Alive (2014) Movie Script

Chul-ah Jeong
Close the window, it's too cold
Hey, why isn't this up?
Chul-ah Jeong
Yongwook hyung called
What does Yongwook say, where are you?
you are scary
I don't even know where
Hey, what do you mean, say it straight
why did you call
Didn't I ask where you are?
Hey, talk straight, nigga
Kids ignore you because you say
that all the time, oh, really
you know well
I'm always the same
Chul-ah Jeong
My aunt is Filipino.
I've never met a woman
who was so kind to me.
Where's the rug?
You put it over there
Do you know why?
You're filipino
All Filipinos are friendly
it's warm there
You don't have to worry about the cold
sleeping on the street at night
I wake up in the morning and
eat a banana when I'm hungry.
Oh, I want to go to the Philippines.
Chul-ah Jeong
I don't know right now
Let's go to the Philippines later to live
I wish Suyeon would go too.
Did you find a rug?
Can't find it?
Chul-ah Jeong
what's on your truck
Youngseon hyung, what are you doing now?
Hey, fuck it, I have to put it on
Hey, why are you lifting the load again?
Hey, fly fast
I didn't get any money,
but I have to sell this.
Oh, get down
Hey, go away!
This is my car
Oh, bring your brother in soon too.
Aren't we supposed to get it out
quickly before the warden arrives?
Okay, let's take this and sell it.
Oh, get down, get down
Look at this, look at
this, what are you doing now
Do you plan on making me a thief?
Oh, brother, are you going to starve
to death in this severe winter?
Aren't you supposed to sell
this and make a living?
Director, we didn't get any money.
This person said that
Yong-wook paid all the money!
We didn't get it, so what should we eat?
It won't be winter, now
This is theft, theft is now this
Oh, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know, hey, fly quickly, load quickly
- Hey, put it up, quickly -
Why are you like this, really?
Stop it
Go away!
Hey, this baby, saying,
Director, we're not supposed to get paid.
This fucking bastard is real!
Hey, call the cops, cops!
- Hey - Yes?
Did you hit the knight?
Oh bro, I just dried it
Oh, my boss saw it.
Jeongcheol, did you hit me?
Oh bro, what do you mean?
Can't you see the face?
'Cause I was just right
Myung-hoon, did I hit you, huh?
No, Jeongcheol just dried it.
I saw
I was afraid it might be more
right, so I just pulled it out.
there, then
Where is the money that went down now?
Why are you talking about that now?
Asking who hit me, why are
you talking about money?
Go to Yongwook and ask him
look at this
did I get money
Did I get paid?
Look at the ledger, come on
Put this down
I said not to fight
did you drink again?
Did I fight? I'm dry
look at your face
After all, you guys can't get any money
It just looks like it's cut off, you guys
bastards like bastards
Doesn't your head turn like that?
Are you, are you a headdresser?
Hey, why are you here?
What if you don't get money?
Let's go to the Philippines in the spring
It's over now
Hey, hey!
I worked, why can't I get paid?
Wait a minute, I'll fix the
house when I get the money.
Hey, is it my fault that this happened?
you're always like this
Hey Jinyoung
Let go!
Hey, Jeongcheol
When was the last time
you talked to Yongwook?
Older brother
I saw Minsu cub yesterday
Where did this little daddy go?
He just ran away
My mother also said that she ran away.
How is Minsu here?
This brother is really
So are my eyes fake?
Even if you say it, really, Mr...
Hyung, it doesn't seem like it?
Brother, brother!
Let's see
- Ha, this bastard is real
- Hey, Mr. Lee, why?
Hey, you bastard, where is your dad?
Dad, where is it, this baby
Seo, you went to Seoul
You sounded like Seoul,
and you're sarcastic.
Where are you dad
Is there something wrong with the kid?
Hey, stop it, man
Why are you doing this to the kid?
Hey, take off your shoes
Ayu, fuck, really, Mr.
Minsu, did you not call your father?
Mom is?
Did you guys get money?
Are you suspecting us now that
Minsu locked the door, huh?
I said, there's no Yongwook
- Huh?
- Hey
You introduced Yongwook.
Aren't you both paid?
No, we didn't get it either.
Fuck you
from before you
It's you guys who said
there's no one here, huh?
Hey jeongcheol
you are weird
Should I go to the bank
and open my bankbook now?
- Are you crazy?
- Did you get paid?
Because you called us
you give our money
Later, you get it from Yongwook.
Oh, hyung introduced us, huh?
Shouldn't our money brother
have to give it first?
Shut up you bastard
Why, did I say something wrong?
Do you really want to open your bankbook?
Ah, Don Juiso, hyung
Where are you going, brother?
It's because you didn't
open the door, okay?
When Daddy comes back, tell
him to come find the door.
Have money
Did I still get money?
Did I get money
What if there is no front
door in the house, huh?
Chul-ah Jeong
Cheol-ah Jeong!
can I see well?
Hang in there
a little bit, a little bit
Wait a minute
I couldn't see the house
because there are no street lights
the rain keeps falling
I was waiting for the rain to stop
but where
I hear frogs crowing
noisy, really
those frogs
They're all flocking to me
a thousand?
There will be one thousand
I stepped on
step on it
I killed it
I couldn't help it
I was so scared
the house collapsed
I enjoyed the free acting.
But that sadness
It's not easy to express through acting.
What you just did
Where, what, is the
acting in the script, or
Is this your real story?
Ok then
what you just said
Can you show me some with your actions?
I want to see you in action
Hana how did you get here
One, is it cold?
My mother
Come in
Hana, you are here
Ayu, Mr., Noona
sister, wake up
- Wake up.
- Jeong Chul-ah
I'm tired, wake up
I'm having a really, really hard day today
why are you here now
I couldn't even eat people
because of my sister, wake up
How long have I waited for you
Please don't say anything
Let go, don't do it
Chul-ah Jeong
why are you here now
how long have I waited for you
Please, please, don't say anything.
I'm really tired today
How the hell is this
Sister! Seed...
Oh, ah, really
Jeong Chul-ah
Don't hate me
Noona, why the hell are
you doing this to me, huh?
- One, two, three - One, two, three
One, two, three!
Huh? over there, over there, eh
Jeong Chul-ah
It's too hard
Will the boss accept us for
saying something like this?
If the president doesn't
use it, we can use it.
You saw the engine
I need to fix
got some new ones
It's new
let's do it again
One, two
Don't you know what it means to lift?
- One, two - One, two
- one, two - one, two
- arms crossed - arms crossed
- Pull it out, take it out, quickly
- Pull it out, pull it out
One, two
- That's enough.
- All right.
- Let's go.
- Let's go quickly.
Hello, boss.
My sister couldn't work yesterday
because she was very sick.
However, if you suddenly ask me to leave
My sister and I have nowhere to go.
Think again
Before the snow melts, I have
to make soybean and float it.
If you're late, it's all
capped when you float, you know
But this isn't a day or two.
Myung-hoon and I had a cup
of firewood in the morning.
Don't you need a lot of firewood here?
And me and Myung-hoon can work from today.
I can do it twice as fast
I'll take care of my sister
so she can't go anywhere else.
Give me one more chance
Can you catch a chicken?
Yes you can catch
I heard that he was addicted to cyanide.
Ayu, why did you commit suicide?
Oh, it's not suicide.
It happened because I
took the wrong medicine.
Eheh, that's not it
Daughter-in-law said to feed grandpa
You put cyanide in sweet potatoes
and now you've caught a mallard.
Rumor has it that mallard
ducks are good for stroke.
But as the intestines melted,
My grandfather ate the
poison that was left there.
I don't know what these
people are talking about
So why do you grab that pretty thing?
- Oh, what's going on with this?
- Oh, I was punished.
Oh, isn't it a Mallard
Duck Natural Monument?
Ehehe, that person, big guy
Are mallard ducks important? Because
grandpa is coming and going now
Me too, I saw it loaded
in the morning, but what
My eyes are pale and I have no mind at all.
Do you need to drain more
water from this meju?
Jeongcheol-ah, eat
- next to my house - Yes
119 fire brigade
The story must be endless,
there must be many
I will hear a lot of interesting stories
Suyeon, where did you go yesterday?
Thanks to you, we couldn't
even work overtime
Have you been to a good place?
Where are you?
- I don't know about that
- Where is a good place?
Soo Yeon-ah, did you go to
see a movie in Gangneung?
Or did you go to see a play in Seoul?
Suyeon likes plays.
Oh, what is Suyeon?
I must've been out and sitting
in the terminal again, huh?
- Terminal?
- Huh
I go out every day with
nowhere to go, what do I do?
Ahhh, that's right
Yes, Suyeon-ah, huh?
Now, Jeongcheol is rotting inside, huh?
Take care of yourself too
Every day I go out on a
useless, fictional day like that
That, only bad rumors circulating, you
That's right
Baby, why are you all like this?
I guess Suyeon also
wanted to get some wind.
So I went out for a while.
Come on, eat rice
You have to work fast, huh? Eat
This soybean paste stew is delicious
I need to grab a spoonful
and go move, hey, huh?
Don't eat soup
What's wrong with you these days, huh?
Why don't you listen to me like this
Oh my, oh my
You're only looking at me today
Come in and get a book.
Uh huh
- Daddy - Oh, hey, hey
Oops, you can't feed him now.
Why can't you feed me?
He has a performance in the
evening, so you can't feed him now.
If there is a performance,
shouldn't we eat better?
When I eat, I don't listen
He's hungry because he listens
Hana, let's go
Hana, let's go
daddy, daddy
Oh wait, it's Hana
Do you think your hands are a bit dirty?
'Cause to play the piano you
have to have a clean mind
Do you have to clean your hands first?
Would you like to go and wash your hands?
- Yes - yes
Alright, let's try Yebin first.
Did I tell you to order this?
Not this
No matter how hard I turn on
the water, there is no sound.
There is no bubble like this.
And because the water comes down like this
there's no sound
Life is stress anyway
Do I have to live under
this stress because of this?
Will it be replaced by tomorrow?
All right
There is no traffic around the house
Too good is a problem
The fumes can make your
bronchial tubes worse.
So, among the same
However, I chose the one with many trees.
Well, I don't know what the difference is.
Write, do you care like this?
I don't really have a face
It's all fun to live
Seeing children live happily
how happy you are
It's a little awkward
for me to talk like this.
I don't have a mother
How do I get into a coma?
Don't worry too much
I am the furniture, and
the home appliances are
Hyunkyung and I have already picked
everything up and delivered it to you here.
Still, I have to do something
from Abi's point of view.
Actually, I was looking for some TV today.
- Yes - TV
Korean products are good
Could you put a TV here?
Oh yes good
I think of my father while watching TV
It will be a very meaningful gift.
Oh yes, I'm glad
Then would you please
write down the model number?
Ah yes
The model you are looking
at is a new UHD TV.
If the broadcast you were
watching is now HD broadcast
This model has four
times the picture quality
Because it is a TV that expresses
This is the most popular model these days.
In fact, if you watch a
broadcast with this model
Because it is much better
than normal picture quality
Even every single strand
of the actor's hair
You can clearly see it swaying in the wind
In addition, this TV itself is inch
Because it is the largest
85-inch TV in the world.
You can enjoy a much wider and
more vivid picture quality.
How much do you do this?
We're having an event and selling
it at the lowest price nationwide.
The amount is 38 million won
More than 3 million won?
Yes, though.
Because the TV itself has
excellent picture quality.
Are you looking for a lot these days?
Tv is clearer than what
I actually watch daddy
Don't you know how good it is?
Does it make sense that it is
clearer than what the human eye sees?
Hey, doesn't this look fake?
Dad, what are you talking about?
Is there anything brighter
than silver for this frame?
My mother-in-law likes bright colors
Since the model itself
comes in one color, write
Well, first of all, the
design itself is luxurious.
If you install it after receiving
the delivery to your home
Because you can feel like a gallery
Your mother-in-law will love it too
Will the price be lower if I pay in cash?
It's not like that.
How much is the installment
payment for the card?
We are interest-free for 12 months...
Hyungyeong-ah, do I have to buy
this liquor and leave it alone?
Uh, in the Yangju kitchen
Is this the kitchen?
In the kitchen
fish oil, what
uh, Mr.
Oh, is there ice over
there in the refrigerator?
- Ice - Is there?
Are you catching it yourself?
- Myung-hoon-ah - Huh?
Go and call your sister.
Yeah, okay
- Cook.
- Yeah
Fish oil, there is a lot of shit
Mr. Soo-Yeon
humidity, humidity
I don't know right now
Humans can hatch eggs
I'll catch you
I learned it from my brother.
Before they're foreve banned?
The answer, my friends
is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind
You must know this song, too.
How many years can mountain exist
Before it's washed to the sea?
How many years can some people exit
Unnie, unnie, let's come and sing together
Before they're allowed to be free?
How many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn't see?
Older sister
Oh, my sister will come
and let's do it together.
Let go of this, okay, put it away later
When I was in college, we
just sang together, drank
Sister, let's listen to
her song after a long time
What did you do well, what was that?
That song with 'Cold Wind'?
You know, you did
something really well, why?
Cold wind...
- 'When the cold wind blows'?
- Uh, 'When the cold wind blows'
'Cold Wind'?
Ah, ah, sing a song
I have to do one with
Hyunkyung after a long time
- Here it is - Did you find it?
Oh, that's right.
It's been a long time since I've
listened to my sister's song
Unnie, haven't you been
singing for a long time?
Long time ago, my sister was
really good at this song.
When the cold wind blows
You think I'm gone
Behind the passing wind
Leaving only nostalgia
When the leaves fall
You think I'm gone
- Give us some ice -
On the falling leaves
Only memories will remain
Once upon a time my young heart
Shake it
Your warmth
Thank you
So cold
What has changed
The seasons change
Is it the fault
When the cold wind blows
You will be lonely
But now again
Don't think of me
That's right...
Warm eyes
Mom, let's go, let's go to sleep
what's the matter?
Maybe it's because of the change
what's the matter?
Do you hate your mom singing?
If you don't get out of
here now, I'm leaving.
Go and sleep, okay?
Uncle, take me to Gangneung
not now
Why don't you take me
to Gangneung every day?
Let's go together later
you should play the piano
are you going like this
and now I have no money
Why don't we have any money every day?
Because your uncle's got the money in?
When the money comes, I'll buy you a piano
You didn't even buy me a Christmas present.
One, put it down
It moves
are you moving?
Are you curious?
this is water
I don't know how many days
Each egg is different
eggs are
Can I give you three?
Duck, chicken, parrot
Everything is different, everything
Can you really live like this?
I don't know right now
can live
keep it 35 degrees like this
Over 35 degrees
What should I do in this case?
To keep the temperature
the window
I have to open and close it slightly
Is it safe here?
There is no safe place in this world
we have to protect
- Thank you.
- You did a great job.
You did a great job
Well, you did a good job.
Aunt and aunt
Choi, don't come out tomorrow.
- Yes?
- Aigoo
- Oh, why?
- No
Boss, what did you say now?
Oh, boss, boss, boss
Boss, why are you suddenly like this?
Me, Chul-na Jeong
they are
In the meantime, I make 10 and 11 pieces.
It's hard to make 4 or 5 together.
I can't even do half of it, okay?
Aww, boss
I have been working here for over 10 years.
Oh, boss, boss, boss, boss
If my number of soybeans is not enough
Then can't I just deduct it
from my salary? President
If you can't make it quickly,
if you don't make it on time
I don't float properly
We're screwed, okay?
When the soybean paste factory is closed
all because of the two
It's cut off, okay?
Oh, well, then I'll work
really hard, I'll work harder
Oh, boss, boss, listen to me
I will only work during the winter
Oh, boss, listen to me!
Oh, what if this suddenly happens!
Ah really! Jin...
Stop it, kid, bro, stop it
Go see Seoul
Yes, I'll go in.
No, no, where is the law
like this all of a sudden?
In one day
Oh, hey, calm down.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...
Oh, what are we talking about tomorrow?
Let's go talk to the boss
Yes, sister, yes
Come out tomorrow, okay? come out tomorrow
No, there is no law that
makes people quit overnight.
Where is this law?
Stop, stop what, what, lord, die, what
If you go tomorrow, go tomorrow
You can ejaculate again, well
What tomorrow is tomorrow, again
No, I have nowhere to work in the winter.
If you come out tomorrow and
talk calmly, it will be fine.
Oh, but me, Jeongcheol
Ever since that bastard came,
this has been happening, huh?
Ah, that one, Mr...
Aunt Um and Uncle Choi
I don't think it's cut like that.
Kyung-ah Hyun
you know our situation
It costs quite a bit to get married
I don't know how much more
it will cost for a coma
Even so, if you work for a typical
company for more than 10 years,
There is a severance
pay, and it is treated.
Hey, why do you go up
together with Jinseong?
It makes a lot of noise, huh?
I've been in America too long
If I get married, I don't
think I'll see my dad often.
I wanted to go up together.
Boss, I have something to tell you.
I am going to Seoul now.
Talk to you tomorrow
No, I have to give it to you now...
Come in
What are you talking about?
I have friends I know in cliche
So what do you want to say?
Hey, he drives a pokane, huh? Fauclein
He's hurt and can't work
I'm a lifesaver, huh?
That's why we borrowed the Fauclein
between us, between us
Let's try it together, huh?
How is it? it's okay? that's good
When my legs get better
If you return the Fauclein
what are you going to do then
making annoying noises
I was at the miso factory yesterday
I started working with Myung-hoon.
80,000 won per day
The president is monitoring with CCTV.
You just have to work hard
Two people from the inside were fired today
Everyone is old and work is slow
We can do it quickly if we go
300 bales can be made by early April
no work in winter
How about we all do it together?
Brother, I will
Brother, let me do it, you
know, isn't that dog hair?
Can't be alone
We are doing this because we need young
people, so we have to do it together.
I will do it too
Okay, I do it too.
I have to get up early tomorrow morning
don't drink too much
But how much do you get Jeongcheol?
I don't take much, I get ten
thousand won more, ten thousand won
This is with my hair, I use my hair
- Oh, that's right, bros - It's me
I saw him and Minsu earlier
you're not like that
Yong-wook's older brother's
son, Min-soo, right?
I just saw him, haha, even if
I really hate Yongwook hyung...
You're not that kind of kid
Why is that?
I'm curious
Minsu, I called and saw him. He went
into her house yesterday and took it.
I trembled at Minsu, isn't it?
That's not what you do for a kid.
My heart hurts because I didn't say it
I called you to crawl
down from the PC room.
- Jinyoung-ah - Yes
look at this
It's your room, you've got a lot of clothes
it's the biggest room
and this is the laundry room
I made all the drains
here is one room
this is my sister's room
here is the bedroom
do you like me
Hey, sadly, why are you
asking such a thing?
Then why do you want to live together?
Hey, we slept together
We slept together
I'll go to the bathroom
Jeong Chul-ah
Chul-ah Jeong
Didn't the boss just cut two people?
Where is the place to go
I got everything from my boss.
You just need to meet the deadline
that it was subcontracted
Myung Hoon-ah
there is no way to die
Every winter, just by doing
this work, we can make a living
Jeongcheol-ah, your shoelaces are untied.
Myung Hoon-ah
Let's go to the Philippines in spring
well, it's warm
I hope you don't take the bus
Everyone doesn't come back
when they go to Seoul.
Well, why are your hands so cold?
I'm forever
I only want to touch your milk
Will it be hard?
Originally like that
Where is that originally?
I can do that
Jeong Chul-ah
Hey, don't do it
Chul-ah Jeong
Jeongcheol-ah, come here, huh?
Stop, don't
What are you doing with
all the dust, come here
It's no use doing this, me, huh?
Come out
Hey, let me ask you one thing.
Is this house that important to you?
Without this pillar
Hana and Noona have nowhere to live.
Are you going to continue
even if I stop you?
Oh, take out some firewood, some
- Uh, then three hours.
- Yeah
- You have to steam well again.
- Yeah.
Moxibustion is very important, so
if you use the wrong moxibustion
- Beans, because the beans are unripe - Yes
Then, if you want to finish moxibustion
Take it out and taste it first.
- Taste it.
- Yes, I see.
Yes, you can gather them
in the middle like now.
If you see it coming
out and it is too watery
Turn off the machine and tell them
You can do that by asking
for some more water.
If it's too watery, you
can't make soybean paste.
Young people are really strong
Isn't this squishy thing too much water?
This is not well made
I want you to press it well
Now, the young people are here, so we
- Let's work hard - Jeong Chul-ah
Why did they come?
Did the boss do it?
So, can I do what I want to call people?
You say you need a young man
I brought the clichs
- Uh...
- Uncle
Mom is weird, the rice is burnt
I turned off the lights so
it didn't burn very much
I think I need to go to the hospital
I can see death, Jeongcheol-ah, I'm scared
That mountain, that mountain
that mountain
People buried, that's all fake
Stop it, stop it! Seed
Hana, cover your ears, don't
listen, Hana, cover your ears
I can make it all disappear
I can make it all disappear
So what am I? what am I
What am I?
Can't I die?
I am now, I am now, ah...
It hurts, I'm so scared
It hurts so much, so...
The patient had severe seizures,
so I was given a muscle relaxant.
Now that the patient is in the hospital,
it looks like he needs to be hospitalized.
Oh, I can move now, what
kind of hospitalization is it?
It took me an hour and a half to get here.
A round trip is three hours.
I couldn't work half a day
It was so bad I brought it with me,
but it seems to be getting better now
Please give me a pain reliever
please let me go to work
Lee Soo-yeon
Give me some painkillers
and some medicine, please.
Do you still see death?
Guardian of Lee Soo-yeon
Guardian of Mr. Lee Soo-yeon
Yes, how much is it?
6,800 won
Hana, do you have any coins?
here it is
where did your mom go
Didn't the woman in the
red dress come over here?
No, I didn't see it.
Oh, really
over there
You must give me Wonju
You said Wonju
please check it straight
I couldn't hear you well.
One, get down
Go to church
It's no use praying
get off
listen to me
get off
it's one
go to church
mama will be back
I believe in God the Father Almighty,
who made the heavens and the earth.
I believe in your only
son, our Lord Jesus Christ,
was conceived by the Holy Spirit
and born of the virgin Mary
suffered by Pontius Pilate,
was crucified and died
The third day after he was
buried, he rose from the dead
He ascended into heaven and is seated
at the right hand of Almighty God.
From there he comes to judge
the living and the dead.
In the Holy Spirit, the holy council
and the communion of the saints,
the forgiveness of sins and
the resurrection of the body,
I believe in living forever, amen
What did you pray for?
I prayed that mama wouldn't get sick
If you do, people will come
and take your daily wage.
Hey, Jeongcheol, why are you sitting here?
Sign here...
Doesn't everyone have
any money left behind?
People here now, don't go to work tomorrow
No, all of a sudden, what
are you talking about!
- Hey, what is it?
- Don't go to work from tomorrow.
Hey, who are you and tell
us to stop, Mara, huh?
The boss told me to do that.
From now on, people in Jinbu will
make the rest of the soybeans.
Hey, where is something like that, huh?
All these people here in winter
- Huh? I make a living doing just this.
- Hey, you bastard.
- Did you cheat on the boss, huh?
- Are you talking about starvation?
Hey, you bastard, the
bastard who just came in...
twin cubs
It's the boss's decision.
So, I should have made the meju sooner.
Eat fast people
- Hey!
- Hey, take the ledger.
You, huh? Are you hitting us in the back?
Take the ledger, take the ledger!
This bastard
- Don't touch the ledger.
- You bastard
Call the boss
what's the matter
Eat rice, get it quickly
Hey, Jeongcheol
what are you bastard
What, huh?
Yonghyeon hyung eats rice
Or just quit with those
people, it's up to you
Hey, you bastard!
- Huh?
- Hey, hey!
Unhuman bastard! will you live alone?
- Twins - Hey, hey, hey
Hey, you bastard!
Hey you bastard
Hey, hey, stop it
What kind of bastard do
you have, you bastard?
You can't leave him alone.
Why are you stopping us?
- Wake up - Oh, stop it
You bastard, you...
Who are you?
Fuck, who are you, huh?
Baby, I,
Eat food
eat quickly
I'll eat it quickly,
eat quickly
How are you doing that to us, huh? you
The president is watching
everything on CCTV, so eat quickly!
Do you guys want to be cut off?
- Eat - Mr.
What should we do?
That dog
Jeong Chul-ah
Aren't you going to look for Suyeon?
You didn't even come in yesterday.
How many times are you saying this
now, I will say it over a hundred times.
Stop it
I still have to find it
Chul-ah Jeong
Hey, is it my fault
that you left the house?
It's been over 3 years since my parents
passed away and I have to stop now.
Is it wrong to be sad that
my parents passed away?
Hana, how many stones
are you uploading now?
Two soybean paste and one soy sauce
The empty poison is just a big stone
Chul-ah Jeong
Can't you hear this?
You are calling
What are you doing
Mr. Suyeon!
Mr. Suyeon!
Mr. Suyeon!
Mr. Suyeon!
Mr. Suyeon!
Mr. Suyeon!
- Su-yeon - Jeong Chul-ah
Jeong Chul-ah
Chul-ah Jeong
Mr. Soo-Yeon
Don't do it, Hana, Mom,
you're sick right now.
Get out, Mister, what is Mister!
Mister, you're not in my family!
I need to apply some medicine
Oh, get out!
Mom, I have to go to the hospital, now
- noona, be honest - get out
Where have you been? What did you do?
What did you do
uh? Say it
Have you been to the terminal?
Who did you meet
Jeongcheol-ah, don't
do it, hey, don't do it
Don't do it
Don't do it, don't do it
Jeongcheol-ah, don't do it, don't do it
Don't, don't, you bastard
Do not do it Do not do it
you go, why are you here
uh? what do you know here
Can't you treat a sick person?
You are deceived
are you sick?
Hitting yourself?
Uh? Beating you to be forgiven?
You are deceived
my sister is not a good girl
Wake up, get up
Hey man, don't do it
Get out, get out, both get out
I'm so scared, I'm so
scared, Jeongcheol-ah
Get out, get out!
Don't do it, don't do it
I was wrong, I was wrong
Don't do it
Aren't you going? uh?
Don't come back
get out
I was wrong, I was all wrong
I'm sorry
Forgive me just once, huh?
- Jeong Chul-ah - I'm sorry
I was wrong, Jeongcheol-ah, huh?
Forgive me just once ah,
jeongcheol-ah, ah, just once
Just one more time,
Jeongcheol-ah, I'm fine...
I was wrong, I was wrong
Jeongcheol-ah, I was wrong,
I was wrong, huh? Chul-ah Jeong
I was wrong
If you don't want to go
don't go out again
Too much
You're really too much for your sister!
I'm so scared here
Uncle, don't do it
Do not!
One, let go
Or again, huh?
Boss, this is it
What's so strange about this...
No, what is this, it's all rotten
- Yes?
- Huh?
Oh, is this wrong? this?
Is everything in this?
Yes, there are a few more
Look at this
No, it's all rotten, huh?
No, look at this, my god
look, this
It's all rotten! how do you do this
No, really...
Who opened the window?
Ruined, ruined
Meju is all rotten
You know
To float meju
Temperature and humidity must be right.
To float quickly
I ordered him to put in undried soy sauce.
If you turn on the stove
I thought it was going to dry well.
Dad was wrong
It's warm here, look here
this meju
it's all rotten here
It's Daddy's fault
Why do you think it's so simple
Every time I cut off my flesh,
Our soybean paste factory is collapsing
Then they will all lose their jobs.
We have to hold out
Not the people who work now
Please call all the people
who made the meju by phone.
Dad is here
Never tell people you're not drained
I'll take care of everything
This is all for them
Daddy's in shock
I'm here to speak on your behalf
First of all, those who
came from Jinbu can leave.
As you all know
Meju floats well when the
temperature and humidity are right.
There is white fungus.
This time, black hair fungus spreads out.
I threw it all away
to be honest
Make miso with soybean paste
Tried to pay for my wedding
But it happened
Soybean paste could not come out
ever written to make this
labor cost, soybean cost, etc.
Over $3 million in damage
Labor costs have already been paid
Dad says he will take
responsibility for himself, but
the rest
find the cause of this
I think you should take
responsibility for that.
If you can't make meju again
I can't get married
actually several years
There is no money because
the factory is in deficit
I've never been like this
People here have consulted
find the cause of this
How can I make beans again?
Please decide
if not
Inevitably, this is the last time
I might have to close the factory
When our factory closes
I think everyone will have
a hard time in winter.
Please don't let that happen
Please find the cause
I was wrong
Noona, what is this?
No what is this
Did you make it?
Did you make it
who opened the window
I opened it
My, I opened it
- Why did you open it?
- Jeong Chul-ah
We have to protect you, Jeongcheol-ah
Because of this?
Uh? because of this?
Because of this? uh?
Ha, really
How why don't you know anything, huh?
- Don't do it - Let go of this
Hey, hey, come to your
senses, come to your senses
It looks like we got
kicked out because of this
If you go out this winter,
where do you buy it, huh?
Why no one
Why no one knows, huh?
No one can see you
Don't say anything, okay?
It's over when people know
We did what the boss told us
Oh, I don't know why
I'm going crazy
Oh, the boss has come
I was just ranting about
who opened the window.
I got very angry and went.
- Hey, why is the window open?
- Car, the window is open?
Yes, he said yes
If the temperature dropped because of that,
You don't have to find the
person who opened the window...
- I need to find it!
- Then! the window...
Uh, wait a minute
Go, hold on, hold on
He, honestly, who opened the window?
No, the window, that, Suyeon
lives in the aging room.
Shouldn't I ask Suyeon?
Should I, Su, and Suyeon bring them?
Suyeon has to bring her.
Mom, mom, where are you?
Because I'm lying down because I'm sick
Ms., is it a problem to be sick, now?
No, let's do it precisely.
No, it's about how much the temperature
dropped because the window was open.
Precisely, precisely
1 or 2 down
1.5 degrees off
- Yes - Yes
Well, then that's really important.
Look, huh?
0 degree freezes, 1 degree doesn't freeze
So the window, the window open
I don't know if Su-yeon or
Su-yeon opened it or who did it.
You have to ask and hold
them accountable, right?
- Right, right, right - Yes, right, right
It's Suyeon, it's Suyeon
Uh, Suyeon, Suyeon brings...
Hey, hey, let's go together
I think it's over now
I want Suyeon to fit in.
Suyeon is right
Oh, no, there were people
lying there all the time.
- Everything has a reason - Right, right
It can't be like this
Mr. Myung-Hoon
please save me
I don't want to die here
Myung Hoon
Mr. Myung-Hoon
Suyeon-ah, let's go and talk.
- Huh?
- Wake up
- What are you talking about?
- That's right.
What are you talking about?
You can go ahead and ask, huh?
Myung-hoon, wait a minute
You opened the window, didn't you?
You guys killed me
you killed
Sooyeon-ah, it's okay,
it's okay, calm down
You guys killed me
Calm down and talk, okay?
You guys killed me
The window, did you open it, huh?
You guys killed me
Soo Yeon-ah
- It's okay, it's okay - I'm scared
Soo-yeon-ah, Soo-yeon-ah,
Soo-yeon-ah, it's okay, it's okay
Calm down, calm down
The window, did you open it?
Take it easy
- Let go! let it go!
- Take it easy, take it easy
Let go, let go!
Let it go! let it go! let it go!
Let it go! let it go!
Soo-yeon-ah, Soo-yeon-ah, it's okay
You killed it, you killed it.
Over there, Suyeon-ah
did you really open the window
Did you?
I did it
I want to get out of this boring place
open the window
All of these mejus are rotten, so now...
I can get out of here
I can get out of here, inje!
I'm leaving, I'm leaving
I can go out now
I'm going out alone I can go out now
I can get out now I can get out now
I can go out now
- Let go!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey
- Hey - Jeong Cheol-ah
Calm down, hey, hey
- Let go!
- Calm down
I can go out now
210,000 km
210,000 km
I think the engine needs to be drilled too.
Rusty car body
I think the front and
the back went out too.
If I sell this, are you going
to sell this for me soon?
And is that car audio broken?
The car audio music was
weird, so I went to fix it.
The same music keeps playing
But isn't that broken?
'Cause the music keeps coming
Oppa, anyone can see it's broken, right?
I'll pay you, come in
How much can I give you?
Oh, I don't know.
Please give me a lot
Because I don't know
Why are you chasing after me like a puppy?
You don't need me anymore
Jeong Chul-ah
don't be mad
I'm so tired of being by your side
So go
Jeong Chul-ah
you don't know
I can help you
Can you help me
Come in
Do you see anything over there?
Steal that radish
This is what I need right now, right?
Go home
don't follow me again
When I miss you
Close your eyes
I want to scream and call you
I see you somewhere
It seems to be coming now
I can't stand it
This night, this night
Once again
With you
If I can send it
All this all this
My love
I want to give it to you
Oh, you sing well.
Oh no, I sang a very boring song, I
Oh, it's boring, it's my favorite song.
A dance song, I'll sing
a dance song next time
Yes, yes, yes
Oh, you have to choose after that.
Oh, who are you? How did you get here?
- Wait a minute, who are you?
- Get out of the way
I mean when did I see this person, now!
Hey, how did you get here and why?
- Who is this person?
- Oh, he's my friend
I'm sorry, but I think I'll
have to go out for a bit.
I'm going to talk to that friend.
I'm sorry, during the song
Yes, yes
I'm sorry, ah, you're playing.
It's okay, so you're playing.
- Come quickly - Yes, I'm sorry
Hey, why are you like this?
What's the matter?
What's going on?
Have you been drinking
Why don't I have one?
Why can't I have one?
You have to tell me
- Why am I not even...
- What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Oh no, no, boss
I think it's because I'm a
little drunk today, I'm sorry
When you're drunk, go home
and go crazy, you bastard!
No, to Jinyoung-san, now...
No, it's okay, I'm okay, come in.
It's because he's drunk. When he's drunk...
Is he your friend?
Yes, my friend, that's right,
that's right when you get drunk.
Oh, why are you all coming out?
Hello, go to bed quickly
Ayu, senior Kim, please come in.
Why are you like this, really?
Go, go
Boss, I, I'll send you home
Hurry in, yes, come in
Come in, yes, come in now
oh why
Oh, just go, go
Oh, who are you?
No, ah, sunbaenim, I will do it.
Go, go
Let's go in now, okay, okay
Yes, come in, come in quickly
Come on in, I'll send you
Okay, send it quickly, quickly
When he drinks, he is like that.
Come in, come in, hurry in, come in
Go quickly, baby! Fuck
Hurry up
Yes, yes, I'll send it.
I'm sorry, please come in.
Sorry Sorry
I have all those friends, Mr. Lee
Why are you like this, what's wrong?
I want to take the bus too
What's going on, huh?
- Are you okay?
- I want to go to Seoul too
Please wait a moment
it's one
Are you in your mom's room?
Hanaya Mom, my head hurts a lot right now
I have to go to a big hospital
in Seoul for treatment, huh?
Mom should get well soon, you too, right?
Mister, get out!
Oh, Mr. Suyeon
Please take me
it's one
Let's go to Seoul with Mom
it's one
It's one
with mom
Let's go to Seoul, okay?
Let's go with Mom
Come with me
uh? it's one
mother die
One, what does that mean?
Let's go, okay?
- One!
- Hana
- One!
- One!
it's one
- Mr. Soo-Yeon
- Hana
Jeongcheol will be here soon
One of us... we have to take one of us.
- Mr. Soo-Yeon
- Mr. Myung-Hoon
We have to take one of us.
- Suyeon, Suyeon
- Hana, Hana
After going to Seoul
and receiving treatment
Jeongcheol and I will
understand everything.
Oh come on
Kyung-ah Hyun
turn off the tv
why are you so cruel
Daddy was sweet
Yeah, I'm sorry
I put it on to catch thieves.
don't blame yourself too much
They could be thieves
you have changed so much
Please eat
It is important not to sin, but
Even when I was weak and sinned
Don't be the one who
makes excuses and excuses
Honestly admit your sins before God and man
I hope that you will be the ones
who stand on the road and turn.
At that time, the Lord forgives
us with grace and love,
I believe that He will restore
you to a clean life again.
This time together, faithful Lord
Confess our sins, forgive us
Help me to overcome sin
and live a clean life.
We will have time to pray
together with one voice
I will pray
Peace God's peace
In your life
Bless you full
We all stand up and pray for each other
Joy God's joy
In your life
In your life
May it overflow
Joy God's joy
In your life
May your life be full
Bless you hope, God's hope
Hope God's hope
In my life
May it overflow
Hope God's hope
May my life be full
Now, with the grace of
Jesus Christ, our savior,
Heavenly Father who loves us...
Kang Min-jae? Huh
Oh, Mr. Minjae
who are you?
How did you get here?
Take a taxi
You this note
who gave it
Give it to me
uncle too
I have a daughter just like you
what is your name?
where are you going now
- Long time no see
- Uncle...
Hey, Minjae, come out for a second.
Well, let's talk here.
Let's talk, come out for a second
Why are you here? long time no see
It's been a while since we
met, so why are you so scared?
Did you say?
Did you say
Did you say you're not a father?
You, a note that you wrote it down
Hey, I'm not the only one who
slept with Suyeon, so why is that?
I'm Suyeon's younger sister
- Ah - Hey
- Say it again - Let go
What, you bastard? uh?
Ayu, Mr.
Baby, hey, hey!
I know that you are all of
your sisters, factory cubs
Why are you mad at me, why! huh?
Hey, why are you...
You, why did I say he's his daddy, fuck you
Why did I say I was his father, Mr. Lee...
- Uncle, let's go - Baby, huh?
let's go
hey you fucking bastard
your sister liked you the most
hey you bastard
It's my first time in a place
like this, so I'm cramped.
Isn't it hot here?
Myung-hoon, please come over here.
Which one do you like better?
All good
Can I try on both of these?
Yes, you can try it on here.
How much is that
Each set is 62,000 won.
May I pay you?
I just asked
I think I need to go somewhere
I'm leaving quickly, let's go together.
I need to save you somewhere
The inn is so dirty
Let's go to the rescue together
And we have a delicious dinner
I can't eat dinner together.
Wait at Marronnier Park
Uh, Myunghoon, Mr. Myunghoon
Myung-hoon, where are you going?
Myung Hoon
keep doing it
Hey, how did you get here?
I need real money
If you have the balance after this
work, you will pay it next month.
Ah, you fucking bastard Jeongcheol
Said he ripped the door open
Does it make sense to
remove the front door? uh?
Aren't you crazy?
Why did you stand still
If you make money, you
will take care of Minsu.
Jeongcheol stole radish
Jeong Cheol
I stole radish because of my brother
What kind of bullshit
I really need money
If you want to live with Suyeon
I really need a lot of money
No, you bastard, go fast
No, you bastard, go
Go, fuck, go
Fuck you bastard
Hey, hey!
This, fuck, mistress, hey
I need money
I hate hitting people!
I told you to take good
care of Minsu, damn it
Minsu, Gatoraiya
hit me
Hit me more, hit me
hit me and give me money
Hit it, hit it more
hit me and give me money
Lee, fuck
Jeongcheol stole radish!
Fuck it, I'm sick too!
Wait, wait, wait, I'll give you, stop
Stop it, stop it
Yong-wook hyung
give me money
give me money
Mr. Lee...
The person who lived before
must have slept here as well.
Jeongcheol says
All the stars you see
in Seoul are satellites
not really a star
All satellites are stars
Stars made by people
There will be more stars
my brother did
Everything that twinkles in
the dark night sky is a star
fix the video player
Come here
I, I...
I'm still mentally ready...
Come here, I'll hold your hand
Ji, I don't know right now
Jeongcheol will find out someday too
Suyeon is very sick
I miss Hana
I'll bring you
Thank you
Mr. Lee...
Ha, fuck you, you're sleeping
Wake up, get up, get up, come on
Come on you motherfucker come on
Hey, you motherfucker, are you sleeping?
You bastard, this is getting
a good night's sleep, this is
Hey, hey, hey, you bastard
Wake up, get up, get up
get up, get up, get up, get up
Fucking, yes, wake up, wake up,
Wake up, get up, get up, get up
Hey, you bastard
Come to work, come to work, motherfucker
Come on, stop, stop, stop
Come on, wake up
Wake up, fuck you
- You bastard - Hey, stop it, stop it
Wait, write, stop it
Look straight at you
Hey, give me your money
give me money
What money?
What money are you asking for?
I got a call from Yongwook.
Myung-hoon said he took all our money.
- Fuck you bastard - Hey
- Hey - Let go
Myunghoon and that fool
With Suyeon, that rag bitch
Did you two go to Seoul?
- Hey - Let it go, Mr. Ya
Don't do it! Do not!
Hey, hey, you fucking bastard,
let go, you bastard, let go, let go
Let go, let go, you fucking bastard
Don't do it!
Hey, stay still.
Stay, I have a fucking baby.
- Hey, let go - Fuck, come to work
Hey, let go, hey!
Hey, you fucking bastard,
you, you fucking bastard
Hey, fuck, what, this is a dog.
Wara, fucking, die, yeah,
yeah, die, to die, fucking.
- Hey, let it go - Fuck you bastard
Let go
Hyung, say it again
Say it again, huh?
Did you get any money?
Hana, cover your ears
I go to Seoul
Myung-hoon is coming.
If what you say is a lie
if not true
All three of you, I will
tear your mouth apart
I found it
- Right?
- Yes
I think the door is closed?
Jeong Chul-ah
Where is my mother?
I'm waiting too
Why is your face like this?
I met Yongwook.
Why did you lie
I don't know where
where is your sister
Where are you?
Hey, where is your sister?
Soo-yeon will be here soon
Noona is not coming
do you still not know
my sister is not coming
you know too
Why were you waiting in
front of the theater?
Take money
Sooyeon, I'll be with you
Did you spend all your money?
Why only this?
I said Yongwook took it all.
Why only this one, huh?
I only gave you my share
I'm not lying, you know
Noona wrote it all down, huh?
Noona is not coming
I'm dating another guy
at the terminal right now
don't you know
No, my sister is coming.
He held my hand and told
me to fix the video.
Sister is coming
plug your ears
plug your ears
Hey, you still don't know? uh?
You are deceived
do you still not know
Why don't you know that noona is so sick?
Is your sister sick?
I don't know?
Did you see the corpse after the landslide?
With my hand
Mom and Dad are all buried
But I don't know?
Don't cry, you bastard, huh?
Jeong Chul-ah
are you not sick
Everyone dies
I think you are really sick
Be quiet, be quiet, you bastard
What do you know?
Stop hitting people, you bastard
You are sick too
Uncle, stop it!
Yeah, it hurts
I'm sick, I'm chewing.
Do you know how many
times I hit Yong-wook?
Jeong Chul-ah
you are sick too
Uncle, why don't you pray?
My uncle prayed every night
every night before bed
no matter how hard you try
no matter how hard you try
I found out too late that
there was something wrong
So this is how it happened
I'm sorry, one
to bring mom back
we have to put up street lights
Mom is afraid of the dark
- Uncle
- Uh
When will mom come back?
How many times has your
mother left the house?
How old is it?
You never came back, did you?
Then I'll come back
Hana, go in and practice the piano
- It's one.
- Huh?
Shall we go for street lamp dollars?
Hana, can I put it here?
Put it a little higher
- Here?
- No, a little higher
this is the end
- Huh?
- Okay
- Turn it on
- Uh
- Are you okay?
- Okay
- Is it bright?
- Uh
- Do you like it?
- Great
- Mom, can you come?
- Huh
Hana, walk forward
Can you see the legs?