All I Can Say (2019) Movie Script

Heho, Shannon?
How are you doing?
I'm just sleepy.
All right, well,
I'll try and keep it,
uh... keep it simple, then.
Let's see.
Uh, first of all,
how old are you?
I'm 25.
Let me see your earrings.
Morn, morn...
Oh, my god, Shannon.
Oh, hon, why did you have
such big holes put in your ears?
Am I on... is this on?
Can I have a cigarette
while we're in here or...
If I can... if I
can smoke a bowl.
Hell no.
Oh, shoot, dad, do
me... do me a favor.
Grab that camera.
Right there is the house of a
judge who's tried me since I was
about 13 years old.
There's my senior
picture over there.
Where's Lisa?
Where'd my girlfriend go?
I also brought...
Some mushrooms,
ladies and gentlemen.
Yes, the moldy-ass...
Yucky-looking mushrooms.
My god.
Maybe I'll just.
Maybe I won't.
Maybe you ought to just mind
your own fucking business.
Maybe that's what
you ought to do.
See, there's no one here so
you're the only person I have to
talk to.
And I'm quite bored and
I would love to talk.
I'm preparing to
go get this hand
x-rayed again, for
the second time.
The first time I hurt it,
I, uh... I hit the wall,
'cause I gacked out on it.
The second time I hurt it
was just the other night,
keeping myself from hitting
a gacked-out guitar player.
Instead, I hit the wall.
But the pain's still subsiding.
I'm gonna go to Saint
Elizabeth hospital,
where I was born.
Get it x-rayed.
Channel 17.
Hi, I'm Tabitha
Soren with mtv news.
We've got a cyber
stuff report for you now.
The Beatles' 1965 classic a
hard day's night can now be
playing on a computer near you.
A hard day's night is
the first feature film to be
released on a
computer cd-rom disc.
You know, mtv needs
to leave the Beatles alone.
Whoa, wow!
Anyway, mother, seeing as
that your son has no money,
no money...
Hold on a second.
This was all I could give you.
I love you, mom.
It's Shannon!
Shannon hoon?
It's Shannon hoon,
the singer from blind melon!
The guy from the
guns n' roses video!
Hey, aren't you that guy
from the guns n' roses video?
That's you, man?
Uh, one of our tapes got into a
lawyer's hand and he... he called
us and wanted to
legally represent us and...
And we... you know, we
were... we were like,
"you know, there's not much
to legally represent here."
That's it.
So I guess you would be
considered the loser at this
point, Shannon?
Well, considering
that you fucking...
Can you hear me?
Do you... do you
need to get a, uh,
mix and all that shit?
J'opening riff of "no rain" j'
Holy shit.
Holy shit!
Over the
decision the jury reached hours
There are riots all over la.
Policemen shown in
this videotape beating a black
motorist are not
guilty of any crime.
The verdict was shocking
because of the central piece of
evidence: An amateur
photographer's videotape of los
Angeles police beating Rodney
king in march of last year.
This is how we're gonna tell
america that our generation is
conservative, our
generation is republican...
I'd like to introduce a new
band that I like a lot and
they've got a different style
and I think you're gonna like
them a lot and you're definitely
gonna hear about them a lot.
They're called blind melon.
Oh, goodness.
Probably one of the most
original album covers I've ever
It's... it's
Glen, our drummer's,
It was a family picture
on the Graham family wall.
Go ahead.
Okay, thank you.
Like that.
And then, when you
want to stop recording,
you push fader again, and you'll
see "fader" come up on the
See it?
And then you push
fader to fade...
I... I came here with grand
delusions of... of backstage
groupies, and look where I am.
I'm in the hotel.
I've been eating
chocolate chip cookies.
And then I ended up hanging
out with Shannon once again in a
hotel room.
It was... it was lame.
Goodnight, rog.
Goodnight, man.
Christmas '92.
My dad is going...
He's, uh...
Gotta go to jail for duls...
Tomorrow night.
Are you there, dad?
And then they take your license?
For how long?
Well, you don't need a driver's
license to drive a golf cart,
do ya?
Everybody feels like
it's safe to go out now.
So you proposed to
mom again last night?
Well, both of you are too
goddamn crazy to find anybody
else to love ya.
William Jefferson
Clinton do solemnly swear.
That I with faithfully execute
the office of president of the
United States.
That I will
faithfully execute the office of
president of the United States.
We were up for
fucking too many days.
You tell me that drugs
aren't good sometimes.
I'm in Lafayette.
I've been sent down.
I started drinking in la.
Now, I'm at home.
Getting my head clear.
Been clear for a minute now.
Oh, the sun is out!
Start playback,
Shannon, can we take a
picture with you real quick?
Oh, cool.
You are so cool.
Thanks so much.
Oh, my god, you're so cool.
I'm so excited.
Oh, my gosh, I'm so happy.
I'm just a regular guy.
I know, I know...
You know what, Tim?
I guess we'll have to
try to write some more songs.
We don't know if we can do it...
Tim, in order to do
those new songs, man,
we need...
We need a new... a... a... another
cash advance from capitol.
Yeah, like...
$90,000 cash advance.
See, I have this image... I have
this image that I've... I've got
everybody perceiving me as,
and it's really expensive,
and I've run out of money.
Oh, yeah.
You're going to very busy
over the next couple of months.
Yeah, we just... we, um... we
just got the Neil young tour.
We're going on tour with
Neil young and soundgarden.
And, um, that's definitely the
rock and roll utopia tourfor
if we listen...
What does that sound like?
Why, that sounds like Neil young
playing my acoustic guitar.
The value of that guitar is
increasing exponentially right
'Neil young playing
guitar, singing'
'there is a town
in north ontario'
To get you the
good news before it happens,
we are at 975 units, therefore,
the way sales have been,
we should be platinum
by sometime tomorrow.
Don't be a stinker-pot.
Put it on your face.
Ooh, shh, you can't tell that.
I won't tell it.
Gotta protect the future.
Mr. Jagger and
Mr. Watts would like to meet the
band if we're not busy.
And, um...
You know, they just so happened
to catch us at a time when we...
When we really
weren't that busy.
It's fading in.
Now, do you turn the fader off?
Now, see
how the stby turns to...
To record.
To record, okay.
Now, the fader
automatically goes off.
why isn't it fading out?
Because you.
Oh, I do have to go here?
- No, you... you keep...
- You're just pushing...
One, two, three.
Can you believe I did it?
But when you watch
this back, I don't know.
Gimme the
video... give it to me,
If you're gonna
make fun of it...
Give it to me.
Put it away.
Right now.
I'm serious.
Did you
hear my bones breaking?
That was me, you dummy.
You're not filming
anything, Shannon.
The light's not on.
Today was the day...
Today was the day,
earlier this morning,
where Shannon finally realized
that he was the driving force
behind the band and was gonna
be on the cover of rolling stone
because he deserved it.
Then, after discussing it
with the end of Brad's
Brad decided that that
was no longer the case.
All for one and one for all.
Shannon finally
decided that, uh...
The whole is bigger
than the sum of its parts.
Today was the day that Shannon
hoon finally realized that the
four of us are always
right and he's always wrong.
It's as simple as that.
I gotta hear
what these guys gotta say.
Brad, don't be fucking
throwing your bass at that
camera there, boy!
No, I just, uh...
What sucks is I hit
my fucking ampeg.
He did more than hit his ampeg.
I just went out and
looked at his ampeg...
And who caused all this?
Rolling stone
magazine caused all this.
'Cause they just see the band
as commodities and products...
And marketing.
They don't realize there's real
human beings with real feelings
I'm nervous.
Are you, Rogers?
Let's see it.
Oh, no!
Shannon's got a roll!
I've been doing my drinking.
Kept it at the...
The... the maximum.
'gonna see my
picture on the cover'
''gonna buy five
copies for my mother'
J'on the cover of
a rolling stonej'
Are you filming him?
Is that thing on?
I thought you said
it was fucked up.
Well, I'm trying to play...
I feel like I'm at camp.
I just got a weird flashback
of being at camp.
Well, I'm pissed
because I'm playing some tapes
from along, long time ago
while they're in
play mode and I'm watching...
Watching them back through
There's... the screen
just starts breaking up and
Wait, hold on a second!
I'll get it!
I'm gonna get it!
- Man, y...
- Out of everything...
Sign my hand, too!
Sign my hand.
My mom gave me that.
Melon head 'til I'm dead.
That's commitment.
Hell yeah.
I saw you on TV.
Somos blind melon y aqui
esta neustro video "no rain."
You know what?
People like you need
to get out of here.
You're a fucking smart-ass.
I'm fucking
security coordinator.
I don't
give a fuck who you are,
you need to
fucking get out of here,
you stupid fuck!
You all need
to stay out of this.
You ain't
gonna do nothing to me,
Not... you're not
gonna do one thing to me!
Not one thing!
Not one thing!
Not one thing, you fucking...
Ladies and gentlemen...
Blind melon!
The year in legal
violations began in January,
with the arrest of Ted nugent,
who violated Cincinnati's fire
code by shooting a
lit arrow onstage.
David Lee roth was arrested
for possession of marijuana.
Shannon hoon was caught with
his pants down and charged with
indecent exposure for urinating
onstage during a Vancouver
There are more important things
for people to get mad about.
Doing the ep thing...
In hotels...
And, uh...
That's what we're doing.
That's what we're doing.
Tuesday, 9:43 pm.
End of message.
Message discarded.
Been a very lazy boy.
I didn't tape anything in la.
Nothing around the
Christmas show...
With um...
Porno for pyros,
smashing pumpkins,
us, Cranberries, kracker...
Henry rollins read 'the night
before Christmas, ' which was the
highlight of the whole evening.
That's all.
I can only tell you about it
because I didn't videotape any
J'...made out of snowj'
j'frosty the snowmanj'
j'was a very j'
Hi, look at you.
You look darling!
You're taking
a picture for me too?
All right.
It's new year's Eve.
Happy new year's, everybody.
I think that bands, uh,
like nirvana and
Pearl jam have really...
Helped a lot of people deal
with whatever it is that a young
person deals with today.
Music is a very
therapeutic thing.
That's what I'm attracted to.
People get therapeutic
value from listening to it.
Some people get it
from playing it.
It's a fix, and it helps get
a lot of things out of you.
It helps you bleed.
Here, Shannon.
Make a wish.
I have one more
wish I gotta make.
We got done playing over
at saintandrew's hall,
which is right there.
And we seen all these
people down here on the corner.
We realized there was a girl
that was 20 floors up on the
hotel edge up here.
Police were called.
They blocked this
whole street off and um...
She jumped.
Hit the street.
I don't know why.
Why do people imitate
what they see on television?
And why does the Jackson
family get to hand out awards?
And why do billions
of people go to see
ace ventura: Pet detective?
Our first guest, we're
just going to get right to 'em
because they're such a hot band.
This is blind melon!
This bizarre,
real-life movie continues.
It's not going to hold me.
On the scoreboard
they're running a clock.
It's up to one
minute and seven seconds.
Turn it into
positive energy, Tanya.
More on the life and
work of John candy.
Several short
stories and 1,000 poems.
Charles bukowski dead at 73.
Not a
pretty day on wall street.
Stock prices have fallen sharply
right on the heels of the bond
J' "no rain" plays on tvj'
It's all done.
It's all done.
The whole tour is done.
Come on Mr. Sun, get up.
Come on, Mr. Sun, pop up.
Oh, oh.
You're right there.
You're right there on the edge
of the goddamn fucking horizon.
Get up.
Give me another day.
Give me another day.
Give me another day.
Give me another day.
That almost made it up here!
Kurt cobain died today.
Killed himself.
I think a lot of people...
Including his little
baby girl, probably...
Are hurting.
Don't you think?
Kurt cobain's body was found.
He is dead.
A single shotgun
blast to the head.
Not the answer.
Definitely not the answer.
Your questions, 7-4-1-0-9-9-7.
Your comments, hello.
Nirvana leader Kurt cobain, an
extraordinarily gifted singer,
songwriter and guitarist,
was found dead in Seattle.
It's obviously very difficult
for most people to understand
why someone who had had all his
dreams come true could still be
in such incredible pain.
So I sit and I think about...
What are you videotaping?
I have the freedom to do that.
I know, I'm just
asking you a question.
I'm not stopping
you from videotaping.
I'm just asking...
I know.
You can't stop me from
videotaping because I am an
American citizen and
I have my rights.
Why are you videotaping?
Hey Shannon,
this is, uh, mccready here.
I'm just calling
to see what's up.
Give it a lot of light?
Ugh, gosh.
So will little
green ever grow back?
I mean, I don't even care
about distortion of the shape.
I just want it to live.
So, okay, thank you very much.
First, he said it
sounded really bad.
And then, he changed his tune
'cause he said that if I can
be... you know what I
mean, if he bends...
And he just doesn't break...
Like, if the limbs
don't just break off,
he said, then there's
probably still life.
Wow, I wonder
what happened then.
I mean...
My sister's talking to her about
the plant.
And she's lying saying she
watered it when it's quite
obvious that she didn't.
The ordeal
has zapped her energy,
and the pain from the bite
in her back leg is obvious.
She keeps it from
touching the other one.
She is totally vulnerable.
Well, why
don't you fucking help her?
In concert news, blind melon
is bailed out of the final
two-and-a-half weeks of
its current European tour,
apparently because
singer Shannon hoon,
feeling somewhat
depleted after a month-long
rehab stint for
alcohol and drug abuse,
feels the band isn't
quite up to par right now.
"I don't feel its right for our
fans to pay for something they
"might not want to see
and hear," he says.
Blind melon is still scheduled
to do some opening act dates
with the rolling
stones later this summer.
Yeah, we cancelled
our European tour.
I'm just tired of playing.
Yeah, we're
getting along alright,
Will I see a beluga at all?
Will I see a beluga?
A beluga?
I don't know, they said
there are belugas in here.
Right here.
There's 230 to
250,000 people here now.
If there's not at least
500,000 people here by sundown,
we're going to be surprised.
Joe cocker playing "with a
little help from my friends
This is a song called "soup."
New Orleans.
I can't believe
you're pregnant either.
No, no, no.
Well, it's not too hard
to figure out that Lisa is
Merry Christmas.
You know, I do my best to
not make a mess of things.
Although people
would never know that.
Which has been
hit hard by Russian shelling.
The czechians are
still defying the odds,
battling the latest
Russian onslaught.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine.
Push again.
Easy, easy easy easy.
Oh my god.
Push a little harder.
A little bit more.
Oh my god.
There she is.
Oh my god.
Oh my gosh.
It is a she.
Oh my gosh.
Here, who could this be?
Our first phone call.
Who is this?
You've had a pretty
busy day, haven't ya?
Hi, baby.
She's precious.
The last name's hoon.
Are we recording?
Peek out at your mama.
Wait, get you
hand out of the way.
You're a daddy now.
Say, hi.
This is the face
of a very tired...
Breast-fed baby.
As you can she, she can
barely hang on to her state of
Sorts of gurgling
sounds, possible overflow.
Oh, I see.
We're getting ready to
release our second album,
which we have entitled soup
for lack of any better ideas.
How many more days left?
Your red light's flashing.
Why is it flashing?
Is that powering down,
something going out...
It's hard to put
up with these guys.
You know what?
I wish all these
guys would just get out of me.
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear daddy
happy birthday to you
and many more
Leavin' me behind
oh, just bring it to me...