All I Want (2017) Movie Script

(heavy breathing)
[Drew] Hey, Mel? Mel?
Where are you?
(phone ringing)
(electronic music)
(camera clicking)
[Vivian] Drew.
Okay, all right, I think it's on.
Here we go.
All right.
Hi, Mel and Drew, how are you?
Hi, happy anniversary, Mel and Drew.
I am so happy for you.
Hi, Mel.
What's up, Drew?
Hi, guys.
Sorry, I'm whispering.
We just put the baby to bed.
It's been a very, very long day.
Hi, guys.
Hey, guys.
We love you and miss you.
Love you so much.
And can't wait to see.
We're just.
Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary, you assholes!
I'm so, so happy for you.
(knocking on door)
Just a minute!
I know that I haven't
made time to come see you,
but I want you to know that...
This is how much I love you guys.
I just wanna make out with both of you.
I just want to.
(ululating )
Nighttime is falling
[Man Behind Door] How long you gonna be?
As long as it takes, thank you.
I fucking love you.
And Drew, I love you too.
You're just the best.
You really are.
Drew, I don't know what
you did in your last life
to deserve Mel, but...
I so wish I could be there
with you to celebrate, but...
(knocking on door)
Yeah, can I just get a minute?
Can I finish?
I must go and see
How did you, dear
(door knocking)
[Vivian] Drew?
Who is that?
It's Vivian.
What does she want?
She's supposed to take pictures.
(phone ringing)
It's Jorge, I gotta take this.
(phone ringing)
Jorge, no, no, no.
No, yeah, come.
I'm up, I'm up.
[Vivian] Drew, open the fucking door.
I'm here!
(peaceful electronic music)
(door knocking)
Hi, you're here early.
Hey, I know.
I'm sorry.
I just was anxious to get things started.
No, no, it's fine.
I want to go over the
menu again with you.
Sorry, I couldn't attend
the tasting yesterday.
I know you're busy.
Oh, this is gonna be great.
Okay, so, your house... I
can take care of that...
Is already so warm and
inviting, and I love that.
I just wanted to add a
couple little festive touches
like what we've talked
about with the pictures
and then the lighting
outdoor to kind of feel
like the space is extended.
You're okay with all of...
Are you okay?
Uh huh.
Do you wanna talk to me about something?
We can go over the menu
and then the timeline.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Today's gonna be great.
Just trust, okay?
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry about earlier.
Renee's here.
Did you get stock for the bar?
[Drew] Isn't that why you hired her?
I know, but I need you to
make a walk-through with her.
I need to come and get ready.
And I wanted to talk to
you about the announcement.
About the announcement.
What? Cold feet?
No, I was thinking that
maybe we should do it together,
make the announcement together.
Your wish is my command.
Unless you think I should do it?
Well, that's what we decided.
I know, but I just wanted to make sure.
(door knocking)
Hold that thought.
(dramatic music)
Oh, hey.
Is Mel around?
She's busy.
She's getting dressed.
[Mel] Is that Jorge?
Send him back!
Hey, I'm Renee.
I'm managing your party
tonight, event, evening.
I promise it'll be a success.
Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.
Come on, I'll show you around.
Okay, yeah.
[Mel] I'm in here.
[Jorge] I've seen you in
your underwear more often
than my own mother.
[Mel] Oh, shush.
What's going on?
[Mel] They want to keep the
deadline but add a source.
Oh, this is great.
We can cut this with our interview.
[Jorge] Yeah.
Do we have the farmer?
Did you catch him?
I got him right here, see?
You ask and I deliver, do I not?
[Mel] Thank you, you're the best.
[Jorge] Okay, thank you.
You're a star.
You're a star.
(phone ringing)
You know what, give
me that list of contacts
that I sent you.
Do you have that?
Did you print that out?
Okay, let me see.
How are we doing on the releases for them?
I need to go and take
care of that actually.
(door knocking)
Hey, I'm early.
Don't kill me.
Yo, Melly Mel?
In the bedroom, sis!
Hey, thank you for
taking the ball on this.
[Jorge] No, no.
I've been really chaotic,
so it's so helpful, thank you.
It's okay.
It's fine, it's cool.
Wait, wait, stay.
I'll feed you.
Set up in my office.
I love you.
I gotta roll.
I want to get started on these people now.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
All right, thank you!
Stay here, be right back.
(peaceful music)
Hey, where is it?
I got it.
(peaceful music)
Yeah, so, then my apartment had termites
and needed to be tented for a week.
Oh my God, that's terrible.
Are you excited or what?
You look grim.
I do?
Yeah, a little.
I think I'm just a little anxious.
Ten years, you should be proud.
(peaceful music)
[Renee] I love that
little side area to put
the buffet line and then the chafing dish.
So that's settled.
I guess I just have to figure
out where the bar goes.
Hey, care for a strong one?
[Renee] No, I can't.
I shouldn't.
You can, and you should.
I'm your boss.
Oh, your wife is my boss actually.
You know you're very attractive.
That's good.
I mean, for you in a business like yours.
I should know, I run a bar.
Can we talk food
allergies and guest count?
Sure, what do you need to know?
No, babe, she's been acting strange.
Libby strange?
Get out.
I'm serious.
Even her voice sounds different.
[Mel] Maybe it's you.
Maybe it's you.
You're the one still sending her money.
I haven't.
It's been several months.
Okay, she moved out two years ago,
and you are still sending her money.
Meanwhile, I'm still broke from that trip.
What trip?
I sent you postcards.
Are you serious?
Two month ago, three of them,
Spain, New York, Ireland.
I'm sorry.
Anyway, I have a surprise for you.
Suzy, please, I cannot.
Shut up and come with me.
Honey, stand up.
Geez, where are your manners?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Okay, this is my big
sis Mel, and this is
my awesome boy, Bryce.
[Mel] Bryce, nice to meet you.
How long do you think
he's been sitting there?
And our chef tonight is Garrett Scout.
I'm his biggest fan, and he's
doing me a huge favor tonight.
It's very exciting.
The menu that he's created is fantastic.
I cannot wait. Hi, Amy!
Good to see you.
Amy, this is Mel.
Hi, it's a pleasure.
My first employee, my first
client, so this is fantastic.
Thanks for being here.
Yeah, I'll just leave this here.
If we wanna go back inside, we can go
over some more things.
[Josh] There's early, and
then there's rude-early.
We're two hours early.
We have two hours, so
let's just go in there
and get it over with.
Get it over with?
We can't get it over with.
They're my friends.
They're my friends too.
Yeah, but you don't count.
You're not a regular.
Oh sorry, I'm not a regular.
I just mean that we
can't get it over with.
It's a big night for them,
and I wanna be there.
Okay, I am fucking ovulating, Josh.
God, I can't believe that I have to keep
reminding you of this.
Look, we're gonna go.
We're gonna spend three hours,
and we're gonna get out.
(door knocking)
What is that?
What are you doing?
[Mel] Elizabeth?
We didn't think you'd come.
Oh, are you kidding?
We've been looking
forward to this all week.
Oh, thanks.
Happy anniversary, I know you said no...
And you must be Garrett, come on in.
Hey, Mel, did you talk to Viv?
She needs to get in... Oh hey, guys.
Did you talk to Viv?
She wants to come in
and take some pictures.
Sorry, I didn't see her actually.
Garrett, why don't you follow
me into the kitchen, okay?
Look at you!
You would have to kill Josh
to put him in a nice suit.
How would you like the job done, sir?
Poison, neat.
Plenty of it, right behind the scotch,
top shelf of liquor cart.
How are you?
It's good to see you.
I thought they had you locked
in a basement or something.
What have you been up to?
No, no, I just came here
to see the royal couple.
All right.
How's the bar?
It's good, it's busy.
Well, working on seven shows right now.
One of which is good, so that means
it will be canceled immediately.
[Renee] This is great.
This is really good.
[Garrett] It's nothing.
[Renee] It's nothing?
It's just a start.
It's a good start.
Like that picture they put on there.
Your little headshot?
Yeah, that's really cute.
Thank you so much.
Do you always carry around
articles about yourself
in your back pocket or is
that just for my benefit?
Are you always a smart
ass every time I see you
right away?
Is that how we start every.
I can't help it, graduated cum laude.
Just wanted to...
[Mel] A few of them are Kate's friends.
Can you please tell me some good news?
What do you mean he's just a lobbyist?
All right, well, send it to me.
I'll check it in a second.
Thank you.
Hey, hey.
Oh, hey.
You look good.
Oh, thanks.
No, fuck it, you look great.
[Mel] You look like you need a vacation.
Yeah, I guess I think when
Beth and I hit 10 years,
we went bowling or something.
Sorry, we're early.
It wasn't my idea.
I know how you are about
timelines and shit,
but she was pushing...
No, it's fine.
It's just all happening,
so I have to go with it.
Oh, check it out.
I know you said don't bring anything.
This is not a gift.
I was cleaning out the
garage, and look what I found.
Wait a second.
Remember what it is?
From Chicago?
The apartment,
under the black rock!
Under the black rock!
What, you found this in your garage?
I was just cleaning it out,
and I guess I just held onto it.
This saved my life like
every Saturday night.
Oh my God, thank you.
I don't know what it is.
Sometimes, I just think about that place.
I miss it sometimes I guess.
Anyway, I'll let you get
back to your phone call,
or your party, or whatever.
It's great seeing you.
You too.
This bowl actually belonged to the set
of dinnerware that was used to serve
the first class passengers on the Titanic.
No, it's Martha Stewart from Target,
but it's taken on a lot
more significance than that
for us over the years.
Tell him.
Okay, so what you do is you get
a piece of paper, you write
down something in your life
that's not working and like
magic, then you put in the bowl.
Later, we burn the papers in the bowl,
and guess what, all the
bad stuff goes away.
It's like and
Etch-a-Sketch for your life.
You think of something
that's been bugging you
that you've been meaning
to just let go of,
and you haven't been able to.
And later, we go out back, we
burn 'em and get rid of 'em.
It's the best.
Now, no pressure, take your time.
You guys think.
We'll go drink.
(salsa music)
[Garrett] I'll show you
mine if you show me yours.
(Renee laughing)
[Renee] No.
Renee, come on!
Why not?
Because that's the point of the bowl.
Who said?
They said.
They said it was supposed
to be a secret or whatever.
I'll figure out your handwriting.
Hey, hey, Garrett, no.
If you do, it won't come true for me.
Is it about your ex-husband?
Is it about him leaving you alone?
I'm gonna check on the food.
(salsa music)
[Johnnie] God damn right, okay.
[Nicole] Listen, we didn't.
Okay, we're here now.
We should've taken the 10.
Taken Venice, Olympic, Pico, even Wilshire
would've been better.
Wilshire is never better.
Everybody thinks it is.
It's never better.
Hey, hold on a second, Johnnie.
Come here.
You're sweating.
I don't want you to go in there looking
all anxious and sweaty.
All right, stay centered.
Feel your toes, feel your feet.
Toes, feet.
Okay, good.
Just remember when we go in
there, everything counts.
Nicole, they're my friends.
They don't care about politics.
They're not your friends.
They're your votes.
Every vote counts.
Yeah, we're late, does that count?
You're not late.
Events don't begin until
Johnathan Wexler arrives.
Now get in there and bleed a little.
Come on, we're late.
(salsa music)
Oh, yeah, I think so.
They're so much fun.
(everyone cooing)
She is perfect.
(Elizabeth cooing)
Sorry, we're late, everybody.
Hi, everyone, we're here!
[Everyone Over The Baby] Shush!
Come on, you guys, it's just a baby.
I, for one, hate babies.
Most people's babies.
I mean, I like puppies.
I like turtles because they're very quiet.
Anyway, what is going on with you two?
It's been 10 years already, come on.
She doesn't want one.
[Mel] Bullshit.
[Drew] You don't.
You don't!
He's never wanted one.
That's all he talked
about on our first date.
I was trying to bed you.
(group groaning)
So it was a lie?
It was a version of the truth.
We're trying.
[Mel] What?
Beth, that's great.
I mean, nothing yet,
we're talking about it,
and we're trying.
[Mel] Why now?
I mean, I guess Josh and I
would like to have a family.
Honey, you have a family.
You've got us.
You've got this guy, come on.
He's my husband.
He doesn't count.
See, she thinks having
a family is just a bunch
of kids who look exactly like
us running around the house.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
I'm not ashamed.
Just you're making it sound
like this was all my idea.
It was.
After listening to you tell me
how miserable you are and lonely.
Initially, yeah, I was.
What does that mean?
I wanted a dog.
She's allergic.
Okay so, a dog is gonna take care of us
when we're 80?
So poodle good for you?
I'm just saying that
not everybody needs kids
to have a family.
I agree absolutely.
I absolutely agree.
[Beth] So you don't want kids?
Yeah, the world wants to know.
No, Beth, he does.
He's nervous.
He's scared.
If you ask me, men need kids
so they can feel immortal.
Says the guy who never
worries about money.
It's a little more
complicated than that, Drew.
Look, diaper and dog foods
are down the same aisle.
All I'm saying is that
men get to a certain age,
they start to think about death.
[Mel] You think about death?
[Mel] Like, as in dying?
As in smoking that crack.
I do.
I do, I think about death.
Thank you, Josh.
We want a legacy.
We want to leave a mark.
Who knows?
Maybe Mel and I will get lucky.
It's now or never for me.
On that note, I'm gonna
get myself another drink.
Not me, not ever.
Can you bring me a whiskey?
[Mel] She'll be next.
No way.
It's not gonna happen.
[Mel] Why?
I have to find a guy I like first.
What about Todd?
I didn't wanna bring Todd.
He talks so much.
And you know I like the
turtles, and I end up
with the babies.
Beth, do the song.
Do the song.
Fuck Todd!
(salsa music)
[Mel] Hey.
What's up?
Come on.
Want me to get you some water?
[Mel] I'm good.
If you wanna change your mind and kick
everybody out, I can absolutely...
No, no, it's fine.
(dramatic music)
You want me to get Drew?
Maybe I just need to grow up.
(dramatic music)
[Suzy] I was surprised.
All right, on three.
One, two, three.
We're engaged.
[Suzy] Oh my God!
You like it?
I picked it out.
Half my tuition on that thing.
Thank you, man.
I really appreciate it.
Covering your loss.
Oh whatever, Josh, come on man.
Can't I have one nice thing?
Drew, huh?
I'm very happy for both of you.
(dramatic music)
Hey you.
Happy anniversary.
Yeah, well, campaigning
was tough last time,
but I made some changes to my team,
so I'm pretty confident.
Why do you want to do it?
That's funny.
I like people.
Is that so weird?
How's his knee?
Pretty good, like 90%.
What kind of beard oil does he use?
Beard oil?
- Yeah, it looks so good.
- What's up, guys?
What's up, man?
You dog.
Did you get her for the election or what?
Yeah, is she strategy?
Mark, I got no strategy.
That's why I lost the last two.
Come on, third times a charm.
That's what she says.
You know, Johnathan,
you're such a nice guy,
maybe that's the problem.
Maybe you gotta get a little dirty.
Confess some shit, bleed a little.
That's what she says too.
Nicole's a smart woman.
Yeah, also she's shaped like a goddess.
Hey, that's true.
It's true.
She got a full ride to
Princeton, and now she's
betting on me.
I don't know.
I got nothing.
I can't lose this one, not again.
Wait, what do you mean?
Her or the election?
You just have to
trust yourself a little.
Yeah, right.
How long have you been dating her?
No, no, no, shush.
You can't talk about that.
She does not what me talking about
my personal relationship with
anyone unless we're talking
about votes.
What're you talking about?
It's me.
It's us.
We're here.
She's the boss.
I am sorry.
So, what about the ring on her finger?
Yes, exactly.
What's the deal?
One thing.
Thank you.
We're not engaged.
All right, it was her
idea for the campaign.
She'll do anything for me
which is something I need
right now, and that's
all you're gonna get.
So I'm sorry.
Mark, one more.
I'm sorry too.
One juicy little nugget, let's go.
No, no, no nuggets.
No nuggets.
All right, she's a freak in bed.
You wouldn't think so.
She's sweet right.
What do you mean I don't think so?
I am still sitting right here.
Lady in the street, freak in the sheets.
We have a swing.
She seems very nice.
We got a nylon swing.
Oh my God, all right.
I'm gonna go, guys.
It was the middle of a rainstorm.
I was lost.
My purse had gotten stolen.
I was trying to find my
hotel, and he pulls up
and gives his cab to me.
[Mel] That's nice.
Yeah, who does that?
Literally stops his own cab,
steps out, says something
cheesy, and that's it.
I just knew it in my gut, Mel.
[Mel] What did he say?
My canvass has found its painting.
Are you serious?
All right, it's a little weird.
Uh uh.
Give it back.
Fine, I'm so in love.
I don't care.
Guys, thanks for being here.
Mind if I sit?
I got you a water.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, we haven't met.
I'm Johnathan Wexler.
Oh, I've seen your
face on the billboards.
Oh, they're still up?
I don't really believe in voting though.
All you politicians are the same.
I used to think the same thing.
Those are my words.
That's what I'm trying to change.
I'm trying to change all that.
[Drew] Hey.
[Johnnie] A 52-mile concrete river
that runs from Canoga Park
all the way to the ocean,
non porous.
In 1932, it had all these mud slides.
(dramatic music)
You ruined my fucking dress!
I'll buy you a new one.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
Never mind.
Never mind, I was just trying
to get my wife's attention.
You know you used to like that.
Getting smacked on the
ass in front of our friends
with barbecue sauce?
Having my hands on you.
Come on.
Hey, slow down.
Grow up.
I am up.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
So I was thinking.
Not that.
I was thinking about kids.
Are you fucking serious?
It's a possibility.
Maybe we should have a family.
You have two dogs.
You'd be a great mother.
[Mel] I don't think so.
I think so.
[Mel] Well, you don't have
to carry around that thought
for nine months.
We could adopt.
We could.
You know what, I changed my mind.
I think you should do it.
Now I think you should do it by yourself.
What, adopt?
What're you talking about?
Make the announcement.
I think you should do it.
You know, you don't get
to make every decision
in this house, Melissa.
Then behave like a grownup, Andrew.
I was just trying to have a little fun.
Jesus, do you even
remember what that's like?
(dramatic music)
Okay, who wants champagne?!
I don't know if you
remember, but I'm Lucy.
We met when you and Josh came
to see my play last year,
The Legend of Jane and Joe.
I played Jane.
Yeah, your hair is shorter.
Longer, sort of, for pilot season.
You're still at Fox TV, right?
I remember you loving me in that.
Uh huh.
Anyway, we ran for five weeks.
And, LA Weekly said Lucy is memorable.
How do you know Josh?
We go way back actually.
(dramatic music)
Cute dress.
You got great style.
Johnnie adores you.
He talks a lot about
you, about you and Drew,
about your friends.
I don't really have a lot of friends,
but it's like I tell Johnnie.
Some plans take 10 years to hatch.
I really appreciate being a part
of this evening, Mel.
I didn't have a big family growing up,
so all these friends.
I'm not usually very good with people.
I'm sorry.
I gotta do something.
So I think that went real well.
I thought it went very well.
Everyone loved the food.
My favorite part was
when you did the dishes.
[Garrett] Was that you
watching me wash the plates?
[Renee] I think there's
a few more over there
that you can probably.
[Garrett] I could scrub some more.
I'm doing it.
[Renee] Wait, right now?
Doing what?
What about the timeline?
Okay, guys, we're gonna shake things up
a little bit tonight.
Wait, wait, wait.
We're doing it now?
We're gonna do it now,
just get it over with,
so we can drink with abandon.
Let's do this.
I think it's too early.
All right, everybody settle down.
Okay, we wanna be in the
right spirit for this.
All right?
So let's just get started.
Jump right in.
The first thing we're
letting go of tonight.
It's a good one to start with.
Right away, right out of the gate, gone.
Next up is turkey bacon.
Somebody doesn't like turkey bacon.
Stick with the real thing.
All right.
Number three is the Kardashians.
We're letting go of Kim and the girls.
Disco inferno that son of a bitch.
This one is for us.
[Lucy] Don't say who it's from.
Yeah, it's weird.
Just read it already,
you just ruined it.
We're getting a divorce.
Drew and I are getting a divorce.
We've been meeting with lawyers.
We signed the papers three nights ago.
But we're really happy
that you're here with us,
with each other.
You're family.
And we just wanted you to be here
so we could tell you personally.
(phone ringing)
Hey, yeah.
I knew it the moment I met them.
Mark, chill out.
Yeah, I get it, but
without those signatures,
we have no footage and then no story.
Do you think that you
can help me with that?
Okay, that's good to hear.
No, I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what you want me to...
No, no, just hang tight.
I think they want to talk to you,
and Libby's not here.
I don't know what...
Can you just keep it on track?
They want to speak to you.
[Mel] I'm sorry, you
know what why don't you
just send it to me?
[Renee] Mel?
Pick up the phone and talk to legal
because it's really the
only way that we're gonna
be able to get this accomplished.
Do you know what I mean?
Hold on one second.
Are you kidding?
[Mel] All right.
What is wrong with you?
[Mel] What?
Our friends are out there.
Our family is out there, Mel.
And right now they're in a fucking daze
because of what you just did.
[Mel] I have a deadline.
[Drew] Fuck your deadline!
Shush, shush, shush.
You guys, everybody shut up, please.
We should go.
Josh, let's go.
Now? No.
Should we all leave?
- No.
- No, we should sit.
Come on, our friends need us right now.
Let's just give 'em a few minutes.
I bet it was Drew.
He was a fucking asshole.
It's probably another girl.
[Josh] What are you talking about?
I knew it was coming.
I just didn't think that they
would go through with it.
[Suzy] What do you mean
you knew it was coming?
No, I didn't know it was coming.
I just had a feeling.
Guys, it's conscious uncoupling.
You've read about it, right?
No, what is that?
It's when the couple
separates from each other,
but they don't separate
from each other's friends.
[Beth] Why?
Because they wanted us to stay together.
We're the core unit, all of us.
It worked.
We're all together.
Didn't you listen to Mel?
Look, with everything that's going on,
it's like we don't have
family here, right?
Everyone's family is really far away,
so we're each other's family.
We're not here to judge.
It takes a village, you know what I mean.
Let's just let it happen.
Just let it happen
organically, it's less violent.
Drew's a fucking asshole!
I want to go in there,
and I'm gonna take him up.
(group talking at once)
Josh, let's go!
(dramatic music)
(group arguing)
Honey, hey.
Oh, it's good.
Yeah, just missing you.
I think 10 years deserves a little more.
(phone ringing)
Damn it.
Not now, Jorge.
Who's this?
Everybody, calm down.
Everybody, relax.
(dramatic music)
(group arguing)
(dramatic music)
Everybody, give her space.
[Mark] We have some water?
Getting in the car right now.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
I'll text you when I'm there.
What the hell happened to her?
She's getting a divorce.
Don't put that on me, man.
It was her idea.
[Suzy] Where the hell are you going?
Libby's roommate called.
She's drunk.
I gotta go pick her up.
And you're going right now?
[Mark] Fuck, you're not going anywhere.
You're staying here with Mel.
No, I can go.
Honey, stay with her.
Text me the address.
[Suzy] I think you should go to bed.
[Mel] I'm okay.
How's the timeline?
[Suzy] What?
The timeline of events to tonight.
[Suzy] Renee?
Wait, no, no, no.
All right.
[Mel] Yes.
[Suzy] Someone's trying to talk to you.
[Mel] The party's just begun.
[Suzy] What are we doing?
We are celebrating the last 10 years.
Who's in?
(electronic music)
[Josh] I'm in.
[Mel] Beth?
I'm good.
(electronic music)
All right, guess the bottle's mine.
(electronic music)
Thank you all for coming tonight.
I really appreciate the support.
City to city, neighborhood
to neighborhood,
community to community
that's where we are.
It's starts right here, right now.
(group yelling)
It starts right here.
Don't pace back and forth.
Just stand, yeah.
I got it.
Here we go.
We're gonna clear away
public policy that gets
in the way of our community
being able to reach out.
I will go all the way.
(group yelling)
I don't know.
I was rolling.
I got it.
Sweetie, I got it.
[Nicole] Just be serious for a second.
You're annoying them.
I'm not, I'm just saying it's
an opportunity to practice.
You're annoying.
You're getting in the way.
In front of your friends.
We're having a good time here.
I'm rehearsing my speech.
I'm nervous, okay.
Good policy, good people, grassroots.
(group laughing)
Good policy, good people,
grassroots in a community service
program that helps kids reach their goals.
I love you.
God bless, goodnight, and
I'll see at the polls.
(dramatic music)
Is Drew in there?
Who are you?
I'm his nosy neighbor.
No, I'm good.
[Neighbor] You sure?
Top of this mountain, and
I just had the revelation
my life needs to change.
Oh my God, I've felt that so many times.
Where you're just like fuck all of this.
Like everything I'm doing is wrong.
But you can change it, right?
Man, what were you on?
A lot.
Copious amounts of something.
That's amazing.
So how's the party?
It's whatever.
With Drew, it's probably like
fucking apocalyptic in there
or something.
[Lucy] Hey.
You're disturbing your neighbors,
and you're making be depressed.
Keep the noise down.
You don't know the half of it.
What are you doing over here?
I'm just trying to
figure out why your grass
is always greener than mine, man.
I don't know about that.
That's some green grass.
You got anymore of that?
(cap popping)
It's a party trick.
It always works.
Can I take both of these?
Yeah, go ahead.
Been that kind of night,
my friend, thank you.
I understand.
I'm always next door if you need more.
All right.
You get it.
Have a good night, Lucy.
You too.
[Neighbor] Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
She wasn't happy.
How long?
Three maybe.
You guys are gonna be fine.
Oh yeah, uh huh, prefect.
What is it?
Just timing, money, all that shit.
He fucking drained his entire savings
on this ring, Drew, and I
fucking told him not to.
Look at it.
I'm scared of it.
That's Mark.
You know he doesn't like to buy in,
but when he does, he clears the table.
I need a new agent.
I need to land a gig or something fast.
I don't wanna be a stay-at-home.
Talk to Beth.
I do not think she likes me.
I have to introduce myself
to her all over again
every fucking time.
She liked me in that play.
I don't get it.
You were great in that play.
Thank you.
Hey, don't mind me.
I'm just watching your baby sleep.
Oh, that's okay.
How's she doing?
She's perfect.
You know she was a surprise?
I am ready to be surprised.
Mel, I'm really sorry.
Did you guys try counseling?
'Cause me and Josh, we did counseling.
It helps.
How long?
A year.
[Moll] Wow.
Sometimes, it feels
like it doesn't help.
So I don't know what I'm talking about.
Mel, you know that
perfectionism is a myth, right?
So don't expect that
because I know you do.
What are you saying?
I'm just suggesting...
What are you suggesting?
You and I, I think we're
actually very similar.
Actually, no, we're not.
Shush, shush, guys.
Beth, I don't think
she's after perfection.
She is a perfectionist.
No, you want what you want, Mel.
It has been that way ever
since I've known you.
It's Mel's way or the highway.
That's not a bad thing, Mel.
You know what,
perfectionism, it sets you up
for unrealistic expectations,
and then that causes
(door knocking)
Hi, ladies.
Okay, not now.
So you think I threw away 10 years
of marriage because I'm a cry baby?
You know what I probably should go now.
I'm sorry.
[Mel] Johnathan?
Tell me I'm wrong.
What time is it?
What did you guys talk about in there?
Well, I'm getting a
divorce, so you can't beat
that kind of failure.
What do you guys talk about
in your sessions anyway?
Fucking bullshit.
Fucking what color am I
using when I talk to her.
Oh God.
How I need to always let her drive
when we go out to give up control.
It's bullshit.
You've always been brave, Mel.
I don't think so.
Yeah, you go after what you want.
I'm just too scared to make a move.
I think I'm just afraid of missing out.
I don't know.
I just feel like I've been
making all the wrong moves.
I get these thoughts.
(dramatic music)
What kind of thoughts?
Tell me.
(dramatic music)
I'm just a wimp.
I am.
Well, I think marriage is bullshit.
(dramatic music)
I do.
That's what I think.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(reggae music)
Now, don't go getting any crazy ideas
just 'cause I like kissing you.
About what?
About us.
I like my independence.
Do you?
No one's forcing anyone into anything.
(reggae music)
Guys, what the fuck?
[Lucy] Honey!
Can I talk to you for a second, buddy.
Come smoke the fire by the ganja, man.
Smoke this weed.
Honey, sit down.
Hold the fire of freedom.
Take off your shirt.
And remember at the
fire of freedom, you must
free yourself at its feet.
Free yourself at its feet.
Great, can you get your
stuff, and can we please
get outta here?
Sit the fuck down, take off your shirt,
and respect the freedom.
Respect the freedom, man.
Come here.
[Mel] There you go.
Thank you.
It looks great.
Too bad 'cause you guys missed
a whole lot of something earlier.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I was being a baby.
Yeah, you are.
Too drunk to drive when you've known
about this party for two weeks.
If that is not being a
baby, I don't know what is.
I just said I was.
'Cause you are!
I have my own life, you know?
Doing what?
Mooching and mooching?
Hey, how much does she owe you?
You're Libby's roommate, right?
So like how far behind is
she on the rent every month?
She's not my roommate.
She's my girlfriend.
[Suzy] What?
I love her.
What the fuck?
We've been living
together for eight months,
but we've been dating
for just over a year.
Why are you being so quiet?
[Suzy] She's in shock.
I'm not in shock.
I'm in shock.
I'm sorry.
Camille, Bryce, do you mind just giving us
a little privacy right now?
Camille's staying.
This is just a lot of news right now.
I've just never seen this
side of my sister before.
This side?
Julia. Remember Julia when I lived here?
It was always you.
You never paid any attention to me.
Except when you needed
food and shelter and money.
Fuck you.
[Suzy] Fuck you!
Okay, enough!
(reggae music)
So, what about the bar?
I'm getting a divorce.
I'm not closing the bar.
The bar's mine.
[Mark] So she doesn't
own any of the bar?
Technically, she's got...
Technically, how 'bout
like morally, ethically,
legally, hang on.
Technically, she owns a
piece, but she's not gonna
touch it.
The bar's mine.
The bar's my life.
Mel wasn't part of your life?
[Drew] Dude, what are you doing?
What we're all doing
with the fire of freedom
and shit and like the truth and whatever.
Why don't you tell everybody
how you pissed her off?
She cut my fucking heart out.
Why don't you go ask her?
[Lucy] Shush.
You're such an asshole.
People keep saying that.
You know why 'cause
you're a self-involved,
selfish prick.
[Drew] Why, 'cause you
caught me smoking dope
with your girlfriend?
That's my fiance, Drew.
Guys, shut up.
Drew, you're older.
You're the host.
You gotta behave.
And, honey, your brother
never meant to ruin
our announcement.
Come on, I know that's why you're upset.
But this is the fire of freedom.
Oh my God, Christ.
And this is sacred.
Come on, baby.
You sound brainwashed.
All right, I'll do it.
Just get out of my face.
Cut the shit.
You're still a narc.
(reggae music)
[Mel] Want some water?
You are such a mess, I swear.
Hey don't do that.
Don't say things like that to her.
I'm her sister.
I don't care, okay?
I've heard enough.
I know I'm just a stranger
to you, and I know
you never thought someone
like me could exist
in Libby's life, but that's
because you say shit like that,
and you don't listen.
Libby is amazing.
No, you are.
You're full of ideas,
and life, and spirit,
and I can't stand when
people are dismissive
of you because you're
young or because you have
more questions than answers.
That's her light.
I'm sorry, okay?
You should be, both of you.
There's something you
should know about Drew and me.
Wait, Libby has something to say.
No, it's...
I'm gonna say it if you won't.
You didn't think I could do it.
[Camille] How much does she owe you?
I don't understand.
$22,587 and change.
We'll just round up then.
Um, who's check is that?
Even Steven.
What the fuck is going on?
Camille and I designed an app.
[Mel] What?
[Suzy] You mean one of
those little icon thingies?
Let me see this.
Let me see that.
[Suzy] Oh my God.
Johnnie, roll down the window.
I got a parking ticket.
So you said it was okay to park here.
I'll pay for it.
Do you see that sign up there?
Take a look at the sign.
Now I saw that.
I knew it wasn't okay to
park here, but you insisted.
I know.
I said they wouldn't care.
I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
I'll pay for it.
You also insisted we take the 10.
We were late because of that.
So, what?
You gotta stop telling me what to do.
I'm not your puppet!
Please just lower your voice, okay?
Let's go back inside.
Get out of the car.
Stop telling me what to do.
I'm not your puppet.
Please keep your voice down.
All right, you've made your point.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, what are you doing with my bag?
(phone ringing)
Hey, Vivian?
Yeah, the party's still going.
Come by.
No, bring 'em.
All right, feast your eyes.
I better not see any of this
on the internet tomorrow.
No, absolutely, bring him by.
All right.
[Suzy] You're terrible.
[Mel] Wait, wait, do you
remember the trip that we took,
and dad kept...
Oh my God, the little
blonde girl Stephanie.
And you were holding hands.
Oh no.
Was she your first love?
Did you kiss her?
Love, no.
First kiss, first other things.
What other things?
Experimentation is part of growing up.
I mean, I don't think I was hiding it.
We just thought that you hated us.
You kept running away from
us to hang out with her.
She taught me how to paint.
[Suzy] I wish she taught me.
I'm not doing a great job.
Oh no.
[Mel] You clearly do not
have mom's painting skills.
[Libby] She was so good.
She was good
I know.
I still have that ballerina
she made me in my apartment.
[Mel] I love that ballerina.
I do.
[Libby] I wanted that
ballerina, and she gave it to you.
I'll leave it for you in my will.
Don't say that.
I'll die first.
I should, I'm older.
[Libby] She should.
She should definitely die first.
All right, calm down.
How do I look?
You look like a meowser.
[Mel] You look like a very sad kitty.
I'm just gonna give
the babiest little nose.
[Suzy] I want a babiest little nose.
[Libby] Just the
smallest little baby nose.
[Mel] I love that little
dimple in your nose.
[Libby] I know.
[Libby] Daddy has it too.
I know.
One, two, three.
Honesty, growing up.
I was always so impressed by you guys.
Like you were the cool one.
You were so hip.
I could never be as hip
as you, and you were
the smart one.
Oh, thanks.
I could never be as smart as you.
Don't move.
Good girl.
I want it to look good.
[Libby] It looks so nice.
Thank you.
Thanks for being here.
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm sorry.
I don't know.
We tried to keep it
kind of hush for awhile
and like figure it out and make sure
it was the right thing.
I don't know something
just kept like coming up
and coming up.
Just something kept kind
of bugging me, you know.
I don't know.
It's like something in
my gut just kept saying
that this isn't right.
I don't know if it was something else
that I was unhappy with
in my life or my career.
Was it him?
Did he do something?
It's funny.
There was a time when I
just kept like wishing
almost that that would've been that case.
That he would've cheated
on me or just said
I don't love you anymore,
anything like that.
But it's not his fault.
I don't know.
Do you guys think I want
everything to be perfect?
But don't apologize for it.
When we were kids, all the
girls talked about their stupid
dream weddings.
But you talked about your dream career
and your dream office with all
of your trophies, you know?
I admire you so much for that.
Seriously, you're my role model.
I wouldn't have been able to
do any of this without you.
I love you guys.
You are the smartest person I know.
Uh oh, did I mess up my makeup?
You gave yourself a mustache.
[Libby] Get the schmutz off her face.
[Suzy] Oh boy.
Hey, guys.
- Yeah?
- Yeah?
Do you think I'm making the wrong moves?
Honey, no.
No, we love you.
I don't know what I
would've done without you.
You're so strong.
Let's not fight again, okay?
[Suzy] We will.
[Suzy] But, not that bright.
Gotta have the light.
That's not good, here.
Yeah, light from above.
One, two, three.
- Yeah.
- Yay.
You guys, I need wine!
[Drew] Let me see that.
Pass that over.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
Coral's a good color on you, bro.
Thank you.
Here you go, buddy.
I can't, I can't.
No, you gotta do it.
I'm running for city council, okay?
I don't care about that.
Come on, you got the dress on.
You might as well put out.
Fuck you, man.
You like that?
No, I get it.
The dress turns you on.
Yes, it does.
I get it, but I'm
gonna need you to behave.
Come on, sweetie, suck on that joint.
Boys, it's getting late.
He's not gonna do it.
[Bryce] He's getting really pissed.
No, it's okay, Lucy.
I got this, I'm a big boy.
Really big one.
And, big boys, you know grownups,
we know what bullies are.
That's you.
You're insecure.
I'm the bully in this?
Empty, unloved, I'm gonna
find out what you did,
and I'm gonna tell her I
told you so 'cause I know.
Yeah, I can be a bully.
I can.
Insecure, empty, maybe.
Maybe you got me pinned.
But I'll tell you something.
I fell in love with your friend Melissa
the first day that I met her.
She was out of reach then.
She's out of reach now,
but don't you think
for one second I didn't work
my ass off for her everyday.
You've been married?
So you don't know the bed that I've made,
and that I sleep in.
You don't know the bills.
You don't know the dreams.
You don't know the promises.
Yeah, give it to me.
Hit it again.
It'll help.
We good.
(doorbell ringing)
[Suzy] Who's that?
[Vivian] Hello?!
Oh, no.
It's Vivian.
Who's Vivian?
Want me to kick her out?
I'll kick her out.
Yeah, let's kick her out!
Let's kick her out!
(dramatic music)
I can see a little.
Oh, here we go.
Okay, feel better.
Let me show you the other.
I don't know where the light switch is.
Come this way.
Watch your step.
Watch your step.
Be careful.
[Lady In Maroon] We can come back.
[Vivian] Oh no, no, no,
this is the perfect time.
See you're not gonna find
square footage like this.
(whimsical music)
Hi, Viv.
This is the owner of the house.
This is the couple interested in buying.
I called you.
(dramatic music)
(door knocking)
Is that you, sweetie?
(dramatic music)
What do you think?
You don't look too ridiculous.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I just want to help.
(dramatic music)
[Drew] I appreciate you being here.
I'm sorry, Johnathan and Nicole.
Anyway, the house was
completely remodeled.
Did you see these moldings?
These are all original.
Wait for these guys
to take a look around.
[Vivian] You can't find
some of this in Los Angeles.
[Lady In Maroon] No, no, no.
[Vivian] Don't worry about it.
They don't mind.
[Mel] Drew!
[Vivian] Did you see that mantle?
Hey, babe.
[Vivian] Hi, Mel.
What's going on?
(dramatic music)
We're selling the house.
You're selling the house?
No, you can't.
Yes, they can.
And this lovely couple
is very, very interested.
You guys, I have to show you.
I'm sorry, should we go?
Oh no, no, no, it's fine.
No, no, no, it's fine.
This is great timing.
So this is part of Los Angeles.
They don't care.
Come this way.
(dramatic music)
Look we talked about this.
Don't make me out to be
the bad guy here, okay?
I signed to make you happy.
(dramatic music)
[Josh] Let's go home.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
[Mel] See you soon.
Yes, Tuesday morning class.
[Mel] Okay, Tuesday morning.
[Renee] Oh, you're back.
[Renee] Bye.
[Mel] You've arrived.
I have arrived.
Hi, you must be really hungry.
I am starving.
Can I grab you a bite?
Yes, please, feed me.
These last two didn't sign.
They don't wanna sign.
Jorge, we have a deadline.
They don't trust the media, Mel.
They certainly don't trust
me, some camera dude.
Didn't you tell them
that you're the best
camera dude in the whole world?
What's this?
[Jorge] It's a one-way.
It's for you.
It leaves in 12 days.
I know it's bad timing with
the deadline and everything.
Her name's Jessica, and
I wanna make it work.
I've been sleeping three-hour
nights for four years, Mel.
My diet consists of coffee,
canned soup, and an empty bed,
and I'm getting older.
(dramatic music)
You're gonna be all right.
You got Raph, you got Tanya, you got Rob.
(dramatic music)
I'm happy for you.
Hey, where the hell have you been,
and where's the DVD you promised?
I got it, I got it, I got it.
What is that?
You wanna see?
Come on.
(dramatic music)
You okay, bro?
We should go inside.
All right.
(dramatic music)
What is that?
It's my life log.
Just something I picked up from traveling.
(dramatic music)
What is it you log?
Whatever you want, I guess.
For me, it's more I like to write down
where I was when I felt
something, anything.
Sometimes, life moves so
fast I just forget things.
(dramatic music)
The best lack all conviction
while the worst are
full of passionate intensity.
(dramatic music)
Hi, Mel, do you remember
when we were little,
and I used to steal your
makeup 'cause I wanted
to be just like you.
Last time I was in town,
I decided to take it.
Notice anything, Mel?
Before you freak out
and get crazy and shit,
I know it looks like I'm in a car.
And I know it looks like I'm driving,
but this is LA, so it's like
one big parking lot anyway.
So relax.
As you can see, I'm here
backstage in the Big Apple,
but my heart is with you.
And I'll make sure to
come to you for advice
if I ever have time to fall in love.
Put your arms around me, honey
Hold me tight
Cuddle up and snuggle up
With all your might
Okay, I know that I've been really busy,
and I haven't really been around.
But I want you to know that I am healthy.
I'm safe.
I'm really happy.
And I want you to know
that I love you to pieces,
and I'm very, very happy
that you're my big sister.
In fact, I don't even really
like the other sister.
I only want you.
Anyway, I love you.
Happy anniversary.
I hope you have the best party ever.
Can't wait to see you.
God, Mel, sometimes
I feel like I'm living
in somebody else's life.
You're kind of always teaching me to be
a bad ass too, right.
Like carbs, am I right?
Fuck it, ladies, carbs.
The one thing I don't
understand is why two people
would wanna be married, but
that's for another video.
And on this very special occasion,
just remember to keep
calm and keep laughing.
It just means so much
for me to see you guys
hit this huge milestone.
It's so inspiring.
It really is.
I mean 10 years, guys, that's huge.
And we can't wait to
celebrate with you in person.
(baby crying)
Oh, shit.
You bring peace and
patience to this crazy thing
called love.
And with a guy like Drew,
you're gonna need it.
Anyway, I can't wait to
spend the day with you.
All right.
I can't say it enough.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
(dramatic music)
So this is the Fire of
Freedom I keep hearing about.
(dramatic music)
How does it work?
(dramatic music)
You have to take off your shirt.
(dramatic music)
Now what?
You have to smoke this.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
And we have to tell the truth.
(dramatic music)
(happy electronic music)
(electronic music)
(pleasing electronic music)