All Coppers Are... (1972) Movie Script

Get off!
Get up! You're not
Don't try it!
I wasn't...
I was...
Oh, bloody marvellous, innit?
Bloody marvellous.
This yours, is it?
Never seen it before.
He threw it away.
He kept his gloves on,
I see, no prints on it.
Check any road, they get clever.
What are you doing out at
this time in the morning?
I was going out to
see me, mate, wasn't I?
Where's he live?
Down at the flats, doesn't he?
You know him?
Sure of your stuff?
Another five minutes, he would've had
the bloody crank shaft,
never mind the radio.
Right, I'll book him, section one.
Hey, I wanna see my bleeding lawyer.
Got a lawyer?
- Yeah.
- What's his name?
Mr. Vasser.
Oh, we know the bugger,
he'll be in court.
I wanna see him before that.
Shut up.
Put him in the cooler for now, Joe.
- What about my breakfast?
- Come on.
- Where's my poxy lawyer?
- Goon.
Go on.
Morning, Joe.
Hello, George.
Cor, it's a full house
this morning, mate.
Come on, son.
We've got a nice one for you up here.
That's yours.
All coppers are bastards!
When did you nick him?
- Half an hour ago.
- In court today, is he?
- Yeah.
- Cor, you'll be hours.
I'd have let him go and got some kip.
Alright, keep your hair on.
I've got
your flower down here.
Right, I'm ready.
Hello, Barry.
Best man at a wedding today,
mate of mine from the flats.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, we're all going,
the old lady, everybody in the house.
- Hello, Barry.
- Hello.
Oh, what, you mean she didn't tell you?
No, she didn't, no.
Oh, I forgot, sorry, dear.
It's alright, I'll get
something to eat out.
I tell you what, come to reception.
This should get you in.
Oh, yeah.
Well, it's free booze, mate, innit?
- Yeah, well-
- Come on, Mum.
I'll see you later, alright?
- Cheery-bye then.
- Ta'ra.
See you.
- Is Mr. Wade there?
- Who wants him?
He knows me, my name's Barry.
Yeah, he knows what it's about.
Look, I have to speak to him today.
- Well, he did say ring.
- He did?
Yeah, that's right.
Hold on a minute.
Do you want to speak to a Barry?
Ring back at six tonight.
Oh, yeah, right.
Look, it's urgent,
if I could just like
have a word with him now.
Bloody, bloody hell.
Hold your bleeding roll.
Where's the aspirin?
I don't know, well,
where's the bloody fire then?
Mum, where's the aspirin?
- Why, you got a hangover?
- Yes, I have.
Well, there should
be some in this drawer.
Here, let me have a look.
Oh, forget it, forget it, Mum, just go
and take your tame gorilla with you.
Hey, not so much of it.
I'm a gorilla this morning, ey?
Last night, my booze was alright though.
Get out.
Don't worry, girl,
I'd rather have your
pretty, little mother,
Any day.
He'd have the both of
us, if we bloody let him.
Where did you find him, Mum?
Now you look here, you
cheeky, young madame.
Now you look here, Mum,
just get him out of here.
You apologise to Jack.
Me, apologise to him?
I'm sorry
I called you
a gorilla.
That's alright, girl.
- I meant a baboon.
- You what?
A dirty, randy old baboon.
- Why you cheeky, little-
- Out!
Cheeky, little bitch!
You come back from God's know where.
You can get out of here anytime you like!
Do you hear?
Anytime you bleeding like!
That's right, dear, you tell her.
And you can shut up!
Yes, dear.
Not my morning, is it?
There you are, sir,
you can have it in pink,
you can have it in blue, 15 and
a half, 15 and a half it is.
Here you are, look at that
one, governor, it's very cheap.
What do you think of this one?
Try that one there for size, sir.
Here we go, you can
have a pound and 50 bob.
Here you are, governor,
that one's 15 and a half.
Hey up, Dave, the old Bill!
Cheers, governor.
Are you going in that?
You'll catch your death of bleeding cold.
Don't want to go at all,
people I don't even know.
Zip me up, will you, Mum?
Well, you do know them, see,
because the bride, she
lives along the balcony.
Alright, alright,
it's just a bloody drag.
Hey look, it's getting late,
I'd better go and see if
Jack's got the car ready.
What, is old grope artist coming then?
Yes, he is.
Look, and you'd better be nice to him.
- Mum.
- You're lucky
he's taking you, after all the
things you've said about him.
Don't, no, don't you hit me!
- Get out of it!
- You're always hitting me!
Stop it, stop it!
Come on, you two, now
break it up, you two.
I've told you two before, now will you-
- Leave him alone, you pig!
- Look, I've warned you.
- Come on out of it!
- Get away from me!
Here's your cap.
Hello, love.
Joe, it's about time, love.
Come on, we'll be late for the wedding.
Oh, who needs it?
Where have you been?
- I was in court.
- Again?
Where's my suit.
What was it all about anyway?
- What?
- The court.
Oh, some kid I caught nicking.
He got off, suspended sentence.
- Is this my shirt?
- Yeah.
You might've let me know or
something, sent me a message,
we'll be late now.
Do you really want to go
to this bloody reception?
Come on.
Now don't forget to give
her her gripe water,
if she wakes up and there's
nappies on the side,
in case she needs them.
What's the matter then?
- Ssh, ssh, there.
- Come on then,
I thought you said we were gonna be late.
But your suit.
What, are you ashamed
of me or something?
Ta'ra, love, we'll see you later,
- you know what to do.
- Goodbye.
- Here you are, Mum.
- Oh, thanks, love.
All the luck in the world, love!
Yeah, cheers!
Poor, little sod.
Say cheese, that's it.
Be alright tonight, Paul.
Don't be cheeky.
Now, give her a kiss now,
Paul, yeah, nice kiss,
here, take this one, take
this one, take this one.
- Goon.
- That's right.
Yes, happiest day of your life, son.
- One more then.
- Happiest day of your life.
Hello, Val.
Oh, you look lovely,
you do, really lovely.
- Thanks, Peg.
- Congratulations.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I missed the ceremony,
only Joe was working as usual.
- Sorry, mate.
- That's alright,
I'm quick on my feet.
Are you the cabaret then?
No, I was working
late, so I changed here.
I don't know whether I'm
on my arse or my elbow.
Not got a drink yet?
Cor, my tongue's hanging out.
Well, as long as nothing else is,
you're alright, ain't you?
Here you go, chief.
Okay, thanks, mate, I've got it.
Here, what you on?
Brandy, I've got expensive tastes.
Oh, Jack!
- Hello, darling.
- Excuse me.
How can I refuse a
lovely-looking bird like you?
- Is he always like this?
- I don't know,
I've just met him.
I bet you say that to all the girls
he wants to get off with.
Look, um...
- What are you drinking?
- Hm?
I'll get it for you.
I'm not offering to rape you, yet.
Somebody said something about champagne.
If they have it, my dear it's yours.
Look, why don't you go
over there out of the crush?
Bar steward, a pint of the
old bubbly, if you please.
You know them, do
you, the bride and groom?
Funny, little thing, isn't she?
I don't know where my Joe is.
If you don't think much
of her, why did you come?
Well, the bride, little,
ah, what's her name, you know.
There you are,
you see, you don't even know her name.
Yeah, well, my, ah...
Where do you live?
Same flats as she does.
My mum knows her mum.
Do you live alone then?
When I'm there.
Mind your backs please,
thank you very much!
Make way for the serious drinkers.
Cop hold of that, darling.
Follow me, my gang.
Come on.
Come on then, my lovelies.
Hey, hey!
Here we go!
- Hey, watch it!
- Let me go!
Come on then!
Come round here! I'm sorry.
Come on then!
Thank you very much!
Come on, for Heaven's sake!
Come on then, come on!
Excuse me!
I beg your pardon, hey, hey, hey!
Come on!
Oh, we made it!
Hello, see you stopped the traffic
without a Maidenform bra.
- Come on, chief!
- Come on!
He's a bit of an old
safety merchant, isn't he?
Oh, I don't know.
What are you doing?
You could've got killed doing that.
Yeah, well, she didn't,
did she? Come on, come on.
- Come on.
- Where?
- We're going on a picnic.
- Come on.
Come on, lucky!
Oh, I like it, I like it!
Come on!
- Come on, chief!
- Come on!
- There you go, my lovely.
- Ooh!
No, thanks.
Whoa, what a rotten barmaid.
Flash lighter.
Yeah, not bad.
Is it paid for?
Be nice, darling.
Come along, James, chop chop!
Here you are.
Well then, here's to us.
Hm, all of us.
Do you fancy him, do you?
I wait and see, before I fancy anyone.
What do you wait and see,
the size of his wallet?
Shouldn't think yours
is big enough, love.
Don't bet on it, dear.
- How about some food, ey?
- Hm, great.
Not really, but it's a good
excuse for drinking, innit?
- Good health, ey?
- Cheers.
So what's your name then?
Oh, suits you, small, sweet
and a little bit forward.
I think this fella's
chatted girls before.
I wouldn't know.
One or two, my dear, one or two.
Rotten, little sods got me
right in the wedding tackle.
What's your game then?
Hoo hoo!
Some nice tables outside
that rub-a-dub over there!
He is your mate, isn't he?
I've never seen him before today.
- You're sending me up.
- No, I'm not, here.
There you go.
You little...
That's taken the wind out of his sails.
Oh, hello.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
What happened to you then?
Little devils nearly killed me.
- Any more bubbly then?
- Yeah, here you are.
You're not very fit, are you?
Not for these outdoor sports, no.
Don't you ever think
about anything else?
Not really, no.
Hey, Deb!
Doesn't look the
maternal type, does she?
But they all are, mate, they all are.
Yeah, I suppose so.
She fancies you, you know?
It's no good.
Why not?
I'm married.
Well, you needn't tell her.
But she'd find out, wouldn't she?
True enough.
You fancy her an'all, don't you?
Yeah, a bit, who wouldn't?
How long you been married then?
12 months.
Ooh, old, married man.
I suppose you'll be telling
me you've got kids next?
Yeah, a little girl called Sally.
- How old is she?
- Six months.
Your old lady at the party, is she?
I think I should get back really.
Yeah, well, if it's
not gonna be you, mate,
it's gonna have to be me, innit?
- Where are we going?
- Come on, my love.
Oh, there you are, Peg,
I've been looking for you.
Where did you think I
was, out in the traffic?
I saw you, Joe, through the window.
Here, have some chicken,
love, it looks very good.
What was the idea, for God's
sake, rushing off like that?
- Well, that fella and me-
- That girl.
Don't stand there doing nothing.
They paid for a little bit of
music, I'll tell the bride.
Here, that's the fella there.
Well anyway, I've been here on my own
feeling a fool, Joe, that's all.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Hey, look, let me get you a drink, ey?
No, thanks, I'm alright.
Oh, come on, love, what you having, ey?
Oh, well, wine, anything.
Right, one glass of champagne coming up.
Could I have two glasses
of champagne please?
Are you going down the football after?
Yeah, I think I will,
as soon as I've had a
bite to eat, that is.
Here you are, love.
That girl, she's lovely, don't you reckon?
Well, yeah, she was alright, love.
Here, get your own bleeding food!
Where's Joe?
Why, you bothered?
You're not his type,
dear, he's too straight.
What type do you think I am?
My type.
I'm through with bastards.
I told you.
Not you, dear.
Oh, charming!
- Where you going?
- I was going to football.
It's on my way.
Come on.
It's a goal!
Wilson has scored.
Never mind.
This is better than football, isn't it?
Yeah, the way they've
been playing anyway.
You're a straight fella, aren't you?
Straight? Yeah, what do you mean?
I mean...
Well, I...
I mean, you're not a con man?
On the fiddle or anything, like Barry?
Is Barry on the fiddle?
Those kind of fellas usually are.
Oh, I've known some beauties,
some right bastards, I can tell you.
- Not in a hurry, are you?
- No.
Where are you taking me tonight?
I can't take you anywhere tonight.
the thing is I'm,
I'm working, see?
What do you do then?
I'm on at 10.
Well, we've got till then then.
Joe, are you listening?
We've got till then.
No, the thing is, I've...
I've got to meet someone.
You are in a hurry, aren't you?
No, I'm not.
This is the same fella
that ran this morning.
You told me to ring again tonight.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, well, is he in then, Mr. Wade?
Hold on a minute.
Yeah, what is it?
Oh, hello, Mr. Wade.
This is Barry.
No names.
Oh, no.
Come round 10 o'clock
tonight, usual place.
Well, you know where it is?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Well, goodbye, Mr...
See you.
Stupid sod.
Hello there, enjoy the wedding?
Yeah, great.
I thought I saw you with a bit of skirt.
What me? Never.
Oh, I forgot to make your bed, son.
Oh, I wouldn't worry about that, dear.
I think you need a cup of tea, don't you?
You're early, you're
usually a bit later than this.
Oh, oh yeah.
What's this?
For you.
I'll just go and wash.
Who won?
It was a draw.
Oh, Sue in then, is she?
Yeah, who wants her?
Oh, it's you, is it?
That's right.
Alright then, come in.
Come up then, have you?
You're joking, next week's, innit?
wasn't you at the wedding?
Yeah, that's right.
Oh, I wondered if you fancy
coming out for a drink?
As long as you don't go ordering
champagne again.
Drink? Blimey!
I should've thought we'd all
had about enough of that today.
Ey Jack?
Why not? Anything to get out of here.
Oh, lovely job.
Thank you for a lovely evening.
Long-haired puff.
- Ta.
- Ta.
Off today?
No, I'm on tonight.
Well, you must enjoy it, mustn't you?
The job, all it entails and that.
Do you like this?
Got to like it, it's my living.
Well then, you've answered
your question, haven't you?
Sodding coppers, all lip.
Wish he wouldn't come in here,
frightens decent people off.
He'll drink up and go, he always does.
Nobody talks to him, see.
21, 21.
- You don't play the winner.
- 21, alright.
He had
to have a go, didn't he?
- Of course he did.
- Yeah, well, he had to.
Rodney should've passed you,
Rodney should've passed.
Give over, mate, he had
to have a go, didn't he?
Here, can I borrow your paper, mate?
- Ey?
- Can I borrow your paper?
Yeah, I suppose so.
Two seats over there, love.
Large gin and tonic and
scotch please, love.
Large gin
and a scotch, coming up.
- Ice?
- Yes please, love.
Funny how they never
notice they're doubles,
when they've got ice in, isn't it?
- Hello, chief.
- Hello.
- Are you on your own then?
- Yeah.
Come over, join the jet set.
Come on.
Here, look what I found.
This your local then?
Yeah, well, I come down
here now and then, you know.
When she lets you, ey?
Old, married geezer.
Wouldn't believe it, would you?
No, you wouldn't, would you?
- You want a drink?
- No, thanks, I've got one.
Well, we do keep bumping
into each other, don't we?
Did you go down the match?
- Ey?
- Match.
Oh yeah, yeah, I did.
Good, was it?
Well, I must sup up
and get off, I think.
Where do you live then,
you and your missus?
The flats.
Got a nice flat, have you?
Yeah, it's alright.
Any kids?
Yeah, I've got one.
Oh, well, that's nice.
Oh, he's embarrassed.
Here Sue, he's shy.
Old, married fella like
you, well, well, well.
Get a doctor, quick!
Oh, Christ, what now?
It's my Jack, he's collapsed.
- Collapsed?
- Yeah.
Hey, mister.
Mister, give us a hand
down there, will you?
Come on.
Here, mind out.
Get an ambulance, will
you? Tell them emergency.
It'll be alright if I
go to hospital with him,
- won't it, dear?
- That's alright,
you go along with him.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Good job you was here,
you'll need a drink after that.
No, thanks, I'm working at 10.
Here, what about that?
What about my old mate?
Bet you was in the Boy Scouts, ey?
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, well, come and have a drink,
you must need one after that.
No, I can't, honest.
No? Well then.
I must get off, I'm late.
- I'll see you.
- Yeah, great, see you.
So long, Sue.
Funny fella.
No, that was good what he done then.
Ought to be, shouldn't he?
We paid for him to learn it, didn't we?
He's a copper, didn't you know?
Car stolen on your beat last night
outside the Red Lion pub.
Now that is the second
time it's happened in two-
All correct, sir.
Right, men, you've all
got your appointments?
Yes, sir.
- Carry on, Sergeant.
- Right, easy.
Now who's got the industrial estate?
Well, CID have got a whisper.
Mind you, it's probably not on our patch.
There's a possible cigarette raid on,
they've no idea where as usual.
Huh, typical.
Snout's information, but you never know.
There might be something in it.
If they knew any more about it, sir,
they wouldn't be telling us,
they'd be doing it themselves.
Now there's only one tobacco
warehouse in our area
and that's on your beat.
See it's still there,
when you pass it, son.
Right, Sarge.
You sit there, love.
Won't be long.
Oh, good evening, Mr. Wade.
Have a crisp?
Fancy a Coke?
No, thanks.
I'm having rum in mine.
Oh, that's nice.
You know Boy?
Alright then, so what's the word?
These are alright.
Yeah, well, it's um,
Monday morning, first thing.
Now you tell me.
There's no point blabbing it
all over the place, is there?
That's right, can't
be too careful, can you?
Oh, alright,
sorry I spoke, I'm sure.
Still doing this all on
your tod, don't want no help?
- Thanks all the same, Mr.
- Wade, but I've worked this out
on my own and I don't need nobody else.
He is brave, isn't he?
Look, Mr. Wade, I know what I'm on.
All the same, you fancy
yourself a bit, don't you?
All I'm looking for,
Mr. Wade is a buyer.
Look, I mean, you said-
You just deliver the goods,
then you get your money, right?
It'll be there.
Yeah, you drive the
lorry straight in the yard.
We'll do the rest.
Well, like I said, Mr.
Wade, it'll be there.
Yeah, so will your
money in dirty fivers.
You got a car to carry it
all away then, have you?
You drive a lorry straight in the garage,
your money will be there,
then you're off out of it, aren't you?
And don't worry, I may not like
you, but I won't double you.
I know that, Mr. Wade, I know that.
I mean, that's why I come to you.
You come to me, 'cause
you ain't got the brain
to move the stuff yourself,
that's why you come to me.
Now don't give me a load of toffee, son.
I've had it from the best,
not rubbish like you.
Ta'ra then.
- Come on.
- I haven't finished my drink.
Come on.
He's straight too.
What a waste.
Suit yourself.
You don't make it easy, do you?
You say you're gonna take me out,
then you leave me sitting on my own,
you don't even let me finish my drink.
Oh, shut up, get
in the car, you silly bitch.
Officer, I've lost my dog.
Where, madame, where have you lost it?
I don't know.
Alright, come on, old love,
let's go somewhere quiet,
where we can talk about it, ey?
Sonny Wade upset you?
I don't give a sod about Sonny Wade.
Just 'cause he's a big buyer,
who reckons he can talk any
way he likes to anybody.
Rotten puff.
Big buyer for what?
Did I tell you I was meeting Sonny Wade?
Then how did you know, that it was him?
I've been around a bit, love.
You know what I am, don't you?
I think so.
From the start?
Hey, this is better for you than that.
That copper, how well do you know him?
I don't.
But if you did, it's over?
It never started, love.
- Another one over, Joe?
- Yeah.
Here, Charlie,
give us your lighter, will you?
Alright, lads.
Morning, Sarge.
Sorry about this, there's a demo today.
You're all on reserve,
so you're all on it.
Oh no, Sarge, not again.
Report back here at
two o'clock, right order.
You've got eight hours,
go home and get some kip.
Right, do you live near?
Away you go.
Hello, Joe, how goes it?
Fine, thanks.
Listen, I keep on seeing this car.
What car?
Big, American job, fairly
new, lousy condition.
- Blue, silver and blue.
- Reckon it's a possible?
Yeah, well, I've checked
with the central registry,
they've got nothing, I wondered
if you're knew something.
Mean anything to you, Terry?
No, nothing.
Bad luck.
Oh, well.
You off?
Yeah, but I'm on demo later on.
Good luck.
- Not gone home yet?
- I'm on my way.
You get off, see you get some kip now,
you're gonna need it.
Oh, Jesus!
Didn't know you was a housewife an'all.
You don't know nothing about me, love.
I know all about you, dear.
Wanna eat now? It's ready.
You worried about something?
No, I'm alright.
Then eat.
It's alright, isn't it?
Yeah, sure, it's fine.
Just not hungry, that's all.
Not still bothering
about Sonny Wade, are you?
Then eat your breakfast.
No, I won't have anything
today, I'll be sick.
Are you doing something special today?
Oh, Christ!
- Joe.
- Oh, no.
Are you awake, love?
Well, of course I'm bloody awake,
I haven't been to sleep yet, have I?
Well, it's half 10,
innit and I'm on at two.
I'm sorry to wake you, love,
only Sally's got a temperature.
It's 101, she's all hot and sweaty.
I've tried to phone the doctor,
but I can't get through.
If you'll look after her, I'll go and-
- I'll go and get him.
But he mightn't be in.
I'll find him.
Feel her cheek, it's red hot.
Oh, there, little love,
we'll soon have somebody to look at you.
He won't always come on Sundays.
I'm living here now.
Are you?
Don't think you have to be polite, Joe.
My kid's sick, little girl,
she's got a temperature.
I must go.
I hope she'll be alright.
What did the pig want?
Leave him alone.
He's alright.
He's an ordinary boy.
He's not, my love and you know it.
He's got other things on his mind,
his little girl's not well.
Yeah, well, let her stay that way,
keep him off of my back.
It isn't anything, I don't think,
just a slight cold infection.
That's a blessing.
Yes, you could easily
have brought her round
to the surgery tomorrow morning.
I'm sorry, doctor, but you
see, we were worried about her.
You are new patients, I know,
but I don't usually make
house calls on a Sunday.
How is she?
Oh, I'm sorry, I, um,
I didn't know you were
in the police force.
No, well, now, um,
well, she'll be alright.
I've given her something to
take down her temperature
and if you should have any
more trouble, well, um,
no, better still, I'll pop
in again tomorrow morning.
Yes, doctor, thank you, doctor.
- Well, goodbye.
- Thank you, goodbye.
Thank you, doctor, bye.
There, there, you'll be okay now.
Oh, can't we go out somewhere?
Barry, come on.
For God's sake, what
difference does it make?
It makes the difference
between out and in.
Oh, here you are then, grub up.
Oh, ta, let me help you with that.
Sorry you're going so soon, Barry.
Yeah, well, my fiancee's
brother's fixed me up
with a job up north, I've
got to go where the lolly is.
That's right, yeah.
Well, I'm sorry you're going.
I don't get many nice lodgers, do I?
Silly old bag.
When we're gone, she won't
give us another thought.
If anybody asks any questions,
I'm just a bloke that
went off with a bird.
What happens to me then?
Whatever you like.
You have been inside, haven't you?
Is it today?
I'm likely to tell
you, ain't I, darling?
Don't do it, Barry, please.
Shut up.
- I don't care how we live.
- I do.
Don't do anything just for me.
Don't kid yourself, dear.
- Job, any job.
- Who'd give me one?
Anything won't do, dear,
some people have everything.
They do nothing for
it, but they've got it.
I'm like you, I never had anything ever,
I never even belonged to
myself, even in the nick.
When I was a kid, somebody
owned me, get that?
Owned me.
Don't be, love, no need.
I do understand, you know.
Don't be funny.
People have owned me too, you do now.
- Balls.
- You do.
Well, I don't want to own you,
like those other fellas that had you.
Go on, eat your grub.
I hate these demos.
All them flying stones.
Oh, they just bounce off
of me, love, they really do.
Be careful.
Course I will.
I mean it.
And so do I.
Joe, take care.
When didn't I?
Except once.
It's when you link arms
and you can't do anything.
Well, there are others
there besides me, love,
I mean, I don't do it
all on my own, you know.
Now look, you just look after her.
I'll be back before you know
it and don't forget now,
if her temperature goes up
again, ring the doctor, okay?
I will.
Right, I'm off.
If I'm late, I won't wake you.
- What?
- Wake me up.
- Ey?
- When you get in, promise.
At least have some coffee.
Yeah, ta.
Come with me, if you like.
I don't know, do I?
You do.
Alright then, I do.
But you're not telling.
No sense in it.
Out of the country?
Maybe later.
A big job?
Big enough.
What do you want me to do?
Take the car.
Wait in it for me outside Wade's place.
Then we go off together.
I've never been involved
in anything like this before.
There's always a first time.
I'm not pushing you.
Oh, I don't know.
If not, this is goodbye, love.
All I can spare, dear.
I'm sorry, it's-
Alright, alright,
it's my fault.
You had this in your mind
from the start, didn't you?
- Right when we first met?
- No.
Course if you've got
better prospects elsewhere,
something you'd rather be doing,
some other fella, there's
no problem, is there?
Got yours in then?
Never take it off, even in bed.
Weather forecast says rain later.
Should be a quiet day.
Aye, that's what you think.
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Did I say quiet?
I hope they're sending
for reinforcements.
Fascists out, pigs out!
What are they protesting against anyway?
Every bloody thing by the look of it.
Fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Stop here!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Are you ready?
Have you all got your ammunition?
Then let them have it!
- Are you okay?
- Oh, lovely!
What do they want with
the bloody embassy anyway?
Christ knows!
Sorry, love.
Fascist pig!
Mrs. Briggs.
- Here you are, love.
- Oh.
Oh, can I have a lend of that?
Here, you'd better have
your keys back an'all,
got to make an early start in the morning.
Oh, ta, I'm sorry to see you go.
But once the women get
their claws into you.
Yeah, that's right.
I always knew you was one of us, love.
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
On to the offices!
Where's the bloody US Cavalry then?
What's a strong lad
like you need with them?
Get back in, get in, get back in!
Get in!
Can you get some help down here quick?
Otherwise there'll be
nobody left to rescue.
Can you hear me?
Can you read me, over?
Could you repeat, can you get
some help down here quick?
Otherwise there'll be
nobody left to rescue.
Alright lads,
watch that one down there.
Keep your arms clear.
Watch that over there on the right?
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Pigs out, fascists out!
Control it, keep to the right!
Don't break it there, Sergeant!
Back, back, back, keep
them off the railings!
Put them back down the street!
Don't break your ranks!
Don't break your ranks!
We've got hours yet, love.
Look, why don't you try
and have a sleep later?
Shut up.
I'm sorry.
When it's all over, it'll be okay.
- We'll be away.
- Yeah, sure.
Oh, Barry.
You see why I don't eat much?
It's always the same.
I We shall not, we shall not be moved.
I We shall not, we shall not be moved.
along, lads, come along.
Come on,
come on, hurry them up, lads.
We haven't got all day.
Well done, lads, rotten job,
but we get them all, don't we?
Divisional surgeon, before you go off.
- Yes, Sarge.
- What about this, Sarge?
Oh, you'll be alright, come on now,
let's have a look at you.
Divisional surgeon for you,
you all know who you arrested.
Ah, you got the big boy, didn't you?
Yeah, the rotten bastard
got me in the ribs, look.
Oh, well, lucky he didn't get you
where it really hurts, alright.
Right, you all know who you're charging?
Inspector's waiting for you
all, lads, in the charge room
as soon as you've recovered.
Be here all bloody night at this rate.
Time to go.
It's alright, love, all
you do is drive round,
like I told you, get there
on the hour and wait.
Here we go.
Be careful.
You bet.
Where do you want me to drop you?
Turn left at the end.
Ta'ra then, don't hang about here.
See you later.
- Night, Joe.
- You mean morning, don't you?
Have a nice walk home.
You're an early bird, aren't you?
I'm waiting for him,
We're going away,
he's got a job up north.
Has he?
How's your kid then?
Your little girl, how is she?
She's fine, I think.
You and Barry?
He's been a long time.
He went to see a fella,
owed him some money or something.
We want to get an early start.
No hard feelings between
you and me, I mean.
I must get along.
I'll see you then.
I hope everything will be alright.
We couldn't believe it, when
we heard you were a copper.
Alright, leave him!
Now you, keys for the lorry.
They're upstairs.
Well, get up there, all of you.
Don't argue, unless you want
some of what he got, go on.
Go on!
Yeah, what do you want now?
What you on this time of morning?
Doing my paper round, aren't I?
Bit old for that, aren't you?
Yeah, well, not quite old
enough to be a copper yet, am I?
Watch it.
When didn't I?
I thought these gates
were usually kept closed
at this time in the morning.
Acme Tobacco Warehouse,
PC badly hurt, he's been shot, over.
one, message understood.
All cars call in ward six.
I repeat, all cars call in ward six.
Apprehend at 2920.
Casual dress, approach with caution.