All Hallows' Eve (2013) Movie Script

All right, kitty cats.
You ready to carve
the pumpkins or what?
Hey, I was watching that.
He wasn't watching that.
You weren't watching that.
Yes, I was.
All right then,
what was it?
A monster movie.
Fine, I'll put it back on.
Hey, Miss Witch, why don't you
give those fingers a rest
and go wash your face.
I will. What time are
my parents coming home?
Uh, I don't know.
1:00? Hopefully sooner.
I get to stay up
till one?
No, bedtime's at 11.
Stop eating all that candy.
You're gonna be up until tomorrow morning.
Very cute.
Your parents
owe me for this one.
You could slap him if you want.
I won't tell.
Oh, really?
I'll keep that in mind.
What time is it?
Oh, it's 10:50.
All right, seriously, pumpkin
carving in 10 minutes.
I wanna get this over with.
Yeah, come on, Timmy.
Get the hell up.
I'm not done
counting my candy, loser.
Can we just bury him
in the backyard
and tell my parents
we lost him trick-or-treating?
Hey, look what I got.
What is that?
It's a videotape.
Where did
you get that?
Fell out
of my bag.
Let me see it.
Who gave this to you?
I don't know.
You don't remember
who put it in your bag?
It doesn't say anything.
Let's watch it.
Oh, absolutely not.
Why? Because God knows
what's on this, that's why.
Only one way
to find out.
Timmy, you're not watching it.
Yes I am.
Timmy, stop being
such an asshole.
Hey! I said no.
It's my tape, I can do
what I want with it.
Yeah, well, I'm in charge of you
and you have to listen to me.
Let your parents watch it. If they say
it's okay, you can watch it tomorrow.
No. I wanna
watch it now.
No, you're
not watching it.
Let's put it to a vote.
I vote we watch it
right now.
Put it to a vote?
What is this?
The town hall?
Little traitor,
now you're on his side?
What? I just wanna see
what's on the tape.
Two against one.
We win, put it on.
Do you understand
this is creepy?
Some pervert could have
put it in your bag.
Who knows what's on this?
It's probably
just a scary movie.
If it's that bad, you can turn it off.
We won't tell our parents.
It can't be worse than the stuff
we see on the Internet every day.
what do you watch
on the Internet?
You know what?
I don't wanna know.
We won't make you
carve the pumpkin.
Fine, but you have to
go in the other room.
- I need to see what's on it first.
- Yes!
Ugh, this is retarded.
Well, what is it?
Well, give me a second!
I don't see anything.
Looks like you
got hosed, Timmy.
Oh, wait a minute.
What is it?
Uh, I don't know.
This is stupid.
Come on.
Um, excuse me. Who said the two
of you can come back in here?
See? It's just
a scary movie.
Let's watch it.
Wait for the gate agent to give
your boarding announcement.
Check your monitors.
Thank you kindly.
Fine, but if it gets out of
control, I'm turning it off.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, my God, that's great.
Um, girl...
Do you know what time
the train comes?
Uh, it should be about
10 minutes or so.
Uh, do you
have a cigarette?
No, sorry.
Yeah, thanks.
Well, happy Halloween.
Come on, let's go.
I need a fucking cigarette.
Come on.
Please stand by
for further information.
Please stop.
What are you doing?
Let me go. Help!
Help! Help!
Help! Somebody
help me, please!
Somebody answer me!
Who's there?
Where am I?
What's happening?
Would someone
talk to me?
Please stop screaming.
What's happening to us?
This is where he keeps us.
There were three of us.
There was another girl.
What happened to her?
She was dragged down
into that tunnel.
They're pulling us down
by our chains one at a time.
Why are you two
just sitting there?
Why aren't you
trying to escape?
We've tried everything,
there's no way out.
Why is he keeping us here?
Why doesn't he just
kill us already?
Why are you
doing this?
Let us go! Please!
Don't cry.
We're gonna die
down here.
Don't say that.
We're gonna get
out of here.
I don't wanna die.
- Shut up! Just shut up!
- Kristen!
I can't take it anymore.
I can't keep listening to this.
She's just scared. Okay?
- I'm sorry.
- We all are.
I'm sorry.
We can't fall apart
on each other now.
We're all we've got.
What's your name?
I'm Sara.
That's Kristen.
There has to be
a way out of here.
I told you,
there isn't.
Then we have to go
down into that tunnel.
We can't just stay here.
Going into that
tunnel is suicide.
Oh, and staying
here isn't?
What do you know?
You didn't see what happened to that girl.
We did. We watched her getting
dragged down into that tunnel
and she was screaming
for her life,
and we were trying
to hold on to her
but he just... He pulled her
right out of her hands.
We're not strong enough.
There's three of us now.
If we go together,
we might have a chance.
We don't even know how many
of them are down there.
What do you suppose we do?
The only thing we can
do is just wait here
and hope that
somebody finds us.
She's right, Kristen.
There's no other way.
No, Sara. Please.
You know I'm right.
Don't listen to her.
She's dead already.
Don't go!
I'm sorry.
There's no other choice.
Don't leave me here alone!
He's gonna kill you.
Kristen, we have to, we can't just
wait here to see who's gonna be...
Oh, my God.
It's got her.
Oh, my God.
Listen to me, Kristen,
we have to go now.
You hear me?
We have to go down there.
I can't,
I'm too scared.
I know you are
and so am I,
but right now I'm
thinking about my family.
I'm gonna get out of here
and I'm gonna see them again
and everything's gonna be
like it was before.
I know you feel the same,
but we're never gonna see them again
if we don't try to get out of here.
I can't stay here
anymore, Kristen.
I can't wait
here to die.
I just can't.
We're gonna make it.
Do you understand me?
We're gonna
be all right.
Just stay close
and be quiet.
This is where it ends.
Right, stay here.
Oh, God, look, look, look!
Use it on the chains.
I think it's big enough.
I think it's working.
Oh, God!
Help me,
help me please.
There's something down there.
We have to get out of here.
Come on!
Please stop.
Please stop.
Don't hurt my baby.
That was sick!
Okay, that is enough
for tonight.
what're you doing?
I'm turning it off.
It's too violent
for the two of you.
No, it's not.
We've seen way worse.
You're too young to be watching a
baby cut out of someone's stomach.
Come on, let's go.
It's bedtime. Bedtime?
Yes, bedtime.
Tia, go wash your face.
I want the both of you
to brush your teeth.
Man, it was just getting good.
I know.
I liked the clown.
Yeah, he was great. I liked when
he honked his horn at the lady.
That was so funny.
Yeah, that was hysterical.
I'm gonna be up to check
on you guys in 10 minutes.
What is
that supposed to mean?
It's already been
quite an eventful evening.
Why, what happened?
Some creep slipped a videotape
into Timmy's candy bag
A videotape?
Yeah, like a 1982 VHS.
That's very twiste.
Oh, God. What did you
subject those kids to?
I don't know,
it's this...
Fucked up short film
with a clown
and the devil
raping this woman.
Sounds like my kinda mov.
No, seriously, what
kind of sick bastard
puts that in
a kid's candy bag?
Probably some loser who still
lives in his parents' garag.
Yeah, that's what
Timmy and Tia said.
Move away.
I have to spit.
I was here first.
Get out!
You better move.
That's it.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Timmy, don't even!
Hold on a minute, Dee.
What's going on up there?
Timmy spit in my hair!
It was an accident!
I'm reconsidering having
children at this point.
How did Barbara ever
talk you into this?
What was I supposed
to say? No?
You're a good friend.
Yes, I am.
Speaking of good friends,
do you wanna meet me
for a drink after this?
Yeah, I can totally do tha.
All right, perfect.
I need one.
I'll text you
when I'm leaving.
Cool. Oh, and Sarah...
Don't get killed.
Little shit!
All right, let's go.
Is my tape in there?
Where is it?
Can I have it, please?
I don't know why you're making
such a big deal out of this.
My parents are just gonna
give it to me in the morning.
All right, then.
The faster you get your little butt to bed
the faster you'll
get your tape.
You suck, Sarah.
Lights out, kiddo.
All right.
Are you gonna tell my parents
that Timmy spit in my hair?
Well, it depends.
Is he gonna get in trouble?
Then absolutely.
Did you have a good Halloween?
Did you get
enough candy?
I guess so.
You guess so?
Look at that bag, it looks like you
were trying to find the golden ticket.
Do you think
that clown was real?
See? Ugh, I knew this was
gonna come back to bite me.
No, it's just
Demons, witches, monsters, that...
That doesn't exist.
But he wasn't really a monster,
if you think about it,
like a vampire
or a werewolf.
He was just a man
in a costume.
Someone like that could
really exist, right?
Like a serial killer,
I mean.
What do you know
about serial killers?
See, you watch so much
stuff on that computer.
It's gonna
rot your brain.
I sound
like my grandmother.
Listen to me, the clown's
only on the video, right?
So if you don't watch it,
he can't hurt you.
And even if he could,
I wouldn't let him.
You swear?
I cross my heart.
Time to go to bed.
Wait, Sarah.
Do you want me
to leave it on?
All right, sweetie.
If you need me,
I'll be downstairs.
Okay. Sweet dreams.
Goodnight, sweetie.
Sleep tight.
Does anyone up thee know
why we're being attacked?
Whatever it is, it isn't
just happening here.
It's some kind of mass murder
that's going on everywhere.
- The radio said to stay inside...
- Radio?
There's a radio upstais and
you boarded us in down here!
Nothing! They don't
know anything yet..
and people are supposed to
look for a safe place to hide.
Take the boards
off that door.
Harry, that radio is at
least some kind of communication.
they'll tell us
what to do.
if we lock ourselves
in this dungeon...
What do you want?
Can I sleep in here
with you tonight?
Are you serious?
The clown scared you,
didn't he?
I thought he was so funny.
Don't hog all the
blankets, all right?
It's my bed, I'll
hog them if I want.
First eyewitness accounts
of this grizzly development
came from people who were
understandably frightene,
almost incoherent.
Officials and newsman
first discounted...
You know what we saw on our
property this afternoon?
A deer.
Get out of here!
I'm not kidding.
It was only ten feet away
Oh, that's so cute!
I know, isn't it?
That is a sign.
Deer symbolize peace
I think things are really gonna
work out great for you guys.
God, I hope so.
You know, the hardest part is just gonna
be adjusting to this new lifestyle.
not hearing an ambulance
or a bus every two minutes.
I'm standing by my window,
you know what I hear
outside right now?
You hear that?
No, what is it?
It's nothing. It's absolutely nothing.
You could hear a pin drop,
that's how quiet it is here.
You know what 8:00
in the city sounds like?
Like stress?
And at least here
I can just clear my head
and John can focus
on his work.
How is John,
by the way?
He has his first exhibition
coming up in a couple of weeks,
I'm gonna have to get my hands
on one of his paintings
Ugh, I wish you'd buy
his latest painting
so I can get it
the hell out of this house.
Thing gives me the creeps.
What is it?
It's a face.
Just a horrible face.
Honestly, I just...
I can't even be in the
same room as this thing.
I didn't know John painted
things like that.
He doesn't.
According to him, he doesn't
even remember painting it.
He doesn't
remember painting it?
No, he swears he was in some
sort of trance or something.
And all he remembers is waking
up from this terrible nightmare
with this image
in his head.
And the next morning, there's
this painting in the living room.
That's really strange.
Yeah, well, you know
how artists are.
and I still can't figure out
how his mind works.
The owner of the gallery thinks that
it's gonna be one of his best sellers.
Well, I hope everything
works out for you guys.
I'm really looking forward
to seeing the house.
maybe you and Bob could
come up for a weekend.
All right, bye.
We're sorry, your call cannot...
Oh, fuck!
Fuck this.
Are you kidding me?
You gotta be fucking
kidding me, come on.
Fucking car, start.
What the fuck!
Are you fucking kidding me!
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
It was just a meteor, right?
It's just a meteor.
Just like
the one in Russia...
It's fine.
It's totally fine.
The electricity goes out,
nothing works.
You're gonna be fine.
It's okay.
Just calm down.
Calm down.
What the fuck is that?
God damn it.
- John!
- Hey, there you are.
I'm headed back now. I tried calling
the house but I couldn't get through.
Is everything okay?
Something landed
by the house.
Something landed by the house.
I don't know,
It was just so loud, I thought it
was gonna crash into the kitchen.
Was it a plane?
I don't know.
I thought it was a plane
or a helicopter,
Yes. It was only a hundred
feet away from the house.
Did you call the police?
I couldn't.
My phone wasn't working
until you called me.
Call them. And whatever you
do, stay in the house.
I will.
John, I'm really,
really scared.
I think there's
somebody in the house.
There's no one in the hous.
You're just getting spooke.
I don't want you to go.
No, no. What if
I get off the phone
and then I can't get in
touch with you again?
You can stay at the Red Lion
until the power comes back o.
I can't. The car's dead.
What do you mean
the car's dead?
I told you,
nothing's working, John.
There's something really
strange going on around here.
John, are you there?
God damn it!
We're sorry, your call cannot...
- John!
- Caroline, what's wrong?
Please come and get me, John.
Caroline, listen to me!
It's at the door. Can you come help me?
Caroline, hang on, hang on!
Caroline, can you hear m?
The police are coming.
No! John! No.
John, help me!
Help me, please, John!
Somebody help me!
Who makes this shit?
Why am I watching it?
Where are they?
Tia, Timmy, I told the
both of you to go to bed.
Don't pretend
like you're sleeping.
I told you
to go to bed.
We are in bed.
So it must have been someone else's little
mischievous feet running up the stairs.
What are you
doing in here?
She had a nightmare.
I didn't have a nightmare.
I heard a noise.
You heard a noise?
What kind of noise?
I don't know.
You can't describe
the noise?
Well, where did it come from?
My closet.
Your closet?
Yes, she does.
This happens all the time.
Shut up, Timmy.
It was real.
There was
someone in there.
Maybe it's the clown.
Timmy, stop it.
Shh, listen.
I think I just heard his horn.
Stop it.
He's gonna drug you
and take you to the witches.
Timmy, knock it off.
Tia, listen to me,
we talked about this before.
There's nothing in your closet,
not a clown, not anyone.
I want the both of you
to go to bed.
Maybe we could if you'd stop checking
in on us every five minutes.
What are you
talking about?
I heard you creeping around outside
the door and turning the handle.
Just go to bed.
Right, Sarah. You're watching
too many scary movies.
Oh! This is ridiculous.
when I can't even
convince myself?
You're listening to
WORW 970.
It's one minute past
the witching hour.
Halloween is
officially here.
Look your doors,
bolt your windows
are nestled
safely in their beds.
Stick with me after the break
and I'll be joined by...
Anybody there?
Need some gas.
Get the fuck
out of here, man!
Are you out of your
fucking mind?
You think you can just piss all over the
place and smear your shit on the walls?
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
I'm giving you 10 seconds
or I'm gonna call the cops.
I mean it.
So, what can I get you?
Um, fill it up.
Regular. Cash.
So that guy really just
did that to your bathroom?
Uh, not my bathroom.
I'm not picking up
someone else's shit.
Why didn't you just
call the cops?
What's the point?
He's already gone. I'm just gonna
have to fill out paperwork.
Supposed to be off
in an hour.
Yeah, but what if
he comes back?
Uh, I've got enough blunt objects
I can bludgeon him with.
He's lucky I didn't
fucking break his legs.
God, you really
were low, huh?
Yeah, good thing I saw
your sign when I did.
I'm actually
kind of lost.
Oh. Well,
where are you headed?
Um, New York.
I'm just trying to get
back to the interstate.
Um, you got
a pen and paper?
I can give you directions.
It's not far.
Oh, yeah. Sure.
Where are you
coming from?
Um, Albrightsville.
I was up on
a movie shoot there.
Oh, you're in the movies?
You know, independents, mostly.
Couple of commercials.
Is there anything
I would have seen you in?
Oh, I'm not an actress.
I'm a costume designer.
Oh, I've never met
a costume designer before.
Well, now you have.
All right. Uh...
What you wanna do is
get back onto the 94.
You're gonna go about six miles.
You're gonna see a bridge...
What was that?
Uh, hang on a second.
I'll be right back.
Hey, sir?
Come on, you piece of shit!
What is the problem?
Yes. Please...
You have to help me.
There's been a murder.
Please hurry.
What's your location?
There's been a murder!
The old gas station
over on 94. Send help!
That's impossible.
That's fucking
Please! The killer's out
here, he's following me.
Oh, no.
Please, God.
Oh, shit!
This can't be real.
This can't be real.
This can't be happening!
Yes. Oh, please God.
Please, you gotta
help me.
Please, God! Help me!
Yes, it's ringing.
Please, call the police!
Somebody is trying
to kill me.
My phone's gonna die
any second.
I'm on Route 94,
heading home.
Baby, I'm so scared.
Come on!
Please... Help me!
Help me!
Hey. Are... Are you okay?
Have you been in an accident?
Just drive!
Get out of here.
There's somebody
after me.
Who's after you?
Some man. He's in
a clown costume.
He's trying to kill me.
This isn't some sort of
Halloween prank, is it?
I suppose not.
How bad are you hurt?
I don't know.
There's a... There's a police
station a few miles up ahead.
Just hang in there, okay?
gonna be fine.
Oh, God!
That's him!
What's wrong? What?
Get out of here! Hurry!
What's wrong? Why?
- Hello?
- Yes.
Please... You have to help me.
There's been a murder.
Please hurry.
Who is this?
There's been a murder!
The old gas station
over on 94.
Send help!
Please! The killer's out
here, he's following me.
Who's following you?
Some man. He's in
a clown costume.
He's trying to kill me.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
Do you think
that clown was real?
Someone like that could really
exist, right?