All About E (2015) Movie Script

an amazing set. I can't wait.
It's going to be awesome.
20 seconds till E time!
What are you doing in there,
writing a novel?
Come on, come on!
Call yourself a manager?
Where is she?
10, 9,
8, 7,
6, 5,
4, 3,
2, 1.
It's E time!
Where's E? I think she's gone.
E, E, E...!
It's E time!
Here's the money for E.
You must really work out.
Not that much.
I could make an exception to
my no-men's-clothing rule,
and design a perfect t-shirt
to show off those arms.
Johnny will see you
in his office after E's set.
Stunning as always, eh, hen?
Ok, it's a new theme -
Arabian nights.
It's gonna be a smash.
Matt's drawings are brilliant.
Here is me as the sheikh.
Och, not this towel-head thing
Stick to the Spanish theme.
The punters love it.
Let's leave the arabs
out of it, eh?
Och, come on, now, hen.
Have we not got a winner here
with the Spanish thing?
Yeah, but it's not really me,
Dinnae mess with it
till I say so, eh?
Was there anything
you wanted to tell me,
anything you think
ah should know?
You mean, the gig at ice?
Well, aren't we
the popular one, then?
I suppose it's too much to ask
for a wee bit of loyalty.
Oh, come on!
Don't be like that, Johnny.
You know you'll always be
number one.
Aye, I know I will. And
that is why I took the Liberty
of telling those lads at ice
that you were nae available.
- You can't do that!
- Who took a risk
on a wee, Leb Naebody
from the gong,
turned her into the top dj?
Now, I'm thinking, we need
a coffee and a catch-up...
Just you and me,
like old times.
- Sure, but I don't...
- And in future,
you ask your uncle Johnny
before you go taking gigs
from other people.
Is that too much to ask?
Of course not, Johnny.
Now you give your uncle Johnny
a kiss,
and then you two can piss off,
Want one?
Why not?
Mornin', cupcake!
And where is last night's
new best friend, hm?
You know the policy,
no overnights.
Now go away.
Don Juana, charming as always.
She's better off
out of your web anyway.
how do you stand this pigsty?
Hm? hm?
Piss off! Leave me alone.
I am dyyy-ing
dyyy-ing, dyyy-ing! Go away!
And here's me, looking forward
to this all morning.
To what?
You don't know what
I'm talking about, do you?
Of course I do.
You take the fecking cake, E.
You really do.
Oh, come on,
don't be like my mother.
At least my mother
would have remembered
my fecking birthday.
I'll take you to bill's
for breakfast.
Now get your shameless arse
in that shower.
Starry, starry night.
Yeah, sure is.
You play very well.
Just not well enough
to pass my exams.
Was that your own tune
you played?
Well, it's not Mozart's.
That's a gift.
E! Shower!
In a taxi?
Please tell me I'm dreaming.
You left ma' money
in a fucking taxi?
You fuckin...
Fucked up...
A dress designer.
He wants to know
what I look like.
Alright, let's see.
Hello there, John boy.
Someone once said
I'm like an Irish version
of Robert Pattinson.
Liar, liar, pants on fire.
I'm a bit old-fashioned.
Can we chat a bit more
before we meet?
- Elmira?
- Mrs Malouf.
It's me, Matt. Matthew.
No, she's in the shower.
Manners, manners!
Babe, who was that?
- Your mother.
- What does she want?
What does she want
every Saturday when she calls?
That I don't exist.
You back on the chat room
How else
am I supposed to find a man?
Not by pretending you have
amazing abs, that's for sure.
Speaking of outrageous,
what are we going to do
about Johnny?
Look, I know he gets
a little bit over the top.
Over the top?
Psychopathic, more like.
We have to leave, E.
Ice really want us.
They'll let us do Arabian
nights. Whatever we want.
Jaki heard that Johnny
threatened to firebomb them
- if we play there.
- Fuck, E!
What is it with you and him?
Stop. Make it bigger.
Who's that blonde tart?
It's the barmaid from ice.
Icethose fucking towelheads.
Shite! That's E.
It is too.
you can't think E's involved?
There's no way
she'd do that to me.
Oh. Looks like
Johnny's ears are burning.
Jesus, E!
It's my fecking birthday.
D'you think we can just last
one day without
talking to that psycho
scrooge uncle of yours?
Ok, I'm all yours. It's off.
Let's go. I need a coffee.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey, this is E.
You know what...
In your pigsty, please.
Not mine.
Well, it's not mine.
Well, it's not mine.
Well, it's not mine!
We are so in the money!
Where did it come from?
Who cares?
Well, how much is here?
Listen, E,
what happened last night?
Jaki and I were wasted,
so we caught a taxi.
Which taxi?
We have to give it back.
Are you crazy?
- I'm calling the police.
- No you're not.
Give it! Matt!
Who is it?
We're collecting for
the give a girl a go appeal.
Kylie and Tanya.
We're collecting for
the give a girl a go appeal.
Ah, here you go, girls.
- Love your work.
- Thank you.
Here! You girls are
doing a great job.
Think! In a bag like this,
this much cash.
Do you think that a) The taxi
driver who gave you a lift
is just some eccentric
who's driving his taxi
for kicks?
No. I didn't think so either.
Or what do you think,
is it actually by some
son-of-a-gun drug dealer
who's a little too smashed
on his own merchandise
to realise he's mislaid
a small matter of, what,
say, half a million
in used 50s?
So why don't we keep it?
No! Because that taxi driver
is probably
navigating under water
as we speak,
and I tell you, I cannot swim!
Calm the fuck down.
No-one knows that we have this.
They find the taxi driver,
they find us.
I want it out of the house
now. Bad Karma!
Come on, Matt. You want
to leave Johnny, right?
Oh, my god!
Of course!
He didn't leave anything!
You've got the wrong man!
I didn't find anything!
No, wait, no!
Why do you have to bullshit
- I didn't.
- Oh, for sure.
The flowers were for me!
Yoo-hoo! Mr and Mrs Toreador.
Hi, girls.
Hi, Mitze, kitty.
Matt and his machine.
You can always tell a man
by what he rides.
Hey, arse fuckers!
Old, fucking fags!
- What the fuck is that?
- Waste of a good Holden.
Piss off and leave us alone.
Suck my dick, ya fuckin' dyke.
My pleasure, darling... Wa-hey!
If I could find
the tiny thing, I so would.
What did he say to me?
Psycho bitch! Fuck off!
You ok, girls?
Aren't you
a little ninja turtle?
Just young boys, letting off
a bit of steam, Darl.
I'm sure I fucked
one of those boys last month.
I need a drink. Come on.
Bye, Matt.
Bye, E.
Fuck! Oh, my god.
What the fuck?
Do you know
how much these cost now?
Oh, he must have every model!
Come on!
- You didn't lock the door.
- Me? you were last to leave.
Shit! Shit.
You said nobody knew.
We have to go to the police.
Stop screaming.
I'm trying to think.
I'm sure that car
is following us.
A mother and two kidsyeah.
We just need to find someone
who'll put us up
for a couple of days
while we work out what to do,
What about Leonora,
my old landlady?
We are not that desperate.
Who is this girl?
She was a beachside romance.
She really loves me.
Well! That went well.
She said
she was a bit confused.
Not anymore.
Hey, Lou.
It's been over a year.
Wait - I've got your money.
Plus 100 to say thanks.
Took you long enough. What
happened, you rob a bank?
Look, the thing is, Lou,
we need a place to stay,
just for a few days.
- I don't think that's a g...
- Habibti.
You know I wouldn't ask
unless it was urgent.
Nah, nah. My mum was right
about you. You're trouble, E.
If we're finished with those
people you've dumped, ignored
or fought with, we might have
no other alternative.
You said she was
a total fruit loop.
Well, that doesn't mean
she can't be trusted.
I had a feeling
you'd be coming.
Many happy returns.
Don't ask.
Leonora. Leonora Laventallini.
E. Just E.
Well, that's short
and to the point. Come in.
This is you, the page of cups -
beautiful, artistic,
But reversed,
this is the immature card.
I could have told you that.
More swords behind you.
Great loss or heartbreak.
- Her younger brother.
- Matt, don't.
Michael. He was only 17.
Killed - drunk driver.
- Terrible!
- Matt, shut up!
This doesn't feel like a man.
- This feels like a woman.
- Ok.
We don't have time
for this psychic babble.
E! How can you be so rude?
Can we borrow your car?
Shite, shite!
What are we going to do, E?
Why don't we ask Johnny?
He knows all the heavies.
Stop running to feckin Johnny
all the time.
I'm just saying
he'd know what to do.
What a grand idea... let's go
live with uncle Johnny.
You got any better ideas?
What about Bali, or Shanghai?
My one and only chance
to travel first-class...
How was I supposed to know
you need ID
for domestic travel?
You went to college!
I rely on you.
Well, you shouldn't!
I dropped out.
Hey, this is E.
- Elmira?
- Hi, mumma. It's me.
Matt and I were thinking
of visiting you and dad.
We... we could come now,
Clarinet concerto in a minor
penny for them?
It'll cost you.
Oh, really how much?
You can't afford it.
Says who, Princess?
- Princess?!
- Yeah!
- Says me, skippy!
- We'll see about that!
Move in with me.
Move in with me.
Jaysus! Can we not
play something else?
Your man Kenny g sounds like
he's being strangled.
Ow! What was that for?
Kenny g plays the sax,
not the clarinet.
Sax, clarinet -
what's the diff?
Equal love, equal life
whether you're man
and husband or woman and wife
equal love, equal life
we're spelling it out - lgbt
better than Mozart
better than Mozart
better than Mozart...
Equal love
equal life, equal life
we're spelling it out - lgbti
equal love equal love
equal life equal li...
who keeps ringing?
you find them?
I dinnae believe this.
The biggest deal of my life.
And that's the good life.
Every time we passed
the stacks, dad would say,
'see this? this biggest
in Southern hemisphere.
I work here for you.
This what get you good school,
good house, good life.'
I've tried so hard
to get away...
And I'm here again.
- Shit!
- Ignore it.
I can't.
- Ok, ok. I'll answer it.
- No!
- No!
- Hello?
- Elmira?
- Hello, mrs Malouf.
- Elmira?
- No, this is Trish.
- Hello, mumma.
- Who?
- No, it's me.
- You still in bed?
No, mumma.
I've been up for hours.
Who answered your phone.
You have visitor?
No, that's Trish.
You know, my flatmate.
I have some
very important news.
Your cousin Darina,
she christen the baby Michael
on the 30th.
I didn't think
she talked to you.
This time we invited. We come
to Sydney for three days.
The church, a big party
afterwards - everybody coming.
The 30th for three days.
Who you talking to?
You no want us to come?
I'm not staying with Darina.
No, mumma,
of course you can stay.
Trish will be away that
weekend, won't you, Trish?
Mumma, I'm going to have
to call you back.
- Hey.
- Don't.
What could I do?
I don't know.
You could say no.
You could say,
'let me just ask Trish.
She really hates it
when I take all of her stuff
out of our room
and puts it in the lounge
like she's the bloody lodger.
- It's not like that.
- You could even say,
'my beautiful lover and I have
our anniversary that weekend,
and it's really important.'
I'm really sorry.
You know how crazy
she makes me.
Yeah, I do,
but I thought just this once
you could think of me, of us.
- I do!
- So tell them.
You're ashamed, aren't you?
You're a coward, E.
You're a fucking coward.
Is my tattoo covered?
Do I look straight?
Alright, wifey,
let's go face the music.
You never come to see us.
You ring us three hours ago.
Where you beenyour father
and I been worried sick.
Mumma, relax. We're here now.
Mrs Malouf...
The food is almost ruined.
Come, we eat now.
Red hair!
How can you do this to us?
Habibti, we miss you.
Me too, dad.
You, you come with me.
Mr Malouf.
Sorry - Joseph.
How's it going, mate?
Good, thanks.
You come, no warning.
We have no food in the house.
Why we have to have
this emergency meeting,
like you have
emergency wedding, huh?
I still can't believe you
thought I was pregnant.
Don't eat! Cut some onion.
We need more onion.
Oh, that's...
- I... I take this.
- Oh no!
No, it's alright.
Sit, sit.
Why you marry this fat man
with red hair?
Mum! He's not fat,
and he's not deaf.
And why you wear your hair
like this?
And why you choose him
when you could have that boy,
'Cause he's a pig, that's why.
Cut the bread,
we need more bread.
What about your music?
You fail your exam.
Everybody know.
They say,
'why she leave university?'
your brother never do this
to us!
Yeah. He just stole cars
and didn't finish high school
but he's still Saint Michael.
You shame us.
We already live with
so much shame.
You proper musician.
You can work in the orchestra,
teach music, get proper job.
Your teacher say so.
I tried, and it's not me,
Who you, Elmira?
Who you are?
All my life I work hard
for you to go to university,
but you! It gets too hard,
you just throw it all away.
Poof! Like that! Like it's
nothing, like we nothing.
How can you say that?
Ever since you a little girl,
you like this, stubborn!
No respect.
Your father and I,
we give you everything.
We have you, we get married.
I don't sing anymore.
I never asked you to have me.
You and me, we're not
too different, you know.
You reckon?
You make my stomach very bad
from what you do to us.
- Dr Nassar...
- What does he say?
He say my ulcer is back.
Is very bad.
I go back to hospital
if I not careful,
if I get upset.
Alright umi.
You can have a huge party
for us.
Invite every single cousin
we have.
You play clarinet for us?
I haven't played
in over a year.
Just tonight,
give Matt a chance.
A fat chance, huh
What's this called again?
- Arak.
- Ah, is the milk of the lion.
It's very special. It's from
my brother in Lebanon.
- It's lethal.
- It suits this kitty cat.
I'm just saying, what we do
in Ireland in the country
is sing and dance.
Lord of the riverdance,
that's me.
I love to dance.
I used to dance all the time
in the club in Beirut.
I bet you cut a fine figure on
the dance floor, mrs Malouf.
I better singer,
ah, a long time ago.
You show us this dancing.
Er... I don't think
that's such a great idea.
How about a song for us,
mrs Malouf?
you leave this man alone.
Your father, he doesn't like
singing or dancing.
But you listen to me -
he used to like it
before everything change.
No, you cooked.
Let me clean up.
No, I do. You guest.
No, I insist.
- We do together.
- Together!
Together, together.
- Oh, Danny boy...
- Oh, you sing!
Your mother never sing anymore.
You upset her.
Since the day I was born.
Oh, my god.
Please tell me
your mother gave you those.
Even though we're married?
They don't like you that much.
Do you not miss it?
Nah. Being a dj's much cooler.
Especially when dressed by moi!
Clarinet concerto in a minor
that sounds like an ok deal,
but what are
your delivery times?
I need this lot fast.
We'll get to the bit
where I cut your toes off
fairly soon now,
so you'll maybe be wanting
to try and remember where
that bitch has taken ma money,
I swear, I don't know!
Check the wee bitch's phone.
Elmira it's for you - a man.
Why you get call here
this time?
Sh, mum! Hello who's this?
You treacherous, wee wog.
So this is how you repay me?
- Why he ring this late?
- Dad, please take mum...
- You take mah money...
- Your money?
- What you done?
- Mumma!
Dinnae play the innocent
with me!
Why've you no answered
your mobile, eh?
You get my cash here by nine,
or I dinnae know what I'll do.
Matt! Get up. It's Johnny,
it's Johnny's money.
He knows where we are.
- We need to leave now.
- What? oh, my god!
Oh, sweet Jesus!
But why we have to leave now?
I no like Ali. He is a bad man.
He's got bad friends,
he smoke bad cigarettes.
- Exactly.
- He can't cook!
- We stay here.
- Mumma, you can't stay here.
Dad, please tell her.
You have to go to Ali.
- Tell him there's trouble.
- Enough!
We will go.
Dad, I'm so sorry.
Is for you, for later.
Let's go.
I knew this was too good
to be true.
We have to give it back, E.
- No, we don't.
- What?
He thinks he's in charge
of everything,
can control everyone.
Well, he's about to find out
he's wrong.
Are you crazy?
He had no right to cancel ice.
Let him stew.
It's not like he can go to the
police and report it missing.
No, but he can kill us.
Not if he can't find us.
Do you think your parents
will be ok?
Yeah. Ali's a thug.
If anyone can handle Johnny,
he can.
I wish we'd given it
to the police.
Then Johnny really would
kill us.
I still don't get you and him.
Ok, so you don't get it.
Nobody does.
You know, I still don't know
why all of row 4 have died.
It should be a good mix.
- I got it, Trish.
- Got what?
Johnny's given me top billing.
You're looking at
the new resident dj
for Saturday nights.
Don't you have clarinet
quartet on Saturday nights?
No biggie.
They can find someone else.
I thought you said
they'd fail you
if you didn't play
in the quartet?
Maybe I don't want
to play the clarinet anymore.
You're joking?
This is my chance.
Johnny says that I'm the best
dj he's seen in years.
I could be really big.
Why can't you be happy for me?
I can,
if it's what you really want.
- It is.
- I don't believe you.
Well, it's the truth.
I don't want
to play the clarinet anymore.
Jaysus, E! Pull in!
You're not fit to drive.
And I could eat a small child.
I need a hangover cure!
Well, what d'ya think?
Don't ask me, then. Furthest
I've ever been is Bondi beach.
Hm... And one time when I went
to Brisbane. Met a guy online.
I arrived for a romantic
weekend. One word - disaster.
Let's just say, I know why
the caged bear sings,
and it's not my tune.
What about taking
Arabian nights to Melbourne?
No wonder you can't
keep the weight off.
- Sorry?
- You heard.
You have no idea
what it's like to be me.
Come on Matt,
I didn't mean it like that.
Uh-huh. Yes, you did.
Here I am, a fat, Irish
redhead looking for true love
in the Sydney meat market,
full of tanned gym junkies
who are all as superficial
as you.
What's my chances, hey E?
Come on! You know
you're my best friend.
When it suits you.
You're a selfish little shite.
No wonder your woman Trish
left you.
what are you doing here?
Three days, E. Must have
been really special.
Trish, wait! Please.
Oh, fuck.
Gay chat - again?
At least they talk to me
on gay chat.
Hello is that the believer?
Oh, yes, it's E here.
I need some help
being a real person.
Hope is drying out
in the state's north-west
as the long drought
shows no sign of breaking.
Clarinet concerto in a major
it's boring. Can we not play
something good?
This is much better than good.
It's a feckin' downer,
that's what it is.
It's god. That's what it is.
Oh, my god! Pull in, pull in!
Hello, Johnny.
I'm just checking on you
and mah money, hen. You near?
We're at Rockdale.
Um, lots of traffic.
Shouldn't be too long.
Better not be.
Oh, fuck. Fuck.
What have I done?
Please god,
my parents stay at Ali's.
Hey, this is E...
Well, just say it!
I'm not stupid.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Ok, so you don't.
Ok, Trish.
Trish lives out here.
You happy?
I am now.
Don't you think
we'd better let her know
that you're coming?
She hasn't spoken to me
in a year.
After what you did,
do you blame her?
This is it.
Tiny, in.
Trish, can I come in?
- Hey.
- What gives you the right?
Trish, I'm in trouble -
serious trouble.
- So you bring it here?
- Please, Trish.
You've driven a long way
for nothing.
Let's go.
Tiny! Tiny, get back here!
sorry to land unannounced.
I wouldn't be asking,
but we've no place left to go.
If you say no, we're stuffed.
If you love E half as much as
she loves you, you'll help.
You're our last chance.
Do I have to do everythin'
And so you see, we had no idea,
and now Johnny's ready
to cut our throats.
We just need time
to sort out...
You can stay the night,
two at the most.
After that, I want you
and your damn money gone.
What am I gonna do
on Saturday night?
Mikey! No, no.
There's no problem.
I have it, but there's a wee
technical hitch.
I need a wee bit more time.
Ach, come on. There's no need
to involve the abbas lads.
You and me,
we've got a deal, right?
Ok. When?
Ok. I will, I'll have it.
No problem.
This is not fuckin' happening!
So where's your mum?
Oh, you don't know.
After dad died,
she just kind of gave up.
She's gone to live
with her sister in Sydney.
You can't stay?
It's mortgaged to the hilt.
Let me give you the money.
I don't think so, E.
Why why won't you let me
help you?
Help, you?
You can't even help yourself.
The neighbour said they'd
gone to their cousin's
or something, but E and Matt
didn't go with them.
- Outside.
- Mr a! What's happening?
I heard something's missing.
Who told you that?
Did Mikey call you?
- So nothing is missing, then?
- No.
Mr A, I tell you,
there's no problem.
can't believe you kept it.
What are you doing in here?
Trish, I couldn't sleep.
What am I doing?
You really hurt me, E,
and I promised myself I would
never let you do that again.
- Me too.
- Yet here you are,
back in my life,
causing trouble, as always.
- Please, Trish.
- Just don't.
I can't.
Hello, you.
Hello, you.
You know, I did try, Trish.
I really did...
You don't know the meaning
of the word.
Try running a property
after ten years of drought.
Try beating cancer.
That's not fair.
Are you serious?
Oh, right on cue.
I was wondering
where you girls were.
- I have made...
- I won't be having breakfast.
Be out all day. Come on, tiny.
Be careful - you'll flood it.
Be my guest.
After all I've done
for that wee bitch.
What am ah to do, eh, hen?
Why's she done this to me, eh?
Got ya.
Fuckin' gotcha!
I don't know how I'm going to
live without that sound.
E was right, you are an angel.
And yet, despite my best
efforts, here I am, single.
Their loss. E's really
lucky to have you as a friend.
It's a buffet.
Something I meant to give you
a long time ago.
I gotta go.
Morning, Prue.
I've just been
talking about you.
- All good, I hope.
- Not really, but you'll live.
Seriously - a couple of blokes
from Sydney
been asking about you.
That's me - miss popularity.
What did they want?
How to get to your place. They
seemed very keen to see it.
What were they like?
One was Scottish, or Irish.
Bloody rude, if you ask me.
- Yeah?
- I didn't like them.
I sent them via stony gums.
- That's for 4-wheel drives.
- Yeah, I know.
Thanks, Prue.
- Hey, that was quick!
- Where's E?
She's still on the fence line.
Hey, what's the hurry?
You need to get up
to the warrens' old property.
No-one will find you up there.
That food'll keep you
for a bit.
As long as I don't
have to fire that thing.
it won't come to that.
Now, clothes.
You want me to walk
20 more kilometres?
We're not going without you.
- I have to talk to Bev first.
- Who's Bev?
That's none of your business.
Now get going,
and take tiny with you.
Come on, tiny.
Fucking push!
You get this fucking car going,
and come and pick me up.
Oh, god. You've
slept with her, haven't you?
What makes you say that?
Trish, I haven't slept with
anyone in five years.
It gives you a kind of
NASA like radar.
I can literally smell
the pheromones coming off you.
I hope you know
what you're doing, hon.
That's just it - I don't.
She comes here after all this
time, and I can't help it.
It's like, I'm screaming,
'no, don't go near her, '
but my body just won't obey me.
- Oh-oh. That sounds bad.
- It is.
Like, bad-bad or bad-good?
Look, I just need you
to help me get rid of her
before she gets herself killed.
- Can you do that for me?
- Sure.
You know I love an adventure.
How many flies did you eat, E?
Tell you what -
that's why I'm fat,
all these flies
you've got in this country.
Feck! Flies!
Don't worry,
I can handle Johnny.
Johnny won't hurt us.
Johnny loves me!
Come on, Matt.
Always think you can get out
of things, don't you, E?
- How was I to know?
- I dunno. Be radical.
Try thinking of other people
instead of yourself, for once!
Your woman Trish had the
right idea - keep well away.
- Matt, I'm sorry.
- Not as sorry as I am.
If we get out of this alive,
we're getting a divorce.
I'm taking my share,
and I'm back to Ireland.
You can keep your flies too.
Come on, tiny.
Huh, the Hilton!
- It's not bad.
- And I'm filthy!
I'll get tea on.
Baked beans, coming up,
no doubt.
You're more than welcome
to cook yourself.
No, look - sorry. Truce.
I'm sorry about that stuff
I said before.
I'm just... I'm tired
and I'm scared, and...
Me too.
What do you mean, no way?
Seems to me like
you're in with a chance,
if you don't blow it.
She should be here by now.
And that is how
I met the parents.
I can't believe you're still
going through with
this charade.
Well, you would too,
if you knew my parents.
Well, I was never allowed to,
was I?
We should all get some rest.
Bev will be here
at first light.
She'll take you as far as
That is so fabulous of her.
Scary, but beautiful.
You still play like an angel.
I wish.
I promised myself that
I would never let you do that
Come with me.
I can't.
I need you to go back
to your own bed now.
I can't think straight
with you near me.
- Good morning!
- Johnny!
Trish, are you alright?
So this is how you and that
wee wog repay me, eh, fat man?
- Johnny, what are you doing?
- Shut up! Where is she?
This is nothing to do with
Trish. Let her go.
I'd say it has everything
to do with her.
Now, you have ten seconds
before I start cutting,
and as you know,
I am rather fond of cutting.
Alright, alright. I'll get the
money. Just don't hurt her.
- Let her go, Johnny.
- Fuck you, ginger!
You throw the sack over here
first, eh?
How do I know
you won't hurt her?
Well, I guess that's
the fun bit. You don't.
Drop the knife, Johnny.
Oh, how touching.
The dj saves her girlfriend!
I dinnae think so.
I bet you don't even know how
to use that thing.
Why'd you do it to me?
Why would you want to leave me?
I can't do it anymore, Johnny.
Look, hen, we go way back.
You give me my money back and
we can sort something out.
You can do your towel-head
thing if you want.
Let her go. You're hurting her.
Mah money first,
or your sheep-shagger
lady friend gets it.
10, 9,
8, 7...
Don't make me do it, Johnny.
I don't want to, but hurt her,
and I promise you,
I will blow your brains out.
Tie him up.
Come on, come on.
Get him in!
We're running out of
runway, folks.
Look out!
Go, tiny, go.
That was stupid, hen.
Why'd you do it, E?
- You don't want to hurt me.
- I made you.
You're nothing without me.
I can't be that E anymore.
You have to find someone else.
Someone else...?
Ok, let's go. Let's go!
What are you doing?
I don't want the money.
I just want you.
That's all I've ever wanted.
Oh, no! No!
Many are the roads
that do not lead to the heart
so take courage
in both your hands
be true to your heart
my darling, my heart
remember who you are
hear the song calling you
follow your heart
it's the crack of dawn
and I
am traveling
along a dusty road
the moon is fading into white
opening these
watercoloured skies
and my belly button burns
'cause I know
I've so much left to learn
these are the days
given with grace
these are the old and new
these are the days
given with grace
but never to hold onto
it's the crack of dawn
and I'm
the passages of time
open up your heart, they say
for with every wound
there's wisdom to be gained
so I open the door
and I open some more
then even when I've fallen
fallen down
I'll rise
these are the days
given with grace
these are the old and new
these are the days
given with grace
but never to hold onto
so open the door
and let it open some more
then even when I've fallen
fallen down
I'll rise
these are the days
given with grace
these are the old and new
these are the days
given with grace
but never to hold onto
it's the crack of dawn
and I
am traveling
along a dusty road.