and shit,
just keywords like
"abduction" and "alien."
They-- and I'll tell you,
these guys, these aliens,
they fucking screw up
your mind.
Afterwards, I was--
it's all about,
if you see shit,
they wipe it, man.
They fucking wipe it.
I was fucking there.
well, the storm hit me
pretty hard.
Put me back a few hours.
Had to clean the gear a bit.
It took it out of me.
All right,
I'm gonna call it.
All right, well, I finally
got my tent all set up,
so I'm calling it a night
and I'm gonna get some sleep.
So, good night.
[Coyotes yipping]
[Coyotes howling]
i saw this cool
documentary today
about mind-scrubbing aliens--
[morgan] I'm more concerned
about the wolves out there.
-[Goose] coyotes.
-[Morgan] Wolves have always
scared the shit out of me.
-[Goose] coyotes.
-[Morgan] Still afraid of them.
-Like velociraptors.
-[Goose] If I see any
of those on the scope,
I'll be sure
to let you know.
Hey, I'm gonna need just like
a second of privacy, okay?
[Goose] yeah, okay.
I'll shut the cameras off
on my end.
I'll do it. Perv.
Oh, and goose?
No peeking.
please. I'm not Alex.
it's a stunning morning.
I'm a little bit behind,
so I'm gonna power down
the cameras for a bit
and save some juice.
My GPS watch says
I should be getting pretty close
to where they camped out.
[Beeping accelerates]
It's gotta be down there
This is it.
This is it. Oh, my god.
This is the last place
that we heard from them.
pork and bean can,
sure sign hal's been here.
Police didn't
even clean it up.
we'll find 'em.
You should camp
on higher ground.
This way the cameras
will get a better view
of what's around you.
all right,
so this first camera
I'm gonna show you here,
this is Mark.
He's one of my go-pros.
Let's test him out.
Mark has night vision
which will be
very useful.
I'm gonna come over here
and see this little guy.
This is one
of my laser sensors,
and he will connect up
to my seismograph,
so if anything crosses his path,
i will know about it.
Now we come over here.
This guy's pretty cool.
This is Matt.
[Camera whirring]
He is my perimeter camera.
He follows anything
that gets in front of him
for up to 50 feet.
It's pretty cool.
And now I get to show you
my favorite camera.
Now this camera's
pretty special.
This one here,
goose says it's an hdri
something or other.
It can pick up the faintest
details in the dark,
or even the surface of the sun.
it looks cool.
you ready to start
some testing?
Plug in
the electronic gear.
We'll start more localized.
I'm gonna set the scan
from here,
and then after that,
we're gonna go a little bit
more outward.
You set?
[Static continues]
Is it broken?
I don't think so.
It's really hot.
Sensors seem to be
having a problem
locking on to the source.
Gonna reset.
What was that?
You still there, goose?
Yeah, I'm here.
I'm just resetting the scan.
It's quiet.
[Loud static]
That was unexpected.
-What was it?
-It had structure,
almost like
a burst transmission.
A what?
It's a burst signal.
It's an ultra-high
frequency transmission
used by the military.
It pushes in
a large amount of data
in a small time
so that this way
the enemy doesn't get it.
Special forces.
But the waveform
doesn't look right.
I'm gonna run it
through some filtering
and see what pops up.
fucking wolves.
-[Coyotes yipping]
-Are you kidding me?
What the hell is that?
That is not even funny.
-[Animal yips]
-What the fuck?
[Wildlife chirping,
barking, howling]
please, god.
Keep me safe.
Please watch over me.
Make the sounds stop.
Just please make it quiet.
[Sounds fade]
Okay, somehow that's worse.
Goose, it's gone
real quiet out here,
which is
a little fucked up.
Okay, let's get my mind
on something else.
Metal detector.
[Phone ringing]
Damn it.
Okay, goose,
just hang on a second.
I'll head back.
All right, just hang on.
I'm coming back.
[Ringing continues]
Goose! goose, what is it?
I'm here, what's up?
Matt picked up something
outside the tent.
Something like what?
Cameras went dead before
i could pick it up.
But on the headphones?
Shit, yo, right there
in the camp with you.
Run it again.
Let's see if we can
hear anything.
I'm gonna go back out.
i don't think
that's a good idea.
Just stay there where you are.
You don't know what's
out there for sure.
Are you serious?
Of course I'm going back out.
I have to know what it is.
well, whatever it is or was,
it's gone.
I've been out here for over
an hour and there's nothing.
Oh, my heart is pounding.
Okay, let's try
the metal detector again,
see if it can pick up
[Metal detector clicking]
[Clicking accelerates]
well, this is weird.
Oh, this thing
is really close.
No more than maybe 30 feet.
Okay, hold on,
I'm gonna set up
the night vision.
Okay, set this
to a wide-range,
close-surface scan,
see what we got.
This thing is,
like, right here.
[Clicking continues]
[Clicking accelerates]
What in the world?
[Clicking accelerates]
This thing is, like,
right under my feet.
Oh, god.
Oh, my god.
Morgan, I lost you.
Are you okay?
What happened?
Tell me, I want to see.
[Morgan sniffles]
i found hal's mess kit.
It's what he always
took with him camping.
They're dad's.
I also found all
of these camera cards.
you found them, Morgan.
For the first time,
I'm actually really scared.
I'm gonna start streaming
the camera cards I found
in hal's mess kit.
I'm too screwed up
to watch them right now.
In the morning,
but not now.
I need to clear my head.
Watch the cameras, okay?
okay, okay.
Don't you worry.
You just get some sleep.
[Morgan sniffles]
-[Coyotes howling]
-[Morgan] Fucking wolves.
How many aliens
did we find today?
are you gonna
set up that tent?
Are we gonna sleep
here tonight?
I don't even
know what this is.
It's extra smooth...
And rare-blended.
are you gonna
set up the tent?
Dude, I don't want to get bit
by, like, snakes out here.
Snakes, snakes,
snakes, snakes!
Whoo-- yeah, they're--
yeah, no.
That's not gonna happen.
That's not gonna happen.
It's not gonna happen.
It's not gonna happen
because I set up the tent.
you're so fucked up, man.
you look marvelous.
Dude, I'm fucking
burnt to shit.
yeah, you are.
[Sighs] I can't believe
you forgot the sunscreen.
uh, I don't need sunscreen.
I got some Portuguese in me.
It allows me to tan.
Yeah, what was his name?
[Hal laughs]
Hey, that's not cool, dude.
It's not cool.
Did you hear that?
uh, let me check.
Just-- hal, shut up.
No, seriously.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up, all right?
I heard something out there.
Up there, like,
coming from that mountain
that we were at earlier,
you know?
-are you getting this?
you know what I'm getting?
I'm getting some
really good sunburn.
I'm serious,
you fucking asshole.
I'm serious, man.
-no, listen!
Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
It's like a shot or something.
Like a warning
or something like that.
They don't want us
out here, man.
i did hear that.
Yeah, see?
I'm not fucking around.
[Beeping continues]
I'm getting some readings.
I think you should stay
inside your tent.
[Breathing heavily]
Got to check the lasers.
See if anything
triggered them.
Okay, the first one's fine.
If something had triggered it,
it would be blinking,
and it's not.
Test the second one.
What the fuck was that?
I'm too fucking scared
to close my eyes.
Calm down.
This is crazy.
You got to find
the other laser.
Where's the third one?
Where did the laser go?
I know it was right here.
What the hell is that?
goose, are you there?
You said you got some readings
or something.
What's out here?
one of the perimeter cameras
was knocked out
of position somehow.
did I do it?
you were still
inside the tent.
Well, then what?
i don't know.
Goose, how do you not know?
Is this some kind of
fucking joke?
Give me something.
[Warbling static]
the transmission that
you picked up yesterday?
[Low growling]
Just stop it.
Do you know what it is?
Play it again.
[Low growling]
A voice?
i think so.
Why would there be a voice?
It only separated
by playing it back
at a certain rate.
If you crank it up too fast,
it falls apart.
Okay, I don't know
what that means.
it means it's doesn't like
to be overheard.
Okay, so what now?
i don't know.
Hey, goose?
I found another one
of the media cards
in hal's mess kit.
It was in the deck of cards.
I'm not sure that he had
the charge to upload it.
You have to get
your power cells charged
for your return leg tomorrow.
I'm gonna go ahead and start
uploading these, okay?
It's uploading.
this is the last time
I let dickweed
do the shopping.
Hey, doofus on the phone
with mommy!
It'd be most outstanding
if you could lend your expertise
to getting this stove started
over here.
Call your mom back later.
Mom, you-- mom, you--
beans? pork and beans.
Fire, what's that?
oh, shit.
Shit, hal!
-Hal, get out here, man.
-What, Alex?
Dude, something's
going on, man.
Get out here right now.
Hold on, something--
i got to go.
Something's going on.
dude, dude.
What the hell is that?
dude, your face is priceless.
Don't shoot me.
Fucking shoot that.
dude, this is just like
in the book, man.
How lucky are we?
your camera work is shoddy,
dude, come here.
It's gone.
Did you see how fucking fast
that thing was?
It just, like, zoomed
across the sky, man.
does every word out of your
mouth have to be "fuck"?
I'm calling mom back.
Dude, fuck mom. This is some
fox mulder shit, man.
Holy Christ
in a fucking cracker.
I'm headed towards the light.
It's about a mile ahead,
and I'm by myself.
Alex has been, like,
freaking out.
He said, like, the light,
like, saw us or something.
And he's, like, freaking out
and he doesn't know
what's going on,
so we're gonna find out
what's going on.
Man, I am out of shape.
There it is.
There it is.
I got completely disoriented.
Just flash your light
if you can hear me.
[Distant clicking]
If that is you, stop it!
[Clicking continues]
That's it! I'm done!
I'm out of here!
Don't screw with--
stop it!
-[Alex laughing]
-[Hal] God damn.
Son of a bitch!
Fucking goddamn
son of a cocksucker!
And he calls himself a marine,
ladies and gentlemen.
You could've fucking
given me a heart attack!
sorry, man, I saw you
coming a mile away,
you great oaf.
What was that sound?
what sound?
You know what sound
I'm talking about.
That sound
that you were making.
That click, click,
click, click.
this one?
Stop, stop.
Make the sound. Make it.
dude, I don't know
what you're talking about.
I'm done.
I'm done with this.
I'm not doing this
anymore, man.
[Clicking tongue]
Stop it! Stop it!
I'm serious.
I'm not fucking with you.
sorry, dude, sorry.
I couldn't resist, man.
This is not funny.
What was that sound?
dude, listen.
I saw the light again, man,
about an hour ago.
It went up over the mountain.
I mean, seriously,
we found a ufo.
I don't know, like, i--
I started
to get closer to it,
and, like,
it just moved away.
I don't know--
i don't know wh--
I don't know what it was,
man, but this is--
this is done.
This is over with.
Come on, come on.
We're out of here.
And turn the battery off!
That's our last battery.
-Turn it off.
-All right, all right.
-Turn it off!
-All right!
It is 1:30 in the morning,
and we're gonna try
to get some sleep.
It's been a long day, and--
and hopefully
you won't see this,
and obviously
you were right.
I need to get
a better class of friend.
I'm a classy guy.
[Grunting, panting]
-Dude, hal, what the fuck?
Are you all right, hal?
-Hal, are you okay?
-I'm fine.
Okay, fine.
Dude, what the fuck
was that, man?
okay, okay, listen.
Listen right now.
I think whatever it was--
Oh, stay, stay, stay.
-Stay, stay.
-I can't.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
He's-- he's gone.
I've been hiding here
for, like, 20 minutes.
I know where he is.
I know where he went.
We're way--
in so many ways,
we're alike.
And I love you.
And I know you won't stop
until you find the truth.
This is for you.
I'm not leaving Alex behind.
You better appreciate this.
If I don't make it,
they're in the rocks.
i can't imagine hal
went too far in the time--
the closest rock range
is about two klicks from you.
I'm gonna upload
the coordinates
to your locator.
Set your watch.
-[Watch beeps]
-Got it.
you know, so far
we've had it pretty good.
Not too much interference.
But at the foot of the mountain,
we may not be so lucky.
I still see no reason
why we can't take all this
evidence to the police.
because they didn't take it
seriously the first time.
There's new information.
They have to reopen
the case, right?
Why not?
i don't trust them,
that's why.
Then let's go to the news,
get the footage out there.
Let someone else
do the digging.
Morgan, you can't ignore all
the shit that's been happening.
Something is out there,
and this something came to
your tent more than once,
as it did with hal and Alex,
and both of them are missing.
I'm going out there.
I'm gonna get some sleep
and then I'm going out
there, goose.
[Low growling]
[High-pitched whine]
hey, goose.
Okay, I'm back
at my last campsite.
The GPS coordinates
that you sent
point to the rocks
that hal mentioned.
Looks like they're
southeast of here.
They don't look too far,
but it'll be dark soon.
I'm a bit worried
about the power.
Switch off one of the cameras
for now, okay?
I don't want to lose
both of them.
okay, I'll power it up again
when I hit the base
of the rocks.
Looks like I'm nearly done
pulling apart
the sound frequencies
we intercepted earlier.
I'll let you know what we got.
only good news, though, okay?
The scans from earlier
finished processing.
I'm gonna play it, okay?
[Distorted voice
sounds human.
Guess that rules out
the alien abduction theory.
Don't be so quick
to judge.
let me run it through
the recognition--
be quick, because
I'm getting close
to where I might begin
to lose you.
it's getting
a little patchy again.
yeah, it's getting steep, too.
I switched the night vest
Can you see okay?
The GPS.
My GPS seems to be
hard to keep a lock in.
-This sucks.
-So does this climb.
this isn't gonna work.
This pack weighs a ton
even without the tent.
what the fuck?
-please turn back.
please turn back, okay?
[Morgan] good-bye.
[Morgan whimpering]
oh, my god.
...stay put.
Don't go any further.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
What the fuck?
Goose, please tell me
you saw that.
Goose, are you there?
Oh, I think I lost you.
Okay, fuck, fuck.
I'm gonna try and find
something higher
so I can get some signal.
Hey, hey, goose?
Um, I don't know if you're
getting any of this,
but I'm pretty close
to the top.
Not much further to go.
I still can't see anything.
The lights are gone.
Okay, I'm gonna go
a bit higher
and hopefully
we can get a connection.
It's getting really hard
to climb.
It's so steep.
Okay, I must be
100 feet up by now.
Hal's tags.
[Morgan screaming]
[Police radio chatter]
I'm telling you,
this is happening right now.
[Man] I need to understand
what's happening right now.
This girl Morgan,
you say she's been abducted?
Abducted? I don't know.
-All I know is--
-you don't know.
-I don't know.
-You don't know.
Sir, please listen to me.
All I know is that we were
shooting a documentary together.
I've been tracking her
for the last two days,
and she should be on this
screen, but she's not.
You're tracking her?
Do you have her permission?
What does this mean?
That's good.
-Good. you found her?
-We have a signal.
She must've gained
some height.
[Low growling]
[Growling continues]
it just came live now.
-[morgan crying]
i have the police with me.
We're sending a chopper.
Just stay put.
Do you have any
perimeter cameras left?
-[Morgan] I think so.
-Set them up.
okay, okay, okay.
how you feeling?
a little better, I guess.
Can I play you something
to pass the time?
is it scary?
[Radio transmission]
As the secretary general
of the united nations,
an organization
of 147 member states,
who represent almost all
of the human inhabitants
of the planet earth.
I send greetings
on behalf of the people
of our planet.
all the sounds we scanned,
all of them,
are from the recording
sent into space
on the voyager back
in the 1970s.
[Radio transmission]
...To be taught,
if we are fortunate.
We know full well that our
planet and all its inhabitants
are but a small part
of this immense universe.
let's just get you
out of there.
[Radio transmission]
And it is with humility...
[Police radio chatter]
standby, please.
Local says ten minutes out.
you hear that?
-[Goose] what's the m--
-shh, listen.
I'm not hearing anything.
That's my point.
There's something
in the silence.
There's something out here.
I can feel it.
You can't see anything?
[Morgan panting]
-[morgan screams]
[Low growling]
[Morgan whimpering]
It's so bright.
the camera.
Morgan, use the camera.
Use the hdri.
The hdri.
It can see things you can't.
[Man on radio]
Approaching the area.
No sound.
she's got to be there.
transmissions echoing]
...recorded footage
of what was inside the light.
We lost signal.
transmissions continue]
-see that? See that?
transmissions continue]
The fucking light.
transmissions continue]
Holy shit.
Espera, espera, espera.
We've seen too much.
-You've seen them.
Espera, espera.
-They're gone.
-They're gone.
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
feel alive?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
wanna fly tonight?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
feel alive?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
wanna fly tonight?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
feel alive?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
wanna fly tonight?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
feel alive?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
wanna fly tonight?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
feel alive?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
wanna fly tonight?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
feel alive?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
wanna fly tonight?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
feel alive?
Don't it feel good?
Don't it make you
wanna fly tonight?