All Fun and Games (2023) Movie Script

BILLIE (voice-over):
I know what you're thinking.

(indistinct police radio
How did our family become the
true crime story of the decade?
Most people in town labeled it
a psychotic episode.
But then again,
Salem has a long history
of spreading rumors
that aren't true.

(bird cawing)
My name's Billie.
Me and my brothers were born
in this house.
It's the same house
our dad grew up in.
And his dad before him.
But he's gone now, our dad.
That asshole left
when he sobered up
and realized he had three kids.
If you ever see John Fletcher,
tell him to rot in hell.
That's Mom. She stayed.
That's her brother, Bob.
He hasn't worked in a while.
(birds squawking)
Those are my brothers.
That's Marcus.
The little one is Jonah.
We call him Jo.
Every kid here in Salem knows
the stories of those women--
the ones who were hung,
burned and drowned
hundreds of years ago.
(distorted shout)
This is our family story.
The only true crime being
Salem's fucked-up past
and how those
who were cursed before us
brought us the same.
Even here in Salem, they didn't
teach us all our history.
Some stories got lost
along the way.
(people screaming)
(sheep bleating)
(bleating continues)

(flies buzzing)
(grunting weakly)
I will play. I won't quit.
I will play.
I won't quit.
I will play. I will play.
I won't quit.
I will play. I will play.
I won't quit.
I will play. I will play.
BILLIE (voice-over):
Maybe if they had taught us
everything that happened,
my brother would've left
that knife where he found it.
EERIE VOICE (whispering):

Come find me, Jo.
(birds cawing)
(wind howling)
Over here, Jo.

(distorted, demonic whispering)
Is this a human bone?
Looks like it.
Okay, that's disgusting.
What is that?
-A diary.
-Whose diary?
-Somebody really goddamn old.
"He who proclaims it
shall provide the vessel.
The vessel be damned, cometh
the strike of the witch."
-JONAH: Creepy, right?
-You realize you broke into
someone's house here.
That's a crime.
-This is nobody's house.
-I don't think that's true.
Whoever lived here is probably
a psycho or a satanist.
And they probably made
that knife
from one of their victim's
bones, so put it back.
Let's go.
(birds cawing)
("Uh Oh" by Maggie Szabo
playing softly)
Uh, yeah, no, I-I actually
had a dream about us
the other night.
No, it wasn't
that kind of dream.
Okay, maybe, like, a little.
Yes, I want you to beg.
Yes, I...
-(gasps) Sophie.
-That was disgusting.
-Rude. What?
-That was foul.
-I don't want to listen to you
have phone sex.
Okay, fine. Whatever.
But guess who's going
to Pilar's party
-at the Gallows tonight.
-(gasps) Not me.
I have an interview
at 9:00 a.m.
Oh, right, right.
For... was it Subway?
-Fuck you. Fuck you.
-Gonna be a Sandwich
Artist or...?
-Smith alum.
-Yes, I know.
You want to go to school
in the boonies
-with all the lesbians.
-First of all, ignorant.
Straight people go
to Smith, too.
Second of all,
as a lesbian myself,
that sounds pretty great.
Okay, come on, Sophe.
We never do anything.
We never go to parties.
Yeah, because it's cold
and they suck.
And if I wanted to have
vacuous conversations,
-I would hang out
with my parents.
-Wow. "Vacuous." I guess you do
belong at Smith.
I also really
don't want to watch
you and Pete eat
each other's face.
Just look,
you're my best friend.
Please, it won't be fun
without you.
Come with me.
Oh, wow. You're manipulative.
Best friend.
-(sighs) Fine. Billie.
I like "Wilhelmina."
I think it's pretty.
Me... me, too, Sophie.
-Have you seen your brothers?
I mean, thankfully,
not since breakfast.

(birds cawing)
(Marcus groans)
These drinks always make me
need to shit.
(quiet chatter)
Look at these fucking goofs.
Hey, Fletcher,
I hear your sister's
-getting stuffed by Pete.
-BRAD: Ooh, Pete.
-Stuff me.
-The fuck?
-Don't talk about my sister
like that, dicks!
-You fucking brain-dead?
-I'm not scared of those guys.
I just got this thing detailed.
You're gonna fucking pay
for that, Fletcher.
Sure. Yeah.
I'll get that check
right over to your dad.
-Fuck are you laughing at?
Hey, you can suck my balls.
Don't fucking touch him.
-JONAH: Yeah.
-You know what?
I think the reason
you two are so fucked-up
is 'cause you don't have
a strong male role model
in your life.
Maybe I should come by your
house and give your mom a hand.
That was awesome.
-You kicked their asses.
-Okay, Jo.
You know what? Next time,
we'll do some karate shit
and fold them like pancakes.
-"Oh, my nose!"
-Fucking stop!
What's your problem?
What's my problem?
What's my fucking problem?
You are, Jo.
Why did you throw
the fucking drink?
You're always doing shit
like this.
Like what?
Uh, breaking into houses,
starting fights.
I should've let them
kick your ass.
(dogs barking in distance)
-Hey, little man.
-(grunts softly)
What's in the bag?
Uh, uh, Roman candles, M-80s.
SOPHIE (voice-over):
Speaking of "vacuous,"
I got to go have dinner
with my parents. Bye, Mom.
-Yep. -See you later.
-BILLIE: See ya.
Where do you think
you're going tonight?
Party at the Gallows.
Yeah, no.
-No, I picked up another shift.
-I need you here
with your brother.
Wait, what's Marcus doing?
I don't think Jo needs
both of us to watch him.
He had plans.
I made him cancel.
I'm making you cancel, too.
What plans? What plans?
He gets high in
Randy's basement and pretends
to be in a band
that nobody's ever heard of.
I don't want to argue with you
every time I ask you
to do something, okay, Billie?
I'm tired.
It'll be like two hours.
-This is so unfair.
You know what's unfair?
-Okay, I'm sorry.
-Don't be.
I need you, kiddo, okay?
You're the only one
I can depend on.
Jesus Christ.
-Marcus, what happened?
-I tripped.
-He kicked
Nick Libertini's ass.
-This is why I can't leave
these two alone.
-It was cool.
Marcus has to grow up, okay?
You can't keep coddling...
Are you busting Mom's balls
'cause you want
to go fuck your boyfriend
in the woods tonight?
Wha... (scoffs)
-You're an asshole.
-KATHY: Marcus.
-Hey, at least I'm
fucking somebody.
-Fuck you.
KATHY: You know what?
Okay, both of you,
your phones right now--
give them to me.
-What? No.
-I warned you about language
in front of your brother.
Okay, how are we supposed
to watch Jo without our phones?
I don't know. Be present?
And if there's an emergency,
use the landline.
Come on.
(Billie scoffs)
Just so you know, I'm moving to
New York this summer with Pete.
You've got to be the dumbest
smart person I know.
BILLIE: Yeah? And why is that?
Because I actually want to get
out of here and I'm actually
doing something about it?
No, because all you do is
follow that guy around
like a puppy.
-You're moving?
-No, she is not moving, okay?
Please don't upset
your brother.
He doesn't care about me.
-Can I have your room?
MARCUS: So, you're dropping out
of high school
to move in
with some spoiled fuckboy
who is gonna drop you
the first chance he gets?
And yeah, where is
your future going, dumbass?
What, are you gonna pump gas
with those ACT scores?
Or-or maybe the next time
that you beat the shit
out of somebody,
they press charges
and you go to jail.
Or worse, an asylum.
Okay, Billie, that is enough.
Mom, please don't
do this to me.
You'll be okay.
I'm late. Please take Marcus
some ice for his lip,
and make sure Uncle Bob
doesn't smoke in the house.
Is there anything else
you want to add to the list?
-Uh, yes.
-(Billie scoffs)
Make Jo a sandwich.
Love you.
(door opens and closes)
(Billie sighs)
Can I have a Dorito sandwich?
(drum kit playing loudly
in other room)
Come find me, Jo.
(drumming stops)
-You all right?
Did-did you...
Did I...
Oh, nothing, nothing.
(drumming resumes)
Why do you hate him so much?
Didn't he give you his kidney?
(chuckles softly)
Um... yeah, we were babies, Jo.
He didn't give it to me.
And that's not an excuse to be
a lifelong dick, you know?
(eerie voice whispering
-(stops playing)
-Is Mom gone?
(drawer closes)

(rapid, gasping breaths)

"I will..."
"I won't..."
"I won't...
...qu... quit."
"I will play.
I won't quit."
-DEMONIC VOICE: You will play!
-(electrical buzzing)
You won't quit!
You will play! You won't quit!
You will play!
You won't quit!
You will play! You won't quit!
You will play!
You won't quit!
You will play! You won't quit!
Shut up! Shut up!
(panicked, gasping breaths)
(shuts off faucet)
(breathing deeply)
(eerie voice whispering

(distorted, demonic whispering)
(whispering stops)

(eerie voice whispering
"Tell me..."
(distorted shouting)
(distorted shouting continues)
-(distorted shouting continues)
-(door bangs open)
You want to watch a movie?
-You okay?
You don't look okay.
I'm fine.
Sorry I lost it earlier.
It's okay.
You're still a creep, though.
(eerie voice whispering
(arguing over TV)
Okay, Sophie, this is insane.
What is happ...
(chatter continues,
muffled and indistinct)
(breathing shakily)
-So now she's pissed.
Which, I mean, rightfully so,
in my opinion.
Come find me, Jo.
Hey. Jo.
-Hey. Jo.
-(snapping fingers)
Hey, do you want me to, uh,
make you, like,
a frozen pizza or something?
(knocking at door)
The fuck?
-I don't like that.
-Uh, what...
Should we call the cops?
Yeah, let's call the cops,
tell 'em
someone's knocking on our door.
(knocking continues)
It's probably those assholes
from the cemetery.
Who is it?
-It's nothing.
Whoa, dude, it's Pete.
You trying to kill me?
Oh, my God,
you're such a little shit.
Your brother thought
it was pretty funny.
(insects trilling)
(muffled chatter overlapping
with eerie whispering)
You're gonna get a film camera?
You're gonna move to New York
and get a film camera?
-Yeah, how are you gonna
pay for that?
-Oh, Sophie.
-Yeah, no...
-What, are you
gonna... gonna make a darkroom
in a and cave that you're gonna
have to live in?
-Oh, ha-ha. Very funny, Sophie.
You know what I think
we should do right now?
-Get out of here,
go to the party.
-Come on, let's go, babe.
-I can't. I can't.
I told you I have to watch Jo.
PETE: What time does
your mom get home?
-BILLIE: Like 2:00 a.m.
-(scoffs) 2:00 a.m.
I'll have you back
way before then.
She's supposed to be
watching me.
-Um... (laughs)
-You tell him.
You don't need anybody
watching you, little man.
You're like 13.
BILLIE: I mean, it's cool.
We can just, like, chill.
Here, have a drink.
Listen to some music.
Just one drink, Sophie.
-Are you peer-pressuring me?
-(can pops open)
-It's working.
MAN: Hey, you kids
got I.D. in there?
-(laughs) What up, Bobby?
-BOB: Hey, Pedro.
-Oh, don't worry.
I'm not looking.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
Just kidding. Give me
a fucking beer. Come on.
-Ah... (grunts)
-Hey! Oh!
-Thank you.
-BILLIE: Uh, hey, Bob.
Remember Mom doesn't like you
smoking in the house?
Mm. Open a window.
Dude, come on.
-Jo's right there.
But maybe Marco
might want a little...
-BILLIE: No. No, put it out.
No, seriously, come on.
-Stop showing off.
-Okay, Mom.
-Okay, immature. Come on.
-Hey. (clicks tongue)
-Thank you.
-MARCUS: Hit that.
(eerie voices whispering
-PETE (muffled): Yo, Bobby.
-BOB: Hmm?
PETE: You want to go
to the party with us tonight?
(chatter continues,
muffled and indistinct)
It's not a good look, buddy.
-You can pull it off.
-Oh, thank you.
Marcus, what do you say?
You down?
-Okay, no.
He's... he's not invited.
-I just got invited.
-PETE: You're invited.
I'm invited. There we go.
-No. Get your own plans.
-Come on, babe.
Don't be mean.
I want to come to a party.
What are your friends doing?
Oh, I forgot.
-You don't have any.
-Oh, fuck you.
-My friends are busy.
-Oh, ouch.
Yeah, I want to go to a party.
Why should I stay here
when you get to go out?
Uh, because somebody
has to watch Jo.
-Huh? What?
-BILLIE: What? What?
-You can watch Jo, right?
-BILLIE: Are you kidding?
-SOPHIE: Are you crazy?
-MARCUS: Bob... He's an adult.
I am technically an adult.
-Hardly. No.
-I am an adult.
Come on. Don't be mean.
Jo, you don't mind, right?
(conversation continues,
muffled and indistinct)
demonic whispering)
BILLIE (muffled):
Okay, fine. Fine.
Bob, you're watching Jo.
(muffled, indistinct chatter)
Don't let them leave.
Make them play.
-Make them play.
-(distorted screaming)
No one's going anywhere.
You guys leave, I call Mom.
Whoa. Not cool, dude.
Jo, we'll have a good time,
all right?
Mom doesn't want Bob
looking after me.
She thinks he's a fuckup.
-Whoa. Okay, Jo.
-BOB: What did you call me?
-PETE: Dude. -Hey.
-BILLIE: Jo, language.
-Come on, don't be like that.
-Like what?
Someone you can move
to New York to get away from?
Or someone Marcus can blame
for all of his problems?
Hey, that's not fair.
What's not fair?
That I'm your only friend
and you still treat me
like shit?
What the fuck? What's up?
You all want to leave me,
and I won't let you.
-Uh... Jo.
-We're just going to a party.
-Yeah. We're not...
-We'll be back.
-Yeah, we're not leaving you.
-Uh, you can just
hang here with Bob.
Play some games.
Play "Fortnite."
I don't want to play
I want to play
a different game.
If you play with me, then
I'll let you go to your party
and I won't call Mom.
Okay, Jo.
What game do you want to play,

Come on, babe. I'm not playing
duck, duck, goose.
Just humor him.
I just want to go on record
that I'm not
really good at games,
but I'll try my best, Jo.
You, too, Bob.
Uh, I'll be the judge.
EERIE VOICE: You'll tell Mom
about the money.
I'll tell Mom about the money.
What money?
That you steal from her purse
when she's not looking.
You're a little asshole
sometimes, you know that?
He's a kid.
Jo. Come on.
How do we play this game?
-(eerie voice whispering)
-One by one,
you'll all say,
"I will play. I won't quit."
Sophie, say the words.
I will play. I won't quit.
I will play.
I won't quit.
I will play.
(distorted, demonic whispering)
I will play.
I will play. I won't quit.
(electrical crackling)
-MARCUS: What?
Jonah, I swear, if you're
playing a trick on us,
it's not funny.
-Is that a knife?
-Jesus Christ, Jo.
-BOB: Okay, no.
-I told you... Give it to me.
-(others murmuring)
(distorted, demonic shouting)
PETE: Billie,
they're tapping the keg.
We're not done yet.
Game's over, Jo, okay?
We're leaving now.
Jesus Christ.
Are you coming?
(eerie voice whispering
Hey. Marcus.
Are you coming?
I'll stay with Jo. You guys go.
I... I mean, Bob's here.
No, it's fine.
I got him.
Okay. Cool.
Be good, Jo.
(door opens)
(door closes)
Jesus, Jo. What is up with you?
-VOICE: Make him say the words.
-Say the words.
-What do you mean?
-Say the words.
-Stop! Say what?
-Say it!
-On the knife!
-Stop. Stop. Okay.
-What? "I-I will play.
I won't quit." There.
Make him say the rest of it.
Say the rest of it.
On the knife.
-Say the rest of it.
-Okay. Stop.
-Say it! Say it!
-Stop. Okay.
"Tell me, demon, am I it?"
(electrical crackling)
(demonic snarling)
(heavy, rapid breathing)
You will play. You won't quit.
You will play. You won't quit!
(yelps, breathes rapidly)
How did I get in bed?
You passed out.
Bob helped you up here.
He wanted to take you
to the hospital,
but I told him he was too high.
I'm just supposed to tell him
when you wake up.
Where's the knife?
I think we should
get rid of the knife.
It made me feel weird.
Yeah, I-I'll...
I'll get rid of it.
But I-I need to see it.
Where is it?
Tell me.
Under my bed.
Go to sleep.
It's late.
("Overjoyed" by Dutch Actors
I'm overjoyed,
I'm overjoyed
Just standing there
in corduroy...
Okay, okay.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
Watch this.
-Oh! That was pretty close.
-It was really close.
-Pilar, all right.
Okay, if we sweep,
it's a naked lap, girls.
-Gallows rules.
I'm having such a good time
I'm really psyched
you guys could make it.
I don't have a lot
of girl friends.
-Can't imagine why.
-BILLIE: Sophie, be nice.
-(laughing): What?
-Yeah, I don't bite.
Unless you ask me to.
-Are you flirting with me?
-Do you want me to?
Hey, can we finish the game?
Uh, yeah.
-BILLIE: Oh, yes, yes, yes!
-All right.
-Suck it!
-That was good.
-PETE: You're fired up, babe.
I like it. -Whoo!
But unfortunately...
-(laughs) got to drink.
This is so unfair, okay?
Sophie stinks at this game.
Sorry I'm not good
at beer sports.
I'm also a bit of a klutz.
What was the point of that?
I'm sorry.

(door bangs shut)

-(doorknob rattling)
(knocking on door)
(doorknob rattling)
(raspy breathing)
Marcus! Please open the door.
I know you have the knife.
Open the door.
(eerie voice whispering
(eerie laughter)
-(gasps, screams)
(Marcus screaming)
Now make them play.
(raspy breathing)
What did you do?
Let's play.
(raspy breathing)
(gasping, whimpering)

Bob, Bob, wake up,
wake up, wake up.
Jo, what-what is it?
What? What?
-M-Marcus... The knife.
-What? What?
-I don't know what's going on.
-What are you talking about?
-(clinking nearby)
-Something's wrong. (stammers)
-Calm down.
Who is that? Is that Marcus?
What do you got
in your hand, bud?
-No, we got to leave, Bob.
-Hey, talk to me, Marc...
-Bob, we got to go.
-Hey, hey. Okay, wait, wait.
-No, you don't understand.
-I got... I gotta. I gotta.
-BOB: Shit, what the hell
is going on?
-(raspy breathing)
No, Bob, you-you don't...
Okay, uh...
Hey, buddy. Hey.
What are you doing, man?
You're just... you're just
messing with us, right?
Let's play a game, Bob.
Jesus, Marcus, your forehead.
How about some... hangman?
Marcus, you're bleeding.
Am I?
-JONAH: Marcus, stop!
Marcus, no! Stop!
Marcus, stop.
Let me go, man. Let me...
Marcus, please let me go.
Let me go.
What word am I thinking of,
-Four letters.
-Marcus, help.
-Help, Marcus.
-That's not it.
-Marcus! Stop it!
This is Uncle Bob!
Put him down!
Guess a letter, Bob.
"H." "H."
Marcus, j-just let him go.
We can play another game.
"E." "E." "E."
-No, no, no!
(groaning, gasping)
You're killing him!
Stop it!
(raspy gasping)
I can't hear you.
(Marcus growls softly)
(insects trilling)
She's something.
(whooping, laughter)
My bad.
That wasn't supposed to happen.
I just didn't realize
her and Pete were so...
-(Pilar laughing)
BILLIE: Uh, yeah,
they grew up together.
Oh, when's the big move?
(inhales sharply)
Well, um...
we were thinking, like,
first week of June.
Pete tell his parents?
No, he's, like, kind of waiting
till the last minute
sort of thing.
But his parents are,
like, assholes.
-Oh, I'm shocked.
-(laughs) Shut up.
-Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!
-Go, go! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I mean, you could always
come with me.
To Smith?
Uh, is that really
such a crazy idea?
I mean, I think that it's
a little bit more stable
than the other option.
I love you.
I know you do.
NICK: Yo, so where you girls
been all my life?
-BILLIE: Oh, no.
-SOPHIE: Um...
Oh, God. (sighs)
I'm-I'm gonna go find Pete.
Okay. Go find Pete.
He said he was taking a piss.
Taking a piss.
-What's up, Sophe?
-Don't even think about it.
(rustling nearby)

PETE (laughing):
Come on, stop.
(laughs) What are you doing?
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
-PETE: Did you?
-PILAR: Yeah.
(Pilar chuckles)
(Pilar laughs)
(raspy breathing)
She's pretty cute, huh?
Yeah, she's pretty hot.
(Nick sniffs)
Yo, who invited this clown?
He's here to get his ass
fucking kicked.
-(raspy gasping)
-Fuck's wrong with his face?
God, Marcus.
-BRAD: Dude, holy shit.
Hey, Sophie.
Are you ready to play?
What are you talking about?
I will play.
I won't quit.
Are-are you on something?
We need to get you
to a hospital.
You a tweaker, Fletcher?
-Shut up.
-PILAR: Who is that?
It's Billie's brother.
NICK: Fletcher's high as fuck.
He carved an "X" in his head.
You cool, bro?
Hey, Pete.
Are you ready to play?
Marcus, why do you have
that knife?
What the...
What are knives usually for?
Okay, you need to leave.
This is private property.
Did you hear me?
(raspy breathing)
Yes, I heard you.
Your voice makes me want
to slit your throat.
-Fuck did you just say?
-Who is...
-PETE: Marcus!
-Calm down, man! Let her go!
-(Pilar whimpering)
-PILAR: Pete!
-We're calling
the cops, Fletcher.
You're done.
Put that phone in the fire.
-Fuck you.
-Nick, stop.
-(sobs) Nick, just do it!
You owe me a fucking phone,
And the rest of you.
Phones in the fire.
And you, Sophie.
(Pilar sobbing, groaning)
Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?
-(groaning)'s time to play...
-(Pilar groaning, sobbing)
-Maybe... maybe we can
talk about it.
Maybe we can figure
something out.
Yeah, just let-let us know
what's going on. Maybe we...
-Maybe we can help.
-Yeah. We can help.
-(sobbing, groaning)
PILAR (sobbing):
-Stop! No, stop!
Oh, fuck! Fuck!
-Ah, fuck! Fuck!
-Holy fuck.
-Marcus, what are you
fucking doing?
-Oh, my God.
(whimpering, gasping)
Marcus, what the fuck
are you doing?
Let's start.
Start what?
You're not playing.
-What are we playing?
-SOPHIE: Hide-and-seek.
Go hide.
-(sobbing): Pete.
-SOPHIE: Marcus!
Pete, don't leave me.
No, no! Pete!
-SOPHIE: Marcus. Marcus.
-(sobbing continues)
-You got to let her go.
You got to let her go because
she-she's got to hide, right?
And you want her to play,
so if you could...
if she's gonna play,
you got to let her hide.
Yeah, I want to play, Marcus.
Please, please let me play.
You got to let her go so...
so she can play.
(Pilar yells in pain)
(groaning, gasping)
Billie! Billie! Billie, Billie,
-Billie, Billie, Billie.
-Jo? Jo.
-Jo, what are you doing here?
-Billie. Billie.
Bob's dead.
Marcus killed him.
Jo, this isn't funny, okay?
Billie, Marcus killed Bob.
He hung him.
That's-that's enough, Jo, okay?
I'm telling you the truth.
Just listen.

(panting, grunting)
(gasping breaths)

(panting, whimpering)

-You left me, you fucking
piece of shit.
We got to go. We got to go now!
Okay? We got to go.
We got to go.
-(footsteps approaching)
-(both gasping)

JONAH (voice-over):
He killed Bob. I...
I saw it.
-Okay, okay. Okay, Jo.
Jo. (sighs)
-You're scaring me, Jo.
-SOPHIE: Billie!
Billie! It's Marcus.
It's Marcus. He's killing them.
Okay, what-what is going on?
Did you not hear what I said?
I don't know,
maybe he's on something
or someone drugged him, but...
his eyes, they were insane,
and he made us all play
and-and everyone ran, and he...
and he... he's got the knife.
He's got the knife,
and he's-he's looking for us,
and we have to go.
Are you kidding? Marcus?
-Marcus wouldn't do that.
-I saw it!
Look at me.
I'm covered in blood.

(trembling breaths)
(footsteps approaching)

SOPHIE (voice-over):
We have to go.
Give me your phone.
We have to call the police.
Shit. My mom took it.
Well, we can't go
to the police.
If he's doing what
you're saying he's doing,
if he's killing people,
what are we supposed to do?
It's not him.
He needs our help, Billie.
How can we possibly help him?
When-when we found the knife,
there was a book, a diary.
We have to go!
Where's the diary, Jo?
Uh... it's...
Follow me.
I'll show you where I found it.

(heavy, raspy breathing)

-(trembling breaths)
(quiet whimpering)

I found you.
(panicked whimpering)
(body thuds)
(gasping breaths)
(floorboards creaking)
(panicked breaths)
(screaming stops)
Found you.
(eerie voice whispers

Is that the diary, Jo?
Yeah. That's it.
"Diary of Joanna Good."
"He who proclaims it
"shall provide the vessel.
"The vessel be damned,
"cometh the strike
of the witch.
"They call me the devil's whore
"and claim my boy Daniel
is born of witchcraft.
"The minister hath proclaimed
"flames as our salvation,
"vows to burn us at the stake.
BILLIE (voice-over):
"They say I'm a witch.
"Men came last night and carved
the mark of the witch
upon my head"?
"I've fled with-with Daniel
"into the deepest part
of the woods,
"where no townsfolk dare go.
"He turned 12 today.
My only solace is in
keeping Daniel safe."
(wood creaking)
(trembling breaths)
(turns page)
"The vile children from
the township finally found him.
"They lured him to play games
but only as a trick.
-"First, they carved an 'X'
"in his head to mark him
like they marked me.
"Then they played hangman
and hung him by his neck,
"but he would not succumb.
"They cut him down and made him
play hide-and-seek.
When they found him, they
pulled his teeth one by one."
This is fucked, Jo.
I don't want to read it.
JONAH: No, read it, Billie.
This might be
the only way
we can save Marcus.
No, no. This is...
this is insane, okay?
Read the book!
Read the book, read the book!
(all screaming)
-Read the book.
-Read the book!
Read the book! Read the book!
Read the book! Read the book!
Read the book!
Read the book! Read the book!
Keep reading.
"When night fell, they chased
"his crippled, beaten body
with torches, burning him.
"At the last,
they ended his sad life.
My dear sweet Daniel is dead."
I will have vengeance.
And those wicked,
callous children
who wanted so badly
to play with my Daniel
will play with him forever.
For while I was not a witch
when they accused me
of being so,
I vow to become one,
and they shall feel the wrath
of a real witch.
I made the knife
from Daniel's bones
and carved a curse
upon its blade.
I brought that pointy reckoning
to those children
and bade them play.
They said the curse aloud
and called my Daniel back.
He played with them
like they played with him.
And now they play forever.
What-what about our brother?
He will play. He won't quit.
It only ends when Daniel wins.
What if we win?
What if we win?
(continues cackling)
-Come back!
-Stop. Stop.
(all panting)
(wind howling)
What-what if we win?
Those kids that played
with Daniel in the last game,
they chased him and touched him
with torches, like...
Like tag. I have an idea.
-We need to go.
-BILLIE: Where?
BILLIE: How do we know
this is where he'll be?
Only one way to find out.

-What do we do with these?
Flashlight tag.
We used to play
with our dad all the time.
No one could beat Jo.
Come on.
(door bangs shut)
Daniel, I want to play.
Choose the game.
The game.
I hear you like tag.
How about flashlight tag?

Come on.

(footsteps thumping overhead)
(footsteps stop)


(trembling breaths)
(cymbal crashes)
(panting quietly)

-(rattling nearby)
(thumping continues)
(panicked gasping)
(door slams shut)
(Marcus gasping)
Jo! Jo, stop!
It burns, Jo!
Jo, it's me!
It's me! Stop!
Please, Jo! Jo!
(quiet, trembling breaths)
Be careful!
If the light hits you,
it burns.
(gasping breaths)
-(distorted screaming)
(whimpering, gasping)
Keep your flashlights on him.
I can't. I can't. I can't.
Stop! Jo, it's Marcus. Come on.
You guys, stop!
(all panting)
(Marcus sobbing)
He's breathing.
-I'm it.
Marcus! Marcus!
-Marcus, please, please.
-JONAH: Stop. Stop!
Marcus, no!
(Sophie screaming)
BILLIE (panting):
Oh, what are we gonna do,
We're gonna die.
We have to do something,
or he's gonna be damned!
Marcus is damned.
Marcus is damned.
If the curse is in the knife,
maybe the knife
can break the curse.
Let's play a new game.
-Something really fun.
-BILLIE: The vessel.
Marcus read the words on the
knife, he became the vessel.
How about...
red rover, Jo?
Red rover.
The knife. Marcus said
the words on the knife.
-Red rover.
-(Jonah groans)
What's happening? Oh, no!
-Help! Help me!
-Billie, snap out of it!
Send Jonah...
right over.
-I will play.
-SOPHIE: What?
-I won't quit.
-Stop, stop, stop!
-Tell me, demon...
-No, Billie! I it?

BILLIE (voice-over):
I will play. I won't quit.
Tell me, demon, am I it?
Am I it?
(voice distorting):
Am I it? Am I it?

Wake up, please.
(grunts softly)
-(Jonah gasping)
It's okay.
Marcus! It's okay.
It's-it's me.
It's me. It's me.
-Okay? You're okay.
-Jo. Jo.
-You're okay, okay? Okay?
-Am I... am I back?
-You're back.
-Oh, Jo.
Am I back?
(trembling breaths)
(whimpering, panting)
Where's Billie?
Where's Billie?
(distorted, demonic snarling)
We've been waiting for you.
Now you can play with us.
(distorted screaming)
You will play. You won't quit.
Ring around the rosie,
a pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes,
we all fall down.
Let me mark you.
And then you can play with me.
(all gasping)
It's me, Sophe. Turn that off.
What happened?
I was hurting him,
and I was gonna kill him.
But then I woke up here.
(both breathing heavily)

(door creaking)
No, wait, B-Billie, stop.
(door creaking)
Jo. Wait, wait, Jo, wait!
Come on.
-(door creaking)
-(Sophie gasps)
MARCUS (whispering):
Wait, wait, wait.

Wait. Wait.
-Yeah, go.
-(scurrying footsteps)
-(rapid breathing)
No, no, no, no, no, no!
-(door rattling)
-(banging on door)
It won't open!
(banging at door)
BILLIE (whispers):
Come on.
(breathing heavily)
-(banging at door)
-(Jonah grunting)

(quiet growling)
(grunts) Marcus, help!
What did I do?
What are you doing? Come on!
(rapid breathing)
I killed Uncle Bob.
And I killed Pete.
No, you-you didn't do that.
That wasn't you.
I fucking did it.
I fucking did it.
That was the demon.
(shuddering breaths)
Get up! Get up!
(breathing deeply)

-(demonic snarling)
-(Billie screaming)
Marcus, snap out of it!
(demon snarls)
Let me mark you!
-BILLIE: Get off me!
-(banging at door)
-Help me!
-Marcus, help! Now!
-Let me mark you!
So we can play forever.
-I want to play.
(breathing heavily)
-Red rover.
-Jo, no.
-(growling softly)
Red rover, red rover...
Let me mark you.
...send Daniel...
No. Jo, no.
...right over.
Mama. Mama.
-(squishing thud)
(birds chirping)
(groaning weakly):
(gasping weakly)
(all grunting, whimpering)

BILLIE (voice-over):
Even here in Salem,
they didn't teach us
all our history.
Some stories got lost
along the way.
Until one of them found us.
Or really...
we found it.
(birds chirping)

Marcus turned himself in.
And now we're waiting
for the trial.
One more story in Salem where
no one believed the truth.
But it didn't matter.
We knew what really happened.
People say it'll make
our family stronger,
but I don't know.
That's the thing with trauma.
Even after you face it,
you have to learn
to live with it,
even if you don't want to.
Even if it wasn't yours
to begin with.

(birds chirping)

(music ends)