All About Evil (2010) Movie Script

Remember all your lines, honey?
There's nothing to be worried about.
You're gonna be great.
Remember something, Debbie,
you've got something
these other kids don't have: Star quality.
Well, I'm outta here.
Where are you going?
I'm going shopping.
You're not going to stay
and see Debbie's performance?
This I gotta see.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Victoria Theatre's
series of kiddie matinees.
Now let's welcome our own
little Dorothy, Debbie Tennis.
You'd better be good.
Your father's counting on you.
Look it's Debbie Penis.
Oh my goodness.
So how are you really, dear?
I'm fine.
You know, I'm concerned, Deb.
Ever since your father passed...
Well, you need to talk about it.
It just kills me to think
of you sitting over there,
running all that horror nonsense.
Those are not real movies.
The plan...
It's business as usual.
Honey, I know what
it's like to feel alone.
No husband, no children.
- Just me and the cats.
- I'm sorry, Evelyn.
I need to get to the theater before the-
- Deb, I'm serious.
Don't take on your father's
showbiz debts and burdens.
Honey, I know you were close,
but, well, there's no future there.
My father invested everything he had
into the Victoria Theatre.
He truly loved the movie experience
and above all else, well,
Daddy was a showman.
Years of blood, sweat and
tears went into the business
he loved so much, the business of show.
He never wanted me to be a librarian.
I was to be a great Hollywood actress.
Well, I may have disappointed
my father in life,
but I'm gonna do my absolute best
to make him proud, even in death.
It's like Daddy always said,
the show must go on.
Oh geez!
Mr. Twigs, you scared me half to death.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Your father was prompt.
He expected me to be, too.
Mr. Twigs, I'm really
gonna need your help
now that Daddy...
Look, I know you're paid
to be the projectionist,
but I'm just finding it difficult.
Ma'am, I'm here to help
with anything you need.
I'm at your service.
Thank you.
Mr. Twigs.
- Hello, Steven.
- Hey, Deb.
How are you?
New shoes?
Yeah, I just got 'em.
They're a little too white.
I gotta dirty 'em up. I hate that.
- The usual?
- Yeah.
I never really got the chance to, uh,
say how sorry I am about
your father's passing.
He was really awesome and without him
I wouldn't know half of
my favorite horror movies
that I know today.
Ma'am I, I need some mouthwash.
Mind if I run out-
Just be back in time to
start the movie, okay?
Of course.
Good evening, Mrs. Tennis.
Mr. Twigs.
I'm so glad I ran into you.
Oh, for God's sake old man.
I'm on my way to the theater to see Deb.
We're selling it.
- No.
- Yes we are.
The land is worth a small fortune.
But you can't. Please, Mrs. Tennis.
Surely you can't just-
Stop embarrassing yourself.
You're a grown man.
I put nearly 40 years
in that projection booth.
It's all I know. I...
Ma'am, your husband would be ashamed.
Now pull yourself together.
I mean it's about time you retired anyway.
I mean, look at you.
You're old.
It's for the best.
Please. Mrs. Tennis...
Hello, mother.
You don't need to call me that anymore.
Now, Deb, I want you to sign these papers
and we'll both be rich.
Your father wanted it this way.
Uh-uh, I'm not signing it.
No, Daddy loved this movie theater.
He believed in this place and in me.
Your father wanted you to be an actress.
We both know he was demented.
This theater can work.
I'll see to it personally.
Yeah, it's like Daddy always said,
"The show must go on."
You are ridiculous.
This theater belongs to the both of us.
Now you listen to me, you
are nothing but a boring,
little librarian with big, big dreams
and hideous little looks.
Besides, you read too much.
You're a loser, just like
your fat ass father was.
Bed, Bath and Beyond
is gonna pay big bucks
to tear this dump down.
I'm talking BB and Beyond, honey,
and you ain't leaving
here until you sign it.
Are you gonna sign it?
Are you gonna sign it now?
- Sign it.
- Okay.
You go get the government
check for retardation.
Please, what are you gonna do with that?
Have you lost your mind?
Face it.
Your father knew deep down
inside that you were useless.
You're one of those plain girls
living in the world of the bland.
You lack any sort of star quality.
Fuck you, mother!
Kill her, Mommy! Kill her!
I won't take it!
I won't!
Oh god, mother.
The wicked bitch is dead!
Star quality.
Start the movie!
Start the movie already.
Star quality.
Start the movie!
- The movie.
- Somebody needs to start it.
Is anybody back there?
- Come on.
- Roll it.
- Start.
- Come on already.
- Start the movie.
- Start the movie.
- Start the movie.
- Start the movie.
Start the
movie, start the movie,
start the movie...
All right.
Start the movie,
start the movie.
I want you to sign these papers.
Oh my god! Oh!
Daddy loved this movie theater.
He believed in this place.
Him and me.
This theater can work.
I'll see to it personally.
You? How ridiculous.
This theater belongs to the both of us.
Now you listen to me.
You are nothing but a
boring, little librarian,
with big, big dreams and hideous looks.
Are you gonna sign now?
Face it, your father knew deep down inside
that you were useless.
You're one of those plain girls
living in the world of the bland.
You lack any sort of style.
Fuck you, mother!
Kill her, mommy, kill her!
Oh god, mother.
The wicked bitch is dead!
Atta girl.
God, mother.
Star quality.
Star quality.
Just hang in there.
Ladies and gentleman, welcome
to the Victoria Theatre.
We hope you enjoyed our brand new original
short film introduction.
With the passing of Mr. Tennis,
we wanted to create something honoring
his Victoria spirit of
We are here to say corporate developers,
capitalist mothers, beware.
The Victoria Theatre is
here to stay.
Will someone look for her?
She's one woman nobody will miss.
That's quite excellent.
Won't the theater start to smell?
No, no, this attic and
ceiling are so high up,
you won't smell a thing.
And I've tidied up around
the concession stand.
You should stop worrying
and tidy up a bit.
Your new fans
will want to meet you.
Come, come.
That's it.
Hey, that was so
cool. Thank you so much.
- More to come.
- That was awesome.
- Excellent job.
- More to come, everyone.
Deb, you made a movie.
- Yeah.
- I had no idea.
It was, it was awesome.
It was like, it was like you
created a whole new genre,
like surveillance slaughter or something.
Thanks, Steven.
I knew you'd like it.
Totally. Definitely.
Make more, okay?
All right.
Jesus Christ, Mom, can you knock please?
Excuse me.
And hey, so why'd you
get home so late today?
I went to the movies.
Steven, what is it with
you and that movie theater?
So how's school?
I mean, you hardly ever talk
about grades or homework.
All fine, A-okay.
Did you find the college
applications I left out for you?
No, I went blind momentarily
and missed the giant pile
of crap you left on top of my pillows.
Steven, just calm down, okay?
I mean, I know you're stre-
I'm going to art school.
I'm studying animation.
The applications you left on my bed?
Yeah right, right.
You know, Steven, I still
haven't seen a Disney movie
with severed heads and rotting corpses.
I mean, what do you plan
on doing to make a living?
Oh my god, lady, it's
as if you wanna fight.
You, like, enjoy it.
Honestly, Steven, I just
don't want you to grow up.
I don't care where you go,
you'll always be my baby.
Thank you.
And do you know where the lady's room is?
Oh my God.
What? I'm sorry?
Come on, that's Peaches Christ.
She's like the queen of
the midnight movie scene
here in San Francisco.
She's probably here to see
the short. That's major.
I like her makeup.
It's pretty.
Well it's not
as bad as last time.
I'm just gonna go and get a seat.
I'm sure he didn't mean it.
Oh, hold on.
Small diet soda, please.
I really liked your movie.
I'm a regular.
You might recognize me?
I've already seen your
short like three times.
It's rad.
- You're new to town, right?
- Yeah.
Still homesick, I guess,
but thank God for you all.
I really love the stuff you guys play.
I'm a total gore-gore girl.
We're glad you're here.
Brand new short screens this
Friday night, if all goes well.
Right on.
By the way, I'm Deborah.
I'm Veronica.
Nice to meet you, Deborah.
Sorry, Mama.
You have spaghetti for dinner?
Mm, with cheese?
Cheddar or Parmesan?
You know that's my favorite.
Where's my shit?
Hello? Is there anybody here?
I'm still in here.
Is somebody back there?
Is somebody down there?
Is anybody there?
Lady, we gotta get outta here.
There's a man out there.
A fucking killer!
What are you wearing?
Oh my god!
It was the best of times,
it was the worst of times.
Acid flashback?
Acid flashback?
Off with her head!
Come take it.
Take it.
You idiot!
Fool! I said a proper guillotine.
I gave you the book.
At this rate she gets
a much needed nose job.
Did you even read the book?
I did.
Well what
are we supposed to do?
Hey Deborah, I brought some
Victoria virgins tonight.
We're all really psyched
to see your new movie.
Thanks, Steven.
Hope you like it.
Oh, I'm sure we will. Thanks.
It was nice meeting you.
Yeah, yeah!
Oh my god, help!
Oh no.
Oh shit.
It was the best of times...
Oh god, no, please.
God, no.
And because you used your cell phone
during the film, my dear,
it truly was the worst of times.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the Victoria Theatre,
where we kindly ask you to
silence your cell phones
before the picture begins.
Or else.
Get your phone out.
Hey, so did
you have fun Friday night?
Eh, it was all right.
All right? You're kidding, aren't you?
The short was incredible.
Deb's already like a
film hero or something.
Kind of a hot one.
What? Hot film hero?
Oh, yeah. I mean, totally.
Clearly, obviously the next Orson Welles.
I mean her movie, oh, it was just so deep.
Well, it did effectively scare-
- Oh, okay, that cell phone person?
Okay, obviously some kind
of, like, suicide girl reject
just so desperate to show
off her boob job and tattoos.
I mean, come on. It looked
like she was on drugs.
It's pathetic.
Oh, Miss Judgmental.
What the? Okay, that movie sucked.
I mean, she's a woman making
this misogynistic crap
for a theater full of,
like, Peter Jackson dorks,
who, by the way, have nothing better
- to do on a Friday night.
- Right.
So you really didn't like it, I guess?
What? Negative, okay?
It was a turd and it makes
me wonder if you hate women
or something because you
just love it so much.
Just hold on a second.
Made that of you, for you.
- Whatever.
- What?
It's lovely. I mean, really.
I don't think I ever
looked deader.
Thanks, Rembrandt.
You think I hate women just
because I like her movies?
Judy, that's really stupid.
It's because I love horror movies.
Did you not see those special effects?
Or her mise-en-scne?
Or that boob shot is already a classic.
All right. I got it, Vincent Price.
Can we just... Let's go eat.
No, please. You're not even listening.
You said it yourself, okay?
She's a woman making these movies.
Well, Miss Feminist, in all of history
and all the annals of horror,
there's never been a great
female horror filmmaker.
Don't you see how important that is?
That's happening right here,
right now in our own backyard.
It's inspiring.
Come on.
And I like Peter Jackson.
I just thought it was so fucking cool
how she tied the whole thing to Dickens
and the Tale of Two Cities.
I mean, I bet most people
didn't even get that.
- What up, baby?
- Did it turn you on, though?
Did it turn you on?
Excuse me?
- You said you were bi.
- Oh yeah.
Yeah, that girl was hot.
Too bad about her tits.
Have you guys finished
"Catcher in the Rye" yet?
Did you notice that nobody's phone
went off though the rest of the night?
- That never happens.
- That's true.
I know, 'cause her movies are-
- Hello, Steven.
Hi, Claire.
So how's tricks these days?
Tricks are good. Good.
Cool. So what's up with this Friday?
Are you gonna go to the Victoria Theatre?
Yeah. Yeah, I was.
Do you wanna go together?
Step away.
Swim along.
Sure, but since when did
you want to see a horror-
- I heard you're friends
with Deborah Tennis.
We know each other.
Cool. Pick me up at seven.
I'll be ready for you.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You got a date?
What's the problem?
You're actually going to a
movie with Claire Kavanaugh?
Just everybody shut up and eat.
You gonna get some.
Deb, it's me.
There was someone for you at the front.
I know, I heard her.
Everyone heard her.
She's old.
It was Evelyn,
the librarian.
- What's it say?
- Hold on.
She's worried about me.
I was scheduled to work at the library
and haven't shown up.
I can't go back there.
I'm not a librarian anymore.
You know, Evelyn doesn't know me at all.
How dare she come here
and bang on the door?
I mean, she was banging,
right? Not knocking.
She's always so loud.
I have work to do, Mr. Twigs.
I can no longer sell
tickets and shovel popcorn.
I am not a concessionaire.
I'm an actress.
I am a filmmaker.
How dare she.
Perhaps we should put a help
wanted sign in the window?
Oh that's genius, Mr. Twigs.
We're experimental here.
Now the help we're seeking
won't walk in off the street.
You do know even though your nieces
have been through years of therapy,
we can't guarantee they're
no longer dangerous.
We understand.
We had heard they were
being released today
and just thought we'd be able to help them
readjust to life outside the nuthouse.
I'm sorry.
Insane asylum.
It's a mental health facility,
and it's been home to Veda
and Vera for almost 11 years.
You're aware that today
is their 18th birthday?
May God bless you both.
Would anyone care to elaborate
on the difference between being a slacker
in today's high school versus high school
for a Holden Caulfield in 1946?
I didn't, I didn't really see Holden
as just a normal slacker.
I'm just saying that I think
if Holden was like a kid
in today's society, he could have been one
of those high school kids that, like,
went all school violence or whatever.
Like a shooting or something, you know?
I mean, he wouldn't
have had access to guns.
He didn't-
Thank you, Steven.
That's quite enough.
See me after class.
You got yourself a date again.
Gene, Lolita?
And on my desk tomorrow morning,
10 pages about the necessity
for good manners in today's society.
You're a smart boy,
Steven, and creative, too.
I respect you,
but you've given me cause for concern.
Okay, but I've already
told you I'm really fine.
You can say you're fine
until you're blue in the face, mister,
it doesn't mean I buy it.
Mrs. Moorehead, I don't
really see how my personality
is any of your business?
The safety of me and my
class is entirely my business.
Perhaps if Mary Manson's
high school English teacher
had made his cries for help her business,
the whole Columbine tragedy
you're so interested in
never would have happened.
She did that girl a favor.
Bitch had sloppy titties, anyways.
So, what is going on?
How do you know this fierce
bitch Deborah anyways?
Are you mute?
Huh? Do you have your own language?
Are you mentally challenged?
Are you actually blonde?
She's murdering her actors.
She's murdering them for real.
What the fuck?
Yeah, I just got out.
So did Moorehead give you grief?
Yeah, she thinks I'm gonna
blow up the school or something
'cause I'm a teenage terrorist.
Are you there?
Yeah, I'm here, but listen,
I'm standing outside Sam's diner
and you're never gonna believe who's here.
The BFF of Osama Bin Laden?
- Deborah Tennis.
- And I care why?
She's sitting
with like this really
weird group of people.
Speaking of terrorists.
Maybe that's her film crew.
Do not ever do that in my presence.
- Do what?
- I think you know what.
That finger licking.
Have some manners.
That's rich.
You're talking about murdering
some innocent, poor old little lady-
- Please, Gaydrian.
That old woman you beat with a cane
is in a coma at SF General.
And it's likely she'll die.
Well, it's in today's Chronicle.
Now I'm sure the police
will be very interested
in knowing all sorts of
things we may or may not
be talking about at this table.
We need to address something
before moving forward.
I'm talking about making movies here.
Nobody shall know our trade secrets.
Remember, there's magic in movies.
I learned that from my father.
You are entering into
a code of conduct here,
an artist's secret society,
and there are rules.
I am in charge.
You will do as I say, and in return,
I will give you a life most
people, they only dream about.
This is the business we call show,
and I'm your manager,
your publicist, your agent
and your directress.
Otherwise, you're on your own.
Good night, books.
Hello? Is there anybody there?
You are really crazy, lady.
Now you're hearing shushes.
Hello? I said the library's closed.
I said the library was closed.
And I told you, Madam Evelyn, to shh.
Who are you?
What is this all about?
Perhaps my lady does not understand
ye olde English.
Shh means shut the fuck up, bitch!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Follow her, you fools.
She's getting away.
Oh, good.
Hey, Miss Thing.
She's over here!
So you can be quiet.
My lady was quiet as a mouse.
Jesus, fuck!
You crazy old bitch!
Mrs. Fucking Moorehead called my mother
to express her supposed concern,
and now my mom is quote, unquote, worried.
Actually, she's freaking out
and has threatened to ground me
to basically prevent me
from going to the movies.
So what do you wanna do this weekend?
I'm busy.
Oh god, no, no.
Judy, I'm gonna have
to call you back later.
I just came to say goodnight.
Well, you just said it.
Steven, I'm sorry.
I'm not a bad person, mom.
I know. I overreacted.
I mean, a mom just wants to
keep her kids safe and happy.
Look, just because
I'm not constantly happy
does not mean I'm dangerous.
Judy, I said I'd call you back later.
Hi, Claire.
Uh, yeah, no, we are still
on for tomorrow night.
Seven? Okay, seven.
Who's Claire?
Is she your girlfriend?
Claire Kavanaugh?
Oh. Is Judy your girlfriend?
Judy, she's a good friend, you know?
You know Steven, you
can tell me anything.
I mean, I'll always
love you no matter what.
Oh God, mom. I'm not gay, okay?
Well, you know, there's nothing wrong
with being gay, Steven.
I mean plenty of my friends-
- Okay.
What if I told you...
That I think I'm in love
with an older woman?
Well, how much older?
I don't know, like...
30, 40?
This old.
Very good.
As victors of my silence cannot boast,
I was not sick of any fear from thence,
for I impair not beauty, being mute,
when others would give
life and bring a tomb.
Oh Debbie, please.
You don't have to do this.
Listen to me, whatever this is all about,
we can get you some help.
- All done?
- Debbie.
You're getting this in close up, right?
Yes, ma'am.
My movie theater shall
be silent as a library,
a managerial promise made to thee.
Silence whilst the movie screens,
for if thou speech is deemed undo,
you too shall star in "The
Maiming of the Shrew."
The janitors have been taken care of.
All right. That's a wrap.
That's very nice.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Hey, I'm in line. We're
about ready to go in.
Steven got our tickets already.
Totes thoughtful.
Totally nerd-chic.
He totally shops at Goodwill.
So indie.
Oh hey.
So, how's it going?
All right, I guess. Right?
Do you want to jump in line with us.
No, no, it's all right.
It's not really my thing anyway.
I'm psyched.
My parents are gonna leave
for Greece for a week
and I have the house all to myself.
So, I gotta go.
Okay, bye.
Hey, cool phone.
Real fancy.
They're real.
I'll call you.
So what do you wanna do after the movie?
Peter Gorge, Morning Fog.
Nice to meet you.
Do you think we'll get on TV?
That dress looks expensive.
Excuse me.
Peter Gorge, Morning Fog.
So why are you here tonight?
We're on a date.
Well, we're really here
to see Deb's new short film.
Oh, right.
We're here to see
Deborah's new short film.
She's single handedly saving
this theater. It's awesome.
Oh, that's great.
So what is it about her films
that makes them so special?
I mean, why are they so popular?
Well, I think they're
popular because they're, uh,
they're over top and
fun, but they're scary.
They're totally scary.
Big budget horror films nowadays,
they look and feel so fake, you know?
But her films, they're
like gritty and dark.
They're almost like,
almost like home movies,
and her actors feel real and...
Claire Kavanaugh. Pleased
to meet you, Miss Tennis.
Enjoy the show, Steven.
- That's hers, too.
- Uh huh.
We can do your interview afterwards.
All right.
Thank you very much for participating.
Thank you.
- You want some popcorn?
- Yes.
We'll just take a large
popcorn and two medium sodas.
No butter.
No butter.
Sorry. Calories.
Do you think she's pretty?
I said, do you think she's pretty?
Ew, she's completely uggs.
I'm sorry, but she's ugly.
She wouldn't wear all that makeup
if she were naturally pretty.
She looks like a drag queen.
How dare she?
Well, I never.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Are those seats taken?
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to another fantastically
frightening Friday night
at the Victoria Theatre.
I won't keep you waiting any longer.
Without further ado, Miss Deborah Tennis.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I am absolutely thrilled
to personally introduce
the premiere of the Victoria Theatre's
newest signature short film,
directed by yours truly.
I have to pee.
Excuse me.
My father dreamed of
one day packing the house
here at the Victoria.
Unfortunately he passed
before he could ever see
this wonderful reality.
I know he's looking down on us...
This dream come true could
not have occurred without you,
all of you here.
Goodnight, books.
Excuse me, occupied.
I am the scarlet leper,
pregnant with red leprosy,
and you called me a whore?
No, no, I never said you were a whore.
I said you were...
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Over here.
You can be quiet.
My lady was quiet as a mouse.
Jesus, fuck.
You crazy old bitch!
Somebody! Help me!
Oh my god! Please help me!
Please, please, please!
You motherfucker!
You let me out!
You hear me, you ignorant old fuck!
Let me out of here, you
illiterate old fuck!
She told you to shush.
You too shall star in
"The Maiming of the Shrew."
Oh, hey, uh-
- Hi.
You didn't see, like a
pretty, kind of redhead girl
come through here?
Was she wearing a sassy pink Juicy?
A what?
She left.
In a cab. Alone.
I'm sorry.
Deb, I gotta tell you,
the new movie's amazing.
It's like they just keep
getting like bigger and better.
Who was that lady? She was rad.
Thanks, Steven.
- She's an old friend.
- Oh, cool.
Oh look, Debbie, your dad's influence
is totally showing through and
he really got great horror,
you know what I mean?
Daddy would've loved my movies.
Oh yeah.
Look, this is weird, but you're not, like,
hiring at all, are you?
'Cause man, I would love to work here
if you needed any extra help or-
- No, not at the moment.
But I'll make you a deal,
you're next in line when someone leaves.
Oh, that'd be awesome.
I'm glad you liked the
movie tonight, Steven.
Psych, it's
Claire Bear, not there.
Leave a message.
I couldn't believe it.
They were just standing
out there waiting for me.
Searched my bag, gave me the
third degree, everything.
Yeah, well they do think that
you're gonna shoot up the school.
Hey, maybe you should.
Hey guys.
Oh wow. Hi, Janeane.
We were wondering, have
you heard from Claire?
She hasn't called us since Friday night
when she was at the movies with you.
Which is weird.
No, I haven't heard from
her since Friday, either.
Not answering her
cell phone is so weird.
- Totally weird.
- And what's even weirder,
you were the last one to see her.
Actually, technically I wasn't,
the usher was there and
he said he saw her leave
and get in a cab.
So the usher was the
last one to see her?
Right, I'm so sure Claire knows ushers.
So tell me, is this nameless
usher as scary as you are?
What is that supposed to mean?
Time to fuck off, ladies.
Bite me, Judy.
Look, maybe she's just sick.
No, you know what?
She's binging.
You know, who even cares?
I mean, did you at least like Deb's movie?
Oh, the movie was amazing.
Amazing? Do you even know
the definition of the word?
Come on, we gotta go.
Look, I'm seeing it
after school today anyway.
How? The movie theater
is closed on weekdays now.
I know, I called over there
and told 'em I was a reporter.
Asked the guy for an
interview with Deborah.
Did you tell them you're a reporter
for a school newspaper?
Eh, nope, nor did I
tell him that my article
is actually about self-hating women.
Oh god.
Attention students.
Steven Thompson is asked to report
to the principal's office
after last period today.
I look good.
Mm, indeed.
Has Adrian returned yet
with the processed footage
from "The Slasher and the Rye?"
Not yet, ma'am.
I'll let you know as soon it arrives.
What would I do without my Mr. Twigs?
Look, I told you, I
came outta the theater
looking for Claire.
She wasn't there and the usher said
he saw her leave and get
in a cab alone, that's all.
Look, you should be
interviewing the usher.
He's the last one who saw her, not me.
You're telling us she
left in a cab by herself
for no apparent reason?
I don't know, I guess. I wasn't there.
But you were there, Steven.
We know that you were at the
theater with Claire that night.
We have eyewitness reports.
Steven, please.
What happened?
What did you do to her?
Would you like to sit down?
I'll notify Miss Tennis
that you're ready to begin.
So sorry to keep you waiting.
Hello, folks.
I'm Detective Woods.
Thank God you're here.
Detective Woods. Thank you for coming.
This is, um, regarding the
disappearance of a student.
Yes. My daughter.
And he did something to her.
Arrest him!
For some time now we've
had reason to believe
that Steven is a potential
threat to himself,
as well as other students.
So you wish to cancel this interview?
Not cancel, just I'd like to reschedule.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not feeling well at all today,
and I don't think I'd do you any justice.
I'm an extremely busy woman.
I realize that, and that's why, um,
I just, I just really hope we'll be able
to do the interview another time?
I'm just really sorry if
I've wasted any of your time.
So you're just gonna leave?
Really, I'm not trying to be rude, okay?
I just, I don't feel well.
I have to go.
Oh, that is very unprofessional.
No, please, let me, just let me go!
No, please!
Oh, we're not gonna hurt you, my dear.
I was just going to unlock the door.
Stop that bitch! She has our cell phone!
Did you take our cell phone?
I swear, I don't even know
what you guys are talking about.
Have you ever acted before?
Because you're not very good.
Oh, fuck!
Oh, please!
No! No, please, no!
Can I go now?
I don't see why not?
You're letting him go?
Ma'am, we don't have any evidence
this kid's involved in a crime.
We don't even know a
crime's been committed.
Now, if you'll file a
missing person's report,
we'll begin looking for your daughter.
Steven's free to go.
- Thank you.
- What?
This is insane.
What are you doing?
Oh, I do not think so, cover girl.
No, you could work on
Peter-not-so-Gorge over there, huh?
Come here.
- Do I look all right?
- Oh, you look gorgeous.
We're 10 seconds away.
There you are.
Very nice.
Uh sorry, stud. The show's starting.
Fuck you, troll!
We're live.
Good morning, everyone,
and welcome to another
rise and shine edition of
Morning Fog Live,
the best way to start your day by the bay.
I'm Peter Gorge.
Steven, come in here and watch the TV.
I think your girlfriend's on.
Movie theater entrepreneur...
Did the phone ring?
No, you just asked me
that five minutes ago.
I'm afraid the phone has not rung.
Beloved neighborhood movie house
by grinding out weekly gore films
that she writes, directs and stars in,
satisfying a rather large number of fans'
unquenchable thirst for violence.
Deborah Tennis's films are shocking,
and fans say they're as real as it gets,
so we are very pleased to
have her on the show today.
Welcome, Deborah.
Thanks, Peter.
Pleasure to be here.
Now your films have had an almost
immediate cult following.
Are you comfortable with your
newfound local celebrity?
It can be a bit strange at times,
but I realize I'm truly
blessed to be in this position.
My fans mean the world to me.
- What is she wearing?
- Shh.
Critics have suggested it,
and I do agree with them,
that the success of your films lies
in the realistic
performances of your cast.
You know, Peter, it was Hitch
who said actors are merely cattle.
I must concur that great
acting is quite often
the result of great directing.
An actor's greatest strength
is proper motivation.
Well, let's take a look at a clip
from your notorious new short.
Would you care to set this up for us?
Great art speaks for itself.
Uh, well, let's check
it out.
Here is an exclusive scene
from "The Slasher in the Rye."
Okay, enough, enough.
- Okay.
- Hey, hey, hey.
No, I'm sorry, Steven.
I'm just trying to understand
why you like this stuff.
Look, just turn it back on.
No, no. Enough.
This is sick.
I mean, I just don't get it.
Okay, I have an idea.
I'm gonna come down to the theater
and I'm gonna see what's so
wonderful about all this.
No way, lady.
- Hello?
- Is it Judy?
One moment, please.
No. Take the carrots, go.
Um, yes, I'm sorry.
What can I do to help you, Mrs. Moorehead?
We're closed, kid.
My name's Steven.
I know you're closed. I'm
here to see Deb, actually.
Is she around?
Deborah is doing a television
interview across town.
We do not know when
she'll return.
Would you mind if I just
came in and waited for her?
You'll need to call back
and make an appointment.
Please, listen, I'm
actually a friend of Deborah's
and I really do need to speak with her.
Maybe you can help me?
See, my friend Judy, she
was supposed to come by here
and interview Deborah yesterday afternoon,
and I was wondering if she was ever here,
'cause she's uh, she's, she's
gone, like, missing, so.
Eh, I'm sorry.
I don't know.
You'll have to look
for her some place else.
Is that somebody screaming?
We're making a new film.
You must hear the movie.
It's a recording.
Turn that down, turn that down!
Now if you'll excuse me,
I really must be going.
I have work to do!
Wait, please. Just, if you could-
- SFPD, Taraval Station.
Yeah, hi, I need to speak
with Detective Woods.
This is an emergency.
There's an attractive crazy lady.
Red hat, yellow scarf.
Cast her.
Copy that, but it's getting
kind of crowded up here.
I don't know how many
more actors we can fit.
Code pig.
Good afternoon.
Is there something I can help you with?
I'm Detective Woods.
I simply stopped in to have
a little check in with you.
Make sure everything's all right.
Everything's great.
Well, as you can see,
we're holding our monthly
soup kitchen matinee.
I love the homeless people.
Don't you?
When did this start?
Would you care for some soup?
A soda, perhaps?
No, thank you.
Would you mind if we took a look around?
Actually, I'm sorry,
now really isn't a very
convenient time for a tour.
We're in the middle of a-
Oh, we won't be trouble.
Just wanna take a look around ourselves.
What exactly are you looking for?
There's a young lady missing.
There are two missing people.
Claire Kavanaugh was
last seen in this theater.
I'd like to take a look and
see if there's anything here
that can help us find her.
We have reason to believe-
Did Steven bring you here?
Officer, this kid is an
obsessed fan of mine.
A stalker.
He's upset because I won't hire him.
Look, I can assure you,
there's nothing here
regarding that missing girl.
You can assure me?
Look, lady, can we take a look around
or do I need to go get a search warrant
and come back here and turn
this place upside down?
Because that's what I'll do.
There's really no need for any of this.
But if you feel you must, then yes,
you'll need a search warrant.
Now I'm sorry, but I really
must ask you to leave.
Now I have to get back
to taking care of people,
feeding them, helping
the homeless, as it were.
Why don't you guys go bother
some other Good Samaritan?
Why don't you go find
Mother-fucking-Teresa and harass her?
So now what?
We get a search warrant.
- A search warrant?
- That could be too late.
Look, she's right in there.
Look, we're willing to
investigate this lead of yours,
but you have to realize, if this is real,
we need to be sure,
absolutely positive we
do this by the book.
She could die.
Listen, I'm going back to the station
to start the paperwork.
Go home, Steven. Stay home.
Try to relax.
Steven, Steven, Steven.
I'm very disappointed in you.
You know, I really thought
you were my number one fan.
I thought you loved me.
What have you done to Judy?
Where is she?
I just don't know what
you're talking about, Steven.
Oh, you have quite an imagination.
Well, it's sexy, but dangerous.
You're sick.
What the fuck is wrong with
you people? All of you.
Steven, I'm sorry
we're no longer friends,
but I really hope that doesn't stop you
from attending the debut of my first
feature length film this Friday.
Oh, we're casting it now.
Guess who stars in it?
Now your little girlfriend
isn't the best actress,
oh, but she's got a great
blood curdling scream.
It's on me.
Hey, freak. No date?
I guess most girls
aren't into disappearing,
you sick fucker.
Mom, what are you doing here?
Hey, fancy meeting you here.
You know, I mean, what do you
mean what am I doing here?
What do you think I'm doing here?
I came to see the movie.
God, you're lying, please.
You have to go home.
You shouldn't be here.
I didn't come here to
embarrass you, honey.
I'm sorry.
You know, I wanted to
find out about this stuff,
so I figured what better way?
Lots of mothers wouldn't be out here
in the frigid fog, okay?
And guess what? I got the last ticket.
- I got the very last one.
- Mom, I'm serious.
It's dangerous here.
I need you to go home, please.
Come on, I mean it. You have to leave.
Steven. No, I'm not going home, Steven.
Okay, I'm a big girl. Just
stop being so hysterical.
Just relax and try to have fun, okay?
Come on.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
go ahead and step right up and get
your complimentary
beverage for the big toast.
But don't drink it now,
don't drink it now, folks.
Save it for the toast.
You sir, yeah, you got two? Good.
Good for you.
Cool, it's like blood.
Does it have booze in it?
Just a little while
so we can all do the toast together, okay?
What about calories?
All right, all right.
Step right up and go ahead and
get your complimentary beverage,
but I need you to just hang
onto it for a little while
so we can all drink it together.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Victoria Theatre,
for the world premiere of Deborah Tennis's
feature film debut, "Gore
and Peace."
You're all invited to enjoy
a complimentary beverage,
available at the concession stand.
Don't you wanna get any drinks so
- we can have a toast?
- What?
- Drinks so we can have a toast?
- No.
Mom, don't drink that, okay?
Whatever you do, please don't drink it.
Look, I'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere, okay?
No, actually go home.
Will you please go home?
Don't forget your complimentary drinks.
All right, and you can
have some popcorn, too.
All right, boys. Get your beverages.
Get 'em.
Don't spill anything.
All right, enjoy, save
it for the toast, all right?
We're gonna have a toast
together real soon.
All right.
Oh my God. How Jonestown.
I love it.
Save it for the toast, bitch.
All right.
Guys, don't drink that stuff, okay?
Hey, please, the stuff she gave you
in the little cups,
please don't drink it.
It's poison. It'll kill you, okay?
Hey, please, don't drink this stuff, okay?
It's poisoned.
- Now that's a nice touch.
- Please, don't drink it.
Please, don't drink this stuff, okay?
We've all had just about enough
of your shit, freak.
The only murderer here is you.
Steven, just come and sit down.
Please, come and sit down.
Holy shit, his mommy's here.
Fuck waiting, let's get drunk!
Chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!
Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have the distinct
pleasure and the great honor
to introduce San Francisco's
very own film hero.
Without further ado, the one,
the only, Deborah Tennis.
Thank you, thank you.
She certainly is pretty.
You must know, I'd rather
be here with you tonight
than anywhere else in the world.
We are about to make film history tonight.
Not only is this the world premiere
of my first feature length film,
but it is also the debut of
a brand new type of cinema.
We are breaking through
the underground tonight.
All of us here, all of you.
For you are the movie,
ladies and gentlemen.
We are all stars tonight.
The cameras are rolling.
The lights are struck!
I knew it.
But first, I'd like to offer a toast.
Please don't drink it.
It's poison. It will Kill you.
Dude, shut the fuck...
As I was saying, I'd
like to make a toast!
Very realistic.
No. Don't you see?
It's fucking poison.
She will kill you. Don't drink it.
This first scene is just for you!
Enjoy the show!
Somebody please, come get me! Help me!
Oh my god, she's gonna kill me!
- I swear to god!
- Judy?
What's your problem?
I'm gonna kill that cunt.
And what role do you think
you're playing in my movie?
The hero.
Oh, stupid girl.
It's not a comedy.
- Back up!
- No!
Come on, Adrian. We've
got a movie to make.
We're all locked inside!
Oh my god, it's that rude ass girl.
No, not Claire.
She's too sexy.
Okay, she can't hear you, stoops.
It's only a movie.
Look out!
Holy shit.
Come on, Mar, we're outta here.
Martiny, no!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Fucking sick!
We are hearing reports
that suggest what was a movie premiere
is now a hostage situation taking place
inside the Victoria Theatre.
Filmmaker Deborah Tennis is conducting
a real life movie massacre.
You sick old fuck!
You people planned on killing us all,
I mean, you're committing mass murder here.
You should have moved
your filthy, fat ass
outta my way when you
had the chance, slut.
Give me that knife.
Put down that knife
before someone gets hurts.
We're unlocking these doors
so you just hand over those keys, Twigs.
Or what, girl?
Behind that loud mouth,
you're just another
teenage slut worthy of death.
Fuck off and die, cunt.
Steven! Steven!
Oh my god.
Detective Wood.
Thank God you're here.
It's Steven.
I just knew something like
this was going to happen.
You could have stopped him.
Yeah. Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Mom, where are you?
Oh no.
Hurry up.
Oh no, no, guys, we
gotta get outta here.
Oh no, no, guys.
Oh, hell no.
Just try a different
key. Come on, hurry up.
Okay, he's really, really dead now.
Open the fucking door.
We got a door open!
We got a door open!
Make one false move, Doublemint,
and I won't hesitate to relieve your faces
of any and all pretty.
Come on, bitch!
Look at this!
No, stop, Steven. Stay there.
Stay back, she's crazy.
She's gonna kill us both.
Listen to your mother, Steven.
She's a fine lady.
And isn't it obvious?
She loves you very much.
She always will. Even from heaven.
- Stop, don't do this.
- Just let her go, okay?
Just let her go.
She's got nothing to do
with this, your movie.
It would make for a happy ending indeed.
Let me think about it for a moment.
You're smarter than that, Steven.
You know better than anybody,
the audience is always secretly
rooting for the killer.
We wanna see this mommy bitch die!
Okay, okay, okay. Okay.
His name is Steven Thompson,
and we've known for some time
now he could be dangerous.
We've reached the finale, Steven.
At its core, this film is
about love, not horror.
Our love.
Love and death!
Knock it off, Deb.
There are no cameras here.
Jesus, your father would be so ashamed.
What did you say about my father?
Your father appreciated true talent,
and he respected horror and
the art of being creative.
But you?
You're just a fraud and a hack.
I did it for you, Daddy.
You know I did, I did it all for you.
- You're pathetic.
- Mr. Tennis has you for a legacy?
You're not even directing people.
And you know what? You're
a terrible actress.
You're nothing.
- There is no magic.
- Shut up, Steven.
Just shut up.
- Okay, just everybody shut up!
- You're a terrible person.
Shut up, shut up, shut up!
- You're just crap!
- Shut up!
Just shut up!
And without a hint of star quality.
Do you have any kind of comment?
All right, come on,
we gotta get outta here.
Go! Get the fuck out!
Hey, come on, come on, come on!
If you had done your job,
none of this would've happened,
and I wouldn't be covered
with this blood and gore-
- I think maybe you owe him an apology.
Arrest them!
Shoot them!
- Twice!
- Freeze.
Stop right there, ladies.
Drop your weapons.
I said drop your weapons.
I hope you like jail
'cause you're gonna be there
for the rest of your lives.
Drop those knives.
Hey. Hey kid, kid, kid, hey.
Hey, what do you make of all this, huh?
Are you still a fan of Deborah Tennis?
No, of course not.
- Why not?
- She was killing people.
Her movies were not
movies. And her actors...
We were all duped, okay?
This is a crime scene. Not a movie set.
I'm just glad it's over, okay?
If somebody made this
into a horror movie,
- would you go and see it?
- No.
This never was a movie, and
it never should be a movie.
If somebody made a movie of it,
Deborah Tennis wouldn't even be dead yet.
I gotta go. Jesus.
Step away from the theater!
Show's over, folks.