All Creatures Here Below (2018) Movie Script

[instrumental music playing]
[people chattering]
- Hi.
- [boy] Hello.
[elevator bell dings]
[man] Technically, you didn't do
anything wrong, Ruby.
But you still disobeyed some
very important instructions.
I was just cleanin'.
Did they tell you that
you weren't to go
into the school side
of the building?
Or the nursery?
I was cleanin'.
You were to clean the chapel
and the church offices.
Nowhere else, correct?
- Am I in trouble?
- No, Ruby.
You just don't have
a job there anymore.
Does this mean I don't get
my vouchers anymore?
No, no, no. This doesn't change
any of that.
- Okay.
- You'll still get your assistance.
Look, we'll set up
some more interviews
in the next couple weeks.
Until then, there's a resume
workshop and a class on...
- Oh, let me see...
- [keyboard clacking]
What's next week?
"Making a home budget."
You need to attend those classes
in the other building.
All right, here's the schedule.
Thank you.
How's Gensan?
Still liking his job?
Every time
I open my eyes
I just wanna kill somebody
I wanna kill somebody
K-k-kill somebody
What up, Big Mike?
It's your show now, baby.
Whatever, man,
I hate this shithole.
[Gensan chuckles]
Good night, Gensan.
[Gensan] See ya.
[music continues on headphones]
[dog barks]
[car horn honks]
[music continues on headphones]
- [music stops]
- [bell jingles]
[Middle Eastern music
playing over speakers]
[Paco] Hey, man.
Can I get two
of these Baby Ruths,
pack of them Buglers,
and, uh, let me get
a couple of them
one-dollar scratchers.
What are his odds?
There you go.
[woman on TV]...completely
turned my life around
and just get me back on track.
Why didn't you just do
what you were supposed to do?
- I was trying to do a good job.
- Bullshit.
I thought if I did extra good
and cleaned more than they said,
that maybe I could get a raise
and get us some more money.
Mr. Rio says there's probably
another something
just around the corner.
Your kid's down there.
[woman emotionally pleading
indistinctly on TV]
You lying to me?
What? There's something
just around the corner.
[Ruby laughs]
[whispering] Dear God,
please let this scratch card be a winner
because I really need
the money right now.
Thanks, Amen.
Bud, it's a winner.
It's a winner.
A free ticket.
- It's still a winner.
- [Gensan scoffs]
[woman 1 on TV]
Music is what saved me.
I mean, my dreams
of making it...
[Ruby moans] - what made me turn my life around.
Yep, I'm going on here.
I'm freaking out about it.
[woman 2 on TV] Well, Anjelica,
I was there for one part of your life,
then I'm here to help you
get through the next.
This actually came
in the mail.
[women squealing
in happiness on TV]
[woman 2 on TV]
You did it. You go on tomorrow.
[woman 1 on TV]
There's absolutely no way
that I will ever go back
to the life that I lived.
And I will win this.
I will win this competition.
[theme music playing on TV]
[small applause on TV]
[man on TV]
Let's see who
your competition is gonna be.
Here she comes.
[TV continues indistinctly]
[Ruby whispering]
Not like that.
[Gensan grunts]
[Ruby whispering] I want
to do it regular tonight.
- I ain't got any gloves.
- We don't need one.
I'll make sure it comes out
in time, I promise I can.
Hey, come here.
[woman on TV]...'
cause she couldn't be any more comfortable
in her shoes.
[male host on TV]
Down to the final two.
It's been a long,
hard road for both of you
physically, willfully,
but you're here, you made it.
Mixi, nobody thought
you'd make it to the finals
when you first walked
through the door.
- [Mixi] Yeah, me either.
- [host] But your style
and your unique charisma
have carried you through.
[rap music playing over
Maybe I'll see
the world tomorrow
But right now your time
is borrowed
I can hear 'em calling
I can't stop falling
Someone save me now
I'm just so confused now
Feeling used and let down
Way down...
[train horn blowing]
[train passing]
[Ruby sobbing]
Rube, we're
in the apartment.
We're in the apartment.
We're in the apartment.
I'm here. I'm here.
I'm here. You're safe.
[Ruby whimpering]
You're safe. Shh.
[Gensan humming]
[writing on paper]
[baby crying in distant room]
[wind chime jingling]
[rap music playing
in headphones]
What up?
I need to see you
in my office.
I got three hot tickets, yo.
Mike can get it.
Hey, do you want some candy?
[candy pieces jingle
on glass jar]
This is tough.
I just don't like
to see things like this,
but, um, okay, here it is.
Uh, basically, corporate
has been determined to turn us
into carry-out
and delivery exclusively.
You know,
it's a bottom line thing.
Almighty dollar, you know.
They just don't see,
in their model,
like ours anymore.
You know,
they think that families
don't go out to dinner
as much as they used to and...
so they want
to take our operation and...
I don't,
I don't even know what.
I mean,
they're closing our restaurant.
And they're gonna open
a much smaller space
down the block on Vermont.
And it's gonna be exclusively
carry-out and delivery.
Carry-out's where they say
the bulk of our business is,
anyway, but I don't...
you know, I don't see it.
[echoing continues]
I'm gonna be managing there,
but they're only gonna give me
payroll for three kitchen staff.
It's company policy.
There's nothing I can do.
But I'm gonna put my feelers out
there, you know.
Any managers looking
for a good cook, great cook.
I went ahead and made out
your last paycheck.
So that's... That's it.
I'm sorry, Gensan.
[car horn beeping]
No, no, he took off
about a couple of hours ago.
We're gonna close the store.
I don't know.
[door handle bell jingles]
Yo, I need
to make my move, man.
What do you want?
- [busy signal]
- [scoffs]
[busy signal continues]
Him. What are his odds?
It's a long shot, man.
You give me 250.
I got it, man.
Put it away, man, okay?
They've already collected
for the night. It's too late.
You know where?
Way out.
City of Industry.
[baby crying in distant room]
[crying continues]
[crying grows louder
in her thoughts]
Look, you don't want to go
out there, man, okay?
Just wait till next weekend.
- Besides, this guy's a loser.
- Tell me.
Come on, man.
[baby continues crying]
[cries echoing]
[wind chime jingling]
[crying continues]
[crying stops]
[lock clicks, door opens]
- Hey, what's the matter?
- Where you been?
- What's the matter?
- Where you been?
I was worried about you.
Where were you?
Mr. Seal told me
they're closing your restaurant.
I don't care.
I was trying to call you.
Didn't you hear me calling you?
I need to have a phone.
It's not fair,
you always get the phone.
You always lose 'em.
I won't anymore.
[clears throat, groans]
- Are you mad at me?
- Mm-mm.
I'm sorry about my job.
[Gensan] You ain't gotta
worry about that no more.
I need to tell you something.
I did something.
Gen, I need
to tell you something.
[Gensan] Okay.
- Gen, listen to me.
- Honey, please stay.
I gotta go out for a couple
hours, and when I come back,
everything is gonna be good,
I promise.
[police siren blaring
in distance]
[bus engine humming]
[men chattering]
- [Gensan] Hey, man, what's up?
- [man speaking]
Yo, uh, Paco said...
[men both speaking]
It's... It's cool.
[both men direct Gensan]
[man on TV speaking]
[boy vocalizing while playing]
[small dog barking]
[man chattering]
[both speaking]
[people shouting, cheering]
[rooster squawking]
[man] I'll take
everybody's money up in here.
[chattering continues]
I got you. I got you.
Uh, I want to bet on the one with
the green feather over there.
Yo, man, I want to put a bet on
the one with the green feather?
Paco sent me.
Paco? Heh.
The store
over on Beverly in the city.
Paco's una idiota.
I don't...
[man speaking]
I don't... I don't... I got...
That's my bet.
- [clucking]
- [man speaking]
[shouting, chattering]
[clucking, squawking]
[voices fading, heart pounding]
Oh, come on!
[rooster crows]
[police sirens wailing]
[siren blips]
[police radio chatter]
[men clamoring]
[officer] Get on the ground!
Get on the ground!
[shouting, clamoring]
[officer] All right, on
the ground! Get on the ground!
On the ground!
Give me your hands!
Get down on the ground,
right now.
I didn't do shit, man.
Give me my money!
Give me my money, man.
Come on! Come on!
[blow strikes]
Come on, man.
Just come on.
Give me my money! Ah!
[both grunting]
- [Gensan yells]
- [flesh squelches]
[man grunting]
[engine starts]
[police siren blaring]
[nervous chuckle]
You are the sunshine
after the rain
You are the cure against
my fear and my pain...
[phone vibrating]
Glen, I need you
to do something for me.
- Can you do something for me?
- Yeah.
- Glenn?
- Yeah?
Listen, man,
I need you to go to my place
and tell Ruby to pack
a duffel bag full of clothes,
and then take the Vermont bus
south to 128th.
Can you do that?
You gotta tell her to be cool.
They may already...
I don't know.
Just tell her to hurry
and take the Vermont bus south
to the last stop.
I'll be there waiting.
- Can you do it?
- Yeah.
Vermont bus south
to the last stop.
Thanks, man.
[engine idles, stops]
[brakes squeal, hiss]
Hey, hey.
Goddamn it.
[loud whisper]
Hey, come...
Come on!
Come on. Let's go.
- What the heck, Bud?
- Shh.
Just put that in the back
and get in the car.
Hurry, come on.
[closes doors]
Who's car is this?
It doesn't matter.
Buddy, are you okay?
- It's not mine.
- Whose blood is it, Gen?
I told you that we were gonna
be good, and I was right.
I had this feeling
like everything
was about to change,
but we gotta go, okay?
We can't come back here.
We can't be around here.
We're gonna go someplace else
for a little while.
But, Gen,
I gotta tell you something.
Rube, we're good.
I mean it.
We are good.
[baby fussing]
[baby fussing]
She just left the baby alone
there in her apartment
and, and the baby was crying.
How do you know
that she left it alone?
How do you know
that she wasn't in her room
or taking a shower, you dummy?
Don't call me that.
We'll just go back
and take her back.
You don't understand,
there's people
that are looking
for me now, Ruby.
How do you know that she didn't
already call the cops?
I'm sorry, Buddy.
You're so dumb.
I'm not dumb.
Dumb, dumb. Dumb!
[police sirens wailing]
Oh, shit.
She's not there anymore,
and I don't know where she is.
[police radio chatter]
I... I can't tell you...
[engine idling]
Somebody took her.
Somebody took her.
[police radio chatter]
- What do you think she needs?
- [baby crying]
Do you think
they got milk in there?
What else? Maybe diapers?
Do you think she likes milk?
What do you think she likes?
Do you think she...?
Do you think
she likes something else?
[baby crying]
[folk music
playing over speakers]
[entrance bell dings]
[plastic packages
crinkle on counter]
Need some gas, too.
- [male cashier] Which pump?
- Seven.
- And all this?
- Yeah.
Looks like somebody's up late.
She had her nap.
- She's beautiful.
- Thank you.
What's her name?
How... How much...?
Uh, $52.50.
[cash register beeps]
They got cameras here,
you idiot.
She needed these things.
[whispering] You don't know
what you're talkin' about.
Gensan, she's hungry.
Her diaper's dirty.
Do you have any idea how long
you go to prison for kidnapping?
I didn't kidnap her,
she was alone.
We're going to the hospital.
[baby crying]
You can leave a baby
at a hospital
and they can't ask
any questions.
That's the law.
[engine starts]
But... But they got
cameras there, too, Gen.
[thunder crashing]
[baby fussing]
It stinks.
Do not roll that window up.
But it's starting to rain.
I can't breathe.
[Ruby] I don't have anything
to clean her butt with.
I didn't get
any wipeies at the store.
- We need to go back.
- No.
I'm not stopping
until we get to Arizona.
What's in Arizona?
[Gensan groans]
God, throw that diaper out.
It smells like shit.
[Ruby gasping]
I need something
to wipe her butt.
- Here.
- Ugh, this has blood on it!
I'll use this old shirt.
- What shirt?
- It's just an old shirt.
Don't use that shirt.
I like that shirt.
[baby fussing]
Hey, hey.
You're gonna feel better
in a second.
I'm gonna feed you and you're
gonna be happy, okay? Okay?
[soft music playing]
[baby crying]
[crying continues]
- Gensan?
- What?
[baby continues crying]
[engine starts]
Her diaper's clean,
she just ate again.
[baby crying]
I think she might have
a bellyache.
What's the matter, baby?
Huh? What's the matter?
[Ruby muttering]
You stay here.
Where you goin'?
Bud, where you goin'?
[crying continues]
Do not get out of this car.
- Bud!
- [door closes]
No. No. No.
Listen to me, get back
in that car right now.
- No.
- Somebody's gonna find her any second.
We will sit here
and we will make sure.
I promise you, somebody good.
They'll call the cops
and they will take her back
where she belongs.
No, she gets left alone
back there,
and she can't go back there.
She can't.
Then they'll take her
someplace good.
- I promise.
- You know you can't
promise that,
Bud, you know that.
- Things are different.
- How?
Just get back
in the car, please.
Ruby, goddamn it!
[whispering] Shh, it's okay.
Mommy's here. It's okay.
You get
in this car right now, Ruby.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- Ruby, get in this car.
- I'm not givin' her up, Gensan.
- You're acting crazy.
- You know she's not yours.
- Leave us alone.
What are you gonna do?
Don't worry about me.
Goddamn it.
[door handle bell jingles]
[man 1 on radio]
Um, yeah. Absolutely.
And the interesting thing is,
is we look at that,
and we judge it, we condemn it,
and as we go, "Oh, no..."
[woman] Sorry, I didn't...
I didn't realize you were over there.
- I'm sorry.
- [Ruby] It's okay.
[man 1 on radio]
...small-minded human going on.
[man 2 on radio] Well, that makes sense.
And if that's the case, then...
- What are you doing?
- [Ruby and woman chattering]
No, no.
No, no, no. No, no, no.
What are you...?
[man 2 on radio] What if you
wanted what your soul needed?
[Gensan slams console]
[ranchero music
playing over speakers]
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- [Penny] Here you go...
Is she hungry?
[Ruby] Yeah, but I don't
have her bottle.
It's in the car.
All her stuff is in the car.
You're not
feedin' her yourself?
What do you mean?
Nobody come
to your mom's house?
[Glenn on phone]
It's my house, too, man.
Nobody come to your house?
[Glen] No, man,
they think it's the kid's dad.
[Glen] The cops think it was
your neighbor's ex took the kid.
How do you know that?
My mom watches
the news at breakfast.
- Do they know nothin' about me?
- What about you?
[Glen] Where are you?
I gotta go.
[door bell jingles]
[baby fussing]
Okay, got you some things.
- Found a good formula.
- [Ruby] What?
It's a little more expensive,
but it has all the nutrients
- and stuff she needs.
- Wow, thank you.
And, um, you know,
just a little toy.
- [Ruby] Oh! Heh.
- [Penny] Do you like that?
There you go.
That's for you.
- Hey, babe, we gotta go.
- Buddy, this is Penny.
- [Gensan] How do you do?
- She got us this for Gayle.
- Did she?
- [Ruby] Uh-huh.
- She's really gorgeous.
- [Ruby chuckles]
[Ruby] Give Penny
a kiss now, Gayle, huh?
- Say thank you, Penny.
- [Penny] Bye.
- Thank you, Penny.
- [kisses]
- Bye, pretty girl. Bye!
- Bye-bye!
- Nice to meet you.
- Bye.
- [door opens, bell jingles]
- Drive safe.
Did you tell her
our last name, too? Huh?
- Did you tell her everything?
- No, she didn't even ask.
- She's a good person.
- Bullshit. Ruby, I...
- [Penny] Uh, wait.
- [Gensan whispers] Shit.
Sorry, I know
this is crazy, but, um,
here's my phone number
and my address.
Just, I don't know,
keep me posted
- on how your trip is going to California.
- Okay.
And if you guys need anything,
let me know,
- or if Gayle needs something.
- [Ruby] Thank you.
Where's, um,
where's the car seat?
You gotta have a baby seat
for her. It's the law.
Yeah, no, we had the good kind,
but the baby got sick
and shit all over it,
so we had to throw it out.
- [Penny] It's really important.
- Okay.
- You promise?
- Promise.
[car engine starts]
Thanks, Penny.
- Bye.
- Bye.
You're going the wrong way.
She said that store
was back towards...
Shh, get low, please.
Don't let nobody
see you with her.
Just lay down.
But we gotta get a seat.
We gotta get further east
before I can stop.
Where are we going?
And what's in Albuquerque?
Nothing, we gotta get through
Albuquerque to get to 54,
and then you take 54
up from there.
Take that up to where?
The 54 goes to...
Gensan, we're taking
the 54 up to where?
Don't worry about it.
I got it.
Gen, I'm not going back there.
Not with her,
I'm not going back.
[man chattering over P.A.]
Hot damn, man.
That's like 50 bucks.
Yeah, but it comes
with a cart and everything.
That one's 35
and that one's 45.
That one's cheap.
That one's more badass.
It's got, like,
a blue racing stripe.
It doesn't matter
what color it is.
Yeah, but I like it.
It's cool.
Look, it's got this extra bar
for extra safety.
And this says
it's got this thing
that you click down
in the seat.
I mean, that's the way.
Shit, it's only ten bucks more,
you know?
Yeah, I know.
[baby fusses]
Damn, look at all this shit.
- You want me to try?
- Would you please just...
Would you give me a minute?
I said that I could do it in a minute.
It's been, like, 30 seconds
and you're down my back.
Um, it's been, like,
nine minutes.
I got it.
[heavy metal music
playing on radio]
Can we change it?
Something softer for the baby?
[changes station, radio static]
You never miss your well
Till your well runs dry
Seemed like only yesterday
You were here smilin'
Now you're gone away
But I know
you're in a better place
No traces of you,
what can I do?
Alone and confused
How long
Till I see your face?
How long
Till I see your face?
How long
Till I see your face?
How long?
[gasps, chuckles]
[baby babbles]
[door opens, closes]
You want some champagne?
- Champagne?
- Mm-hmm.
Gensan, you got it on the baby!
- [baby crying]
- Ah, damn.
Oh, that's all right.
She'll like it.
If you got
good taste like me, huh?
Will you take her out of this?
I'm gonna run a bath.
[baby crying]
Uh, um...
Oh, no, here, um...
Here you go.
[crying continues]
It's not work... The buttons
or something don't work, Rube.
It's a girl's job, anyway.
Can you come do this?
What are you talking about?
These buttons are easy. Hi.
[Ruby] I did it five times today
changing the diapers.
Better get used to
changing diapers, too.
I'm not doing all the poop.
No way.
It's gotta be...
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- No, what?
- Come here.
- Ow. Ow.
- [baby crying]
Ow! Ow!
You think that's
not gonna burn her?
- Ow!
- She's a baby, you dummy.
You'll burn her damn skin off.
Let go! Ah!
Ow. I didn't know.
You don't know.
You don't know anything
about any of this stuff.
I do so.
[baby crying]
- Hey.
- [crying]
Hey. Hey.
[insects buzzing]
[lights buzzing]
She likes the water.
Look at her.
She likes it.
She's smiling.
Gen, she's smiling at you.
There, she did it again.
Oh, she likes you, Buddy.
She just smiled at you.
- [Gensan] She's pretty, huh?
- Yeah. Yeah.
That's her name?
- Do you like it?
- It's perfect.
Irene. Hi.
[Ruby laughs]
[plastic bag rustles]
[both chuckle]
It's a Baby Ruth.
Look, I got you these.
Five dollar kind.
You never get
the five dollar kind.
Yeah, well...
[Ruby giggles]
I'm saving 'em for her.
For when she grows up.
I think they expire.
[thunder rumbling]
You gotta shake
her a little bit.
What do you mean?
That's how they do it
after they eat.
I mean,
that's what they used to...
you know when a baby's little,
after it eats.
You remember that?
Like, not for me,
but, yeah, I remember.
[baby crying]
Show me.
I don't know.
- Come on.
- Oh... Hey. Oh...
I live in the country
And sometimes
I live in the town
I have a good notion
To jump in the river
and drown...
Irene, good night...
- Shh.
- [crying continues]
Irene, good night
Good night, Irene,
good night, Irene
I kiss you in my dreams
[crying stops]
I love Irene,
God knows I do
I love her
till the seas run dry
And if Irene
turned her back on me
I'm gonna take morphine
and die
Irene, good night
Irene, good night
Good night, Irene
Good night, Irene
I'll kiss you in my dreams
[both chuckle]
You know...
I did all right.
[Ruby chuckles]
[music playing]
- [Ruby] Is it gray?
- [Gensan] Yeah.
- Big?
- Yeah.
- Is it the sky?
- Maybe.
Buddy, you already did that one.
Well, there's...
[chuckles] pretty slim
pickings out here.
All right, my turn.
I spy with
my little eye something...
- red.
- That barn over there?
No fair. Let me try again.
I spy with my little eye,
I spy with my little eye,
something green.
Something green.
You gotta guess.
I spy something green, Gen.
Something green.
Shit, hold on, Ruby.
You're not even trying.
Fine, we'll play
another game.
Here, lean forward
a little bit.
- Just hold on, Ruby.
- Lean forward!
You remember this one.
Criss cross, apple sauce.
Spiders crawling up your back.
- [whispers] Ruby.
- [whispers] What?
Knife in the back,
blood drips down.
Now you got goose bumps all...
All around.
Now do me.
Ruby, I'm driving.
- Okay! Okay!
- Hello.
Look. Look.
Don't you think
the baby would love that?
I think you would love that.
[Ruby chuckles]
I would.
Oh, I got another one.
You remember this one.
Miss Suzie had a steamboat
The steamboat had a bell
Miss Suzie went to heaven
[echoing] The steamboat went to hello,
Give me number nine
And if you disconnect me...
[slow music playing]
[Wicked Witch cackles]
[Cowardly Lion growls]
[Gensan] You writing
a love letter to your boyfriend?
That Nick "Lagay"?
It's Nick Lachey.
Mr. Know-It-All.
And, no, I'm not.
You know that they don't
even read that shit.
They got people
to do it for 'em.
No, they don't.
I'm not
writing to him, anyway.
- Whatever.
- Whatever.
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
[dramatic music plays]
[truck passing]
I used a calling card.
[Glenn on phone]
Where's there pay phones?
There's one here, man,
who cares?
I don't want 'em tracking
my phone. What'd they say?
[Glen] They think you're in Arizona
heading back to California.
Some waitress seen a picture of
the baby on "America's Most"...
I'm supposed to tell you that
you guys aren't gonna be
in any trouble
if you just give her back.
You gotta, like, take her to
a police station or something.
No, way.
This one time Ruby got
picked up for shoplifting.
- Ruby shoplifted?
- She didn't do it, man.
I don't know.
She was playing with some kid
at the mall in Glendale.
I don't know, man, she gave
the kid a Teddy bear,
and the mom was
all weirded out by her,
so the people at the store said
she stole a Teddy bear.
[Glen] Where were you?
I turned around
for two seconds, man.
Some mall pigs took her back
to a security office.
Took me 20 minutes
to find her.
By the time I finally found her,
she's, like,
layin' on the ground.
peed all over herself.
Where you at?
I don't know.
Somewhere, I don't know.
[Glen] Where you goin', man?
How the hell
are you getting to Alaska?
What do you mean?
You could drive there.
They got, like,
fishing boats and stuff.
[Glen] Hey, man, look,
I just wanted to...
I gotta go.
- What were you doing?
- Taking a leak.
Bathrooms were
on the other side.
were on the other side!
I'm not going back there, Bud.
Please don't make me.
Ruby, you don't gotta go
back there, I promise.
- I have to go there real quick.
- I'm not going.
- I told you...
- And she's not going.
She can't go there
or even close to there.
I'm not taking you anywhere
near there, Ruby, I promise.
I'll do it by myself.
I don't want you to.
Just once, that's it.
Then it's just gonna be
the three of us, all new,
someplace they're never
gonna think to look for us.
I got a plan.
- You got a plan?
- I got a plan.
Our wallets, everything.
Credit cards, IDs, everything.
How much for a night?
- Single or double?
- Single.
We don't have
any available right now.
Okay, double.
$49.95 plus tax.
We'll stay for the night.
We'll be out early.
Can't authorize a room without
a credit card or ID, sir.
[clerk] I can ask my manager,
if you want.
She's pretty strict.
[baby crying]
[cell phone ringing]
Who is it?
They kept calling when
you were in the motel.
Do you know who it is?
[crying and ringing continues]
Don't yell.
You're making her more upset
and she's got a bellyache.
- You don't know that.
- Yes, I do.
She keeps rubbin' her belly.
Maybe she's just
not getting what she needs.
Yes, she is. This formula has
all the vitamins and everything
- that she's supposed to get.
- Bullshit.
Baby's supposed to get what
it needs from its mother.
[phone ringing]
[baby crying]
[ringing continues]
[pieces clatter]
[baby continues crying]
[thunder rumbling]
Two hundred bucks?
Piece of shit.
They got HBO.
No, they don't.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about?
All this.
You two gonna be all right
for a second?
We're fine.
[Ruby chuckles]
[shower running]
You're going back, you're going
back, you're going.
[door opens]
[baby crying]
What the fuck are you doing?
- What is wrong with you?
- Nothing.
What the fuck, Ruby?
I thought maybe
I could get it to work.
She's mine now,
so I thought it might work.
- It doesn't work like that.
- You don't know.
I do know it. You gotta be
pregnant for that to work.
- You gotta have a baby.
- You don't know.
I do know!
Well, you won't let me.
- Dummy.
- Don't call me that.
Dumb. Dumb, dumb,
dumb, dumb, dummy.
[baby fussing]
I love you.
And I love her.
I know.
I want her healthy and happy.
She smiles at me.
She knows me.
We're gonna be all right.
I didn't used to think that.
I always thought we were
just fucked, all the time.
But you don't anymore?
What are we gonna do?
I just gotta do one thing
in the morning,
and then we're gonna go,
the three of us.
We just gotta be smart,
all right?
You know, the cops catch us,
they'd take her away
and they'd split us up, forever.
But they can't do that,
can they?
I won't let 'em.
[door creaks, closes]
[soft music playing]
[breathing raggedly]
[inhales deeply]
[gun cocks]
What the shit?
You can't be here.
The fuck I can't.
Where is he?
You tell him
to get his ass out here.
You dumb fuck,
you don't even know.
I got more right
to this house than anyone.
[train horn blaring in distance]
[baby crying]
Here we go.
You're a beautiful, beautiful
little girl, yes, you are.
You are,
you're so beautiful.
Okay, here we go.
We're gonna wrap you up,
beautiful, little lady.
[crying continues]
They sent him up to Lansing
five, five and a half years ago.
- Same shit?
- Yeah.
They got him on aggravated.
Couldn't get him on enticement,
'cause she was 15.
If she was 14,
they'd have thrown away
the key, but...
Should've anyway.
So that's where he is.
He was in, like,
18 months, then he died.
Emphysema or some shit.
Good riddance.
Look, we can play catch-up here
all day long, but...
I'm telling you,
we gotta figure out
what the fuck
you and Ruby are gonna do.
I got a plan.
I want what's owed to us.
I can sell it
and get us out of Dodge,
and then they're
never gonna see us again.
- How's that?
- Them old Winchesters
and that old Sharp he had
were worth about 20 grand.
Nah, he sold 'em.
Well, there's about ten grand
in old bonds he stole
when he worked
for Northeastern,
and they're down in the basement
in that crawl space.
No. He traded 'em.
He had all kinds of
legal fees and bullshit.
And I hurt my back,
retired from driving a truck,
and he got picked up same year.
How much is the house?
It's a piece of shit.
It's falling down.
60 grand?
I mean, you can have it.
We'll sell it,
but that takes time, man.
You haven't got time.
You can't keep that baby, man.
If you do that, it's kidnapping
and I think that's federal.
We can take care of it.
You fucking kidding me?
You can't take care of a baby.
Her name is Irene.
No, her name's Olga
or some shit.
I saw it on the news.
They got security cam pictures
of you and Ruby
in some fucking store looking
like fucking crack heads.
With your dad's record,
them people are...
They think me and...
They think...
No, they just...
This is fucked up.
Cool it.
Now, you listen to me.
You bring that baby back,
you give it to the cops.
They see that it's fine,
and you'll be fine.
I can't let 'em lock her up,
Uncle Doug.
Ruby's not...
She wouldn't...
She's not like other people.
I know, Gen.
But there's no way you're
gonna get out of this
without doing some time.
[baby crying]
[singing indistinctly]
[humming softly]
Shh. Shh, come on.
Shh, baby.
The longer you let this go,
the worse it's gonna be.
Shit, Uncle Doug.
I'm sorry, Gen.
There's nothing right that's
ever been done for you two.
Nobody knew what
was going on up in there.
I mean, my sister would tell me,
"He's a sick son of a bitch,"
but she was your mom, man,
and then she just left
you two with him.
She didn't leave us.
He killed her,
and then he dumped her out
by the old house in DeSoto.
We don't know that.
Doesn't matter anyway.
You listen to me, man.
You let me help you.
You go in,
you do a little pinch.
When you get out,
I'll try to help you
get a commercial license.
I still know some guys.
But what about Ruby?
We'll take care of her.
I promise you that.
But it might be good
for you guys to be apart.
I mean, you haven't been apart
since you were babies.
It ain't right, Gen.
You know that.
It's not natural.
Those cops figure out the way
you guys been living,
there's no court gonna
have mercy on your soul.
I ain't got one, Uncle Doug.
He beat it out of me by the time
I was 11... Ruby's about eight.
Stole us about
five or six baby turkeys.
I was in charge of keeping
them in this pen.
Made it out of wire behind
that old house in DeSoto.
Those were me
and Ruby's turkeys.
And one morning, he was...
doing it on top of Ruby.
And then,
he made me do it to her too.
Then I go down and check
on them turkeys and...
some raccoons had got their
little hands through the wires
and had been pulling on
'em all night.
They was half alive,
just laying there,
like half a wing
or no legs, just...
He come down, whupped my ass.
Then he give me an old shovel,
and he told me put 'em out.
I said I didn't want to do it,
but he said he was gonna
put Ruby back in the dryer
if I didn't, so I did it.
And some of those little turkeys
just wouldn't go, Uncle Doug.
I had to whack 'em
like five or six times.
I'm sorry, Gen.
But you gotta trust me.
It's the only way you're
gonna get through this.
I'll do it,
but you gotta let
me handle Ruby...
I got her hiding.
I'll go get Ruby and the baby,
and I'll bring 'em to the house,
and then you tell the cops
we'll meet 'em there.
They gotta be real gentle
with Ruby, okay?
And you gotta tell 'em
that I did it.
Ruby didn't have nothing to do
with taking that baby.
There's cops out front.
Go out the back.
Black Chevy pickup.
Keys are on the floor.
[door opens]
- [baby crying]
- Please don't cry. Come on.
[Ruby whimpers]
It's okay, I'm...
[crying continues]
[crying continues]
[knocking on door]
[Ruby gasps]
[keys jingling]
[keys jingling]
[knocking on door]
- [crying continues]
- [whispering] Shit.
Come on, Irene, please.
Be quiet!
Be quiet.
[baby crying stops briefly]
[crying resumes]
[crying stops]
Oh, my God, come on.
[baby fusses]
[slow music playing]
[door closes]
I just got her to sleep.
[slow music playing]
Can't get pulled over
without a car seat, Buddy.
Penny said...
said they'll
lock us up in a second.
I'll get one.
Is this part of the plan, Gen?
Is this a plan?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Are you okay?
[engine shuts off]
Gonna be all right.
- Promise?
- I promise, Ruby.
I told you it's gonna be good.
It's good. Okay?
[Ruby crying]
[choir vocalizing]
[siren wails]
[police radio chatter]
[police siren blaring
in distance]
You should slow down, Ruby.
I love her.
I know you do.
And I love you.
I'm sorry, Gensan.
I'm sorry.
[Ruby whimpers]
[Ruby whimpers]
[Ruby whimpers]
[Gensan sobbing]
[choir vocalizing]
[Ruby's voice]
"Dear Buddy,
you are my knight
in shining armor, Gensan.
You're my Superman.
I love you so much
that I think,
sometimes I think
that it's too much for me,
like I wasn't supposed
to be born.
But now I know that I was.
I was supposed to be born
so that I could have you
and we could have each other
and help each other
make it through.
And now we have Irene, too.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
I made it hard for us.
I know we're gonna
get a nice house
that's like
our house in DeSoto,
but nobody else,
with the trees and the pond
and all the dogs
and all the baby animals.
I love you, Buddy."
[police sirens wailing]
[choir vocalizing]
[police sirens wailing]
Good night
Good night
Good night, Irene
Good night, Irene
I'll kiss you
In my dreams
I asked your mother for you
She told me
you was too young
I wish to the Lord
I'd never seen your face
I'm sorry you was ever born
Irene, good night
Irene, good night
Good night, Irene
Good night, Irene
I'll kiss you in my dreams
Sometimes I live
in the country
Sometimes I live in town
Sometimes I take
a great notion
To jump in the river
and drown
Irene, good night
Irene, good night
Good night, Irene
Good night, Irene
I'll kiss you in my dreams
Stop ramblin'
Stop your gamblin'
Stop staying out late
at night
Go on home to your wife
and your family
Sit down
by the fireside bright
Irene, good night
Irene, good night
Good night, Irene
Good night, Irene
I'll kiss you in my dreams
I love Irene,
God knows I do
I love her
till the seas run dry
But if Irene
turns her back on me
I'll take morphine and die
Irene, good night
Irene, good night
Good night, Irene
Good night, Irene
I'll kiss you in my dreams