All About Christmas Eve (2012) Movie Script

jingle bells jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
jingle bells jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open
sleigh All right
No empty cups,
please, on the tables.
Great party.
Oh, thank you so much.
I told you that a Christmas-themed
bar mitzvah would never work.
Just look at this disaster.
I'm going to have to decide
how to properly punish you.
I can assure you that it
will never happen again.
Good, because if you keep this up,
there'll be bigger things on your plate.
Hug rule.
Table four would like to know
if their wassail is kosher.
You can tell that it is. Okay.
Will you excuse me? I have to go do some
of my trademark obsessing and compulsing
that you've learned to
love and admire about me.
Obsess and compulse away.
We'll continue this in my
office tomorrow morning.
Nice work, Wright.
Thank you.
Wait, so the Dragon Lady
actually gave you props?
You have no idea how lucky you
are that you work for yourself.
Lucky? Okay, my boss makes me work
long hours, overtime every night.
She never gives me a raise,
plus I've got to find an artist to do the
bar's Christmas mural. It just never ends.
I think I'm gonna head home.
We've paid enough homage
to my little triumph today.
No way. You're about to ditch me
for ten days in Vermont
with your hipster prince.
This is our night.
Fifteen minutes. Twenty.
Fine, but you owe me.
What you drinking?
Oh, it's a little
embarrassing, actually.
Couldn't be more embarrassing
than a pineapple daiquiri.
Hey, back off, okay? That's like
my favorite drink in the world.
I see you've already passed my
man-of-taste- and-refinement test,
not to mention you're so clearly
comfortable with your manhood.
Wow. Five minutes,
we're already talking about my manhood?
[CHUCKLES] You're bad.
I've been called that
and many other things,
but my friends call me Aidan.
How about a refill?
You look thirsty.
What are you doing?
I put myself through
college behind a bar.
So, what do you do?
No, wait, don't tell me.
Let me guess. Uh...
Artist, huh?
Or female professional golfer.
That was my second guess.
I actually was the captain of the
mini golf team in high school.
I did go to art school, though.
In the real world,
I'm an event planner. Hmm.
I actually just came back from a
Christmas-themed bar mitzvah. Go figure.
That's quite an
interesting combination.
What do you do for a living?
You mean other than whip up girly
drinks for complete strangers?
Besides that.
Tech stuff. I'm actually in town
meeting with some venture capitalists.
How long are you staying?
Out first thing in the
morning, unfortunately.
You know what?
I'm gonna let you get back to
your friend before she
gets the wrong idea.
Yeah, I'll probably go home.
Gonna watch It's a Wonderful
Life and hit the sack.
Well, it was very nice meeting
you, Eve.
It was nice meeting you, too.
And if you ever have any party planning
needs in the greater New York Metro area,
you should give me a call.
Well, well, well!
I cannot leave you
alone for one minute.
I have a boyfriend, remember?
Funny, I didn't hear
you mention that to him.
He's leaving tomorrow. I'm probably
never gonna see him again. Mm-hmm. Mmm!
Just like that, okay, bud?
Heard the bar mitzvah went okay.
You'd probably tell
Michelangelo he just did okay
with the Sistine Chapel,
too, wouldn't you?
Heard the news?
You finally got a mail order bride?
No. Buzz at the water cooler is Elizabeth
is planning some sort of big announcement.
Such as?
Opening an office
in Los Angeles.
Question is,
which talented up-and-coming protg
is she going to get to run it?
I don't know, Matt. You?
I'll put in a good word for you
if you want to come work for me.
What would I do without you?
I need you. Now.
Right away, Ms. Cole.
No. Wright. Come.
You've heard of a
company called Gobble?
Yes, of course,
the next generation social network.
Well, they are throwing a
no-expense-spared Christmas Eve party
with the hopes of attracting
some important investors
before their official relaunch.
Guess who they want to plan it.
No expenses spared, huh?
This account can propel us past our
annual target. If we do it right,
we can own half of the
tech sector next Christmas.
You know things have been tight.
We need to meet our quarterly
goals if we want to expand, Wright.
Wait a minute. This says that
they're based in Los Angeles.
Beverly Hills, to be specific.
I can't go to Los Angeles. I have my trip.
I told you about my trip.
The CEO of Gobble
requested you personally.
That's ridiculous.
I don't know who the CEO of Gobble is.
Aidan Green, this is Ms. Wright.
Ms. Right, huh? Wright with a W.
Well, I've heard fantastic things
about your work, Ms. Wright with a W.
My friend says your Christmas-themed
bar mitzvah was amazing.
Clearly your friend
has very good taste.
Three years ago I'm having lunch
at this bistro on 38th Street
at my wit's end, trying to plan
this impossible book launch,
when here comes this starving artist
out of the blue, just hands me a sketch.
Just went for it, huh?
Hired her on the spot.
My first and only impulsive move
in 17 years of owning a company.
Very impressive.
Your event is in
excellent hands.
Oh, um, I'm so flattered that your
friend recommended me so highly,
but I'm actually unavailable.
Mr. Green, would you mind if I had
a moment alone with Ms. Wright?
Yeah. I'll wait right outside.
May I remind you that, at the moment,
you are still in my good graces.
So I suggest you choose your
next words very carefully.
I just... I can't do it.
Darren's taking me to
Vermont for Christmas.
Have I not made it clear how important
this is to the future of my company?
No, you have.
Christmas happens every year.
This account...
only happens once.
But I suppose I could
get Matt to run point.
It certainly would give him a boost
in running my new west coast office.
It's a shame.
I really thought it was gonna be you.
Fine. I'll do it.
I'll do it. Smart girl.
Would you ask Mr. Green
to join us again, please?
Excellent news, Mr. Green.
Eve will be able to plan
your event after all.
Ah, that is fantastic.
You"re really helping
me out of a bind here.
I can"t tell you what
a relief this is.
Don"t worry.
Your party will be the
must-see event of the year.
Won"t it, Wright?
It will be spectacular.
Well, I have a plane to catch,
but I will see you in
Los Angeles tomorrow.
I"m looking forward to it.
It was a pleasure meeting you, Ms.
Mr. Green.
I suggest you go home and pack.
This is gonna be the most
important two weeks of your life.
Yes, ma'am.
And you will need help.
I'll send Matt.
That would be great.
Hey. Hola.
Picked up some dinner.
Just put it on the table.
I'll get some when I'm
done with this level.
I got some kinda big news today.
Darren? Huh? Oh.
Hey, what's up?
So, you know how I'm always trying
to get my boss to notice me at work?
Yeah. We signed Gobble
as an account today.
Wow. That's... That's like huge.
Yeah. They want this like
super big Christmas Eve party,
and they want it
planned kinda quickly.
That's... That's awesome, baby.
I'm... I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
Could you grab me
some of that Chinese?
Smells great.
Um, so the party's in LA.
I leave tomorrow.
For how long?
Till Christmas.
But we go to
Vermont on the 19th.
I was thinking that maybe we could
go to Vermont for New Year's.
I promised Andy I'd
go to Atlantic City.
We've had this
planned for months.
This is kind of a
big deal for me.
And I'm not?
But this trip could
be my big break.
We could finally
afford to buy a place.
So you're choosing work over me.
No, of course not.
I don't have a BFA in studio
art from NYU like you,
but I know what
making a choice is.
I promise to make it up
to you when I get back.
Hey, maybe you should
still go on the trip.
It could be kinda relaxing.
I do have a buddy that
would like to go skiing.
And a little time apart could
be good for us, you know?
I'll make the best of it.
For you, okay?
Thank you.
Chinese food?
You told me you set the alarm!
Ohh... I thought I did.
Woke up this mornin' just
a little bit late for work
I gotta check a big list from
the North Pole county clerk
LaGuardia. And I'm really late.
10 extra bucks if you can get me
there mostly alive before 7:30.
I got a call from a guy who's
wishin' for a model train
I got little girls hopin'
for Barbies and candy canes
We were supposed to
meet here at 7:00.
I know. My alarm didn't go off.
I'm in the cab on my way.
I'm not missing this
plane on your account.
I know.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
'Cause tonight I'll fly
across the Christmas sky
Hold on, Santa Don't be late
We wanna wake up in the
mornin' and celebrate
We got a pretty big gift
But we know that
you're the guy
We all know Santa
Don't be late
We wanna wake up in
the mornin' and smile
So tonight I'll fly
across the Christmas sky
Oh, no.
Ho ho ho I've gotta go
Come on
This is the final boarding
call for Flight 815,
nonstop to Los Angeles,
now boarding at gate 211.
You do a jolly good job
at this holiday rat race
Sir, no, no, no! I'm here!
I'm here! Hi.
Can you open that up, please?
You're awesome. I love you.
Thank you. Thanks.
Santa Claus is
comin' to town
We all know Santa
Don't be late
Great. Now I can die happy.
You got a really big gift
So we know that
you're our guy
All know Santa Don't be late
We wanna wake up in
the morning and smile
So tonight I'll fly
across the Christmas sky
Good morning. How about a
complimentary drink before takeoff?
Uh, sure. Thank you.
My pleasure. Enjoy.
Whoo, here we go
Go, go, Santa
This is great.
Go, go, Santa
Ho ho, Santa
Go, go, Santa
Oh, no.
Sorry. Oh! Ow!
This is the final boarding
call for Flight 815,
nonstop to Los Angeles,
now boarding at gate 211.
Sir, no, no, no! I'm here!
Can you please
open that back up?
Once the gate is closed,
it must remain closed at all times.
Nothing I can do about it.
FAA regulations. No, no.
I just saw you close it.
You can totally open it back up.
Ma'am... My job depends on this.
Oh. [LAUGHS] Well!
Okay, since you put it that
way, come through.
Really? No, not really.
Have a good day.
In the unlikely event of
the loss of cabin pressure,
oxygen masks will automatically
lower from the ceiling.
Place the mask over
your nose and mouth
and pull the elastic
straps to fasten.
Breathe normally.
Please be sure to secure your
own mask before helping others.
Thank you so much and
have a wonderful flight.
Wright, you look like death.
It was a rough trip
to the airport.
Oh. You should try the Manhattan to
LaGuardia helicopter. It's to die for.
Right, for sure, next time.
Now remember,
you're representing me out there.
You kick ass, it's on me.
You screw up, it's on you.
Either way, I'm gonna remember
who was running the show
when it comes time to decide who's
gonna be running my west coast office.
Are you you drinking
at 8:30 in the morning?
Um, no.
Well, why not? The champagne's free
in First Class, for heaven's sake.
Indulge a little.
Okay, I will. Thank you.
Okay, well, you give me a
call right after the meeting.
And remember,
it's all about Christmas, Eve.
Oh, excuse me.
Another, please? Right away.
Hi. Can I help you?
I missed my flight
to LA this morning,
and I have a really important
business meeting this afternoon.
Let me see what I can do, okay?
Thank you so much.
Sorry, there's a major
storm in the Midwest,
and all of our
flights are delayed.
I can get you on a five o'clock
that'll get you into LAX at...
7:30 Pacific time. [BUZZING]
I'm sorry.
It's the next flight out.
Excuse me.
Are you still in the airport?
I thought you'd be on the plane by now.
Was it delayed?
Actually, I missed my flight.
Excuse me?
My alarm didn't go
off this morning,
and then I had trouble getting a cab,
and I broke my heel on the way to the gate.
Shh, shh, calm down.
Everything's gonna be okay.
It is? Yes.
I've been taking this new yoga class
that focuses on inner
peace, so...
deep breaths.
Okay. Deep breaths.
Okay, okay, okay,
this is what's gonna happen.
I'm going to drop my three New York
holiday projects, cancel my trip to Aspen,
charter my friend's Cessna to
get me to Los Angeles later today
so I can save what's left
of the Gobble account,
along with my
company's reputation.
I don't understand.
No, you don't.
you would've made that flight.
You would've hired a car
to get you to the airport.
You would have gotten
there three hours early.
Clearly I misjudged you, Wright.
Look, I'm gonna just take
a later flight today,
and I'll there in time to
have drinks with the client.
Life does not wait for missed
flights, at least not on my team.
Now I suggest you use whatever money
you have left to take a bus home
and hope your parents can use your
help in that bookstore of theirs.
And, Wright, before you even think
about filing for unemployment,
let me remind you that you were
contracted as a consultant.
Elizabeth, you don't have to do this.
Oh, sweetie, I already have.
When it's snowin' I
jump out of my bed
Throw my clothes on
and hop on my sled
Well, look at the queen bee
presiding over her new kingdom.
I "m sorry. What" d you say?
Nothing. Just saying hello.
Isn"t this crazy?
Here, you want one?
I get free refills.
No, I actually
prefer flying coach.
It gives me some insight into
how the common person thinks.
That "s usually who we" re
trying to connect with, right?
I mean, we"re not too
interested in that guy.
The real people...
are back there.
I know that you have a
psych degree from Cornell.
I"m guessing this is some kind of play
to get me to switch seats with you.
I "m sorry, sir, I" m gonna have
to ask you to return to your seat.
No worries. I"m sitting next to a
cheerleader from Hofstra anyway.
Enjoy the rest of your flight
with the one-percenters.
Thank you.
Everything is cool
Everything is cool
Darren, I'm home.
Baby, hey! Uh...
You're not supposed to be here.
What are you doing here?
Don't you think a better question
is who are you doing here?
Just chill, okay?
Let me explain.
Okay, this should be good.
Tiffany's been going through a rough time,
and I was just trying to be a friend.
A friend. And it just...
it just happened.
How sweet of you.
I forgot what a sensitive
and giving man you are.
Is that the friend that you
were gonna take to Vermont?
Don't be ridiculous.
Wait a minute.
So does this mean that
I'm not going to Vermont?
It was so nice to meet you.
Hope we can do this again sometime.
Get out of my house now. Get out. Eve...
I don't wanna hear anything that you
have to say, okay? You need to leave.
This is just a huge mistake.
Since you don't contribute to
the rent or bills or anything,
don't worry about settling up.
I love you.
I just threw up in my
mouth a little bit.
And every second that I look at
you is making it that much worse.
Okay, okay, why don't I just let
you cool off for a little while,
and then I'll call you later.
Don't bother. My boots.
Darren, get out!
Pack up the swimsuits
and mistletoe
Got a one-way ticket
Only one place to go
"Yeah, I" m headed out
west for the holidays
It"s the cold and the snow
to find the sun in the way
The sun shines bright
This is the life
This Christmas
We "re doin" it right
It"s a Hollywood Christmas
This wintertime
"It" s a Hollywood Christmas
You can find me at Sunset and Vine
"Tell Santa things out here
are lookin" great Thank you.
Got my sunglasses
on I"m cruising PCH
There are palm trees
and movie stars
All over the place
Got the car top down
"Feel like I" m
driving a sleigh
What a ride Merry Christmas
Comin" from the
sky Doin" it right
"It" s a Hollywood
Christmas this wintertime
[ELIZABETH SPEAKING] "So, welcome to
the life of a corporate executive."
Enjoy yourself, but bring your
"A" game to the meeting today
and every other day.
When I "m not there, you" re me.
Remember that.
I took the liberty of sending
over some more appropriate attire.
"Warmest regards, Elizabeth."
Evelyn Wright,
welcome to the big time.
This is it.
I"m not going back to New York.
I"m just gonna stay right here.
May I help you?
Evelyn Wright and Matt
Hamilton for Aidan Green.
Glad you both made it safely.
Welcome to Gobble.
It's a beautiful building.
Thank you.
I like the scooter.
Oh. Gets great mileage.
This is my project
assistant Matt Hamilton.
Like the pitcher?
The Rangers?
Of course.
Yeah, I love baseball.
Well, let me show you around.
You don't know anything about
baseball, do you? That's not true.
What city do the Rangers play for?
It means a lot to me that you
guys got out here so fast.
Like Elizabeth said, we make it
happen for our clients no matter what.
While you're here, you're going
to meet my rainmaker Tino Costa.
Thanks to him, we're gearing up for a major
relaunch of the site in the first quarter.
Not to add any extra pressure,
but this Christmas Eve party
is our last chance to attract
some serious investor attention,
so it better be pretty amazing.
Well, lucky for you, "pretty
amazing" happens to be our specialty.
That should be your slogan.
It's pretty good.
Actually, it's "pretty amazing."
Well, I know it's a
little last-minute,
but Tino's assembled a guest
list of 300 heavy-hitters,
and we're going to have it
at the old Hugo Sable estate.
Hugo Sable, the movie star?
Wait'll you see it, It's great.
So I'm guessing you'll want
some kind of live entertainment.
I'll put together a roster
of some available talent.
And then I'm just seeing a
really solid visual thing,
something that really ties
everything all together.
I got as far as the DJ and a chocolate
fountain and realized I needed help.
We can have a chocolate
fountain, too, if you'd like.
She is good.
Oh, yeah.
W-W-Wait. Hold up.
You're saying that he had that
little tramp in your bed? Mm-hmm.
She was mostly little,
except for her big, fake...
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Yours are more natural.
Thank you, sweetie.
I'm just giving up on men.
They're not even
worth the trouble.
Now, don't talk like that.
Not all men are dogs.
Really. Really.
Honey, look,
you are way too young and pretty
and smart to just be giving up.
And I totally agree.
Cheer up. I'm absolutely certain
things are gonna get better.
Good night.
Good night. Good night.
I just feel like I wasted
two years of my life.
And I was ready to put on the
white dress for this guy, you know?
And the craziest part is
that I probably would have
if I hadn't have
missed that flight.
Fate can be a powerful
drug, baby girl.
Oh, sweetie.
Why can't I find one nice guy?
Like just one guy who's not gonna
wring my heart out like a ShamWow.
Trust me. This is for the best.
You were way too
good for that d-bag.
This is a sign.
A sign?
What sign, yield?
You know, maybe it would be
easier for me to find a guy
if I had a job or if I had just
even a shred of self respect.
Stop it. You are the
nicest, smartest, prettiest
and coolest girl
I have ever known.
Preach. Preach.
The best things are
yet to come for you.
All right?
You're just sayin' that
'cause you have to.
All right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, good! Next round's on me.
Okay, Lila!
Yes, let's make another mess.
It's gonna perk you right up.
It's the holidays, Eve.
Oh, yummy!
Can you feel the
magic in the air
Mistletoe and
holly everywhere
And winds are blowin'
through the trees
Wishin' you were
right here next to me
Remember how much fun
Catchin' the snowflakes
on our tongue
So since you're holding the party
at a vintage Hollywood location,
for the theme I was
thinking Hollywood glamour
but rebooted for
the Internet age
with a stylish Christmas
twist, of course.
That's great. I love it.
Which brings me to...
Uh, hold on. I'm sorry.
Sorry. Once second.
Oh, you gotta get me
some copies of these.
Uh, these are from a
girls' trip last year.
Matt. Uh...
So, um, as I was saying,
we are designing the space to reflect
the Golden Age of Los Angeles.
What about the entertainment?
That's the best part. We just secured
Diana Degarmo from American Idol.
Diana Degarmo?
Unless you would prefer a DJ.
No, no, no, no. I'll tell you what.
I like this very much.
I like the concept,
I like the idea,
and most of all, I like you.
And I'll tell you what.
You pull this off,
you're gonna get offers from Facebook,
from Google, from Yahoo,
not to mention... Al Kim.
Is he coming?
Yeah. I've got him coming
in from Korea on the 23rd.
Evidently, he wants to find
an American tech company
to invest a few billion wons in.
Ms. Wright, I gotta hand it to you.
Excellent work.
Fantastic job. Thank you.
Save some time for me on
that dance floor, huh?
All right. My work is done here.
That's Tino.
Fantastic. Thank you. Thanks.
Eve. Eve, hold on.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what happened in there.
I knew that you
wanted the LA account,
but I didn't how far you
were willing to go to get it.
We are on the same team.
Really? Are we? Because if you
pull anything like that ever again,
I will fire you with a
smile, do you understand?
Yeah, I understand.
I'm gonna look at lighting
bids in an hour. Go.
Yes, ma'am.
Sound just like Elizabeth.
I'm sorry about what
happened in there. No, no.
It wasn't exactly a Kardashian
tape, but...
You seriously like the plan though?
I love the plan. I want to marry the plan.
And Tino can't stop
talking about it.
It's probably the
bikini pictures.
He was serious about
getting copies of those.
Why are you so nice?
I built this whole company
out of my parents' garage
with five bucks in my
pocket and a dream.
I guess I just know how
to appreciate hard work.
Do you wanna... grab a drink tonight?
After work?
Is everything all right?
Yeah, no, it's fine. Um...
I should probably work. We have a long
road ahead of us. Right, so rain check.
Okay. I'll see you then. Okay.
Later. Bye.
Worst hangover ever.
I can't believe I'm
about to do this.
Hi. You've reached
Ellen and Wesley.
We're not here right now so leave
a message, and we'll call you back.
Did you get it? Yeah, I think so.
I think it's off, honey.
[BEEP] Hi, Mom, it's me.
Um, I know it's still like a
week before Christmas, and...
things just haven't really been
going all that well here for me,
so I was wondering if I could
come spend time with you guys.
Maybe you need some help in the
bookstore, and I could lend a hand.
Uh, call me. Love you.
They said they can only do
hydrangeas at that quantity.
Well, Aidan specifically
requested asiatic lilies.
What is his deal
with asiatic lilies?
Does he know that's
a grandma's flower?
Maybe you need to think
outside the flower box.
They're a retailer. They use the same
suppliers as most of their competitors.
Call them,
ask them to do something about it.
If they don't,
we drop them and do it ourselves.
If they say no?
They won't. Anything else?
Catering wants to charge
an additional $18 a head.
Something about the fires.
I don't know what that means.
So what's the
difference come to?
No. Get a manager on the phone,
put him on hold and then get
me exactly a minute later.
Evelyn Wright.
Evelyn Wright.
Wow. Sounds so grown up.
Hey. What's up?
I was just in the car,
driving to Vermont,
and I wanted to say hi.
There's nothing wrong with
that, is there?
Vermont, right.
I'm kinda busy right now.
Can I call you back in a little
bit, maybe later tonight?
Was Cole excited about the trip?
Oh, yeah. Super excited.
I hope our room has a hot tub.
Shh. I'm on the phone.
So I will talk to
you later then.
Drive safe.
Will do.
Sorry about that.
Darren, I told you,
I'm really busy.
Hello. Is this the party planner
who's insisting on asiatic lilies?
Yes, it is.
May I ask who's speaking?
My name is Garland McAdams III.
I'm the customer
relations specialist
who's responsible
for problem accounts.
Well, I'm hardly think that I'm a problem
account, although that might change.
You know,
you sound kind of sexy.
Would you mind telling me
what you have on right now?
Excuse me?
I picture you wearing
a smart business suit,
small diamond studded earrings,
hair down around your shoulders,
stylish shoes,
but nothing too formal.
Okay, well, first why don't you
tell me what you have on right now.
You heard me. I want to know
what you have on right now.
Well, I don't see what...
Because I'm picturing
a casual look.
You know, brown sweater,
navy jacket, slim fitted pants,
I think you're the kind of guy
who wears sneakers with his suits.
Classic and understated.
but not crazy expensive.
And you try just hard enough
to look like you're not trying.
Plus you probably ride around in
one of those little scooters, too.
Actually, I...
Actually, um, um...
I'm not wearing
anything right now.
That's crazy 'cause
neither am I.
Yup. I'm just sitting in my
office, supervising,
naked as the day I was born.
Is that so?
Am I interrupting anything?
No, no.
It was just a wrong number.
Yeah. Me, too.
Crazy, huh?
How are things shaping up?
You're gonna be blown away.
Wow. And she's humble.
Knock on wood.
Naw. I'm sure that
won't be necessary.
You're gonna do great.
It's kinda weird not being
in New York for Christmas.
I was there last year with
my parents on Long Island.
Well, sometimes it's good to
be out of your comfort zone.
I am so totally outside
of my comfort zone.
You should probably get that.
This is Aidan.
Evelyn! What are you doing here?
Honey! Hi, Mom.
Oh! Wesley, get down here!
Look who's home!
Honey, what are you... I thought you were
in California for Christmas with your job.
Didn't you get my messages?
Oh. I'm sorry.
I still haven't gotten the
hang of that voice box thingy.
It's voice mail, Mom. Whatever.
The world was a better place when
all we had was answering machines.
Wesley, where are you?
So my LA trip got canceled, and I have
some free time. Ellen, check out...
Butter chops! [LAUGHS]
I thought you were
in Los Angeles.
I kinda lost my job.
Uh, I have some free
time, so I was thinking
if you guys need help
at the bookstore,
I could be your girl.
Are you guys going somewhere?
We forgot to tell you.
Your father won a trip to Bermuda!
Bermuda? Two-week cruise.
He says he wants to
rekindle the flame.
TMI, Mom.
Oh, what? We have needs, too.
And if we didn't,
you wouldn't be here.
Right on. [LAUGHS] Eww. Darling!
Honey, what about Darren?
I thought you two were going to Vermont.
We broke up.
What? Oh, no. Sweetheart, what happened?
He cheated on me.
No! I'm actually okay.
I just kinda wanted to
spend some time at home.
What now?
Well, you know how your mother
always wanted a sewing room.
You guys turned my room
into a sewing room?
Only half.
The other half is your father's treadmill.
It's an elliptical.
His doctor says his back
needs strengthening.
We'll be strengthening
it this weekend.
You guys, I'm literally right here!
Honey, I'm sorry. Look,
we just thought it looked like
things were going so well for you.
It is. It was.
We have the pull-out couch.
It's okay.
Don't worry about it, Dad.
I'll go spend a couple
days with Lila in the city.
It's not a big deal.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
You guys go have fun.
Not before a big Wright family hug.
Come on.
Bring it in. Let's go.
Oh. Yes.
Now, doesn't that feel good?
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
Okay, so just let me know when
the lilies arrive. [PHONE BUZZING]
Evelyn Wright.
I heard from Aidan that things
are progressing very nicely.
No, no, no!
That tree goes ten feet to the left.
Your other left.
Thank you. I'm sorry.
There's so much to do
and so little time.
No need to apologize. You're doing
exactly what needs to be done.
This party must be
absolutely perfect.
Well, thank you for giving me this
opportunity. I really appreciate it.
Thank the woman in the mirror.
She's the reason you're there.
Oh, can I call you back in a minute?
Diana just arrived.
Sure. Call me if you need anything.
But remember, think perfection.
Consider perfection thought.
Hi. Hi!
Thank you so much
for being here.
This is gonna be fun. Yeah.
And it looks great.
Thank you so much.
And, hey, if you're ever in New York,
I would love to make
this up to you somehow.
I just might take you up on that.
Oh, Matt, could you show Diane
to her dressing room, please?
Yes, right this way, Ms.
I'll see you in a little bit.
What do you think? I think I
just saw Diana Degarmo in person.
And I think this is gonna
be the party of a lifetime.
Oh. Thank goodness you're
not racking up the pressure.
Have you taken any time for
yourself since you've been here?
I've been eating,
sleeping a little bit,
bathing, occasionally getting
to go to the bathroom.
What do you think about taking a step
back, have a little fun?
Fun? Now?
Well, I'm the client, right?
So basically you have
to do whatever I say.
I don't have to do
whatever you say.
Well, as a client,
I am requesting that you have some fun.
What are you suggesting?
I got it.
Oh, no. No, it's a good one.
I'm scared. Two hours,
we'll have you back to all this.
One hour.
You don't happen to have a
change of clothes, do you?
Oh, boy
it's Christmastime again
Let all your good cheer in
It's Christmastime It's
Christmastime again
Stockings are hung and
the tree is trimmed
Sounds of the season
are ringin' on in
And up next we have Aidan Green
lining up for what is surely to be the
most important putt of his storied career.
Okay, there's enough
pressure as it is.
Think you can back
off, Jim Nantz?
Hey, if this doesn't work out,
there's always caddy school.
I might end up there anyway if
your party doesn't work out.
Don't you worry about me, okay?
You just focus.
You east coast girls
are so cutthroat.
Just putt.
Oh, yeah.
What'd I tell ya? Annoying.
My turn. All right.
You ready for this?
I'm ready. Ahem!
I'm sorry to hear about your parents.
I'm 30 years old.
I shouldn't be concerned if my 60-year-old
parents wanna hang out with me.
I think you're being a
little hard on yourself.
That's easy for you to say.
You have it together.
You know what you're
doing tomorrow.
Me, I'm like alone,
and thanks to Elizabeth,
my resume might as well be in Pig Latin.
Miss that!
Can you stop feeling
sorry for yourself
and let me putt in peace?
Thank you.
Oh! Thank you!
Your turn. All right.
You needed this more than I thought.
Yeah. I'll bet you a
snow cone you miss it.
You know, betting on sports is frowned
upon by most companies. But winning isn't.
And snow cones taste so much
better when somebody else buys it.
Did you just wink at me? No.
The battle-hardened,
poised Evelyn Wright just winked at me?
I had a bug in my eye.
Was it a winking bug?
Just hit the ball.
All right. Here we go.
That's what I'm talking about!
Nice, nice.
Wait. I have an idea.
Why don't you come work for me?
Just a couple days a week.
It's not big money,
but a go-getter like yourself could
make a couple hundred a night, easy.
Or I could just strip.
I'll take that as a yes.
Sure. Why not?
Good, okay.
Now, your first assignment
is gonna be painting me
that Christmas mural.
I am your boss now,
and I want you to paint me a
mural on the front of that window.
I haven't signed
any contracts yet.
Come on.
You're a talented artist.
I left that part of my life
behind a long time ago.
Maybe you shouldn't have.
Maybe you should have been
nurturing your God-given talent
instead of wasting
it inside a cubicle.
Okay, fine.
What the heck? I'll do it. Yeah?
Yeah! Okay.
Move it, girl.
You gonna let me putt?
Be the ball. Gonna hit you.
Hmm. Oh...
You owe me a mural.
It's okay.
You'll get the next one.
So I turned on some of my
trademark Wright charm,
and the guy had no choice
but to let me on the plane.
And what if you'd
missed the plane?
Elizabeth would have fired me,
and I would be playing mini golf in
Astoria right now with my friend Lila.
So the difference between having
an amazing, career-defining event
and needing a soup kitchen for dinner
was this last-minute dash onto a plane?
Technically, although maybe
that's a little oversimplified.
I don't know.
I'm a believer in pure destiny.
Which is what?
If it's meant to be, it will be.
Somehow, some way.
Simple as that.
That sounds like the battle
cry of a lazy person,
not a successful executive.
Do you know I played
baseball in college? No.
Full scholarship.
I was headed to the minors.
Wow. What happened?
One day I was out there,
I was up at the plate,
had my bat in my hands
and, uh, it just hit me.
It's not where I belonged.
So I left.
In the middle of the game.
The coach had a problem with that.
I bet.
You hungry?
Wanna grab some lunch?
A minute ago,
you're wagering for snow cones,
now you're telling me you
can't handle a pepperoni pizza?
Oh, I can handle pepperoni pizza.
Prove it.
You're on.
All right.
Oh, he's so adorable.
He is adorable.
Do you have any kids?
I was very busy in
my early twenties.
Let's see there's, uh,
Scott, Jackie, Darla, Alfalfa...
Not funny. Buckwheat...
You're terrible.
No, in answer to your question,
I am childless and alone.
I seriously doubt the latter.
That's true. I recently broke up with my
long-term girlfriend a couple months ago.
She said she wanted space,
so I gave it to her.
That sucks. I'm sorry.
At the time I thought it was for the
best, but lately I'm... I'm...
even more sure that it was.
What about you?
Do you have anyone
back in New York?
More drinks?
Uh, yeah, sure. Sure, thanks.
Oh, I am...
I am so sorry.
Can I help you?
No, no, it's okay.
Don't worry. Thank you.
I'm just gonna go to the
bathroom and go clean off.
You can just take it off.
I won't mind.
I'm sure you wouldn't.
What are you doing?
This is crazy.
You have a boyfriend.
He's about to propose to you.
"After losing a new
client in California,
Elizabeth Cole has decided to take
her company in a new direction."
Eve, wait up.
Hey. I'm running really late.
I'll walk with you.
You look, uh, different.
Good different or bad different?
Good different.
The hair, the makeup.
You look the way you
looked when we first met.
A lot's happened.
I got a job. Bike messenger.
It's not great money,
but it's putting takeout on the table.
That's great. I'm happy for you.
Oh, and before I forget...
For the last month of
utilities and rent.
I'm sorry for not
being better with that.
And look, I haven't had a
second go by since that day
that I haven't felt
disgusted with myself.
Good. That makes two of us that
are completely disgusted by you.
I know,
and you're totally justified.
There's no excuse,
and I'm not trying to make an excuse.
But I know how big
a mistake I made.
And it's one that I
will never make again.
What do you want me to
do, Darren?
You want me to take you back into
my life again like nothing happened?
How could I do that?
I'm never gonna get that
image out of my mind.
I know, but maybe we can
make new images together.
Good ones.
I will literally do
anything to get you back.
Just name it.
Can you go back in time
and not cheat on me?
Can you do that?
I didn't think so.
Hi, babe. Hi.
Just wanted to call
and hear your voice.
See how it was going.
It's going.
Are you ready for the party?
I hope so. How's Vermont?
It's fun.
We even got a room with a hot tub.
That's great.
I miss you.
Can I ask you something?
Were you gonna propose
to me up there?
Wow. You don't hold back.
I just... I need to know.
I feel like we've been together
for a while now, and...
you know, we should be ready
to take that next step.
Come on, baby, I mean,
you know I love you.
I love you, too. I just...
I want to know that we
want the same things.
Come on. The water's
not getting any warmer.
Uh... Evie, look,
just don't think too hard, okay?
Of course we want things.
It's just, um... I gotta run right now.
I-I-I will talk to you later, okay?
Okay. Bye.
How long have you
been standing there?
Wright! Why aren't you
still in your suit?
It's only 10:30 out there.
I work better in pajamas.
I trust things are
still going well.
By all accounts, perfectly.
If I didn't know better,
I'd say I've created a monster.
What can I say?
I learned from the best.
Excuse me?
I mean, I...
I didn't mean it like that.
I don't think that
you're a monster.
Of course you did.
But I didn't get to where I
am today by being a lapdog.
Now, I don't say what I'm about
to say with any frequency.
But I promise I'll either deny
it, blame it on wine or both.
I'm proud of you.
And in 20 years,
I expect to see you exactly where I am.
Wow, that's...
Let me finish.
I've thought hard about
your future with my company.
And if you pull this off
the way I know you will,
the west coast office is yours.
That's... really nice of you.
Nice has nothing to do with it.
It's about what's in the
best interests of my company.
And the best thing for
Elizabeth Cole Events
is to have Evelyn Wright
running the show out west.
it means a lot to hear you say that.
Well, this business
takes a lot of sacrifice.
But look at me. This Christmas,
when most people are
sitting at home by the fire,
wiping snot off the faces
of their little ones,
I'll be on the red eye to Aspen,
into the strong,
capable hands of Hans,
the best Swedish masseuse
in the Western Hemisphere.
you have it all figured out.
Well, we all have to decide
which choices are worth it.
I did what was best for me
as I'm sure you will do
what is best for you.
I don't wanna keep you.
You have work to do.
Oh, no. No. "Ciao" is mine.
You can have "auf
wiedersehen" or "sayonara."
Au revoir?
Fine, okay.
You can have "au revoir."
Testing 1, 2, 3.
That is absolutely
beautiful, Eve.
That is one of the most beautiful
things I have ever seen.
What's wrong with him?
He hasn't said a word all day.
Oh, well.
Maybe he's just nervous.
Well, I don't know what you did,
but you certainly
did a number on him.
I just want to
tell him I'm sorry.
You know, I'm the kind of
guy who goes out there,
and I ask people for money.
I mean, anybody can do it.
I happen to be really good at it.
But Aidan,
he looks at a blank computer screen,
and he creates something
totally original, new.
that is a talent that I envy.
He's a good man. Mm-hmm.
And since you've been here,
I have never seen him happier.
It's like he's suddenly
excited in our company again.
Now it's all gone.
Good night, Ms. Wright.
Good night, Tino.
Hey, baby. How you holding up?
Darren, I don't think things
are gonna work out between us.
Oh, really?
I don't think our hearts have
been in this for a while,
and I think we might be
holding each other back.
Oh. Don't let me get in the way.
I'll be home in a couple days.
And I think it'd be better
if you were gone by then.
You are such a good boyfriend.
Thank you.
Finished? I remember you.
Oh, yeah? Yes, I do.
You're the girl with
the broken heart.
You working here now? No.
I'm just helping out for the holidays.
Well, you look a lot happier
than the last time I saw you.
That was a rough night.
Oh, I hope you don't
mind me asking,
but I simply adore that
mural in the front window,
and I was wondering if you might
put me in touch with the artist.
Uh, it depends, I guess.
Well, I run a small
gallery in the village.
Could you make sure
and give them this?
Yes, I will.
Many thanks. Cheers.
Did you hear that?
Girl, you are going
to the big time now!
Our own little Eve
in an art gallery.
You go, girlfriend!
You go, girlfriend!
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Good tidings we bring
wherever you are
Good tidings for Christmas
and a Happy New Year
Well, Ms. Lonelyheart from the bar.
What can I do for you?
I wanted you to know that I
gave your message to the artist.
Can she come in and
tell you herself?
Here you go.
For anything that you could give
me, I own
Wish it didn't matter
I know it doesn't
have to be this way
It's not the gift
But it's the thought
of what you give
But what you want
is just the gift
But you forgot that it
doesn't really matter
'Cause what I want
is what I've got
What I need is what I'm not
What I've learned
is that you
Never really know if
it ever really matters
I'll try a special
gift this Christmas
A love that we'll
share from this day on
Oh, no, thank you.
O holy night
The stars are
brightly shining
It is the night of our
dear savior's birth
Long lay the world...
We're all adults here, right?
Most of us. What's up?
You know how I sort of felt
this should've been my gig.
I figured that,
even though you were so subtle about it.
Without admitting
that I was wrong,
I can say with a high
degree of probability
I couldn't have done
any better than this.
The weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks...
What do you want? Want?
Yeah. You're sucking up. Let's just
cut through the BS What do you want?
There you go again,
sounding just like Elizabeth.
Thank you.
That wasn't a compliment, Eve.
You and I might have
our differences,
but I've always respected you
because you're different than she is.
You're the nice one.
You treated people like... people.
But ever since we've
been out here...
I think you should take
a good look at yourself
and ask if this is really
who and what you are.
O night divine
O night
O night divine
Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices
O night divine
O night
When Christ was born
O night
O night
O night
Fantastic party, Ms. Wright.
I will have you know that
I've already received
several requests for
your business card.
Good. I'm glad that
everyone's having a nice time.
Yeah, well, you're a very lucky
lady, you know.
You have a job that
you really love to do.
Which I really love to do.
A little advice.
May I?
Maybe you can spend a little
less time with the centerpieces
and maybe a little more
time with our host.
Yeah? Aidan...
Al Kim is here, and I overheard
him speaking to his assistant,
saying that he thinks
Gobble is about to take off.
I'll say hi to him in a minute.
It's gonna be a very Merry
Christmas, you two.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I noticed some models by the punch bowl
that might be interested in some new
hardware, if you know what I mean.
How do I look?
Don't answer that. I know.
Um, look, I'm sorry if you
feel like I led you on.
I know how it works.
You wanted a new client,
so you turned on the charm.
That's not what this was.
Well, congratulations. You're gonna
make your new company a lot of money.
That's not what I want.
None of this was what I wanted.
I went to art school. I wanted to paint.
I did have a boyfriend
when I came here.
But he's unemployed and lazy
and could care less
about any of this, so...
Well, it sounds like
he doesn't deserve you.
I'm the one that
doesn't deserve you.
And the truth is that this is the
happiest I've been in a really long time,
and it has nothing to do
with the job or the party.
It's you.
I want another chance,
and not as your client.
What about your boyfriend?
I called him last night.
It's over.
Is that the truth?
Thank you all so much
for coming out tonight.
I'd love to give a big shout-out
to my girl and my sorority sister
Miss Evelyn Wright!
You are an amazing party planner.
Thank you so much for
putting this all together.
And I have a little special
surprise for everyone.
Hey, babe, are you out there?
Oh, hey, please welcome up my honey
to the stage, Mr. Ace Young. Hi!
We're gonna do a special little duet
for you all, so I hope you enjoy it.
Do you remember this song?
It was playing
when we first met.
Do you wanna dance?
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant so
tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
You know,
there's a rule about that stuff.
You did that on purpose.
Silent night
Holy night
This isn't right.
I'm sorry. I think I need to go.
[SCOFFS] It's midnight
on Christmas Eve.
I don't belong here.
Right in the middle of the
game, huh?
I'm sorry.
Matt can take over for me.
Christ our savior is born
Christ our savior is born
Christmas, baby.
[DIANA] Merry Christmas.
How about another drink?
Hey, what are you doing home?
What are you still doing here?
I thought I asked you to leave.
I know, but, um...
Oh, it's you.
Excuse me?
It's not what you think.
How long has this been going on?
Look, you've got it all wrong.
Long enough.
Wow. At least I don't feel bad
for breaking up with you anymore.
Evie, can... Please, can we talk?
Don't. Just don't.
Can you give me one
second, please?
You can take that with you. No, I don't
wanna talk to you! I want you to leave!
Get out.
I'm sorry.
Hey, it's Aidan.
Why don't you ever
answer your phone?
You're giving a guy a complex.
Um, I heard you flew
back to New York.
Listen, I don't know if
you meant what you said,
but I'm...
I can't get you out of my head.
Call me back.
Oh, Merry Christmas.
Hey. [LILA] Looking
out your window?
It's gonna be a white
Christmas after all.
I, um, caught Darren with
another woman in our apartment.
I kicked him out.
You're kidding.
On Christmas morning?
Yup. It's over.
It wasn't really the most
pleasant way to end it, but...
I feel like he did me a
favor by getting caught.
You did what you should've
done a long time ago,
and I'm proud of you, girl.
For real. Thanks.
Now you can get with Mr. Right.
Who? You know who
I'm talking about.
That beautiful man in LA who
wants to jump your bones.
I abandoned him on the most
important night of his life.
I'll be lucky if
he doesn't sue me.
Well, I saw the way he looked at
you the first time you two met.
No one's ever looked
at me like that.
See you soon, okay?
Eve, is everything okay, love?
Have you ever had an experience that you
thought was real, but it was just a dream?
Well, not since the 70s.
It's Christmas.
Don't you have
somewhere else to be?
I don't know.
Hey, it's, um...
Aidan Green...
who you left heartbroken in Los
Angeles when you missed your plane.
How'd you find me?
Your friend the bartender.
She also showed me
the painting you made.
Very, very nice.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Well, after the party was
a complete disaster...
Thank you for missing it, by the way,
and sending your crazy, crazy boss...
I'm sorry. She fired me.
I needed to to get away.
And I love this city in the winter.
It's perfect.
You do not get that in LA.
How impressively impulsive.
Slightly out of character,
but what the heck?
People say amazing things
happen every day in New York.
Something told me
I should be here.
So the party didn't go
well, huh?
I don't know. Maybe it's for the best. I
didn't want to be the next Facebook anyway.
I want to be the first Gobble.
I'm just sorry that we didn't have
an opportunity to work together.
You know, I missed that
flight by about ten seconds.
Ten seconds was the difference
of me being out there with you,
doing the party and probably
getting a big promotion.
I'm a big believer that
things happen for a reason.
So instead of a big promotion
and a fancy new client,
I was supposed to lose my
job, get a job bartending,
show my art at a small gallery,
and catch my boyfriend
cheating on me.
Can't forget that one.
If it's meant to be.
Maybe you were meant
to be a great artist.
Maybe you were
with the wrong guy.
I don't suppose I could
interest you in a bite to eat,
maybe a hot cocoa?
A guy that drinks hot
cocoa, huh?
I'm just... I am...
I am freezing right now!
I really should've
packed more layers.
Come on, what do you say?
You know,
there's a rule about that.
You did that on purpose, didn't you?