Alimanas (2023) Movie Script

Doctor, what are we talking about?
Water, a lot of water.
In fact, torrential rains
-are caused...
-Drama queens. a quantity...
It's just a few drops.
Come on, Dad, the soup's getting cold.
Dad, your fingers are stuck again.
How many times
have | said not to touch the Loctite?
Come on, this way.
These croquettes
look delicious. I'll try one.
My whole mouth is on fire.
Well, Pedrito,
we're stuck, huh?
The cake!
In all,
it's only 25 or 30 liters, not much.
What? What do you want?
-Is Paco there?
-No. Why?
isn't moving.
We're on our way.
Ready? One, two...
It hurts, right?
Blow on it.
...the beam of light...
-See you.
-Thank you.
...not touch the metal.
Yes, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Shut up, Paco.
It's over, she's dead.
-Are you sure?
-I'm sure.
I'll meet you there.
...and keep your head down.
Don't lay on the ground horizontally
and try to stay away from any puddles
or standing water.
Dad, for Christ's sake,
you just have to open the balcony doors
when it's cold, don't you?
Let the air in, it stinks in here.
We'll let the air in, but another day.
Eat your dinner, Dad,
the soup's getting cold.
I'm going to run to Pura's
for a second. I'll be right back.
Oh, it's hot!
Look at the cake, burnt again.
It's fine.
Just scrape the burnt bit off.
Come on, it's about time.
I'll tell you this,
the squatters need to be kicked out.
-They're a pain, | can't stand them.
-Okay. Ring the bell, this is hot.
Let me in, this is really hot.
My fingers are burning.
Carlos, | don't mind
the squatter if he's clean.
Didn't you say you did mind?
Make up your mind.
Where are they washing
if there's no water downstairs?
They've been here two days.
Your fridge is almost empty.
We'll go shopping Monday.
Noodles tomorrow, do you like them?
I'll serve you some potato salad.
So, you have to talk to them.
No squatters or business mail.
Those are the rules here, end of story.
Just eat your dinner,
we'll take care of Pura.
She's awake, right?
Oh, God!
-You don't want us to stay?
-We don't mind.
I'll get my pajamas and stay.
-Of course.
-We'll pray.
-What for?
You're all alone now,
life has been so hard on you.
I'm fine.
Fucking stairs.
I'll end up dead too.
Hi, dear. What a shame, right?
-Here, tomato sauce.
-Tomato sauce.
-Is your brother here?
-No, not yet.
By the way, what's that music
coming from the doorkeeper's house?
They came to bring me and Mom dinner.
Ah, thank you very much.
That's very kind. How sweet.
But I'm sure you'll understand
that at this very difficult time,
we just want to be alone.
You understand, right? I'm sure you do.
Yes, of course we do.
"Life is full of surprises,
surprises are part of life."
-Goodnight and thanks.
-That she-wolf!
Lord, this has really upset me.
Did you see how fast
the general's wife showed up?
Before the brother.
Yes, before the brother.
Just wait for the brother.
Oh, poor Pura!
What do you mean, poor Pura?
Poor us.
Pura could have waited a little longer.
Wait until Paco finds out
they were here.
What were they doing here?
They aren't family.
-Did you call the mortuary?
I have to pee, | have cystitis.
What are they doing?
For now, just peeing.
She has cystitis.
Lola, wait, it's hitting me in the face.
You're such a pain.
They've gone inside.
| told him:
"Install an alarm, install an alarm."
-It's a piece of shit.
Why do you want this mattress?
To sleep, Pau. Why else?
Damn! But without disinfecting it?
-Turn, man. Where are you going?
-l don't know.
Did she say she wanted
anything special on the casket?
Locks, initials,
a metallic Christ on the cover...
Call and get advice.
With the weekend and the rain coming,
we'll have to bury her in a flowerpot.
Where are they?
The fans that were hanging here.
| don't know...
They must be around somewhere.
If your mom wants us to come back,
she can call me and apologize.
Why would she
after what you said to her?
What did | say? What?
I told her the truth.
She's rude and can go to hell.
We're the ones that went to hell.
Look, here's what we'll do.
We'll stay a few more days, just a week.
She needs to learn.
But | think she understands now.
Lola, it was important to scare her
and that's what we did.
I'd stop now and go home.
It's not so bad here.
Well, | feel dirty
and my thighs are sticking
and | want to shower.
-Hear anything?
-No, nothing.
Oh, Paco, Paco!
What a shame, we just heard.
It's too bad
for those of us left on Earth.
I'd like to die that way.
Not yet, but when my time comes,
like that, with a peaceful look,
smiling and in harmony.
Thank you, Nieves.
Where did he put them?
I'll get it, it must be your brother.
Anything you need, Paco, anything,
we'll dress her, watch over her...
-We'll make her beautiful.
-No, she wasn't a beautiful lady.
-Then pretty.
-Come in.
-Yes, pretty.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
You saw that, right?
The two vultures with the weakling.
This won't end well. | don't trust them.
-They're gone.
-Did you see the squatters?
-Are you listening?
Your mom's fans, they're gone.
-Where's Carlitos?
-His room.
-Did you hear what | said?
Your mom's fans aren't here.
Don't smoke if you're going in.
-In where?
-To see your mom.
| prefer to remember her how she was.
| prefer not to remember her.
Your brother is a pig.
He thinks I'm a fool,
but I'll turn this house upside down.
-Do whatever you want.
-Talk to him.
He's out of excuses.
He said he wouldn't sell until she died.
-Now she's dead. So talk to him.
And when you do, bring up the fans.
-Fine, dammit.
-Who knows where he put them.
-Did they say "sell"?
-Yes, yes, "sell".
Let's go to my place.
They're in the back and | can't hear.
-So0, they came in on you.
-Came in on me?
I told you
a cheap sticker wouldn't work,
you needed a real alarm like mine.
But no. How many are there
and when did they move in?
-A few days.
-Two days?
Why did you let them in?
Why didn't you call?
They seemed so helpless. She's pregnant
and it's cold out.
How can | kick them out?
You just do it.
Everyone out in the street.
This will cost us
and you're paying for letting them in.
Nicolai won't do it for under 3000.
Nicolai who?
You don't want to know. Come.
Give me a hug. Hearing about Mom, I'm...
My brother.
| think | put it in here, let me check.
Here it is, look.
Didn't this belong to Paco,
God rest his soul?
Fernando. Come on, let's go.
Dad, just a second
and I'll bring your escalope.
Come on, come on.
Good, Carlitos, good.
Now we only have each other.
-We must be strong
-and calm.
You struggle with that.
What's with the bags?
Mom's clothes, for the nuns.
Don't bother. That's a lot of clothes.
Well, she has a lot.
Mom was a pack rat,
she never threw anything out.
Of course.
- | wanted to talk about that.
Mom and what she kept. Where's the will?
Paco, now's not the time,
Mom's body is still warm.
I've been waiting
ten years for her to die.
I'm not waiting for her to cool.
Where is it?
Can you hear with that?
Yes, better than the TV.
| can't find them.
Where are they?
-Mom doesn't have anything.
-What do you mean?
What the building's worth,
but otherwise...
What the hell are you saying?
You heard me.
Here, here. Be quiet.
What about the 600,000 euros?
What 600,000 euros?
What do you mean, what 600,000 euros?
Listen, Carlitos.
Didn't Mom
sell the land in Lugo 12 years ago?
-For 600,000 euros?
And where is it? Where are the papers?
| never saw it.
Mom has nothing, | pay for everything.
You're an idiot. There must be something.
A book, a folder, a paper.
I told you, there's nothing.
-There must be.
-Why are you so sure?
Because Mom told me:
"When | die, you each get half."
Mom's dead, so we split it.
That doesn't mean
Mom has the 600,000 euros.
Yes, she does. And also this building.
-Or doesn't she?
But since
we can't sell the building by tomorrow
and | need the money now...
-You don't want to know.
Well, let's see...
| was thinking,
until we sell this place,
the 300 for me from the Lugo land
plus the 300 for you gives me 600.
Plus another 400 you can lend me
without any problem, you know me.
-400 from me?
-Yes, | added it up.
My calculations say
you must have at least 400 saved by now.
So, | thought | could pay
more or less what | owe with that.
And when we sell the building,
you and | will settle accounts.
You don't need to worry about that.
Don't think about that right now.
| told you they'd kick us out
as soon as they could.
What will happen to us?
Imagine, spending Easter under a bridge.
That's how it goes.
Zip it.
Of course, always in your favor.
You think | don't appreciate
what you've done
for Mom all these years?
| appreciate it, Carlitos, | do.
Mari and | really appreciate it.
Poor Mari always says:
"What your brother
is doing with your mom is priceless."
"When your brother dies,
he'll be beatified and buried in Rome."
Just wait and see.
What makes you think
| have 400,000 euros?
-Your savings.
-l don't have anything.
Nothing? Bulishit.
Look, Carlitos.
How much do you make at school?
Not much, you know that.
Not much, but how much is it?
-A thousand-some.
-Stop that, just tell me.
How much do you make?
-1700, 1800, it depends.
-That's what | thought.
2000 per month.
If you add bonuses, raises,
30-some years working
and how stingy you are,
not going to the movies, sports games,
or even crappy restaurants...
Not even a restaurant.
I'd kill myself if | were you.
At this point,
you've saved half a million.
What? | don't have anything.
Carlitos, drop the act, okay?
Tomorrow you'll go to the bank
and give me the money, end of story.
And why is that?
Because | said so and you're my brother
and because I'm in deep shit.
-Like always.
-No, not like always.
This time it's bad, serious.
I'll end up in the slammer.
Why is that?
Because | fucked up.
| scammed
the European Community and got caught.
What did you do?
A little of everything.
You don't want to know.
Who? What's going on?
He's such a pig.
Rest in peace, huh?
Jesus Christ!
Holy shit!
So, | came for nothing.
Who said she was dead?
When | called a half hour ago,
she wouldn't move.
If she has trouble breathing,
try to give her this.
If she takes it, great. If not, fine.
I'll take care of it.
By the way,
next time, if you aren't sure,
take her pulse. It's much easier.
Open the window, it reeks in here.
I'm going to see your wife
in the dining room.
Now what? Is she asleep or not?
How could she sleep?
She's cracking up.
She knows | need the money and she's...
cracking up.
Chita, is the pharmacy
open at this hour?
-The doctor gave me this for Pura.
You go, you're faster.
-Go, go!
-I'm going!
We can't let her die on us again.
Come on, let's go.
I'll drop my wife off
then we'll search the house.
| bet we'll find 600,000 euros.
You can't tell living from dead,
how could you know a book from a folder?
Take one of these before bed.
No. Actually,
two every eight hours, okay?
There we go.
Give me that.
Oh, | have all of this.
It doesn't do anything,
but | have it. I'll be right back.
If you don't need me, | have to go.
It's about to rain...
-Thank you, goodnight.
| doubt it'll be good. Goodnight.
-What a miracle.
-I'll walk you out.
A resurrected St. Lazarus.
I'm not a huge believer,
but seeing it myself...
Are you a believer?
What | am is pissed off...
Ah, well, linden blossom tea
works wonders when you're angry.
You drink it.
Let us know
when my mother-in-law decides to die.
Come on, Paco.
These things happen.
To you, but not to me.
When my mom died, she actually died.
Yeah, | get it. Now let's go.
Hello. I'm off to the pharmacy.
Your mother-in-law can't wait.
Oh, my raincoat!
| hope it isn't closed.
Why did you come down?
Here you go.
Here. No, wait,
these are the wrong ones.
How silly. I'll be right back.
I've lost it, my goodness.
Carlos! Carlitos!
-Someone help me!
-What is it?
-Someone help me!
What is it, Nieves?
Oh! Hurry, get up here!
-Get up here!
-What's wrong?
-Carlitos, look at me!
-Answer me.
-He won't look at me.
-Carlitos, talk to me!
Oh! What happened?
What a scare! What happened?
He just found out
his mother came back to life.
-I'm okay.
-He's okay.
-He's so delicate.
-I'm fine.
-Are you okay now, dear?
-Yes, | am.
-Are you sure?
-It's all over?
You can start packing up your shit.
You have 24 hours!
-Who's that?
-l don't know!
He's new.
You always ask me everything.
Come out yourselves
or I'll drag you out.
I'm not like my stupid brother.
-Paco, | found them!
The fans!
Those two
each have one in their entryway.
They stole them.
Mariangeles, please!
Go upstairs
and get those fans back right now!
You don't want anything?
We'll take care of your mother,
you get some rest.
I'll make you an omelet.
No, I'm okay. It was just a shock.
-There's soup.
-We don't mind.
-Thank you, | mean it.
Tomorrow we'll come back
for the damn fans.
| said no.
God dammit! What is it?
Do you all want to kill me?
The lobby is full of squatters,
my mom won't die,
my brother's an idiot
and you and your damn fans.
Want to give me a heart attack?
I'll have one if you want.
Enough about heart attacks.
I'm going to have one
and you'll all cry.
And I'll be laughing from the grave.
Your mom said those fans were mine
and they should be mine.
You think they're violent?
Well, Pau, they aren't peaceful.
But the law won't let them kick us out.
No, not the law,
but they can drag us out if they want!
Fine, tomorrow at the latest.
See you at home.
-You aren't coming?
-See you later.
See you later, like hell.
He isn't leaving.
Why isn't he leaving?
You've been warned.
Dad, please!
It stinks.
It doesn't stink.
Let's go sit down, I'll peel your pear.
Screw it!
I'm not leaving without my fans.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Everything okay?
Everything is fine.
| thought you left...
Well, now I'm back.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
You're forgiven.
Awful person.
They're such pains.
You're back? That was fast.
Of course,
and we'll start with Mom's bedroom.
Come on, Carlitos,
| don't have all night.
Come on, look alive.
What is this? Why are they coming back?
This doesn't look good.
We should've squatted
in the building next door.
We should have stayed with my mother.
Here we go again!
Let's pack up and leave.
For my mother's house?
The building next door.
Carlos, | thought
you packed up her clothes.
Yes, but she has so many.
I'm c o ming !
What? Who is it?
It's Mariangeles,
Pura's daughter-in-law.
Can you open up?
Of course.
-How are you?
-Sorry to bother you.
| was headed home and thought: "Go back.
Go back, because really, Mariangeles,
you can be so rude sometimes.
These women are kKilling themselves
to care for your husband's mom
and here you are..."
I'm sure you understand.
With my mother-in-law's situation,
my nerves got the best of me
and | forgot the sleep inducer.
Give me some Dormolex.
Right away, of course.
I'd be happy to.
Chita, Chita.
Ah, you're back too?
-Here you go.
It's expired, but it still works.
-What are you doing?
-The fan.
It was crooked and | can't stand that.
It drives me nuts.
Where are those damn bankbooks?
That mattress is calling to me.
| bet they're underneath.
Carlitos, help me.
Much better.
Thanks a lot.
It's beautiful.
Is it a family heirloom?
No way, it was your mother-in-law's.
She always had it
in the dining room. You never saw it?
Carlitos gave it to me.
The other day.
One for Chita,
one for Margarita and one for me.
-Right, Chita?
-Ah, you have another one?
Me? Yes.
Excuse me a moment.
They're all up there again.
Did you see Paco is back too?
I'm sure they're plotting something.
Come on.
Those fucking neighbors!
They're exhausting.
-Leave those pests to me.
-Carlos, open up!
-You get it.
-I'm not here.
Open the door!
-l know you're there.
Who are you to give away my fans?
-The ones from the dining room.
Don't play dumb.
Since when are they yours?
The first day | set foot in this house
and saw them, | said:
"They're so pretty."
Your mother told me: "These fans
are for the women in this family."
And until you undergo surgery,
I'm the only woman here.
She wanted me
to give them to the neighbors.
-Your mother said to?
-Last week.
Like always, you make me feel inferior
until the very last day,
like an outsider.
A stranger in her own family.
Carlitos, I'm begging you.
I'm very anxious,
so go down and get my fans right now.
-Ah, no?
It's my mother's wish
and I'm not going against it.
Take her side, like always.
-But this...
-This doesn't end here.
Did you hear that shouting?
The people in this family
have never had their heads on straight.
You think she'll let it go?
Leave this to me.
Who is it?
It's me. Open up.
Sorry to bother you again,
but I'm afraid
there was a misunderstanding.
It turns out
my brother-in-law gave you some fans
that weren't his, but mine.
So, if you'd be so kind
as to return them, I'll leave you alone.
Thank you very much.
Don't bother, honey.
I can see right through you.
Give my fan back!
Give my fan back!
Open up!
Open up! | know you're in there!
Of course, where else would we be?
Open up or I'll beat the door in!
She's a moron. Call the police.
We'll show her.
Open up!
Hurry, the storm is coming.
We'll leave the mattress.
Do we have another one?
No, right?
Then we're taking the mattress.
Come on, just jam it in there.
No, no, Lola, no.
It'll get wrinkled.
I'll get wrinkled waiting for you.
Like this.
Nieves, they won't answer.
They must be having dinner.
-Open up!
-How could the police
eat dinner this late?
I'll call myself.
Old hags!
You won't open up?
You won't open up.
I'll find a way.
I'm not giving up that easy.
I'm a Pisces!
My goodness.
Since when does Mom wear men's clothing?
-It's mine.
| figured.
Are these 584,322 euros also yours?
and Mom's pension here.
Well, I've always paid for everything.
And I've been taking care of Mom.
I've put in
all these years and spent sparingly,
so of course
I've saved some money and it's mine.
No, no, no, no.
If the pension and rents weren't spent,
they belong to both of us.
-Half and half.
Don't you remember?
I'll show you.
Calle Mercenarios.
Where is that?
Cosme, do you see that?
Nieves, come here, quick.
They're here, forget it.
Come here, come.
m! Ma'am!
What are you doing?
Come on, get down from there.
-I've made sacrifices.
-Like what?
We didn't live off potatoes for years
for you to come take half.
How can you be so stingy?
Always living off of handouts...
-...and you've neglected Mom.
-When have you paid rent?
Know what it's like to have a mortgage,
responsibility and raise kids?
-You live off of handouts.
-That's a lie.
-You live off of handouts.
-Not true.
-Always glued to Mom.
-Always glued to Mom?
I haven't lived in ten years.
I only go to church
and then right back home.
| make her food,
wash her clothes and wash her.
-And if not, look, look.
-Do you smell that?
The smell of Mom's shit!
-It won't go away.
| can't get it off my hands.
So don't tell me | live off of handouts.
Because since her embolism,
| haven't stopped for a minute.
Carlitos! Carlos!
-Ma'am, please.
-I'm coming, I'm coming. Ay!
-Get down.
Sorry, sorry.
Oh, thank you, gentlemen.
Why were you up there?
| forgot my keys.
-You could have died, ma'am.
-No, not at all.
After all the times I've had to...
I'm very scatter-brained.
Let me see your ID.
-Me? Why?
-Your ID, please.
-I'm from here, I'm Spanish.
-Ma'am, please.
No, what?
You don't have it or won't show me?
-Don't touch me!
-Ma'am, please!
-Listen, please!
They've got her. Let's go
and check on the other two.
-Get in the car! Get in!
Help me, please!
Someone help me!
You're lucky Mom had an embolism
to give you something to talk about.
What would you have done
without it? Be bored to death.
I'm supposed to be grateful
for the embolism
after everything
| had to give up because of it.
What have you given up?
Travelling, | really like travelling.
And | had to keep teaching. | hate kids,
| can't stand them, they disgust me.
And meeting people.
And finally
getting married and having kids.
-You? Get married?
-Yes, me.
-This makes no sense.
Look, Carlitos, aren't you gay?
| always thought so.
And | respect it.
If you're gay, you're gay.
Wait... Me, gay?
Don't tell me you're not gay.
It turns out Mari was right.
She said: "Paco, your brother
is gay and doesn't know."
Mari, now | get it.
This is all her idea, right?
Here we go!
-It's always Mariangeles!
Margarita has been gone for a while.
Jesus! Here we go again!
Chita, close the balcony door.
Thank you.
Where did that guy go?
What are you doing, Dad?
You hardly have any teeth.
You'll ruin your gums.
And on top of the meatballs...
Carlitos, don't bring Mari into this,
| know it's coming.
Between her and Mom's embolism,
you have everything covered.
That's all you talk about. Sit down.
What are they saying?
To sit down.
Sit down? Where? Give me it, give me it.
Here. You're so bossy.
I'm going to get a glass.
Yeah, go get a glass.
Let's see what he says.
Let's be serious,
you've really surprised me tonight.
All things considered, do you think
I'll believe that you don't know
where the 600,000 euros are
from the land in Lugo?
I don't know.
I'll ask again,
| can see you're struggling.
-Do you...?
-l don't know, Paco, | swear.
-l don't know where it is.
-I'll kill you.
Well, should we wait until tomorrow?
My water just broke.
It's not here, Paco, it's not.
What's this?
Mom's old bankbook,
she keeps everything.
-Why don't you toss it?
-Just in case, | don't know.
-Shit, shit, shit!
-What is it?
This is it.
This is the bankbook
for the 600,000 euros.
What does this say?
And when did Mom deposit the 645,000?
December 9th.
Of 2009, right?
And where did Mom get all that money?
The land in Lugo.
And two years later, how much is there?
850 euros.
She spent it.
That's why there isn't 645,000.
Because she spent it
and didn't say a word. Dammit!
Let's go, let's go!
Where did she spend it?
On whores, | don't know.
She probably gave it away to screw me.
See how it goes down?
She blew it all.
Or to Isabel.
Maybe she gave it to Isabel.
-Her friend, the Jehova's Witness.
She came every Wednesday
until she disappeared.
Of course she did.
Why the hell did you let her in?
We've always been Catholic, you idiot.
Now what do | do?
Are you sure?
You didn't just pee your pants?
-Pau, please.
-It's impossible.
It's too soon, you have two more months.
Well, the baby is ahead of schedule.
Oh, my gosh!
What do we do? What do | do?
I'd say call an ambulance.
Okay, yes.
-You see that?
They're robbing the optical shop.
You're kidding! You wait here.
-I'll wait here.
Stop, stop!
Hey, hey, stop!
God dammit!
No answer.
Then call the police.
Them either. No ambulance,
police, firefighters, nothing.
They're all busy, like my mother.
-You called your mother?
Not my mother.
Then call her, dammit!
Call her! What are you waiting for?
How stupid of me. My mother!
we have to sell the building ASAP.
Sell it? What about Mom?
She's on death's door.
Let's see.
For now, tomorrow morning
you'll go to the bank
and get me half a million.
That will buy us time.
We'll put the building on the market
and fill the hole with the profits.
-How much are we talking?
-Only a million.
-More or less, yes.
How do you sleep owing a million euros?
If we're lucky,
we can get 4 million for the building.
| need a million and a half for my debt.
-You mean a million.
-And a half.
Let's play it safe.
That leaves 2.5 million.
We'll take half a million for my son,
like Mom always said.
We have two left.
One for you and the other for me.
Half and half, perfect.
What do you mean, a million?
What we have left
after filling the hole.
-After filling the hole?
-Your hole.
And you want to split it?
You've got some nerve.
Why do you say that?
You're taking a million and a half.
To get out of debt. Don't you get it?
But it's your debt.
And you're my brother,
not some random guy.
Don't | have a right
to enjoy some of my inheritance?
What are you talking about?
You are sick.
You weren't this selfish before.
What happened to you?
-What happened to me?
-You've gone cold.
One of these days
your pulse will stop and you'll die.
And it won't be peaceful.
You'll die anxious,
like St. Augustine.
They opened the grave
and found him there scratching.
The doorbell. Go see who it is, hurry.
Take the glass.
-Your mom's medicine.
-Thank you.
Where have you been? What took so long?
| couldn't find the 24-hour pharmacy.
| have no sense of direction.
Oh, honey, you poor thing.
Just look at you.
Her either.
With the thunder,
my mother turned her phone off
and crawled under the bed to hide.
Wait, no, wait!
Shit, the phone, I'll be back!
Pau, where are you going?
Marga, honey, where have you been?
That's the door again.
Excuse me.
Give you my car? Why?
My girlfriend is in labor
and needs to go to the hospital.
So what? Take her on a donkey
with all the shit you have down there,
fucking squatters.
Don't tell me the girl is in labor.
Where is she?
She's not down there
with the fleas, is she?
Chita, stay and watch those two.
Marga, come with me.
You, squatter, come on.
-Come on, let's go.
Come on, quickly.
Margarita, sit her down here.
Come on, hurry.
Go change,
you're going to catch pneumonia.
Chita, bring one of your nightgowns.
What are you doing?
Keep calling until someone answers.
This girl needs to go to a hospital.
And you... No, you sit here calmly.
Stay calm, we'll see what happens.
Don't be nervous,
that won't get us anywhere.
Come on, deep breaths.
Here's the water.
-Give me it.
-Let's see.
-What's with all the towels?
They're for her forehead,
is that alright?
In the movies,
they don't go on the forehead,
they go on the lady bits.
Oh, you don't say. Lady bits...
-Can | wear this?
-Yes, yes.
-This goes here.
We have to do it.
Nursing homes are like hotels nowadays.
There's even a pool
and they... they swim.
Not an old people's home.
They're in the kitchen.
Carlitos, stop stalling.
We're putting her in a home tomorrow
and selling the building.
No, | said no nursing home.
Why not?
Because | can't.
| have to care for Mom, that's that.
-But why?
-Just because!
Oh, they're moving.
Where is the stethoscope?
I'll use the glass.
What's the problem?
It's my fault.
It's my fault Mom's like this.
What are you talking about?
Yes, the doctor said so.
| had to give her shots for her leg.
| don't understand. What do you mean?
She broke a leg before the embolism.
Uh... And since Mom was...
on the sofa all day
not moving her leg...
the doctor said | had
to give her shots for her blood,
so she didn't get a clot.
I forgot.
I didn't give her any for three days
because | was busy
with exams and evaluations.
She ended up getting a clot.
-What did the doctor say?
-l didn't tell him.
| was scared.
-Then maybe it's not your fault.
-It is my fault.
-How do you know?
-You just know these things.
Jesus, now he feels guilty. Carlitos!
Oh! They just can't stay still.
Let's go.
Look, Carlitos,
what happened to Mom is her fault.
So what if you missed a shot?
Two shots?
Holy shit, Carlitos!
Seven? Did he say seven?
He said seven.
What's going on?
Look, Carlitos, let's be clear.
Mom's problem is she's evil.
That's where the little ball came from.
-What little ball?
-The little ball.
The embolism. Why do you think
Mom had an embolism?
Because of the shots.
Because her blood
was poisoned with evilness.
Her blood was poisoned
and poisoned blood doesn't circulate.
It's thick
and it all stays here, in your head.
Here, here, here.
The little ball formed there and grew.
A black clot, a clot of evilness.
Then she had an embolism. Screw her.
-Enough, Paco. This isn't right.
-What isn't right?
Saying this about Mom.
You still take her side?
Don't defend her, man.
Mom has never loved us.
Not me, not you, nobody.
Why do you think | moved out so young?
-1 didn't want to see her.
-What are you saying?
And you should have done the same.
If she didn't love me, you...
Mom hated you, Carlos.
Mom hated you.
She never forgave you for having a dick.
She was dying to have a girl,
but it didn't work out,
all she got was you.
Where do you think your name comes from?
From Carlota, Carlitos. From Carlota.
You were supposed to be named Carlota.
When Mom saw your dick,
she was crushed and angry.
She's still angry, just look.
Look, look at this.
What's this?
What do you see here?
-And who's she holding?
Cousin Maribel.
Exactly, the one that drowned.
-And where are you, Carlitos?
| mustn't have been there.
Why aren't you
in any photos with cousin Maribel?
I don't know.
Want to know why?
There is no cousin Maribel.
Cousin Maribel isn't dead.
Cousin Maribel didn't drown.
Cousin Maribel is you.
Paco, what are you talking about?
Mom dressed you as a girl
and we took photos.
-See how she has your knees?
Those are my knees.
And Dad knew, but he didn't say a word.
He said Mom wasn't well
and she'd get over it.
And he'd go take a walk
while we took photos, out in the cold.
Because Mom killed Dad.
Why do you think Dad died?
He had pneumonia.
Exactly, while we took photos.
He went for a walk, it snowed,
he got cold and never got over it.
It spread through his body
until it seeped into his balls.
Poor man.
Mom was disgusted by Dad.
Mom hated Dad, Lugo and all of Galicia.
That's why she sold the land,
hoping to annoy Dad to death.
And he died, yes,
from the cold and sadness.
Because Dad loved Mom,
he was truly devoted to her.
The poor guy.
I've never met anyone sadder.
Dad died from sadness.
Mom killed Dad.
From distress.
She told me: "He disgusts me,"
and it consumed him.
Mom is furious.
And you're worried about a few shots.
| don't like people who are furious
because it's confusing.
You never know
if they're coming to kiss or kick you.
Put her in a home
and we'll sell the building.
Let her die of rage,
boredom, sadness, anything.
Because it clearly won't be of old age.
A specialist told me years ago
that Mom wasn't stressed, far from it.
The only thing Mom had...
was spite.
She harbored a lot of spite,
it was embedded in her.
That's where the little ball came from.
If the rage leaves her face...
the day she dies,
we won't even recognize her.
It'll be like it wasn't Mom.
She's evil, Carlitos, very evil.
She could do us a favor
and die and set us up for life,
but she can't even do that right.
Oh, it's my dad. Here.
Here, honey.
Dad, where are you going
in this raincoat?
To work, dear, to work.
| have no choice.
Dad, you're retired.
You don't say!
Yes, you retired when Lola Flores died.
-Lola Flores died?
-Yes, yes, yes.
A long, long time ago, Dad.
Paco, | think | don't love Mom.
Wait until she recovers...
Oh, no.
Can you imagine if she recovers?
What do we gain?
Above all, what does Mom gain?
-She doesn't want to die.
-She has no idea what she wants.
You think this is quality of life?
Lying in bed all day
being a pain and getting on your nerves?
That's life, you stick with her,
but deep down, you want to die.
What if she recovers?
if | were you,
| wouldn't give her the pill.
She can go to hell.
What if she stays the same?
Try it.
She stays the same.
Sometimes I've spaced out
and nothing, she stays the same.
Spaced out, he says.
What happened? What is it?
What did they say? What?
Give it here.
Mom is strong, Paco, very strong.
One time she got on my nerves,
| got distracted and left
her blinds pulled for two weeks.
It was as dark as a cave in there.
What do you think she did?
She was just fine.
Did you expect her to croak?
Nobody dies from darkness.
When she could barely breathe,
| opened the window wide...
for another week.
A whole week?
| didn't get her vaccinated.
Because you forgot, I'm sure.
-1 bet that's how she got sick.
-Of course.
What else have you forgotten lately?
Nothing, why?
Well, you just seem very forgetful...
| really did forget about the shots.
And everything else, right?
-That too, of course.
-Of course.
Why are we talking
if you've already sent her on her way?
-Her way where?
-Her way to heaven.
It might not have been that.
Don't worry, it's the same with me.
Just think,
every time | took her to lunch,
| don't know how, but | got distracted
and ordered her mackerel.
You know it's hard for her.
And all the bones. | got distracted.
And sometimes
| imagined me telling her a joke
and her cracking up
and choking on all the bones.
| got scared and drew a blank.
And she is there suffering.
This is no way to live.
We have to report them, right?
Wait for the rain to stop.
You'll see when it clears up.
What's this?
What the hell is happening up there?
Quickly, quickly, let's go!
Just what we needed, a leak.
Why didn't you shut off the water
when Jacinto died?
| did. What do you think?
Where are they going? What happened?
Quiet. If you talk, | can't hear.
Excuse me.
| think it's out.
Out? What's out?
The baby, he's coming out.
He can't wait a day? This is a bad time.
You go, Conchita, see what's coming.
Honey, come, come with me.
My God, it reeks.
Well, you won't let me rent it,
so how's it supposed to smell? Clean?
Yes, just what | needed.
I have enough trouble
kicking out those three tightwads.
Look at the floor.
Look at the ceiling.
It's soaked.
| don't see anything, there's nothing.
| don't know, | thought there was.
No, nothing. There's nothing coming out.
See that? See that?
Again with this crap.
Nothing is coming out.
Don't you see me
spreading everything apart?
Look, you see? Do you see that?
The building needs to be demolished.
It's a public danger.
Yes. What about Mom?
Carlitos, Mom...
We'll help Mom out.
Help her.
We can't keep feeding her
bones in a dark, musty room.
Of course, of course.
We have to do something.
What do you want to do?
| guess...
give her a little push.
-It's euthanasia.
-It's euthanasia.
-Doing her a favor.
-Doing her a favor.
-Because she's already dead.
-More dead than alive.
-And no one will miss her.
You don't love her,
I don't, no one does.
No one will miss her.
They're savages.
What do you mean, savages? Murderers.
We have to call the police.
What police?
The line has been busy all night.
We'll have to go to the station.
It's not far, only 15 minutes from here.
You, squatter, come on.
it'll take you five minutes. Go on.
-What about Lola?
-We'll stay with her.
-Go on.
-Let's go, move it.
Oh, God dammit!
Get him out of me!
Girl's got some mouth on her.
Come on, let's see what those scoundrels
are saying. Let's go.
I'm going to get soaked.
-S0, we agree.
-We... We'll help her.
Wait, wait. Who's going to help her?
-No, you.
-No, you.
-We'll flip a coin.
You want heads or tails? | call tails.
What do | have to do?
Okay, Carlitos.
How can we help her
without anyone suspecting us?
An embolism,
the best option
is to fill her head with little balls.
Fill her head with little balls?
How do you do that?
If we don't act fast,
we can say goodbye to Pura.
Pura? Who's Pura?
-The mother.
-The victim.
The one they're going to kill.
| can't take any more,
| want to get out of here. Pau!
No one's answering.
What do we do?
Save her ourselves.
What's that?
Keys Carlitos gave me
in case anything happened.
Come on, | need you.
| can't. No, no, | can't.
She's panicking.
You and me, Chita. Come on, you and me.
Come on, let's go.
This goes...
Do you have a rope?
You want to hang her?
What are you talking about, Carlitos?
We have to do it somehow.
Okay, it's settled. Grab a rope,
tie up her legs,
run the rope
through the hook on the light,
I'm sure it'll hold,
and hang her upside down.
We'll leave her there all night
so the blood condenses in her head.
If we're lucky, her head
will fill with little balls and clots.
It has to work.
Then what? Do we sit and watch TV
with Mom hanging and turning purple?
No, no, | can't, | can't.
| don't have the strength
and the light won't hold her.
And she'd have marks on her ankles.
Are you sure?
Of course. You want them
to kill Pura? Let's go.
| have to crap.
Then bread, bread.
We'll roll bread into a ball
and shove it in her mouth.
We won't kill her, she'll choke.
It's different, something else.
Imagine | dare to stick it
in her mouth, which is a lot for me,
and she swallows it.
| wouldn't dare.
Then make it bigger.
Then it'll be obvious.
When they open her and remove it,
they'll know
it's impossible to swallow that.
Who says they'll open her up?
They'll do an autopsy.
No, Carlitos. People who die
of old age aren't opened up.
It's not dying of old age,
we're killing her.
Don't say kill!
Are you killing someone?
No, right? Me either.
You don't have to do anything.
I'll make the bread ball.
We'll wait until she's asleep. You know
she sleeps with her mouth open.
I'll open the door, Mom's mouth is open,
you shut your eyes
and throw the bread. No one's guilty.
In fact, it's her fault for not chewing.
I'm going to be sick.
Son of a bitch.
-l can't believe it.
-Let's go.
It smells so bad in here. Oh, God.
Stop complaining and watch the door.
Let me open the window first.
This is unbearable.
Don't worry, Pura. We're here.
A blanket. We need a blanket.
What big underwear you have.
And no blanket, of course.
Not one.
Let's see. Not here either.
Thank you, God.
| can't take any more. | can't.
Why is everything always so complicated?
| swear, when Mom dies,
I'm taking my paintings and bags
and moving to the Canary Islands.
-The Canary Islands?
I'll marry a Canarian woman.
And don't call me gay.
I'll be speaking with Mari.
Why Mari? Mom told us.
-Told you what?
-That you were.
-Were what?
-A non-practicing homosexual.
She said to leave you alone
and not say anything
because you'd die of embarrassment.
So we said nothing.
Nothing. In this house,
there aren't any blankets.
| can't find anything.
Oh, look. Help me.
Grab that side.
Put it on the ground.
You've never dated a girl.
What do you mean? I've dated girls.
Not many, but some.
-Yes, me.
Years ago,
| dated a coworker: Elisenda Soriano.
One day, | invited her over
for lunch to meet Mom.
And, in the middle of lunch,
when | got up to go to the kitchen,
| heard Mom say something and | thought:
"Mom couldn't have told her that."
What did she tell her?
When you marry my son,
you'll have to wipe my ass.
Chita, we'll do out best
to not hurt her. Poor girl.
-It's impossible not to hurt her.
-Let's go.
So why'd she say you're gay?
Because she wants me here
with her forever,
to be by her side
and take care of her until she dies.
One day, she told me:
"I had you so you'd take care of me."
-She told you that?
Look, if Mom told me that,
I'd throw her down the stairs.
Of course,
that's why she didn't tell you.
It'll be hard to do this gracefully.
That leaves us no choice then.
If you can't do it, | will.
I'm always the one
who has to solve things.
I'm doing it. I'm doing it.
I'm going, I'm going.
-You're not coming?
-No, no, no, no.
Fine, don't come.
You're pathetic.
-Someone's coming.
-What are you talking about?
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed by thy name.
Oh, my God!
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
What do we do?
Nothing, stay there.
No fucking way!
Help me!
Screw you. I'm out of here.
-She's gone.
-You did it?
No, she's gone.
-Mom's gone!
Mom? Mom, Mom!
I'm shitting my pants.
You think you're so clever.
Mom, Mom!
-Where'd you put her?
-She's gone.
-She knew, she knew.
-Who knew what?
Mom, she knew...
and found the strength to get up.
She found the strength to get up
and jumped off the balcony. Idiot!
Oh, no, no, no!
She jumped off.
-She killed herself.
Wait! Where are you going?
Carlitos, please!
Outside. Where else would | be going?
Don't you see it doesn't make any sense?
You really did it this time, Chita.
Sorry, | had to take a shit ASAP.
Let's grab her before they come back.
Come on, help me.
You come help us too.
And stop being so anxious,
you look like a sad puppy.
What do you mean she jumped?
She can't even walk.
Yeah, but if she isn't there,
she must be here.
Plus, the balcony doors are open.
Careful, careful!
Paco, Paco!
A blackout. Just what we needed.
Come on, pull, pull.
Pull, pull harder, harder.
-Paco, are you okay?
-What a blow to the head!
I'm disoriented
and everything, Carlitos.
-Easy now.
-Help me.
Lola, Lola!
A robber! A robber broke in!
There's a guy scaling the wall.
A robber!
-Run, run!
-How could you drop me like that?
-How could you drop me?
| don't fit.
l... | don't fit.
Good evening.
What're you doing here?
They're breaking in.
-Who broke in?
-A robber, on the balcony.
No way!
Who's broken in?
Oh, my God! What the hell is this?
Shit, shit, shit!
Pau, please, come here! Pau, come here!
Lola, Lola!
-l saw a guy climbing the wall.
-What wall?
The other two are dragging
an old lady on the floor.
A real old lady!
-They want to kill her.
Yeah, that's why they went to save her.
There's an old lady
who's older than the other old ladies.
An old lady who doesn't go out,
who's shut in and nearly dead.
Pau, what happened to you,
my little fruitcake?
| want to get out of here, please.
No, no, no!
Don't you see there's a robber?
-What robber?
-The one | mentioned.
The one from the balcony
who's loose in the house.
There's no one here.
Go check the kitchen and bathrooms
and I'll check the bedrooms.
Okay, okay.
-Chita, Chita.
-Did you see anything?
What's the squatter thinking?
There's no one.
What a scare.
Pura, Pura. We left Pura.
-She must be cold.
-On the count of three.
Come on.
-Close the door!
-Pull, pull!
-Are you crazy?
-Mom! .
-Give me my mom back!
Grab Pura, grab Pura,
they're going to get her!
Grab her!
-I'll break the door down!
-l can't see anything.
Let's move her.
Chita, help me.
Pull, pull that way.
Ladies, open up, please!
Mother killers!
Cockroaches, you're cockroaches!
Let's move the bed
so they don't come in.
-You should be ashamed!
-Oh, no, Pau!
Oh, no. | think it's time.
We should have kicked them out
200 years ago.
-Why do they have her?
-They heard us.
-They heard us.
-We called the police.
-What now?
They're almost here.
That's it.
They've been bothering me my whole life.
Ow, ow, ow!
That hurt!
Mr. Benito, Mr. Benito, help me!
Whatever you need, dear.
What should | do? Grab her feet?
What's happening?
Ow, ow!
-Where's my mom?
-That's it, that's it!
What have you done with my mom?
It's not coming out.
What do you need? Towels?
Can you shut up about the towels?
Hit him, hit him hard!
Take that!
Hey, that's my wife.
Pau Garcia, what do you see?
A vagina, like always, Lola!
What else would | see?
Keep an eye on her.
Inhale and exhale, dammit.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
Bite him!
Tear his ear off!
Bite him!
Take that!
We'll call the cops and take a mackerel
and shove it where the sun don't shine!
With the bones and all! For God's sake!
Aren't you ugly!
-Stay right here!
-Paco, Paco!
You're fucking kidding me!
Margarita, come here!
-Come here!
-I'm coming!
-Come here!
-I'm coming!
Take that, take that!
Get out!
Take that!
Take that!
-That's right!
-Those are my fucking balls!
-That's it!
-Conchita, Conchita!
Where are you going?
-Take that!
He's coming, he's coming! Paco, Paco!
He's escaping!
He's escaping! I'll get him.
Get back here, old lady killer!
Help me!
What happened to you?
Paco, paco, help me!
Look, the robber!
What robber?
That's the crazy daughter-in-law.
Carlos, Carlos, Carlos!
-What happened to her face?
-Who knows?
-Carlos, Carlitos!
Carlitos, she's slipping!
Paco! Hurry!
-Who's that?
-Help me, Paco!
Get me up!
Grab me! Grab me!
Get me up, get me up, Paco!
Get me up!
Get me up, Paco!
I'm slipping!
Let's go!
Oh, my God!
What happened to you, Mariangeles?
Get me inside! Get me inside, Paco!
Get me inside!
Oh, my God!
Oh, they're dead!
Oh, they're dead!
What's that?
-A child.
-What child?
The squatter gave birth.
Let's go, let's go!
Some come and others go.
Merry Christmas, Maria Antonia.
"Mother dearest of the soul,
on my breast, | carry a flower.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Worry not of the hue...
of its petals...
because the flower, my mother, is you.
It is you.
Your affection is my good,
Mother dearest.
I've always
and will always count on you...
to be the refuge
from all of my sorrows...
My sorrows.
...and the cradle of love and truth.
Even if | find love in my life...
Ooh, ooh.
...that fills me with happiness galore,
I have never found love, my mother,
| have never found love
quite like yours.
Mother dearest of the soul,
on my breast, | carry a flower.
Worry not of the hue of its petals...
because the flower,
my mother, is you."
Alright, well, that's that.
For the time being,
the big problem resolved itself.
| wouldn't say that...
What do we do now?
Cross our fingers
that Pura doesn't die anytime soon.
Two more late-night shows
and it's lights out for Pura.
-Don't worry. | have a solution.
-For what?
So Pura sticks around
for many years to come.
I'm talking many, many years.
What is it?
I'll tell you in a minute.
| don't want everyone here to find out.
"Mother dearest of the soul,
on my breast, | carry a flower.
Worry not of the hue of its petals
because the flower, my mother, is you.
Your affection is my good,
Mother dearest.
I've always
and will always count on you...
to be the refuge
from all of my sorrows...
and the cradle of love and truth.
Le-le-le-le, ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Le-le-le-le, ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le, le.
Mother dearest of the soul,
on my breast, | carry a flower.
Worry not of the hue of its petals...
because the flower, my mother, is you.
Your affection is my good,
Mother dearest.
I've always
and will always count on you...
to be the refuge
from all of my sorrows...
and the cradle of love and truth.
Even if I find love in my life...
that fills me with happiness galore,
I have never found love, my mother,
| have never found love
quite like yours.
Mother dearest.
Full of flavor and grace.
-Mother, mother...
-Oh, mother.
-...dearest, dearest.
-My mother dearest.
Mother, mother,
no one can take away your love.
-Beautiful mother dearest.
-Mother, mother.
Mother dearest, dearest.
No one can take away your love.
Mother, mother,
no one can take away your love.
My dearest delight.
Mother, mother, mother dearest, dearest.
Mother, mother,
no one can take away your love.
Mother, mother, mother dearest, dearest.
Mother, mother,
no one can take away your love.
Le-le-le-le, ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Le-le-le-le, ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Le-le-le-le, ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Le-le-le-le, ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Le-le-le-le, ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le-le-le-le.
Ay, le."